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“A little noise from Iran.”


Trump starts a new conflict in the Middle East by assassinating an Iranian general, John Bolton says he’s willing to testify in the Senate impeachment trial, and the primary is too close to call with less than 30 days until Iowa. Then Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) talks to Tommy about what Congress can do to restrain Trump’s actions towards Iran.

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I welcome the pod, save America, I'm John Fabric, I'm John love. It and Tommy thither welcome back eyes. How are you good to be back? It is good to be back excited to come back here record today, lots Inuits start idea asked with a war on our first part of when twenty Senator Chris Murphy joins to talk about trumps March to war with IRAN, but first we'll talk, but the global crisis that the president precipitated when he ordered the assassination of custom solar money. The latest on trumps impeachment trial.
State of between twenty race with less than thirty days until the ILO Caucasus. That is a lot as this is primaries been going on for ever and now are under thirty days and is about to begin the exactly. Oh, my god, too, quick housekeeping notes. If you want a fantastic primer into, what's it say with the Iraq crisis, please go listen to the positive, the world, the Tommy and been recorded on Friday. Its excellent thank I promise. You'll learn a lot I did. I did and one billion for me the second Seas of the wilderness, premiers Monday January thirteenth and the trailer is out today for the last months. I talked to all kinds of voters, organizer strategies and candidates. In some of the background that will decide twenty twenty looking for a path to victory, and I did find the path Oh God, what is it it's right? That's right is that you have that you have to subscribe to find no man allowing a real or something.
A baby Odin s eyes, which I have the biogas is, can be six episodes total we're gonna released to each week, starting on Monday, the thirteenth so go subscriber. Ever you get your park as it on the wilderness So I look, it is on the wilderness feed yes ago, subscribing you just go to the wilderness. Podcast dot com call to go right and subscribe there, and you can listen to the trailer on that website as well. Wilderness podcast outcome thanks for any time you ve got the forgot the website. Let's get to Thee terrifying news of the day. President Trump essentially started a war with IRAN when he ordered the assassination of iranian major General custom, solar money, who is the second most awful figure in the iranian government in response around his vowed to it Elliot it against the United States. In U S forces serving abroad, they renounce announced that bill. Restarting their nuclear programme. The iraqi parliament voted to expel all. U S, troops from Iraq and we ve been forced to suspend our operations against ISIS in Iraq, mean
I'll Trump has responded by sending another three thousand five hundred troops to the Middle EAST and tweeting If IRAN retaliates quote, we have targeted fifty two, iranian sites representing the fifty two american hostages taken by around many years ago, some at a very high level and important to IRAN in the iranian culture in those targets in IRAN itself will be hit very fast and very hard. Targeting cultural sites is, in fact an internationally recognised war crime, so lots to unpack your guys, Tommy. Let's start at the beginning. What do we know about so far why this happened? Why did Trump make this decision well depends on who you believe? Ok, the Washington Post reported that might compare, has been pushing trump to do this for many many months, and you know back in the day
there were a bunch of senior officials in the trunk administration like Jim Madison direct source in the sectaries state, who were cautioning a less caustic line on IRAN? They didn't want to pull out of the run nuclear deal, but over time all these reasonable people got pushed out. The right wing hardliners are in insecurity, now this state aid reason that the problem is racing did this. Is they said that there was an imminent threat from customs? Will money from sheer militia groups in Iraq? There were going to attack and kill you s MRS everyone who has seen that intelligence. So far, people quoted in newspapers, people have talked you sad that that does not hold water. They ve seen nothing. That indicates there was some imminent threat which would justify this strike legally or you know rationally. So it just seems like something that a bunch of nuts wanted to do, and it sounds like these sort of would immediately precipitated the decision was
The fact that there had been there was an attack that killed an american contractor in her in Iraq re. This is a problem. There explanation is all over the rat. They one of these most groups, Kate. She most Reuben, Iraq killed a. U S. Contractor and Moon service members incur cook in response that the? U S military, hit a couple of sites associate with cage, training, sites, weapons depots, etc. You'd think that response was to killing you s contractor, but then they went in they killed customs or money, justification for that was alleged, imminent threat of another attack, be even in the way you compare goes on television and lies obviously, but even in the way he's lying, there seem to be admitting that that's not total true, because they he's said something along the lines of that. He was in the process of planning attacks against american interests than two things about that one that seems to have been good part of his job for them part of that it's decades and the second part of that is he's not the actual he's not point
rigour he's on we're in a suicide. That's right, yeah he's a he's he's just a piece it involved in the chain of command and one other part of is that no one has been able to answer at always. How does killing this figure prevent those attacks. Why aren't those attacks me? likely and not less likely to happen. Now that this person is, it also seem like there was real wording in the near times in Washington Post as well, that in retaliation for The contract are being killed, Trump ordered those set of strikes, and then there were protest outside our embassy in Iraq answer their apparently Trump was watching. Those protests and then got really mad and decide. He wanted to do another strike. What a surprise that Trump was watching cable tv and it made him angry, although this time with this I was asked what happened was MIKE Pal and and Secretary Defence Esper flew down to Morrow Logo and they pitched Trump a menu of ideas to further respond and the New York Times Report, that on the menu was killing Sola money in that very extreme proposal was only put on their to make the other ones look more reason
bull and everyone was shocked when he ultimately decided to do it, but no one apparently push back. That was the craziest anecdote of all in the New York Times. Yes, that they're, like we'll just put this There's an exit so- and you know some people may have seen this, but both the bushes. Straight in the Obama administration basically passed on this option at times as well, because and the reason they did is because they were too concerned both administrations. Even the administration that took us to war in Iraq were concerned that this would escalate tensions in the Middle EAST into full blown war. Before we talk about what a stupid and dangerous move, this was tell me what you think about the debate over whether it was legally justify whether we should call it an assassination, and how much did these debates matter? I mean they matter. If you care about international law, prevention, and so from the like, it's complicated case, there's are like
a common sense like lexical. What's in the dictionary definition of an assassination and then this definition of assassination, which has been banned by the? U S: government, under executive order that date back to like bet when we used to give Fidel Castro Explosive, cigars and attempt to take up with cool figures units was used ass, an aid policy Oh figures period, the debate about in so like, but solemnize a case and that he is like the number to gain their system, but the kids force. The organization he ran is a: U S designated terrorist organizations, there's no doubt that he helped this place, big raw and creating in supporting these militia in other malign acts across the globe. Basically, but there's no form, state of war between the? U S and IRAN, so there's no basis to target him on that level. Right like mean it during the Iraq war, the? U S time It is Saddam Hussein, ain't, the deck of cards, the owner figures.
