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Behind the scenes of Trump's first weeks, his attacks on the judiciary, and his not-so-populist revolution. Then Neera Tanden joins Jon, Jon and Tommy to discuss the fight to save ACA.

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I welcome the pod. Save America John Fairer, I'm John Leather Autonomy veto on applied today, heavy president of a centre for american progress near at hand and also lunch. Hilary aid and healthcare export oriented too near about some easy stuff, but first what a day. Which they yesterday lots stupid battering. I join with the simple the hurry you gotta get it over with and want to be. The widow wanna be inseparable patriots vans. We know our are listeners. Just in several patriots look, I didn't comfort in the fact that Donald Trump left his on several party a little after the half right when the paths come back began, so he's not refined. I just want to quit message: America, let's not make everything about Poland. Ass up again could be just a fuckin football game. It's not about China and swearing and give you just, again the better, but this is also a
this essential areas. Usually, everything is about politics, but we're compartmentalizing, because we're patriots, that's right, and I'm fine with that called hypocrisy in this game- is on last night a lot of content rid yourself, you most under a lot of unemployed. You wanna about positive the world, The juggernaut, the new juggernaut Gillian Africa, Media Party, the world my new now weekly, we moved up weekly already due to popular demand, show about foreign policy and to try to take you guys inside the way the situation room, the big meetings it the trips. We did, President Obama by interviewing the people who made the decision while we're there. This week I have a Dan Restrepo who handled all of Latin America policy. President Obama, a really smart guy. He understand the politics, the policy in It's like a human being and multiple languages, so regularity, the meteor, Dad's gonna tell us how to build a wall. When the wise gonna band
begin. We have a quick word from one of our sponsors square cast, wreck ash Square catches, the simplest way to pay people back love it. Friends, family coworkers. Anyone really sending in receiving money is totally free and fast and most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account in just a few seconds in the cash up. He just like your debit or credit card. You selected about descend, Type in your friends for number email address and that's it. But what if you forget the best, but the square guessing they went in there to talk with the sponsors of guiding like how do we pay you, and then we realise we don't have invoicing. Sister I beg you square now. We have invoicing system. I waved thank you reject or somewhere there very crooked media. Ok, so we it lets. Let's get to the news sure enough. Business should first have a moment of silence for the victims of the bowling green massacre. Ok does get wherein insert music inactive. A more realistic and ok. Let's start with the
The failing New York Times had quite a story than that Maggie government Glenn thrashed dropped out just at half time last night and is too great. And when the story was boss, move this. The story is called Trump and staff rethink tactics after stumbles, but it really should be called daddy old racist wandering around the White House in a bathrobe. Take The thing for me is the Trump leaves the offices, six thirty p m. Nothing else to do. I guess walks upstairs and like watches cable alone, with his private security does it screaming at dawn lemon on the tv? It is bathrobe. That's what I want. It's very often always end of hers and do not create. He often offers a bitter play by play of critics like CNN Don limit of all the critics Danube, God, homeland he's waste present trump, don't waste your time. Yelling thought lemon a yell, thus yellow,
us, yellow area. What use are just the thing about these stories about like it feels like year? Six Nixon like it just feels like a president who is just beleaguered and he's been at this. Think it's two and a half weeks old. It does in fairness. It feels like it's been ten years. The extraordinary anecdote in a story, though joking aside, is that he was so upset about the presidential memorandum that codified, Steve Bannon as part of the National Security Council, because he didn't actually understand it when he signed it. That is that was scary, India, Joy, savannas, haven't enzyme memos like just initial here sire here, I'm the president that you, you have no more power, you're doing a sub prime mortgage and an old woman who can afford it. That's what he's base.
Doing he's running other condition, drawing a frown on primary ass hearing of the river. When I get a reverse more an old woman who trusted him and who just wanted somebody to talk to and by the way, how much to those guys hate Chris Christie just so thirsty for a job that he will t off on them at any moment. For Chris Cresty, I would have said that I would again I would go further YAP. Yes, there's some Grady details on a story closer. Has he now has little access to his fans and supporters, unimportant source of feedback and validation phase? Everyone talks about him by the way and writes about him like he is a six year old, rightly so grand, but it is so funny the tone that comes during these doors and he feels increasingly pinched by the pressures of the job in constant and the constant presence of protests. That is awesome yet that without yeah, that's really the best news in arrears them in there. He is mad about the protest again John Jeff, elegant and because, outrageously, this morning, on Fox and friends, Sean's by Sir, who has now been memorialize by Macmillan,
Mccarthy in Essen eldest. We got in touch on top of it. Spacer says that was asked what the protests- and he said they are quote- a very paid astroturf tight movement, not like the tea party, which was organic. This is it of all the lies this one really bugs me. Now we Soros cutting a lot. A k ones is here with us. Contract was because I'm that they'd they do fake news all the time. Unlike believe, your, in fact, over the one you have, we seen just like thousands and thousands of people protesting, I think, to myself. Okay, this they can ignore I abstained because this is real and it's in your faith in their still, I would like what, where did these people send their w two's What are you talking about an end its also? It's a protest like it's that somebody's painters penetrate it's not that expensive. It's a couple bottles of wine some cardboard liquidate what he is. What do we think we need to do to bank robbers Delbert Airport everybody's mind, while lifting the airport I would lower eyes. What are the briefing should ask space by Sir, like what is the evidence that you have?
