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Obsessed With The Experience Of Guy Fieri

2022-04-19 | 🔗

Dr. Phil dives into the "secret sauce" of Guy Fieri and how he has become one of the most recognizable and influential culinary stars in the world. Listen in and hear what fueled Guy's love for food, how he is supporting communities and what he values most in life. For more information: http://drphilintheblanks.com/


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wrong or is more complex than that, as always boss. You got your finger on the pulse in america. What would you think about it showed it went around and checked out, mom and pop restaurants in the country, and I said my kind of show their highlight, highlighting my brothers and sisters. It's always he's been a dining experience. What drove view and gave you that insight and understanding, as you ve got it from the very very beginning. Its doctrine but then you knew that in the blanks and today, I'm speaking with a good friend of mine, one of the most recognizable and influential culinary stars in the world. Guy fieri. He is a chef, restaurant or new york, the best selling author Emmy award, winning tb host and a very generous philanthropist in twenty nine,
being guy received a star on the celebrated hollywood, walk or fame a rare. for a chef I mean come on on land and at sea from LAS vegas, stripped to the atlantic city, boardwalk from south africa, to colombia and from coastal rate to do by guys culinary creations and spirits are enjoy globally. Everyday he's not a fancy kind of chevy and I got to see him with like the buttoned up white thing and a big fluffy hat. He first showed up to compete as a chef on food network, nobody else was buttoned up that way, but not him. I think he showed up in a motorcycle jacket and forgotten to comb his hair, which I think you still forgot to do, but he a passion for food. He has a passion for people he has a passion for creating an expert, It's around food he's been doing since he was twelve years old
he's a northern california little town called burned. Ale he'll tell you why you should know that town, you ve, probably say it and don't know it was me very famous in a movie, but he's at this a long time. you can call him a chef. I call him a people person and also call him a good friend. So let's talk together, very guy. What's up buddy there you are a dead man. I'm all right about you. You know same stop different day. If you hear a hot fastidiotic control yeah, I don't think you have two days alike, ever adequate, probably correct on that one Where have you been having added by yourself would seem like you're. Just about is busy, as everybody else is. Where do I find you today, northern california, up in the one country I just got back I've been on a little bit of a tour. I was doing some charity gags and shoot
in triple d in it. Are you name it My god will listen. Thank you so much for doing this at all, because it you boss, just say it out. I would like to share with you the other day, and its openings. I don't watch live tv, but you had me such data. it's so bad and right at the end of the goddamn show you went to the second piece. It was about the guy that was getting cat fished from the girl that that had you know that you went to all the different town. She was supposedly living in the money in the hall then in the queue girl that the sixty year old do there was out of it. I mean I, don't you remember the episodes at least I would say about triple be, but unlike idiot, rather it was so my wife. Is it your lap? Them shows that a guy with a large tv you're, just you just sucked into the sunlight, would you find out with a second piece of this has come about Remember that what are those tragic, though, how blind can they be to life to see all this? Yet
you know, I love his legacy. Say love is why right large experience, no chance against love or lost? that's for sure, yazzi grape shot up! jean lambert. You do. I love what you do I gotta ask some questions about set, my no. You are really passionate about and were fortunate starting to come out of this pandemic, but you ve got more involvement in the food industry in a restaurant issue will talk about the television part of it in a minute, but one in the world did is due to the restaurant industry. For this two years they rallied around the airline industry, but man they were sure, slow, come into the supply lord of the restaurant industry. What did it do to these people for two years shut and everything down? Well, it's so funny use the airline industry as it as an example, and I am happy that anybody with.
I mean you know at your at you're frontline guy you're, aware of that. Your finger on the pulse did the air Wine industry is owned by a lot of big people with a lot of big money and a lot of big lot of big unification and the restaurant industry isn't as unified as, although we're all brothers and sisters of the business and most everybody loves each other and wants to help each other there's a organization, the national rush hour association, just how the biggest voice we add, but otherwise it's a bunch of individual yeah and that doesn't give you is what muscle ass, if you're united airlines with stockholders, and that that you and all those who are all those connections there so yeah it was, it was incredibly difficult and egg. It don't get me wrong. I am happy that anybody not love and support from the government and got some recognition, some money,
but in the restaurant business and we're you know, the the restaurant industry is filled with a bunch of eva of creative adapting and facing the difficult situations and achieving through them and and that's what it really is. You know I've always said that I'm a jack of all trades master of none. We are marketing, we are electricians, we are cooks, we are servers. We are accountants where you know where all of it and so we watch the industry do what we do so well, as we learned a pivot, not everybody made that did it you're, not everyone was able to transition to outdoor dining ordered transition to how to bring in money, and how to get their tea? That should not everybody made it, but fortunately, after years now we're coming out of the fog out of the fire out of the smoke. And were starting to see restaurants rebuild and reopen a new restaurants come about, but in that time, in that time it we've been been doing. A lot of suffering
one people lost- were really wonder how many local mom and pop ups that had been in business for twenty eight. five thirty years because had such a low margin business wonder how many of them close that never got back open and they just lost everything in two years that they had had for twenty twenty five years, tens of thousands. tens of thousands, oh yeah and and the thing that's so difficult about it- is even those that have come back now, there's been such an employment shortage that you know. I was just having a big staff meeting with my team today and we're opening restaurants around the country and that's the number one thing is always like: where did everyone go here? Where's where's the workforce and
show people? It wasn't? Even so maybe it wasn't. Their finances probably wasn't because of their food, and you know cause they were already in business before the pandemic happen. A lot of them really came under fire because they just couldn't get staff. That's that's been. That was probably that's what people do. understand as much as you like. I wanted that polish wanted this. Is it really body was their finances? I mean granted run out of money after a while some landlords were giving some you some consideration to the to the situation, but so many times where I would chequered past triple be joy. Tat we do and say what happened job in people to say, good south staff staff can't pay the bills. Well, I'm wondering what you and they have found out to be the issue, because it appears to me and listen obvious talk to people that were. and hospitality business as wait, staff or front desk sure hostesses that have destroyed
