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Moving Forward By Being Adaptive, Agile and Creative

2020-04-28 | 🔗

What have you learned about yourself during this crisis? This week on Phil in the Blanks, we're talking to people who care about things that matter and how you can move forward by being adaptive, agile and creative.

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and right now you get thirty percent of all products. Just use code r M are thirty r m. Are thirty? Did you crack under the pressure? Did you show strength did you get angry? Have you blamed other people? You see I'm a person, it believes that we create our own experience. I don't think there are accidents in this world, but what's forward going to look like
Hey guys, it's done. Fulfil, and this is fill in the blanks- I'm gonna be straight with you. I am very, very excited about this point Cast them want to tell you why I like talking to people that care about things that matter. I think that a disappeared cast as good a matter. I like having the opportunity to make a difference. This is podcast about covered nineteen. This is podcast cast about the corona virus. This is not a pod care, that, is specifically about quarantine. It is upon cast about the Exit, something has happened in your life, that has,
never happened before in the history of our country. I hope It never happens again in your life. It has been a changing event in your life that one of the things that I've talked to you before is something I've called ten seven, five but in your life there will be ten defining moments. Seven critical choices and five people that will ride on the slate of who you are in a lot, a sting fashion. Now, what's a defining moment, A defining moment is something that happens. It can be quick or it can be slow and be lasting, but it is something It happens in your life that you are changed permanently You are one way before it happened and you were different after it happened it.
Changed you in a lasting way, maybe something positive. It could be the birth of your child. That was a moment when you saw that happen, That was a moment that changed your life and I suspect. That we are going to share the reality that what has happened here in shutting down the entire country, the entire United States Ninety percent of the people going in quarantine is going to be. A shared defining moment. Certainly is gonna be a defining moment in the collective consciousness of America. We're going to share that nine Heaven was a defining moment in our lives only a defining moment in my life, because I like many people believed nobody is going to.
Attack the most powerful country on the globe on its home, soil. They might attack an outlying bay, sir. They might attack an ally somewhere or they might attack a boat, but they damn sure not attack us on our homes, oil, and then it happened. And I kind of felt like it was a death of innocence. I don't know about you, but I kind of felt like a week. Algorithm thinking that anymore, all this We became aware of terrorist cells that are, existed inside the country was the cause of death of innocence. It changed as for me, and it changed things for it almost everybody that I talk to and now here we are with another collective defining moment where we have sat at home to protect US
El Sherman, invisible enemy, and in so doing we have watched. The number one economy in the world collapse around carriers, and why did we let it happen? Well, we made a decision that we want to save lives or do we want to save our economy? We made a decision that human life, with more precious than our economy, was that the right decision Was it a necessary decision? Everybody has, don't opinion that I'm not interested in talking about that with you today. It is what it is. It happened. It is an event that has changed your life.
Maybe you're one of the people that is written to me and said Dr Phil, I had a family business, it wiped us out. We had this business since one thousand nine hundred and sixty two it's wiped us out. I've had people that I've talked to that have just cried and said. We can never get back our business. Other people that have said I had thirty employs had been was may twenty five years. I had sent him, although I can't keep them. I can't keep the doors open of sea how each impacted people of seeing people and heard from people that lost loved ones. To this terrible virus so I have seen loss and all on both sides. It's happened. It's been a crisis, but here's my question. I said this is not about the corona virus. It's about a defining moment, an event in your
I I'm very excited about having this conversation, because it's going to be so important in terms of what you do next. You may have heard me say when a crisis happens, it does not create he rose. It does not create coward. Crises reveal who we are she's don't make he rose if a hero emerge, just during a crisis. If a leader comes to the forefront during a crisis, then that's who they were. There was just up opportunity for them to be who they were crises, don't make? he rose, Ladys reveal who we are and my question to. You is
What have you learned about? you during this crisis. That really think about that. What have you learned. About who you are doing this crisis and you have to be really really honest. Did you respond the way you expected that you would? I mean let's face it at some level, we all face the possibility of dying. We face the possibility of getting very, very ill. We face deposit body of losing loved ones. Weave watched the economy, collapse around alchemy it is we ve seen businesses clothes, we ve seen store shelves empty how have you responded to this in may
You haven't really thought about that, but, let's think about it now. Did you crack under the pressure? Did you show strength? Did you get angry? Have you blamed? Other people think about What you ve learned about you don't think about whether this has been man is the right way. Not man is the right way over evaluated under responded to interested in analyzing. The crisis just acknowledged there was one and asking you to take stock. I can say. Crises for all the bad that they be being into our lives. They all. Though, create an opportunity to learn. HU. We are that. Is it worth it seldom? Is it worth it.
