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Piers Morgan - An Appetite For Conflict And Controversy

2019-03-19 | 🔗

If you like celebrities and controversy then you are going to love Piers Morgan who does both better than anyone else in the world. The youngest editor in fifty years of a British national newspaper succeeds with a cunning wit and a win at any cost approach to giving the public what it wants. He has an appetite for conflict and a nose for controversy, but he himself is a controversial figure as well, through his comments about others and by stretching the laws on privacy and access to celebrities’ lives. As an editor, television host and columnist Piers Morgan has made himself an international success by getting to what’s interesting about people and there is nothing controversial about that. He’s a man who will go toe to toe, any time, any place, and that’s the kind of spirit we like here on Phil In The Blanks. For more information: https://www.drphilintheblanks.com

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You actually took over four Larry king about a month into my tend to be finally snapped, and he said they given into duties watching perish, chose I watching my mother in law, drug my favorite Bentley with how did that jail with people who thought now he's a jerk. I take people as I find them. I thought you were a horror store and yet to my pleasant surprise, he turned out to be just mildly disagreeable journey. If somebody pull the plug on this guy, I was me talking to Pierce Morgan and, if you don't know, peers, Morgan you're sure If you don't listen, appears Morgan, you should, if you don't read his columns, you should
but if you're a Haider, if you're a hater, yadda freedom, because it will make you think if you love, he s point of view, then, You already read em, because you like the way he comes that things he is smart, he is provocative and he intends to be is a fun guy. He is very passionate about what he does. These honest it, for example. He says he is very skilled. At self publicity he said spent a good part of his time going around and standing next to famous people, disorder body would think he was France, he's a total self promoter and I have to say, he's got guts people talk about topics that are dangerous to talk about here been around for a long time. He started out with the south. London news: is the sun over in London NEWS of the world, the daily mere mail online weary is currently and in full disclosure? he does some work on. One of my tv shows daily mail tv, so I do have a connection to him,
I didn't ask you hard questions, for this really is a thought provoking and interesting got whether you love him or you hate him. You have to respect the fact that he is intellectually active, he drilled down on things and he speaks his mom We're going to have some of these controversial most provocative. Columns on doktor fill in the blanks dot com, so listen what he has to say, we're gonna do that less than one thanks for doing this. By the way my pleasure went up to film Cove and then how can we also be not write a really appreciate? What Firstly, man, you reminded me of knocking over red wine. I think it was on white carpet, David Foster Who- and I have done so. The series had invited me to his house for this dinner policy to meet Barbara stress that who had never met. I was desperate,
and our understanding there are is about. Sixteen people Donna Summer was there are almost before she died, reaches filled in as a robe, stellar crowd of people. And I just want you arriving and suddenly. Firstly, a bit later thing. Careering any thought to fill assisted is here and with everything in the house it turned out, was white only realises when you came in and accidentally Tipp, the Butler Red wine all over the gleaming white foster carpet. Oh, I do remember that now it was the glass of red wine. It was a bond with a red line over the counter. Yes and it fell off, hit the floor. Water all wall all over everything, and this kindness Let make an entry ugly was actually is it not that fake news ass? I knew it was. Definitely you I introduce myself shortly after you are slightly more divide, but, of course, that the huge entertaining I wasn't
lightly mortified. I was a spotted with Red White and totally got the immortal Robin to turn around and says I can take you anywhere good one. If you remember I did you have a solid ass. She because Austria anything. How can I do something even more embarrassing, which will take over he of, though- and I ended up if you remember having one too many glasses of wine in deciding for reasons that remain bath, want me to go on bended knee and whole Bob Streisand hand as I sang to her. They seem to him from the way we work with David faster on the planet, and I remember is the room went completely silent and it wasn't a good silence. Is more of an uncomfortable silence and at the end of my wailing, Barbara smiled at me and said peers as one of the sweetest things anyone's have done for me. But please don't ever do it again, as I recall
what was the saw me we're saying because you were singing the wrong saw, the guy was it wasn't the song from that movie? Wasn't the song that she's are they going got singing memories, the eloi, whether one right wasn't the way we were things, not only was it seem, listened appalling. It was actually the completely wrong song. I won't let you remembered the wine, but you left out that you showing the wrong song the barbarous Russia, the narrative from meant in a policy to my dismay, was not doktor fill and the horrific bottle of red wine in it, and it was me massacring aid. Tom Tobias Dry, sent because, while you're saying you that she's looking it may going what what? What? What did she do? You know the story thing I see about barbarous, rising icy was fantastic.
Company, but what I remember was at the end, everyone had a little sing song and David fostering round his piano and they heard one of his old boy. Bang groups came in a sanctuary bit if you dont summer, very tragically die within a year of this dinner party. Didn't know she was ill. She sang beautifully red. Still been sang with his wife and then what my singing looks out on that you made. In our view a maiden gather. Not then all lies, of course turned to Barbara and she declined, and when I set to Lebanon,
sing in a tiny environment like this, and she said I can never sing when I can see people's faces up close and she said I got so freaked out performing live. I didn't perform for twenty five years after I think the central Park in New York. She sang if one hundred thousand people and cheek so close to the crowd she could see their faces and she was so sick from nerves. She didn't perform again for a quarter of a century. She won't seeing happy birthday now, you're gonna, like amazing, just in the group, she will sing happy birthday and there's a great clipboard. My show where she talks about having so much
Heidi about that. I say we should like to deal with that. She swings or feed upon the couch incision. Would you fix it, for which there is a great sense of humour on tat any person? He really is a class absolutely but been extraordinary that some, unlike that site, talented the greatest thing about them all, couldn't sing for private group, but she's funny she's, witty she's fundamental rather me, she's been our home and we ve had fired. Me has just been one of my favorites dinner crises ever even without the wine So what did your mate say after you saying some I'll do? It might say? I still have my wife just shoot this had their faces. He puts on our forests.
They rather to regularly way it's like I bought point. Can I leave here with any modicum of my dignity intact? It you were trying to get her on your show. I was I got her on this year's came on. We did a one hour, special one, the best entities that thinks she's done. He says immodesty, but she was greatly and I loved it did this day. She remains one of my favorite interviewees ever as you say, funny shop, brilliantly, talented, a pleasure to meet. You actually took over fur Larry King and you had that show from twenty eleven twenty forty. Yet, when Larry was on, our probably did his show fifty time now, I guess toasted forum, probably twenty five times.
I hosted his seventieth birthday, surprise where it started out the first ten minutes in the show with normal, and then I stood up and said: ok, stop come over here, I'm coming over there, the house tonight. This is your seventy a surprise birthday party. We had like forty eight yes side story about ten minutes in the prompter, each itself. I've got forty eight guest all over the world by satellite and in studio, including MIKE Wallace, no prompter. So I'm thinking all I got to do is get to the end of the hour and I'm finally done I get to the end of the hour and they say in my ear network is called, is going so well. They want to extend thirty men run on creating a man. I can't believe it I do that show like fifty times guest house at all of these times. You take over this
over four years. I never got invited me to show you D get invited. No, I did not. I didn't know Buddy, don't do that. You will soon. I got embody. One time become talk about some topic, narrow segment and, I said, tell them to it's my ass. If I'm, if I am not, if I'm not worthy of being the topic, worthy of being the guest on this. Oh tell em to kiss me This is revenge today. This is united alongside others. Tell you what's happening very apologize, I certainly wouldn't be living person. I love you never was I invite you to be on the show in four years. After being probably the most frequent prolific guest ever on Larry King, never in body to be on display heart again. Early work is the leading away. Now it doesn't bother me at all son of a bitch.
