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The Most Important Season of Dr. Phil in 21 Years!

2022-09-06 | 🔗

Dr. Phil addresses the most important season of 'Dr. Phil' in the last 21 years! You asked him the tough questions and he is answering them right now! Tune in to see what's next for 'Dr. Phil' and how you can be a part of the crucial conversations for America.

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This episode has brought you buy directv stream directv In brings you the live tv, you loved. That means and stay up to the minute on twenty four hour, live news from entertainment to current events wherever you are in the? U s, whether that's at home, on your tv, or streaming on the go and you get your favorite live sports, so you can catch this seasons biggest games, get the best of live tv with directv stream gets we together at directv that car the questions have always been about human folk how to live better lives, but this year You ve had additional questions from you of what the hell is going on in this country. Well, hey everybody! Welcome to fill in the blanks of acts recording this on labour day the day before him in it to you. So be labour day. Everyone
even though its over when you're listening to this. This is kind of special for me, because it's been a long time since I've been able to sit down and talk to you just myself without aghast there's a reason I'm doing this? It's not because I didn't have a guess this week. I have lots of guessed, but I wanted to talk about. something really important to me and that is that this coming monday, world king season twenty one of doktor fill. That is of course, very special for all of us had doktor phil, but his special. For some other reasons, and I'm going to tell you why right now, because I think this is going to be
Probably the most important season of doktor fill in twenty one years, important because a view not because of us. I'm gonna pull the curtain back and give you a little insight into how doktor phil works by doktor, fail or not about myself and a third person, I'm talking about doktor fill the platform. You see every year we shoot. And aboriginals on until the end of may and then every summer, we worked really hard to look at what we ve been doing and reinvent ourselves. Focusing on how we can respond to, and connect with you, our viewers, better and better, how we can tell us
lorries better how we can deliver our message better. We ve always let your questions drive our continent we let you and your mail, your comments, your questions determine what stories we do. What topics we pick up on, what we guess on so have you ever wonder? Why are they doing this show? Why are they doing? That topic is because of the male? We get the comments we get so See us doing something we see is doing it. Maybe two or three times is because We're getting so much input from all of you. so we ve always let you determine what our continent is. So we look at what questioned you're asking and what challenge?
Is your facing and what you want to see addressed, and let me tell you in the lab several months, those questions, those comments. Those challenges have chain. Dramatically dramatically I have never seen before Questions have always been about human functioning had to live better lives, but this year, this summer in particular, instead of just marriage, family parenting, emotion, In addition, the things that you ve always talked about, why I ve had additional questions from you. Additional concerns, additional challenges and theyve included. A major heading of what the hell, going on in this country what
going on what seems like a crazy world and I have to say, I'm not been surprised by that, because I've been asking the same questions, but when people ask me that it's not rhetorical. when you guys say that to me: you're really looking for an answer, it's not just show wow What's going on in this crazy world, it right billy is a question to which you are looking for an answer. I'll get more specific about what all of you guys have been asking you now asking about survival. What are we gonna have to do to you by what are we gonna have to do to actually survive you're asking school shootings in school, shooters you're asking about school teachings. What are your kids actually being exposed to your asking about violent criminals?
on the streets and why there on the streets curious about whether our countries actually gonna survive all this divisiveness, your concern, and about what universities are teaching this generation, your concern, bout laws that are being enforced, And some laws that are being over enforced, you're saying it feels like If you disagree with some one that boil over into hatred. You're concerned about this cancel culture where, if you did I agree with the wrong person or you say the wrong word. Somebody jumps up says hate, speech, hate speech just because you asked around. question. Are you use the wrong words? Is
everything is on edge and you guys are saying doktor phil what in the world is going on in your message to me, been like hey, they're, doktor, common sense. This would be a really good time for you to speak up, step up and show some good down to earth. leadership and guidance no span. I just want to tell you that I plan my whole team, and plans to passionately answer that call we even turned our studio audience into an onstage, fully participating focus group for every show. The audience is not gonna be out where the audience has been. The audience is gonna, be up on stage with me, participating in every show every guest, every conversation.
