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Trump's relatively tame week on Twitter, his orders on deportations and transgender policies, and the growing activism at town halls. Then Ana Marie Cox joins Jon and Dan to talk about her new Crooked Media podcast, With Friends Like These.

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Welcome to plug save America. John Federal IBM Pfeiffer onto it, pod are guess, we'll be MTV honorary Coxe, who is also the host? the brand new crooked media podcast with friends like these, Is that launches tomorrow, with like these, the show about what divides us and we're gonna talk to Anna Maria do a bit more about the new I can see that we are very excited about get stuff Dan is? surely crooked media's, Honorary Cox now MTV would feel about that, but sure will say that yeah broadcasts what you do we want. Yet we can say we want here. Also everyone if he gives you miss it yesterday tune into this week's pod. Save the world, Tommy has LISA Monaco on this, she was are counterterrorism adviser in the Obama administration and so she's gone
to scare the shit out of you so give that give that a good lesson. The I had Tranquillise America, which was insurgents go last week, and it was the day before. Ah harward Opt out and she was like guy he's great. I feel good about this two hours later I felt less good stood aside. Also a reminder that if you are a liberal activist, paying a protest her to go to disrupt rally here, a town hall, Should you square cash, swift, gashes thee, the simplest way to pay people back friends, family coworkers, sending receiving money is totally free and fast most payments can be deposited directly to your. Bank account in just a few seconds you anchored credit card or you're dead card. You select amount to send taken a friend's phone. Email address they get in. If occasion they receive the money, that's it so download the free square, for I owe us or Android today are right in our right. Let's do it
Let's do this so question. The pivot finally arrived. I headed a question. I can't even do it seriously because I don't have it has arrived, but I will I will that some of our some of our pundit friends based in oil, Clinton have have said this. This week they ve put the evidence that may be a baby. The trouble illustration has turned a corner where you think with the evidences trumpet treated less yes, alleys. Evidence that The evidence is he only sent to crazy tweets this week, one about swedish immigration that ended with a not joke and one that was based on a Fox news segment about the town hall meetings. So I guess the second, our direction, which is here too crazy with this week are two more than any president has previously set ever that's I mean yes, I guess the EU. Could you could point to the appointment of Lieutenant General Hr Mc Master as thee.
As the new national security adviser as something that is. I mean he removed some one that was completely fucking crazy from the job General Michael Flynn and and replace them with You know someone who is by all accounts, Non ideological. You know praise by law. The Republic and have had worries about tromp like Mackay general matters like some and he spoke be reorganising the National Security Council, so that you know the director of National and allegiance CIA there positions and unprincipled committee meetings are restored there. You know, so I don't know. I guess That's it. Someone hopeful probably reduces the chance that we all Dinah Nuclear Apocalypse by maybe a percentage point, or do they were grasping at straws. Here, let like, I think, I think, what it true, Is it feels like the last? The four weeks prior to this is four weeks ago. If I can
Ben seemed insane like every two minutes. Something crazy was happening. Tromp was tweeting, something Kelly and Conway was making up, you know met, Mass massacres, Steve and was during ask your cat like something crazy happened. Every ten minutes- and it was lucky exhausting this week- is felt like more normal wish. You know, have we been normalize? The point that trump insanity now feels? Ok, I don't know bad think them. Master thing is good news. Like has anyone ever been more appropriately name for the job, then each Irmak mass? So that's good! I you think it's worth pointing out your inner. You mention the reorganising the reorganising of the year. See that's what you're two Council Guerrero head. Did you see that, through the narrow times last night, talking about how we ended up in this place? Yes, they are they the Trump Administration reorganize, the annex c by accident,
yes, yes, I did they beheld the bush or charge which is it we're staying with that with human rights. Unless you forget that that was before nine eleven when the depart the director of national intelligence in the Department of Homeland Security did not exist. Right if such an interesting window ray it's like, obviously organization of the National Security Council by Obama must have been wrong. Let's not even look at it. Let's just go right now, to the Bush administration when, even though its like fifteen twenty years in the past, you know she s. That was crazy, Emmy, look, I think, I don't I don't give them any credit for this week at all. I think what they're trying to do is the pr people in the administration, the communications, people, the Kelly and Conway, is the people who think about politics. They probably recognised the growth.
Incompetence of the last month and thought can at least what can we at least put on a better? Can we put a better foot forward in terms of like you know our messaging and our politics and restraining the present United States from saying crazy shit. This week so we can go about are so we can push We continue to push our agenda, which is no means moderated or you know, pulled back or anything else so Emmy, like send him to the you know. He went to the Museum of african american history and culture. He said, slavery, man. That was a bad thing, the benefits we laughed so large and and then he he denounced antis them to them, because all those that graveyard had been desecrated- and you know took like a day for everyone. Does it wise in the present or the way has condemning this, and then you know Trump, finally,
when he was asked so good. I dont pence went to the cemetery in cleaned up, so that's good, but it's like You know, I think, first of all, I think it's taking all of their thinking, all the for they have to do this rate, like taking all their restraint, to sort of put on a normal face for a couple days. And there is a great story in politico about how they do this stories headlined how trumps campaigns to tried to keep him off twitter. The trick me sure his media diet included a healthy dose of praise. Did you read that story, did. I did its bit sickly description of how you manage a poorly behaved eat your old, I mean exactly imagining that the intention of how they wrote. It gets its.