But none the less. The lesson is there is the two wishing to high. Of course, it's too high if you lose one life, so you can learn a lesson. The tuition. Two high you lose Fifty thousand lives the to wish is ridiculously. High, it's not worth it. If you can take something from it,. At least it won't drive you so insane. If you can create meaning to the suffering, some meaning to the laws. If it can forge you Being a better person, if you can know yourself better, be better prepared, air for what might be around the next corner. Now, if you ve got allow me at all over the last twenty three years that I have had. The privilege of being in a public forum I've heard me say that one of the ways we learn about who we are
is the same way we learn about other people. The way we form our self image. The way we create our level of self worth is by watching what we do in the face of a challenge. And that's why I've said over indulgence by parents is a real, tragic thing, because you cheat a child out the opportunity to observe themselves overcoming talent. Jews and obstacles. So they d I have the ability to a tribute to themselves hey, I did that Number one time when Robin and I had just got married, so I guess it was it was before we got married. There was little girl, it lived next door and Robin this love talking to her, and she was very smart, she was for five years old and one day she came over and declared a robin very clearly. She said I can zip button and tie
Rather said, excuse me, and she said I can zip button and tie- and she said you can and will let me see she didn't have thing deserve, but she had some. She could button in situ. She could tie and she showed her right there and she was oh proud, vizir, mom and dad didn't do it, for she could do it. She was. Rather than she had seen herself do it and she was so proud in herself, esteem was built because she Gazette Button and tie where the same way in life, The little girl was, we watch ourselves overcome a new job getting through childbirth, handling chair Josiana marriage learning, a nude job, skill handling of promotion, being fired, getting back on our feet, getting a new job. We see.
We can handle that we have experiences with death. My first thought was with Pat then grandparent Well, I got through that. Ok and I learned I could see that I didn't know how was gonna do with this, but I got through it. Okay, so I attributed to myself the ability to hand the loss and not come unravelled,. I'm gonna tell you a story about a crisis in my life that really real We changed me and how I love. And about myself the way I want you to learn about yourself. I will tell you the story and Are you in advance to sit in a story about me? Be a hero? This isn't a humble brag, don't you know, humble brag means, but a humble brag is something where somebody prick here too have humility and to be humble, but secretly their bread. Thinking about how great they are.
It's not a kind of story. I did overcome something, but the situation Kurd, because my stupidity and when it over, whereas I was scared as a ten year old child when these damn near buckled, as I was walking away, but I did learn something about pilot since a very young age. On this particular night. It was in the early Indeed, I think I was eighteen or had Jes turned nineteen few months earlier and I had a single engine airplane and I was flying from. And the city to Dallas? I had slowness Kansas City and it was quite warm and then a real coal. Snap yet and the huge snow storm had come through and There is just a blanket, a snow from the city all down through that part of the country and covered saint
who is Kansas City, Oklahoma, City, Wichita, Kansas everywhere through their this list, better, eight ten, it right through the snow everything I landed in balmy TIM Josie Pye, sixty degrees in the winter, and I took off at Edna, one night, it was probably around ten fifteen degrees that took off a little before midnight and had several hundred miles to go and everything looked white. And you look down everything. Look why rooftops were why ground was why you couldn't tell the difference between the top of a house or a field. Does everything looked the same, and I was about eighteen twenty miles north of Oklahoma City, and I was. Herman along all of a sudden
my engine just started kind of running rough and then just quit. Le. To tell you how quiet it gets at twelve thousand feet at two, a m in pitch black in the dead of winter. Yet It's very, very quiet, You start going down very very fast and you can't see anything below cost Everything looks the same alike. I did everything I could try to restart the engine and try to restart it tried to restart it. You put in mixture of the fuel took it back, pushed it in, took it back. Trying to restart it. I mean It will go on radio declared an emergency talking to policy approach very calm voice, I still need a vector to the nearest airport.