That's right, I'm such a big baby you're, the only person to get worse, my show the knee was Larry himself who not a month authorised out, and I was trying to say what the right things I said. Let this is like following Frank Sinatra: the sands in Vegas in all economic, allowing these having another about a month into my tenure. He finally snapped, and he said they given into duties it it I'll watching, perish choice. I watching my mother in law, drug my favorite Bentley. As I see it ever like? Don't respond the right this please do not. With Duncan into WAR Larry King, you not gonna win our ok, vocal, some abrogation, the Brits if someone punches is face. Where was gonna White back so about a week later, is doing some re carpet thing and they said to me Larry king saying you shall remind them of his mother in law, driving of Cyprus Bentley every clear how it well to be fed, Larry he's,
I spent a mother and all these Larry grudgingly a mob guy here: As I know him, but now this is it I was surprised because I've been a huge failures. I love your columns. I love your whip. Is it your objective to be provocative? Yes, define provocative the way you use what your objective. When you write these columns. One thing I say is in, but the Collins, as with everything I do on television, the opinions I espouse are sincerely this was a genuinely feared clear. I don't think you can be an authentic column is no. No. You know like step up. That is that these are things I thought about. Take a position on stories of the day in whatever it may be. As of rhythm and not to a column way, you have to set up the column you have to explore with debate. And then you must come down, in my opinion, with an opinion
now that we live in and they are now where everyone's or social media everyone's good opinions. They want to be told what to think about stuff, and I think that, if I provide any public service now is to stimulate proper debate in an era when I'm ready concern that the old fashioned started democratic debate is getting crushed. The universities in America in Britain all the places once revered free speech, now delighting, though platform in people and shutting down any opposing views. I want to try and constantly challenge that suddenly snowflake e way that we're all going and say, look, there's nothing wrong with opinion. There's nothing Roma disagreeing with people's opinions, and you must be prepared to have a democratic debate about stuff. Otherwise, no one gets anywhere what I like about the coms as they get huge responses, good, bad, an ugly, but they stimulating courage, free and open debate. I don't agree with every position you taken every column, but I have to say,
in the main, we think a lot alike right, which is really frightening to me. What study that mean for me ass? You say I think, what a lot of people are afraid to say You give a voice to what is not necessary, they politically correct, because there's not much. That is political correct. I will you know I do a show that deals with a lot of very touchy topics, it's really hard to do it without offending somebody. Some way it may even in mental health, because there are different positions on mental high some people in this way. Can we leave that way. It's hard to not offend somebody all the time, but you ten found a lot of people a lot of what I'd rather say. Look if you're gonna be offended by an opinion, a forthright opinion and does not remove columns is, I will, There's gonna be somebody somewhere who finds everything. I have a right offensive, but they are honestly held opinions.
Think we're living in the near, as I say when this sort of mob mentality to opinion these, given nothing by social media, twitter, we'll take a position about something and wall but I'd anybody who dares to say why don't agree, and often I found myself- I don't agree actually with twitter MOB opinion, and the reason for that is Twitter only represents a small fraction of the wider public. I'm sure you know this. Is it actually things like President Trump and brings it in Britain, for example, they happen and twitter account believe to does it. How did this happen? Everyone in my twitter feed tell me that they agree with me. They operate in this weird echo chamber, which often bears no relation to how the wider public a feeling about things. I don't think my positions on stuff are particularly controversial or indeed unpopular. I ass, you think it's the opposite. I think the twitter mould is more unpopular. Then it thinks it is
the silent majority right, which is big. It is its asylum majority in mind. Attitude about it and I'm in my seventeen season on doktor feel right now, that's after five, There's one opens up into an twenty two years and my decision long time ago, your gun like somebody mad whatever you do so you might as well do what you want to do, because somebody's gonna be upset so marginal. Make myself happened. They do you think the key is to reach You yourself right. That's where we believe myself April may hate me for my opinions. They may disagree with a collar my rights on the sound television. What they taught hate me for is not being authentic. True to myself, because I believe what I write and say I can have my opinion. Changed people can persuade me that I'm wrong, perhaps or events may happen,
changed my perspective on something when I write these things or say them on television in real time I mean them, and I will always defend anybody's right to have an honest. He held opinion in that's gone away in America. They are right. There was a story yesterday on the daily mail website that twenty five percent and millennials believe they have post traumatic stress, disorder, PTSD, because if the Trump victory in the twenty sixteen election now my brother is a british army, Colonel apparently serving in Afghanistan. I have met some of his men, and women who suffer from PTSD from serious injuries sustained in battle. The idea that There is any equivalents at all on this planet between what they had been through. What some of these millennials claim? They are suffering from here's an election results.