Its does the similarities between trumpet an eight year old child in the story or so strong, and it's not like it's not fake news. They had six former campaign officials speak for the story. Many them on the record. And, basically what they said is when it turned campaign whenever a bad story about trumpet hit the campaign? Would then plant the good? version of that story and publications. Pray, Part Fox NEWS, Washington, examiner and the daily collar, and then once they their exact story that they wanted in one of those publication they would then bring the story is Trump and show him and they knew that they could sort of influence him because Trump Dozen, any news online. He only reads the print edition of the New York Times and wash cable news. That is the extent of his diet. Unless, at his news, unless one of his davers brings in a printed out copy of one of the stories they have placed in a friendly publication,
I have to say of a little jealous of that. We have managed Brok Obama's media diet that way, if I could just have controlled what he saw by based on what I brought to his death. That would have an awesome. Instead, he had an ip add access to the internet, almost adults, so he could renews. I know he did that everyone yeah hip prisoner vomit by the time we get his Ipad. You could say he would he would be like get line, and these seem like the most read stories, and you know if you would probably about it. When I would then, but there was a story that displeased he would let you know he would or if he had questions about. I was you now present Mama with gay, as our presence do would get movies on before their release, so we can watch them in the home. Yet ended the home theater, I was really convinced for a while there that he had to deal with the New York Times. We also got the news reformers released because the time between when it posted and when I would hear from sometimes was so short that it seemed it is physically impossible. Specifically David Brooks columns, I believe
I already know, even if that is what you're talking about a millimetre that you're gonna, say you're jealous because look people can make Are you in on the right that there is a liberal biased as a media outlets right, but even even even a media outlet likely Huffington Post, you could not have called SAM Stein, and said: Hey SAM but all these bedsores about Obama doing something. Can you read a good one? I just here, I'm just a dictate to you. What we want to say immense. What's the story than you bring it to a Burma, but can you imagine that happening now? minutes it there. It is absolutely possible. This is one of the real, challenges about being a progressive is that we don't have like a propaganda machine like the Republicans. Do, like they literally except of course, guy arrangement sits down the Hall Donald Trump and was basically were Trump media for the entire campaign and.
We know we certainly had. There are lots like can make lots of arguments strictly no way we're going. At a favourable coverage in. I think we also guide me and investigative stories, but we had nothing like weird there's. No one, I've ever known, I could call into to say, hey the boss, kind of grumpy. Could you had story about its work? Show it to him and then he'll, probably tweeted out. Would you be good for your traffic? which is why you informed crooked media eyes. Let's get Fettes look, makes them administration just call us. I will write about me. We're too, as it wrapped the story these days will have. It is talk, Madonna, podcast. You know, cavalry that no even we even we won't do that here and my other. We other best quote from that political story, as leaving him alone for several hours can prove damaging because he consumes much television like that is such a at it's funny
and also scary, like whose watching the president he's watching his watch too much television any might start a war. I mean it's bad it. It's also, we live in an era of great relevance There is more good tv to watch. Then we, So we have time for yeah like it. Have all these extra hours. I don't know the young Pope Loose lengthy, just like. Meanwhile, shine Hannity varying for eight hours a day. It is just but anyway, apparently this this has worked for this week. Maybe I don't know. I don't think that you can say that our work this week, I accuse it still pretty bad. You know It's ok, I think, like you, can't beat you be waiting around and saying, like, ok, Trump hasn't, even crazy. Philip twenty four hours. Maybe this is a sign of some like it's like Fuckin, Charlie Brown, with the football you know how many times have you gone down this path before, where people
as you know, is something crazy has never in a couple days that it means you know, but they ve turned over some new leaf and the White House come on. It's like never way like usually the periods of calm with tromp, are followed by crazy shit ever his leg tat. Seems like he's gotta should, together. All I don't know, what's pick a fight with the father, the decease. U S, service, member right right! You know at the heat really he's the nominee now I think, he's really You know he's gonna start pivoting to the centre. Oh, let's go, racist, ten day campaign against American born judge right like right like something something is coming right. There's a good chance. It could be tomorrow when he speaks at sea pack is good, Is it could be right now or on this package I have twitter up, so it is not happening at this exact minute about which we now and when you Listen to it. There's a good hit, a chance. Things are going off the rails
I did say that during the at that the pull spray at the top of the manufacturing meeting with sea as this morning transferred by asking email to tell the story about the time that they were golfing together and from a hole in one just a year hey you, I brought you here, tell that story about the tenant school, so debit in in all seriousness. There is a lot of evidence that nothing has changed and, in fact, some of the actual policy moves. The Trump administration is making are we are only just getting worse. There's no new travel ban this week they delayed the announcement of the yet the revised travel ban, but the reports are the base, The only thing that's changing. That ban is that they're, probably going to exempt green card, Holders makes or that no one's caught up. You know, while there too owing to the United States,
and are you know they're not gonna, explicitly say that you can't accept syrian refugees, but in practice you know the details Bobby slow it down to determine to a trickle or to nothing. So the bans not getting much better story about the Department of Homeland Security preparing to carry out trumps executive order on deportations was fairly horrifying going on there basically used to be that only undocumented immigrants. Convicted of serious crimes would be deported now, just about every document it emigrant is at risk of being deported, we're seeing these rights all over the country Terminal action plans to spend more taxpayer dollars in a larger deportation force, maybe up to a hunter thousand more ice agents spend more money on detention facilities to enlist list local power, these officers as enforcers, and they want to speed up deportee