There we are getting real, like people have never seen on television before this is a place where you can say but you want to say and not be afraid to getting cancel, look on politically agnostic and science based data base results based I don't care what people think are barely care. What I think I care what is. It is time that we all wake up and hold ourselves in each other accountable and deal with the facts and stop me. King up, what we wish was true, stop rewarding bad behavior and start applauding and supporting good sound, productive behavior. I think we have to stop doing that.
and I think that means we ve just lost our way common since, as I have said, many times has just now Been common enough and it seems to be getting more and more scarce by the day. People I'm afraid to say anything about it. It's like the emperor's new clothes, we have to kind go along with all of this, or they lack. We're idiots You're not an idiot, because you have an opinion and you're entitled to your opinion, and I want to talk about these With no political agenda no span, no politics, we just need to Back to running our own lives and our own world, it were we continue to deal with. All of that, we're going to continue to deal with human functioning, but we're going to talk about the things you want to talk about.
As I have said, I am the curable optimist and I think we can fix this. That also think, if we don't, this country is going to be paying. For some of these serious problems, for a long long time. Everyone examples what I'm talking about. I can give you a hundred, but let me just pick one is an example of what I'm talkin about this pandemic. We ve just been through this quarantine. We this been through. We blew it at every level, preparedness for this quarantine and pandemic, the response to the pandemic and the resulting quarantine, the management, the aftermath we blew it financially, educationally medically, psychologically, economically, and
What's more, we're still blowing it today and I'm saying so, and I'm going to say so in detail, I'm going to amplify that by science with world class experts that have no political agenda, because if we acknowledge it, we can change it. We can fix it buddy. If we don't it's going to cripple this country for decades to come. This current generation that we have in school. These kids that we have in school you've probably seen the headlines. We just wiped out two years of reading science, all these different things that kid's or so to be learning. Well, there's no plan to fix that. We do started putting kids
back in schools that they should have never been taken out of to begin with and we're dig into that? We're gonna talk about that. I want to show you what I mean, because we did Need the government in here tell us what to do with our own children. If you want another example, school shooters. you notice acid shooters, not shootings. We Oh, so much more information about who the shooters are then were using that it's just terrible. We. Aid to stop politicizing it and do what we can to manage it. Knowing where people go, arguable The second amendment all they want to that's fine,
but there are already more guns on the street. Then there are americans. There are thousands and thousands of assault rifles on the street, but that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about who the shooters are, and there are things we can do to cut down this tragic tran dramatically, And we can do it right now, one two, three four: five steps that we can take to change this right now it people shut up and listen long enough to hear what it takes. That's what I'm talking about That's what you want to know that your kids can go to school and be safe, we know how to make them more safe. We can't make this go away, but we can slow it down. That's. Why
I'm getting a lot of questions about, and there are answers to that and I have relationships with the top experts in the world on how to make this happen. You are concerned about what your children are being taught in school. I understand and you should be. the national institute. Illiteracy says there are thirty, two million people in america that can't read above the fifth grade level, nineteen percent of high school graduates can't read: how did they get through high school. The national assessment of educational progress is thirty. Two percent of fourth graters and twenty four percent of eighth graters can't read beyond even the most basic level.
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customers craze. Now robin ask about how crumble has been able to grow from one bakery to over six hundred in only five years and how the tick tock craze for their brand actually got started. This is really a compelling story in a lot to learn. Ok,. It'll play. A clip of I've got a secret robber girl, while you're listening be sure to subscribe, follow and listen on apple pie. Spotify or, however, your listening now you're gonna love this one. so we have a very extensive process. We call the cookie commandments and so a cookie has to go through these commitments in order For it to be on the menu at the end of the day, we also have a rigorous testing system, so we have over fifty stores, spread out throughout the nation that actually test our cookies and we collect data from our customers and they tell us how they feel about the appearance.
