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"A garbage organization that protects harassers."


Trump’s popularity and agenda falter, Senate Democrats filibuster Neil Gorsuch, and Fox News lets Bill O’Reilly get away with sexual harassment. Then, climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy to explain what people can do to fight climate change.

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Welcome to POD save America, I'm John Pharaoh, I'm John Love, I'm Tommy later on today we have the director of Texas Tech, university, climate Science Centre, Catherine Hay and ask all by climate great configured, I was also, please subscribed to all of our podcast guys pod, If the world going to talk about China this week, she's in thing is coming to them our logo. This week, lost among all the other stuff, so habitually reprieve either jack. Commissioner got that all set up so that Iraq, we're gonna get by without was seen, was the way you said the prison of China's named honey. I used to work in the stuff. That's right! Also two with friends like these armoury Cox and the growing juggernaut loved or leave it guys. We agree
I'm on Friday, those China was entirely was I heard it was like a bird Tommy to a certain item of clothing. I'm not gonna run of real, but you should this basically been trending onto it. Even if we are to be your foil for a little while, I guess I deserve it. Tickets are still on sale, for our Ellie show on May seventeenth at the ACE hotels or go grab some of those, and we March on sale re. Yet today, please answer back. The teachers are back we're doing friend of the pond we're doing positive effects. And do too popular demand, repealing go fuck yourself, food ice, it dont pay. This knock off Amazon red bubble. Crap I'm upset with. I don't even want to talk about it. Ain't gonna be volcano, let no we're not gonna cut it out. We leave it in adjusting to say a phrase, one time season to set up a body that about that, let that just were ring through your ears. Amazon, cream, obsolete in character that's good in
but square cash. The new, a simple way to pay people back sending receiving money is totally free and fast most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account and just a few seconds, keep half your carbon footprint on square cash, perhaps Doktor Jack about that to find out. You know you have to do if the first download the square cash it s down hush up, I was there Android today what's began as we often do with The goings on in the mind me addled, Harold wounded mine of our highly unpopular president this morning, tromp was busy tweeting once again The lie that Obama spied on him and his team. He got from the intrepid reporters at Fox and friends.
In one of his duty, also included. The FBI is Twitter, handle because apparently, that's the only way to get in touch with him to read it out. The availing hate check out this report on Fox and friends, even though the FBI is, of course, and I the Obama why attention in the circular nature of his clearly his staff leaks us after Fox Fox reports, it he tweets it like came out of. Nowhere like it was real shoe reporting. Honestly, if you just did it closer television, nobody would have to know. Trap is doing us up. He also in the middle of the tweets about the fox and friends report. He just randomly third tweeting some nonsense about John PIC. Stir and his brother in Russia. Hilary use Hilary got the debate, questions never apologized waste asking it is it which is like Tom, petty you're, not going to go into the old hat Why is there this morning? That's got some of them which is Eli leg reported that turns out you know the whole Devon Nunez thing when you to the White House any of the sources of the White House. That said that some of
trump officials, were caught up an incentive collection of intelligence and it seems as though Susan Rice is the one. Who was asking for those names to be unmasked for her to understand the foreign intelligence, which is politely, within the realm of normal right yeah. I mean that we No really was we don't know it was reported. We don't know what you I sources telling him. I would guess that it rhymes with balloon as red and Blue Nan Independent sources a little. I let me get you back for a line your face, you I a friend of mine. I can speculate like that on the part, but what what might have happened? Yours Susan, was reading an intelligence report that said named you official said ex wires. Eu russian official israeli official name, a foreign country and she was turned. Figure out. Maybe this individuals outer cutting? U s policy or negotiating something in
violation of the norm that there's one president time it Obama was, though, presides she's trying to figure out what's going on here, not just that's, not just legal, but it is completely appropriate necessary to do your job like hey guys, I'm just doing my job. Try new! I do national dirty business, and I keep hearing about unpaid trump people talking to our our counterparts. That's bad! Give assent that public Susan has been, sadly ever since the Benghazi incident she had nothing. Do the security for the individual, the embassy. She has nothing to do with why the individuals there died. That was a tragedy that something we need to fix. She went on Sunday shes later and use talking points that were dated and needed to be fixed and got it wrong and she apologizing in atoned for that sin, but she is still like catnip for guys and they freak out when they see your name and go crazy. You, after two years of bullshit,
that two years, bullshit. So CBS News, Paul. Seventy four percent of republican voters think it's at least somewhat likely. The trumps offices were wiretap during the campaign. So my question about this whole thing is it like? Does it should here, but this is a matter that we like that the clause a good thing that you are talking about with between Foxen friends and tromp? Right isn't is responsible for he's. He tells a lie fox backs, His lie in the fox complex, all the related fox organizations and then hold on. Then the Republican based believes it, and then we have to sort of like move on. I really do think that the world were living in right and there's not much. We can do about this. You know Trump and his propaganda machine built up around him can gets this informal. Out there, can make people believe that meat we? But honestly it doesn't really matter like ok, you know p. We're going to believe that there is something going on with people spying on trumped during election. It doesn't take anything away from the very big and serious investigation that is slowly chipping away at the Trump administration. Yosemite me this analogy on twitter, but that was a good one. It's like trumps been discharged.