up said. Look I make more money staying at home, I dont have to get I care. I don't have to do the commute I dont have to have the wardrobe and ITALY, to me from a psychological standpoint where rewarding bad behaviour we're paying people not to work. Am I or is more complex than that. I am sure there are other factors, but that's gotta be one of them as always boss. You got your finger on the pulse of america and you're. You you're reading it and we're seeing the forest through the trees. Do not misunderstand me when I say there are people there are single family, your single parent families There are situations that our situation, it does not make financial sense, but there I think we ve just got an abundance of people that are looking at san. Listen, I don't
If anything I get paid similar amounts. I don't have to make the hassle to drive the commute thing this this this this and yet I do, I think, there's that epidemic aids epidemic great. Where do I think, there's that? Do I think there's that problem? Yes, I really do. I don't have like a clinical information to to explain it, but I do I know of my friends enough of my restaurants that will say to people: where are they? What are they doing at people? Just like you? nobody's waving the flag said: hey just so. You know I'm over here doing this, and this is you know how I'm getting away with it: no one's getting really loud about it, but there is beloved undercurrent enough undertone with folks that this is really we've got to figure out how to stop this, because we're setting the wrong example. We just have a conversation, the other day about how the kids that went to kindergarten and first grade never going to school now, acclimate. Coming into second grade and simply goes the people. These young adults are coming out of high school, they didn't get there
high school and I swore now go to college, haven't been to the college and haven't haven't. I haven't had a job. How do we acclimate them in the coming into the workforce? Now I mean with we ve had a two year break that if we don't recycle, if we doubt recalibrate, if we don't do something, I think we're gonna feel this echo. This reverberation of this unemployment lack of workforce for quite a while and then what's going to happen- and I think you probably aware this What'S- this does come full circle- There's going to be a lot of jobs that people are looking for, the dirty jobs, because people figure out how to replace them with technology or lack of I mean restaurants, are going to single serve you I do counter service vs, doing full service, and these types of jobs in the restaurant business have been so critical to our workforce in america because they're typically the second job prison of money. So that's given families the opportunity, because the
instability of hours in the restaurant business being from early morning to late night that people been able to do their job and then have a second job or have a job on the weekends and create that extra income. But I'm worried that this, when the workforce does wake up or the funding is cut back, that they kind of look at ago owens there was no more jobs, but because russia had to figure out how to do it. Expenditure is offering some great perks for expenditure. Rewards members, this holiday season, including a virtual cooking event, with bravoes top shelf alumni Jen carol on December. Fourteen she'll teach you a bunch of tips and tricks for the holidays and you'll even get a chance to interact and ask your own questions. It's free an easy to joy and download the expenditure up and explore your rewards. Today. Restrictions apply not available in all areas: limited events, openings, full programme information available at obscenity, dot, com, slash, rewards
This episode is brought to you by whole foods market. It doesn't matter what type of holiday gathering you have coming up whatever it is. You can't show up empty handed three sixty five by whole foods market. Not only has you covered the help, you steal the show from animal welfare, certified fresh turkeys, two frozen appetizers and baking essentials. Three sixty five brand has budget friendly items, so you can make what bring a seasonal dish. Guests will love, and it's always nice to bring something unique for the host like a bottle of wine or especially product or a whole box of Momofuku air, dried noodles or several containers of more of a good chili crunch. All the Momofuku products would be a wonderful houseguest, even though, if you came to my house and you brought momofuku products from whole foods, I would I would actually raise you in my book of friends pop in and get festive at whole foods market. I'm glad you mentioned it, because there are some people that lead
intimately are doing something where there are single moms out there that absolutely the math just doesn't work because computer because they ve had to do something else there doing what they have to for their family and for the kids. I get it, but I've also after those people that its anecdotal, I acknowledge The third is telling me, look, I'm no idiot. I can do the math, I'm gettin not to work in I'm, not gonna work, and then they go get. Some part time jobs, work sure whatever and there actually make it more money and not pay taxes on it. Really it violates one of the most fundamental principles of psychology. Don't reward bad behavior and we're paying people to not work, and then we say what's wrong with supply chain. Why can't we get people to come in on the job because we're paying them not to that just drives me,
crazy. Well, I a low. I met your son and the other way, lunch, beverly hills, one time, and so you ve been through this is apparent, but it's watching my my youngest son ryder play basketball, and I remember when he was in little basketball. You know what is okay and there was you know there were some times we went and played and there was no score yeah and I'm like what are we teaching it? Might they do not get me I hate when my kid loses a gay. I ate him crying in the car not now- and I was sixteen, but I hate that. But you know what it was. Those are the teaching times. That's when we talked about it, not about blame, the other players or blaming yourself work or focus. Yet europe is we focus on what we can do better, I'm. So we We get into this thing, I'm not read not participating in the reality. It then we start to create. We started out. I think the word I used recently with Hamas
You like this. We just past rising everything and where's where's, the entrepreneurial spirit where we were we generating that from so now, I'm with you a thousand percent. There are instances what people need that support and amen. I think we should do everything we can in the strongest country in the world. We should. We should act upon it, but they respect the rapporteur blinders off, be responsible to the fact that we are we are. Putting ourselves in a situation, work were there's gotta get visited. I heard a lot longer than we think we keep this up. Yeah and I'm concerned about what that does when people are out of, as you mentioned school or out of the workforce for a couple of years, because one of the most comprehend these studies to date has just been released by the national bureau of economic research that was possible. In the wall street journal just today and have actually read study that the article is about it.
