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The Psychology Of Success With Dr. Anne Shadle


Dr. Anne Shadle is an expert in the psychology of success. “It’s training your mind to know exactly what you need to do,” says the two-time NCAA national track and field champion and former professional runner. Dr. Shadle, who holds a Bachelor of Science in exercise science, says her research focused on understanding the psycho-emotional and psycho-social challenges, preparation, and responses of Olympic Gold Medal-winning athletes.  “I discovered the psychology aspects and just how powerful our mind is,” she says, adding, “I'm a strong believer that success leaves clues.”


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how powerful our mind is and how much our mind just shapes everything that we do something you can get people to focus on the tank, the Well hell we're buddy, it's doktor fill and we re to fill in some blanks on something that I find absolutely fascinating. My guest today is it expert in the psychology of success, so you can imagine why I'm fascinated by all of this. your annie shameful, is herself a to time and see a national track and feel champion winning in the fifteen hundred meters outdoors and the mile indoors. So I love that she's competed and as much as I hate running. I know that that takes a actual breed a cat, an especial degree of discipline to do that,
at the level she has. She competed and fifteen hundred meters in the two and eight olympic trials was a semi finalist. She ran professionally for three years for reebok Now she has a phd in health, education and promotion. Her research focus understanding the psycho, emotional and psycho social challenges? operation and responses of olympic go mental winning athletes and she held to be ass, an exercise science so she's all over perform but she's the director of mental performance for the new york jets and is working to apply the winning psychology of champion athletes to our nations. Airforce personnel, as a leading performance researcher at the air force, seven hundred eleventh human performance wing that This fascinates me because
thanks. So much of performance is mental and she could rarely has a love of people and love. Seeing other people succeed and trust me, you ve got have a passion for that you ve got to take great joy and see, and others succeed, to really be good. If this and she's here with us to share the most s, ideas and preparation techniques to help all you may all of us get to that next level, so welcome. The podcast gas doktor, Annie, shale, welcome thank you so much. I'm really excited to be here and talk with you today glad that you're here so first off was this describing this in general terms, tale people. What it is you do, what it is you focus on, because this is a mental health issues. Mental performance described that people and what it is you do, yeah
just for my own athletic journeys that we follow our passions in life. So little bit about my story was just really king understanding push our bodies, how we push those limits. getting from the physiological standpoint. Some exercise science degree really wine to understand? Not an and through that journey I discovered just how powerful that mind is, and I saw my drawn to and wanting to know more about those that were successful right and how did they do what they did and how did they continually stand at the top of the podium rate? When then I'll championships when whatever whatever championship, hereafter so through that I discovered more of that. college aspects and just how powerful our mind is and just how, how much our mind just shapes everything that we do so let me go
back to really understanding what that performance mindset is and what the best of the best do? The environment that create these winning these winning teams is winning organization than enough kind of work. living, breathing and love love to do that kind of work the reason this fascinates me so much is when I going through my training I did Nicole psychology and I did behavioral medicine or medical psychology people are listening to us, is a study aware. Are psychological, functioning and physiological functioning, merge and interact now, focus had to do with disease and disease management. Yours has to do with performance and I'm a strong believer that Success leaves clues, so when you start studying one champion than the next champion another champion. There are pattern, Dr. There are clues that it leaves everyone is unique.
