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Reincey goes home, and the Resistance kills Trumpcare. Then Joy-Ann Reid and Symone Sanders join Jon, Jon, and Tommy to talk about the future of the Democratic Party. 

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I guess we have a host of innocent fees, am joy, joy and we put secretary for Bernie Sanders and currency and in political commentator, Simone Sanders. Ok, let's start, we yesterday Donald from fires, first chief of staff and most talented fly slaughter rights, grievous tweet and replace them with his Secretary of Homeland Security, General John. If Kelly Rights had the shortest tenure of any, which is, I feel like you, ve been there for a twenty year makes goes the mice Do you talk him of it? Love it's makes outworking vessel operate, want to unite us, have a talk yeah, how your time,
the best. This is what we want. We waited me am I gonna do I cannot therefore thank John. Are you never as listening I'd say the rules on the way here in they think no, What hello, what show saved Wonderful I want to go back and make the job I was gonna make it's gonna be justice. Talk about timing. Yes, is the shortest tenure of any chief. Half in history, but it's not about the length of time. Now he got done. During that time,
so. The plans in place as airports ones landing rights gives us the plane gets into a suburban with some other staffers and when the others ever learned inspired they get out of his right to sing there alone and the rain so torment and motor cables away writes a suburban because, after Canosa gas Credit rule states proceed surmounted, so Tommy widen the. Why did the right thing worker widen ranks work out? I will according to what we read today, rights is original. Sin was daring to tell Donald Trump. That is unacceptable. To say that you just grab women by the pussy and then run for president, and you think that that's ok, so apparently that's what chump could never get over it. Rains wasn't down with sexual assault.
So I think that's important thing to remember. Because starlit age, early age, the Alzheimer so I thank you out of this was driven by personal peak now was writes a successful chief of staff that he led the team while that it seem like you're the conference, the president, absolutely not, but I know how you can have the confidence of someone who has no core no beliefs. No values doesn't seem to care about the past Please you're trying to execute on and is generally, you know, not undisciplined, unfocused and doesn't do his job dated some Yeah we talked about this before all the machinations aside. The problem is Donald Trump. I dont know we'll find out right. Is it possible for someone to be a better, cheaper staff to Donald Trump and rights? Previous he's pretty clear, it's hard to do worse job? They are very low bar. You know its rights obviously couldn't run the White House. His saving grace was supposedly the fact that he was a DC guy who do have
work the hill, but very what I was but that was the idea. The idea is insider book. Dull job. Has the problem, which is the only people that work for dollar jumper, the kind of people who work for Donald Trump like rights previous, but but like rights previous is not. White has chiefest loud he's a mid level. The deputy political right yeah he's a visa to appease an ok operative. You like slot into a job because, like he's one of the three people left that you promised job, like guys, I b plus being in his hat, so you. Now is wider. Shiva sap, oh, my god, I can't believe is not up to a chance by Sir John Spacer is whatever What? Why else are we here? Sean Spacer John Skies are not a White House press secretary under any other Republican, because there are people that are up for that job. Then organ compete with you and take it from you because they want to work for an actual Republican, not whatever that is going on now. Aspect here is questioning
Ultimately, the question who are we why will surely that Europe's your ability to be effective? The job boils down relations for the present I saved in Brooklyn. Rahm Emanuel, is frenetic and in all of the places around was, was really close because rom got a lot done you a great ideas, I think Obama's relationship with Bill Daley was not nearly as close, and it wasn't as successful a ten year as roms or Dennis Mcdonough's, who can't was last cheapest, Apso if truncated, I'm from day one, he was doomed low about your point that troubles the problem. This is an the formal Whitehouse advisor to the Washington Post really enjoy disquiet any observer, including one that did not speak English and knew nothing about politics and came from another planet and solar system could after observing the situation. In the White House realise the White House is failing and when the weight has this failing, you can replace the president. I think that's pretty much I didn't
structural issue to which is rights reported to the present within a bunch of other people reported to the president as well, a bunch of people, Walking privileges in the oval. If it were a normal functioning lighthouse, you would want the chief of staff to actually exert some sort of control over the rest of us ass. We would like, you talk about. Why, which is the president's time, is insanely valuable? Is president this president can Phyllis schedule he's hours, watch television, it's insane, but the president is like the mode. Valuable thing. A president has is time. You know they're there for four years they're supposed to make the most of it this guy, his wandering around the White House, with nothing to do Kelly, an is in and out of on in and out scary movie who cancelled on this lovely event, political where's the merge where's the job? You know what it's one thing to, get a little wasted and call Ryan LISA
As for half an hour about your colleagues, you might want to combat cancer. Wanna bet the day before. Are you not a professional okay, so rises? Baby ways of General John Tele Secretary Homeland Security, Boston Guy, Bosnia. So we are told the general Kelly is going to work out a stream of staff because he won't suffer idiots in fools, so he has come to the right place to be a tough Thursday They might do you know the White House his doctor acts years as they do and said you know the reason the code is gonna work out, he's no nonsense can make the trains run on time. He looks the part which is values. My fair, very important president trumpet you look, the part Because we are in a sort of poor report rights? No, not poor rights whatever but like,
on top of everything else like stub tweeting about it off Chin like that's just now. I understand that without says. So what do we know? play. John Kelly, when we know about his tenure, is data secretary. He was also he served in the Obama minutes but he was a good banked mandarin southern com, so the command is force, our general, so into get to where he got too is incredibly difficult task, yet that some political skills, as well as a great a soldier marine environment or whatever it is. So you know obviously it incredibly successful person. I think he is well known for being a disciplinarian, a taskmaster somebody who who writes his team pretty hard. If you can
insulate that experience in world view into the White House. Maybe it will help things I just don't know the demonstrable ever allow him to if the mood is gonna run into the oval office. After he's done in an up and everything you have, the one thing about Kelly is he's. As far as you know, the stories are concerned. He supposedly one of the adults right he's in the madness Mcmasters School of the people behind them tell her sin that are supposedly the ones who are behind the scenes, desperately trying to stop all the bad things that are supposed to be doing this out of a sense of patriot. And even though they have no warm feeling, spurred on other. That's that's the story from well from the more you read about him, a little rough around the edges, then madness and the rest of them. I mean he did he software the travel ban, no problems there and muslim ban. He saw through the deportations problem there. He does have given some speeches and he's been Homeland Security secretary, that sort of hearken to the more darker impulses of the trunk campaign when it comes to crime and immigration and the rest of it.