stand by authors at the university of Chicago case mulligan and stephen, more and philip carbon of the committee to unleash prosperity. They compare covert outcomes in fifty states in the district of columbia. And they look at three different variables: the economy, education and the death rate. Basically, They saw was that the states that- lock down everything shut down the restaurants, locked everybody at home and compared those to the state That did the least, and there is no difference They didn't save any lives. All the states did that shut down the economy was ruined the economy. It didn't do anything to save lives. He didn't do anything to help people along and that studies gonna come out soon.
And people are going to see it and they just destroyed the economies in estate and didn't save any more lives than those that left it open. So everybody could continue their job, continue their pursuit and continue their education. Well, I I think that this type of clinical data is what needs to come to the forefront and we need to pay that this is not going to be the last. typically face- and you know this is something that's going to it's going to rear it's ugly head again and I and in grandin I'm not a politician. I don't run a state, I don't know what it takes but I do know that we better learn from it, because this was really I mean. There's some there's some suffering, that's going to go on for long, timeless and suffering that went on and it was so difficult for me. I remember the day I found out that I thought he was going to shut down the restaurants and I'm just sitting here looking at my brothers and sisters and- and I have restaurants- have called for you as well- but I'm I'm not insulated, but I have a little bit more
Well then, then, then, some of these mom and pops- and I just sit there looking at gone, there's, walk ins, full of food, there's bars full of booze. There's taxes that have to be paid. There's team members that are expecting come to work their banquets and expect to happen in anniversaries that are taking place, and this is I'm gonna get the lights turned off on it like that what are they gonna do with all the food. You know so many of my my fellow chefs fed their paid their employees by feeding them by giving them here or take the prime rib home yeah. That's all I got for ya crazy, will you are one of the things that I think give you really different perspective than a lot of people, because you, I have restaurants all over the country, you're in and out of them all of the time you're as hands on as any manager. I've ever seen and as hands on with your product as I've ever seen. As you
of about and talk to, your patrons. What's attitude out there are people, pessimistic, optimistic and has it shifted since before the pandemic? To now What are you hearing from your patrons as you talk to them at a restaurant down in vegas called guy's, vegas kitchen and bar and kind of the flagship and was down there just a couple of weeks ago and their line out the door and people are so excited and so and so thankful that were open. Restaurants are far more than just a place to eat. Em you can eat at home. Here you can. You can either you can delete anywhere. People restaurants, engage that it's an interpreter attainment, its people watching it it's beings? message. Amateurs show many facets to why people eat out and that the guests are overwhelmingly. Ah there
are they walked in so bad and the funny thing is in the restaurant industry- and I can tell you this, though I can in my history of the restaurant industry and I've been at it since I was twelve in my history, I've never seen it this upside down in that business is not what we're fighting for the businesses there. Everybody's got business, it's just. How do you, and all the business because of the workforce. This is mind blowing to us in the industry. We never had seen as I was just having us with my team today on a call, I said, we're not facing the things We used to facing the industry of how to get real people in the seats people want to come at us each year. Restaurants, canada, limited seating, not because the government say to get at people in the restaurant. They just don't have the cooks and the servers to do it right. the guests want it. They just wanted that you mention it's more than just the food. I want to talk about the food here in a minute, but you know I'm a fan, sir. followed for a long long time as a
ran so I'm not pretending to be objective, but one is is that you've done that never gets all that never gets hear, but either way it never gets old. I'll. Listen to that, they called and said. Would I be interested I'd said yesterday tomorrow, right now Thank you and you know that the admiration is mutual well. Thank you Think about it. You said you been censured, twelve and one of the things You ve always done is you ve created an experience is If somebody comes in gets their foods says downey's, it pays goes home every restaurant. You ve, never opened its all It's been a dining experience of some sort, you ve created themes, something there, people immerse themselves in when they come in. What drove you
