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Tony Romo - A Drive To Win

2019-02-19 | 🔗

Tony Romo, winner of the prestigious Walter Payton Award for outstanding division 1-AA football player, and a consensus All- American, was an undrafted rookie out of Eastern Illinois University when he signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an extra quarterback for practice drills. He hung around long enough to make the team and get a chance as a backup quarterback which he grabbed on to and never looked back. One of the highest-rated quarterbacks ever, holder of numerous team and NFL records, and considered one of the gutsiest and smartest quarterbacks to ever play the game. He was forced to retire due to a compression fracture in his spine or he would still be playing. But his loss has been our gain- soon after retiring he landed in the CBS broadcast booth where every football fan in American has marveled at his incredible ability to know what plays teams are going to call next from both the offensive and defensive side of the ball, which has created a whole new level of fun and excitement in our television experience of the NFL and set a new gold standard for broadcasting sports. Tony Romo is a perfect example of the old adage- "the cream always rises to the top." He didn't have the high-profile college career many others had, but there was no denying his talent once he stepped on the field as he outperformed big-time first-round draft picks his entire career. Never give up, never doubt your abilities, grab onto opportunities when they show up and you'll rise to the top just like Tony Romo. For more information go to https://www.drphilintheblanks.com

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What was your biggest contracted near their fill, that two years or for millions I was set for life, I'm gonna have an apartment and some girl will at least like me a little bit here and then God just give you some very nice, sometimes and gives people different gifts ripe our cards. Slowly, the given everything tat. I love it yeah I am also like what happens if I was five foot five, you have three boys: will you encourage them or discourage them about plan football? I am sitting down with the hottest man in football and he's not even play. I'm talkin about Tony Robo he's a dad. He's got three kids and he has said that both on fire is the number one color commentator in football.
Some say of the Kansas City City Chiefs have been talking to him. They would have been in the Superbowl. You gonna learn a lot about Tony Robo, you didn't know he is special. Happened in less than one I've been do it up. What kind of a series on this championship concept and what makes some people champions when other people aren't I've been a fan of yours forever cause I'm a Dallas cowboys. Well, I'm a cowboy and every Sunday morning and then I quit him sending I swear also of until the next Sunday morning and back again, and then I could have on Sunday night in a back again the next Sunday morning there so frustrating will. It means your true fan of sports. Think like that so I want to see you during the season back rashly than housing. Are we lost, don't go in public
I just I just I've just been a cowboy lever for ever and I'll. Never I'll never give em up what a career UK. From Eastern Illinois University right, yeah Hemi students were their lot Yeah probably Rwanda is running around its tiny was one to a it's.
It was wonderful, lay at that time, nothing to change that now, but death Bs Fc stuff, but the crazy part, as I feel it gets life in some results like when your kid you don't really know that you do or don't have money or that your house is bigger or that you like. I have nice closer. Don't you just kind of just you there you're doing it, and then life happens in the new learn as you get older. That's so that college was for me was like it didn't, feel small. At the time I got older went back. You'll enjoy these. It wasn't a lot of options here to go, eat around the corner and we lose it like five thousand soon for seven, yet the whole town, like included, who, with the college you know, was under twenty thousand and amended. I feel like it just like a small town, and it really was enjoyable, though it was one of those places where you you kind of get till. I grew up with your friends.
School you're walking everywhere and you don't need over there. You didn't have to have thick dash, survive and grow there, but we're kind of working backwards. But do you ever stop and look at your career? I mean fourteen years as a quarterback for the cowboys and look back and say out of all of the tens of thousands of college players. College quarterbacks coming from that tiny school winding up the quarterback for America's team, setting all the records that you said for passing. Touchdowns all that. Do you ever look back at that and say how did that happen? What do you say to yourself about their words? It's a great questioning in there's like two things. I come to my mind when I hear that and-
the first one is like. I really don't look back very often like you're always moving on to the next thing in the next thing, and then you just like oh, but you do sprinkling of thought of the whenever, like somebody asked a question like that then new equal. That is a good point, because life just can happens and it feels gradual. To me words like You're just trying to make it at EAST Rowan high and then you kind of playing a game and you're the backup and then you're the starter and then you're free agent in the NFL and then you're back up and then you play and then your winning and then you're trying to win a Superman life life like it felt gradual, so felt normal. When you said the way you did it feels like from Reuters, concentrate to the cow and then the odds are so like zero in and your ride the ads harsher cycled less than zero, but here's the second part that. I also think about when I really like sat in that moment after nectar passionately the catechism gratitude, because it's like
I'm just not convinced it was all me, in other words, like, I think God just gives you some very does sometimes and gives people different gifts ripe. But to think like it did, I work hard. Lolita, given everything tat, I love it yeah. I'm also like what happens if house five foot five, we know what happens if I didn't have the Frank: what happens if when there was a million things that I had no control over a dad who'd by catch me every day of my life like in the freezer minus ten up in Wisconsin, and
Just always things had to kind of connecting go the right way and he's like you, don't know that when you're in it but that's the older I get. I just really believe I don't like taking credit for that type of stuff, because it's it's just choose, like you said the other two crazy. It's something had to be helped there. You know what I mean totally get that and I think there has to be bigger plan than we understand and I always think about it. God has a plan, man cannot understand and everything is beautiful in its own time. Then I also in one of those people that believe pray to God but row for the shore yeah you better work at me. You got a gives, you guess that's right, and what are you going to do? We and you gotta, go grind it and dummies, like you say you, God help me I gave you oars way. Why aren't you rowing executive, and so the thing I try to,
trying to figure out in a really am trying to mpeg young people with it. There are a thousand people in your same situation that our maybe as too on, as you were at the time, were Morceau. Absolutely I guarantee you. There are psychologists out there that have forgotten more psychology, then I'll ever know but I'm where I am in their where they are and there's a reason in part of it is coastguard use in me in what I'm but why me and part of it is you I had to seize opportunities and do it, and I ask him at the same questions and one thing she said is he to run a movie and his head of the whole game. Before he played a mate. He would, we're gonna have like eleven or twelve possessions.