the taste, the texture if they would refer to a family member or a friend if the name matches the overall appearance of the cookie. So we collect all that data and if it passes In each category above a seven or eight, then we will put it off the menu, but if it doesn't pass, then it goes back into the kitchen and it gets redeveloped until it does pass. We've got all this controversy going on about change. pronouns worthy here? don't know more prone areas. I think we should spend at least time making sure they know what a pronoun is. If we're gonna be talking to him about, Changing their pronouns They want to do that. That's fine, but let's make sure they know what it is. I'm very concerned
that we're moving into a victim hood culture and culture is the operative word here we are by rewarding bad behaviour. Creating a culture of victims is historically victim was defined As one who is andrew, destroyed or sacrificed under any a very Conditions then listen It happens. I'm not disputing that. There are undisputed victims of circumstances totally outside anyone's control. That would be consensually. Acknowledge me, think about it. People go through hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and the like. These are a visit, could injure or destroy people's lives. They may kill financially ruined, wiped out these victims of circumstances. Don't have common.
now the rights they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and many might call survivors as opposed to victims, they are also victims of human to human types of harm, bullying, assaults, slavery, genocide, horrific tragedies like the holocaust war. things like that, but in my opinion this view, the label has been hijacked and appropriated by today's society. Research tells us, especially among some, but not all that were born after nineteen eighty five, And raised by what are called concierge parents, they started to claim that they, an injured by words or ideas, injured,
important because they ve medical ized it and actually gotten people fired hurting their feelings but as a concierge, parents are. We all heard about free rein. his parents and helicopter pair at hover over their children and don't let him get out there and experience life. Concierge parents are the ones who. always caught little johnny or jill before they fail and scrape their knee and made that they all got a big shiny, trophy on their own. twelve soccer team, it never won a game and they celebrated every laws with a pizza party. They both those two away any obstacles, so they never built up any immunity to social discord. they were never allowed to be. Teased, are excluded or picked on even a little bit, so they never built up thick skin
they never learned how to be tough, unlike the princess and p princess was so sensitive that even a p would be painful. These are the parents. I go out demand equal playing time for their little boy. Even if we can't hit the ground with a ball forget the lot other kids, really hard to win their so thin skinned and protected. that now there showing up at college and saying their feelings were heard. They been offended and there actually getting professors in deeds and coaches fired for hurting their feelings, though Are not students better prepared for functioning in the real world, I'm concerned about that? What happens if
they suffer. The inhumanity of some universally or org disease expecting them to actually do the work or job? For me, they were admitted to that college. Your hired that organization, insidious, providing them safe spaces- I mean come on? What are we doing here? Obvious well- are not sensitive to a fan of this line of thinking. Comedians used to go to universities because they were open, minded and found humor now come. indians won't go to universities because they say there so uptight. That they give him a list of things they can't talk about because they would be offensive so comedian actually don't wanna, go colleges,
we go through the list of things. I can't talk about we're turn things upside down. This is a competitive world and you guys are asking me What what am I doing sending my child to university? If they're not prepare, them for the real world. Well,. I agree with you: life is not a success. Only journey we. The call that out. Misery is not a strategy that that's not a what way to go through life, taking personal responsibility, strategic planning goal, directed behaviour. That's a strategy. Our kids should be getting taught that I think real compassion, extends beyond the shoulder and wish to cry.
