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Graham-Cassidy goes down, Republicans embrace Roy Moore, and Trump lies about his tax plan. Then Senator Chuck Schumer joins Jon and Dan to talk about the Democratic strategy on taxes, and Ana Marie Cox joins to talk about Zuckerberg v. Trump. 

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still have tickets for the late show in Ann Arbor, ten p, DOT m it's next Friday and take us to Santa Barbara in December, also love it or leave it is going on or with positive Merk America's. Well, you can find tickets and everything else at crooked dot com, slash, Tor, Exciting Dan. I can't we were gonna turn next week. I now crash your question. What I was your usual bedtime, my usual bedtime there I probably fall asleep around eleven or eleven thirty yeah minds like a little closer. Entertained. Thirty. So it's good for you, real, interesting experience that do not envy M Shell he was very late and we love goes about it like two or three, so he'll be fine, I mounted to switch my bed time. That's good, because the thing I was worried about wise love at not having the energy for the show real concern, real concern. Let's start with, The untimely death of Graham Cassidy, why
I thought that was going to be few? Have norwegian lights? I will not It has made many one is a good run. I hope I get doing. Why did the bill go down? If you believe Donald Trump? because an imaginary senator who would have voted yes, is in the hospital. Did you hear that Does the president said just now said six times that they had the votes for groom capacity, but they couldn't they could get it done by the thirty September thirtieth, which is the deadline for reconciliation, because one of the yes votes is a senator whose in the hospital this has absolutely no basis, and in truth it's just something completely made up. Fad Cochrane Centre for Mississippi was home. MRS Mississippi, on Monday recovering from a year logical issue.
But you will have us debating whether, as in a bring up the cause, but I'm glad you did well nigh it was in his office said so he said so in a tweets like I've felt comfortable sharing it yeah, but He was never in the hospital and even if that Cochrane was their voting, they wouldn't have. The votes, and he would come back for the vote. I mean It's ridiculous even been talking about it and it just one of the so called people pointed this out on Twitter. So one of these things there are just gonna move past like that crazy, man the President's spouting off some imaginary fucking scenario again, but it's pretty bad of Crete via the president. Just like that, any the thing is it's a deeper than just he's trying to convince us of why he failed right. It's that he's trying to convince himself yeah I'll, get a watch which, if we you had a friend or an uncle or anyone who did that.
You would be, it would be concerning behaviour, and if you do at once, and you get called out on it, you would think you would have the self awareness to stop, but even after being called out, he continued to setting out what he can not allow himself to accept any sort of blame for this. Really, we have to believe it, he actually did succeed were it not for Some reason that he is created in his own head right or at the very least, good staff work. You know one of the somewhat White House would see him say it for the first time and says: hey boss. He had all mixed up there before he set at five more times in public. I mean there's too to them. I maybe no one said I think is people just like I hadn't care enough to fund about trumpet the about, Yeah or someone tried to say something to him, and then he sort of shouted down here. Guess Organs Big Van yeah, like here he digs in one at home is wrong, so scrape anyway, the five million
after pill, Obama, Karen down flames on Tuesday without a vote, Susan Column join John Mccain and ran Paul and publicly opposing a piece of legislation that would have made health insurance. Audible, for more than thirty million Americans analyzed insurance companies to charge people with pre existing conditions, whatever the fuck they wanted. As always, everyone who showed up or made phone calls made the difference here, particularly the grassroots disability active, who descended on Congress the little lobbyists who were there. Friends at move on indivisible at lotta people and a lot of effort went into stopping this bill in a very short period of time, and everyone should feel pretty proud of themselves that they did Dan. Why else did this latest shit burger fail? In your opinion, while I think the main It is. It was not a serious attempts to replace the formal correct it was a Frankenstein
gifts to you, attempted pay, asked to put up moderates Bismarck, ASCII Susan Collins, something's thrown you know red meat, thrown to the conservatives, like TED crews, unlikely, I mean is not a serious bill and it was not a serious attempt. We have that see it will deliver this room. I dont think any of the other ship workers that have come before the ship burger were take your lease serious, but they were more, the more seriousness on this was the most ridiculous devolve shit burgers add a could now withstand any scrutiny and it was an indefensible. There was no one was making in the past. You would have some quantum quote. We know conservative policy experts who would argue for, or skinny repeal are archer or bicker whatever the fuck. We call these things and make a k
for they were you nobody. There is not perfect, but here's why it's good, no person other than Bill Cassidy made a case for this in his case was just a series of bald face lies right. I mean when you look at how the thing came to be, which is apparently former senator Rex. And torn, was in the Senate Barber Shop with Lindsey Gram and told them one idea for a bomb. A care is suggests, split it up and to block grants and hand out. The block grants to the states of the states can do They want with it and Linsey Gram who, by his own admission, knows very little health care and only learned about health care policy during this process thought? Oh wow states have more flexibility. That sounds great and that's, like you know, in full very conservative, like the idea of states having more flexibility there into federalism. So fine, but this you got into the details of this plan. It was
a massive cut and funding before even divided up into block grants, and then they continued on into this pre existing condition issue, because if you get rid the individual mandate. If you tell people they don't have to buy insurance until their sick. You can't tell insurance companies that they have to protect people with previous to condition. So none of these bills- the Republicans, put forward stop insurance com he's from charging sick people, whatever the hell they want, and so they are then forced to lie about that provision in the bill if they have. If they were to put forward appeal that protected pre existing conditions- mostly it would look alike- like Obamacare, does now, probably just with less money, because they have to keep the the visual mandate and they have to keep the regulation that so you have to protect people previously conditions. I dont know how they ever get out of that problem. That the best part of this is that recent arm a decade after leaving the Senate, is over this and a barber
he's is walking a streak of Gaddi sit whose have great haircuts somewhat. Mrs someone you another example. Irma job get him out of it has one he asked. Is on CNN that the dutch yeah- that's that's a job I could. I was the only thing retrained or withdrew it. I'm going to get going as other jobs to be finishes is in any event it just like wonders around the Senate barbershop. I guess I don't know, drink ass. He passed, it would have been one more piece of legislation and he passed in his decade several decades. So the bill fails: three public no votes. The rumour was summer. Porters were saying that the whip count was actually forty, five meaning there about for other no votes through further no votes who didn't wanna go public soon adequate, is. Is this really dead? Is Obamacare appeal dead Lindsey, Graham right after the defeat of the bill said
it's not a matter of if, but when this kind of bill passes, people should know that Republicans have two more chances to appeal Obamacare before the twenty eight elections number one is: they could try to fit Obamacare repeal into tax reform, and pass it all on the same package, which would only require fifty votes, because there are trying to use the reconciling send package this time around now for this tax reform package, so they only have to get fifty votes, so they could try to jam in healthcare reform and tax reform all in the same bill. What are your thoughts about the prospect of doing that? Well, it's not as crazy as it sounds. Good is met. No one remembers this by. We pass affordable care act on a bunch of reconciliation bill. We also did it with students on reform that's right, which is, which is why no one tension, including
I just I just forgot remit as whoever anymore would say. Why does no one know about our amazing student loam reform accomplishment? It would be a because we passed it same day as a once in a century domestic policy commitment. That was not do wonderful, so it is doable. Did you go either way right? It can make it harder in the sense that you may have more, How ski you still need the senators who bailed on formal corrected it to get their tax reform. You only you know, you can't lose three senators again, So do you you it's? The most likely scenario creates the same problem that they have Healthcare, which is more Caskey an Mccain. A bipartisan process and what, in whatever bill they want to pass, is not acceptable, Collins, him then, but on the other side, weird
or for might have trouble is in the house and we'll talk more about active firmness where there are conservatives who who actually believe who actually are pushing for the five years, policies that Donald Trump ran on and has abandoned and Asia repeal might be the thing that gives me finish line, but I guess the short version is tax of incredibly complicated healthcare for farmers. Incredibly complicated. It is doable bite, obviously more complicated to at the same time. Yet aisles of it if you were, if you are I do a were Obamacare appeal and at the very end of the process, he saw slipped in some tax cuts. That's probably is than doing it. The other way around, like slipping health care reform, or repeal into piece of legislation suddenly makes health care. The topic that
I'll arguing about like, I think it's hard to do it under the radar and the messaging than for us becomes that much easier and starker in that just saying: ok, you're now literally cutting taxes for the wealthiest raising taxes on middle class I'm ways and taking away their health insurance a hole in one fell swoop, which of course the Republicans. I don't let it pass them to want to do that, but it sure highlights the this, but by how bad the whole thing is. The Republicans made a big mistake when they declared the Romans now and three separate occasions tried to declare their efforts to repeal the affordable care act, is over the other. Was the Senate vote too? for in house votes, air potential house votes and the lodge,
it was in its. It is worth remembering that, after the two thousand and twelve election, we won John Vainer told what in his press comes recollection said about here: is the law of the land and it's gonna stay that way and they have been trying to get this repeat: get give him out from underneath repeal for a very long time guys it's politically toxic. They have no plan and they knew they knew they were playing with fire when they were running on it and never coming up with a replacement plan and it's been dogging them. It gets in the way of things it's almost impossible to do. Expectations are out of whack because they said in tone can give us Republican Congress and world repeal the formal cataracts didn't do it knows it will give us a swell, we need it. We need the Senate, they got the sad it. Then they got the White House and now they ve all three. They can't do it. So Republicans can never, but would the what they can't do.
