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The media lowers the bar for Trump’s State of the Union, Democrats look for an economic message, and the Republican effort to shut down the Mueller investigation continues apace. Then DeRay McKesson joins to talk about restoring voting rights in Florida, and Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz sits down with Jon and Tommy to talk immigration and 2018.

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slash! Oh, you guys think tonight that you now trump sucks. I forget alone welcome to plug save America. I'm John Favour, I'm John other untimely death or, on the fights day our interview with why Senator brain shots. How is that who stopped by the office on Friday that merge? He saw the dogs is go love branch on key, talks to you, like a normal person, ignore human plus its eyes to the host of positive the people dream, because some checking with direct we're here york, as you know, it is in new because also we're gonna be on collaboration and the way chosen. I live action to the state of the union, we're talkin like real new Yorkers. These days we are. Hopefully, people will watch it because opposite us on Jimmy Kimmel will be enough.
Stormy, Daniel Dealer Watch. Watch us love it. How was the tour this weekend, lovely wasn't or it was cut- ok corner who loves you want anyone us into winners and time on the tour. A killer Hughes could contributor curricula joint for the whole swaying. We chose Portland openly like you by the you couldn't gonna can see that there is a certain look on her face by the end of the term. Deborah. That's as anyone who spent more than a few hours of me It was also made a great Seattle show with gee? I'm a low and Wendy West and a killer that out now when my favorite shows and You know that any work, our class we did, we did building the walk. We liberals are not build a volley. Gonna pay like fifty bucks, a class love. It is time the. What are you gonna, build or transfer of transfer night after that? Also go you're tickets for a phoenix in Vegas still foresail crooked dotcom events wasn't gonna couple weeks, archives, let's get
the news stew it on Tuesday evening Donald Trump will deliver his first state of the union address last year. He managed to get through his first addressed to a joint session of Congress without throwing his feces at risk it against bird, and so you will be. There is your. Therefore, it was the art where smashing success. This The present delivers the speech as the top. A federal investigation that has led to two guilty. Please into indictments of senior Trump AIDS and associates becomes a few weeks after the president to allow makers. He doesn't want more immigrants from shithole countries in Africa. So what are they? and say what kind of bars being set for a president mired in such controversies. Well, Why should impose a chance for a recent? Can a divisive president flip the script find out poetry, I just don't understand how you can even politico in a state of the union. Trump has to be quote normal New York Times, we'll trump stick to the script.
How has the lowest they can go? That's army? Are we in store for another round of stellar views of Trump manages to read a boring, typical speech all the way Doesn't this expectations, management and spin feel like a relic from a bygone era? Reminds me of the young dozen for campaign when the Bush people spin, the John Kerry was the best debaters and Cicero in the press was like that. The clever lying, like style points, expectations. Man, admit you yet little chuckles point four, creativity, tv, the is not a chance for some major research, especially for to some one off speech. Followed by the same old shit of attacking Easy and doing whatever trump does, the daily basis like it this fictional. Eyes, version that politics and events. That is a more interesting narrative than your kind of got cemented. An approval rating in the forties in its hasn't changed for very lump yeah me, first of all,
if he does succeed in reading the thing allowed her forever. If we remember last year right on the heels of his tour de force on the floor. Congress? We went right back into sessions, Russia, bull shit within within hours. I mean just didn't even last day, but even putting aside the notion that what what happening right now is Trump going through a normal process is in and of itself, not true, You see the story that say: oh you note trumps, doodling in the margins and putting the finishing touches on the remarks with with who are they? Are they club? speechwriters. No there there, the dregs, of republican society sort of l made it to a position, because this ministration can attract grotaut right people S Santa Monica, fascist, even Miller. You know trying to write something in a word document that is vaguely cogent and not as racists as he has. But you know, gets out there any gives a speech in you can read it out loud. What does that mean? This isn't a pair
in it who is engaged in the running of administration, trying to figure out the best way to put put forward his own agenda is an auto Let me also, we should say by the way, that why does aids are already telling reporters that there will be no new policy in his speech? sergeant wishes. If I can't even imagine like think of the stress of writing a state of the union which we ve been through love it like. Can you even if all the communications and political people told us, oh, you guys have to go This done and it's gonna have to succeed, but by the way we have no new policy. We have no agenda speaks what's going on here right, this isn't a normal white house. We all know that, obviously, but even by the standard of giving a state of the Union Donald Trump doesn't sit a top a working higher in which he makes decisions to drive forward the policies trying to achieve is a separate entity kind of disconnected I'm at eating cheeseburgers watching television as Paul Ryan runs policy is mulvaney runs policy as all these sort of
eggs at a snake pit vie with one another for power and good headlines. As a and so when he gets up and gives a speech, it's not up. President letting us know what's going on. It's all just pretend thing: it's a potemkin at eight, meaning that a lot of credit for the Davos speech, which I read and I thought I thought those fine like the opening of that speech- was a pretty pitch for why people should come and do business in Amerika. We just reuben lower these tax rates at a good time Bobby. Fine, it wasn't some like unbelievable Pisa rhetoric or new piece of poverty, and I think this shows the severe limits of analyzing politics by per governments and that those limitations were in place even before Trump, and I don't every really fully recognised and then, but it was silly. When, may you know judged Obama's speech for performance or George Bush's speech like the way, judge something like this is like. Does he have a policy agenda? Did the speech help him move his policy agenda? forward by either swaying Power
opinion anyway or swaying the lawmakers, who is talking to rightly that sort of all it is, I do think it Also I say to the union's is sort of stuff. But an anachronistic. At this point like, why do we there, like a relic? You know, but you know thought that maybe, if there one moment in the year were present eyes. Dates can get up, speak to the whole country, perhaps bring us together, perhaps from people why they voted from then yeah, maybe that's a brief success together, but we should say having been in the above warehouse never last, like Obama, never get a huge bump in his approval from seed of unions. Even though recently, the union, the knight of the days after, was judged a huge success by all these instant poles. So trumps will be to terms with less yearly guesswork eyes. He's gonna stick to the script. He did has anything like if you ve, whilst you say, if you ve watched from for the last year, he goes off discrepancies you shit when he's at these rallies, where he clearly doesn't a speech in front of them every time.