Has been caught having an affair and each is attacking his girlfriend for looking at his phone. So you know: ok, let's go here going to keep doing that right. Hilary gotta debate, question from China, Brazil and the primary ok. Ok, you Europe you're, not a security adviser, resigned, The senator Mark Warner from Virginia says more more. The dominoes you're gonna fall. So good luck with that You know the end and the truth is coming out an end. What matters is the thing itself he gave pretty am crazy interview to the financial times over the weekend. There at least a two things I just want to bring up in an interview, one for him. As soon as you Tommy use Ezra North Korea. He said quote: if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will that's all I'm saying about that. What what the hell did he mean by that China? I mean really like that you're, but I think that that this
your challenges like a cancer, a partisanship in our political system, which is that everyone believes everything based on what party therein. So I know that it's bigger than trumpets like it s, something we need to solve more broadly, that the North Korea portion of that empty interview is baffling bristles baffling that they're like hell. It sit this guy down with the effort because clearly, he's fucking, clueless clueless he's nothing on these nothing in this process, a couple things in north greed that their journalists, as what is it and to begin North Korea, and he says I think its trade- I don't let anybody thinks it straight everything the way you sent China's. Would there looking out with respect free as one of the place lapses either, and refugees into their country to it peninsular, unifies North and South Korea, are all South Korea or some new thing likely to be an american ally in our military assets, move further and further up the peninsula towards their borders. So there's a lot of things. They are worried about in ways incentive I've their involvement known as trade or all the weird things he pivots Duke, is his notice talking. It does not,
What is there are some moments in that area where each clearly just did not understand the question, and he just went back to his old arguments like there's. One is like get a virus or the antidote to go. We're gonna start when it again. What did it is absolutely no idea right there, like will show you know We press you on this. If you're not gonna this example. Three, we will point egos that's any more totally so the other take away the other big one. Energy was healthcare, which is he said that a deal is still being negotiated with the freedom carcass re, not but quote don't get what we want. We will make a deal with the Democrats and we will have, in my opinion, not as good a form of health care, but we will have it so with brigand I what is going on with healthcare it now that that fell to me like a negotiable? in posture kind of filter through trumps. One hundred word vocabulary us because basically saying don't make me go to
Democratic Freedom caucus Rwanda with something you dislike more them than than what you'll get for me. Now right, it's a sort of just a counter proposal. I mean the one thing I took away from an interview is: is it actually, It didn't actually seem as crazy as usual to me a lot of the parts like you, saying things like on how do you know what I thought I dont, maybe not crazier than usual, but definitely dumber than usual or as dumb as it usually the atmosphere that none of the words made sentiment interview I mean he said alliances of not always worked out very well for us. Ok, I guess I'm not. Nato would all of this was his head scratching. I think Blake Council from Politico serve remarked on the collective sort of the interview when you think of this was six months ago: people would have just been like. We are I want to get a ticket, is garbled trump nonsense about when you're, better healthcare, because something's going on with healthcare here when he says we'll have to make the deal with a because obviously the democrats- you're not gonna, help him on this. But there is a hope in the White House that they can get the democratic,
this, and this is the hope if they sabotaged the insurance markets, they think that they will be able to ban get Democrats to fix them, and there is a theory on the wane us among some right now banned Pants mothers at what they'll do is stop making Those payments in the law. You suppose we making payments to help cost sharing, so that you don't have to people's rise on low income Americans. If they stop making these payments you could get a debt spiral and some of these markets, so they make do a whole number things to sabotage the individual insurance markets pertinent. Spiral and then who but the Democrats will come to the table now. This is still crazy, because if they do that they fucking onus yeah. I know we're not in the prediction business anymore, but they are crazy if they think that people will blame Democrat, and not the person they see hungry every day, a great, but it should it. Thus, the scary private all thing is not who gets blamed right, because I agree with you that I think they will get blamed for this, but it does mean that a lot of it
people would hurt by this? Who dont need to be because people will literally again in Paul Ryan is. Is it just as big of a liar on this to it? entirely within the power of the federal government. Without further legislation to to shore up the individual insurance markets in a bomb. A care is entirely within their power, if Bravo Bomb or in office right now. He day or any Democrat or any reasonable republican. They could take a number of steps without Congress to help maybe not as strongly as they would. If I had legislation to do, some fixes uneasy, but within our own authority. They could fix the markets, ready wit. What's so where's like drove through the looking glass on all the stuff, what Tom Price, or what people should be saying. Is we don't like Obamacare? We think it's a bad law we'd like to change it, but we're gonna, do our best to make our work for the people this country, because that's our job now Now you can see like a President Mccain doing that present Rami, saying that when he would also trump promise, you ran
