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What To Do About The Teen Mental Health Crisis

2022-12-13 | 🔗

Mental health issues among teens are on the rise. Why is this happening? How do parents and schools play a role? And most importantly, what do we do about it? On this episode of the Phil in the Blanks podcast, Dr. Phil talks to Ross Szabo, the Wellness Director at Geffen Academy at UCLA, who says he believes we can teach mental health the same way we teach physical health.

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Hey thanks for listening to fill in the blanks. I want to give you a quick preview of what's airing today on doctor phil, give a listen. People worldwide have already got chipped and the trend seems to be growing, download and install applications right into your body to give your appendages abilities. They were never meant to. Whenever I'm doing my hair and I got bobby pins on the floor, it's really handy all the doors in my life just open at my command. What about the concerns? We all know what the effects are. We know they're, not good mood. Dr phil check your local listings and for more on today's tv episode log on to dr phil dot com. Okay, fill in the blank starts right now. I've always thought about it and talked to kids about it in terms of mental hygiene, taking care and cleaning up. Your mind. Cleaning up if you're I agree anxiety about work.
he's about concerns about things you're doing something about them and not letting them fester yet. So what is the definition of mental health that you give these young people. Let's all those in having a problem. It's how you address that. It is in your life. Much like this. Health, isn't having cancer and diabetes in a broken leg and like an injury, it's about. You. Take care of your physical health, mental health. From from the start, you have to have a clear definition of it and if you don't know, their definition of it. You end up with so much vague. as an so much self diagnosing in so many confusing aspects of it that it has to start there. They everybody welcome back to fill in the blanks weird, king about something that I've heard me discuss before
something very concerned about a been concerned about for a long time got more concerned about during and after the pandemic, and really concerned about going forward the mental health of our young people right now. issues with young people proteins, older teens, and college students are really on the rise: mental health challenges in children, adolescents and young adults. our real and they are widespread. Now a lot of people say This is a product of the pandemic. Sadly, it's not we really started seeing spikes early is twenty ten twenty eleven and the pandemic, can all the quarantine discount through gas on that fire young people are struggling with feelings of helplessness, depression, thoughts of suicide, and
actual suicide has increased over the past decade. According to surgeon, general vivek, murthy and some comments he made in December twenty twenty one- and I sat down and talked about this face to face, and it is a growing concern The surgeon generals, vies re also stated before the covert nineteen pandemic, that mental health challenges, where the leading cause of disability and poor life outcomes in young people. You wouldn't think to hear that talking about america. But it's true the pandemic is further exacerbated. Those challenges, as I said, used mental health is just rending in the wrong direction. There also every measure of mental health is getting worse for every teenage demographic and is happening across the country
it's worse in some areas and others, but it's really not letting anybody off the hook. So high What parents and schools play a role, what We do about it as young adults, reveal how they're really feeling today parents across amerika, if you ve, got kids in this window. You really want to pay attention if you're one of these cares, if your college student right now you really want to pay attention a dyke as it will make a difference, and it could be a difference between life and death. I am speaking with the wellness director given academy: You see allay ross zeebo now ross over half of his lie. Finding ways to make mental health approachable that is so important. As you know, this dig surrounding mental health is so wrong, but so real
as the wellness director given academy, you see allay, he is currently working on changing the way students learn about their mental health in grade six through twelve. Now, here company human power project has also developed a curriculum used by over two hundred and fifty thousand people quarter of a million people of all ages, and he ways we can teach mental health the same way. We teach physical health, we can use lessons to teach people about brain development, vocabulary, copy skills, healthy relationships and how to help others and most importantly, that it take care their minds. So ROS welcome Thank you so much rather you and I some time together on a show previously- and I was so fascinated by what you're doing proactively. I said at the end that I really wanted to have some uninterrupted time to talk about this, because I think you are