And that I'm to carry the ball like four five times. It's gonna be this many plays and see myself run in a play in your whose bloc in the world I would see it actually happen. Am I thought I studied success. Since I was twelve years old because a football I played a football game when I was twelve gets salvation Army team that had nothing and they and it s our ass on a platter. Maybe they have matching helmets labour plan in blue jeans. Half of them know football shoes they beat us like, they were clap and for a barn dance. I was in bed humiliating, and it made me really wonder why They have that. I don't have cuz, they didn't have the opportunities. I add, and I kicked our boy
and I want to know what they had in here and I started studying at twelve years old. What made people do what they do? What made him take, and I mean it- was real clear early on those kids were hungry men. They were hungry, they, nobody gave them a damn thing. They they were gray and they were tough and they fought for everything they got mean. I learned a lot right then, and I just kept study it kept study in it and they retired your jersey at Eastern Illinois. They ve never done before they ve. Never done that, since that's no accident, I mean yet might all here the aside, that's no accident first, like. I said I think that some of this was given, but once you have it now, it's time to go. Let's let's go make this and use the strings that we have and then go see how good you can be.
There are, like you just said, there's a million little things that I feel like our strengths of mine that allow you to have more success or give you an advantage to succeed faster or quicker. When you talk I would have said you don't get to become the all time leading rusher without genuinely having some rare special quality that you have to figure out how to get to use at the highest of levels and for me I really feel does hundred little things but one of em. I really think as a skill set. I guess it's just your thought process to evaluate yourself and how others are reacting to it, and so, after every he talked about doing the game beforehand.
I was an hair different like for me. I would definitely visualize a little bit things that nature, but I really wanted to dissect post practice post game and analyse what I thought that moment. How is my temperament? What was my emotional level? Why? What's the back. Round of this team, and why wasn't I aware? I knew Tell me why can I get my brain to think of this in this situation on third and seven, when I was prepared for it on Thursday, but it didn't come into my brain at that moment on Sunday and so I would analyze myself and then analyzed the mannerisms and things of others at the other side, the ball or coaches and try to be well like in mean. I'm gonna go off a little bit here, but I want to get a plane. With one of my coaches, when I was younger, our you'd ask is at older I found just through just now Just sit down you at you, you wanna call it just
turning his manners and what he's taking to and what is not in certain. I would say, with a certain tone, would change how this might get done and so you are constantly evaluating that I feel like I do that with everything like right now by the fifth question of evaluating just how you're guy reacting to a question or not whether it's being pleasing or not. It's just like you know, we know all the stuff, but I really think you have to think about it. If you don't go home and think about it you're, losing to somebody who is real and he's getting better endured the attic people just it's hard to get better. You gotta really think about it as an athlete at whatever level did you believe, that you are the best set up in the morning and you walk to school. He walked into the hallway. You went into pepper in high school or college, or whatever did you have swagger, where you cocky enough, did you even if you
Didn't say it out loud. Did you believe, can own this game, even if he is If anybody else did you have inside the idea that there is a confidence within you that. Private wronger ask low, because I'm I was very confident young age for no reason, and so I feel like I did not only rallies, I was not confident will how hot teenage girls around girls or any of that If anything, I was very shy, but if you put me in a competitive environment, I couldn't take it. If I failed like it was almost like, you talked about that hundreds age just is breathing sick. I can't breathe. If I think that you thought You were just better than me that you're winning in and then MA am Every member, the. I think it's called the greatest. I think it's maybe a Kenny Rogers. I could begin this wrong, but
During the song this kid- and this is exactly my mindset that have is this kid goes out with his ball and his bat and he stands up and he's going. His mom says hey it's time to come in and you know you got to got to eat and he throws the ball if you just want to come selfies swinging and hitting it cost of that ball up, strike one in the king, gos, that's, ok! I am the greatest no. She throws it open. It goes bomb that strike two and now comes down to this final pitch. He's it. Okay. I got this one. I am the greatest you noses and whipping, but he's just in that mindset, then the third ball goes up and at Balkans down kid swings, MRS: it comes home, moms how'd you do son,
Mom I didn't know, I could pick like that, the greatest too, I feel like that's the mindset you're constantly confident even ho you're failing you're learning your constantly ok, because you're teaching yourself every day. So it's really not! I feel, like I tell my kids- isn't my daddy never cares about winning losing just cares about learning and getting better. That's all that check your about nuts, the way I but when you see when you went into a game, you expected yourself to win its. It was like breathing, it was. It was hard to taken, that's, I would lose, but I wasn't a guy who would like Throw the chair through the wall, my brain,
America went with like I cannot lie cat. What can I do to never let this happen again like what do I have to do? I have to get better at this. I feel I'm not good enough at this. I'm not good enough here. This will eventually come up again. I need help this coach. I need to help this player is having trouble in this spot. You know those things are what go through my brain. You accepted it. I noticed, and I was curious if you did it on purpose, because you took over mid season from drew Bledsoe and he was injured and you came in and I noticed it every time you were playing, I've always told people. If there's not something in your life, you're passionate about you need to find something: you're passionate about cuz, if not,