When the wrong way in certain mind boggling to me, and I'm afraid it plays right into this since it we're getting. That the snowflake generation is really getting a grip on America. And indeed my own country, Britain. The universities thing down free speech completely and those becoming offensive to have an opinion. That the millennium view has decided is wrong. You know what I worry about. I think language is a very powerful thing and so always tell people when they use catastrophic language. I have people come on and they ve been through a divorce or maybe they found their spouse was, cheating autumn or whatever they community. It was just horrible and he was the most horrible thing I've ever and it you know what I spent I'm on the children's burn unit at parkland in Dallas, that's horrible, when you are
and see a child with full death burns over seventy percent of their body and are having to be scrub, and they don't understand why we're inflicting this pain on them. That's horrible! out somebody you met on some dating website, slept with somebody else. Last night. That's annoying. I think I think this general horrible they ve perspective is really want. But getting as it were agreed on. This is that they ve lost perspective. Remember talk to my grandmother, a lot who was in her late tunes in world war, two about what life was like. Four, someone who was seventeen eighteen and one or two in in Britain when them the bomb so dropping down your heads and there no doubt that they had a resilience to them, which often- did the men great step to the rest of their lives and allowed them to deal with. What
called the normal rough and tumble of life life's not easy. Life can be quite tough. They can be glorious, but also be difficult. What I think is happening. We young people in particular, is worth costing them so much rap enemies. Almost cotton wool school. They can't ever lose anymore. They will have to win a participation prize, the competing sport, but why? Why can't they lose? Nobody gets trophy right. This whole Culture seems to me designed specifically to leave them prepare for real life, the others actually a precedent for this, because back in the sixties, seven. These they did something called teaching machine and they went through seed your where they taught students in such small states. That they never missed anything. So they would say the key. The role of Kansas is Then they were given the word Topeka. Then they would say Topeka in
the capital of Kansas and then they would say, Kansas has a capital areas permit with such small. That. They would go through all of this and they would go through it. They would make a hundred and they actually did learn material. They mastered the material, no doubt they act. Julie knew what they needed to know, but then they put them out into the general school population- and they took a task that wasn't fed to them. In that way, and they made an eighty four they, or wailing in the halls they thought their self image was ruined. They thought it was a success only journey and when they found No, it's not a success. Only journey there were bumps along the way you get dinged up along the way they had no coping skills whatsoever. I feel like we're here that way you get home. Kids in my boys, at twenty five, twenty one eighteen, my little girls millet nearly seven and I've said the same to one of them- is that this often wrong with losing, but it's back to win
but it's a win in life is better to be mentally strong and to be resilient to come through tough stuff, stronger than he went into a life. Deal- you cause balls, they will and you ve got to be strong enough to deal with it because outside of debt, you're going to still be around have to pick up the pieces, so you may as well known how to do it in a way that doesn't suck you down. You haven't been that way. You ve done a lot of things that people probably dont, know about, and ninety nine Were you became the youngest editor of a british I shall newspaper in fifty years when you, were appointed editor of This is the world by but- and you were twenty eight editor, that's on her It was a very strange thing in another Rupert Murdoch. Me too, Miami Army, more communal, Mammy Beach, in with our Susan socks off the three hours talking about love,
In the universe. Never once mentioning what I was doing there, I was the editor of the show business column in the Sun newspaper, and these were his two big tabloids in Britain to the biggest thing papers in the world at the time he's. A well was number one. It was the most read newspaper in the world and he introduce me to somebody the party that might not be within for about ten hours, Bunny unease said to her. This is my friend pays. Morgan from London he's anew so the news of the web. That's how I found out. I had a job. That's how I found that unity. No, you were there to talk about. The guy had no idea what I'm doing them at all, really really, and then he sent me to New York in his private plain and we talk newspapers for the whole time. It was like a master class from somebody who understands the business of newspapers, Aldebaran
EAST, how they marketed how this old, how their relative better than any one of us. What with my life and at the end of it, I took my bag of his pain. He said: ok pays. Good luck! You and a great success that war about it off again, I flew back to London that night what the hell just happened and stayed good friends with but over the years of the dinner parties, who are finally going to really thank you, about midnight. We got a couple of glass, the one that's wanna. Thank you group because actually work making that hugely but face on a rookie. As all I was. I was a rookie. He does have an instinct and did you hadn't done that than the rest of my career could have been very, very different. I think it's stage in all our lives. You need somebody somewhere to go. I'm gonna. Take a pond on this guy we're u over, whelmed, where you scared, we excited, I mean you're, so others apprehensive are certainly very excited. I certainly think that
What I would say from memory was as a fearless of youth, which is very, in this situation, and I think I will into the newsroom, and I could see a staff. It was ninety percent younger than me- and I was the boss which was a very weird dynamic, but I also felt well look. I've got this opportunity expert, station levels are very, very low is only one. Where did go. If I get a right which is up and we began to break some big stories, and the more stories we broke. The more we got talked about the more the sales figures increased, the more I could feel the room. Beginning to move with me a lot running. A sports franchise or whatever it may be, is really about leadership and about making things work. If it works, then you Take me worthy that doesn't work. You don't Helen. We in that job, as in that job for, so the two years and I got poached by the rivals, the daily mirror and, to be honest with you, I was getting caught board with the pace of a once a week newspaper
I was still on the thirty. I was very fond gee. We had a brilliant couple of years and Mary came along and they offer the double my money and give me a daily paper. But of course it would mean going up against Rupert Murdoch now and that in itself- and she was an extraordinary and one I thoroughly enjoyed, even though I have to say in only one you were the daily mirror when the phone hacking scandal to place. What was your post in an hour or that I was aware of this thing: cool phone hacking. I was never involved in phone hacking despite a lot of my opponents, attempts to try and drag me into it? I was ass to get it pretty thoroughly. I employed a promise. A dozen journalists over ten years I was that with daily mirror, not one of those journalists has ever been arrested or charged or convicted of any offence. Connection with phone hacking, so I'm very comfortable about my position about having said that think it was something the lily from the industry was a very bad thing. I think that ultimately
bunch of lazy journalists who were trying to cut corners by the people's funds in getting stories, and I think that they paid in some cases a very heavy price for that, and rightly so. I think the industry woke up realized. It was wrong and thankfully I won't be happening again, but to those who, to this day on Twitter, I get people saying who did there's you did this? You did that I did not have a phone in my life. Nor did I ever tell anybody There was a Levinson inquiry in this. Brian Levinson, talking about your testimony, said that it was utterly unpersuaded eve and clearly proves that I'm taking some parts out shortening any says clearly proves that he was aware that it was taking place in the press as a whole and that he was patiently unembarrassed by what was criminal behaviour that he was prepared to joke about it. That's great you try
and he wasn't talking about all my testimony thing. I'm persuaded the very particular part of the testimony and the realities said to him- is yeah. I was aware of it and I as you are aware of it in the press as a whole and not saying you were aware that it was happening under your. Why exactly- and I want to be clear about exactly- and I wasn't as an industry thing, I don't you want people payments public figures to be careful about their phones and told them is added changed their past, what they should do it because of his fingers. Vernacular But you know I found the Levison inquiry. Was is very slanted against tabloids. A lot of the more serious papers run to their necks in pretty dodgy stuff too I know the very kind of them and us mentality to that thing. I think the truth about it was that if you're, a Paypal guardian, for example, they had a journalist who megaphone hacking and there it was ever even asked about it and also welcome on you. Gotta be fair about this and I can t
as I sit here with you today years after this scandal, Iraq to think two thousand eleven it blew up, Not a single jealous ever worked for me at the daily mirror. Was ever even arrested in connection with a so people can believe what they like. I prefer to deal with facts. Let me read you a quote: let you respond to this quote. I became friend of the stars. Are rampant, egomaniac, pictured all the time with famous people, Madonna's alone Macartney, hundreds of them it was. She endless is they didn't know me from Adam Correct. You said there s What are you talking about? We well when I worked at the sun, I was doing so business color. And the sought her. If you run into a big stars out and join a few others a medicine to be, I don't care how you do this. You ve gotta, get us back on track with the world's celebrities right
