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Trump finishes his weekend of superspreader rallies with a trip to California amid a climate disaster he thinks is a hoax, Mike Bloomberg says he’ll spend at least $100 million in Florida to help Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders urges Biden to talk more about his economic agenda with young and Latino voters. Then Reverend Greg Lewis talks to Tommy about Wisconsin’s Souls to the Polls initiative, which is aimed at making sure everyone in the state can vote.

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The presenting sponsor of POD save America is we're in the final stretch of this election year, which means there are a few more presidential debates and a VP debate before you cast your vote. It's been quite Let us try to get to the final candidates, feeling the prey vice president roles is definitely one of the longest processes. You guys know where this is going. Don't you you know at the sky, recruiter. Does the work for you when you're trying to fill your roles and right now, Contriver hit. Super grid, dotcom, slash cricket, you may ask yourself: how does it recruiter make hiring faster and easier? Well, first, when you pose you, job recruiter, get sent out to over one hundred top then we allow icon and John Boards anymore, I just read the copy Tommy and right here says sites and not bored. So something say your sites like change, a great way to hire people reciprocated, you won't be bored use, arrogant,
then zip, recruiter, method for Grenada technology. Fines the red experience for job actively invites them to apply. It so affected that four out of five employers who postern separately to get equality, can it within the first day try now for free and separated outcome. Such cricket- don't wait until election day, do today once again that the procurator dotcom slash This is a wise changing election missiles, determine what on earth is. Gonna look like for a long long time. This is the most important election in the history of our country. Welcome the pod save America, I'm John Favour, I'm John love it and targeted, or on today, show Tommy talks to Reverend Gregg Louis, the leader of was constant souls to the Poles initiative, its working to make sure everyone in the stake and vote before that
what the state of the race with fifty days to go Donald Trump Trip to California during the climate disaster. He believes a hoax might Bloomberg hundred million dollar effort to help Joe Biden when Florida and the boy campaigns, effort to reach out to young voters and Latinos but I was the show this weekend and other monologue was great, because I was therefore yeah you're on the showing and you know, participate. Three we have Doktor Alima too, who came back to give people a kind of talk. About how to stay motivated during a dark time. His psychologist, and a sleep doctor, sport on daylight saving time- who I pleased about a study that said, we should abandon daylight saving time and honest Again, a few directions to consider for his research going forward and damn it was pretty receptive. We talk to us parents of of listeners, to make sure they register Devout was good upset.
And Tommy. I learned that love. It does the show where he does a monologue and someone judges it. Ok, it's phantom. You, congrats read you're learning, Also, a quick thank you to everyone who helped votes if America raise over eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars for power pack, which is mobile in black and brown communities to vote ex fund raising goal is for register, devote a very cool organization. That's identifying people in battleground areas who aren't yet registered to vote and making them a registration forms. Trumps. Guy love this organization, many eighteen, their registered a hundred and fifty thousand Texas voters in just six weeks, were looking to help them raised two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in the next few weeks. So please go to votes. Have America dotcom such every last vote to pitch in and thank you again. Eight hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money and that was
short amount of time. So that's going to help our pack a lot. Finally, we got some new vote. Save America merch in the cricket store all kinds of cool stuff, including a Dan Pfeiffer. Inspired worry about everything, panic about nothing stress ball. This is something I learned from the we sign Tanya, squeeze it into a diamond, just Dan favour. Inspired March, really takes out media. Doesn't it turns our Egypt star, apart of every order in the cricket store is donated to vote writers. Us go to cricket dotcom such store to shop. Now, let's get the news. We are fifty days out from the election. And Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump by an average of seven point one percent. Fifty point six to forty three point: four, which means the raised is almost asked me where it was last week in almost
sadly where it was at the beginning of June, right before the murder of George Floyd the summer spike in covert cases, the shooting of Jacob Blake and both parties nominating convention. We got a slew of high quality pulling this weekend, including the Fox NEWS, Paw, that has the national race slightly tighter at five points in a bunch of state poles from both the New York Times and CBS. The Joe Biden with three to four point leads in New Hampshire Nevada. In Arizona, five point lean Wisconsin in it, in point, lead in Minnesota, love at what? If anything, has changed about this race since the spring and and why do you think it has remained relative? we stable. Well, one thing: that's changes in the spring there were two hundred days until the election and now there's only fifty. That's it. That's a big! That's a big change. It's a big difference! It's a big difference because, with you know with each passing day looks seven points feels like a lot, but we are here.
They shouldn't be at all, confident that that number won't get smaller and Take a look at that number in you. You shave ups points were voter suppression? You shave off some points for us and people coming home to tromp you. Shave off some points for the electoral college, and you end up with you know a close race, and you know that's like we shouldn't be. We should be happy that he's leading we shouldn't be confident in it, and the fact that it stable just tells us that dumb A lot of what's going on is about the fundamentals in our politics that go deeper than the new cycle or what any of the candidates due on any on a daily basis. I mean the one thing it does tell us is that a lot of what Trump has tried to do to change the dynamics of the race, shake the dynamics of the race, haven't really done that right, like we went through a weary pull down his ads and he was coming back up with a new say right it was gone. Are the days of Joe Biden? Is an anti for warrior now he's actually just a tool of the radical? After what have you, like? All
these sort of machinations haven't actually manifest in in the polls that we see data. They tell me what you think I do. I do find it fascinating that the country can go through so much upheaval and we still end up had hurrah. The same lead we had in late spring yeah. It's completely exhausting and I feel like a broken record. Harriet and at sea and inadequate piece about like this, are the average of these national poles and these national poles, or is there not the best way to value aid? A presidential campaign because of the electoral College, because key states matter so much more than you know, stooge numbers out of California, for example, There was a pretty good quality policy. Let you minor changes over time, and basically you Harry thinks. Biden is down three points from his peak leave, but still in that's from seven percent category, which should translate to a strong