So, are you that's pretty little concerning yes, yes, looted search, it begins to edge, will put a stamp on something never talked about last night in London or limit, which is the hottest new show on the internet. If you haven't tried it This ass, a cargo, but you he talked about a speech present. Gave yesterday sensibly about S thirteen where he encouraged police officers to wrap up suspects when they put him in the car- and it was just. I think it was one of the most disgustingly author, other authoritarian thinks he's done in nakedly race, things he said lately and I'm just raising it. Because I know you read the paper today and there's like previous Kelly. The mooch, like all the fun things, this speech yesterday, I think we're so remarkable in so outside the norms of anything. That is that that should be allowed in our discourse that I think is worth to fly
It was absolutely right. It was a week of that right. Donald Trump is under threat and it takes to these kinds of more. He goes back to the sort of white white identity, politics right. He goes to the boyscout chambers and makes a mockery of that and uses it a political event. Each weeds out a transgender ban that even the Pentagon can't take seriously and then he goes and speaks to these police officers and gets them applauding and hoping hollering for treating people were innocent until proven guilty like criminals, because they're not like us to use the word US thugs to Russia at a time when incidents of police, violence and please shootings are have come to the fore and away. They think shock people on a bipartisan basis and he still savings is very framing and look in some of the language in that speech, not the language regime,
the video not the most, the craziest language, the scariest language, but some of that in that speech, Kelly had said in a speech in may clue about some of the goals of some private. So it's a little. You know you ve got a little bit of a like minded personnel there, which they tallies Yoko interesting, but why as a minor. One of those guys are told acts is Kelly, being a mature general finally be able to get Donald to pivot into a presidential dynamic, a pivot. We are still waiting for the pivot dependent it's coming today is the day because really dont haven't became president is ready for the dollar trumpeted spread around the corner. But what I say I mean there is we talk about the whole time, but there's a lot of press attention will be paid to this personnel shift and the bigger, I think, conclusion: this whole thing is a much bigger story there. The Donald Trump will never change yet in six months, and I think he was like. Ok you and stick
it's in my in my West wing fine, I wanna try Washington on four size and he gave its six months and eat just tossed it out and now he's going back to like his New York. You know sort of goon friends to run things and they care even less about norms and conventions, traditions than the other guys, and that does genuinely worry me below you made this point last night, but it is completely insane that the staff her who did not get fired this week was the one who threatened to kill people accused the chief of staff. When he accused the chief strategies of something that is that person. That's the keeper he's the gear and we don't know n and so far the mooch still reports directly to Donald Trump and not necessarily Kelly. So that's going to Kelly thinks he's going to try to get him to report to him. So that's going to be that's going to be a thing
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I'm a cares alive for now never be completely safe until democratic control. The Congress in the White House so upset about why the bill finally died in. Who do we credited to? And what are we credible to start with the policy and the politics right Republic in healthcare plan? Raise premiums raise deductible, raise the uninsured rate in America number one ensured Americans by tens of millions and never pulled above, like fifteen percent, so when they were so, but is it's pretty a maid
in that it almost passed in pretty scary, that it almost pass a bill that that bad, both in policy and import, yeah Jason Kanner made this point in the aftermath of the bill from the pod after the bill failed in its you put all the process aside in the process of is important, but ultimately they did. You didn't have a better idea right and this terrible policy was central to why they couldn't get it through, and I also think the resistance plays a huge role in this activism played a huge role and like we never want to forget that there is even a lot of focus on John Mccain and Susan Collins and listen Rakowski, and even all the talk about them and also all the Senate Democrats, oozed united under tumors leadership. You have everyone from everyone from Joe Mansion, Bernie Sanders stood together total unity report, democratic senators from deep red from states there are, there
He never wavered and assessment of them. That sentiment of humor is important. It s meant to all the activists to keep the pressure on yet look I mean, like the. It is a very cool and cynical thing to say on twitter and social media elsewhere that you know Ella well, nothing, matters right! Well, Susan Collins was at first, you know mild and her opposition to this bill. She goes home. Two main she's, greeted by crowds everywhere, chagos cheering her on, and then she became one of the most vocal opponents of this bill right. We summer coastguards telling stories about cancer. Patients were coming up to her and saying: please don't do anything to disrupt my treatment and now she's opposed to the bill. Rightly Jerry Moran from Kansas, real conservative goes home
Town Hall in Kansas people protest outside he at one point tries to kill the bill, people that you would never expect rights, and this is a big issue and the pressure also just slowly but surely had to lowers the lower their ambitions right. Things have to keep coming out right. The medicate cuts have to start coming out until all the left with is like a tiny, strange skinny repeal that even they believe should become law, and so even that was a result of the pressure, because just to get the yes as they got, they had to reduce the bill to basically nothing when we talk about the Mccain thing last utterly vote Tommy. What would you think, though, your thoughts on the Mackay on the candy and coming back into them? we all actually got to know the Mccain staff really well part. There was an eye, send to the urgency to like China mess up other press
