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“A jury of Trump’s peers.”


The House prepares to impeach Donald Trump as new polling shows an uptick in support, Chuck Schumer tries to prevent Mitch McConnell from rigging the Senate trial, and the Democratic presidential candidates prepare for their final debate of 2019.

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Twitter is the smartest way to hire post jobs for free, deprecated, accomplished cricket and give us the credit for referring. You zip recruited, dotcom slush cricket, I welcome the POD save America, I'm John forever. I'm John Mother, untiring before gentlemen Mary impeachment. Thank you the weak. The way the Donald Trump becomes a third president to be impeded by the house? We're gonna talk all about its residents but the stated the primary, as we had into a democratic debate that may or may not happened right here in LOS Angeles later this week, before that love. It was these show this weekend, great love it or leave it. John
Dron Amanda Seals, my friends dinner net the benches Zammit came out to talk about the science, a star wars, sin and Benjy were on. They were if they are finally got a yes from his deposit, in the one, the only Brian boiler did a rope ladder. I of course right boiler deterrent ill. He did a great impatient ran size that my mind for one second, but he made a really important point, which I think we need to make. An aggregate accomplishes trumpets. Bad trump is bad and its copies often enough, but also that the impeachment Greece should remain open. Regardless of the vote because of the potential of the president to continue crimes and the fact that there may be subpoenas that are so often there wouldn't be grateful twice I will go there? Are a little announcement from us with twenty twenty coming up? Your friends here cricket media positive american vote. Save America wanted away to send you the most important mission about the election directly. Sir. Try something new. We have a new phone number that the number is three.
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Finally, if you need a reminder about, while protecting voting rights is the most important thing we can do right now to win in twenty twenty think what the news in Wisconsin late last week, where judge, ordered as many as two hundred thirty four thousand names to be taken off the voter roles in that state. We're talking about Whistler Chair, the Wisconsin Democratic Party there over the weekend is very bad that the court has done this, but you know now he thinks of the Democratic Party will be able to at get a list of the people that they are taking off. The rolls who may have moved- or they just may have been taken taken. The thrills accidentally and the Good NEWS about content is, it does have same day registration, and so we know we can be able to find these people register them. But because of shit like this,
It's going to take a lot more work and we need to fight voter suppression everywhere. You've heard us talk about the work we're doing to support Stacey Abrams and her team at fair fight, apparently right now time to just notified us this morning or in less than a hundred fifty thousand dollars away from our goal. Very close were at one point, eight. Five nine million- that's big flooded. One allows were so close to two. We're trying to get the two million, so you can get these organizers and these teams on the ground fighting voter suppression as early as possible. Can't do it couple months before the election, you gotta, do it early. So please, chip in, and and will, probably in a week we're trying to get to get there before the end of the year of the votes: save America, DOT, com, slash, fair fight to chip in ok, let's get to it. On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee voted twenty three, seventeen along party lines to approve two articles of appeasement against Trump and they released report today. That says Trump also committed multiple federal.
Crimes, including bribery and wire fraud, about that, while yeah there, because now go to the full house for a vote which is expected to happen on Wednesday, wire fraud yeah. It's a communications thing because he was talking to people over the few talking to someone on the phone as he was trying to commit bribery. So it just feels like it's an old timer crime rate and all of us to throw about your throwback like so you know it invokes words like racketeering. Very Well, you know he, and he is very mafia- says he is so- is a few last undecided members make up their minds about this vote. Polling from CBS Fox NEWS over the weekend showed slight increases in support for impeachment from last month. Cbs on that forty six percent of respondents believe the Trump deserves to be impeached compared to forty three percent November and Fox Fox NEWS found that fifty four percent now believe he deserves to be impeached with
one per cent opposed, let's start there. But what was your take on these numbers? And did you see other interesting stats or numbers it stuck out at you guys in all the polling that came out this weekend. If it were a few more this morning as well, you know, I know there has been a slight uptake, but the point I mean I think about the polling last week early before I think, remains true if this, but if we had come to a place where fifty four percent of the country favoured impeaching Donald Trump over the course of many months of, unfolding. It would, I think, be a shock to the system among these are the kinds of numbers that Nixon had toward the very and the more he was forced to leave office. That Fox number was almost exactly the same as the number the gallop found for Nixon on the eve of his resignation right before the tapes came in, and you know it regardless of what it ultimately means for the Senate, trial and
it is worth remembering that Donald Trump is still despite the attempts of the right wing media to say. Oh, he is basically kind of beyond reproach he's a deeply unpopular divisive president the only within reproach. He is he's reproachful the reproach levels- and I you know approval rating has has been just glued to forty one, forty two per cent for such a long time in part because the of the kind of fundamentals run, the economy being ones. That would traditionally mean a president was phase for reelection, but due to his eyelids com peccadilloes, he is very weak. Look, I think the most important thing to remember is were playing along game. That's about getting voters in advance of twenty twenty election, and from that perspective I think impeachment has been six
