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The Fentanyl Crisis: How To Protect Your Kids

2022-02-15 | 🔗

Derek Maltz, former director of DEA Special Operations, and Tim Mackey, CEO of S-3 Research, join Dr. Phil on this week’s Phil in the Blanks podcast when he addresses the national crisis of drugs, both real and counterfeit, laced with deadly doses of fentanyl. Sold in the streets and on social media, these substances are easily accessible to our youth. Find out how just one pill can kill, what you should know, and how you can protect your kids. http://drphilintheblanks.com/

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They are buying counterfeit pills laced with that. No, they think they are buying one thing, but thereby buying something else, but we are seeing. Many kids is twelve years all dying. Thirteen forty five. You'd see things that are so obvious, like a drug dealer, providing a cure code so that you can scan on your mobile phone, ok, everybody! It's not your in your own fill in the blanks, I'm not one for trying to make things overly dramatic, but to tell you today may be the most urgently relevant fill in the blanks that I think I have
ever done since I launched this podcast you're gonna understand why in a minute, but I want you to watch this or listen to it, whether you watch it on Youtube or listening to a where we list Nepal Cast, I want every one of you please to contact five people. You know particularly people that have kids, twelve thirteen fourteen college kids whatever and tell them they need to listen to this podcast, not because I am so charming, fascinating and entertaining, but because of the content that we're talking about today. I have got two of the most urgently relevant experts on today, and what we are talking about today are drugs and kids.
And I intend to save some lives today, because we have an epidemic going on right now. That has to do with that. No sentinel laced into a variety of drugs and counterfeit pills that our kids or by hang on social media, and this is something that you ma you think you are aware of- I thought I was aware of in terms of the scope and got a rude awakening in the last week to ten days as I was preparing for a show on Doktor Phil as to the scope of what's going on here, and let me introduce my guest here, so I can shut up and you can listen to people know what the hell they're talking about. We guard this year,
made a day is TIM Mackey. He is a professor at you see, Santiago in the global health programme and director of the global health and that a policy institute. He also is the ceo and CO founder of the health intact energy company s three research. I want to tell you why that's really important here as we go along he's working along social media outlets to take down drug dealers from the inside, and I'm talking about working with major major players on the internet, where these transactions are taking place, they want to stop it. He wants to stop it. He's working with them is easy to hate on these big media companies. But the truth is, I don't want this happening at all.
they just don't know how to stop it, but what TIM's do it is a big part of their efforts to do that. Also joining me is former director, of the d a special operations unit, Derek malts. Now he says, he's been tracking the explosion of synthetic drugs since his retirement in twenty fourteen. I dont know why he calls it retirement. I guess he means retirement from the de ache as he had let up a lick. He currently works for the software company pen link limited as the executive director government relations and stays very, very close to law enforcement hand in hand every day. So all the information that we're gonna hear from Derek is up to the minute because he works with them so closely. I have tremendous respect for both of these gentlemen.
oh term, Derek. Thank you both for being here, somebody electrical Derek. Let me start with you since I talked about you last. How long were you with the dossier? I was twenty eight years doktor fell and this company that you're working with now you're still in law enforcement, you're just workin for now outside in right yeah I mean, I believe, the National Security and public safety of America STAR very passionate about it. My brother died in Afghanistan in the war two thousand and three and so I will do anything to support law enforcement, but honestly, right now my focuses supporting all the families that have been devastated from this financial crisis. Well, let's talk about that. This is a crisis and I don't think I overstated it when I said this is perhaps the most urgently relevant.
podcast. I've done since I started this because we have kids, young adults, teenagers. At our dying as we speak, because They are buying counterfeit pills, laced with that. No, they think they are buying one thing, but their buying something else. True right so and it's not just the pills that are killing right now back to fill its faith in all mixed in with cold Kane Federal myth mixed in with met them, famine fed them all, even mixed in with marijuana. There are some cases in the matter God would fatalities, but what we really have is two hundred and seventy five to three hundred a day in America, a dying from drugs The CDC most recent statistics in a twelve month period, ending June two thousand we won reveal a hundred and one thousand two hundred and sixty three dead. America and from drugs.
