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The Search For Solutions To Homelessness And Addiction

2022-11-01 | 🔗

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Michael Shellenberger, author of San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities, on the Phil in the Blanks podcast. They dig deeper into the controversial topic of harm reduction, the concept of treating drug abuse like a medical issue and providing addicts with paraphernalia, such as clean needles in a safe space, and free housing, regardless of whether they test positive for drugs. Plus, Dr. Phil and Shellenberger explore what can be done to help end homelessness and addiction moving forward. You don’t want to miss this!


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Welcome to season two of the out thinking, investor and award winning podcast from Peter will bring. You need perspectives to the under appreciated challenges and overlooked opportunities, speak with global thought, leaders and pjm experts to understand the current trends and forces reshaping global finance subscribe to pee Jim's, the out thinking investor. Today, for these insights and he's, my guess is intended solely for professional investors. S performance is not a guarantee of future results. Last week on fill in life Anybody that's been to san francisco in years past. I've always thought It was one of the most beautiful city, in the world, one most picturesque cities in the world fitting on the bay there. What has and happened
Why is it so tarnish of san Francisco? It's a very progressive city is a city dies, loves freedom. It's very libertine the pretoria in its also very compassion, at its named after saint francis of force, in the combination of those two things. Those two strengths in access leads to abolish. So what's occurred is the cobbling of people that are struggling with drug addiction.
where they need tough love their basically been enabled in their addiction. The city is extremely, is overly generous in the sense of basically providing cash, housing and many other services, the people, without any requirement that they address the underlying cause of their homelessness. We ve seen a threefold higher overdose rate in san francisco from drugs people higher than in the united states as a whole or in california, and that's all a consequence of the refusal of sentences. Leaders do require people to take responsibility for their behaviors, including not difficult in public, not using drugs in public, not camping in public and many basic laws are or have stopped, being enforced. Go back to psychology, one o one, one of the,
things that we know is you just don't reward bad behavior people can be pathological their desire to care their desire to care so much that they actually end up hurting people either in order to care or to build and keep caring, and so I think that there's some self indulgence here now, in addition to the guilt, which is, I think, san franciscans, we feel you know it's a very wealthy city, it's a very liberal city. It's powerful people. They had a very good record during the aids epidemic in the eighties, in particular, of welcoming people with HIV aids from around the country into San francisco, entreating them, and it was incredibly positive contribution, and I think that that when I bled into that and taking care of addicts, what got missed or what was run over in this desire to care was the fact that enabling addiction worsens the addiction it actually makes people sicker
with the otherwise. I look at what is happening in what you're describing in san francisco and what I see in a lot of these progressive cities. And it seems like we're subsidizing, drug addiction or subsidizing addiction when we should be subsidizing recovery from addiction in recovery This addiction, in my view, is a series, Disease, it is resistant treatment, It is subject to relapse and it is better julie fatal so there is no safe use of these drugs what I don't understand is they are in a different category of being rest and therefore, for him
to a lesser standard. The fact is that people that are suffering from drug addiction- you tend to have higher rates of childhood trauma and abuse, does come our abilities, including dual died this is with mental illness. But that doesn't then say that you should not require fuel. Take responsibility should enable those those disorders from continuing, but it does come from a pretty rigid view that you can categorize people into victims or oppressors enter victims. Everything should be given in nothing required. That's why you go to treatment, purely dual diagnosis treatment you deal with both simultaneously, you deal with the addiction and you deal with the psychological triggers that are like to restart the addiction when you get back out,
You really have a population that needs help and treatment, not enable meant. That destroys me crazy. When I hear about it. What is the rule of law in San francisco, with regard to living on the streets now and are they clearing some of these areas are they doing what they refer to as sweeps and what happens to them. If they're moved san francisco has passed twice a camping ban as sit lie. Ordinance that says you can't lie down. the sidewalks so the laws on the books and just as they are in the cities, they you can't do this
so. It's been a matter of electing very progressive members of the city, the county board of supervisors, the city board of supervisors and very progressive district attorneys who won't enforce the laws. The other strategy that the radical progressives have used is to deprive is to basically divert funding. I would have gone into building basic, safe and clean shelters into very expensive apartment units and the reason, ostensibly is because they think that shelter is not good enough for people, not everybody that is a homeless deserves our apartment in it. And by the way, when the most expensive real estate markets in the world well- and then and then so then they're in situation, where they can say well, there's no shelter space. We now have.