as for a lot of people, know about what happened in Ukraine. We got a lot of information that we would not otherwise have been able to get because an impeachment, and so I think that six, ass, I don't see any was ever thought using the impeached and removed ass. To think that look, if you're, Call people on whether you should impeach and remove a president does sound drastic. So I'm not surprised that there's that you know of a bit of a delta between people who support impeachment and removal, but the other thing I think It is just a reminder that we need a always think about what achievable, because convincing trumps hard CORE Fox news only watching base it's impossible, just as we were pat more passive when origin, they lie for him. They spend for him when he Idee report came, about the defies application. Carter page, they literally just made shit up in an parity trumps spin, so we're never gonna get to those people. So look
mean there's a lot of debate right now about whether it is smart, politically weathered stump politically scan. Her Democrats is gonna help Democrats at the risk of being in the prediction business. My gases can feel like ancient history by the time we get there, but now that whoever runs against Donald Trump has a whole bunch of evidence, video testimony to use against them, as we prosecute that case, an election yeah. I mean dan- spoke about this a little bit on Thursday, but I think you, someone has been or under covered here is Donald Trump and in his campaign team in their Publican party, wanted to use this time to start making the case for his re election right and last week in other they they are running on saying I was one of the best weeks of his presidency has he got the trade deal and and the child a deal and discuss if none of that was really covered because impeachment he hasn't impeachment sort of taken over the new cycle and he's losing time to make a case, and he did love. You said Tom, he does. He needs to make a case for Israel
because you know he's. Approve rating is higher in some of these battleground states that he needs, but he's not complete. His campaign team is unhappy where he is right now right, like he's Easter, We could win this election and you know, but he's not he's not in a strong position right now and ease and impeachment is causing him to lose time on this and he's going to continue to lose that time through January. I also thought that it was interesting in the Fox ball in new high of forty five percent of indifference. Thence favour impeachment up from thirty eight and late October in some of these numbers, fifty three percent believe you abuse the power of his office. Forty eight percent. They keep started Congress. Forty five and a vote or say he committed bribery and Fox NEWS, Paul the President States, forty five percent, believe he committed bribery. That's a lot and no one believed his spin that he was doing this because he cares deeply about whose corruption, Ukraine Right Endlich, look you we know he's not happy about this guy Donald Trump tweeted that Fox NEWS poles always inaccurate and are heavily weighted towards Dems so radically
yeah I mean he's: haven't will tend to tempered internet and even if you don't, even if you don't think it's impeach a ball which, like you know, like you, said Tommy, you can see some people say: okay, well, bad what he did, but there's the election coming up. Sixty to twenty four percent voter say it's wrong for Trump to ask me the foreign countries to investigate political rivals so that there is no no one's buying those republican too fat right. It's not only do they think it's wrong. They also recognised that it is not normal that it's not something yet president, originally do the other. Just the sort of taken for granted that ok represent. A Democrats supported eighty five percent of Republicans oppose it, and then you know that the battle takes place. Him was independence and engender surrounded the numbers. It was a eighty. Five percent of Republican does not as consolidated as it could be for down from its present a different republican present in different circumstances. You could see that number being much higher, so the lack of full consolidation amongst Republicans is I think still little interest you getting. The media narrative reflects where the pulling is.
There was a nother New York Times analysis peace over the weekend that literally used the phrase both sides for different times in the peace I've run whatever, whatever, whatever super soaker filled with rage, I have for the your highness political task in their complete failure to appreciate the magnitude of this moment in their role in it and the cat. Is the editorial borne by the way? Has a great editorial calling for trumps impeachment in an such a m, the kind of luxury, their operating with a comfort that this kind of coverage, is fine and sustainable and kind of the normal course of business as if we're not in an emergency as if they will be rewarded for the large ass, they ve shown these Republicans in some future confrontation, as if there is any hope that they'll be able to prove to the Fox news viewers into them begins in Congress that they are fair arbiters of politics. If they were to be more honest in
future story? I just yet Lena Luck with their just been weeks and weeks of credulous reporting about republican complaints, about the democratic process and in which Mcconnell goes on tv. This weekend, he's like conspiring with tromp to make sure the things rigged and Linsey grams out there saying I don't care. I knock me impartial in voting against the enemy I'm just an vary from It had been done with the reporting where there is there, a pumpkin quote and democratic, put side by side and no effort to adjudicate the factual nature of those two quarts its deepest. It's also in by the way this is this has been true lately for a lot of reporting on Trump, especially on trade, like U S! M Cia. The new NAFTA. As of this morning, there is a huge monkey ranch in the thing, because the next skins dont support this provision. That would allow U S inspectors to go into mexican plants right. So that's on a done deal yet,
from manufactured a crisis with the Chinese right there. All these underlying trade issues with China Trump through a bunch of tariffs at it, created a crisis alleviated, a portion of that crisis and that's getting reported as a win and there he is able to get the press to plan to these narratives time and time again, despite the fact that the guy's got none. Having done there is zero reason for any reporter to write the sentence. Democrats and Republicans can agree on the same set of facts. You are in the business of telling What the facts are that actually, these during jobs right so tell us who post both sides gangrene side effects. That's technically true, now tell us what the fuck So what I would even go elsewhere and it's not it's not possible it look. The Washington Post, I think, has been doing a fantastic job.