It's also now the leading cause of death for all Americans aged eighteen, forty five, but we Seeing many kids is twelve years, all dying. Thirteen. Forty fifty when you say it's a leading cause specifically. What are you saying is the leading cause fact in all poisoning? Ok, they caught Sentinel all without whose, but I call it poisoning cause that's what it is. I more prevalent and call the DAS car accidents and even suicide. Okay. So we're not talking about just drug use, we're talking about fit no poisoning in the drugs that are being
purchased right. A great example back to fill some fourteen year old sees his mother taken. Xanax has no idea what it is goes on line, and it says it's for anxiety and depression, so that person then wants to get some xanax I'll. Take a pill for moms till bottle feel great, feel really good. Take another pill, but then, when the supplies out we'll go to Snapchat go to social media, try to buy one, but unfortunately the fake pills that are being sold on the internet are coming from next cartel lads and they're, making faint and all laced pills and then making all types of different products with faint than all, which is killing Americans at record levels as they have a lethal relationship with the chinese trends. national criminals as well. Well, we're gonna talk about that some more in a minute, including the drug laundering, but TIM. He says they're going online and buying this now you're ceo
co, founder of the health and technology company s, three research- and this was created. Identify illicit drug dealers online. What does that mean? You ve got stakeholders like Google Youtube Snapchat, because you're trying to find and fair out these people that are selling these drugs on line. So how are they doing there? How is this working time? First, I alluded background on. The company was actually started, buying a federal grant from the government, so they use taxpayers supporting the development, not this crucial
public technology that focuses on a need that a lot of technology companies are meeting that is removing illicit drug dealers on their platforms. And so the problem is that these drug dealers are across all the platforms across all parts of the internet, including in net search engines, social media in the dark web. In an order to understand their tactics and their marketing approaches and how they entice people to buy, their products. You really have to have a landscape view of, what's going on so they're, very aggressive marketing their just like any other marketer used hashtags. They use in a very exciting scripted images? What they're trying to sell? They are certain users on these platforms, because they are talking about substance, use disorder, they're talking about other things and they are very much a socially active, reaching out to people trying to get them to buy the products. You say that We ve seen a volume of around eighty and ninety thousand.
Dealers on social media over the past two years across different media platforms, yeah We see even more as we look into new platforms such as discordant telegram that are more encrypted in private, that number just keeps going up in that could include people who are active drug dealers who were posting messages. It could be comments their users trying to get them to buy drugs, and it could be other types of advertising, material and yeah. It's it's. The scope is really really really hard to grasp. Well, let's look at this item: thirty five, which is a drug advertisements that was found on social media. This says I got we'd lsd after all, Oxy Roxy, Xanax, Hydro, didn't know heroin math, it just goes on and on and this get pictures on the side I mean this is not settle
I'm sorry, but I dont know how the hell do they get by with is yes I would say, is a lot of these images of the ones detected by our system, which uses essentially big data and machine learning to detect content that relates to illicit drugs zone, and it's not that hard to do. Unfortunately, we have a large scale of data that we look at. the drug dealers are relatively obvious about what they're doing some of them are so obvious because they there's competition in the market place, there's probably a group of drug dealers who want to really be active in their marketing, and then there are others that are more clandestine in the way that the approach of consumers online so theres many different marketing tactics. This is just one example and a lot of time We see post like this and they never taken down when you say there never taken down Derek your point is that they might, by any of ten different things on this list. and they are not getting what they think they're getting, because a lot of these
maybe laced with Vietnam, and they don't know that when they buy it right I mean because that's why the young kids they try to get these people was actually can. After all, her is shared stand acts they think they're buying what mom had in her pill by, but there actually buying fake pills that are coming from these labs in Mexico control. Why the cartels and that's, why was seen so many younger kids dying because it to see at all, without seeing data being deceived. Well, let's look at item thirty six. What you're talking about here, because we look at this you see on top, there is often a cocksucker down and down below. Is the counterfeit actually code on and they look very much the same they're the same color. They ve got the same markings on it. They got the same dosage indicators on it. They ve got
with this. So how hard is it to make a counterfeit pill? Well, I've never made one doctor Phil, but you could buy this equipment online. You can go to the dark where the internet is plenteous sites you by the pill press which may be caused five hundred hours, a thousand dollars, depending on the size of the bill pressed by the die you by the tabling designs you by the lubricants and you just poor the powder that you just got in from to call were online, you to the machine it cranks out the pills you may have machine on your desktop back a crank out up to ten thousand pills an hour. The pill cell Doktor Philip of forty dollars a pill, so it
