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I want to take a pause here to give you a quick preview of what airing today on doktor phil Ticklish the twenty five year old officer gibson was gunning down a federal jury. They are both parents Richardson and for ron claiborne not guilty of Alan gibson's murder. Yet they're spending life in prison, Allen's daughter, believes the right. Two men are behind bars the thought of each parent's insurance family for the first time. These people lie to you had nothing to do with the death. Defying doctor Phil check your local listings and for more on today's tv episode log on to dr phil dot com now back to fill in the blanks you have to make a definite commitment in twenty two, three to be who you are on purpose. Everybody is twenty twenty three, so.
Happy new year to everybody, you ve got doktor fill and fill in. Dubai Of course you know that goes you clicked in so happy new year. I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday season. Merry christmas at behind it. happy new year, you ve got me this time. Because I want to talk to you about how to kick off this new year, I do this to me getting up every year, and this is no exception. to you a little bit about new year's resolutions. I want to talk to you a little bit about what you might want to be thinking about at the beginning of this new year. So this podcast is all about you Not about me, it's not about society, it's about you, your family, and what you want to do, and twenty twenty three from the start I'm talking about new year's resolutions and I don't think they're all bad by the way, in fact I was rings research recently that said people who cut the goal of something they
do compared to the Those who actually make a commitment a resolution does it make resolution are like in times more likely to achieve it, then those that just kind of have the goal in their head no, they didn't mean. Resolutions are a great way. to get things done, but your ten times more, like Please do it if you at least make a resolution to do it. Then just having it in your head, so resolutions if their done right can be good, is opposed, suggest having an awareness. Awareness is like nothing, you dont get Anything done. I was really cute. It's about where this whole idea of resolution started. So I was doing some research on it a couple months ago and it actually we started like board thousand years ago. The Babylonians were the ones it started this now for them, new year's was in march not january. They had
pagan gods, and this was a time that they set up to say. Ok,. We're going to resolve that the new year starts now for them in march and they're gonna pay off their debts and retiring. Anything they had borrowed from their neighbours. Don't give had lawnmowers back then, but they still borrowed stuff and if I kept those resolutions. The idea was that the gods would smile on them during the year and if they didn't pay off their debts and return things they had borrowed, then things would go badly for him that wasn't good, so they want to keep those resolutions nan like Teen Bc Julius Caesar started playing the calendar and s when the new year started to be in january or janis as they referred to it there, and that was a two faced. And the idea was the one face looked back at what is happening Previous year and why and looked forward. They started.
bacon resolutions about how they want to change things from the year before and then in, like seventeen forty John wesley, who It is the I guess the father of methodism started it as a sort of a spiritual trying to fight all of the traditions of just getting drunk on new year's eve, so that's kind of where it began the end, but he had think we've had Four thousand years to practise this, that we would a little better at it than we are, but we're not if you to see how many people keep the resolutions. It varies from. Like eight percent keeper Some say as many as forty six percent keep them. but either way it's really poor
if you're going to make them. I want you to keep 'em someone to talk about how to actually set a goal and make it there's no better family outing than catching a braves game at truest park. I'm honest, you knew in game house. Yes, the team games they're all exciting, with the braves make sure the littlest fans are the biggest stars. The whole family can enjoy great pre game, post, game entertainment and the battery atlanta appearances from blooper in his new clubhouse kids, only gate, giveaway items on sundays and a ton more tickets for the game this summer are going fast, so grab those seats now braves dot com, slash tickets and get ready to make family memories that last a lifetime this summer, atlanta braves baseball. The aid that let's talk about this for a minute about half of the people, forty one forty five percent make new year's resolutions, The reason I say that I really hate him, even though they don't have a great success rate, is even though this is arbitrary, I'm for any day that you sit down and take stock and say hey. I think I want
Do a better job. I think I wanna be. Better person, a better mother. A better father, the better citizen. A better me, I think, time you sit down and take stock and say hey what can I do better? That's a good thing. I think we did at every month. Something we did it once a week or whatever? I don't be a bad idea, but the fact that we set sided day out of the year to do it hell, why not of those it fail? It's interesting. Fifty two percent of the people predict they'll succeed as few as eight percent. do succeed asset as high as forty six percent. In some studies it says they succeed, but they less than half thirty five I say that they do. it because it was unrealistic. They set something up that they couldn't get there. It was just too high a go. the third of em cited is don't track it about a court.
