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House Democrats prepare to draft articles of impeachment, Trump embarrasses himself and America at NATO, and Kamala Harris ends her presidential campaign. Then Senator Cory Booker talks to Jon about his strategy to make the December debate and build momentum ahead of Iowa.

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Well, replied: save America, I'm John Fabric, Andean Pfeiffer, Applaud. Today we get an impeachment report began impeachment hearing, and come on Harris, ending a presidential campaign that I want to talk to one democratic candidate who still in the race and looking to get on that December debates. Age, Senator Corey Book before we get into all that a few quick housekeeping notes Tommy's this episode of his Iowa series is out episode. Three you'll learn in this episode: how important and humbling the hunt for big endorsements can be along with all the arguments against I or going first and carcasses generally, there's all
a great anecdote, thereabout catching chickens and how to catch a chicken. So it is it's a great episode check it out how many? How many are in the series? Theirs? I want to say five five, if there six. I would probably end up quitting the spark acid journey a campaign later I've ever everyone why he gets the nostalgia been going even more it so great and I'm positive the world time in Vancouver terms trip to NATO, We're gonna talk a little bit about two so talk about bends. Recent trip to Hong Kong envy Upcoming UK elections with the intercepts. Many Hassan also knew a sort of Rebecca Friday were crooked zone brain There will do a deeper dive on all the latest impeachment news of the weak so subscribed to that. Now, where every wasn't your podcast and finally, the crooked store is running a surprise new sale every day for twelve days and were calling it the twelve days of crooked. How about that
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it's also. We are thereby that might members of my family one aware assurances, as is not great, it's weird man. Ok, let's get to the news on Tuesday, the House Intelligence Committee, proved their impeachment report on a party line vote and then sent it off to the Jews, Jerry Committee which is charged with drafting articles of impeachment that they will soon be doing those soon be drafting articles of impeachment? According to an announcement from how Speaker Nancy Policy this morning, it is happening. Most of them the underpaid report is a summary of while we all learn during the public hearings, with the exception one very notable bit of possess. A areas of colleagues obtain from eighteen see and Verizon that show extensive contacts between Rudy Giuliani in the White House Giuliani in the Office of Management and budget rules, Julie, hunting and right wing conspiracy theories, John Solomon, Juliet in Devon Newness ends
Twin Devon, Nunez in the indicted founder of fraud, guarantee love harness what's up with Rudy who, as reminder, is also under federal investigation. What's the significance of these calls to the how's two o n b and too? An unknown number that's identified in Europe. Lord only as dash one What I think on one level, it's not bizarre that there are a lot of calls between Rudy tromp because they are men of a certain age who are unfamiliar with the efficient wonders of text India. So the ringleaders high cost a lot of reporters as they say he democratic screenshot. His text messages, tweet, yes, and one of the more bizarre. If Enduring changes was between Ryan Riley if the Huffington Post at regionally on about the Bertha Ryan's saga
that a very clever tracks in a baby picture. You can get away with almost anything as a lesson learned about eighteen months ago, So one form of words that word that they're talking with the timing, is incredibly consuming You ask us, this is all happening around those linsky meeting the decision to fire, the? U s Ambassador Ukraine and it bespeaks what cords. told us, which has every one was another that this is a security that involve people threw out the administration and When we say all Juliet is the presence, of course they should be talking. It is, The job of an attorney Why to Ukraine? try to strong arm a government into interfering election. That is not part of the duties of the attorney authorities, so that this would be happening outside of what I would call the normal course of business yeah, and I also think the real flag here is Rudy talking to the Office of Management budget
like you said it's almost the easier to explain, call is all the calls with a dash one, which seems to be Donald Trump as in the rider stone hearing. A number was also listed as dash one that was assumed to be Donald Trump there as well, but that's almost not as, like you said, it's not a surprising, because you know reduce Donald Trump personal lawyer, but down from first in a lawyer should necessarily be calling the Office of management and budget. unless he was talking about, I dont know: freezing four hundred million dollars worth of aid to Ukraine, which happened right around the time he was cookie, thought him be right. After you know, he called out to be a couple weeks after the aid was frozen. So that seems pretty suspicious. I did you read the breakdown in Fox, provided by our wonderful producer, Jordan, Waller about
they, like these sort of central evidence that dash wine is Trump I did yeah. He asked who, what it said was right. we received through He calls on his various phones or with a very short distance that he did not answer and emu we after he text the White House and then he drives a call back there the numbers and as you and I know from having worked in the White House with a president, calls you. It is like a five alarm, fucking five, because Your work like we sat a blackberry were so old work, a personal phone and then even back then hometown, and so all ring, basically at the same like within seconds of each other and like it could be the president this kind of speech at its heart, ass a question or get to a bunker he don't know which inside this was a very and then trying to call back as always challenging. Does you have to call back several numbers and this was a very very clearly was dash won by a dash wantest tromp. Obviously
Can I do very embarrassing story is why On my own, I was working on speech at its in the White House and sent them to Obama, and I fell asleep. and apparently my phone rang a bunch of times. I did not hear it rang and I woke up to an email from the present I'd states. The said are you up looking looking at me because you oughta to give me more speech at its, and I just missed it. the way you know that we worked for the kindest most generous man that Oliver Workforce is that he had no problem in the morning? I was, I am so sorry I sub agencies, like that's fine, it's ok. What will deal with it? Yeah always had this passing in the night situation with where the president, with
is. I would go to bed prettier like as to get up quite early and he was a knight also. I would constantly wake up to monsieur. of emails with various questions and sometimes complaints and then their business several our gap between when I saw it and then he would be done like and the girls after school working out and then like checking into his email and so on. away like no worse feeling in the rather waiting on no worse just cover than they did that you bet, you laugh the present I'd states who needed your assistance hanging yeah. But I for some reason I feel a riddle. Giuliani doesn't necessarily feel that way he's gonna, walk or else these will in India and release Leafs between one and three in the afternoon, and it s actually fine. Let's talk about notoriously stew, bid congressmen, Devon, Newness Tom is trying to get that title to stick Saunders, gonna. U no use that Who is so newness is currently suing CNN for running story. The quotes, love harnesses attorney s sake
that partners helped newness set up me? Things in Europe to get dirt on Joe Biden newness. Does that deny is this, but now after denying this after While this lawsuit, I don't know what the time I've never visited Europe. This is all bullshit. Now he s report and why these call records show him being a nine minute phone call to lead harness. What do you think in the world's dumbest congressmen strike again here? What's goin on I think we owe our partners an apology, because the last time we even I've recorder back ass together, which feels like ten years ends seventeen Turkey males ago. We, we're very cautious to put our faith in the recently indicted. Mr Powell, yeah. We want to be caught. We didn't want to jump to conclusions. We wanted to be more fair to Mr Nunez than he has been to any one else in history, and we were wrong. We should have trusted for us, he was right, definite as
they notoriously stupid. Congressmen is waist deep in this criminal conspiracy. yeah I mean so he goes on, Hannity. You know it goes to a safe space, and hand? It's like you don't know this guy less polonaise. Do you like that? You know intentionally fucking up the guy's name. That is, if, like John, had never heard of him before, and you know new. This is like. You know, it's possible. I haven't gone through my phone records. I don't recall that name. You know while talking to that guy for nine minutes on the phone dude come on come on minutes might be my longest from conversation in six right there You talk it over. Nine minutes so does seem like Nunez is in What would you think happens from there and I guess you know they can take a launch and ethics investigation. The Democrats in the house into newness shift seems like Ie
You know I didn't you wanted to be careful about accusing him of anything based only on these phone records, which I think a smart. But where do you think the Democrats go from here on in it's like, I mean may I add ethics investigation simply the right thing to do we just cat just for the same reason that impeachment is being undertaken that, if you involve yourself in a don't tell conflict of then don't tell people and then preside over hearings into that good. Interest that good rule of thumb you yet There should be some that there should be accountability for that there should be an investigation into the bottom of it What do you think happened, of course, not because our democracy is fundamentally broken. It was broken by a morally bankrupt republican Party. That's it we're trying to fix it when you, twenty than any other highlights from the entire committee impeachment report. I will admit
I did not read all three hundred pages, but I read many articles about it. Many summaries, it does seem. I just can be our folks. You know their inner paid a lot of payments. people people out there with as articles he means tweets. Three million I take a break from the tweets when it's time to press for the part I go full article, not even just the summaries, the Jordan and Michael helpfully prepare. I click on those links. The whole thing give that add money to Jeff basis. It does seem to be a pretty good summary, especially in the executive report of sort of laying out the impenetrable offences. Its abuse of power is undermining national security. Its interfering in it's getting from government to interfere in our elections. You know it's it's. What policy laid out in her press conference day when she basically announce it? They're gonna write articles from PETE. Did you find anything else? No worthy