deal. That makes you know ten thousand pills in our times. Forty dollars a pill, it's very lucrative, so it's very pacing for these kids out there better working with the drug cartels to start making these pills themselves. So it's not just getting pills from there to quote directly as they make in mass amounts of of pills in Mexico, like as an example on October, twenty eight, the mexican Army hit a lad in Mexico and soon a lower back circle that had seventy the capability of producers, Seventy million pills a month of these faked blue ox cart pills so it's really well well well. Well, the company, ok, so they they hit. The mexican Army hit a lab in civil law, Mexico October, twenty eight thousand twenty one. In the way they found a couple hundred pounds a sentinel, but they reporting that came out
by AP disclosed at that land was produced and seventy million pills a monk seventy million a month, and there is an industrial, press his jacket pop out a million and a half million of pills in it. I think it out. Don't want me on that, because I am not in the business, but these pill press is a very, very high tech and they could take it pump out a lot of pills every hour, doktor so well, the so we're talking about billions of dollars here of what they can crank up and if you ve got twenty thirty pounds a fit know that you find how many people can that kill. One kilogram, which is two point, two pounds can kill five hundred thousand Americans potentially like
show the other day. I always use this analogy. You have a sweet and a packet. It's one g, one gram of fentanyl can kill five hundred people that small quantity it only takes like four grains of salt from a salt shaker the equivalent fentanyl, will kill an adult okay. This is what you showed the other day. You take a packet and empty. This much can kill how many people five hundred people based on the analysis of two mg of fentanyl, can kill, and it do or anyone for that matter. Five hundred people, out of the equivalent of a sweetener package to keep the new year positivity going audible, has created a destination for complete. Well being that delivers inspiration, encouragement actionable steps, no matter what your goals are at all
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you damn or Derek he, the one. Why would drug dealers put fit the land appeals Uno. The answer this I just want you guys to explain it because they obviously don't want customer to die right, but they also don't care if their customer dies. When the business is booming, they care about making billions of dollars which they are doing right now. Business couldn't be any better for the next. You courthouse: they, they have a huge demand in America. The product is very addictive: it's not plant based, so they came, they could you don't make it very quickly very easily. They have a steady flow of precursor chemicals come from China and other countries in Asia, and so
This is borne in aid if they lose twenty percent of their customers because they died it just the course. The business when they lose a load of cocaine were met the famine and attract a trailer. They don't stop business because date they lost load. It's just it is the loss in the business start to feel so it's all about making money, that's their mode of it. They don't care about american lives. Step. Two point by point: is its highly addictive, so they could get it in there in the non lethal dose and get the person addicted to get him back more and more and more haunt. You pretend I would add that in their care fit business, there's a lot of counterfeiting of medicines, but when it comes to drugs that are subject to substance use disorder did you have to have an effect where the person you know gets what they want, and so that's, why
an old being cut into these products, because it is addictive, but is much cheaper. We see the same with other counterfeit medicines are one example. Accrued example is kind where you know if it works, and so counterfeiters put additional exceptions in their an additional ingredients to give up a bigger impact. So a lot of counterfeits are different. We actually had a counterfeit incident here in the United States about almost ten years ago of counterfeit cat cancer drugs in the U S marketplace, and we don't know how many patients died from that, but that was cornstarch, because you really can't tell a thug of cancer drugs working or none. Would you sure you do ugh, that's counterfeit and they're. Making these this is not something it's regulated like the FDA, for example, that comes in and monitored. there's and regulates? So you have now idea. What kind
precision they're using even if you accept that they're gonna put fentanyl and therefore addictive purposes or to get there extra kick or extra high or or whatever, there's. No, regulation, it with what purse in their putting it in so, you No, they may intend to put in x and put an end to tax that this not control right. So right, you don't have chemist, sit near and you're not measuring at the quantities they just trying to make as much money as they can in these courthouse are the two main cartels in Mexico too, soon locker
the in the court, the holiest go new generation, it's all about the money and they don't have that precision. I think over time my opinion it develop some to develop more effective ways of measuring this way, measuring not killing there, not killing customers, because it means less money if customers die, but right now, but just kind of like a free for all and all and so much stuff in the streets in America Factor Phil. I want to give you a good example, because this is one that resonates indeed, Phoenix Arizona in two thousand fifteen days he's zero fake pills in their cases. Last year, over ten million the d, a lab has determined that forty percent of the People- was that they analyzed have a potentially lethal goes offensive, while forty percent, now parents listen, that's why I said this is urgently relevant. You just heard Derek malt say that mill
means of pills are being sees that are counterfeit and as much as Forty percent of them have a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl in them. So your kids, your teenagers, your twelve euro. Whoever has access to these social media platforms can be back. and say: ok, look, I'm not a drug attic, but I think I want to try this out. I want to see you the deal is we're gonna have asleep over. Let's get a pin Let's see what happens and maybe get one pill and they break it up into parts in pieces and shared among three or four of them, and every one of them can drop dead and if you think well that European Dramatic Knoxville, they're gonna get one oxy codeine counterfeit pill and four of them drop dead. Yes, that's exactly I'm saying it happened just recently in long beach with some comedians, then it wasn't. Even care
