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2019-01-08 | 🔗

Former NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal is a Sheriff's deputy in Georgia. He has a deep love and appreciation for law officers and how hard they work and how much they risk doing their jobs. He's also a platinum recording artist who's released four albums, working with the likes of Michael Jackson and Aaron Carter. He is one of the first African Americans to play a major comic book hero in a movie. He's performed comedic roles in dozens of television shows and films, and has appeared in numerous music videos, and has even voiced a character in a Smurf movie. He's appeared in dozens of best-selling video games as himself, has created and hosted numerous television shows for major networks, is a beloved product spokesman, a beloved professional wrestler appearing in major WWE events, a highly successful investor and real estate entrepreneur, a minority owner of a major sports franchise, a tech investor and he also owns a Krispy Kreme store in Atlanta. His mother, Lucille O'Neal is his best friend and confidant. His late father, Army Sergeant Phillip A. Harrison served as one of Shaq's greatest coaches of all time. He grew up poor on the streets of Newark New Jersey but has never stopped helping those in need now that he's a worldwide brand and host of one of the most significant sports talk shows on television. Shaquille is one of the most outrageous and beloved personalities in the world as well as having one of the greatest professional careers in the history of athletics. He's one of those one-word name celebrities who are instantly recognizable anywhere on the planet. To read his list of accomplishments on the court would quite literally take up our entire podcast. But I don't need to do that. We hope you enjoy diving in deep with Mr. Shaquille O'Neal aka Shaq! For more information: https://www.drphilintheblanks.com

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you're right, I'm sitting down talk to Shaq and I'm not talking to him about basketball, because everybody talks about basketball. What I wanted to do was find out who shack really is full disclosure He and I are friends so We gotta know the areas to talk to about, to ask about he's a dad and trust me here very seriously. He does not raise his kids the way he was raised. And I'm gonna ask him why? Because he says it work for here. Why doesn't use it for his own kids, so we're gonna be talk. About that his mother We see a he holds her in the highest regard, but he's not just a basketball player. This guy's a champion with everything he touches platinum. Now gold album he's made movies. In fact he and I did scary movie for together and boy lot. Ask your bus around that! I'm kidding of course, he's a reserve police officers
recent Analyse don t t for the NBA. He grew up a lot different. His mother had to carry his birth certificate, whether all the time because he was so big. Nobody believed he was so young. Now I've been about him a lot. But it's time to talk with here not about here when I want to do less than sixty seconds advice for doing this problem is funny when you face timely that we were watching you. You may go sanity these grades. Faced, have died, technologies, right, you saw J right. I didn't go through greater ease he's a good guy he's killed it. These do enraged, got two kids and he's a good Dan.
In business. I got another son. Jordan is a musician and he's just blown up right now, he's right! So have you been I'm good how you like in Vienna, television guy, is good into their hours to be ourselves yet was not like them. You know, given stats all the time of the first year, I got there, terrible because I say often below I'm gumbo, I wanna be so professional and big words in this and produce a common set of you keep this up and I won't be our. We want you to be what you would be shack as I was amazed I've also. As a result, you do online as well as all that's the guy you I saw out there. I Marshall, my own style, I became a whole lot better journey. Still the man on the show Chuck still does what he does soon as me, and I've been skinny, but I just had to get comfortable in my style because we figured if we keep you up at on thirty two, I am you just
again till you pretty much notice that so we want to make you laugh before you go to sleep yeah. I want a boy. You just do not have their traditional. You did ass. He did that. So we definitely are you I'll? Keep you laugh did You only have fun when you do we, seems like you do know Israel. They allow us to sit and other maidens. An irony is only noise curator of the shows. What he's the only guy that knows what's going to go on? You know a good thing about you, cuz, you don't know what he's going to say and I like to throw stuff in and out, and I can makeup anytime. I want, but you know these never go to shows is one hundred percent real and a lot of people think that Charles and I don't get along. That's one hundred percent false, it's more like a big brother, little brother relationship, a lot of people don't know that, but his mother and my mom were best friends. I didn't realize that until we had an altercation to one time in Houston, so we had an altercation got into a fight. I wanted to kill about the game. We regard this is Mamma Mamma on allowed Santa young.
Apologize only refinement renegades. I done as I do allow animals. This is me and Charles, moreover, Hell almost Bobby you been, I had my baby is like: Sally Mamma had to walk across, give him a visa. Yemen had told him. Oh mom and I talk to your mom loud it even though he knew Mama, but his mom and Mama Brown had been best friend like twenty. Various really is my pass wake up years ago, but our diet I make a sort of like that was finally phrases to sit and watch on the same day. Cards drinking tea my region they argue in, but then I find lacking right now I'll be wasn't OECD agreement and it was a financing My job well were actually offices of what our minds is to do. Well, so
you didn't know they were friends. Oils mobs call both their view that studies right now we should measure mother still hold your feet to the fire. I oh dear. Yes, your sir, she does so knows you comrade was a young only be doing that ownership tv now we know both current and smooth, but that's not what we need to be shown shown our children so number I'll, tell you she's, always right, because she's always been right. Sire. No, my mom is giving me a million things to do, and it's always been correct. So when you went over to him after that, after you both got to call, is he What about his mother? He blushed Devil Eurasia Element and also you guys, five years, his mom, whose Mamma Mamma bungler, because I said to myself. You know, what goes on being a role model role. Models have how to put their second letter. Would never what Mamma watch tv and see me those I'm crazy.