In their reporting in their news analysis, it's not news analysis that is slanted towards Democrats. I don't read them and think of this is this is really good for us, but they sort of get the main story of impeachment. Is the Republican Party decision to either act as an accomplice for Donald Trump? to finally stand up for him and to stand up to that. That's really the story of this impeachment. There isn't. There is no other story, it's also not about whether or not Democrats Republicans can can agree to a set of facts its. Whether Democrats and Republicans will say out loud that they agree to a set of facts right. Is it there's? No, Even we ve started to see from us in this then, a trial that that some Republicans or floating that actually, what you're going to see is where a lot of about the facts and just a disagreement about the gravity, but what the state, because I think that There's out. There are more republican adults in the Senate, which has an Horta is an hour to beat the number of adults in the Republican House Chamber, which is a disease.
Yeah, we'll less able to send a trial. Tommy start talking about this in a Ms Mcdonald centres must be the jury. So, of course, the jury form in which Mcconnell has been has just announced that he's inspiring with the defendant and his defence team, everything I do during this on coordinating with the White House Council there'll be no difference between the president's position and our position is how to handle handle this that's Mccall's about the flemish Mcconnell speaking about the rules of the trial and then, of course, Lindsey Grandma Further quote: I'm trying to give a pretty clear signal. I have made up my mind: I'm not trying to pretend to be a fair, Joe, here is not like that at that level or movie that you're with two minutes and thirty seconds, but on the other. The other great quota from him is the best thing we can do is deep. Six. This thing ok got it, so he rate, so I think Mcconnell and especially Windsor Grim screwed up of it here, because in response to all this,
Chuck humor sent a letter to Mcconnell on Sunday night saying he expects a fair trial with the ability to call witnesses like Mc Mulvaney in John Bolton, and get documents from, the White House and ass for the same trial rules that Mitch Mcconnell already voted for during the Clinton impeachment. What did you guys think of awe of the shimmer move here? I think it really smart Emily guy. I am not surprised by Mcconnell or Graham sentiment. I am surprised that I set it out loud and what it says to me is that in Mitch, in the De Graham, would either get a praise from Fox NEWS and get donations from Maga. People then give a shit about even the seeming fair. So I do think from that perspective, like there there's probably a political goal here for them. I do think they just mean. I muddied up the thing in a big way. I want Democrats to pivot to a cover up message in a big way,
I mean I'm glad the tumor put forward this gambit to get real testimony from Mulvaney in Bolton in some of the other folks who actually worked in the White House who spoke to trumpet, understand his mindset, who could under cut all these hearsay arguments it keep complaining about, and I think we need to put pressure on Trumpet conall to put those witnesses for, but we also need to put pressure on centres like Corey Gardener and Susan Collins to agree to a process that would allow people to be subpoenaed by the Senate process. Yes, oh here's! Here's where I think Mcconnell sort of slipped up by saying this outlawed on Fox he. He has fifty three Senate Republicans in his caucus right He can he has a lot of power to shape the rules in this trial, but to do that, every decision which Mcconnell makes he needs fifty one votes, which means that basically, to have a fair trial democrats need for votes for republican votes, to have a fair trial, and so much Mcconnell really can't lose them.