and so that there's no trial first, pretty bad shape, free that so they went to said everyone back to Mexico. Even If there are not from Mexico I mean it's lay. If we're going to send you to a close, a country that has fewer white people, every drop you off their and secretaries did tellers in and secretary of Homeland Security, Kelly, went to Mexico yesterday and genes basic gets up with them. Thing, which everyone by the way said, is his best briefing ever Johns making the rivers briefing said. We have phenomenal relations with Mexico and others stories that they got a horrible reception when they got to Mexico in Mexico said absolutely not where we take. We take your deportations that aren't even mexican citizens so really would have an argument with the end Frank center. I denied in here this whole story. Please he's told me what happened here. So the break centre was quickly critical,
drugs response to it. I you know, including what happened this at the cemetery in Saint Louis and Chuck shines. Miser was basically, ask them for not being more complimentary, trumps long time It's a Friday, Semitism I think you're just razors confusing trumps effort to fight Anti Semitism with hiring an anti semite as his chief went out strategist, I mean for Shod Sean Not more shine chose this life yet no force adults but the it the deportation. Is really scary. I mean a story. Yesterday they had a woman from El Salvador who was diagnosed with a brain tumor under the custody immigration and custom enforcement was dragged out of a Texas hospital and returned to a detention centre. I mean you know,
I was this morning troubles like we're getting a lot of bad deeds out of his country like oh, is that is that the bad that you're trying to get out of this country. I just I don't know what to do about this, where people can do about this, because you know that the it does have a lot of latitude on who he can deport and unjust, lotta latitude over immigration laws in general, so you know, I think we're gonna keep publicizing these stories, because if people think that these deportations are anything, like the deportations that went on under the Obama administration, which look we deported. The people we tried to narrow the politicians, to people who committed serious criminal offences, now you're, seeing like parents ripped apart from their children in Vienna, the domestic abuse victim. Who walked into a court run to report domestic abuse than she was detained in the quorum because her abuser tipped off ice. I mean this is just awful
I like I'm about to do something. I should I do, but I'm not going to repeat what I saw on Twitter Twitter reports about costs, agents checking people's ideas getting off of a domestic flight, letting was from await a new Yorker nearest? you're just going to several just go to New York and it was that the people who were born it were to vice news reporters. So you know it's not just Random twitter user acts yeah, I don't know what that was about like we were where we can see that we are now checking people's papers as they like it. If you dont, want to sue to stay on the plane forever and fly back to New York, like I think right. The only thing like this is in part, a battle for hearts and minds: you're right the right from a ban in and the bright Barton,
nationalist movements movement are trying to define immigration in immigrants as this nefarious thing of the uses, Trop words rapist gag members, people who were taking your jobs who are committing crimes. Here, unity and that that is not case that is not what this is about, and it's not who we're talking about right, they're. In their definition, refugees are ISIS sleeper cells, and in Not you know women and children fleeing violence and oppression, and it's a coming upon All of us to gauge in that battle publicize. These stories but let everyone know who are the people of who are the victims of of these policy changes in the hope that we can change. Two months now and change policy later by winning elections, because it may look
they do no. They do understand that mass deportations are not politically popular and even among people look, you know Obama was is to start or just about every immigration speech, by saying where a nation of laws intonation of emigrants right and we do have to respect the laws that how about immigration in this country, but this aid yeah that you know, I think it is, it is somewhat pot prop. Probably the wall, or probably at least increase border security is more popular When you pull it, then these mass partitions, which are extremely unpopular it was something like you know. There is a Fox news, Paul about this that was like and are now set. Ten per cent of people said. You should deport as many undocumented immigrants as possible. In the vast majority said you should I'd them some pathway to citizenship if they pay a fine go to the back of the line at city. So people don't want just completely open
borders in this country and entered you know, just have everyone come in here wants do, but at the same time, We recognise that if you ve been in this country for a long long time and even worse, hard and the contributing to the country like they dont you shouldn't, be deported and especially parents and be ripped away from their children? You know as this: it's not a. They have to keep saying that the people deporting are criminals and hardened criminals because they know that telling the truth but who their deporting is not popular, though, is also just as one note of hypocritical Kommeni there At the same time, trumps government his cracking down on immigration from wineries is fight, has filed and application with the Department of Labour to, permission to hire more people more immigrants, We need it. Possible. The trump may not be on the level on this right, yeah yeah. It is possible
who knows gonna go out on a limb, the just gonna, let the other the other policy they announced this week or in its last night, really was the trembling creation, while the deferment of justice, the new job sessions, department of Justice, as rescinded, a federal policy created by about at school? Districts must protect. Transgender students This is another one that like an apparently even Betsy Device, is the art has to come from the Department of Education fairly. Betsy divorce did not want to do this and Jeff Sessions overruled, were convinced her to go along with this and India, and so This is another thing. You know everything, one because of jobs in the economy. Re yeah no well. This is so one of his first. As to rescind protections of transgender students so that they can go to school.