if it pills it had to do with cocaine and marijuana. We just had a group of Parents on our show, with kids They were not drug attics. They ordered exactly that on pill. One young lady took a quarter of a capsule and was dead a quarter of a capsule. So if you think we're being dramatic about this, we are not. Sentinel is fifty two a hundred times stronger than morphine and Danone and want to talk about carpet, know yet we'll get to that in a minute. But Fetnah is fifty two, a hundred times stronger than morphine and its being mixed into these drugs and forty four China, the pills, have potentially lethal doses and am now TIM Doc Item number thirty, eight, which is on your screen, because I won't parents to be
to see what is coming up on their kids screen phones or whatever these just some of the emerges drug codes that I want to decode. This is what they used to signal their dealing. This is what they have. This is what they are selling. These are some of the more common ones, correct correct, and we have that channels that we look at where they actually this Thea emerges that they use like a menu, and so you can see what the menu of drugs are and how those code words work. This is too, Some of the detection techniques that are different platforms use- there are a lot of use of hashtags and slang terms is well and as you saw in the last, a picture that we saw a lot of obfuscation by trying to change the name of a drug with characters and other types of symbols, and then you'd see
that are so obvious, like a drug dealer, providing a cure code so that you can scan on your mobile phone and get access to their menu of drugs on something like another platform so there are very clandestine ways of of communicating this information, but there are very open way as well, and what we are seeing more and more is how interactive and easy it is to access this information compared to what we are seeing. Maybe five years ago for those you learned is listening. You listen not watching we're showing emergencies that you can find on our website, so you can see what they are I'm putting up right now, a menu, that's the menu that You are referring to TIM, very colorful, so it's I catching and is just gotta straight, Menu just like you would order lunch in a diner just going right down what you can order. It's got a list of the drugs down there and then its end,
sing. It says: L, a county delivery. Now Sean wide shipping and Derek. Let me ask you about this delivery thing you order this and they deliver it to your house. While, if you listen to the story of that Capelouto and in every family out, there that's losing their kids, I mean which they ordered. The drug dealer will just delivered right that our house, that's exactly what happened without CAP Alex and so yeah it's it's just way. They do the business, they feel very comfortable and it's happening every day, all around America but Doktor Phil. just so you know the cartels themselves are not using these sites like for retail distribution, they're, making
the powder in Mexico that making the pills in Mexico their sullen until did people here in Amerika, and then they have the distribution business on the streets of this country. So they can make money is well. So this multiple levels TIM when you guys find these drug dealers and we have situations where there has been a death. Does S three research cooperate with law enforcement to identify who the dealer is and help with the prosecution, because I know because I've worked with some of the families that these folks are. Some of them are being prosecuted for murder. Yes, I can't afford sank into the specifics at our interactions with law enforcement, because it s
reasons, could be ongoing investigations, etc. But our data that we generate is used by different technology platforms and by certain regulators and certain other non technology. Companies so. The point is not only to prosecute individuals which I think is important, especially in the context of all the victims have seen, but also to understand kind of the supply chain, flows, understanding where, although this precursors coming from such as chinese e commerce sites and other sites as well, and then understanding who are the targets that we should be going after that are kind of the bigger fish, because we have that are very active, some that have a lot of transaction information going on then we may have those who are still on the business but may be less of a threat just because of the volume of activity there generating, but unfortunately, all of these drug dealers- they removed from these platforms is just there, so many there's so much
data that is really hard because we have to prioritize you no kind of our enforcement efforts and a dealer could use change their screen name and pop up somewhere else right yeah. I think the unfortunate parties as if you are a drug dealer, a lot of times the worst thing that What happened to you is your account bits removed in just create a new one, and you may use the same phone number you made me meeting use the same encrypted. Communication account name so you're not really losing access to your customers, so very little repercussion for a lot of these digital drug dealers, because there's just simply not enough resources put to bear across this public health issue and we don't have universal. agreement on what we should do, like all the czech platforms could just say, we're not gonna tell read this in any way we're an appeal: as many resources as we can to remove all this content and we're gonna work very practically with regulators to do that, and law enforcement that
not the case today, and I'm not sure we're gonna get there in the next few years, but I hope we are ok from how many kids you're gonna be dead in the next two or three years. If it doesn't happen, is my question and Derek you could speak to this, I'm sure, but we're not. About a handful of pills, get away a handful appeals get to Omaha handful pills, get Oklahoma City. How much just coming into the country. Ok, so couple things on the border, seedy pay does a great job. I highly recommend that you and your staff look at the Sea BP statistics. Last year. They cease eleven thousand wondered one pounds a sentinel. That's a three hundred. Ninety percent increase since two thousand eighty that the in its straight I had a press conference in December. She reported that the DE alone working with their partners she's twenty million four hundred Bake pills
