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The Secret to Shopping CLEAN! (with Susanne Langmuir)

2021-11-03 | 🔗

We’ve all heard about “clean” products: clean beauty, clean makeup, clean home products… but what actually makes an item “clean?” And what are these chemicals doing to our bodies? If you've never looked at the ingredients list on your makeup, skincare, or cleaning supplies, then this episode is for YOU! Susanne Langmuir, serial entrepreneur for clean wellness products and the Founder of BITE Beauty, gives us a lesson on what it means to shop clean and sustainable. She founded her lipstick company on the concept that "your lipstick should only be made out of ingredients you would eat." Kinda genius, right? In this episode, we find out what harsh chemicals are actually doing to our skin, digestion, and wellness. Susanne teaches the Squad how easy it is to shop clean; you'll be shocked to hear HOW easy and inexpensive it is! Our Drink of the Day this week is clean, refreshing, and delicious. Stay until the end for a game about Susanne and Robin's favorite essential products!

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Here, what do you know the secret to clean beauty and waterless skin care, well rob will fill you in on her podcast I've gotta secretly Robin Mcgraw, where she speaks with bite, beauty, founder and cereal entrepreneur, Susie, Lying near. Susie and is a beauty innovator with a sharp eye for design and well honed instincts for developing brands and products that challenge conventional thinking about health and beauty? in this fund episode, you will hear Susan's new journey to being the ceo and CO founder of the waterless skin care bran on Hydra. How you can join the waterless revolution? No water, no waste! Now I'm gonna play you a clip of I've got a secret Robin Mcgraw. While your list be sure to subscribe, follow and listen on Apple pie, gas, Spotify or how
ever your listening right now. Can you break down the importance of this like what are these chemicals actually doing to our bodies. While I did see a study them launched yesterday that there's a lot of new research on forever chemicals and things like ballades? It's it's kind of a hard work to recognise and to know and falling turn fragrances. Fragrance companies don't have to voluntarily disclose all of the radiance in the trade secrets of fragrance, so chances are if you're, using a product with fragrance you're, using something like phthalates and forever. Chemicals are hormone disruptors, meaning that they interfere with your bodies or natural ability to heel to fight disease. They are known to be parsonage
in southern cancer causing and there's really just a long list of products? One of my favorite retailers, his cradle beauty, because they do such a good job of editing and elevating the standards so summit. ingredients that you want to try to eliminate. Are things like ballots caravans when oxy ethanol I mean I'm a beauty for emulator and I find some these ingredients hard to say so. It's It is good to align yourself with brands and retailers that that do the editing for you, and really there are five years ago. It was harder to weed out clean beauty or natural beauty or sustainable beauty, whereas, especially in the last couple of years, it's become very accessible ok. You just heard a preview of I've Argos, Seagrave rather Mcgraw thanks for listening. remember to subscribe, follow and listen to I've gotta secret with Robert Mcgraw Apple Podcast, spot of I
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