on the cutting edge of what we need to be doing. Thank you so much It's not me a lot of work. As you know, this. These issues aren't straightforward. There complicated and I think, there's a lot of in pieces, and I think education around mental health in schools is one on missing. These well due to an when you talk about wellness with these young people. Talk about. What you mean gimme the mission statement, All of our listeners can you're stan. Why It is you're doing because, as I said earlier, I think it's a model that people should opt across the country. I think it has some real tenets in it for parents talk about. I guess I called your mission statement You're doing. I think the easiest way to break it down, as if you think about physical health. We start teaching my physical health A pre kindergarten and we have lessons about physical health and how you mature, and how you grow and how you change all the way through adulthood, theirs
and physical health programmes at every business and company in the world, for people who are added but where you really start setting up habits is when you are young and in the second despair to bring growth is between the ages of twelve and twenty five, and we know that what you do in that time period really matters. It really makes a difference and so the mission at my school and the mission with my curriculum is the teach skills about to help the same me, you would learn about physical health. So it's not a therapeutic approach is not down and analyzing yourself? It's understanding, here's a definition Mental health- these are coping mechanisms here is the mental literacy or vocabulary. You can use here's how you spot. as between normally emotions and mental health disorders. Here's how you help a friend, but it's taking a public health approach that already exist for physical health and adapting it to mental. Let's talk about that, minute, because I want to put some specific on this we're not to king about asking
empowering kids to self diagnosis and a hundred percent, but I think sometimes people can jump to the conclusion. When we say we're item out there, we were talking about education and you're right. We start teaching people about their physical health very early on what you're talking about here is making part of the curriculum, to have classes where you sit down and talk to kids about what mental health is. mental illness is, are you talking about red flags? What are you talking look I'll. Let you see her. So, let's start with the actual definition of mental health in a lot words of today's society, most people the word mental health, the words mental mean somebody was a problem. They don't think about how you take care of yourself,
so there's been this movement of. Do we change the words that we call a brain health that we call it brain, develop and what do we call it? Most? people they are still using the words mental health. I think it's important, given the clear definition met. Doesn't having a problem. It's how you address that and is in your life. Much like this. Health is an having cancer and diabetes and a broken leg and like an injury, it's about how you take Your physical health, mental health from from this you have to have a clear definition of it and if you don't a clear definition of it. You end up with so much vague. as an somewhat shelf, diagnosing in so many confusing aspects of it that it has to start there, so we do a couple lessons just on hey. This is what mental health is, and this is It is in so that on the same page. I've always thought about it, I suggest you to use this term. Does you guys have this pretty well figured out, but I've always thought about it and talk to
it's about in terms of mental hygiene, of taking care and cleaning up your mind, cleaning up, if you're the gangs anxiety about work is about concern. About things that you are doing something about them and not letting them fester. Yet. So what is the definition of mental health that you give these young p bull and how early on can you give- I'm a definition that they really grasp. So the definition we use the technical definition we users from the world health organization, which is up so, who is able to manage at normal amounts of stress, contribute to their community and lake. Be productive and indifferent way is right though the definition we use in school informally as that mental theirs in having a problem. It's how you addressed challenges in your life. You can start that the mission as young as as kindergarten, and, if you
teaching it in productive, proactive where the same way you, which each physical health then it allows young people to feel like there are part of their mental health will we tend to do in our society is wait till someone has a problem, then tell something's wrong and then you're, not a part of that you're trying to react bond to your issue instead of being proactive and and looking out of her way. like. Ok, this is an aspect of my life and that's a critical differ, I get so many letters, not letters but emails from young people, particularly high school, but some middle school So that say, I dont know when I parliament has risen to the level that I need to ask for help from a school counselor or a path or even a friend they basque. to talk about it on the air before
How do they know when something has become power, the logical or abnormal. How do you answer that question. If you get asked that, when the level of whatever you are experiencing, whether its eagerness orders depression in zaire tee. What whatever it s, because there are so many different options for them, reaches a point where you can't do what you typically we can say normal, because there is no normal when it comes to the variants of of each individual. Their environment algae, everything right, but when, whatever your experiencing reaches a point, where you can no longer do what you typically due for. extended amount of time. That's when you need help. If you think about this Oh it's the same thing with physical health. many times have we seen young people, we like, I'm, not sure if my ankle, spain, sprained or it's broken, but I can't in the same way as the run I can't do the same things I used to do and yes, there are still people resistant to telling a coach or telling a parent, but at some point