He's delivered a speech off prompter like you did at Davos, like he has places, he usually sticks description. It's boring, there's no surprise. There is not getting the rise out of the crowd of sudden he's like a column, Capper Nick. Is it right that the aid, as any can't do that Congress? He doesn't do Robin unless he's in front of fans of input yeah, but with Pilecki stallions matter in Sofia. As if we had a normal functioning administration with that here, my powers with the red, really doesn't last right. We couldn't. I couldn't right now tell you some of the best lines from state unions. We were again, milk is building a house. Well it that's all we can remember eight years later, I wasn't gonna sooner, but his lot. He did body language like I was. I was going to say that this is a joke, so I had to do it. It is not you might blow annoyed ass? He was crazy. Why we successful should always be I've only Rebecca anyway, we could talk
It's been milk, another time! Here's the point here is the point stay views manner matter because they, the president, gets Evans, here's. My agenda for the year is also an opportunity for people to hear directly from the president when they don't normally do that. First of all down a big people here directly on this presidency succeeded in so far as we we hear and think about Donald Trump, a fucking time, but also about whether or not you are laying out agenda. You plenty stick through the city and matters in so far as it saying here's. What I'm gonna do this here and if you follow through with that? If you are able to be disciplined and continue Using that message derived some sort of an agenda. Maybe this guy, I'm on whose guy can keep an agenda for two hours. They just to add to your point is exactly right, but the way you make a saving in bigger than just one speech is you have a set of policies on this and you leave them out the day. The couple days before the speech to the? U only four days of news, they don't think they're saying that. Have new policy and then you go on and then typically, then you go on a tour around the country and then
Today you sell a new policy agenda with whatever, even when we know that it is good that the normal we're gonna go. But but you know what we have to remember what it was like before. I was like before the president gave to steal that he actually had a stake in and then he went on the roads at here's. What we're due for jobs it hears area due for Healthcare, Donald Trump? is too lazy. Undoes. When he's going to lead the fucking white house- and so there is no follow up, there's no there's no agenda, but ever so I The question is Why does the critical analysis in the previous. Never change like. Why does the Mediaset this bar? Because I don't think it's because they all like Trump thereby he stood Trump or anything like that. I think it's just because there they don't know like people haven't really figured out how to cover someone so abnormal administration so normal, so they fall back on the frame they ve used for previous administrations when it's like. I just get me the presidency is under federal investigation and his like
funded everyone, country who isn't like a white man. You look, I dont know in the world now the shit all countries thing like he is mired in controversies. Given the speech, if Brok Obama's given the speech, this scenario or George Bush, or Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan, all of them it would be like will he appeared poligized. Can he make this right? Will you say something about the investigation? Will he apologized for shit? All countries are those would be the tests for this speech and you don't see any of that because he sort of a nervous to like. Oh, this is how he's gonna be in. So that's just trump. It's interesting. I was this thing about, so we have this book fire and fear and it's really nice Liese about sleaze right now. Latest sleazy got right funding, but it went through the whole body politic. It was like process. Like a really heavy me all right with the cover We have been reading for the past day. Look different of that book. It never even come out. We not Spence three or four or five weeks talking about just how incompetent and just how addict
administration is, the answer is not rise to the book, had absolutely no impact or even though everyone recognises that is probably at the very worst. Seventy five percent drew right. So what That tells me that, like there they desire to two not truly allow the truth. This amended straightens behaviour and conduct seep into coverage, because ultimately, that is a simple and boring story to write, over and over again. You know why I'm glad you re fine view because, like Hillary Clinton is the person who pops up in the press just like hits or with a bad every time she shows up with like the new more political first status quo like how you, judging performers, read from fire and last night you see people tweeting the was a grandmother. Grammy's are tweeting how gross it was issued rhythm, a book. There was so unfair to various people but like if you wonder why they couldn't you will go crazy. If you look in your times at that this weekend. One had a column that for more endow the talk, Lotto Hilary enable bills. Bad behaviour account you ve been writing for twenty
in another lauded Maloney a Trump as some like transgress iv. First lady, breaking the more you didn't go to Davos after was revealed that her husband paid off a porn star. He slept like yes, Things are grated on a weird fucking curve. I forgot that Tommy he's giving its yeah he's giving a speech right after its reveal that they paid off a porn star. He was sleeping with right after his wife had a baby he's a grasp. That's another thing, ok anyway, so that's have The responses to the union will be delivered by friend of the pod Joe Kennedy, the thirty seven year old third term, congressmen from third term congressman Massachusetts. Grandson of the late Robert Kennedy before it's the of Kennedy himself. What do you think of?
state of the union. Responses in general. That was my foot. Noise is what I have to say that, although markers water, we all remember what's his name from the easy by Indonesia, but I know that criminal Bob Mcdonald's, trying to speak in front of a crowd of Virginia its, to have. It doesn't really matter that much known washes known ass. Their much I happen to think Joe Kennedy is, Eight inspiring is great speaker. I don't think there I don't know why we live in a world where this controversy on every single thing that happened slick. I don't care that much for Joe Kennedy what response. I don't know why utterly took that baton. I would have left it where they will try to get the insight that say, otter. You take it take, it did not know no onawandah. Rightly it's great. You can articles progressive values,
you can never match the states of the present estates as long as you always kind of look diminished comparison, the Democratic Party in this weird place, where I'm sure they didn't want to take anybody who could conceivably CBC running for president yeah, so get you to a different set of candidates as late as another. Many are not the many stars in ITALY, everyone's floating the running for president. So, if you do, if you take those people at a Congress, rail, the rest of the craft and shows that within an jokingly, is incredible. Future is politics not twenty twenty right and he's young great, like he's, not european rivers. The co, their democratic coalition. The sense that he's women or purse of color but he's young in the future You know my job, good luck, you gonna get bad reviews and hopefully will be able to come and urgent were expectation setting for yeah, ok at least I've democratic as members, including civil rights hero, Jean Louis, will boycott the city union. What do you think the boycotting
MIKE dollars can do whatever he. Why don't I shut my eyes are encouraged to both boycott it's on. It is a good reminder that, at the end of the day, down from standing at their podium is a great and historic him. We should not forget that you want to go in here. The craziness and then yell about the craziness were met. With my thing I d go and listen and walk out and told whatever camera would listen me that what I heard and what was objectionable or not Jean Louis yes, do whatever you want. I mean look, I'm again. He is dealt with discrimination in russian country in ways that we dont understand. So I'm sure he's doing this through a very different lens, more power to him. He wants to skip discreet speech. So think about what the white has. Is telling reporters about the speech, it's a speech that will quote united with patriotism. It has a theme of quote building a safe, strong and proud America, which lush unopposed called bumper sticker ready can just mean if the Democratic Party had some kind of speed where the slogan was building a safe
wrong pride. America we'd all make fun of it, and rightly so. This is it's a damn slowly, you know rich, richer, stronger safer America, like we ve done. These are only had Slayer interchangeable partisan, so I just drove up to the slogan retirement home at an additive state aid to cut their new year's etiquette toward Ducas. Just bad that require is again a speech made. We're gonna get from Stephen Miller, justify its going to cover infrastructure. He served like rerolling, out sort of his warmed over infrastructure plan, which they call a trillion dollars, but is actually like to a billion dollars plus magical private investment, that's gonna, come he's, gonna cover immigration that should be fun national security in the state of the economy, where they get
economy and dig, but first Tommy. What are you looking for a national security, or do you think, he's gonna drive or North Korea? Looking forty says that North Korea call a cotton in a shithole, don't without everyone in NATO, don't Bates a nuclear armed mad man? I'm your idea seems like other dimension is that he moved the embassy in Jerusalem, not sure why don't you think we are sending more troops to Afghanistan and beginning to talk without the gravy visited Afghanistan, but I don't have much turn the damaged leaking out. Expectations got up, so I wanted to get to the economy or because I've noticed a narrative developing in Washington The economy is now a political strength for Trump and Democrats had best be worried, Now I've seen this narrative in multiple media outlets, but I will need from Saturday's axis newsletter, because no one, some a better Imagine a more restrained! President trump like we saw on stage in Davos sands.
