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2019-01-22 | 🔗

Dr. Phil taps into the huge reservoir of strength and talent that is Steve Harvey. Twenty-seven years doing something is impressive. Being successful at something for twenty-seven years is even more impressive. Being one of the best at something for twenty-seven years is absolutely incredible. Being the best at something that is extremely difficult. Steve Harvey is one of the best stand-up comics ever. For most people that would be everything. For Steve Harvey, that’s getting out of bed in the morning. You also know him as an award-winning radio host, an award-winning television host, a successful actor, a producer, a respected and cherished leader in his community, a man who does not shy away from controversy, a devout Christian, husband and father, and the man to turn to when in need of a little dating advice. Someone who makes success look so easy is truly accomplished, but like every successful person, he has had to work hard to overcome some truly frightening obstacles. Steve Harvey has a lifetime of amazing accomplishments and yet it feels like he’s only just begun. For more information: https://www.drphilintheblanks.com

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To tell you that was good. That is one of the most distinctly voices in radio television film. That is my dear friend, Steve Harvey. What can I say about Steve Harvey I've said that fill in the blanks he's gonna be may talk and interesting people in an unfiltered Y know sensor just talking, that's exactly what cheerful kit with state like women, really good friends for a long time and is still as very excited to do this year. Two things out about speed that you do not know. This. Guy is incredibly hard. Worker is a comedian radio host television host producer, radio personality actor author, a six time Daytime Emmy award winner, two time, Marconi Award winner for radio. You can't turn on the television and not see this guy is his he's got his talk, show Steve
if you'd celebrity family few little big shots Showtime at the APOLLO, the Miss Universe Padgett, which he gets right once in a while, but I get right once in a while. What do you think Laverne of up here with the far use my producer? What do you think about this interview? Deal is dedicated to his craft and dedicated to winning. Like I'm going to step up my game, this guy is prolific. There's no question about it. I'm up with talking about it he's gonna get a big everybody keep on. So, let's just talk to him, we're going to start there in just a minute I got my podcast crew around here and you're gonna hear a lot laughing and cut up in the background here. I just, though, because I know Steve Harvey and he had been golf course all day. We just gotta stumbled in here to do this and he is in a mood
Are you gonna hear loud? A yak ended up in the background of you. What do you do? It is its PA, podcast crew, worthiest havin fun today. So here we go. You are asking what this is about. You I don't understand. Why are we here, but you Don T, feel you my boy. So you calm and you say man come on down we're gonna do apply care I don't know what Eddie is mucky it's! No, then I don't know so I told him I was going down to a package which, U S a year, so she had no idea what we're gonna talk about that. None that makes two of us I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing this so I set out. I want to do it with you and that's cool. This makes some magic limitless, makes a magic, so we're just sitting here talk and that's what we're doing where this is just to friends talking
do we have editing power s critical, firmly, embedded in power? Ok, good can come on internet right now. Kid leave us here that I can take stuff out. Would for a price out, so what I want is people to get. No you maybe like I know you. We ve known each other Helen. She along time right long term. Ere long, says, begin television like forty seven, someone like that. We both do talk shows so we're not supposed to be friends right. We're supposed to be calm, murders. Are you may we will live like a video game? We actually mortal enemies. So how come you never been that way between you and me? You know what my cause. I think we cut from say type of cloth. You see some to me a long time ago. You said you blown out my cat the language make yours brighter and ive used dad.
How many times- and I have always given you credit for sharing it with me and asked what a lot of people think man a lot of people think that if you blow somebody else up dead, makes you less or a few lessons. Somebody tat blows you up. Now: man you're candle, flickers, your candle, Flickr a phobia. Add a candle in a cave and you blow his off. You just seem like coming off your candle partner here and I think we both kind of cut from the same cloth. We understood that so it just made for us to go. Do you know respect for one another form. The friendship like that, if people look at us like we were crazy because we're not only compare supposedly on like our shows and we started doing shows together, like across network, has never been done before and it works are great and they didn't understand right. You can't go over there and do that but why not, though- and he can't come- oh my show would his wife, why not? It didn't make sense to any I do, but I mean you know
alive. We still functioning, I think, we'd better for two. We ve had fun. We were we blew in someplace up in upside down the hill Catherine had a competition observed on the golf course. We raced golf course we had put in competitions We flew in on a helicopter, I'm not gonna say owes it was no just know it. One man here right here had had to get you in their manner. Drugs in a little bit, but she was in its african how they can go down today. Now saga, no doubt me and it s not a good thing. So look. Where are you from originally at Welch West Virginia, I was country boy, my daddy was a coal miner. This is a true story. We left Welch West Virginia when I was four because of the incident Father got involved here it so he sent us to cleave and he came later every summer had to go back and work to farm. Would my uncle and my grandfather cause my daddy?
steel, head animals down there and he had been raised. Many we vote on it in the fall when slaughter, hogs and nobody, summertime ahold, rows of corn and in the field of supply, behind a new name. Kate out plough feels man eleven years old, thrilling, yeah man tell me about this incident or my dad is day it. So you know they can't get him on nothing. But supposed to catch a train with my mother. My mother was very fair complected. She could pass for white, and so she could ride the train, and this is one thousand nine hundred and sixty sixty one and We want a train station down in West Virginia. I don't know the exact place it was, but a hair color only water, fountains white, only waterfowl nozzle little boy Now, go away from my mother went over I'm drinking water, a k, free some drink from the whites, only waterfowl an owl A woman saw me doing it and grab me and slap
You said you don't drink from the water found what Mama sought at now was it Mama jumped onto lady they call the sheriff share of came jumped on my mother and then they took my mother, but they love mean a train station. I just said this: will all black porter he couldn't do at the time he just waited. Clothes and he asked me what my name was in whom a mom and dad was not told in any put me back at his flat bay. A truck and drove me to my dad is house model Look at me like what you do and you could you put beyond trade, which your mom so report. I told him what happened so my mother came in late own Eddie. She was visibly upset, and so my daddy told everybody package we all got to lead to more, as so. We packed up to go to DC To stay with her sisters before we moved over to Cleveland Copper days, He went to the shares house. An incident occurred and did he joined us later? That's how we got to clean it. S really true store. So was
new sheriff after their day ahead work out some things. I guess medication see here the sheriff didn't you well when you get older now not see. My daddy is sort of fundamental. My daddy, He always told me and my brothers ahead to older brothers right. He told us he say, UK talk back to your mom. You can raise your voice to your mother, see my father have simple: food at our house. We don't do back and forth. We just do forth ain't. No back so that was that was out of the question, so you can talk back to your mom can't raise your voice to your mama and you can't never touch your mama. If you do anything and do any one of them, I'm going to hurt you real bad, but we we believe that that apply to everybody sheriff included so he went over and it got got out a hair, so he did get out of town. I had two but abuse In other words, there was no internet. Faggot ain't. Nobody got no Iphone but worked out for what.
