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Jon and Dan talk about Trump's bullying of Mexico and Australia, the promise of progressive protests, and Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Then they're joined by two DNC Chair candidates, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison.

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Welcome to POD save America, I'm John Pharaoh obtained Pfeiffer, applied. Today we have two Dnc chair candidates, the merest I've been Indiana, PETE Buddha Judge, chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party Jamie Harrison. Proud that I just pronounced mere PETE's name correctly, then he'll be mayor. From this point on yeah, I had pronunciation written up here, just american I feel keeping things Everyone goes subscribed to pod, save the world Tommy detours new podcast, where he said with all this. Foreign policy folks who made some of the biggest decisions and national security and foreign policy of our time. Right now he's got an episode up with Hillary Clinton, top foreign policy aid, Jake Sullivan fascinating new stuff in an interview on China, IRAN. Russia, Benghazi, ok,
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Credit card selected amount to send taken a friend's phone number email address to complete a payment they'll get in vacation, they just received money. That's it. There's no gimmicks know nothings cold, hard digital cash. We use. Catch all the time. A crooked media Otherwise we never get love it to pass back for anything so down The free square cash out today, for I owe us an android you'll, be happy. It ok dad How do we feel today? I stood your great I'll out of your great. You know We started this outline you Samuel drafted as outline yesterday. And said that you were attempting fate by doing an early, and I don't even think It was that early because it was like yesterday afternoon and You know pretty much. Most of the outline was just talking about gorse edge. The news in court nominee and yet in the intervening hours, there is quite a few things that happen
I was in were headed to a meeting, and I read the news about our threat to invade Mexico such pretty alarmed about that see Michael's idle talk, has been pretty aunt- I must go for a while. Their went into a meeting came out of them. And got attacks. Musa hang that he threat the australian Prime Minister. I was in the meaning for forty five minutes. We like fact another ally to get it a international dispute with I mean so, let's go through these two stories quickly the so the Associated Press reported a phone call with the mexican president, Trump threatened to send you S troops into Mexico, to stop quote bad on is down there, though Those denied this measure go denied this there's some scene and reporting that contradicted the same. The trump was offering to help fight the cartels, but who knows today a senior official said it was just
light hearted talk. So there denying now that it didn't happen there. Just saying it was light, hearted talk, I don't think it's great to who threatened to invade Mexico. I don't know, I don't know who does maybe be that's your thing. Maybe that's why you voted for tromp. You hope you hoped he would send you S troops into Mexico, but seemed like That's not a great thing in trumps defense. He only pledge no new middle Eastern. Worse, if you did not say, about North American. Worse, so he is ill. He is not violated campaign pledge just yet someone said yesterday, I think Jonathan Martin treated this like remember there. Logan line during the campaign. Probably started as early as two dozen twelve, like all Barack Obama has ailing did our allies in coddled adversaries yesterday we had two major allies. The trump alienated from simply no reason, and then this australian thing, so he doesn't call with the australian Prime minister
start talking about a previous agreement. The United made with Australia, where the? U S said they would accept about thousand refugees from Australia and Trump. Sort of lost. It did not The deal said the I dont want them people, he tweeted that they were illegal immigrants, which is not true, all the refugees there, their fleets, from a war torn nation, Syria. And then, and then Trump hung up on him. And the other white has acknowledged. That was a hostile call, o trouble. So brag about his electoral college went to the australian Prime Minister. I mean in like all these people have to clean up after trunks of the State Department, said the way has will honour the deal with refugees. John Mccain today really sustained recently called the australian ambassador and assured him there relations were still ok, that we still support Australia and then the waiter who said that this whole thing have because Trump had a long day and was fatigued. The calls it
five p m, lower higher low energy gone wrong for you. If you watch hours and hours and hours of cable news mean that is exhausting, I would be cut, give eyewash hours and hours and cable does so I am you get cranky when a of cable is what, let's, oh here's, what context here, which is Australia is basically are number one ally they that had every war since World war, two, yes, every single time May I know we have structures should be the UK by just when it comes to I'm too, to fight with you ass. They do it right and so it's the strangest thing, that of all the countries, you would pick a fight with it would be Austria it it's. There is also the report from Jim Acosta fake New CNN that people in the White House say trumps calls with foreign leaders are making people's faces go white. Turning his white inside the white, yes, which
seem pretty why they seem only whatever, but the photo ops. By doing there is quite a few jokes phases. Turning low millet has yet so sounds like, oh that these calls are making your face turned way. Like maybe I can say something about it. You're in the White House, this is like were playing with live, ammo, hair people whose, like whose cases are turning right in saying that Jim Acosta, but this, but then just like slinking back to their offices and, like you know, cause in their fingers knock on. Would the trump doesn't start a nuclear war like what the hell it's very middle, like we are laughing by its action at that it's pretty scary, no, I mean and then that in General Flynn, crazy, Flynn that the White, as is officially put ran on notice from Twitter. But as this morning, arenas officially on notice.