The impulsive inoffensive ran against Muslims, immigrants and women. We might be too talking about a resurgent golden age for America record, low employment, economic growth, urine abroad, employers, him bonuses thanks to a new Spirit of America, first for our economy love it Are we in a golden age for America? So you don't think the truth, as it is so loosely correct that if Donald Trump wasn't Donald Trump, if you Margo, Rubio, TED crews, and he had just passed a giant corporate tax cut and some middle class tax relief, and he had had the success. Appointing judges he'd be more popular right. That's absolutely true. They do have successes they can point you now. Are we in a golden age, for this economy know why? Because cutting corporate taxes and Tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires airs doesn't address the fundamental inequality at the heart of our economy, created in many ways the mistrust and division, an appeal,
surveys resentment that help make from possible to begin with. But yet, if your point is Donald Trump flying off a handle being the most divisive and vulgar and crashing racist figure with elevated to the White House and half a century then yeah. If he stopped in that he be in a better position, but he can't because brains broken I just want to talk about these data economy a little bit because I dont think Democrats are doing a good enough. Job like talking about these facts mean job growth averaged hundred fourteen thousand jobs a month, the last four years of Obama. Twenty seventeen, the average a hundred seventy one thousand jobs a month. We are, of course, in a recovery. Stage, the recovery? You expect less job creation. Twenty! but still its lesson about economic growth and twenty seventeen was two point: three percent fast then twenty, sixteen, but slower than the two years before that wages still haven't, grow much at all stock markets up, but it grew faster robot Obama's first year, half the country doesnt have single dollar in the stock market, also,
no Davos, that America's open for business, but direct foreign investment in the? U S decline. Year after doubling over the years before that torrent, to the United States has declined. The solar industry has said trumps. New solar tariffs could cost twenty three thousand american jobs. Three may and fewer Americans have health insurance, Trump rich consumer protection away and remember the carrier plant the tree supposing we saved they have recently shipped six hundred jobs overseas. So I just I don't think Democrats, not only shouldn't, be scared about talking with the economy. I think Democrats can't see the economy to tramp in twenty eighteen. When remember in the campaign. Twenty sixteen, and what about my left off as part of the reason, the Donald from supposedly one according to these same people, doing the same narrative in Washington is that Obama. Hilary didn't understand that even economies are recovered. People in most of the country were struggling because their wages, hadn't gotta, remember that what has changed since then
a trillion dollar tax cuts to corporation state will they they point to the stock market as if it's the end avi over to your point. Fifty two percent of Americans own stock, but the top ten percent of Americans own eighty. One percent the stocks owed its exacerbating inequality in the way that every other economic indicator has four, while twenty thinking back the economic reporting on Obama, always included the caviar and contacts like we had a great jobs number and it was, but wages are stagnant, you're. Just not seeing yeah you're right, like I think the reality is, I remember, sitting in a sea meeting with Obama before, like a g20 or something and he's getting briefed on the greek debt crisis, One of the economic advisers was like this is the asteroid heading towards the global economy that could destroy everything and he was like hey guys. A month ago, you told me that energy prices were the asteroid heading towards a global economy that can S. Residence pick a fuck, an asteroid like this. We can add to my control and I think that's reality. The president
Does it control like the? U S, economy or the global economy? A lot of us happy now? Is it the easy the European Central Bank. What they did to survive. Ramping up in Europe's cranking like a whole. Bunch of other parts of the globe are also doing better, so that sort of lifting all boats, Trump Kin will take credit. For that. You know that's all right as president, but you rightly only Democrats see this argument. We solve like a raging opium crisis through try the still manufacturing at all, sale, jobs or going away in certain places. Silly there has to be a new wants discussion. Also. We said during the eight years of Brok, obama- and he said this all through his re election to the incoming quality and stagnant wages are the defining challenge of our time that has not changed, has gotten worse. Trump has made it worse by giving a one point five trillion dollar task got today because mostly to corporations and his rich donors and like
its democratic. Somehow, having trouble talking about these bonuses, aunt em, but like Nancy Policy called the crumbs or whatever like I don't know why this is so hard a thousand dollar bonus worker, fantastic. Wonderful, and that means a lot to people's like two percent of their tax cuts that the companies get it right. That is, you can still say still that the bonuses mean a lot of people, but first of all, polar today, so that only two percent of people said they ve gotten these bonuses and also the bars happened because Trot gave a one point: five trillion dollar tax good, mostly to reach both a great thing. It's a great thing that companies are giving a tiny amount of the wealth. Trumped just gave them back to their employment, but that is the nature of trickled down we just gave a huge pot of money to the richest most successful people to the least struggling in our country, and they said hears it
and that's fine and most of it, they're gonna, pocket and modes of enlargement as aka and most of it they're gonna pocket, and that money is not gonna. Go to health care, education, housing, transportation, child care, all the things that could help it is being paid for with rising debt is being paid for by growing inequality, and then is the problem. Everyone claims is the most important problem solved, just like John just pointed out. So dull drop has done nothing to address the fundamental problems at the heart of the economy as a result, the trade and globalization that he complains about as a result of automation, which no one has explained to him before result of dynamism and funding. Until shifts in how people work and the way they live their lives, the decline of unions and olive it. Neither party has successfully addressed these fundamental rights, the reporting on this is not great. Like people just don't get economics breadths even wrote this whole big piece about how allowing
or to repatriate money that it made abroad. United states with a huge tax cut meant that they can open another office here and create a whole bunch of new jobs Finally, do understand that what they would have done before as this one Eddie with loan, the? U S, entity, money and they would invest, the same amount of money with just using like accounting, gimmicks, Reilly, They didn't use a fact checker and I call on you can use of actual could even economists like an apartment, whoever down the whole point No, but one thing now, we also, I think, should be clear: eyed that cutting the corporate tax rate right this repatriation eight can lead to much coming into the economy. If designed right for sure we had, a corporate Tesco plant in the Obama Congress ever do anything about it like there's. There is a way to slightly cut the corporate tax rate without cutting is drastically as Donald Trump did, which we can't afford, because now we have all this
money that could have been going into all kinds of investments for the rather than they would attract jobs in business. Imagine reform to our education skills, training right, imagine, reforms or tax code that lowered corporate tax rates, but didn't pay for it by borrowing from the future by cutting health care by shifting the tax burden down to the middle class, but paid for it in a more fair way, in a more progressive way right. That would have been something that would have actually made a huge effort. People's lives, while getting the result that Trump and Republicans and no cope brothers and all the rest seem to want by Laura corporate effort. But the point is democratic. Talk about this everyday Democrats stuck with the economy every day and don't be afraid dumb media narratives and think that, like you know, we have started by other stuff because now trump strongly economy make the fuckin argument. You know push the needle and by the way you know for every cell dollar bonus. There are reports of factories closing low and lay offs and declining wages and stagnant wages, live by antidotes. Diver anecdotes right
cherry picking information, but economies are complicated, some people are doing better and some people are doing worth met is always true. Direct. Let's talk about the latest trumps. Probably illegal indefinitely unethical war against his own justice department. We learn from it stories over the weekend. First, the post and then the New York Times the trumpet pressure on the Justice Department to release the memo, the Devon Newness wrote that apparently revealed You know one of the conspiracy to alight Hillary Clinton, which went really well his just. Department said that releasing the memo would be extraordinarily reckless We have also learned that the reason that the White House and Trump want the memo released. Because they believe it will provide them an excuse to fire deputy many general rod, Rosen City in school, Trump selected this deputy attorney general himself, but of course, for us It was fired, he's the one overseeing the Russia Investigation, because Jeff sessions had to accuse himself because transactions could be incriminated in the rush investigation and if you fire for a hut