streets of America and fifteen thousand pounds of phantom, so we already talked about that one kilogram, two point: two pounds can kill five hundred thousand. She reported the administrator of the year that the DE seized an offence in all ready to kill. Everyone in America was as of December of twenty twenty one and I've talked to the bosses. Indeed, yea and in the statistics are escalating its escalating not gone down, and we see that on item thirty. Seven again. Those you listening, not watching I'll put this on the website, but this talks about. the aid, drug and weapon seizures is, has twenty in four hundred thousand pills: fifteen thousand pounds of fitness may it goes on and on, and this is coming across the border,
Mexico is coming from the mexican cartels. Yes, what's happening, Doktor Phil is the Chinese. Transnational criminals are sending massive ton quantities of the key precursor chemicals. The cartels have lab operations throughout their country, they make the powder they make the pills, and then they use their existing cartel infrastructure. To send all these drugs these deadly drugs into our country. That's one of the reasons I call it a weapon of mass destruction, attack or a chemical weapon attack, because they are chemicals that coming from labs in China and their killing our kids at record levels. We ve never had a virus that I'm aware of in this country that is killed a hundred thousand Americans in the year yeah, that's hard to wrap your head around. If I would ask you to name a nine letter, coffee brand, how fast could you do it? What about
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That's not my expertise. You know is for statistics on reporting boy that's what we all have said over the years. So if you do the math, that means there's hundreds of millions of pills in our country, already hundreds of millions of pills and one hundred and fifty two hundred thousand pounds of fentanyl that have made it into the country if ten percent have been seized and That's why I'm saying to the parents in and by the way, all the? U listers and viewers. I ask TIM and Eric to urgently get back with me on this, and I scheduled, them to day to do this today, because I did want the sun to set again before we got to You with all this information, because what I'm hoping is that you will call your kids
and if they don't live at home, if their college, wherever but com, all their man make eye contact and say: hey, you may not know this. But let me tell you something there are millions and millions of pills. There are tons and tons of cocaine. in an marijuana and math that is laced with a deadly poison that is flowing into America in increasing levels and if you get a hold of it. You are going to be Brain damaged at best and dead at worst, and this isn't happening People you read about on the internet or in the newspaper. It's happening to more and more people. It is the number one cause of death among eighteen, two, forty five fit no death
It is the number one cause. So this is something that is jumped up and reared its ugly head and why are people not talking about this more so Doktor Phil? I will tell you this. Unfortunately, I came up with a saying we that this is not a red or blue issue, its red white and blue issue. Unfortunately, everything today is driven by poverty It doesn't matter what so the aisle you you stand, it managed at the kids dine at record levels, so you would hope that the politicians start realise this should be a bipartisan issue. We cannot. about politics later, but when it comes to the kids and our future generation, we have to put the politics aside. Unfortunately, the south was border is a very poor, cool topic right now, as you know, we all Know- and China is a very political topic, so nobody in the belt way the politicians unless they want to
to make a political point. They don't want really talk about this, so this is how to stop, because we have to save lives. If you look at the San Diego report back last year, the end of last year, there's a one thousand three hundred per cent increase in fentanyl related deaths from two sixteen through two thousand twenty San reported. That answer, and not the surest pop in an orange county, they reported a one thousand. Sixty seven percent increase, that's just couple are the morgue enough. The corner in Ohio Franklin, counting Ohio. She reported eighty six percent of the das that see an offence to all related to drug side. And that was only through the third quarter of two thousand twenty. This statistic
so far behind we're not doing public service announcements. We have to be more aggressive, educating the kids and, of course we got a treat, the people that are already addicted out there, the millions of people that are addicted. So it's a complex problem, people in Washington, to fill run away from the controversy. Then I embrace in it and they need to start doing it, and this is across all sides. not one way or another, like I said, it's a red, white and blue issue in Amerika Ass to wake up and demand accountability. You said something else. You the day that really stuck with me. You said kids today, you're supposed to learn from their mistakes, not die from them exactly a law that was really an important statement. We all made mistakes, his kids, every one of us right. You look back but you're not supposed to die from mistakes. You heard stories these poor families. I you
everyday and these kids, they don't know what to do when we're in a very very you know, interesting time. In America you have to call, but you have social isolation, you have businesses closed, you have depression, and so people are turning to dangerous drugs. They don't even realise how dangerous day off and then waking up and then the parents rule saying we never got a chance to be worn had them. I wasn't warned about this phantom one of them Since I have especially when you hear from these families is that they really had to work hard to show law enforcement that their kids bought stuff online. So. We really dont know the true scope and scale of this epidemic and in relation to a lot of these technology platforms be much worse. Unfortunately, a lot of these families had to go into their kids phones and find out after these tragedies what had happened. They had to become investigators and advocates on there for them