Many republicans- and you know she so humor- goes in demands. This fair trial demands witnesses. Those kinds of an Mcconnell responds to sugar is, you know, as as was scheduled previously we're gonna talk about this. If Mcconnell had the votes to do whatever he wanted for that trial, Mcconnell would have told humour to fuck off. He does not have the votes, which is why he's in a bit of book or because Susan Collins, like the you just named Tommy Susan Collins and Tom? Tell us and Martha Mc Sally, Ann Corey gardener who are up and only twenty, and then you have people like more Cowskin and Romney. Who made some note in this too. They have to decide right, like it's one thing to say: heard all the evidence. We heard all the witnesses and we just don't think this rises to the level of an impeachable offense right, which they might end up. Doing it's another to say: we help Donald Trump and Mitch Mcconnell rigged to try we decided there would be no witnesses, no testimony, no nothing and we're gonna sweet. The whole thing under the rock hard
that's a harder thing for someone who's up in a purple state like Susan, Collins or or Korea gardener. Today, it's interesting, I mean Lindy Gram has been kind of off the rails for a while, but that the mishandling was strange in that usually he kind of recognizes the need to pretend that there is a kind of since between him and the White House and in part of me wondered watching what he was doing is. Is this a kind of an opening gambit he screwed up because Our negotiations going on right is, it is it is it then that is actual intention is to get vote, in which there are literally no witnesses in the Senate quote trial. End quote, which would it be a truly open, including statements at all would be, and or is it an understanding that he went out there to say my open? position is no witnesses. Humorous position is many witnesses. Although shimmer prose, I think of he's doing it in a very smart way, because he's he's not he's talking about eight a you know a limited try
of a trial where witnesses aren't allowed to be speed, witnesses or call for no more than eight hours. It is a very very clearly that they are both trying to figure out how for how much they can get out of those three or four or maybe mattress knows that he can respond with a letter of his own and a headline will be duly letter, sent not sure what they say besides hello to a new era of partisan rancor I think that the second death I do that either. I think it puts it puts these centres that are up in it in a tough response, and I think they have to decide because look great sergeant made this point of the Washington Post. I thought was in the White House when it was in the house said, were not letting anyone testify or sending over any documents. Documents, because this whole thing is illegitimate, Miss Connell can't take the position that the his own trial is legitimate right to do that, so hot, what's missed
Carlos excuse gonna be on why they shouldn't have any documents, are evidence or witnesses for trial. What's his actual, if she's good, I mean, can you to say the increase illegitimate, thus were moving forward as fast as possible, like? I think that it is the most cynical mother fucker on the planet say whatever you say to get through this. He well I think I dont know that Mitt Romney or Susan, Collins or or Korea gardener can stand saying. The whole thing is illegitimate. I think they can see It didn't rise to level, but I think it's hard for them to say you know witness it should be called we will find out. I know I'm just Susan Collins has a long history of taking totally irrational, illogical positions and anyway, that yeah than she is free to do that, and then it will look even worse. To her I mean the we ve had a whole bunch. Stories now about how dissolve the tough out for the moderate Democrats time to have a bunch of stories about how this is tougher. People acquire Gardner Jacket and also curious what been Romney says in the next couple of.
Days because one of the roles he played early on, although no one really no one, really followed him, was to signal what a serious, not anti trump but whatever middle the road between trumpet Anti Trump position, could sound like to give some space for people to follow him to a A compromise with the preamble to the problem that those in those early days I mean even like one of the morons on Fox in France, was saying boy. If you try, in military aid for dirt on by now, would be real bad and they learn facts and the corporal he has. Every I gotta tell you didn't, say that so yeah I mean. I think. The key point, though, is hey major publication: send your beer, what are the Colorado and main in certain areas. Patsy America's broadly, by simply safe, want to remind our listeners? Time is running out and simply saves huge holiday offer the biggest sale of the year if you're gonna fully protect your home with award winning
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We should also briefly talk about Representative Jeff Andrew who told staff it he switching parties and becoming republican Vander was one of only two has Democrats who opposed the impeachment inquiry and he reported. We had Colonel polling, showing and potentially losing his next democratic primary because of his anti impeachment stance. Guy her. I do as you let yes every these very cynical, completely cynical decision. Obviously shameful. There is a very funny That happens there whenever someone's, which has parties which, as you know, three days earlier, there, like you, know we're waiting for him to make its decision, and we hope he does the right big and then two days later, he's dead, mother fucker. I hate him from a goddamn jump, Andrew other people has a lot, but it is just that many I've never thought Jeff Andrew before this weekend, I'll never think of him after today. The idea that you could vote with tremble
nine percent of the time and then switch to his side and go to a meeting with him in the oval office about protecting them from impeachment in this area, as it shows that you you you only here about having the job. You don't give a shit about anything you're supposed to do and you get there. I don't even think it's that shrewd of a political, my ride, like you, said the guy only votes with Trump seven percent of the time. There's a bunch of other Republicans in this primary would you rather someone who's really like Trump or someone who just pretended to be like trumped, so he could avoid a tough primary if your republican voter unhook the other side like what does it say about impeachment it should have been safe for Jeff, withdrew, drew to come out against impeachment in a district that voted for Trump by five points: it is clearly not because he looked appalling, saying that democratic voter right punish him for this stance right like and that that should that should actually up a lot of other Democrats were voting for impeachment enough district and by the way, at last month, Thou, to remain a democratic means to act,