and then you bring in another deputy train general than that person. Can fire Mahler front doesn't have to four here Malo directly, that's where they are right in its home? I it's a human centipede of obstruction of better data, How many like really important facts? You have to just gloss over to give a shit about all this not everything is supposed to be refused from this whole matter but he's in there just like cooking up memos by himself based on size, data, rod, Einstein was Trump appointee mistake. You know begin from the Bush era, and all that I wrote that thing that suddenly fired. I wrote them. That was the predicate for firing. Call me so like what the fuck is going on. Here. Europe hacking all the wrong people trough has to basically say I've. Call me, because this guy told me to who I hate and want to fire, because I don't trust him, but I did try. Somebody told me to fire combing, but
Your time. Sorry about this It's running today is pretty fascinating because they they basically say this is what the memos going to say. We learn from the New York Times that Russian proved an application extend surveillance of Carter page shortly after he took office last spring sobered the big. The big reveal from release the memo is that trumps, handpicked deputy attorney general believe but he had probably cause to extend surveillance former Trump adviser, because he thought he may be acting as an agent of Russia. John Carter's in the secret societies. The other this this, like Republicans, want this to come out that took the Trump appointee that that they would continue their surveillance at the Obama administration started because they think the guy's a russian agent cool awesome. The here, going through non loyal people did us right reminds me of like it runs while we'll get it how about some politician, who just can't seem to find a great speech redder and they go. Through that one after another, like this betrayed
was an inspiring and at this speech, or they could make me seem good and get this betrayed her native sound great I'd like them like them, are like Maybe you saw that delivers speech to save your life is like you're, not gonna, be able to find a great lawyer to do your bidding the Justice Department, because the president is a criminal. What are my everyone, Paul Ryan, side of the US as a new year's to cook. Up this whole stupid plot. With a memo another garbage over the deal, J, trumps Theo J, who set of extremely reckless to release the number one too, I am so sick of the public. Lindy Gram, Susan Collins being all mealy mouthed about whether they should put forward legislation to protect the special councils office. You has drafted a bill pushed to get it like how many times we need to read the download from wants a fire. The guy doesn't like what is the right time to possibility measure the president can't fire robber Mahler. Is it before he fires him? Have you also just remember when this What comes out it's a bit supposed
reveal again? I guess that the dossier the dossier was paid for by partisan. I don't care, if I Christopher Steel, is getting paid by what and royalties. Ok, that's the reason. The reason that the FBI open this investigation into the travelling restoration was not they dodgy. Eight hundred hate bore by selling uranium, just merely corroborated evidence. At the F b I already had. We have seen mountains of reporting that says that mountains and Anthony Wiener paying for with the cash we everyone has done. A pretty good job and reporting has been pretty great just premium. What's gonna happen how bullshit this members, but I I want everyone, we're gonna, be everyone should be prepared for when its release and we go through five days. Maybe
stay. Since. Not all Democrats do now, the whole investigation is fucked. Maybe trump, president forever. Did you see that the vat from three to five that thing Mansion said it was just New York Times, so we shall manage to defending that? What are you doing? I love the idea that, like a you know, you know people in New York. I you know I wasn't drafting a regret about five years, a council Peter came releasing the subway welcome New York. We like structures to the statue of liberty, like I fired Malek. Besides the character article, I noted I got the character for noted. More on Devon Nunez had ended when he was supposed to refuse himself. Only me full of himself like climbing over the White House fence very uneasy. How is this I've been out of wives he's a clown. Well always we can't forget mile.
One who will be sitting behind the president tomorrow night is at the heart of all this, because all it takes for the house to behave responsibly is for Paul Ryan to say that the house is gonna responsibly? He is enabling all of this every single hull ryan is a co conspirator and a cover up right now, they only he doesn't even know what he's covering up the fact that he doesn't even know if there's crimes at the height of those, but he is willing to give her the anyway. He just wants to impede this investigation anyway. He can't he just wants yet one more year of donor sponsored legislation over the transom before he loses his beak. In fairness, the cook summit looks really fun. Yeah and he did get a reward for passing the task of legislation by four thousand dollars from the capital by the way. Also three hundred million years been three or four million on Mister Vladimir. They made they made three times as much success. Also love Paul Ryan, giving a speech you donors thanking them. They either buddy you gonna wrong. You work for them
We thanking you and you saw R R editor in chief crooked brain boilers, that if anyone has the video police a week it to me that my dickenss or open looking for that video of Paul Ryan Banking as donors with love avarice of ads ethical, so many places were that exist right, as you probably did it at this We're on the hillside, you know they go to that studio. Your hey, hey, try it you down there you down there and that in that does studio, maybe some of his old waiter, friends, tortilla coast have come back when he put it. To have a summer jargon that now we have the Romany tape. When we come back with me, back into the host deposited, the people directly by the Americas, to buy stamp stuck on stamps posted, rates have gone up again. What's left stamps, keep your voice down with postage discounts up to forty percent discounts. You can't even get at the post office what steps
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You saw that puts a miracle, was snubbed from a spoken word grannie, which we we thought was in the can't. Frankly, I love it. That's all areas so. Do I want to talk to you about Floridians for fair democracy? We saw last week that they successfully gathered the required signatures for a no vote twenty eighteen ballot initiative, which, if approved by sixty percent of voters, would restore voting rights to Floridians with felony convictions after they fully completed, sentences. During tell us more about this campaign. I know you guys been involved little bit. What's gonna, yeah. We work with the Florida rates, restoration, correlation, incredible group of activists in organizations in Florida. You know it's about six an ex rounds in the country Campbell. Almost two million live in Florida, so they got
petitions to to make it work in the petition. Lawn Florida is not the easiest to work with, but they did it in on it. We help them. You know Katy Parian, Lady Gaga, into easy and pigments M. Let people give it since at the Comte de LA organizers coming petitioned, which was doubt that we are promoting a mailing campaign, the easier you chipped in a lotta, local, organizing does we need shot out to em, well bleed the coalition let us work soon. It worked in China this evening about Florida, trumped in when by TON Bush did when by time giving two million people the right to vote would have a huge impact, yeah, so dreaded you guys incredible work to get this thing on about what happens next like? How do we get this initiative approve? And how can people listening help if they really care about restoring voting rights to these people. S lives. Flora leading this effort in you know now it goes in the ballot in the hall signing that what a ramp up soon will be a message:
to voters. Are they know? This is a good thing. I would insist that the right is private pushed back against this, but you know Is there a lot of white people? Cable? It's not even like majority people color who came over an outcome in us. This is a good and interesting initiative because by bar disenfranchise, but a lot of pure disenfranchise right now in Florida and one of the reasons that you guys targeted Florida was because isn't have one of the highest rates of incarceration. I also know that it has obviously laws where you can put something the ballot which helps s lot at you know flawed. It's on the lake adapt over three hundred dollars, Messia Phelan race. It's like not people out when people think about felons who think about like they. Like everybody killed him. People insect, that's actually not what's happening and you know Florida is actually a big deal because it stood. Stay with the single largest population of disenfranchise. Voters rights like almost two million of the six liver Florida, although I saw that if, if You were in jail for murder, conviction, it's not like rain franchising people who murdered people.