Why not a one off rinsing size. You can move a man pretty good. If nobody saw it, you could you walk out, they didn't know how to do footprints. Samples back to those of the good old days is. A footprint is ass. It was ok, yeah, probably a lot of black people had says Nevins back the nest problem, but it's actually cause you were actually named after a famous. Asian cop right, yeah, Broderick, Crawford Broderick Crawford from highway. Fifty four out of control, Broderick crawford- I was going to be named. The other choice was Brian Keith. My mother was going to be named me Brian Keith, so I was destined to be old. White man was yeah. Well, maybe not only of our Europe. It was aimed at our
we always white male aware of those Colombia Roderick Crawford, because the thing you re ready of his youth, you couldn't understand a word. He said you remember that Yasser Arafat, Galva jails in How did he get off microphone and he'd go alone, no regular instead, what he said but dinner by showed up, so It was on highway patrol. I can't believe there did. You know who he was. Nobody ever told you not in got old and found out who we were Yokota Show stay, home for a while, and we watching tv and my mama said I named you after him. My daddy would just get up and walk out the room every time she said it. So I guess it ain't what he wanted to know. I guess, but my older brother was already named after him, so I didn't get that so you worked in the fields you work in the mines now not normal father,
Oh man, you were an auto worker, though you work in a factory. Yet after flunked out of college rapidly, I'm talking part are winning started knows dive in at an alarming pace. I had actually been that three years and steal head freshmen credits, the eye toil credits. Finally sent a letter to the house and after three year yet well credit. What will you do well? The way I figure is, if you take an incomplete, it didn't affect your great point. So I kept with three point three that way for twelve hours, yeah just a handle. I was so after our flunked out of college worked at Ford Motor Company on assembly line and foundry. So this was it can't state. Yet cancer nineteen seventy four, but did you a due West Virginia University Nigh
nobody say idea, but I didn't you never were no twelve hours didn't get you in there. Now you didn't qualify. You really headache actually ran checks on you. Don't you ever transcript yet air nothing like that, followed me around little bit. So what did you do for three years ago? Only had twelve hours. Now I tell you, man, like college, with the greatest experience ever happened to me, because you looking at in this is honest. Talk you looking at a kid that come from the country. I have been to an all black elementary school, all black junior high, all black high school. I never attended school with anybody other than black people, no Latinos, no Quites, no nothing! So when I went to kids and my first rule must aid in a quiet. I had three white roommates and it was ouch shock for veal, go that was deeply mirth, Mama solely word mended and was no It can me loose they head and it was like really
to my roommates was really cool man, John MC and a guy named state. Before Wooster, but it was really weird because to my roommates had never ever talk to a black person seriously had never talk to a black person, and now they live with one. So they were in shock complete casually you're, not exactly laid back where you the same way then get lobbied mouth really. So this is your dial down without Doubt Steve our voters is, I got money STI, it isn't a tone it down, for you lose everything to Lawson. Ok, I had none at that before. Ok, you know I was a nice guy, though but I just didn't. You know man
Hey, I didn't know, none other rules. Man had it, I didn't know so I didn't have a lot of social skills cause. Everything idea was from my neighborhood dead. Don't transferred a college for this. Is that got money Steve got some fetch it up. Steve were used. You understand yet so I learn so can't state really help me man, because those gas taught me a lot. I was always gift it as a talker. You know. Even I had a stuttering problem. Is coup was I've got past dad? I really did learn how to be pretty persuasive with conversation, but I love iron man how to problem solve and negotiate in college, because I couldn't do it the way we did it back where I grew up. Everything was a fight where I grew up college. You can't do that. You get suspended where you were a boxer to ya. Did you enjoy that yeah yeah yeah? I was good until I thought this point. We can do that ended in our fault. Walter. Wait out one
T7I got out of Navy Park, gym the dude I'm posed to fight, don't show to puerto rican kid in the rain. He one hundred and sixty eight, and I didn't think that matter. I said yeah I'm fighting today, this dude beat he beat. He beat my ass, so bad this to beat me, I never been, it like that in my life does do was punching be saw. He was such a compact fighter in I was dancing. Move just ass. I was touching with their job. I was nice, he would just walk in walking. He mad and when he got close. I said man this thing just going to take these shots know we got gear on, we got haircut, so he just taking a shot to prove. I'm going to win this fight on points no survey. I got in that corner and he faked, and I did like that he came across with a right cross. I stuck my head out the rope
was looking for my family members. I don't want no part of this. I don't understand why I tile didn't come in at that point. Cuz I needed something: collateral body won't back in no man. RO spell kids. You bastard we're here. Looking like tears in my eyes, Do it hit me so on my father, get it fine fine! we back in our man. I did everything I could manage to stew hit me so hot. And I was that stopped. It helps five years of fighting over in one fight. There was enough for you, not all my father, mother was drama was a day. It does. Does not what I do clearly he clearly. This is not. What are you gave it up? So you will be no final. Now, did you see you there thou must now
be a fighter. Every good decision on me because I won't take punches whale. Whatever happened with a guy. Did he ever turn into a big fire? Reading now take whip me? Was launching points that you was a lodging point for me. Out of that would be a real step No, he was way out for me now came in my life to get me here. I don't what happened to you. Allow! No! What are you doing now? Nothing did you ever think you were gonna wind up. Ben Ali worded do at all this stuff goes. You sold insurers, you you, you do lotta jobs. You were Garber Cleaner, Yahoo, mail, man carried a mail bag. Dad didn't last. I didn't make the probation could oh that last very long. Now I'll lose chick. Ilsa. Did a lot of stuff happens to mete out with Canada game changing from me?
I was telling me there's mail and I was delivering mail, the first of the month. You know it in the in the hood first of the month, everybody gets a check. I got all these checking people out on a porch waiting on these checks. Man, I just thought that if I'm a brain your check, I told you black, bring it early. If I could get a cut they got a little Dana's, some common as a so they did what you bring in checks anymore. Any dad didn't last long at all. There was a disaster for me: cleaner, carpets, age age, ah whose a comedian today he and I owned a carpet cleaning company to gather oh yeah, yeah he's muslim and we had a real joint Now we you know who you just made were even muslim and we are born barbecue place. Eight, never eaten. Pork ever ever now ended up had array of joint in Cleveland that close people
wrap round to build a mass it. May we send the latter barbecue oughta do doze. When they're selling the barbecue was actually selling drugs and the line was for the drugs and not the bar, but not the barbecue now so that didn't work out I'm going to tell you to storm and to my last day of college in seventy seven we were sitting on the hill. This guy, nay more Senor Hall. In a we went to college together we should call it trigger cause. You know we call in trigger cause. He looked like a horse. A city was sittin here and now he tore airborne summit. They don't do a single was git. Now he said I will go to Hollywood and nobody started laughing at our signal. We sit Taylor, her heel in Arab. I saw a laugh and ass. He said I will go to Hollywood and I was Only once did no one laugh amounts glass. You really Are you gonna? Do that when we just go mental, be a star I see no said in eighteen. Seventy seven he's gonna be a star and air by laughed at it, but I was cured
about them because they want to be on tv since I was tee and how I would get, I had no idea and so fast forward, probably nineteen eighty eighty one some might, then I got a job. It displays com link, an electric I hate it man. I work midnight shift from twelve to aid, no more, I'm sitting on age and obey and Don Christian of Rock concert solid gold one. I had a little girls, they say it. Lady got through Dancin, please welcome from Cleveland, Ohio City Hall, and you don't know These name are seen as so. How will I Senor Hall walked out, and so our grandma phone one or cell phones are grounds for a comma belfry a may trigger tv our sails on tv, yet sleaze pushed up. He was on the solid gold. Christians, Rog Car, so any was Alan jokes and he was doing his joke about these black pilots on an airplane stuff day was doing
I was sitting at going the whole time. He was talk as he should said, Tennessee. She said that you should said this at all when he walked off only a european outcry in my tears, just calm down or face causes. Do but dear what he said. He's was do and I couldn't my life was turning out. This way that I wouldn't I wouldn't they would. I know how to get on tv flunked out of college element working in a factory can't be my life man, this be beer and it was and are simple. Was on tv little do we know he's actually Nancy Wilson's, nephew and sold. She hired him to open, shows real, That's how he cultivated steals a steady rise in this. This is actually are feels old stage. This is where they did the or through the hall, shoe that's. Why are you telling a story to right? You see now, you know,
I got here so for your listen s, Laverne she's a producer and she's got a microphone in time and in yeah. Could I don't know yet yet help me out, so you watch him on tv and so very inspiring You come out here. Well, it did man, but I steal didn't know. Magazines like I forgot the exact you couldn't eighty one I just of Xenia support eight eighty, eighty one and it took me a while because it was subconscious, so heavy that this guy had actually said he's going to go to Hollywood and he did it. I thought that was incredible man and so fast forward. I sign up this guy says he knows a way to be pitch and he came to my house and he showed me this programme would am way, and so I get involved anyway and I go took em we convention and all of a sudden, it turned out to be a great thing ever happened to me because it taught me about positive attitudes and I started by books.
