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Franken resigns, Moore keeps running with the GOP’s support so they can get their tax cut, and Trump recognizes Jerusalem to give Jared a win. Then Jesse Williams talks to Jon and Ira Madison about activism, politics, and Hollywood.

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You know pretty monstrous and stupid. If you ask me because today's every seventh, it is also my mother's birthday, so how happy birthday MRS favor, ok. We are recording this. Just moments after democratic Senator Al Franklin resigned in a speech on a Senate floor. He resigned after seven format. Came forward on Wednesday and accused him of sexual misconduct conduct this time it was trying to forcibly kisser in two thousand and six, the other allegations range from forcible kissing to unwanted, touching, FF again acknowledged general wrong doing, but has denied some specifics on the floor. Just now, now he said some of the allegations against me are simply not true others. I remember quite differently. He also said nothing. I have done as a senator. Nothing has brought dishonor on this institution, but he acknowledged that he cannot serve
for the people of Minnesota effectively a senator. Well, this ethics investigation goes on Friday. Resignation happened after the politico story broke yesterday about the seventh accuser and then Centre kissed and branch. Let him to resign. She was followed by other He met democratic senators and then eventually the majority of the Senate Democrats, as well as the Democratic National Committee Dan, which a reaction to the Franklin resignation. Why it's the right thing to do. I am disturbed that Frank in Calais believes he did nothing wrong. That was evident in a press conference that he gave a couple weeks ago where he walked out of his office and basically sat I'm sorry, but I do any of these things, which It was like a forced apology and then he was echoing what we hear oh, why, as eyes as it affects one, he clearly deny
continues at I the allegations he does not believe the weapon and if it was in that I think that is troubling, but at the end the day. What matters is there were there was misconduct. It was from eight different individuals all with very consistent stories and the set and the Democrats did the right thing and said we will not tolerate that in our party and asked him to go and he did the right thing in going through or the party and for the people in the center yeah I need some have been saying, quitting some on the right, probably just cause while some of that that he, you know he deserves due process and investigation, didn't get one. You know, and you could argue that this sets a precedent, for for instance, including one where some right wing trump asshole like on my turn of which falsified and allegation nurse you know, gets an else allegation falsified, which I think is,
is a legitimate concern, but at the same time, like you just said, you know, if we're saying believe all women and that's a principle right now, which I believe should be then, when seven women or because you just eight come out and have a similar story about sexual misconduct, and you know that Frank and it's a similar thing to all of them, which is grope them during pictures. Then that's misconduct and he did in knowledge general wrongdoing, and so you know that's it. I think I think of it the right thing for him to do as even as hard as this one was. I mean I think we can acknowledge that the allegations against Franklin World, severe. Then they were against Donald Trump or Roy, more or John Connor's. Another Democrat doesnt partisan and you know, and even even as they were less severe, you know if we're gonna
Zero tolerance for sexual harassment and sexual assault than zero tolerance means zero tolerance yeah. I guess he's accurate and the one thing that I was I've somewhat disturbed by, is Thi every Agnes and should be the Serbian Damnedest Urban, not shocked about some of the media. Pundit reaction wished for aims that democratic sponsor this in terms of politics now, let's stipulate its Washington politics is overhangs everything right. There d sit like you, can't think about how democratic respond, a frank him. Without thinking about how the Democrats we handle the potential election of re more or the mere fact that Donald Trump continues to serve as president, despite a long history of sexual misconduct, which we know because he's about it on tape, multiple occasions, but it is also it can be that this is the program right thing to do, and it is also just the right thing to do. Well, yes, stand
This can be so angry this morning, because you write stipulated that there They political angle to this, and if you are political journalist, you should cover the political angle. We are going to talk about the politics here. But that's not how lottery stories of starting right there sort of jettisoning the actual facts of the case I saw Headline NBC Headlines morning, Dems, ditch Frank and to get more, on CNN seducing Democrats, seek moral high ground like the problem becomes when its own But when it's only framed as politics, which is what a lot of political journalists did I thought that was pretty it's just so cynical right, like perhaps you know, I mean perhaps how frightened at it, because he believed it was the right thing to do. Set down. Perhaps curse, Angelo Brain called on him to step down because she's can someone who's us for women and has been fighting. You know to prevent sexual assault, and you know it
it doesn't necessarily have to be a purely political calculus, even as you acknowledge that politics plays a role in some of you know, right, ambiguous Chris Haze pointed this out on Twitter yesterday that the Democrats in their approach to these issues is different because they are more women. Women in their caucus, then right the Republicans do, and it was the women senators who led the car frank into reside, curse Angela Brand is not new to this issue. She write by her whole life on this or set like one of the major issue. She's fought for in our Senate career is preventing sexual assault. Military and she has been leading the charge in Congress to reform the way Congress deals with sexual harassment it with the on Capital Hill, and so it is unfair to her to suggest that she is doing this at us.