it's a point where they can. I just can't do what I used to do, let's get in, x ray and see if it's broken off its brain. And what do I need to do about it? So again, its using? That similar public health approach of you and decided on your own, but when it gets to appoint can't do it you're tipp away doing that's where it's time to talk about pillowy one view like me trying to stay on top of your hills and get all your nutrients and listen up because each other? Well, they got you covered to. China puts everything your body needs in one go. I ask all the super foods all the proteins all the greens, all the vitamins, all the omega, as all the benefits for your brain yoga, just, get your muscles, your heart, your whole health, no more compromise, no more gill! No other nutrition shake does,
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written in red by danny shapiro is available. Wherever books and audio books are sold, the way you say it. I've always tell people that its interfering with your pursuit of healthy goals, or you're pattern of healthy living. It's time. To raise your hand, I love affected as a matter of what it is this uneasiness order anxiety or depression loneliness wherever it is? If there's some then, going on with you mentally or emotionally that's interfering with what you typically do, or the pursuit of goals that you have set can be something as simple as an inability to concentrate the way that you had before and I love the fact you say for an extended period of time is there has a bad day, Wake up is like,
showed in ever gotten out. A badge is: does this wasn't my day, but and to morrow, you get a good night's sleep in you. Wake up and you're going to go again. So it's bout patterns and, if someone persist. Then it's time to say, hey, but what you doing, and this is why I think this is such a model that people need to follow is you're talking about it before Were there in crisis of always said most difficult thing. I've ever done. It should talk about drinking with a drunk while their drunk You should have done that some other time even married couples, I say: look deal. Your issues when you're, not in crisis and tendency is see as oh look, let's just let sleeping dogs lie things you're gonna move right now. I don't want to bring up an issue, but there It's when you need with things are calm and smooth. That's what happens when you're putting this into school curriculum before Somebody is feeling anxious.
Or depressed or lonely with those feelings, these kids, if too, me. They also feel conspicuous. They think everybody can see this on me and then the stigma comes. But you're talking about it as part of a routine curriculum where nobody feels targeted. Nobody feels called out here this time, about eight. These some things that you can maybe use later. Why lets them in the specific so that that is an important part. So there's two ways to do that: one is to act. We create mental health, literacy or or mental health vocabulary, and I'll and I'll talk about that. First, if you think about physical health literacy people know the difference between a sprained ankle and a broken leg. The difference between having a cold versus having the flu, unless, of course, you're male, cause when I have a cold. It's it's hard for me. When I need a lot of love and support. You have a man called yeah. I'm not sure you know what I mean it. It's tough, but people have
has the criteria for diabetes and cancer. We need do a similar thing, where we set of different categories for mental health so that it gave interest and everyday stress is not the same thing as an anxiety disorder what's happening. now is really confusing for kids, because one it'll have an anxiety, disorder and someone else will say to him or her just pay calm down, but the opposite of having inside is not being com. It's being we'll see reality. Opposite of being stressed out. You're could become a lot of people are confusing, going through a break up with having clinical depression they're, not the same things, or they views having an environment that they grew up in being traumatic with having a mental health disorder? They can be so over there not the same thing and then developmental stability is exist somewhere in these cattle we do so. We teach concretely as young as we can. There are different categories. Ferments all challenges that, depending on what category or in its gonna, determine
You need to do about it. So that's one thing, but the second thing about how you manage it. If you think about a physical health spectrum, we anything of a physical spectrum as there are people who don't have physical health issues or you, the first was that back up, let's take a physical of issue, let's say somebody with a torn asia will then is there on the far end of they can't balance. That rate they need surgery and their surgery. They may need constant assistance unbalanced because they're going through physical therapy and then they might use help to balance it. And then it might be not as difficult to balance and then it goes away. It's it's. They don't have to think about their hcl anymore. We have to treat mental health and saying Ok, see you of anxiety. Where are you on this back? I'm just need help. You just need therapy justly medication, ok, the anxiety so much that you can't balance it at all that you need a you know it to be in a residential facility. or is the anxiety so low level that it is difficult for you to sleep tonight, but you'll be ok tomorrow. What we tended