That right there would hurt me more than any of that. So I hope I've always been conscious of what I say how I acted, what I do and then Nexus you don't same thing with the children yeah Do you Mamma? I told them. I really wanted to his weak. Let's gray, hair. She do you see I can help you. She got a phd from Bob Phone couldn't even worse and she thanked him over time because I see you have my book and finally, by my mother also has a book is called walk like you have somewhere to go in the book. She explains that when she had made seventy years old. Everything had to stop here Our dreams had to be put on hold and stop so that I can fulfill my dreams. So one day you know I'm A successful man be able dismay. I get a
it was sort of like a role reversal- say a voice gets shot baby. Can I borrow some money, which is something she never does? That's like what? Whatever you need, if you want no house I'll, take it right now you want to. I want to go back to school so she rose and below, could mean version Giza, bachelor's baby? Yes, are you got your message from universally available? Can you are introducing do people sure, two years on masses from being of Phoenix baby. I'm surprised at you. How'd, you like two dozen of them very, very impressed. With her, she was the prison of the mothers of the NBA Association and she for a long time? She just let it go because now wasn't there anymore, she went to all new mom, so you have an opportunity to be a parliament position by sure what you're doctrine education, education, education and years in education? well she's ways one another
thanks to those who to repeat that no issue. She wrote this book, walk you somewhere weeks ago. Yes, I'm gonna to get that the forgive either way. I well sure she does Speaking as issues up perfectionists weaker as well, we want an amending letter. Speaking they go to I was jealous because may I have the yellow, but you were gonna use. No them look. I gotta tell stories, were hers is just after TAT, poor Mamma Mamma? She sounds or alligator as I. Why do you do that? You too have act via. She really is that yes, three similar tragedies gestures and rather to citizen a brother how they do you don't find? What I do play they live in Orlando and they work. One of my sister works at the bank, the other way to the hotel and my brother he's trying to build his company, but that they work. You have a good relationship with her. So. You see each other some type of alot, Father, told me the man job on this earth
your family is to protect and provide for another. He is no longer here. That's my job is to protect the family and provide November I travelled to enable the, but how always Britain, I got nephews and necessary well, how do you When does the same situation? How do you, EL. When family members come to you and water, borrow money or how do you keep from enabling The first fifteen years and I was making a s load of money. I don't want to disrespect your program, but you got you saying that you want, I would always say yeah because my for several miles, she saying dollars fitted out but nowhere looking at looking at to even touch you touch her now got fifty live. I'm take that so now, what incentive herbs anywhere and is twenty five percent, I want to do in our Megan that much money that I was able to do that will. Finally, the creator
programme, a mother's, a baby candid do Remo we got. I got a lot of stuff going on. She shows me article where seventy percent of all NBA players are broke when they're done playing she's. I don't want his face. I don't want, haven't even you can take everybody so clear. The programs that had to we have got it off hand me. People. I let somebody like about this. No All I can do more than I should have done no, my mother's memories like there's only one came and they came miss you everybody. Everybody can't do what you do on this day. Do what you do so when I stopped at a lot of people, got upset, but they'll no be okay. Sometimes it seems like people you do the most for the ones it resent you about. When you do any more so Mars will start now, he's gonna get personal further. You go, I think one of the things it I've been fascinated an aid by nothing. People particularly alert a young people. Listen to this.
In the drive that got you where you are cause. I mean you're, a big guy, big guy then get where you are theirs. I mean that's. Dr values. Work I mean the philosophy that get you to be shack. I was right by disciplinarian Father feel about. Drill sergeant in the army tone. He met my mother in to start an early gimme, the bottle, You tell your shoe. You said that you do weapons from here. And he called you names. Yes from the time for three years. I call you moved We can discuss these days yeah, but are they here? ass ever he realized TAT. I was a tough kid and I could take it so He's doing was less from the same, future from. This is what I used to do, I won't let you do this, you go nowhere you wanna college call if you job It doesn't work out you going to join the military. You going to be somebody there if you're not going to be here.
Follow you going be. A leader saw a phantom, perfect or Malta like it was very hard on both. It's not something that I do well on now, so he was to Hardeman, I'm glad he did it cuz. I look at a lot of guys in my position. I have no discipline to have no drive to have no values, so he put down to me right away, as I was saying that at the three gimme the bottle of five years, Are you sure you learn to issue a centuries old, Let us turn to your abysses in thousand road to Europe. As a user read a book to, I have so much discipline and much discipline that other stuff that I was raised, or I don't know for example, of a chef on well over how the chef. Allowed to put more to slice of Turkey on us out. To get in trouble for it. Does they come first day? That's me
the citizens, Europe, Shaquille disclosure, beg you, don't get a yet all the me analogies assets or even to this day and still stands at. I don't go left overs. Why am I say that tomorrow did. I do because, so instilled into me and then are the same. Miranda was sports, because I was a medium level. Juvenile delinquency outcome. Around the age where one from fighting to weapons to since those I read in the matter with weapons and stop, and then I heard some money important say no pass no place. Further whatever as my father would let me play and it crushes me cuz. I know I got to straighten up right. And my father comes in the house always told me- my father was like Mr Me Oghee Are we doing a whole bunch of weird stuff that I didn't understand? What you did to me like I did it like First thing was you come home again, among those going forward,
no, we don't away castle disembarrassed Anna. He guess I get six weeks. Finish up he's his around looking for people. Years ago. Shut up shut up for He gives a guy. The burghers on my brow was ready to shut the door make a big time to take care. Personally. These are more you you do it, I'm not allowed, as of course like wife. What does that mean? But without number? I will be in the room, will come a closet. You got all this drunk boxing up now with the box, all the stuff you go through. You don't like that box. It up. In the car. We go out to the Salvation Army Money Bro. I need this about to get cold. I need to shut up. I need your sweater, so we got box of clothes. We take it to the Salvation Army same day. Take could take a needs more, you you make sure you do it so that stuff and also my main causes now as a profession
one time here. He says the family wasn't getting presents one boy so's me: my little brother, who was too little amount to assist, and so he comes a means of escape again lover and will give them your toys you're next, better Imma. Give you something that that you're going to like trust me. So on that morning, Chris's on my brother's open up the charging light comes on with an autographed ball and a boombox. I'm happy he's a let's go with getting a ride, so we get to the kids house and the kids you shouldn't another we bring in my stretch, Georgi eliminate all we bring in distress, Diego nor more control car up the race track. Let them again It's a lot of. Things have been done. All my check, a class shacks given always give where a lot of stuff It was so closely
some guy so so now I know a lot if we were tough have childhoods. My was very tough but alone. Look at that. As a new look at as a boxer it gives the same tactics of yours, Finally, a word with you. Wanna. Do you work for me, but you have to look at this. The monkeys don't grow up in the same area that I grew up an exact, so I'm only Vulcan stern with them, but you don't have to harden them. Streets that you were living. In other words, all the more be leaders now follows. Do the same thing with them. One of my dolls one. She she really the last time we were in phoenix- and I do the same thing so I knew chris- was coming out- take out the toys r us go, give me a call so We had a barbie with one arm that got stuck in the park cuz. I never would have put that in the car so we get there to a homeless children, Felix and little girls. Responses, one on Bobby,
she's in like manner while below she runs and you give as she's louder by relate as the best they are. My dollar subtler Danny, I mean put out it's ok, it's ok, bye bye discipline, images vocally like the boys Fourthly, and the girls get this, I right here, forget to shake when I get mad. I all three of my got twenty two eighteen and eleven day break down, so I got to try not to break them, but my boys, I give it to him. Verbal of it here, but you're, not Spyker. Now, muslin never was now do yeah yeah, I'm not a fan of Spain I think it confuses the kid because it gives witnessing an ok, your spouse, eleven nurture me and now you're hitting me and inflicting pain on me. I think this confused goose, darling, it's really confusing no so you moved rattler and you say that you think that's what caused you to be outgoing going in social cohesion. Turn a lot,
my mother's book. She explains that when She told my grandmother. We were pregnant. She was ousted relic here my grandmother where religious get out so moved around place a place, and then finally, towards the end where my mother, containing more she comes home? grandmother, lasers on me and she she gets a failure. Almost forgot, come in whatever and she said, my mother this one. I hear especial Can you be knowing all over the world my mom? Really? I will ever get so. My grandmother was. She was very spiritual, like that's what you know move from place to place. It enables me to deal with our people I from the projects are not new Jersey. Mostly America to West Germany my german identity. What about about Germany is the war and MR age. Most about german border, you there, you learn culture you're, the people most beautiful
There then I go to San Antonio Texas, such a big difference, Hispanics, yes, or no got to do with the wood. Homey on the blossom under then Oliver and Gonna bet on rules releasing ever cages which about it. I don't feel so. The language you can write down the rally, their moved, Orlando, so overall, Jason we'll be able to deal with. Our people are more people. Person could like grown up in a certain area. For this way, when I was supposed to routes as upset yeah, well, you're, gonna move out of those like knowledge, This is why do my measurer yeah trip? a man of honour, sturgeon, for the you here so right, sir, you get white man is this this annual out. As I saw So our people
people. Should I just love and enjoy being around people where you always being couldn't you sell your mother had to carry your birth certificate around with people did not believe he will show ya. Do I was always big. Also probably also too. Popular, but my father wouldn't allow me to stop dreaming, stop try for the best he did one day return everything around cause, already had it. In my mind, Junior Three hundred days live in, school one would join on army life. Mother smart not going to get a college scholarship, not going to be out there working a little bit job. It's a good life. You wake up. You do PT Although the work arguable, mobile Mamma, you may go fight to fight bomb. One becomes a newspaper kitchens. Let's go so we go to the San Antonio spurs game and if you don't, let me see the paper you just got. The paper is due within folders. He has it why should we allow Hawksley, Sir Dinas spurs than he said, keep out?