the other hourly rather than as this could easily turn into another crowd. Size lie three: five million Legal voted lie me there's just there's no evidence of this. What's there at their worst, when they dig in and defend and defend. The other thing I loved about this is that I can barely sit through the p b. Every the shrinking the thing down to like bullet points, essentially buddy flip through a seventeen page book of like window dressing options. I mean like we waited a year and a half to redecorate the objects. We thought we'd get attack for it and is Obama paid for himself. He had a gold curtains up literally day. One is very proud of. The curtains very practical they will find. He should not be resident so back to that and and thing though so the trumpets tree trunk he's pissed that Ben and got on the National Security Council, and he didn't know about it, apparently, because it's just signing things left and right, and then last week, though, an imposed. The ghastly Parker and Full Rucker had a story that said Trump has raised the fact with aids that ban and got the cover of time magazine.
So then, this morning, trumps primary source of income about the world Carnegie? Do you trust me to be more to Joe now for their academic, show the ban in time exit cover. They play the Essen L clip of President Bannon and of a present from prison abandoned thing. And then they discuss that may be bandits calling the shots. And sure enough, like five minutes later, we get this Trump tweet. I call my own shots law. Thirdly, based on an accumulation of data- and everyone knows it some fake news: media- in order to marginalize lies. I just based on Trump. You can't that's too much. Like we can made these eyes and you have a hundred characters in mind. We can like a right. I get what you want to say that your calling the shots, but nobody believes you're, making decisions based on an accumulation of data. No one thinks you have data on what things you're looking at
facts there than many aids and white ass at a phone. A little too close to the sign right call, Roby called bushes brain is probably not gray. We seen over the present Stephen got their faster than any one else in history. I would be big scared to death. If I were him yeah I mean We should keep it up. You know, impeach, president banning guy the present abandoned resident random come into a merchant ass backing them forget one week, love sales almost over capital. Kickstarter thanks to Jesse Maclean Paragraph, sign use your sorrows check a t, shirt and then go to the pride to everybody that Ireland's everyone when Sir as money, my protest, one other thing, though in that store, that I wanted to make sure recover budgets that that power. And ban and are talking all the time and we and now the story originally said they were texting. They were texting but then somebody got it corrected another just talking but regardless This is from the story. Speaker, Ryan, have you ever text honesty then? Do you have his number
Mr Ryan, you once he wants to start as the enemy and God for it out force out, but he now talks regularly was met with Mr Ryan to coordinate strategy or plot their planned overhaul. The tax code separately political reported that Kevin Mccarthy, the House number two speaks with trumps several times a week by phone and Trump Doats, Mccarthy, even referring to him as my cabin yes, so I just want to make sure we are all aware that Paul, Ryan and Kevin Mccarthy are not holding their knows there, breathing in and out. They are in a state grants to branded buck, forgetting that texting thing changed a phone call, the great job branded Loretta bread render the front of the plot you're allowed to come on any time. We voted on the tweets. We I want to know what emerges they use when they are voting truck. That's a lot of rock strove trampling morning. Jody also examined this morning because David, showing that this whole segment on his poles and how his poles are bad and
which immediately lead trumped up to heap. Any negative poles are fake news, that is, that is a parody of eight of a drug free. Not just like poles are fake news composite been wrong. Any negative. Poles are fake news, positive poles right on track. How This would two weeks, whereas this level of parity do nothing even save other. You know what it was, watching the Superbowl ass night lingered twitter, because, even though everyone was making everything political, it was like a man, What were you weren't constantly scheme, weird and upset by something Trump was doing, You know Russia's. I noticed this morning when he saw his tweets again, unlike our back to it. We have like a brief three. Our window This is not, although I have to say yes, reporters can analogy. You can make a joke about how the game was like the election of the film