Russia, as has been pointed out by the police police out there. Much What was in that report was known are ready. The New not gets are the ones that we just discussed, but what I thought was, particularly compelling in the context of that report, was the dog read to which the present add states in here. Administration has obstructed the investigation yonder, Preventing everyone for classified not be unwise. moreover, over a single piece of paper. responsible that is historically unprecedented ads. Is in and of itself in that's the guy situation gave Congress the power to All these active branch accountable is what holds the system of the american people elected. by a historic margin, this Congress, this is a constitutionally appropriate, politically viable impeachment investigation. It has been signed. fond by the founders and the voters and the present doesn't
yet just ignore it, because its inconvenient that he felt ass backwards into a cramp it like it is. He has, but, That is a real thing in a heap. He should be held accountable for that, and this is not the typical like back and forth over executive privilege. That happens for good reason. In most, administrations in Congress, and this is a specific effort. Well, beyond what Nixon did to prevent Congress from doing as constitutionally met at a job, and I think that's important and they did. The report is a very good job Elaine. yeah I mean I get that obstruction process crimes are not as they don't registers high and the possess meter with a lot of the press. but it is unbelievably fucked up and dangerous for the present I'd say. Did you say you cannot investigate me? You cannot indict me. I do not have to cooperate with any thing. I do not have you come up with any investigations. I can do basically whatever I want and I'm immune because lie
go indictments, aren't remedy and now impeachment isn't remedy and in congressional investigations are remedy either so fuck you can't have that can't have that. That is what a king does. That is what a dictator does. or at least the president with complicit party and a rigged court. Yes, exactly are. Let's talk about yesterday's hearing, it was the judiciary, committees first and the goal was to prove the trumps. Ukraine scheme constitutes unimpeachable offence. The hearing lasted all day with testimony from four constitutional law scholars, three called by Democrats and one called by Republicans a similar hearing was held during the impeachment, a bill, Clinton and nineteen. Eighty eight, then, what you think this hearing accomplished and more importantly, was there enough, we're work and make possess jokes. Until the author of the original possess peace, apologised to America, that's worth waiting for I know you are naturally very sure that hearing to not shift the political, tides and any major way, but for all of them
people dismissing on Twitter as either boring, or just telling us what we already know. I would note that the three broadcast networks carry the hearing for several hours: yeah, yes, and so in the larger democratic effort to try to find these small pockets persuadable Americans out there. This was a very useful exercise and the arguments why The report are overwhelmingly compelling. It is like any normal democracy with a normal functioning opposition party. This will be an open and shut case and trumpet be flying Marine one out of here in a week. In fact, that's not happening says a lot about where we are a country. Yet I completely agree like I think we ve said and many many times here. Public opinion on this is pretty set. I don't expect it to move dramatically
But this is like a game of new cycles here and when people turn on the television or or go online to read the news. You know the soundbites they're gonna see from three constitutional. Ah professors are, you know, present developments in prison. Travis committed impossible. I crimes in misdemeanours by corruptly abusing the office of the presidency, Michael Gerhard. If what we talking about is not teachable, nothing is impenetrable and professor Hamlet, Garland, draw we foreign government it undermines election process is an especially serious abuse of power because it undermines democracy itself. So what you said all the networks covered it, who else covered it, and when you see a bunch of constitutional law, professors say that, like I, don't think it's going to change a ton of mines, but it certainly not unhelpful. It was it's almost amusing, washing his constitutional law professors, because there was an inherent absurd. To the exercise, which is but the president did, which is beyond factual dispute. It is
we represent clear. There are call records, there is first hand testimony. There is the admission of the White House? Chief of staff on national television- there are presidential, its and press conferences, were he cops to the crime like? The facts are beyond dispute. Is the text book definition of of an appreciable out of you are trying to provide an example to help law. students, understand what is in Portugal. This would be. They're up her sort of like a bit late. Wondering like almost what's it like. How did they end up in this theatre of the absurd, where the obvious treated as extraordinary, and I mean the the patients which those three professor showed was quite impressive. I thought either the two I that either of the witness who seemed especially just Lord, that this is even taking place, is PAMELA Carlin without was quite good. And she gave a really great analogy. I thought where she said you know,
age and living in a part of Louisiana, Texas, that's prone to hurricanes and flooding. What would you think of your governor ass, the federal government for the disaster assistance, the Congress has already provided the present regime Did I would like you to do us a favour, a meet with you. And the disaster relief. Once you brand my political opponent, a criminal- and I thought that was just a great way to sort of make it even more accessible for people of just how fucked up what the president did is beyond dispute the use of power yeah. What what did you think about the republican Witness professor Jonathan Turley, who you know made it the argument that he didn't say that the call was perfect. In fact he said the call was very much not perfect. He said that the Sue military aid for a quid pro quo to investigate one's political opponent, if proven, can be an impeached offence, but he thinks it hasn't been proven or well you sort of mega that argument. I feel
like if the worst parts of Washington DC had a mass got. It would be Jonathan like there need like their needs me some contacts here that I, as a television talking head attorney, who basically came to fame in the late nineties, supporting the impeachment buckling, essentially making the opposite argue that heap on every issue that he made today in the he is a shameless merchant in the marketplace and political attention and it says a lot about how weak the republican cases that they were left with, apparently either Jonathan Turley or Alan Dershowitz, for the two people available to them. make their very weak case. Yeah, I mean you know, Jonathan terms. ie
He said it during his testimony. You know I'm not a trump supporter. I didn't vote for tromp. I support Obama Clinton, so he clearly is trying to catch credential himself. As this like non partisan legal observers here, you know he defends Bill Clinton's impeachment. Still to this day at the same time as he is main argument about the Trump impeachment is not there. Completely wrong? It's that it's been being rushed, though the Clinton impeachment and they trump impeachment, are both on track to be around the same exact number of days thereabouts. Many five days fresh from the beginning of the investigations till the vote on a peach meant, so that argument kind of falls apart. He also argued that he doesn't believe that Nixon should have been impeached for the obstruction charges, that Nixon was gonna, be impeach for anything, that notorious racist, Andrew Johnson was railroaded during his impeachment as well. So I d
I don't really know how well his argument holds up, even though I get that someone who says well, I did vote tromp and item not a supporter of Trump, but I dont believe impeachment. I can see how Republicans would think that might be effective I think he's legal positions are reverse engineer from what gets input on television. You thanks. How do they get there? I mean we should note that he is already embrace and pretty far fetched conspiracy? There is about you rain and pass straight. He early the sheer he wrote an in in the an that downplayed men affords connections to Russia, which we know there are plenty and he also on highlighted his connections to the ukrainian government, so he sort of bought into a few these ukrainian conspiracy theories to denigrate, not great, so
I mean you know. Turkey's main argument also seem to be the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee's main argument. Yesterday, witches it's it's a new one. Now Democrats are rushing the impeachment. That seems to be the problem. Why do you think they're going with this new argument about a rushed impeachment? Do you think it's more effective than just saying what they were saying flask, for weeks, which is just that Trump didn't do anything wrong at all. I think, on the most basic lease thought out surface level. It seems like a better argument, wishes look, we are for accountability and justice, but we want a fair process while the president due process, we want to get to the bottom this so one, that's anticipation, paying zero attention to anything Republicans have done to date, zero touch anything the trumpets said or the for ways in which they have gone about obstructing the investigation. Let makes like don't. This is very serious. Why would we rush, except
It's so such patently obvious. Bullshit me. Their argument basically is you're going. too fast. You don't have all the information bar to give you not of the information? Other argument is which is just this? Bullshit is Impeachment is very serious, but it must be by partisan, but if any one in our party supports and Peter we're. Gonna kick them out, so you can call it by parliament. It is like I've mean, so if you think about it, it just like shut the fuck up, people you're so stupid. But the way me It's not an ineffective strategy, given the way media works, which is, they have microphones and they said. Add people often hear that are they read the headlines and don't don't click on the link or whatever else and get to the full bottom of it? So four people were paying a little bit of attention, if any at all that you can, by with this bullshit year, because I mean it is a it's a smarter media strategy because vein
no, that the media tends to ding them when they throughout all kinds of wild conspiracy theories which good for the media and they should. But they also know that there is a debate within the Democratic Party about. Are we rushing into this too fast? or should we take time, and so they know that evade jump in and say, while there, Sharing it? Then? The media will see that as a legitimate debate, because already one that's happening, the Democratic Party and then you'll get headlines. We have in the New York Times today that say our Democrats rushing impeachment. So you know they may once again pen a strategy on the credulous of reporters. and sort of knowing that reporters are looking to do both sides at all times, and you know that's that's more effective but, like you said once you examine the argument for just fucking ten seconds, it falls right apart.