Anna and in a safe environment, yeah, ok, good job, but yeah member. All the pieces about how tromp, because he was a rich guy for Manhattan, was to be the most algae t friendly Republican, ever re, yeah and look after this. This order was rescinded and you know Jared and Vanka weren't, even nor even achieve a hot trade. There are just They were there in the way that they are shared, and course must be the big euros protecting algae BT. Community The people who refer to them vodka is one of my favorite things I haven't heard them, but the eyes of the larger question here between the so called pivot, and the fact of the policy that their pushing anyway is like what a Democrats do in response, because if there, A new strategy in the Trump White has that they are going to try to put a better public face on the very right wing react. You know
reactionary sort of race sexist. Whatever policies that their pushing like, how do we respond? You know? How do we respond? I think part of it is we can't let our guard down right right, like trumpets so dull, down what is acceptable in the White House right where we were, we ve been afraid for a long time. That we are moments away from a nuclear war or Like military confrontation, the south trying to see or enlarges ab Whitley anything that can happen. Pissing off Canada, like a wii where tromp does not. Yet one of our top allies, you know joke about another war in Iraq to take to take away he's not a week. That is good right. It's like what What matters are things like the
immigration policy changes he's making the rules on chance rendered students, the efforts, repealing Asia like half too can't take our foot off the gas. In terms we hear you know our fear and outrage and urgency, and you don't think that's what you're saying town halls, but you can see a world where crazy things start feeling sane and we relax, and go back to normal, and I think we should go back to normal for four years right because go back to normal. I also think it's all. We have to focus on the policies right which, as you know, it's v, the less sexy thing to do right, because what makes headlines is a true. Tweet or Trump saying something crazy or you Palace Entry in what's happening with care Conway and the crazy thing shuns baser does and all things that we joke about when all the time and is progress, but I think that the key is to really focus on that
policies that he's pushing the actions that he takes. What trump does? What is mistaken does and the effects that those decisions have on the lives of real people and that it's a little harder to do. At dig through the news and find those things and to sort of list them up and talk about them and argue about them than just sort of you, what's on Twitter or what the headlines of the day are. But if, if they're going to him, move their pr and communications messaging political operation, which I'm still very doubtful of a. But if they do improve that, then it's gonna be incumbent upon the rest of us to really pay attention to the policy moves. Yet we have to step up our game and I think the question for folks like us, but also people show
the town halls is how likely is focusing on how what trump doesn't says affects real people right here in making that point, that's a difference between Trump wants us to focus on optics, and we have to focus on substance rights. Would Stiver was frozen style women from some substance to make that slightly more pithy and that's gonna be hard because not with the present, the cover, but they will cover people showing up at a town hall in making at impassioned case for Asia. And so great a great thing, a town hall segment in that that was the God. Some inspired by your square cash say every week that I'm really trying to step up again. So one of dates from us almost eighteen hundred of you have signed up at resist recess dot com, flash crooked for Town Hall events, which is fantastic and as a reminder, there are more than three hundred events to come before us.
Day. So this is not done yet and we ve seen a lot of these the stories this week from this has also been great sums? some centres and congressmen have had to move that. How locations many times, because so many people have shown up. I saw the Tom cotton we will get to in a second, his His town hall Ass night was moved five different times. Somebody but it was too just trying to fool his citizens are, they wouldn't show up other peoples that allows us to just a few but I d the larger requests- and I heard that get so big that they had to sell tickets for it on psychic, Is there another top notch fat favours headway, bad as the speaker there. They have used now before, but it's our lungs is town halls. We're gonna have seek sideways. The Thomsen Perfect Seek is the first place that those as on pod, save America go to buy tickets to a gamer concert. Didn't you get tickets have seek recently
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ward winning twenty four seven customer support will help you get your own custom domain with an experience that fully transparent and well to set up some major next move on your domain and create a website launch that idea. Use offer code crooked for ten percent off your first purchase of a website or a domain. That's crooked: for ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain with square space, so some of my varied stories from the town hall, color people tweeted. Their sign that they have been putting up all over Florida. The just missing. Thirty and marker, Rubio, have you seen me because he will because Riviere refuses to hold a town hall, which I love their anything less support. They then marker Rubio, nothing too. They give a coward two faces constituents and have to defend his pitiful. All slobbering, supportive, Donald Trump he will. He will never do that. All he'll do is just hide these.
Hiding in the Senate, Florin tweeting, that's monger review can do there's a vote. An Orange county, California, who sent us picture of the town hall they organise because their congressmen refused to come Then there are some of the countries on tv the woman yelling at Mitch Mcconnell, which was grey there was in older white guy yelling gradually didn't seem like a liberal activists to me and then, and then I love that some of the reaction from some of these Republicans at the Qatar halls, like Jason shape its is common this morning about the an attempt to intimidate and bully him at these town halls. Poor Jason shape its must be so hard for him so sad, the mean Jason chafing skin. We just take a positive view, second pillar, Can we be flash? I heard this morning to two vaulted to the top of our list above Paul Ryan and Marker Rubio, as the Republican with the least courage. I think, incontinence right now.