And also said that a country that was on its last legs and ready to collapse before the around deal? Actually, it was about to, about to have the capability to create a nuclear weapon. Before the around deal and it was not right to collapse at all so as another weird one site. Four winds like threatening IRAN, which is always great. My first thought like. Why did we think they put a ran on notice like die? Like Obviously we adjust them that way, the particular problem to solve them, others that they would have like. Oh shit, we're on notice, stop our nuclear programme immediately, we are on notice, are also being made me. Maybe Tommy can correct us on this one, but I dont think putting IRAN on notice is an official state of art for foreign policy and of the better. That's that's phraseology. That's used. Often India in the sick room is actually look at that I got an ex episode of parts of the world in your answer to their own.
Evil. I also I this, that the executive order banning immigration from majority muslim nations and and stopping refuge. From coming to America. Like I dont forget about that, either I saw yesterday, that not only are they not backing down on the ban, they want to those they just at adding other countries and also said that, instead of being temporary, it might just be indefinite the ban. So what Think about these things happen. There's outrage, there's protests and then does the Let us think they can just sort of waited all out until everyone tunes into the next thing and then they can. You know behind closed doors, secretly made things worse. I don't know. Yes, they think that and the reason I think that is that the matters President states was once caught live on tape I do not sexual assault, then a dozen women came out and accuse him a sexual assault and they just held on and moved on. He liked the presidents
there's a there's a history here of just battened down the hatches. Wait for the next just a calm and just move on with their wives? I think that's what I think. That's what do here. I wanna do back up on one thing that I think one two more points on the foreign policy, the buckles raw or three points. Actually one is there consequences to the Australia WAR of words, you know, this was particularly to you as on the Monday. Pod is what you gonna do if the price of women onions goes up to fifty bucks, each afford a trade war. I want the OPEC state has to know that we still support them. We stand by them. They haven't sponsor this podcast yet, but in they are. We bloomin onion breath all the time. So I just I think, that's that really put in jeopardy If the guy, which has an honourable man and you'd best soon, just it shut to show our support for Australia, the problem ebbing
the dead business sense on your part, because you're just doing these free product integrations when you could be out there selling these ideas, Europe there are back. So you- and this is this a more serious thing. Is this reporting on the the raid in Yemen with the Navy seals that caught on yeah of one Navy seal ends by all report, its was in absolute every area They could have gone wrong, went wrong reports, are lots of non combatants in Yemen were killed, potentially d, eight year old daughter of American born on moral, but the thing that I found there interesting things in there putting on this last night. One is the military target military fish, so I can avoid her saying Trump okayed this without without any answer the necessary planning or intelligence gathering in second that he He agreed to the raid over dinner
general matters, the hermitage when she's a staff, Steve banning and Jared Kirshner right, where this is Josh, with his long, Long Razumihin, foreign policy experience and Steve Ban and who, in the magazine story about him. Today quoted as saying in November. Twenty fifteen are big Billy one of our central organizing principles at bright bar is that we are at war. And that was not metaphorical. That was like literal war around the world. So but imagine the republican reaction all day six in the White House, present Obama had Arcade a failed military raid with David accelerated Valerie Jarrett over dinner. We would not have survived the week that we have been impeached and sent home Ricky. I probably would quit. I mean that we have been extremely disturbing and also like. Originally
Bob Gates at the dinner to but gave her would have left the dinner and foot the table over and we were, he would have thrown those people out ass. He should end the brok about a throne then they would never have been. There are wanted to be there. Also that Dutch, trumped administration is claiming the Obama administration cleared the Yemen Red and that they is basically gave the order this morning. Calling call who was Biden top National Security and the deputy at the national deputy now security adviser in the above administration said team. Claim that Obama cleared Yemen rate was false. It was deferred two trump. So he could run a deliberate process. Instead, he hosted dinner. So this is the part where this gets really scary like these? Are the decisions president's make and we have set, we have as a country hired someone entirely incapable of the sort of, strategic thinking intellectual prowess, humility, that it takes to make these sorts of decisions yeah. I know it's, it's extremely scary and it's not going to