Calculus. Many of these women senators have talked about their own me to moments in over the last couple months here and so it we should give people the benefit of the doubt that they are sera this particularly in something that is so that is so close to their own experience on issues they fought for it. It's not easy. Like we see we seen this in the media, we watched the reactions of some of our friends whether its agenda three the king or nor autonomously have reacted to finding out that their friend and colleague behaved in in horrible ways and trying to reconcile the idea of this person. I know, unlike in and respect and work with, on a daily basis and this other conduct I'm learning about like that is a challenging thing to figure out how to how to handle and but In the end, they did the right thing. I think they did it for the right reasons and I think they would have done the same thing even
if Roy more was down by fifteen poisonous Paul's or had lost the primary Luther strange, I think it would have ended in the same way yeah and look again. None of this is easy, and I've seen a lot of reaction yesterday and early today, like this allied Democrats, who are upset and dont want, didn't want frank and to resign there are some who thought who thought like it's been too long. You should have resigned earlier. I dont think by any means. This was an easy call, an uneasy issue, Especial especially the Frank in case. I think some of the other ones are little more clear cut. That will talk about like like Roy more, but you know it's like. I said I after a lot of thought on this, I come down on that. It was the right thing to do. Is outrageous, however, that you know still in public life republic, representative, Blake Farren Hold, who sell the sexual harassment suit with his staff and twenty four in four eighty four thousand dollars paid for by taxpayers Alabama Senate and it really more has been accused of molesting
multiple underage women, plenty of evidence. In that case, an present Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment in assault by twelve women and was caught bragging about it. On tape. You know Miss MC caully yesterday his statement on Frank and was quite interesting. He said, while the senator committee is reviewing these serious allegations. It now appears that Centre Frank and has lost the support of his colleagues and, most importantly, his constituents. I do not believe he can effectively serve the people of Minnesota and the U S Senate any longer, and you know my question is: can one report it can one Republican explain why I'll frank and should set down but Donald Trump should we do dear one of them try to answer that question or Fahrenheit. Or Roy more right exactly I'd love to hear someone asked the question. Whereas I could tell what's happened once and it was Stevens keep to Paul Ryan and then part just melted like the wicked witch of the West as a right as he asked it in the interview, ended.
It's just you know and there's a lot of angry Democrats out there who are like you know. Why is he doing this wise rank in doing this? Because none of these republicans are getting step down and look. I've said this before and this pod cast the frank and things the thing to do, but we shouldn't pretend this whole idea that oh Democrats will then capture the moral high ground and somehow that will help put some of these republican, sexual harassers out of office. I never really believe that was going to be the case, because the Republicans what can care they? Don't they just don't care, but that doesn't mean that we should say okay well, since you care and you're gonna. Let sexual predators run for office and be presented states then we're just gonna. Follow you down that path. Sometimes thing is just the right time bright and you have to believe- and I will despite the dark world. Twenty seventy. In that. In the end, doing the right things is the better politics,
I end. If you don't believe that this is where Brok Obama was taught us right, we should just give up and become like the Republicans and that it be adding. That would be disastrous for the country, but like we need people to believe in us to turn out info republicans want people to be so cynical that they think it's not worth voting and their core voter turnout and so too, that you got to do the right thing and if you don't believe that get out a politics yet like I acknowledge that short term. This progress and good politics, forests- and you know, by the way some people like others- was easy because democratic on earth. Minnesota is gonna just appointed Democrat. Well, you know, Minnesota was a little too close for comfort and twenty sixteen when Hitler in Trump when it each other. We now have two seats there were defending twenty eighteen in Minnesota, Amy Club, which our sea and now this seat, that God, that Frank and just stepped down from so it's not it's not a slam done by any means
I don't. I don't think that the short term politics of this are are greater big when, but I do think the right thing to do is right long term for us, because you know where a party that a says that we believe women and that we want to prevent and stop sexual harassment and sexual assault, and I think, when pilot And show that they have integrity and that their doing what's right, that that might not pay off in the short term, but it does pay off in the long term, and we talk a little bit with honour last week, which is what is ultimately critical here is that we have a larger culture change in this country, because it is not unique to Hollywood. Congress, media companies that sexual ass man in misconduct, as is happening all over the place, it is happening a workplaces of all shavings across this country. In the world, this finding out about the ones that are very
as to the media, which is ferreting these out, and if we're going to have that culture change is required, people to be held accountable, and that includes politicians right and now. At this point of view, the only politicians, the only people in the country where others before who have not been held accountable for sexual assault and section harassment are republican, male politicians, that's the only group in the country. So far, every other industry democrats in politics everywhere have has stepped down urban forced out of their jobs over these allegations, except for, except for Republicans, speaking too, that you know what we talked about this on the but the Republican Party has now gone all in on Roy more you got the Irish Sea. Spending money on the race. Again, they jumped back into the race, which is quite interesting, move the pro trumps super pack.