and on day one? There was a day when there was a giant storm bearing down in New Orleans and David places like if you leave your hotel room, I still you didn't and then dates. You That think it's that every member of the pale and family may or may not be pregnant. Sweden's anything that there's like this disaster. So what Do your so Ryan lists of the new treaty, an ice, a big dinner with all the Mccain people in a bunch of violence or they are, and we got to know each other and it turns out there just like us, they have the same sort of dealing with seem crap, there's good, great people. I'm talking to a friend of mine from those days last night. He said the thing he's always loved about Mccain. Enable Revere him is. He is nine party rule one part troll and I think Mccain way he dragged it out any. Let pence come to talk in Britain. Minutes is idiotic? The coffin Donalds? Let's do this bizarre, today and scandals he's like out there Tom is downright mitigated. Nine parts here, one more through I mean that's you just name,
we're gonna, get you another thing. I love our This is about cynicism now this is like a google search. Recovery are cynical about, there's a good listener and you know what it's backs like our bomber routes, because who the hell thought that was gonna happen by It was so nice after so much darkness to see someone that you know has this heroism in him do the right thing, and I don't mean to give all the credit Senator Mccain, because a lot of our Republicans and Democrats stood up and indeed break things, but there was it felt incredible. It is nice to see people do the right thing. Even if, like you don't have to Europe, the love John Mccain clap your hands like John Mccain, you did the right thing inserted Susan Collins and socialism because the- and they did it for a whole week- whether on the citizen thing, it is not to say that we will not be disappointed by politicians again and again and again we
like bad things will happen. We will lose a lot of these fight, but the reason it's important to look at what has happened this week and be hopeful about. It is because, from that hope, we can build on future activism and organizing and realise that actually can make a difference rather like we less when we build a moment ago from here, what lessons to be learned from this health care about go lava, giving lessons so for all. I think this lesson is. I know where we're disheartened. We see that there is such a disconnect between cause and effect that it seems, like gravity, sometimes doesn't apply to Donald Trump, but the rules, the basic rules of politics. There are still there pressure works. Showing up works the phone calls works mean. Look, it should not have been dramatic. The country should not have been waiting with bated breath to find out if this thing would pass in what way
the next- the fact that it was suspense, while the fact that we were scared, that is a testament to just how broken the process was and how much shame Mitch Mcconnell brought to the Senate we saw on the floor of the Senate. Was democracy really wants and it worked and that's inspiring and it's good to be inspired and, and also just Democrat, unity from Bernie Sanders to mansion is effective activist working with Senate Democrats together on a plan going to their capital. We can take the microphone from Donald Trump. We can take the microphone from which Mcconnell and we can make our case and it gets through. You know it's it's hard to see because it mean we're all people on Twitter or the wrestling local news, local newspaper headlines. They were terrible for people like Dean Heller, for the people that were voting. No, that is effective low,
news matters. A local news headlines matters in the wit. Look you have to be to protest, look great on television and like it or not that works It's a western, I learn early in politics is doing something, putting a legislative agenda forward and passing. It is infinitely harder than opposition, and you mentioned this last night, the Democrats, at a time when we we didn't, have a lot going force, lock. Social security reform under the bushmeat creation. You know so each reminder that we s freedom of the White House, the House or the Senate, but that's not a reason not to fight every single flight because you're gonna ones, and I think that the lesson for me is we have to win back Congress in twenty eight team. Because you know John Mccain- doesn't do the right thing: LISA Murkowski, doesn't Susan Collins, doesn't that's the end of Obamacare right? We would have lost it if there was in twenty sixteen. If a thousand votes went the other way in New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, isn't senator and Kelly Ayotte is, and this thing
Europe has yet without and votes in New Hampshire winning the Senate is really really difficult. The duchess act against us still worth trying. You know we can still pickup seats, we can win the house and we were in the house. We have shut down this kind of ridiculous process. We have taken the gavel open, Paul Ryan, who has advocated, has responsibility who has just sold out his country in in the way he refuses to criticise, Donald Trump and views take a stand, and we can make sure that nothing in this kind of a crazy repeal just will not happen don't have to have to win the house and there and it's not just to have as much as Congress. It's state level elections and local elections. Someone someone is making the point that you know we shouldn't just be on defensive now and trying to save Obamacare. We should go on offense, and that means there are a lot of states out there. With republican governors are republican
soldiers who have not approved the medicate expansion yet and in twenty eighteen? If we flip legislators- and we flip governorship democratic in safer, didn't they expand medically, yet they will expand. Medical aid and more people will have healthcare one of them was despicable things I saw this week was John corn in complaining about the lack of access to healthcare under Obama? here in Texas, a state that did not expand Medicaid unbelievable. Can we could talk about John Corner Vraiment yeah he's the most dishonest human being in Washington DC Men with a judge who is to record judge in texas- it is shocking to me, is, I think, he's the greatest twitter trolling yeah carried is twitter. Feed is just on a fun way and undermining way like a liar. Why? Just if you go back and look his predictive Albert on on healthcare votes has been not great
we will vote on Friday. Our later Miss Mcconnell pulls the bill. We have the boats, they don't have the votes. I mean he's just bed. He has just been wrong all the way through worse, less than one zero healthcare before we bring our paneless is dead for good right, so we ve said it. Obviously we need to win back Congress and then it will be dead for good, but there's some reports today that you know Republicans in the Senate. Some in this house want to revive this Donald Trump. This morning is tweeting that he basically wants to sabotage the insurance markets. So what do we do now? I guess we just stay vigilant, yeah. Well, look. We have to hope that their they don't want to bring this up again in the Senate that they accept. What did he look at this process and in a forget, the machinations like we did learn something which is It seems like there's not what they need is an overlap in the Van diagram between a bit.