when I was was five his whose around do they know whose door a little girl before you get in the car? He opens it up. John Parker, fifteen May for years now my modem, but I know that you have asked that do those making five However, he showed me that my shoes his mouth, because my whole dream was make a man for ten years. Cuz, that's the type of money that they were paying back then, but when I saw that all goes okay school, but just I got to turn it off These days I gotta bring embassies and be sweat practices, not gonna, get notice and show you a scholarship and animals. Now. He did a lot of weird things are propelled me to the next level, but he left it to you. Sounds like you to show you this to say. I love you. Let us know what do you do about it and he left at EU level
so saying there was enough to tell you change in direction. Someone start study and I want to start work in our because The number was a factor. I grew up with nothing the moon. All is boy of his mind. A boy but I love you know, but neither particularly analysis is Yoda taken. So when I'm life, Five million a year, my house, on your blog. I was just out without us. It's a factor for me at all mother, mother engineer. I can't be there if I by this I say angular engineer that does not affect or from his own I see the five men like a change everybody loves that's a motivating factor for the job on our chance fell when went to college did you plan to stay for the whole time two years. For years? Yes, because I've been
shut down so much and what I mean by that is. I started off a terrible play at me: donate eight nine ten years old. Then, when you get to one thousand two hundred you pretty good but I guess, we're not gonna blow against teenagers, not a good thing sophomore year, then make it oh juniors, ear your star you're, really good you'll get now I'm agate Alice you and that's all. High school, all American. I guess I'm not gonna start all over again, some very kindness I'm not getting too happy real, quick until the time comes. So whenever I get there we will start browsers a amnesia, what a bench which has gone on in school, whatever you say, suitable mobile and another long term. Listen when your time comes, you take a manager, but again don't as all my life. A new there. When I come here take away. The answer was a fella, who Chris Jackson, Stanley Roberts their way, better than me. So stay Robert folks out
you shot must all new and arrived we'll play you Novia data, so a compromise among starting today, she's a baby, make him remember your name so part I don't care about Mary Johnson and stays here when the Judge jury dog in it, and I have a great gay and then I'll go back and why should go ahead? Take whatever say kill all newly school he's on with an unwanted now ready somebody. I said that I think it Did you hear what he said it and then the couples Gaza? So now I got a super covers unless ignore a probable appearance and must stay for years. Must stay. One more year, disappeared, always know of it. Maybe later maybe allow someone was shacks the best plan, a country he met What was it like? I was do just don't always movement in the town. Come where how to break a promise to my father, Abram some I was there, so I was tough conversation,
But if you called him right now, I have to go home. I think when I was having a conversation he was. He was also tested me. My love. I gotta go pro mob. He's gonna, but I didn't move in Flitch adjusted. Look over my compromise, a you know are gradually you're mad tests that already, but you? U shrugging. I wanna tell you just stood there like I said, but a member from a man. I owe you a man over. Yes, I remember I big man let's do it dinner. I dare say that. Are our relation really began really powerful and strong another guy drought and I said I: how will you bring me mom men would reduce your equipment. You're familiar one forgotten workers, Well! You just now be my partner. I'm afraid. So, the great store where that is. When I got there told him I it will we not only for house for me, would you
I need your help just pick somewhere a bit, so we we find this Big House mansion downstairs and talk to me. So I know not to spare look like and then like to stuff a teacher. It's not really stuff. You put my life. So when I got to the bank I was going to write the check for two of the guy said: no, no, no, you can spray. For thirty years, he's gonna ten percent. Down payment of the to say them. Circles are by the house, almost a moon, our shopping for me here, Yours performs programme review for this, as our debate will rub, just go was great there because it was for that reason. I would never see them again. We all love again and then we were stereo Chauvelin and secured a story Wistaria shop as I get big tvs who's, that go to the restroom when I come back and the guy has out the layaway for me is that your mother? She wanted you to feel like What is this? What is the main away? Far away our mommy missile?
