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Major League Baseball pulls the All-Star game out of Georgia as the battle over voting rights intensifies, the push to legalize marijuana gets a lift from Chuck Schumer, and Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler talks to Jon Favreau about how Democrats can flip the Senate seat currently held by America’s Dumbest Senator, Ron Johnson. Then, Tommy breaks down the Championsh*t game of Pod Save America’s March Badness tournament.

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I welcome the POD save America, I'm John forever on John of it and Tommy retort. Here's a quick message from leaving republican chaired crews go fuck yourself how many more lows deep. Do you think he was there John Boehner for anyone who didn't recognize his dulcet tones and we're going to have that clip just at the ready throughout POD save America forever, just in case we need it and we'll just have will just have Kyle hit play. Whenever we talk about TED Cruz, let's test it out, TED Cruz TED Cruz,
go fuck yourself, that's what I'm talkin about those wrongs, I'm getting a little bit out our work and our work on us await relate nausea. She wouldn't the zoom, that's what is on today's pie. The battle over voting rights intensifies is mutually baseball, pulls the all star game out of Atlanta. The push to leave eyes. Marijuana gets a lift from chuck humor, content, democratic Party, Gerbil Winkler, talks to me about how we can flip the Senate, see currently held by America's dumbest senator RON. Johnson Ben Tommy helps us. down the championship game of our March badness tournaments over that you're? Welcome, love it I love it or leave it this week. Gentlemen. Larry S, jaw Sharp played the devil, talk about his video. Ah, we will not acts, hilarious, gray, conversation, Theo Henderson, who has a pot gas called worthy Unhoused, and we talked about housing crisis. in the country and about why we need more
conversations that here from on house people directly. It was a great conversation and everybody should support. We, the unhoused go also dough Miss Rebecca our series about binds first hundred days with cricket editor in chief Brian boiler. He just talk to five thirty, eight Perry Bacon about what Biden can do to curb voters: in Sicily, numbers usually does really good paramilitaries. smart, zeros, sizzling conversation. Why o o Isn't that's? Oh my god. Oh my God is perceived say that for the ads man I support it has been a long here. We are part of a larger the enjoy. Sorry. We and I recently togs representative Reuben Guy ago of Arizona about border politics. Great show check it out final.
something to keep in mind. As we talk about voting rights and today show this week. Activists are hosting a for the people week of action that includes virtual advocacy visits with senators and democracy teachings where you can learn more about issues like gerrymandering, voter suppression and how to get big money out of politics check it out, votes have America Dotcom, slash or the people. I get to the news on Friday, Major League baseball, announce that they're moving the Ulster game and the draft out of Georgia. As a result, the Republicans new voter suppression law that restricts ballot access and essentially gives the GEO p legislature control of the state's elections. The republican reaction was predictable. Governor brain camp blasted cancel culture Mitch, Mcconnell threatened corporations who speak out with quote serious consequence is an Donald Trump called them Republicans to boycott Coca COLA, Delta and a long list of other companies. Before wishing everyone, a happy Easter, the Democratic reaction was a little different voting rights activists in national leaders, like Joe Biden and Barack Obama praise the decision, but Georgia Democrats like Stacy Abrams, John Ass, often rough
Warnock had a more nuanced reaction. Best summed up by Terry and know. What's a state representative from Cobb County, where the all star game would have been held, she said quote: I am disappointed that the game was moved from Georgia. I'm also intensely frustrated by our GNP leadership here in Georgia. I hope other major events don't leave Georgia. This only hurts working Georgians. We talked a bit about the possibility of boycotts last week. Love it
Your reaction to email, bees decision here, I feel like Stacy Abrams is trying to strike really delicate balance because it is ultimately. I think it is bad for people in Georgia that businesses are going to not do business in Georgia or leave Georgia. It is bad politics for Republicans. We ve seen this in other states when republicans create these kinds of controversies and people see it as harming the economy, especially when it's not actually solving the problem, and I do think, though, on the whole, we have seen that this kind of, like big corporate response, matter, it impacts politics, it impacts people's perceptions and also, I think it just reflects the fact that you don't gerrymandering the electoral college. The
What size power up? Gruel white voters that may be true in our democratic system, but it's not true in our economic system. I think a lot of republicans are quite frustrated to see that while they have been able to successfully limit the power of cosmopolitan younger, more urban America They are not able to do the same in terms of that groups, economic power, both inside of corporations and as consumers in the economy, and I think that is the fundamental dynamic here, which is that the political system is behind the culture, and these corporations better represent what America actually looks like tell me what you think I mean, I think it is really go there, we're having a sustained conversation about voter suppression in this country, because the Georgia bill is just the beginning.
I will be a bunch of sustained republican efforts to use the big lie about the twenty twenty election that there was some sort of major electoral fraud they're going to use that to try to make it harder to vote in in lots of states and I'm glad Preparations are being forced to view this as a moral issue in it, and I find it very funny when Republicans act like the last hour games, not happened. This year I mean like there criticising corpse actions now, but Republican stay legislators in Georgia immediate tried to penalize Delta airlines when they spoke out about this law. So you don't like there's hypocrisy. All over this conversation. Boycotts can be effective when sustained right, Montgomery Bus, boycott boycotts of South Africa, the boycott of North Carolina, as so called bathroom bill. The target algae bt people.