Declare it dead, because that in flames the base, as they say, Multiple republican senators over the last couple days have said one of the big reasons we did. This is because our donors were passed when we fail in the summer witches. Maybe the most cynical thing you could say I am sceptical that, even though the Euro, the donors are really pissed about that, I think grass roots money probably took a hit, for I think that is probably true at all. Like the lead theirs in your time story, I think much Arthur Martin, now experience or either or both they talk about this in the lead anecdote was Corey, gardener who's, the head of the inner a sea. I believe at some sort of fancy a fundraiser. I just, I believe, There are probably the regular people who are giving five ten fifteen dollars en masse to Trump who were like ask these people are not given the money. If I can't do this very basic vague
the lobbyists in packs. I just can't imagine that they are punishing the republic willing to risk the republican majority over their failure. To do something that they are smart enough to know is near impossible there there in it, for the tax cuts, so the other vehicle the Republicans have to potentially do. This is the twenty nineteen budget I'm unclear and I think, there's no good answer to this on the timeline for when you can introduce another. Conciliation vehicle for twenty nineteen. To try to do this. I would imagine that you'd have to be you'd, have to a finish. The tax reform, push for the twenty eighteen budget and then introduce a twenty nineteen budget some time next year. I guess
said, the trick with that is now you're trying to repeal Obama CARE, while that twenty eighteen mid term elections are happening which doesn't seem like the politically wisest choice. But you know Republicans when you get to do you know what worries me. I think I think and budget nervous don't at me on this, but I think it's after October wine twenty eighteen, that you can do, a twenty nineteen budget resolution and will therefore be worthy while What I think is worrisome would be of Democrats took the house the day which they would use, that lame duck session wet and, as we know from the many legislative colleges we jammed into the twenty ten Lamed accession right beat like don't ask, don't tell the Start treaty. We know some stimulus stimulus, work, etc. We got
because nothing clarifies the mind like losing power a few weeks and so that its potential fight down the line. If we take the house, The high class probably take the house, but I think that's where you would see another danger, but I can't imagine they'd be dumb enough to do between October one, as I mentioned day, but after that you can, you can, you passage, El budget line, fifty votes and then doing somebody's republican centres will be on their way out the door, so it, which could, I think we could go either way also began. I would imagine that jamming thereupon, the care appeal the month before you lose the majority on on your way out. The door does not satisfy the regular order and by partisan process the John Mccain Envy Summer, Kuski and Susan cuts have requested breathing so the two takes away republic give can never say Obamacare is dead and Democrats can ever believe it's dead because
every time we ever get complacent about this- a comes right back, so we have to go. We have to keep the pressure on and win election and winning elections. There's worth waiting the russian elections. There are winning some much between now and then that sends a message that there is a price to pay for even playing around with repealing Obamacare, that's right damn it? We should also think about the Senate to because Merk Husky did not the coming out against this bill. She had she. She released a statement that such a dim light the process, the numbers weren't there. Yet she said she likes the idea that state should have more flexibility and can over their healthcare dollars. She also did say she wasn't is that the bill had adequate protection for people with pre existing conditions or a strong ban on the return of lifetime limits for insurance claims, and that the future bills need to be by partisan sets a good sign and again there not like, I said, they're, not gonna fix their priests condition problem I dont think cause, even if they do they lose like mightily integrity,
and ran Paul in all the rest of them. So she holds to that unprepossessing conditions than were in good shape, but I think you know, and yet again, for future efforts like this. We have to keep the pressure on Mercosur key and some of those senators. Could we do not have a guaranteed three votes. That's right! Also. I just saw this morning Lamar Alexander, the Publican Centre from Tennessee who'd been working with Patty Murray Democrat from Washington State on a bipartisan solution to shore up the Obamacare markets announced that a deal may come as soon as tonight to come up with a bipartisan solution to this problem which- great. What do you think job are you. Are you not? I had read, for this no, no, I'm just. I can't believe that after the process just blew up over in possible chasm policy differences. Just at the time in which grant Cassius beginning momentum that they have enabled a stick. This thing back together in just a matter of hours.
It's amazing what what the odds of that these local little far Man I, the bad news, here is that some damage has already been done by the attempt to repeal Obama CARE, because you know insurance companies already have to set their rates for next year and cause there is so much uncertainty about whether a bomb, a carrot even exists. Next year there will probably be premium increases for a lot of states, because you know trump keeps fucking with the market. Also he's trying to screw with open, enrollment, open Roman is a period each year where people who don't have health insurance can go and enroll and get insurance via the affordable care act. By you know just signing up and you get it. Horrible insurance and the government please under Obama. The government helps people figure out how they can be. Insurance. They help people sign up. They make sure that you,
good Deal on your insurance. They help you navigate what is a very confusing system and the trumpet duration has sort of cut budgets. Refused do any outreach, their training frankly in roman period. They are trying their best to not allow people to sign up for health insurance, but the government by law is supposed to make available to them. It is disgusting, in addition to cutting the budget, that you would use to advertise and tell people the outrage budgets and tell people that they also have told the regional directors who work He part of the outreach strategy they can do, participate in no Obama, open, no affordable care act, open a Robin events, and- and this perhaps the most devious of all things that are going to do scheduled site maintenance on the set for twelve hours on the Sundays. During these six weeks, the open aroma period so
that, which also, as we know, happens, to be some of the most important that people in rolling and healthier takes a little bit of time, and most people do whatever we can, because that's when they have time to do it, and so huge every hour matters and huge chunks of authorities going to shut the website down, which debated, they're, not even pretending this even like subtle sabotage. They are just trying to blow the thing up from the inside So if the government won't help people and roll and Obamacare, then we need an effort to make sure the rest of us do and that we get the word out- and I think we might have more to say about that next week. I think there's some outside groups that are gonna try to get word out about open a Roman and help people, unrolling Obama, care and try to pick up the slack where the government has decided to just screw everyone possible. So will be talking more about that. Also before we leave healthcare, we should probably talk about Tom Price. The
in human services secretary, who is just flying around the country on private jets at our expense. Drain. The swamp Dan Drink, some top do, member in the early days of top prices time on the national stage, when he would, he been nominated, Hs Secretary and it came out He had been involved in a number of fairly catchy stock deals, Regis happen to investing companies right about the same time that Congress with intake The committee was in charge. I was about to do things to help said companies and we made some hay about it in a lot of Republicans, including as we know, who work on the hell we're like Tom, This is one of the most ethical people I've ever met, but if anything, this is just a case. This is just a case of him being naive about how stocks work.