There are things that you can study, learn and fine patterns to ebb you found out to be true. yeah and just to cut as that. Back with what you shared of ireland, were basically from opposite angles raised from the clinical standpoint. you studied and were trained in and then I'm looking at the opposite rates or looking adds happy healthy, flourishing people. Successful p all I'm really trying to understand how do they live their lives. What the decisions that mean that they make. What are these environments that help to support them and so really Taking that positive psychology lens with also that foremans lands of really understanding what what that group of people are doing and how they are are having that's it? ass used are distinct differ, in terms of a set of character. stakes a set of values, behaviors beliefs, mental performers, wise tween those that were
Ten we stand on the top of that podium, verse those that be matched physically? in a lotta characteristics, but they just don't ever get to the top of the hill is yes begin. We can definitely talk in dive all into all of that for sure what are that poor characteristics that you ve identified and are they attainable if there are people that don't get The podium don't get to the top of the heap, but maybe the physical characteristics are there is that they can do? Can they make those changes, fraid, as you know, changes hard right, but I think in terms of them, if I go and I look I've share little bit here so I competed in the two thousand eight olympic trials and did not make the olympic team that was a- important point in my life where it was like. Well, what happened to your right, which led me back to school to then really dive in and understand? What did I miss here right? How did these people that I beat
or make this team- and I didn't so through that First started doing this research: it was really trying to understand from the athletes perspective. What was going right. So, in terms of how do I, I approach my training. What's my environment looking like, and so I wrote, was really diving into self determination, theory and then a positive psychology theory per month, so I can speak more onto those but really I was looking at their was understanding more about it, the motivation and self determination that one has to have in order to achieve these great heights and in those different elements within that or do I have autonomy, so am I so am I making decisions for myself in either one that showing about practice, pushing myself or from this outside external source that pushing me right so stronger forms of motivation would be me showing up me pushing myself right
Second part to self determination is a sense of belonging and connection right. So I matter in matters that I show up to my team to my coach. They care about me. I care about them. In this connection of human element that there, the third part of self determination theory furious competence, so do I have the knowledge and skills and my working adding getting better at this skill set every day right. So in the end, I felt it my getting better opposition work. Am I improving upon these things? Am I getting fast are stronger and my learning the installs and our game plan rate, so am I in that way and those laws. the foundation or entrance modulation, which is the strongest form of motivation which allows that leads to a self determined person. There are some different things that come in where we kind of where we environment can help either health that motivation that within us
or it can hurt some of those things so foolish broke. You steal from you, because you're talking about intrinsic motivation is what you are saying that the foundation of this the person it's gotta really want it themselves. They can't be doing this for coaches, spouses parents? They got a really want this. It's gotta be for them, one thousand percent. Yes, I come from within that individual person right and then this kind of goes to my last research project, where I was really looking at personality characteristics of who made the team versus who did not and then, though, one of the defining trade. Sat was discovered. Was this need to achieve? Rates of this person has to be the driver in terms of ice. That hard bulls is really important to me. I know how to obtain those balls and driven to go after those really really hard thing
right, so that was like another determining factor which just kind of just helps to struck strengthen that piece of shit. You ve got one. It is that something that is either there or it's not, or is that something that you can get people to focus on and attain so, I would say this is a great question. How many people will have debates on in, and my stance is that I am a firm believer in the human spirit and I'm a believer in people, and so I would say that like yes, these are things that we can work on, but I think it's really important within the sport environment. If we want to talk about that, it's really important of what that environment is right. So we know what positive environments can do. We know what supporting one another giving words of encouragement does for the human being, and so I think that, yes, we can absolutely help this by building these like
very good environments, for people to be able to like reach those those heights. But if you ve got somebody play in sport that Maybe there mother or their dad, really aspired at and they just are expected to do it, but it's not, their passion, it's not their love, that's gonna be Do you the climb cracks that will be a steep held climate? And we see that right? We see this a lot and if we think about how how you sport is moving men, even high school sports. We see a lot at that of of parents pressuring there to do things and both of those ends, but I guess my recommendations would be as to be able to identify what this end of it, but the children with a child would like to do and then hopefully, flourish build some of that
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and a little league baseball little league soccer track. in field whatever? How do they? determine- and or instil in them. That. Interesting motivation how they determined that either habit or still in them. So they find that fit for them where they can really get some time action in an area. Gas request. And then I feel, like I've talked with my sister about this and my friends who have younger younger children and- and I think it's really important right- where we instill these values and in children right. It's really important that we follow through on our commitments. It's really important that I you know we try hard things right. It's really important to do our best to give our best effort and that's the most important thing right. So, if you think about a younger child, that's beginning sport
and and the child learns sport through the coach rate. So the number one reason why kids play sports is because it's fun the number one reason why kids stop playing sports: it's because it's not fun anymore, and so I think some of those pressures may be that are coming from the parents of not doing good enough or that. Maybe the child feels like they can't meet these expectations of this parent and makes them not want to try right, and so I think, if we can kind of get back to more of those values based of giving your best effort, it really matters and showing up right with the positive attitude and supporting brandon and just enjoying that experience, those things- help to nurture intrinsic motivation for you. Gotta get a appeal for right. Even practice going in practice, runnin drills, doing whatever there's got to be some pay off for it every