Bending a couple millionaire and last week Mcconnell, who said that he believes Roy Moors accusers, still think that the people of Alabama should decide, which is a cynical as you can get, or an hatch who it yet, for you to retire body whose huh they're saying oh yeah, while these allegations happen years ago, is, if there's a statue limitations on that kind of shit, unbelievable and tromp is all in. So what do we do? about this now you know we should acknowledge that Jeff Flake I was retiring. He sent a check to Doug Jones tweeted that out met NI whose obviously not novice. He made a pretty strong statement, The party shouldn't be connected to Roy more and that no Senate seat is worth that. You know why are more Republicans donating Jones. I would quote our fellow Pike ass host age, a moment for this, which is bottomless bad faith bought
most bad faith and veto would like Ben SAS, who has held himself up as the moral conscious, their public body and was very brave Twenty sixteen and standing up to Trump. No doubt he was very bold about that, but he was on twitter, the other night. Basically- trying to explain why he opposed orbit? It was unwilling to support chance and you could sum up his position. As word salad, right politics is a binary choice. You have two options: you can either have re more. Who is child muster or Doug Jones who is all accounts. A good moral what works and what does your two choices? There is not a third option of blah blah blah blah blah. They propose that you choices and making a choice requires courage and they are unwilling to have it. Because of politics is all it is. They are afraid that Steve banners come to their state. They are afraid that data
I was going to tweet about them, they're afraid the be another Roy war base whatever the fuck. That is the protest. If Yo Yo Wing of the party will come after them, it's not new with the EU this thing, and politics should be opposing a job losses but they do it in the overhang at this also is important, as they are very afraid, they're. Gonna need worry more, vote to pass this tax bill because they lose two votes, and they are in danger, not being able to fulfil the deal that they gave? Susan collins- would you agree to vote for the tax belt last week, and so what really comes down to? Is that a tat cuts for the rich supporting child molester is preferable to a Democrat that there is a joke, though, if we admit Republicans. We would have been the ambassador being unfair to that we keep. It is impossible to be unfair to this republican Party, because every time
at the level of what would be below the belt. They go below it. And we should we should talk about this as an aside with this tax bill here so goes to conference committee so that they can resolve the differences between the haves and the Senate bill, but You said normally happens. It goes to comments committee. They work out a new bill that the combination of the house in the Senate bill resolve the differ and then the bill has to go back to pass the house one more time and to pass the Senate will more time now. Some people have said well if they get in trouble here. Basically, the house can just Ass the Senate bill without a conference committee. Even though the house wants some changes and in an emergency, the house can just do this in the differences that big and its fine and Republicans can get their tax got well maybe not anymore, because they are now realizing that is, they were scribbling changes on to the bill at one in the morning when they were trying to pass this tax cut. They made a bit of a mistake. It was a
Three hundred billion dollar mistake they basically their whole purpose of that of the tax bill was too. You know give corporations allow corporations to take advantage of of certain deductions and lower tax. And what have you will won't bore you with all the details, but basically because we do understand, I'm that's. Why don't I tried last night there's something about lights very hard right now. The way it is drafted now. Corporations can no longer use the research and development tax credit which quite a few companies use and then and you know the whole way, internationally businesses or tax. They wanted to change that. That was the whole purpose of the bill and that's now and void because of a mistake that they may so, basically, companies would have to pay three hundred in more in taxes, then they re really wanted them to. Because of this mistake, and if anything. If there's any mistake, that's gonna caused them to go back to the drawing board. It's making companies pay hundred billion more dollars, and they thought so
yeah. They really do need a conference committee, and now the Senate really does have to vote on the bill again and, like you said, they already have one no vote with Corker. They need Collins, and just this morning the schools in the freedom cock, as in the house said. Oh all, the things the Collins was promised by Mcconnell to fix Healthcare, too, her vote were not doing them their non starters. So now, thing. The columns actually wanted The whole reason that she voted for this thing is because, she got these I'll use from its Mcconnell. None of that stuff now is gonna end up This bell, at least, if a lot at his house Republicans have anything to say about it will see. Maybe they change their mind. So then, if you don't have cork, and then, if Collins actually stands by our principles, which is a big open, question and votes? No, then, if DOW Jones comes to the Senate, then that means that's through no votes and the bill fails, so they really need Roy more innocent so soon.