They go after. I read so that the legality of whether or not it is legal or justified it tickets alimony hinges on this intelligence. At none of us can see these at all. It is about this eminence question. Got it buddy, I think. Like reason, people should say this was an assassination. So I mentioned some of the consequences that are already playing out. What are some of the potential consequences that worry you, the most both Short term medium term and long term like what I worry about IRAN directly targeting forces in Iraq or Jordan or Kuwait, or in a diplomatic person, Levin I worry about these. She militia groups in Lebanese, Hub Hezbollah came out today and said that their targets are gonna, be U S mill
very personnel and they're not gonna target civilians. So when the head of Hezbollah sounds more reasonable than the present United States on Twitter, that's telling you something others also these militia groups that might just sort of pay fealty to so money and not coordinate their actions with the Iranians and take action that wages cause they're pissed and then is also the fact that we had to stop the counter ISIS Operations, at a time when ices has had a bit of a resurgence because of our pull out from serious there's the waterways commence. How serious you think the concern are about cyber attacks against the United States are potentially a terrorist attack in the fight against the homeland is hard to know it's hard. I mean that you look at what they ve done, what they said already about not their nuclear programme. They announced that there are no longer going to abide by the enrichment restrictions in the J C p away in the IRAN deal, but they said they're going to continue
to work with the iron yea and allow them access to inspect states and think so like in that incentive ruling that as a signal, there are sort of like tips Wing out of the IRAN deal there not like him We now see that there are reaching a ninety percent to create a bomb, so it seems like their sort of an incremental response, and not some big blockbuster it seems that there is some ever on their part. You seem reasonable to the international community to try to seem as though they are the victims in the absolute cigarette. Will it for this entire crisis is trump ripping up the IRAN deal back and twenty eighty I mean a ban, then roads on our pod Friday walk through the timeline from the IRAN trampling over the IRAN dealt today, and I think it's a very compelling case. Yes wrote a piece for the Atlantic and I think we would be in a stronger position today if the
be in a stronger position today, if the trunk, the hidden IRAN's nuclear programme, is being managed by diplomatic agreement. The fact that its not makes everything more complicated well- and I think that an important point here is, however, you felt about the IRAN Dillon his place, whether it was a good deal or not, once the around it was in place, even trumps own illustration, his own national security team. Why? and him not to get out of the deal, people who were necessarily fans of the deal. First, once we're in the deal you shouldn't get out of the deal and he fucking did it anyway against the advice of most people in this, frustration in the whole global community. Now here we are guided by they wanna reasons. Do not pull out was the fear that it might lead to this crisis right at me, we'll get you John Bolton nowadays left administration is very clear that has gone on
has been regime change rights. Are they probably run nuclear Dio Whereon agreed to all these restrictions on their nuclear programme exchange for economic relief from sanctions in instead of getting that relief? They get more sanctions in an effort to crush their economy and lead to regime change. Of course, overtime, gather gonna start last: out did shouldn't surprise anyone. So, what's up, what are the administration is responding to all this? A secretary of state, my pump Hale, was out on all the Sunday shows when he was asked by Chuck taught about the potential for IRAN to retaliate by killing. Americans pompiers said quote, it may be there. Is a little noise here in the interim, but that a miracle safer in the long run later. Donald Trump was at the same question and said quote: if it happens, it happens,
Tommy. I know you have some some strong feelings about Pompiers Sunday show appearances, because I was text you could arrange it before I mailed down, I'm just obscures where you guys think would have happened. If Susan Rice said there was a little noise in the interim say like this, though those statements both from pale and then Trump saying. If it happens, it happens like this prisoner Mamma would have been impeached within a day. That. I can even believe there such a glad there such a glibness to it at that, but it is also it is their kind of whatever their there should have cost playing as tough tough guys and so for them. There they're trying to go out there and see
miss, though they're not worried about the retaliation, because they're trying to send a message not only to a wrong but two domestic policy makers. Usa, look we're in this for the long haul. This is our busiest part of a coordinated strategy. We're not going to show weakness. We're not going to show is if we are vulnerable to rain in counter attacks, because we are trying to project, thanks, but because it's been math managing this incredibly chaotic, incompetent english way, beginning with a fucking flag Jefferson. And and and and and and with all of these comments. It is it's raining, but let me look it's too early and too difficult to tell how the politics of all this play out for Donald Trump agenda and his administration. But I can't remember a situation in history where, God forbid, if there is a retaliation, Byron and
American forces or any Americans are killed. It you be able to address such a direct line from the president's action to the retail in itself. I just I mean so and then going out there and say well. If it happens, it happens like there's some kind of palliation. Most people who woke up didn't even know who customs all money was suddenly see that the United States assassinated the sky and then- However, many weeks later, they were italian against us. I think that the blame responsibilities can allay the feeder Donald Trump. Of course, it is indeed they they'd clearly did nothing to prepare for the potential followed to the strike. You know, and you could tell Babby- is the press release they finally put out by night NIST name the iron gc. They got the name, the organization and so watching these Sundays yesterday? I made me despondent because of the media's failure to be tough on these guys, so I dealt with that by
accidently blaming Ellen Pale for: U S, troops being pushed out of IRAN on its excellent, it's our time and the twitter Sir Time the bat yeah you know she is what she did. Captain Rob. I guess what I say I might Bumpo does not deserve to be treated with respect or deference right, I mean trumpet the logical liar proposes foot soldier one of the lessons we all saw him on. These shows he was lying about trumps call to Ukraine to extort dirt on Joe by pretending to know anything about. It was easily to the college in the scandal right and so like I was listening to chuck, asked him compound me. The press, like? Are you really targeting fifty two sites that are cultural nature? Think that's not the question man it's like how are you ok with putting forward war crimes? How are you ok with targeting civilians and then on CBS like use ass, if he really, things run, will negotiate, accuse no idea that they're, not they are not questioning the