Edward were at this point now, where we are legitimately unsure whether or not the Trump administration is going to sabotage the american health care system and the fact that it is get him a possibility. Is me such a knot of my stomach? It's just it's just really set, so he is the unpopular it now gallop adamant thirty eight percent over the weekend, real clear politics, just forty one percent, five. Thirty eight hazmat forty percent Democrats are in a nine percent approval, independence are unlike the high thirties, and probably Republicans are like anywhere from eighty to ninety witches loafer Republicans why is he unpopular? Well, it's some combination of it seems like from report. From some of these poles. It's some kind of combination of the people who always disliked him the healthcare thing. Was extremely unpopular and now a word of his tremendous budget, cuts is out there so Nick Christoph of the New York Times when out to Trump countries like some people about the budget cuts specifically trumps
it is from voters a few quick, for some of these trump, my prayer, the Congress will step to protect the domestic violence programmes that say this woman's life quote: I is building a wall more important and educating people thou from a Trump voter quote, his preaching jobs. Why take away to jobs? So, of course the issue with all these from voters who said this: is they all to a person said they will probably still vote for Trumpery election, so There have been a lot of explanations for that in there and first thing is were too much in two weeks and right? Oh, give everybody a chance to process was going on. People do not like the telling a reporter they were wrong. Nobody likes doing that, but also we are fetish, rising a very small subset of the population. You know there's been no there's been no soul, searching around the black working class and the hispanic working class, who are also being crewed by this president and the other thing is there's just now: pulling that bears out. Focusing on this small group of people. Poor people did Avaux for tree,
poor people, dont vote. You know, like Leap, where's places vote for Hilary just as much as they vote for Donald. It is a it is a crazy media. Produced right of focus- and it's like this for somehow it's like where, when when why people are poor, its fascinating in the style. Jacqueline black people are poor. We don't talk about Emmi voting is economic interests is hardly knew phenomenon issue a minimum wage it on the publican tax policies has happened for long time at something. Democrats have done a lot in ring about. I am very sceptical that enough people, about. What's in the budget to really change opinions. I understand what issues get localize. You start to feel it it's era, but nothing happened. Yet it's been two and a half months. I think that their just he wasn't that part to begin with, didn't like the choice they were offered and there this general a chaotic malaise that, in all of the, covered the guy had not had a good day since his ground
breaking joint session speech that everybody I just. I totally agree with all that. I think it is interesting because again we all I'll go back to that Kelly and Conway quote like those different from what offends people would affect people. I think it's not just what events people, but there's a difference between the national media focuses on every day, there's been like Russia, Russia Russia right like trumps too. Others can other stuff. But if he goes down, if he is not re elected, If most of must support, it will be because of budget cuts health care legislation, things that affect people's lives in their day to day lives because a lot of these voters they just do pay attention to the news as closely as the rest of us do and, like you said, Levin, it takes times too for the stuff to filter down and the good question they're gonna ask themselves not just and again you there's Trump and in Trump voters, and all of these pieces continue to interview Trump fans read like you really let them interview these people who are like you know. I hate tromp. I hate Hillary Clinton, but I think he might bring about change all reluctantly cast my ballot for him, those it
people that we should always be look right. Ever there was one in one of those stories. There was one person who said I changed my mind if he doesn't ring the jobs back, which I think is really central because put the budget cuts aside, health care ass. I put all the machinations that come out of DC people voted for Trump because of what they didn't. See in their world right, which is like change improvement. Jobs and a culture, a culture and society they want to live in and feel like. They are part of an like can change that a well a president, may be changed at a great leader. Can change it and can do things, but Trump has not proposed any thing to help these people write like he's not bring in the college ops back at his active order on climate secondary Nicole adopts back. So what's it? What? What are these people hoping for? They're not gonna, get from him yet, and I do think that lesson for democrats- here's some of these poor people told New Christoph like well. You know we don't have Democrat. Do they cause bigots foreboding for tromp? Having the lesson for Democrats is you? People need vote for something right like, and you could imagine some of these people if a demo Canada occurred. Can kick. Canada came along, who is proposing
good ideas on jobs and told them like. This is the vision for the future, but, like you could see them saying. Ok, I want to give their present a chance. Maybe that person might change Washington or Trump couldn't that's what they're going and our demographic and also, I just think. As with all things you know, people are. Ok did and what they tell her porter as to why they are not changing their mind is not necessarily what's going on right. Like that's true for me, some that's not a sum elite is point like it's really hot to figure out why you think it the way. You think you know, there's there cultural reasons. There is economic reasons, there's all key, the reasons and just I guess what I want to think what I come down to us like. We can't let all this kind of focus on that, why these people are voting in suggesting it may be cultural or tribal. We have to propose simple, elegant policies that will help them. That's it hey, don't go anywhere this is pod, save America and there's more on the way possible it has brought you buy texture at a time when it.