the mental health spectrum is we try to jam everything on it. So if you think about the mental spectrum, most people use, they think you're, saying or you're not saying, but in tween that their jamming depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders by polish or everything on the same spectrum? We don't do that with physical hell with physical health choose one issue, and then we measure functionality with mental, We tend to say you're, you're, saying or not, and the problem That is why I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I was sixteen. I am also saying I can't be on two ends of that's backroom, so those are concrete ways, a change vocabulary, but the biggest thing changes it is having a you're normalize it in the classroom, so each Are you see a way? We do immense all teacher training institute, because there are correct and incorrect ways for a teacher to normalize mental health the indirect way Israel want to go in and be seeking validation into over share. Her answer sue follow
hu a guideline that not healthy for them where they need the kids. This report on the correct way to do It is the only share experiences of your life that you process to make sure that as a learning objective that relevant to the classroom to use personal examples, educational way and when you Do that what you're talking about the kids feeling conspicuous or that there's other things happening? it normalizes it for the whole building, not just that classroom and then they see someone who is functioning, hopefully their teachers functioning. who is sharing that they went through something and the see This is a part of life as opposed to then waiting until its crisis mode and then trying to normalize your normalizing before that? act psych, one or one when we went through the section on abnormal psychology or we took abnormal psych in grad school. There is that tendency
to get every disorderly, read about how you know everybody personalized abbe found in korea being the vocabulary, creating glossary that there's a short burst of everybody thinking. Oh I I think I am Maybe I am the breasts there's a couple ways. The man is that the first one is to this kind of the most they I just did for the seventh grade class on friday. I was a lesson I was teaching to some voters who are what twelve and thirteen and what you do, and it is you, give em all the symptoms of war the from the dsl five, because if you give all this invention the dsl viable than easily muskrats that they're gonna find out who that sounds like me, You give the main symptoms and you emphasised that it has to be extreme for a diagnostic criteria. But before that you go over, who connection
diagnosed people. So I have a little slide round like this is who can die? People, psychologists, psychiatrists social workers. Council there's an that's it, and then we do a slide of who can't diagnose you, the internet, tik tok, a song, a meme, and your family- and they say but would have my family- is a psychologist. Even if that's the case should still be sending you to someone who is not your uncle You know and go over there. You go over the criteria, first of what can actually happen and then, when you discuss the specific disorders? You don't give all the symptoms, you give the main ones, but you emphasise you have to not be doing the things. You typically do. And what I've seen even in that seventh grade class, was kids kind of in a sense of relief for their like. Ok, that's not me, but I do see this in. You know someone else is so great that you do in visuals with that, because even people-
do get hold of the dm five criteria. They read the thing jump out at home, but they skip the part it's down below, which are oh down on the list, would say. Ok, this has to be present, or six birds. It can't be secondary to some type of medication. They got all s out this not such interesting reading. They just do the bullet points in czech em off, but somebody needs to explain: the way you're doing it is great they're not getting like those by tik, tok or while they are well yeah they are, but they need to understand. That's not valid. Yeah infinity is offering some great perks for xfinity rewards members. This holiday season, including a virtual, event with bravoes topshop, alumni, Jen Carroll on December, fourteen she'll teach you a bunch of tips and tricks for the holidays and you'll. even get a chance to interact and ask your own questions. It's free and easy to joy and download the extent of the app
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Oblivious to this, we ve put this up on a level with physical health. They got the glass at the vocabulary, the awareness. What's the outcome criteria, how do you determine ok, we're there? I love this question because I think a lot of people think, oh you teach us in the schools in your kids, must have less dress must sleep more or they must know, have some like agile ability and the reality is. If we could change human behaviour with this classroom, I wouldn't be in this studio. I would be in such a hurry, so you might magically fixing human behavior what graduates who go through this programme, for you know, depending seventy four years say when they get the colleges their far more prepared, then the steward, and the roommates and everywhere they interact with they? Can I If our mental health, they there No there's no stigma for them to talk about it. They can access, resources quicker and ages?
