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Jimmy Kimmel: 'Mockery of the Podcast Industry'

2019-05-21 | 🔗

Jimmy Kimmel, radio host, sports guy, multiple award-winning writer, producer, and host, accomplished voice over actor, legend of the groundbreaking Man Show, screenwriter, host of the highly influential hit late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, host of the ESPY's and the Academy Awards, avowed tormentor of Matt Damon, internet sensation, break up revenge artist, self-proclaimed three-headed dog and football prognosticator. Best known for putting the funny into taboo subjects that rampant political correctness has relegated to untouchable status. He will tell the truth in ways that cannot be dismissed or ignored and so has become a true national resource. He attracts a lot of controversies and makes a lot of people laugh, even when he makes them angry- so he must be doing something right. We're here to enjoy his unique talent and perspective on Phil In The Blanks. More info: https://www.drphilintheblanks.com/

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You work this title, fill in the blanks is is ridiculous. You don't like it. I don't like it. No, making a mockery of the podcast industry. And I M really curious about your approach to comedy. Do I have an approach to go ahead? do you she was always thy mercies. Yelling, like all night long- and I said, what's goin on she said a skunk of spraying hue and innocent. That four years old the greatest villain in the world is a skunk Jimmy Camel you were listening to and let me tell you how much fun this was a guest on his show like twenty five times up, finally got him in the chair, where I was asking the questions, and it was a lot of fun. Look It is a good guy from the inside out he's. Smart he's really is a lot of
you're gonna really enjoy this conversation. Does he really let down in? It is tat a good conversation, so leaned back, listen to me asking the questions of Jimmy so I've really been anxious to talk to you always interview me and I'll never get to interview. You, ok, and I am really curious about your approach to Carmody. Do I have an approach to come here? Do you I mean Adriatic, everything's political while nowadays it is You know it really is its current event based, and that is what dominates the news now and ten years ago, Korea, politics were just as important. A sports were just as important as whatever was going on a jersey shore, but nowadays it seems to be no it's what everyone I try to eat. O a guy gave me great advice once a gentleman and Gary while he was my boss at a radio station and Tampa, and I still like to do these things
yeah. I thought they were funny, but looking back I realize I was the only one that thought they were funny and he said to me and I'll, never forget it. He is at you or jerking yourself off, stop jerking yourself off. We may what were you doing it with their own inside jokes and I'm really wasn't necessarily concerned with the audiences involvement. It's easier radio to forget about the audience here and I took that art and I've always try. Remember that- and I are actually say that sometimes to our writer ago, your jerking yourselves off as they try to log in us always like all. Let's do it thing about this moment of works down the hall, and I realize I nobody at home carers those about her near and that's it that's an important lesson. It takes a long time to learn about you. What you do now is political. Do you think is like eighty percent? Well them.
Oh, are you speaking here as the guest segments? I guess you talk to the guess about whatever their talking about right. I would say it's. Probably seventy percent be my yes. Do you get tired of that sometimes yeah. I do and sometimes I feel I have to remind myself that it's not necessary that I'm not running a newspaper. I don't have to report on em story of the day, but sometimes I feel like I have to I just want to talk about wanting it might turn what people are already talking about. Do you put your point of view? do it or do you put the riders born of you into it? I just you. Ah, I try to train the riders to adopt my kind of point of view, but it's definitely. I write a lot of the monologue myself. I I sit down and I ride six or seven pages every night from two to four p m
and then I go on stage and deliver it from five to six p m. Do you worry about half of the country feels? why in the other half feels another way. So if you take positions like aunt, I administration or pro administration,
that, it alienates half of the people. Obviously I dont have I just operate from. I don't even know who I am sure other people look at a differently, but I to me with the current administration. I don't look at it as as republican versus democratic. I look at it as a lunatic has been or lected the presence of the United States, and we should all be aware of this, and we should all be reminded that it's not normal and then what's going on, it's not ok. How do you think that happened? How do I think he got elected here while I don't take? His opponent was maybe as as likeable as as we would hope she would have been. I think that dares, I think, it's just a natural ebb and flow when it comes to politics. You know it is never gonna be one party for any period of time greater than eight years. Eventually people decide. Ok, it's time to do something else.