Let's flashback two October of last year, during the election when, the Billy Bush Donald Trump Grab the pussy tape came out. I remember those achieved its gave. An impassioned. Explanation of how he could no longer support from his. He could not look his wife in daughters in the eye, ass. If he were to do that, weeks later. Jason favorites reinforce the how tromp and has been carrying water for him, including instead of investing as the head of the government oversights I've investigating all the damaging informations come out. He wants to investigate the leakers, her release a damaging information. It's not good now, good at did you also how awkward or the family dinner said, the chief its house when he does not look any one of the table on the earth Did you see that It's that are our friend of the pod ever met Molen. My challenge him
excited about that, I'm in, as we said that on the wheat, we encourage that here and POD save America couple weeks ago. So out, I'd like to say that we launched this, but you know well, I don't want to your business by probably monsieur helpful for Macmonnies Republican Conway challenge, we can measure republican primary voters in Qatar listening right now. But if you don't take my word for it does, and there were no great He has a shape its very worried that he's he's been intimidated and bullied by his own constituents. I think there's. A ten year old girl who asked him a question of one of these two also them has been very scary for him and then Louis Gomer from Texas City. He won't go. I won't hold the town hall, because someone might get hurt his worried about it because he is worried about the leftists. Yes, I understand,
that makes sense special democratizing lorries interests special snowflake, Lui Gomer. What that's of such a beta move at all, I can't keep. I don't really understand the snowflake think would assess must mean I'd only there. I think I think I like Bright Bart, the break our crowd, the outright crow, whoever the fact They always called us liberals snowflakes. I guess, because we're so no precious scared, like a snowflake. I guess I don't know where we are- we one of a kind that what they mean attitudes, one of a kind or is just like you know you get snowflakes- are fragile, fragile, I think with redress say we're fragile. I say these things these people. These people, who can't show buttonholes now further to this, is like you know, like Sebastian, Gorka that National Security guy bad who about him so threatened Mr Grosch, in some random republican because that they were tweeting bad things about him. So sad, Mr Gorka, so sad anyway. So what do you think about the
We think about these town halls and like people getting angry and and yell their members of Congress liked. You think this is full not helpful. I personally love it. I watch every clip like Brad Jaffe of Embassy NEWS of reach, what it every in one of his club. Yet so he treats out, he got to collect these clip citizens waiting them out, and I watch all of them watch some of that chief, it's down on a live stream last week, where I am to this end, it is the most fine television I am. I am to that which Mr Fox NEWS, and and so I they like, I enjoy it. I think it's great it's it's a little bit of real experience, because I remember in, two thousand and nine us believing that these town halls, these angry people scream at American Congress, was politically bad for them
that turned out not to be the case. So I guess you don't worry about that on. The one thing that I think is interesting is in two thousand and nine. The overwhelming bulk of those version of the of the cliffs were centred around easier. It was all about opposing SBA and be angry that the government was gonna, get all this money away. We can afford to ignore these. They Allison serve wrong information, but it was very focused on that in almost sank the bill when you watch these clips now, It is like. The overall message is anger about Trump right. It is your s palace specific policy, focusing there's a lot of really powerful Asia ones. The woman who confronted Tom cotton also not optically favour republican of ours about how her husband hat was dying and they needed health. Caring, pressured him or one health insurance. He had like there's a lot of that. There's also.
The seven year old, asking questions about climate change. There is a lot of Russia like a really alive, like WWW, investigate Russia right. You know that a lot of them, Eugene staff in so it's a little bit of a mishmash, and I don't know exactly how I feel about that. Yet I did the concern you at all eight. It doesn't because I guess I have seen the overwhelming number of clips that I've seen and stories that I've read have been easy focused, like I feel, like the media has been packaging, these as town Hall protests about the affordable, correct definitely heard some of the Russia stuff come through her just general Ante Trump stuff I've. I have been most impressed. Look into those nine there are Signs like you know, but death panel because and Obama is, you know, govern take over of our health care in and worse right, the tea party signs are pretty pretty rough and look this em.
Some pretty pretty signs about trump out there right now to but I've been in nor really impressed with these town hall questioners knowing like detail. Policy. You know information about the affordable care act, like the questions have been very specific thereabout units Several provisions of the bill people have looked up. What like health, save The council, which is Republicans, are proposing to us play. Some of these subsidies and and people have realised at Helsinki, accounts bullshit because you have to be rich place to be able to put away money and a health savings account, so I was very impressed with the knowledge at these town hall meetings. I do agree overall, whether its these town halls or not that democratic method. At some point you can't just be we hate tromp, it's just that It's not our work. Re like we need to have. We need to attack specific policies and then provide solutions of our own eye dude in a genuinely that, and there needs to be some focus right
I think you know I dont think letting up on the Russia thing is a good idea, because I think there's some serious questions that are unanswered here, but I think that you know talking bread and butter issues tongue, but issues that affect people's lives in their everyday lives is important. We get, we gotta get hit the heart I you know. I think People like you and I are of even there were no longer Washington, baseboard cooperatives bud. We were at one time have to resist the urge to scrap this. Over organise it like this, What is going to work here is organic, grassroots enthusiasm. We now you have that this like the the solution to the democratic parties, problems both at the ballot box and how we deal with tromp? Is gonna? Come items are not top down and outside of that inside out when you think about Washington in so he I like you,
indications, professional. I would love to like right out said in focus. Group poultry did arguments that I know work with this sliver. Voters. I found in our data who can move from Tromp to Democrats in the mid term and give them every one and have them do that, but that is not how the work works anymore. It wouldn't be affected, even if we were not able to do that, and even if we could, it wouldn't work, and so I think we have to let this play itself out right Democratic leaders have to respond to this and help steer it in a electoral directions. We get closer to actual election where people vote air, but we have to the biggest has for Democrats, is not to try to control the democratic enthusiasm out there, but more too become worthy vessels. For that enthusiasm it to action day. I completely agree I could and I think it is it's a timeline thing. You know you ve