have a much better way of knowing what they should do to balance do then do it no, but when we teach me go health. Not everyone does all the skills that they learn to take care of their physical health either. So the comes? We are looking for from a public health perspective is what is it level of mental health literacy. What is a definition of mental What is their identification tools for coping mechanisms and what are their? What is their ability understand what they can or cannot do for a friend, and I I can't emphasise that party enough doktor fail because kid are in the rule of crisis management. Every night I taught a class a couple of months ago. I have an advanced wellness class. There are twenty three students in that class and they wanted to talk about suicide, and I was like okay, we can do that so I asked them first, how many of you know somebody thought about suicide? All their hands went up. Then I said how many of you know someone who attempted suicide, all twenty three students hands went up, which seems like a lot.
So then I asked how many of you know, someone who took their life and all their hands went out and for the next hour These students shared stories about trying to keep their friends alive, texting calling all kinds of levels of responsibility that they just shouldn't have and for them with, I think when those pointed things went on western shared was she said we just live in a constant state of fear. because yeah we were able to help this one person who didn't take their own life, we don't hear from them, often about it again. We don't know if they're gonna do it again and no one talks. was about what it's like to be a friend in the situation and what we're supposed to do so when we say that, like you know a lot of times, we say: oh people aren't talking about this. Young people are talking about and their relying on each other in the unhealthy ways,
and so one of the biggest measures has the be teaching young people what they can and cannot do and friendships, because it is actually traumatize and it is a terrible burden Then it's above their pay grade, but they need to know what they are. and do we ve been really folk stone getting the word out on this new nine, eight eight number For no other reason, it's a number people can remember like nine one one and suicide prevent hotline who know that number in a crisis we gotta go. How to find it out, but everybody could remember nine eight, eight weapon over two hundred cities and adding cities all the time. It's gone on better in large, then was anticipated, but you always accept there's gonna, be wages and drops and it's gonna be sent to the wrong centre in etc, etc. But,
run into the same thing where these kids are. trying to do this way over their skill level? doesn't always go well and they ve got survivor's guilt. They blame themselves for they play the if game. What? If I said this, what abide said that? What have I done? What? If what? If what? If an it can really be dramatizing to Mozart all happy endings. Now also, you know- and I know this can be conquerors. I don't know that every suicides preventable- I really don't I have so many friends who lost kids and it was then waking up that day. Searching how to take their own life and doing in a couple hours later. There was no builder the model that I talk about. From my perspective, my life, where I was had clinical depression for money
had all the signs did. All the old lake like there were things. People may have been able to see that doesnt really exist forever, one any more, and if someone We want to do it. I don't know that we can say One thing is preventable. We should obviously try to prevent everything, but these young people there not tie, How to talk to their friends about it's all than what they can and cannot do and and The easiest analogy I give them is if you ever work, when their friend your friend broke, phelan broke their leg. You wouldn't think, Let me go to see the ass. They get things were cast and come back and set there. I put a custom. You call my one right away. your friends. Mental health has times were the only thing you can do is called my name eight or call a professional or get an arrow to help, because you can't managed. I think part of it is a mindset of shifting from link is tattling, too,
I want to do something to help. My friend to save my friend life to do something that can really make a difference, because there is the stigma and I think, a lot of times think it might get overreact em. My friends gonna think I rapid them out. Are they gonna wind up getting fifty one fifth aid and hate me forever. I think what you're talking about here in people know can aware the guard rails are it takes depression, Offer them they need. I understand I would rather risk seeing a friend then losing Friends, life, that's a big difference and they have to be taught that you know, I think, because the person suicidal is calling them in saying. We don't tell anyone I, and only too,