Very reluctantly, told me well, I hate to say this but Ura eighteen miles north of wily, Post airport, my gosh, I just kept trying to start that engine and finally, it's, not gonna start, and you wanted to start so bad that finally had to take the key out the ignition and throw it in the back luggage compartment to keep myself? from trying to start to damn engine again, because it is was gonna start and that was distracting me. I had actually throw the keys over my or into the back, so I wasn't tempted to keep trying to start the damage It wasn't going to start less two or three miles of approach that airport or over lake so you come up short you're gonna get wet in the data winner now to make a long story longer. I obviously made it I'm here:
I said this wasn't a hero story aura the humble brag, raising the edge and quit is because I didn't take time to fill the tanks up when I landed, So moisture got in the tanks before you take off. You always check for water in your tank, but when I check them condensation it formed on the top of the tank and frozen I checked for water and I didn't get any because it was frozen on the inside top of the tank and, as I took often gas flushed around it, of course melted the ice in turn. In the water and it settled in full they got down to where the few The line was an get sucked in the engine and just killed it so much water just failed everything and kill the engine. Now. Why do that happened? It was my stupidity should fill your tax up when you get there.
And then there is no room for that to happen. That's what I call an accident enabling factor my fault I own it I did it. I was young and stupid. Also, it's not the brightest things due to take off at midnight and the debt of wine. Following a snow storm in a single engine, airplane flat, half way across the country when you're like eighty nineteen years old, but course, when you Rachel nineteen years old, you bulletproof right. So a totally own that I created the situation because that's the case we create our own experience. I ll talk about that in a minute, but I did. The reality was that it was probably more likely that I was going to die than I was going to live, that I didn't panic. He was so that it was probably more likely that I was going to die. Then I was going to live that I didn't panic. I actually stayed hooked up to it and worked the problem and got the best thing
the tax and get the most out the airplane. I possibly could as Aglitter glider and made it in and stayed on task and kept focused and did everything I could instead of my hands up in the air cry and is it went into a field, and I learned at I myself that ok, I've faced a bed the that I could ever really bad outcome from and I didn't panic at the time. Now when I got on the ground and landed and got out. I was It is a ten year old kid. My legs were buckling and shaking so hard I could barely walk. I didn't panic at the time after when I realized what had happened. That's when I got scared- and I thought- oh, my god- I cannot believe that just happened. That's when it hit me, but at that, I am. I stayed on task and I learned at about myself and I'm sorry that had happened It was gonna happen. I'm glad it happened early, because I've known that
myself now for the last fifty years and there have been. Few similar situations and I went into him having learned at about myself, knowing I'm not gonna, panic Harriman work the problem What have you learned in this crisis? What did you observe yourself do? Have you held your family together? Have you. Stayed on task and I'm bringing this up because, whatever it is, if you don't like what you have observed it ain't over, you can still change how you manage this. How you change this? A lot of people have asked me, Dr Phil, do you think we're going to get back to normal? That's not the question to ask the question to ask: is how are we going to move forward? Not do you think
Gonna get back to normal, because that's not the question to ask a question to ask: is how are we going to move forward what's going to be the best way hey to move forward back to normal. I don't like the word back. We're gonna go back to what we use to do and the answer to that, if you just want entertain that is, I don't think we will. But what's forward going to look like. How are we going to move forward? Look everybody here. As and this is why I'm so excited about this, because I want you to really do this. It so important that you be who you are on purpose. Dont use react, don't you gotta go out there and let the world dictate who you are and how you are, who you are decide,
Who you are and b that person on purpose? We maybe people like it? Maybe they don't like it but be, who you are on purpose and own it every day, it has a philosophy of life are used I didn't: have a philosophy of life gives real people would talk about Ben Franklin, say now been Franklin's philosophy of Life or George Washington's philosophy of life or John Kennedys philosophy of life. Four Will Rogers philosophy of life. I they well must be very shallow, because I don't have a philosophy of life and then the more and more I thought about it. I asked I do have a philosophy of life and its embodied in a lot of the values you ve heard me talk about over the last twenty three years. If you ve honoured me, was your attention say that to be politically correct, honoured me with your attention. I truly believe that is an honor. I mean of head