last month, he was publicly saying that he wouldn't do this. It is true, like other, did you just step backwards? I like ok, I guess you really mean discharge bright cleaning itself that it all so bad your clear, not clear, you'll be able to keep her regardless, but my God to look at the world and say this is what I want my footnote to be, sir. Mrs I'm gonna be a footnote, and this is the footnote. I wanna be that guy that switched parties to protect Donald Trump from a clearly justified impeachment. Is a very what a photo regarding really pretty dark and embarrassing this so far before we move on to twenty twenty Democrats have to decide which members bill point is impeachment managers who essentially act as prosecutors, who present the case against Trump. During the trial on Sunday, the Washington Post reported the thirty freshman Democrats are trying to convince Nancy Pelosi to point Justin Amash, the only former republican member of the house has come out in favor of impeachment
one of their impeachment managers, one of those democrats- Dean films from an a soda said that a marsh is willing to consider. The final decision is Nancy policies where you guys think on an odyssey. Look. There's been some music. Why you bothering to protect? You know no matter what you do. Oh, you put a very conservative former republic and it won't effect what the Republicans in the Congress do at a really care about that it doesn't an important message about the fact that that's the point, this whole thing that agenda messages ended important as it what it is doing to his emotion, smart Young and he asked more questions and some of his critiques he's had up of what has been asked during the judiciary. Committee hearings are. They was all we're, also very smart points, so I think I think I'm going to do it certainly good messaging. It would be great to have it be a bipartisan prosecution, team, Ultimately, as one summit to perform well like, I want an atom ship up there, that is incredibly competent, knows the rules concise like drills the point here for the margin and again both Nancy's five year. We engineer- I mean
I dont know enough about him to know how he would conduct insolvent, I'm that doesn't mean I think, poorly of him anywhere. I dont know if their party lines he be asked to tow that he wouldn't be ok with that would may be undercut impeachment, but certainly would be. You know it's a good message and also the bipartisan. The case against tromp is by partisan. They just through a marsh out of the fuckin pollyanna hearty rated. They will make it doesn't change the fact that he believes the president should be in future move. We just talked about the media s stuck in their both sides. Narrative- and you know you can complain about the game which we do or you can play the game which this would be like. This is put this Vienna, the media, that obsessed with both sides. Everything if they see in a house impeachment manager team that is Democrats in a former Republican together making the case against Donald Trump will give Democrats credit for that. I also know that's gonna happen also doing too, as we think about
the messaging around the trial itself, especially given what we were talking about this sort of how? How easy it is to kind of get this partisan critique into the into the political bloodstream. I think is also fair to say, for Democrats in the Senate do not work a partisan impeachment trial. No, they want a. They want to buy partisan impeachment trial, and you know this is something that the report in the house have known as a very useful cudgel as long as none of them participate in the process. It is partisan and as long as there is a partisan process, they can claim they will participate and that that that no matter of fact that they got to call witnesses. The fact is John, as you pointed out many times at the most damning. Witnesses are people that have worked for or continue to be part of the Trump Administration no matter what they have been able to say. Oh, this is a partisan impeachment. It has led to the headline saying that this is all a bunch of partisan rancor. We should be just adopt that do not give it just because they claim the house portion of this was partisan does not mean we have to give up this very important, and I think fair talking point to say we do not want a partisan appeasement trial, but just one note so over the weekend
times they want, or their stories throughout. A small number of their conservative leaning members are deeply uncomfortable. The idea of taking part in a Democrat only impeachment vote in our spending. We can turn over how to proceed. That's factually false, just an impartial and independent So it's not democratically already, really public and he's got tossed out of the party. So it's like come on. Well, that's another reason. We, We may lose a few democratically, rather the sign of a absolute and that if we lose a couple Democrats, but then a marsh is one of the impeachment manner. That will highlight that there was a republican, vague who was for this and Kiev and play a starring role in the trot, and even if he doesn't, we don't get to pretend that he was now a republican Freedom guns right winner. He was one of these are caught. He was voting no because in the pink, nothing was conservative enough for him for so long. Yeah, artists, basque, one just another thing to adjust for like Donald Trump as a litmus test on human beings has been. You know
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Still one word to receive ten dollars in the cash apples and ten dollars to donors choose which we love brokered services are provided by catch up, investing subsidiaries. Square in member S Ipc. So I less like twenty twenty. The last democratic presidential debate of twenty nineteen is scheduled to take place right here, in LOS Angeles on Thursday night I say scheduled to begin. Of all threatened to skip it in order to stand in solidarity with workers at Loyola, Merriment University, who are in a labour dispute with a fruit services company used by the college, so useful What happens there? I don't know, maybe they're reschedule relocate, hopefully solve the labour dispute in favour of the workers. I was looking at this last night preparing for the poor and I thought by this morning we would have a resolution.
And we do not so it's confusing right, because the labour disputes between this fruit service company and then workers from I think like unite here. One of the locals, loyal Mary MT, I dont think actually, as a party to the disputes said, there are now they're. Just trying to help solve that appear. Hands are kind of Taiwan with temporary. Again we move this. We move this debate from You see, I too loyal amount to avoid another labour to suit. This feels like a higher to of the face here for darkened. Putting to you guys think we could just put a few more airs around this I'll handle and just get them here. What defence of the book, Let us turn on the tour. Well, that's anyway, so another issue in the debate over the weekend it signed onto a letter circulated by Corey Bucker, calling on the Dnc to loosen the qualification rules for debates in January and February, allowing candidates to participate who hit either the polling threshold or the fund raising thresholds, but not both, as is currently the case, according the letter quote, Canada proven boat, their viability in their commitment to the Democratic Party are being prematurely.