He felt it seems, revealed like innovative about a higher power, private jet works and to those who never it's very badly. Oh, I thought the private jet was free so for key. I have heard nothing as people add, Tom Price is terrible. There's no, is about it. He is dead what is job? He has used his position to enrich himself. He has whose end a lavish lifestyle as the Asia. Just monetary at taxpayers expense the same time that he is crime, that he is clear, in that we don't have the funds to help enroll people only formal character do other things to help people. He has been as Euro area while he is yet. We are cutting the budget to tell people so help people sign up for health insurance and we're going to Lucy some of that money too. Fly me around on a fucking private jet inside
I mean he taught me how to get ideas today, which is the Dnc or some outside group may be. Some pack on the democratic side should start running ads on this, because this is this. This, like Drake, Steve. Bannon bugging populous here Steve abandoned have gotta be sitting there, thinking that is add Move Tom praises for because all this, hold drain. The swamp bull shit so like people ups, about a leads and government officials and powerful people. Building taxpayers like this is this is be one of the most politically unpopular things to trumped base, even forget about our is that the Trump Administration has done, and we should be like this is a scandal that we should be talking about from now through twenty eighteen, also, Scott prove it epee. Fifty eight thousand dollar private jet rides. I think Julian Goldman just broke that news. Yesterday I mean now we got to
two cabinet secretaries that are running around on private jets at the taxpayer's expense hits almost as F It was also situation is not on the level it is there. I doubt very- they were telling us the truth. That seems to be par for the course. The the thing that either we really are all these weeks in access. Add when I gave a man of Trump Administration officials saying that trumpets mad at price over this when they we know about. John he's always been against waste and then and then there's the theirs it in. I think this I came over. This was by there's some report, maybe Bloomberg that truck in price. It spoken on the phone work and trumpet expressed his disappointment and anger, but he was
Can a fire price in thy people were surprised by that you will. You know, I'm warning you upset about something usually holds his tongue and his temper if there's anything that would really upset tromp. It is use a hit using the government to help yourself, that's mainly the whole, either of the trumpet Ministration so anyway, that happened. So we should move on to the special election or the runner. That was held in Alabama on Tuesday Roy more a former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, who has forced out of that job twice. Beat the incumbent Republican Centre from Alabama Luther strange in runoff election on Tuesday strange was appointed to fill Jeff session seat. Supported heavily by Ms Mcdonald, Donald Trump and the rest of the republican establishment to the tune of ten million dollars and adds that Mcdonald's pack dumped in the race to try to save strain
and more, on the other hand, was supported by Steve Bannon, Nigel Ferrajo and cast of lunatics. He won by about nine points and then, of course, ever who is drunk deleted. All of his tweets in support Luther strange after the race was over, which is a very, very shrewd move, Donald Trump, shrewd move. So you might Ask yourself who is Roy more? I heard he was very crazy. But I dont know why well more said that homosexual conduct should be legal. That record, and keep Alison Ellison shouldn't be allowed to serve in Congress, because he's muslim that nine, eleven and new town were punishment from God that goddess sovereign over our government and he was removed as chief justice for plant. The five thousand pound granite monument of the ten commandments inside the state Supreme Court building. He said that there's message: this evolution, he referred to native Americans and Asian Americans as reds and yellows. That was two weeks ago. He said it
I'm communities in Indiana and Illinois or under Sharia LAW. Great, I had loved that wage fast gloss over the fact that he said homosexuality. Should be a legal gap to fill a leg out when it when he was asked whether a homosexual conduct should receive the death penalty. He didn't have an answer. Also didn't have enough, he's on the fence. On that one, while John, I would imagine that everyone Republicans and Democrats could agree that these user so far the mainstreaming they would never that they would shut him right away that he would be seen a servile warts on the body politic. I had another Hagen's responded. I have bad news for you down their public and ass. She read public National Committee, put out a statement immediately embracing Roy more saying that he will help pass our conservative agenda. We need this big it to pass. Our tax cuts is the message I Donald Trump
he's a big fan now he he called them afterwards. They talked on the phone, is a great guy, my pants, you know preparing for his own version of the Handmaids Dale he put out his It meant saying Ghana, Roy Moors, great love, em, wonderful ha, I never what aghast and then there was a great because in New York Times story where are was political anyway- apologies to tear out let it was- They went and they asked a bunch of republican senators what they thought about Roy, more and All these Republicans areas like who never Madame dont, know em Think I don't know we need a republic, we need someone in the sea No, I'm sure, I'm sure you ve never fucking, madam. We have no idea senator. Kennedy of Louisiana problem in Vienna. He's a brow here: EAST has a right to its own opinions. This is America Slick locked in recent memory.