and gave you that insight and understanding from the very beginning cause you've done it from the very very beginning have asked been asked a lot of questions. I've never had it asked that way. So, as I'll give you what my quick answer is usually that got answers the one I grew up, I grew up. I I'd have with my family. Didn't have a lot of money. I got a little town called ferndale up in northern california. If you ever saw the movie outbreak with Dustin Hoffman that was filmed in this little town confirmed. I was just there yesterday to during a fundraiser for our local museum, and so we didn't have a lot of money. We didn't eat out a lot. We were poor by any means. My parents very smart with their money, private private business owners, so when we went out to eat eating was inexperience. It was something that we look forward to we we we talked about. We were going to go, do it. I was eating crazy food browse a young kid, If we get peace shall we would be? I was sure she would. I was like seventy eight years old and learning in northern california sushi
in the mid seventies was not a normal normal thing, but the point was his dining out was an experience that you looked forward to, and I always said when I made my restaurants that it wasn't going to be just about the food. The service had to be great. The environment had to set the tone the music had to backup, environment that had all equal to the experience of what the food was and the service had circled all around a compliment it together, and I- and I felt that when you have seven units coming in this- is how I explained it to my teams. Every time when they're coming to interest in you and again. This was part of my mentality that, as a kid coming from not having like they're going to interest in you, that this party of four, a family of four, is coming in to have their dinner. That may be their one dinner for the month that they're getting to have out. Let's make sure we do everything
in our power to make sure they get the full experience from the way they are greeted at the front door to the cleanliness in the parking lot when they drive in, and it echoes all the way through that I'd tell them about clean restrooms, nothing, nothing such as worse than going to a restaurant, restaurants or you're. Just all these components, and when I started to ask my teens to have that vision of being responsible to take care of these people that are trusting you to give the experienced. People saw it a different way. It wasn't just to put food on a plate and put in front of it. Even the names that you put on ha your restaurants and some of the dishes. You serve like trash, can nachos guy furies. I've bar and taco joint you guys, pig at anchor crews lives. How do you up with this, because people find it.
I find it charming. They want to talk about it when they lie, while they that that dab partnership that I had with carnival cruise ages at amazing one and you you go on carnival cruise lines to have a blast. You go to forget everything at home. You get to come out there in it's twenty four seven and they give you a great ship. They give you great rooms, they give you great entertainment, and what does everybody really seek? The most they see great food, and so when we came what I think about things, What the main become out of your mouth, as you just said, would you said trashcan nachos I liked it there's a little chuckle, you can't say trashcan and its they nachos not to have a little juxtaposition to tilt your head, but once you have em what
If you have the experience and you see why we call them trash can nachos and not being afraid to do it that way. Yeah, I'm not a classically trained chef. I've worked and cooked all my life. I never went to school for this. Some people went to schools that people didn't. I don't think you have to go to school to be great any industry I think you just have to be committed to and passionate about it, and I have license to do crazy things like call things trashcan, nachos or pig and acre it's a barbecue joint on a ship or servant pig. the ships out an acre automatic works does work right. Did you have I see the one built gmc. One called text with saudis, though text with text was obvious that this was, I mean I've opened. Let's see, I've got a we have seven restaurants now, but this was one of my. This is like my fourth restaurant that opened my career is called texas, hobbies, southern style, bbq, so low and slow bbq and sushi together.
And everybody told me- you are crazy, there's no way. This is gonna work and I said barbecue restaurants, don't typically get put in the environment that happening sure mister going not using showed us a born to look at more usable. Without a dirty. and sushi. Restaurants are typically so cultural that they know that if you don't understand the culture of sushi and you're, not a sushi person and my wife didn't like sushi, but she love barbecues, and I love sushi ala. Bbq, I'm going to put the deal together. People looked at me like I had foreheads there's nobody, that is that crazy. Do it and I'm telling you we did it and it crushed for years, for How are we automatic fifty years it was I who is one of the highlights in your first restaurant was worried. You open your first, The restaurant was alien. Ninety six was that johnny garlic said ninety six, yet johnny garlic is ninety six, at the reason we did.
We gotta Johnny, grow to a business partner of the time. His sunday was Jonathan in your being at the time the said we'd also called woody jargon, come johnny and garlic is at every at the city of food. I mean it was everybody uses garlic and we're gonna catch up, and we thought he was a great way to, because I wanted to hear in the menu that didn't have any boundaries. I wanted to open up a menu that just said. If I wouldn't do a little asian again, I would do la barbecue care about the little italian again in eighty six coming here to the wide country. You would have thought that again I had forehead. Because when you were eighteen, I was twenty- was a twenty three twenty four a very young age bracket, we're we're pregnant with our first son, and I was down there, lay you in restaurants- and I just I love delayed.