And they will pick the other only two options. Really him they'll pick the other option. Here's my question, you're the perfect person to ask. I want to ask you a lot of psychological question, so you get to be psychological. Is there any danger I'll be institutionalized? At the end of this there's a fair chance, you could get fifty one. Fifty two we get out of here. Would you like me to lay down so I could really get into that? You are not yet there may be a time I lay you didn't know: King Robert Craft style. Yes, yes, here great yeah, this could be a happy ending, maybe alone. This is what I dont get because you, have a great ability to talk about all the issues and not get mean spirited, do you think you get mean spirited? I try not to I occasionally can get mean spirited. I will tell you that. I think that if I have one gift that is
the gift that I have because- and my mother has two. In fact, my mother was class wit of her high school in Brooklyn, a huge high school in Brooklyn, and I were I went through her yearbook once and it was really funny people a relic. Oh you say the euro, the funniest most true things and she would say things that from some people could be considered mean, but they weren't taken as such, I don't ever want to hurt my feelings. Even if I don't like somebody, I do not want to hurt her feelings and on the occasions that I have heard people's feelings, it bothers me. It haunts me- and I think about it, sometimes for the rest of my life really yeah whose feelings have you heard that really bother you. I've heard a lot of you know the one person if I'd say above, all there was a man on a game show I hosted called when Ben Stein's money right he's a that guy. I just made fun of how fatty
the whole time. I don't call him big fat here, but he's not here, and he doesn't know I'm talking about if I look at my own really call and telling them still dog and on another punch in his stomach, but he and he took it well. He wasn't like devastate array thing, but that was part of what made it painful is that he was a good sport and I just felt like I was mean, and I went too far, I probably embarrassed em and I I felt about your biofuel by bad about twenty years ago, because he felt like you were big it on him and he was an unequal match. He couldn't fight back here. Will that was poor yeah and I'm a host of the shown net. Really on equal footing with someone when you're the host of the show and cause you pick on all the time. I'm there you don't give a shit.
Cause you don't give a shit. That's exactly with my think. A you are one of my favorite gets to have on the show, because of that, because there are a lot of people, you have to be very careful with and they take themselves very seriously and you do not take yourself very seriously and that I think why we have fun when everyone on this we do reduce gets every time is always some goofy. That's every time you come and shall I have to go through all the listings to see watch what the topics that this? I know you re them, or at least I can tell him you're making them up, or that really was tied because I don't know their titles when I do about put those out after I have no idea whether your kid mere the relaxed Amadou Acquisitive can figure out whether you you did this show or eat into the shabby, because I have no idea really, though, read. I believe it like that I go home
the council showed a nine allows pretty girl who's on ago. Let me think about it will introduce walk into a restaurant or some. So what happened that lady, I shouted at six weeks ago had fourteen guess today and you ask about six weeks ago. At least you have six, it's behind you for me. Usually it's an hour are turned usually within a few days, but sometimes it gets oh, but you really get mean spirited and what I'm curious about is until the last I don't know, maybe three four years- maybe it's this administration, maybe it was before people could disagree. You could be a Democrat Republican, it could be. Somebody was just on different sides of an issue they could see in ITALY. Degree about something, talk about it and then go to lunch and have a good time
your wedding together whatever and that's not the case anymore. People. Now I mean it's like Mccarthyism both ways. I don't understand what the hell happened? Donald J Trump happened. That's what I think is just since two hundred I do really was away before. I think it started with Fox NEWS. I think that was the beginning of I think they realise that they could have figured out along the way that if they push certain buttons that dumb dad did their ratings would increase their engagement increased and I think they moved in a at a certain direction along the way, and there are certain people who only watch Fox news. They believe this idea this nonsensical idea that CNN is fake news and that there is no heavily biased that their some equality between that, like the Fox NEWS on one side and sea and on the other side, which I don't agree with at all,
and as a result, they do you believe what you here, you know you're in your circle of people, that you trust and people that you trust the people you watch on television and the and heels of people have dug in their heels, and I think that in all I think that most Democrats, most liberals- you talk to long for the days of George Bush and obviously he was not particularly popular at the time time, but we now look back on a single like ok Polices is a personal if you got hit by a car, might help you up here. Will you say now at a funeral bush, giving Michelle Obama peace? candy their laughin or something whatever and not the laughing at a funeral, but I mean yeah. There know them to friendly you heard it was civility death and actually friends and I dont get how were ever going to close any kind a gap or come up with any. Kind of reasonable compromise. As long
people are running away from each other instead of towards each other? Ro. We need leadership. I guess you know that's where we need leadership on both sides to show us that it's ok to do that and that it's not about television ratings, and it's about the good the country is seems to me that people are getting more polarized by the minute and I dont get college campuses where we were supposed to have free flow of ideas, and now the banning people from college campuses on both conservative and liberal- let's be honest, more liberals banning conservatives from college camp, but not totally, never not totally, but yeah. That's just you know young people a lot of young people, young young audiences, artlessly great for comedians. You go to college nowadays and then they just they. They take things, and I don't want a generalised because is certainly not the case for ever
but as a group as when you talk to comedians about going to college campus- or even I noticed like my audience- is particularly young- they They don't know. If it's ok to laugh, sometimes they they haven't had that life experience that tells them like this is worth fighting for. This is worth being offended by This is not. Do you ever lose an audience early? If you say something and you feel like I've lost him for the night. I know if I lost them. Typically before I even walk out. I can tell just by listening to them from backstage weather in a sometimes it's funny, because sometimes you'll get a guest on the show who's. Like maybe you know we have a right, I guess maybe get like a metal banned or you get a really hot pop group and A lot of your audience is written in well in advance because they want to see that gas and then sometimes you feel like you're visiting some.