Supreme court has upheld a ruling out of Boise idaho, which says that you can't arrest people or move people from camping publicly, if you don't have sufficient shelter space. So that's been a real key strategy to basically encouraging the chaos to increase and the public campaign to increase on the streets by the radical left in san francisco and other cities. Yeah, I would say to DR phil. I mean it's important to keep in mind that, if you're sleeping on the sidewalks you're living on the sidewalks you're using drugs, you're you're actually breaking several laws, and so, if you have sufficient shelter capacity which, by the way can be constructed basically instantaneously,
yeah. We live in an earthquake zone. In so California we had a big earthquake and there were millions of people on the street. We would be able to get people sheltered within hours to the fact that we don't have. Those shelters shows that the politicians are actively preventing sufficient shelters from being built, because once you have sufficient shelters, then you can require people to go into them. They don't have to go. The virus put his out, you'll have to go, with the shelter. If you don't want to go to the soldier, but you can't sleep on the street, and if you need somewhere to sleep, then you can go sleep in the shelter. That's the rule in places like the netherlands and japan, and france and civilized societies and if you are refusing to do that, then there's something wrong. I mean you're, either suffering from addiction or mental illness. If you, if you're just insisting on sleeping on the sidewalk in the middle of downtown city, you ve got a problem,
and so yeah you'll be arrested, but really you'll be mandated some sort of treatment so that how people we would get treatment is that you would just enforced the laws that were currently refusing to enforce right now. If you were controlling this, what would you do? What would be your first step The first thing I would do if I were say governor of the state, since I do think it is best dealt with at state level. Precisely for the reason you said, which is that if you're and act on the streets cisco, you, probably should not be going to re. Haven't san francisco, you probably better off in a smaller town in the countryside somewhere for three to six months and then on some sort of work, realisation programme and maybe never go back to san Francisco. You sat, or at least until you ve, really achieve full recovery.
So a statewide system is what you need and by the way you know, Boston's mayor has been moving, their homeless addict population into shelters, into housing and not just in boston but in other parts of the state. So this has worked in states. I would immediately put in place a stay, wide psychiatric, an addiction care system. We could call it calcite, That would allow us to allow social workers to get people into drug rehabilitation or psychiatric care immediately within a few hours, particularly after people. Overdose is a great time for them to get into that care, and then I would have a shelter first. Housing earned policy so that you have sufficient shelter against you and have to go in there, but they can't sleep on the streets of a shelter. A clean, safe,
A basic shelter bed for everybody, and then you, the small amount of subsidized housing that those taxpayers are generously funding, would be reserved for people who pass a drug test who show that they're taking their psychiatric meds and are making progress on their personal plan to recovery. Those are precious homeless, housing units they should not be given out to people who are not making steps. It should not be used as a reward for bad behaviour. They should only be used as a reward for good behaviour every leader once their employees to live and work happily ever after. Thankfully you don't need a magic wand or a fairy godmother to make that dream come true h. Her payroll and workforce management solutions from you, cagey give you the tools you need to support and celebrate all your people make you
Fairytale workplace a reality with you cagey you cagey. Our purpose is people. This episode is brought to you by progressive commercial insurance to all the passion project, side hustles. Small businesses. We see you, you have drive, but if you're driving more than you do you'll want progressive commercial, auto insurance. They look out for you with discounts for safe driving I was sure, was a more plus as your business grows. You can simply add more progressive, customizable, coverages, protect your drive to work and your drive to do business get a quote in as little as six minutes, a progressive commercial dotcom get out of the insurance company nepalese discussing covers, elections are available in all situations and when you say you can do shelters for a lot of people in a short period of time, the These are shelters that be set up in huge,
environmentally control tents. You can do these in areas that are low demand, For the real estate, the other, not downtown san francisco. You can go to outlying areas and you can provide shelters for thousands of people What's the population of san francisco near what eight seventy five, something like that five thousand yet, but you can go out some outlying areas where you and provide clean quality, monitored shelter. for people, that's right in and yet deserve
Obviously we have this amazing agency called fina yeah. It's always complicated, so you often hear of stories of problems with it. But it's it's. You know when a hurricane strikes it's able to provide what are called sprung, shelters and you know safe, clean place to stay. I think that with this population is such a difficult population, it's a it's a long, late stage, drug addicted, mentally ill population. You want to try to get as many people into rehab right away if you skip the shelter phase of things. That's great, I mean the low hanging fruit, I think, is somebody overdoses on the street. They get revived by an m t and the m t can pull up her smartphone and say I've got an opening. in san bernardino or eureka or somewhere long way from here, when did you