What are we going to do it? I mean it and I get like a. We should talk about whether we think it's it's Russia, not like again. You wait forever for a court to decide whether John Bolton testifies or not. I guess, but the White House is obstructing has decided that they're gonna obstruct no matter. What and how much more evidence do we need. You know like even There's this whole thing like, while the Democrats don't have the smoking gun on the aid, because we don't actually have a tape or an a male of the President's saying, withhold the aid until I get the favour, but like it's not just about the aid for the boy an investigation. We have MIC mulvaney on tv admitting that they withheld the aid, The Ukrainians agreed to launch the fucking crazy conspiracy investigation into the crowd straight bullshit. So, like the chief of staff, has admit
on tv that there was a quid pro quo involving aid like I don't know why we need more evidence on this and not just the one, Shiva staff who is also the axiom director of the Office of management, budgetary debates, the office that withheld the aid. So we person response for aid with holding so hang on national television that, yes, it was acquitted. Well, yes, they withheld the aid and then told the american people to get over it. That is smokey EAST of guns humanly possible. I also, I also think, if Nancy plus he went to the microphone and said we're. Gonna wait on the court's did aside and hopefully will decide quickly to see if they compel John Bolton, Admit, mulvaney and others to testify we're gonna keep. Investigate said that what would happen is everyone would forget about impeachment for While we move on to the next thing the holidays would arrive and then in like, even if it was only three weeks for now right,
even if this four weeks from now right and suddenly the court's decide in the best case the courts is that they testify and we ve lost all that momentum, because now no one in the country's talkin about impeachment and we ve moved then the reporters have moved on to the next media thing, which they have a whole twenty twenty primary to Cover- that's probably pretty interesting or perhaps even a guy. and shut down, we don't know what's happening so that in the best case, In the worst case scenario, they lose the court case and then it's like Democrats lose big court case on impeachment or other headlines. I dont mean, I guess, I've seen you know, there's a lot of people on low on the democratic side and left in including our own boiler who have argued for a longer impeachment longer investigation. I just having now been through a couple weeks of it. I don't see how you continue to capture the public's attention. If you drag this any longer,
Tat, I think that's right. It's Emily is a tough call, because if you are just doing this from, if you're a question of what is the constitutional obligation, yes to it, and this is just about like I don't think we need Bolton and more vainly to testify for any. And other than public attention, because the evidence of said crimes is without is overwhelming Joe. It's not They believe they can provide new ones to it. They would provide very high profile tv moments, but you don't need it for that like has from can committed a gazillion repeat offences like we just found out the other day that he gave a cracks to a very small North Dakota firm for war construction that owned by a donor like like there's there like we there is impeachment everywhere by this, is where we are right now and they use progress could be investing in people
by Trop until the end of time, but we gotta do it. We gotta do you and it's you. I get it it's it's, it's Mary it's hard, and I think that, like we ve seen hard. It is to keep the public's attention on this, like, I think, Adam shifted in the entire committee conducted near flawless hearings. You know, and they were incredibly compelling and that doesn't move Benito all that much and so to think that and that's it Hi drama is you're gonna, get all those witnesses test. I am new revelations every day that of those hearings, so you know, I think I think it's hard has a lot of new regulations that would come with continued investigations are, like you, said, stories that have already popped up and the news like what you just said about the the contract tray so investigate, stories that are already there and then finding out. Yet while there is a connection between Trump in this and the scandal, I dont know how
more, it gets you. I don't know that it convinces Republicans more, so you might as move forward what you have. I do to make one point, though, on the public opinion, peace, which is a mess it is polarized right. I think we have to stop try to analyze the political success and failure. Various efforts based on this matter, for a number of how we, how far away we move from fifty fifty cars, are pretty locked in too that in its end start looking at different pockets of people right weather that's not! Voters, that's EDA! That can be the Obama tromp credit. Eighteen voters could be Romney convert is like different pockets of people who could be deciding selections in these various states like this area. Thank you and media appalling and campaign, calling as media this often about a top line that is attached to a narrative right like do support impeachment yes or no is the impeachment procuring too long. Too short and campaign pulling, as also is very often both in quantity,
research like Paul's and calls have research like focus groups trying to get, How what happens in the news. What happens in advertising affects the how the Buck views the character and values of the candidates. Right yeah like is tromp losing ground on with these It is being a aging change and washing is losing ground on draining the swamp, voters getting more exhausted by his presence or a lot of different measures that I think I'm sure a number of the democratic super packs and pretty accusations are looking at and there are not many eventually well and when we crap ourselves in this be now there were or a bite, the discussion about the overall electorate word when they were fully understanding the potential impact of these things. Yeah, ok, end of end of rent pots of amerika- brought by Movement holy Shit,
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It sending mail so easy for us so easy Don't spend a minute of your holiday season at the Post office this year sign up for stamps dot com instead, there's no risk with our promo code crooked. You get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus free postage. and a digital scale and no long term commitments are contracts just go to stay Durkheim click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and typing crooked. That stamps dotcom enter code. Crooked stamped outcome never go to the post office. Again, So before moving to twenty twenty? We should talk about Trump himself. What he's been up to you spent the early the week at the NATO summit in London, where he once again embarrassed is country on the world stage, with a series of rambling statements and shots at other world leaders who were they are caught on. Video mocking trump during a reception at Buckingham Palace, just in time Oh a manual mccrone, Boris Johnson. As I am in another Prime Minister mark Rut can be seen standing in a circle lightly, roasting trump
the video which went viral, just internal can be heard saying he was late. Because he takes a forty minute news conference at the top end quote: you just watch his teams. Job dropped to the floor, Sudan, you don't later said yeah we were talking about trumpet was mostly about how astonished his team looked when he randomly announce its the seven would be held at Camp David and Trump. When he hears what Trudeau said calls him. Two faced cancels his last press conference, and leaves the summit early in a huff the behaviour of a stable human being, no, but it is pretty pre typical of Donald J Trump presidents. It yeah it is so like. So this is interesting in response to trumps meltdown Joe Biden.