time. You do it even if it sacrifice grinding gruelling, there's gotta be some positive experience for the athlete whether as a child or college, there's gotta be some pay off for it for them. Want to come back and do this again and again and again by and sometimes I think it's getting them to experience that moment right. So I think, with myself In my appetite experience when I had that the joy of overcoming something that I didn't know that I could do, whether with a workout or whether it was a time that I was trying to head- and I think probably we can go back to our experiences in things through, like all that hard work paid off eight or while that was really fine. Where I didn't know, if I could do that, and I made it through- and I think once we get those mom Is that you're really good? We feel really proud of what, with the work we put in those adam meant that we want to obviously Ever and nurture because that makes it worth it that makes it worth it
afterwards I played football, in grade school, junior, high school in college and during today's, for example, I found a really hard to get a pay off yet because the third day of today's second practice now Nothing but lacked a gas it in your body and it's a hundred degrees out there in his like. Oh my god, kill me now, but you find a way to get through it. I'm not sure how, but you do yeah. How do you get through it right? We have teammates right and, if you think, through those friendships and that togetherness that you had during those really hard days, there's a lot of cohesion and binding that happens in that right in that, in that push enough, rebel, and then also is that delayed gratification, where you know that moment of a football game is going to come and all of the energy that's going to come with that, and so more of that long term goal right,
being able to understand what I'm doing right now, what I'm committing to right now for the benefit of what will be coming right and how happy you will be Whatever is the first game of the season arts, the championship game, or you know you can step in ready to playing. Knowing that you did everything you could to prepare your mind and body for it moment you a really important word in terms your teammates, because when I look back on it now and people that I've two it's always been that bad and two brothers sort of feeling area. Together we're gonna get through this together, I'm not gonna. Let my teammate down he's not gonna. Let me down. If your lay it on your back, you look up and there's a hand there to get you up. Ediths feel like there's that sense of it Ceptin said so important that powerful,
currency for those times when the ban stop play on the lights, aren't shine in the crowds not yellin, but there is that currency you get from the fellowship, come robbery of being in a team together and that's important to your performance, motivation, yeah say that real champions love that process right. So the In the light and the show time is really important, but the best of the best athletes really enjoy the training to some extent right leg. We understand its hard it's difficult, but we take at least some joy and like knowing were pushing ourselves were improving ourselves, learning at mastering these skills re. So again, if we think about it's motivational lie what I am focused on to improve myself to master these things and those things hopefully would bring some enjoyment or engagement into what you're doing right. You have to love that process and I think any,
anyone who has had success. I understand that that rind pays off in the end, and so you are able to withstand in and sacrifice the things you have to in order to get to that end goal? What would you say to parents that have these kids in athletics, which I think, are great. I was in athletics all of my life and we didn't have a lot of money, so that was currency. That was our entertainment. That was what I was able to do, and I was the family's entertainment cause. They could go to the games for free and there is a lot of different payoffs for it. But what are you to these parents about how to find the balance of beef. A positive motivational force, yet stopping short, have been like us age bomb, because I've seen so many of my friends dad's as I was growing up So much pressure on the kid at
practices or games that the kid was absolutely measurable in feed that they were gonna mess up screw up, not do well enough and they were gonna have to be accountable to their parent. After the fact that rule I saw it route it for so many of them. What are you it appears about how to find that balance to get the best. performance out of a child, so they do enjoy it and have picked performance at the same time. Yeah and I understand the struggle of bomb wanting europe. Involved, but also allowing them to get their best After all of these things- and I would say,
one in general. I completely agree with you in terms of all of the important life skills that sport teaches re like sport is wonderful, you get a push. Rum push yourself accomplish different things, you aren't teamwork, you build friendships, let alone have lifestyle habits rate, and so I think of even if I just take a step back and zoom out a little bed is really important for young kids to be involved in these activities. Just for the lifelong, healthy habits that can be instilled in having a good routine eating healthy hydrated, body, all of those things are really important, and so, if I were to give it based appearance, it would definitely be to either diving and read some books on how to best the port, your child in these ways, or also the most. orton being is that back to canada, best effort raid and encouraging them to bail out
the back. So I think one of the things that were seeing with children these days is there not allowed to fail raid and parents don't want their children to fail, they want them to be superstars. They don't want them to suffer in any type of way, meaning like have to struggle through things right. We don't like that I don't like struggle in general as human beings right. We don't like to have to wrestle with things or not feel like we're good at something and have to work at that skill set, but unfortunately, as as you and I both know like in anything that is worth accomplishing, accomplishing, takes will an effort right in some days. It's really hard in some days. We don't know if we can do it are not right. Am I even any good at this? I don't know, and I think those are normal questions to have. But again, I think something that we need to work on instilling and are in our young children is we're gonna fail, we're gonna, make stakes and that's ok, but it's really important that we get up and try again right and so my pair as apparent my expectations,
are. You is that you do your best, you're kind to your teenager, supportive, taint, teammate. You bring a really good, positive attitude every day. And even just expressing to yours, Oh, I love watching. You play the sport. I love watching you practice. I love watching you work hard, so you're giving that feed back of that verses. Maybe this child feels like I'm never meeting my parents expectations. My parents are proud of me. They just want me to be best on a team which maybe some parents do, and I would challenge them of like that's, not important right now for their development right. You want them to enjoy this experience. Work at I work at that school work at building these sports skills. Whatever sport, it is, but really the most important thing is giving your best effort or we failing to teach these kids resilience right now. With this, everybody gets a trophy, entelechy yeah. He asked, I would say I have this conversation of law alive and everyone.