I know how you gonna do this right: tough Gazelle, haters right now, the validity, so I decided that the way to do it was to basically continue to put my arm random parties and pretend I was the best friend and it became a kind of self. Fulfilling prophecy were eventually happened. So often celebrities would come up to parties and asked to be picture with me because I knew the anyway they will get their picture in my column, which was the best right column of this type in Fleet Street was if my arm was attached to them. So I became a completely beautifully self. The filling thing we're ended up officially friend of the stars, because the Edison was delighted because they are all back on track, doing interviews, but I sent them. You can only be my column if you pretend to be my best, so they would all see you with this personally think it must be the thing to do. Yes, they think more than there were more cynical matter. They will. I am only going to get the space in this column to promote my album on my film or my tv show. If I put my arm round the sky, so I'd like, I was the most popular,
in the entire world when it came to celebrities? In fact, it was, I think, a mutually self interested and fairly distasteful exercise, but you were good at it. There are the best of them in the world. Are the best convinced people. I was a friend of the stars here. Just I've seen you on your knees, sing into Barbara Strata, my biggest hit, I say the first time I came to allay I'll. Never forget this because I now have a house very near the Beverly Hills, put your arm around me for a pic of cordial has never on your shoulder either. So I think a lot of every thing developing uttered here you are neglected. Mammary comes to me. I can any apologize, obviously doesn't bother me so Frank Sinatra: seventy fifth birthday party, the Beverly home, I'm a floating from allay that more my first time, everyone ally and I'm member, I'm friend of the stars I didn't even those party was happening- is happening in my hotel. A somewhat says: it's enough: the seventy they're all come everyone right, so I go higher. It
bugs and I stand outside and for the next hour the biggest stars in the world come in. Two francs party only while they're all milling around the foyer, I'm bouncing around getting pitching the sun. On Monday, this head about thirty pictures of me with everyone from Sinatra to but Reynolds to Eddie Murphy, to Stallone to Schwarzenegger everyone at this party, and this is my gun in head next to them, as if on the most popular gone. There are others more popular Sinatra at his own party. Did you go to the party was invited, you ve never got, even though this was the one. In two months, OX often went on a festival. Room of Billy know myself to that, because I visited that noted the readers of the paper. All they came away was Frank Sinatra: love this guy I had no idea who I was least of all dignities body like, and it took two pictures just a wire services, none of its own
Briefly, what makes a good friend of Mine Leslie, and he just said to me that you just do your thing I'll, take all the pitches you to stand by people argue to boot happy days. They are cracked Hollywood. Despite basically hiring attacks Lou you we should write it. I'll, be there enough. I may actually given this call Emerson. Thirty, what we're doing a patriot, and I will put it on my twitter. They just six and million people to make. You feel special I don't know about a man is like my wife's is by half Ask your car doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything. If you have to ask look, you do have a connection with a lot of celebrities. In fact, you said, there's a transaction, I wrote it down. You said that we guarding celebrities progresses that they could not manipulate the media to further their own needs, without accepting the consequences of a two way de yet, and you said that in red prince to you talking about
what's going on in their lives and it being, if they're gonna use the media to promote their projects than the media's going to use them to retain their readers about their lot right. So do you pry, high cholesterol, facts more than a hundred million Americans and is a major risk factor for heart disease. The number one cause of death in the: U S, while healthy lifestyle choices can help manage high cholesterol, that's often not enough stands or a type of medication is proven to be safe and effective. The treatment of high cholesterol, there are multiple step options available, but are not all the same. If you hear high cholesterol and are experiencing any challenges with your medication, talk to your doktor big, as there may be another one that is more right for you check out, take cholesterol to heart, not come again
right, educational resource from coliform, a suitable America ink. As with all medications, side effects can occur with Staten Use and your doktor is always the best source for information and answers. Check out, take cholesterol to heart, dot com and talk to your doktor, about finding the right stead and for you well, already in a position to pry anymore, because that I run a newspaper the Sunday. When I ran a big newspaper, we would cover the lives of celebrities. Am I asked it was always in terms of what is the stable phrase, the public interest? if you set as a somebody ominous so my wedding to people magazine four million dollars right, I don't think you can then claim privacy over the same marriage. You have sole jewel wedding day. One almost private days will. I was offered a massive six figure sum for the rights to my
for example- and I said no and the figures got more monitoring America's got talent, Britain's got talent the time they are one of the rice, the pages. I said, no, no, no! No, and on the day on which I never forget this, on the day, there was a helicopter day, embassies and it'll oxygen countryside in England, there were paper at sea in the bushes they'll get their pitches anyway. So I couldn't take it my money, but she felt no, because if you do that, if you sell your wedding to actively commercially benefit from your wedding day. You don't have any rights actually to privacy on your life going forward. How can you some progress, but in come to Hollywood till I was fifty something I don't understand is people that work so hard to get fame and then run from their failure. I don't understand it and I can honestly say and less.
I was actually getting in the car. It was pulling away where I'd literally couldn't control it. I have never in twenty five years had a fan come up and ask me for a picture or an autograph or to shake hands that I've said on the same website. Many people in this business who regularly say no who regularly use their body guards or their management team to distance themselves from the very people did they owe their entire careers too, and I find that a reprehensible failure your duty as somebody in this game. This industry is defined by relationship with funds if they don't go and pay good money to see your tv shows your movies, your concept, whatever it may be, then there is no business. There is no career. Other was rather be a pleasant surprise to people right. Then I reaffirming their bitter disappointment, and I think that I see so many people,
just a rude to waiters rooted chauffeurs, all the so called little people actually there just as big important people as you and I finally kind of behavior horrible. I wonder what people thought that decided but you were a cold hearted asshole that When you were on the talent shows. You gave yourself away because you were very soft hearted and he told the truth, but you were very soft, hearted and very protective of people getting bullied yet and I had it that jail. Under with people who thought now he's a jerk. I think that you didn't let anybody bullied ever one time I lost all the time you arrive or labour gable.
I didn't like. I think that that's when those shows take a bit of a dark turn and is not about that. It's about finding and unearthing Jen, sooner really extraordinary, talented people, and I see a lot of famous people that I have personal knowledge of who have angelic reputations that they play up to all the time there was doing stuff, the charities theirs and that the whole. Just a vow and so self righteous and therewith virtue signalling on social media about every cause. I know them to be complete: douche bag, zero life right Conversely, I know people I'm not supposed to like. It was supposed to be like Simon Power as a very divisive reputation somebody's both. Mr me, Simon. Twenty five is one of the nice guys. You'll meet one of the most polite
people your may actually, when european about in a restaurant, sullen, incredibly polite ungenerous to all the staff, a nice guy, nothing like his reputation to Ivan was taken a view. I take people as I find them. I heard you were a horror story and yet to my pleasant surprise, you turn out to be just mildly disagreeable. Do you like somebody, pull the plug on this guy now I began sir. I have no desire to try and propaganda false image myself until I would rather people just when I'm on Twitter. That too, I am confrontational, argumentative passionate emotional. These see me tweeting about my football team. Ass though I can sell economic unhinge lunatic sometimes, but that is exactly how I'm feeling in the moment- and I think that if you try and shook it cut yourself and try to pretend to be something or not
This business will find you up. People will find you out and when you step in it you own it. I will quote here. I really like you were talking about the subway. Then you were talking about George W Bush, who fell off of it that way and hurt himself and you said the way Brits they put everything as a question, you would have to be an idiot fall off. Wouldn't you, Mr President, this was right before you fell. Other third way breaking ring rear? Would that be five ribs of ivory. Did we thought of it it's gonna, be five ribs and collapsed along four days before the Americas got talent, thenardier? Think in two thousand and seven two series, two or three and eight was excretion fittingly painful, but even more embarrassing, because as an editor, in fact that appeared as a headline in the daily mirror which, with pictures of double falling over with his head,
You have to be a complete area devoted one of these. Wouldn't you, Mr President, other word why you yeah I mean what goes around comes around doctor. I think that would be my overriding view of that story here. I would say that what we do subway, I have a mad friend, Good Ellis Watson, hazy unverified lunatic, and he can over four thirty six hours to outline some summer going to some crazy stuff, one of which was getting a segway. I've never been I thought, I could never use them to pull their bit weird to get the hang of it because can break. You have to sit back and push forward with the handlebar Roslyn. Do what you There was a pulitzer, so I zoomed off about twelve miles an hour. The tops be unclear, the curb, Santa Monica down the beach buying into the conquered. And ass. I lay there. I thought I should die. I'm gonna die killed by a secular and his you're running thing.