Elsa show. So those are the night's work can be a little bit rough, but the glee there on my side every once in a while, though there not did you feel it, and you can feel it yeah sure the guests have more of an issue with it then than it, because the guests are visitor. So almost every one is there. Is there to see me in general butts times? But I ask and lose the audience here because they got some agenda their running well. A lot of times is: if the gas those after me in some way the audience will turn on them because they like me, that's why they're they're here, and I'm I'm ok with anything, I'm ok with a gas journey on me. I enjoy it. Actually, some fun change of pace, yeah, that's a fully thing for a guess, though, to come to somebody show an attack on people. Don't know that, though, until the insect, they sometimes don't, learn it even when it's happening. They don't know why it's happening thus see it here. If I have somebody get disrespectful with me, because I don't
random audiences, where they pull up their Hollywood. Vine above say, will see a tv show. These fans or doktor feel fans. They run in nine months in advance and they get here and if somebody's disrespectful is like again. I gotta tell you because they'll give hostile will turn Bob in a hurry and that's fund for you right, yeah yeah, I got a common download is ill, rushed to stage yoga. Is hold it hold it air. Did you ever thing you were gonna, be on tv. No, never. What do you think we're gonna? Do I wanted to be on the radio? That's all I really, but you did want to be an entertainer. You want to be on the radio. I did want to be an array how'd. You know that I was Do you want to be an artist when I was a kid I was. I draw enjoy doing that sort of thing. I was known for that in school and I started watching David Letterman and I started listening to Howard Stern and I just thought: I'd be funded beyond the radio and I happened to work at this clothing store with a guy
who had a job at a college radio station, and he said your file You should be on the radio, I say I know I'd like to be on the radio, and so he talked to his boss and his boss put me on Sunday night for a half hour late at night, and I would interview local people in LAS Vegas. I go to the yellow pages and find guess I find like the hare. Stylus to the stars and I didn't have time for a half hour about. What's usually, there were no stars but or like a local card dealer who did tv commercials? and I'd interview them. When I was a kid and I caught him, one of the men. I love that I come home and my parents had listened to it and my friends listened to it and it was very exciting and I was turned on by it So you just pick people Al Yellow pages yeah. I would find my guests in yellow pages, yeah they want to be on a radio, so they would come illegal. Ok, you know some kids calling from a college radio station. I was in high school at the time
all right I'll come in and they come in and I wait like a hundred twelve pounds. I'd make fun of them and then they leave their help. You later what the wing under twelve pound, no talking to people that you had nothing to talk to about. I can talk to anybody. I am interested in everybody in it's funny, because people I will have conversations with strangers and they will say, will you don't care about this and I'll say? Will you know I'd actually do care about like every detail of every job
and how people go about things I'm interested in it. So you're actually curious, very curious. Yes, when you have the flavour of the weak star there or actor from a series or something and let's face it, some of them are deep thinkers. Are you curious about those people? Yes, but I'm not necessarily curious about what you might think, I'm curious about I'm curious about their families and what they, if they had a job beforehand, regular job. I liked to put them in a different context. I try to find some area and we have pre interviews were segment just in which we find a try to find an area of common interest and something to have been asked a million times. Do you find that was some of those I find it I'd say I find it with the vast majority of the guests from some people are more interesting, the than others and some people you vibrates Lex,
he dating my job like while we are on together. We have good chemistry. It feels like a life for lack of a better like a good date INA and some of them don't. But when we're We actually have a conversation. Yes, it's not scripted. It's not going down a bullet list, always work with. Can we go over fifty to talk about new. We get out there and talk about, like maybe none of you, that's what I like it have that card. As back up in case you, we don't happen upon anything. That's rain, freeze or somethin yeah or in case just the in case. The questions I sometimes don't go anywhere. We sometimes you last people in a like. I d do this. Knowing now I dont, like ok, are onto the next thing: that's mine may I see it out there and you ve got a guess at the stairs at you like a dead trout, yeah and you get nothing from them.