the administrations intelligent basis for this war than not questioning the strategy. There's not nearly enough scrutiny on the obvious lies. These guys are putting forward in the obvious fact that their own foot soldiers, Lindsey, Graham said, is going to increase the risk of yours personnel. So how does that meet the stated rationale of your of your actions? You say the only person who did a good job of this was J J Congress and issuing with varying any sort of pressed him on the Bullshit statement that this makes America safer in some way like their administration has been telling people to avoid you wait a rack, Americans, business to evacuate, reckoned leave the embassy because they often the retaliation is coming. How was I make us safer? It's safer as a state John and they are. It is what it is. Actually what they re is that if a bids definitional its ideologically makes us safer to use force in this way, even if in the short term, which last for fucking ever the or term of of our military interventions have now lasted more than
almost twenty years since nine eleven, the short term lack of safety to achieve some utopia, of national security in the future never seems to come in watching then followed, and I was trying to tweet. I succeeded good good for me. And but I was wandering on this unfolding and it's hard to unpack all the ways in which what's happening is wrong, and I think that's why some of these interviews become such a muddle because there's the escalation and the risks in danger of that decision. There is the incompetence and chaos of the implementation. There are the glib and ugly and awful tweets that claim the recent interviews, retreating peoples, the reason he he didn't notify democratic congresses because there on the name side as Ani or you know tweeting, an american flags. If that's what the american flag is to you, it represents the successful killer, of a foreign leader USA and
and on top of all of that, there is the barrage of lies that go into the defending of this policy to make it all go down. Smooth pale has to go on television and lied and lie, because the only way to make all of this work rate, you cannot go on a serious television show and speak honestly about Donald Trump. It is not possible to be coherent. The only way to be coherent is to lie avoid the hard truths find different ways be almost true in your description of what will happen to try to make it all go down. He pretends reality. This exists, he's like a trunk didn't say, is not resolve, really can hit cultural sites, then trumped gets into air force, one he does a gag was like hell. Yes, we are it's not fair that they're allowed to kill our guys and torture, people all the shit. We can hit their cultural sites. That's How laws work you fucking sociopath, which? How many times that happened to Donald Trump says something. Then his administration is asked on tv, whether he said and as you know, he didn't, he didn't say what you heard him say and then they follow, but with Donald Trump. Oh, no, that's exactly what I
The seller Donald jumps to factory forgotten they live for me all the time. Just like I lie all the time in Europe was to believe that our trump is like go to couple steps out on that branch. Me, though, with further further before they're just saw it all, but but you know just I: U S wife, sometimes hard to kind of separate out the kind of the tweets in what they ve portend. What he's implying with the kind of threats he's going to make any actual policy, but then you see it sort of together, you know, I saw a lot of people noting this that what two weeks ago there are massive anti government protests in IRAN and then we can also amount. And then there are massive protests against the United States in IRAN, and you know it's wrong to destroy cultural sites and there's all kinds of reports as to whether or not the Pentagon would go along with it. You know the kind of whatever Trump says, something insane and we find out whether he really means it or even, if he really means it with the people and government really go along with it. The words matter, regardless of what ultimately happens in this case, because it sends a message because for first
a long. Our policy has been about trying to signal to arrangements and a signal to places where we have strong disagreement with the government that art arse arc. Our beef is with the leadership and beef is with the regime, are problems with the rest. And when you tell a country that we are going to bomb your cultural sites, you are telling that country it is about the people totally go Saint cultural sites. Does it get me like? Imagine if there isn't it on the statue of liberty was planned that I'm Rushmore was blown up right and like how would you feel suddenly he, if it wasn't I mean it is NPR had a journalist out on the streets with somebody's protesters yesterday and she was interviewed this morning, and she said she talked to a travel agent was like. I never do this. I never come out these protests, but they killed Soleimani. This is about a roni and prides about like, are standing in the world right like he'd. This has awakened all these people were now enraged at us. When, previously they not they weren't necessarily and yes, a match of customs solar money said he was gonna, take out
the Washington monument would all be ripped. Shit right in an immunity does mean we're talking about the. Iranian government officials- and they have Hezbollah, saying like ok- we're not gonna target american civilians and Morgan target American yours forces and like that. But who knows how people are all over in IRAN, an throughout the Middle EAST. This action has radicalized they made take action on their own now, because what Donald Trump decided to do for again a reason we don't know a reason. That's that's not been justified. Any until whatsoever, like you said, love it. We have no idea why taking out to Imani was what would have stopped the attacks,
he wasn't going to carry out anyway as the guy who might have been planning them and they also deserve setback, and you are right. We have lost untold trillions of dollars in the Middle EAST, since nine eleven thousands of Americans have died. Hundreds of thousands have of people in the Middle EAST have been killed or have been an millions more displaced because of the instability that we have wrought, alter to put a democracy in place in Iraq, then, as a result of the president's action that democracy votes to expel our troops in the first move, on the part of the present is threatened with sanctions unless they fund our base. Because that's what we want, how is it that this? How does make a safer? How does it serve national security in french interests too? being a position now we you to threaten, or raw from Iraq, pay us back a sanction. You are you crazy. This is this is what it's all come to. This is what all that that money and fucking death has led to all the the
things. We couldn't do in the United States, all the health care we couldn't provide the schools. We can build the roads we pay, if all of it. So we got a fucking when the iraqi government to keep our troops are. We kill some mighty make us say: poverty feel safe cosmetics, while the troops, the trip leave, you know, Trumbull be like I brought the troops. I know this is why I was just desponding watching these shows yesterday, because what will it take for everyone to recognise that these wars are add idea. Do we need another Iraq? Do we need another Vietnam, how many time or crimes are we gonna fuck this up before we learn something in four. We some of the messed up, incentives that allow like the get, bloodthirsty and jingoistic and go to war. It's crazy, it's not even in the past, were still in Afghanistan were still in Iraq. I talk about like lessons learned from something that happened a while ago were still fuckin there and when other one of their due to the point about the legality of it to its like the justifications, are all over the place.