Yo, sometimes boycotts are less about. You know a longterm fix and they are short term. Presidential time will tell what's happening here, but I have a list for you guys of things that Donald Trump has called on his supporters to boycott. If you want to hear it briefly, the writer rallies, ok, yeah sure yeah for their misery, baseball coke delta woke companies good year, higher Harley Davidson Apple, all apple products, CNN. Eighty Anti Megan Kelly Show on Fox Macy's role, Stone Magazine, HBO, Mexico, the entire country, ITALY, the entire country Glenn finish the Scotch Orioles big pens, one of those is fake. Can you tell Austria's big pens, John Lover wines, with big pens, no Orioles, he hold on a boycott of Orioles because they're moving operations to Mexico. At one point so yeah I mean look
guys are again Donald Trump, the king of candies. We cancel culture king there against cancer culture when it's against their interests. You know the hypocrisy is old and say: look. I look bottom line. Often these verse, Russian bills happen under the radar. We don't talk about them and that we see the consequences action at good, we're talking about it now yet
my view is everyone who, who can should speak out, draw attention to this line. Put pressure on Georgia Republicans. I think that some of these companies were a little late to the game on us. They sort of spoke out after the law had already passed. I think if you wanna prevent the legislature from passing some of these laws. You speak out beforehand, but I'm glad they did belatedly, and I do think Tommy's you mentioned. This is just the first of many many voters, oppression bills that could come into existence there happening in states all across the country. There's a particularly onerous one in Texas being debated right now. I think other states could have second thoughts on passing these bills. After what has happened in Georgia is tough. You can you can see Space Abrams LAW, these George Democrats, John us I've rough, your Warnock sort of walking this this this line because it does. These boycotts do end up hurting people and the State North Carolina last about four billion dollars in business because of the boycott. In that.
State Indiana lost billions in business after there is boycott that state after there was a pretty you know, they basically legalised discrimination against gay couples in Indiana, but you know they can have an effect eventually in North Carolina. They repeals the these so called bathroom bill, though it was only a partial repeal that didn't really please any one. But you know it still took a lot of time and still are such a lot of money out of the state and the important thing is any citizens Initiative Stacy's comments in some ways. Other Democrats, with their saying is Georgia, Republicans or the one driving businesses away, because they're trying to take control of our elections just months after their presidential candidate, tried to steal in elections, so. It is unfortunate that businesses are boycotting the state, but whose fault as that is the fault of the Republicans who pass the verse oppression Was everything that's crazy camp trying to blame Democrats for this happening those waiting? actually like
mending the situation being the position of Georgia. Democrat seems like the right one politically right, because they're not owning the fact that these companies are taking business away from the state there saying basically, Republicans created a controversy over a lie there not solving a problem there creating a problem. I think that's what has the most in common with North Carolina because, ultimately, I think Republicans in that state were punished in part because they created a giant controversy there state a lot of money in it wasn't to solve a problem. It was too it was tat kind of draft on on a controversy and look if, if voters in that state, look at this in These are publicans, are hurting us and are not addressing anything. I see in my life like theirs, are. We lie there. They are trying to use a lie. To do something. That's gonna hurt the state an ultimately. I think that's why she also Republicans coming out in saying, like we're. Gonna need to do consequences ready to punish these. These corporations. Has there looking at the situation and seeing that these corporations are deciding in their own self interest, their amoral self interest that they'll do better to side with people who are?
about this laud, inciting the Republicans trying to restrict lineaments? Was it These are Georgia, Republicans strategists politicians. All of em are saying that the boycott helps Governor Camp fend off a primary challenge that he might get because he refused to help Trump overturned. The election in Georgia, they're saying this unifies the republican base. Some are saying: it's gonna hurt Democrats, s eye Eric Ericsson, Tweet, Brian can't just one reelection and Raphael, Warnock lost and twenty twenty two we have you, dont know what effect this will have on twenty twenty two, but tell me to the point does this give you any anxiety, or do you feel like the politics run? Democrats, Pinochet, fan Eric Eriksson who, having not tweeting about this, is dreaming about throwing liberals out of helicopters cause he's. I could have a guy. I have zero anxiety about this. For a couple reasons, wine shocking I in camp and is likely primary opponent, Doug Collins, both suck. I would be equally unhappy,
if either of them in office in some ways, I think you could argue that camp winning this primary would be a rejection of tromp in a rejection of Trump ISM, because trumpet gonna go after him so hard. So you could spend a whole bunch of like for DE chess takes on the comets dislike and when it comes to the general election is just a lifetime away. You know I mean in. personally far more worried about the impact of this bill. Andy the likely outcome of suppressing black voters that I am right now about how its playing for tromp or whether its bringing the republic party together. It just like if we ve learned nothing in these. asked you election cycles. Is that assuming what happening now is gonna, be relevant in a month or six months or a couple years is just it's ridiculous love. Oh anything, yeah. Maybe there's three things one. What is a political impact of this controversy around the boycotts? Tommy's point? We have no fucking idea and election of long term lead to what is the impact
the actual vote suppression inside of the law. We can debate that and what the impact will be in and the fact that when you have a lot of attention on votes oppression, you can guys and overcome it and educate people about what they need to do to vote and in three. I think the part that is the least examined is: what is the impact of the parts of the law? That change? Who is response? double for elections and who decides the outcomes of elections, and I think, like those are the three areas I think we need to talk about. I am actually right now most worried me try this before I most worried about the parts of this law that she had nothing to do with stopping people from voting or from this country. I'm talking about like the parts where they take away the power
from a state officials and give it to the legislature may change the outcome of elections, and that puts the most terrifying yeah. We look ethic substantively. It is incredibly important to fight this bill with everything we have for all the reasons you mentioned, but even if you get to the like, you know Republicans are trying to take this issue and frame it as part of their culture wars, as they are with everything else. Even if you take it to vat plain, I think, Democrats being on the side of more people, voting more people having easier access, devoting, no matter who they are no matter which party they from it's just a more popular position than Republicans driving a bunch of businesses out of the state, because their curtailing moaning access so like, even if they want to go around saying it's a bunch of woke corporations? You know