But the moderates or the more moderate members will accept because it leaves medicate alone enough cut, leaves enough. Subsidy in place needs in a regulation in place and the conservatives who want to basically repeal the whole thing like Is there a sliver of that been diagram where it overlaps and so far the answer has been no and I see no reason for them to change. But these things not on the web right, you can buy people and push him into a part of a diagram. They don't actually want to live, and so that we have remain vigilant on that score, but but something that Brian Boiler wrote about in the new republic is there's a more difficult part of this fight coming, which is the sabotage fight. Donald Trump has a lot of lovers at its disposal to make alma ATA care work less well from advertising to the supports for insurance markets and a few other levers that he can pull to to try to make up on the careful, and I think that the key there is to just make sure that we highlight those stories when they happen that we're loud about it. Like I think that the final message areas,
it's good this weekend to celebrate the progress made on this, but like no one should relax right now when she just move on to the next yeah he's literally bragging about how he is going to step back and let markets implode push them in the back, all it happens and they will hurt millions of people and he doesn't care so yet we should stay vigilant crystal clear. About his intentions? Essay, visual and one last thing is. This is obviously a bit of a kabuki dance, but you have You know shoe Marseilles work together. It Mcconnell say what are your ideas? Nancy close. He sent a letter saying here the aspects of the house, but that we would support, which is basically those six pages that are about stabilizing the markets. That Democrats would support anyway and so making it clear that there is something we would get behind. It seems unlikely that something like that could pass, but repeating over and over again that we are here to do the things that will actually make upon the care. Stronger is really point part of us, because
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This problem is about what Democrats can say and do to pull us back from the brink. Do you think the party has a policy challenge, a message challenge some mix of the two? What's what's your diagnosis for small screeched, the impulsive America? I did a little bit above. I think the Democrats. They haven't a mental organization challenge, because Democrats have all of these things if they want to do all the same time they pine for the Trump voter who they think they can somehow talking to not being for Donald Trump, and they feel you know what we do to you. How to be hurt you we can find some.
Way to a police. You will you come back to us please, and this has been on a little l B, Japan. It's been really since Linden did Lyndon Johnson here, which is the last time the Democrats, one white voters, a majority of white voters may pine for those voters, so they have that problem and then they want affair. Will how do we keep the active progressive border? That's really excited and really interested in Billy wants to be a part of politics, and you can't really do both and also message to the base of the party, which is largely people of color sitting there trying to juggle these three things all at once. I think the first thing democrats need to do is figure out who are your voters, and then you can figure out. The message gets your voters at you can't figure for the other side's voters are and then try to beg them of opium repression. That has the number that always sticks in my head is that on election day, one in five from voters had a positive. They Bronco Bomber positive approval. So it's like
Who who were those voters forget about the trumpeters that they go? Everyone goes in interviews and they were from Trump. They were for Trump from the beginning and they believe in that we're not gonna, but those voters, the some voters and voted for Obama twice in and voted for Trump, and then voters voted for Trump, who approved or Brok Obama illegal. How do we get rich? I tell you what you think about how to reach them later you can, you can get a psychologist, maybe sit down with them. Maybe some of them were people who you know now that he's leaving in hindsight wasn't so bad. You know, but I dont know what they are and what their psychology is. I do know that if you needed seventy seven thousand five hundred people, it's a lot easier to get fifty thousand black Philadelphia Detroit in Milwaukee. Then it is to figure out what is in the minds of those
Obama level monitoring. What is right about the only account for eighty percent of the electorate, but I mean papers into the big number we think about how many people to vote, and so I do think some of these Obama borders of some of those persuadable folk they. Yes, you need to understand that they are very soon as they have done a lot of polling around those boats, but people need. A bogus internal like I've, worked fifteen different and it always easier to get people that agreed with you to come out of support to go to the polls is opposed to persuade threaten coming as I do and then drag them and push them and hope that they mobilizing. So I'm always tell him. The part, like, I think the people Dnc attired me actually run for the building on a regular basis like this. What about turn out without too much about persuasion? And we need the like black women, both at ninety four percent for Hillary Clinton
they have yet to give thank you got about. How did we get the White Working class motor bag to be frank? Working classes? Don't be majority minority by twenty thirty two: it, though the war, the United States can be majority minority by twenty, forty America Browning, and so instead of focusing on why we're class voters. I rejoice that we voted for the democratic candidate for president. What like Naqbu civil rights, uneducated people live, We need to be focusing on young people who are increasingly diverse. Lineal shadow millennial finally be talking to figuring out how to create a message. Economic messages speaks to yes working class people of all genders racial backgrounds, religion, but also that of messages speaks a black women, a measure this people, a teen ozma these elderly to human organs, and I think the economy healthcare to really good.