Has anyone in the Republican Party suggested that some group of people. Who may were helmets to their jobs on Sunday should not express their opinions. Are you know, It is so bad I mean let's I would raise. It seems like a very good chance. Roy more winds in Alabama where you know, Democrats routinely get fifteen to sixteen percent of the white vote in that sector and they they are not known. As very liberal. The the democratic candidate that's running against him is a former federal prosecutor named Doug Jones, who said people want to focus on kitchen table issues. People are tired of being embarrassed and state which is really not a bad slogan, for hunts, to run against Roy more dont Baron Alabama vote for me instead, but I don't know,
you think doing, there's any chance for four divergence. Well, as you may have heard, I dont really election, Britain's anyone whose idea- why did we would rather good track record, dead where I really want to see. If it were like was my two thousand and eight two thousand: seventy. Doesn't patriots back off it's hard, its Alabama. It's hard is there a shot, yeah and should have been done? rats should- and I use Democrats as a broad term to include the larger progressive grass roots community, not just the dsl. India and say should be willing to spend some money to see if its doable and don't walk Why don't you decide? This is Alabama. We have no shot we're not I'm to try and then, a month out, pull comes back and John DOE Jones is only down four and now it's too late. So I think etiquette. You can leave no,
You know you leave no money on the table here, and so I think it is worth we should do not, go away now, give it a shot and see if it can be done it have expectations of the right place. Alabama it's been a long time without a democratic centre. There see what was that in offering away like we did with Montana. In Kansas, yeah special how special actions or the share of both right, I think The larger issue is, you know what say about the Republican Party. Well, we know what it is it. The republican Party is willing to embrace someone who thinks homosexual should be illegal homosexuals, who was actually It should be illegal and that Muslim shouldn't serving Congress. The party has embraced embraced a candidate for the: U S Senate, who believes those things that, as that is what it says about today's Republican Party when you asked on Twitter like what would it take for the Republicans not to
embrace a candidate republican, so someone I wish I had written down who it was but respect its people with a cannibal with a singer, a single payer platform that we suffer up, that's all right, but of all right. He wished to be very clear. I cannibal with a plan to lower the court. Tax rate would be embraced been with are totally in the does, don't be a cannibal for single pair, so Steve Ban and was obviously behind this. This more fiasco, at least he was hoping it along. If he spoke at a rally made out, is the rally where Roy more pulled out a gun during the rally. She did that happen. He pulled out a revolver during his political reality
was also wearing a cowboy at it, so he looked like a grown man. Playing like in costume is put in a child's got him. It was so crazy. He's been at all these always media outlets keep calling him a firebrand. That's the that's term form that the term for being a fucking, crazy, big it now the firebrand and so said: Yellow he's a firebrand, meaning he actually will fire weapons in public, so I guess brand is one step better than working class populace of sport. We called the last letter the who has bigot honour of running action so ban and now wants to target other republican senators who were to establishment to cosy with Mitch Mcconnell is now public enemy number one among her conservative base, which is awesome, so you the target centre
wicker in Mississippi, Jeff, Flacon, Arizona, Dean, Heller in Nevada, Bob Corker, just retired, this week as well, Senator from Tennessee Chair the foreign relations committees are now there's gonna be raised in Tennessee bands. Gonna try to get some concern. Not case to run There do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing for Democrats, and then we can talk about a good thing in Bethlehem for America as well, which seems even more important as a great question. His whenever I hear Steve, banning or Donald Trump attack Mitch, Mcconnell Ireland, conflicting emotions about biogas leg weight are the enemies of my me, my friend, my friends was invented. Perfect, really know how to I really do feel about that. In terms of winning elections. Yes, this
good. We we were able to keep the Senate and twenty ten because a very similar dynamic happened, which was MIKE. We, who was who is now the scent of new top it. He challenged. Utah senator Bob Bennett in Private and by then it was an establishment, conservative but establishment institutional Republican in any chance he was gonna, lose and unlikely kicked. His ass became senator that that inspired a range of crazies to run against republican senators, Christine o Donnell from the great state level ere. She who is not a which just he's not a witch, but his dabbled in witchcraft ran against my castle, a incredibly popular incumbent, democratic member, who was running for Joe Biden seat, and it would have been a shoe in Christine O Donnell,
runs in wines which then so, if you end up with in states better than Alabama with people like worry more, we have a shot in you know. There are cases of like Todd Aiken who defended rape in Missouri, which allowed helps Chris Claire mechanical Win and twenty twelve. You have any Deanna Kenema what it was, but your darling was run. It gets a lunatic, oh, I think, also defended rape, the, and so within the sense of, would we to run against the worst candidate possible. Yes, that is good it is bad, is if these people, when the, which is what happened I'll, send twenty ten, and you now have a congress. It is ungovernable because you have a bunch of remorse who blow things up for sport. Yeah I mean I. I also worry about look. You know there was a if we off
If only we get Donald Trump and twenty sixteen things will be easy and then to be so much harder. If we have a moderate, a more money candidate like a job Bush you're a marker Rubio and on Donald Trump want em, it's I am. I am concerned it However, many years later, a lot of the energy on the right is behind these crazy fucking candidates. Unfortunate and so I dont know you I mean, Alabama uneasy case right, because Alabama is so concerned Britain so far to the right, then maybe more is a more inspiring candidate to that base, then strange would have been and so you get more people to the pull them. Instead. Bands of the view that this is all about turn out. This is about getting the base to the polls and people being excited and that they're, not excited they stay home now. I think that that could work places like Alabama. I think that the tough part of this is, if you start GEO piece of a war which ban is doing more,
Lee, there's gonna, be a ton of republican candidates running all across the country, specially for the house that are seen as more establishment candidates that have been in Washington for a long time that have done whatever Mitch, Mcconnell and Paul Ryan told them and you're sitting there running and the Republican the saying. Oh, we only want to vote for the crazies and there's a bunch of Mcconnell and Ryan stooges around there. They might have a turnout problem and that it might depressed like Steve, abandons crusade, might depress turn out in raises where their establishment republican and that could be good. But I actually dont know if a lot of these superfluous right lunatics and of what Primaries. If that is, I can't hell, that's good for us are bad for us. Politically. Cutting out for Congress is going to depend on the state and the other thing. That is the reason why these primaries might be how
for to Us- is that only saw that so much amount of money to go around and every day. The inner a sea has to spend to try to protected our republican incumbent is just a dollar they're, not gonna, be able to spend two b. Democrat right, yeah and so I think that is good for Democrats in the short term. If we win these seeds, it's bad for the country. If we don't ask me it's a fascinating dynamic for a party to it, at each other that neither the Democrats are the picture of unity right now far from it, but we are much more unified and coherent than the party in power which is as it is. That is the opposite of political republicans. One everything all up and down the ballot they control every lever in power in Washington and
they're trying to destroy each other? When you have the president's chief strategy, former chief at a month removed from the White House running an aggressive campaign, against the Senate Majority leader, whom Donald Trump depends on to pass his agenda. Is it's a pretty crazy thing to be in this situation this early in the trunk presidency? Yeah, this is interesting, is Roy, more said that if he was in the Senate, he would have voted against Graham Cassidy because it socialize medicine. So he also get you gonna get a bunch of purists. In there and causing trouble like ran Paul. His cause trouble on the right from external or TED crews, MIKE Lee and that actually can make it harder for Mcconnell to do things like repeal Obamacare so that could be a silver lining of this as well. But again, I want my more in the fucking. U S, Senate that guy's a maniac! Now it's unfair! It's embarrassing bite
but our troubles president, so everything's, embarrassing, everything's Biden want one other thing on this: the you don't Steve vans. Gonna. Take all the credit for this, but the person most responsible for Roy, more winning is Donald Trump, big has even though endorse Luther strange and set a number of awkward tweets about how great clinical big Luther was. He spending most of his time, attacking the Republican Senate majority and attack him and so he was actually making a case against the establishment candidate. Eighty percent of time in a case for the establishment. Can it twenty percent of the time, and so he is crucial. Did this situation where he is turned his voters against the establishment and I think is an interesting dynamic to look at both for eighteen is Trump is on