then go to the gods and clean coal me. Maybe the roof, a great job, guys refreshing risk of adults are funny about like joke forty five hours in his lonely. Doesn't ninety nine percent chance at the falcons when enough Falcon shouldn't a book to drive it centres. Were down was a good one, and I was hearing. Judges are, as I said it does. Anyone want to say it. I just gotta so before the Superbowl I got a rally? Trump sat down with a Riley and its bill Riley, you might meditatively. He went into those bids on policing than has been the most one's. For so bitterly said, he's talking about Putin and de respect, Putin Trump said. Yes, I respect Wooten as he ordered two and then or I said well, he's a killer trump said. Well, we ve got killers in this country. What do you think our country, so innocent Chiquita, start by pointing out that is the softest bill, O Reilly history he's such a worse when it comes to interview, Donald Trump Obama. Did this interview and twenty Levin Bill asked him does industry
Do that so many people hate you penitent bothered I'd like three times with eight with eight you, ok, so Oh really, pressed him unnecessary like trumps. It get a of killers. You think our countries so innocent, which The charitable explanation is that he's referring to Iraq and that the toll of the civilian casualties, the result of that enormous mistake, were enormous, but there's just there's no You can say that we target and kill political opponents are lest the Wapoota mean he's funding separatists needs from Ukraine heat which he is he's along with a political approach. In sight, bourse them and Alexander Lukashenko who die from a radioactive plutonium that was so in his drinking their murdering happens. All the time have resolved on yet said. Jasper Reagan, debt comedy talking about meaning that it started this debate about american exceptionalism in finally like a lot of conservative came out and blasted, and for this common rightly so, but it is amazing to wash these people be, as these are the same folks who
huge Obama, going on an apology tour, because he admitted that may be our form, decision making hadn't been perfect overtime. Mitt Romney wrote a book. Called no apology as a rebuke to Brok Obama, who, as far as to who, only insofar as we like America's made some mistakes in the past of no apology, is an essential part of my can't country has not perfected itself was the first thing he said when he was in Berlin. Does the attack he's too in the Cairo speech? Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect- dear God, now he's had not juggling were worse than potent way. Why come at me and meanwhile, Paul Ryan? Nowhere Steve, I just want to talk about the toxic and mobilise dollar five dollars in question marks. A mark is Reuben sign, Margus Ruben, who's not be up for election until twenty twenty two can only I all. I think that pollutants, not good Marco you set guy
The events are tweeting his play by play the Superbowl. I think the Superbowl foregoing great and I enjoyed lady Gaga, but I won't be critical of a president who hates America I mark of Ruby and I'm serious adult immigration we're not any more whatever you want. I will Margo Rubio so anyway, so that was, that was the arena view. This was. It was also taped right before the Big NEWS at the weekend, which was a judge. A Seattle based judge a judge, James Robotic, in a case brought by the states of Washington in Minnesota, putting nationwide halt on the Muslim ban on the travel ban and, of course it is your word and as much as you said that you said Mr Bangemann, does it so there
a whole bunch of other rulings since the bandwidth into effect, but this one was by far the most expensive because he said that it had to go for every state was just washing Minnesota, even though they brought the case, so the entire order The entire EEO is now on pause, while its appealed. Basically, the the government then appealed to the night circuit and said that they wanted the ban in place while it being appealed. The band circuit denied the government's emergency request to reinstate the band, and so now the next place it would go is to the Supreme Court. If there is a tie, the Supreme Court, the federal the original federal decision stance, because that's what happens when there's a tie the Supreme Court and for that Trump, can thank the Republicans and keeping the seed open from earlier than any. So, as opposed to saying you know, maybe Trump could have said something like that was a bad decision. I don't agree that now. These so called judge so called judge? I wasn't even worse
wine and then now that was endorsed when he bit. There was basically like five tweets about this from Trump over the course of the day. The last one was the worst. He said. Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens, blame him in court system period, people pouring in period bad Northern, Ireland, northern so yeah. This is now the most a greatest thing he's done via twitter, I think- and maybe the time has been in office. Ah he's running the judicial system, he just outright saying. If there's an attack, I will blame them, because I can't keep the country safe under the constitution and that's the most dangerous thing he's done. So, of course, we can expect weeks of hearings from their public Congress will do their best, not just as represented representative a party but literally the representatives of a branch of our equal of an ecological branch of our government. They will call hearings, they will make the central to the gorse EC.