it's on behalf. I think that really needs to change, because we could have a silent epidemic going on out there that and we're not gonna address station until we have better information about. You know how these platforms facilitating this activity and how we can stop it. Well, I think that's exactly right in in law enforcement defence, and I think it's why companies like a three research is so important to bridge this gap. Is the police get called out in their standing there and ok, here's a teenager, that's lost their life and there's a pill. Well
They ve got to have some kind of chain of custody of that pill. They gotta say: ok, you say they ordered on the internet. We got a trace that some way we have to know and you're identifying these people and coming up with ways that they can be identified and give them a road map to that which I think is so important. But I've been talking about this. For probably a couple years I have to admit, I have not done my job because I haven't been talking about it loud enough. I haven't been talking about it. Long enough, I haven't been talking about it with enough urgency until you, too, really educated me to the scope of this issue here, Derek when you say thirteen hundred percent increase
in San Diego and a thousand sixty seven percent increase in Orange County from the sheriff eighty six percent of the deaths in Ohio in drug related category all having to do with fentanyl and every parent. You guys heard when we were talking to these parents that are so tragically heartbroken. They were stunned. They were shocked. They said what fit know what my kids, not a druggie, and here they ordered ill, which they shouldn't have done every one of them said. I admit that that was not the smart thing for the kid to do, but they had not had a conversation with their child about fictional. They had not had the discussion we're having right now about fit. the discussion that I'm saying I want every parent is listening, you this in every parent that they called Silas this just sit down with their child and say, listen you're buying the
he's from unscrupulous people they're putting it in there to a dick you, it's not regulated, they don't know how much there putting in there and they just consider death is breakage. People are dying to the point. The number one cause of death is like playing russian roulette, but there's a bullet in every other chamber. You just can't do this. They ve got to have that conversation with their kids, and I want them to know these statistics you have. What Derek just said is that the rule of thumb is ten percent our seizures, my god there is enough out there to kill every American walking the streets today, we ve got to alert people to say you can't take this risk that to fill. Can I just tell you one. Other stat, which is interesting is that in phoenix on one day on December. I think fourteenth they seized. One point
seven million fake pills one day, unbelievable, and I would just add that this is the power of low these platforms. Is they have a huge voice and a huge reaching their their communities with young adults and children, etc. There the power to broadcast this message to their users, And say: please be careful about buying any drugs online and by the way, we're gonna remove all of this content. So they have the power to do two very important things to get rid of it completely with no, no knows no demands or buts, but just get rid of it, but also- say exactly what you said: doktor fill to their millions of users and make sure that they understand the risks on their plan. it's so hard when you talk about young people, they hear all this, don't do drugs, don't do drugs, don't do drugs, we're not even saying that- and I do say that to say you,
shouldn't we do and heroin you shouldn't be doing cocaine. You shouldn't be doing all of this, but set aside for a minute. I'm saying now is it just talking about? a bad habit. We're talking about your life. It we're not talking about, don't get addicted to heroin and you're gonna wind up with your life falling apart and in three months six months a year EU my wind up, overdosing And dying what we're telling you here is: you can take one quarter of a counterfeit pill, you can sort one line of cocaine and drop dead right now because of this fitness, you are a complete idiot if you are buying these drugs like this with, what's happening right now, you are
complete idiot. If you do it and we have to absolutely get that message across and we ve got to figure out. how to do that yeah right now seizures and D. In twenty twenty one. They reported ninety cases of online drug cases In forty nine of those have a direct tie of fatalities. Where we ever seen this kind of numbers jumping up snapshots. As with thirty four cases and Facebook MESSENGER with twenty eight and, as I said, not trying to throw these social media platforms under the bus. They don't want this hell. Snapchat doesn't want this face, but they don't want this. This is terrible for their business right yeah. I think that ten first allow these platforms were designed to do
this type of activity, but unfortunately this is what has happened and there's a lot of things are dealing with whether it be covered misinformation, whether p these drugs sales and there is not in their interests to have their users die it's in their interest to keep create healthy ecosystems where people can have enriched social benefit from their digital communities. They don't want this, but their dense too slow to react and be proactive about understanding what their responsibilities are to keep the public safe, and this is part of a broader conversation, but I think it's something that will be advanced because of these tragedies and we really need to address it urgently, and that's a high price to pay to advance the conversation. As you know, we talk to those pair.
the other day and they were just absolutely heartbroken. I mean, can you just imagine and every one of those kids? They were good students, good athlete. These were not kids, that you would expect to be walking in the room and finding them dead, and I'm not saying they should have ordered the pill. They shouldn't have done that no question about it, but these are not who you would say. Well, you do drugs two hundred times a year odds are against. You were talking about one time to time, something like that. It, in the odds, are just against them, Derek. What are the police doing about this?