listen international Democrats and try and trying to cancel this, and that neither shit if Democrats maintain the message that we are for voting for everyone. We are for easier access for everyone. We are for non partisan elections for everyone and by the way, the Republican Party last presidential candidate, tried to steal the last election and incited an insurrection because of it, then I think we're on pretty good political ground and if we're not implicitly good ground there, I don't know what else we can do that, but there's nothing else we can do that point so that you know we should talk about the fact that your Democrats in voting rights activists are also being accused of exaggerating the dangers of the new law, not just by Republicans but by some reporters and analysed may come the New York Times on Saturday, the Georgia's law is quote unlikely to significantly affect turn out or democratic chances. He argues that, while the Republicans intent might have been to me
voting harder, and while the last succeeds at making absentee voting harder, research shows that making voting more convenient doesn't necessarily translate into more votes Tommy. What's your reaction to needs argument would force as well as I've. I fundamentally grew loved. The scariest piece of this bill. Is this unprecedented power grab by the republican legislature to steal a bunch of power from local elections officials, but setting that aside, Zoo is related but separate issues. A few thoughts on that analysis from nature A lot of the stories about the Georgia bill include some line like you get at it This bill might motorway Democrats in help them. When DR turn out that take drive me crazy, Is, I think, a normalizes racist, voter suppression tactics like it's just politics, other than a truly immoral act, which is, I think, what it is. I think Democrat shouldn't have to organised overcome this stuff. Second, with all due respect to the data journalism gurus, they are not very good at predicting the future. Why? Because none of us So I don't know that we should try here like what we do
know for sure is the intent of these kinds of laws and what they are based on right. It's based on the big lie that there is a vote or frightened twenty twenty one there was not in the intent is to heart Democrats by making it harder for the democratic base, mostly black first to vote now. The final version of this bill is not brazen as earlier drafts, but it is still backed by the Atlanta area, will go from having ninety four ballot drop boxes. Two hundred and twenty three. They won't be open. Twenty four hours a day. You have less time to get it at. How it and elections officials are no longer allowed to send out application to every voter. Clearly, That's a reaction to the fact that Biden got sixty five percent of absentee votes in twenty twenty, the run out a shortened absentee votes now require a driver's license of some sort, Republicans have gotten, sir, gear overtime about how they scope in pursue these bills. But if you look at risk in history, even in Georgia, in two thousand five Georgia Pass and Anti fraud bill code on quote that exempted absentee votes from ideal
because, because they argued it was more secure than in person. Voting now at the time, you'll be shocked to hear that absentee. Nurse were mostly white right, so that bill. so bad that bushes Deo J recommended that it be struck down At the time, the chief sponsor of the bill said that if black voters in her district quote are not paid to vote, they dont go to the polls. In that contacts it just to say, we cannot ignore the history, voter Idee laws in laws like this. In Georgia, North Carolina, which was even more egregious in these bills, have been like intubated for so long that there are now best practices. Basically, they're are getting traded around by republican groups in Washington. So the intentions clear, they want fewer democrats to be able to vote. I dont think we should like look at in political science data in beauty, with that? I think we should fight about the moral elements in the clear intent of these legislators. I would say three things In its argument, he has a paragraph in that peace where he says quote that does
in the Georgia, our other. Such laws are without consequence. Perhaps the disenfranchised of even a single voter merits, outrage and opposition, especially if the law is passed on dubious or even fabricated grounds and with Jim Crow Mass disenfranchisement. As a historical backdrop, yes which it does merit, outrage and opposition. Like we don't know, we don't know how many voters will be disenfranchised by this law. It is possible that even by making absentee ballots harder to come by and harder to cast and an early adding essentially maybe that's unchanged, even that you still could get some Orders were disenfranchised, who are more likely to be voted on.
And even a small number, even a small number that doesn't affect the outcome. The election is just wrong to go back to the point, the both of you than making about the elections administration. This is what it looks like. This is what I could look like when republicans control the State Board of elections, so they can appoint wherever they want. They can appoint a majority members and State Board of Elections right. They say that the people can have held elected officer or donated to politicians, but they could find some partisan hack who hasn't donated to run that board. Not only does the board have power over sort of that state elections, they have the power to fire county officials, so of their country officials into kelp or Fulton or any of these big democratic counties. Now the State Board, when Donald Trump or the next Donald Trump says, there's been fraud in this county. The state board, for that very reason, can just fine. Air, those county officials and install some hack. It is incredibly dangerous and I also think like. We cannot forget that this whole the risk that this bill was in response to a fucking lie. Republican Brad Rations Burger be currency.
Terry of State, said the Georgia's elections quote: have never been more safe and secure. This is what a Republican said about the last set of elections in Georgia, never been more safe and secure, and then they pass this bill. Why, like you, you haven't you can't divorce the intent from the Holy lost their power, yet many other visitors is like that. You know makos to this your dad and say like look at how minimal the impact is on turn out in the two problems. With that it was beyond just the fact it's wrong, even if it does not affect the outcome. Is what about closer? actions. Man, we have a lot of em, and they matter and end the outcome national in Georgia, especially in Georgia. We just went through one. It was incredibly goes. The other piece of this is looking Pennsylvania, Publicans and Pennsylvania were hell bent on
disenfranchising a lot of people? They sought ridiculous rules around absentee ballots. Remember. There was whole thing you had to. If you signed the wrong place, your ballot was validated how to put it inside the the secrecy sleeve or wouldn't count. Democrats and activist in Pennsylvania did Incredibles educating people to make sure that did matter. So I imagine in the data you would find that that effort to suppress the vote, didn't matter quoting quoted matter. Why is if you can rate, an incredible hurdle, and you have to force a bunch of people to figure. How to overcome that hurdle. Just to vote. That's not. success story, again, a baby and it's it's a creating to solve a problem that doesn't exist. It's it's to solve. A problem that was made up by the last presidential candidate to the entire party went along with it. It is causing insurrection, that's what the fuck and laws I did in the republican rejoinder is basically well in twenty. Twenty democratic state legislators changed
these laws to make absentee voting easier so guys there was a global pandemic. We, we want to make it so you did that voting, wasn't death sentence. That's why this happened. But if you look at the history, these votes, suppression laws mean the North Carolina law that was passed in twenty. Thirteen. Eventually struck down, was preceded by staffers for Republican, controlled legislature Cindy. Email, so the Board of election asking for data about turn out by race by type of vote earlier verses. Some day they asked for data about a breakdown by race which voters did or didn't have drivers licence and then surprise, surprise the eventual law they passed found. All the ways to manipulate that data is to suppress black votes. That is, what's happened time in time time again and in the suggest, and that we should just organised through it like yeah. Ultimately, that's what will do, but first we have to talk.