It was an imminent threat, oh, but also its justified because of the authorization for the use of military force after nine eleven to take out all Quaeda a I. Not involved in that around on involved, inanity different, two different sect of Islamic for a country and they're gonna try to use that as a justification. So I do think too. One lesson we have not learned is that we need to take congresses prerogatives back in control of the military and uncontrolled decisions of warm peace. We have to take the path or back from light adventure, people been trying its just and who I talked to Chris Murphy, about that. For a while, I mean look, yes, some have been trying, but when Bronco bomber tried to get Congress to vote on whether to go strike, Syria, everyone in Congress hid in Democrats and Republicans Would you want? They want a wholly right, they don't they don't they want the programme even one about yes, they don't about now would be to accredit Bernie Sanders. Roquat there are pushing legislation that would prevent any money from being spent on offensive operations in IRAN. Plus he came up this morning said there. I do something with respect to the war powers TIM,
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budget office official tells a defence department official that there was a quote clear direction from protests to hold the aid to Ukraine even after the Defence Department approved it and even bigger development broke this morning. Former way, house, national security adviser in IRAN, bombing enthusiast John Bolton said this morning. He's willing to testify trumps impeachment trial. If he is supported by the Senate, why the change of heart from a bolt. What do you think and what happens next year? Look I don't it's actually been. Can make a joke its genuine, leaving very difficult to understand which unbolt its motivations have been I'm sort of operated under a basic assumption. That old, John Bruton cares about two things: Middle EAST penguins and himself mom and money which I put under his the outgoing his self interest has, after maybe he got his war Now now, like our out, I just that's all set so now I can go just chief trump. Its
it's it's baffling and apparently you know he's also seems he's doubly more interested in book sales than he is in us, the national interest, but there are places where those mail and maybe in testifying they align tie. I mean Look I think we all world maybe a little confused about this strategy to delay sending over the articles. But now I do think it's been proven to be to be smart, because I dont think you can have a fair and piquant trial without here from the people who actually conversations with Donald Trump. I mean it sounds so obvious, but of course they need to hear from John Poem course they need to hear from MIC Mulvaney. That is critical. Understanding his mindset and whether he had this aid held up and me we now we have these emails that indicate clear. That he was involved in every step of this extortion effort. So I think that an unfortunate I think- are bargain- have to be relying on rights and Republicans to vote to do the right thing, but in well- and I think too that point that's exactly what policy strategy was about was to end in czech farmers at this over the weekend and on television,
That was smart. If, if policy had immediately transmitted the articles of impeachment, the Senate Mitch, Mcconnell could have potentially held a vote right before Christmas to shut whole thing down, maybe not because maybe he couldn't gotten. Those are every single Republican on board, but he might of what this did. What keeping this open did was sort of highlight the attempt at a cover up by Mitch, Mcconnell, and so what happened over those weeks where the height the where the spotlight was on Mcconnell and Republicans, well, you had Susan Collins come out and say yeah, you know I'd, even though at first I was sort of gone along with this. I think Mitch, Mcconnell working too closely with the White House. That's a problem is how LISA Mccluskey say the same thing now either of them said that earlier on, it sort of took the extra pressure and extra time for them to both say that and then, of course, where these emails come out. In addition to the ones we read
your times. Freedom of Information ACT, law suit on earth, the existence of twenty undisclosed emails between top officials in the White House Chief Staffs Office in the budget office. So we have those two and now we have John Bolton saying he is willing to accept a Senate subpoena. It was interesting because he didn't say, except the House Subpoena set it to its except a Senate subpoena. Presumably that's because The trial has moved to the Senate in patroness moved to the Senate, but it disorder made me wonder if, if they refuse to call him in a sedative minimal, conall refuses can Adam shift still send them a subpoena or Jerry Adler and have him appear in the house. Yet me, it seems to me he sang. I will be part, send a trial, it will not be part of a house inquiry. We don't really know do that. Well, yeah! I mean you. Do it every wide once yet, when you go to court legally, thou be problematic. Why, from going to comply with the Senate, subpoenaed, not a house and then what
two are: we gonna wait out the courts to find out the outcome, which is why I think, maybe saying, is more willing to a bay assented subpoena because, as there is a possibility and it's a pizza is implemented much faster because she judged on Robert sitting at the top of your royal item. Most interesting piece of what's been happening is what shimmer said, which is his willingness to now say that he is hopeful that he can get for Republicans and believes it may be possible to get for publicans to vote for a fair trial, yet wondering we said before the break was it seem like it might be. A mistake for Mr Connell to be so brazen and go on. Television clearly was equally created, distance between him and the Caucasus, glue everyday items. You have gotten harder for people acquire gardener, Susan Congolese, Mc Caskey, others too, broadly to judge
vote for a trial with no witnesses us just Bolton reminding people he could behind us does. Does a lot of good work to make a senator com or Porthos a notable or likely five. Thirty, eight re ups, some polling that they did from December. That showed fifty seven percent of Americans want to hear from new witnesses of is a pretty popular thing. You look at its heart: to trust a ton appalling over a break like that, and there wasn't a lot, but I did notice because they check it all the time I ve support for impeachment, which had almost become even right before we left has now sort of widened a little bit more so that more people are supporting it than opposing it after the vote, and so it sort of picked up a little, but it may be stabilize Now- and I think you know part that is people saw that the as representatives actually went forward and voted for right. They voted for them speech the president and people who don't pay a lot of attention of politics, might look better say: oh yeah, the president was impeached, maybe to do something wrong.