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Or saying that they want support the the filibuster. So what think about as it would it seems like. Do we have a mean they will, they will have a filibuster. It seems like Mcconnell we'll have the votes to change the rules and Gore such will sit on the bench right yeah I just when we were in power, we used to say, elections have consequences and it was seen as condescending and trite and it was intended to be visit. The fact you know I mean this is what happens I realized the seat was stolen, but I dont know that we can do anything to stop courses in its infuriating, but it's all there is the reality the sea was stolen. We should be able Weena, we should he shouldn't be should be able to get retribution for this, but we can't, because we don't have an I'm. Only note should means you lie. That's a thing like that. I think You know you ve, seen a sort of allow. These stories mentioned that there seems to be kind of a lack of energy on both sides in this fight, and I think there is a kind of Malays around in part. Because we're so far from principle. You know I was before,
for we were gonna record. I just was like really even understand. What's at stake here and you look and you can you see, like the happiest Republicans on Twitter, saying this. Is what Democrats do it it's time they get their payment for what they have done over the years. They always do. This and then, of course, the democratic hacks, you say the opposite ends. I went and I was like look as when we look at this and figure out what happened here as long as you know, a string, shooters modem and you looking ok, there's like four key events. One is Robert Bork. You really do to start. There would receive a crazy fight that shit the way we talk about judges for ever, but it wasn't a kind. They were Democrats change change the way we do. This Republicans vote against Bork to six Republicans voted against Bork pay, but that should have set the table all these years of fighting. What happened next is number two, which is the unprecedented obstruction of judges in the class. Ministration by the Republican Senate, and that was an escalation. Full stop and a black dozens of judges and those its were helped her held open for when George W Bush took office. Third of it
Administration, George W Bush administration Democrats for created by years of Republican, holding up votes. We did hold up, We were not empower, so we just to block ten judges, and if you remember that was when the word nuclear option was first invoked by Bill Fritz Threat or adding Trent Laughlin the term, and there was a guy of fourteen that had a compromise which let most of the judges through it really was a capitulation. We can. It was a compromise, the capitulation to Republicans and then and then finally, Fourth, it was Harry Reed, invoking the nuclear option to get. Mama judges through after another round of unprecedented obstruction. By Republicans. So you look at this and this grand sweep Thanks and you can blame both sides a bit but but for Harry Red, invoking the filibuster, Japan basically a decade of intransigence. It has been Republican. Let effort that Mitch Mcconnell has been central to any garland. Holding up garland
the final straw- and it is incredibly unprecedented- the filibuster first Supreme Court judges will fall. It's just that next thing, there's just absent. Lee no possibility of any kind of approach meant. This is what's next and we should just draw the line a garland and end if we lose we lose, but we should fight to the end of this year. This is what I'm saying is like, I think, part of the reason this was. This was like a conclusion that was long. We knew this is gonna happen from the beginning of this fight right, we knew Mcconnell was gonna nuke, the filibuster, We knew that we weren't unable to do this, like I just think it's It is just like everything else in our political culture right now, which is things that are norms and rules and traditions, but that aren't set into law are gonna fall by the way in a partisan environment. Loretta swaying would understand that, like that is the central thing that there is a fundamental change that happened and these little fight. Or popping up are emergent properties of of that change, well but to show how bullshit all this is too, like Choctaws, asked on me the press Sunday ass, much Mcconnell, which is really
our question. Ok, so will you commit to our role now? Where no Supreme Court nominee will be confirmed in an election year anymore. Since that's what you said with four Garland and Macao goes no, that's an absurd questioned ass. Yet will no one oh well hypocrisy, like niche Mcconnell out he's on? Oh you, easy mode. Hypocritical lawmaker empower appeared because, just coming this woman. Have with garlic just one more time clear dies within one hour after Scalia dying Mcconnell says: Obama will not be able to nominate a Supreme Court justice. It was eleven months left to go no by MR and He D not to do that. So, like you just have to say Miss Connell decided, fuck tradition fuck norms, fuck rules, the only thing I have to I buy is actual laws and so if it, if I can do whatever I want and hold up a Supreme Court nomination, I'm gonna do it, and now he sang if I can use the filibuster up I'll do that to get so people do things that they have the power to do its raw power game. Harry Reed gets, I think, more
his fair share of the blame for this first of his earlier statements. I think Mcconnell is a cynical, a centimeter leaders we have ever had Harry Red invoke the nuclear war for lower court judges, because on presented unprecedented obstruction, it was an unpredictable unprecedented responds to unprecedented obstruction. There were garland comes along and, and we go to a hundred right, there's just there is there. Is justification for it. There is no rule for it. It was pure power and that's it that's it over his man we're gonna go diesel it matters in some of the committee's Red State Democrats that are up next time? You know some of them said no, some of them are, some of them are gonna, say yes, some of them are gonna, say no matter to voters that much. I have wanted This has been most fascinated me over the years of Supreme Court. Fights is, how is the poor, about how not political the actual pole as you see over and over again, that, like people want qualified is confirmed a matter which party nominated that may be part of product are not really knowing where the judges stand or not fully fall but still there really is something it's it's, it's actually like actually surprise,
positive right, even if they are really see this being a big factors in a presidential primer. You know I mean if you look back if you, if you had voted for any the Bush nominees, proud, would have been at the death now in primary well. So here isn't my next question last question this should do. Who oppose the filibuster, be primary because some groups, our support, groups are starting to say, they're, not gonna, support any Democrat who who votes for Gorse king, that's nuts. I hate these purity tests. I do not want to be the party that does these. You know, I know now: thou like you, you look at where this is all heading in, and so I wonder with you on that and because I do not want simple. That makes sense, but you look where this is heading in the end, because you wicked, where this heading- and you say: ok, does that mean you'll. Just at the point, you they'll never be a confirmation for a judge of the opposite parties at the logical conclusion of this right. Once we get the filibustering. You need, fifty one if your party controls the Senate,
