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Parents? Teachers? Bureaucrats? – Who Can Fix The Education System In America?


Sadly, the interest to become a teacher or remain a teacher is the worst in our nation’s history. We’ll tackle the teacher shortage, low standards, student whining, and new requirements in states like AZ & FL that passed what critics call the “warm body” law to put unqualified people in classrooms as teachers. Other states are pushing universities to expedite teacher certifications. Some districts are hiring student teachers who are still enrolled in college to be full-time first-year teachers. Dr. Ingrid Haynes-Traylor served two decades in P-12 public education as a teacher and administrator and now serves as the Director of the National Literacy Institute. She also teaches bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level literacy courses and has published books and numerous journal articles on literacy instruction. She actively researches best practices in literacy instruction for at-risk student groups and conducts literacy training and workshops across the nation to build instructional capacity in teachers who teach our most fragile learners.

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