Such nomination? Fine, I'm sure, Paul Ryan is raised this personally with Donald Trump and made it a focus of their of their conversation away away. We know that happen. The gun, you would happen power they just rolling over like a bunch of feckless, cowards, greedily Tyler Country, rescue accredit, great alike, that speed, but like best ass straw, we criticised in theirs and out there on that. Even the piano was like this was in pro prevents ass. Is it does ok you're, not my prince, though my prince I meet the press is more he's good things about the judiciary. He can drive around like what matching my pants try to defend. Our trump is just sad, but any lackeys clearly views. The court's rightly probably, isn't that final check on his unbridled power? to do everyone's, yes country and he's lying and he's to the to attack them in case. Something better. You're saying that my speech Tommy, you welcome, was really gotta like that, but I think like people they get on it
What do we get it? We got near intent of God. We gonna governed people, wonder if you like me, but this isn't about it. Does the about loved segment? Don't important! Things are different in your time, given eluded the yours either of the weekend. There is a really important story about the way I see sexually directs attacks and, in their key take ways it. The threat we face is not foreign. Its people Finally, it states who we call them. And worse, but often there actually directed by ices from abroad right. But these are people who feel you know like they're there being radicalized. If you like, there were at war with the West right in, like this Muslim ban again makes us. If it's gonna take more. These people come up. Michael Hayden rudder really important piece about how the band makes it harder to get an intelligent sources in all the countries named, because one of the things we promised them is will bring you and will bring your family, the United States. If you help us and now they feel like, we can't you,
but that that aren't we can honour that problem lies hidden the former Bush in Togo, Adele Guy, you know you, cities tweets in its wake he's done something outrageous egregious, but I do notice that its were just at some point- God forbid, but the likelihood is that one of their be alone Wolf attack. There will be some kind of terrorist attack, and then, if he's doing this now, what does he do that? The real he's telling us? What is, I know, he's telling us Viana do, and I dont know what like we're disorder like watching the wagon how come you know? I mean I don't know what you do in advance other than just talk about it and in defending the tradition and events have as many people in influential roles as possible, whether its republicans other leaders just talking so a lot of people are very quick to russian, be like well. This judge that that hold the ban was George W Bush appointed You know he has some conservative positions but, like I don't care if he was the fuckin, most liberal judge ever yeah judge right like
and when the judiciary makes a decision, they make a decision on. The other thing is I'm guessing that too that we're gonna get to the point. Where will be talking more about federal employees having to decide whether or not to honour in order from the administration that violates a court order and how we handle that, how ready for that, what with Asia ACL, you is going to be prepared to help those people I am heartened that the after an initial round of confusion, like D just said that the customs and border patrol would honour the judges order, because there is a little there was a moment there where they weren't and he wondered was a confusion, arose because they're just deciding not to carry the order out- and I was very worried about that. But it's good to see that at now that the can vision has died down that they all our carrying out the general order falling under the order doesn't mean you know, go to jail just because the present told you do it right and people will go like the present won't go to jail compared himself in parliament. Anybody wants, but you.
Break the law we have is on his behalf. I don't work for him, so so you know that we have the national What kind of terrorism centre the FBI's terrorists, screening sentencing department, deity, Th S! All these agencies are currently vetting refugees. It's an eighteen to twenty four month process. Like The president just saying that's not happening he's telling these people their incompetent. They can't do their job. You, some judge, made a rule missing is: are you leader for study? Do anything things like this this Yo landed in the court's because of his Donald Trump gross incompetence, and together and executive order, with a bunch of incompetent goons in his White House who didn't know what the hell they were doing right right like he could have. He could have devised an order that we disagreed with, but that would maybe been lawful right could have Taylor in the right way. He could have had the right. You know you could have had all kinds of people in Congress and in his White House and experts way in on this. He didn't do that because it is a clown show in the waiter
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restructuring. Is conversation is impossible because there's so much happening between Thursday Monday? That's insane! This is sort of the whole point. Re IBM would always regulations about the gun to its well, barely even recognize have these things happened and you hear some journalists and conservative common Did you say you know the people and Middle America? Don't they don't care much about the ban in the protests and then follow the news like we do so they are not as uptight about that, and I that's that's probably true. In many cases there are a number of things that happened last week that I do think threatened to expose the emptiness of the promise the Trump made to work. Class America to protect them, and if I had my way like and I was running a democratic campaign, the main message be Trump said he was going to help working class people and he did not and here's what and any and then you can list the regulations