Then, it was down in Alabama stumping for somebody for his friend Roy more and he, of course, MRS attacks refocused on Jeff flake. He attacked Mitt Romney for his statement and decided to attack Mitt Romney for not serving in Vietnam because he was hiding behind his religion. He attacked Mitt Romney sons for not serving this is the Steve Bannon who was campaign. Manager for draft Dodger, Donald Trump, who desire that he couldn't endless in Vietnam because of bone spurs imaginary bone spurs what monsters. Just me just really the worst. Said he really like. I know we all say down trumpets our citizen and he probably is but real bites. The ban is covered up fast way. He is just I made the thing that it is so Galway how important and smart he thinks he's
is and how willing the Republicans are to allow him to believing that by it him down there and then acting like why he matters that much needed as is worth putting, He runs a website out of his basement. Anyway. The point is so for Doug Jones. This race is not over by any means. You know, I think Doug Jones is an underdog here, but he's got a real shot, Harriet and then five hundred and thirty eight is a piece out today. Talking about how unreliable, while not unreliable but how a lot assented pulls. The margin of error has been quite large over the last ten fifteen years and moors. Probably three point led right now is well within the margin of error, and look like this should not be is interesting We focus a lot on Roy really on the allegations against him by these women form. Still underage women, but even before that Washington Postal report is the man who said Holmes
actual should be illegal. A man who said that women should be able to vote run for office and Muslims should serve income, this way before that wash upholstery, this man should have been disqualified from us. Is insane that the Party nor Publican Party is behind this guy. In saying they have decided that they are willing to support, essentially Kelly. For said it I mean it's really unbelievable and you know you sort of references in the Mcconnell tweet by its. Really interesting to watch the road. How the Republicans are setting themselves up to justify not kicking more out of the Senate, because it's worth remembering this Mcconnell has the power to send Roy more home bright. He can expel him from the Senate if he is, which they almost certainly would have done. If he was elected, then these allegations came out and he refused to resign rights. Last night on Fox NEWS, you
a bunch of horrible people defending African, they say he was being run out of town without due process and then New Gingrich Moral, consciously a working party, tweeted, Frank one million medicines, damn percentage point, fourteen thirty self appointed Pure centre is one about what happened to popular vote: So this is all the justification for well. Terrible. But who are we to say it is our duty of Alabama? We will not accept that we will not invite there. John Molester to our weekly lunch. So we can vote for avails growth, DOW Jones, people I ve Johns had air a great line. The day, I'm proud of what I've done to ensure that and who heard little girls end up in jail and not the Senate. Doug Joey
a lot about re more and this on the spot. But Doug Jones is as good as a candidate in as good as democratic as good of human beings. You can find some man who prosecuted K, K, K, members who murdered little girls and so on and has had a long career on being tough on crime and he's a good Democrat, and you know we should send him to the United States Senate people of Alabama sheets. Donate to Doug Jones, and and hopefully you can pull it through. Okay, we come back we're going to have time to eat around, to talk about the Trump Administration's decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel by the American Roger by Omaha sticks. I struck, to find the perfect for someone who has it all of it always get the perfect gift and or the malls lines and crowds. I hate the crowds at the mall me to meet Where would we know we're trying to get a table that she's had factor here?
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and that this decision was pushed on him by our friend yard, cushion he hath. What's the background here, why did you do this? What's with the backstory so In doing this, he broke with, like seven decades of U S, policy he also broke with Like everyone else in the world, all the arab states did one. Do this allies, like France, like the Pope for enemy, like China. Poorly and members of his national security team, didn't want to do this in the reason is well there's a few reasons: wine Jerusalem, is a final status issue, meaning it's gonna have to be negotiated between the Israelis and the Palestinians to figure out of which land goes to which group of people and where the capital, as it's always been assumed that the israeli cap we'll be in Jerusalem, but that the palestinian capital will be in EAST Jerusalem, which will mean the city has to be divided in some way. That is somewhat equitable and fair. I think
else. Indians in arab states rightly feel like Trump just gave the Israelis two of the most important piece of these negotiations because of the religious and historic significance of that piece of terror: so the Irish. Once I got that the religious significance of Jerusalem is that for both the muslim world and the jewish world, its duration, was an important cities. Is I me for for Muslims, Christians Andrews right, you, the Temple, Mount, give the Alaska Maskew lick enormous, historic religious significance in this one Sid and so are you basically it is- is a fraud decision, and you know something that has been deeply litigated further literally decades, trying to figure out neighbourhood by neighbourhood block by block which territorial gotta, which group and Trump just came out and said, now here's your capital now that his his team will say assent, the huge stating that a factory.