That is one big difference between our jobs. Is I'm interviewing for the most part, performers and your interviewing civilians, and sometimes they get out there and give you that yeah they give you the freeze, But that's that's fine, but yeah very seldom is very seldom very seldom as the one. That's not a good time so what like talking to people about the most. Do you like talking to you about that job or their life. I like to talk to people selfishly about things, I'm interested in
I told you about cooking. I like talking about sports. I like talking about travel, I'm interested in that or comic books, or just things that it is great. For me, fishing fly fishing may be more than anything. That's my producers. Nightmare is, if I find out, one of the guests is a five fishermen, because no one's interested in hearing me talk about that effort. Usually the guest young fly fishermen he had of other fly, fishermen which is not huge percentage of the population yet, but it is fun it's for so much fun. I love flatfish. I love it till two. We could ruin this whole Lang by talking about five. Haughtily could ruin this ultra here. What's the best river you ve ever fish, Green River, Green River, fish degree or ever hear of was on it for a couple of days and we learned for the killer. I think I've got to
they fish like ten times railroading back other. He was following the boat he get air say I put him back. He had evolved about USA, I, but it's fun yeah, that, You do somethin I do does Molly is your wife. She comes to work with you everyday wait. What are you doing with her? Not gonna tell you, but my why comes to work with me. Every day all k gotcha, that's the connection dago. Does that work for you, yet easy hard. It's great. I love it. The best thing about it is, we have the same vacation, the others, true Occasionally we have disputes that carry over into the home, which is not great and, as you know, I have to say, like you know, I want my boss, bus
about this? Look we're at home. Now, like I'm telling you I don't want to do it. I don't know what else to say. Sometimes she hasn't idea. She thinks is a great idea and I'm a worse at that like when I worked for people and had to convince them to do my ideas. I would torture them. I would badger them into submission until they did what I thought was funny and so on the last person that should be telling or not. Do but sometimes I do could see you gotta be funny, so you gotta to be in a good mood, so you gotta be up and if you guys bring something to work with, your irritated with each other that getting your way you! It's a weird thing. I've had like I've had times in my life where I was going through. Personal turmoil, I mean no family embers dying, very sad things. I'm from whatever reason. When I walk out on the stage I am able to
turn that off and just focus on the show and like even to the point where I am never once had to use the restroom during the show. Never here not because you, your brain, goes to a day. Play some our another. I never hiccup It's really weird like that. Your body goes along with whatever you're thinking and then you can be exhausted after the piano and suddenly you pay the debt. Max. I can have the flu and when the red light comes on somehow another, you gotta power up new when it goes off. He just collapse. Isn't that weird is weird. I don't know what it is about that I guess it's that yet always people Clayton, the naughty is full of people. You gonna. Let every but he down. If you don't do it, I do think about that I've had knights were. I didn't like the audience in color sneer at them. Then I thank you know what there could be one person in that audience that, like watches the show every night and loves it, I don't want to be a dick while
there may be some of that flew in four main, just to see the show and that's a night did you the chip on your shoulder, and so they go guy its impact, to remember that, and I have had times in my life where I've forgotten that, then I have to like think about it or a mind myself and usually is because I'll see somebody right something like I was, you know at the show, and he was not in a good mood- I don't know, I wasn't you know, and I oh yeah right, you got it is this. You have to entertain the audience while you're through the whole thing not just to show up gave me two good pieces of advice when we on yes how upper Winfrey, you know her. I do know her. She said if you don't feel like it don't go out. There may, like even in public, should like you're your No the mall or somebody you going to dinner veto feel like that. It would be a nice with everybody. Just don't go, but Show you how I have that option. You don't with show right, but she said if you just don't feel like it
you have in your router people they'll tell everybody do they know and everybody they now tell everybody they know. So, just don't do it and said use the media, don't let the media use you That was pretty good advice. It's very good advice. Does it can go the unknown at means, but it really resonates. Sell those our main use the media freedom of the media. Is you I go on like that today show where'd you whatever I can go on tv. I guess about any time I want to go. Somewhere right, I don't go anywhere. Unless it's really obvious, why I'm there if somebody's watches they will he's. Is there because he can be instead of its?
Ellie obvious wise here, there's been a crisis like a school shooting and parents will know what to say to their children or there's been some kind of big issue come up. That is psychological and nature, and so he's here to talk about them, Unless it's really obvious, why there, I don't think should be there. We're done talking he had show. I don't ever go on like cnidian panels and stuff like it. I'm laboratory luxury you and Oprah have as far as being high profile people, and I think I have it as well. Maybe not everyone is able to do that yeah? But I'd rather not do within? Do that? You, wouldn't you yeah, of course, but fortunately not an opposition or I kind of like hustle. To be on tv. There definitely been times in my life were. I would do things just to do things. You know somebody
Colin said hey. Do you want to be on this show, and I didn't necessarily have anything to promote. I just go: do it just for the hell of it just for just to raise my profile and also to Why didn't you go on there d be funny right should say so about? If I don't have something to talk about some topic or some issue, what am I gonna do the sit there be ball Well, you know, there's a certain beat sittin there being ball. Look at Buddha, for instance, there are one of those extra that jobs taken. So I can't really do that. You'll get down yourself, Doktor Phil. I feel like a few items. A lot of people love you. You know I can refer really bad. That's my specialty mobility. We, like somebody just left the room,
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about finding the right status for you, you don't probably going to work with you, I've ever known ever. You know it's the only thing I will tell you today when we went to work somehow she beat there. Even though I left before she did- and I was myth, doesn't how did she get here before it? but it's my office issues already sitting there and I felt like I've been like bamboozled somehow. So you, though, at the same time yes for she didn't have to get there before you now willing on ready in time. But you know together. We dont because she goes home earlier. For the goes home at the beginning of the show. She watched the monologue and heads home. Tell me Are you guys are doing their do great? As you said to him, you have two sons,
twenty five years old and baby villages blogging about the baby right right. But you know me: I got up that have been mentioned by others argument. If you're upset, yet he won't care, but it, but yes, no he's doing Grady, so very cute eats nonstop, he's he's a funny little guy in Eden We know that there is in the area of health issues, so is that over now ass have another open heart surgery. We will it be Wendy around seven or eight years old they play by air is the. Knowledge is there to do what needs to be done. I'll, absolutely fact. I met a man who is almost seven years old who had the surgery my son had yet is it when he was a baby, which is crazy. Yeah really seventy years ago here, that is one of the first people to have it. Could Lord that's amazing, yeah at the kind of thing that makes you feel that gives you a little bit of relief when people too