The trophy I'd I'll say I don't agree with, but also like kids know right by giving everyone a trophy for participation like kid now right like they know, if they're good, they know if they're, not gonna right. So they they know where they are right. So again I it's ay ay, I dont think competition is a bad thing right. Some people might think that competition is great, but I think company it is a good thing if its top properly any again back to these four environments, like it's ok to compete, but also back to that self improvement right, though some of those things make sport fun, but also like back to what are reaching these children in terms of like life skills that are at their running I've got to boys there seven years apart. Actually, I coached both of em in basketball
which I know very little about how the sky like bus driver, but somebody had to do it, so I was the coach and it was at the why so you go into these age bracket. Yo, ten and under first year, you're in that age bracket your planet its kids, that last year that age bracket so the first year we were like one in thirteen by when they won that one game? They were delirious idly a game if we celebrated every game that we lost then but a cheap and aware that in the next year they five or six, and in the last year, they did really well and they really love making that improvement. I think competition is great. They learned about. Today we can get better yeah and actually there competition. If you break it down
You mean strive together, so we will vote. We ve lost a little bit of what the definition of that word means backing. That's really powerful in terms of striving together right, so we push each other recharge each other. We support each other, and that can be a really really beautiful thing when done right as a cloud leader, lloyd and get to work every day with innovators, don't just wonder was possible the engineering with club, if you're, one of those people who like to wait on club on cast my co host my covers- and I talked with business leaders and explore how to use cloud. Impact business models, revenue, streams, workplace cultures, a adoption, more join me David lent, come by subscribing to on cloud you get your punkahs. check it out? I've got a secret with robin mcgraw, with Eric beauty, by known as the forest to the stars and king of roses, designing,
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Has the model really looks at it what's happening? How do I respond to this end in a good way? What's my motivation? What's my focus? What's my social support right, so what social support have and then, as some psychology terms they like them, but that that merit our what cognitions are, are kind of our appraisal or cognitive appraisal right. So basically, how do we think about these things right? So how am I interpreting what's happening right so sometimes, if we think about something, that's really hard that we need to be resilient from right. So what are what are we? How are we perceiving this challenge? What are we we're telling ourselves what what is the support that we have from other people, and what do we motivate it to do out of that right, which then comes our response, so I think again just kind of breaking down resiliency and what we're wanting to see
some of those psychological frameworks, actually help us understand what might be missing re. Do they have the support? Are they being more negative, are harder self critical of themselves and like how do we help facilitate their responses to help them? through to be more, is I am performance? Was: do you work with these athletes on their specific internal dialogue I think in general those are if we set back. I just think, of mental skills raid, and so this is what I teach rum is weak. Because our skills as athletes rates whatever that is, if you're a hurdler, if you're a long jumper if you're a basketball player, if you're a football player and- and if you think about these, we practice our physical skills but often times we're not practicing our mental skills right. So one of the mental skills that I teach from the self top right. What is that internal dialogue? How am I talking myself through or could it coaching myself through self tat?
it can be either a motivational right like you can do this come on write whatever that internal dialogue is or it can be, instructional right, lift your leg up, driver hips through rate, so all of that self talk can be really helpful in that but it's one of many mental skills that I worked with athletes on different athlete- respond to different kinds of S. Health talk right, yeah yeah- I mean I am definitely upon That is our person right, though not so much being negative in critical bad offer some compassion to, but I think, depending on the end of it, was personality and what works for them right, there's different things that are gonna work. First, certain athletes, so one of the things that I talked athletes about is really understanding around psychology right and you have to understand what you're mine does and where it goes when things get really hard enough Well, that's your job like I can. I can work with you on these things, but you've got to really understand your own psychology and work through it in those moments and to best help yourself perform with him.