about the moral element of what's happening here, and I'm glad that that's where the language here has been very, very clear and has been very direct welcome campaign, the Republicans in it they love, saying oh well, for its very early voting. Concerned with actually expanded early voting hours in some places? Yet you know where rural counties gas, you know is in rural, carries fuckin republican vote so even like they were playing turn out in this law. You can tell someone, like you said some of the more onerous restrictions were included in the bill, but what they wanted to do is make sure that their voters could have easy access to voting in this bill So it's like the turn, our voting access stuff. You have to look carefully like an it. It's not clear, of course, who it helps, but what they definitely want to do is take control of the elections, the Republicans, because they want to make sure in another close election that can fuck around and make sure they steal it positive Merrick, brought by magic spoon boy did magic spell
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generate a few big developments last week on an issue that hasn't gotten much attention. Lately. On Wednesday, New York became the fifteenth state to legalise recreational marijuana the same day, new, Mexico's legit you're voted to allow recreational marijuana use a build, the democratic governance, it shall sign and Virginia governors north em said he's pushing the state has to pass legalization by July. First voters in new mercy, Arizona, Montana in South Dakota, all voted to legalise we'd in November in Mississippi voted to legalise it for medical use. The big question That is why the president binding the Democratic Congress will take action since marijuana remains illegal under federal law, which leaves people whose it and use it vulnerable to federal prosecution, even in states where its legal on that front Chuck humor made news last week when he said
democratic Senate will move forward on legalization with or without the president's? Ok. So before we take into the politics, what have we learned about the benefits of legalization from the states that pass these laws and have there been any drawbacks, Tommy I mean look fished. Album streams are way up more endowed had a rough weakening Colorado, but she seems Africa or not I am not aware of some increase incidence of marauding bands of you know. Edible users like to give breaking laws or or increasing crime rates, New York LAW is expected to raise through, Inter fifty million. Dollars. I in revenue its can create jobs. I think a lot of these states have seen an economic benefit from illegal immigration that ISIS that their neighbouring states are jealous of at this point they love it. I mean, aside from all the people who want to enjoy legal we'd like why's, that such an important thing to get done
Yeah me, I would just add two like there are. There is now data, because we ve had a number of states that have legalise it. Even ermines, a federal crime and two of the fears is one you'd see more under the influence driving into as that you'd see and I've taken kids using it, and the data is kind of murky in part because they started looking for drivers using we'd after they legalise it. But even still you don't see the kind of increase. I think people are worried about the same thing with use of of of the teens islet that hasn't they haven't seen some big spike. In fact, some places for somebody it's gone down. So I think that, like some other fears have not come to pass, and you know it's a popular issue, its eight. It's an issue that has The seventy thirty issue in this country- it is supported by virtually everybody, accepts Republicans, even among Republicans it almost at a majority in terms of support everywhere. It's on the ballot. It passes, medical Marijuana, Mississippi Legal,
legal marijuana in a lot of other places. So it's a winning political issue and is also correcting a deep injustice of a lot of people of color who have been arrested for using we'd while millions and millions of people who have not been ensnared in our judicial system have use it as if it were legal for very long time. So I mean you know to me that the most important aspect of this I mean a lot of the states who have legalised marijuana, have also engaged in expanding criminal records and and sometimes pardons for people who were imprisoned as this in twenty eight teen. Forty percent of all day
arrests were for cannabis. Forty percent in twenty seventeen there are more rest from air, want a possession than arrest for all violent crimes. Combined. Like you mentioned, loved black Americans are four times as likely to be arrested from our one of violations than white Americans, even though both use it equally and more than two thousand students have lost federal financial aid because of a drug conviction, their peoples, urban life in prison. Right now that some for something it's legal in some form. In thirty three states, it is an outrage. That we are responsible for this right now, an outrage yet and the people are in jail and people have this on their records. I think you have to understand the history of the war on drugs. This is a quote from John Ehrlichman, who is Nixon's chief domestic adviser, when he and the war on drugs in eighteen? Seventy one. I think this. This quote him out of the book in early nineties direct what the Nixon White House after that, had to enemies, the Anti war left and black people. You understand what I'm saying we knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either. Against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate
hippies of marijuana and blacks with heroin and an criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. It arrest, their leaders, re their homes, break up their meetings in vilify them night after night. On the evening news do we know we are lying about the drugs. Of course we did. That is the genesis and the legacy the war on drugs and I wasn't just Nixon. It wasn't just Reagan. It was a bunch democrats too, including Joe Biden, who passed a whole bunch of draconian drug laws over time, but I think it's incumbent upon all of us now to write those wrongs, because, yes, it is an outrage that you have black and brown men, mostly or black and brown communities sitting in jail for activities legal and forty percent, the country lover. What do we know about Joe Biden, evolution on this issue in and where he has now he's just Well, he's currently are thinking about it he's in there in a thought he's thinking about it. You know he is
he is a older, more moderate Democrat. He is behind the country he's even behind Chuck shimmer but like ultimately, this issue is that of moving faster than he is, and I like Reno. Check. Humour was interviewed about this a couple days ago. Basically, ass a are you gonna move this forward, regardless of Joe Biden. He basically said yes calmly Harris and one of the at least sponsors of of legalization. When she was in the Senate, I don't believe Joe Biden is going to issue his first veto on marijuana, legalization or decriminalization. I find that very very hard to believe. So you know, I think he'll. As always, you know, as often is the case Joe Biden is it. This figure. He will be where the democratic consensus is a democratic consensus is no longer for allowing stay to legalise drugs while pretending there's no law against at the federal level, even though it continues to be a schedule, one drug punishable by a serious,