these are going to be issues where every time These things pops up, we all like role our eyes and start tweeting about and say. I can't believe this in an joke about it and then go back to the next crisis like something something really scary could happen, which is why I think mean back back to the ban. I notice that there's still protests at some of these airports, and I sort of thing that the that it's important to keep up the to because in four people influence people to keep speaking out against this, because I think that's the only way continues. And attention and is the only way to sort of take the spotlight off Trump to continue as they continue marching and protesting in speaking out. Re did you so you want to Did you go to one of the idea that protest? the de San Francisco airport? I did I become one of those protests punchers every effort has been around like getting at the protest So my wife and I went and
it was for it was amazing. There were so many people there, it was his great mix of death a lot of people who moved assurances go in the sixties too, for a protest in just never laughed and I've been protests. Redemptions like so there are some professionals there who knew all the chance and a lot of really yeah yeah young people of Europe. All backgrounds, all races, just very they entered. Is very similar to the women's martyrs. I guess you spend some time at in DC. Every migration is like people weren't angry re were People are there because they did they were there. Emily and morally opposed what was happening, but the atmosphere was not anger. It was with just collegial and peaceful, am I really great? There was one funny like we met. Will people there and everyone was Michael? It people It was clear that people felt good like it was important to beat a gather. Yet in this time and
doing something. You should either be doing something for sitting. Being some combination of scared, and pest and being together is definitely do is better than sitting on. The one sort of funny operating that happened. Wizard. The protest was so big that it was too took up the entire departures in if the level of the international terminal and so really was too like lots of different protests like over in one corner. There is a ban playing protest, songs and then down here. There are people chanting holding signs in their people speaking, you know by the Customs Office and then in one corner. There was a woman with a bull horn and, like hundreds people around her, and she was doing a call, in response answer. She would be like
We believe in it. No walls no ban sanctuary for all people. We, like no walls, no ban sanctuary for all who opened point. She said we do not agree with what trumped, if you like, we don't agree with my trunk did, but we must remember that we must remember that she's, like Obama, and everyone goes crazy like about this, is like that she says to put it more people than any one else. People like the pot why everyone looks at each other like wait a minute. That's not! Why we're here? Not only does it was like, I, I had moved to the other protest at that point, but that's the view. Spontaneous protest right I mean, I do think we, I did this buck s talking about how we feels shitty and everything should be, but the protests, are having an effect right and sort of not just those parties the airport, but people showing up their congressman's offices around Aisy, ay and all the sort of speaking out purchasing, that's going on out. There mean Yet the acl you you know was able
get these various courts to order stays in the band they have had. Good, fun, raising record membership increases. The trumpet ministration was forced to walk back the ban on green cardholders, at least that's what they said. There were still haven't some trouble with that in the Senate to republican senators. Mercosur from Alaska LISA Mccluskey from Alaska as well. Susan cons remain opposed, Betsy divorce because then they said they did it because of all the constituent calls they received. They were just flooded with calls vizier publicans, are starting to talk about pairing Obamacare, instead of repealing it and a new quinnapin pull out this morning said only Thirteen percent of Americans want full repeal now. So I do think It's important important to know. You know when you see these stories and they make you want to tear your hair out. If you do something about it, if you go speak of you go protest. If you go call up your congressmen, it does make a difference. You know and look it's not We're still gonna sustain a lot of losses and a lot of bad things.