we're gonna get into right now, but it is already ties things in the news. You see this all the time which has reporters constantly back and forth between description and normative judgment like they describe like this is not breaking through a Middle America That may be true, but I'm not sure, but it's not good right. So it's like well, ok, because what it says is used. You people equal, should start talking. Other stuff, because it's not breaking through Middle America doesn't care. But it is. I got that like us to consider the ads and arrests of you well condescending, paternalistic and guess what there's a Muslims who live in Middle America year by breaking through a big projects and red, say yeah. We we we brought in huge numbers of Muslims to live in the Midwest, but anyway this Last week, tramping Congress repealed regulations, the prevented mining companies from dumping toxic waste into water corps. Oil companies now do not have to disclose their payments to foreign government. Finally, Trump signed
negative order, stating that they want to look into and repeal most of Dodd Frank which, with the multi regulations, put in place after the economic crisis. So now, whilst we can end the business trump signed this with a picture of former Goldman Sachs Seo Gary Cooper smiling behind tromp area signing. It was ordered to dismantle Walter regulation. Any leeway lately ass. These active apologize to the nation that first hearing in two thousand and four oh really- is a guy yeah man just up just a real fuck you there one and then also sent an executive order repealing the rule that about in place that said, financial advisers have to act in their customers best interests worse, you know what people are sick good right at the outset. I want to know that their they want to know that their financial visor has democratic, some weird derivative and that that's why you're getting bear they're trying to fire the consumer watchdog Richard Courtrai, who is
billions of dollars to consumers to make sure that banks and mortgage lenders don't take advantage of them, and also this as this one is just like. We, The F c c- is now stopping nine companies from providing subsidize internet to poor people either such though this was too far trumps, tweet yeah, that's it cruel raising what child in twenty seventeen deacon do homework without the internet pages you just that Also it is paid for by the companies. The companies want to subsidize is entirely bottlenecks, payer money, this adjust its by its also. So how do we? He trump doesn't care about any of this he's just a vessel for growth for these ideological buffoons around him, goons Saint, going somewhere else ankle instrument. Sorry, sorry, that how do we get these things in the news right, because I do think this is:
when people in that it, when, when most people here about these moves, that he is screwing over working people, that's what's gonna separate them from Trump, and I do it so hard because he does it's the tweets, and it's the you know, it's the bands and protests, and it is hard to keep them in. Protest has been the one sure fire way to grab hold of the new cycle right for us now. That has worked and put a mean that changed everything. So, but you know you can't you can't proteids like today's protest about the first second or not this economic. Now, it's like hard! This is also why Democrats need to be very focused on the language they use and, if you're, at their chanting, save Dodd Frank preserve the fiduciary raw, probably not winning the argument, but of your. They're saying hey: do you want
use car salesman, handling you retirement in trying to upset you on fancy products that don't necessarily work. No, ok, then you want these regulations in place to save us of that. Won't like, as I read, the unifying yes I'd like make them put your financial interests above there I mean that we have to be able to talk about these. Things were later that even in a free but fair market with regulations and protect consumers, but we're not against businesses doing well, hey Elizabeth worn and Bernie Sanders a good, very good at their treasure. Enraptured Brown is good at this. The American there are Democrats that have that that the do well with this messaging one place where this all can it comes together is the fight to save the affordable, correct. The protests in the calls are working and therefore will correct. There republican office holders in very conservative districts are one sorry at a Tampa Bay, where the
The town hall was overwhelmed by people who just wanted to save the Asia in the sky had no idea what he was. There is one. There is one person at that that had a very funny about that. I really liked it is very simple: this was it he just said ass. We have something in place. They have nothing in place, I mean so it's before. Care has never been more popular than it is right now another people want to get rid of it. Yet it has always greener. Isn't a guy's framework Achievable Franklin's is out there telling Republicans, not to say, repeal and replace anywhere, but to say repair but I am surprised that bring once as is out because our most recently he was recovering from a glitter attack and I believe that doubt for quite some time think the glitter attacks, I got them at all in Greece. Yeah. No, no, it was mostly was casualties data glitter at bowling, green, excessively fabulous, but so in in the orally interview brow he was asked about. Tromp was advisers and trend arose
Will there be a replacement for the affordable, correct. The sheer and trumps quote? Was be it'll, take till some time into next year, but were certainly going to be in the process. It statutory it takes a while to get that is the first time he's ever used the word statutory bodies, attitude that day it may be an hour and then we're going to be putting it in fairly soon. I think that, yes, I would like to say by the end of the year at least the rudiments, but we should have something within the year in the following year. Forcing all end quote. That is actually amazing. For couple reasons, he sounds like such a politician he's out like a president who is dealing with the fact that that the job is hard and he doesn't easy. He sees the danger enough, repealing the affordable care tat. I love that he's pushing the singing to twenty eating push. It is close to the mid term elections as possible. Let's make this a big ideas we possibly can for. As long as possible,