Next to Wales, has witnessed circle of power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peel, the magic of thinking be. They introduce me tonight and DNS when I started putting together dream board and had a plan envision a new and never knew anything about that. So I immediately started putting down on paper what I wanted to be and actually start. Believe in that it could happen, and now, when I first started, I didn't down and will be a small at top standards in a country I'm again get on tv one day, but I had no clue so I just kept work and jobs. Man, until nineteen, eighty five came along and on Ganem age. Jamal. I was writing some jokes for him. I didn't know what he was doing with him, but he pay me ten dollars a joke that I can't write until he's a man you funny. What would you tell about this outright? If you give me ten bucks at one, all this house's gonna Gladys Jacobs, comes over and she says you to go right now
Joseph funny. It's got a comedy club. I said funniest guy, where she sat at the comedy club I said was that she said you ve never been to Carmody cloaked. Why you right knee jerk form as if a ten dollars out you're what I do what she said. Why don't you tell him yourself at us? and she said I can pick you up next Tuesday night and take you to hilarity comedy clouded Gallagher falls the Tuesday night October, a nineteen eighty five she drives me down. And I'm sitting back and she says sign up for next week because you gonna be a comedian next week. I a suitcase us on the list and they have ten gas go up and I'm Sidney. I am fascinated these dues is telling jokes she. So how come you not laughing because every job they told I was re writing Maybe you should say this. I was always think of way could be funny. So when I write it four Jamal. I give another ten dollar nine people go. Radio announcing a stand pie it on all this. Changed my life, he said, listen,
somebody just council, we don't go to next week's lis, where Steve Harvey and act with the girl had bought me some chicken wings, and fruit juice and I looked at her and I see it a is dude and he got the same name. She said you stupid, so did she say? That's you. I said I M ready. She said this is going up there. He said Steve if you hear what and they kept clap in an almost sucker for that they clap in for me, so read up on stage and I walked up on stage. The first thing I said was hey look. I appreciate y'all clapping, but I ain't posed to be here the next week they start laughing, and then I said I ain't got nothing for you. She said tell him when you use the box, and I was going to watch this four Jamal about is due named Bernard tailored that I have fought that ended my career and I told the little boy and storing people started laughing and then I
oh saw mills. I hurled another job for Jamal. Did I hadn't Solon? Yet so I told that one and then I just made up another or in total net, and so I was all when I walked off the bonus back up there to clap off. I want amateur night and they paid me fifty bucks October, eighth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five. I went to work the next day October, ninth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and quit my job. Real just like that. Where were you work in, a commonwealth life insurance viewers lot! That's when you were working language area, so you just quit. You are all in this is. I was born a new ok and you have never taken a job outside of entertainment since it no sir. I've never done nothing. I've never worked in more novo LA suffered in me. First, you may like three thousand dollars. Second, you made about with two hundred thirty, I made almost seven thousand dollars. My ex wife wouldn't have
I would not at that. I drove home one day from a gig. I've been gone. Thirteen weeks I drove up, and the house that we was written is lower, ass, it was boarded up and they were gone. And so you know what I'm too many laws house it nay weighing because I've been gone all his time, so I had another gig in two days. I didn't see my kids and my wife, a drawback out to the gig next thing you know, homeless man. I got nothing I nowhere to go you alone so I suffered, but ours in business, though I was it. So what you make it a night when you we go on a road Ghali's, comedy clubs, how much money we make of between fifty and seventy five. Fifty and seventy five bucks yeah is step for the role games with fit everything idea. Golly up internet was twenty five dollars twenty fibre. So you go for fifty bucks, but the crazy part about me. I would take the gig anywhere drive from Cleveland Moby allowed them of seventy five dollars. But you know gas bag deals. Forty,
ass in again, and I will go in stay down their cause. I didn't have enough and if I put together three, gigs are made a hundred and fifty I was seeing a hundred dollars home cause. I couldn't put it in a tank and drive all we back. Legal and in the next gig and floor, so I was in a hurry, you at home, and I kept the fifth and I had answered machine in my mama's attic and ass hard, chicks, I gigs and every time I got chuck. I will send it home to my ex wife and key it's an I just kept a fifty in that you you'd make a fifty a week. You gonna be homeless, added it out pretty cause. I was in the eighties Raw Yo Yo Yo was there a time that it made a big jump when you
from like fifty dollars a gig to serious money, or did it stare step? Yet Yemen is stare step. One idea was I've gotten pretty prolific, a comedy clubbing as a host, and what idea was about a box of those golf pencils and index cards and even as the opening act, I would pay a waitress a dollar to put it in. Cars that every table and a little golf pencil, and when I will go up onstage I was going to say: hey look, I don't want you to do nothing, but if you like me tonight, write your name and address on the index card. Just leave it there for me at the end tonight I go collect all over. When I will come back to that town. You know, stamps was a dime. I would go through my file pick out. The fifty cars to sell me- and I just use they own- address, deal here right and I just put hey I'm at Comedy Club October. Third: do them! I hope you come back there, come back and go hey. May we hear, and so our story a story,
make it myself a draw that way, and so it took all Bruce as down at the comedy to say: hey man, you open it. You will feature act which was thirty minutes and all these oh, come and see you imo headline and Bruce Ass Gay Mama furs headline and gave four thousand dollars a week. Not I was years later now too, I didn't get that to probably eighty nine ninety, maybe really yeah, always eighty nine ninety before you made a thousand dollars a week. Oh yes, sir! Oh yes, yeah wow hurtin there, but you know man, I was overjoyed, because I was doing what I knew I was born to do you know so, what's a different kind of currency right because you no money but you're doing what's your passion was velvet and his like man, a thousand bucks, I was meeting headliners that was making twenty five hundred
five thousand. We amend the way I met Sinbad amid Sinbad on a park bitch in, Birmingham Alabama, he was sitting at a park. Bitch are then was big and comedy clubs that sees picture on walls, and I was at the park cuz. I was going to stay there that night in my car and I'll pull up and I see Sinbad. I want kind of consummate Ma'Am, Steve Harvey. I know you said that hey, hey sweetie start clutch in his bag. He said yeah yeah yeah what you need cuz. He just gotten his money in cash in a garbage bay? I didn't notice at the time, so I'm walking up to a guy with a garbage by asking what you do he said I'm will catch a bus man, I'm going to Florida Ass Yom commute two! He say where your next gig ass it floor. I have again I'm told him Sinbad. He said, ah, hey man again
two hundred dollars. You drive me to flawed two hundred really, so he got it A droll Sinbad from Birmingham doubt was palm beach floor for two hundred dollars, which was huge for me and he school me the whole way, really a taught the business to me an hour. He told you the draw he told me high. Did it not just listen man when Simba would forty one most important people for me at that time, cuz he gave me hope, because in his trash bag he had thirty two thousand dollars seriously cash. Thirty two thousand bucks in the a trash bag sitting in the park, and he lucky lucky about thirty is all right now cause seventeen. He would have been missing. Thirty two That is a measure one download, a british do big up for me, but I
a vision and a player body, and you know so. I just said: okay cooler me I'm a figure out how to make this. So when you whipped afforded with him. This was what year problem. Maybe raw eighty nine so when you started actually start to make some money so yeah have to listen to him, and Bruce aid gave me a shot at it Comedy House in Birmingham he gave me a thousand dollars ideas, so whale that he bought me back four months later. I gotta go? I wrote a whole new shows. Why had another forty five in every time, bought me. I had a new forty five and I was I could write jokes man by myself. What was the most important thing? Sinbad told you. Was there something that stuck out that changed the way you approach the game don't turn down. No geeks tagging wherever he said, look this business right here? What good is it you to sit at home because there's no school for comedy, you could take lesson
every day you learn how to fly playing fix, it call you take act and lessons jobless and sex phone piano lessons you go to school. To be a doctor, you can learn how to be a engineer. You go to school a cameraman directed a no school for comedy theirs nothing you can go do to become a comedian. You have to be borne. This way So the only school for comedy is the stage you have to go as many times as you can. He said. So. If somebody offer you one hundred and twenty five dollars for the week and you've been getting two hundred and fifty you not going to go, get the one define so you going to sit at the house and get zero or you going to go to school and get one hundred and twenty five. He said man they paying you to learn the craft. Never forget that, and that was it. I took every gig. I didn't hear what it paid. If I was off, I took the kid that was a greatest hits.