And so, but I think you re love it like it is going to be incredibly difficult. They still my do it, but incredibly difficult for a Collins orally. Some requests for these people to say John bones out there saying I have information about the president was the President's national security adviser and I have information about what Europe chicken him for an you're, not gonna, say that he should testify you're gonna say no. We don't want John Bolton where he's going to cover it up and move on. I mean you're Susan columns running in Maine, your Corey gardener running in Colorado? That's a hard that a hard thing to say now having a couple and have come, in this latter them round his ill or not or terrifying. Olitic that target running in purple state, that's what it should be about, regardless of their point I'm making. Is there even need Jesus of you, the I'm so sorry about twenty. The Iowa caucuses are now less than a month away in the race remains both oddly stable and wildly unpredictable. There is wait till! I got like our president unstable there
but wait a little polling over the last month, but we did get a pair of Serbia pulled over the weekend. That shows a three its high, and I offer first with Bernie Sanders Joe Biden in people to judge all at twenty three percent. Elizabeth worn at sixteen percent. Amy clover chart seven percent in New Hampshire. It's burning at twenty seven Biden at twenty five warring at eighteen PETE at thirteen enclosure itself. We also get fourth quarter fund raising totals with Bernie Sanders where in the lead at thirty four point: five million dollars pizza, twenty four seven Biden, twenty to warn twenty one, the next democratic presidential debate, its place and I on January, Fourteenth Jesus next Tuesday. Well so we talked about this a few times before the break. But if you look at the numbers in the first four states and Super Tuesday, it looks like Biden has held onto his front runners,
It is but Bernie Sanders is now in probably the strongest position to challenge that front runner status. What are you guys think accounts for Bernice, growing strength and and what's his path here I mean money is the front runner are either from ideologies winning an eye. When he's winning New Hampshire, I don't know how to describe a front runner any other way and ease he Kee Rist. Thirty four: point, five million dollars is quarter without doing any fundraising event, yet it's impossible to overstate how valuable that is to a candidate if, a strong performance and I were, and you just get tens of he's a dollars rolling in online, like he's, juggernaut think. I would not call him the farmer, because I still think that the very least national polling Biden? Still, if you look at the average of all the ILO, pulling he's up at the top Ernie's clearly lead New Hampshire, weaving early state primary process. Where I want you Hampshire and that a softer line up and he is winning when you, when you sequence it that way. Let's have a burmese path brings path is
winning I or at least being right at the top, which is very possible. Concluding the plane. Now any New Hampshire, where he is ahead, winning Nevada. Where there has been forgotten. Appalling whatsoever. But it is a cock estate. It's about organizing Bernie as the best organism, hitherto only wanted by sex, heal your yes, so you could see Bernie doing while their South Carolina Joe Biden, is far far ahead, so you could see Joe Biden ones have calendar. Then you go to Super Tuesday. The Sanders campaign is is betting strongly on a big one in California, which is the biggest prize on super to ten percent of delegates, yeah, anything I hope the polling currently bears. That out me. Look beyond that. There's Texas on Super Tuesday, Joe Biden, has been far too hadn't Texas, there's places others New York. There really been a lot of pulling their, but there are quite a few states in Super Tuesday that have both heavily african american latina populations and, according to the National Polling, Bernie is still very far behind among African Americans and still fairly behind among Latinos
but not as much so. The question is burning base beyond white voters is probably bigger than any other candidate in the race. It is bigger than any other candidate, the race, besides Joe Biden, but Joe Biden is still bigger, which is why what sort of give maybe the edge to him still and yet it's that the two of them out there, and I think the question now is what do for the other candidates? Would a p booted, Edgeware Elizabeth Warren due to sort of break their stranglehold on one to from burning and binding and beyond them. Look like, maybe, possibly I'm going to call back there.
Means debt at all, but like Amy Clover, jar, Corey, Booker and Might Bloomberg, I would say, are like the longest of shots right now. They might still do it, but they're they're relaunch. I did it's one of those four. There's probably to be it at its Ino Bernie has really benefited. I think, from the from precise had just really strong debate. Performances he's just an incredibly consistent campaigner. Obviously we said this from the beginning- that is one of a few of the candidates attached a clean and easily identifiable message and and an mission as a candidate from the beginning, but he's benefited from the scrutiny that has been going towards Warren, that's been going towards Buddha Judge, has been going towards Biden. You know, I think that there are a lot of burning fans who are critical of The mainstream media thing you don't tree burning like a front runner, you don't take Bernie seriously, you don't take us seriously. You don't talk to bury supporters because
the people in your life look more like Warren supporters are booted supporters are or what have you, but he's also benefited from that in that he hasn't had the same kind of negative. I think coverage on a special policy that has come for Warren that has come for PETE that certainly come forbidden, and I think in that quiet, when in a warrant had her surge, there was burning just waiting for that that scrutiny to kind of bring her down, which we face a kind of health care month or six weeks that hurt her numbers in Bernie was just Chung along and tease her peeking at a good moment, and I think that helps him then and I think that is now his challenge, because he'll get he'll potentially get more media scrutiny, but certainly I would imagine that at this next debate, Bernie Wall there'll be a few contrasts drawn with Bernie, Have you not? I don't know what people are doing. I mean it. And maybe they want a dynamic Europe. The reality is like there's like a couple states where the campaign has actually been happening: Rather's Iowa, New Hampshire doubts on the other,
states, I would rather be a head in the states where the campaign has been happening than the ones where it has a right, and I think that if Bernie does really well in our new Hampshire, there's a strong likelihood that the South Carolina number shift in shift quickly because of name idea, because people won't be with the winner. Four million reasons now, like the question is Bernie, as is huge, feel programme apparently reportedly opportunity staffers and I were huge organism in back of his headquarters. Question is whether that organisation in this group is supporters. Eddie had that when you look at the I pulling, his support is just rock solid. It consists in overtime, there's some pulsars that re interview the same people over and over again They just are with Bernie there right or die for Bernie and not considering anybody else. Apparently question is: do those people show up? Are they write about? The Kok has universe. We don't know but I mean, I think that would concern me for Biden is whether the money that organization in more, in turn can beat out the obvious lingering offence?
for Joe Biden in a lot of communities in the overwhelming desire people have to just pick some one that is called on court electable and can be Trump? I don't know like you guys at a month is a long time, there's a bunch of debates there's a lot of negative attacks. It'll happen known as touch Bernie. Strangely, to date, that's gonna change. I think, on the question of how effective are the early states in shaping the rest of the race is, and this has been the whole the question to the house. Primary. Is this two thousand seventy thousand eight, or is this more like twenty? Sixteen and distances are two thousand aid is exactly what you said: Tommy Barack Obama, wins Iowa, and suddenly all the numbers everywhere else shift and he gets a huge bounds and he doesn't Sir Walter Nation then it's a drawn out fight for months and months, not months and worthwhile to oversee sly crawling Albanians of winning, or is it like? Sixteen when Bernie did does really well, and I will always be pillory beater in New Hampshire, but
and the South Carolina numbers don't move. Hilary is demographic, firewall stays and it's just a demographic game for every so you could tell which they were going to win. The I tell which states that she was going to, I think one difference in might be that Bernie wasn't really running hard for most of twenty. Sixteen he's a protest candidate until they realize- oh, my god, something's happening here, and then they really dug in that ain't. True, this time he's got a big organization he's putting money into building field. Like he's better equipped to capture that momentum, this anything on the other side, the other things is different, those what you pointed out, which is the fear that his pervaded this entire electorate of beating I'll drop. Now. I will say, though, that for Bernie but the brazier scheme, It has been very smart about this from the beginning. They have been making elect ability, arguments for Bernie from the beginning of this race, knowing I think, that that is on a lot of voters minds as someone who can be Trump and they show its very unlike campaign to just go? Show poles of you beat him
we'll trump socially, when you're like a lefty guy like Bernie Sanders, but they have been doing that from the beginning of the rays. If you look at the three three leaders in the polls now right with more and slightly behind them, but look look at Buddha, Joe Biden and Bernie there, each offering a perspective, elected Billy argument, unproven, elect ability, argument right buttons is that basically I have this appeal to moderate time this mom's down the stable figure, so you know I'm the guy. They can win check out the Wisconsin polls. Those will hold up trust me, despite the withering attacks, have been to take, despite the Betty down. You know that I'm not as lie.