you this. I won't kill myself the night. If you don't tell someone, and so the guilt level there are, the responsibility of taking care What else is life is so high that it's hard for them to take action. Will say that we have been fortunate at my school every student who has had suicidal thoughts ben suicidal. We have at least two or three student who ve called industry is whoever they need the call any sign of the middle of the night whenever it isn't billingham worried about this person. This is an open. and I dont a tribute that just to our programme, because I think that's you know a little grandiose It has to be part of it. Normalizing mental health in that school environment has given them the the ability to act and the ability to take, ownership in a way that that they may not have without that education. It's it's similar to physical health. If you try to school cons, about physical health. When, when somebody falls in the playground,
they know hey this person's hurt. Let me tell someone who can help them and I do think this. Can this can happen in this country? I think what's been, for so long as we just keep pointing out all the ways. It can't happen. And I have had the I went to the first ever use mental. Someone at the white house in may and taught to doktor murphy. President Biden and I think there is theirs political will there now, but there's all. Is that the big questions of how can we not do this and I keep seeing people naming all the barriers and that have just naming the solution and that's that's frustrating to man. Let me ask you this: our notice, his unanswerable question, and up some numbers to look You know the numbers, but I want people to have a grasp of the. Gravity of this problem, but Since twenty eleven six, The two percent increase in depression for older teens huh
and eighty nine percent increase for pre teens, so when he percent increase in suicide for older teens, a hundred fifty one percent increase for pre teens. Why do you think that we are seeing these spy. These increases in anxiety, depression, suicide. Why do you think it's happening I think there are a lot of different sources for it. If you look at the two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve era what else, what else changed in our society? At that time, it was kids, Cameras that could then take selfies. It was social media growing in certain ways- and I you know we can't over. We can't understate the role of technology and social media in all of these mental health issues. It is one of the largest contributing factors will this theory of gum I can timeline this out wait. Oh nine! It's like big, see one thirty cargo
mine's flew over the united states and drop smartphones on the entire population? And at that point it's like the I young population wet from this to this day, full up eyes. Look at around see. What's going on they just dropped her head to the screen that that point stop living their lives and started watch. people live their lives. the problem is the lives there watching lived are often fantasies not really that way there, a the fuselage up in san francisco. That is a real airplane that booked in fifteen minute intervals. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week that influence
this is just a warehouses and all feudalised influencers book. They go in there with a camera, crew and a change in these outrageous outfits and stuff. There's a site out there, canvas of clay. Go and buy em they're like a mile away to cobble I'm on my way to paris, I'm on my way, they'll do eight or ten different shoots in thirty minutes and ngo, sprinkle those out throughout the life. They live in a huge fantasy life that kids in compare self and I well To the seven eleven you got some vetoes well, that's that much of a comparison the day, it tells us that they are. getting there driver's license later there. Socially interacting less there simply
engaging with friends there confusing clicks and likes with connection I am really wondering if it's not just technology, But, as you say, that is a big big factor and you had to that country are parents who won't let them skin their knees. Won't let them experience problems in wife. I wonder if we're really setting them up to be overwhelmed by what's happening in a world where we one hundred per cent are- and you know the other day, my students asked me thing where worse at conflict resolution than you were when you were in high school, I hear me out a so Well, I thought about it for a little bit because I didn't want. I don't want to just snap back at them and the conflicts I had to manage when I was in high school were real conflicts.