Millions of millions of people watch me over the years and I don't take that for granted. That's part of my philosophy of life. I have never one time in twenty three years, Had somebody asked me for a picture or an autograph that I've said no and if somebody ever told you. I have their a damn wire, not one time in twenty three years. Have I ever said no, because I believe it's a privilege. That somebody would care enough to want a picture with me? I got a mirror seriously. I think it's honour that people listen to what I to say, and I don't think I'm the repository of all knowledge and if you disagree with what throw that out. Don't throw me out. Do you agree with everything I say, but there'll be value, some of it and so on.
Take very seriously that people pay attention to some of the things that I say. I think some of the things I say or well researched the things I talk about on the show, are what we call evidence Ace therapies have kind of an off the wall, shoot from. Delivery style, but what I'd liver is empirically supported. I don't make it up those clinical evidence The support the advice that I give or I dont give it. So I have a philosophy of life and it's him I need in the things that I say we all have what I call an attitude of approach, an attitude of approach to life. Nothing. About that as you go forward in your life as you
count your door every day. You have an attitude of approach. Now some people approach it with energy and excitement, em, they're, just optimistic and enthusiastic other People are just Debbie Downer here they walk in a room and it feels like somebody left here. It is, Secondly, energy out of the room, some people are angry. Some people are perennial victims, but you have an attitude of approach to life. What is it. And I want you to really be able to articulate that. What is your attitude of approach, because if you don't like it, you want to change it, and you can't know that if you don't look what it is, and why is that important for us to talk now. Why am I so excited about that now, because you're gonna have enough,
paternity to re, launch to reset everything. As you go back out there, you see I'm a person, it believes that we create our own experience. I don't think there are accidents in this world. I dont think that we need randomly fall into whatever role in this life we have, I just don't think that's true. I think we create our own experiences, just Again, the story is told you about being at twelve thousand feet: eighteen miles, north of Oklahoma City. It too, I am looking down at a blue snow with no engine. I created bad experience with my own immaturity and stupidity. Yo mine struck,
always told me, there's a lot of old pilots and there's a lot, a bold pilots, but there aren't any old, bold pilots. I understood after that night what that meant. There's nothing illegal, there's! Nothing! Improper about flying at night is not like your wings fall off at night, but I was not very experience. I didn't have a lot of ours a lot of time and I took off at midnight in the winter after snow. That was not the smart thing to do. Created my own experience. When I get up there in the engine quit, I also created that by not properly getting the airplane handled when I landed so. Made it all there by inexperience immaturity by a decision making all of those things contribute to their experience.
Did I get out of it alive and learn something from it. Yes was there a silver lining I should didn't see it at the time. But as I look back, I did learn something from it, but I'm asking you: what have you learned? so far and what your attitude of approach as you go back out there, because you will create my own experience and if there's something. You don't like this is the time to change it. You ask yourself, What is alive circumstance that you do not like what did I do who to arrange the situation so that had happened away. It happened. What did I do. To make the result possible. I accept That I'm the one who did it so what was it if there was something in your life circumstance some result that you didn't like what was it and what did
you do to make it happen. If you accept that your accountable me did you trust, foolishly did you. Maybe not pay attention and miss important warning signs. Ask yourself: did I fail to be clear about what I want it did. I call I myself because I wanted it to be true? What choices did I directly led me to the result that I did not want. Just like I said in the airplane situation. I made choices. It led to a result. I did not want ask yourself: did I choose the right
a person in the wrong place, did I choose what I chose for the wrong reasons, the wrong time? What did I fail to do that directly created the results I did not want. Did I fail to take needed action? If so, what the failed stand up for me, self. Did I fail to ask for what I wanted to require enough of myself detail somebody to go jump in the damn wake? Did I failed to treat myself with dignity and respect do and The start certain behaviors do need to stop certain behaviors, as I get back out. They're moving forward you need ask yourself of that. My Angelou was a friend of mine. It was a real power.