The police are doing tremendous work, considering the resources that they have like. I already reported some of the seizure of the d, A and C Bp and homeland security investigations. There actually working as an example which state locals their recovering the phones of the disease they're using court orders to get on the summit of forms of the bad guys, their ingesting information there analyzing the information that developing evidence they're going to the prosecutors, bull, state, local and federally, and trying to get you note indictments on these drug traffickers and trying to charge and murder- and it's very complicated to do it- saw the laws are antiquated. I did this a lot of issues with these cases, but we pass some successful prosecutions. You heard about that cap elude us daughter. I help them get on some media, the to your anti virus, free of his daughters, death. The couple days before the d, a homeland security estimations in
Riverside County California. They arrested the subject who sold Alex to the pill, so warm enforcement is working hard, that justice seizures alone, Doktor Phil. If you take forty percent of the deviation, twenty million pills, in the UK alone, potentially saved. Do the math what five million whatever it is. No, that's eight million lives. If those pills head fatal levels no m and that's what the US, that is less eight million lives exactly and when you asked the question detained before I want to give you a simple illustration about these companies, because I dont believe the corporate executives at these multi billion dollar companies want to see this kind of stopping soul, but what this one on Amazon after the Paris raising how about keep calm and let them know handle it yeah. I bought it myself because I believe it so I ordered one and got it shipped to my house. Unbelievable talk about
mad cow, pollute our situation. Where are they right now with that prosecution, while the arrest was made in December it? So it's early phase is obviously to prosecution. It's gonna take while I dont ask for details by friends in the De Los Angeles, a very aggressive they have a cyber team that work and really hard. They gonna make a lot of arrest this coming year and negative charge people with the death of these young kids. Ah, because that's one of the keys to success measures, if we could keep these deaths down and see a reduction of the debt, Pa homeland security investigations are going to continue to work very hard to prosecute these guys. But you know, like TIM, said, there is a resource issue and there's a training issue. There's a technology issue. The government agents do not have the training that have the resources that I have to technology. That's
to do these complex cases and in I think, back to fill that we didn't talk about which is relevant is our laws are very antiquated like, for example, with using encrypted communication. Apps to do not only criminal activity but terrorist activity we'll restricted in America and what we can do even with a judges. Signature on a court order. We can't get content on communications of these things, sometimes, which per head prevents law enforcement from developing the critical evidence. That's that's needed to prosecute them, so Congress ass to wake up a little bit and start helping. You know update the laws. No and no one in law enforcement,
to invade the privacy of our citizens, but they want to stay in the game and they want to save lives, that's what they get paid to do, and it is hard because of that. Yes, in this case that were referring to Alex, was twenty years old, purchased a pill and it is believed that she took one half of what she believed to be oxy code on and on analysis. After the fact, it was pure fantasy and it was originally ruled- a drug overdose, non criminal and after so much hard work by the parents with the police going back through the phone tracing it back
then it was changed so now the charge to the drug dealer is murder and there is a trial pending. I think it's coming up the trail data set in May of this year, so there is accountability for some of this, but it took two years to get to the point of making an arrest and It is to trial, and there are said, ninety thousand eighty. Ninety thousand of these, across different platforms, ass one took two years to get to trial welders, eighty nine thousand nine hundred and fifty nine more of him out there, and it took two years to get one of em the trial. So something has to change. You know. Matt thinks his daughter was deceived to death and she was so poison and there's no other way to look at it as far as I'm concerned. So we will see, but Man Christine
I feel really strongly about it, and so there are going to follow up on it and will keep everybody posted on that term. Is there anything that we have talked about here that we should yeah? The one thing that I think is really important is that unless the whole of tech industry addresses this issue collectively were really nothing to address the problem at all, if we take down drug dealers on one side than they just migrate to another if they are able to coordinate across different platforms, a chop crossed a different internet ecosystems. Thence people will still be enforcing dying. So we need a really hole of internet approach to this issue because it so complex, you're, so many points of vulnerability and we don't have that right now, whether that comes through legislation or other forms of you know me,
companies do what they're supposed to do what they should be doing anyway. It's a separate question, but that's what we need. We need a really hole of ecosystem approach and there are some pieces of legislation that are being pushed along, but they're moving slowly and absorb tax dollars at work. This move slowly and I'm not sure that speed necessarily moves. The ball down the field because you gotta have the right law, it so easy, Ebby race up there and get something the wrong thing in place. The drug dealers and cartels are difficult to find. Way to do it in run around and we gotta get something, that's comprehensive and really shuts it downright correct, and we already have laws on the books like the Rhine. Hide ACT was named after right have height, who died from buying like it in online, almost twenty years,
So it's not like. We haven't known that this problem has existed. We haven't enforce the laws that we have and we haven't made sure that a lot of the platforms do what they're supposed to do what's already in their content and moderation policies, but put resources behind it. I think that's another clear signal that people are taken seriously, put the resources, people and money behind this issue, to take down this content and make sure you for that further and not to digress from the urgency of the sentinel situation, in, but I do want to say in talking about just buying these drugs online. Generally speaking, as Derek was talking about earlier. It's not just these drugs interlaced was that no but buying cancer, drugs or other kinds of drugs, if you're not buying them from someone
that is reputable FDA, regulated and approve. You have no, I deal what you're getting worse it now with organised crimes involving in retail shoplifting they go in and steal a lot of these things that are used for pain, management, that sort of thing and then its stored in warehouses or trailers where it gets two hundred and thirty or Hutton thirty degrees Fahrenheit inside that Metal Box in the act of AIDS, the ingredients and people buy it for twenty five thirty cents on the dollar. Thinking there getting a great deal, I getting anything, the same thing can happen and with medication, Ediths gotta know who you're buying from and what you're getting, because, if you're taking counterfeit medication, and all the while your disease is advancing. It can absolutely cost you your life, so it's
Important that you know who you're getting your medications from that, in fact, you're getting what you think you're getting in the case of fictional. It can cost you your life, the case of these other drugs. It can slowly cost you your life. If you think your treating a disease that your nod and allowing it to advance. So there's just danger across the board with this, but with that no, it is a right now danger and we need parents to talk to their kids and I've got it. out of young people, that listen to this as well, and if your listing don't be an idiot, I mean love yourself enough to treat yourself kindly treat yourself.