Together, a new add that he released on on twitter at least last night outlets. Let's play clip world leaders hot on camera. Lacking president Tron world leaders mocking president truck they're laughing administration is accomplished. Almost any administration in the history of our country didn't expect their reaction. Vanessa leaders mocking ridiculing em for being completely off balance. Allies are deeply worried about her. They say is becoming increasingly isolated. Something is very wrong the world's seas, charm for what he is insincere for, corrupt dangerously incompetent, and it gave him all my view, moral leadership. So I've always thought that's true
as someone who is embarrassing America, whose making our country laughing stock, is an effective political attack and twenty twenty, I don't think it should be the only message, obviously, but I think it as we think about messages that work against Trump. I do think that has some power would? What do you think? I thought it was an excellent add, as I is, we all settled her last night. Both in the sense that, at least in two thousand and eight in the Obama campaign, the idea of Obama, improving Erica standing in the world after being shunned because of the absolute catastrophe that was bushes, foreign policy was a very. powerful message for Obama, the democratic, primarily in very powerful their dependants, Republicans in the general action. I am yet I have not seen evidence that, like Ivan, haven't, seen pulling that guarantees, that's true this time, but I think it has real power.
It also has a very good ad because it I think what a lot of people took from it. Why This was a very quick rapid response from Biden has nimble, something that it his campaign, which has been criticised for not being previously and so even people who were ambivalent about it since the ad weren't, in our view, this is approved point about his Joel abilities as a general action opponent of truck. I do think it will be important if this is an argument that Biden or whoever nominee is carries forward that kidnapped trumps, embarrassing behaviour, his lack of standing in the world with actual impacts on american families, yeah overture, but like so, you know like, like everything on twitter. You you tweeting about this and then the others.
It's a bunch of by NATO's on on the left and some folks in the left, who are like? No that's a bad message. Hilary tried the message. The trump was bad. It didn't work for her. The more important messages about you know. economic inequality and all that- and I agree that you know messages about jobs, the economy, health care are extremely effective. So I completely agree that and then there Some people on the right who were saying you know like tonight, I tweeted there was a good out, and then I got this from Ben Shapiro. Sure, Michigan voters will resonate to the message and that's how you I'm sure Michigan. Voters will resonate to the message that we must have a president respected by a manual mccrone and just in Trudeau. So it's like you know that judges. Oh I guess he thinks that, like the
robes in the middle of the country. I dont really care about America standing in the world. You know which I think is pretty condescending but, like I will say, when I did these focus groups for the wilderness right I did. I did for groups for different groups of odors. Damn grants who were disengaged Obama, voters who stayed home or non voters, and sixteen are voted third Party, Romney Clinton, voters and Obama Trump voters, the only thing they came on up in all four groups. All four groups were people saying I am embarrassed by trump what he is embarrassing America in front of the world? I have a quote from an Obama Trump voter middle, White Guy in Milwaukee, and I how do you know? What do you think a Donald Trump? You voted for Donald Trump, and this is how we responded. I'll be honest, I think he's done some good things, but really concerned about where we are headed in the next couple of years. If he still around, I think he's a laughing stock
in the round the world, and I think he's Bernie bridges around the world- and you never know when you're going to need your allies and that's you know now college educated White Trump voter from Milwaukee from outside Milwaukee from where the suburbs so, like, I think, like you said you know, we haven't seen pulling. This is qualitative research and focus groups, it's not the same as pulling a thousand people. So, yes, you have to wait and see, but I think it is dangerous. Jesus, it's dangerous to like predict a bunch of shit, it's dangerous to do a bunch of poetry, about what voters in the MID West, thank or anywhere in the country without actually talking to them, because people are complicated, and nuanced and subtle, and they might surprise you with what they care about right. There's a lot of voters. It surprised me, I did not think so. Many people would care about.
America standing in the world with trumpets present. I thought you'd be a long list of other grievances with Trump, but it came up in a lot of groups that I did so there you go the other thing that is it Orton, to think about is that the impact of messages differ based on who the messengers right, this is a message is particularly conducive to binds argument for himself right here. who has been on the world stage. He knows these leaders he, promising or a return to normal see we can dispute whether that is possible or not, but. It is an argument that works for bite it. It may not work for others, but if it has the potential to work for him because of his bio, his message, and how people understand who he is yeah. I think there is one last point to make up. This in a trump is running an ad. I think this was the add he ran during the world Series, perhaps where the Abbe
and with tat- may be trumps, not the nicest sky, but sometimes you you can't have a nice guy. You know. Take someone who's, not that nice to fix Washington or something like that. I if we made an argument that foreign leaders believe Donald Trump is to mean- or they just think he's too nasty there- I get people saying like what we want are we want our president to be tough foreign leaders fuck those people you know like he should push them around a little bit there. There could be a little of that. I could see that from voters, but I think we do The message is that being laughed at, the Donald Trump. Our president is being lost stat around the world, but everyone's looking at America is like what the fuck happened there. Who is this buffoon in charge when he's when he's mocked and laughed at as opposed to feared, which is what he wants to be. I do think, that's powerful. You know all right, Let's talk about twenty twenty on Tuesday commonly Harris announced that she was suspending her campaign for president setting a lack of financial resources in a post where she said
I'm not a billionaire. I can't find my own campaign, and is the campaign has got on its become harder harder to raise the money we need to compete in good faith. I can't tell you supporters and volunteers that I have a path forward. If I dont believe I do so, then this announcement came on the same day that a super pack supporting her prepared to make a huge add by an Iowa given new, some Governor California, who would endorse her earlier its talked about how he was so excited to go campaign with her. How surprised were you by this news? I was shocked, miss him. I had been thinking and even cancer, either offering this take on the spot, gas or in a piece of written content on a website knows crocodile com with that You know there is this parade of article serve culminate in the New York Times that we're about all of the problems with the past. Campaign all which were incredibly well sourced ends: all's delineated
same problem, so I imagine accurate. and I sort of had this view that was possible that come away Harris was poised for a cut back because media narratives in campaigns, ten particular negative ones and inefficient. and it's usually when a bunch of stories just like the one that happened here, which then forces the campaign to make it much of changes they Some old generally get fire. They offer a blood sacrifice to the Washington media, and then they get a chance to have come back to earth right, and this is a perfect. This is how, as you know better than most, what happened to John carries agenda, two thousand for its what happen too, John Mccain or two thousand and eight and so stop. What would happen here is that, after all this talk about these problems at the top of their campaign, a change would be made calmly. This would have an opportunity now to get a second walk to build. It
become part of a comeback narratives and make a run, as I still believed, even as we know yesterday morning, before its announcement that of all the people who were not in the top for she had a clear first, chances of being the nominee and if and I I still believe that worse you, the nominees she probably he would have had the best Answer- reconstitute the Obama coalition in an updated post. Twenty sixteen form. So I was shocked by this, so I guess the question is: what do you think happened. Why do you think I campaigned in succeed because you know it's? It's not the case with her some of these other candidates that she just had struggles from the start and never took off campaign kick off twenty thousand people in Oakland. It was probably the biggest kick off of any candidate in terms of crowds, eyes, twelve million dollars raise in the first quarter. She was second place in the fund raising race with that ha and then she had another big, fundraising, HOLLAND, the next quarter she peaked at about. Second place in the pole,
in early July after that debate, was she sort a tangled with Biden shoes at fifteen per and was her real, clear politics average in the polls that was second place is ahead of us Andrews and Warren Anne. She He was second in the endorsement primary, so she had aside from job she had more establishment institutional support within the party. Than almost any other candidate. So it's not like you. there were all these things that sort of preventative even getting off the ground. I think which he achieved is very committed, but you know there are we did achieve that you got is as far as she didn't. She got so much support and she really gotta look from voters. So what do you think happens. I just wanted to say what they before we sort of dive into the autopsy element of their judges. There are hundreds of people around the country, mostly young people, or who have spent much of the last year of their life working their tails off to make some Irish present day, as they are