You just burning daylight and days turn into weeks and weeks. Turn in a month must turn into years. Pursuing you look back in your life is over and you just been going through the motions, but real winners. Not We have something their passionate about. They get every buddy around them, passionate about something. So everybody is excited and the thing that stuck out to me about you in the leg was you everybody around you excited it wasn't. If you came in and you were excited in, you got everybody around, you excited So there was a change in the psych. I look at the psychology of the game. There was a change in the passion In the huddle, there was a change in a passion of the game when you came in because your passion- your excitement even the way
you scrambled around all the things you did broad and excitement that lifted everybody's excitement up, everybody got excited, and so that made the whole team more passionate. Did you notice it, and Do it on purpose I figured I was trying to be a leader and stuff like that, but no, I think it's just that's your natural freezer. I do think, though there is something about you described, wanting everyone's to come to that same type of level, and I just want people to be happy and enjoy themselves or some. But like we gotta dinner and you're sitting there in your lives is just a tough days and sometimes of energy. Sometimes you don't, but I feel like it's my job to like you do like have an enjoyable dinner fear in front of me and then it's probably a flaw sometimes, but
You are right with the team, so you just want you want everyone to like being it together and you want us to enjoy it together and you want to be passionate about it and you want to win and it's better and easier to find. If you get everyone to really love it, like you do and with the owner of studying the interviews of players like when I get ready to do this, I listened not to people interviewing you, because I want an interview myself. I didn't want to listen to other people. Interview yeah. I listen to pee interviewing the people around you and what I noticed is when they were interviewing your teammates throughout those fourteen years A common theme is those people felt better bout themselves, ass,
they were around you than they did before they were around you and they frequently said that they said I feel better about myself as a person and a player after I've been around Tony then for I was that's what we call there's a name for it. I did psychology is called a health engendering personality when you around somebody and you feel better about you. After being around them than you did before you were around them. That's a health engendering personality and not using that label or that term a lot of people you played is described you in those terms. They said they felt better about themselves. After playing with you hanging out with you been in the locker room with you being in the huddle with you. Then they did before they were an error that that's listen to that's right I mean I feel like I've. Never got back and read her solid suffer minutes can makes you feel good to be answered it they had said and will it should, because
you talk about being a leader if, if people. Around you and they feel better about themselves. For me, found you, your lifting their game, you're lifting their game alive. You lived in their game of football, your lifting how they feel out, go home and I think that's why best got a lot more out of what might not have been the best talent pool some years than might have been gotten out of a mouse, wise That is precisely the you're saying this of a politically appreciation and I think. I don't know, I just feel like I feel like you wanna. The Wendy cannot win I'll. Just keep going in No, I can't breathe. It feels like an that's. Why, even for Pasok, if I could have kept playing, I might have just died. Gender is damning like point where you'd after you
most like a family choice. Cuz, like I can't get out of my own way when it comes to that and so on. Move down CBS News, there was a similar approach where it was like well. You know I feed a like. Listen if I'm failing we're all staying here for the next. Ninety six straight hours? Yes, we can practice it went out like I can't it's hard to be not good enough. If that makes sense, it's just a thing that you have kind of it's just an eight and it drives you nuts, because you're so competitive. How did you make the decision to move on from the game? Well, I think I needed to be not so selfish in some ways. I got three boys and you know I recognise just some of the injury aspect, some things that account about. Obviously, with my back and knowing how hard it was for a year to to get through that and get ready in preparing
in a lot of ways. There was a loyalty to a lot of the people within the cowboys. You know some teammates that you went through a lot of games with a lot of battles and then a front office coaches, people that you really want. I didn't want to leave the game and feeling, like I just said, Eric by good luck, because I know hard that game is, and I know how much you can influence and help others that you describe. And it was actually weirdly made easier when I felt there in good hands and that that part of it actually was it gave me a feeling of ok, I wasn't. Surely thinking this right now, but he was come in and around the corner pre soon, and then it was like I've given as much. I know I've given everything, but I will can too to do this until fifty eight, if protected, when a suitable as like
we gotta get out of my way and some in some way and be a dead end You have some ass was his solitary decision, and this is something that you set em by yourselves walked round drove around, thought about then made it. Susan on your own, my wife, my parents, ultimately you're gonna come down to your own. You know cause you talk to Candish. You talk to your bears. My wife is very smart. My dad MA am, I mean I've got really intelligent people around as far as sometimes seeing a blind spot that I may not be able to pick up on, and I think that's why I'm lucky in a lot of ways you dead was supportive as let us leave you said all the way along right, like through the tiller to clone was godson. Oh my gosh, my dad, he would drive Eddie shown I. I was the backup wretched freshman year in a drover.