Knowledge of mind to get to know her. She was it just a poet which I thought she was really great, but she was just a great hang. It was really fun to hang out with her. She had a great sense of humor. And she did have a profound way of describing life was the favourite. She ever said and I think has been quoted lot. She said you did what you knew, how to do. And when you knew better, you did better think about that it so simple! Yet so profound you did what you know How to do, and when you knew better, you did better, I can buy situation. I did what I knew how to do when I was young and stupid pilot and when I knew better I ultimately accumulated.
Five thousand hours pilot in command. I never did that again. When a new better. I did better as a young parent, you probably made some really dumb mistakes once when you knew better you did What have you learned now where you can now do better? You can be. Cannibals others, but you also need to be accountable to you. Ok, brag. Oh my wife again, you know Robin has Robin Mcgraw Revelation, which is a company that takes care of your skin and, like I said I view, the top of my head for the lab on this. They used it to test out some of these things and they really do a lot attesting on this stuff and one of their products is called today s
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when you go along window, resist whom to trust whom to avoid what behaviors to emit you choose what You say to yourself about yourself about others about what risks to take. What needs you have what right you have. You say all of those things you choose how to be in this world and its very, very critical, because I believe strongly in the principle of reciprocity. I believe that we get what we put out. What we put out there comes back to us there. Lots of different ways to be in the world. I describe them in different ways. There's the porcupine. These are the people who have a chip on their shoulder their this prickly, please think about trying to hug porcupine. You just can't do at their despicably their people that go through life with a chip on their shoulder their. What I call the pause up. People had died.
This gets so intimidated overwhelmed they just roll over on their back and put all four of their paws. I would you like this. Do whatever you going to do with me, they just surrender and those people they just giving up their passengers, and then there are those people that approach life like their disc. One of the forest and they d condescend to the unwashed masses. That is, you didn't lucky to have them in your presence and then there are the posers there so Superficial is just all about. Appearances are no death, two m whatsoever, people leaders, leisure, the controllers. They have to control everything and everyone. They have a false sense of superiority because in fact they're. So damn scared. They don't control everything. Nothing will go their way. They don't move
People be around them, nobody would allow them to stay. Then there's the drama, Queens everything has to be a big drama, because if they don't command attention, Then nobody would ever pay them in tragic as they don't think they're worthy of as they gotta make a big deal out of everything. Then there's the analyzes hide in their head. Do you fall into those categories or have you invented some new one? We all have a if being in the world, Robin would tell you, I'm kind of cerebral, I'm kind of an analyze that I go there before. I go to emotion and she's probably right and it is seem to work for me at a try to remain calm whenever buddy around me is chaotic. That's worked for me
you're. The most common comment I get from people that watch Doktor Phil is how do you remember? in so patient. I don't see how you do it I don't see how you do it. I would just scream. I would throw people to Hell. I would I don't know how you put up with it. I just scream at the screen. Sometimes I don't know what they think I'm supposed to do, grab them by the scruff of neck and throw them out the back door. I am pretty analytical and cerebral, but I am who I am on purpose Your people talk about I q and that's what I want to talk to you about people define IQ a lot of different ways. You're being smart along different ways. Gunning Gardner did research back on nineteen April, He said there were nine kinds of iq. There was the Natura list,
They were too smart about nature. There was musical, I q, obviously about music. There was logical mathematical. I q excess. It's like you. People were smart about life, interpersonal IQ, smart, about interactions with people. There was the bodily kinesthetic iq. There was linguistic iq really word smart, then Sternberg came along and said you break it in three different categories which practical create even analytical people break it up a lot of different ways, and if you ask somebody what is intelligence up a teddy had fine it, it's not a score on a test. Q is to me somebody's intelligent if their curious, their inquisitively. They have a thirst.