Said talk about that can help them prize winners when you think that the message from that that, so what do you think I mean? Do you see that president There are dude, I mean obviously you're. Someone who supported Bernie Sanders mean he somebody, I think who spoke to young people, do people by the way another this thing out there? The braided talk the young black people. He won millennials across the board, including young boy, Well, that's been something I went all black promontory about. That's been but that's been a kind of a source of contention right that whether there was a divide based on race or John but actually was one based on age. That's, but do you think the Bernie message is the message is that the message that does that kind of working class appeal what is it? I didn't feel that your question, I think the method is not necessarily is it the Bernie measure, the streamer method. I think the message is a message that often tickly speaks all people messages says look people are working. Forty, fifty sixty hours a week, black people, a old people, white people and he said
I make an a map of words able, through their families, young also going to college. Last Monday, the whole college and then get out and can't find out. So we need an economic message, speaks to everyone. We need a healthcare messages. They everyone, but I also wanted to talk about their black people- are shot in the street and amazing thing about that's important. Can I say that I think the other thing is. The Democrats need to understand that there are two different separate elections and they are very different rights and when you're talking about the big picture that this sort of large driving dream messages, what we can do about immigration and what we can do about raise what we can do about policing those in my mind or message, the message
is that a presidential candidate needs to carry you need to find a charismatic telegenic, I'm somebody who knows how to carry that message, because that's a Brok Obama did. He emerged as somebody who you could poor all of those dreams into and who could carry it all right when you're talking about a mid term you're talking about a situation where the kind of people who vote for Democrats, namely younger people and people of color, don't use the boat and also where you're driving right into the core cynicism of the american citizen right now, which the government doesn't work. So if I'm the Democratic Party right now, what I would be saying is look. We are running a congressional lex. Hey we're not running a driving dream message. We are saying we are going to get a small number of very specific. The concrete things done in Congress for you. If you give us, the Congress give us control of the committees and we will reign Donald Trump sanity in he won't be able to operate the way here.
Now with the lackey and time Stuart that are running to Congress, that you have to use all those adjective them away no way. But I think I think even people like Donald Trump can see that he is losing control, but he is out of control in fundamental way that don't let him get things done severe the don't get you say just gonna, do you think number one we will protect medicate, we will protect your healthcare. We will be the guardians of number two. We will reign Trump in force him to operate within the bounds of normal. We will make that happen right. We will protect the social state. You know that, but we will protect the presidency from the seat of Congress. We can do that were in Congress right and just don't have those aiming to do everything I can fix criminal justice, but their number three we're gonna returned the Congress to the people. We're gonna go back to regular order. We're gonna, have normal committee hearing or not
pass we're not going to allow Mitch Mcconnell to send thirteen men into a room and right healthcare rules for millions of american women. We're not gonna do that anymore or can have an open american market, their simple there things you can do and their feasible and they're not pie in the sky, and I think in that case, even people who are in love with a democratic party will say you know what it may be more rational to return this Congress to you and then, let's see, if you can get something done and leave them bigger pick. Here too a charismatic candidate, and I need to find one well. That's why I'm here is my pony issue for the voters right now it can twenty eighteen, the polling and I grow people. If you talk to nobody goin to the pole and voting based on Russia, so I definitely think aggravated the Democrats needle stick to concrete things that affect people's everyday lives and a whole bunch of focus groups and it's blue,
people feel adult particularly about the Democrats that they are literally not working for them, but I disagree with you that Russia does not affect your lives. People cause my thing from before is that we will control the committee's bit. Investigate Russia, gay and you know Republicans wont. Let me give you a way that Russia Gate affects all of your lives. What does Russia wants me knighted states. They don't want Donald Trump. They care about Donald Trump, he's just somebody to use as a vehicle for what they really want. What they really want, and what Lattimer Putin cares about is money, Lattimer put might be the richest man in the world. You can account for because more tell you, what is moral, Pigman Trump is what what he wants to be able to take russian money and rinse it in America and wash it in America. How do you do that by some kind of some Donald Trump? That's one way to rinse russian money in United States, another good, energy investments. The magnetically act is there and it is preventing Russians from getting pay. They want paper and they want to come in here and make billions of dollars drilling the oil and gas.