and the presidencies in the other party, they'll never be another seat- filled- have empty Supreme Court like how does this end right? And so I want to agree with you there at the same time, I stand the need to put pressure on these people, because, if is where we're going? If we are going to end up at a place where it's a pure partisan decision, then we need people gonna fight, we're gonna, cut off or knows, despite her face rate, I dont like Joe Mansion. I hate is politics. I find him personally annoying, but like do I wanted jump, and on his primary and say you done work at a primary you you're out of office, because you don't agree with me on every decision, including the spring court. I just I can't get myself to that play while, though, I have to say you note having Joe Mansion there, I would like to see your mansion primary by somebody represents. A kind of politics will be better for the people. S Virginia ratifies binding with actually laying nonsense. I'm fine without I find the series of litmus test tests on issues like this there's something about it that I just I don't like well, I do think it comes back to if you support or oppose gorse edge, like you have to support or oppose, based on site,
principle about how he might affect people's lives right and not like you get mean going into like the me there's a lot right now, like he didn't answer my questions it into this hidden. Then it's like theirs, judicial philosophy that that new corset has. That is very far the right in some respects further to the right, then Scalia, right so if you believe that is very dangerous for people and is going to set, you know DEC, it's easy eyes. Forty nine years old decades of present that could really harm people. Then you know and then you! You should oppose them and forget about the filibuster, the institutional rules. But if you think that the other party that's how you know the person who just became president gets a nominated justice in a conservative mould and, like you hope that he knew you think that way, comes time to making a lot of decisions. He won't necessarily be partisan, but will abide by the law then go out and vote far by like it will explain that, and I wish I wish that we
do that right, musically. I don't like ugly. It was confirmed by what nearly will unanimously ninety thousand eight hundred and twenty. We don't live in that world anymore and probably good that we don't live in that world anymore, but we're trapped in this tip for game and I dont know how you were set at right, because you could do you know they, they stop something. So we stopped something in and then they escalated. Then we escalate and basically you go down. This go down this path and then they'll never be notched. Joe Drudge confirmed It used to be those kind of dual judicial philosophy, philosophical questions weren't enough to justify voting against right. It was. It was merely a question of where you qualified an hour to place where its its fully ideological- and I just how you get out of that and, if any, if that is how it's going to be, we have to fight one hundred percent, the title it, but that's that's where I agree with your conclusion. You dear point before the conclusion that its ideological, I'm not seeing anyone should vote for courses. I'm not I'm not coming up supported him in any way, shape or form one. What I'm having a problem with is setting up another litmus test. It say we're gonna primary everyone who doesn't oppose a Trump Supreme Court. Just as I do
those are dangerous precedent that more money going to these races. You already have ten dammit I think, having millions of dollars adds run again. So I mean I just think we can make things worse. I do think that the decision to primary someone or for group not to support some one has to be broad and taken to it. Their entire voting record right and not just one vote. Its unless he her group that that's your single issue amount or not mean it and can do whatever you want as a group, but I Forget to forget, Other NATO. Let's talk about Bill O Reilly oh boy, so over the weekend in your time, support that five women received settlements totalling thirteen million dollars after accusing Riley of sexual harassment or verbal abuse basely. He would promise jobs with the expectation of sexual favours. When on over many many years, some of these settlements had been report in the past, but I think there are three or four new ones. So far responds to this extended Riley's contract
So I mean it's pretty grass guys and it's it's, for a rally, but like rallies, always been fuckin asshole. But, like Fox NEWS, dealing with the Roger Ale scandal, where they just paid out twenty million dollars and and Roger Ales was Fort forced out now, they're gonna stand behind O Reilly to Fox NEWS. It a rotten organization Ryan along the way, many p including us in the White House, have tried to sort of bring them back into the fold and work with them, and we are normal that what they do they pedal lies. They have a leader that has sexually harassed and done whatever they wanted to women that organization for decades, and they allow anyone who makes them money to get away with fingers money. It in for the money look no further than whose in the White House right now to like the message that sense, every woman in this country whose dealt with this shit before but its unconscious and people should speak out in there's an organization on Twitter called sleeping giants, the ghost every advertiser that advertises unripe art and they ve got
like seventeen hundred and fifty people to pull adds that kind of effort, needs to be started with Fox until they get rid of this, that's how they got rid of them back right. Ultimately, Glenn Back was able to was cancelled because the advertiser started pulling out of it is so despicable of you have Roger Elles who is sexual harassing women for His entire tenure turn run and protecting bill around we, who sexual harassing people for his entire tenure when they met is fascinating about these stories, though, is it actually relate back to the Supreme Court fight, which is that Some will be confirmed today because the sexual harassment that that he inflicted on Anita Hill would not get a passed away. This gotta pass and what's interesting to me, is the rules Jane and these guys right. They change, they were in those jobs. They could get away with this for a long time. All of these story
we're out, I see people to do. I can't believe the story about bill. Riley. It's been out there, your years, the nine million dollar settlement, the transcripts of his abuse, the transcripts where he talked where he threatens people and says Roger Ales wilt will will will will quietly get you in one way or another that I'm the street fighter on tv. But we get you behind the scenes. All this has been out there for really really long time and it is fascinating how all the sun there's a critical mass and then the culture remembers that had changed. I mean the same thing happened to build Cosby because those stories were out there for years and years than all of a sudden animal birth makes a joke and and things unfurl and in the worst part is all of these people are allowed to stay at Fox NEWS, which, every day is the number one defender acting as state television for man and the White House, who is a sexual predator hay and who as who has been a coup so women came out to forsake, allegations of harassment, but you know nothing came from it. Nothing was there disproven like