at least in this case, unable to get his voters to vote for the establishment and and would show some limits to his power and open question. As aware, if some of these primaries happen and the establishment candidate winds are. Voters who have been told by you ve, been in and by Donald Trump himself, that Jeff Lake Herbal Dean Helen, Terrible are those words be willing and twenty eighteen to turn out to vote to election establishment to title Republican, whose where these the Donald Trump says it's terrible. I grew up trumpets and is more powerful than Trump as what we learned so what tax reform? Let's just for fine. Here, let's start with globalists, Goldman Gary Cones interview ABC this morning with George Stuff Annapolis he's
standing in front of the White House, Gary Cone, and he tell us definitely as this is a plan that solves for the Middle class festival solves for the middle class is a sort of phrase. The word solved, or is a phrase that you'd only here in Fucking Goldman Sachs Mohammed solves for the middle class and doesn't cut taxes on the rich. So then step monopolise as well that's obviously bullshit when you look at the numbers are stepping up. Can you guarantee that middle class families won't pay more in Gary? Comes as well. There is always an exception to every rule. He said can you guarantee that rich people or Donald Trump won't get attacks, cut Derek guns? I looked bubble and just it is the please go watch it. It is It is quite a performance by Gary Cone. I hope that this Goldman Sachs, negative cells, this foe, populous tax plan- Oliver, country, it would be wonderful, for us contentious is great moment and in the interview which is entirely split screen. So you looking arrogance face, business
entire time, which looks like you rather be anywhere bird banana telemedicine. He starts off ass with the typical wall. Street master of the universe swagger and in the middle of the interview it dawns on him that he is really screwed up, has no idea what he's doing and it's gonna be in big trouble. What the hell tromp, because you can fly on a private jet! You can build spare, you can be terrible job, but do not be bad on tv. That is the one mortals sin in Trump world any just as this work of utter pad. Hake, think that is it behind his eye in his eyes. Were there s a time, and it is, it is so much fun, don't I'll be back on tv, don't attack the president publicly force hiding with white nationalists and white supremacist Charlottesville, let's Gary's overdue, it's not a knock over him, so this is,
five point: eight trillion dollar tax cut they want to their seven tax brackets. Now they want to consolidate them into three at twelve percent: twenty five percent: thirty five percent tax bracket that that that lower tax Bracket is by the way higher than now. So that's a higher tax bracket for lower income people- the Trump Administration claimed they make up for it with by doubling the standard deduction, seems that math is little fuzzy, which we can talk about later. The corporate rate would go from thirty five percent to twenty percent. The tax deductions people take would largely disappear, including for state and local taxes. Basically, only clarity and some of the mortgage deduction is kept for in Income made by american companies will be tax free, how's, that for in America, first policy the estate way. Six say that again, that's right! Damn, if you're a company that makes your company american company that decides to go,
overseas to make a bunch of money which I would also presume but would take jobs from states you now can get a tax break for doing so America, First Donald Trump, the estate tax would be abolished. And judge. Barrow has got a couple great pieces about this text plan he dug into them found that moderate to upper moderate income families who take itemised duck and will pay more in taxes. So basically this is a increase for many ordinary families to pay for tax cuts for the rich. That is a true statement and that to me political problem for the Republicans in the tribe ministration, with this plan it doesn't mean they won't pass it Does anyone have the votes deposit, but it is certainly a messaging challenge. It is a message Challenge, as we say in the business he has hit, is also substantive way. Absolutely shitty, it is,
We think the thing how things are interesting about this one? Is there much like Graham Cassidy, you're trying to sell this on a big lie with both Trump and Gary Cone, saying that the wealthy would not get attack break. That is simply an obviously not true. They would get a huge tax breaking. This is a very important point that Joseph Annapolis nailed Gary Conan, who apparently deeds our preference interview, because there were two questions that have happened in every interview about the release of every single tax plan by every Republican since the beginning of time. Although they are not going to tax increase and while the wealthy benefit and if you're, not gonna pay for those questions, don't even ask where the interviews taking place, but tromp has himself on multiple occasions. Both in the his tax reform event speech on Wednesday in Indiana, and then I think on Twitter.
Has said that he would not get attacks from this. Now we don't know that for sure in the sense that he doesn't releases tax, returns but we know that for sure very long audits very aware, one of the one of the longest most ok audits in history, Donald from taxes, some somehow a campaign at the mother were by Mahler, might try yeah? No Emily Jasper made the point that, police in the Bush administration when they tried to sell their tax cuts. They basically said this is a tax cut for everyone, and it was a tax cut that was enormously tilted towards the wealthy. That didn't pay for that. We ve been paying for four years, and you know we all think it was awful on the democratic side, but they got to go out there and be honest in using the statement, everyone gets a tax cut. These guys are, like you, said
starting. This whole thing on a lie, which is the middle: that solving for the middle class and enrich people, don't get it Scott, when that is provable untrue this because, once again they don't give a fuck about the truth. Bitches They ve been begging to lie to you and get away with it because they have many times before we noticed that is the silver lining in the cat and the Graham Cassidy fact is: they try to lie it didn't thanks and most in most parts of Jimmy Kimmel using his platform NEA. They were able to convince people of the actual truth and it didn't we through the media credit I will say it was treated. As he said. She said, Jimmy Kimmel says: pre existing conditions are not covered Don't Cassidy says they are? It was treated. It was very done did a good job of saying This is the truth: Your Cassius aims not the truth and
the earliest, either both in this half an opposite of your theory, cobalt and also the coverage of of that. The role of tax reform at the media has done a good job in the outset. Here of saying that that is not true of the other thing is The site is vague, recollection of. Away. Key sad I'd, p, the Ex doing gentlemen from Wisconsin. Believing that our deficits were control. We were hurtling towards a Greek like crisis five point. Eight trillion dollar tax got he now. You now proposes how are they pay for this either commiserate tax increases and cuts to the federal budget? Yes. Well there paid for some of it I think all but may be two or three trillion dollars with tax increases. Moderate to permit muttered a moderate upper moderate income families by taking away people's deduction
particularly state local deductions. That is how they're gonna pay for some of this. The rest. Just as in the USA, to the tree and with a t t That's a big number. Ok, we have no my own. We have no money for your health care, though medicate is out of control. We must cut medicate it's out of control the does he it, is a weird world. The live it way. I just don't understand the republic in passion for this issue, and, like I understand why rich people want tax That makes complete sense to me curious, imagined, you're, just like a staffer on Capitol Hill and every day. What what makes you get up early happen. The metro work hard for less. Or you could, or the private sector is just tat cut taxes for corporations. What what a life that it I mean I'm guessing. They would tell you that the government,
time, they spend your money fox it up, they wasted and that should everyone should keep all their money and rich people pay more taxes right now? And so, when you, when you decide, dismantled government and send it back to people obviously rich people, companies are gonna, get more because pay more now and then what really hate is government. You know crushing our freedom by doing things like giving people healthy parents building roads, building school, that's it that's! Why would they would say? I guess that's their argument. It's an argument that does not have a large constituency this country, any more Paul Ryan? its Mcconnell and Gary cons him to be the last people who believe that Steve Ban in Wordpress We tell you that that idea, that belief, doesn't he much currency among the Republican based today we tell you that it certainly doesn't hold me currency among the democratic base today. But there are these.
Some of them, were never Trump Republican. Some of them are just republican establishment figures in Washington who are still peddling. Go down economics, get The government give everyone a huge tax cut as not just an economic policy that they, leave in, but you know a politically wise thing to do and I think that they are wrong. If you haven't, you haven't been able to tell yeah- I guess we're leaving I'd say, is that there is an irony trump promoting this because This political success was identifying the gap between where the republican bases and the Pro Wall Street Pro wealth the policies of the republic in establishment right, but he only he didn't, but he's an idiot of dairy ban and identify bat, Donald Trump a cable news viewer who just yells at the tv and then became president and is now being pushed around by Gary Canada.