electoral college victory? What's change in the interim? Obviously, as these issues in the news I covered as the constant, but we ve gone through, conventions, protests, racial justice and then like many controversies like the woodwork book were starting to get these states specific pulls the times had this round over the weekend, their generally quite good for abide in. I think there is some some room to be concerned about some of these numbers. Any leads within the margin of error leads that are not as big as you'd like to see, but now it's just it's pretty static. Yet I do think I'm in love its original joke about there's it's fifty two now, instead of a hundred days or whatever it was it it it. That's actually quite meaningful in terms of the polling, because the one real thing it's changed since the same led in the spring is that there's fewer undecided, fewer third party voters, so trumps number has bumped up a little bit, so his binds now hovering around fifty or over fifty, even in some of these battleground that he needs and then, as you said,
Mommy binds a little off of his peak in June and July, and that's mainly because you see some soft republican voters and republican leaning independence coming home to Trump, and the New York Times pulls do show that that's partly result of trump scaring the shit out of people about the violence and destruction. That's popped up around the overwhelming Lee peaceful protest, but I do think that the Minnesota was constant. Poles were interesting in the New York Times: it's it's what we ve been talking about, you know they prefer bind by wide margins on race relations. Unifying Erica, managing the pandemic, handling the protests and bind and trumpet basically tied on the issues of violent crime and law and order. And by still beating Trump in the suburbs, among seniors and among white voters, so even its trump has been able to scare some people with his whole antifreeze. Stick Biden is still maintaining these leads and again theirs
all weeds, but their stable leads, and neither the other thing that was sort of Opel is by huge margin the people who did vote in twenty. Sixteen people who voted third party and twenty sixteen in these pulsate managing the pandemic is more important than the line order issues. So that is a hopeful sign loved to do some. We wanted a largest. You know it is helpful, but you look at this new start to. Like I don't know, I allow myself to say: ok well What are some of the less hopeful signs, because why, no China. We should do, and you know you see like some tightening in Florida. You see you see pulling you see binding underperforming amongst hispanic voters that may be in part because of his performing poorly among cuban voters in places I Florida and then you see part of what has been helping Biden maintain this lead is trump underperforming with seniors, and you have to worry right that at whether its ape, why house
vaccine announcement. That, basically, are you know: dance casino pudding, putting some gate arrayed in a syringe and running it out to make it look like it's real whatever it may be like you have to worry, look well what happens if those hispanic numbers don't move, that Biden continues, have a weakness there, but the seniors come home. You start to see this thing narrow and all of a sudden, You know I, twenty sixteen outcome is not outside of the Roma possibility. Yet no in every state poll shows about possible, so Tommy Travis been dealing with two pretty big controversy over the last few weeks port, that he called you S, troops, suckers and losers in the town of him telling Bob Woodward that he intentionally downplay the danger of covert nineteen. What have we learned from the polling about the effects of these controversies? And, and let's start with the Atlantic story? the oil industry which, which trumps still seems pretty worked up about Wisley. We play quick clip of his rally in about they put it s like where I'm standing overgrazing. Then they said he said this.
No sources, no, nothing, they got nothing, and I have twenty I'm real. What this is with the names with everything saying it never happened, and they put an ad like that up there a disgrace, but you know the good part now I can be really vicious and will start by saying what it is. By saying that the Democrats are trying to rig this action, because it's the only way they gonna win. The only way they gonna win is too rigid, the glove they're off the gloves. A virus No more. Mr nice guy huh yeah. When is the gloves come off any says the same shed? He always says which, as you know, whatever their stealing from me, I mean in terms of this story in the Atlantic where Tromp, allegedly called troops, losers and suckers it and said he didn't want to see disabled veterans in military parades, and this like unbelief
a litany of terrible things. There is some evidence that suggests it might have had an impact, but why don't we know for sure there was a yahoo you got pulled. It found fifty percent of registered voters. Think Biden has more respect for the military versus thirty nine percent for Trump that could reflects low general approval for tromp right, if you think the guy sucks generally, you probably think IE sucks when it comes to the Terry. Maybe these voters heard about the comments he made in the Atlantic. Maybe they're about Russia Bounty Story Navy Day they, about how reports in the woodwork buck the Trump called is generals. Pussies, that's a quote. Who knows it does seem clear that Trump is worried about this narrative They are concerned about their story line the Biden campaign put out an ad about the these comments from tromp vote. Bets put up. An ad Biden has been pushing in advance. It Trump actually filed a seasoned, assess letter to try to get binds, add pulled off the air, so there does seem to be some real concern
there you have it in that year. You have pulled a twenty three percent of independence and six percent of Trump voter say troop comments. Increase their support for by those are very small numbers. It's one Paul, but you know it goes back to the point we made before witches in it in a close election with over a hundred and fifty million people voting like we don't know what matters we don't know. It's gonna change people's minds and even little small little shifts have have big consequences and also like every day that tramples on the defensive about something is another day. He is not catching up to Joe Biden, which he does need to do. Love aware, but the effects of the word takes. Yeah does on on the Atlantic story.
Trumps. Try to muddy the waters around whether or not it's true. Maybe that's can have some some impact, but I think the key thing is Trump needs to do better amongst members of the military. He needs to close that gap. He still may this was not going to make that happen sooner right, like that. Just made that job a little bit tougher, even if we don't see any advantage, it certainly did help on would word. You know, RADA, Mcdaniel, Nay, Rana, Romney Mcdaniel had a heck of a time over the weekend, trying to figure out how to talk your way out of this one really fucked It is a delight to see, but in any way the interviews, said something so revealing what she's like what would you have? the president do go on television and say he doesn't have a plan and that its a crisis and it's hopeless and we hold on a second year restating your case here. You weren't supposed to admit to us that the reason he lied is because he doesn't have a plan. All that's a way of saying Scandals are different in the sense that the Atlantic story is holy shit. This guy is a huge ass. All the way,
Word story is holy shit, this guy's a huge asshole and it's killing people its having a real manifest impacts on our lives day to day. It is the impact of having somebody without empathy, decency and president as a matter of life and death. So to me this is something that can have. More lasting power and the fact that its reported means it's very hard to deny. You have to simply defend- and I You see in some of the early poles anyway that at the very least it has an impact on the perception have his handling of Corona bars wealth. Will that manifest in overall approval or pulling? I don't know it's also not just something that Trump said and did in the past. It has to do with what he still doing right now, the guy had a held a rally indoors last night.