The guy who invented sideways? You know how he died on. The subway fell off a cliff whilst on his own subway The guy who invented sidewise series, are more dangerous. New thing: are you wouldn't get me? I'm not gonna wanna hear for a reasonable athlete. I have the worst balance of it. I have to concentrate sit here in his chair seriously. I could fall out of here and you said that you ve done. The talent shows you ve done a lot of stuff. The lot of different things America's got ten Britain's got talent, you even did celebrity Apprentice You did a follow up the celebrity approach. You won in The two thousand a year, the first yeah you on the United States celebrity version of the apprentice Mr Trump referred to. You is ruthless, arrogant, evil and of noxious thinking man as a compliment yeah. Why,
coming from here. That would probably be a so I can. I can run that story awfully because these were the last words he said to me before, making me the winner, and when he won the presidency, I send him a note. Had that quote that he said to me and I replicated that famous: have Mr Trump he'd been ruthless, arrogant, obnoxious, your pulse be brilliant- I don't know, but should be the hell on everyone- knew the present United States is the exact same quote only what he did entity, which was even more extraordinary. Obviously, Did he recognized the quote a large scale, You know. Trop, while amenities for those- known for a long time. I don't think he's a scary. You go fun. Time is east of other people. Fishing airline in, I think where they seemed to discuss nuts mention his name
he's what two years this is. What we would call in Britain is is a bullshitting trade. We solve real estate for fifty years by putting them high, telling a good story playing of, at least with the facts. That's what it is and to try and pretending to changing self seventy forget it- it's not gonna have not do you think you'll be reelected yeah. They operate today when the first time, when everybody else kept saying no chance, remember seeing a two percent chance. Five, three eight there that the data experts gave a two percent chance of winning the republican nomination and acid nonsense as it needs don't understand. He is sucking up all the television at time. It right. It's all trump is today. I won't I sat this morning. Where are we really to ease and administration? I sat this morning on. She was cable news for three hours. It was ninety nine point, nine, nine, nine percent trump
it was so exhausting article about bed. I just thought this is not just the news he's all the news there is. Nothing else is just drop, and I never talk politics that I won't now- I dont ever say where I come because I don't think it's right because I have people's trust of expertise in one area too who's that influence to push them in one direction or another in another area. I think that's a misuse of So I don't ever way- and I don't say- of undemocratic republican vote this way or that way, but I watched the dynamic between what's going on and its astounding, to me that the enemies of Trump empower him so much by what They do what they're doing it, because they're making sum of money and must be quite clear.
A cable news, audiences record highs and making them hundreds of millions of dollars New York Times subscriptions of of quadrupled on the trump making them ten millions of dollars profit, so there is real money to be made all the best selling books in America. The last two years have been anti tramp, tramp, bashing books, and I am not questioning the legitimacy of any of that. They may all be entirely believe what they say over time, but there's money in bashing trump, far more than the reason supporting the guy and I travel alone in America, I've had homes in New York and allow us to have one- and I believe, also travelled a lot filming done in Florida in Texas in Alabama places. I that there's a completely different mentality towards President Trump that you get in the case is that I was very well yeah, no question about that. You interviewed tramp in January of this year and they did a pole Eighty eight percent of respondents to
Yo Times Twitter, Pole viewed, you is not being tough enough on him. Would you think of that will have to be chop Bobby forty times in my career and I've always been exactly the same thing he's one of those guys where, if you try and go into and to combat it away. Av interview doesn't last very long and be he tends to be very combat it back and shots everything down. I prefer we try to get stuff on. The record is a present of United States are trotted covers much ground, as I can in my allotted. Twenty twenty five minutes, whatever you may get with India and is getting on the record about stuff, because actually that's what most important there is a kind of sense amongst those who never get near tromp that if they to you them day when smashing over the edge- and I were the metaphorical hammer- will they get about a minute if DR, maybe removed so
you gotta have a reality check about these kind of entities. When I see people into you any President United States going back thirty years, I don't remember anybody taking a hammer whacking the president, metaphorically from ten fifteen twenty. It doesn't happen, though it's not gonna happen eager. So I believe it would show us back to the office. Is a presence is almost trumpet president. I will respect the office of visits of his country on very blessed to have had a great long running career, Miss countries. I am very proud of and very grateful for the house here. My daughter was born in America and I think the least I could do- and I said now, when the present United States? Even if he's not my personal politics, which is now is to show respect to the office, and I will continue to do them right. What did you think of the women's March on Washington in January? Seventy one iota columns, I didn't see the point of it. If the point was just to howl Obese about Trump find and say that's what it is. Don't pretend is really about fighting for women's rights, gender equality if it had been the other march with them, but it turned into this
our slung Match Madonna, giving some hysterical speech saying that she wanted to fire. Dreaming of fire bombing, the White House, and so on. It was varlet rhetoric. It seemed to me completely hysterical, no purpose, and it didn't really achieve, but they are only one one march felt better for themselves because they were screaming about Trump. But I keep saying to my liberal friends about broadly liberal myself, I saved so listen about point. Will the penny dropped? The screaming abuse of this guy not only empowers him, but it also makes it harder for you to be the democratically to find a better smog away. Liberal celebrities do not help by just said
about this guy, twenty four seven there's got to be a smart away. If you wanna be him- and that really was my point about the march- was look- I get you hate him. I get. You find him incredibly distasteful in many ways, but if you want to one seat in than these kind of hysterical marches with the wretched was being used, will actually help empower him. They want damage him. What was faster. There would omitting went nuts you because I was deviating from the twitter mob view you. Regular. The actor was due to come on my show good morning, Britain and when he found out he claims I was hosting that day. He left the green room walked out and tweeted. I will not appear, but this man, because of these views about the woman's March or April got to do with you. What I think about the boy s heart beat