Really really counts. So, let's talk about pressure what is your approach to her being people perform at that critical moment when its thereof, opportunity to choke or there opportunity to really step up and excel? Do you have a particular strategy approach, philosophy about teaching the least to deal with those big pressure moments, oh yeah, definitely Missouri is a great question and knew when you first brought that up it. I worked with a coach one. That said, I pressure. Doesn't it just doesn't exist right so in their mind, that's how they dealt with. It was just sing like it doesn't matter right and then you hear the cliches of like well, pressure builds diamonds, and you know there's all of these things with dealing with pressure, but I think in general- and ideally, we've prepared our athletes for this moment right, so
and the best athletes have the best athletes just live for those pressure moments right- and this is when we see in the movies where it like things, get like barbie and kind of zoom out, and you just see this like tunnel vision right and the best athletes like live for those moments and know exactly what to do but even with that is probably had these moments at the as they ve gone through sport to know how to handle those moments rights. If we think about your progression and your development, It's an athlete probably early on. There were coaches that helped them have those moments that now, when there are these big moments in the super bowl or whatever it is, they know how to manage those. Does that make sense. yeah, I think. Are you soon acknowledge it and have a strategy for it comes a, I would say the best of the best I live for those moments. Would they, too,
those moments right, so you take control of what happens right. So you know exactly what you're doing you know exactly the play. You know exactly how you're going to watch you need to do and you stay focused on a moment right. So you don't get overwhelmed by the moment, but you're able to like recognize where your mind is you're able to put it where it needs to be and like block out any distractions that might be there. Right. So whatever that is the winning free, throw other basketball game, writes a you know exactly like stay with you routine. Take a deep breath. Do your shot rate so really been able control your mind to stay focused on the task at hand to deliver your best performance. In that moment, I only see athletes maybe fall apart in those moments, probably because they were distracted outside of the moment caught their attention are mine, wandered they became overwhelmed as opposed to really dabbling in taking control that more men and delivering your best performance in them, in reply, I play a lot like three hundred days a year play with a lot of really players, some on the tour at all in that
fact getting to match point and double faulting win that's not who they are. They just don't double fall, but then they get. To that moment they hit a foot under the tape because they tighten up and everyone that I talk to says exactly what it is said they get distracted. In that moment, they start playing. What, if I oh god what have I double fault? Oh my god. What is this? What if they start thinking about other than executing the shot really every point ways the same, but they but all that time, all at pressure and all distraction comes into that moment and, of course, they're gonna miss the ball. I don't even look at it. Because they're so distracted that such a good point about not being distracted at critical moment hard to keep our mine in the present right.
so it's really hard to do that in a moment. But again, it's training your mind to know exactly what you need to do in our moment. yeah but boy, it sure pays off if you can and that's a difference of that really home that skill versus those that don't write when you do this with a team like the jets as there are some things you can do collectively with a team, but then there are things you have to do with the individual players because of their personal profiles. I would say again: I love education. I look, teaching, and so we can work on these things I say coach, I say: teach Until we can talk about these things, that the whole we can discuss his various things and then just like any other classroom or any other, even if the above from whatever it is? Each person has their own skills at that they need to improve upon re. So just as work Jeanne different installs are or different things within different costs.