delayed away days over again later so pull up my check? Will she start crying what you going to do with all that is going to your house? I don't need it cuz. I was always one of my things I want to thank them. Question, my dad for really being hard on me and as he also like this, this is where I want to be right there and you happy with your not going to make it. There is no doubt that we fought through, and we finally is so freaking had to do was reward them, but he taught you back. Often bear beginning I, yes, he did, he taught you to fundamentals. Dummy does not get about your step down, stood out O. I use the term step that mother was Your biological via your body, was my that bring them up we now have a relationship now really yeah. Why? Because my mother asked me to come from forty successful, never been one of those kids to dwell on negativity and dwell on the past. I never said to myself: I need to meet my dad for my mom Ozma says you need. Your biological. Well, I'm good
Forty, seven aggressive kit. Sick is all good just to a bigger and she kept colony cuz I was kind of blown off and I really and then she kept calling and so is that okay, I meet him and then crazy thing is in Newark New Jersey, Essex restaurant that always go to of Russia and it was a guy there sheriff. He always used to look a major star cry right to start right, outta, my coming and his love. I was better. I really am a biological father lived upstairs from above. Fathers Adela about which you killed a man, don't bother. The middle ages just look amidst all grow ass, a window. Go to the restaurant and then I'm in the car- and I call on my because police Adele was a fine Johnny for me, the mayor of Blue Billy OECD's upstairs, so we go back a call drunkenness, as we have a good time version and learn about what happened. Because of learn. You can judge a man
judge no use he has probably was young. I shall judge you on all. Follow We are moving around just as vulnerable. There were just get to know. Each other that's what happened. I don't know what happened, but I don't last time we don't talk about it, not on a man I'll come to you The judge and jury. My job is to just lovers. Much as I can now. Do you talk to him. Occasionally, Polly once every other week, because he saw led me like a wild. Happy. We'll just know who commentary was Almah was have no what you do and at another time I came back. I worry the man? I'm doubt as I am aware he walked plus it was, Ford Dealership pick one out till. When I come see you don't tell me you walking cuz, I got stuff to do. You need to come when others are bottom car Manchester yeah and he appreciates it. Of course I mean those either
where he loves, or you have now. Roma coming down to Romania flew rattle, so you get along what he's airy. You yourself know What about? I will go down about party. As you know, your children. Remember all his daughter. She was dry. Does she know, Store, but along with your talk about stuff like, but she was glad made of yes, yes, good at me, History of Europe minutes. You see history, whether she's activists. We're not only. She knows that piece of the puzzle. Time and I have to work to do to the other five year, who have been the biggest influences. Besides you're you're down the brown use, your college go so my biggest influences are Philip other heresy, talking to sue harasser Dale Brow? all the people who make mistakes. And what I mean by others, as he asked her. For my part, where to stay in a room.
Poverty, we will see stuff and my father, just buzzer is used. You do robs during the three years, if you ever do now, mercury, why? No, you know where he would and then got a point. Were. I know how strong he was like. I always do a blister. This is a true story. We're West Germany and my father comes in tears in his eyes. Piss. How do you write us grabbing? They certainly have you ever do cocaine, I'm kill you mom. I want to focus coking. What do you talk? I'll kill you really. If you go now nearby store if those who said Until I have seen a man, I never seen a man so does turn up a member come across in college. Two hours out your shoe, who receive a Hollywood. I'm out like love story. Who's gonna, be the no more bid
Yo I'll tell you. This man was terribly upsetting that he was like when we came away OSHA, what did I do screw says on the iranian authorities in others, Am I what is Coquet Scott? come out alone. I wouldn't want you to run for his well out. So that's why I never do drugs or you said you, I call it a middle when you were young, how close did you get to go in the wrong way? Very close, but it discipline so much that it Tommy I'll be a finger I one time friends, a mile or better still a car- and I was before, but I had to stop their free time to stop and get me outta occur. If I do, We know the car, I'm cool with the boys, but ever get car Philips, knocking now go Jago end user discipline started
maybe do that I was around thirteen forty four you were that close. Stay out of order. And one town. We have going our own. What are used and others will gain, but that's just a fellas fight. Yes I'll come with you, go get ready to go jump this guy right and then again over there school's right over there for get caught up in three days, so I can handle that guy's right over there, was it a knife or you want to stab adieu. Freeze time ago were stable, kill, em jail? I don't do that Last summer we will judge you did you but do any of that my father's going to kill me y'all go ahead, I'm good yeah, so they went and one of my friends had the knife. He gets stabbed The house will really losers alone, so although abandoned all, the discipline enables
It will become a figure even to this day. I want to say something that I can also say that, but she now remember now. Here I can come back home, don't say it don't say little You said you gotta fight one time you were the boy here and he had a seizure, No, stop me from Vienna bullet what happened there was this is some kid or are you tired, your words majority stitches. So this king of the day, being a cloud cause. I get a lot of jobs from the fact that movie we did together. My you still talk about that gave us for serious self we had a real ask so this particular day cuz. I was the day before I had practice. I had a water bottle, first of us in the water bottle by stealing my bring it to school right and I got tissue from squirting and the teachers on the board. So I have to roast
and the school know how to tell him you re. So did you turn around like that? you turn around. Who did not look up? Stop it. Do one more that we thought you were a bigger who'd you there. Those who lose Lucia. Set my alarm so now before that, so you come here. One more time you get bad days. Is that a threat for now like that five days from now five days. It's now to also have once again travel there alone, but before that happens and we'll get you oh boy, so this happen and hands. Will Georgia at the hall Man elementary school. So was the school words words words Park and an army.
So every by led an army base. Are you gonna? Let you ve gone words: go Ruggles and Barbara, some sittin in an opposition, waxy, all three quarters and finally about three forty five us to clear out the words such as, in other words, he goes over Bonaparte Facile, again and chances are finally he's cross. A shriek and kick Mr Approach and he's on a gradual controversies. I've never seen before you know my foot re travelled through a guy Caesar stopped it. Then he put a pencil does mouth in an ambulance council now Come now want to work will be done about that. My fellow That was why I said that I was the bullet these rules are let you killed a gear. You don Giovanni Dummy, dumb ass really scary mobility is over housetop cost.
A balloon blue, Can you use your because nothing was. I was always at all out of one in a real right, so people fellow was followed so become completely let alone watch this. Certainly that you intellectually challenge. Yet it is. I used to have a new plan. This browser, such a smart guy duck feel? Were you ever have you two? Did you do you read glass, so embarrassing guerrilla, nobody eyes and thereby After that you were going to be closer? Look at my mother, the eighteen. We were a cab and labour love shut up, Tommy, Shallop, doctor No It was always like they're. So in order to get people I want
People like me off him just like on a bus will go you love shape. Will you always get a noble, they're gonna respect your farrier other Gama, you Fran? Yes! really barrier between Europe. Did you consider yourselves violent on the court not valid? psychologically violet intimidating, be intimidated, yeah weapon called elbows are still first play the game will meet you at the average were not, wasn't trying to hurt you, but just to make you feel it in an hour when I swing around the second time, you're off balance and I was displayed in the files against Philadelphia to combat shop blocker, but I kept on about so as a sharp laggards. You time out below that of your time. In his book, that was too late. I would I shown always shown what are you doing rather dull yeah, but article Never was it Pat Riley. I told you hit him first and hit hard.