time if you're caught with him, yet he had so he is at a greater through his career, but he's now pretty close. Here's where he ended up during the campaign. He You know this is the statement you really like well into the campaign in point. Twenty No one should be in jail for marijuana, use, decriminalize, recreational marijuana use and automatically expunge prior convictions. Legalised medical marijuana. Allow states to legalise recreational marijuana and reschedule marijuana. Researchers can study its health impact, so he is basically for everything, but he's not yet for legalizing recreational marijuana on the federal level. Those you mentioned a couple Harris, certainly as the vice president, so he's getting close. You have this sort of came back into the news in time. You know that you have been talked about this on parts of the world the other week because of the White House, drug policies, five staff members lost their jobs because they use marijuana
past, even though the white has told incoming staffers that prior use wouldn't disqualify them. So not what they buy. Demonstration wanted to be in the news for, in terms of the debate over marijuana, faithful impatient, certainly, and I think it is incumbent upon them- now, like I do. If I were, then I wouldn't get dragged into this because trucks rumours said Arthur on with or without you I would it is Joe Biden- did back in the day on on gay marriage. Go out, make a really strong statement about this, that this is a cultural issue that you're ready to put in the past and that we, like, we ve, moved on from this Yeah me, I do, I do think gettings our turn legalizing recreational use is really important in, like you, you right now. and has shown willingness to evolve and grow and a lot of issues? Hopefully that will continue here and I do think the he should maybe feel an obligation to sir repair some of the damage from these. he's older laws, but if you can get to allowing recreational use, you can then use the tax dollars from that money to go to drug treatment, to go
to supporting like ownership of cannabis businesses for communities of color, that word disproportionately hurt by these laws? You should expunge all these records. It's not, but you know it's not just marijuana where we're guidance policies can feel little David. He also Ben. I talked about us about save the world, but Biden also supports a programme by the colombian government to spray cocoa crops from the air with a crop dusters and like these programmes have been around forever their totally effective, they tend to hurt small farmers, not the cartels busier, just like spring round up the weed killer, all over everything, so it's killing all kinds of crops. Now it's like the these. These are subsistence farmers, so nice
we need to move pass, these kind of, like Eightys and Ninetys era, war on drugs, laws that have just utterly failed by any measure. So there's a couple ways that this can get done, that that the more act passed the has which is legalization in December. It Dinah Senator the time because macabre in the Senate now, but now the democratic Senate, so so shimmer could take this up. So you could pass a bill to the Senate. Of course you would need you can do it. The reconciliation you'd need sixty votes. So you need a couple Republicans on this. We also need someone like dimension. We don't know necessarily where he stands, but if I were humor I would definitely put on the floor. Like you said, love it. This is an excellent political issue and me we ve talked about why. Morally it's the right issue, but it's a great political issue for Democrats, because you have almost
f Republicans have forever baboon voters in the country who are for this. You are very deep red states, passing legalization, Fuckin South Dakota, so I would make sure that every one of these republican senators were on record whether they wanted to be fought against it and in some of the more conservative democratic senators as well yeah, I don't know just say to like The position that like marijuana, should be left up to the states, but we shouldn't decriminalize it at the federal level is completely incoherent solely projects. It is nonsense and- and you know, haven't we spoke- are we not going? We should learn from what happens when you give power to a president, even if they don't use it like We are fortunate that Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump did not decide to targets marijuana use, but they had the power to do it they are free to do at any moment. It is a power they currently is in the hands of the federal government. The other thing I would add to it there's a lot of evidence that
Marijuana, assuming that can help people who have will be addiction. There's there's a lot of evidence of this can do real good for people and a lot of these laws make that harder. So we're not the prediction: business which has been good for us, because we would have run a lot but the eye
this is one of those things where you could see. Allow Republicans get on board. I think it's possible detail, so this couple other possible strategies there. Some people have suggested that this could get done if you fold it into a larger criminal justice reform bill because you do have a lot of these republican centres have been on the record and even in the Trump arrow or for some kind of criminal justice reform. So maybe you seek it in that way if just passing the more act in the Senate, doesnt work, there's also by the waves echoed of action. That Biden can take himself, he can try to start the process of DE scheduling or rescheduling marijuana so that the criminal penalties are not as high as that. Did it a different schedule now that is actually somewhat complicated to, and it's not like, you can just wave a magic wand and get that done. But again, this is about if he went out, made a clear statement about where his administration stands and says that he believes it should be legalised. He could at least start the process of somebody's federal agencies looking at this, and he could maybe make some progress on this through executive action if you get a roadblock in the Senate because of some of these republican. So there is the point
here is its great. The humor gave that interview in its great there's a lot of Democrats on board and that the house's pass this, but there's a lot more. That Democrats, and especially Joe Biden, can do on this issue before you get to any kind of republican blockade, as I just want to know that I want to press our lot but which are private mushrooms and there too, I'm not I'm not kidding That's you that certain haven't right. I mean in some. I know a couple days have done this already. There is serious problems with addiction in this country, and you know: punitive schedule, one rules around a bunch of different drugs based on a completely outdated notion of drug use and how you can stop it that we should by acting like that's, we know it's morally wrong. We know it's bad policy, it's not good politics. What we do and yeah and people are being people are in prison right now. For this, which is just makes no sense whatsoever and is a horrible injustice, Tommy yeah tell us about the championship game here in March badness we ve come so far.