In Henderson Nevada, in violation of law and of the law which that you can have gatherings of more than fifty people so violated. State law. Has this indoor gathering only has the people behind him put masks on once. The rally starts to the tv cameras see the people have masks on behind them, which I know that doesn't really work out. Is that really the point of the mask and then afterwards, a reporter asked him? Aren't you worried about this being a super spider man about people getting Covey and dropped, says quote well now, I'm on stage in its very far away, and so I am not at all concerned which the way the whole gay we put out a statement from Herman Kane, refuting the allegation? I mean that the thing the people you'd understand about Bobby what words like Bob Woodward as a megaphone love. Em hate him, thank you should a release this information back several months ago, and I made a difference. I don't know I'm not coming down on that, but Bob Woodward
a massive sixty minutes segment last night about this book that comes at the end of a weak words like all anyone is talking about it in Washington to a lot of people are hearing these. These allegations that he basely covered up the the severity of covert nineteen early on and like the ABC pull that came out over the weekend has trumps handling of covert. At thirty five percent approve sixty five percent disapprove. Still today since you were all facing on a day to day basis and his numbers are like a disaster. That's like George Bush, Iraq, war, Katrina level. You know approve already and I will say like we did. We just did a series of poles in battleground states with change research that will be talking. More on Thursday, but we just got the results. A quick preview here you know Johnny, I've read the pull too, and I showed discipline I didn't bring up. The numbers I'm not going by the numbers at all that the rebellious
we did an open, ended question. What have you heard most about Biden or Trump and you'd eat open ended, so you have to choose and the woodwork tape came up more than anything else about Trump. I was actually pleasantly surprised, but it was really interesting. Actually that back when something becomes, though one story: it gets every where and it gets to people that maybe don't pay attention at much. It's a good reminder that, like the nothing that This crowd does not have lot of evidence to support their. I supposition things matter or not as much as they should not as often as they should and not a but by they matter. I feel quite confident that over the last two months, three months, six months, like the majority of news stories that people have consumed about Donald Trump, especially when it comes to colonel virus, had been pretty negative and terrible. There is a candidate. What I often worry about is the these sort of Fox news only or non news consumers who are just seeing crazy, crazy nonsense on their Facebook pages Charlotte, alter time magazine out a piece, but this where she just interview
thousands of people in various places in Wisconsin, and they there were dislike. A fifth of them were like yeah or twenty percent of them are like queue and on basically light kind of conspiracy. Theory repeating folks, who are just talking about a reality that is so divorced from, like Bob Woodward or covered or any other things we are talking about, are concerned about our things it you know our fact based. Some people like you and on late, I'm more of acumen on zero percent. Better just take more light, the original an actor. I will say that, like that that problem that you, I don't. If I told me that Charles wrote about peace, I mean whether Biden Windsor loses. That is a crisis that is going to be totally this country's gonna be dealing with well into the future. If we don't figure out, a way to Yeah, I don't know to fight conspirators, because it is very, very the basket of post election challenges we have to deal with. Is you know every like it?
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screen you gonna considered proper on salmon under screen. Awesome well read more empty dotcom slush Nugent so trumps finishing up. His is weakened of Super spread rallies with a trip to California, where his meeting with Governor Newsome, but the devastating west wildfires. Burn millions of acres, forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate and killed at least twenty four people. President had said nothing about the deadly fires until this weekend in a speech were here, so bragged about pulling out of the Paris climate accords, and he didn't or organ Governor Cape Browns request for federal aid until Friday estate for, ten percent of the population has had to evacuate. Here's the law ass time. Its trump spoke at length about the California wildfires at a rally in August. The last time there is a set of There's, let's play equip, and I see again the forest fires are starting running again in California, she'd get a clean. You floors, you gotta clean your flung forests
Many many years of leaves broken trees and they like, like so flammable. You touch your medicos. I've been telling of this for three years, but they don't want to listen the environment, the environment, but there fires again in California. Maybe we're just gonna have to make them pay for it, because they don't listen. Just tell me. Why is Trump wrong, that the failure to rake the floor of the forest is not the primary reason for these wildfires I mean he is just such a fucking idiot and an asshole. I got just I do want to just say to people who don't live on the West Coast, it's hard to really adequately state how to pray.
Saying demoralising like physically uncomfortable. It is too on top of covered two on top of all the protests and other concern. Recreational racial justice, on top of, like the economic challenges, to walk out of your house and have it look like dusk at noon, because smoke is blank hitting the higher state of California and, like you, you can't really exercise outside like a like. I would for a jog stupidly a week or two ago- and I was calling for days like it is it's really all consuming and brutal and now we have been dealing with record heat waves record droughts. A couple weeks ago there were record high temperatures, including like a hundred and eighty degrees in l, a so what you're talking about is global climate change, leading all these temperatures to be hotter, which is drying out. You know more parts of the state, and so you can't sweep the floors of the forests.
Cross. I think four point: five million acres that have burned that's sat at an area is bigger than the state of Connecticut like he does. A rake up the brush in were good. Its east super dry conditions are high, win Then you have people living in more rural areas, so they're both at risk, and there is also the potential that they could start fires themselves. Accidentally. Some the buyers are lightning strikes. Others like down power lines cigarettes there were these gender reveal party idiots too. You know. That's all other thing nine of the ten largest fires in California history have occurred since two thousand. This is about global climate change and its only going to get worse in him being like like up a or or like an anti backs are when it comes to climate in fire. It just makes everything so much worse yet mean I would
tell everyone to listen to what a day this morning, a Cuba and Gideon did a good job of talking about the fact that their there of course mitigation efforts where you can clear out some of the drier brush in forests. The challenges most of these fires are not starting in forest, so does it have to do with forest management, the other challenge of courses, Most of the forests in the West are controlled by the federal government. So it's the federal, cooked meats judge to manage these forests and, like you said to me, you know it is the consequences of climate change can be ignored. Here I mean you're getting so much drier brush. That has become like a tinder box for these fires and you'll get few less rain, which is also why there's more fires to a less rain and drier conditions are perfect recipe for really bad fires. Love it. Why are these is a priority for trump I mean just just from like a pure political perspective. One would think
United States running for election and when he is coming to California, but you think he'd say like I he'll be here, and I want. I want to take care of this and show my strong leadership by by taking care Fire you having the Washington Post, ran a new story that said that you think it was an opinion peace, but of course it is genuinely objective fact that it too it touches on, ray of the area's he's these interested in being President one is climate changes we talked about. The second is places that need help. It didn't vote for him. He just care if we live or die and then the third is that it requires. Empathy requires genuine leadership. You know get like fifty seven percent of Calhoun forests are managed federally, Once there you know, obviously you know when Trump talks about making a leaves. It is. You know what happened. When some sort of real information at some point in a briefing was passed through, his sort of Google translate into more on right. Like it just he herds
information and I got mangled in its. They aren't breaking the leaves, but it's like ok You don't want to talk about. Climate change are well don't we do and a massive new deal style programme as part of the green new deal to bring in the resources we need to attend this. Fifty seven percent of forest land at the federal government roles- ok, we're because they want to do that. Right doesn't want to do anything required of it. Didn't and dumb, like the only reason coming today only receives. Finally tweeting is that he seems to have faced ah some kind of glow back. That he's aware he needs to deal with. I imagine he would be facing more if people like new, some or capers or others didn't feel eyes, leaders felt during the early days of the pandemic that if they were honest about down from its failures, he would punish them, take retribution and how he manages federal resources. So you know the other, the I want to call this a silver lining. It's not a silver lining. It's a political reality which is, he is