She told me that hustle has remained in me says to the vouch for that. We know each other. I know that you're a hardest working guy ever made you you do, then, when you do you're We in Algeria that you are all in on everything you do anal feel we ve talked about this cause. We we know each other will closely. So I'm not smart guy, but you not go out hustle me. You not go out work me. So may not make what everybody else make on a gig here and there, but I will put them together to why and have some and as DES been oh pressing for me and a curse for me. You know that thou, probably some deals. I would have been better if a better business I could have made a lot more, but the hustle sad me steel. I read Make something nothing. You came out. Ok, I'm all right I saw you on a boat couple turn in
Turanian hours there is there that we tied up to each other yeah yeah, you party, look different. Oh you got your free and tat. Money doesn't different right yeah. He did a meadow yeah. I think your boat was pretty good says took all ahead, but I was there even formats mouth later, so you get to Hollywood win win, Finally, get here do a gig Hollywood. Was it show? What what did you do? Not have our first moment in Hollywood. Was a tv show? Call me in. Boys, I b c I had got known told time and APOLLO in ninety one that was. That was my turn back home. I'll talk to deal sand is one time and he sent me. Everybody in a life. Gotta turn back moment the body has a moment what it could turn around go back, he said a problem as most people, he says what was your turn back moment and I was in oh tale, I was homeless and I was washing up. Oh tale I used to like to go to like writs called
in four seasons to wash up cause. They had an bathroom doors and when all to the ceiling and floor source private? It couldn't look upon dinner and a hen Taos rolled up in baskets way I would baby is. I will get the basket run hot under all the tiles in the basket, take them in the stall shut, the door and wash up, then I wait make sure nobody was out there. I go out there and get the other basket run hot water on it. Take on dinner, to solve and I was my bad as one May. She always state in parking lot would hold Herr debt, Mornin man, I'll convention, was in town and I had got all little wash clause under the hot water. That took the soap and I was sober up, but a convention lit, let out for breakfast and when I got soft up people just kept company a discount. Did you kill and never stop, and it is kept
man. I was born Jesus Man and the soap withstand dry on me. I'll, let the toilet seat down I'm sitting on the lid man. I just start crying cuz. I can't take this no more or quit. I'm going to call my phone they ask and cannot come back home. They stay open attic for three months. Till I get a job and quit you turn back. That was my turn back and so all they just drive the people never saw. So I just put my clothes on man. I had dry soap off of it. Man and I was crying. I got in my car and I went to the payphone. And I was gonna call my father, but I was in light all because a coal flora think and by was about fifteen hours from coal, so I say it will. Let me see if I can call my ears and machine see if I can pick up a key before I quit. So
hey about fifty to seventy five hours. Before I call my day a call and I get a message hasty. Harvey. This is Chuck sudden with Showtime at the APOLLO. We saw a terrific tape of you. We love, you would think you hysterical if you can get to our Harlem at APOLLO. Theatre on Sunday will put you on tv, wait a moment this I've been wait, no the tv click call me back at this number? If you're available Sunday, it's Thursday I got thirty five dollars. I can't make it to New York, so I hang up the phone and I'm Sidney man tears Lamb, really crying because a due for the first time com is it but beyond tv, but dark out o have no way to get their assent man. Beyond tv man. Do you miss shot? I got thirty five hours, I've got no friends
call nothin where I left clear, left everybody. So as it may, I call you follow them. In this mess right now as a whole in limerick only see if you see a dissenting, saw a call back his chuck certain dusty, vomited chuck sense. All historical table, Look I've got only for you Sunday night in Harlem, at world famous APOLLO deed. If you could make a call me back at this number I say here he said is Sunday and I got ready hang up, but you may back in the day, if you had another all voicemail you put a coded. It would beat them. You had another message. So I clicked over to the second message he said Steve Harvey. This is Tom. So, with the comedy caravan, I don't know how close you are to Jacksonville Florida, but I got a date for you tomorrow. It pays a hundred and fifty bucks if you can get to Bay metals dry, poor, lad. Theater, I got a hundred and fifty four you might just one night replacement. I'm in Kosovo on three and a half miles away. I called Tom. So
thus it man I can get their boots. I drive a king called shook, yet make sure it is real, but you get to a lotta gateway, gosh Yoda, so I get there. I do really well gap pays me. Two hundred fifty, he says, listen, you're better than a gap. We got company if you stick around more night. I'm Magee! a hundred and fifty that's. I got three hundred dollars. This is important right, not in anything, so I said, yeah sodium sanity Saturday I shucks. Certain ah said: hey Man is dead, gig steel available, There is certainly is, but almost booked completely up, but put your last show. I said I'll be there. So I made a hundred and fifty that night CALL Eastern Airlines that used to be a lousy at a special Jacksonville. Ninety nine dollars to New York, everything own into bags, a flawed in New York. I get it lemme clock in the morning. I don't know to eleven at night, but I gotta get New York this ninety nine dollars. So I get
Bag daughter the eight hour set on a comedian tonight, he's ok, we'll see, tonight, as am I gonna wanna, go mad, I jumped sickness twelve. Can I just go sit in there? He said man I can hear you wander around the eight in he asked the man. I promise you if you just let me and he eyeing or mood he said what a comedian, is on the sixth floor. He said. Do not leave that room. He said mom had to hurt you if you leave that room, these big ass dude, and so I believed him. So I went upstairs on sixth floor. I'm starving man so about three. I come down it's a mad, then I tell you not to come out there room, that's a bathroom up there. What you want automated packaging buy me a piece of chicken or something man. That's an ongoing two hundred and eleven I got eat he's not go to store and come back. I want don't come back, I go upstairs the commedia started company a cause. The first show started a six saw minute room of there's a meat is due name. Dwayne Johnson, a meeting
other, do name deal hugely. I meet is gonna Jamie Fox they all said. We'll know each other. We introduce. We scared decent deposited liberally offices there. It was ugly man but what does show started an Doin dancing. Abu deal hugely dig. Jamie Fox got boo, I'm necks. I go down there. Man allow a I got. Standing ovation walked off stage. He said no comedian has done. On this stage in years he said with I'll. Have you back? He call me back in two weeks and then, after that our Sinbad was to host of the APOLLO. Ada mockery was host of amateur night? He had just gotten a tv show call Hangover, Mr Coop, so he forget and need the APOLLO no more. They said we need you to come and host amateur night. Why nice to see if you could survive crowd. I went up
healed and data stage. That was the key stayed all stage. I would not lead to warm up AG do it. I kept a crowd hot and a love me I became. I ended up in the long run in house to show Diamond APOLLO, but my turn back moment almost happened to me an almost quit had I went to father's house. I wouldn't be sitting here today, but you know God funny way of all you know. Mama was Sunday school teacher, so I just knew Nuno got in we'll be late, he's never too late I just hung in a man and are in turn back and less started at all short term to pilot the Kelpie Rolling yeah man. Did you get a decent pay check for the sea? You thought I was making a lot of money dialogue, free and that today, but I was just making eleven huh. But a show, but eleven. Hundred a show for me, dugouts being a comedy club all week. If I could get a thought so one show and we was doing function, who's a night. So I would finish the week with twelve
one thousand dollars stuff like that and then took son, got me on just for laughs. I went to New York and got just for laughs, I'm going to Montreal and got on just for last person. I'd almost age we see sees me, tell me becomes a hotel room Friday. I go to a hotel room. Might Bartlett dead? Did business affairs very Bc Robin clean and another Lady Poorman Room and a guy said: listen just going to do this quick cuz. A lot of people are going to want to talk to you. Here's a check for fifty thousand dollars. It's called a holding deal. If you accepted you can't talk to anybody else out. I got a pen because I know I know I don't know who this white dude is, but I'm going to do this. Fifty though I'm going to do this fifty, and I don't know how I'mma work it out probably never see this dude no more, but Imma try to get this check cashed. If I get this cashed, my life in the change, never
fifty thousand dollars, and so I signed a paper work in a room, ass, witches girl. She said you need a lawyer. I see what you need his mind your day on business. This, which you need and why you talk in any way mean you. Ain't goin This is not going anywhere because, obviously you don't make quality business decisions, so you and I have no future. She was really right. I needed a lawyer, but I need a fifty thousand Morton. I needed a lawyer, so I signed in a room and they cut me a check on Friday night at the four seasons in Montreal. For fifty grand for fifty grand and I belong to a b c for fitting re cleared, give clear, and so I don't care. If they call me, I got fifty thousand dollars.