Canada's, maybe I would have once been sick with me I'll get us over the finish line on the safe, stable choice, but to judge is offering more rhetorical and kind of a contrast argument that kind of thing I'm the smart one, I'm the guy that could that knows how to do this. On the equity this campaign, you know stational, generational change. Bernie's has been working class revolution argument, but again it is, I think, now that he leading in the polls. I think the big question for him at the debate. I think for Democrats considering whether to make Bernie Sanders a nominee is: are you ready to Throw your lot. In with that argument, you believe the strength of his coalition, which is incredibly strong, the passion he brings to the table, the new voters he brings in the young people he brings in the money he brings, and do you believe that that is enough to overcome the attacks on Bernie as far left candidate who might alienates, Mps and who will be attacked as a socialist every single day, I'm working on. It is a very easy thing to prove its way once the voting starts right,
if it turns out in in those CBS polls at it, you know Bernie had more first time caucus covers and that pole than anyone else if Iowa comes and he hit brings out a bunch of new caca scores. If the coalition looks diverse and big, if, as other candidates drop out, he can sort of get some of that support from other Democrats and doesn't look like a factional candidate, then his case will be proven correct If not his case is wrong, so it is very, very its we're gonna know pretty quickly. Wellnigh voting starts in until then mean binds. I think, been quite cleverly trying to make this elect ability case for himself. For example, this weekend here Congresswoman, Chrissy Houlihan away Luria, I'm cars Conor Lamb. There with them. Then everything our can now be thinkin. Our some recently elected them Ass were far more moderate, were part of the way they got swept in in and twenty eighteen and know we want. We need those people too.
Stay in Congress to have Nancy Pelosi be Speaker, and you know I think, Biden's, making an argument that I can win in their districts, which means I can win the cross country. I do want to talk briefly before you go about how they can. Have handled. The around crisis Biden was out with a video the next day that played up his experience in foreign policy and with world leaders. Bernie came out very forcefully against the killing and hit Biden serve indirectly and directly for his Iraq war vote. Buddha judge talked about. Military experience. Warren talked about stopping endless wars. How do you guys think this crisis could affect the primary if at all, obviously it is very early The anecdotal evidence I've seen from falling like Dave Waigel another smart reporters were out in Ireland in New Hampshire, is that it is not coming up very much. It's unlikely to really materially impact things. Now there were some reporters who said that this just up ended the entire campaign, and the question now is whether binds experience can outweigh Bernice. You know better record on not invading place
is that may be true. I think they were like I'd like to see all of them make a bigger case against Trump on foreign policy. It should be about how he's not ending worse starting them and by the way, North Korea has said that they're gonna completely pull out of what they pretended to agree. You at the Singapore summit and resume their nuclear programmes. We have rests on all sides, so that should be part of the case, but I think it's fundamentally like intellect ability argument adjust its gonna, be to me also and does determined by events. If, if, if the situation around escalates- and we are raw involved in a protracted sums of military engagement, it will become a bigger part of the campaign, if not, then we have memories like goldfish and it will not be part of no, I mean I've exonerate words, gonna come up, the most is this next to Bay, and I- and I think it's bill I'll- be asked about it and
what will be fascinating. There is to watch the judgement versus experience, argument the redux of of two thousand and seven slash two thousand and eight. When Obama said, I had the judgment to oppose the Iraq WAR and Hillary said: well, I have the experience. President. He doesn't and now Biden is in that Clinton role and Bernie is, in the end, the judgment of light and enter into, and then there's people to judge to who's. Gonna say my experiences actually being someone who served broad and I was against the Iraq war and so he's gonna tredah even really take a position on this recent strike? The final can ask about it, give a mostly fine kind of halting but good answer. On on followed by Bernie, just hitting them on their awkward and then The by people really need to be prepared for this, because I think we're Biden has the most mobility is Bernie hitting on Iraq and Biden becoming very defensive about his Iraq war vote or sort of
you know a little bit of rewriting history of when he was against it. What he said I mean I saw John Kerry go through this two thousand and four like Hillary Clinton go through this. Does every everyone was voted for that war and they look the easier. Thing to do is also the right thing to do. I was wrong. I was wrong about that vote yet redefining that a tough wrote Ho Jon creates Bernie Diabetes, peas, put out legislation that would prevent funding for being used to go to war with IRAN. I think that's most important in Congress can do and so he's got a pretty important how to point to point to their cells are ensuring that war in which are making a wag. The dog case on IRAN and sang the timing suspicious that this would happen during impeachment.