we're going an opportunity to use the power of the presidency to help his re election by them Straining leadership. Grace you Go to tools in his toolbox doesn't just hurt us, it hurt him. Why do you think I mean I mean I did. I did remind me of early days the pandemic, where he does like. What do you think I mean I did. I did remind me of early days the pandemic, where he does like if it doesn't matter. If something does it matter to him elect horribly, then he doesn't really care about yet it like look his. He only cares about state city. Think support him. On top of that, he only likes problems where he is
obvious person to demonize and blame, and so the reality, as we are talking about a climate change disaster, he literally doesn't have a plan, is not part of this platform. On top of that, he makes it works by saying it's a hoax and they have actively undone Obama our rules to deal with climate change that ranges from pulling out of the Paris climate accords to revoking California's authority to set stricter Otto emission standards. Even when the car companies wanted to keep those standards, and so look here in California we're having fires, but in the Gulf of Mexico there having stronger hurricanes in the MID West, it was the direct show their decimated cedar, Rapids Iowa. So he can pretend climate change, is not a part of the problem. You are right and the Republican Party is so diseased that people are blaming Antigua for the fires. Raved like little militias in Oregon, like checking people Tucker Karlsson, called climate change
systemic racism in the sky is for him. It's a made up talking point that we Democrats go to discern demonize the White Middle Class, who watches so. The only solution to this problem is defeating as many republicans as we possibly can cause is not to be enough. It Joe Biden wines. We also need the Senate and we need the highest representatives to pass any kind of meaningful legislation. To deal with climate change, and my time is literally running up. This sort of one under the radar kobori scope it miles. Taylor was a senior official, the Department of Homeland Security under Trump who since resigned and is now speaking out about Trump and one of the things he set is Trump told us to stop giving money to people whose houses had burned down from a wildfire because he was rageful. The people on the state of California didn't support him in that politically it wasn't a base for him, and this isn't just about Trump taken care of his supporters are not taken care of
parents. He doesn't give a shit about all the Trump voters in California in Oregon and Washington, and there are a lot and he didn't give a shit about the Trump supporters at his rally in Henderson last night who could get covert nineteen? He doesn't care about these people that he pretends to be the fuckin hero of like he only cares about himself. He only gives a shit about trumpet his own reelection. And that you know this just shows that more than anything else, I was gonna because we'll be smart for by an undemocratic hands to make us more than issue. Then, by is currently the middle of a big speech on us today, which has great he said I m wildfires dont skipped town that voted a certain way. The impacts of climate change, don't pick and choose that's because it's not a partisan phenomenon. It science and our response should be the same. Grounded signs
together. All of us it did. It is interesting that binds doing these connecting it to covet and trumps pandemic response to right, which is yet. This is another issue where Trump has ignored science in favour of his own reelection and people have paid the continent. Yet at its Joe Biden, acting as president and Donald Trump asking as well, turn up to and including the GNP chairwoman again tweeting like Joe Biden. Record on the corona virus is terrible ass. Like he's not, The present in your guys, the president, is a think for bite into educate the country about climate change because, like yes, the entire West Coast draped in smoke, that's hook, history, across the country I saw maps, were there Giant clowes leering over like Dallas Texas in Oklahoma insult for decades. Republicans in fossil fuel industry groups want to favour try to make the climate debate sounds remote in some stupid right, like oh, you, liberals, your crying about polar bears. We had Jim in half,
probably senator on the floor of the Senate. Holding us Obama saying: oh you: U lives are saying that the planet is getting warmer, but here some snow. The truth is that huge majorities of the country want to protect our water. They want to protect our air they want to protect. Animals, they want to protect open lands and they want to reduce the impact of climate change. They also think the government is doing too little even younger Republicans, Why care more about developing alternative energy sources? I think it's smart abiden to jump on this now because he knew you make an argument today that will prepare us to do big things quickly when all the fuss of your companies and all the industry groups gear up to try to kill all climate change.
And we need to have the Senate to begin with, even have a chance of doing something. He's got a big, ambitious climate plan that also doubles. This is economic plan and every opportunity has to break through the Trump show, and talk about that plan is one that he should see it, because it's it's it's very popular with a lot of voters in oh dear I typed, went on There's a pot, including like voters in Pennsylvania, right or you think, are more more conservative on some of these issues, its popular cross, a lotta demographically
Such is the place where the media unveiled right because, like you'll, see the entire West coast of the country, draped in fire and the coverage of those fires won't draw the connection to the fact that there are policy choices being made in Washington and the Democrats or for stopping these fires and Republicans of oppose them. And this is the result right. We all need to like clothes that loop a little better yet the em, it's like the politicization of cause and effect like no like just because it's become polarized. To tell the truth, we can't pretend climate change is a cause of these fires is the only way we can friends say my gun control, a host of other issues. Yet you know what we can pull it aside its cause and effect. For example, it is as it Let's talk more about eurobonds. Campaign was about to get a little help from former New York Mare MIKE Bloomberg. The one time potential candidate will spend at least one hundred million dollars in Florida, mostly on television and digital ads. In english and spanish Bloomberg,
was worth more than fifty billion dollars had previously pledged to spend quote whatever it takes to defeat. Donald Trump, though this is his first you're twenty twenty donation on behalf of Biden, he already donated eighteen million dollars to the Dnc from his own campaign in pledged sixty million dollars to help Democrats keep the house Tommy why Florida and why now so let us start by saying I'm very grateful to make Bloomberg fur for cutting this big check. We should just know that is well short of what he promised. Rightly, during the primary bluebirds team said he would keep all of us campaign, organizers on staff through November. They would run this massive super pact. There is a suggestion that would be like a billion dollars and then he shut how bout transferred eighty million to the Dnc Joseph funded, a lot of great groups like Stacey, Abrams and others, but again, thank you, make a guide in the game. I do wish that, like this hundred million had been so starting six months ago, basic. Gives you so many more options. The region
Florida. The reason now, I assume, is good. There's a lot of people sounding the alarm about Florida. There's been some polling. That is a little too close for comfort coming out of Florida, there is considerable concern about binds pulling among latino voters. That's particularly complicated in Florida, where you have keeping communities venezuelan communities are communities that, frankly, the Trump Administration has done really really good job targeting over several years. By being super hard line on Cuba by dancing ups, point of almost supporting coups in Venezuela. Somewhat argue they did support themselves. Others that there hasn't been enough organizing in Florida there have been enough. Spanish language or english language adds either. A really worrisome, peace and political. Today, the talked about like the fact that all these latina voters in Florida are just getting wild conspiracy theories directly targeted at them on what sap and through the radio,
Oh, you know the top of that. There was some hope after twenty eight seeing eighteen, that Andrew Gillum, who ran for governor is organization, would register of new voters, speak as it did seem like. There was a shortfall in Miami area, he had some personal challenges and I think anyone really picked up this slack. So now here comes Bloomberg. You know The challenge right is like we have fifty days You have a hundred million dollars. Basically, the only thing you're gonna be able to really do with that is by a ship It adds an Fleda moves Anita, but we just don't know it's pretty crowded lover what you think There was a advisor to the Bernie Sanders campaign on latino Outreach, Cha Cha, Cha Cha, Roger and Chuck. Russia was saying that, basically, he was less worried about what the vine campaign was doing and what their work was doing more in the big gap that exists between an outside money.