I just I don't know. What's going on there will then Ryan Paul Ryan is interviewed. I meet the press and of his in, I think, checked out said argue: are you using this repair now too and Ryan Basic said? No, no! No! We're still repealing please I've gotten this thing, because this is what was again. This is the divide right like when it comes to time for the unconstitutional. Travel bans Paul Ryan's again did but doesn't really want to say anything or just like nods and approval, because he's waiting for the tax cuts and he's waiting for the review our. But when he comes to when it comes down to do these things finds out. Ok, we repeal Obama, Kerensky bands like no we're trying to be populist over here, so watch out. Text ACT like that. We face a military aggravates away, hey Harry, I'm fine damage has driven the phone, no lectures tax, vidame faded, like text, can you say, repair three bubbles and start to take me with you. Just let you know perhaps perhaps a big tax way
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congratulations when I'm not I'm up up up up. This weird thing is to grow anywhere for John after may side, or never happened. Look. I asked nearer what she thought about love it, and there was a little bit of a pause. Should I never gave a shrug and should have taken their feelings of raise. Hitter Miss was issued a political fact. True, ok nearer we were just talking about the affordable care act and Police are the interviewer trumped now said you know they might now push it into. When he, what is it, you think, there's a method behind This madness at all, like one of my fears, is that they don't act on. Anything right now and yet, because there's no in tee a bunch of ensures, leave the exchanges and then bad things are happening to the end of it. Churns market and then praises go up, and then the Republican say will look now failing even worse than it was Democrats. Help us fix this
like I'm sort of wondering how this plays out, I mean I give way. Think that in the world of down tramp, any conspiracy theory is is reasonable, is what I would say is that I hee hee down tramp and though Republicans are going to own, whatever happens to the affordable care act from January twentieth, a word and so generate twentieth twenty seventeen forward, and so. Rather than see a mystery behind this? I think the truth is that they have asked really no idea how to fulfil his promises or anything remotely. Looking like his promises and an address healthcare, or so you knew we ve done a lot of research. Others have on how many trump voters actually rely on the affordable care acts. Five to six million people, those people actual
Believes that he would produce something better than the Asia for them, something with less paperwork, or many of them did believe that they get less work or a lower premiums in the reality is that this is a giant beach, beaten switch had already always was, and they have no plan, and I think truly there just in Then now it s like scratching their heads about what to do I mean they had a number of senators, you don't who have stated they want to do repeal and replace together vote on that very eminent idea that, if you're going to rip the health care system easier to have your replacement? at the same time and they don't know how to do that. What how much damage could trumps of inhuman service, a Secretary Tom price due to the affordable care act without any legislative changes.
They can definitely undermine the insurance markets through regulation. I think my message to them and I think hospitals, insurers and others are actually delivering. This message is that an consumers is that anything that they do to undermine the markets is. Is there going to? Oh now, I appreciate that rain, has an ongoing strategy to tell people that the issue is a disaster so that he has free cover to do what he liked to do, but I think honest way, you know that We have a lot of credibility and health care. It's not like people tend to believe tramp. These issues were Paul Ryan and that in a we have a job to do, which is to remind Vetture, said this law. You know, obviously could have some improvements, but it is fundamentally succeeded in delivering health care for millions of people, and the good part of the debate were having now, which is really should show shifted. Public
tension and public support is like we're having a debate about what people would lose if they lose the affordable care act, and I think that's what's really feeling this ground swell of opposition you're seeing flight into town halls across the country yards from his will There is one thing that the more Obamacare is in jeopardy: the higher its operating goes now. Do you think, protest and strong The jury is playing a part in that, or do you think it is more the basics of peace now see in their lives and their worried about what happens if its repealed, I think, with any power. See or any policy change, it's easier to understand what you lose than what you gain. And so I see I think here, people are really focused on what would happen if the issue went away and you're seeing people.
People are going into town halls and they're, telling their stories zero stories of being in college and being able to afford a surgery because they meaning were able to us stand their parents planner having a pre existing condition and being able to get health insurance for the first time. These aren't you know these are stories I made up. These people were going into Tom Mclean Tax District and telling him how they their lives or better because of the affordable care act. And- I think it's, it's not a renewed to me. You know when we look around the country. This is there's no strategy, remain we'd, love people to go to their town halls and he's the centre for american progress. Action friend is chiefly delivering information. When town halls are and how to call your member of Congress. But this is Organic people are worried.