on a taper, which means we can get you on opiate replacement therapy so that you don't go into really painful withdrawals over several days. Or, if you don't want to do that, my colleague officer, garcia here will arrest, you brought to county jail and you can kick in jail and they may or may not have us of oxen taper for you, which would you rather do this time to make a choice? That's the ideal time to make the interventionist books they can go. We have they don't need to go into shelters, they don't need to go into jail, so I think it would be done. I think you know what you dont want is to overwhelm the system, so I will be looking to do I'll, be looking to get everybody in California. That's on sheltered homeless. Inside within a few years I would say one two: three years: you could do it in a very humane way in a way that
I think most reasonable people that are concerned with civil liberties would agree was done in a humane way. The alternative is in that one to three years, they're going to be right where they are right now or dead. That's right! I mean that's, what's happening now I mean you know it was seventeen thousand drug overdose deaths in the year two thousand one hundred and seven thousand this year. That's three times more people, tine of drug induced deaths than than car accidents, number one cause of death for american adults right now. it's out of control. It just requires leadership. It requires some out of centralisation. The system is so expensive. Right now cause everybody wise ass. I was just going to be expensive. You have to remember california spends more on mental health per capita than any other state in the country and we have the worst outcomes. So it's really just a consequence. It's really just a matter of enforcing the law
I getting people into rehab, not allowing these destructive behaviors to continue to go on. I think that will have a huge impact right away I mean honestly, I think, as a fair number of people that, once you just say here, parties over we're not going to tolerate the open air drug? Seeing I guess some share of people, not a majority, not even half, but some share of people that are going to actually say you know, I'm ready to call it in and and get to get the help that they need on their own. I think other people will have to have a more stricter intervention, but ultimately we can get everybody inside. We have I have to because we know that people that are outside and are homeless are three times more likely to die. The mortality rate is three times higher for unsheltered homeless people than for her and for sheltered ones right in the life expectancy for women, And sheltered on the street is terrible. I mean it's what in the high forties low fifties, it's just terrible
it seems to me that when you say the parties over you do have something to eat for them. I think you're right A significant portion are gonna, say well, you know what this. What I needed that was the John aided, if all of a sudden of either gotta go this route and Do this the hard way or take the help, I'm being offered I'll sign me up, I don't want to do this anymore and I don't. ago. The hardline I'd rather take
help and do what I need to do to get myself back. You know decker thousand at one point to that, which is that one of the points that harm reduction advocates make which is accurate, is that most people who experiment with drugs and clean hard ones don't become addicts and, by the same token, I'm a significant number of people that become addicts are able to quit on their own without needing to go to rehab, so that's great and and and but it has to be encouraged, and so I think that when the society says This is not okay. There are going to be consequences. We're going to have a significant number of these folks able to resolve this on their own, and the others will be able to get the help that they need. Look. I under and that a lot of these people, as you say, because of their day, functional family life, there not liking to say well, ok, I guess so I'll go home and spend christmas with family, not gonna happen for a lot of. You people and for many
them being on the street may be there alternative if they come from abusive homes were there's incest and abuse and all but the bar, is really low in terms giving them an alternative, and I just think the turn doesn't have to be one. That's enabling the alternative can be one that says, offering you some dignan see here, I'm offering you a ladder, innocent about blaming the victim. It's about saying, look, I'm gonna, give you a path back! You do that. Less than you do that then we start. training, and we start helping you get your resume together and we start helping you get a job and then all of a sudden they start gaining some momentum. That's what I'm talking about
It's really, I think it's about humanizing. The victim is actually treating people in the throes of addiction or mental illness as people with the potential to be full human adults, and by not this this mantra of not holding people accountable, the the coddling and enabling it's an infanta, possession of adults who have the potential for recovery and so yeah eyes it son. It's actually treating people as full humans, rather than infantilism them That's what you want to see happen is what I want to see happen. What is most likely to happen over the next year to two years. Well, it's really a very interesting moment.
