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The Secret to Kicking the Habit! (with Dr. Jud Brewer)

2021-10-27 | 🔗

Alright, let’s get real: we all have AT LEAST one bad habit. Whether it’s biting your nails, gossiping, oversleeping, stress eating… the list goes on and on and we’re ALL guilty! We’re human! Renowned neuroscientist and addiction psychiatrist, Dr. Jud Brewer, stops by to help us kick our bad habits once and for all! With Dr. Brewer’s innovative “mindfulness” technique for addiction, there is no willpower needed in order to break a bad habit. You won’t believe how simple this technique is, and you can start right away! Dr. Brewer has helped countless patients live healthier, more fulfilled lives… and now it’s the Secret Squad’s turn! Listen to this episode with a pen and notepad, because this is a free course that will change your life! More info at www.ivegotasecretwithrobinmcgraw.com


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Dr. Jud Brewer on IG: www.instagram.com/dr.jud

Dr. Jud Brewer’s Website: www.drjud.com

New book: Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind

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Hello, everyone are you having a tough breaking a bad habit, live, so you have to check out Robins podcast I've gotta secretly, Robin Mcgraw with gas, neuroscientist and addiction, psychiatrists, Doktor, Judd, brewer, a doctor Judd, the New York Times best selling author and thought leader in the field of habit, change and the science of self mastery having combined over twenty five years of expense. With mindfulness training, with his scientific research, You know I'm big on breakin habits and changing our pattern. So I really have a lot of respect for doktor brewer. I'm about to play a clear.
From this fascinating episode, where Robin and Doktor Brewer discuss how our brain forms, negative behaviour patterns, bad habits and addictions, and they all so provide you with specific techniques. You need to create lasting change. Why listening to Argo sake with Robin Mcgraw, be sure to subscribe, follow and listen on apple, podcast, Spotify or However, your listening right now, here's the clip habits are, habituated, based on how rewarding a behavior is right. Now that's a critical element right now and so here we can bring awareness, and this is where mindfulness training comes in. We can have a train people to become aware, of what they're doing right now in how rewarding it is, so the triggers actually the least important part of the equation. I give a concrete examples.
And when I patients come in and want to quit, smoking when I tell them to do is to smoke yes m. I dont use they go and smoke right, I'm the doktor, I say pay attention as you smoke and then come I can tell me what you notice when you pay attention what they realise is that cigarettes safe, like crap raids, burning as it goes into their lungs, the smoke taste. We bear you, it smells pretty bad. I think somebody describe it as you know, it tastes like chemicals smells like stinky, cheese, yak right, but That's how we change any habit. Is we get at the reward? That's why reward. Based learning is not called trigger, based learning, it's got reward based learning so. We can help. People see how and rewarding a baby is now, then that helps to break it. is compared to when they started smoking when they were thirteen in the reward was being cooler rebelling or whatever totally different ward now you're? Now it's like their skins kidding. You know
Looking older there, their breath smelling terrible the cigarette taste awful in other words dear there actually becoming. aware that it is a negative pay off and there so aware of that when you have to see that there shall, mindful of it, You just heard a preview of I've, gotta sacred robber, Mcgraw, discussing the secret to breaking bad habits with guest Judd Brewer, thanks for listening and remember, to subscribe, follow and listen to I've gotta say, grew Rama, grown apple podcast, Spotify or, however, your listening now.
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