This moral is the closer you get to the elections, but right now the most important thing is energy and enthusiasm, and I think we can give people. You know them activists can give people the tools to help them organise and they can I'd the overall effort and encourage it, but I don't think he's script it too heavily and that you might manage it. I mean Republicans complaining, like all the Organizers gave them talking points on issues like yeah. I've seen some of those there's some like broad, very broad, Paul it's about the Asia that are pretty high level Why should that are in those town halls or so much more specific than the high level talkin points that you see in some of these packets? You know it's just not it's. Coming from the grass roots is going through people organizing themselves king online, researching the issues doing everything your son the new democracy its great, and we should we plot and we should encourage it. But you write that well, I don't think we should try to micromanage anyway
should do in an update on elections before we get to honour Marie Dnc members will vote in Atlanta on Saturday for the next party chair and right now to close race. Green Tom Peres for under the pod front of the Marquis fell. In front of applied. Pete Buddha judge isn't, third is pretty much those ray it's pretty much race between Present Ellison, it seems I press is head in the delicate count. Right now, but no one really knows for sure, and we know that no candidate has the majority they need right now. So then there is the scene and debate last night which you now I have. To be honest, I love all these people their great. I watch moment. If the Santa debate has like I don't know, it seems a little boring Let me why me why we had them on our part. Gas we'll have to go to somewhere else, illicit right that I sort of get that I get the just. You know what either way. I think,
A remember you and I being concerned at the outset of this- that this could turn nasty between the Bernie Sanders, weighing Clinton, people, the Obama, people, establishment, verse insurgent, and I think among the candidates. It's been pretty good like an acute Alison, temporary. The dinner the other night and I tweeted about other friends and while each other. However, this ends people. The judge was incredibly oppressive on our podcast, ah in reportedly on CNN to last night I think the Good NEWS is. We have three very good. Can that's your. I personally support in time present. I'd know him well, but it's not
that's because I'm a friendship with him. I think he's great, not because I think the other two are bad and thrust a very good. So in a hammer this ends, I think we're gonna have a good person in charge. The DMZ, which we have in this programme to refuse were waiting for Dnc Charity, get the Dnc up and running to begin planning for the elections contain an eighteen and twenty year, as are the same thing. I be very happy if any of the three, those Ellison Pres or Buddha, judge one this race just because I think I also mean we should not over torque. How important this job as it is an important job is awaits. You know we're out of power, so it's the head of the Democratic Party for now, but it's not I mean this and organizing job. This is a rebuilding and infrastructure job. This is like you know that this thing in the world, meaning it should not split the party apart depending on who wins. You know like it's. It's
to be okay, we can have bigger fights when we get the primary season, you know and we're trying to figure the candidates for office. So I got you know that those are going to be some serious differences that are policy differences. I think all these folks are very, very progressive and any one of them would be a good party leader, and you will see what happens. Mention. There are other races and twenty seventeen before weaving can talk a lot about how the congressional actions and twenty eighteen, because in the Senate button, seventeen we're gonna have some chances for Democrats did too show up in winter the Virginia governor race vineyards. Is he governor is Chris Christie? Is it ten per cent in New Jersey can't run again so very good chance for Democrats to pick up New Jersey same thing with Virginia really Tom prices, a seat in Georgia, Tom Prices, never health. The Secretary of Health and Human services and Trump won his Dick pricked by one point two Romney wanted by twenty three points:
and so this is a district right outside Atlanta, Suburban, it's turning blue. So that could be very closely watched. I think, there's a run often is it the first elections in April? On the run off his in June, in its AY Look what they call a jungle primary like we haven't California, where who ever win the top two captured in the primary proceed to the vote. June Thirtieth run off and there's a Democrat who John offer think his name is who networked fur jungle sport by Jean Louis and much farther people who people is very talented and he's been getting a lot of attention. On my guy at my Jim told me that his wife had given money, to which I was pretty impressive, knew about the the people already focused on the Georgia special action at. Like there's an opportunity here. It's a hard special actions or are hard to win,
get outside. I've been normal, partisan breakdown of em, but I think these are. There is an opportunity there and if people are looking for a place to channel their short term energy, this is a good one, excellent. Ok, we will. We forget, we forgot one for an important one, but that sat, sat or to add two other points. One Virginia governor matters a lot because Virginia's estate, where the governance legislature do reduce sittings are, who wins? This race in seventeen will be the person who does redistricting after the twenty twenty cents, a saw its very important hobbled. Oh yes, yes, Second is Delaware has really goes allergens on Saturday. That will decide control the state Senate and Democrats have held the state Senate. Fourthly, forty four years and friend of the pod, Joe Biden went door to door this weekend to train, encourage people to vote which is pre awesome. I love that kind of Joe Biden, come on a permanent European get com on our part Castro by ok. When we come back
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Maybe we can talk a little bit about a quick preview of the first epithet. Well, anyway, you guys, like everyone, I think who cares about politics and cares about the country the result of the election floored me and even more than that, it made me start to think about like weight. So how do we survive this. You know like the divide and country is so deep seemingly you're unprofitable, like you have this sector spheres of media. We have new these ideologies. We one of the pole that that stayed with me for that the entire election was this pole. I think from gallop that showed that people who were supporting Hillary Clinton and people are supporting Trump said that they didn't agree on basic facts