Certainly does forgot. They intended to do it. They just forgot ten percent. They do set to day are many and they couldn't keep up with it. So we're gonna keep you from make an all of those mistakes. Have you made a new year's resolution? Let me ask you that think about it right now. I have you made a new year's resolution and what was it the tin most common you'd. Probably the list out people want to health. You get more organised learn a new skill or a hobby live life to the fullest, We want to save more and spend less and want to quit smoking. They want spend more time with friends and family lesson these are bad, I'm just saying what they are travel more they want in. Through their job performance. They want to exercise more, live, more healthy and here's a problem. with those. If there is a problem with them is kind of hard,
to measure some of these things, you want a more healthy, I need something like saving more spending, lasses actually measurable. You could actually measure that, but if you're gonna set ago you to be measurable right, but for we get into setting what your actual girls are. Let me talk to you. And I don't want you to to now we go They were just talking about new year's resolution. I care about that. I can watch doktor fill this afternoon. and so I'm just going to tune out of this one and and listen to music, while I'm walking no, no, no hang with, here cause I'm to talk to you about something that I really want you to listen to cause. This is for you. This is for you. I want to talk to you. First about setting yourself up for success in twenty twenty three before you do anything else, and I'm gonna tell you a couple of things that can change your life this year.
There's not anybody. Today, you can listen to that's going to give you facts that I'm gonna give. Right now that can have a bigger impact on your life. Now I know that sounds egotistical for me to say it's not that I haven't been into stuff. I just collected the information to give it to you, so you can make some differences in the biggest mistake in life. As you think you have time and you don't time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it You can't keep it, but you can spend it and once this law, you can't get it back time is a really unique commodity. Think about it. You can't get it back, he can only, but you can spend it and it's. The one thing you can create more of you can make me money. You can gather more stuff.
Is it all saying you're the one with the most toys at the end winds? Now you can't have more time. So I want to talk to you about your time. You may think you have time, but you don't you don't have time to picture relationships. You don't have time to bond with your children don't have time to do the things that you think you're gonna get around to you don't have time. So I talk to you about how to maximize the time that you have and do that I've gotta get you to be efficient as you can possibly be. If this is one time a year that we take stock, that we step back and say am I making them stay out of my life been less use this time this no dress rehearsal, you don't get it do over. This is it. This is twenty twenty three you dont get twenty twenty three twenty three be twenty three c
this? Is it you're gonna? Have this one time this one year and Who are the only you that will ever exist You may share the name, anita cardy, Betty Bob. We somebody else, but you are the only you that will ever exist? There will never be another you in the history of the world, it is you, and this is the only time you ever gonna be here so are you making the most of it and I'm gonna bet you. The answer is no. The answer is no. You are not making the most of it, and I want to change that, for you starting right now want to change it for you right now, and I want to give you a couple of things that make a huge difference. It here's the first one. When you have a positive attitude, when you have a really optimistic approach to things research tells us. You are thirty percent smarter about what I just said when you have a positive attitude
Your leaning forward, you smile on your face. You optimistic you are thirty percent smarter than when you don't, however, smart, you are how ever much brain power you ve got to solve problems to get task done to figure stuff out. If you are up to MR give you wake up in the morning and say I am not going to go through this life kicking and screaming. I'm not gonna go through. hanging my head, I'm gonna, go through optimum I think you you're listening to me right now. I want the sit up straight. I want you to stay, and up straight, want you to put your shoulders back and lift your head up. Take a really deep breath. Look around find something pretty find something that's pleasant to look at
have a positive attitude right now. Think of something positive, think of something you're, proud of think of something you're happy about, have a positive attitude just even right. Now, that's what I'm saying sit up straight stand up straight. Put your shoulders back, just even posture. Can make you more optimistic. We go through out too much slumped overhang and our head down. Rubber rubbing, oh god, what am I gonna do holy shit. What a crummy day! Look you gotta, be positive. think of what your blessings are. Everybody wines complains about things that aren't you. What about the things that are, we look back at twenty twenty two and we think about. Oh, my god, things aren't affordable and we've got all this divisiveness in the country. We got all this stuff going on That's true! That's true! There are things wrong, no question about it, but we live in it is a country in the world. Do we have problems?