The knowledge that they just want to know how things work, how the world works. How have things happen? There d there just curious their cognitive Lee, agile, meaning that they can track come likes things. They can maybe listen to a and their economies double storylines and they can track them all at one time and their agile enough to jump. From one story to another story in and bring them together. Intelligent people are critical thinkers. They have the abyss led need to evaluate things. Is there that and sound write to me that doesn't feel authentic? I can separate the wheat from the chaff. I can get fluff from what's real, intelligent people are
when minded their able to bring in new data and evaluate their creative, their adaptive they're, not tunnel vision, hard headed- and I know some people back in Texas that they didn't get through fifth grade grammar very well because that sticks out to me, like a badge of ignorance from people, say, we was gonna. I seen him come in and I might come on. That was in a fifth grade when you learned conjugate EL. The difference between scene and saw was and were, and sometimes it's colloquial or for emphasis butts. Is this lazy grammar and I know some people that couldn't pass fifth grade grammar.
That in their environment, are brilliant. They're, so adaptive mentioned before I had an uncle. That was just that way and he worked on the railroad for years. I don't know what he did. He was an engineer he did. He worked on the railroad, though the good job they had a comfortable life, but this guy. Barely string to three sentences together, but you parachute him into the woods with nothing. But the clothes on his back- and It it wouldn't matter summer winter, whatever this guy was brilliant, he was adapting people to adapt to his environment, and you come back three days later he's going to have a shelter built he's going to be
Barbecue heads have think on: there are some rocks, he's gonna made vision, poles he's gonna be made seriously this I was so adaptive to his environment. To me. That is really smart. I think one of the most impressive things is the ability to adapt. I'm gonna face that challenge. Coming back, I mean what we ve seen as Doktor Phil I've had you know a big studio we ve had to uttered fit. People in the studio audience we flown people in from all over the globe. As aghast and all what's gonna happen in the fall I dont know. Are we going to have two hundred and fifty people packed into stage twenty nine as an audience? Are we gonna have guessed?
willing to fly in from New York City, London, Seattle Dallas, I dont know. What's our show going to be comprised of what's Doktor Feldman be comprised of How are we going to get our message out there. My declaration when I started was I wanted to talk about the silent epidemics in America. I wanted to deliver common sense information to people's living rooms every day for free. I wanted to make a difference in families. I want to make a difference in people's lives. I wanted to deliver good usable information to people every day. I wanted to be entertaining a warrant to be fun. I wanted to be meaningful. I worry to be trustworthy, And I ve been doing it a certain way for eighteen years. I'm not
king myself. Are we going to get back to normal, I'm asking So how are we going to move forward? What's it going to look like gonna, be adaptive. I want to lead the pack, that's when they said we needed to shut down. I said no, no, no not going to shut down. This is not the time for me to go away. This is time for me to be present so figured out a way to do this from home and so of shot out? Thirty forty shows from home not is pretty, but we adapted great crew from all over town from there. Great technicians devoted dedicated people made. It all happened, my power Theseus power.
They scramble around work for five or six hours before I get on the Cameroon, the MIKE what you're gonna be like in the fall, I dont know, but we're gonna move forward and what's my attitude of a it's gonna, be my attitude of approaches going gonna, be I'm gonna lean into it. Say where we are restricted here under the say, how can we redefine ourselves and make it even better if we can't do a b and c Then, let's do de through Z, let's figure out: how can we make us better hack? We make it bigger how we make it more accessible if we can have an audience, in the studio? How can we make the audience across Amerika Interactive? How can we make it where you can The question in the middle of the broadcast. Can we make this truly interactive television can we do something I want to? I want lean into this.