I find it hard to resist helping someone who refuses to be defined by the opinion of others and instead takes responsibility. Their own well being. I think we need to create our own experience and I believe strongly in the principle of reciprocity. I think we get what we give in this world, so we're going to be doing that here a clip of some of the things we ve been working on I want to talk about things that need to be talked about hate crimes in the: u s rose last year to the highest level in more than a decade said sean. Why am I being targeted just for looking the way I am? It gets worse,
The parliament in our nation sport has become painfully started better. You never heard of the police officers, we failed It is more inclusive, more informative than ever the price of almost everything rising faster than in decades, huge grocery haul after one hundred dollars. What is your recommended budget deal about number? What you're doing is working, so I'm gonna shut up the losing their cool at the drop of a hat. What the hell is going on today, oh boy, are we going to talk about the you can see the kind of thing Were working on we're still focused on real people with real story
Resolving real problems and I'm trying to give people right, oh answers and real strategies, the sum of the top. so we ve been dealing whether our streets safe this. Pattern we've gotten into releasing violent criminals, where they're out knock and people in ahead or pushing on the subway tracks hours after they were arrested when they ve got a dozen priors and they deserve Put him in jail, we take a hard look at these school shootings that I mentioned before. We take a look at what is happening with the transgender agenda in school. Should it be there or should it not transgender athlete? Should they be
competing in women's sports would get a series on inflation to help. You stretch your dollar in this time and I'm not talking about theory and a bunch of things, you could read in a pamphlet from the government, I'm tired king about no kidding tricks of the trade to actually yet more buying power from your dollar to stretch your budget. So you can get more and I'm bringing a top experts that tell you had a beat the system. Usually like served from part one of how to survive inflation. I'm an american and I'm piss off the price of almost everything rising faster than in decades. I have to pay three four or five times the price and then not get as much food. I get a huge grocery haul.
One hundred dollars. What is your recommended budget? This is doable number other think crazy. What you're doing this working almost shut up we're having some debates about this defend the police. We're talking about hate crimes were talking about this. Controversial subjects of medical aid and dying tis, a real, important question: you were faced with a fatal disease. And you knew there was no way out and you could either suffer.
for months and then die or you could die with dignity and forego the suffering which would you prefer to do there are religious applications, are moral implications, family implications, but we talk about that and we talk to some people that have made decisions in both directions. We, too, about as body positivity gone too far. Are we glamorizing unhealthy? body types. We talk about college, hazing, familiar It's off to college: what are they need to know
fifty five young men have died since the year two thousand in hazing incidents. Can we stop that internet predators, those sorts of things we're talking about? all of these things it you're asking about in letters and questions, because they are so important you're one of our first episodes is going to be about the invisibility of anti asian hate, Where a lot of asian americans are being targeted with hate crimes and the tendency to just not react to it, give a list
into this promo crimes in the us was last year to the highest level in more than a decade. The long did this go on for more than an hour, Fortunately, it turned into an assault on above my parents. It gets worse off to sell video evidence. It is so poor. She would be a risk that did not happen. Did it doctor will show willing. Boils down gee, I'm really excited about season twenty one. I have to tell you, I'm so proud that you guys have reached out And honoured me with your questions and your thoughts because it
revitalized me to the point that I am as excited about season. Twenty one as I was about season one because you ve put challenges in front of me and our team, that just means a lot. So I accept that challenge and I'm excited about it. I love this country. I know there are people that say: that's not the involved thing say, but I love this country, I love it for what it offers and has offered to me, and my family and most everyone I have ever known now- is perfect: no, not by a long shot but neither or any of us who make up the population? It defines the united states of america and think about it. We are this country.
without all of us, america's just a big landmass. So all you? May you friend your family We are america and of its screwed up it's because we. Our screwing up big time. You may them all of us and we need to know that I know it. They know it. Some of us may be too self righteous, narcissistic sanctimonious to admit it out loud, maybe even privately, but at some level we all. I have to know that we are american and I think we are blowing the greatest human experience, the greatest social experiment, the greatest opportunity in history. And the reason your hearing may say this: instead of
Me hearing you say it is not because I'm smarter braver, wiser or some greater thinker. Your hearing may talk about it because, frankly, I heard your quest. in your challenges- and I just ran out a reasons not to talk about this. I've been thinking about this for the last several years and quite frankly, I just can't take it anymore. I have to talk these things and then, when your question started. Turning in that direction I knew that was I had to start talking about this and I am talking about this because it is the perfect storm, I'm feeling it
This country is where it is, and I start getting your questions and I just sit. There said I I can't I can't take it anymore. Knowing what I know, I can't sit here as part of the silent majority of americans watching common sense get thrown out the window marked criticized, judged and labelled talk by a very loud minority of dysfunctional Postmodernism, dick thinking groups who have weapon eyes the art of character assassination too, I will never seen before just because Somebody maybe doesn't agree, was now. and we're in a digital age? Now, where social Media platforms can attack people like never before. Look I'm gonna tell you some tiered jirga
story of how I grew up as a boy and had dreams of life in amerika. I want you to consider what I'm saying here, because of what I know the data supporting, what I'm saying, we're in a bar add spot in america right now. That's why you're writing me the things you riding me: cancel culture, mob, rule keyboard, bullies, emotional extortion,
We ve got to tail wagon the dog on a lot of things. Individuals have personalities so to families and soda communities, and even our country they have collective first now these and they can be healthy. Productive, cohesive willing be incredibly dysfunctional. There's a psychology to how all this functions. That's But has me troubled, what's it supposed to be like and then how is different. I always say that you should only compare yourself to you, so let's do that for a minute. There are different spheres of functioning right.