But probably still happen. We can prevent everything because Republicans have unified control of government, but it's worth trying. You know you we eat, we still can have an effect. I think that's a hundred percent right, the if people adjusts stayed home or on a Friday, night and Saturday and Sunday instead of going to airports and protesting, we would be in a very different place protesters and moves the Republicans to come out against or to criticise trumps ban, which is forcing them to hopefully backtrack the green card issue. If it had just been a trump done, it bunch Democrats put protists democratical officials put out a statement, cable people cable news and complained in internet Christophe wrote a carbon like nothing would have happened, but policy since react to what people do. They react to getting phone calls and it. It is worth the effort in the energy and an end fighting even if we lose, is better than that fighting and will end. If you fight you'll, get the whites and so
that is, the part, is as scared and alarmed as I am about what Europe is doing, both his incompetent. And the more level then things that he is doing to go power for himself and hurt progressive ideas. The thing they keep that it doesn't make me feel better. Is that I've never seen progressed the energy like this, we know in what now now doesn't campaign not in their protest against Iraq. So there is something happening and it's up to all of us to feed, about how to channel in the right direction I will say to on Friday. All of these trumps advisory council, all these bits leaders are coming to the White House and a number of them have already. Written letters and put out statement saying that they oppose this ban, and I really hope, when they're sitting in that room, Roosevelt run with Donald Trump. These business leaders step up and tell him what they think about the span and
you know if he were fuses to give an inch. I hope they think twice about why there on that advisory council, because logic Companies there who talk of a game about being open to diversity, intolerance and you know, being a country of immigrants and if you're gonna be on that advisory council. I think you probably have area you have an obligation to step up and say something if we're going to the White House, one side on that is that we had a similar council. We kind of the Jobs Council or the packet present economic recovery, advisory board and those meetings were open to the public. Live stream, and so the press could see what That's because there is a law that requires you to do that. So far. The federal Advisory Committee ACT for thank you will know. Yes TAT S. What it be clearly focused on a word I made up at its restoration me the trumpet probably in violation of the law. By closing this meeting and making it a behind closed doors thing. If this is truly an adviser
So if people are looking for another reason to sue the trunk administration, this is one of them, and this is where the Genie did where he had is energy taskforce that will be violated. This fuck a law- I remember correctly and yeah, they were in rather more suits for years and years and years, and I think almost went to the Supreme Court men Nevertheless, somebody like democratic campaigners, thinly Cheney met with tenement secret with big oil executives now have a big oil executive run foreign policy at the State Department, just civic, over the that, whereas we have a, we have an oil ceo as our Secretary stay now, who's friendly with Putin and that's actually the least of our problems right now it is it. Shows like how insane things have become. The paper like other the ceo exercise in charge of? U S, foreign policy, that's cool if Hillary Clinton had said that the campaign trail, a thousand checkers and editorial writers would have school that her for plain dirty pop.