Yes, it's like you think abolish them. How did things that make people felons and if we don't have a good language for that? I view watch tv. You think I get every felony committed bank robbery and blow up the White House in like that's not what have people serve their time? They should be a better know. Vote again, so I think people are waking up to the fact that people are being systematically disenfranchised across the country based on a rest for things like drug possession in schools, zone or or your crimes that I think on their face? I would surprise for how long you get jail time or or what it can ain t you're in Europe. To be a citizen long term. How easy you think it will be to replicate the type of effort you're doing in Florida in other states that something that the Democratic Party or people who believe in social justice should be in fighting for adding to the list of groups are supporting. Here in no good just to be clear, we supported the work of these incredible rang organised in Florida began.
This petition. Blue, actually is a lotta as a lot play and no, sadly, not every state in the country allows for citizens. Petitions are put things on the ballot, but the latter Citys. I think that you must stay tuned. We were already working with some new stated we have announced yet to help them. I boasted Britain in I'm hopeful that this would can be a key way that we can move from a reform work around well let us now. You know how we can help as the campaign ramps up to get this thing past, and you know everyone out there should know to specially Floridians. This is they're, big reason: a vote! No member as if he wasn't enough at stake on the bow and as if there were enough important races. Now we have in Florida, and this is going to matter for a lot of people and it's going to matter not just in twenty eighteen, but then in twenty twenty and two thousand and twenty two and two thousand and twenty four to come. So it's a variable. Big deal. Dray also, are you save the people's gone on tour, store figure, Eighteenth NBC tickets and take a fly so except
but that we have announced a guess yet, but you know I'm excited about who we have in the bank to come, mystery and its it stop here. The last thing I want to talk to you guys about is Governor Hogan in Maryland, INA Marilyn's, when those blue stated you psych. Doesn't people don't think about So they re issues are important, but I logistics for governor hugging. The governor has is introduced like a set of bills. That would guess literally like backed back to the nineties Warren drugs, drugs and crime, stop it sort. Credible Eliza Keys planning for like treatments and seeing a lot of mandatory minimum stuff and their people in Baltimore their elected officials in Baltimore, who are so at about the crimes that there will in a like bet, people's lives and vote on these wild piece of legislation are now so frustrating I mean.
These measures were minnows would place what an under reagan- and you would have judges literally weeping in the courtroom, their descendants people to completely outrageous disproportionate sentences. Everyone has come to grips with the fact that they didn't make a safer. They just stuff people into prisons, with no help of rehabilitation, and yet we have Jeff sessions leading the charge and then state base initiatives like this. That people like Lefty liberals, like the coat brothers, oppose yet emigrating bottom. I may you u S on the news that, like an entire set of wing of the Baltimore policed, just got indicted for like setting people up in corruption and which you have the state level, is like not a real investment. The city not really funding the school system, not doing any lies at lake. Make police more account. More things that actually might lead to safer communities which you have is like they want have the Maryland state Police? I come in, and police the sea bottom. You like this is now an answer, and I worry that their lot of political leaders in Baltimore who are dams who are like
suddenly afraid about the crime problem. Did there just willing to like Logan put back in these draconian laws. So what are they migrants in the legislature doing about it are they, you know a guy, there are they gonna? Can they stop it America like the dims, are the legislature. I you know people are just a free beak, because crime is so this summer. Murders in Baltimore people are just afraid, and you know what they which is it a knocking on doors and people are saying that they want more police. But the reality is that we have seen a time when the state actually invested in the city of Baltimore, so they buy cut bus routes. Again, not in the school system, we all saw the news about them, the schools with no. He like that the school system has been adequately funded, but again, as I playing to this base of, like you know, people dying in a black people just need to be a more police and that'll make everything safe, and we should just like people up we, like you said it doesn't work. You know not learning any lessons from the paradoxical well thanks for letting us
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I guess you're on your way home dewie on my way home. No, why nice to meet your dogs, LUCA loved meaning you she said you are incredibly thoughtful. She appreciate your voting record on a lot of issues issues she was a little distant. No, you listen. She was upset about the shutdown she wanted, a cup more days but she's. Ok, she gets she's, ok, she's processed it like I did, and I feel like a calmer about happen. Leo's out their screen so stir the shutdown. We spent a lot of time printer process. Everything happened. Last week you were the first person we have spoken to from the Senate. Since then. Congratulations, so you voted for the funding bill that failed that led to the shut down, and then you voted for the funding velvet. Ass that reopened the government, both short term short term Sierra. So I voted no on Friday, night ran and then- and then yes, Sir, on Monday, and look, I think there's a lot of ANG stout there and I think the foundation of that acts, as it were, worried about the Dreamer
You know we're having a little bit of a disagreement about tactics, my own judgement is that we have this great big movement that continues to grow and and as a result of its size, in its ferocity and in its intensity that we live. A lot of people that they want exactly what the plan is and from standpoint and I'm not his spokesperson, but this is how I view it. We tried to get maximum leverage to put dream on table, and then the the job of leadership in own, especially senators, Durban and humor, is figure out when that maximum point of leverages and try to see what you can get for it. The judgment there was made over the weekend is that, that getting dream on the floor on February. Eighth from the standpoint of a neutral bill was pretty significant. Given I cut him understand that Mcconnell went out there and said that what was offered on Friday was this thing that was offer on Monday. That's actually now True, first of all,
leader Mcconnell, just sort of we will take this up in due time, but the play was on the Republicans I'd to take it up in the last week of February First week of March and take up Tom. This bill and the reason that that's important, tactically, is that there would have been a lot of exploration, to save the dreamers and what they are trying to do is if they do anything for the dreamers it's gonna be in exchange for a bunch of draconian sort of native IST provisions in permanent changes to immigration law. So what we got was a commitment to move this all the way up by almost a month and then, second of all, this kind of his in the weeds. But it's important bill that you start with when you begin debate very much matters, because if every amendment is subject to sixty votes, what their we're gonna do start with Tom Cottons and now we have a commitment to start with what they're calling a neutral shell. That's kind of there can be some wrangling, but the agreement is that
It has to be something that Schumer agrees to which means Durbin agrees to, and it will be something that this bipartisan group of about twenty members want to put on the floor. Therefore, it won't have all that nasty stuff to come. Cotton and Stephen Miller want because trying to get sixty votes to repeal each individual odious provision was going to be impossible, Listen, I'm not pretending we just one the weekend, but I do think we made a significant amount of progress and there's no way that dream would have been. As prominent in the in the sort of eyes of the public. Were it not for what we did over the weekend, a statement and a question. We take Mitch Mcconnell At his word on this podcast Edward I found so I prefer not to hear that he may have misled any one. Second, for those listening for content, I think what you just said is. It is really important that you know. Maybe if you don't know sinner cottons record, you dont quite get the significance. It is it fair to say he's one of:
the most strident anti immigration senators in the Senate. Is he d most rightwing senator it's probably a tie with him and TED Area Honours, but You know they want to use the dreamers as leverage and what so awful about this. Is that we are in a situation now where the President says he wants to do something on Dhaka, and actually you know that the things that he saying or similar things at durban- saying I was a are on on the side of the dreamers and Rhiannon Mcconnell ever said we need to take care of this problem. So, what's weird to me, is. What are we negotiating for? How are using this? As a sort of democratic ask, and in exchange for that one time, statutory fixed to save these people from deportation, they want to make permanent changes in the legal immigration law that was literally never on the table until about three or four weeks ago and what they were
I do is reduced the number of people coming into this country by about seventy five percent that's not a one time deal, that's on an ongoing basis, Stephen Miller rolled out this thing yesterday conference call perhaps to distract from the New York Times story, and there were, you know, listen what they did on dream or what they said they want on dream is fine, but you know what calling chain migration the chain migrate. It is an epithet. It is a native his term. It is a way to be derogatory about the way that seventy five percent of all people come. To America legally do so it's the way most of Us- or, I should say our family, come to America. So the idea that the we people we should be worried about, are either labourers or ye five. Were you pick? Basically, five thousand dollars make an investment and citizenship or you're an engineer year in a highly skilled and you're coming in through the h one be process, that's its own
but the story of America right. Is you Mere with nothing and you build something the idea: the retreat America, like it's a prep school or a country club where we see what your qualifications are and see whether you're gonna sufficiently contribute The idea is you show up with a desire to protect, debate and in the american dream, and then you make it happen for your family D. How confident are you that you can get a bill out of the Senate that doesn't curb legal immigration like that? Do you think there's enough Republicans who will say? Yes, maybe we border security member who on changes to the lottery programme, but we're not gonna go down, the road of curbing legal immigration by fifty percent would ever Miller once to do, I don't know I mean I got out of the prediction business after two thousand, Yes,
gotta figure out on your bio, whether that was sarcastic, that you nailed the result of the two thousand and six EU election. Very sorry, ok, but no, I really don't know. What's going to happen, what I will say is that we now have the best possible, listen, the report, of literally never taken up an immigration bill when they are in charge of the chamber. The only time we did it was with with Harry Red running the chamber, so now they're taking it up. Now we have a bipartisan group who who is working in good faith, and the preliminary conversations have been good I want to be pollyanna about what happens next. I think that there are a number of members of the Senate who will try to poison this thing and will try to do. You know basically fodder for political ads and scare everybody about immigrants, so they're gonna be tough votes. Have to hang together. Do I think we can get the sixty? I think we can. There is kind of a
The question here at the technical level, which is, is this fifty one Republicans plus nine Democrats, or is this a true bipartisan coalition because of its fifty one, Republicans plus nine Democrats? If that how they think they're gonna get there. There's gonna be a bad bill and I don't think they'll get there if they really do what they say they want to do. Then I think we can have a big running wing at sixty five members and the last question on immigration and leverage is. I saw that Durban said okay, now we're gonna we're getting close to negotiating and finalizing a deal on a long term budget agreement which is great where the Senate works on that first and then every one votes on a long term budget agreement and then move on to Dhaka, but docket doesn't work. Have Democrats then given up their leverage or how to Democrats plan to sort of force the you before March? Let me just say this way. I think we have points of leverage all the way through the process in Denmark at least in the minority party,
I wish to remember this when we, when we take the Senate and and God willing, we will and everybody will work for that outcome in two thousand eighteen, but but remember that the minority Party can really slow down the United States Senate and we can use leverage Amene almost in any day, we can slow the Senate to a halt so- causing a government shut down is not our only point of leverage. I think it would be unwise to sort of list our very first points of leverage, but they need to pass bills and they always need, sixty votes to do so so they're always going to have to come to us for participation. We haven't, I shutdowns are very unlikely going forward which, not so sure is a terrible thing we were talking about before we went on the air about sir mixed feelings, about shutting the government down, we're the party the likes to hell people and where the party that likes the government and its very difficult for us to use leverage sort of against our constituents for another constituency, but we are not without leverage thing
it sixty votes and weaken with hold it for anything at any time, so these fishing gears here Center RON Johnson is is a colleague of yours from Wisconsin. He recently announced on Fox NEWS that there is an FBI secret society holding meetings as part of a grand deep state. Conspiracy turned up at his source, for this alarming allegation was one text message that was jokingly, sent that reference secrets ninety five two questions is RON Johnson, the dumbest person in Washington DC. If you prefer not to answer that question us right. This way, How is someone who manage to get elected to the United States Senate believe something like this? Is he speaking in bad faith or Do we think he's reading new sources that if so early a road, his faith in government that is willing to believe that our own government would would have like opus Dei secret society in the back
the FBI, so I don't know you answer that. First of all, is not the dumbest man, oh law, its a bit. Fifty eight tie and he's not, but you know, listen. Brian. I haven't ok relationship. I disagree with them on a lot of things. My instinct is- and I haven't spoken with them since, since this went down, is that someone gave him we're talking point? You ran with it because he is smarter than and that is clearly not true and I had to do- was like thirty seconds of researchers to realise. First of all, you should use your instinct and say there is very. It is very unlikely that there is a secret society within the FBI. Ok, but after you, let's, let's assume that your instincts don't tell the smells a low funky a little bit? A research would have show that someone was making a sassy and somewhat unfunded joke, and it was a one time tax, but what made me a little nazis? I guess we ve all become inured to the idea that this sort of Fox news ecosystem take stuff and runs with it, and that is it is, and I'm not sure that we can penetrate that ecosystem,
but I saw CNN sort of- and they were doing there- actual reporting along the lines of there is no secret society but when you're like in the airport or at a diner- and all you see- is like sort of this open question- is there a secret society, we I secret society who knows maybe not, and I'm thinking the responsible thing to do, is not to take this thing chew on it and come to the conclusion that it's all nonsense, but rather to come to the conclusion that its nonsense and not even give it the light of day when I was what made me a little nuts? I know what Fox NEWS does Some of the mainstream outlets need to be responsible enough to dismiss, and not run away and listen like a local news station. You try to picture something they got now we're not doing that. I'm totally with you there I mean, like I'm on board with you know the press to do a little better on these