and we just went, are like nothing happened. It was literally valiant onto bragging about it on tape and bill. Rightly every night defends. Trumps agenda and he has actually grass people. He has defended Roger Ales, whose actually rats people and no one can does anything at this organization and the other thing to us. It's it's have no idea how many settlements are out there, because those sentiments are pretty ironclad right that that that that that that that people come forward look at their options. They look at whose careers have been destroyed by going forward, and they say you know what I'm going to settle, I'm going to set alarm to take the money and they stay right. Back after check ever check, because Fox NEWS has generated billions of dollars or hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars offer their pay Corporation, never look the other way in despicable in Fox NEWS, Anna Rally, both in their statements, set em well, these women called the Fox Hotline is a hotline you supposed to call like, has been well known for
on time that Roger Ales had financed a unit fox entrusted with Sir veiling, its own employers. I've made you dont want to clear, hired hired both deed old trail. These women around they put him on air is a contributor, the hotline man. The call is coming from inside the house like call the have you picking Rodriguez here. How can I help you hang up, discuss? I've got sick of that. In the end, the conversation about media organisations and ideological meteoric visions left and right. It's like and then organizations on the right, like Fox NEWS, that you have a conservative viewpoint and organisations on the left like the Huffington Post. Now you know what foxes nothing like that Foxes a garbage organization that protect sexual razors that and they lie all the time. You said that if they do, they are not a legitimate fucking news organization. There are some legitimate reporters in there a few left hand you know well and Chris Wallace and an an raw. What's his name shall Shep Smith you look in the mirror, because you're part of assuming fucking evil, and you can't pretend you're not it is evil
there is evil in the world, and Fox NEWS is disgusting organization with giant old man, heads attacking pretty young women and putting them on television it they'll do sexual favours like that is not an acceptable news organization for the White House breathing room. So I guess it is it you're sitting next to fucking, Alex Jones, but otherwise escalate. Alot guides us going on real grieve alarm anyway, I don't like thoughts itself. No I'm just I'm just or a second I'm getting a pass everyday agreed. Ok, when we come back we'll talk to climate scientists, Catherine, hey this Party America stick around more great show coming away positive, I brought you buy, Betterment Betterments Mission is to help people manage and grow their wealth. They have smarter technology that gives you financial advice, automates investing, helps to make better financial decisions and meet your person combines technology with human advisers, customers gain access to, costs, investments and management fees, betterment com. Technology with human advisers. Customers get
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but we live Santos and by the way you can name rooms in passports. Yeah, you do the bathroom. You go to your bedroom. He d living room all different stuff, different music and again remain the showers, an article in Asia. That said, I refer to my bathroom as the boom boom room. I do not. I named my so knows in the bathroom hadn't living as onerous add about something you said in a newspaper. Use them to proclaim. Reverently like goes back to business. Elsie could think about. I shouted iris speeches about climate, limited that revenues that belonged in that interview. Did it up the one thing I just? What is it about sent us again, as it is every time as I hate technology, I don't have a good report with difficulty. It doesn't for me ever. It is so easy to set up centres. It is like such a joy to open the box,
The wifi button, MRS it works for you do through an happen you from John S, face he makes when technology is not cooperating with him and it instantly I ass. It does its best to become the parasite right. Now we re mass, I'm gonna, my computer voters work like I can't. I can't fix my laptop in Germany so sat with his on POD save America today, the director of taxes, tax university, Climate Science centre, climate scientists, Catherine hey her cousin, welcome to the pod thank for having me so we invited you on. We heard from one of our our friends at the White House, Tanya that when you at the way has event south by self lawn. You are at an event with them. Obama and Leonardo Dicaprio, and apparently you stole the show your much more impressive than either those guys very brighter than the day. I definitely at that So at last night I was asking folks on twitter what what they wanted to ask you, and I got
Many many different versions of the same question, which is how fucked are we when I got back at these? So what do you think well Answer that question, because I'm actually one of the people who does the referred to that end. The answer, of course, is that a key nothing. We can do it because if we ve been looking for thirty years already, then over London image of permanent, but I run this information out into the future, and specifically, I look at the difference between what the future will look like, based on the choices that we make day if we continue to pursue the clean energy economy or if we try our best to roll back the clock and pretended nineteen hundred and some of the coal industry, there is a mass of different in our future, depending on the choices we make today, No, it is not too late and our actions and our choices. So with the target
state. What a radical peck Skype rule was to run the EPA issue, the agency fourteen times he doesn't believe that Co2 is a primary driver of climate change, which is stunning even x on mobile, said that? Can you talk about his selection? What means for you as climate policy and if there's anything, states, cities or citizens can do to two way and push back I'm dreaming pudding, somebody who doesn't believe in something in charge that very institution has like putting one of the world's leading easier in charge of the church of England. I can make sense of what would you do that The EPA is primarily concerned with red, with regulating our air quality in our water caught. They dont do as much on climate change at other agencies and that might the by people. I work with agency to cost the board everybody from a department of inferior to infrastructure and commerce, but the EPA primarily concern
and about the immediate impact of burning fossil fuels on our lives and that its pollution, air pollution from fossil fuels kill two hundred thousand people in the United States every year. That's how important these standards are. Not your woven back but to increase. So one thing that trumpets being of these standards is he signed, as executive order call the editor. Independence order or something like that and how, but I really is about really back their queen climate plan. Are the Queen power plant? There is a sort of a catch, all there's a lot in there.