About what Trump will do worried about losing their own healthcare, worried about in an erosion of their democratic institutions in their taking to the streets, and I think that's in the most important thing coming up as the February recess. That starts February. When he asked- and I urge people to go to their town halls- asked Sir Members of Congress, who were now avoiding townhouse to actually have one and have a discussion before they decide any votes on the affordable, correct when he too big presence of those two holes. If someone today at Town Hall with the democratic member and asks you know, what would you do to actually fix the affordable care act? What would you tell Democrats to propose to that would substantively improve the correct. I think that's a good question and there are steps that we offer,
the White House his offer people offered for the last seven years to improve the fort about correcting. There are issues with afforded billowy, particularly fur middle class, fixin, whether we could in prove the subsidy level little bed and make it a little bit more affordable for folks in others, tremendous savings in the affordable, correct hundreds of billions of dollars is common, hundreds of billions of dollars below cost estimates, and so taking just a little portion of that and helping increased subsidies would do a lot. We can strengthen the better First, the benefits that are offered make those more affordable there, some issues with particular families that particular incomes. It's kind of got this fancy name of the family ledge, but those things can be and of smoothed out and making it harder for making it like easier for people to get insurance bitten, ensuring that they really stay, ensure there a bunch of idea
as they can improve absolutely improved, affordable, correct and in a lot of the moderate democratic Senator in the Senate, and a lot of Democrats have offered that, and I think, when you hear Democrat say that they are happy to and improve the law there good ideas to do that. What we shouldn't do is tear apart this law, with no replacement in place within a public option. You know I am a strong support of a public option. I think how he looking creates, and we do. I guess I am all for all for offering at any offer and actually does offer competition in every part of the countries mentioned this just Pepe them on how much damage with a pot Joe Liebermann, personally did by getting rid of the buying and getting rid of public option, because it makes me crazy. Like once a week, and I mean it s bad guys, like the bubble. Caption may be just one of the top ten things of damage and show
I'm not afraid of the pod. Not we shall make em a shirt aren't nearer. I wanna get into it for one second, which is low. We we hear at pod, save America we once in another podcast, and we were quite, I think, dismissive of somebody argued that they Bernie brows were making about Britain's appointments largest melanesia. Even I know I've been, I consider myself to be a Bernie Bernard use it as a term of of love and innovation, flowers, Bernie Brown, I've been working, Bernie Bro before there were burning, whereas tunnel Thank you near a correct. I don't know how you think that, but I'm going yes, but anyway, I've! U like we were, You think it's the hair. I have I have. I have a Brooklyn vibe, and I appreciate that. I am well aware that any Geneva mastery of Russia are we oughta question right near zero, so Ivy League. We worked out of dismissal, of their argument on policy and also on electricity, and I just I think I've been and we ve been.
Without about that undress, wondering what you think. The lesson of the campaign is with regard to some Bernie Supporters and Bernice policy positions, his campaign So you know what the big thing I learned this year and it applies and applies to Bernie Sanders, but it applies to obviously more than Sanders is that I think we do have to recognize levels of enthusiasm, intense excitement, and I think you knew just to move it to the other side. Trump had a strategy of really exciting. His base and emanating out mere growing support from the base out, and I think there is incredible amount of enthusiasm for Senator Sanders, which we should be new ice? I was on the platform committee I saw it. I saw a boar.
It is to that and I think we need to recognise the importance of generating that excitement in the future and that you need to have a strategy in which sure base is energized, but also, you know, obviously have a strategy that reaches out to a lot more than that, but An enthusiastic base is, is critical in and I've saved we save the affordable correct. Today it will be because people are joining these town halls. People are calling their members of Congress. People who haven't been active before in politics are seeing some at stake? N, n n taking their labour I have been trying to change the political process, and that is that is vital to democracy? And that is the kind of thing that's gonna overcome some of the money spent against us in the future, and so that was a really Point lesson from I think from Senator Sandridge campaign that we should pay that we should pay heed to in the future.