Quality that ultimately Jerusalem will be the capital mistral, that is, in some ways true. But it's still a big deal- that the United States, which is supposed to An honest broker in these negotiations would be seemed beginning, such a huge shit to the Israelis. This early in the process, because this has been a sticking point every single Middle EAST peace. Set of negotiations for as far back as there ve been negotiations Emily. Yeah I mean there are huge ever- part of the Middle EAST peace process. Is a brutal termed negotiation, and that goes for borders and specific territory when you're talking about like settlement construction and how those might be swapped house of territory, whereas really to build settlements in the West Bank might be Swat for territory. That is really is currently We are clearly talking about like block by block rights as painstaking stuff, but the
Jerusalem portion of these negotiations is the most delicate and more sensitive and most important, because of all that historical significance, the reporting, George Bush, who is main job. It appears to me as a try to strike a Middle EAST peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, is reported to have pushed very hard for this, according to friends close to you which is usually Jared Why would he do this? If why deficits Ike Wessex? I can't figure it out. It's hard. It's hard to tell me that I think Trump like. I think the report's I've read it that in the end, this makes sense. Amused Trump wanted to do this because he thinks I made a promise and deliver on my promise. Another presents haven't and it's a talking point its political and you can see, pros aerial, so he's coming on paper this. I think I think, commissioner? In inner? I could kind of get whereas it is on this, looks at this problem and thanks
Every administration is actually tried doing this, the same way for seventy years. Let's try something different. I get that, but I do think that he's by listening to his friends and Saudi Arabia, useless thing to the Israelis who have convinced- to try something new that I think will be viewed by almost the entire world is putting a thumb on the scale in a big way. For these rallies and, ultimately, probably making getting to a peace agreement harder like there. Is no peace process right now? There's no that we know of publicly does that talks, their are ongoing. There's no negotiations is no process. There's nothing I'm a tried and we failed. You know not for lack of trying, but it's where we are. What are the consequences of this move, It might be some of the consequences, so the near term consequences are strong reaction. In the arab world in particular, you ve got Hamas calling for a new.
Define your unit seeing cause for a day of rage. You may see you seen protests on the streets or as we're talking in Gaza in the Span clashes between security forces. And I am really sorry forces and people so that could get worse. They flare up and then go away. The EU there is a broader political consequence that it might- are permanently kill any effort negotiation. It might he'd arab states to withdraw their backing. For then he's her? U S lead process, so we really know yet this, like these countries talk about them singing issue and an ex pay. A lot of lip service that lets them attack the Israelis eyes not clear to me how much sometimes a people who who loudly decree I, the occupation, actually care about like the plight of the palestinian people, so I dont know how far this will lead, but you're the state,
instead of a twenty four hour monitoring centre to see if there is violence, so it it's not good in the near them. So potential their term. Once and unrest long term potential collapse of the minutes of the peace process and but hey of his terminals, written gotta talk in line with an end, then that's the fresh ring thing: it's like what what did we get for? This really gave the Israelis is huge negotiating chip and it's not clear. We got anything back like that. The best arguments heard as it may be down the road because we gave them this peace Now we may people at Tredick strengthening hard no evidence that Netanyahu is willing to make a tough decision, certainly wasn't with a Tommy. I think you might be giving the Trump administration too much credit yeah, they are gonna, get something they're gonna get. EL, the NATO sins. Millions of and campaign donations, yeah she's, the one who push for this, and so like You can try this in some ways to what they did with a taxicab belt. We are there and there is a systematic approach to give a foot rub too.
Every billionaire republican donor he's been concerned about what's happening in administration to date, so that coax got their tax break the hedge fund guys got their carried interest break and shall denouncing gets this policy priority of his noting that the war imposing a peace that posted last night today in consistent in or after action, Tik, Tok stories about Trump making big foreign policy decisions where a whole bunch people read out that it seemed like he doesn't really understand the underlying issue or the consequences or what's going to happen and he's just making a political call, and you know here we are. Politicizing the most delicate issue in all of US foreign policy on a platter. But you know I just had a tough time over the last couple months and he really needed a when I read that a few stories Jared needed a wind guys he's may be back. I am backing the graces in the White House, charity Jared back in the good graces.