Basically tons and tons it outside money has been pouring in, but only a tiny, tiny fraction of it was diverted towards the Tino outreach. And that his organizations, four million, might have been the most in that tells you that more is needed. So I think, on that front, specifically, I'm very very hopeful that blanketed near ways with a huge amount of advertisement directed at this key constituency is is really good, and I all have a feeling that just based on my understanding of like other Bloomberg world operates is that their very focused on getting them as for their money, and they saw this as a hundred in dollars jumped into Florida final fifty days as something that can make the difference? Second, really take a state yum down by point fucked up. I point five, and so I am very hopeful hopeful
extra yeah. I think this is like a bang for your buck. We have here a larger if you're the Bloomberg people, you look at the map by winds Florida, he pretty much wins right. If amendments forty he's one other battleground state of all the battleground states, if by loses Florida, he still visa has chance by truck trump needs Florida more than bind us, and so, if Bind wins, Florida, that's can deliver a knockout blow and it can also do so early in the night on election night so that we avoid sort of the election weak scenario, because Florida does counterbalance fairly quickly is extremely expensive state to plan so by Bloomberg, playing there then maybe Biden can spend money elsewhere, they sort of hinted publicly. There are trying to communicate to Biden like in Pennsylvania. Specifically, they said how Robeson said so. I think Florida and Pennsylvania the two states were. Both campaigns have spent the most money, so I can tell that they think those are the two most important state:
now, and it was also, of course, on the heels of Trump saying he might dump a hundred million dollars of his own money into his campaign because they are clearly short on cash is well in. Of course, voting starts in Florida, ballots, darkening, bailed out September, twenty which is ten days from now tip for vendor too, for any vendor getting money from Donald from directly make sure that check clears in your account does in in checks at me like that, think about Florida is there's no. You there's no half in when it comes to Florida me just a rip off some status I share the twenty two million residents. It's a worlds, seventeenth largest economy, there's ten media markets, including three of the top eighteen in America. So it is a very, very expensive place to move in all your chips and really play me that the washing pose had a report with a kind of announce they broke. The news of this Bloomberg by there was some floor invite in their who said it takes fifty.
Twenty million dollars to really move binds numbers among Latinos estimate in six two hundred and seventy million to get on tv across the state over the next fifty some odd days and have it impact was just a ton of money to eat get him a game, and I just want to say I always liked my Buber Heaven. A huge fan for a year you, I remember you standing up for him when Elizabeth Warren savagely attacked and I was late and I was like- I think that some unfairness, that's what I said at the time. One more point on latino voters. You know I talked to Carlos O D overruns Equis research on the last pod, and you know he did make the point that Latinos are
famously undecided until towards the end of a race and that specially Latinos in Florida. It's not necessarily. The trump has captured that vote, it's that they have not committed them and they don't know who Joe Biden is or what he stands for, and so maybe they don't like Donald Trump, but they also have no idea who Joe Biden is. A lot of this is just he's at reaching out to them with some pro Biden message, and that is a great opportunity for Bloomberg and adds to do some of that work and to fill in those blanks with a bunch of ads. Just like saying who I know in what we stand for and what he would do. The other thing is, if it they're looking for ways to spend two hundred million dollars, that's not just on ads. I know a million people have told them in different ways, but, like you know, we saw last week that a judge upheld a floor de la mandating. The people previously convicted felonies must pass all fines in fees before they can registered a vote, which is basically a pull tat. It would be great if Bloomberg could help pay off those fines and register some voters. Last minute, I realized, like you, said: Tom needs a huge effort to undertake with, like ten
days to go, but it would be nice if, if he gave that give out a whirl yeah, I mean look at it and maybe part of announcing this early was okay. So the buying campaign now knows that there's a lot of air cover going. Maybe they can re purpose some of the money they would have put towards advertising to things like this to sir paying off some of these fines or direct organizing, or maybe they start up some more door, knocking certain communities in Florida because yeah me. Thus, in like there's always a little bit of panic at the end of an election, but there is more than normal coming out of Florida, and I think we should listen to these folks were expert experts, yes binds also getting some help in the form of free advice from one of his the primary opponents Bernie Sanders on Sunday, Bernie denied reports that he's getting worried about binds campaign but did send, listen, we that he thinks by needs to talk more about his economic agenda and do more to reach out to young voters and latino voters hears it
of Bernie and we look. What I have said privately is what I have said publicly, and that is, I think, vitamins in an excellent position to win this election, but think we have got to do more as a campaign then just go out patrol trumpets, a disaster. I think most people know it. But we also have to give people a reason to vote, but Joe Biden NGO has some pretty strong positions on the economy. We should be talking about that more than we have loved. What do you think of burmese advice, and- and why do you think, binds economic agenda hasn't been more central to his message? I need it vice fits with what we ve talked for a while right that that they're, just there was one talked about in the run up to the convention. There is more about telling a story about Joe Biden than it was about telling a story about Donald Trump, because everybody's heard that story bears out in
Lange that shows that there is undecided voters. You dont like trumpet, want to know more about Joe Biden. I think it's probably summing up in camp agrees with, but, You know they have like they have a new healthcare out. That's great that not only hits trump on you know, son and on on healthcare cuts in going after a bombing care, but talks about, building on the legacy of Obamacare. It's a very kind of top level on healthcare, but it's a healthcare policy contrast average, I think, is really strong and I think it is the the challenge of policy in this era, it's the same set of challenges that was presented to the Hillary Clinton pain that over and over again there has been a why one Hillary Clinton talk about economic agenda in the US Add the election that sort of held up as a single example of the campaigns failure but, of course, the one of the challenges you give a twenty minute.