Get out of the nominating contest before many voters have even tuned in much less made their decision about whom to support in response time present Indians, he said no quote: the Dnc will not change the threshold for any one candidate and will not revert back to two consecutive nights with more than a dozen candidates our qualification criteria is extremely low and reflects where we are in the race. We just think about this. One is a cigar. Wicket is no doubt about it, bore. No, it is. It is because I'll tell you, you know that the point they worry Booker me that I think is incredibly ballot is cannon, serving shut out of the debates before a lot of voters have tuned in that is certainly true want one pole I am not sure which of the poor
the came out this week and found that even now only I believe twenty four percent of democratic primary voters have made up their minds a large percentage of Democrats who still are kind of trying to take a look at the field. I am very sympathetic to that. At the same time, the point that Tom Presidency have made has made is very good as well, which is the thresholds, are pretty low because keep in mind for Korea Booker, he has made made the donor threshold, so what he is entirely focused on is the fact that he cannot reach the polling threshold, and you know that is after basically a year of campaigning. So I am, I am torn about it because I also agreed by the way we dont want two nights with with so many candidates makes an incredibly hard to have focused a conversation to really adjudicate some of the the front runner shoe at this point are more likely to be the nominee than some of the candidates. Europe are performing our so at hence stipulated yeah. I grew my colleague Benita Combat this is indeed a sticky wicket and I wouldn't want to pull this one.
You're right that neglect. I wouldn't owes a cricket thing I like I don't have. It is at all things up I like we're Booker La I, like his team, I'm really sympathetic to their their play here, because I mean they keep getting the poles keep coming back. They don't count in terms of the list of poles the qualified that would have gotten image to delay its right. Then there is the these pop firms. Keep polling states like Michigan Inquiry hits the four percent threshold, not early states that would have qualified to like it just sucks for them. Very frustrated on their behalf. That said,. I dont know that you can change the rules at this point because as much as you like, Booker as many, or have been mad about the size of the debates as he's been in them. It's a word you draw the line. Does that mean that Booker Castro Tall see
Luneburg may be Marian Williamson would all be enemy. How how willing are we to open up this process at this point in the game when it was to be shrinking? Look, I I hope for a book or makes it you know. I'd love to see him on the stage? I think he is a you know of valuable voice in the party, but that Tom Present, a tough job here Yeah. I think the best argument on the book or side is that all the all the other candidates who made the December debate signed onto them, her, so it is it's not just. It would just be changing the rules, for one can Amir, because you know the other kids have agreed to it, but they also forced no grounding these outlets. Singer, press lemme see that's it, I'm just ass. He was going to say I got, I hope, no one! This is fucking letter. I sign. I think it's tough because I think all of the candidates, new rules, knew the thresholds at the beginning and all signed on to it, and it is hard to change in in midstream. I think and you know I'm sure from temporary agencies perspective there like imagined
went back to you know two nights, two different debates every night As we're trying as so many people like you said, Lovett are still undecided and they're trying to make up their minds and now we're saying to people all right. If you need more people on stage again we're good we're going to get bigger and get stuff, I mean to say this, because I think when initially they announced that they're gonna do pulling in fund raising thresholds, so they didn't have two nights: one regular bay, one under cards. That was a good idea met. Thinking back to it. Maybe under card, wouldn't have been so bad. I don't know I had to say I mean this. Is this people too, who don't have actually make the decisions, but so I feel for the Dnc and I feel for the candidates but yeah The other thing that I think would probably be unfair about changing the rules now is because of this donor threshold. You had a whole bunch of candidates and campaigns readjusted. Their spending priorities, to get more donors right and not doing things like voter contact or running tv ads or all these other strategic choices. So you may,
really pissed off a lot of people who would have run a different race if these rules have been changed to the time and look outlook vizir, I think- if you're going to really get mad about these rules, unless you're one of the people actually debating, you have to come up with an alternative. That's better because it's not fair to just kick the shit Tom Press, whose incredibly good guy who's like as progressive as they come. Who is a labour leader himself, who said he wouldn't cross the picket line to go to this. You know, then, at loyal Mary Mount, just harking back to our previous conversations. I it's it's tough. Also like there's been a lot of critique, rightfully so of Bee in areas like Tom Style and Michael Bloomberg, what not Bloomberg you knock another bits age, but Tom Sire essentially buying his way into the debate stage. I think that criticism is fair, but there's other candidates who are on that debate stage. Who didn't have a ton of advantages of made it this Our Andrew Yang Intriguing made it to the debate stage. He didn't have a big neighbour,
email last or a lot of money when he started off he just made at their Amy Club, which are still there shoot. You know, there's a lot of people who are still people who made the debates it calmly Harris made the debates it. She destruction of mine to continue the campaign. So there are people who got to the debate stage the way that the rules told them to get there and also in its also, I am sympathetic to bugger argument, but then I also thank while this is a man who has been on the debates age for every debate. We have had up until this moment and it isn't catching in the past, I I dont know what a better standard is to demonstrate whose a serious Canada deserves to be on the stage that wouldn't be immediately pilloried to be as being subjective. But if the purpose of being on the debates is not just for the debate itself, but a kind of propel your candidacy forward. The fact remains that, up until this point, the debris