I now I've been unusually quiet on this issue compared to last year and a half, because I've been trying to give the politicians a minute to sort out all that's happened. We were able to generate a significant amount of national attention to the problems in california, cities who put the governor under some significant amounts of pressure, the san francisco mayors under pressure they removed the district attorney from San Francisco. There isn't a district attorney. She has said that she will prosper cute drug dealers, including with homicide charges if their drugs result in overdose, overdosed, there's a mayors, race and allay- and this is the top issue by far. so we are adding inflection point and I I
It could go either way I mean, I, I think that you know these are really deep patterns of dysfunction. It's hard to get out of them. On the other hand, the public is with us on this issue. I mean the public is very fed up. The voters don't understand why this problem isn't being solved there really we're getting tired of it. In the last los angeles, mayor's debate, one of the journalists said that you know the polling that they had done. The conversations with residents is that the residents are just sick of it and they just want people off the street and they're done with the excuses and they're done with making the perfect the we have the good. So you know medium and long term. I am optimistic, I'm not sure how soon it will happen, but I do think we wanted doing the right thing, even if we have to exhaust all other options before them. What do you think's going to happen in the l mayors race,
Well, I don't know I mean I am I mean, I'm sorry What inspired I'm a little? I you know that there's one candidate, rick caruso, who has said he wants to bring everybody inside he's, said that that's actually essential. As a goal. I thought that his opponent, Karen bass, was headed in a similar direction, but she ended up lapsing back into the traditional progressive talking points that everybody needs their own apartment unit, which is just bonkers. I mean there's sixty six or so thousand homeless people in LOS Angeles county. You can't just go giving apartment units to every free apartment units to every single one of them it just literally there's, not there's no way to do that financially or geographically or on a time horizon that matters, and of course you do that, and you create an incentive for more people to go, live on the street, so
I was. I did. I thought for a minute that are both curious per head of the right direction, but it feels like that the progressive one has lapsed back onto the status quo policies that really got us to where we are now. So you think Karen bass bath is gone back to the home first into joel apartment living. I heard her say I'm the last today that she said yeah will have some shelter, but we have to deal with the root cause and by the root cause she meant. Rents are too high and poverty and out that's disappointed
Is she somebody who was active on these issues during the crack epidemic in the eighties? She knows full well that people don't end up on the street just because the rents are too high. She knows exactly that blown up on the streaks of drug addiction, but she's under pressure from a very you know, powerful group of people very powerful set of interests and want to maintain the system. The way it's working and that's important to remember is that there's a lot of people that make a lot of money in the current homeless, housing, homeless, services industry. You know multi billions of dollars being spent every year on this industry and they don't want to change, and so there is, there is momentum and resources for the status quo. So you think there are a lot of property owners with existing properties. As well as those that would build these multi unit properties,
have a lot to lose. If that gets abandoned, you it's hard to say, there's a than with the biggest provider of permanent support of housing in. san Francisco, has been demanding an end to the open air drug markets and when I pointed out to him that the customers or the drug dealers outside of his hotels that are there from the sort of housing for homeless people he sort of said well, everybody drinks, alcohol or does some kind of drug in san francisco and kind of wave that away, but I I do think that there is the possibility of winning over some of the service provider in some of the housing providers to a shelter first, housing earned model. But you know people people are stuck in their ways. People resists change, particularly people, are profiting from the existing system.
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ever. Your listening now has California lost its way, and let me tell you a loaded question in it. I watched It happened with the pandemic We had these mandated lock downs. I was wrong doing the timeline recently for something else, and they were telling us ok, two weeks when they shut down here paramount. They said couple weeks: everybody go inside sit tight. We'll get a handle on this delicate, understand when you ve got an unknown virus, you don't know exactly what the situation is. Gonna be, but weeks turned into two years: schools got shut down without a plan to reopen them. We got. the economy shut down. We got the school shut down? We got businesses, many of which did not survive and won't come back. I believe that.
You give somebody a new hammer. Everything looks like a nail, and the government got that. To do that I'm now reading, where you're talking about everything's gonna, be electric vehicle wise by twenty thirty five hour week ready to have Environmental lock bells in California says that question. I think it's worth pointing out that in a play is that. Has there been such a value on individual liberty, animal and really kind of libertine culture? It comes at the cost of a lot of. anxiety in a lot of neurotic susan now, both of those are characteristics. A very wealthy societies as well. Their characteristics are very secular societies. People still believe in traditional religion, which is a source of comfort around what happens after death,
and been around the order of the universe, and I see a lot of anxiety in california border. Paranoia, which is, I think, what was behind keeping the schools shut down. I also think that was motivated by the the axis. Power of the teachers union? I say this as the son of a teacher and a son of a teachers union rap, but the teachers union abused the corona virus pandemic, the basically stay home and and not do their jobs, and you It's the excuse of being sick, even though we saw all around the world by way, including Australia, which has very strict lockdown to have the kids go back to school and seen incredible damage from keeping kids out of school.