Got off work on Friday, night drove for the noon game to Kentucky from Wisconsin got the car drove their got. There would ever in the morning, but say left at night watch. You watch to watch me watch in case I possibly got in the game. Watch the game game hug: he went home, that's nice, twenty four hour round trip driver it ever was when he was in case you gotta. Unless I get an I'm just like that's my dad and at its core
even in the Navy originally Ryan, and then he was a carpenter, exactly your web project managers, superintendent on it and then near mom was a retail clerk. Mama worked at sir. She was Viejo clerk. My grounds at calls and my mom is my mom end up doing books. Now they do a lot of the help of some of the financial stuff. You still close and they were just dishonest weak. They come down stores time. They, like the grandkids when you made your decision to stop. Did you know what you were gonna do at that point I did know than YAP. At that point I and made a decision probably to go in the broadcasting and am strange times because you're, like I've, been doing this literally your whole? I do think you describe
earlier sang saying you better find sent me love, there's a deep rooted joy for me in trying to get somewhere, in other words, trying to accomplish something, and I had that in football, your whole career and it was easy and some because you're always when you're losing there's gonna smack tell you right in your face in the world you until you do but dad I was nervous about that part of it. Moving on now. Will you were in a game where they grade your paper every week in its public? I mean it's right: there did the press bother you I mean it. Had a bad game or bad and they say trash in the press to that bother you. So I think when I was young when I first started, they said to take you through a little bit of mine, said cuz. I feel like it kind of shapes you, but when I first started in six, I think we won like five out of her first six games and really the other one is a blocked field goal that we had one and they kicked it like to beat us like complete shift yeah, we started off really good
and then what happens to your like? Oh because you want to be, person. You wanna do the right things. You train people hopefully like like. Well, then, all of a sudden here's like bad gay were bad stretcher, submarine, completely shifts and then I'll then, terrible. You know, MRS before Even the social media you'd be like comments from an article or something I remember everything that way back then, and as I understand why why are people so mean glad that was friend like I would rather go you liked me what happened here then, when that happened, It kind of showed me, whereas, like others, just kind of goes with the seasons of life, it's like you really can't control it for I tried to any when I was younger, Spina stare and do everything for everybody to every interview. Do everything well, like
and then you're just run and regulate related matter ultimately was like your performance on the veiled gonna be out there for everyone see whatever, and so that eventually it you just turn into a turtle. Shell, and you know I could read an article and it could be great or poor, and it really would have almost no affecting most we not at this point but early on in your career. It super emotional going through it, Did you ever worry when you had a bad year bad season about Jerry Jones, be an impulsive pullin trigger magna change now, because, just now, when you play the game, you can't know your skill set a little bit. I'm kinda share stuff can happen sign, but you know
I think more than anything, it was if you're lying to people up some guys going to get through this progression faster than the other guy, and you can just see that when you play the game a little bit and that's probably me being a hair too cocky I feel like, but I felt comfortable with just that skill set. I told you that was the part that I had a gift with was my ability to see things at a very quick, fast pace and not that's what separated mean? Just you don't see you run across that part of it. So I feel like that was one advantage that I would Teams are better than others. You know some years you going better than others, but how'd you get along with Jerry. High cholesterol affects more than a hundred million Americans and is a major risk factor for heart disease. The number one cause of death in the: U S, while healthy lifestyle choices can help manage high cholesterol, That's often not enough stands or a type of medication is proven to be safe and effective.
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Check out, take cholesterol to heart, calm and talk to your doctor about finding the right statin for you. I love you if you guys have always been very tired right yeah I mean, since I started playing me real close and he tells a story about Bill Parcells, trying to strong arm me from like two feet away to sign a contract that was, I was in my second year, I believe in the NFL second or third year, and then he wasn't. It was right before a preseason game Bill Parcells and Jerry call me into this office and I'm like nobody just get a second or third string at the time, we're getting ready for a preseason game to go out there and I'm going to start game. Cuz, the resting all the starters on the back of kid is going to play in this is twenty minutes for the game. Tony sit right here and sit down and within I mean literally knees are touching so far.
So once I Jerry than the other and bought the knees and that we talk to did yesterday. We did you need to sign this contractor three hundred thousand dollars for the next two years heard like six thousand or something? Otherwise we can't player in person. We can't play out there get showed the rest, the leg. You know you got Are black? I'm like a starch in, do that in seeking to try and make money out their sub? That's not major sign this thing tell your agent to get to get Nina. Understand where you're at and says like and sets out the most frightening situation ever Bennett. Headset athlete you'd to both of us and your bills Breathe and heavy rainfall Arica end. All this I just allowed, but you just get com, and you think about it logically and so when I speak to them logically remembers vagueness I completely understand why you guys would say that
being in your position. I would probably do the exact same thing, however, from position just explained mine, you ever quarterback your blood, so came back and me leads us to the end. She championship game this year. I'm not even be able to play now after three years, and then there's four years and second, if I send two or three more, you do like, I know them he's not that big deal. It's not that big over me. I want to play but house understands the business and if you guys pay me you're more climb to give me an opportunity to play. So if, we are investing in me real money. I know that you will make a concerted effort to get me on the football field. If you don't, you don't really have to you. Don't need to and so for me can ever similar, which wants to play and an opportunity. That's that's where I feel like. I can do it for any less than an. I said, like