Rooms they were also I'm working on exactly what we need to work on our own selves. So we understand what our strength are. We understand those areas where we need to get better with our with our own mental game. We you first these subjects. When you first introduce working on, middle performance define the people, poop are resistant to it. Then, have to win them over is their scepticism or two people lane into this. Both, I would say I think that render understanding more of the sport science frontier were really understanding the importance of the mental side, and I think sometimes, if we don't understand, then maybe we might question some things, but I think it's in
I have a curious way of just not knowing and not understanding, but I would say that every coach and every athlete that I have come across interacted with they understood the importance of developing that mental side or develop knowing the importance of that and- and sometimes you know, it might they may not necessarily be open to some things, but in general they know the importance of it. Re so am, I think, as were continuing to watch. Just sport in general move were becoming more accepting of mental performance. In the end, these ways were watching. This is like growing more as a career field. Now. Yeah, clearly, it's gotta be rewarding for you to see it when you are working with a player, and You see them get focus you see them get more efficient in their performance, based on the skills that their developing mentally to really step that woman serve, it's gotta be rewarding for you yeah. Definitely, and I think once one
someone can engage whence they engage in understanding all the benefits of sports psychology and performance psychology, and they really commit to it than eight definitely see the pay off in the benefits? For that Well, if we ve got people listing now that arm, Fleets, whether a golfer tennis player, a runner if you were gonna, give some one two or three things to really focus on too really enhance and build their performance. What would you tell him to focus on one I would say: what's the goal rights, I want to understand what the goal is spread. So what are we working towards as having a clear direction? of what we're after is really important right HU, I would say, investing in your own psychology, so just giving some time for self reflection, understanding,
you know what your mind does rate so does it get distracted that they get credit all? Does it loose focus just kind of understanding those areas where you want to improving yourself rate, and then just understanding that journey of they're gonna be now days there isn't any hard days, but just kind of sticking with that land and that commitment and our routine. That's really important. But I think those are three grey. thanks everyone. I think is so important for people to have a goal that they can identify and click it off has just getting better. What does that mean define better? So you know when you click something off taken your own inventory unknown, how do I get in my own way? Is such a good point. What is it I do to get him I away. Am I not present in my thinking about ten their things when I'm working out or doing my border whatever, or
I put pressure on myself live a negative internal, but whatever I do to get her my own way we really need to sit down and say what is it that I do that I can really improve inside the key. I think people this really have to do that and in fact that what you're willing to do to get there? became a real focus of mine? I guess was twelve years old. I was on a football team and we were really good and we had great equipment and great coaches and alive She green field We had a game that got reigned out, so on Monday the Ouch from the salvation army called Our coach and said, hey understand your game reigned out on Saturday. Do you think he could come over and scrimmage you guys today Monday and our coat said yeah sure and this rag
ag bunch of kids came over and they didn't have football shoes. They didn't have football pants the kid and across your me rolled up his genes to the knees so they were like football pants, and he was wearing loafers. He used asking taped, but the number four on his button up shirt that he put on over his shoulder pads. None of their helmets matched here. We had all these fancy uniforms. They beat us so bad. It was like a track mate honest to god, they were run up down at field. I got in the car afterwards and looked at my dad, said what the hell just happen. and he said well, you just got yes handed to you on a platter boy
well, I was looking for something a little more in depth than that, and he said they were just hungry, and I remember that moment in that car thinking I whatever they ve got, whatever those kids have inside I can do so much with so little was envious of those kids. I wanted what they had inside and from that moment on, I was focused on figuring out why people do what they do and don't do what they dont do. understanding motivation, I wanted to know what made those kids so hungry so motivated. It was a life changing moment for me and that's why I've been self. august, on this and love what you do so much those kids They were so thrilled again she has to play on grass. Is there
We always do so hard dirt and head of manhole cover on the forty, our life, if this terrible and they were so excited with what we took for granted. They had such a better attitude, and we did. I learned so much that day never forgotten it. It's been gods, sixty years, and I have never forgotten. such a mental difference between their attitude and ours. So I guess I told you that admire what you do have great story and you hit on all the elements over you like very impact full teaching moment right. Even though it was a hard moment for you. You you embrace that moment in europe, that moment and it was sounds like it was a very like turning point in your life to really, you know pave your way for all things that you ve done, your career is really
Oh, my god talk about a turning point in my life. My right shoulder still hurts when it rains that he's a never forget it. So I love what you do it. Thank you for sharing it with us today. Yeah. Thank you so much good luck to you and I'm not gonna, say good luck to the jets, because I'm a cowboy fan Well, you can like both teams, it's great, that's right. They will meet the superbowl tariff. I would love that ability answer there before the cowboys always shoot ourselves in the foot, I'm over there soon be to thank you so much take her and so on. Baker,
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