Under your land under your properties, Do your ranches? They want to come into the great MID west of the country and drill the hell out of it and make money, and if they can't be the drill or they will make the steel already are making the steel for the d a p l pipeline. So we are fighting a pipeline. There's gonna make them rich, so Russia Gate matters because you give a foreign hostile power control of your country, eventually you're, giving them control of your LAN and if the federal government that is in their employ essentially is doing, takings clause is to take your ranch, so rot bladder, repeat his cronies get rich drilling for oil and gas into your land. You better believe it should be managed to you get them out of the market to the american people. They Nigeria, so win, win out. If they didn't wanna gate was happening in I don't even think I was alive, but I've read about it
I'm out of every link in the public gallery. Holding back then, no one, become a little issued for people in the political world, actor make them or that. So I would hope that the american people will wake up and feel that Russia is one of the most potent issue a time of now they not there yet. So we gotta talk to them where they were recruited. Experience so quietly when I think back to the TWAIN. Sixteen race, it hindsight is feels very twenty. Twenty. It's like you, look it burns. Election campaign and people were desperate for someone that was new and it didn't feel like a Washington insider due to talk like London, sound like one, they loved him. They fell in love with this man. Who paper. You wouldn't think they would form a threat. Similarly, Donald Trump was the outsiders outsider. You want to burn the place down, so my question is: do you guys think that the debt
Credit party said we gave them some one as a candidate that they ve been seen in Washington for twenty five years. So do you think that the next leaders of the Democratic Party have to come from outside of Washington should be looking to states and governors, and do you think we're recruiting the people? We need right now to get the next generation of leadership. The EU both talk physical Democrats are running effective enough. State re state wine races to have enough governors to choose Rhonda, so democratic, giving a poor job of state based politics. So we don't have enough people cycling up through the school board them through the city councils and through the state legislatures, so that they can become a governor. It scandalous that the Party of African Americans can barely rub two black governors
can you find somebody? That's a color to run it states so that they can be taken up to be ready. We can't get senators, we get one Kemal in there were like yea us, that's how they come to be the asian people per head, it's ridiculous, so to me the democratically to get back to basics. This is to be a ward party, used to be a party to knock and dragged people to the polls that new their little district and they can get their little dialect into the city council. That's Republicans. Do they go into into Wisconsin. They find little Scott Walker and they make him a little county executive. Next, to you know, he's the governor and that's what they do and democratic along game strategy need to play the longing. But in terms of looking for stars there what a great people there's much land the Mitchell Andrews of the world that are really good. You ve got
cabin Newsome, whose really great you got them all a Harriet but pray for having odd. I think Joe Kennedy is a star. I dont know what I always go: a little awful sort of asking Kennedys to sacrifice, though there you know they're being themselves with the Kindle the family is given. So much look, you know think outside the box, Eric Holder Could he recalled IRAN yeah? I ve never known to be something in exerting candid,
you're right. I mean I'd making their eyes and great evil. It is just the right now that person should start to emerge now, if you're interested in running get out there and start emerging as a national voice. Now that bombing did well to me as its partly about people, but it also about this larger. I think soul searching the Democrats are doing around policy around politics where it because we have look, you can look at individual personalities. I think you know talking about why we ended up nominating somebody who was it. You see insiders really important, but at the same time we have lost up and down the ballot right from the state legislatures to the governors. Races to dissent house raises the centre right to the White House, and so that isn't about people. I mean it's about putting up the right candidates, but is also about policies and the agenda. So putting the message aside. Do you think Democrats right now are doing enough to do the kind of soul searching or policy around addressing the actual needs of people?
not speaking to them, not how they feel, but whether actually going for a while. I was happy to see that the party recently you know, plowed the platform by the economy like what they wandered about the economy. I think that there are some tweaking to be done because all out to me red deer, why working class people of Amerika? We are here for you and Don't think that the message on the economy should be, but I do think there is some soul searching there, Isn T that is being done, but I do think we need the proposals on the table like they make a people or not we don't want they don't want you to take two years. Three years to figure it out like. I think the party needs support proposals on that, and they need to give resources, as other Dnc had given resources to local state parties to do so that infrastructure building, but they need to do because we can't get more blue mayors and latino mare than young people may add that what they are Democrats in governor than lieutenant governors, people just imperfect
benefits and the governor of Virginia without the support the Think party going into supporting those people whose awful infrastructure thing and needs to be done, because there are viable candidates on the ground that don't get looks they don't have the resources and their local parties not have the resources, and also, I think, the Democratic Party you do need to sort of figure who they wouldn't wisdom. Third party right If you tell me where public in, I think, tax cuts for the rich, the sort of libertarian idea that you should take care of yourself and that the federal government should not help you get healthcare repealing between you fit Jerry you write like. I don't know who you are right. When you say Democrats I am,
I immediately think of Fdi, are or l b J O Bravo bomb of people who have already been president. You know- and I don't really know what is the Democratic Party writ large beyond the big personalities of the truly great president's Democrats of produce when that President goes, that agenda kind of goes with them right. So what is it? What does it mean to be a Democrat mainly to figure that out certain our politics to the issues instead of time, apposite to the people, and I think we have we literally tidal power to the people of Iraq, Obama home, I voted for whom I love and then went about. The guy was lively. What are we doing? This movement restrictions? We have this big fight and twenty sixteen over. What the Democratic Party is, what we stand for burning in hurry. What lessons from burning campaign should the rest of us in the party were? Am I think one lesson particularly in that young people are increasingly independent
generation is about forty five percent of those that generation identified as independent. So there is no party loyalty, they literally care about the issues I care about what you're talking about? They want you to speak to them frankly, and I don't think I've really broke through, especially into the general when folks thought that these black millennials we're just gonna jump up and pull the lever for Hillary Clinton, and they did a people kept telling them that you're not until November. Or very red. If I think the thing about young people, I think. I'm being frank, I think people really like Bernie because they felt like he was like their uncle He was just really frank about, and he was he He didn't speak quota quote political speech and I think that the electorate kind of one thing, what you give it to him plain and straight. I think we can also learn the that when you don't go out to communities in you, don't put resources into unity. They will not show up for you whether they kind of like what you talk about or not, and I think that the lesson that we learn from the brain to have in the past, and what do you think that you girls could do better one?