In a way that you value yourself. You value your body, you value your life and don't put yourself in harm's way with something where the deck is stacked against you, as Derek said, you're supposed to learn from your mistakes not die from them, and we don't want that happening to you here, Derek. What have we not talked about that we should. While I wanted just pick up on what I TIM said, it's not just the hall of Technology approach, which I agree with everything. He said it's a hall of the United States approach because in the long for the world if we have more force working in their own silos as an example- and I ran this coordination centre for ten years, so I know about that very well and information sharing. We have to focus on the threats and forlorn force. Now the threat is really clear: the mexican cartels and the chinese transnational criminals. You want to shut down the Florida chemicals
you want to shut down the production labs? You want to shut down the money flows and you want to put them out of business, so they can produce the poison. That's killing our kids, so you'll also need the medical professionals, the substance use disorder, professionals, the mental illness professionals. It's that complicated at its it's. That important, though, need a task force. Not just throwing money at a test was but accountability for results. Who's in charge and are we seeing a drop in the debts? Are we educating the kids? Are we doing public service announcements with the Superbowl as an example? Right a week we recruiting professional athletes and celebrities, and thank you doctor Phil, because you're doing today means so much too now me, but the families around America, because no one else at your level in the national spotlight is doing is so. Thank you.
We know from the bottom of my heart and your staff was tremendous, but this is the kind of stuff we need to continue to do. Because we will save lives and the parents know it well. Thank you for saying there, but this is my responsibility and to be a good stir. This platform I've been afforded this platform. for twenty years, and it is my responsibility to be doing Yes, I'm sorry that I have not yet louder and longer before, but I am going to make up for that now. I pledge to you Derek into you term. My platform is Yawls platform whatever you need whenever you needed, if there's something we need a call to action. If there's legislation we need to push. If there are essays. We need to do I'll produce some out. A mile producing for other people I'll do whatever you guys. Let me know what we need and when we need it and will be the three musketeers
yes and will raise Hale till we get things moving away. They need move, really appreciate that that means a lot like you think so much. We need so much advocacy on this issue very much appreciate it will If we need to start recruiting, I know a lot of athletes. I know a lot of celebrities and whatever voice cuz. We need I'll get a course. You wouldn't believe that we had one. We had one kid but Jack, Driscoll, Philadelphia, Eagles. His friend high school teammate up Joseph Dean in Connecticut died of fentanyl at twenty three so Jack. He did a Nike commercial. Sure my cleats, my cause any talked about federal, but other than that I haven't seen it. So we need NBA Major League baseball hockey and fell any those professional athletes. If they talk about that at all, and if you know the deadly aspects of federal, that's going to mean a lot and celebrities as well,
well, I've got friends and contacts in every category. You just named, and you better believe, I'm gonna call in the chips, good man, all women get brother Cameron, we're ratio ever also ever long term relationship we'll CBS Bs, I'm gonna start their good man. If you ever need any details, any statistics, any facts. Any connections in life was please let me Well, you guys are the ones with the facts, so here we want to show about numbers of people, but both You have some staggering statistics and this when you walk and by the Ebay and go away, but what did you say that I'm sorry that those numbers are true, but they are and that's where we need to get it. So I'm gonna let both of you go against. Thank you for stopping in bending your day around doing this, you see why I wanted to do it so urgently. I want to get this out there and we'll get this turned around quickly, I'm on a
promoted on all my platforms and on the show, and I'm sure we'll be talking again. Let's really follow through on this and make some noise guys. Thank you very much for spent in his time on film the blanks and thank you for being on the show. The other day we will contain you this dialogue in. If we need to go to capital will load I'm gonna capital. Absolutely thanking Derek! Thank you term. Thank you. So long, a guest.
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