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Uncommon Ground with Van Jones

2021-10-27 | 🔗

Are you concerned about the future? Tired of divisiveness? Join political commentator and changemaker Van Jones on a journey to find unifying solutions to our country’s biggest problems. Each week, Van and his guests explore topics that affect us all—from climate change to prison reform, from voting rights to political polarization. In Uncommon Ground with Van Jones, you’ll hear inspiring, hopeful and unique perspectives on what it takes to create meaningful change in a divided nation.

New episodes of Uncommon Ground with Van Jones are released weekly, every Wednesday.

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I want to tell you about a new Amazon original podcast uncommon ground was banned Jones. Where he's exploring topics that affect us all from climate. aim to racial inequality to the state of our democracy. To quality. Educational access for all he's talking the thought, leaders and getting with real people about how to join hands in the pursuit of the common good. in the new weekly podcast uncommon ground was banned, Jones NEWS commentator Van Jones explores issues that affect us all from climate, age to racial inequality to the state of our democracy. If you're lucky for hope and real solutions that can unite us join Van and his guest on a journey to find common ground there? about to hear a preview of uncommon Grand within Jones with guest, Jose Andreas, where they too
about what it takes to make meaningful change in a divided nation make sure to follow and listen to and common ground on, Amazon, music apple podcast or wherever you listen? They seem like a local crisis. Can sometimes it bring out good in people, but then we have these global crises that seem to bring up bad and people. What do the people meet The global crisis and of covert and climate change. All these big disasters that are coming in coming coming What do you wish that the people who are dealing with those big global disasters would learn from the people who were so beautifully dealing with these local disaster? That set the question? Listen. I always tell people that some of the very big problems they have very simple solutions and that food and water is very simple to see the urgency of now in terms of for water and food. Is yesterday everyday, you wait
One day people are suffering now, especially after hurricane. Without love heat water is now only essential, but this is every second. We will not bring a word to those men and women were pulling lives at risk. So what we tried to do obvious organisation, where is still very small, wasn't wreckage ass. I came fifty sixty people only on peril. I look at what we responded in Haiti close to twenty point, five thousand miles a day. Broadly more, we responded in your lives. At the same time, Leave I feel, reach over thirty five, forty thousand meals a day. We are only able to these wave locals. We camped on the outside, because we need to become him with a coolness and the support that outsiders, scampering, but outside there will never be a successful. It was not for the help of the people there. Now
best which are the locals, I remember Levin. We were able to respond within twelve hours to the biggest pollution that destroy that the part, the Beirut why we were able to responding to a out well, because we had a the ex volunteers that were lebanese somewhere in Beirut by because the local restaurants they wanted to debate with us. We put terrorists, runs around this circle surrounding this motion. Within one day, we were doing close to twenty thousand meals a day from fire fighters to volunteer to hospitals, etc. So you see we are not trying used to say we know better. I know that when FEMA the men and women are female, good people is only lay sometimes there's the rub eight that by government agencies have or not the business of solving the problems of the people today,
and these are some of the problems. We only need to redefine the meaning of emergency, does the only thing I keep asking everyone. I want to move on and second to this out the money, can see. Now I just bases wants you dead. They have a rocket ship of money behind you a bit, I think, secret ingredient colliding with stones soup. You know that that story where the other, the persons, up and nobody wants it beat him sleep. It's a big ball of water and Osborne worry, puts one stone in their peoples. You doing in every may well make some stones supervise, and carrots. If I had some celery whatever's, eventually reboots their food, in that big boiling pot ends the best merely meaning by their ahead. I think stone in your stone? Soup is joy and hope. You're, not just bringing Physical Adams and molecules of nutritious food you're bringing something else, you bring a spirit. Your bring joy How do you maintain this
energy in this enthusiasm. This love in the fund that you have in the middle. this desktop. You Jesse, listen obvious. I have a wife that that I don't deserve she's she's, my rock, and she likes to be always on the sidelines and behind everything by without her, I would have did it this report at every level that I need to do what I met my little drop of water in this ocean of but I think her, my daughter she's one of the recent right watching how they, how they get involved, give me your hand. I do believe is very important that we all do a little bit more. To really understand the world we live in, because I do believe, though, that the american dream Israel, but they can, we need to change. We need to call it the new american Dream and the new american dream must be that you are
looking to provide for others. You don't know the same thing, you're looking to provide for your own we're talking about walls- and I know this is becoming very political, but we all need to be more pragmatic. I can put my daughter's behind walls and trying to think I'm protecting them, but then they're gonna be knowing you think of what really happening around those walls outside those walls and one day those was eventually will come down. If I'm gonna be protecting my daughter's because hammer at that, the one made orders to the well either we leave. I need not to build high walls but to build longer tables. If others do well, my voters will always be protected and at that What I believe is the America, I believe- and this to me essentially is what keeps me going over. That did my daughter's means, I put them- means
my communities living better. My seat is doing better others, either nor doing better than what we all need to be finding common random working working together towards that. listen to uncommon ground, on Amazon, music, apple pie cast or wherever you get your pack cast Thanks for listening to the preview of uncommon, was they Jones remember to follow and listen to uncommon, ground Amazon, music, apple pie, guest or wherever you listen.
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