Furthermore, the Gruber rally Yeah- that was your philosophy, the shores yeah. Do you have any idea what it's like to see you coming down the lane me. Can you imagine, because that's like a freight train it is, but it became a Frazier, because when I first got to the NBA again like ours Gama does, my father did allow that we're stuff cement. The problem for Gary Risa about before you. You got all this stuff, what have you don't play? Well, we ve only we gotta get rid of. It religious, always so when record, I'm not going to. Let you embarrass me in front of my mother not going to let you take my, from my mother and nobody. My mother's house and place. If I play well, way more money than want to play now. So I act like I was always like you always just like do like a little weird stuff like that, just to keep me pumped up
for you play that game. In your mind, you'd have these internal motivation. Yes, you know Do you not take my mother's house ever? Did that work? For you in training, as will work hard on average through you didn't drain and then, after even when you play demands, and finally, because I was I was court side did a man was. I remain so you were the enemy to all mass. I remember you came over court side. Kiss me on top of the hair middle met before the mask, whose darted airbrush like what the what I remember Robinson at that point. You were chiseled, I mean cut you didn't get their way without working on it, there was no round it was. You were cut, has developed between training and practices that is
from work and hard acted here, but doing other stuff progress on the down another ago. Do others less so at that time believe not also includes go right, journal global We're please also wonder ass. I was known at least of training. More or less stuff. I will just walk, walk up more just look of worker cells, mother, who, like Africa, houses Ok then I was yes. I will his dream. Go to stay out of trouble that caught up with me later my career cuz. What's the weight got all that I decide to get in the train him or it didn't help cuz. I'll try my motivational so high, like Mary Pat Riley, is argue all the time like when we come in. He said I want your body fat of fifteen, so I'm like that. I don't eat salad. Are you burgers, well. I do some girl how you looks well, you won't want what was tat horse was unbutton. His ass,
open every one of your in shape. Guys in front of me, like you, give me burgers pizza, tacos on the eat, all that before the game and was still bust. His ass, my motivation, is something that is very different than other than other guys motivation caught up with me towards the end of my career, is right, your head driving a my mama's house and then no as he also they always used to say, dream well and Russell guesswork shaggy level? Carry to be up there s another motivation, White Anna, moving on. I mean when I first got Therefore, member J policemen afore, I was set up nice who just sitting there talking in a dish otherwise come up on our journeys. They said. I brought you here, Look, I know you do wraps and are you doing?
recently come out here for other business interests, but at the end of the day, you really don't be a fool, for his own session will you names will be up there. Only down J worsening break down her. My name- and I was good but share with MIKE here, RO. Mr President, I will be there good, but when you get some, I gotta believe EU returns of another much. What was the biggest contract? You signed Ursus was forty four seven, was one twenty four server. Then I gotta go man extension and another eighty men extension Another area is don't you want to move my image, surrounded and one twenty four, so one twenty four, seven, seven was there any time at which, in that much money, locked down caused you to be less intense?
Is it that Point Europe plan for the money not avoid is no longer there don't take my Mama's house room by the bank, the catch him this house from but then I use have other motivations. I love be alone. Buy stuff like I use a rabbi. Bones house, you know his answers have been in. This report has been set out and swear here, my damn rich man, oh mother, rich yeah, right. I got a lesson and fighter when offers gondola refers Gordo. I also, how house a man beach one and are more or less data had a kind of about three rose rises. Muggah causes an office, they notice by George oh Mamma, to from mad Beijing at eighty live com. It was one. Seventy last birthday Rosa fifty one. But he shows me that my twenty may know Jack is really tonight. Oh my little fuckers fighter
or rather slowly and endure blows recollect level billion miles up, we'll shoot everyone. May there right drover, thereby on labour. Imagine an isolated MRS Bell: Ass, Matamoras, Ghak about Jack. What you don T look at us have rich, really rich most other stuff bills are just like being motivated, but whenever had a big contract one, I know how to live up to that and the name and that I was always plan for the next you have for the next year. You have you say the money did motivate you once you had me their support, which everybody place for the body or what works for the money. It's how we keep score, even if it's not were working for the Red Italian, keep score but this is what I want people to understand. The inner drive that made you say. I don't care who you put in front of me I'll bust his ass. What is it inside
and you know that made you do that made it true where my mother first told me make people remember you know that's the first day in a first factor as well. A great believer in you. You don't believe in yourself. You wanna bet The browser is the fact that the great asset I was no room estate for years but one day, sir, I'm telling you now she It goes out he's no more and they want em on watching the game. The legislator Celtics Perforce, so I'm become a large room. There was a sire, They were anyone Larry Bert, how'd. You know he's a man, I'm I'm good, Don't you ever go watch his fellow man, Shaquille Nobler, where you live here, becomes a less and be the best thing. When I was on our way holy shit Larry barter dealers, now my I've gotta keep them were Jerry, was an crazy is what my file I will use it to anyone.
Firstly, first is a said: listen to me by the outcome, make the most down and Glen or Finesse curried. Don't just like that, like you used to tell me stories of people, I know like I know who can ringworm, but I never heard of Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain the blow chosen a gaze, Muckle Tamar down black another bad temper to another player bureaucracies. The light you got a kiss while you got to dominate Lakewood Chamber on my Hulu, who are all these people and then, when I got to work Ray and look at those people at work, but he used to say, and in other people start STAR Santa my down, my father was right So those are you know what Now they're saying I could be like these guys, if I don't they going to be talked about me in a negative way- and I don't know if you know this or not, but I'm going to send to the guy You could have been gotta, but he was terribly account. Do not have my mother said no account drinking tea in her head rags. He was, I ask your nose a burst of. Maybe you could have made it near the earlier: How old were you when you could?