Here. We are guises at the moment our roads and waiting for the National champions, shit, game, Those of you who have not been listening to our mark badness term and so far, shame on you. Let us down, but here's the just. So we have a list of eight Republicans. Zol jokes. I don't take it seriously, because the worst Republicans Narrow that down to a fascist, four and now the final two are competing. Speaking, which had you guys like that again Zaga, you sail a file great buzzer beater her. There was an incredible game. I'll be honest. I do not have a chance to watch to meet again this time at my watch that one and why not? A great shout thy great chowder lucky shot what you take. So
is actually- and this is not a joke- watching a scandinavian phone call by bats feast, while this game was going on. But it's the is the story of a group of puritanical, isolated Danes who receive a visit from a frenchwoman asking for help. And the story of how their lives intersected over fifty years and two french resolutions to be a film, and da, I recommend it There's a man might watch at Beller. Ok, so here are two finalists. We have Senator Mitch Mcconnell cookie Mitch. Nobody wants it he mentioned March, or in this case early April, when it comes, confirming unqualified republican judges. Mitch plays an up tempo game so much so that its letter rumors, that he might get a low assess from time to time. If you know what I mean it's speed,
It is not just the style Amerika. What do you mean? What do you mean where? Usually ball is not just the style play lichens Agora, Mitya chasing perfection this year you guys supported him through the tournament question is as a person coming out of the. U S edge is used to inferior competition, or can you step up his game on the big states? That's it we're lookin out for match, thanks to the results of our very scientific twitter. Paul Mitchell, go up against Fox NEWS is primetime White Nationalist Tucker, Karlsson Karlsson beat out Mark Zuckerberg for this spot, Tuckers career has been wrecked, Patino like and that he is achieved the highest heights and the low slows. being fired and humiliated. Nothing's banner rip down at CNN, but this is this- is a big moment for Tucker here. So that's it guys. This is the final game Mitch Mcconnell stalwart Defender versus Tucker, Karlsson, hapless, blowdryer, white nationalist to his.
Rich, got fired and rejected by the CIA by CNN filled his way up to Fox buying time. What is your call? You know it's difficult, it's difficult, because I don't want to talk about Tucker Karlsson anymore, but he makes it so hard not to so. I am thinking about it. I'm thinking about it. I think this is a very competitive championship. I don't I don't, even though the spread has to be really tied on this. I think that as much as I've been sort of promoting Tucker through this, as it is a real threat, especially in it in twenty twenty four could be there. I could seem been Republic denominated the question
At the end of the day, I still don't think he's proven himself as much as cocaine Mitch. Mcconnell has and that guy is sinister. He is scheming. He's got a track record, like you said, on judges and other things that guys he's the most cynical person in politics, and he is the most powerful elected republican today. So, at the end of the day, I'm going to give it to Mitch. Okay, yeah, I think that's right. I think that has to be right because you know is Tucker Carlson, a great player, or is there a system that helps shits like Tucker Karlsson, look good solution for the rules, rules that help someone like that when and who created those rules, asymmetrical Our age become so tuckers young legs are defeated by MRS decaying hands. That's it our national champions, shit in twenty twenty one,
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he's a chair. There was caught and democratic Party and a good friend of the pod Ben Winkler welcome back to parts of Amerika great to be with you always butter. So I haven't really had a chance to catch up with you since the election. So the poison was Johnson were why we off again by I remember that every time I talk to you during the campaign you tell me it feels really really close here. What were you picking up that the Poles did? and do you see, was constant remaining basically a fifty fifty state for the foreseeable future. So I see was content as a state that is democracy and chained. It's a state that would be a bluish sheriff for. If we didn't have these by hideous voter suppression laws in place, they make a hearted
register voters, make it harder for people to get ballads make it harder to cast about if we, when we win a democratic, trifecta and change the laws and make this a priority I think that we could become more like a colorado where you dont have to forget every election night but for the foreseeable future. For that, for the moment we don't have for presidential elections. out of last six come down to less than one percentage point. We had here that the blue about twenty eighteen be swept every state my office, but we won by. Like one point: one percent points in the governors race for Governor rivers in twenty nineteen member states have been court raise. They came on a less than six thousand bucks, so it's on a knife edge and you could see. Cross was covered. You're Trump came here ten times in twenty twenty, he came, over and over he held mega rallies. Despite the covered Endemic dominated every local news, gas, which is still the main way, most people get their nuclear and
you can just see that there was a ton of energy and the other side, and what we saw on election day was that the trunk vote jumped fifteen percent from twenty sixteen to twenty twenty after everything that happened in the midst of this endemic with Wisconsin having one of the worst outbreaks in the country he had. Fifteen more votes than you did the previous time and we won because we're folks we had thirty thousand volunteers who were poor, throwing their backs into it. It was content with your help from across the country, this massive ever drove up. The number of votes for binding, not decline in every single county in the state, and we jump eighteen percent, and that is how we want by a hair s breadth, but it took everyone and everything to be able to do it to questions on What do you think the energy on either side? How much do you think it was connected to trump himself, or do you see? Do you think that, like in twenty twenty one, twenty
radio and beyond it still gonna. Be there, though, this sort of several questions so that the two, how much was connected to trouble himself? He was deeply connected to drop. There was a Paul. I very much hope that, after the election that found that, like Ninety per cent of the verse for trouble said they were voting for trump not against by this was a referendum on trumped for them. For those on our side have said they were voting for binding have said they were voting against drop, though this is this. Like Trump effects Evolve act in Uganda, jeered at a world level. You can talk about a sincere but we just don't know how many of the return voters are. Gonna come back and trumps not there and how many the pressure that is going to come back and drums not there at the gap that history is forty eight twelve out of the last fourteen midterms under a new president. The president's parties lost ground, so we have to define political gravity. Tat may gains in twenty two. I think we can do that. I think by
Harris and the democratic, yes ahead and and Hauser delivering the kinds of changes in people's lives that you can actually run and went on in a mid term. Elections need when the conditions are normally so favourable, but it's gonna take the once again. Is doing everything we can do to not have this got out the way things usually do in history and instead actually may gates the point that on our side, you know, organizing everyone everywhere is how we ended up winning August. Twenty thousand votes was the margin of their specific places and regions and groups of voters that you think, put Democrats over the top that you're lookin out for a future elections, though, in thinking that the answer is yes, but the answer is each of the groups of others. True had different can charge so Republicans target better suppression in Wisconsin and everywhere, specifically against and brown voters and younger? Does our voters that they think both for Democrats who they are
We have the ranch guys so in Wisconsin it near if you look at the bed, the place where the most black people live in our state. It was a huge fight like early voting, was cut access to get ideas that you need for voting. Idealize was made a harder by the covered endemic transportation. Her for folks like there are all these berries and people's way and they fought and they might help steadying, went up notched up in turn to turn out in the face of these intensely here's the voters Republicans tried to make our voting system perfectly suited to work A lot of the suburban, like areas that it was coming are traditionally very red outside the Milwaukee, don't sweat enormously the barriers for those letters from us lower. So there is a tremendous swing in public opinion pulling and also with easier for folks to turn. That's me into intervention that further because modern changes were medicine and the areas surrounding it had this and where I am joining you for right now we're a grub had is enormous Weymouth turn.