Speech about the economy. It's the hit on Trump tickets covered. That's just the nature of the beast, so making sure that those hits are tied into an economic message. I think, is really important. I think mine is doing that at that said like if what what we are seeing in polls, if what would Bernie Sanders is pointing out things that we need to do more, you know what you're trying you have to do more to reach these young people, Let's do it tell me what you think you look, I mean Bernie a saying this out of love right, I mean, I think, a great regret. Many of us feel from twenty. Sixteen is not being a little more full throated about concerns when we had them in real time about how the campaign was gone. So you'll burn is also coming from place where he did extreme
we well with young latino voters in the primary. He does have a sense, probably from that campaigning prize from talking to somebody. Advisers were later quoted in these stories about their concerns about the Biden campaign in Florida. About where there is some slack that could be picked up like it, it's look with a look of things we're talking there. I would only like the state of California burning to the ground, we're talking about polling and its like it's hard to get your plan to protect social security to break through. I think that will happen with a lot of paid advertising. Indistinct communities in Florida, United so like that, there's there's always room to do that
job telling your economic story, especially knowing that it's the one place where trumps seems to have his lingering strength, because he inherited a strong Obama economy, incredibly difficult to break through the media environment, with a pro active economic agenda or any sort of proactive policy agenda it always has been. It is even harder in the trump error, because everything is the Trump show. We know that arms, I think, like you said, Tommy, it's it's paid that takes care of that, and I think this is like gotta be binds number one or two or third, most important priority for these debates. If I was prepping em for these debates- and you always want the candidates like this- is what you must do in this debate in a people leave the debate take away. One thing: what's gonna, be, I would say it's gotta, be his.
His proactive economic agenda right his policy plans right and not about like details here, need to like recital list of policy details or a laundry list. I don't think that does a lot of good but giving the you know. Maybe ninety four, how many people watch ninety million people watch a good sense of what you see in form. What you're gonna do is going to be key to letting of odors young voters, undecided, voters, infrequent voters. I get cuts across a lot of demographic groups were deciding between candidates in dismay whether to vote or not about young I'd. Also you by the way, it's like the always hard hard opened Pandemic hard to when, like Trump I was there. It is over the weekend right that, like you know, Trump spent all weaken treating about there's this year. There is a shooting in California, it's a terrible shooting, buddy tweets about it. Right, doesn't really care about. The wildfires. Doesn't care about the pandemic,
to me the country like challenges at the scale of reality, like massive huge problems, he doesn't have an interest in what he has an interest in his zooming in on tv sized problems, right, and we don't have tv size problems right. We have much bigger problems in an trump has this year savant like ability to understand what plays on this tiny box, and it has been a problem for four years and open continue to be one well and we're gonna fix it great music. Fifty days were in a fix it. When we come back, Tommy will talk to Reverend Gregg Louis, the leader of this kind. Since source to the polls and in just one thing to add. Before we go to the break, Reverend Louis was so fired up that he forgot to mention these also. The poles websites, which want to do that for him, souls to the polls and K e like the lucky dot, org salsa, the Poles and Kate at Org. Stick
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The flood of news every day is hard: their updates on Corona Virus Disney Rio Things Animal news. What else so much else that we're here to help you cut through all that breakdown, the news stories each day and help. You understand what's important and what can do about it all in twenty minutes or less of what a day come out every morning, Monday through Friday at four a m eastern wherever you listen Depart cast, but you actually dont have chosen that early, don't get up early, please has to read. Louis, is the executive director of source of the Poles and organization that unites ministers in their congregations to strengthen the voting power of the black community in a walkie pastoralists? Thank you so much for doing so, they are not. It is my pleasure. Take you for having me is truly honour to have you. Have you here first question for you:
you, I don't really this year, you you caught covert. You actually went to the hospital to deal with them the complications, just how you doing well, you know what I'm doing great now, but now almost died and in that is certain. Certainly the truth. You know if I had not gone to the hospital to day. I went that day. I probably would not be here now, and you know, God is, is it Asian Guy saved my life and now I'm almost back to where I was before, but my respiratory system is not fully developed back to where it will be it. I don't know if it will be, because there are devastating that that Corbett, nineteen, is it you some tat. Some people recover yeah yeah, take it very very soon, so everyone. This thing, I'm meet the even more amazing thing that at the you know, what would the more I read about you I mean by having covert despite being in the hospital you kept working.
You kept organizing from the intensive care unit. It can you tell listeners about souls of the poles and why that work is so meaningful and so urgent that you are doing it from the icy you will see our community is in a critical condition: man, it will life support, you know We are in intensive care as a community. You know it's called blue called red and acting as well Is you have your breath? You oughta give what you have. And I was indeed all levels I was sick and I knew that the leader of our organization, that people had to be so we encourage at that time, because it was such a down time where everybody, what the cove it and you know with all the things had to deal with you know, we even so the the State Election Commission and my name was on that law suit. So you know As I was laying down, I can still use my phone and I can still talk to people
I can still get reports about how things were going and we still had then blossom going, and I want to tell you people have to say What's going on in my community did just can't hear about it. You just can't talk about it, You gotta be about it around here and they knew Madison. Business abyss. This situation when I was man in their bid- and I was they organizing and hoping that other people, would realise that we have to do this stuff together, because we stood up. We then will ban the court, case there would all the way to the? U S Supreme Court, but I'll. Tell you I think we did we made sure that votes were recounted even after April. Seven One hundred nineteen thousand at eight hundred boats were counted, and that means that the Supreme Court just is that we will try to get an office that me there. She made it to office because we fought to
to bring those votes to a cow and end and that that debt that our people, listen, may we don't have to take this step? We don't have to do What has been done in the past by just giving up and letting things go, we could stand up and we we do have power a weed to express that in a way that people see that man you're just not gonna, run us over, I mean you may have all the things that you need to impress upon us your power. But we have power to, and we certainly had it with that boat and that's what happen on on that on that occasion and that's why I feel like you know, I could lay there just let things happen to me. You know I was I do not, and I believe it that's how our community has look at things. Don't matter! Let things happen to you, you know you can lay in the baseball feel unexpected fly bars made? You got it what are you gonna run after the ball and I think tat s what we were showing when I was doing that
Besides that man is too much in me to quit Otto had that Emmy in all excited. You know, people know us crying and every day just. I just felt like going to leave. You know, I'm not boy to ever give up. You know, I always say men Arby's, scratching, biting pillar reaching for everything I have until I die, took two to continue watch our community level. I didn't know being, is not an option for me at. And I know one thing as long as I had bread you, we could still fight what people to know that- and I want them to see it and said I had to strip poor Mamma might be. Together just a mixed
that folks who were working with me understood that this word steel must get done. That's right. I mean you, don't you didn't just get those votes Kennedy didn't just help when that's rooms, court seat, you inspired ever are who saw what was happening in Wisconsin and you feel, like you, guys, have provided a role now for the rest of us for headed organizing this pandemic, but I mean one thing: I've noticed recently is like thanks to trumps? Lies is demagoguery more and more. Borders are saying gosh, I dont know if voting by mail is the right way to go. I'm worried those ballots woke, accounted how're, worrying, telling folks who have those concerns as they try to navigate like how to participate in this election. You know fought for me. It's always difficult. Task because I always say you know our fight Ali in five Frazier everyday, because I have to fight inside hopelessness and I had to fight outside with supremacy
and unless could always be there, man and you can't not just let things you know just because the difficult you just a work on, we have to keep the fact that there is a pandemic we may not be able to go to the polls on new November third, because if the weather might be so call, and so bad and people I'd, be so so that I have an opportunity to call off the election or or tell people they go outside. It would not take that opportunity. The that's why we the vote orally. You know we need to take the risk of your boat. Getting count and we need to take that risk of you, melody and at that tenacity, bout it. We need to take that risk, because we have any other choice. If you really look at it, because a lot of peace, We don't even want to go out in this pandemic and in a day the what happened to me. You would state that you don't want to catch the virus I wish we can have.