Restaurant scene was awesome, but I knew that I would only be a little fish in a big pon and I wanted to have a chance to make an impact in my community among a dig about philanthropies. I want to make sure that I had a chance to go to a community where I can make an impact, it's that time of year, again the season of giving and spending time with the ones we love most want to spread some holiday cheer this season by giving scratch offs from the PA lottery with prizes up to three million dollars, what better way to give fun and joy to your friends and family, so let it snow and let's go for a sleigh ride as our loved ones play the newest scratch offs from the pennsylvania lottery and one more thing keep on scratch and scratch. Offs are not meant for kids. Layers must be eighteen or older, at least by responsible and benefits. Older pennsylvanians. Every day check out I've got a secret with robin mcgraw with Eric beauty, by known as the forest to the stars and king of roses. Designing
opulent arrangements for allister's, elite fashion houses in luminaries around the world. I robbed and Eric talk about some of his most over the top celebrity flower arrangements and his experience with grabbing on analyzed, beautiful opportunities that you don't want to miss this be sure to subscribe. follow and listen to apple, podcast spotify or how ever your listening now? How did you wind up on tv? The first time you ever seen, cops. Oh yeah, I just I just kind of the guy on the end, the bed with the t, shirt all right thing It didn't seem surprised that the cops were in your bedroom, exactly that. I gave a whole big story, and so I was a he it's funny, because there was a guy there's, a there's, a hot rod, muffler company called flowmaster and
are there in our town here and china Rosa. Oh really, I got flow master. Forty eight, some of its seven chevy. Then you know it. You know, you know it. So there was a guy named ma, am there was there's gotta used to come in and come to a restaurant on the time and I would say to me all the time it is a strange aids. It's a! U really need you need to be on television. and we'd laugh about it, and I would make my commercial, my restaurant, on the local cable network, because I would trade, the cable tv owner guy for for dinners in the restaurant. And you know it small little community in that was it at my aunt always used to tell me my answer: family, you tell me how you gotta be until you're so funny that went on and on and On- and I never took it. Yours always wanted to be. Was a cook. Our news, one restaurants and a couple of my buddies was a show on the food network and food network. Star
Actually don't look struck and I didn't watch tv, I'm really, I'm really not a big tv guy and not because I don't think tv is great. It just I work so much that when I come home, I'm typically go to sleep, and they all told me about this, Oh god, the food network star- and I never watch anything she ain't. Nobody know what the food at work was. I said who watches it? The show all buys it now. You know the galloping gourmet and do your child's I'll watch that, but that was pbs back when I was a kid well long story short ice. I they talked me into signing up to send in the video to their show and they ticket- and I go on the show- and I got there the day we start they do. The show and I look at everybody they're all buttoned up in their chef coats and I'm standing there in a cut off t, shirt and a leather jacket, and I'm like this ain't gonna go well well, I ended up winning and Russell's got a history yeah? Well, you got awarded your own series, which was guy's big bite right right. That was the first one that was the first one and now you're the guy
the another show called gotta, get it and shop a pilot for it. I don't know anything about tv, I mean I, I became a student of tb Lastly, I produce nine shows and host for now. I went, I mean I've just got like you. Do you take what you do and if you're, going to immerse yourself until you gotta know the three sixty so now, I'm a whole different space, but back then I went and did their show called gotta get it and I shot the pilot for it, and I did my part and it got picked up for thirteen episodes and they call this and congratulations. You've got a prime show, it's called gotta, get it I'm like. Oh hey, I don't wanna. Do that show like what am I not as I did the pilot you know, but I know that that meant that she had to go to a show yeah. I I can't do that show like what do you mean you can't do the show weight went to about six levels of people? Do the food network in this production company? Everybody just read me: the riot act to be wasted, but each time I as I just gotta be filing to the president network said
Let me just share something with you. I sub thirty, five years old out for restaurants. I got two kids. I said anything that I will apply my time and energy to. I gotta really believe in atlanta believe in the show, and that book Johnson was our president. She said you're turning down you. Why to to the network, why did you I don't want to see what it was like? I said. Another show I just want. Do this one that was the thing and you know the power in the know and the you gotta be you gotta be willing to stand on the ground that could have been. You know live by the sword die by the sword and I wasn't trying to be an idiocracy, it just was a show about gadgets in the kitchen, I'm not a gadget chef. I don't do that stuff. I'm a knife and cutting board and saute plan guy and I didn't need an avocado peeler and that six months was the longest six months of sitting around and they called me one day and they said. Okay, we've got another show. What would you think about it so that when around and checked out, mom and pop restaurants in the country- and I sure that's my kind of show their high
highlighting my brothers and sisters, they said. Ok, it's called drivers, diners diamonds, divers. I got I couldn't say the name for the longest time, a good! That's what we got. The ombudsman listen. What's it called diners ravaging dives, that's my kind of thing and that's how I got scared yeah. Well, that's been on for how long they are that was that started in O six two decades. I think deals using a decade now it has been. We were almost getting ready for its three up at three locations per episode and we're just getting ready. The inner five hundred episodes So you've been yeah, we've been doing it awhile and it's it's amazing. What it does it's, it's we call it the restaurant lottery yo and it's not me. I tell people all the time. Please please do not I'm just the portal, I'm just the guy that gets you there. These places are there these mom and pop joints they're there. These are amazing places around our country where the greatest
the world just get off the beaten path that you see all the chain, restaurant on with other big sides, go to the street who rose over and the one that's got the plywood side. You know withers twenty five cars in front of good check that georgia. yeah. So what happens when a place gets picked for tripled? and they get on and get highlighted. What's the impact? It's I mean it really has to do with three factors. It has to do with how's the food how's, the story and how's the character. Sometimes the characters are. I think the food ship all the stories- and you know every five there'll be somebody hits the trifecta we're just each one of them is just boomer boomer. what he have to tell me all the time. I don't like something and when you hate something when you love something, I well.