For saying something. So unbelievably ridiculous wrote a man then again, there is so we should move on to the Trump Supreme Court pick NEO gorse edge, although it is hard not to it, is hard to just breeze by what happened at the prayer breakfast this morning. Where trump speaks at the national prayer. Breakfast he's introduced by Mark Burnett famous producer of the apprentice it did you hear this I knew that I knew about the Schwarzenegger joke and I was about to be a strange shooter respects on both sides even pass without, but Mark Burnett introduced on who he said that he started thing blessing thanks. Mark brunette bill our producers nodding his head. I guess it happened, so he gets up there and opening remarks at the prerequisites are just attacking Arnold Schwarzenegger for not getting his good ratings as he did and then he said, prayers for Arnold good. We have good good tech,
this is where Europe hope. This is what you are hoping for when you, when you doors, Donald Trump, I was the way I ve actually did not gap and watch this old television. I was, in winter, add by four Take was if he wants to make our aid on a source. Nigger ratings joke at the big the pro breakfast. I don't know that's what I would Why? If not this say at an hour to invade Mexico or right, you know poking, are one of our leading allies in the face by it, pretend introduced, and that is an insane thing- is market at a partition. We powerful individual that I just don't know that or aegis whom I don't even know how to manage. He's complaining about Arnold ratings. Uzis attacking heralds ratings at prayer breakfast. Yesterday was a black history month, then he was yelling about CNN and I mean it's just its let's not forget about Frederick Douglass fits Douglas further diagnosis. Trump said yesterday. The black history mother then
quote an example, as somebody who's done an amazing job that is being recognised. More and more, I noticed Frederick Douglass who died in eighteen. Ninety five, finally, getting his due from Donald Trump, the anything worse than what Trump said was what chance by Sir said, for he also seems unaware of Frederick aliases contributions or his passing of a hundred seventy years ago, it is, it is worth reading. Spacers quotas fall down where I have readier quote: well think there's. I think he wants to highlight the contribution that the Douglas has made and I, through a lot of the actions and statement that he's gonna, make the contributions of Frederick Douglass will become more and more period. Thank you on Spacer. Just male in it as usual. What can get you knew, suits buddy. Ok, we are what is just one more thing about like issue, because it just a funny. You see my pencil tweet praise Lincoln for black history month, no, it's not
like all black history, both were remember when wicked free, the slaves, basically it. I likely that think about on black a signal faces in the White House, foregoing going white, ok, NEO Gore such meal. It is a forty nine year old judge on the tenth circuit of Appeals in Colorado. He attended Harvard law with Brok Obama for the pod normalizing said he's a great guy equipped for Kennedy, though political, The New York Times did old chart and they put him to the right of Scalia and less. If only Clarence Thomas in many many people say he's in the mould of Scalia he, you know he's had. Unlike many nominees he's actually written extensively about the law he's had a whole book. We came out against stir he about why Euthanasia is and the law a very big on regulations he's takes a view of the regulatory state that you know is not not something that most of us would agree with
from the Obama world, but people do say that he's a fairly good on the balance of power between the three branches of government, which may come in handy area, will, as we a quasi authoritarian, running the government. So, but is no getting around the fact that he is by every every account in extremely conservative judge who was being nominated for a seat was held open. For about a year under our government last year in office. After he nominated Merk Ireland, who was also a judge who ever when, across the spectrum said, was a wonderful guy, brilliant jurist, and fairly more moderate, I think, probably got. Was closer to the centre of the spectrum, certainly than course hinges and that's all we got now. Would you think then, now I mean not good, I would prefer America, Ireland, writes that fair to I mean
they have it so they hit the trumpeters. This rollout ends. I guess because, like you know, trump didn't like insult Gore, family or, like you know, trip over the podium. Whatever everyone said, Ozma brilliant roll out there. They kind that out it's as if the real there was, like a reality, show nature of this rule out where trumpet like horribly flown, both finalists for the nominees to Washington, although it seems like got Hartman, didn't really get there and then sort of unveiled than that that Gore Such was the guy and as a lot of people in the media sort of saying this is really this is so jumpy and the reality show roll out what a great things now, it is lit lay the exact roll out the way for soon is so my arm and a leg occasion and every basely. Every other Supreme court novelty in history is like we can. We just
Most with to truck the presidency into is a that's tv producer. Therefore, we must happening a lens in the presidency into reality. Show that's that It's not funny. What's happening a less realities, I was mad appetite yeah, it's just so. Will it also like these things? happening where trumped up something insane completely. Impotent and then the next day he does something like minorly competent, never ends at Colowyo. He really got back in the game because everyone is still in there like old DC mines at this is how you fucking judge politics. You know. So I can come on people. Ok, the question is the democratic response and how how we should approach this seen at a story that some Democrats argued that maybe we should not block corset this time around, because it do Mcconnell will get rid of the filibuster. The folder stroll begone forever and then we won't have as much leverage next time there is, Justice nominated, who would actually tip the balance of the court