yes, we do of course We do, however, pollyanna about it, but I love this We love america unloved enough, that I can admit its flaws fault in policies and still be optimistic. You need to be optimistic about your life and listened I can be optimistic with all the people in problem that I see every day. You know I deal with you, no problems, people bring to me. Every letter is doctor feel you're. Our last hope we're dead. At your last. Stop on the subway like, oh, my god. Why didn't you write me first and some of them did I had trouble getting through. I get it, but if you're optimistic, if you have a positive attitude, your thirty one percent, smarter the actual statistic but think about it. You, thirty percent, smarter, think of the task that you ve struggle with
optimum. You ve tried to solve the kid issues tried to deal with. If you were really optimistic about it, and you were almost a third smarter much more would you have brought to the table? Let me add something something else that I'll give you another big number. research tells us this is empirical research factor Me on this, by the way you gotta, google, there, you gotta machine in front of you back at me on this stuff. the american psychological association and many others have done studies if you stop multitasking. Your efficiency goes up at least forty percent. Forty percent think about that. What if, during the last year, with all the things that you ve had to do? What? If, you could have gotten forty percent more done in the last year, your performance
work could have increased forty percent everything you tried to do. even during the holiday season could have gone up. Forty percent, if your productivity in life, got at forty percent and then europe see ve attitude a added thirty percent intellectual power on top of that have become dynamo. Think about that. If your efficiency went up at least forty percent and your cognitive power went up thirty percent. All of a sudden, you become a dynamo and think of the air that gives you not. Everybody in america is listening to me right now, but you are, you are so kind Believe ability goes, a thirty percent. Efficiency goes at forty percent, all of a sudden people are looking to you think of what in the world happened to them. They on fire.
Now? I'm even talking to you about the goals you set yet the resolutions you so I'm just trying to get you programme to live. It up think about that. Now you just go to whip wait. A minute. Multitasking is skill. There are made one one and a half per cent of people in america that can effectively multitask well list like an agreement? Let's assume that ain't, you, ok, let's assume, late that one one and a half percent, let's assume you're, not one of those people that can multitask effectively and you may think you are, and employers are so foolish. I look at some of these postings on job Sites elliot says, are you good. If this are you good at that? Are you a good multi tasker there actually? asking that, like it's a positive, they want you to be able to
juggle ten balls at one time, Their shooting themselves in the foot they bring you in and try to get you to do three or four jobs. Thinking that they're going to knock it out. They got, one person do for job; no, they don't. They got one person fumbling, because they're trying to do three or four years Let me tell you why that is by the way. I'm not gonna bore you with a bunch of details. My friend sancho goop, toes the medical export foreseen in describes it pretty well, he says you ve got certain. parts of your brain that deal with certain task and when Were you switch from one task to another task, your brain has to decide gauge from me elements its using to perform those task switch over to the other parts of the rain that are engaged with a new task and it has to adapt.
any engage and that take Several minutes to do. And then when it finally gets up to speed, and so you start using that party, your brain in those parts of the brain that are engaged with. Maybe a numerical task versus a physical task and it gets up to speed it takes maybe five minutes to get to peek efficiency there. Now they come and say: well, here's a third thing: you need to do so about the time you're gettin up to speed there. You pull off there and now your answer in an email over here, which is a baby, is an age. Are issue so that you got a switch over to something else. So now that part of the brains gotta get up to speed net takes time now you gotta go back to tat one. So the brain s figure out art we're we leave off over here
you got a reengage and the brains gotta get back up to speed there. It's like a jet engine. It's got a spool up cause it takes time, and so every time you switch from one thing to another the brain, doesn't it does japan at full speed? It has to read the situation, engage, start ramping up. We just don't do that instantaneously. It takes time and its also fatiguing. It shouldn't be called multitasking. It should be called multi taxing cause, it taxes, your brain and you get teamed so will you go to your desk and you sit down and you deal with? Six or seven things before you get to what you went back there to do. You know one priority by the time you get you down one priority year, fatigued so
You don't bring your best self to what you went back there to do to begin with. So if I can get you in twenty twenty three to have a positive attitude and too multi task there was somebody comes to say. If you got a couple minutes, you know what your answer should be. Actually I don't. I'm sorry I'm in the middle of something working I call you when I finish this. now. That has two elements to one is learning how to say no in oh and to how to manager relationships, because they don't care what you are in the middle of they'll come take too much so your time, which actually cost you fifteen or twenty minutes to disengage. what you were doing deal with, what they're doing, which never turned out to be too many and then re engage with something that you were doing before or move on to something else. So you have learned say
No. Actually I don't I'm in the middle of something right near. Where can I call you when I get free. You need to learn to control your relationships and learn to say no, that's part of not falling in the trap of multitasking. So What am I getting out here? You thought we were going to talk about new year's resolutions and we're not to that yet areaway, because what want to do is get you ready to deal with this before you start, dealing with goals or resolutions, because if I don't you're not in your best self you're, not being your best self.