People standing alive for three hours, ready to both. Round are the people who may be sick and they may have Haven. T do to to obtain a one drop, and your nose or in your mouth, and that could cause death and you just have to take that chance. We didn't have to be subjected to that. So we have to talk about that male in body, and we have to try to perfect it as much as we can right now, because if we do we may not have an opportunity to vote on November. Third, so has had to keep pushing it and I know with our leadership, talking about it. The way he does is put in a lot of scepticism and that situation, and that's why we need a bow, nothing else. We made a bow We have leadership that has not been leading a bit very moral and righteous way, so we have to continue
to build ourselves and to make sure that the environment at that we live in, is, as is covered with, with the fate of are a perfect community and with the blessings from God. As far as our concern and we have to do that in a way that would sure that other people, even though his heart they still try? We have Do that we so so we can give up the male imbalance we can give those we have to keep pushing at work. Drive people to success.
Yes, sir, yes vote vote early vote as soon as you can tell a friend a vote and that's all great advice we would have on top of covert Wisconsin in particular, has been part of of conversation about police brutality in police, violence and black lives matter mean Joe Biden and Comma Harris were just in Wisconsin recently after the shooting of Jacob Blake and some of the protests Canosa. What are you, how do you feel about the Biden Campaigns message on Rachel Justice issues on defending the police? Are they speaking to the concern to your hearing from from folks in your hungry Asian voters in wisconsin- yes, certainly but you, but you know why I just don't think they fight hard enough man. If you ask me, I just don't think they fight hard enough. We have our Trump Office is right in the middle of our community and they are
certainly doing everything they can to get votes in their cab? I just don't think we fight hard enough. So This this isn't just about. You know voting on November thirty by building powered our community for local power and our local politics. This. About being able to make, tame, a structure that is falling part rapidly and building it up to something that we can deal with, but we to deal with it with leverage. So we ask him, able to come out and vote because we want to build a voting block. We want Ok, we voted now we need to stay together and have that block, so we can have average for an agenda that debt we can take to people in power the politicians, because taken our noble people, really care about who's running. You know that's your problem, so we have to do
something more. We gotta talk about building power, even though I met Camilla the other day, and I thought she was wonderful. I really did- and I read, I think, it would do some phase that war probably hope our community- I just don't think People are really dig up in an energize. For that I don't see it. Energy. I need to see in this situation We want to bring some new energy and say why don't we just make sure we both, because when we bow it, it gives us the the leverage we need to talk to folks who are coming into our community, with the resources with the funds, so that We can make sure that they have to listen to us and ITALY. We wanted you not throw them. You know a cloud now and then does we have supported like crazy, but we need that kind of energy in our community. Now we need right now so that we can, rebuild what has been broken all over our community. So
I wouldn't do you know this, They support. You know that those candidates- but I think we need a little bit more in our community because we need people to understand. That is more than just a vote because November That is where we have to really struggle to get people there were November forth. Is when the real work stars. I can leave my kitchen table. November, for because when we really have to organise and build up this, this voting blossom, walking about. I don't care if this ten thousand twenty thousand thirty thousand women four hundred thousand slogan is we're an army of faith, the power of one hundred thousand souls to the poor. As I in county right Now- and you know, I talk too much I'm doing county right now and I see fifty thousand volts coming out of the church and I'm asking the church go, get somebody four hundred thousand. We want to be responsible for a hundred thousand and encourage community to join us and doing that. So, is more than just a candidate for US building
a voting block, is building power and our community to control our local politics. Yes, we look for your here because we love listening to you too So don't ever be worried about that, and we obviously that the challenge Wisconsin Scots in building that voting block and building that power is that was gods, has experienced years of these brazen republican voters, suppression effort The voter idealize, I do see the pandemic complicate things even further are their voters. Suppression tactics that you're worried about four November are their ways your work in a fight back or the ways can help you that the listeners, the shell and you know what that that is so important, because we need people to stay. How important their boat counts say, because as you know, always save your body count. Why are so many people try to make sure you don't go out? Stan. You know I had one guy, you know he he posts. In one of my my facebook page, you said the Democrats. It's rigging. The machines I was like menacing
I must thing I ever heard. Why did you make a machine and lose. This is perfect, but you know I'm I'm, I'm I'm believing if we could get the word out what we try to light up Milwaukee right now, we want We want to know where we're why how what we wanted to know every day, because history, we're still run around here. Man who cares about November, very little pounders only voting. So so we will be. You we need money we made to be or tb we need to be on a radio. We need to be all pray. We need to be Above all, it is foolish right now, and I think we can turn this thing and is something that people we get excited about, because I don't think I hate to say this what a wait for the Democratic Party to come in my community to help me. I want to be able to help myself, but we need the funds to do it. Man, because if we want professional people who know what's going on. I may like you,
I'd love to have you in my camp to show me how to do these things and do it. You know efficiently, so that you know we can get People engage get people into joy and make sure they understand the abilities that they have to change the world is at their feet right now. Mrs Milwaukee is key if we come out of, we would change the nation, and the rural and will change the politics in the city because of where success with this week about a win and do we could really talk about that voting blocked. I could tell them ass. It look what we ve done, that we could do this block right now, who's with me. I guarantee you that if we have some positive, positive motion and the direction that we can continue to grow, isn't gonna happen all in one. And one day I know, but we can continue to Hell. Aren't you
We understand that you do have power so Whitney folks to come. We need folks, the candles, we cannot go on doors, but we could drop of literature. We could do all over the place, and I think that needs to be a groundswell that dead dead dead. You know can caught catapult our candidate, into another direction here in the city, a new energy and that's what needs to happen. The issue can be just about, because you know trap is not a good guy. Should be because we have some good people who are going to take his place and, besides that, may we will build this voting block so, can make sure that we take some other places too or else they'd coordinate with us to build a bar community. That's that's what they should be about. I agree, but I feel like I'm learning from you right now. May I also say that reverend Barber on the show, and I thought you know inspired by what he did North Carolina. More among days yeah
you're right. I view on both sides of the ILO. The faith community has just had incredible success, bringing people together, organizing them and turning them out around issues around elections. What can the Democratic Party learn from faith? Leaders like you, What should we be emulating that we're not doing they didn't? They need to learn how to fight. You know in the Bible. We talk about you know that their there's a parable you know in the by when it talks about a guy who got still it maybe you'd better bring in those days Those are receipts there I told you to collect, and you better learn how to do it from the world. We need to learn how to do it from these guys who are on the other side. You know- and I hate to repeat myself, but we just we just don't know how to fight this. It there's a scourge politics here was causing that's got, locker perfect.