we talk about your movie, which, by the way sucks so doing you a favor and see this was a guy you're Macgregor who had worked with and Lord it from the rooftops Roma Polanski. Who last time I checked is a fugitive child rapist whose being brought to justice for what he did. I'm sorry, I don't see how that makes you, Mr Women's rights. It makes you missed a big hypocrite, so I don't mind being criticized when I I write controversial columns supposedly controversial, but I think you need to get your own ducks in order first, Mr Macgregor, then you should it ever to come and did he respond now? He's gonna be quiet. The others found all thing. It was so predictable. It's like I write these columns. Everybody goes knots and yet I Speight eighty percent of them probably quietly agreed
but maybe wits into the twitter frenzy to sail. This is the worst thing that ever been published in whatever the subject may be item so many different types of issues. I defy people when they read the columns to fail as inflamed as twitter has ordered them to be. What do you think about the tabloid press? I mean, I think the tabloid press in the UK is more salacious than the tabloid press in the? U S, which is hard to imagine, and I've been the target of that so much it's ridiculous. But what do you think about the tabloid press? That puts these incredibly, so glaciers, suggestive, pictures, outrageous headlines that just simply art, true they're, like three headed alien babies in all of this kind of stuff. What do you think about the protection in America that so parties, have to prove actual malice. You don't have that protection in Britain I'm
The onus is on the publishers to prove what they publishes. True is far more that the way the law restructured, not country than isn't America the first amendment. American basely gives most publishes the right to do all that we like, but what I can make out of your public figures and they say can prove deliberate. Malice was behind what the decision was taken out. I actually think that the british tabloid press is very robust and can be very grassy when their up against cheap, but, broadly speaking, very popular for reason, their lively that provocative, they stir things up and when I see some of the supermarket stuff in Amerika, I think it's far far more loose with backs perhaps than the british counterparts simply because the laws of our the actual malice law here gives a more leeway. Charred approve, an even paid source is considered a source, so invasive They twenty five bucks to tell you something and say: well, ok, so there,
wrong, but I had a right to rely. Here's what I think I wrote about the press, which is again I'm to my brother, an army, colonel done several tools. Afghanistan, Iraq and saw my brother brother in law. My sister's husband did the same. My grandfather, my uncle a lot of marriage and the family In the end, if the worst thing that happens to you is a famous persons, a celebrity, isn't a paper or magazine right, some crap about you that you dont, like always untrue right, which is too may always unforgivable summit untrue. Its unforgivable should ever be published its tribute, I could, then, I'm sorry, that's you know. What's what happens if you're famous person in the world I have had to put up with myself good bad, an ugly, but I always come back to what the Queen mother said to the reigning Moloch. Queen Elizabeth, a mom, wonderful woman lived two hundred one and she famous he once said. You know. I repeated this Maloney Trop recently on air force, one and she said she had heard the quote and agree with it, which was the rule really
public life never complained, never explained and very rarely be heard speaking in public and if you do three things: the public will lovey. Queen mother died with a four five six million dollar overdraft heavily in debt to her bank. She had long do boneless field, lunches, us every day she like gambling on the horses and yet because she never gave interviews, because she never complained about anything because you never explained anything. She died one of the most beloved people in the history of great Britain and there's a lesson there isn't that if you say something about yourself and you don't just came out of work, aim of loans every time you thing that happens to you, probably in the end gonna be the winner. Mick Jagger, never sues. Never really complains. Just takes it all good bad, an ugly kind of a mother. I think you have a thick skinned. Do it
but I am my that big, your worldview, which is actually half the world starving right now much of the rest of the world is at war. In some capacity. I really the worst thing that happens is I have to walk past, as I did on one occasion and see? If I had known the front by russian inquirer about me and Jerry Springer being involved in a a sum bed war at the Beverly Wilshire, with a little funny things. I never read now lie This is bad. As my life gets, I can probably handling in return for the private planes. The fancy- Gaza, my lovely home, and allay if that's as bad as it gets really is. An annoying headline was completely abrogated. I testing time, if he can, it comes back with another perspective, can be very important lobbyists. You show me your car. You write about things that really matter, and then you write about Some things that I wonder why you,
women Example Cargo West in the car, dashi right either. Do you take time to write about that, because the huge audience. The lights gonna of columns they get tremendous traffic and I'm in the business of wanting to be read as economist in my value to daily mail is if people read my column, not if they dont so rather than people said to me when I run a newspaper you'll just and MRS so papers, Zella we, yes, that's my job is to sell papers. Actually, what I'm doing television my job is to get ratings. That's my job. So in partly, I think it's it's to get traffic and stir things up. I'll, be honest,
What about that, but also I've never been pompous about the populism diced. You know, I think, if you go down the local bar over local, CAFE, you'll hear people in one corner talking about Trump serious stuff, like maybe the murder of the saudi journalist overtly column, about both of those subjects in the last week, but you also get younger people talking about Kenya, West and Kim Kardashian, and if you consume yourself with such self righteous pomposity that
you can't accept that and think that the only things that matter, the serious things I think you limit yourself. As a writer I, when I run a major couple of newspapers in Britain, we tried to cater to what we had serious content. We had trivial content, both were equally well read. Unpopular most people are able to do feel emotions about serious and trivial things, but journalists can get very pompous about this and they can say you're only allowed to write about war and famine. You can't write about popular culture. I say why nobody else it took him at it Why should me my actual belief about that is its escapism? One of my favorite movies is my cousin. Then it right I mean Riddick It was sitcoms movies. I think they're of great value sometimes you need to your brain off into a laugh and relax, and so I get it and I guess, by way of full disclosure, I probably should say
you're involved with daily mail and daily mail, dot com and daily mail, tv and I'm in business with daily mail, dot com and executive producer of daily mail tv, so we are not completely on attach, not so in the interests of all this, but you're our parliamentary work, sort of it day, but there is also room always on the daily mail homepage for the trivial as well. If you wanted to find out literally, you want to wake up. One day, even a rough day rough morning, the world and there's a reason, I think is that they put up over one thousand two hundred story today, and they will tell you your the publishing Martin, a friend of both of us. He will tell you it's often the most serious stuff that gets the most traffic. Given day, but there is also room always on the daily mail homepage for the trivial as well? If you want to find out literally you want to wake up one day even a rough day rough morning, and you won't have a bit of fun.