Pointing at that? I mean having all of our minds probably went there, but I don't know that. That's how I look at it. It's interesting case to be made will see what voters think I would make a bigger strategic argument as well as she's also been doing, and look I mean you don't have to be defending Trump to say that it's not a potentially a wag. The dog thing all used to know is that this guy is fucking, childish and impulsive, and it just needs a couple: cable clips of people storming an embassy or protesting outside an embassy and then orders the assassination of someone you can draw the direction the other like he's, impulsive and fucking just says: crazy. Shit does crayfish all the time. He doesn't need ulterior motive, this guy, just ok, when we come back, we will have a Tommy's conversation with Senator Murphy, partly America's bride. You by policy genius come to the year two thousand and twenty a d. Finally, we get to live in that futuristic, Utah,
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Having sewed there's been a lot of justifications about the Trump administration strike against customs hullo in the past few days, the white I said these strike was justified because there was an imminent threat to: U S: personnel, the Washington Post last night, I believe, reported that might compare the Secretary of state. And actually pushing this solemn on the assassination idea, Trump for a long time for several months, have you seen this underlying intelligence that the administrate claims showed an imminent threat to U S, personnel and you buy that rationale, yeah it's four days after the attack we're talking on Monday afternoon, and I have still not seen any intelligence, to suggest that there was an imminent attack against Eu Us forces, and I can also tell you this. I just came from reading the classified war powers, notification to Congress and two things that I can say. One there's no reason that it needs to be classified. There's nothing in there that
hasn't been publicly reported, but second, there is no intelligence inside that document about this supposed imminent attack, so I remain oh into being convinced that there was an imminent attack, but the fact of they haven't deliver. That information suggests that the information not beat. Might it not be a straw Your secretary Bumpo was suggesting, but of course there burden is not just to show that there was an imminent attack, but to actually show why. The assassination of some Sula money not only prevented that attack, but will lead to less harm being done to Americans in the long run, and of course, today we are deeply worried that this ultimately is going to lead to much. More harm to american personnel than would have occurred if this attack had not happened and already seeing all of it. Spill over effects of this massive escalation, both interact and through some these early decisions, particularly the one to walk away from the nuclear programme in Tehran, yeah so
during my palm PEO was asked about this increase threat to you as personnel in he dismissed it as a little noise here in the interim d, we agree with that assessment that the risk to use personnel serving abroad is just a little bit of noise. What your reaction is to the sector estates comments. Given that easy, the in charge of protecting thousands of our conserving abroad, and he sounded pretty smuggling dismissive what has happened in Iraq? Already is not a little noise right, let's just go through which already occurred already. We have a vacuum. All american personnel. From a? U S, ally in the Middle EAST, Iraq we have shut down. Our Counter ISIS Programme, NATO, has suspended its training mission of iraqi troops, who are out there fighting ices as we speak, so what is occurred, already is grave to U S national security interests and what you saw today was not ten thousands of iranian on the street, you sought millions,
of Iranian on the street, who are not going to allow the iranian regime. To on the sidelines. There is going to be a serious and perhaps asymmetric, reprisal against you asked for this is U civilians, or perhaps you s, political leaders back, in the United States is a reason why Bush Obama, as you know, didn't carry out, attack on Sula money. It was because they feel that ultimately, that was going to put more. You interest in the crosshairs and has not a little noise right, that's potentially in the end, hundreds, if not thousands American lives, in what's happened, are ready, is a little noise, it serious harm to security interests, in particular our fight against ISIS imagine what would have happened if Susan Rice had said at increase risk to you as personnel serving abroad, nuclear military with a little noise. My compare would have called for her head, yet but exact same thing. So I was in the face
and studio yesterday, listening to him say those words on a pre tape and the first, the cross. My mind was there's no way. Anyone in the Obama administration could get away with that. Cavalier attitude about: U S lives abroad and listen- that's been the case from very beginning. It's not as if this administration didn't have fair warning that pulling out of the IRAN deal was going to ultimately escalate in to a military conflict that could get Americans killed right. We ve been saying that for a year now and they of brush those systems aside and now they are reckoning with the consequences of an escalation by choice. It started not just a few weeks ago with rocket attacks against. U S personnel, but year ago, when this administration against all of the advice from people inside await us we're not administration. When the president against the advice he was getting from his own sector estate in Department of Defense pulled out of the IRAN nuclear Ribbon, I want, though, but congresses role for a minute. I saw this morning that speaker plus he said the houses,
the vote this week on a war powers resolution that she's things will limit action on IRAN. I dont know that the text of the resolution is public, get but a compliment in serving the CIA. The advance department has apparently not manage that process in then no, the Bernie Sanders and congressmen corner, want too have dropped a bill that would prevent money from being spent on a operations by the? U S, military against IRAN. They previously put legislation for before it, actually got attached the NBA, a big funding bill for the Pentagon, with, I believe, twenty seven house republican votes, but got stripped in conference. So I guess my question to you is what King Congress do constrain Trump with respect to going to have taken further Terry Action in IRAN, in which it listeners do if they want to you encourage Congress to take such actions both of those initiatives that you outlined are important
or powers. Resolution essentially clarifies that the president can take offence of action with our congressional support. The word of course. Is that the president? Will Vito that resolution or ignored pulling funding is planned more consequential, because by pulling funding you establish a pretty airtight case in court. If the president were to try to go around written use. Monies appropriated to him to fight a war overseas of course. The danger here is that the president is going to continue to rely on this absurdly, outside Eyes authority. He has under article two which she would claim doesn't require him to come to Congress. He's just responding to imminent attacks or attack, that have been launched net and so at some point Congress is going to have to likely do something that even stronger than either of the measures that have been introduced? This part of the measures introduced as far as you can
you know, use? U S, funds too, to launch a pre emptive attacks against IRAN. At some point, Congress may have to just cut off all funding for any military force against. IRAN, if the president continues to go around us and use this article, two authority and listened to be honest. A lot of us had reservations, about the ways in which the Obama administration used article two authority without coming to Congress. They were the above measures was much more I think attentive to took congressional authorization, but it wasn't uniform The administration has been making the case for maybe a year that the two thousand one authorization for the use of military force that was passed after nine. Eleven somehow authorizes military action. In IRAN. Do you think it's time to repeal or replace the your mouth it is. We should be re should be re doing the two thousand and one on. If we still have allocated elements that exists,
in the Middle EAST and in other places that the United States has to fight. But it has now been done stirred eyes to be able to justify fights against all sorts of enemies weren't contemplate. She doesn't want. You saw my pants images. Make. Is this absurd argument over the weekend that IRAN was providing shelter to two elements that attack the United States through Al Qaeda, so we need to do a new authorization military force against terrorist groups. But then we need to just repeal the author asian a military force in Iraq and for the Iraq war. That off zation may also be used by the administration to try to justify taking the fight to IRAN because around threatens U S. Forces in Iraq, but that was authorization to oust Saddam Hussein, our interests in that country did. I have nothing to do with the vote that took place in two thousand and three so that authorization just should be outright repeal.