Yeah I mean it's, it's ideology makes people stupid at a certain level, and so we ve gotten ourselves confused about climate change should certainly real, certainly someday. We should do something about, but we're on the cusp of having blackouts for three years in a row and five days after they announced that a ban on internal combustion engine vehicles in late august. Five days later, they asked people not to charge for electric vehicles from forty nine pm for fear of blackmail It's we're getting increasingly repressive legislation saying that we are they're going to ban natural gas furnaces and heaters it's dangerous to be reliant on a single energy source so that, if there's a blackout now I still cook on your gas stove becoming overly reliant on electricity, is a bad idea. Then
this is an extended to nuclear power. Now the governor made the right decision recently decided to keep our last nuclear plant open, but I think it some time The nation of accessing idea and racism combined. And with some arrogance. A lot of ideology ends that's kind of turning into a having a perfect storm that ends up being quite destructive of institutions that are necessary for the function. civilization and by the way, I think maybe the most acute problem is the demoralization on the demonization of police officers. You know police it's, not now they're offering them more money, but you know the police understandably felt disrespected when they were being accused of being racists and fascists in twenty twenty, when everybody kind of lost their their minds. Temporarily
so I think that my concern is that civilization is precious. It's what keeps a safe. It's what allows us our freedom. It depends on functioning institutions like functioning electrical grids. law and order and a meritocracy and I'd see all three of those pillars of civilization being undermined. When you right now, I do as well am particularly concerned about each of the things you just talked about, including the meritocracy I don't understand, what's happening, universities around the country right now, particularly in california. We have tail wagon, the dog we have the students complaining about. Bringing in people that have different ideas than they do we have? complaining about class as being too hard, we have professor
being dismissed because they won't compromise requirements in something like organic chemistry? The prerequisite to medical school. What color doctors are we going to turn out if have students, saying, I don't think you'd have to learn all of them and they go on to medical school. professors under heat, because they're saying we're not getting the best and brightest this is work? What does it mean for our future We don't have somebody that steps up and says this. Is it working? We can't do it this way. We to continue to hold ourselves to a higher standard poets. Its catastrophic further civilization and you know when you damage them. You know it's abundant, cheap energy law and order. Meritocracy are the three pillars of civilization,
you when they just announced the possibility for the police, and you had anti police protests. There is an immediate spike in crime. When you dont have sufficient sources of reliable actress d. You have blackouts problem of the mirror. Talk receive that it can be years until, though the affair, ass, of undermining meritocracy or felt. So I worry very much about this. We heard that we got basically the same victim ideology. It's the idea that if there's a shawl or other forms are gender inequalities in terms of the number of professors or phds or people in a sean that that somehow must be blamed on people being discriminatory or mean or
I save, as opposed to the many other factors that it could be to do too and add that some that there's gonna be differences. You wouldn't predict actually just statistically that you would see a year form, diversity, racially or otherwise. In any profession. You would expect there to be differences there, but we Gone into a moral panic, we this. Rights. Movement was such a special moment in american history and it's something for all of us to be proud of, but we went way too far in basically turning it into a kind of god and and kind of sacralizing, an important movement into sort of a hard black and white moral judgement to apply to every domain of life.
is very dangerous meritocracy. We have meritocracy spur reason we want to sort out. The people that are good at medicine are good at engineering that are good at sports that are good at cooking. That are good at writing. Books at bay, in cyclists. Therapists meritocracy is what allows us to find the the right professions for each of us, and so it's not a mode of social control. It's actually a form of human liberation. I think we've forgotten why we have meritocracy and why it benefits us as individuals as well as a society and we need to to get back to remind ourselves of the importance of it. Well, that's why I'm concerned about where we're going now, because when they shut the schools down. They created educational gaps. Developmental gaps
will gaps that I dont think we're going to feel the brunt of for decades thank the competitiveness of america in the world market is greatly compromised. I think it's going to cost millions of years of lives lost four current generation of students, you're, not reading on grade level. At the end of the third grade, particularly for low socio economic strata. And for minorities. The drop out rate is. Six times normal, because they just never catch They then fall further behind in fourth grade and fifth grade really steps up where they start. Teaching, grammar and you'd have to start kind of self, directing more an
department of education. In twenty fifteen said that there were thirty, two million people, it can't read above the fifth grade level and that nineteen percent of high school graduates can't read above the most basic level. national assessment of education, progress said thirty, two percent of fourth graters and twenty four percent. its graters aren't rating at a basic level. So, whoever you're talking to said we we're doing great going into this. And now we ve created these levels. remote learning, particularly for those lower grades, didn't work. I just didn't work so far, last a year and come back and feel intimidated now, so they fall for and further behind. That means they're gonna, get less of a quality education, which means you're gonna, get less of a job which means they have or insurance. higher risk jobs which create more injuries.