Fifty thousand dollars, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three hundred and fifty grand do you say this: is it I've arrived fifty thousand here. Even if I need only I've been here but I'm rich a little bit, but they did call they cause. You do the shelf. They gave me man, Boys- and I came out here and are they man, you, terrific, this gonna be great, were built. Show around you, Steve, Steve all tower. Had a video store call tower video and I had three key it. Three boys I was singing my wife had passed and her mother was living with us. Madge Sinclair bless her issue my mother. She taught me how to come when I got out and know how to act. I'd, never written ripped in my life. They gave me a script, feel essay esteem
you crosses to refrigerator. I was reading that state crosses Tudor refrigerate. I was reading the stages to everyday will, modify and oh they had these since I had kids on a show, they had grown ups Sidney and for the key. Is they wouldn't school? So as black Checkmate Cassie Davies? Who is huge on the tallow Perry Platform She plays vans. Wife on all shows. She came to me. She say she so why you from as a clean she, so what you find a country age ass it! Yes, what book ass a watch was virginity too awful. Holly springs. Any she loved me. She said how does the most however, may I say dear she said well Dagon fire. You
don't take all this money from you. If you don't learn how to act, she said: what did you learn how to act? I said I ain't. She said. Why did you take the job I said cuz? They gave me fifty thousand dollars and they're paying me forty five thousand dollars a week. Dango keep paying you that I said how many you think I can get out of them. She said after this pan they not putting this on tv, so she introduced me to kill, feels mother chip heard I finish Rehearsal data with Steve, just settle down tomorrow we lag you a bit nervous. We could take, and I daily when meeting over in a corner going sky sucks he's the worse ship heard. Her name was chief field. Meet me at my hotel on avenue. The stars and she set with me from four thirty that evening too except a the next morning and made me-
over line by line by line and taught me how to I was I was talking like I was on stage because I thought this would do morning. Hey what's your door and open up, I don't want you crazy, she said: do you have a regular voice as it now they had, because I'm a committed she to act like you talk to? If you talk in one you kid and I didn't know- and she taught it to me in the next day I came to work in but it was called it's. The most amazing turnaround I've ever seen and if it wasn't for chip she came on my talk show last year. I just feel that crime and a hug, this woman- that just cried she the only reason I stayed on a show how long the Chicago one year, but I have made up forty five thousand TAT twenty two. Yeah, but I didn't know you were supposed to pay taxes. That was nobody mentioned that don't want you cut my check. I figured you had took what you wanted. So I was. I spent a lot of money.
I didn't know, and it only last one year cause. I was on you ve with my buddy TIM Alan, who had home improvement. And they had a deal with the executive produce? A mat at the fish show shows in the top ten. He could only time slot behind, which was me in a boy's. My shall finish but twenty one highest rate, new shown a b c, but he wanted times so they came and terminate would take my show off. They replace me with Tony dancer, Hudson Street, so this is gonna. Come back gear, our finnish twenty one they put twenty days own Hudson Street, he finished number sixty six. That was a trade off, and so I was off tv, but that was the last time you were on tv cause. You mean there was another sitcom you Deirdre, yet Steve Hog Show called Steve yeah. They came to me all tat. Harbour came. To me, and I want to him after they took me off tv, and I see a man I shall want all the house and I have found a house
in Dallas, Texas that cause one million dollars. But added have credit, so do said. If you give me a third down three hundred thousand, I give you this house and mean you worked payments out. I I said how long I got he said you got to the end in a week ago who played flew to allay set at a b. The office is aware for two straight days: waiting see tee at heart, but this lady said Mister Harvey catches, medium liked at us and cut too, and I went home. Way to get some water. He came out all these years to eat. What are you doing here so TED? Are you doing to come on down and talk to me? So I said I needed a holding deal. He say what did Why do you tell you I'm offering you a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars us enough? He's it s not enough? He said
it's just a holding it we're going to explore as I need a bigger than that he said. What's going on, I said: look man, I want buy a house. I see. If you cut me a check for three hundred thousand dollars, I can go buy. This house assessed These may took me off tv react and no more show you I and he looked at me. Man he said, come come here tomorrow, my twelve o clock. I came back the next day. Tat harbour game. It check for three hundred thousand is best gang television it. No. I flew back to Dallas my first house ever rose a million dollar house where else first house, I don't know nothing about a tax is all that but owned a house and all then double. He was born in a soul. My deal to D W B and ass high got to show the sick. With me a Saturday and attain the last. Seven years. There was a good run. Us really good, and you made some serious money
that Gazette state on the air and went to send occasion whence indication gossips indication money started an it I'll, do it right, they seem like I'd stay on tv. Seven years, look like back to cut off with me shit. You think epic seven Lagos he's made enough yeah. Well, at this point I'll be your host and everything on television I mean you're, not hosting my show, but other than that you're hosting your radio show your talk, show family feud, celebrity family food little big shots, spin off little big shots for area, Steve Harvey. Under dome, Showtime the APOLLO since twenty fifty indonesian universe page, I mean this- what you call piecing together, yeah hustler as Sinbad. Don't turn down no gigs Maria together. That's for sure yeah. Are you having fun
I a man really, how can a beat is no gas like us. We wake up every data do what we were born. Do I mean look man and in a cut, a check at had ended a day out do what you do, man, I'm just telling jokes. Really you know play radio show I play music and tell jokes family feud, I'm just telling jokes! I don't really. I don't care about these questions and answers, but you're not going to know it's. Family food is a sure about surveys who tools It's your server, exactly top one hundred people. What's your favorite ingredient in butter, milk can see now mean you need to have discussion, butter, milk manner, domain on board candy and oh my god. Why did you say can't? I don't know
the little yellow pieces in no that's butter, and here I just started comedy show and that's all it is and we get paid dude. It's great tat. Yeah people know, but you do several those a day right made, none. It is easy. You know what I three talk shows a day. I do when I first day at family few, so awkward pack it in a schedule we did it in a land or cause. I told him I wouldn't come out to allay the work Cosmo Radio, Joe was in New York and Atlanta, and I'm not coming out here cause at a cost of living to do family few, so they did it in Orlando. I will get off the radio show Thursday night and Flat Orlando, I taped Friday, Saturday and Sunday in old man What universal a tape eight shows Friday, eight cents Eddie and eight sandy. I had a twenty minute launch a tape. Eight
episodes in one day. I did twenty four shows in a week and have made you do year of a hundred and eighty wow every weekend idea twenty fortune. So the way I did it was, I would pick out twelve suits. I would take the first suit and I will put up a shirt and tat with it. Then after I liked it. I would take this shirt and tat and put another certain tat with it. So what I've got and I will do tat. Would toil suits so when I got down there, they didn't have wardrobe person form it. I knew how to I and a closer Wolberg Day, my pants about these, why they mean fit on man and bored, so it is low My lady was trauma. Tat, it hangs off there what I do it, so I would wait. Go in late for United started in my clothes and
the rack in order, so I was just go change a suit shirt and tie change it and then, once I did the twelve, I will start back at the beginning, like I had a lot of wardrobe and I just turned twelve and twelve and that's Did twenty four shows and weaken our crawl into work Monday morning it be day how much time between shows how we take you to turn. I just as I could change so ten minutes, you back fifteen tops any light. They started. Came up with you stay where they change the audience. It took me thirty minutes to change artist. I started taping at ten, a dot m. I wouldn't finish to midnight. Well, it's hard to stay fresh right. It was high
It was the hardest thing I've ever done. Ok, people are gonna be mad at me. If I don't ask about, don't ask about the young Miss Universe pageant when the wrong name. I know the back story on this, but you gotta tell people you know Matt. I will really bring guys you got screwed up. You got screwed on what a jail me it see. It can never happen again, but I learned something so weird rehearsal. We rehearsing for two days. I got it. I got it, they had decided. The waiter will go. Who says they had just bought this. They have bought Miss Universe from Donald Trump. They adjust Bob as already decided what they were gonna do was, instead of doing that baffling thing at the Inn and first one or up is any announced his name, when our warmest avenue who's got the crown and you any strategy. So they say