You'll, never see anything that I hate on the show. I I don't I'm not going to sell you a bag of beams. I won't lie to you. I tell you just the way it is I'm not a food critic, I'm just cook and I'm just a guy, that's tasting it tell you what's what goes out of my mind is what comes out of my mouth I played a game with you, but we ve had in them in the hundreds of places of open, multiple locations. Franchised up, I can share stories with you about The stories of people just writings we were we were on our last paycheck. We were, we were morgue who had mortgaged our home or our kids were going to go to college or you're. The list goes on and on and on and like you you saved us, and I'm like you, know what I really appreciate the guy I didn't say you are already doing good all items shine the light on it and you do that with so many people's lives. And careers and family settings, and so you know its gates. Things exist. I just happened.
Need a guy to get a chance to show it to you and it's just overwhelming. But I love your people ass. It were Are you still happy due in the shower to know? I get don't get me wrong entire, your fifteen years on the roads you showed a long time, but knowing what it does for my brothers and sisters in the business- and I know how hard it is in the business having had my own individual restaurants, it's it's kind of like. I can't turn it off. It's too important too, to the well being is hard to rise above the noise and when one of them really pops it really changes there live having like guiding, I'm telling you I had this store or ease are just overwhelming I'll go back, and I see these people and milk
tell me where their lives had gone. Yet we do a new show, not unusual to go on for about five or six years now called tripled. The nation and where we go back to the restaurants and visit them, and they tell us the stories about how, after the show, aired what happened and even when a restaurant just doubled itself? I mean you're. Now you I mean decide exactly double the income, sometimes it's more sometimes less How what an opportunity that people take it. I tell them all the time when I leave here. Please sure that your game is tight, because when the trip the facts, show up. They will show up like it's. You know like its recall, dick if they are shown up for the party, and you need to be ready for him and I in most of these folks really had. Let me handle right now and amen, I'm so happy for. Talk about this flavour, town kitchen? You ve got a hundred and seventy five. locations? How does this work, ok,
so so when the pandemic was hidden We knew that there were so many restaurants that had teams working but couldn't serve all the food because the restaurants were or they were open, but they were just open in abuse it's our side, but they were doing delivery to go well. You can't do enough to let me go to keep everybody working right, so my thing was: went to these restaurant and partner up and said: ok, here's the deal, here's your ten items that we make in the guide to any style, restaurants and will teach you how to do it and give you all the rest.
These will great on the packaging, woke up and train you and then will make these available for delivery and takeout delivery to go is what was prevailing and which is still a crazy thing to me because it's you know in some situations the delivery fees more than the food is, but people people become accustomed to this people really like this. You know about getting the. We brought gem about apple you're, the restaurant, so we started oh and flavor town is my brand and it's ceo been a word. I've used forever and- and we started doing it, and the great thing was as Jan what really several children, but I dont have been every city in every part of the country, but we were you the fine small restaurants that needed some support and we, could go in and they get to sell it. We taken percentage, they keep their you're, so they got their guy cooking pasta, dishes for their restaurant concept and make an trafficking not just ours. They don't have to have the infrastructure, they don't have to have all the staff. So you
It's a it's a win. It's a win win. It keeps at work and helps but helps pay the bills, and some are super successful. You don't do few thousand dollars a day. Summer mildly. Successful only do a couple hundred bucks a day but the for us. We looked at as what was awaited too. It was radiant reach the fanbase base. It was away, to inject some energy into some concepts that maybe we're getting all the business for you what they needed in how like, I said, help pay the bills. and it is a threat not only were saved the trend. It's a future That were seeing in in restaurants that not all restaurant operators can afford the the red for, or a high red district area, the tables and chairs the service and so forth. But people show up food, so they can now have maybe he's here for cooks and a manager generally
in the same volume of food that they would if they had a full dining room and two bartenders and six servers, so there there is a future this year, clearly is You ve also got me into the war in every business you ve gotta winery, a northern california called hutton ride. Winery right We about their knees, my two boys hunter and rightly so- hunters twenty six writer, sixteen hundred gradual, You add l where I went to school, he now works here inside a natural sandwich and has its own contract with the food that work and does his ear. Yeah he's got quite a few hours, the buyer writers. It is a sixteen year old shop when I spoke so I started this ontario started a shell bhutan ago- and you can't live here in the wine country and the big wine sand, what you can't live here, the white country and not want to be in the in the white business, and so we bought a parcel of land, seven acres and had this amazing pino on it and we started
the veto and we were gonna, build a little winery and ever tasted ruin all that kind of stuff it unfortunate. I got trapped up in there in the nimby attitude of the neighborhood, the debt wasn't gonna. Allow that why really get built to night, I didn't have time it did at the time and energy to fight it. So we still made the wine and that we just the one on the internet. Why do I restaurants and job weapon? At the Y and it's it's the little engine that could either so many amazing amazing wines in the world today. Beware: the great winemaker guide names has got his name happen to be guy guy Davis, and- and so we are now- you know we may god three varietals and we do it we then a while I do that. I also want to kill a company with my vote, Sammy Hagar we able to give a company called sancho tequila.