really read and study and learn about again other people freshman year freshman year, because myself and tomorrow. The raw material tat is to say We always bring people together. Ass, music and sports. A matter was gonna, be using a sports. So now I love Well, I'm ream hour. I am now. I couldn't believe it right now coach right now to kill his telescope at that. Like. I would read it so now that I'm reading it and wrapping it. I will comprehend like if I just sit here and read, believe it or not go out salubrious, my add start kicking and just got on all of them, and then again, It always was instrumental docking, doo doo, Don't try to attribute to do that now, as I can see bees
no Mamma were then it comes. Society. I never seen those words among my. I'm gonna get a tutor and she's. Truly german. We drew me me the so they will not it s. A guy says you're allowed to have awoke MAC whirr how you must have now, MR, do didn't you do too long, a Mozilla idealism, german dogmatism and I'll pass Glasgow and I time you knew the same logic and made a will not like our trip If you re analogy communication gap for you didn't really yes and that work for you- and let me tell you, that's that's a legitimate way to break pieces of information down, particularly if you know them. If you all the music- and you know the beat so you don't have to attend- to lose all listen to him into a road of its a rather be. Do you know the nicest back beaten your mind
we always play was Planetara imminent do do they actually do Do you has always will be. What made you decide to do rap albums, Remember the site is when Grandmother used always tell me, follow my dreams. So as a medium level, Juno Delinquent, always on punishment. It mug, it was the hawk whose mother I want to be on tv one day. I just like you just thought out there, man, I want to be with you one day, they won't baseline to allow the crowd. I wanna do that his courtesy, Look here from from being better, I would like to know we're doing right now. Things are wire became alone. Big german violence. Holly work. We're going your heart. You get to do, how you want them ago. Ours and I have to do it my way. Not there were so Senor Hall, Chemical, because I was seeing other women
hey microbiology over Mulisher, my eye and then talk about everyone knows I don't know, but I want to seize on the dead on luck. A father The outcome will on show. If you let me wrap up my favourable deal. I thought it was going to drive. You said deal so I figure out who went to town was fushnicken, so they flew down. We did a song, and then I am at the end of the show. Adidas the next day, regular political rapprochement, Will you took thirty million? Would you out Logan Weber, wherever that okay and then I go back to my place, so we don't have to do it my way. Nobody wants to hear a basketball player by self how about, if I wrap it all my favorite rappers deal, so I got on rebels rebel me his eyes were platinum. Second, I went golden. It was just fine and the forces is one day, an ally It was rock people Momo. I gotta move Europhile by ok
be here tomorrow, my lab, we should be as Beer Martha get there. I see all this sea before my first movie as low move either certainly the forces, although he was my spot to just may, be well aware, I got I met a guy who remembered. Investment there I met a guy who do boy. Called blue chips, Nick Naughty basketball. Open or you'll be right for Hoosier age. My major them! That's my first big movie sire. I look they'll follow, but I never want to be a movie star, let alone, but as a kilo you set out to do that. So so it is all about maximizing opportunity following your dreams in does it live up when you do it, of course, the right fun! please give me flag about. Architecture was worse movie. I first were as usual We watch a movie asthma doll. I made dolls now they say when they request. I love the tire screw you,
producer and website. Do it remove all right, nor would it would it make far both of us crazy by that? Is that you know person unto you meet them, but that was why I love what you show, because you help other people, I had no idea. You their funding and I got thought you workers like like on your show. You give serious bananas about agenda touch you you gotta get and dad will. You know tell me somewhere, ok, but when I made you hung out of fear of the Commonwealth mopped up the funding is God would he might not? He said occurs word in the movie bull shit migrate. Will you do that? most Bergmann, because how you Don't even reverse errors. You you know you Our goal is to help people were better their lives, but That's why I like meeting people cuz. I give you here and you see a lot of stuff about people, but you don't know if you won't eat till you meet up
oil? you're welcome, do you know why our homelands I've gone back to feel at home? Larry users is really funny we'll find a very cheap free throws the rock the need through it, When you talk about with mercury Buck used. Will ever that's great. You are afraid of docking you're. You first got to write. Yeah, I got some sensitive miss everybody by eleven me. They tell me you six now in either. NBA. I don't know why you playing you can't chew, gum and work at Santa. He stuck that is, Google scorn on your clumsy you're, not gonna, make it so. The point where I guess, although and I get mad, then turns up like
about to get low, quick Imma get low, low, low, low low low low. What you say, MR also, hope. You all said I saw nothing was on. I want to be governed by magic. I dug a magic so now the rather when the vote on that Another welcome were handled so now you organ mobile to work at all when I go to my low Ass Darwin, Iraq, hundreds and it gives a point where I call a dream full attraction. Like I get it, I would shut my eyes and imagine kraut thirty thousand we as I myself at a bar and people who looked like a cause of my hair. So, however, you'll know legislated were up when I got the rock now go tennis ball. Kick Waterloo rake by soccer, ball, girl, ball and finally got to the point.
One, the best of was already but I was scared enough. And they one time back to certain Philip Harrison. I got forty six not to feel and three quarters cross again For your own, Miss LA gradual grasped, my phone, Watson Court closer time out understand I'm not gonna call a bucket our so called Irma. He tells. What do you do? so you're my we're gonna, my delegation, you ain't, talk to JB the first check from now that he embarrassed me in front of everybody. I can't cry get my boys, but I know what happened Give it to me forever so every day. China, Taylor Room mad at him matter than elsewhere. I would not like that. I don't know he's layer returned my dad, I'm proud to run that. Does he piecemeal again That's what I'm talking about love you, let's go to a cuz, I
relax and there was ok knows with whom you ve torn backboards there. Yes, what do you think the first time you did it backward exploded. You took me back to my days and watching a hawk the strongest good also been alga major Wanta one time and no New Jersey without delay. Was a bad, but it was the gods, now, sir? The mirrors off like up in my mind, I was really the whole area of the mirrors out Winchell Webber's. We boast a window arrived it s door off, and we almost got arrested. We didn't get arrested. Cuz of my uncle is the police, and would you had to community service but I was somebody in the car now, but there was the neighbours. We just bargain, keeping wasn't abandoned to refer part. That's who taught about were due to Britain was window.