You know there were burnt up anything, they burn up any body. They will sacrifice. Anything in any body to keep power and two key the way and on their side we need to learn how to work like that Why are we so nice about everything man I mean our past? Sometimes you just have to give some job love map, our two nice about our politics, and we just don't run over US man. I believe in turn other with, dad. You need a duck and swing yourself. We to make sure that we get into a position where we get just as vicious. About our politics, I must say be me or immoral. I'm just saying that we need to strengthen our committee. You'd understand it may not be high, you let's go fight, you know, and people in the church, You know the charge is not solve man see brutal, take them, The charge is sought met, but the Bible was built on armies and
what we are and that's what I'm trying to tell votes memo. Take us for granite member. Because I believe Jesus did going to. Let you push me around, not that's not going to happen, got to make sure that we activate the power, God does to build power in our community and that's where we are right now, man, we we have to do that in a way that doesn't, you know, discouraged folks from working with us, but you ve got. It We stand by the way they fight dirty man. They did. You know, a brass members who have met- and I met with a really good- open, had a something that we should just let it go I wish in these deaths and dive, I'm really serious about early. You really need to learn how to fight man and, and that doesn't get asked what means too. Do we need to learn how to fight and not be a shared fighting men because
this man I'm tired and living like this man, tired of living like this, and We need to be able to make a shared choice and it needs to be a Strangely, energize choice. Oughta be heard, people say: let's go, let's go, but I'm not here and there, and we need to be aware that we need to come. But I'm not going away for anybody else to come in my, do that right here right now, some people are worried about his election obscene. Maybe we'll get this boat out and we go get it. Do you think I'm gonna communities and do it, we got guess imposed and we will make sure that we win an awe Member third is going to be a win We want to make sure that and I'm positive that we get so I want to say everybody listening. If that didn't get, you fired up if you're not ready to fight There's something wrong with you. So real wine, the interview like a man and I have listened again and then we could occur media we create
This programme is caught our adopt to stay programme, so listeners can go to vote. Save America Dotcom, Slash states, and you can pick one of one swing states to adopt it. I'm a digital organizer. I Monti, Wisconsin for all The reason is the greatest people on the planet live in Wisconsin, but if you have a pitch for folks who and adopted a state. Yet why is it was as in the choice they should make. Will I tell you this What's happening, the Milwaukee, an unbearable, disco, thou know evade by heard me away make sure that we get these votes out here and there make sure that we talk to our brothers in re scene and could know Sir and Beloit a medicine, because the did that the state is split, we'll make to differ Maybe we can change the whole country because that's What I'm saying right now and that's what I've seen in the past meant we had a gun there's race. They said that this guy couldn't be, but the state was
and I told everybody what's gonna happen here- is good Pierre non US man we wanted. Dead my This government thought he had won, but after Canada boasted came out our community, it was a devastating the loss for him. And we do that with so to the poles. Those both came out a midtown shopping center, where we went to vote on Sundays forever, two Sundays, and we did. During the week telling you that that makes a dick and it's gonna make a different this time. People are are seriously worried about this, and I do not blame. But I've seen this. A little bit of help here. If we get a little bit of money here, we get some other resources that would need enough money to go on tv. I need to go on tv and say: hey Man get up out your seat and get up together and make sure you go bull, stop sitting there living things happen to you. Let's make things happen for us. You oughta
retired people just run in you over. I know I am, and I'm not working live like this go out and fight where myself I will. But if I give people with me that news, I'm running a revolution mad and now we have to make sure that people understand that debts, our attitude and they nation. To come along and mental about Facebook page and that these people are excited about what we're doing, and we need to continue to do that. For for the good of our community and for the good of everybody, even those who helped don't like us, it'll be for their good, too I bet everybody listening- is now even more hyped about source of poles and they are our dot to stay programme. What can they do tat that's also the pause, the best named organization in politics, by the way, if wanna go you directly look man I want I want to take. Every last the every last vote fun, God save America want to do that, and all the people who support you
I want to make sure that their data- stand at the helm, they have already given us, is so much appreciated and want to make sure that they understand. We still need help. We still need help here. We still need people come in this community We still need people really money and resources at an end and and and bring people from other places too to drop off literature and all those kind of things we need a light up Milwaukee. We need to do that in a way that nobody could miss the opportunity, want to Bordeaux November. Third, we want to make it like mad. It ain't even call if you don't know that What we want to do here and if you could, you know, get that message out to you, Folks and a new are willing to help us man. We really do need to help. I told you this city will be the difference between What we have now and the change we can make. If we don't, our vote. Things are probably stay: the same. But
We do get out a boat days ago, change and a powerful and rapid way Woof, I love it- passes, Louis, thank you for four partaken, our audience a church for a couple minutes today. I really pre packed other all the work you are doing. I feel more inspired, I feel like I could run through a brick wall right now. So, thank you for all the work. You do a truly, not argue man thanks right now, go right to you, because you give me no search out too ready to talk to folds and If you bought the dead man, s incredible work, I just believe You bet, I have a lot of work to do to catch up with what you have already done. Man, so listen. I gotta get busy man. Is this thing all right, I'll get back to work over our wish that you weren't? Oh, I wish to make calls man. Yes, I right up.
Oh god, using Digital, organizing myself passer. Thank you again is amazing to talk with you and you know which echo the sooner you thank you so much God bless you. Thanks to Reverend Gregg Louis that was fantastic. And thanks to thanks to everyone else for listening, will catch up with you in a few days ago that the state makes him phone calls. Share some providing content. Does it listen? after lunch before dinner. Sometime in their share some pro Biden content are, you know, finally go go. Sweet about his eyes plan for the minimum wage Kleiner. You know his eyes his plan to lower the arithmetic. Their eligibility aged sixty the climate plan may be plain to save the planet. That's a good one go share it. I guess. Pod save America is crooked media production, the exit
of producer is Michael Martinez, arson the producer is George smaller. It's me in edited by Andrew Chadwick, Kyle second, is our sounded junior. To tell you so mediator. Katy long, Roman Dimitrios Quinn, Louis brains, Caroline Carolyn and LISA Gutierrez for production support into our digital team, illogical, normal Conan yell Freed and my look him film and upload these efforts. As videos every week.
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