That's what I want you to do is get ready to approach. Would ever gonna approach? Being your best self coach might bear says: does we are best selfless put our best foot? forward. Well, that's what I'm warning you to do here now, there's one more thing:. You gotta do this stuff, consciously purposefully. I said before is not enough to raise your awareness, you have to make a definite commitment in twenty twenty. Re to be who you are on purpose b. Who you are on purpose, you can't get up and just react to whatever the world slings your way each and every day have to be who you are on purpose now that requires.
You, too have a serious conversation with yourself and it requires you to write some things down. Riding it down versus just thinking about it, but it on a whole different level. It bring some objectivity to the situation and you alfred it. You remember, I said some people said they don't do their resolutions because they just forget they get busy multitasking and they forget. Oh, I forgot I was going to say no to people. I forgot I was going to do this. I forgot. I was going to do that. No, You need to write this down. You need to put it on your screen. Saver or whatever be who I am on purpose, be proactive, don't be reactive b Who you are on purpose and said
What part of that story is? I want you to star in your own life. I want you to decide when you are who you are on purpose. That is a starring role in your own life, we'll get to that at another time, maybe even today, but I want you to decide you're going to have to do this consciously This work will finish talking here in a minute and then Gonna have to decide. Ok. What am I going to do with this and, like I said, the big? mistaken life, as you think you have time, you don't have time. I want you to start this today. Tomorrow, the next day or the next there, the next time, you probably heard me, say a hundred times you need defined. people in your life. That matter to you and make sure they know how you feel before the sun sets today. Why do I always say that I say it because you don't know how much time you or they have left in this world, you god forbid, could follow.
we're dead. Before I finish, the citizens I could fall over did before finishing, since your loved ones could fall. We don't know how much time you have so do it now the things I'm asking you to change. Do it now, I'm asking you to take a positive, optimistic attitude, find things to be positive, about, find things to be optimistic about. It will increase your cognitive efficiency, stop multitasking, which means you have to take control of your schedule, your agenda, the things that you're focused on now there's one more step to this willpower is a myth. People go on diets and they say well. Why did you? Why did you fail well as dirt I have the willpower. Willpower is a myth is a myth, because it's emotionally driven and emotions are what they're fickle they change they come. They go you're up, you're down you just that you think. Okay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna
whose thirty pounds, ok and you're all pumped up about it january first. Then it comes middle of February and it's cold outside warm in bed and you don't want to go jog or go the gym and will powers kinda gone. So what's the substitute for willpower, programming programming, you have to set up your environment to support the things that you want to do. That means, if you have things that you are, meeting to change. You have to set your environment up, so it huge you triggers you re mind you supports you to do it I'll, give you a good example right now
right now I've been working on a shoulder that I had surgery on not terribly long ago and I've got. Small, dumb bill on my desk. Why well I've got this dumbo on my desk here. I've got it on my desk at this time. we'll get one addressing my studio. I've got one in the din here. I've got one of these everywhere. Here that I spent time and have a few minutes ago, Jim upstairs and I can go in there and work out, and I do if I'm here and why being a video that I need for the show or I'm reading something and I've got a few minutes, then I can pick this and do the things I need to do while I'm Watching that and you would be astounded How many sets I can get in dirt,
the day when I just have a few minutes, It's now you say women are you multitasking their doktor feel? No, I'm not multitasking, I'm! U. being dead time when I wouldn't have time to go up to the gym, but I'm just here at my desk- and I am waiting to do this waiting to do that. Waiting for something to load and I've got some time that I do We have time to go up to the gym. I might be in a suit. I might be not in any kind of Jim clothes, but these are. Hughes. That remind me what I need to do and I set my environment up to make it really easy to do it instead really hard to do it and if you decide hey, I want to work out instead of come home at the end of the day and go in the kitchen an graze around there. I would tell you use