With sammy- and I are the are the split partners on that that we do this tequila. That is just amazing. Out of your tequila drinker of jar. I gotta send you some because it is lights out and the the blanca was rated, the top of the top twenty blanco tequila in the world by the robb report. So we do a blanco and reposado or in yea whoa, just getting ready to come out stay. I I haven't, I my my hand at a few the projects I love brought. Some keeps me busy. Goofy focused robin is a huge to kill a fan, solar, J and Jordan. So you got anything, it's it's a done deal it's it's it it. I should have said the at a time. This conversation been really job. here. You are sure so well you'd about all the things you gotta tell us about your foundation because you're doing amazing things, your rush you trailer. You served we're a hundred and twenty thousand meals in relief
if that natural disasters like the tabs fire the camp fire- the car fire, the kincade fire one hundred and twenty thousand meals. You should really be proud of that. Well, I appreciate it nah. You know, I think, just as you do you're you're concerned about your community concerned about their the well being of people. You can always waken situations due to invite you to come help them. You gotta sometimes put yourself into himself when we had the first big fires appear and it burn bought a mile, not even a mile, about a blocked from my house, and we. Evacuated and everything was crazy, and I was I had to leave that morning after the fire, and we didn't even know the level of devastation that happened here in the town of santa Rosa, and I had to fly down to do what I do a charity event down in tech. and your as I landed to do the journey that my dad called me said man. You know it was because I left early. He says it's bad.
He says when you get a chance. You'd come home, so I finished up a charity that flew home and as I was flying home, I called my guys- and I said you know: I hear there's much people live in it, the gymnasiums I mean it we'd burned out, half the staff, the town, that's what are they even cycle? Nobody wants for salvation army and he said, yeah we're feed number unquestionable sandwiches called adopts, and I said how many people we talk. What issues are about five thousand people So I called all my chefs all my guys at work in my team and I said fire up the smokers cause. I have a bunch of restaurant equipment, I mean I, I cook everything and I said fire up the smokers. How many get home will restore? feeding people, so we just drove into the parking lot unannounced just drove in with these big smokers set up tables, started cooking food and just started serving food to people and everybody's like where's. This coming from, I said we're just here to feed.
I just I mean like I mean it was the only game in town everything the whole town was sent, others will power and do so. We started feeding people and fortunately, about three days later, some friends of ours from a group called obey our operation. Bbq relief showed up and they have a big swing. They know a lot of folks, so they brought in a bunch of people and then we feed them by the tens of thousands. Well, he gave me a thought in itself and in that way next week I said I'm not a I'm, not a govern,
Body that has any rules to follow, and I can afford to pay for this myself. I'm just going to create my own rescue team that when shit goes down, I can handle it, so I wouldn't build. I build a trailer cost me four hundred thousand dollars and I got some great donations to for equipment we got so freightliner gave us a big freightliner truck to haul it with because it's forty eight feet long, it's massive and we can feed anywhere from five to ten thousand people out of this trailer, and when the fires happened, we could just deploy. So we started doing that, and that was great. We were able to help. We cook fifteen. We took to cook thanksgiving dinner for fifteen thousand up at the Paradise fire, but you know what it was is, after that we started saying well
We don't have to be there first because you're, what happens sometimes is when people are on these fires for thirty or forty days they get pretty burned out. So we started to do is coming in as a health and welfare we started coming in as a positive to Qaeda what they, as they will say, break the clock, like resetting the clock for because has been the same monotonous situation at all said here. Comes guy, get in his buddies chefs law over the country and their cooking ass. Far back you and making macaroni either make it part of their making. Now, back to cheese bacon on their rear, hawaiian roles and always gotta stop, and so it's really turned into up an amazing program and then what realized it when the fires were happening now. I still have all these resources abolish volunteers. We The trailer should now we do is when we don't have disasters, we go around in feed veterans and feed first
and so we were just a new jersey two weeks ago, with that twelve hundred veterans in new jersey went to two different vfw put on to supper imagens one on friday, one on saturday it just embodied the just invited veterans and their families just come down we're going to free jpg propre, just to say thank you so we'd do that, and then we go to these first responders. He looks like the secrecy in the sheriff and agreed on after the fire department. At just say: hey, in this area, solano nap. However, this day, we're gonna be here in this park. You come on their willoughby feed, you guys, so we just try it positive welfare things, but on top of that we have a reading advocacy programme for kids in your low income schools we have. Variety packages of things that we try to do, but I can't be given this opera. I can have this opportunity that I've had in my career and not take it and do something with it, because otherwise, I think I'd be wasting so much of the
well. Gee that comes along with you know. I gotta, I gotta, make sure they share with people and and shine the light. I get all the lightshow on me and I know you do the same thing. I just tried to divert as much as I can to like hey, let's look over here, but we've got some great sponsors and some great donors and we give out a lot of scholarships, we do a lot of culinary schools. We haven't. We got a lot going on. yeah. You know when you were talking about body and I would say on what's the impact What I'm gets on the show you said well, it depends either great character. Anders great food. and there's a great story. Then it really turns out well and that's what so much fun talking about all of this because you make food europe, character and you sure have a great story. And it no accident that you are the mouth.