Is the most worrisome too. You have well, I don't fret about it. Let it be clear that clean power plan with what the president could you with the abilities that he had at the time, but it will not take us all the way through the period when the Paris agreement signed about a year and a half ago almost and try said that we should limit warning to at least two degrees and possibly one and a half. We can avoid the most dangerous impact of climate change and the Queen airplane, with only part of the way there we needed more now. Of course, we're looking at not even that would looking at a lot less, but we are also looking at things that lack common sense like investing in the coal economy when it already twice as many jobs in the food industry and cold jobs have been dropping like a rock, not because of its entire plan produce, because, if not an economical,
viable form of energy anymore, like investing in ensuring a ports farms when Henry Ford is already going on the model T assembly line and honestly the most concerning the media. It is that these regulations are gonna, be rolling the United States back from an international perspective from a technological perspective back into possibly even a second world country time. It is already poised to take the leadership, not just in the clean energy economy. They ve already taken the leadership there, but in the end, with the climate plans as well. So do you We believe it and how long will it take to regain is ever so? I know you do this alot. What's the best way to talk to people who don't accept climate science? What would The source of clay, global yearning videos that we get for pdf file
question and that's why one of the little global using video that we get for PDF file on Youtube whenever popular video days? If I just explained the fact, though, get it right, when we hear people saying things that we know make no sir leg either earth is a warning or it's just natural cycle or thank you, don't know enough actually say what it is, and we know that good facts that we can counter each one of those arguments. But there's a website called skeptical fire, but I didn't get over two hundred and fifty common.
What about question? What we know is that when we re find people who are throwing up these sciences founding arguments or even religiosity sounding arguments, like God, wouldn't let this happen or the world can end anyway. Why do we care what we find is like playing the Wakeham all gain at the finger? You walk one more another, one, pops out, you walk about one another, one that you can keep on playing this game infinitely, because the real reason people get had nothing to do with the science and everything to do with the solution. They believed that if we agree that climate change is real government control, lots of personal liberties, complete destruction of the economy and all kinds of negative things, there now willing fix that no one will be word, but that's why they decided easier to say it isn't real than the faded, but I dont want to stick to just indigenous on this little more, you see people who,
about climate change, trial, different angles, there's health impacts, there's harm to public lands and what that might mean for hunters and fishermen. There's religious virtual terms of national security implications? It can feel like we're fly. Lying around a bit when making that argument. They do you feel like there's a there's a way people should present these facts or try to talk about this. That is most convincing question. It is completely trade that nothing this issue of climate change, the value that we already had one of the best ways to talk about this issue, though, first of all, rather than bringing any oh five workers scientific reports in this whacking from one five ahead with all the information
instead of having a conversation figuring out. What makes an attack and then saying, hey, you know what I'm appeared to, and you know this is what my daughter does, what your son does. You know I'm only concerned about this issue of climate change of air quality, because no my child has Asma. I know that this affects children living in the city, so, though, connecting first overheard valued, incredibly effective, wait awkward in
can find much value, leaving out every single person on the planet, but with the majority of them, we can find that shared value willing to listen and offer. What is the easiest way, though, that I found to have a conversation is to start again not with the science, but rather by talking solution, because there are some in Idaho solutions out there that anybody at any ended the political bathroom. Hang it completely enthusiastic about and that's off in a much more natural way to talk about it, because you can do the Arctic and excited about it and the social plans. That shows that if we agree with and support a solution to a problem, much more likely to actually greeted the problems Then, if we feel like there's nothing we could or would want to do about. It then, are instinctive reaction of humans. The sailor doesn't matter or swimming gathered- I think, over the past few years- it really is, is try to tee. That advice right, recognising that people aren't really taking the science appealing and talk more about jobs in the better.