I mean people all. The time is remarkable to me how many people have had these these heart surgeries and dumb mid it really it. I mean people almost every day. You tell me that they had her. Somebody close them. Did you spoke out about that a lot at the time, because, there are a lot of people that, if things work as were at the time there were a lot of people that would not have been able to do what needed to be done, and you were very you felt very strongly about that about health care. People having the ability to take care of them
children, the way you did yeah and I think that unfortunately, has become this partisan issue, but I don't think it is a partisan issue. I think that if you really sad people down and said, do you think that there should be caps on on insurance? Do you think that everyone should have access to health insurance that seventy five percent would say? Yeah? Of course I do you know everybody knows somebody that neither maybe they need here or whatever. I think that its basic human nature is, it doesn't matter what party or from if your neighbour is suffering you want to help them. I think most people feel that way, and I d It's just so hard for me to understand, and I just so hard for me to understand people who feel differently. Every society has to have a moral compass where you take care of those. It can't take care of themselves and to me that's young children,
an elderly people that the other two. The continued we caught a wind up where we start out here, we start out is infants where, Not everything has to be done for us and we I end up the same place at the render the continuum when we get really old and can't work or take care of ourselves. We gotta find up in the arc of life where we started We have to be tended to. It seems like any society with a moral compass if they're not do anything else are gonna take care of the people that can't take care of themselves that doesn't sound like a partisan issue to me. That sounds like just a moral compass to society on, Fortunately, it has become that. I think that I think that there are certain people who did not like President Obama, and I think one of the biggest mistakes that was made is naming it. Oh boy,
my care and at the other, people who do not want to see that legacy go on to become something that we value become part of the fabric of the country and- and I think that's very unfortunate and I think almost every one of those people when they would find themselves in a situation where they would need what, but they are not getting, would change of a change of heart. It only takes one time where you're in that John Q, situation where your kid can't get what he needs that all of a sudden, I always say politics or personal. You get as such nation where you're there and all of a sudden empathy goes way up. You realize if somebody else was in a situation that I mean I would feel very, very differently from that point on absolutely people are most people are good, most people care about other people and the idea that this has become
a red, vs blue thing. I just I just don't believe it. I really don't. I don't believe it. I just think the people of it. It's almost like sports. You pick a team and that's the team. You root for and you don't necessarily pay attention to what the players are doing. But in this particular case I mean, I think there- a lot of things we can argue about. I don't know, I don't see the argument, I really don't, which even the people I've talked to the dyed in the wool. Republicans will say: I'm a social Democrat and a financial report when it comes to the social programmes like taking care of people with healthcare, whatever they say. I am completely in favour there just don't like some of the other things. I think you're right, that a lot of people like like that name being put on it help call call it some else then, but you don't not take care of babies in people again take care of themselves. That's what I mean about being so divided that we discuss, don't sit down and say: hey, let's forget all about that was talk about this
You shouldn't be a partisan issue. I thought you move the needle on that alot. Well, I I do I tell my story and I think that people, but it just put a spotlight on an otherwise boring, subject there, but you put it to the forefront the narrative in America and you put a face on it and you put a personal your new made people think about what we are talking about right now that if you're in that situation, then all of a sudden, it's not policy- is personal, and now you care about the person. It's in the situation not thought you move it to the forefront of the narrative in America while in all credit, goes to Billy and his heart, doctors for sure and they're pretty amazing over their off a baby's heart is not much bigger than a grape and they operate with knives. I mean it's
they do it the old fashioned way. It is just unbelievable that they know how to do this Gregg and my though they had to let's over there in one of them, had you'll through that now is involved and with that- and I saw what they do- is justice miraculous. It's just, I believe what they do over there. And be an airway. Were children's there's just amazing now our very lucky to be here. If you were in the through the country and some rule area and be very different outcome and children's hospital in LOS Angeles, they trained doctors from all over the country all around the world? So it's not just about a lathe eight. They are they what they do helps people everywhere. You through haven't you yes mosaic about that very because I was up almost all nine on Saturday night with my son, who turns out was constipated. We can figure out what was going on and I just like this. Is it
Heaven anymore. The fact is that the she agree. Yes, was done real early on two. I think you should have two kids, so you can play man demanding fence her feeble and have three four and five kids yet to play zone. You can't keep up with a man is too soon possible. I space them out to until twenty seven year old and twenty five are all in a four year old and a one year. All you guys can play man to man, train, but the world set up that way to all the tables or for tops now the cars or for passenger everything set up for two into a word or a way. That is true. You know I could be grandfather soon, though so my my daughter's engage, so I may have a whole new wave headed my way here. You think yourself as a grandfathers that hardly see yourself. I can imagine it, but yet the label is weird the labels. Weird then, whatever shortcomings I have as a father, I'm gonna be
great grandfather, yeah, it's so much easier, yeah! So much easier. I bet you don't have to put up with any of the mistake she make. They go home and needs a great way to torture. Your children, of course, you just say you remember uber this. So how are you gonna? Do what you're doing I don't know I am I've been doing it for sixteen years and dumb. I still enjoy, and I still have you know it's a lot of work to grind, but I still love the jokes and I like the people and the process, and it actually gives me a lot of structure in my life and I fear not doing it. I have a fear of what, if I make the wrong decision and and stop doing it. That worries me was worry. You cause, I dont know. If I'll just be,
Wandering the halls of my house in our calling people and telling them to hooks wiser the grind, because its every day and its country, let listen, there's just so much to go through theirs is, is just eight. You cannot feed it enough and the show is never finished it's you, the UK, where I could, where I work on it from morning till night I go home I of homework and the more he put into it general the better. It is so it's just never finished Maybe you do a year.