Thanks but again on the house side, you have Devon Nunez, who, like me, the complete fourth himself early on the trumpet ministries and by cooking up this intelligence plot with, in an assistant, first, is now drummed up this release the memo conspiracy, where he saying that there is some Pfizer derived data that he's put into a memo that shows massive wrong doing in the FBI in the wake up the intellect investigation after the election, is there anyone in leadership either in the Senate or the house side going too guys and saying cut it out. Yeah cut it out. Conspiracy theories is bad for the body politic. Writ large. Apparently not I mean. Look. I think I think runs thing was more one off, but Devon. Nunez, I mean, has made a habit of this, and this is the weirdest refusal from the running a matter that I've ever seeing this guy is supporting. This guy is supposed to be refused from this,
on the Intel community, as near as I can tell I'd only is he not recuse but he's actively running interference and he's running us? You know I don't come from national security space, but it looks like an operation like it looks like he is. He is an operative for some. In trying to obfuscate and mislead. So what he is- It is kind of think he's on his own. There are some people who are there's a guy F gates or something which does not on television their few others that just parent the talking points, but this guy seems to be using his position, his ability to get into a success facility and have access to two secret top good information, and gonna run around with it irresponsibly, which is why the Department of Justice itself basic. We warned him not to disclose classified information, pointy
do you think there can be any movement in the Senate on passing these various bills that would protect smaller, protect the investigation, and I know, like Tom, tell us how to build an allowance granted something I mean I don't know if, after this time, story was recordings on Friday last night. There is any ideas there so I've been targeted in a quarry. Booker was one of the authors of of one of these pieces of legislation. I was texting within last night and we're starting to reach out to members and see whether the enthusiasm for moving forward has increased. You know, I guess I have a couple of thoughts. First of all, Chuck gradually said that he has opened a hearing on this matter and I think that's encouraging but I also know that we should let Republicans off the hook. For saying sort of vague I am concerned that ought not to be done we're legislators we're not spokespeople, we
an obligation as members of the separate and co equal branch of government to push back on anything that we think may be unlawful or not in the interest of getting to the truth. So it's nice, You know that are produced or whoever says: well, listen: fire Mahler! That's not good enough! At this point. We need more cut. We need their. My number like mechanically, you could have a hearing. You could adopt the bill by unanimously. Sent you could have a number of members of the United States Senate send a letter to the President saying if you fire Mahler will we will enact this statute instantaneously, but I just don't want any of these folks who are good people, some of them on the on the Republic inside get away with being given credit statesmanship and moderation if they tweets or when they're getting off the train in the capitals. They well should fire Mahler and that's the end, We're gonna need a little bit more of a bright red line and that bright red line has to be statutory at some point,
to be like what are you gonna do as a legislator, not some sort of clever tweet or brave stay, men, and then you go away for the weekend. Come back. Having done nothing, Paul Ryan pretend not to read the tweets. Right. You haven't falling. So here's the reason thinking about. This is remember during the asiatic flight. I remember there. These graphics on, I think, every cable station that was like eight or ten members, the United States Senate, who were the moderates who were sitting voting against Asia Repeal and I think they get a ton out of hang on a list of moderates, even though they were never played a vote now I mean I'm levies on these names without attacking them individually. I'm going back guys. Never, in a million years going to vote no on in Asia, repeal buddies the benefit of being on every tv station as like I'm real concerned about Medicaid or whatever it. Maybe it's nonsense. Then I think the bill Cassidy desires without, but we can. But you know at some point
I'm cotton was against right away. I feel it later, and so I just make sure we hold our republican friends accountable for action and and if the bar is so low that all you have to do is tweet something kind of like vaguely vertical and then you're like profile in courage. That's not going to save the country, but when I asked you about the the state of the union, there have been various dust up showtimes. Their people should boycott the state union or major trump speeches. Where do you live on now? It should Democrats be present, or should they send a message by not Jonah listen- I'm gonna go, he is present, I'd stay. For one thing, I think it's important to listen to him for another. I mean I was actually doing your house member who was considering whether or not to go, and he asked me what I thought for what it's worth, I'm going to end up being a rorschach test right, if you just hate everything that he stands for, are you going to stay right on you didn't show up and if you're a trumpist you're going to say this is another ample they're, trying to ruin him at every step. I just know
think it moves the needle viagra by showing up but I certainly don't think anybody has any specific affirmative obligation to come and people have their own principal reasons not not to come so I think that a lender being a sort of Us Sub story, the main thing again is from the symbolism of the two, the legislating right are. You excited fur. How all the pundits will create the speeches? The moment he became presidential neutron heritage yeah. Self were set up for that are not this time feels like we. Probably I never said I I don't know I mean it is really interesting question because, like is, there is no point at which certain not just put by the way, but actual like hard news. Reporters will not say that the best speeches ever given the bars alone and I hope- and I agree like it- if you, if you ready like normal republican speech written by like you, know anybody's legislative corps
NATO has just read it. He will be like that was pretty great. Will you can imagine if he does this right? You can imagine him he's just talking about the economy. He's gonna take credit for the state of the economy, even though it was mostly Barack Obama's who Herc he's got my birthday. Scott? I'm sure he'll talk about all the bonuses that the companies are handing out to employees, which raises the question: how do you think so someone on twitter to save her Democrats talk about the Trump economy going into twenty a teen? How do you think that Democrats running and twenty atm should talk about the Trump economy, the economy in general? And like do you think in general? They need to make their campaigns about more than tromp, or do you think it's basically just a referendum on trial, so I that first of all, I think that the part of this electorate that is going to treat this as a referendum on trumped serve already exists. So, although there are aspects where you should sort of sharpen the the focus, I really
leave. We have to have a hard nosed kind of hard edged economic message, and I think it's fine that the economy is doing well. It's just important to remember that GDP and stock market data doesn't actually impact everybody in the same way, and so what I think we should be saying is the ripping you off. They lied to you that the are stirring up grievances trying to pitch you against each other in order to pick your pocket and that's what's happening across the country, and that is the kind of message that no fire up in a black and letting a women and white dude in the Middle Midwest it shouldn't matter. Your pocket is being picked by this tax cut and by public policy, the restoration of the consumer Finance Protection Bureau, what they're doing on loans. What MC more vainly stands for everything that they ve done empower Wall Street, I think we, I have a strong, populist message.