Set your environment up by doing what will first off you take your work out those with you to works You can stop at the gm on the way home. You don't have to come home And have the pool of the comfort of home where you are fighting that impulse to stay there You have it where you can go while you're out and about knew so well, I come, in the kitchen I open the refrigerator door. I stare into it, and I you know I start nibbling on this nibbling on that. Well, you know what park your car go out to the door go around and come in the front door, don't go through the kitchen set. Your pattern set your environment up where it supports you. Rather than tim pew, you set your environment up for success. You put note
around you put things around like this dumb bail, so you haven't where it's easy and it pulls for success. rather than temptation. If you want acquits ma king, then rid yourself of everything in your environment that makes it easy to smoke, obviously, rid of all your cigarettes, get rid of all your ashtrays. If you get him from a vending must go down a different hallway at war. Whatever you have to do. Use your environment to support what you're doing now. So far, We haven't talked about any goals, I'm just talking about you, I'm talking about you deciding. What can I do to be the most effective person that I can possibly be, and it has to do so far. With your attitude, we ve talked about how you can be smarter. How
You can be more efficient, how you can program yourself for success, and I've talked to you about the reality of time. At a wants you six months from now say well, if I had just if I had just look if I, if those are the middle to letters of the word life, don't spend your life focused on if you wanna do del focus on it. And you may say: look I hear you doctor feels very motivational. I get it, but that's just not me we were all somebody else. Yesterday we are evolving people. We were all somebody else yesterday. The past is just that. It's the past.
That's why the rearview mirror is small and the windshield on your car is big. The past is passed, the future is wide open. You decide what you're gonna be in twenty twenty three you make that decision and look. This is chess, not checkers You have to put some thought into this: their science to human behavior. I did research before us it down here to talk to you, because you deserve that. If you give me your time, you deserve for me to do my homework. So what I'm telling you is borne out by empirical science. When I said that I want you to be who you are on purpose. That means you need to make some decision about how you wanna be you and twenty twenty three. Let me ask you something.
Do you have people in your life that are just toxic take a minute to think about it? Maybe there are people at work, maybe their neighbors, maybe their in laws, but do you have people in your life that are this negative they're, just Debbie downer always critical Finding something to drag you down with criticise you about, puts you down. In some way, either with their demeanor their words their criticisms. What would life be like if they weren't around you. Well, if you're gonna be who you are on purpose in twenty twenty three, let's think about what it would be to take those people out of your life
when you cut toxic people out of your life, it's like somebody took out. The trash is like they all of a sudden somebody cleaned the kitchen. For me, it's like whoa. This is great. I don't have them to deal with today. And leisure to be some big confrontation. This is something you do you just stop interacting with people, people that poor you down. They tell you of laughed with people. That have trash me behind my back a thousand times. I don't always let people know what I'm thinking, but you know what, before long, they find themselves on the air side. Look at in not on the inside talkin trash is always a confrontation is just before. No, it they disdain around and.
if you're gonna be, who you are on purpose, resolve that you're gonna take control your life, that's what being who you are on purpose is about. Not letting somebody assign you what you're gonna do and who you're gonna be around, but you deciding what you're gonna do and who you're gonna be around. Now this take some self reflection, there's a lot of research that says there are five or six really broad fundamental personality traits. There are different ways to divide this up: one of em there's an acronym for called ocean. The five traits are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism In recent years they ve added a sixth.
Military and honesty, that's under a system called texaco, but there's a test. The real, simple test for where you come down on these different characteristics, I'm actually gonna put that test on the website is you're quick to take, and it does kind of gives you an idea of where you fall on these things. Openness has to do with people that are open to experience, imagination and insight. Conscientiousness has to do with thoughtfulness, good impulse control,
extra versions. Just what it sounds like these are people that are really outgoing. They tend to be more excitable sociable, more talk, it even engaging agreeableness. These are people that tend to be more trusting. They have more altruism about them, their kind affectionate pro social sword like extroverts neurotic ism. These people tend to have more sadness in their lives. More moodiness, more emotional instability mood swings anxiety, irritability, the sixth trade. That's been added to ocean to describe people, honesty and humility is pretty much what it sounds like. These are people that.