we'll do it will do that Second runner up, you have three girls out here, would do this come on we're any would just have the first one Europe in winter standing, but on your way down We want you to say whoever does not wish to. First runner up will take over the duties of Miss Universe in fact that she will not have the ability to do so. So we practice it. I can't how many times up and the new Miss two thousand fifteen fifteen universe is and then the name well the lady that used to the old Padgett. She decides, we're not doing that. So sure what's a third name on a car, don't tell nobody
no one knows this, but this woman, but he is a problem to teleprompter. Don't know it so I do to third runner up. I got two people standing here. I got Miss Colombia and the Philippines, the camera to Teleprompter says, and I got I gotta ear body. I got direct to talk to me the teleprompter says, and the new two thousand fifteen Miss Universe is just like. We ve been practicing. Well little. Do I dunno on this card this woman and put the winner in a corner my thumb. The name when winter I never saw the third nay, because we never look for so when he had to meet a card. Look at able to names on a car. So I said first
so then I said in the new two thousand and fifteen. Miss Universe is, he said, hold hold, Miss Colombia, Miss Colombia, great job, Steve, go to the back and set up for the finale. I walk in the back. We back there to men and thirty eight seconds the dude in my ss. You said the wrong name. What I said to him: it's not for television, podcast, internet, nothing! I put together a combination of profanity. That was one of the most beautiful combinations. If I was a fighter
This would be on the top plays yes, be really had it in an epoch. Tat tat, tat, TAT, TAT B, that Blue decided. He said. Ok, this is how did he say the wrong name and my God, it works for me said each: how did they do not give it a car look at card. Man is down. Here. He said and what you can see my hand over this thing. Ass, a minimal go straighten it out. The guy says to me was straightening out tomorrow in the media. MR bright idea said no we're going to straighten it out right now, I'm walking back down there. All I hear is: what are you doing? What are you doing? I'm going back out here to straighten it out. I went out there
and I took all the he showed him. The cod even turned to cod around and showed it to her by mistake, I was a kid you know Maybe you call me right out- did at this is how coup we're. He call me that morning he said you, ok, He said. I know how live television worked. He says so minded and protect you, my friend aside, no matter what I don't. Even it was so nasty man. It got ugly at the press conference. I was a rapporteur from Colombia. This right here: man does when the other side and we came out he kept going. How could you do such a thing? This has never happened before us. It would just happen it it it Not here, but it just happened. I say: hey Mail, just honest mistake. I said I didn't see the cod, it was a mistake and he kept hammering me mad stew from Colombia. Just kept hammer me and I
couldn't take it no more- and I say it out loud you talking to their cause, I'm through with you No, I'm trying to be nice and ass, one guy from my abuse teeth to Steve. Let's just go, not nominal. I want to know who you talk to secure. You talk to me like you, gonna, do something really don't fight anymore, but enough figured tonight by a good night start back. So our minds will be denied got this taxi. I got pretty popular right now, so they got me out to room I didn't know how bad it was until the next morning and may, when I was walking to get in the car, I mean we love you anyway, Steve Hangers. Ok all right two very goals their Musselshell media Feed Seattle. I can't read Spanish, but I no cousin I see it because it was all all of em here to say at
but when I all back in Atlanta man and I went home, it was on everything and you know what hurt me man, the part it hurt. Me was a friend of mine or see any and a guy thought was my friend. He was on their marriage s, lace. Italy me who does this is most bald headed thing you ever see. He was led me on that. That was the only one really hurt cuz. I had to had to go on my show. I talked with him and he was just lacing me man I was I was. I was in a lot of trouble that day. That's why I called you this morning, cuz yeah, because I know what happens I know you had. You had to have at least two different things being told you at one time, because I know how sets up, and I know I tell Robin at at the second. It happened. I said he's gotten to pieces of information. At the same time,
guarantee you. Somebody is in his ear telling him what he said, or sellers at prompter and he's region it rather ducas. He don't know or give a shit the boy and what is easy to say what it I'm right. I was exactly right cause I'm a really smart guy. I had done whole show perfectly. You think I wait too, game winning shot to not is simple. All God do is red, read and say what tell me He told me and when I set it great job Steve go to tobacco Nobody knew nothing, two minutes and thirty, seconds later. He says, said the wrong Blakeney blanked Blank Blank Blake, blank combination, mother, blankly, Blake, all us all. I heard he was how he say. Oh my god, I was. I left him calling o my Lord S, how good a cousin output out
you just when you gonna cost out, and you just go o my lord, when you just need Hill and Emma, but you you write dead. This was the first, due to call me with you man, the first do it and it made me feel better, but a week was a week was dark master, pretty dark from well it'll come on we're not cure cancer. Here were given somebody a trophy brought. You know I tried to soften it at a press conference. I said you know I just said wrong: name: do you know people steel, Colombia I can't even fly over Colombia that my plane diskin. I can't drink colombian coffee anymore. I thanked it to try and get me. I had a guy came to my show. My talk show that cement Pisa out from Colombia YO. We still don't like you down there.
You still got problems down, Natsir probably do he's you said the wrong name, you you gave away a crown to the Philippines pon what you trip and fall from coming I said a wrong: may we got the wrong Ms Universe Assembly in Amerika. We got a president who stuck here, you don't want to piss off the cartel. At the same time, but you know mad you're, absolutely right cause like I was getting rock in my home in Atlanta, with notes on thrown over my gate and so to this day. To this- I have twenty four hour armed guards at my house in a letter to this day front and back bad. They were throwing rocks over my wall. At my gay I met a lot of really nice colombian people system, but this is some people from now what
that that got out of control, but the studio pass right. I mean it. I was hoping you supply. I got a few things I gotta ask. Your name will be done. What do you think about? all this political correctness, you know, madam, is high now because stuff on a comedian, it's it's preventing me from going back. I've thought about goin back and do one more special actually have thought about going back. I have so much to say over the past six, He is all my talk, show I've. I've got some stuff man, that's in here so funny, but political correctness of political correctness is so ramp. It now that everybody's lookin for way to get, they feel hurt and saw anything you say is offensive to some and all we need is one person, because nominal sponsor, driven business alma shows a sponsor driven
and so now, if somebody calls eating and Gideon rallying cry. He hurt me and one sponsored pool the whole empire can crumble off of a joke, and so it's it's ugly too. Where you you can't be funny any more about who? Who can you be funny about you kiss a nothing mad about no body because they rallied so quickly cause it even dangerous? Go get a bunch of signatures there ain't even real, and next thing- you know you off to air man, so you get advertisers spooks, they socially well bright light. So I got it is different. I gotta back off. You can only talk about yourself and nobody is full comedy specials. That interesting,
did. You can talk about yourself for an hour and a half on a comedy special you're. Not that funny. You gotta talk about something you know, and so what can the jokes be about now is gonna control. I did a joke about sprinkle Marquis. It's all my talk show. Oh my god. Oh, my god, you spend your children, set it as a joke, but they're all grown lives of Joe and none of them were imprisoned and all of them are doing really well I asked what his work they work for me and no man. So that's crazy. I have some alligator shoes. I get a call from Peter and this morning really pissed me off and said you wearing alligator shoes. You know what I told I see and alligators keel key it
lucky all alligators, never heard from him again never heard from Gaza was a great response. Alligators keel key it you're just recently. Yet so you should be shoes guests. Well, that's a That's the point of view. The thought was good in all where fur and nothing like that, but alligator snake. What entertainer comedian do you admire? The most living will end. The budget pry was too came from Adieu mad man. He formulate comedy the way you see it today in so many aspects, the guys out there. Now I mean I was a love. George Carlin Man alone Carl. Indeed, what he did. George column was a huge and floors as a key
it man, it was Jonathan winners, reared buttons, reared Skelton, another well probably had to take a drink. Beer calls was big and floors. Navigate, looker, please alcohol! but in comedy just a huge influence. You know in comedy here are influenced today, though these changed greatly and cook is big to me, but Kevin Hart is all what a guy's butt. Eddie Murphy change the game for us, Richard Pryor was a game, angel of us, and so we all benefited from net kings. A comedy was because overall, The kings comedy was because of prior.