How was your life before everything got so divided and what was the first link in the chain? Where did start? Was it the vitriolic from introduced was it is inflammatory language. Did the rules change? Was it the me too, movement. Was it. b. L m was it collen capper neck when even stand for the national aid, Was it before that? Has it been long brewing was there
any response society could have made. That would have been acceptable and stop the violence and destruction that was going on in the streets after george floor Are we now driven by revenge ass? He objective change for our collective consciousness,. social sciences is always the way we enter a conversation. It's always advanced us better and further and human nature.
Is always self referential wheeling about? How does all this affect me? I want us to be talking about and thinking about, all of those things. Right now we are a country really divided, here of mall. You tell me it makes you anxious. It makes you afraid to say what you think it makes you concerned and it does affect your mary to does affect your family. It does affect your comfort with your kids going to school, Makes you concerned about what their being taught or not taught. So I hear you and we're gonna talk about that. I'm still doktor phil, I'm still
insist on keeping your marriage healthy, your family, healthy, your kids healthy, but these are allergies, it now have to be included in keeping that where you want it to be getting it back to where you want it to be, and I promise you, it starts with common sense and being honest with yourself. Like I said, I'm the incurable optimist, so this coming monday september, twelve, we kick off season twenty one of them.
To fill really asking you to join and take this journey with us, and I'm asking to hear from you now we have a group on facebook called doktor phil. fanatics. That's p h, a n by t, I see doktor phil fanatics, sure what we call super fans and that's where I let people know what's going on first in drop in and talk and let you know what's going on behind the scenes and everything is happening as well as here on bill in the blanks go sign up for becoming a doctor, feel fanatic, but really hope. You'll join us for the launch of the season and I promise you you're going to see.
A rebirth of common sense, you're gonna get the absolute truth. What the data really says? What science really says? What you can do to me? your school safer. What you can do to make your community cipher what you can do to put your life. Where you want it, I'm going. Answer your questions. We're gonna talk about things that matter to people who care and the people who care. Are you so you, let me know what you want addressed and that's what we're gonna do. If you're, in LOS Angeles area, where you're going to be. let us now and can be put. The studio audience you're right upon stage with me. And the audience is participating in the conversations can ask me questions gas aghast questions, it's a good,
old fashioned town hall, meeting focus group type thing where you can weigh n and be heard Said this is real, like you haven't seen on television ever before, and I couldn't be more excited, so I decided to dedicate this podcast two it till. Let all of you all know and thank you so much for being supporters of fill in the blanks- listen tell five of your friends to listen to this episode. Bill in the blanks and to join us, Timber twelve for the seas and launch. we're still a number one show all because of you.
And were very proud of that as we launch off into the historic twenty first season. So thank you for listing will see you. Precision large on Monday september, twelfth talking about things that matter. Our first show has to do with hate in america, hate crimes and what can be done about it? It's actually a very uplifting show. It's not a negative show. It's a very uplifting show
Thank you really learned something by watching the little change the way you do, some of the things that you do, they should be in here I'll talk to you next tuesday, so on.
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