Then Conrad about read about the celebrities on dilemma? You'll be stated: if you want to read about the serious something, that's that to his room, for it and I think that's why it works so well and that's what we try to do on daily mail. Tv is have a mix made of theirs A terrible tragedy somewhere someone's been killed. A bus has gone over the ridge, multiple death or whatever we'll talk about that within, if Kim carnation is due on Ebay receives. He brings remained in public places, a major needs of its major major. Then let's talk about something I'm a red all your columns and have admitted that he confessed. It gives me pleasure. That's right here's the title of one- that a fabric mentioning hypocrite Hilary is monstrously, shameless and self serving defensive bills, abuse of power. With Monica means. No feminist can ever support her again. You call her out on them. Because he or she is? the drive about all of this with try
Ben Stormy, Daniels's it? I m so sadly have forgotten what it is. I just thought it was breathtaking, I'm in the idea that Henrys position, self, as a kind of this great me to campaigner. Somebody has always been at the Vanguard of women's rights in feminism and saw for her to just boldly say that what happened between Bill Clinton, who was the forty nine Ro, President United States, the most powerful man in the world and a twenty two year old in turn go Monica. Lewinsky was not in some way and abuse of power. No imbalances there are even the bill, would admit it was an abuse of power right, obviously, and so the idea that she was somehow drool that distinction between simply because it's her husband what he did when it was probably the most of these abuse of power, and in all of these things because he's the most powerful guy in the world and she was much younger intern. So I just felt there was a real hypocrisy there,
and one of the running themes of the columns will often be when you get politicians in particular, just being Rankly hypocritical, as if you're gonna be a politician be consistent and I think it resonates really powerfully with the public. But if you become a hypocrite, if you start to say one thing and preach another, you will get found out very quickly, yeah no joke! This refers to the hearings on Cavanaugh. You said the day Dc. Should have died of shame as it watch two broken souls be publicly tortured over there passed in a viciously partisan bear pit. What did you think about the exact RO I felt I watched it and if the little must on edifying things of ever watched is but the most gruesome kind of reality, television that you could ever imagine with two people who have by that stage had several weeks.
Of the world media converging on every tiny part of their lives, turning it over throwing all sorts of wild speculation and claim and counterclaim into the isa, and I wish you to people both in tears at various stages of their testimony, both of them clearly almost broken people who had been bear baited by the system really for the delegation of the public. The has to be a better way. Doesn't that this that this is how someone is progressed to the Supreme Court of United States of America. The has to be a better way than public humiliation in front of tens of millions of television views, because what I watched made me feel sick to my stuff. And I don't think the public interest was remotely serve in the end of illness with the ended up believing both of them. She felt they were both convincing. I thought his behaviour was little erratic. Perhaps a somebody ought to his bread go but understood wiping even accused freedom.
Performing a gang rape leader when this stuff is completely out of control and is become hugely part, is a justice Scalia who I interviewed the Supreme Good ones, remark of interesting guy, not my politics again. I really enjoyed my time with him pretty conservative guy oversee and he was, I think, nominated Eagle through gothic ninety nine to one yes exactly, and yet he was far more conservative. I would argue them Cavanaugh. He never had to have every stone of his life raked over in such a salacious and humiliating manner, and it's got worse, has got worse over the years and it will continue to get worse as long as partisan politics in America, which is the worst of ever Mona right now. As long as that dictate everybody's thought process. First, about morality and about ethics, then there's a problem and I'll tell you why I say that reverse the situation is similar. Cavanaugh was a democrat nominee. Every
we who took a position against Cavanaugh what a switch and defended and, conversely, everyone who defended him on the republican side would have automatically switched attacked him, that's not about morality or about ethics, about partisan politics, and we all know, that's, what's happening the problem that have with it is that it is such a charade. Everybody knows it, but everybody pretends they don't and that to me just as intellectually dishonest. I think it's exactly the phrase I would use. It is dishonest period because I. It means people are no longer giving the honesty held views. The first question is: is the a Democratic Republic and then all the review, whether it's some of the people involved in the meeting scandal, where people race to defend people, if the Democrats but race to attack people for the same stuff, the Republicans and vice versa. Whenever
maybe everything is being seen through the prism of partisan politics, and that is a dangerous road. Here's one of my favorites from port, star scandals deal I shame and agonizing sports oblivion to champion again Tiger woods. Just showed the world self pitying snowflakes what it takes to tackle life curve balls, love that column, I love the title and I love the column is well Tiger- has been through the rigour and He fought his way back and I think a lot of people attributed this to psychological issues. Emotional issues he's been through hell physically. He creates so much talk on his
back, because I don't know tiger well, but I know him well enough to know he is chiseled. I mean he is strong and the torque and clubhead speed he gets puts forces on his body that he's had to pay for, but he has kept come kept coming and kept coming and fought through that? That was a really good column. What moved you too I thought I know Tiger woods of a modern from afar, and I've also criticized him from afar when he's been through his troubles. But what really impressed me about has come back victory. Was it nobody ever thought he would achieve it had been written off? It was number one thousand one hundred and ninety in the world? I think a year before that victory multiple surgeries of people said he couldn't physically come back from. He had emotional torment with all was going on off the course with the fable stories Vegas in the break. Up of this
marriage and so on. Then you I've been through that kind of thing, those at it seek aid, horrible stress and strain. You put a what together and there seemed no possible way. The tiger woods could win a major competition again, not major told him about this egg, a big competition, and yet he did and when he did, you saw the crowd swarming almost too, like a pipe piper light figure you so ratings explode the Gulf and whether the scene for a decade- and you realize this- this young kid- he remember heat the first great black golfing champion in sport. That was predominantly white. He was the guy. You won the masters rule gusted. Only a few years earlier had actually allowed black people to play there.
This guy was someone who already smashed how many barriers, but the final barrier I felt he smash down and why I wrote the column was at a time when I think a lot of people are claiming to be victims in life and claiming that it worries me is my life orful. Let me tell you how, over this tiger woods took the complete opposite view. He was like my life professionally and personally is crap right now, but a monolithic TIM, I'm a champion and I'm an approval, and I think there was a real lesson that a lifeless everybody which is that she s in the famous Rocky Balboa, isn't it is not happening, you get knocked down that defines you it's how many times you get knocked down and get back up, and that's what I say to my kids overtime if they go through a tough time. As I look, this seems at the worst things ever happened to you. Months. You remember it, but you will be,
fine, but how you recover from it. He wallow in your own self here. It will drag you dumb, make it ten times how come through it, and I can criticise the same stuff either in our world Mental Health day this year. I said: what are we change the technology, a bit mental health to meet a wrong turn the people, if you suffering from mental illness, that's one thing that should be diagnose and treat it, and you should all the care and attention you need Brashy wanted. We change mental health, which is a more generic term, which is that of a bit perverse, because it means that a healthy what a change of the mental strengthened Mozilla see up.
The options can either be mentally ill muskets. You a serious problem in these to be diagnose and treat it or you can be mentally strong and resilient and aspire to be there and be taught to be that a school athletes will all tell you they are. Psychology sees only job. Is to make them mentally stronger, tougher under pressure resilient, yet schools are reluctant to do this. They are reluctant to use technology, let mentally straw. Because apparently implies that if you're not mentally strong, your mentally weak, for which I say we could all be mentally stronger, I could be you could be. And yet with two of the popular mentally strongest people, the eye I know I've and yet I would say I could still be stronger. He's still be more resilient and I think we should try and change the technology to make it a more positive thing then simply allowing a lot of people to let normal life stuff drag them down a bit. That's a big paradigm shift in I've been invited to testify before,
Congress, a number of times about school curriculums and cyber bullying and bullying and drugs into schools and all sorts of things and I've got to tell you till they put money behind a curriculum and chain. All the rhetoric in the world all the days that are declared. Think about you go to school and we teach kids about reading, writing, arithmetic history biology, but we don't teach kids how to live. We don't teach them what to do. If they, if they wake up depressed, we don't teach him how to deal with stress. We don't teach him how to deal with loss. We don't teach him how to be socially affected. We don't teach them about I've. We just teach him about these academic subjects and consider the unprepared for the next level of life. We don't do anything to teach them how to abrogate the terrain of the world. They get out there. I take one of the things that I think I was most proud of my son.