like my boy numbers of voters and Martin, but also in rural areas across the state. I was talking to the chair of Violence County. I wonder reddest parts of Wisconsin and we had an improvement of three percentage points in the market for your toward find much larger than the swinging, the state overall in violence counting and so like him I think this is easy to look at the map and say: oh look at all these red rural areas, but actually we can more votes, single county, and we Our vote share and sixty five out of seventy two colleagues and if it hadn't been for the organizing in some of the registration, is the fact that there were like state, ledge candidates, fighting in totally gerrymandered districts to turn on extra voters. We would have lost twenty thousand bucks you needed to put the state. So as we look forward now. What we're doing it all the above strategy gap and we're doing give were building a coolness. steam to keep up the kind of a region and her building work in at the black and enable Tito community with an American Pacific.
and was content, there's a significant among population we also larger rural advisory council, its working with a bunch of rural leaders across estate, rebuilding our partnerships and relationships of tribal governments at the highest. in turn out in Wisconsin, came from a novelty county, which is also there picture the monotony nation reservation: they had been in explosive and they have also the highest margin for by whose eighty four percent, by an imminent make out, he said, ah yeah- and it's like, does this very little? What do you think the overall balance was between you and performance due to bring out new voters in turn out and serve converting voters who back Trump and sixteen he's got a lotta democratic strategies nationally and data nerds and they say, was Constance. One of these states that war of persuasion state, like both sides, have really sort of registered all the voters they're going to register mostly, and it's all about change minds there, but it seems like clearly in some of these counties you guys
smashed turn out records you having its having is clearly both and was not then there's been no. This is the idea of the miracles me whether there are some letters and was content, their tickets letters and was content and flew worthy of that simultaneously, like bronchitis elected to Congress in a district that went fortress, and people there that wouldn't be possible if there were a bunch of people who were voting for demographic Congress and and and I interrupt progressive and the reverse is even more so. You really do have to do both an aim. I think my ideal messages are ones that actually are both mobilizing messages and persuasion. Messages and continuous goes a great example of that that really does energize our base and is something that the concrete reason for people to vote. For Democrats, Julia RON Johnson, against the american rescue plan, I voted against the stimulus. Jackie voted against your child that credit and debit.
Rid of him has hindered, motivates just about everybody, so I look for things that have both of those bodies, but I think you just can't win here The pure pure mobilization and play- and you can't win with a pure persuasion play and the other side does that do and act on that. Also like it's it's so it's so incredibly was they divided more than any other could see in the country. This is a couple of three states had two elections at last. They came down the one presented by or less I don't work for like because of that. You just have to be after play with every tool at your disposal. Speaking of America's dumbest Senator two questions on RON Johnson one would the chances are that actually runs again. So if I'm runs out which to be clear. I am not happy, neurons so deeply in our agenda. But if I were run, I imagine what I've been thinking is. I don't know
The administration of the third third person tat. Actually, he liked it the tea party way than twenty tat. Whenever this like backlash, you resurgent right attack on on Obama. He caused a bit. He wrote that the victory in twenty sixteen he had elected on the trunk with yeah and like both times every candid amount is a visit he couldn't win, and then there was this right wing insurgency than he was will the grab onto and write a victory you looking for that in twenty twenty two and eat It is right that the victory again and he is like waiting in both hands thing: Mercer Valley, Steve Bannon. You know oh end like murders. One American is network whenever Andrew Dude and his hope is that, then, when this railway crashes, overstayed, he's gonna, be the guy women from the support of parliament that's a big strategy and so he doesn't want to decide until he knows whether that wave is happening or not. Now yeah. I also think
every good reading the room. So I believe it is fair because everybody tossed you tell them. That is whether or not it is but she's at acting out. I would guess that he's not going to decide until some time in twenty twenty two, and I would guess right now we conclude that he had thousands of people telling him that there too afraid to say publicly that they totally support him and he needs a five cent. And make sure that there are in the Senate, so he's gonna go for it, especially given the heap not to run to avert term when you ran for second term and right now we say things have changed. I never thought total democratic control of the government would be at stake. So here's the the White Knight, if you will for the four this year rightly, move Did he give thanks that he's the big IFOR, so I know you guys are already you know. Fundraiser
against him, organizing against em. I see you ve got billboards up, which I love, I'm interested in messaging that either the billboard sort of focus on him voting against the stimulus checks. You talked of just about him, voting against a seamless checks, images in your decision to go with that message over the you know. Ron Johnson is a crazy, ass conspiracy theories message: can you talk a little bit about that choice? While I will say that the insurrection, but he was so full of apologies for it after you fomented at and held a hearing view conspiracy, monitoring, we the first to be out of the twenty two twenty four two elections. I got my country statewide on local tv channels across the state, Wisconsin for his role insurrection- and there was a moment when you know people were calling us insanely were lifeline. Republicans who want to join the Democratic Party like people were like infuriated. Buyer Some people were excited in the most terrible way in the far right, but a lot
We saw that in real back in her we wanted to make sure people knew the key were eyes at church. I bought it yeah, he was arsonists who set the fire like this is too so it's not just that we want to talk about, is about in their relationship to people's everyday lives, but I do think that it is really clear that there is a message that resonates across race, whether your biplane ran across geography of rural areas and suburbs in cities like that, the health of the people, maybe they're not gonna- get Johnson try to do everything he could to stop it from happening. He was objecting to stimulus money when tromp was peasant. He was here. Like demanded that they read this phone book sized legislative texts in order to delay just a few more hours, and this text going through Our strategy? Is we books? these things that he does that are so inflammatory for. rose. Did we want to see their memory? Johnson is against you.