That was your holiday, your nose magua. Superman various other. Yet what you do and you Superman phase we use. Tells rather american germ of the roof of LA had their worse I remember our regular bones years ago with the government's government after moved up. It is you talked about training for employees. You fell seventy five feet when you were climbing a rope from mouth woody. I'm going to try, but I don't want you to give me anything so when I first got to act like I was like I'll give you a bad Jones at now, I'm good! I want to earn it. What do you mean you want? I want to go to Academy what sheriff
Mater Academy to me three years cuz, my last level. Three, I give you security guard status level to your car, but you have to ride around all the cops and never once your full face police officer definition of police officers, you have another job, which is to have all the clarification of the police officer door The troll crimes against children detective? I won't be a squad just put me off, clock doesn't check, said I can do pusher. I can do it so the bill Mackadoo. Finally, do longbow Goneril Commission tat to build a better role on behalf first, I started with a date tonight, but I broke a rule. I gotta get you happy man, I did. It is able to travel because more about how we gonna game and excellent homely I gotta go
if you were like seventy five xenophobic topper miles three, where the road map for you here. May didn't hurt again the next way how about we are also very take some up octagon someone overdue. Did you play they stay here for a durable? FAO shaved, no data so as well three click file to sit next to the couch and evaluating bids. I haven't heard piece o man, so, did you ever vanished the brother, I never ever be carries out this new dangers, floods so eager Lamoureux, The gradual Diana climber up without Nazi, the owner of the mountains are forgotten that I was gonna. Go back. Regime must allow drama, who's, gonna, wonder
Put me you now fully qualified, he was in danger of, not a man. I want to go to I want to know what you know. So I decided to to do what every cop on the street is false. If car times wrote know every swap member, I want to be Swat. Oh I say you were Swat yeah, ok disaster, Lotta kobza around those. Let us examine these guys have seen their shoes at six years. A billion- and we can do it and are you from texas- yes, so I was telling people that I said: is a hall Holofernes reach but also people, and so my cautiously, call me back some bitch life and you just had the reliable in Texas Duchess how people are, but he loved me. I know you love me and I love this. Our term. A all. You know who's, not now
This is how they are like you will be also for while barter C4 was I Tyler Texas, better. When I heard about east action, like Dave, entails at warfare and allow their taxes regular, Texas, a better azure. Does that tell you started text is very too. What's the issue as a whole will so so you didn't becomes Y know Gazette Emmi. Wouldn't it be worried that you're gonna get shot, more, probably come at last all week target in Albania needs, we got her. Twenty may adopt a contract on you and you will you burst into a door of Dover rewards really in one people think when you show up. Then we'll see me or
I think you're shows one smokers mobile I'll grab. I myself was buried. Sixty two of us the first one to another ones, get out in over the web. To that, allow tat will go in and we'll be little the stuff the limousine made, you decide you wanna, be a cop because another one of my dreams, to be a sheriff, community shivers avoided position. Yes, our most likely when, because I'm shack, but, as you know, run running a business around the corporation, the people that work for you must respect. You saw one comment as a czech Bass warbler with no love. Where's travel tell a bunch of love for guys. What to do. I ll never get the respect. We ask whether these guys known understand I've been to the same things a day better but I know that I'm one hundred percent serious do, I say I'm running for sheriff thought about doing it in twenty twenty here in Georgia about I'm really busy. I want to be able to serve the people,
Like I said I want to stay with you, I don't want to be sheriff, and you know doing initial y'all doing this y'all doing no, that would be unfair to the peoples of twenty one to twenty four problems. Most likely one hour for your. You, you still play in IRAN. Yes, I want to be the first one of the first. Will the brain the law enforcement of community closer together, because, besides As the drill sergeant that, Let me on the back side. My mother sisters, husband, was a police officer. Also did the timely one. A common unless around and before the information grow. Back to my father, oh my god, I was wrong with me now was was ever method given There is no current I'll give back men get it back. Give back. Take me to jail. Look told you dumb ass. One time knows how we could. This dual stone is willing or put you in a limousine. Eight hours notice to daylight I know that a man is go above them
Welcome occur from going to jail again, now. Good wait. I have this this. Grandma due on Doktor Phil, call behind a badge, and I started it a couple years ago and we done it from New York to allay cities in between where we spotlight These officers law enforcement does, I want a human eyes, the men and women behind a bit. So people realise these are human beings busy here people they hate the police further the by roses are moms and day, as these are people standing in the gap to keep us safe, and you can't believe the response we ve had to that programme and how? How carrying in giving the these guys are this bad apples in every barrel turnover, but for the most part, these people
really care? Were there there really trying to do a good job? I wanna be the one that brings the community closer the outside a five people. You'd, better understanding of the Mars here, as I think of every money like ours, Toby! First, do you this after the police have awful Amelia have allow for right to be. Where is that and then everybody needs to understand why my son called me one day when I just switch lanes in the cop pulled me over. So what are you trying to do to use a single now ass, the son, a scholar infraction you over there. What look it up also there some call the cow California vehicle go book. Trust me I know, What else about That'S- and I told This is the number boom boom boom. I want another. One of my kids got stopped off because you have a front light. There is, however, as I said before
taken. Fifty two hundred dusted, my motor vehicle overnight, haven't front in realising play so right, but Allow me one iota hereby were negotiated here. You pull me all because a low level Irma Gluyas couple you over this. Yes, sir. No sir, do your job. I guess stopped Oda. If you are so yeah they're going to let you go cuz, you said no, that's not what they don't. Let me go, don't let me go cuz, I'm respectful I'm just because Martha you, like, I met the mecca, there's no way we gonna do a shrine of little. So yes, Sir no sir. Our paragraph has reason to have children those goals lower I'll get. You know what thou Dost to Georgia, Shoestore thou dost, thou I'm speeding from breaking from regular, so Guy Mohammed here at almost before even walk
look I gotta whether young here he backs up flourish, call that feels so you could use the happy- and I got to tomorrow, we'll George about ass, our bees grumbler. No, but I gotta the permits gotta hear Georgia. I got to Georgia Conserved. Let us learn modular, so he called out clear message in our somehow firewall car fellow, which have now examine fellas outside them back and above all, as the fund look up shackles edge. What alien as a balanced by o clock in the morning. Would you people wanted to follow these amen sheds only two bridges we live about ten years ago. There were also, I guess, the issue for us.
The guy when he saw big black guy in a Buick, actually Graciosa mobility for an interview with a gun on you, gotta a little over the school airway, its character. I wouldn't get. Every black guy Erika wholly shared by getting drunk, why do you? Mr addition? Dogmas? The Romans were, who you are He gave. You may like you that bit back out there on hardwood, because another Philip on your story, is today what I was doing in school. We wonder on iter window, gazing out the money and go. The word. Who knows you about? A week ago, shitty yeah he's pissed you got a final toiled, perverted neighbouring dollar zone. Where the guy returns river.
Did you ever make it big time we with fans repair a lot of money. Watch you play, make sure you put on a show for these people I was a mass or less well when I saw you in Dallas always want to make people. People feel good. Got to the point where I wasn't: a shack anymore I felt Robin people and a two year do in Boston, saw got her ass to have five meal on table. I wanted to do any aid as it keep it on. You know she was again and he now was matters. Now we do business uninvited Jackie were to show just twenty eight. Fifty thirteen seats. The fact is: TAT shut up the crazy sought, an autograph Megan people complain about the rules. What about the point where I was only getting sixty points outside I'm robbing the people bro can't do it. That's got to go so now, you're in business was, something you do business.
Well, I had learned: I was never thinking about business. Cuz already had a lot of money rather than gorilla. Article said you can't be come wealthy. Just my passport. You got a so? Let me make just one day and he was the man and others like my for us. I mean because it always I am at some point thanks nor do they. May I went to school with rehabilitation by some at the store. He's got only on business, which is a big gray books up while the people, royal the ability to go to school and do our stuff. You should get that book. The dummies guide to starting your own business. So I get that book online. Okay, where's your partner suitable among all the stuff, I said to myself: how can I get a study? Business on Monday the waters
a restaurant, where both revenue and broke two girls money. We're broke your browser now, ok, a man about bills on no one. On the do I like to read books, surrender, Cooper, Dwayne. Eisenhower the greatest the greatest leaders on one smart enough to hire. People smarter, Linda I've had all assistants, Brutus, sisters, personal assistant, I got this account has been having people's money a long time, I'm going to get my Father to tell him if he first me over he's going to kill them, kill them all let's go so now. I got start tonight STAR S, question like what do I do boom and joint ventures. Ships is what I do for you. But if I was to do, There is already a russia that conduct to fill.