if passionately in her, even if the campaign itself was not successful, they are exhausted heartbroken. Today adds veto campaigns. Are we in two ways right, you, the president or you lose? and the losing has really hard in. It's been a really hard for the young people involves, and so I hope they get it catch, a break, get some sleep and then like get back in the fake, as we ve all been there before and its heart No, I totally agree, and I also think of what we said this a million times, but I love calmly Harris. I think she is incredibly charismatic. She is tough. She has brought current she's just she's, I really had sort of high hopes for Canada say at the outset, partly because I think she is so talented, and so you know, I don't think I mean I like it. Is we dive into the sir into this autopsy
said I don't hum, I don't think there is any easy. Exe donation for this, like. I think it is a number of different factors. I think some, them are structural and some of them. Are you no mistakes that the candidate in her campaign made? But you know what what do you think. he I think I think that's right. This is one of those conversations it's impossible to have on twitter because it's not an either or right. It is true that campaign, maids, a series of very serious mistakes right leg and I think Probably the prototypical example of that is that she, this incredibly well executed brilliantly delivered perfectly planned debate moment against by not bussing. Like one of the best debate moments anyone's ever had rocket her to the top of the poles, but her campaign did all of that without having an answer to the question of her position on bus,
yeah so within that day of that great moment, she stumbled and was caught in a medium ass. Unlike like it seems like a road like if you are going to launch an attack on by non bussing, you better be ready for the next question and they were not yeah but but I think, a thing and everything mothers really a lot but in the context of what's happening, Harris's campaign, but also what the debate stage was, look like in December, even with even with common Harris who had qualify for that debate, because it was going to be quite white right right now, as of right now, now Kennedy of Color has qualify for the debate stage, other than calmly Harris who was now dropped out and I think there A lot of discussion about the royal. making eye when new, Hampshire, first and
the problems of having these very white stated the front, and then people will come back and say well Obama, one eye almost one New Hampshire. So that's proof that that's not a problem, and I don't. I think that that is the is not the right way of looking at it. I think We are operating electoral environment worthy most important characteristic. That voters want in their democratic nominee, is the ability to be Trump and they are getting their information about, who is best to be Trump may political conversation that treats white male candidates as inherently more electable, and what that means is that it It means calmly Harris or Corey Booker, Helene Cash or in the other candidates, of colored were fully qualified to be on the stage you have not made it to the top. Here does not mean they haven't me. mistakes are imperfect, Capades. It means
have less ex monetary, less margin for error, then the white cannot speak with a white male candidates and they just that the prism of viewing the electorate. Can it through the review? to persuade white male voters in Wisconsin. Basically puts attacks on non white male candidates. Add that is something we have to think. Really What about in theirs nodded obvious or easy solution of changing the debate criteria? Or you don't say thy faceted thing, but I think it it had a huge impact. her campaign it, as is how we want to Korea workers in a bunch of other people, yeah You say that you know we have to really think about. It is not an easy solution. I mean it's very true, because it's not like what I went out. We ve talked about this before but when Obama was running, if Obama was running in oh for right against George Bush and We have to be George W Bush from our. Why and everyone was really worried about who's. The most electable person to go against George W Bush
like they were in the o four race I dont know, Obama could have one that primary, because I think concerns about elect ability in two thousand and eight when it it was assured the George Bush would not beyond the tick when it was an open raise. We didn't know who the Republican Domini was gonna, be concerns about elector. Letty were not as high as they are now, and you know we said this a lot, but the the emotion that sort of pervades this entire races fear in voters and it's not just white voters its. You know your camera Harrison quarry Booker have, you know, have had trouble earning. Any black supporting any of these poles and aside from the very white states of Iowa, New Hampshire poll after Poll in South Carolina, shows that two I mean Joe Biden has his biggest lead in South Carolina and that weed is because of his huge lead among black voters, Joe Biden, to the extent that he's lost some support since his announcement, which he has he lost him and white photos and he hasn't lost any support.
Among the black community- and so why is that and look I think, there's a couple explanations there is that you know this His fear by like debility is not just a fear among white voters to fear among black waters and the Tina voters. Another voters, rightly people want to beat Donald Trump, and so that there's that electricity thing, and I also think it a challenge of trying to get attention and a primary. That's that's crowded when people are not tuning in as closely and so the demographic that is tuning in very closely right now. Are you know, college educated voters and they tend to be very progressive and liberal, and that me now, that's a whole stood a whole swathes of voters that aren't paying as close attention to the primary right now and so for them. You know, name I d matters more and so that's. You know that part of the reason that I think Joe Biden Bernie. It's not the whole reason, but part of the reason. The Joe Biden Bernie
others are still doing. Well, I mean another thing. You know, I ask everyone about all the candidates and all these focus groups, and aside from, The Arizona voters were Rami Clinton voters, poor people who tend to pay more attention to the news, the other through three groups, no one had heard of calmly Harris. So often also like what did she do wrong? Was there no message was there. This was it that, like biggest just hadn't heard of her and they hadn't heard of people to change their. Never heard of any other candidates, but Biden Bernie, and then some Internal Board Ward, that's it which was really surprising to me because I'm like, oh, live in this world, where I know every twist and turn of this race in the end, I know a lot of people who are going to vote on these issues that were going to vote in twenty twenty in the primary still haven't really tuned India, and I think, when you're trying to capture attention, which you must in order to raise money and to get make the polling threshold for these debates, it's really hard in a field. This,
crowded, with Joe Biden and and and Bernie Sanders at the top of the field, who are almost universally known within the Democratic Party and Elizabeth Warren, who is in second or third place, depending on how you look at the pulling average? also had incredibly high, nay my day when she came into the service right much higher than a bunch of other candidates. That's true! What do you think come on airs. His departure from the rays means for some of the other candidates, the typical way of working that question is she had five percent. Represent whenever it is, and how is it you think about, as I kallas that percentage allocated among other voters like who's gonna get three percent who's gonna get one of those three percent. What lay and when you have three percent or five percent too, I don't like it is determined and fry like that. Like you'd, be one thing, if for whatever reason Bernie Sanders dropped out of Joe Biden. Drivers with Warren drops out whether, where they're holding onto fifteen it. eight percent. The electorate that, like those are meaningful numbers that can give someone a real, can that's what I think it's going to effect is the conversation.
He's gonna take the conversation in a negative way is in that last debate, where both Harris and Booker were on stage They both began trying to expand the activity conversation beyond persuaded these Obama white voters to be about the mostly What can it has to be someone who can excite committees of cholera turn out? in that case that Croatia was not finished on that day. and now I think it's very problematic that if things stay the where they are in book or does not have a sort of miraculous run a for poles coming up here, the next. Whatever it is ten days, then there no kind of color on that stage to have a conversation that is critically important because it is, the huge elements of how we're gonna win. This election is being able to speak to him
then it weighs and mobilise. Those voters adds that caught that just can be missing and I think that's a huge negative figures. The question there is, you know I can understand, being upset about that which I am I'd- love to see a more diverse field, onstage right up until the end of the primary you now, obviously, but I've been I've seen to people you know register sort of how upset they are about this. But I wonder what you do. I wonder what the alternative is from either the Di N C debate, rules perspective or any other perspective, like you know, is. Is there an alternative for picking who gets to be on the debate stage. That would ensure a more diverse field. I guess it's my question, because I've been trying to think of one and so far I haven't come up with anything, except that you know. Tom Perez in the Dnc could have said
you know what there's gonna be no pulling threshold and no fundraising threshold and from until the end of the primary we're just gonna have every time this debate, two nights. Ten candidates on stage each night, we're gonna, let everyone participate right up until the end. here at all. This is sort of an impossible situation, because It is very important note that calmly, her up to now, because your campaign run out of money not because he did not reach the Dnc thresholds, reach both the appalling thresholds and the online donor requirement fresh right. and so in that sense, She was not excluded by the Dnc processes and it is no possible that ensure gang and tossing Gabert could get samples. Get in there? Almost every candidate is going to reach the online donor threshold. I think I saw wriggling Castro's a thousand There's a way. Two thousand our nations away Booker, has crossed the threshold are ready and it's the pulling threshold. I don't have a great answer.
