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Malignant + Communal Narcissists: Toxic Personalities in the Real World (Part 4)

2021-11-16 | 🔗

“If you ever start defending yourself with a narcissist, you will never ever stop,” says Dr. Phil in part 4 of the "Toxic Personalities in the Real World”. “They simply can't be confronted. That's why you can't win an argument with them. They are relentless. They will argue until the end of the earth.” For the second week, Dr. Phil is examining traits particular to the malignant narcissist, who he says “is the most dangerous narcissist of all!” Learn why it’s vital to get away from a malignant narcissist just as quickly as you can safely do so. And, find out the one big characteristic that Dr. Phil says differentiates the narcissist and the malignant narcissist from the psychopath. Plus, what is a communal narcissist, and why does Dr. Phil say they may be the least dangerous of all? For more information: https://www.drphilintheblanks.com/

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