two years four million or something like two years. I which at one time and they were say it was- was more money than you could dream you, everyone making your life and- and I was like But I can understand what you guys said that and you let me know where you go Obviously, I wanna play today. That's the most important thing to make devastate me, but you know I understand you guys have to do. You have to do it's a business sometimes, but I'll go, get ready and you, let me know to a walk What I to hurry, tells a story now mean bill. Looked over afterward ngos we got ourselves a damn quarterback locked out of there and I'm like I blacked out what happened. I don't remember anything. It was a tough spot, but so would you sign for two years for a million two years, four million I got like one or two up front, I think butt and how long after that meeting did you say
Oh, the next week knows the next week right away on the agenda but even right before I left my side, like you know what we're going to do it. Let's do the deal. I'm fine with it. I think you might be right and you played. I ended up plan the day that was the year. I believe you played that game that day that they I am, I don't know my dad's gonna feel they came out because I think would happen ultimately at their core. They wanted a guy who could walk in that room and be like them, the uncomfortable and own it and stand in front of this team and be like I gotcha, that's what they wanted. I think they felt like was over the backbone. Yet they wanted someone to be overcome in there and be like I'm recorder back again. Look let's just let us watch again and I will see what happens when we would arrive
I mean it can be a long way to fall and the silence can be deafening when it rolled around when you would have been in camp when you would have been gettin ready. What did it feel like to not do it after fourteen years? Surprisingly good, I think I think I captured a lot of the competition aspect of trying to get in the broadcast road and then golf like you know that same stuff. I t about upon kind shifting overtook afterwards. I gotta see how good we can be at this in detail, how much we can improve, and then I love apostle. Much I've studied that for so many years, but the broadcasting aspect you know- that's like enjoyable, not, as
The competitive side of it per se, but the enjoyment from just loving the game and trying to have that come about as you look at it from that point of view now. What do you think about? Where the games going in terms of head injuries and protecting the quarterback, and that sort of thing you you were down in the trenches before now you're watching some of these heads from the boughs and seeing some of the rule, changes and stuff with see tee in all this, that's being learned about. Where do you think the games headed? Where do you think it should head in terms of protecting the players and ahead injuries? I think what they're doing is exactly what the shipmates it should be about player safety in these are real people with real families, and I think the IMF has done a great job of learning
here, the stuff they didn't really have a great understanding I ass before, and so they put a lot of money in a lot of people out of stuff into making the game safer and the thing that. Feels like something is people like? I won't be football anymore, I'm like you're still watching, and it is it's still extremely physical. It's extremely dangerous as far as like just your knee, you know if we can figure out a way to protect the head. That's a great thing. You know just that you're putting your legs in your body on the line, so I too young man, sport, starred with Tom Brady's doing, is incredible he's got a lotta protection, though he gets knocked down. Listening is if quarterback so cross times, and you want to know part of the reason is because it his intelligence, his ability to get to the right and understand when they're pressuring, when they're, not other guys are just run, play not everybody, but you know you look across the way. It's like you want to beat that team
he's. Gonna he's gonna, know dread and he's gonna get The right play a lot of the time and he gets through that ball. Really quick me. It's a smart thing, he's healthy for that purpose. TIM going around in here, for you know how to print out a lot of the time you do. You know, there's no question about it. I've got to get your opinion about this. Then I want to talk about broadcasting for sure, but there was a huge, no call this year. Obviously, with the saints and Sean Payton is a good friend, I then he still pissed off about, of course, but if the call had been made, the kurdish run the clock out taken a knee, I mean that mean something couldn't happened or whatever I understand you dont know what could happen, but high percentage they would have been in.
Super bowl with that call him he had made, and I think everybody agrees that was probably one of the most blatant miss calls. I can remember in a long time what could they are? They have done about that in your opinion, is not a p s. Thoughts at me can review is not reliable under the rules right yeah. I can't do it. I mean it's just a human error. I know the people want more from it. It was the right call now me now. I think everyone knows it was a penalty. I think he can't fault either team for any. Both these guys were incredible. Comes down to possession, I mean both teams had the ball. You know again later in that game said just there are so many things I personally am play the game for so long crap happens. It just has to be devastating.
When you talk to shine, you know when you have a shout the Superbowl and its Dat real, and it's that close. It just doesn't happen very often in that exact moment, but in football games it happens a lot near like with Israel, is the whole game, with six minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Build on this is the most blatant time that you saw a real human error on a critical stage. Moment, and I mean there's no real great answer, but their seven rests on the field at the time, and even though, but I have they have Jack the other ones. Like the guy stand behind, you know it's just a one or two person. Shouldn't somebody have flora flagged even run across the. So what are you thinking? I mean I mean the guy cell,
doktor pepper saw that they that unites funny, as there is a thing with their american Alliance for body ass. Nothing he's gonna, do a great job actually in other starting this off, but they actually have a sky. Judge. So basically I gotta be. That was wrong. The ghostly out. I am basically just yeah, he's there to say this is this is ran like we can just overturn what you did or didn't do, and you know that that I like you, I need it for what for that where situations for that situation? You yards that important. What are they gonna makes it? oh, I know in real time it happens fast, but how do you not see that may was he just in it Second, looking away Amoeba Hetty of liquor it a hundred times and it doesn't seem like you wasn't lookin.
Yeah me. I feel like it's almost like a guy run into first sector. Balikh, obviously got there before the rise at the base. Me just bang Bang than is like now I thought it was closer. Take I mean I've. The guy's, obviously not dishonest he's, not biased. Is this? If just incompetent, he just didn't, do it, they resist didn't, do it. It's a sports is not without human error. Now tat you have three boys. Will you encourage them or scurries them about plan football, I don't think I'll ever discourage them from doing anything or like to mail. It goes back to he said and like if you really like this go play at what I will.