slower diagnosis, poor treatment, which creates those years of life lost all this just obtained twenty years from now thirty years from now and word is not competitive. Something has to happen to close that gap, you can't just because you don't see it right now pretend it doesn't exist, that's why we're seeing such high levels of depression, anxiety, stress and loneliness, higher than have ever been registered before, with these kids nothing is going to change it, accept getting in there and doing special reading programmes and addressing the mental health of these kids. I read write when apocalypse never came out. Critics were describing you as being of denier on climate change. They apparently
read the book. Nothing could be further from the truth read you as saying absolutely. We They d pay attention to the climate. Absolutely I am sensitive to that idea don't believe what they are selling is going to help. the way I read what you were saying, absolutely think we should attend to the climate and to the planet, just not with what Your peddling, because that's not workin, they won't work. I don't get it yeah, that's radiates its There is a similar, the book, sir. I generally see it until I was finished with San francisco, but I do see my few books are both arguing for human potential for human resilience, but the old rosy, the river you know. Yes, we can spirit that was when I was when I saw identified as a progressive that was
The spirit of that I took from her do is about overcoming adversity. it was not wallowing in misery, whereas, if you like today is a kind of catastrophism cycle logically, and otherwise. The idea that climate change is not something that we're going to be able to survive. That's absolutely absurd. You know the number of deaths from natural disasters has declined over ninety five percent back the number of wickets counted as a disaster, because so few people die has Whether we actually have your natural disasters, the last two decades, the similarly I see a kind of solar learned, helplessness or a type helplessness in the case of homeless this. So no one here on climate change, we say the bangladeshis will never be able to survive the rising sea levels, even though the people of the netherlands. many parts of it lives, seven meters below sea level.
in somalia, we say others, those people on the street never be able to give up drugs when, of course, millions of people achieve recovery from it sure every year, and so there is an actual that denial that's occurring as the denial of human power and of human potential and that's a real change. From the best of the native sixteen of the best of viktor frankl of his argument. Man search for meaning, which is dead men in is everything and a long way from you know the self help itself the human potential movements air, which I think he used to have a huge influence on liberal minded people. But now, I think, among liberal minded people it's viewed as blaming the victim to suggest that people can develop the mentality capable of transcending the Circumstances, well, I couldn't agree more and it's not blaming the victim too
empower the victim, and to help them right, choir more of themselves. Every step of the way and to disagree with a particular plan. Does it mean to disagree with? The primary objective ignore the advances in agricultural science that will take place between now and twenty, fifty or now and twenty one hundred and its counterbalancing effects. I don't know a distance seem helpful to yell fire in a crowded theatre. In both cases too, I think it's a bid for control. I think that that anxiety, that I was describing among liberal minded, people affluent societies the way they seek to gain a sense, the ways he chose all their anxiety is by seeking to gain greater control over parts of,
the economy and society that they should not be trying to control, whether its around energy or food production are psychiatry or addiction care. It's this kind of fun, if you logically driven demand for social control that I think has as really pose a threat that these three pillars civilization. I've been describing well. I think there are good ideas on both I did the aisle from progressives and conservatives the objectives are important enough. that we should all work together to find a way ideas from the mines in gone all this together. I hope you never stop talking about all of these issues and kept you weigh longer than I was supposed to. I hope you'll. Let me have some more your time. Sometimes or too long to talk about climate and talk about what need
to be done and separate truth from fiction and the doable from fantasy and talk about that? It's dangerous rhetoric to talk about the progressive religion, but I think its impact, to get real about this, so we can do what it can really be done. I really hope we can have some time to talk about that realistically at some point in the future. I hope you'll give me some time to talk about that. I would love to thank you much appreciate that I would like to come back well thanks for talking about this today. I hope to see you before two very long there's anything I can do to help you in pushing thanks for that need to be pushed forward. I hope you'll. Let me know because I would certainly make my voice and platforms available I can help it anyway. I appreciate you bet, sir. Thank you doctor felt. Ok talk
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