So have you considered authorizing funds for all members of Congress to get memberships tomorrow, logo so that you can get poolside breathing? from the president about upcoming military strikes. So my kids were born. I sort of just force were gone. I stopped playing But now I feel, like I have to pick a back up again, that would maybe allow me to start to go down there and linger around the golf course rang and maybe I'd the universe, find a trump shoulder trump himself in a walk by me on the key to the first all, and I could get the kind of briefing I thought I was gonna get when I you know, ran fifteen million dollar campaign to get elected state Senate. Maybe you can get a contract with fraud guarantee to you can meet nice russian officials, which is something that you are not a one off in a tired of your business. I would love to those guys. I mean they. They seem like fascinating individual. So at some point in my life coming across people like live partners, you know might be worth a joke. Work yet
at least so less of a laughing matter, so that the coalition to fight ice, You talked about some of these lingering Al Qaeda elements in the Middle EAST. The coalition to stop? Ices has said that we need to stop all our counter ISIS ever stop all of our training, because the forces in Iraq. Conducting those missions need to protect themselves in Egypt, you as personnel in the region. They need to protect our bases. Can you talk about what strike against alimony in the pausing of that mission, against ISIS will mean for our efforts to just footman, fully root out the organization I was in Iraq less than a year ago in the spring of last year, and what we heard was really alarming. Isis is regrouping, we knew that would happen, but it's happening in part because the United It hasn't done enough to help Iraq rebuild from the massive destruction done to parts of that country Mosul at the top of the list. When we took out
This Caliphate ISIS, of course, is also regrouping in Syria, as we speak today, a consequence in part of our withdrawal from that free, militarily, also, the fact that we allowed hundreds potentially of since fighters to escape from prison, and so this is a moment when ISIS is coming back together. It is the worst moment possible for the United States and our allies to stand down in the fight against ices, I still has intentions to the United States in U S targets as well as our allies in Europe, and the fact that we are now shuddering that mission in Iraq after having just effectively shuddered that mission in Syria and stopping the training of iraqi forces it's just a gift to ISIS at a moment when they were starting to get a little traction again. So this is really doing ferris, and I hope that Republicans, who today are cheering this execution
of customs alimony. Will it find some way to put some pressure on the administration to walk and shoe gum. At the same time, we have to get back to this Anti ISIS mission. We need to do it soon. Some of you mentioned a couple times present trumps decision to withdraw from the juicy p away, the around deal back and twenty eighteen, or I think, back you that time and twenty fifteen win win Obama proposing then pass the deal and the amount of scrutiny from the media from Congress amount of fighting it. Crimination that happened around a diplomatic efforts to stop IRAN's nuclear programme verses. How low Scrutiny from the media in Congress there has been today about an already started war with IRAN. How do we ex that imbalance views. It seems like there's a whole bunch of incentives set up for people like Donald Trump to take military action before they will conduct diplomacy will mean you know how I feel about this. I think this entire town is hard. Why
to understand american strength only through military lens and ended seeps poor folks working in military grocery stores. Then we have to pull a match in the State Department and the responsibility for that imbalance that a balance of funding, but that in Dallas of emphasis it looked like the responsibility for that imbalance, that amounts of funding, but that in the balance of emphasis, it lies at the feet of both Republicans and Democrats rate. We have all been responsible for making America think that the only way that you protect this country is by firing a rocket and that is simply not true- and of course, the diplomatic- achievement of the Obama administration to take away a path to nuclear weapon from IRAN was the the seminal example of how you protect american interests with diplomatic, our, but I still remain confused as to why all of us here
continue to celebrate these dramatic increases in the military budget every year. Well, we flat fund effectively the state Department and both Republicans and Democrats, and the Democrats running for president have to start talking more forcibly about how you rebuild the state Department rebuild diplomacy and how that is absolutely essential in the long run, to protecting the United States now totally you put forward a comprehensive plan for how to do that, but I think people should check out frankly thinking the battlefield, its proposal to double the size of the state of carbon over five years and USA idea. That sounds like a pie, sky proposal, but doubling those two budgets is less than the annual increase in appropriations We give to the defence department every year, and we just have to recognise that the threats posed to this country today you are by and large, not conventional military threats. The way that IRAN throws its power around the region is yes, often through candy
general military attacks, but through propaganda through the way in which they use their oil through the way in which they use information networks, and we just don't have the capacity to meet them those capabilities that when IRAN uses them when Russia uses them when China uses them. So at some point we have to step back from this management of U S, foreign policy crisis by crisis and ask ourselves why we're getting beat over and over again right and the reason is. I believe that we are just badly miss resourced agreed last question for you also John Bolton this morning, the former national security adviser said that, if these Then it issues a subpoena for his testimony in the impeachment inquiry. He is prepared to testify for listeners at home who gets to decide if botanist subpoenaed, and do you think that the the Senate should call him to testify. I wish the answer was different, but I think the answer is Mitch Mcconnell not now technically
fifty senators? Fifty one senators get to decide that question right. If we have fifty one senators who agree to pay to vote, in favour of a resolution to subpoena John Bolt nor make mulvaney or the emails that are still sitting in the White House that I think very clear who heap likely give further evidence to the size of this conspiracy to defraud taxpayers. Then those subpoenas are issued, but My guess is that Mitch, Mcconnell isn't gonna. Let four of his senators vote with Democrats. And that, ultimately, it is his decision and the leadership of the working party in the sentence decision as to whether John Bolton comes in testifies before us, but like Poland is now. You know this giant, blinking red light as to why we, rush this trial without any witnesses. I mean it would just be criminal, it would be senatorial malpractice, if
Conall now in the face of the offer for Bolton to tell us everything he knows, tries to speed this to an end process, but I thought the same thing about not giving their guard hearing, I thought that would be senatorial malpractice. It was in it didn't matter, so nothing is. Bonn is beyond which Mcconnell, yes, that's why everyone listening need to pick a Senate race to volunteer for or give money to and vote accordingly. None this is outside of the realm of politics. Right, I mean We can all sit here and and be scared stiff as too what is going to happen ultimately, through this black escalation with IRAN, but the reason we might not be able to choose his authority. It is because we're down three votes in the Senate, and if we correct for that Van everything changes, agreed centre. Murphy. Thank you so much for doing a show and for everything you're doing to constrain this lunatic. Who lives in. Let us say, thanks to you guys
thanks to Chris Murphy for joining us today, and in a good to be back greatly back. Look as I learned at the dye fury restaurant at the Cancun International Airport. It ain't nothing but a genuine, and I just someone we also just keep in mind. While I do not expect that given to something I was here, I still am John. I hope what does that mean that every new year Pod save America is a product of cricket media, the senior producers, Michael Martinez, our sister, producers, Jordan Waller its mixed in good by Andrew Chad, with Kyle settling as our sounded junior. Think
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