the conservative justices. What do you think about that? No, no, don't do that. It is a terrible idea. It may No, why, nickel. Since debate, is it me, let me go and then the next time he'll just trigger the filibuster so. I dont understand it. That is not. Strategic research retreat that a surrender yeah I mean, you- and I have both said. You pointed out to me that in our and our year, end are look ahead episode, in the keeping things one hundred days, one of your high pathetic questions was like. Should we do to the trumps up? court nominee what the republic is to Merrick Ireland and just block the block, the hearing forever and we both said no, but you can't do that forever. Should we be hypocrites, now change our minds, I M changing. I'd, have I, prior to ten days ago, wasn't institutionalists
I work in the White House and work in the Senate leadership. I believed in these things I have been, radicalized Donald Trump, I think Democrats I think that this is not a we are not in a normal role. The politics. Every single thing we can do to go up the walk. Stop him. Law suits parliamentary maneuvers everything we should do add. We should force him to fight for this and they are probably win because they have control. That is not a reason not to fight, and part of the reason to fight is making spend political capital of this because as political capital that he is not spending if tax gets the millionaires or take away a CIA or any of those things, soap, fight like hell and also The Democrats, pass here, the
this will not forgive them on the basis, not wrong, and that Rick is for Senate Democrats congressional them. Grants to showed all people showed up in airports and showed up at the women's March last week that it matters if they go back if they get if there are more of them in Washington if more democratically elected and if they just seem deceiving like it does not matter, then these people wall stop protesting, they will stop marching and they will not vote and Donald Trump we'll get to do in everyone's to do for the next forty eight years, Yet, in my view on this is every Supreme Court nominee has required sixty votes to get confirmed. That's just the way. It's been like taken in so to my or got a like five to eight public and votes, Merrick Garland didn't even get a hearing, so it's just the way it been always that you need sixty votes to get confirmed. If the report you cannot produce sixty votes for this nominee. Then they knew up to now,
someone who is a consensus pick that can get sixty votes. That's and Sir Democrats should force that right and of men Mitch Mcconnell wants to get the filibuster in an unprecedented move. Then he, he can do that, and we should expect that he will do that and we should expect that ultimately gorse, which could be confirmed, and that you know, are our fight it. You know it could not succeed, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't, like you said we should put up a fight. I do think I would read hold hearings. I mean they. They didn't want to hold hearings on garland at all, because everyone would have realised that garland is in fact a consensus, pick that, many Republicans had praised in the past. I will, love to hold hearings on Gorsuch, because I think it's always important that if Democrats are going to block something that we also make an argument and persuade people why this nominee is bad right and so t shirt, corset, a great guy, I'm sure he's a brilliant jurist, but he views that are for mentally opposed to what
Many many many Americans across the country believe and also views that are very varied, front, then what Mary Garland believed? Who should have got a fucking hearing, So I'm I'm offer holding hearings for this guy and holding a vote, but because I believe that that will help us make a case against him and make a case that we had this I was supposed to go to someone who was a consensus pick that was the deal The Brok Obama did with Merrick Ireland which is not a consensus pic I for here yeah. I think dagger, if you wish it, that the best way is to have some sunlight on Sunday. He will be very, very good in his hearings because, like John Roberts, he or even awaiting Kagan was born to do this right right, and so let me show you where to he's he's. Definitely Amy, it seems like he has to the right of Roberts on many many many issues. This is not a John Roberts is a local used to the right of Alito simulator
many many issues, so this is like like John Roberts, with his like it. Like a good guy, brilliant jurist, highly respected, but has sort of surprised us in certain decisions on the court, it seems this. It would be less likely for for courses to do that. I think that's right. I can say one thing about our friend normalizing sure I love, nor are they he. Made is on the shortlist people, who's gonna, save the country in Europe you lost your them and then Neil COD. Who was the acting? So Sir John Obama administration wrote a I guess and upheld supporting or did you're probably talked about how Of course, it was a really good. Guy is a kind of arrest me one on the bench what I find exhausting yeah. People who went to Harvard LAW School together, saying: oh, he may look he's If I got the Voting Rights ACT and he is probably gonna undo
of E Wade, but he was like a real man on the squash courts, but I don't care if he's a good guy. Doesn't like that's not the point lot in those people out, there doesn't mean you d, making livened deficit. Livened deficits right, go play squash, don't let him beside the reproductive rights of your mothers, wives and daughters. Like do not do that, ok, we have to move on to mere PETE from Self Bend in Vienna, whose ran for Dnc chair. We will be back with him right after this this pod save America stick around more great show coming away. Potsey them today is brought to you by policy genius life insurance. Do you have it if you dont, why not I want to say that life insurance is more important during the Trump administrations, but you had something to think about Now, a thirty five million. U S, families have no life insurance, that's no life into it. For thirty five million and most Americans think life insurance costs two to three times more than it really does.