I won't allow them from a dad. From my perspective, if everything's the same as it is, you know ten years from now, but they won't play tackle football until eighth grade that'll be the first time I let them I just don't. I just don't believe it's a craft sport. So if in tennis you go practice tennis to get better at tennis. The only position that I really believe is a craft or into position is the quarterback words like you physically getting better throwing does make you better most other positions. It's running it's your vision and your into well yeah yeah play football before these other kids. We have it. Seventy seven you ve played alleys. Alignment? Isn't
a more dominant as a sophomore, because he played in fifth grade tackle it. Just your body changes you get bigger, you get, I dont think you gain anything from doing. It is what I would I believe it is only a downside shook it wants to play it to me. Now. That's the discussion, but I feel like if I tell them that a young age they understand. You know it's important to me and you can play football, not saying can't, and I love the game. I know it's brought me and my family. Would you be afraid of head injuries? I don't think I would be afraid I mean you just you know. I know about my whole history and if you do anything afraid that you're playing you're playing, but if you're thinking about that you shouldn't be playing with one of my best Friend'S- is the head of Neurosurgery at Cedar Sinai Hospital in La Dodger, Pat Johnson
skim. The question he is he's also works as a sideline doctor for the NFL takes him and tat. We had come off and I ask him knowing what you know about safety and knowing what you know about head injuries and knowing what you know about all the things that are coming out and in the specialist you are. Would you tell parents that its foolish to let our kids play football? Would you tell them they shouldn't do that, and he said or even almost funny not even almost- and I was wrong they surprised at what he said, and I said why is that Nay said you're a perfect example? Would you have gone to college without a football scholarship? I said not a chance.
They said there, you go changes you I farther risk yeah. There are risks, but there have been risk if you were running tobacco- and he said you wouldn't have gone to college. Without it you went to college with it. Near talkin to you today and he said real. And whatever you do, don't think they're particularly high I do in that then, you do manual labor working with the skill, sour bacco or whatever, and he said the kids at play football. It's their ticket out. And he said it was certainly your ticket out you- We grew up really poor as very poor, and I went to university. It also, which was a private school Amerika, if on a full right, I was never gone without yet, and there are guarantees John. I just there's no way that year. You love some you're good at it. I don't think you can nit picking safe life is hard enough
for you, I don't care who you are it? Doesn't it's not handed to you? Don't you're gonna really make some years of you're gonna have to grind in, and it's gonna get hard and it's not easy every day, and that was something I could do this up. My could do and I loved it and determined I wouldn't worth a damn at its very good I was I was neither has the case. You borrowed it just a lingering big, but at least not with slow cells load to talk to about this transition to the booth because come on, you went from being on a football the to the number one color analyse spot on number one network and television. That's a big jump. Yeah? I guess soon. You say it like that sounds like Wales. It, as do our business, will see. We made a lot of business with CBS Serbia
centric on my daytime show. I have primary shows with them. I do that's a big jump. Yeah, I think gum. It felt like a normal subway move. I guess at the time that you just you go from this Are you going to be like? I love the game, but keeps me involved in the game I get to work with Jim Nantz. You know that was pretty very really need deal for me to great chemistry between the two of you and he says great chemistry, you feel it right. Oh yeah, nice set you up really well, because he understands the gay and he knows what you know and what he does. No, so it's a perfect division of labor you're, a hundred percent right Jim. Is the rarest guy who is a player play guy, who knows the game, but he also knows me, and he knows our environment. He knows the situation just has this gift of, like probably
unlike you words like you can see how this is going to see the situation and kind of a dead he's done. So many little things will go back and watch we like, and even though I did that, but that totally got me to go there, or to do this and then there's a selfless side to it. To that he is really one of the most genuine carrying people that I've ever met and he's that way in the booth like it. I mean it's hard to explain to people how that can come about, but if close closer somebody. I really feel like it can show, and it really does hurt the broadcast end Mean Jim a real close- and he just well he's a very good one guy? He is an eve. Can't say enough about his respect for you.
For you being a rookie and the both and all he hasn't focus on that. He focuses on what you bring to the booth knowledge wise about two yeah and a lot of people have an you mentioned. Reading the press, and you know people comment, they call you, what Ro mode Damas predict this and that the other- and there are those that said if the chief said talk to you they might be, the Superbowl today, I think that somebody may have even gotten fire, they said Hale the announced can see. What's gonna happen in you care what of what the hell's Goin on here. So you re We have talked about progressions. That you got in the competition for the job. You could see the progression. Faster than other people, you re I do see what's happened and you you predict the play within.
Credible accuracy that it has become a thing We are aware that right yeah. I am it's funny because they ve asked me to like described. I got em like it's just. You just play the game. It's like, I think, a lot of people it see. Coaches and players have played the position. Could sailor their endeavours. I feel, like you know, issues there. Is that like little thing of, I love a game so much. You want to learn as much as you can about the game. Then you she learned all that plane the correct position in like ok, I understand now's the system now. I understand now understand people snouts a gear, the defensive corps. NATO near College, even while understand Whenever things on a line, who are you cork and everyone, as in my view, core, like thirty times today, but it's like who
who is the right. This guy he's somebody ever raising this. Is this is not its still like an hour for them. Human beings are still going to be who they are and they got a fight against. So I want to know who this Sky is in there. So many people like that on the field that matter the quarterback who see what does he trusted with her in the system is what you doin with cause he's been in this situation. A thousand times he's the he's. Gotta have some law as that govern him a little bit the defensive go the same way, and so, once you put on together, then you start looking at mannerisms and then you go through in a foot work, and I mean just say these guys are not, but you say some things that I think people are learning when you call it, but just how rules the game like you, I heard you say one time you need fifteen seconds to get your kicking unit on to the field and kick feel go