Goldman Sachs executives, who were to give big tax cuts just like he was pushed around by Steve Ban and the other people who wanted him. Report immigrants, the guys, working more and he doesn't know what he's doing he's just going from tweet to tweet and yelling at Foxen friends, all that his wife, he does have a set of core beliefs which are basically around. And inciting racial grievances forces and girls, but that's correct, but as a core belief. Ok, when we can We will talk to the Senate minority leader, Chuck tumor, but there there is brought to you by Harry's parents? all about a great shave at a fair price. Why? Over three million guys have switched to Harry's Harry
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tom they hit tv, show the top political drama to new heights returns as fall for new season of high stakes, action, intrigue and heated personal relationship. You know the funny thing is about Congo. Designated survivor is that it's all based around the thing that happens in the first episode and then, after he's, just the press you know your wife to show its quota. I we watch the first reason why, designated survivor John, what is designated survivor? Glad you asked it's a real thing: state of the union, one cabinet member, is kept in a secret, secure location in the event of a national catastrophe, the Wife'S- government the designates a virus one as the president rises, as I think you do now. Tom price is how this was occasion is, is a mere jet setting go. Have tea with his son was as this was what answers your pilot question if President Kirk by bringing the country back from the worst attack in. U S, history was hard he's about to find out. The governing the country is even harder. There's your answer. He has
new political director. Brilliant white has council in a bold new british and my six age, enjoying the team any as kelp hen. Its to be like the West wing on steroids, new conflicts, new adversaries in new obstacles will make season two of designated survivor more captivating than ever. That tagline reminds me of the Sopranos tagline, which is it family doesn't care on the other. Well, up the of every new episodes, Wednesday, ten, nine central on ABC Nine Central, we are very lucky to welcome back to the programme. This minority leader, Chuck tumor centres humor? How are you great to be on John left time. We I was on the show, your on your honeymoon, I hope everything's workin out great it is. It is working. Well. Thank you. He still married said asked yes. Well, so far, they listen just I performed marriage. In my life there would divorce. Ten months later, I am never performing another
no, I just before my first a couple weeks ago, so who play a track record. So you have come out against this tax proposal, from Donald Trump as give away to the rich, the White House been courting Senate Democrats anyway, how do you keep the cock as united as you did during the healthcare battle, well, that the great question- and it's a very big challenge for us, but the bottom line is first learning what This plan is, and the more people learn about the plan, the more they dislike it. We had forty five of the fort He ate Democrats sign a letter that had three watchwords: one no tax breaks for the top one percent and I would add to that wealthy and powerful corporations as well, and I can talk about each of those second, we don't wanna increase deficit spending and third, we
I want them to do it in a bipartisan way, in other words, not reconciliation, how they tried to jam healthcare through, but do it with us, they are violating all three on the first day, this is a tax plan aimed at the wealthiest people. They it's almost a polity, it's hard to believe they after saying Donald Trump, Donald Trump, not telling the truth about it.
When neither is Gary Cooper, neither Steve Mnuchin- and I think, certainly manoeuvring and kono know it. They know they're not telling the truth. Given their financial background amazing, they said they would not help the wealthiest people. The right now goes down from thirty nine six to thirty five, but amazingly, unsurprisingly, an awfully. They raise the top right on working class people, the poorest of people from ten to twelve. They have these past throughs for wealthy corporations, big hedge funds, fancy law firms where people will pay no corporate tax and only twenty percent. It's it's a disgrace and listen to this one, the more kid
You have the more taxes you pay if your middle class family, because while they are doubling the standard deduction, that's twelve thousand five hundred they're eliminating the individual deduction, and that is four thousand of person. So if you're a family of three you break even and if your family of four you pay more taxes, middle class families, even in just about any state who have a lot of kids, let me tell you this is an anti Mormon bill. It's an anti orthodox jewish bill in this sense that these family, these people have lots of kids and they're losing those deductions. Second, deficit reduction, it estimated that this goes five to seven trillion dollars and hears. We know what they'll do five to seven trillion in deficit reduction. When Bush did his tax cut in two thousand one
two thousand and three within a year they said Og, the deficit is so bad. What can I have to cut entitlements we're going to have to cut social security, these safety NET Medicare Medicaid and they tried to do it? No, that was one of my first ventures with Harry Reid and we stopped them. That's what's going to happen inside by the rules of the cows and set it. They could actually invoke sequestration, which would be automatic cuts and some of those entitlements and third they're trying to do this under this reconciliation, which means they get no democratic votes. So this is an awful plan and I just make one more points here and I'm sorry to go on, but this is so important for your listeners to hear they say it's going to create jobs. You know reducing the tax on corporations will create jobs well and will create economic growth. Two examples one
corporate Amerika. The top corporations in America, are making more profit than ever right now and paying a smaller percentage of taxes on those profits than they ever have they not creating many jobs right now. Eighty in tee wants this tax break girl, Randal Stevenson talked about it. A tea in tee is making record profits, has more money that they're just keeping their and has cut something. Like eight out of me the exact number about eighty thousand jobs, and then we have the great state of India of her Kansas conservative State, SAM Brown back right wing governor gets in and they cut taxes dramatically and they predicted gonna cause huge growth. There was such a huge deficit that they just had to Greece taxes. As I recall, the same thing happened with Ronald Reagan.
In two in nineteen eighty one, eighty two cutting corporate taxes cutting individual taxes on wealthy people does not create jobs with corporations. It means they do stop by backs increase the salaries of the wealthiest people do dividends, all of which goes to the top ten percent and the top one percent in particular. This is fallacy put out by right wing girl, think tanks who are just interested in Greece. Getting paying less taxes themselves, but it will not create jobs so nor foregrounds grounds, no good, senator how, in the rob era. One of the challenges is the fact that they simply lie about the policy. So, as you mentioned Gary Cone this morning, on ABC, saying that the wealthy do not get a tax break down a trumpet said several times since this blank him out that he would not get a tax break when all the reports
when all the analyses it s? Actually not you? How do you have a debate around a policy when, when your opponent simply lie about it, it with no regard for consequences, war inevitable, yet well? First, we gotta call em out for it. Here's what I said about Gary Column on the floor of the house for the Senate today. He also said the administration believes it can quote. It quote: can pay for the entire tax cut through growth by using a dynamic, scoring model I said Jerry Cone comes from Goldman Sachs if he used the kind of funny math at Goldman Sachs. The way you in Washington, he'd, be kicked out of the pre would have been kicked out of the firm a long time ago. He should know better, and he does know better he's just saying it so we're gonna call have what there's did their way of characterizing. Some of this fake math present says: there's fake news will right here. This fact
math, but second, the public is is is on our side already about. Seventy percent of the people believed the tax code favours the wealthy and a similarly, not quite as a number, but a very high number believe that President trumps tax planned this was before it came out would favour the wealthy. So what we need to do frankly is replicate what we did with healthcare. We in and outside strategy and an inside strategy. The outside strategy is for all of the concern groups and not just their groups, who focus on tax and fiscal issues, but if you're, a health care group and they cry and they pass, this will be such a huge deficit, healthcare Obi slashed. If your group that provides food to pee if you're, a group that depends on infrastructure and road drove? All of this will be slashed if this plan passes and whether we were alert everybody to this. If the public is against this, as they were against Trump care, it'll be defeated,
and that will help unify us at home in our more moderate states, as you mentioned, and I think even these three who do signed a letter are very strong fiscal hawks. They don't want the deficit increased, a knave stated that several times and if they see that the public sees that the Donald Trump is not telling the truth about this and what the plan is. We will succeed. So we have to get the truth out. The public is inclined to believe us, but if we rest, if we're complacent, if we think well, we want health care. We can relax one we could lose because you're right they do. They myth characterize everything there doing, and this is an old issue for the hard right. The hard right, big, wealthy corporations, big rich people like the COPE brothers care more about reducing their taxes than anything else, and so they make it up. They hire these think tanks. You know that put out miles and miles of bs on how tax breaks will create jobs, and we just have to
Carter by sink the public's inclined, though, to be on our side cinder. You and Nancy Policy cut a deal with Donald Trump to push the fight over government funding in the dead sailing to the end of the year. You now have leverage in that fight, because the Republicans are going to need democratic votes to the debt sailing and to fund the government. What are you going to ask for us Republicans, I know obviously there's legit. Patient to give dreamers a path to citizenship and keep them in this country. Are you gonna do
racing on Obamacare. I could imagine you saying you know fully funding. The government means fully funding Obama CARE and make that a condition of the deal right. Ok, here are three things we did this deliberately because we want to increase our leverage in lucky. Luckily enough of the american people, we were able to succeed. The first is not just the dreamers animal. We want the full dreamers act, not some cut back thing. In other some talk. Let dreamers become citizens, but they can't bring their parents in I've never had two classes of citizens in America is probably one of the most major things that distinguishes us from Europe. People come to Europe, they work, they can leave the country come back, but they never feel they'll be part of Germany or France or ITALY. In America, immigrants have always felt they could become full fledged Americans. We can't change that, so we don't cut back on dreamers, but we also are adamantly opposed to the wall. You know I live in Brooklyn. You guys know
and I see the statue of liberty out my window. I live on the tenth floor of apartment building, that's the symbol of America. Can you imagine welcoming people saying bring us your poor, your tire, you're, wretched masses, sino, remember the rest of it either anyway, can you imagine if that symbols or was replaced by a big wall, what that would say to the world so, on the whole issue of immigration in immigrants, we want to get the dreamers full Dreamer act on, but we want to prevent these bad things, including things again: sanctuary cities and more and we'd fine internal enforcement. Second thing we want to do is stabilize Obamacare a dossier. We would like to certainly see cost sharing made permanent and long.