This is what you don't know. What I'd do right, so our partner with you, we come up with a real bumblebee, so ass to her. Focus on joy bridge. Partnership, rather than try to do so by myself. For women. A restaurant business not restaurant or, but I got people there are right and that's the way I I do my business cuz, I was up studying all the guys are trying to do stuff. Like you can't. That's what I'm gonna, Russia, Canada, where you gonna do where do you get your people? How do you do that? You don't know. You look at it right. So that's the first time I got my bachelor's. I need to get a bachelor's in business administration after I did that they told me a little bit more about business, but you know it's not for me it's not to generate wealth. To be somebody Mortimer babies and just check vessels
I guess what I got to his teacher covers conference hello, Dr O'Neill. Your son is holler you never. Whenever you got a d, this one excuses university. You got to do what I couldn't welcomed. The authors of the budget, you turban and go wanna get out you another day, Washington duty, so I guess, Daca renewal of the conversation you had with your son he's boom boom boom lyrics. All that that's a better feeling for me. So bad! May I say my kids There was a my dad who was one the first investors and Google. Daddy was just part of the reindeer Gus over like those of better stories on banana bathwater earlier, because creating barbershop, my kids, don't they gonna best. Anyone really had a regular brown coal staff, curry side, a job, a winner, love and other places. They can that
they can emulate what you did. A basketball were taken, they can join. What business they I see. What you do in a business I tell them. We need three degrees to get some munchies. I'm only doin, respectable nepotism aware were like I want to buy my oldest son's Kalama far, but didn't work, contract railway, As you get always out by your car, he did it. You gotta come office, so he goes. Then stop the one on third and then Beverly, but he was the big bang There was a mere EU draft. Yeah Sahara term, Hey Mimi and West Woodlands restaurant. So you came in and said. Let me tell you something. I know what I told you, what we're not rich buddy, I'm rich as for those Hondo is miss obesity. Range over you,
You you want, you can get a big boy car. Do you get that out other battles and our best he understood, appreciate dvd J. First car What is a six banger Mustang nice yeah. He wanted a corvette and I said, she's going to get a six cylinder Mustang. That has two really want to go up. That hill has got a really want to go up a hill. Please proud to have used rather, whose abysmal go away on record today, I'm weird I looked after I like I like looking at guys at the new stuff I can do, is a hell of a I realize abroad, someone's gaily and these legs, Miss wars, conversation that I really like I'm sure you have a conversation in your line of work, but always go back. My name is Richard. I'm well respect, that's all that matters lay out
those Maumee research peculiar was the best and most down. He said his name was good enough for me Yes, what made me brow Then he make my mama proud, make remember your neighbour hadn't, basketball. What would you do police officer? you're, gonna Y all were, or military and you're gonna do. Law enforcement, so you gonna have both you have done this and there that still no law enforcement, now you shall organise Norma assures W and now for another. I was right. Yes, yes, so Reserve reserve. Yes, So how much time do you put in on my try to go down there twice a month and do you go on patrol and all I want to go talk to kids. You know some story. I think that's a great use.
Of your recognise ability and near celebrity, and that's a great use that Gazelle here. You they'll hear you when you say it versus somebody that around here. That's a great use that understood. The real money to place. You me sleep or injure just don't get shot, don't get shot you're out there, your other promisingly, Accoucheur Youtube rigour target! Thank you for to do this. We are well aware this is This is unbelievable that I can't believe it. Thank you. My problem is: do something Jerry West through you well knows he's memorable our country club, where remember every year. They are Remember this year's Jerry West and so we do a roast and we do a video,
and they want us to do a kind of scared thing for him. And at the end of it does for you face up really nice to go we're. Ok, his do were my drugs. Yes, you and power stations. Where does about Iraq. Made up illiteracy. Please look at this right now. Can you show your twenty two euro offers her Al Qaeda? You guys want there what we did scary movie for we were doing some promo shots afterwards and for the poster, so they got shack. Hold me like a baby, and the camera males battery with their these low ship. I gotta go, get a battery
very daddy's, guys, talk goes and gives a battery obscure. Early bear your baby peering break. I swear you remember that very good like to front loader. A year ago, as anyone. Jerry worst, some in these six, two hundred and eighty five pounds strong. He tossed you around has superhuman strength, its own rule. I couldn't believe it he play for West junior brokers those versus Kentucky thirty three points, Eighteen rebounds, with a broken, no circle daily, we'll take a shower egos smells, saves a family from a burning building. Rifted orphanages just comes in Nigeria, game five and the files Lakers down against Boston Data reported hamstring. The fourth round,
Charlotte no vacated, send him back into the game, but would you run away last ago where he went I read the boss, America twice We must start it, but guess what Does the nobody's be the style? Well one on Firefox the wild game, it gives a girl's hospital team. One and tied behind his back beat him a hundred and sixty eight to ten They call me up in a locker all over his head ball, but just to just it possibly poverty and shoot him into the garbage here and the Swiss look well. Well, I got a better country club ISA to all and was in a row missed a third, but he launched he's got back across the canyon by the swinging bridge landed from the tea onto the tenth Green golf. Baggy landed, upright, didn't even spill. The clubs out did think about it.
Perfect. I seen him go to Karim and go when that words of Cumnor Karim, I'm going to kill you gave us indicates we re nefarious, Kareem's goggles will all of those who could see other Jerry stop man. Mess with this guy. Don't you agree? Our most of them were well, Mister last Roger S, cattle, Mr Wes hope you like a little skip, don't feel maybe he's my council? As you know, working on team were Charles Bartley can make you crazy. This was I love you thank you from made me every time. I look up in the stables and look up, and I see my jersey next year's. You may motivated me to do that when I If the stables intimacy, a statue, you modem motivated earth, was it. Thank you very much for a ban on my heart. I love you too early for me. You know what a fine thank you, sir.
Jerry. Congratulations. Most of us yes, you're, better free those suitable behind three. You know they come she Colonial of Ich I would emphasise that people are of things about you very inspiring com, a love, yes, your mom for first, I will not list them German overturned. Coming from all I was going to mommy. One Europe stolen value, Mamma dont, remember, but I got arrested becoming. Counselor. What's goin on
Well, how are you yeah, Well, then, I would you baby boy here. You need a very uneasy shrank it up here Ah, yes, he will. He loves. It covered road for mom there's one cause. I love it. Lessons were a daughter. German braggin on you. I can tell you for sure he loves you. He respects you and he give you so much credit for the success in his life. Well he's your favorites are right, as is the only one I can hear you right now. We want to give here you
where are you my family, great robins. Good luck- you boys, are good. The grand kids are good. We were anybody. We think it was a frame up. I will so nice to meet you on so long. I look forward to it. So what are we really do? I'll, go goose, five billion. Thanks in your podcast gas, then subscribed. So you don't miss episode.
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