so? How do you have a conversation if we're that divided? And I realized and an I'd start trying to friends about it, and I had a very wise friend, actually Christa Tippit was her own had cast on being? Who made the suggestion that when we talk to people who we don't agree with that, maybe we need to give up agreeing We have to sacrifice the idea that we might take it to some common ground and rather rather than trend common ground or can which is really about convincing people right layer of persuasion, question we when we say ground. What we really mean is agree on something. So if you give up trying to find common ground instead just try and figure out you know what is the other person's ground lake. You know, why did they feel what they feel I'm not saying you're gonna get anywhere like I don't know. If that's the solution to I mean if your goal is committed,
and convincing people. I don't know if that's gonna convince people, but you know maybe maybe made the gap between us little smaller yummy. Place to begin as any re? I mean, I think, that this cup there's two different questions. You know, some people say: ok. Well, how do we know? How do we be trump? in twenty twenty right like do. We need to reach his voters and I are still people look there's a base of his. There's that may never leave him. We don't need to convince those people to defeat him weaken, put together, a majority that includes people voted Hillary Clinton, then some of the more reluctant trump voters that decided very the game, and then you get a majority, but that is a different question too, like than citizens people's ok. Well, what about all those trumped support like the hard core? Try, fans. You know how do we reach those people and it's a tough question, because I think, if, if you given this world, where your your new whose diet is prey part and fox
all of these new sources and that's how you get your information about the world and you were used to believe the facts that we believe are. We can agree on a common set of facts. Like you said I don't know, I don't know how we get Has that and that has implications forget about just now since, at home implications for how we govern how we live together, how we have the country's revived the minutes, the letter or not our elections, work right, yeah people, these, he's in elections like that's a crisis that That is an excess tension crisis, and so yes, I mean I my first guest is a pastor from Wisconsin who pastors to two key. Is that voted for Obama and away one of them went. Obama await an two dozen twelve and then Trump, and one of them went Obama B early Romney like five points for Romney and then twenty eight points for Trump a warrior and he and I just have a discussion about what the people in his congregations like why they made the choices they made
and what, if anything, would convince them that they should not change their minds but, like I would guess, say resist like is there anything that would make them rejects trump, having made a choice but they knew was a compromise choice, as he says his people, minutely understood the Trump was a bad guy and they voted for him anyway, and I think that something that kind of us you know on the left. Sometimes we we dont quite get that you know the idea of it they made an educated and aware choice for this incredibly lake. I don't have a flawed, that's almost like. Two too generous. They think they weren't snowed like they didn't need. I think a lot of you feel like you know that what weight working class got fool they can get full. They made. They made a conscious choice to vote for the sky and argued that gonna blow there's something like twenty percent of voters had a
a negative approval of both Trump, an Hilary like. So if you, if you didn't like either Trump or Hilary, you still voted for Trump by like fifteen twenty points here and as you know- and we just talk about that and talk about what wit what's happening for for the people there now to wet and we can say it's only been a month, believe it or not. Everyone has to remember it's only been a month. But I also went ahead because, as you know, cause we ve talked about it. I'm interested in other kinds of divides too, for the show. I'm not just interested in the illustration for the Prague Castle is a pussy hat and a mega hat, but very clever, very clever clever, it's an incredibly clever cover. I think the person who designed it was probably just just genius. Jesse's a hero is designed Oliver Poker
That is, the government does communicate. You know through the central conceit, but were also interested in conversations that would cross other kinds of divides and PETE between people, and I wanna conversations about those divides like I want to talk to my friends who are people of color about art. France's because they are you. A lot of things happen on the left, where we use kind of assume were altogether on the same team. You know enough So the real with friends like these part of it is lake reality. On the same team, but maybe we need to talk about a different experiences and talk about what makes us come to this same general. You know ideology, but we're here: different reasons and we're getting different things out of it. That's cool I'm really excited about this. Are you get some work? Who is some of whose over the guess you have either at the sea the names of the guests, but what types of guests do have lined up? Like I imagine summer,
begins. I imagine some Vienna yeah valued, very Republicans. Definitely, but it's not gonna be than ever temper of the weak right. Yet it's that look like we do here, yeah some republicans in some actual trump supporting Republicans. I also think that I want to talk to you know some muslim people they prestigious, They show that very few America's actually know a muslim person, so I feel about something that we can do. We can talk about your pc of color of all kinds of color, I also want to talk to you know people with different gender identifications people with speaking about class, which is another thing on the left that we sometimes color skip over. But this election showed some fault lines, and I think you two people Frank are obviously like who comes to mind for that, and then also you know, I'm gonna take some suggestions. I think perverts and I also I'm interested in
if, if people are willing to talk about some personal insight and some personal experiences about how politics in our relationships and relationships and our politics as well, ask so you use your husband republican and I think I've seen you tweet about you're in laws or are fairly conservative as well. How how do you? How do you talk to them about politics? Well, the short answer is that we discovered we can this election. The differences are so extreme that what had been some kind of fairly good nature third ribbing and good natured. Oh you silly bleeding heart liberal! Oh you hard hearted in Originate Dac. You know shit got real and we just agree not to talk about it and with my husband what's been interesting, is that
he actually would not say he's. He now does not identify as republican. He had his own kind of journey about politics and Trump made him to question whether or not that idea Ology with something that really he wanted did that the conservative side of the spectrum, maybe was not as representative of his feelings and beliefs, as he thought it was, which I think has happened. Some talk to other people as well, but I that now story doesn't get talked about but I'm interested exploring it not with John, but is that would be weird. I didn't you, people like Ben. How, who is writer or conservative writer who, for him trumps rise, made him question whether or not you know who his allies were and what it meant to be alive.