the DMZ made a decision which I agreed with at the time, which was have some pretty easy: dollop qualifications, considering that twenty Canada somewhat making the first couple debate yeah, and they did not want to do a kids table debate right where Take the lowest pulling ten and shouted Dino do it by for the afternoon, and no one cares to give these Kenneth a chance to rise so by adding. That was the right decision. I honestly don't know how you fix it here. I think that there has you be eight incredibly serious conversation within the party about changing the order of the primary. After this election b, has the Timor register. Poland, which is shortly accurate and incredibly impact for, is driving huge parts of the conversation right. It is the proof point. The people too It should be a front runner, which is as which has itself patch nature to it
and so, when the most influence in the media narrative, about whose rising, whose falling, who deserves donations, who does not, who deserves support? Who does not driven by I first New Hampshire suck, it is, I think, inherently problematic, and that is ever been more true that as this cycle or other languages A flawed concept is so pre eminent in the minds of others. so I don't see how you fix it this time. I wish I did, but I think the fact that at a period of time where we had the most diverse field ever and invite the field as we know, are based on the debate stage to admit judge of all white candidates like six weeks before the first vote has cast. There is an inherent problems. has to be addressed. Somehow I think, with really difficult here is the argument that was being made during the last debate by both Booker and calmly about you know viewing elect ability much more broadly, as we do right now. In that
when accurately in an earlier right, when what is accurate about elect ability is you cannot win the general election unless you have sky high levels of turn out from black voters, and it is true that if Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen matched Obama's turn out and margins among black voters in Philadelphia in Detroit in Milwaukee and she had match turn out and in those states with a but the Obama levels in twenty twelve that she would be present. I states right now barely, but she would get it it would be. It will be closed now. It is hard perhaps to reach Obama levels of black, turn out until I agree with all of that that, like a as much as we talked about, how do we get the Obama Trump voters? How do we get to the White moderates that everyone I was talked about in, like everyone's tired of that conversation? I get it and we do need some of those voters just as important- and I would argue more important- is that we have
turn out among the base of the Democratic Party in the core of the base of the democratic parties by voters. So I completely agree with that hundred percent the challenges and in what I can't figure out as the two candidates of color, the two by candidates who made that argument themselves had singer budget support among black voters nationally and in South Carolina in the person who could probably who has the most black support, is Joe Biden, and so it's a real tricky they took the sort of figure that out to make an argument- and you know and ask for a book about this, but to make the arguing We need a candidate who can inspire voters of color to turn out and record numbers is harder to make that when you are currently not receiving much support from that community death, I address to end this topic. I am incredibly disappointed that commerce is that in this race anymore. I am I'm sorry. It ended this way. I think
shoes treacherously, talented and really, I think you are describing all the great characteristics about her via the hearse or political talent. I think the one that was most notably in the one I like most about her was held joyful. She was here I mean just she liked emanated joint? I thought that was sort of captured in some of the videos we seen of her dancing with our staff as she's travelling. The country visiting her campaign staff it at their headquarters. Only primary saying, I think that's gonna be missed and I would say to you know, to be who really liked combine supported her? She is at the very the very top of the vilest. I think you know one or two right now, and so I think that and even if she's not chosen, as vice president, you know she's centre from California has has a great perch on the Judiciary Committee and I think she will, I think, will be hearing from her a lot. in the year in the months and years ahead. So so that is a very good thing and I hope we do. I really do ok when we come back,
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Brokered services are provided by catch up, investing a subsidiary of square in member S, eye peace. You should know what it was not looking. His phone at all for any of those Metz player. I was not you, son of a bitch. I said he was as honest. I was trying to give you a ride around like he was being funny. I care, I guess I've, given you so many forgive you. Sitting time over the years. It's hard to understand when I'm paying you a compliment, wow so sad while, No, you know taught me that Dwight didn't you digital agenda but you were looking at a you're looking about the lowly agri it turns out. I was Mr Mann on nets and I am now joined by New Jersey, Senator in presidential candidate, Corey Booker, senator thanks for coming back in the pot. I'm really lobbying on with you appreciate what you guys are doing your pocket ass. It really is,
what we need, which is informing engaging and frankly energizing books in the fight we got come, and that is very, very kind of you. So you just given speech- and I are today where in part of your remarks. You talked about how it is a real problem for our party that Common Harris couldn't continue for financial reasons, and I've been wondering about this because you it's not that she always had a problem raising money. She raised the second most of any candidate in the first quarter, shed a huge hall in the second quarter. What what are you a tribute sort of her more recent? our goals to why. Why do you think her her campaign couldn't take off well before you go into one campaign, and I are not work s personal criticism or critique that way it when I'm I'm going? a much larger picture in the United States of America right now and forceful. I just want private By saying I have done an avalanche of causing Relations about
people who are not even supporting her about how hurt they were that she's no longer the stage but other people are by benefit their of their wealth and and so. You have to us and we are in a network conversations. We're had every single day, I've had a man from barbershops to the table with the average American sat at Stanford in my lunch room about the Abbe, as we all know, and this goes gender it goes with, identity. It goes with so many issues are life about the real reality of different treatment for different people and by the way this is horrible. We know the black women are have more maternal mortality rates. were times higher than white when we know factually that african Americans have different x, This is in the criminal justice system. Just pay on race. We know factually that black women are paid. Are the least the white men of any ah
other gender race combination. So what would it with them? such I heard and fell to my own heart was: why do we have a system right now in a party that is trying to do and really talk about, concentrations of wealth and the proper of our political system. How billionaires and large corporate oligarchs have so much most of our system, we are similar have a system where clearly, a black woman dropped out this race, because she She didn't have the resources to continue and ah Frankly, I'm just can add that that we have a treatment of female candidates, women These are very different than than men, and so the one I'm trying to make us. If you know week, we can agree about why I'm sure there's some the wooden agree with us, but that we have racism sex.