Famous person in the food knows the food industry, the restaurant business in the entire country and have been for a long time because you fit the triple de form works for them. It works for you. So there you go, what goes around comes around right, I've never heard anybody ever spin. Their back on me until only you, you're gonna, get you a bet that thirty thousand foot view on things. Of course you would turn that right back on me, but now I I can see what you're saying when it- and it is it's, it's so ironic that you would that you would pick up on it and get by them no business being raised by good parents, and in a great community, a nasty grounded in staying. Remember you when I first met me said: how did you end up this way lies dealer
I told that story about my mom and dad and what great people I was just up in that little town, ferndale, and so the museum wrote me and said dad. Could you write the forward for our our community cookbook we're gonna make a cookbook with all the history of ferndale yeah. It isn't how many books you get a soldier will sell. One hundred, I said that, While you can sell me said no we're going to we're going to sell a thousand. We just don't have any money. I said how much cookbooks? Is it ten bucks, a piece aside I'll buy all the cookbooks ten thousand bucks I'll I'll pay from all right before the pavement? Ten thousand- and I said, but you have to sell the cookbooks for forty bucks, a piece they said great, so we just sold all the cookbook made forty thousand dollars museum, which is their annual budget and people like in their reside. That's not where I come from where I come from. Our community rallies like that
and I tell people this all time. We can make a big difference in this world. You just have to move your biggest gotta move your skewed, maybe ten percent more. Maybe it's not financial. Maybe it's participation. Maybe it's advocacy. Maybe it's just vocal being vocal with who knows what is? But if we just moved at ten percent, I think we can fix a lot of you excuse the social issues that we have in our country and could make this a better place. But we're not going to do a bitching about it. You know we're going to have to really activate and participate one way or another, some form or shape or warm do something? But we all were in power with great caution where we we bought ourselves, nothing a few different times and save, and in turn this this right in the ship. I really hope we get this straight and I know you're you're such a patriot and such a leader of the country I look forward to seeing how you continue to help a sea division on this bizarre, it's ours to lose folks
Well, it isn't your perfect example of, like you say you don't have to a bunch of money to give a million dollars to cause. If what you have to give as your time, what you have Give me maybe a little bit it s her a little bit of that robin and I work in a foster care system in the court appointed special advocates that help kids in the system when they have to go in accordance staff and. She got involved in raised a hundred million dollars in volunteer services for casa in a year just people say hey. I don't have a lot of money, but I've got some time find a way? Everybody is. complaining and there's so much divisiveness. If you took just little bit. That energy, like you, say and said what and I do and you don't have to be organised hell you dry by and see your truck out, their walk up, say: hey. Can I serve yo gimme a I'll put some beans on her plate. What anything we just
the need to take a picture, take a picture and make positive affirmations on social media and talk about good people are doing in this world. Versus get all negative endowed with enough negative energy floating around out there much count. the problem with positive energy, how good things We have going on in our community that doesn't make the front page of the paper, because satiable as a dozen yards, the shows themselves. So I'm with you and please keep in mind that I'm always good you either we play inside of our know, inside of our fields of things that we do, but I'm a I'm a huge and kids and family and children really are the future. So you keep in mind. We gotta do another fundraiser. Now I can lend my support on that neither sense, some items or send out your visit to triple d or something- and let me know I can lead on your raw meat and on your project is well I've loved you. I tried. I try to make sure that something I'm always involve
well your great to say that now take you up on it for sure look Congratulations on all your success! You know I've been a huge fan forever. J auburn send their regards by the way J. I told him. I was talking to you and he said to say: hey, listen continued success and thank you, sir. as for everything you ve done for so many people, particularly during a pandemic, but before and after certainly for the four responders and about all, I look forward to seeing you soon I'll show weapon? One of your restaurants. You put the feedback on me and I'll hit him a big lick. Well, anytime. I credit and again thank you for the invite to be here. I was at ansto excited. You know. We've we've talked about this since we've known each other about getting a project together and one day we can do something. So I know they'll be calling you for a telethon or me
for us something another, but we any chance I get to work with. There would be an honour and again thank you for setting such a great example. I told you this when I met you and J and we talk that day. I said you, you ve, been two great men torn and somebody that I really take the lead on. What you see is what you get. You are the genuine article. So are all those comments coming from you just mean the world so that they can so much and add to kill a will, be You saw the same self I assume via also digits. I got the same onto I'll. Send you a text in that. send, or have someone send natalie an address in that and to kill we'll be on on its way home. You do it, I'm just asking for pictures of picture the party and that's I, would you get those that's for sure I think I'll see you man, you're also boss, takes like here again
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