One well as I am like not put any money through the large one thing and the south, which is like a bad thing that we did very bad, nor is lacking Yeah I've thought about it. I also think that this message that the economy, but the message about the economy, with a message that did not speak to anybody except white people. I was present myself that we let the narrative get away because jobs is everybody issue, and so I think the way that you
You talk about it, but also. I think we learn to be able to Heaven and talk about other issues like everything for burning comes back to become, and everybody does this fairly feel that way, and it is not necessarily the true but because the base of your messages we lived in a rigged economy, Captain Place Missus Mc Corporate, they find it, and everything came back to that. That was problematic and I don't think you're broke due for a lot of work and also, I think, one of the lessons that I'm not sure if the cylinders Campi learn declared Brinkley you knowing all candour is that yes, millennials or the largest numerically the largest cohort, now they're, more linear, then baby boomers. But it is, let me speak for the anti the arteries vote, the church, TAT, ladys vote and the church Ladys we're not going to four Bernie Sanders he was not speaking to them: the Sanders cohort within the liberal, cold
they're, not all Democrats right, the Democrats and progressive that are in a coalition exhibit, If I may say a kind of contempt for the anti voter that really turned off the anti voter and the kind of contempt, for instance, for John Louis, you know the living symbol of a civil rights movement and sort of attempting to substitute bird, as a greater symbol of the civil rights Movement than John Louis? But let me let me, but that voter and you cannot spurned the Hillary Clinton voter and, I think, will back campaign hopefully learn is that it wasn't a sense, a single issue campaign. You know things like free college, education, That is the votes, and if you want to win South Carolina, you cannot sperm that voter and you cannot spurned the Hillary Clinton voter and I think that campaign. Hopefully, is that it wasn't a sense, a single issue campaign? You know things like free college,
Asian, etc. Ok, that's fine, but when I talk to borders on the trail they said: that's not realistic. What where's the message for me! So you can't have just personality campaign that doesn't speak to the entire basis How about whose contain what? Wouldn't you campaign to write and where do you think she could have done better outside factors? Russia call me everything: but you know I didn't want to do a few of the mistake of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Random first thought. You know Hillary Clinton. I think what they did right at the convention that they only started at the convention was to start to tell her personal story. I think they assume people know everything about her. You never really told you anything about her, so all new and it was filled in by my profession, which isn't fond of her. You only knew the baggage, the baggage, the baggage, be they on
estimated. I think the extent to which the media would see the email issuers chum and never let it go that once those emails were dropped, the media was never gonna drop it that everything Hillary Clinton Dirt did would be perceived as a scandal, and dragged through the mud? It would add to her narrative. I think they underestimated the extent to which her support was soft. Among Democrats who are voting for her because she was a Democrat and not least so, for she was Hillary Clinton cause. They didn't know enough about her and she wasn't attracting enough an emotional sort of support and so that whenever there is any doubt it let people stay home, I think they overestimated. The extent too the data said she would win. You cannot run a campaign on data and if the data says you're, gonna win and you're, so overconfident that you're gonna win, you make mistakes like going. Arizona instead of again and with content, because you think I'm a rat run up the score on tromp, I'm gonna get all these republican women and I think the final mistake to mistakes were demographic. One was presuming to your point. Simone bet that
black voters, hispanic boaters, asian maritime borders and young voters, because of tromp would raise out in both for her the way they did Barack Obama, because she had Rob Obama's endorsement, resin going out and working for that boat and then the second one which might have even been bigger was assuming that Hillary Clinton would be so tempting to white women that they would vote for her, even if they were Republicans. Naturally, that is not true. Most white women are republican and most people vote for their party, its tribal, and she she over estimated that she would have that vote because women like her, would- and I would be very good about this- but also that it something that is very different for black people in small may agree with me on this. You know african Americans. We are brought to be very over very intentional.
Bout intentionally pulling for one of our own. When Barack Obama seemed viable, we ran to both Obama and there was no embarrassment about, say, ya, wanna black President, you kidding me he's qualified we're, not gonna both for eighty by any black president. This guy can win and we were intentional, about thing I wanted, because I can have a black resident and he's qualified. I found on the campaign show that white women, especially younger white women, were very reticent, to say I want women. I want a woman just to have a woman. That's hardly changed because of trial, but at the time was not this avert and then they seem did or did they was that there were no remember that was covered fairly early on their story about mothers and daughters actually arguing over supporting Hilary. Does the pirate Let me they were younger. I've got a lotta younger people who were like look, I think, will have an opportunity. Yet get another woman president, and I like tat and there are lots of younger voters who felt as though Hillary Clinton was not there. We actually like if she didn't get it,
Yet it again now offer people that anybody find anything. Now, it's gonna be like a brother so far that especially after the grab and by the u know, takes came out how did I owe you there's no way, but it happened, and so I think in silent nowadays their boats that are saying ok, I do understand, anything of literally possible endowments America. Perhaps we should just below the more vigilant, but you know folks. I wanted to know whether the White Lady, that hitherto clear cut, with a black I'm a run for president she'd, one see what a while we thought about finding out whether when Roger bomber rain, we inevitable. Out of journalism was working on the campaign and we had a one hundred years.