We are. We do forty four weeks of shows a year. Forty four weeks shows you yeah for you with it to twenty something: yeah, that's a lie. Yes, a lotta shows two lot. It's a hard job. It's a date tonight is not what the days of Johnny Carson strolling in from the tennis court here, do the show from it or from three to six are gone. Well, that's what I say this days of this people sit non couches and talking is long gone near now. You gotta have packages, videoed feel shoots and all that stuff. It. I'm not complain you do fifty shows a year more than I do. It's a lot of shows a lot of shifts and the putting a monologue together as most of it. You know he can come out and do a fifteen minute completely new play Every night is it kind of over once you ve done. That
more than half of the show for you yeah. Definitely so once s done you guys and talk to guess at agriculture are easy. There that's on a tunnel work yeah, so you're over the monologue than he had set out and talk to somebody less lame out they flame out yeah. I may I still. I was what this them to do. Well, I want to be good, but it is only so much he can do yeah Zoe. So much you can do right here. You know how that here I do. I do so you'll do this, for would you do it for twenty years? Maybe may I'm not far off you sorry, one year after I did yeah that's right. You called me on the first day. I did it for second day. Actually call me the day after you live premier out, it was a prank, I've never understood. Why did you think it was a prank, because I am constantly making prank call solemn?
very aware. Cognisant of that type of thing, and plus I didn't know you and the idea that Doctor Phil would be calling me- was very shrews Zito very odd. So I of course had to get your number and call you back actually no Adam Corolla, said ass. Cam you on the phone, ask him what kind of car his son drives, because this is the sort of thing that item knows, and I ask you in your answer- is again right, at him? We'll are called cause. I'm a failure in the show was so great. The first night I'd call to congratulate while you're nice to say that, but that's not actually true. What is true, if you really my vision of hell, is having to watch the first year of the shows on a loop, thought you were well, I mean come on, you know like it went well, have you been renewed for sixteen years, cohesion which, time slot they moved you up. They data, were you about their yes, very very you know
we're we're on a twelve two. Five, a m for right now long time When we moved to one thousand one hundred and thirty, it was only one thousand one hundred and thirty. Five is only a thirty minute time shift, but it was huge as far as just suddenly there were so many seem like there's so many people watching there's a lot more people using visions, thirty minutes earlier yeah a whole lot America's asleep later. It's interesting, though, when you feel when you like really like get that different response from people whether year in public or even just stepping out on stage, do you have a favorite like not host David Letterman ways not on anymore yeah, he's my all time. Favorite. Would you like about why this was so unusual? I never seen anything like it. He arm he seemed to have no heed. This is like no bullshit in oh, he was some he whose he MO through the guests, if he for hope I get if they didn't.
Its take, they seem like they were phonemes or whatever, and I never mister Shaw. I worship David Letterman. He was quirky, but really smart, really smart and really really funny. He spent like, I guess, a year doing work wisdom from doktor fill that arise member. He would you take half sentences and put them together and Then he would play that. Then he had like new books from Doktor Phil. My favorite one was more advice. I just hold out of my head. He had like oh book cover, Everything done It was just relentless about this for, like a year year and a half and then I came on the show and he was really nervous when I came on the show
because they call me to do the pre interview, air and the pre interview. I said now no pre interview accept this. Tell him I'll. Do this nasty or I'll do it nice and he kinda side, and he doesn't need to tell me until I get there. That's the pre interview I'll see you tomorrow night. That's all I said they were well ok and they hung up, and when I got there he was so appreciate. Even so. Nice because he said I ll make fun of people all the time, and they never come on the show they always give the staff they always pout and you're here and it's just great and it was one of the highest raided shows that you ever head because he had been dogged army. We had a remember tat. I know right time, and he said you might have said
here too, and I said well. Actually I have alive. Oh, I didn't know you had data and it is. Funny. When you hear that stuff red Back- It was like quack, half baked quack fat boy looks like the guy that approve your check at the grocery store all but we had a great time- and I did that- show I don't know- probably fifty times I really enjoyed him yeah. So who do you like this on the air? more for different reasons. I like I, like you know I like a lot of a lot of these guys. I think I have this appreciation for what they do, that I think we have a mutually at the days of late night being a thing were you hated you're competitors have really gone away in Paul no way at all. Isn't that way at all. I think a big part of it is because