People who support it. Have you found that you at all possible, or even not talk about Trump with your laws like? I can't really islands there's a scar Vassili, so I'm not I live in my own bubble of might using, but like it infects, everything like far hide my view of the nearby british com this week about how we try this take a week off Trump New and his basic takeaway was it's impossible, because he's everywhere is: are you guys able to find other things to talk about? Oh boy has my relatively new discovery of sports like helped like I do know it's it's we we could you can run out of the weather pretty quickly. You know, but sports is is still kind of enough material to avoid specifically talk about tax but of course you know that is now the tough to write like when you have the knowing
patriots, refusing to go to the White House and also like I remember, relatively Recently I was visiting them and I got up before anybody else and I very quickly when I got up and turned the tv to European. Like are eight. Rather than have foxen friends on the background of the SBA and and everybody be safe and for some reason, like the first thing that was on television, when you know my unless came down for coffee was a discussion about the inside of away pulling out of Marsh Madison North Carolina. So, with it. Everywhere, is everywhere, and you know I mean something that I truly believe
is it usually is not like that productive to talk about you know extreme displease with people that you love, because you never just talking about the area. You disagree with. You disagree about your also talking about your relationship. Nip, brings up fears of acceptance and fears of loss, and you know you like. If you have an argument with someone who you really care about you're also arguing about your relationship and the health of our relationship. So I mean the whole concept of the show is kind of about I'm not gonna, be talking to my inlaws or my husband effect, unless you really low on gusts and use its because those are those relationships are complicated and in their always about more than politics, whereas I think it is possible. You know to start with the disagreement and then develop our relationship. You know
That is maybe be how we're gonna have to work, and I do think this is the way forward. I mean I I don't know what it's way forward too. I hope that my mind and my eyes and my heart are open to the people that I talk to as much as their hearts and minds are open to me. I think that one of the things that will make hopefully make this adventure. You know this conversation worth having is I want to give up on my own grip of a being right through to the extent that I can. Which is it say. I want to listen with enough I've if I come into this hoping that they might be persuadable that I have to at least open my mind. Having being persuaded, you know which is tough It is truly great of you to do this because my reactionary elections with the exact opposite, like I have retreated further like I want to have what it is in, select myself
agree with me and died. It just be angry so good as to you, you can be both get get you applied cast. They can do both, but This aggression knows how do you see the the town halls the and then the protests fitted that's right, because I know you, as I saw some people trolling you that, like you, admitted tat joining and MTV nooses, Honorary Cox admitted to joining antitrust protests and so get you accepted on tv or proud of it on tv show hosted by former congressmen. So you know the divide between activism and media is pretty thin
but I also mean I would say, like I'm, not an activist, I'm a citizen. I went to protest specifically about the travel ban and tools. That is something I feel strongly about. I think these town halls and he's travel ban protests. What I find encouraging and and hopeful about them is the degree to which people are being drawn to them out of personal experience and communicating that personal experience just totally agree, because I think that's also, if, if we make our project about reaching people with the potential of changing their minds, statistics are not going to be as helpful as stories. And those most powerful moments. We ve seen from the town hall so far and think about what they are. There they're all minute your stories, you know you're in it so much easier to empathy for someone else
their position, and you know the ground that they stand on when you hear them talk about themselves, and you see that the motivation is, you know about their own lives and their own families, and not some, you know purely political motivation.
I do think the trumpet menstruation has underestimated the degree to which the people that they want to oppress have deep roots and relationships in the communities of America, especially in cities in the blue cities in red states. You know I've till the strike up a times, but I was having coffee the other day and it happened over here. The two women next to me. This is, like you know, pour over coffee shop, history place in North EAST Minneapolis and they are talking about another document. The travel ban, they're talking about the deportations and immigration order, Sanctuary city Order- and they are talking about some friend of theirs- was marriage. Somebody who had overstate is visa and was now facing deportation, and you know one of them
various set about this, and I was one of the things that you don't realize: how interconnected people's lives are. You don't realize like this is not just about like lope low wage waiver Labour Rights Verma its let's complex, a nuanced I mean oh Bhamo, is used to talk about this gap between how people of diverse views backgrounds, beliefs, treat each other within their communities right, which is quite well, and they get along quite well verses. How you'd think people treat each other he's a neighborhood zeal, cable were were a lost cause. You know everyone's at war with each other, but the fact that people are getting along and communities in our treaty each other so well You do about sort of reducing this guy? because if everyone wasn't getting along in their local communities and neighbourhoods, detail cable were were a lost cause. You know everyone's at war with each other, but the fact that people are the long and communities in our treaty each other so well in real life, but are
when it some stranger on Twitter or you know, when your yelling at someone and in Washington you know, that's that's huge problem, and I don't know, I don't know where you are unaware. You narrow that gap, and my belief is that the other kind of part thing that has to be a part of the way forward is getting offline, you know there is getting into our communities, I think Obama's final speech. I know how much you guys loved it.
I loved it too, and they know that the most compelling parts of it were. If you have a problem with this, get out, you'll go organise road and I think the degree to which we survive in the country- and I actually am not even talking about policy right- I'm not even talking about which kind of policy succeeds. I am talking more about that existential crisis of whether or not we can even talk and trust each other. We need to be of service to each other. We need to be out in our communities like. I have made this joke on Twitter a thousand times, but you know one of the most compelling things you could probably due to both advance. Your own self care had advanced the interests of the nation. Right now is Gobio dogwalkers at your local shelter cause, that's gonna, be self care for you, cats, dogs, awesome and also is going to put you in touch with our community.
Can I get you out even if we could, you may run across people causing a lotta people live animals and you may meet people who you don't realize you have different opinions, but you shares this one thing and you're gonna make connections, Yugoslavia You can do other ship as work dogs that the personal favorite but, like I think, get out in your community and stopping of service to someone, especially a stranger, In whatever way you have the most passion about whether that is in a soup, kitchen, mentoring, tutoring, visiting the elderly, whatever it is, get out there and start doing it and you will develop, you will develop the resilience for your own sake, but is extraordinarily good advice we're so about this podcast. Everyone please get. The teaser is on Itunes right now. You can go subscribe right now and then the first episode drop tomorrow right. It's a drop in tomorrow driving tomorrow, with friends like these go sign up, and
come back on and will keep talking about other stuff right thanks to give. Thank you. Thank you so much to unamerican for joining us again today go subscribe to with friends like these go subscribe to, save the world, of course, rate send reviewers on Itunes, Dan I'll talk to you later back.
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