Some or bigotry general in our society and whether its overt or implicit but statistically provable. The question is: does racism exist the question the question is, then, what doing about it, because I think that it is the angel David said you know it not enough to say about a racist, you need to be anti racist and our party or party should be actively grappling with this, and there are people within our party, the rightfully or doing things the fact that now we don't have as many women elected leaders as men that that doesnt spent problem solve itself needed use. think about it in our presidential debased ages seem to be shaped by those of forces that we, as a party, can collectively to cry. But the question is: what are we doing about it or that that was my next question? I mean: what do you think? A better process would be for determining who gets on that debates
Would you eliminate the polling and fund raising thresholds altogether? Would you allow every candidate onstage throughout the entire primary interest, have two knights of debates and ten candidates each night? What do you think is that it is a system that seems fair to you will have to be blunt. I it's not something. I've thought through an unwritten rule out a proposal on this. What I know is that there are people who had to leave this race. They burn through resource they had China meet an artificial barrier. We had to do that. We have spent a hundred thousand dollars if we should, as a party want people to be going connecting the voters. Only try to meet some of these unofficial debate. we're doing it right now sitting here and I why I was watching tv- and I thought it was a hence more handful of candidates because I saw the same commercials over and over again by people with a lot of wealth and we are now trying to raise much money? and again based agent, do add, when my state, direct
here is like lets me need it continued crowing. What is our banish year, which is Erasmus organization, so we ve done things too that has drawn behaviour out It is not in any way reflection of a campaigns, viability and what I was told the very beginning is focused on the things that women and mine and went in agony when in Iowa. And none of them have to do with the qualifications were debate stage, especially polling, and he got me he says we have to see that Poland is not predictive to still be so. Polyps asked as a party and as it is a nation yeah and in that, tough right because pulls can go all over the place. I may I do think that the the idea that a
Berger is dire? Can you know basically, by their way onto debate stage, is infuriating in over regardless of what would you think of them as candidates to me, though, that does seem like, though, a larger problem of money in politics. It sort of pervades the entire political system in the country more than it does up problem that the Democratic Party itself can solve. It feels like we just need to overturn citizens united, but I don't know what do you think of my Myra you're wrong in right? Look. We demonstrate really to overturn citizens united. I wish every carry this race, which focuses not like your own campaign a proud to do that and not take you corporate lobbyist money, you're for former executive money or oil company exact money. All that's left without Us that we all agree that that the bigger issue- but I think some
Hence we allow our inability to do everything to undermine our determination to do something in the best argued. This is out of the Democratic Party that can't win that many elections with diverse people, but when I got to be United Centre a few years back, I walk into the Senate and I was like wait a minute. This is the least diverse play. His I've ever worked on the Senate, staffers committees, efforts with a democratic party and a bright shop. It's my partner. In this. We went to church humour to his credit. He jumped up and said basically yet Tommy what we can do, let's talk about it and so we have to do the Rooney will for hires in key sense positions and, most importantly, we touch you were. Thank you agree to make every senator have to publish the diversities. This text of the people of color and women? They have understood ass. I guess what happened since that is the number of women or the
in positions of authority, have gone up and we are better party for it. So, just because I can't solve racism in America doesn't mean that we all can't be doing things constructively to do it better to make a difference. To move this hat and so get the democratic parties. I saw the corruption of money politics overnight. I told my presidency will, but what we argue can do is to design it many processes, primary processes that don't they actually grapple with these issues that they talk about them and not just hoping I saw it. This is the most diverse debate stage in our history of a party because of individual ambition, not because of a collective commitment. We had a lot of incredible, diverse individuals decided to run. HU. We haven't seen this kind of diversity before, but we have a collective responsibility to deal with it, the under representation of women of Asian Americans, of of of of minorities
through the folks we should be talking about. Why do we have a process for the democratic nomination that benefits a billionaire more than then a quality? I told you a lot of qualified african american women that this week including members of my family were just venting that big, they don't see themselves up there, because there's no pathway for them, because of the discrimination that exist in the society. So look and we have a problem. I am astounded that note today, a small part of my speech is a problem when you have what billionaires one for present right now, the black people. Are you surprised that Joe Biden support among black voters has remained this high, even as he's lost some support among white voters, since he announced not the least bit
in the Democratic Party, won the most loyal body basis. You have is African Americans and the reason why I don't concern our campaign number one is. I know that when I ve been on the ballot New Jersey, a black turn out those up- it's not just about by the way percentage of black supports about the turn out. That would help us win elections right and I know the Brok Obama was well, but I quit box white voters until he won in Iowa, so I think joys warning it ends up, I can represent at least thirty three percent of the black senators in America and tell you that we, like you, I didn't realize this because I always you know what we see as on the Obama campaign, and I remember the story of how E Hilary was beating us among black voters
How we want I won, then. Suddenly the numbers on was changed overnight. I hadn't realised that at this stage in the primary Obama had about forty five percent of the black Phone South Carolina Clinton had forty six Edwards was down in a single digits. So obviously you don't need forty five percent to be competitive in a field. Does this crowded, how what's your strategy from here through Iowa and then on through South Carolina to sort of at least you know, get out a single digits and and and and gain more support among among among by voters. Will you know the internet is a pathway is well worn pathway there when you are not ease that were exactly where I so many people there. When the presidency were exactly where people pulling in the low single digits caught around one percent, now four percent from Who was in the delegations will still about twenty point behind Clinton, all of them didn't, I want what I would doubts, which is nothing less than the national Poles it about
these candidates, the old fashioned way in living rooms or town hall in and make their decision caucus routes, and so we are pretty thrill where, at the top of this race were in the top goggle of most liked people in I, what we're Arnett favour abilities or gone high, the state which, in a state where most people may undermine it, is a good thing we also have going point the boy register. I want the best arising teams on the ground here and then we leave and I want New Hampshire in local Leaders endorsing us, which is a big help when you have a mare of a town coming, the clock is for you in a small caucus were observed. When we, when I studied this before I jumped in from the carry campaign to the Obama campaign. Everybody gave us the metrics if they don't work really important going in and everybody question does. It was amazing how we could caution us, don't get distracted by national Poles Duncan Strike focus upon the quarter of a million people.
Other their caucus ignite. What I'm telling you were doing really well here we will hear or- and our goal is to win, but with common of top two or three Folks, like you and others will be saying that we probably over performed here and I think, coming round to the South Carolina, Obama we're gonna, have a good head esteem and approval to a of voters down there baby when in this nation, and we can be gone trumpet and frankly, that something we should be talking a lot more about it, which is who can energize? The fullness of our coalition is remember if, if Hillary Clinton had gotten the same amount of boats from black people, that Obama had gotten for years earlier. She would be President Hillary Clinton. In fact, just three states the ones we lost by seventy thousand, both by Michigan Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. We lost the diminution of african variables.
Heck. In Milwaukee alone, there were seventy thousand less black voters turned out, so I know that I best position in this race at all ignite, not just the Obama College, but frankly the democratic coalition that Rainbow Coalition that enables us to beat this fully the biggest demigod. Ah, and go into the White House, not just with the White House, because remember I'm in this debate, which will come, but to do that. Let's talk about the diversity, we need in Arizona. in North Carolina South Carolina in the two sentences up in Georgia. We better have a candidate get record minority turn out, because that's how we get much account of your back densher. I know the best person to do it. Recent would improve your Nile. It's funny. We were just talking about that on the pod today, a hum how the candidate of the democratic Domini absolutely needs, but you know higher turn out and
maybe maybe not reach the Obama levels of turn up at but much higher than we have seen in the last couple actions, especially among among black voters. Do you think it will be harder for or a nominee whose white to do that again. Bill Clinton proved that he had incredible. Support amongst african american people is the job that he was the fifth first, rest. But again, I'm I'm it. When I was married ass, the saying is, I got we gotta managing after my first year making a lot of mistakes Are you always say God we trust, but everywhere else, brightness data. So here look at your he'll that you're worried about getting who's got. The data show that they can really not sure, know this that you, when I ran for Senate Chris Prissy, had a choice and where to put my election, my special action in his belt Dhabi adult would have been just put it on his date and the day he was up for reelection, but he. it three weeks earlier on a Wednesday
It's the only name on the ballot on a non traditional day where we had to educate people. That is not to say about this, will whence about the blackout in New Jersey, spiked higher than the population about twin thirteen or fourteen percent. three weeks later, on a normal on a normal election, with competitive races up and down the ballot. It dropped down between nine and ten percent. So so I am confident that after another boaters I've been when all my life. If you want somebody who is authentically connected that we know, we can trust, because a proven record of standing up and fighting for communities its thing. Frankly, you know talk about algae BT wishes. You know I was became. Bear the city of New York journeyed laxity Raise the the american flag. The second like I did, for I never was always the pride flags. I want to make a statement that my kids, who faced with this high rates suicide rates, bullying and we're gonna be city protected. Everybody that was before
so our national leaders had he on these issues and so vote one, Your history is standing up in fighting for the issues that matter in an inclusive way and if your first Talking about some of these issues is we the tab on your website and you're running for president I'm a little suspect yeah up of what you do what you're gonna do when you get to the White House. Are you going Senator that goes out. Uniting Senate and remarks pay. This place is not diverse. You do something structurally to change it, always diversity, she's gonna, be a second and third fought as well. So I again I'm in this because I'm I'm I'm running because I believe in the best person, but United Democratic Party and to ignite the totality of the coalition. We need to win and not just to win beating Donald Trump again. I want that North Carolina see. I want the US to win Jamie Harrison running its outcome.