Well, they gives our egos those very helpful uplifting. I we are hoping for some Russia NEWS, there's, no there's really not a lot of rush updates, except for her the dawn Junior met for aid, hours of the House Intelligence Committee yesterday and then not decided to site attorney client privilege. When asked about a conversation he had with his father about juniors meeting with several russian spies who are for dirt on Hillary Clinton during the campaign packaging. You said there is an attorney in the room. During the conversations I have to say that air chop invoked and executive privileged guess he works at a big companies. This is I mean this is, I think, is a joke aims to make all the time in the White House, with Cathy Run lurches when our council, as I would threaten who put cc her on all my email, so they would always return if I'm privilege she did I think that was a good idea and did not think it was funny that I made a joke, but I guess Donald Trump Junior to get completely seriously and went for it. We also can't forget that might Flynn coming
right out of the integration aside, attacks the business partner and tell em they're gonna rip up the sanctions right away. And build a bunch of nuclear facilities all over the Middle EAST if you guys it read that story allowed me your guide. Inevitably, the outset is ridiculous. He is the most corrupt mother. Fucker have maybe, in this whole administration it's a bad it So now I ve been be the most corrupt, but he saw the most complicated being corrupt. The competent corrupt scale he's definitely usually until guys like understand trade craft and not leaving an electronic trail. Your crimes not make one that's the way he was the head of the defence intelligence agency. Ok, I'll, say turn on that, but the work is brought by square space squares base. Are you looking to make you next move? Yes? Well, you can do so with a beautiful website from square space. You get your unique domain and create a beautiful website Christmas. As beautiful.
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the black lives matter. Movement and the upcoming documentary withdrawn arms he's also taking Silicon Valley by storm with the launch of his new app Liberty ACT or an activist Jesse Williams, everybody needs for joining us, of course, great, I'm doing great an excuse to come to Santa Barbara How many people obviously know you was an actor, but you made quite an impact off screen. He spoken out against police brutality, favor of Americans right to protest against white supremacy. You didn't have to speak up about these issues, but but you have what's been the inspiration
behind speaking out for you, I think I'm going to always had it. This is who I've always been. This is how I was raised to be. I just happened to have started acting, which means there more cameras around. I I think. Ultimately, I just didn't change honestly that I don't mean that as like a line, but I didn't, I didn't receive some new inspiration. I just kept absorbing information is possible, turn understand historical context of people's liberation movements around the world and in this country and try to articulate them. When I see gaps in the communication line and get frustrated with what I dont see somehow, even though we have twenty four hours of news all day every day in and thought anytime, I feel like I can throw some context in there. I take a swing at tat very moment for you, where you decided and that's enough and I'm gonna.
I'm gonna start talking about these issues. You well yeah. There's there's been several. I think particularly, I so really inspired proud, happy amidst the misery but around what around the slaughter of trade on and then into Ferguson. And I say what made me happy what kind of fulfilled in some way, was how inspired I was by watching people organise in those communities. And, more importantly, sustain them over days into weeks and months and watch Ferguson really become something that I think people expected to fizzle. Eventually, eventually, thou stop and in a couple weeks into they'll start and they didn't and dumb, that was something that really made me, really excited about an opportunity and Fired by watching my peers, stay vigilant and, some and try to marry that fire with impacting policy
local, regional and and federal level. Speaking about some of your peers, what's that sort of wake? You know when you are an outspoken sort of after and celebrity navigating the spaces were you know you may be working with people who are aren't as outspoken out do they ever have other moments where you find like teachable moments? Where you can, you know, tell other people, you know if you would like to speak out. This is how you're right, yeah yeah. We have you. No. I find the country meeting folks who want to figure out some people, don't really mean it, hey, there's anything I can do they know we have you. No, I find the company meeting those who want to figure out something don't really mean it hey anything I can do let me know, and and but most people do and
I try to meet them at whatever level they want to be on issues to beyond or they are on, and that's excuse me that could be just on one conversation, dialogue pointing folks in the right direction. Worse and reading, or wait a kind of get their their weight up as it were, or putting them interaction of organizations and I'm a part of them on the board of directors of the advancement per advancement project, which is a tremendous national advocacy organization as well. Ex Anko ferryboat find his organization, which is really built around connecting artists with activism and following in his footsteps. So China figuring out damn you know, but I also and not somebody who believes that everybody needs to be doing what I'm doing, certainly or that everybody in the actual work. Of it all and dumb. You know, but I So I am not somebody who believes that everybody needs to be doing what