many more of our viewers come online now, so you don't have to choose between the shows. You just picked. The parts of the shows it you want to say so there isn't that intense competition for guests further in that time slot it just doesn't exist any more and a lot of those. I think that those competitive feelings go away, and so I may I would say that I mean guys at I'm. I have an actual friendship with call Baron Fallon, South Myers James Court, and I know little button. His seems like a very nice guy let you know I'm. I know people think like all it's more fun when we hate each other, but we don't know people don't believe it for somebody like Steve Harvey- and I are really good friends, you know I don't know it. However, we feel that these people don't belong of court. Why would you what would why? Would you and Steve Harvey Haiti
we go on. Each other shows we run on different networks and we cross Polynesia shows we do like competition sometime. Half of adopting a muddle that how exactly so we have a good time doing people of that stuff and they like to make it into something. People certainly love it when it was J and Dave, and it was a lot of fun and and Conan Tool by Africa Conan, yet as it as another guy that, in a light, I'm in all of what he's done over his career, these very smart, too, very smart and very end a very original as well. Is it true? You can fall asleep on a ladder, yes added, orderly Binny were YAP for like long time or just for a few minutes. I can fall like if, once I'm asleep,
I'll stay asleep, for I have a weird thing: I've I did morning radio so ice to wake up at three o clock in the morning. I go into work, and so I had to take a nap in the middle of the day and I figured out what my sleep cycle is. It's an hour and forty one minute's exactly. As I set my alarm for our forty one minutes. I fall asleep within three four five minutes and that's perfect. For me. I wake up Ray. I get through a whole sleep cycle, and I think that if you I timed, it I'd, add a little time subtract old time and I finally got to that number and its consistent, and if I get an hour, forty one minute sleep in great shape really here I also narcolepsy so I've in our policy driving. I pulled up next to a police officer, and I nodded often is what female police officer announces through the had their loudspeaker. Are you awake enough to drive that vehicle? I said
I now now I fall asleep on the plain before takes off and sometimes sleep through landing. Really, I've had to be awake, and I don't take you know any like sleep bells or anything like that. It's all just natural, would you fallen asleep twice since you ve been here, sleeping yeah, yeah, able a chat, do you dream when he fell asleep? I wrote I do I'm sure, but I rarely remember I don't remember room no catch really interesting. My daughter's been having these nightmares where she talks loudly and four years old, and I was talking to my wife about this morning. I think it's really cute. You know she doesn't know about like mountain the most. About MIKE Monsters is cookie monster. You know, and she doesn't know about bad guys and that kind of stuff, but so what she has nightmares about. Our are skunks spraying, her cuz, that's what she knows about.
She was always diverges. Yelling like all night long, and I said to her, what are you? What are you why what's goin on what issues at a skunk or spraying hue and innocent that four years old, the greatest villain in the world is a skunk? Have they figured out tat your tv famous date? Oh no, my kids, don't know. What's going on, I understand, like I, the first movie I took my daughter to see in the theater was boss baby and I played I'm the voice of the dad and that movie and Didn't phase? Of course, I was disappointed that she was going to be so excited if it didn't faze her at all, because she doesn't know that everyone's father isn't the voice of a character in we or that everyone's dad is an anti vega. They they'll get outta my grandkids, they walk through and I'm on the screen. They go yeah whatever they. I don't think, there's a difference even any more to them between being taped on your phone and none
television have only one thing. My daughter does take note of it. She said to my wife: daddy knows everybody has strangers. Will come up demand that she doesn't understand, but they don't get because we're Youtube generation, so everybody's on a screen right, that's what it is everybody's on a screen to them. So the fact that we are on that make any difference, yet no difference their hard to impress and I keep trying to explain them. I'm a real, celebrity kids here. Do I'm not a Youtube I have a real show on a real network than an influenza. That's right, but I'm not one, I'm not one of them. Well,
your kids beyond the entertainment, would you let him do it or my son works at my show and he's rise did in Kommeni my daughter's, an artist she lives out in them a hobby desert. She makes or Amis my two little kids, whatever they want to. Do. I get a kick out of it if they were interested in it. I've had a good experience, so I think a lot of people have in over a very different experience. I just I've. Had I've had a lot of fun, doing the radio jobs and then doing the game show and the man show, and I've just had a with the best part, is really been able to work with my friends and that something that must be, don't get to do on the same. What I never aspired to do this, but it's been a great thing to do. Yeah I enjoy it at a big left turn for you really really was. There was a trial consultant and We never gave interviews your people come up and say at a big trial and say who are you? I said: I'm not we didn't want anybody, know what we're doing to where we were.