Kings calmly was probably the biggest comedy vit. Forty four thousand people had to joy. Down Georgia, dome forty four thousand people came in the queen's perform First Queens comedy, unique Dale, given some more and haze took an omission and they bought two kings out. I entered to Georgia dull on a horse Jong carriage with all the dressed in white and I was dead in a militant carriage come in from the back. That's how they bought me to the stage the greatest single moment of my lab, come into the state on a horse and carriage with forty five thousand people scream out get tat put at somebody got air had man that had to be a kick. Ah, there was a great glimmers of you thought about Dorrimer Dual would comedy
What really well you got graces human. May you be say some stuff man do you. You, of a jury, cloudy tight god you, you know, you know Jerry Cloud, you It gives some tapes of Jerry Clown. He's country guy, never used any profit. Oh, I know Jerry Clower, yeah, yeah yeah. I know you're Udale Marcell, all them man that that country who my father, never loved that do that I was a big family, but I think man you got. You have a skill set, though cuz you got time in man. You was born with timing. It's different it's different like. I said, I'd, never follow! U S for damn sure mama didn't raise no fool out already and, as you know, I know I wouldn't recommend it now, but I think you could do in the rice and man. You never know. I think plot big con man, you
Yes, as you you quick his hail, and you say some would you say some now: the tables that I'm gonna go repeated yet probability, yeah, yeah yeah, my friend I washed at them here. That's just let it go, you did it, What is the real ruin? Your career doc? You feel said what? Oh, my god, I'm calling Procter and got some dishwashing people talk about. Did you say you here would be ring and we don't want people bug in us when we're off our selves right good. That would not be good or their good. Be left in his business air from sin cross from the one. I know really well hey man, may implement now Murph real, your friendship to me what you ve done for me, what you ve share, with me? I made? I went through some dark times,
this man was so they were killing me on. The internet was abandoned. Private life was so many lies in you. Bought me only showed just set the record straight Can't tell you how far it wit you know is is is guys out there. Was not many man with you. You wanted a great people mad that I've run across man. That's why I stopped anytime. You asked me to do something. I do something with you. Man cuz you interesting thing about. Man, you don't want anything in return. You make it perfectly clear. You ve always been my friend you make sure tat. I was ok, you know even now with was all in all, would mean only release disdain, NBC, Gunnar, replace, the Steve Show with Kelly clocks in it. You know. Turn on the app for seven years. You know I mean I don't I don't get bitter about stuff like that. I don't I've been good, then
see for seven years NBC been good to me. You know how I got friends over. They are really look at live like that, but the first person pick up phone phone. You ain't. Nobody else call me in this business right here you ve, first person pick up the phone say, hey what you wanna do cause. You know I mean you know. Butte first person tell me it ain't, always just opportunities and saw you know we set out. That's what I appreciate your when you say out a good people in his business. You I think that ten but there will always be special to me because, even when he gave it at three hundred thousand knowledge, Don't tell you about it. When my show first came was offered on tv, he was a chairman over at NBC guess what he said I'll take it. He took it just like that, so you TED Harbor Tal appears a great guy operas, always being kind to me as it is for just named and me fat.
And then lady over this. She gonna do me a pod chaos and when I called you when they may that announcement I mean there's no way You should be on the air. I mean that's what I call himself I mean do you, what do you want to do? Yeah and then I gave you the plan. I said: here's what you want to do. Yeah I mean, the guy who says: hey man if this happens. This is what you should do, not know may we go have a drink. What you got Do now always me yet you dont need dead, not Euro, Med, United give up guy, I'm not to give up guy. You don't call me, will give up information. You call me with ideas and We all solid plan and I will wow and then we see
Abby and you said, hey man you going to play golf when we went out we play golf. I said: okay cool. I want to golf course: I ain't never been to united. They have other things come to the golf course. Seven people you go to golf course. You see a lot of people with ties on it, saying regular you're going to pro shop and people in pro shop got on that. I think that's where where's your polo shirt, what is really collateral damage. You not just appreciate that. Like I say I did, you call me: you got ideas. Man in the hall I mean you recognize, who I am man. You've always been a fan of that and you know it and you're right, and you know when I'm really really come right now. You know million a cool place because of you tell me,
don't do something to me: it's okay! It's your prerogative! You can do it. You know I don't own any tv station do what you want to do, but you know y'all says: did everybody get do what they want to do that and you know so. We talked before about production, ideas and stuff for your show. I've always said the same thing right. Still people get the hell out of your way. These people come tell you how to be Steve. This is crazy. Stay we Gus written out for you here in this house. You go beastie ear kid me. I felt a bullshit flag on and you say that you say bullshit top I've been talking for our type say that Europe could rely a couple of these openings on me and just let some stuff go, but you know manual you're. So right in the sword, I tell you what was funny man the first time we had a cooking segment on the show, and I ain't like the food that didn't go well.
I didn't BC at all, because you know you watch it today, showing good more America, everything they could thing lives wonderful delicious. Well, I'm not that guy, and so it was a big one that really messed him up in my mom been passed since House Party, and I love to manage my favorite person in the world and every year for forty years all I wanted for my birthday with german chocolate cake. So, no matter where I was my mama made me, a german czech cake is shipped it to me. I don't care where I was my mama been day about fifteen years. You know stand so this late, comes, only show who makes dietary dishes and she makes the diet version of all dishes and so she comes onto showed. She says you What I heard I heard Your mom major german chocolate cake every year and I said yeah yeah yeah. She said what I got something for you. I got a piece of cake right here,
gonna take as good, if not better than the one your mama made right. We off to a bad start decided good opening. Euro you'll get caught. You boys with a Mamma euro we can now mom is can't you do don't that's Mamma and they are still call a mom. I'm sixty one as Mama. Now you don't tell me something they can possibly be true, but you to draw mom economic leg, piece of cake taste just as good, if not better than one your mother may I lifted his lady, envisage not don't call good lady acting and brought table and will give it a shot and it better be everything he said were and it would appear. Craig now went off spreading Tao.