I know these are seats. It can only be one if we have a record of black turn out and I believe on the best for us not just to get the White House back but put Miss Mcconnell back into the back benches, so he put a judge. Has this line? That's that's clearly meant as a contrast with Elizabeth, worn and Bernie Sanders, we fight when we need to fight, but we're never gonna say fighting is the point. The point is what lies in the other side of the fight to, It sounded a lot like your message when you say that people desperately want a heel and move forward in this country. Do you agree with PETE's view of Warren and Bernie their coffers wall? I think this is amidst masonic semantics to you, but you always gotta fight in it. I mean so so this idea, Emmy Desert, there's an astronomical documentary about me, watch it for free now and on you to a call street fight spread. and- and so it was great until last march of penguins- me
tough, doubling the rotten rob you may go in check, but look I've always been called for fighting America, I mean: have you slavery? suffrage from stone wall to the M in Paris Bridge I mean we are a people that they have fought, but my point is it: it is, how do you? How do you fight an end? yeah I criticised the dead to tribalism trial coming up between our parties or the demeaning, degrading tearing of people down I'm talking about the kind of fighting that we did. The people Connor that that unified coalitions it didn't exist before after those kids have called it. Having an telegrams spoke, it's called a children's miracle when kids will more
in front of boycott of dogs and fire hoses. It's so ignited more conscious of this country to others joined the fight black folks, white folks. People from all backgrounds got on buses got on planes. Keen on the burmese, eminent twelve David's, I think, was an exact science. You should tell him that town, I told him other kind of fighting that unifies us all in a larger purpose than ourselves common cause. We were fighting for not just for ourselves that we fight for our neighbours were fighting for those people left out. So I dont over the semantic fighting he might be having with somebody right now, but for me by hope. Lastly, this campaign is about this idea of the greatest for fighting for their is which, people store beaches in Normandy be good chinese sworn or black white Christian Jewish die together. That's love! Fighting with love, it's patriotism, love of country. You can't love! Your country must you, you love your fellow countrymen and women, and so for me come from space that
If you live. Where I live man you want to fight the ivy, the ILO for those of your lessons on our I've, made a decision like him in a law school having benefited from civil rights activist who fought for my housing rights to moving. Inner city Newark. but I still live in fight as a tense rights lawyer and you, I hope, if you, if I walked around my neighborhood, which remaking tremendous change, tremendous strides- God bless my current merit Veronica, but there should there, if you don't get pissed off at seeing the inequalities, and an already to take on a fight than did yeah. I'm I'm worried about you. I was saved. America has broken your heart. You need lover about because it We need to be more motivated to get into the fight and start winning battles for justice right. We take down those forces that are better between us. That doesn't mean you, don't forgive those forces I'm John was talking about this week. Story about the guy Molly had been Pettus Bridge Turkey's
you're coming back to his office with his child or grandchildren, can we were exactly and asking for his forgiveness. All four of this idea of redemptive love, but that's not gonna. Stop me from defending the photo being evicted in my community now slum words over a hundred dollars. That's the guy, that's languish, be paying back. That's not gonna! Stop me from fighting against the corporate guns. Maybe there is not dead, but making so easy for weapons to pour into my community kill so many young black boys. So but the problem- and I am sorry to go on this I'll stop on this point, which is king set- is one of our great fighters who said that the problem today is not simply the vitriolic words and violent actions or the bad people. It's the appalling silence and inaction of the good people
some of the present the gift of work. I tell people very simply if you let me Priscilla him, you're nominee, it's true, but this is well the veneer president. I'm gonna ask more from you, then any president has ever asked eagerly stop his Lord knows me, don't you Saviour and a White House, many people there recognize where the power is and how changes always been made. Was the budget due to get together and making twenty on assent for thought that suddenly got us women's rights? It wasn't, but I didn't say that hey fellows of Cuban right about now it was fought for it care battle. I was in the Senate by battling it out, but you know why you dated tat tear down a Mamma care. It was because the grass roots of his country responded. So One dynamic growth happens. These campaigns is you know that the scene in Iowa or New Hampshire, wherever you're campaigning person a person doing town halls is a lot different than sort of the national narrative, so
you know. I know that that you and your campaign has been saying you know when you're on the ground and I, when you're in these town halls, you're getting really great response. What what specifically is working in your town halls in and what are you hearing from from voters that all the Pandit send you know, annoying pod castors out there are are missing. I do worry about what the media gets fascinated with. Take down the one weiner you know and who gives media coverage who doesn't who gets treated like a darling lifted, and whose ignored and again commonplace, copper. We can know they'll, be lots written about analyzing bat, But for me I, I got one by I've really funny closed. I won't tell you the campaign, leaders and stuff like that, but I had people tell me home. horrible? It is run for president, how it is I mean it's a real raw stop it. I was sobering, but I'm late saying this, because I get to go out
a single day and I'll. Do it multiple times today and stand before Americans who cool hurting were yearning war aspiring and I get to connect to that which is the best of who we are it's not me it's cool. It spoke they want, but the hope, right now what a message that it shows that we can win and then actually Just when an election is God we want what's elections as Democrats, but action and the other make the change that needs to be made, and so I have this weird process that I walk people who sometimes which some as people don't get me, and I see people writing articles. Funny, always the love and I feel like I should place a very white or something it music. But you know I still remember why first troops out here I was running for debates age big. I sees me a big Iphone, retarded Stamford older. I get the better. I was
and he had even arm round me any good. As do I want you to punch, don't drop in the face and my response to him was: do that's a felony. Have you laughed and- and I had a walking through this process that will We, what we don't even America right now is. It is a doubling down on hate and and trompe Miss and that kind of stuff, but but what people through the point but I've already made with you, which is we have always one when we create bigger coalitions of activism. That's when we accomplish things and so that now such is really resting it I could literally I have. I wish you good big, embed yourself with That's so you can see what do and stand in the line of folks the after we were worried, sick answer questions and how many peoples
One of my registering my friend permits me to come here. I get it, I get it now. This is what we need. This is what we want and so look at this again. We we can figure out some way to figure camping finance, I believe, which does have public financing and and an eye, and you know these other. If we just had straight out who can go into communities, rooms taught people, people gave people use, that's how I beat the machine in New York. It was just all fast. And we may run a commercials. We want to pay the cost of. I know our message is working, and I know we just need time and at the school board that that the clock is taken down, and I'm really happy, though there were sort Missy Movement we we'll see what happens on February. Third, but I am really hopeful really optimistic about away that? Doesn't happen, I'm gonna go behind. Whoever is that being the nominated me to go right back to work as a guy,
nation, calling out issues that, frankly, there been called out from the debates days before I was told when I was a kid life is about purpose, not position, and I just feel blessed right now to begin this, to be one of the top in Iowa pick your person top five or six campaigns, when the ground here- and I just think that my message will win out over. Because it's a message, values and virtues in order to get to the policy. This is the fighting about some of the debates. Radical policy is, you know, Obama, one with a slogan. Yes, we care and the operative word is weak This is no. None of us could do it alone. At that stage we have the bill the coalition in Washington in around this country activate activists in order to win this until the person that best can do that. That's how started, my career, that's a wee bit slum lords in York. My first started was organizing tenants, I want them morality in Newark by organizing black and brown
politicians, but particularly in the city. That's how we that's all. I got criminal justice reform done by for months and months ahead of that going out to dinner and sitting down a meeting people on the other side of the iron curtain and that's how benchmark well said there. You are undoubtedly the joyful warrior in the field and I have always found your message quite appealing. So best of luck to you and these and in the home stretch here before the before the first Caracas and and talked to us against sin, I presume Thank you so much thanks to court vulgar for joining us today, and everyone have a great weaken I'll talk to you later by everyone pod, save America, a product of cricket, media senior producers, Michael Martinez, arson producer. Is Jordan Waller, its mixed in
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