We have not done this for Korea Booker, even though he had some really strong debates. One other point about this too, which is about how you know: what's the alternative? There are problems with an objective set of rules like this, where all candidates, basically known advances, are the rules we have to meet. But one of the positive result is if it were to be objective and we just one three primary twenty succeed where a lot of people walked away feelings, though Bernie Sanders was Miss treated by that process, mistreated by the Dnc and whatever they that your views are on that fight. It was very important going into this primary that everybody understands. These were fair set of rules applied equally to everyone. I mean look that the billionaires point it sucks, you can buy your way into a debate, but our campaign finance system is a joke in a disaster and that's the problem that that's because the Supreme Court, not Tom Press, there's a lot of frustration in ridge in the primary process, especially when you feel like your personal candidate is being mistreated. We have to make sure we're focusing on the right people and by the way, Cory. Booker's got
the team and I were He'S- run it hard there like. He still has a chance, yeah, maybe debates done at a matter, not overdone. So if this debate does happen, ITALY, smallest debate stage. We seen so far. Just seven carries participating Biden, Bernie PETE Warren Club, which our Yang style struggle, but about strategy. Here Biden has been the national front runner since the beginning, even though he is considerably weaker and I were in New Hampshire lately he has benefited a bit from Peat and Warren folks hang on each other because they does anyone try to draw contrasts with Biden and this debate, knowing that he's still probably they candidate with the best chance to win slightly, I would say almost warrant has been testing out some lines that target Peat and Biden. So I wouldn't be surprised if that's the taxi takes in the debate were to happen. Hope it happens.
Somewhere. So I wouldn't be surprised to see if she tries that. I think that if you're gonna go after Biden, you have to make almost purely elect ability argument. That is his strength, his strength, his name I d, and that people think he can be Trump, and that is what a lot of voters in these early states who are paying attention more than the rest. The country are particularly seized with, especially in Iowa, so I think that if we get bogged down in another conversation about Medicare Fraud or the public option or financing of it, I think it's a missed opportunity for all of these candidates, and you know if I were them. I would just want to make the case that I'm the one you can win the one exception probably is Bernie Sanders who just been doing his thing running this campaign, in some ways seems like feel parallel to what the others are doing and just slowly steadily? Gaining traction boiling? Well,
he's another one who sort have benefited from the focus that that people to judge and Elizabeth Warner sort of have on each other. Someone noted the This is that there is a similar dynamic potentially to what happened in two thousand and four which as we get closer there were carcasses. Howard dean was at the top of the heap Dick our power. Right behind him carry wound the carry campaigns. Tommy, you are in the Emirates campaign. We were way down towards last and because Gebhardt, indeed, when after each other so furiously As you know, our voters really love when people attack each other too much and it left an opening for carry to come right through and Edwards did a lot better than expected as well. Now I think that the Peat Warren exchanges have been pretty tame there. So far the supporters again a little feisty, but I think the two candidates themselves have been pretty tame with each other I will say what are you that what do you think about sort of Elizabeth WAR?
and strategy lately she's in shed a big speech. Last week she was on the directive on top of the pole, she's fine little bit behind she's trying to China, come back now with a big speech it took. You know, like you, said lover, she took a sort of oblique shots at both Peat and Biden for being naive about the challenges the Democrats will face from both Republicans and rich people once were governed yeah, it's just, I think, said Bloomberg, my name, which is the money decision yet Buddy buddy. Looking at the landscape, you can see why she sees no cost to sing Bloomberg saying, but does worry about seeming to integrate. Stick some people that are pulling better than her. Its interests for two reasons, one clearly, I think she's trying to reset after on six weeks, two months of kind of some kind of health care. Car our argument, conversation that wasn't, I think, exactly where she wants to be. There isn't about calling them naive. That, I think, must speak to her own liabilities that she's trying to address right that, whether whether its remit,
Here for all or some of the big structural proposals, I think they're there, whether she in employing urges the gut instinct about what's preventing or from kind of regaining the traction she had earlier. Is this idea that oh yeah, you know do, let's, let's let us not be naive. We just need somebody super safe. Someone like a like a Joe Biden right to just get us over the finish line. Nothing try! say that he's naive about changes away of addressing her own weaknesses while trying to protect them onto others. Yet you're lucky, you never want to lose half your support in a lot of holes are obviously that subject really bad bite like if I were to be. If I were to spend this for them, I do think that there is probably a concern that she got hot a little too early and You start leading in the early states. You become the target and you're getting shot at and now she is absolutely not the target you're seeing Mayor PETE. Take a lot of incoming fire from other candidates from books and on twitter from whomever and is now