Then. If we run a clock down, past is fifteen seconds. Twenty two we are waging way too, with some number yeah that you can do. They're gonna going to get it done. So if you dont manage your clock that you just can't get it done an added No, that I never thought about that ever since there have. What's that, that's right, you can do but the dry, but they can't do it. So I can use takes that long. It really miss. We call it made a few goal so of its third down and lets say ten ads only for the end of the game are, or this situation and of the half, so thirty ten you throw it in you, get set
yards in your in bounding you're out of time out. So it's only on third down when you're out of time out at the end of a half or end of the game and you throat and you don't get the first down and you don't go out, abounds in that specific case. You can't come up and spike it, and it has to be only enough time to where you can't run another place. Get a first down and then kick the field goal. So it's such a fine night situation. So if you throw it on third down and ten from your thirty, you get seven yards you're at the twenty three, your tackle in bounds Or fuel unit has to run on the field as soon as you are tackled, they gotta know notice, be sprinting all yes, you have to be they the ready for that. But the the whole point is there needs to be twenty two seconds and the clock for this to take place. If there is not
even try it. So you talk about fifteen seconds to them to run on a kick it. I'm saying it's twenty seconds from the snap of the ball to catch, to be being down to the fuel Yonah getting up and kicking, and that's one of those in others, a million little things that if your team can get, extra prepared you ready for this stuff, and if you don't have it then just go for it right, move you down close enough. Can you run out of time to just go for it? Cuz? You don't have time to kick it correct you so that if you're on third and and you get seventeen seconds Here's examining your son the ball again and your calling apply to go to the engine and, fourth down, that's that's, which has run the clock. The answer to this
yep or if you're already in field goal range you're actually only throwing it past the sticks so you're throwing it one hundred percent out of bounds or past the first down marker cuz. Then you can get up in clock the bombs. The clock had yet how different seven seconds is to nine is to eleven eleven to thirteen thirteen eighteen, oh, this is with the kind of stuff were driving. That's when you watch and sometimes because it's in its endeavours to winning and losing meets the end of the game and you you can't practices or talk to your team or your quarterback. The people control it enough Did you think you are going to enjoy announcing as much as your I hoped I didn't, I didn't know that I would, in fact that I have, I think, is a testament to the group of people I'm around as much as the game, and everything is well just
yeah, I got a team with gymnasium rogoff in our group over it interests you will send in my car over it CBS, there's just rare, so I like em. In fact, we like each other, it's way more fond made on the road here. How do you feel about when the interviews you're doing you, you had a great series leading up to the Superbowl. It was our yes. Tony goes to the Superbowl. That's your morphed futile those reviling do the Superbowl, but you were talking to different players instead and you really seemed comfortable, you really seemed at ease. Did you like duenna? Not really is a lot of so I'm done doing really I mean I'm gonna Jochen but canisters. I feel like you, We all realise how much work you just put in to come in here and do this in your gift. It your great, but you put
work too, and the combination of all. That is what makes you rare and special- and I feel like for me workers my history of knowing these guys little bit and then there's a million things you can read up and, unlike. Just don't want to sound interviewee. You know we're just I felt like I was just have a conversation film. It Those like that's how I wanted the shorter come out was just more so in an ethic that was better for me, because I know these guys little wouldn t like you and you have a great body that you sit down to interview. Well, it did come across. It way came across like two players to people knew each other. Some we're just gonna cut up on Cameron Talk, and so you pulled it off. It did come across at what I actually they want to make. A very professional have hunted to shoulder joking him just behind the scenes at its deftly. You definitely pulled. It
appreciate, but are you serious about golf? I love it. You know. That's the thing. Is you to go, get her something that brings joy. I get home to qualify I'll plan a few Pga events this year. I think and a few others, my games and last year I started like really committing to it. So they'll be some improvement this year. Hopefully, hopefully I'll be able to show that you got somebody you're working with other you just do it on your own yeah and I work with Chris O'Connell and Andy Trainor from plain truth and they've got to go, find some people, and then you study yourself and then you talk to them and it would come up with and then you go at a cat and I feel like I've just my knowledge of the game, as you know, quadrupled, haven't met them and there's or intelligent have helped me tremendously. What are you Bertha short game on game putting one day, how are you coming to us? I have
as that animals like last week, was purring now it's my distance in the next week will be. My iron play and then I'll be struggling with my partying and struggling with my dad but you're waiting for that one week, for you get them all in the same week where they come together. So that'll be a nice day. Do you have a heavy made, the kurdish PDA aware? now. I just played in one last year- and I just started with the new swaying, which now we looked back- has a limited I said three weeks before, but this year this year will be. This will be fun thing to try and throw his work ethic and commitment report. In the time my wife will tell you so you got into a pdf event how'd you do. I didn't play very well This will motivate you right, that's what does and, like I told you, it doesn't
and then, at the end of November I ended up tranquil Pfeiffer Q School, which is too can get on the web dot com, the pitcher, and so I got through the first stage, which was huge account, should desert allowed only to preserve some killer players that are gonna, be wooden Pga of it soon. Oh, my gosh, as a result, their MIKE everybody shares outstanding, catabolism cheaply, better right, yeah and I'd improved from March until November, early played anything since then, and I are getting through. That was a conference, but also the game had just it's starting to get much improved in large areas that were just flaws last year. Were they get exposed in big situations? I I hope, that's gonna be different elder. You knew thirty, eight right in my prime for golf right in your pride. So what are you gonna be due in thirty four,