Deal with honesty and they have humility is just what it sounds like, but if you're going to start engaging the world differently, it might be a good idea to kind of know where you fall on these traits. There are pros and cons on each of the characteristics and it might be good to do a little check and see you know, maybe I'm too trusting, maybe I'm too distressful or whatever you can see where you fall in comparison to others. Now this is not a real deep.
analysis or anything, but it gives you an idea of where you are in comparison to others. So I'll put that on the website, and you can take that and scored up now. This is not some sophisticated psychometric. This is not for self diagnosis. It is gives you an idea of how you compare to others on these major traits of personality and again it's not self diagnosis, diffusion idea of how you compare to others on these Characteristics, so what I've talked about so far is how you can set yourself up to have the best Chance of succeeding in pursuit of a goal. Now, let's talk about the goal, as I said
If you do make a resolution, if you do set a specific go, you're much more likely to achieve it, then if you discarded, in your mind, say yeah I'd like to do better at that Why won't you write it down? That's action! Oriented it's moving you towards ago. That's the first step, you're in motion. You got momentum and, as you know, momentum is a tendency for objects in motion to remain in motion and inertia is a tendency for objects at rest to remain at rest. If you just thinkin about it, you're not in motion you, you have any moment me I'm written anything now you have done anything. So it's important. If you have a resolution you have ago, brought it down You write it down. It needs to meet certain characteristics, and here are the characteristics It needs to be measurable, hidden
good to say, I wanna be happier well. What's that mean? You need to operationalize that what is happy mean you, smile, more cry, less, be more active, whatever means define it, it's gotta be measurable in some way If you say I want to be more active, you could define that in terms by waterway. ten thousand steps today, then you get a step. uttered and say: ok, I did it you go, has to be measurable. Second, you need to define the steps that you need to take. to get from where you are now too that go, we don't have to leap tall buildings in a single bound, so all changes add up to big differences across time. Let's say one here. Is to lose weight, will listen if you lose a pound a week, a half a pound away.
pounded half a week over the next six months. That adds up if you lose it Pound a week for the next twenty six weeks as twenty six pounds and here's the thing you might want to be more but that twenty six weeks is gonna. Go by whether you're doing something about your weight or not. Like I said time, the biggest mistake we make. We think we have time. That twenty six weeks to go and buy whether you're doing something you're, not you might as well be doing something. A third important characteristic. Is you ve gotta, give yourself some add a girl's samantha boys when you do something and you achieve one of those interval steps. Pat yours,
If, on the back say hey, I did that I got it done. If one of your goals is, I want to go back and get my associate degree or whatever. Then, if step one is I need to get my high school transcripts. I need to write to my high school get copies of my transcripts. If that's your goal this week and you write that letter and you send it off, then say hey, I got that done. I did that. If your goal next week is to contact the community college and find out what their start dates are and what the curriculums are, and you get those catalogs give yourself credit, you got that done in a third week, you get those transcripts and you fill out that application and you attach them and you deliver it out. There give yourself credit for that. Have you gotten your associates degree at no, but you've taken the steps towards it?
and you can't get there till you do that. Give yourself credit a girl has to have a timeline. Some day is not a day of the week. I've looked at my calendar. It's got monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday Are they in Sunday some day is not on their? You gotta be specific. You gotta have a timeline and you ve got to have accountability, somebody that you trust somebody that wants you to succeed, set up with them and say a every wednesday Every friday or every sunday, I want you to check in with me and hold me accountable and if I didn't
added. What I said I was going to get done. I want you to look me in the eye and say what was more important than doing. What was your number one priority? I want you to hold my feet to the fire and you need to have patience and you need to have forgiveness. This is not going to be a success only journey, so when you screw up when you run it off in the ditch, that's not an excuse to quit. That is a cue to get back up there and close the gap. This is not a success. Only This is something that we want you to do that you ultimately succeed. It doesn't matter if you went eighteen and oh I'll, take sixteen into I'll take Fourteen and for as long as we get there, we succeed, that's the thing is getting to the owl.
that goal, so you need to be realistic with your ultimate goal. Now, I'm not gonna recap everything that we ve talked about because I hit these points pretty hard, and you don't need me to go back over all of em I understand that setting your resolution. Picking what you want to do is the easy part. The important part is deciding Who am I gonna? Be there When twenty three that's my question to you. Who am I gonna, be in twenty twenty three.
We were all somebody yesterday. The question is: who are you gonna be today thanks for giving me this time? I hope you'll share this with your friends. We'll talk again soon.
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