Her name is Maria, just more scrutiny. Generally, that's exaggerate, and so I think that I ran a clean warrant could be better position, but it will take a lot of work, not like the Good NEWS for her that she's been in Iowa for a long time, she's been organ. Hard like they have a really good team there and if you're in a threshold for success, goes from winning the. I will carcasses to a stronger, can or a strong third like. If the expectations get manage in that way, then you can come out. Ok, I think she is currently trying to re frame the debate right. She was pulled into the debate of Is the Democratic party moving too far to the love, the laughter of the centre left by what? Because of Medicare for all,
now she's going around in this last week. Talking about me sheet, she put out her Medicare for all plan and she's talking more about how she's offering people a choice to switch from their current insurance to Medicare for all option during the transition in her plan and she's, trying to reframe it from left, sent lepers the centre left to corruption versus anti corruption, which is where she's from, which is why she's always been the strongest and she's trying to highlight. You know other candies connections to wealthy donors to fundraising and she's. Trying to present yourself as a man thinks the line in her speech was like. We want the most anti corruption form in history to take up to take on the most corrupt president in history, in the general which in itself is intellect ability, argument and she said, and to do that. I want to unite not just Democrats but independence and Republicans too so she's finally trying to build and elect ability argument based around taking on corruption in DC, which is where she's always been stronger. Energy also set out its on about
big government versus small governance, but who does government workforce yeah, which I think is what do we have striking about that line as it came out of the mouths of people to judge or button there would be ripped apiece cancer, but better, but it is interesting that, like her strength, she, yes, yes, strength, is, I think she has the confidence fairly of the left of the party, maybe not some of the twitter left, but though the larger left, the party that you can kind of, make that anti corruption argument in a non ideological way, which I do think is a strength Michael borrowed. In our view, a threat that came out last week, maybe on Friday that went back to the financial crisis and the appearance she did. John Stewart show at the time when I think was like a becoming our party for where she was seen as someone who is able to explain an unbelievably scary, complicated issue in a clear, concise way and actually made people feel better and Hearing that conversation despair. Minded me of this course strength she's had and how little we ve actually talked about that set of issues. Fixing
Financial system, reforming, big bang sick reining in Wall Street because of this health care debate. That really is, frankly not something that she was focused on for most of her career yeah. I will set out to Thomas about Elect ability, one NATO's really striking in this foxes Paul was they looked at Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden versus Donald Trump in Wisconsin, and it found that there was basically a fifteen point gap. Basically, if, if that did Joe Biden Donald Trump amongst women, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, perform the exact same way that, for women They look at Joe Biden. They look at odds with what they see them as the same kind of choice versus Donald Trump, but for men there was a fifteen point delta and as someone who great admires was with warrant somebody who admires the kind of the leadership she's brought to the door.
Graphic party, let alone this campaign. To me, the elect ability, conversation in favour of Joe Biden is one that has a mirror, which is what do you do to address the concerns of people that might support some unlike Elizabeth Warrant, I believe in her platform and her, but do have this got worry whether or not you believe it's fair in fact, because it is rooted in misogyny. How do you answer that question? What is yours, what is your fact haste or or I or or evidence based response to people who say I want you to be my nominee, but I'm afraid that you can't win yeah, that's an that's! What's if it's a gut punch, looking at numbers like that but I think that's partly why I think she's trying to re frame sort of the Medicare Falstaff and the corruption stuff that some at some level you say, there's there's a lot of success,
massage any out there and I'm not going to be able to change that, but I can go find voters elsewhere. You're right and I can fight and I can build coalitions are elsewhere and what I dont want to be is pegged also with some far left candidate. You know, especially since like you know, just another pull out this weekend. In the end, the fox pull it had different policy and still the most popular policy of all. The wall in there they had Medicare for other areas of wealth tax. Like sixty seven per cent of people every so her anticorruption policies are very pillar among the broader electrons you properly once the pivot backed- and I also think it a good thing for Her- is that these elect ability, questions are answered by winning estate for You know I mean it's just things. Bats will now there's a lot of structural disadvantages. They did make it harder to get there. Edwin Brock Obama, won Iowa, it's hold a whole bunch of people in South Carolina, in particular the african american community, that white people would vote for him and then he could be a strong general election candidate and win the presidency and its help us take off
ok well, so if the debate happens, then and will be here, and we will. All four of us will do a post debate podcast on Friday morning, the debate especially Thursday night. The debate doesn't happen stay tuned, we'll figure something out of it- is that I really like find a place about an audience find a place. Get this can debate to happen. Yeah illegal isn't going to shoot. It is alleged that you find a studio somewhere, find a studio, find someplace. Do it. I don't need the crowd. I do think like this would be one of the first debates that could have a real conversation to it, despite whatever, criticism, criticism, discuss and, like I just this debate to happen, especially because not only is impeachment taken that the matter run away from Donald Trump when his and is ass. We give her it's also having taken the microphone away from these Democrats. So I just, I really hope it. No. I think I thought the same thing we take worm, eaten all the time here, but I wanna hear some democratic debate. You know I'm voting since I will talk to our baggage.
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