Like he's young you who he is, and we want to make sure that people remember that and be able to be repeated, often enough that when it comes to election time we're not introducing new information. Suddenly, in last week's there were reminder, People have memories that they already have when they looked at this guy. What he's doing that it can be in office? Hurts me because he does, he D actually does make life worser people he's not gonna get is like a win We talked on Thursdays part about the republican effort ongoing to out themselves as the Working class party you know which to them involves embracing a trumpet and cultural popular. I'm the tells people. Immigrants are stealing their jobs, China still in their jobs coastal later cancelling them. You know the science, nerds or talent, covert lockdown, see no hurt working people the It is lying to the big tech censoring them. What are the best response to sort of vat? Populism is because I know you you just mentioned Part
message about RON Johnson is he's not on your side. Bear message, of course, is going to be, for a number of reasons. Democrats are on your side there fighting for all these other entities and people who don't look like you the Republican Playbook David. Back to every time they do it Harry it was content, is to try to define divide people by re so that they can take the pockets of people in every case and Johnson yeah he's pretty intentional. With his hat of racist gas lighting He goes out these days. I was afraid of the protesters, the insurrection, but if they did likewise matter protesters, I would have been afraid this is that wasn't gases? Why would you call me raises people telling everything raises and goal is the poorest people by race and make white people think the he's on their side and the dead poets work, and I think, being explicit that that's his strategy and it refers Let's try to divide people by raising order to the US haven't movies and on the pot, that's dreamed dreams.
Me boy, economic to pull money out of the public sphere, other good. The people need as well as a way to benefit people at the very top. They will racism to do that and We have to be raised exquisite, like speak to the fact that they are doing this, because if, if Democrats but register to run away from talking about raise. It gives total control that conversation but you said you had stopped and pointing out that there be a raises exclaimed wider doing, which is always. There are attacking white working class people as well as black, around working class people and trying to take them that's a movement of people at the very top people like Rhonda for example, who can have its enormously from their stated there, the out the company that his family bequeath to tap. So this is like the essential thing is that people get my Johnson doing it and get how it is that, and if you, if you do that,
we have to win relation republican legislatures all over the country are responding to loosen the last election by redoubling their efforts, try to steal the next one. What kind of trouble is there was constant legislature been up to and what a Democrats have to do to avoid danger in twenty twenty two. What other? What other races you lookin out between now and then so? The first thing he said was It has an election on Tuesday. If you're listening to this on Monday and you're in Wisconsin and you need to vote. He developed in our horn, gotta go. I'm wearing of teacher right now actually turned in my bout absentee not today, which is very satisfying. Experience read after getting my back seen jack. Thank you got that says a binding if you're not was content, you can go to withstand the worst ice volunteer and you can get on a virtual phone banks and mobilise voters. This is action for the head of public schools in Wisconsin for superintendent of public instruction, Jill utterly are. Is our candidate
non partisan race she's, the one can it in a race who consistently strongly champions public education. there's another candidate who was endorsed by Scott Walker, the primary and Betty losses duper pack has been running adds to support is mounting. national right wing, talking points about education staff and that the person we well. I went diamond adjusted Jill under these names a couple times Joe and raise when you prefer. That raises its both a kind of a lab test for republican messaging about whether Dagon Weapon eyes a bunch of gear. school related issues to go after democrats on culture were found on the coming from other stuff, but is also an opportunity, organizing reconnect for this huge number of voters. We had last year there to special state legislative elections, Melissa, Wiggers, running for State Senate and then Carl Yeager is running forested assembly and were supporting both of them. There
You saw election City council elections? All these local raises. Democrats everywhere should work on every every play is like that's how we build the muzzle of democracy and also show people have occurred. To put their name on the ballot that that they walked back up when they do that. That lazy, our last citywide election until twenty two and then we had this this one, Yes, I'm alongside RON Johnson is one reason content. That is actually hinge point for american democracy, which is the race for governor. He was content. We have tony givers, whose a terrific governor who is one of the top natures governors, information right now, I'll bet, he's Lastly, the defence against voter suppression and Republicans it was content because love what they're saying out of Republicans in Georgia. The republic ten different voter suppression bills that they already proposed nursing legislator legislature, if Wisconsin Republicans can grab the governorship if they can
turning rivers than they will pass butter suppression bells in Wisconsin and twenty twenty three to tip the tipping point. State to college and twenty twenty four and that's why they're we can. Governors Association is targeting tunny avers. It's. Why that the combined via the rightly machine will come at us in our state in Wisconsin. It's it's. Why whether they live in Wisconsin we're waiting time either It has to be a massive priority. Is his ability, it a veto. Republican butter suppression bills is that is the thing that stands between now had a twenty twenty and twenty one Well, we ve been presently in twenty. Sixteen, when discussing the other way- and it gets really dark Ben Winkler, I as nurses, I was all through the twenty campaign, knowing that you were the chair of those causing democratic party made me sleep a literally not much of a little easier, because I was up all night anyway, but every time I thought I was content as I was there, so we gotta covered. Thank you for all the work. You did and make for all the work that you keep doing and thanks for I join us on p s. I thank you.
Am I love the chance to join, and I will say I'm running for chair again at my cherry election is in June and I hope books wall if you're. If your ears and join the Democratic Party. Wisconsin get involved, it's it's all hands on deck. Every year, My question is this: what we make a bet? It's on spectator sport. Thank you. John, Banks have been good for joining us today, thanks to Tommy for taken us through our March badness tournament and thanks to all of you for all for participating in giving us your thoughts, we will take against it, and I want to say you know, I think one of the lessons from the bats feast is really about is about art and its value right. Are you there? make art for the purposes of capitalistic success or for the decency, good, our guide where they go.
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