Will we actually ninety nine of them, whose turning a hundred bear a very sees right, she's, Oliver, the news and she was in the line in Brower in a wheelchair, they let her go towards the front and people kept saying man. Do you want to take you inside Do you want to move? You did state and she was like no I'm gonna stay right here until I can both bat black man- and it can be the first black brethren about things about that, because he was like a high, and that is just it there's something they peeped people of color or just raised to feel that way, because your constantly beleaguered and under the gun, because of your raising, you live with your raising, where it everywhere you go and so on. Idea of voting in an intentional way to advance. Somebody looks like you is that it is not even a second thought, convex what you said about Michigan and was concentrated Arizona. One on things that has been hard to square without is campaigned actively. Pennsylvania return to Michigan towards the
and forgot that was consummate estate savers. There they took their to take out manoeuvre. Chinese ways put it on the Wisconsin thing in nobody for them, because there is a huge wonder, soda the gray restaurant. Why there but anyway same result in all three states. So to me I look at it I think there is an underlying structural problem. One of things that I return to and it wasn't an I took- is Bernie Sanders comes out proficient our minimum wage. The democratic establishment takes that it puts it through a machine and out pops modified version. That kind of gets you they're slowly through states, etc. Bernie Sanders so called proposal? It goes through the democratic machine, not folding. Hillary Clinton campaign, for this is the democratic consensus on what should happen and out pops up more complicated version. That's more responsible sensibly, because it's more affordable. Do you think that there is a lesson there around how we make policy as a party have
we been sort of having a debate with ourselves that results in a kind of forty page white paper insipid. You know and do we need to be for lack of a better word, more daring, and a little bit less governing in our campaigns yeah because if you go back and what is the Democratic Party poor like if you had to say in a long line, why was heavily Clinton running for president? If you, because she's unqualified qualified, brilliant, etc. But why would she when you could present what was her, whether she going to do right if you say in a long line. Why rock about one present, he's gonna, bring us hope and change. Very simple, Jane help, change why was brought up was was done properly for president, the answer was provided by the best ad in the campaign and don't want to make the super back and have been added called man of steel, and I saw this I was the first time I gotta worry because this add showed steel workers and they showed, like an anthem, chained up, steal your factories
and they said our factories are closed. Our jobs are gone and then turn us into back. Usanga turn on the chief turn on the sparks of lying. You start seeing all these workers, the white and black at all. In the initiative turn on, and it says we can, we can bring it back. We can bring it back. That's what Donald Trump has run aground America granted that bring back that era, that people are misdoubt check for a wooden steel plants and in factories. We're working Democrats to your point, we're so white papers and so egghead it about the election that they didn't. They forgot to say why they would be better for those Rushville states what If that they're gonna, do you just you know, and you need to go there? A lot knock on lot more doors than you do and a cause of beyond save, and that's not the only way to where you have size scream on the cake. Navigation. Steve including a forty four percent tax on people making five million dollars a year, and I think to myself. I know I think to myself. Yes, yes
millionaires tax such as make that a platform let's go in Al Gore, got so beaten down for class warfare and no other things they, about Democrats, the resources we don't, we don't just go out in trumpet these puzzles. Birdies message. I remember seeing burns announcement speech and that first line, I'm here to talk about a revolution in the matter. It is. An economic revolution done that was, and you like. That's that's the campaign. Now some people will say the political revolution was a beetle, but this we have to remember twenty six thing with a change election. I don't think that's understood. It was a change election to the ceiling. I do not know what has particularly these that the top down diehards when people say they voted for tractors, game and racism, how much we legally downturns. Pragmatism is intrinsically title racism, but these Obama Sunbonnet people than literally pool dilemma. Bomb. At least one of them live in. One for trot said that people in Africa because changes we didn't
It was more of a cheap right, it was a change back. Elected rightly wonder changes back to ninety bit these and you know the one thing I would do. Three within the political revolution it that's your slogan, okay, if that's it, slogan and I'm a fifty six year old cuban American in Miami Revolution, No you're? I am an african American Sixty Year old woman in South Carolina Revolution. Really I can't even get right to build their tell me, I'm not on the voter roles and I've been voted for thirty years, you're talkin about revolution. What about my voting rights right rather than its evade expression? That sounds great two millennials and does not move the core democratic. Voter, which is a fifty to sixty year old woman, color and that is not moving them. Think we're gonna have a revolution in college. Is going to be free, these things so wonderful, but they aren't realistic. Most Democrats are pragmatic voter
and so, if you were to say, if you were to say we're going to stop lying to the rust belt, we're going to stop lying to the co worker instead of the co worker. We're going to read fire the plants, but we are going to do. Is we're going to be America again we're going to get back days when we invented industries when we created industries when we create entire field that we ve now ceded to Asia to Japan to China, we are going to invent a new industries, are not put you to work, and if you do that message, then people get I'm, We too were better message it makes it are you from fake. It may have been a messenger slogan that was too narrow right. You may know it may not have been for you, but you knew what it wants. Right like it. Just in terms of speech writing, like I knew from that first line. This liberty is about with Hilary. You never got there and its funding using more most democratic voters and more pragmatic. That might be right. The problem of love with twenty and sometimes the pragmatism and practicality gets us
to slogans and white papers that aren't as big involve the regressive long ago. So you people as well as Hillary Clinton issue. I think there's a dead Mary different reasons why she lost that. We can debate about our day, but I think one of the things that every single people say How are we going to have a piper paper? Hyper everything she has some great stuff, it was what the website and every single time a cure. Cain to rally when you got sound. The higher want, MSNBC or CNN, or even thought she would talk about every single time, a large quantity of Mary left where her from her she was? download up as though I may folks bill is, though, that again the Democrats in the hall or we're just running a they were just saying, oh tat. I need a public as are so bad, but rather because they're so bad and we did not affected, we communicate is what we would do for them. I think we have good.
Will it be the platform the good bp? We do need to communicate the more, I think, that's a route. That is an important point, but I think it's aboard to actually done dig into what that means, because Hillary Clinton would give a thirty minute speech cover a ton of policy how they trumps section, because it was necessary in part because it was the only that would be covered, and I'm not saying that to disagree with you. I'm saying that that is one of the great challenges we face. I'm so think about how we do I need a moment. One do you take ribbons conversation for me anyway. Is that its less about trying to figure out where the plane goes in that there are lessons to be learnt from burning, there's lessening from Hilary trumps not going anywhere? How do we fight in this new climate right? How do we break through with a clear, clean message me like that,
Roy and Simone. Thank you so much.
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