Audience the executive. Produces. She would? Oh, my god, and the woman was started. Our tools, were you spread it out a good one? Nothing like you. It was gonna be, and now I wouldn't value my mama me all I was caught caught and then I heard what How will the Hollywood that's too much real was that do much now do not. It was a black coupling audience TAT day. The dew was on the floor of me at all. All Yale yeah Army revenue is this. The funniest thing he's,
and just wouldn't one mean the black dude was having a great moment. Everybody else was mortified a holler, Kurt body came to talk me I'd exist, when we see the next day here, for you can't do that, you should tell the truth. You can not do that to a guess. I had a think about us said first of all, come on now. Set up, was all wrong. You can't tell me I'm country boy, You, ve been do some better in my mom S, an she's day come on now does, but Dan is try. Area along talk me out. I don't really think I'm gonna be all day termed along at it at you thought it might be to begin the correct Real moments like that on tv? The catacombs isolate? We say early on when I was on open, told a couple that they need to get a divorce
or dark that night like that, yeah. That was exactly what they came on here, but I mean come on. Let me just because you berries about a debate is the right one right see and who phrases like day and night. All dark hairless be deserve, but ought to know I thought you was looking this dude. You told him, you said, look man, you need to man up. I went okay. You just said that to a dude, that's usually fighting words in the hood. He he wasn't from a hoodie. You use it. You need a manner and our cattle, that's not data. I you can't tell Do you need a man up on daytime tv? That's too much honesty. So when you d a debt, an you stayed on air ass. It were you not quite get net number, so Dagon, keep him he got a three six, so he browbeaten
him. The man about probably got one more piece of cake AG spit out will say: I got my wife if in the audience every day, so I told a guy that is, life must have his nuts in a Dixie CUP because he will eat it, wouldn't do what neither do I looked out there at her and I thought I did not have a problem with a network. I got a problem with my wife. That's Dixie! Ok is that the network cause Robinson. I grew up she, your youth work, well, she was emasculating embassies. The country way to get your medicine addicting Z, does what Maybe you could you could in the right place? You could do stand out. Man if you did all you gotta do stories, you ain't gonna, do jokes
I got stories. Cossiga almost story. Tell I'm not a joke. Tell your story. Tell me how to write jokes. May I just explained to you in an exam. Separated for what's happening on innovation. The way I see it, it met my absolute funniest when I'm exasperated view come from the same place: if you it piss me off wash. Start, their euphonious hale. All you gotta do is start with it. This bid, you ever get pissed off watching news. If you do pissed off Carmody brother
yeah. That's my life Robinson. I shall do my last season or HBO or something where I can say what's in a bubble over my head brother, what I'm talking to some of these they may seriously mean come on. Can I be on the front row year with a tube sock everytime, you say so, my just pack it in my mouth, hedge, yes, terror has other people, think people think doing. What we do is you right there. It's not that easy now see seem at what makes you good is. When your guess socks, let's put his hard you can. Hold the that's. When its are you enough to cover when you gotta, guess: nerve starin at you like a dead trout, parliament right seriously. There look at actually like a fair trial. You say some of their dislike bra users have talk to these peep right, they ve got story out over, so now you bring
tv, so they can tell the story right there leaving out major pieces of information, so I got a divorce. No, no! No! No! No wait! No! No! You kill two people which made the man not want to sleep with you, no more! That's how you got what you can leave that out, yet they get out there and freeze, and then it's like pulling teeth right. Yeah, one log won't burn your sitting. There like come on. I mean give me something: that's like a little boy tat. You know tell these people time and I said you can produce these for actual kids know we going over everything. These are the questions you going to ask him. If Darby, that's, okay, let me explain something to you when you open that door and at last sexual who's been doing this in front of an empty house. Steps out a hidden music, dumb lights is
Valerie and they see all them people all that stuff? You told them that they was going to say they not finna, say nothing cuz. I got seven kids and some grandkids they not going to do it so today we will be over and aid sit on a couch. Iraq has seen them see them Ville Bout to leave other decided in the queue card. Lady is shaken. The car try to get me to read a talk about everything but was on the car because I gotta get this little, person to chill out where'd you get to choose from how much them shoes Kos. What made you put a peep bow only no trust us gorgeous not only girl is Goin, because I, like pink, who partitions my mother, I gotta get em, Oh, the mighty is over a shaken a car. I will go timer stopped shaken these cause. At me, you have to talk to these keys differ
They ve got two years to these questions. They don't commodities, they opened a door. One turned his little boy looked at turn around and went outside just do by his mama cargo. Through he he's not bring today. So we end up taking a lot of kids because someone got may may we do elaborate set ups. We Tell em set up down cause he's design, he's not doing enough What happens when you do not produce it produced these kids man and at one and daubed gets out day. Does that is a disaster, but you gotta be a special talent to do that, and is you Ellen Oprah very few? You know mama, show came over seven years ago. There hasn't been a daytime show. Sis know this right, nothing if you start lap and yourself real.
Asked if you don't have a lot of deaths in a lot of wit, yeah in in what you do and you are the best storyteller. I think I have ever heard the best or Taylor, and my favorite story of yours still is about the building fund. That is absolutely happiness. Tat way, I grew up about history, so I now route to building fun. It's a biggest con in the history of the world, and you tell it better than anybody. I've ever seen. We did. We had a building fun at my church for twenty years we ain't put a No, no! I don't drop money in a box As I have a little born. We don't have a now on this church. We, get a new stained glass windows one time got all my church run new neon cross and hung it up over a class Dan and Big serve as dead. They was after the choir song. They was gone, plug it up. Well, they pay
did up in a shorted out the whole church they plugged it up to cross, came out for two seconds: laud. Northern lights is out. I see it as a mere where so sick of be imposed. If I have got to get some money cause you're my father, never had money, you know the biggest advice. My father told me said. Sir best thing you could do for poor people is not be one m. Exactly cash UK held nobody, my church, I would just synagogue. Why do we keep doing this post of past anniversary? We put Who chairs together and put a white sheet over now. We you want that's a lie of sea because we too
why she don't is to fold away is up today and the past in the first lady sit down on the white sheet, because this is really poor. This is really poor, but people haven't been to those churches. I mean these three churches I grew up in was so poor and we did have. I don't know if it's, because you didn't have the money for the right choir or what, but they did stand up in church and start worshiping and singing and praying loud, and it's always somebody that is really old, really get confused. What did you what's the lady in your story system? today. This, oh, my god, did we all have a sister Odell. I love your sister Odell though lately cause oh he bought date. Does the portion of the service called devotion right where you get to stand up? You can testify
or you can saying. So you want to sing a song where people join me in his saying, along which you, but all people right. Songs on the way in man you had to try to catch or know that Jesus is. Yes, he is ok, rhythm rhythm beat. Or if you do a learned, we do a lad. You say it, we repeat it nothing come out, everybody everybody. What we don't know the ward you roll on the way you wrote his own way, Jesus, is a healer words whereby civil Jesus heels would a. I relate go church. One tat feel and she said she stood a been chosen. They said sister porter. She said I want to thank the Lord Day. I was driving my car.
Trot pass me on the left and another truck pass me all right. Thank you. Jesus Madame leaned over, say this bitching no business! Perhaps the only one searchlights did a truck passing on the right in the northern pass me on the left. Thank you Jesus. He said his bitch ain't got no business. Driving that right there I got. I got a wooden when I got home because my mother was in it
Ah stan- and I was under the pew laugh, I thought my day was funny. Personal well meant. Well, you know what is all good right. I mean it's all experience and you ve used every bit of it in your life is paid out for you right. You just remember your roots. You bring and whether you tell you stories in people pay for it is crazy. Is that crazy? I mean we are talking to refrain Michael earlier about you, so you ve never missed a show in like sixteen years am I really we get paid for coming to talking to people for an hour? Why? What are you gonna, miss, say, may or like out plowin fields and stuff workin real jobs right? I'm gonna call in sick, whom I gonna call me here. That's crazy man and people all understand you ve, never IST two hundred episodes now family few nine years, I've? Never
to show seven years to Steve Harvey show. Never to show seven's seasons of the Steve Harvey sick Comp? Never still show had a council, one show cause Mama die, but I came back and made it up in thirty. Three years of stand up, I miss my call time twice: macabre down in Knoxville Tennessee. I was trying to get to Asheville Tennessee for seventy five dollars. I could make it. I've got to fifteen minutes late, call in another comedian. He took my job. I had a three shows who, in Birmingham on a Friday night, whether came in Dallas I couldn't get out. I draw to a private airstrip for the first time ever in charted a private jet. That was don't call me thirteen I in one way of very small Lear but a paid. I got their due to weather, never they had take us around in a land alone have, like Mr Show, two shows. In thirty three years
a missed anything, but you country see your work ethic. You angle, they did. These people live in a man. This is due in a talk. Show was so hard. You now stop. Too much rain it the day and he was where me out and are set out in the back yard, nazi man. This is hard man. This is hard. But he's twenty seven years, oh he's to play for renewing with hatred. He said now. Mister Harvey turning yourself from a bulky into It is this is hard diesel work out you can do. This is how you turn yourself from poky it into all. It is I'm train and in your backyard you have all the same, to train in New York. He said now, that's hard. You know what a guy finished at set without complaining, because he was right. There's no two ways about it. We are blessed. We are blessed. Thank you for coming to talking to me today there is one me: what do you mean you? We could? It is per microphone in a golf cart Sunday. We dislike
They don't bother this. You know you wanna come over next ideologies head is like a signal of back porch would all washing machine? Nay nobody used in a long time? Might we now know federalism, that's what it felt like. Our committee. Where, for you man, I wouldn't care. What you ask me to do you ve? Never said, no, I don't think I've ever said. No, no. You like that record go. Thank you like that. We are right to bind Bill in the blanks in your part, gas tap dance subscribe, so you don't miss it episode.
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