you're sure. Now, what do you suspect you Spectra, Holbein spoils, I'm still waken up and the more that is on the right side of the grass. Exactly easy you're still be in sports. Like right. Let's say why owners in twenty years from now, yes I'll I'll, always be involved in sport. I think there's no question about that. As far as what I mean I could still be announcing could see that could be coaching and allow their lot mean Hopefully we get good enough at to get paid one day for one event hundred dollars. That would be a good one. You check check your member to sports club. You ve walked down that hallway and looked at Byron, Nelson's book. There was a girl of seventeen dollars and eighty sales for winning a peachy a where nine dollars the next week unbelievable
you want to live in straight. I don't you got two hundred dollars wearing eleven Fiji bills. Neuro we can get gas this week, Lots of things changed it stiff. I still remember my first. Ten thousand dollars I got after us down with college, getting ready for the draft. My agency gave me ten thousand dollars really I was rich guys. The night forever like this will never run out. Do a vine knows what was your biggest contract in Unifil? that two years or four million miles my biggest, that bulgarian visa I've signed, obviously some big ones there. You know whatever it is or your six seven years for seventy million or someone tire revolving public other souls, but then, but that to your four million that felt good didn't I was set for life that that was like you could take. I'm gonna have a
apartment and some girl will at least like me a little bit here. Yes open the author, writes something here that you can wear to? Is there anything in life to eat that gives you sweaty palms, planning a Pga tour event, think that would be that. Will that will a couple here in the next two months, but just think about it? That's something that'll move your needle and that's why it brings me joy, that's right, and I didn't think I'd find that again to be able to be good enough. It's something that you compete at a level that will move your needle and get those butterflies going. I mean. How great is that the gift I mean
here it is it it's a gift that is given to you, the announced in part his joy. I arrive in enjoyment right but, like you said, the sway palms, I'm not really getting to that that parliament clean it. I feel I know that this one to get that gift again haven't it's. It's really to joyful obsession ever her whole in one now I have had to stick a few times and I like this, just doesn't. Nor is crazy to me late football in front of the stadium full of people and stuff gone down. The re open dialogue heard the crowd the Ella than head big winds and stuff, and your been excited, but I got a whole in one jump up and there are three feet in the air I spoke in. Why is this? You know you ve done all this, then you have that you're like a schoolgirl around seventy vocs,
you're right, I wish its liquid someone says as a super bottle. Now, no men will mean you'll, give one of a means of a terrible dolphin. It's so much luck, but there's a guy at our club that got a whole and one on the part three number three and a whole and one on the parts re number five. In the same golf round, while I mean like five minutes apart and we wanted, the odds are like one in thirty million or something and he was in a foursome Poland. One played a power for Poland, one too rough life. Some people have you mean he's not the exotic I'll get all the loggia, though, can where we are driving away our lives in these areas are making holes year were out of your work. It away so will lose out skip any more you time that this is just been really great, and I appreciate you share in
I really want to know the mindset, because what you have achieved an accomplished at thirty. Eight in I've got to boys, J and Jordan and their jays about your age, and my younger Jordan is just turned thirty and Jordan. So very successful musicians like the ones vertical right. Now it s an J S, teeming producer and he's in business and at a time
both boys every once in awhile. I want you to stop. Take a deep breath, look around and take it all in because don't miss the journey, don't miss the ride. Cuz, that's a big part of it and I really encourage him to do that, and I tell myself that same thing sometimes- and I hope you've done that along the way and do it cuz you had a hell of a journeyman. I think when I was young, I was thinking about throwing motion every day and night like throw into the couch into the pillows after practice. At take twenty balls, go up, turn the lights on at the dome and I'd, throw to one a dot m and get up and go to practice, and I just wanted to get that feeling where it was perfect. You know- and
I think I was an old enough to appreciate that was the joy. The joy was in this. I want to do this so bad with everything and then one day you wake up in your seventeen years in your doktor Fillan ever knows you and the joys someone's trying to become doctor for, exactly and like you are. This is great and you get it. You got other, but it's like. So when we talk about that stuff, I mean I've I've gratitude when you have an opportunity to really love something that that makes you get cited waken up in the morning of your excited. Wake up in the morning, you have to understand, you are rare, it's a big time deal to wake up and get out of bed and be like. I can't wait to do this today. You get there.
Man? You are lucky and if you don't, I really feel like trying to find something that gives you a little bit start doing that in your life, because life's hard, you get your vocation, your evocation, to be the same thing where your work is your play, I mean how blessed are we in Yeah. I walk in that studio. Sometimes I open that door and let red lights, flashing and I'll look up on those walls and it's Dr Phil everywhere. You look and have this. A people are chanting out there and Written number one for two other waken. Parole or whatever it is insane stuff, and it's like I'm just a poor kid from Texas. You know how exactly is just you wonder
Like you say it's, you can't throw your arm out socket pat yourself on the back now, that's your God had a plan to put you there. I just want be a good steward of it to decorate don't want to screw it up there. Some gratitude and humility about it. You know once you're there and and be a good steward of it. You know, use it like. I've got a really big platform and you'll, maybe probably thirty, five million people a week I just want to be a good steward of it and make sure that I don't waste it and use it in a good way. You knowing you, do that's what I want to do and think it's apparent you do is in a lot of great things. That's what this podcast, I want people to hear what we're talkin about and go away and say you know they're talking about passion. I haven't thought about that a lot I need to get past it in my life cuz I want to be. You know I want to have the conversation they're having this with. My kids are with somebody
throne. Of that happens, we've done a good thing, you're even doing a lot. I might sprinkler in once in a blue moon, but I'll get whatever level. Maybe you don't have to wear. I told you, I did it the homework you if you ever sit around and look at that bunch up and listen to players. Talking about you cuz they. I kid you not. They say the theme is play felt better about themselves when they're after being around using, they did before that's called a health engendering personality? That's a good thing! That's really cool yeah! Your kids are blessed to have that in a dad, appreciate you by Kelly thanks, thank you, find fill in the blanks in your podcast gas tap then subscribed. So you don't miss episode.
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