doing certainly or that everybody has summer in eight responsibility that just because their famous they have to be out there fighting the good fight. I think that you know some people just one thing and some people just cause you can accept this many times. Have you been dunk a basketball? I don't think that means you. Some way more responsibility, as a human being is a member of the populace that it then a teacher or Palmer anybody. I think we ve all got a step forward in and be awake and in and participate and famous people can do more damage than good if they don't know what you're talking about as well, we now have you seen some of that backlash towards you. You know. If we talk about Univee you we see like the Kohen conference of the world, that we see the kind of backlash they get. It comes from the White House, but you know what
sort of? Do you find yourself brushing up a gets, o Ella Red faced furious people who sent me handwritten death threats? threaten me and my family in trade and try to get me to lose my job and my livelihood in my life. Sometimes in an end, that's that's just part of it. So it is. The end then certainly affects my business certainly affect my. Bottom line and not getting work, because people are like my politics, but that's, ok, that's part of the deal, that's what I signed up for but but I think we also need to be careful that, like there's, no there's people often ask you know about, What what's Hollywood has Hollywood reacting has wide Hollywood reacting and there is not Such a thing is Hollywood. In my experience there are really horrible trash people in their business, making crap there are brilliant inspired. Thinking wonderful people, making really incredible stuff, putting themselves at risk
pushing the limits and finding new ways to use alternative alternative forms of media. There is a lot of diversity within the business. Is my point and dumb. I dont view it as a monolithic kind of cloud hanging over me. Some people, you know we all make choices, and I didn't I didn't my life's work is not to be an actor this business. Wasn't my dream is what happened to be doing now? I'm fine! Without it. It's what you know. It's not something that I'm clinging to in a way that is going to affect my choices, to leave a legacy and cannot participate. What was that dream? Civil rights attorney was only dream. I also footballers can be a football player I didn't fill out is harder. They tried so I've scrap that and I will certainly be a separate attorney. I still might. I still I still very well might be That's. What fulfils me is worth makes me happy. Chadwick Bozeman would play you, wanna buy up it
You play all of us, are governed by John that I think the purpose of protests often is to make people feel uncomfortable about controversial issues. How do you balance that need with the desire to persuade people and to convince them to see things in a different light. Well, I think I disagree a little bit. I dont view protesters any part of its goal and reviewed made comfort as a goal, I view. As for some, it's really button. Serbian more than it is in some ways and then the person whose who's trying to draw attention to two a topic discomfort might be part of it, but I do take. Adding in your question really is how do you find ways to frame things and articulate and issue? without creating more distance, then than is necessary. Polarizing folks make them feel uncomfortable.
Some of that, you know really depends on the audience and end the topic. You know I choose to try to be as close to truth, as I understand it is possible and cut with his sharp knife is, as I possibly can be, scares me precise enough, with language and know the audience, and if and if they're dead for the part of that well, fuckin, we ve been uncomfortable for centuries, so figure you guys can handle it. I think that juggling There is a very specific discomfort. That really is one that matters. Could this is a white country and there's this thing called white fragility, and you guys we gotta talk, you very care they sent and that's all good, and sometimes that that is a push in Poland. And a dance- and I think that, if you are coming, from like anything in our relationship, it's personal or or huge, if you're coming from a place of love going for a place of trying to do,
things together. An argument if your goal is to meet in the mid of your goal is to come together and so very different than if your goal is to tough with yet a win, or he keep going to get somebody to fuck off it's it's different and dumb. You know I like to participate in commerce since dialogue mega log, that is around a solution, is really solution, oriented and Sometimes you need to in order to trigger empathy and understanding you to really try to create space for them to feel and touch and smell what it is that you are living through Ando the thing it none of us are experts on everything were pre ignorant on most things right it. I know a topic that you want to focus on and giving people a chance to arm forgive themselves, sometimes for not knowing what they didn't know until they were tired, but also there's gotta. That's gotta meet cure. Osity word ass. We get older like you got it.