I will say that we have a technical problem and I haven't figured out how to solve it, which is We literally like we'll plan week, where we're going to focus on the economy and then all hell breaks loose and it's nice to see you you know a lot of strategies will say: well, we know you could have done your pressure on your economic plan anyway, and the truth is The news environment is such that we have to find our way to break through the crazy. Which is so irresistible and interesting every day that it All we are doing is talking about middle class jobs and protecting families and allowing everybody to share. A growing economy it's what we should be. About, but it is really hard to breakthroughs. I don't have a magical solution for thou on yeah messaging think about all the time, because I think you hear people say the Democratic Party has problems structurally. Nor knows
stand for no one knows what they believe in. I don't know that. That's entirely true, but it's certainly the case that we need to do a better job, articulating a vision but like going to twenty eighteen, it seems clear to me that it's going to be a referee, my trunk, so do you have a sense of? I know you, so you don't have that the solution, but I sense for how we should strike a balance there I mean it. You think the Senate and the House earnest are putting forward more reaffirmed. Legislative agenda that we can point to die. We will actually were it's funny because we actually had a bunch of things to roll out in January, but elbows with joy about, but we will, but I might years my judgment. I think that the message could vary. Well be, have you had enough of this crap and, and that can apply to Trump and his conduct that kind of Why do the sort of native IST stuff that I think burns it can apply to the stuff? That's happening with with civil rights and human rights and gay it's in women's rights and in policing
We can also apply to the fact that they are basically using. All of that is covered a pic everybody's pocket there, ripping you off. And I think have you had enough of this- is Is a relatively strong, straightforward, anti incumbent message me the challenges that we have because we're the party of of government, that we still act like the incumbents? Even if we not the governing party right now. We do not run the government, and yet we still want to defend the role of government and society, but now we have to run against the establishment, and that is done, watchmen is Donald Trump, Paul, Ryan and Mitch, Mcconnell, We just have a tendency to allow them to sort of outflank us on the anti establishment side, which is proposed. They run everything right now. So I think we can straw run a strong anti established campaign which can be sort of you know they, regardless of whether you what's motivating you is what they're doing to the kids on the border or whether you care about
Betsy divorce is up to all you care about inaction on climate or whether your pistol, net neutrality or whether the doing marijuana it's like have you had enough had enough question mark, for a battlefield. Oh yes, but you you guys are the message gurus, I'm just a legit. Well. I I wouldn't ask so you're one of the few politicians I follow on Twitter, who sounds like a normal human being U yours, Murphy, lesser through tweets without a struggle. You're on your part, was just you being you. Do you give your communications team heartburn like were so? No yes, yes, yes I'll, look, I sort of don't even love Twitter. On a personal level, I dries meal bananas figure. I spend too much time on it, it's hard to rest, and yet it such a powerful tool and and it you know, I went from
very few twitter followers around when Trump was elected to more ten times, as many and part of it was because I thought it was really important for me to express myself in on markers, and there are that many members of the Senate between themselves- and I think that this funny I say that I found the one job we're being a normal person is like totally distinguish The characteristics- and I just try to speak from the hard speak from the garden- have set a few things that I wish I didn't say on twitter and certainly more things in my communication: average. I didn't say but but I think people need to hear from me and then on top of everything else in I'm five thousand miles away from from home, so it is a good way for four people were following, what's happening in the Congress to kind of know what my thinking is so I've used it as a tool. I'm not gonna, stop using it as a tool, I'm I'm trying to put the phone down on the weekends along the more. Are we all good advice that my answer would like me
take as well as one last question there was this horrible terrifying incident. In I e, where an emergency law was sent out the thing in a ballistic missiles inbound. Why seek shelter immediately? This is not a drill. We learned later that this was a mistake made by an employee. Curiously, what that horrifying incident felt like four you and people, you love, and in what we ve learned about our preparedness generally on a state and federal level, because the fat, I mean the mere fact that a random employee could push a wrong button and do this? thirty nine minutes to me speaks of a lack of preparedness. That is truly. Yeah we first. While I was terrifying I mean we one point: five million people were thrown into turmoil, lots of people just to give you a sense. You know some people sort of decided that it was a fake without actually knowing some people.
Were able to call you know a garrison or baser an installation and get some information, but lots of people were hiding in closets and basements if they have a basement and saying there, goodbyes and people thought they were going to Paris. So we are systems. Failure, obviously, because you dont want a system where only one person making clerical error can cause that to happen. And then you have a bunch of serve airs and human judgment along the way in terms of not telling the public that the missile was not coming, but one of the things in terms of preparedness that we're working on it on a bipartisan basis. Is it actually the authority for a missile alert should be federal. You know we have interesting arguments about the The federal versus the local government, but like this is the most federal thing there execute and so were working on legislation essentially say no calm nor add pay com. The people know whether or not a missile is coming should be the ones to inform the public, because right now it's voluntary, so FEMA has
system, and then every emergency management agency, three thousand seventeen counties and fifty states and five territories can voluntarily enlist in this missile alert system or not, and The likelihood of another mistake is actually relatively high and the likelihood after this mistake that made or a governor is gonna say I would like to not incur that police The liability is super high. This It is clearly not a thing where we want to have them, be the laboratory of democracy and everybody. Their own missile system experimenting with many all our though the one thing, namely that the sort of worries me is. Whether or not this could have pinged around in such a way that caused our adversaries or our allies to think that something real was going on now, pay come pick on them,
really knew it was not real and I'm sure they have ways to communicate throughout the region to calm nerves. But you you can't expect that that's always gonna go well, so missile alert should be in the control of the National Security Council that the Bible, listen statement, yeah sure her centre shots? Thank you. So much thank yous extra have on vague. To Senator Brian shots and direct for joining us today and That's all we have some good new Yorkers couldn't hear tat structure I'm pizza, let's go to thirty rock fire lawyer investigating us now meadows Island, closer bill, appease the investigation. If we can sort of italian accident, but merely org. It's your from here I now this I'm tired of doing vaguely like an uncle is vague leeway, what is it your dad have long, John, I'm telling you it's simple. You find investigators and other companies, you find
get in there we go get a couple of eggs will be cut. I got a couple: a regular and committed structure. Just attackers when new Yorkers is what we do is what we do here, I was the aggressor,.
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