Jordan when he was a junior in high school. He came to me was coming up Christmas time and they said ok dad. What do you offer Christmas? come on. You buy anything, you want omitted, it's obvious third, and you want some needed by it. What do I get you for Christmas, and I said ok, I want you to think about is before you say. Yes, I want you to give me one hour a week that I get your undivided attention to talk about anything. I want to talk about, and don't say yes, because, oh oh, by that's, easy way, I'll think about it. I'm talking about fifty two hours in it's your job to find me and say I'm here for the hour. I didn't let him answer that day a mighty way and he came back the next day and said you got a deal and he's he stuck to it and for the next year
and it turned out to actually be more than an hour week because he actually gonna got journey actually like tonight, because I didn't sitting down like this. We while we were shooting baskets or while we were out walking around whatever I realized how much we are preparing kids for life. I taught him outage the oil and car I'll talk to about checking account. I talk to you about the insurance on cars taxes on the house. I talked up just all things that you, kids, don't learn. I told you about what happens if somebody picture fight with you coming to the basketball game I talked about, so they get a gun and they got a pipe walk away. We talk about all the things about life, and I have to tell you end of the year. I had a piece about me that I had actually paradigm for the next level- a lot that I did not have before then, we don't do that in school telegraph. We need to do it totally agree I think that this is a major problem and I think so many kids now suffering from
what is called anxiety didn't exist was the common people so anxious about stuff, but it wasn't seal by social media, wasn't fuelled by perfection on Instagram and arrested or a particular challenges the young people today, but again it comes back to perspective. There is simply no comparison between feeling anxious about Friends, Instagram photos compared to what my grandmother went through is a teenager in World WAR two. But you need to be told that by somebody you need to be told. This is not nothing. You need to overly worry about. Okay, I'll, tell you why. Let me tell you about grandmother, my grandmother, your great grandmother conversation, my daughter they about my great grandmother, so one of the toughest ladies, you me and she was because she lived through the war, which is why we are able to have freedom. I think it's about perspective about giving people the idea.
What we are dealing with is not the worst thing in the world, far from it, but that is just normal life, Joe it so hard to have a different perspective. If you don't live it because some of those fifty two hours we went to places where kids didn't have toys, we adopted families and put it Christmas trees and gave presents archives live in a bubble and we don't take em out and obstinate and there's no way they can now. If we don't do it and I don T, I had such a piece after that and we ve got to do that in the schools. In my my boys, my mother, why she was a ward system at the hospital for many years, and she always saw me. The power of positive thought was hugely important in a patient ability to survive and recover and thrive again hugely important on quantifiable. You couldn't medically define it couldn't diagnosed someone positivity and if they had it their chances
she coming free stuff, where immeasurably higher than if their entire perspective was negative and they always live movement is light, believed that, surely, is right, isn't it I mean surely having a positive mentality, a glass, half, full or half empty mentality has two in the end, be a better place, start from clearly any right, have to have a place to start from. You always used to hear so and so had a philosophy of life, and I grew up thinking. I must not be very smart, I don't have a philosophy of life. I just get up every day and react. What's there I started to realize. I do have a philosophy of life just haven't really articulated it to myself and then when I started doing that, I realized you know what I do have a strategy of voting as a way of being in the world in mind was: very commonsensical and it's what turned into? What is the show I do I mean I get
Billy down the basics, like your people, ask me sometimes no doctor feel: do you really think problems or as simple as you make him out to me and the truth is, I don't think problems Will it all? I think problems are often very complex. There very layered, the very multifaceted but to solutions are often very simple. Sky like the old joke ago and the doktor- and I say this Hershey's will then don't do that. You know it's like raise your arm it hurts than with origin of very well. It is a very simple, but I mean sometimes I'll spend an hour with me at the end of the hour to say: ok, here's the solution stop ray. Boarding, bad behavior, you ve gotta, husband or wife or a kid stop reward bad behaviour, behaviour there's rewarded tends to repeat behaviour, that's not tends to extinguish, stop rewarding bad behaviour. Sometimes it's just that
you know I don't know it seems like. Maybe that's why I've been on seventeen years. Common sense is not common enough Mason hot Pierce. This has been an widening. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you governing talking about they I've loved it. Won't you sit down into the what's next for you what's next in your life, I'm gonna get. Come on get another talk soon. America just get your own as a guess. I'll come to Britain and beyond. You're good morning lover. I say I'm your please do that then I'll come and beyond the show or I'll get in a green room and say it's Pierce Morgan
about a year ago. It was about it and I came here today we can see the the Mailros Gates, a famous motorways gates of the Paramount movie love and I suddenly remembered the last time I come through those gates and its twelve easier. I remember the first day I did this particular period. I was here and Sammy Counter put me on a new show. Good America's got talent is even before Britain's gotta time is ever add anywhere in the world. Nobody knew what was gonna happen. I remembered coming from the Beverly Wilshire driving down I got a rented astronaut is already failing that the bee's knees and I just arrived at those gates, and I stopped, and I went wow what the hell is happening in this is unbelievable. A true golden. My trailer will begin fill three months later and add number one shown America, my life, never really looked back from that moment, thanks to Simon Cow,
I also draw through that again this morning outside this something magical about where you work here coming through those gates, but you never lose. If you love the business that we both living, I love you, tell my boys, J and Jordan ever once, while your jays the executive producer of the doctors and face the and daily mail tv and bull, which is a prime time, show we're doing in and some others. It we're doing and Jordan's in music and has a very hot band. Pop music scene right now towards a country, and I tell him because they're here and you're just walking down this order back here, the red lights flashing in and this is a they shot part, godfather. Here on this sad and part of wizard of OZ and different things- and I tell em- I say guys
once in a while, you need to stop and just take a minute look around and don't let this blow by because this is a hell of a ride. It's a hell of an experience Not very many people get to do it and I don't take it for granted. I really don't. Picture I'll show you we leave out here. Upon the wall that Abdul Jabbar but it was when he was Luella sender It hangs on the wall and it's kind of crooked because they we came in was starting to build. My said there was a cherry pick her up there and they were taken a giant picture down, and I said what what what? What? What's that They said well, Arsenius Hall hung up here. He did his show here, and by the way it was the only show on this stage that has ever stuck. It lasted five. In every other. Show. This been here has lasted less than a year and he just huh,
when I got your message: STAR only had a picture right where it is then its hung there. Now seventeen years we ve been hearing. When J Ai Son launch the doctors next door on states I had one of those pictures made identical to that. I took it over Yes, sir, I hung crooked just like mad at least now his eleven season over their sort of something that happened back efficient reminders didn't make of it until now shift you want anywhere. You degrade thanks for that, I also appreciate the planned fill in the blanks in your podcast out dance, scribe, reappraisal of the devil.
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