Miss Rider Rio. Curiosity about things you gotta ask end and dumb and lean leaned forward into some of these things, so that your worthy student can I go to earn being a student as much as is much is just sitting there isn't enough. So, in addition to acting in producing you, ve also become attack entrepreneur, you bill. Several apps yeah. What made you decide to follow that path? A variety of reasons, my first for it I guess my first entry into kind of in the APS was with question bridge blackmail. This really dope fuse me even had a beard awhile China be cool with fell as you know, and but where this is this trains media project we, around blackmail identity that opened Sundance, two thousand twelve. We
around the country interviewing black men from all walks of life, putting a camera on them kind of Brady Bunch style, just them in a frame and asking them to look into the camera and ask a question of other black men that they feel detached from reality. That's that socio, economically politically generationally, geographically religious, whatever it is a question you ve always wanted to ask other black men. We collected all of these questions for men and then turned to turn to the questions on them and have them answer some questions. What we ended up with was hundred fifty hours of black men having these really private intimate conversations with other men. They ve never met before we put it up on these ten foot pillars: five, ten foot pillars and museums. Now dismissal indeed see the black African Americans Bezonian in Brooklyn easier, and it demonstrates the sum that diversity, within our demographic there's more diversity within demographic when there's outside of it black folks are not this homogenous group, no such thing as black eyes. Do this. It's not. You can complete that sentence so that turned into an app or people can play around it. So
That was my first entry into going to figure out how technology and mobile devices can be used for organ ever heads down and plugged into anyway. How can they be used to kind of open things instead of close conversations and then turned in than I joined? A team at scholarly wishes a really dope scholarship app. We simply connect students to the hundred million dollars, and claim scholarships that exist. Every year we ve connected students, almost a hundred million dollars over eighty million dollars and scholarships just go an undergraduate school and then it's also fun. I think I realize John looking at social media looking at how much blackness really drove, friends, fashion, dialogue, conversation the way people behave, move in and create an artistic spaces and draw political conversations. Black twitter driving, like seven of the top ten training top
are weak, but we don't own any of it when I hired by any of those companies will not participate in the dialogue, we're just kind of swaggin out other people's products. So I we started a broji with the way to use kind of gifts and nuance and add tone and texture to your, conversely, on line your mobile conversations and try to be subversive in encouraging people to use black and brown and trends in Djibouti Q bodies to express love and Ella Well and happiness and discomfort or whatever these reactions are there just and there wasn't to normalize blackness, we don't always have to be demonstrating, were given your buyer pick up some hero or being slaves or or try. You knows experiencing some triumph. We can just beat people, and so we just so so that was what that was about and that's really fun, and then we have belebrity, which is just a great fun game. Is it it's a real
I'm kind of I say parlor game, but if you like, I'm in the thirties, when I say that What's a parlor bottlenecks charades, but it just. Turn and normalizes black culture? Instead of all these other games, that was always you know, watching We were playing celebrity which, as you know, if you ve got topics like music or movies or things that black moms say and- and we also the category for a white folks, invited to the cook out. You might want to take a look see if you're on but we are playing, there's a bunch of friends and we had to, friends that were there are good friends of ours that we're playing. They sat a different table, obviously and getting, play. You were having a good time and when I don't like it, when answering anything that it know the answers to this particular very black topic- and I was like that's how we feel
We felt white playing games. Our whole lives that don't have anything to do with stoning. Clearly call you call it pop culture, but it really why pop culture or like? you know it's a r and d, but only when my people do it like that and so this was just something: it's not that it's just a fun game that we realise that we wanted to this kind of what, if we centred ourselves in the game, would have when we say pop culture, we included us. What can we say music, we included us what, if we list tv shows its not just friends, Seinfeld and Frazier its things that we also. Why should those also my favorite chosen, but, but you know it just includes us without having to be a really big deal and its and its doing really great cause people like tat well before we let you go, you want to give it a go. Do we want if we want to play a little game here as well? We have John love it. You guys are right now, ballgame bloody here's outworks explained it
Gonna do our version of it, which is a political views of liberty. Don't worry! I see what your people look like. Every Answer is Omar, owes its arose or blackish. So we're gonna play political version of Liberty right now we're getting. We're would put a minute on the clock and we're going to go through. It would put summing up on the screen and one by one we're gonna play. I'm gonna go first and we're going to rotate through as we get them will hear a bell. Are you guys ready, Loretta Gonna give you clue. Giving whose I see this great regret. Ok, I'm not! I get it. Then we really have Jesse clues than IRA, etc. So we want to get you to say a little more in what is termed a hunt area how dare you, deployment of education, secretary, educated and Duncan large all it needs a surgeon, but he seems mentally yeah, I'm a better
The irony is began to yet Now I gotta pee everything gangs. Many people are talking about more lately, he's getting already, naturally have ever people say my download second, he reported direct to mexican people. They are not good people, their rapists, That's true you have. You are in his mind at embrace got here. I hear you, why don't you go by order of the White House Christmas Party genuine February March April. Ryan. That way you give close. If you don't like it is never a percentage of these nemesis. She just wants to know who made that I have raised I would think that easy, Jesse Williams
Thank you so much for burning. Thank you so much
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