And I want you to lean and your life. I want you to create your own, experience is what I want, and to do that. You ve gotta, have an attitude, approached. It says I don't want to get back to normal I don't want to be worried about. Are we gonna get back to normal, my philosophy of life I'm going to create my own experience and to do that, you ve got a really fun Guess on how you talk to yourself and insight that fail. I again I get that this is a great pep talk, Doktor Phil I get it. Thank you It's great now am I gonna pay. Madame rent be adaptive, you will find a way there is going to be a pent up, appetite Our economy has not been shut down like this, except for two other too
In modern history, where one, where war to google it and you will see enough sources there that you can verify whether it's just Google bullshit or if it's real, what you will see is that there was a huge bouts when it was over. Now there was also a lot of celebration, because America won both of those wars. So there is a big celebration, but there was a big bang economy. There was a bit up appetite for things that they could not get during World WAR War too, I think there's gonna be a pent up appetite here now. This has not been as long as we're one or war too. There is that the loss of life
that we had in World WAR one or war to thank God, so maybe that means we don't have far to dig out far to recover. But those that have the attitude I'm talking about those that say other p, we're gonna be standing around wine and complain in finding somebody to blame, bitching and moaning, and then there's gonna be that group of people better do doing what I'm talking about that are leaning into this and say I'm looking for opportunities Looking for how to reinvent myself, I'm throw away.
Anything out the window. You grew up and athletic soon I was fortunate to have coaches. That said, I dont need a linebacker. I want the best athlete on the field if he plays the linebacker position. Right, but I need the eleven best athletes on the field, so we were taught not to think we were specialist. They said Anita safety out here. Well, I'm sorry coach, I'm alive backer, not today, you're not get your butt out He was the best eleven athletes on a field. They will find a way they will buys they will adapt, so don't think you're an accountant or a hair.
Besser or a woodwork her or a painter. The open look for opportunities. You might be doing something differ a month from now than you were doing six months ago. I don't know. I just know that if you have an attitude of approach that says I am part. I am adaptive I am leaning in I am going to find a way to look, or in seize opportunities, because I believe in myself and I am going to make sure that my family does well. I'm gonna approach it with passion I'm not gonna, be greedy, I'm not gonna, be shellfish, but I am going To do the best I can for me in mine people whose seed or not just those people that are passionate. They are those people. Let our passionate and get every. When a the impassioned it as well.
I said I was excited about this because I want us to start talking about moving forward. Not are we gonna get back to normal. But let's talk about how to move forward and to do that. You have to be intelligent and that intelligence has to be agile and adaptive, because I don't know what you might be doing six months from now, but I know if you are creative and agile and adaptive, it could be very, very exciting. And we're all in this together and I decided beginning today will yesterday that I was going to stop running covered. Nineteen corona virus shows
I've done a lot of them because I felt like I had a lot to say to get people focused and I've done- and what I believe now is that people saturated that there's category topic fatigue and what they want is cast Doktor Phil, I miss Doktor, Phil Missiles, topics amiss that content So from now, through the end of May Europe. To be seeing stage shows that we did before the endemic before there was even a word nor vocabulary, you're gonna be, being the content that you ve been so supportive of. We had some of those shows that in that we were so excited about that. We saved them for the month of May, which is a big money for advertisers,
for some of our best shows of the year we actually had shot and saved before the pandemic we're going to run them all in in May. Take your mind off of this start, getting your focus back on life. Think about what I said. I don't want a drone on always say: don't play long play big. I hope I'm playing big in your mind. I hope I'm stimulating you to think and Would you would you spouse? Would you kids, with your friends, tell her by listen this then you ve got to talk about it, get zoom session and talk about what I have said challenge yourselves to say: how can we use what he's talking about? How can we be curious and cognitive, lay agile, critical, open minded create even adaptive. How can we do all that to hit the reset button and create
this relaunch as an opportunity to start work, about getting back to normal. How much back to normal, we're gonna get was talk about how we can move forward. I'm Dr Phil thanks for listening.
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