There are other changes such as reinsurance provisions that can help stabilize Obama care and deal with people who have very high medical expenses, and so there there are some things we would want to do to help stabilize Obamacare. That would be number two. A number three is a good budget. You know they propose slashing in the house, particularly so many, whether it be food stamps more funding for EPA funding for education for infrastructure. They propose slashing all of it and it's not just you know things the things that they say. Oh the liberals love this. I mean they cut transportation funding, which has generally been a bipartisan type issue. So we can restore all of those and get a good budget which is our third go. And that, concomitant with that, is eliminating poison pill, riders, anti labour, Anti environmental, anti choice, anti women
environmental rights, Anti old BT riders, which they put in there. We can get out the leverage of the debt ceiling and having all of this come together at once, should really but that's our goal, since she was just take us in the room all about. What's it like to negotiate a deal with tromp and you have any concerns about blow back from the democratic base about being seen working with Europe well here has always been my principle, and that is this. I am not going to obstruct for its own sake, but I am not going to compromise for its own sake. Either got be guided by our internal gyroscope. Our principles
so if he, for instance, comes round to our view on dreamers which Nancy and I were able to persuade him of in that meeting, fine will work with them. He says he needs border security while we're not against border security were not against, were totally against. A wall were against all kinds of very invasive type things and internal enforcement. But you know more drones or better roads along the border. That probably would be worth it in terms of getting a full dreamer act. So that's what we and we have been generally. There has been almost huge acceptance of both our deals because we ve stuck to our principles. How'd you get in the like. You I heard he's a big fan hurry. I already thinks you're you're more fun to talk to you than Mitch. Well, that's a low bar, not that I say anything bad about Mitch, but he's he's little quieter than may shall we say lower, but in any case
you know, I'm in New York and I talk right out, and I tell him where I think he's wrong. Here's how I opened up our meeting the second time I said, Mr President, he invited us to come to the White House. President right, you gotta go so I said mister presenters, huge distrust among our Caucasus, meaning Nancy and me are party and our constituents and our people because all kinds of things you ve done like the Muslim Ban like doing health care in a partisan way like what happened at Charlottesville and you you know towards for us to get some trust back with our constituents. You ve gotta do some things and dared to get bad for you to get any trust with all but your base. You need to do some things and we propose dreamers and the other thing we actually proposed was stabilizing health care which we talked about.
Minutes on the health care when he didn't bite it. So that's going to work, and I have to fight for that in the December budget, but on dreamers he seemed genuinely. He said that you know that he understood that they didn't come in through any fault of their and that their good Americans, good kids and then he said he wants the wall in return and we said no, no war. Mr President, no Wall- and he tried that for about fifteen minutes, but Oh he's he's not gonna push me around verbally or any other way, and he finally said. Okay, we won't do the war will do some other kind of border security and we suggested that a general Kelly, his chief of staff, Nancy Staff in my staff, negotiate something other haven't negotiated much since then, and he got a load blow back. From the right wing. I think one of those commentators Laura Ingalls Hammer Coulter called him Amnesty Donald, one from cold from to be impeached, so they ve slowed down on it
but we're trying to get the those negotiations going again and I do think he wants to help the dreamers, but I also think there's not many people around him who want to get that done, so it sort of slow us down, but we're gonna keep at it because it so important but negotiating with them. What I find is I go right back at him as a new Yorker. He saw the seems to enjoy that were alarmed. We hope you continue these these tough negotiations and get a good deal at the end of the year, and thank you so much for coming back on the programme will have to have again after the next deal, may accession. Well, thank you and thanks for the good job you do. It is my daughters who turned me onto your show when they are twenty,
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You ve heard this before post mates is the one were using for delivering were not used, were using the catch up and we're using postmen does the one that we use the zones are you should use. You know that Iceland may rely postmen. That's all I can say postman. On the positive host with friends like these, Honorary Cox welcome hello, hello, hello, hello? It is be here, who will you be speaking with for this week's episode? It is the live. Show that I did with Michael Steel former are and see Chairman Andy. Asked Lieutenant Governor Maryland, has ever had at least of the one who is both blackened Republican. Definitely the best and he was awesome. He was, he was real crowd pleaser. He's funny guy. Where will you show record this? Oh gosh, and whenever the name it It goes in the Texas Student Union Garden is awesome whose grey
it was. It was ninety two degrees, but not in the studio in studios fairly call cool, but it was very warm and Austin, which I don't mind. I don't I don't warps, but I can tell you that was nationalism, Michael Sylvan, entertain a guy. I river I'd be interested in their conversation this Google, I governor and there There have only been nine so he's in the cabin can't catholic anytime. I might have some say about. It- is definitely in the top ten, that's for sure deadline. It was really find me. We talked about. We talked about the you know, protests we talked about Rachel resentment and economic anxiety in I guess I'll preview just a bit, which is that he came a little down harder on the economic anxiety argument that I would have expected. Yeah. You still republican. Basically, I mean you know that
still is he hasn't and he says you know he hasn't torn up his his voter registration, yet he's not there yet. So we talk about that, it was lost was getting better selling the ambient getting better selling a ship. That was a great pitch. I'm gonna! Listen you ain't here, so you guys about something that I know it, This morning. I didn't see the statement yesterday, but Trump attacked Facebook yesterday it said he in a face: it's always been anti trump, and then you know they they colluded with the New York Times in Washington, post and everyone else against him. I don't, I don't think he knows what the word cohesion means just keeps He was using the wrong way, so apes are trumpet, then tweet out and then later in the day, we get a statement from Mark Zuckerberg that he puts on Facebook and it starts every day,
worked to bring people together and build a community for everyone. We hope to give people a voice and create a platform for all ideas. Fine, nice, lovely great, then Zuckerberg goes on to say trumps as Facebook is against him. Liberal say we help trump. Both sides are up about ideas and content. They don't like that's what running a platform for all ideas looks like. Is that what it looks like jump in here. You know it's not so much. The liberals say that Facebook help Trump is that FBI, intelligence agency, and that a lot worse he days they abetted russian trolls. That's what the situation is like its outlay liberals running around saying anything except you know pointing to intelligence agency reports. So there's that I mean off. Obviously, lake he's running
I thought this was the worst example of in a kind of what about Isms. Both sides. Ism did the I've heard in quite a while It I mean it's like a very silly. In Valley ethos, which is, if you talk, lotta people there a lot of people in tech companies, sometime early sort of leaders, tech companies, there there's a lot of you, think about politics. I think there's just silly partisanship on both sides and if we can only get rid of that- and you know disrupt politics and government with technology, all the problems would be solved and slick, pays them attack, we used to call that read the news that fruit fruit, opium autism, when I forwarded in Silicon Valley for briefly during one of the dot com booms yeah, I dont know if he's visited book lately, but the whole everyday. I work to bring people together,
I don't know- I mean that's, that's not my facebook feed and about you guys. And now again I get He believes that this is you know it. The most important thing about Facebook is to keep it. This, keep it as a platform that anyone can use at its the expression of ideas that they don't want to censor things Balboa. Yes, that is separate, and apart from foreign an adversary using the platform to disrupt an election it's like liberals. Both sides are upset about ideas content they don't like liberals, another. Complaining that Republicans are posting. You know please embrace Donald Trump, so and tax plan to lower the marginal re. That's no one's upset about Thou said that, like you know, there's there's pose about how possessed, is running a child porn ring. You know, that's the that's the Fettes. The content were upset about
their posts is not registered. Difficulty permit approach does not true of those. I think the other. You are right that part of the elderly are part of the Silicon Valley either. Certainly pre tromp was in politics is trivial and we need to do is focused on changing the world. Did you either? hey there's a utopian censor, There is also this awkward Dan, states aware that a lot of people in Silicon Valley go through because they are liberal, The people who work for them are the broth. All of their neighbours are liberal. Yet they have conservative customers or users like Facebook in so Facebook, in a situation where this Eddie state was incredibly tone deaf and its. It is the work defensive actions ever its The rapporteur say that drivers insane, which is well aware,
of conservative leader reader, say unto liberal out of liberal reader say african service. Therefore, I must be doing everything right. Like the Goldilocks defence yeah, it's like a fucking Bull Simpson panel. I meet the press. There the challenge for Facebook is pretty there, which is more in any other tech company except Google them air platform is used by everyone, and so it is not. They do not one of these companies, whether it's like you were or others have. A more our views more in cities that are worth if you were to pull their users. It would be more liberal that conservative, because it be younger, who are more level, that conservative facebook everyone's on Facebook, all these trompe born facebook, Forty seven percent, a the company that thirty percent of the country that loves tromp they're all on Facebook and they have figure out how to wrestle with that. With with that in a way they don't they decide.