In any other lessons about like say, email security, think that I'm my face ever getting this hour. But I just want to say my emails, we're just in someone else mine. Been hacked directly rather, but I'm inviting the Russians the problem is allowing as they now emailing somebody who's password was Hackney. Please let the death on the part of the under absent council forehead. Accepting the invitation. Areas of an interesting question though, and we won't get involved the email security staff, but you went when alternative Emails came out. You were seen as like a bit of a truth telling hero in the something, because you had very unvarnished email and varnish is a nice way see that amusing happens too be drawn and quartered but I think, like you know, we after the campaigns are we're talking about this
You know I wish we could have been more honest, sometimes and our criticisms, but once the campaigns going you'd sometimes don't want to do that, because our overriding goal is to beat Donald Trump pray. But I think how do we all How do we all be more honest now in the early stages about sorted the faults of various democratic candidates without of delving into in fighting, and I and hurting our own caught and hurting her own cause like have you from that all those email that are you feeling like as you go for like Ghana, maybe I'll speak a little more little more. Unvarnished early in the future. I don't think I could have spoken more and more
firstly in the emails, but I hear what you're saying I mean. I think that the truth is that it is really difficult and a binary choice. I mean it's difficult when it's you knew Clinton versus Tram to TAT, because when your public I mean, as you know, it's the reason why it's hard to do this in a public setting is because you know the media to people on Twitter, whatever, whenever your critical they they really use that against the keener and what was really tragic about the Wikileaks thing for man. What was the hardest part about it is that you know the media and the term campaign. Definitely weapon ized, use private comments against Hilary and wrote in it. Tat was like a miserable.
Experience. That happened first, seven for like the two months in my life, but bad. I I think those I think of it. I think we have to be honest about her advice to people. I mean I tried to be honest internally and I think we should be. We should in a we should have a situation where, if their multiple candidates, we can be really honest about where we go, I mean I owed sailor. Gave example of this is I've said to a number of democratic senators over the last couple weeks and it's not using their names, so it's easier, but have said that you knew the challenge for Democrats in the Senate today is that they have a kind of peace,
book, for how to deal with a president, bad. You know down Trump, isn't a normal president, certainly not a normal president to his two hour till the base of our party, and he hasn't acted like a normal president anyway. So when you do things like he would, you know, give difference to traditional demographic president or a traditional president, republican or Democrat you give deference to their nominees. It's like mountain warm. I mean he's kind of playing on the difference you give by jamming through the most radical nominees across the board, and so
you know. I think that's advice. You have declined to give. I say that publicly egg save privately United personalize it, but we have to you know these are really critical times and the Democratic Party, but, like a lot of Americans, are looking for leadership to get us through this, these precarious moments and they're. Looking for people who will be strong opponents to the kind of agenda, the Trump is offering one last question so we'll all of our listening right now, trying to figure out how to help and they're gonna protests than there are certainly goes on halls. Yes, you know I someone in the thick of these policy fights. Where do you think people should be directing their energy right now? Is it to stopping nominees? the SBA. I mean if, if ever asking people like in the next three days to pick one thing to focus on what would you say that a batch of me I mean I, my personal
issue and passion is affordable, correct. It's really no matter who's nominates, either Goin egg give people millions of people for twenty millions of people, a healthcare coverage or not that The choice we make- and I would also make the point that if we are able to break the brake back, their momentum on the Asia were actually able to save the affordable corrected. May not that I would be motivated by politics like this, but it may actually depend they are based in the twenty eighteen elections at a time when we really want to take the house back. Of course, my concern is much more about people who get healthcare, but if people had political concerns, him had provoked stunning well I'm a hundred percent Ferguson and getting Paul Ryan, the hell out of that speakers, your dream that I think that would be a great charity. I guess what I say is we're asked all the time had a focus, your energy, because the reality as part of the strategy of the White House is that they want to overwhelm the opposition by doing twenty times crazy. The praise your things than any one else would do
and that is definitely their strategy. Now. I think what they ve done. Is they ve helped create this crescendo of opposition I have never seen this level of political activism and twenty years we went through then just recall we had the Iraq war, it was, you know, became deeply unpopular and we never got a march like the women. Smart people are activated. This election was like, if you know it's like for the left, its will wake the passing, fordable correct for the right times. Tat in a people are motivated, they see an affront to their values, and I would say I obviously think therefore table correct as the most important thing. But I think the most vital issue is to make up I am to go to your town halls. The town halls of your members of Congress in your senators during the week of every twentieth, show up at those town halls and tell them tell your representatives how you do not agree with
what is happening in the country that will do more, and I also think make because every day may cause to members of Congress, say You disagree but showing up and because you know he can heat the reason why I think Trump lies about crowd sizes. He understands the power of crowds, he understood him and he talked about at all throughout as his campaign that he got these big crowds. He understands it means people believe in something when they are willing to take time out of their day and go do something and that's what I think will be the most important aspect of this whole disaster. If we have a sleeping giant, that's created, that's defending progressive values that see only positive. I could see out of a download term presidency, mirror Thank you so much for joining the pod and- and please come back again, it's great to be with you, Fran and totally find today. If the agenda that data banks near later, that's all we efforts.
Thanks again to near attended for joining the past, and we will see all on Thursday by yeah.
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