The economy in leadership on solar and leadership on renewables and then what we ve seen as actually eight may serve as a more Edison, responds right that, like that democratic Can we care about the issue, but Republicans increasingly down? There was a Gallup poll that said sixty six set a Democrats. Believe it's a serious problem and only eighteen percent of Republicans, the same concern. How do you? I have to like I'm Deborah assorted, come back to this pessimistic problem, but like what do you do with that yeah? No? No? No, we have to look at the facts in the bay began to come out of your head under the carpet like. Why didn't you didn't right. Let me your dammit, whom John John and I we rotunda speeches, and we talked about the clean energy revolution and the jobs it'll bring in and the
a promise of of being a leader on these issues in it and and and the renaissance that will come, and here we are in a well here. We are at the same time, things are changing, I mean I'm afraid you work at the last ten years in the United States and you look at where the greatest forward progress was happening on clean energy and on building resilient to changing climate as much as the president did and try to view majority is. The action is happening at the level of individual state bodies and in their attack sector. Though, all of that momentum is there and things are changing and I see them changing and active I mean
Couple of years ago now I was young visiting a farmer down by, let me say, very conservative part of what taxes and after you not to be kind of got to know each other has Alan together. I asked you a question that happen. Bothering me interval, if you don't mind telling me their reason why your neighbor had wind turbines right up to the edge of your property line, but you don't have wind turbines Have a couple of oil well- and I was kind of extracting the fate of the negative, but oh, no liberal, whatever whatever and he said TAT, there is a real one and he said I sit on the left, Who year waiting for my turbines them? I never got out before the electorate? But why do you want them? They think it's because the Czech arise in the mail. I didn't know
Well, people are always driving off the land, messing up my road when people they set em up and they push the button from forward. Until we see we paid for changes all cross taxes, we already get twelve percent of our energy from when we have entire town, but Georgetown going a hundred percent lean, making a big point of the fact that their just doing it because cheaper- and we have only who played for her doing the same thing, and so I feel I can some ways everything that's been sat and talked about about clean energy revolution. It was just in advance of that border gathering the momentum enough to be going downhill by itself, and if you like it. Turning to do that now. So there is the question that we get a lot from people, which is what concrete Epps. Can people take in their own lives to do something about this? You know if you can't get wind turbines on your property right like what are some other steps that that anyone out there can take his listening right now,
Oh, I love that question and that will best me another wherever a little global, Weirding videos, you did it not just one person. What can I do? The first thing we can do is get online and find a carbon typhoid air and actually figure out what our carbon it because, depending on who we are and what our lifestyle is the most most of our currently come from different places, it might be coming from driving my courage meeting coming from travelling. It might be coming from my diet, it might be coming from other things, and so the number one thing we can do is most paying one thing, which is a step on the scale and actually measure it and see where it's coming from and then they all kinds of places it can give you helpful little hint stay. The great book called cooler, smarter, unlocked the great website. They contain
of your concern about: cutting your yo cutting carbon footprint in terms of energy or house. You are you're transportation or your lifestyle, here's what you can do, but the pot and line is today, in my opinion, the most important thing we can do that I'm a change as individuals is talk about it. Miss were doing today, because studies have shown that over seventy five percent of people in the United States talk about climate change Wes on the year. Why? Because we scarcely we bring it up now submitted Nabob our climate and thus also important to get those talking about the without you and muscular single there. How much money I feed.
I have a plugin hybrid now or while I love those amazing myself, they got an Amazon, they use. Ten percent of the energy I took the bill is now almost nothing, but they give great like we need these talking point talking is one important thing. Tat can do in that way when the organisations that I support, as it is a fine to buy their citizens because they go in and they talk, every elected representatives from every part of the spectrum and they have been doing amazing things, a bipartisan climate solution carcass in Congress. Now they had thirty four members, seventeen, which a Republican that isn't a miracle. I dont know what it and dumb. I also believe the carbon footprint of tweets is near zero if you get an even more or less electricity. Well gathered so use every hopeful even lower, and now we have a pretty actuary ministration when it comes to climate you're using hopeful about the future
to be because the spare it can elite inaction and we can't afford to give out because, as I said at the beginning, my own repurchase showed that our choices make a different ma. Am I, as you may get you know in the movie interstellar, a false sense of hope is how they are, you know, saw their problems. So thank you for that. You have had great, no definitely not not boarding pollyanna view that everything will be ok if we just wait it out. We we have you take responsibility for? What we can do that we need that long term, how spur fallen at an end?
I'm and canadian, and we had we had about eight, my refuge, Canada. In the last decade we have a new prime minister. Now she was able to put a price on carbon within Europe getting into offered incurred because things are so dark before in terms of find has been. My golden monitoring station thing shut down a lot of stuff that we looking at here, let go. I notice is very helpful to say, but I really hope that this is a Wake up call to all of us as individuals that our voice matters and we can make a difference and nobody else. It's gonna, take care of this problem for us all. That is very high. Oh good note- and I thank you so much Catherine for joining us today and please come back again. I will take them for having are I take care that's a chauffeur today, thanks again to Catherine HALO for joining us and and we'll see you later. You feel that up missing by the planet. I do have you talking together. I wanna be hopeful you. Gotta do something like Ireland.
Actually, like let the issue- and I don't know- I don't have one of the challenges here so does that it is being hopeful or not hope was like. Are you doing something you're not doing something, and you got to better quit I m radio or not to have a genuine threat everyday. Ok, we will seize it by God.
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