Never gave an interview ever had? No, desire to be on television and can't stay offer. You think you'd still be doing that. Had you not gotten into television, no, maybe retired- oh, I don't know, but I wouldn't be doing that because I had done it all. I done every big litigation and there was to do- and I knew when it was time to stop, because remember the day I was it. Csi was call courtroom sciences CSI before CSI and and eighteen Wheeler pulled up in front of our building to drop off a case file and the copy bill. Just
copy the file was a million dollars, and when I saw the truck pull up, I was like an when a case pools in that it's a million dollars to copy and you're gone, no it's time to do something else, because that means you're gonna keep your whole company busy for like five years right and you're gone. Oh, no, please go somewhere else. I went Oprah came instead. I quit. Did she flowed in own? Was it did he come in on her feet or how did that that her. It was interesting. I got a call that morning from her trial lawyer and her company president at this aim time to hire us for that pace, and neither of them, though the other one was calling rarely yeah because they went
I'll, try to get it dismissed on summary judgment and the judge denied it said, you're going to trial and so Trial Council called and the President of Harpo called in hey we're going to trial. We need you to go to trial. Have you ever sent that that judge a little gifts to? Thank me back. Do you have a motorcycle in your office? Now it was. It was a federal, in every and we were, but idea. The enemy lies because it was the cattle growers surrender. A we were the jury and she lay the tap. Beyond the shoulder and said, I don't see any of my peers over their spouse a jury of your peers. I don't see anything the over there? That looks like me was that one african American on the jury, not one well and she said sure we ought to be doing this world K. Don't worry about it where you can
at that time, are you juice? Are you just no lasting Oprah? No, I was conflict Is that time, although half way through the trial, we do the trial strategy and halfway. Through the trial, made a ninety degree right turn strategically when a completely different direction and we are prepared to go really young widow. Like seven or eight March trials and worked on the case for two years and halfway through the trial said that's the wrong way to go we're going to completely different way changed it halfway through wow, just like your life, and I hope that was a gut check right there. That's when you wake up and I can go home, I got yeah. I hope this is right and you mention of operated forty years in prison because you did not have that, wouldn't be good that wouldn't I don't think she was gonna go to prison, but they were sooner
couple a billion dollars yeah and at that point erratic go to prison. I guess yeah she was got Cecily. What can I do to help well, you could move the Oprah showed Amarillo. She turned around here about said, find me I still do the show an arrow and she moved to place all the little Theatre Amarillo while did the show and therefore, a month, while we were in trial, you say it wasn't a hot ticketing marilla. I would think Sally area that helped here she was a great client and we ve been in business, you're the one way or another. Now for like twenty five years, it's a good partner to have good partner to have people. Ask me what sacred to be number one. You say you ve been there one forever. What's a secret, she quit you know that a great you know it's. No one's ever asked me what the secret to be number one is. My your life will never happen
just some people to quit. That's what I did everyone else to quit. I got open acquit there. Was it no problem You ve been doing your show, and so I know you're tired, so I'll let you go. This is fun! You stick with the name fill in the blanks you stick and what that is. The personal came up with that than that in this room right, oh no! No, that was my son. George call that's right. Your son, Jordan came so you want to finish this ring killing. My children is that what you're saying just Jordan Is that what you're gonna ridicule all your children, only Jordan came up with through take just here. I don't know you like this title. Oh, I don't like the title will rename it. While you know I came up with a lot of suggestions and new ignored them, they were terror when Loser Mcgraw, O Mcgraw talk like raw, but you we make the words raw red
you're wrong girl. What about just the Doktor Phil Podcast doctor? in time. How about that where's? He could figure out the doktor Feel podcast. What is that about what your middle name Kelvin, real, yeah? What's yours christian, the only real, oh Jesus. You know you can't attack Christian. I know that current really Calvin our islands in the Bible. You can pick on their Calvinism comics cow is not an curled and Hobbs yeah right cabins in the Bible. Well, Christian is in the Bible, the main guy number one. Is there a book of christian kind of? so ridiculous title for a pod cast you're, making a mockery of the pod cast industry fill in the blanks. I am I the blank like. What's the like, what does that mean? I'm filling in the book
like it. No, so you hated enough that you won't listen. I know I'm not! I am still it's a ridiculous title for a podcast you're, making a mockery of the podcast industry fill in the blanks? I am I the blank like. What's the like? What does that mean? filling in the blanks about your life. Oh, you have no idea what the say about you when you leave oh what he said at the beginning. Now it makes sense, save people think they know. You Could you come out the suit every day you gotta social mass? So you put this suit on you. Come out their say, hey look. I'm in a suit on credible, so you should believe the stuff. I say you know what I'm a big enough man to apologize to Jordan. Now that I understand the that there is actually dear behind this ridiculous pon title. So you, Don't like any of my titles. You make fun of my show titles year of my part,
castile you're only flaw. Really you really need to work on. The titles know that you're not the show tunnels are great there. Just funny wilder descriptive, like I keep telling people you need to make these time less than a paragraph, yet they are long. They are law in fairness to them. There are a lot of shell saw. You gotta come up with something here, but they could to save two thousand nine forty two legged his call it yeah. That's no fun! Now, no matter they might enablers having sex with her astrologer of something I've got one tomorrow that my father was killed by a police sniper and our family is falling apart. It's very specific, very specifically with robbing a bank of police sniper, killed him and now the families all internal as well as early, had ordering really happened? Yeah a man I believe in Georgia. They got the video footage,
they're watching live on television with police laboratory, oh boy, while in bed were teenagers are watching their who, oh there's death. Oh yeah, that's no good! I think I have Angela pass on. I think I win. Will some alternative fuels? obliged, for they are willing to play hell yourselves now. So without tomorrow you talk tangible vassal, very fit she's a big family, I said all right hat when faced with you. If you would like to watch the video of this entire interview, please go to doktor feels Youtube Channel unsubscribe, it's free and you will find this interview and a whole lot more.
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