There might have been a kid who was, like, I don't know, kind of a bully threatening me that I had to like worry about. Maybe I dunno I had issues with my parents. I played sports, you know, think about, like my friends are relationships, but those are real conflict, and they were limited, the complex that they may think therein could be any number of things that are happening around the world, so that could be droughts in political unrest, whatever they see in their fields right? It could also be body image whatever else there saying in their fees, it could also be school shootings. Has they know about school shootings before I do? There are the ones who are like this happened today and it could also be any other number things are seeing on social media. There not real conflict. In their lives, but they are too damn right. So I asked them. I was like you know. Look I had to manage may be two or three comments,
and we had an old school way of doing it. I grew up in rural pennsylvania, so you were directly weren't. You know hiding or typing behind it boy, you knew where the conflict stood. They have at any time, maybe twenty conflicts that are just unresolved, that they don't have power on power over and, if you think about stress the number one thing that leaves the unhealthy stress is when you dont have a locust control. They feel like they don't have a locust control in all. Every area of their life and then throw in what I like to call the college application industrial complex because that's what it is? It is overwhelming for them. So I would love to say they don't I'm conflict resolution skills in in a very light, concrete wake as that's how I think a lot of generation see them, but it's also possible that they are overwhelmed by the limitless conflicts that their seeing that aren't really
and they also in their defence- and I think they need one when we were in school and I was in and out of school for your born, but what we dealt with bullies it have and on the bus doc. It happened in the lunchroom would happen in a locker room where we went home, we were safe. Now the bullying follows them on social media. They can change schools, it falls to the next school because its does ubiquitous there's no way to escape from it unless they unplug to them. That's like cutting off their oxygen, so parents can say: ok, you're not gonna, be on it. your video games, but they realize even the video controllers or internet capable, and so They can get right back on that way.
I had a mother on the shell recently it was a show we were doing about sex stores in where these predator. We are getting on pretending to be. A girl, the age of the young man. stolen. A picture that so Young girl has in advisedly taken with nudity, and said to a boy friend or whatever, but they hack into her info, get it and they send it to the young man and say it out. You send me one back while he's like fifteen and ears is beautiful girls him in his picture, so he says we're back bang seconds later they say a I'm not her, and I have now got this picture, and I know your school, your parents, your friends, your contacts, I'm sending everyone immediately. If you don't send me five thousand dollars now this mother was,
Talking to her son, active in sports on different extracurricular, choir debate etc. She saw in the kitchen he's laugh and she's laugh, and he goes up and sees that fourteen minutes later killed himself. Fourteen minutes, from the time she going to in the kitchen till he took his own life. Now you said summer not preventable. no red flags, no warning signs. He panic. Twenty saw it and thought there's no way. I dont have five thousand dollars humiliate my family. My parents took his own life, some of those We didn't have to deal with so sets some their challenges are legion. Currently much more complex and much or overwhelming then some of what we had to deal with next week on fill in
the reality is especially when it comes to social media allotted kids, do face. Aim and embarrassments though they may not share it with your friends and if they do share with their friends their friends don't actually know what to do. Then. Ok, there tearing it in someone's not even going to know what to say. It goes back to the table. They sure we're having about my students who are taking on talking he bought us side or talking people around suicide. If that person now gets a chance to talk about this and understand it, then someone else in their life is gonna, be ok. This isn't ok, and this needs to change hey. What can we do? Who can we talk to about this? Because this is in right and I think the thing that we, really underestimate about schools in america? We hear so many bad things about schools in america, I'm here so many bad things about education- and we see so many Things about you know. What's through the goal, and teachers and parents and everything the one thing that is guaranteed. In every single school in this country is that there is a few more than a few adults who care
Who really genuinely? Are there every day of ever long. Their career is because they care about kids and what were now? doing is giving those at the information they could actually use in a classroom or in a curriculum. That would make a difference. We keep saying, we can't do it, we can't do it, we can't do we have an unlimited amount of people in this country or in schools who care and want to know what to do and we're not giving them the resources that could actually help
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