Enough to handle that causes are incredibly complicated, political message and challenge and they're not up to that. Then it's love two things I came in here with me. I just I remember those dogs in their going bananas, specifically Lee. I was the one you can hear and then also very good. Bake anew Fucking Barker there you go on down the bar there again, not taking ready on higher at company. You won't every employee avail. Hungary will tell you exactly what's going on my goodness me, because I think this is take us to a staff meeting. Their lack of you know this is the problem. You're not relate above all, in these moments you go off a memo. People don't care about which dog did. While you know LEO Large, pounded bark, but the bottom line is dogs are barking and we just need to change your, although it's gonna tell on the matter of Facebook, I also think that that something lower, what's your opinion on what other fixed attic we're off. We wanted. We wanted to know that's why we asked it
someone asked it rang heard right that hurt. All I was going to say is I don't care? I was going to say is that there is a kind of like there's. There's a strain of of Silicon Valley, that sort of cosmopolitan conservative in that they really don't have a go home like their prey. Gay there there there in a kind of liberal epicenter, but their pilot like if there, The world in which you could believe in rotarian like anti government policies and be pro gain. If there is a big american party that was a home for that kind of thinking. I think they're there'd be a lot of these. And of whatever Rockefeller Silicon Valley Conservatives, but they dont, so there and simply liberals, but the name. You know, that's it. I think that's right. I didn't. They also get they are more scared of the right. Publicans yelling at them for being liberal than they are far from above the left yelling at them. I just think that's. I think that they probably get more complaints. Emmy, remember like the trending topics is
with Facebook, and they invited, like all these republican strategy, some consultants to Facebook to tell them like how wrong they were. You know think checker, Karlsson, England, back right yeah. I also want to say think another problem that Silicon Valley has in terms of how they view their role is that they dont you their role. Lake yogi things were their platforms as public utility, as these impartial areas. Lino of towns that are like town squares were any one can say anything in their duty is to just make sure that the there's some kind of level playing field. Everyone is equal access, but that's a lie. These are not public utilities and also not. Everyone has equal access and also the way these forums are constructed. You know Thou Ino privileges, some voices over others and the way that these in o their policed privileges, some voices over others. Your twitter and Facebook habits have abuse problems that
are sort of systematically unable to really address it's. Definitely. By making longer tweets nor we should bring twitter notice because Twitter has it. Do you The same kind of a different kind of abuse promise, but they're they're, serious abuse problems as well. No I think I think you're exactly right. Am I dont. I understand they look they like to think of himself platforms only the truth as they are, media companies and media companies have certain responsibilities. I get their challenge, which is that it is a slippery slope and it is very hard to cure eight an editor, When will it without going into? You know we're gonna police free speech, but they have to figure out a way to do it the Israel, not telling a yellow liberals now- and I also want to point out that one thing this maybe to me the most terrifying part of of this conspiracy- is that you know they didn't make us races
and divisive right. They just weapon. I told listing sentiments and here. They are the ones that shouted fire in a crowded theater, but where the ones that over pack, the theater and like didn't, build any fire exits and so in all our eyes, and I and they would say that- and they are right about that. I actually would know. I think that's that's mostly right, but I think it's a little bit also. You know you know you pulled it, you're on the gun but got, but that, but the trigger pulls your finger to. It is true that that that Twitter and Facebook exposes lot of Anna and hatred and racism. That was there to meet the third the surface, but there is also a part of these that the way these platforms are built. That makes it easy and simple to kind of snowball these ideas, and- and so you know, there are plenty of people out there using twitter just to espouse race hideous Ting has taken a racist persona online, because it's fine in their angry in their bid, anonymity, anonymity and also address that in their personal life. In there
Private life would never engage in that kind of conduct and by virtue of the fact that they ve been, doing this online for so long it has changed them and made them more. Like the person that they became when they started Sweeneys heinous things to begin with the US, because it is a couple things happening here, which is why, in Facebook, in particular has grown so big so fast that the people at Facebook have do not know what has happened be raising the platform, they obviously never imagined a world right where Russia kid you their add buying system and essentially use the algorithm that fuels the platform to push to intervene in our election in a malicious, why they had never occurred to them. They were not prepared for that and so big that they don't know that when, make their statements about what is happening. What's happened. They don't really know the answer, which is why they had to revise them
proto, like all like twelve times now, and there is a much bigger question that is true: both Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, a bow It's ok, it's sort of an existential question around how these algorithms, which which predict what were interested in and then double and triple down on that. How at a fixed the human mind right? Were you because it creates the impression that everyone feels the way you feel because it showing you only the things people who feel now. That's also the out of the user, who is making a set of choices that these are the things they want. Like now It means the same challenge that when we yell at ABC news or embassies are CBS like. Why are you waiting with the weather instead of health care or tax policies because we'll watch, whether right so it's the editor it's also the fault of the people that they are making a cent
your choosing, this sort of life over a different sort of life for your exposed, a different ideas, is a tough one, but anyway follow us on Facebook and Twitter. There were those very much like those very much like who boy twitter. I don't remember ok? Well, everyone? I think I think we're ready for the outer ready for the outer music I'm never. I am never ready for any every without ever not ready, pay out everyone. Everyone check out audits episode with Michael Steel, we're about to go to recording a lover, leave it this evening. Oh yes to the area, Thursday early that's, exciting and exciting? And you know we'll see you will see the recipe and please stay here, donate to Porto Ego, people, incredible need right now it is a going to be a humanitarian disaster and
They need help. Is your Americans, who don't have electricity they dont have self service. Food and water are getting worse now, yeah, it's a dire cohesion there. If you gotta global, giving dot org you can control, and and help our fellow Americans importer Rico, so please do that and that's it. That's all the time we have to act, we'll talk you guys later by and by airline position.
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