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with us on the plug. Today we have the two term mare of Self Bend, Indiana and current candidate, for the DMZ chairmanship, mayor, PETE, Buddha Judge They say your last name correctly. You did ever did every which way, but that one's rights of extra that nice, are a good. I would be lying if I'd. If I told you I didn't have a pronunciation ran out, but ok, so you are running for Dnc chair. Made you decide to to,
to do this to to possibly go into into the swamp in Washington in and take this job from modern we're your own self bend, because it so important. Look, I loves out, then lobbying theirself than the reason I decided to be worth stepping away from this job today. The seizure is that I think are party really needs a fresh start up. If you look at where we are even if we had won the White House, our party would be in trouble when you look at the state house. Is the governorship and we ve got to make sure that were offering new solutions that I think are frankly not going to come from Washington, but they're gonna come from communities like mine and other communities around the country, and I think that a fresh start in the new leadership is a pretty good place. To begin with, democratic have to do to win statewide in Indiana again well, look at it, President Obama carried Indiana. Two thousand eight. We got your Donnelly. We surprise about that? We don't know why. That happened. One in two days twelve showed only guy like it, so it can be done, is a few things that are really important. One is
he sure were showing up everywhere. So even in these rural counties that we're never gonna win, it still matters whether you lose sixty forty or whether its eighty twenty. You note our senator Joe Donnelly he only one percent of our ninety two counties, but he did well enough in the other eighty two that the ten could put him over the top, and I think there are a lot of folks in certainly my part of the country in a round the country who feel like the Democratic Party isn't even talking about, isn't even trying or addressing and if we can change that will be a big part of the way towards being able to compete on Wednesday, five mine. So you worry your Harvard University graduates. Road scholar, and also openly gay former naval officer surge enough. Understand when I'm sure you encountered some some resistance. When you were running for office and in Indiana would it wouldn't you two people. What is your heart? How do you talk to people in Indiana who you know aren't of our republican, their democrats or conservative and unsure about the Democratic Party. What's up,
it's been your secret. We're going Ok on results, you not! I got reelected with eighty percent of the vote and it wasn't about shooting for some ideological middle. It was just about getting stuff done and when you deliver for people, whether its economic development or streets gave surges potholes, you know the one benefit we do have. The local level is the third there's. No such thing as a fact: free environment at the local level acknowledge proving I was born in Kenya. People can tell if I'm plowed the snow successfully or if I didn't and there's accountability for that. I think we need to take that local accountability and and deliver it at the national level, because there are a lot of people in their homes, their kitchen tables in our communities whose lie.
You're going to be affected by the leaders who are in charge now, and we need to connect up what's happening to them, what being done to them that the decisions that are coming at a wash it let our listeners no was already the your top the forthcoming she would do to change. Other Dnc operates as if you were elected share one thing: it is critical that we get back to a state and local orientation. Dnc has to be a resource supporting state local parties in their work. Not a mothership cannot beaming down instructions and to do that em on planning to visit every one of our fifty seven states and territories in the first year, not just that to show up and be there, but also to work with the other stay party leadership on formulating a planned, that's right for their state. At the same time, we also have to talk about the thing
that cut across the things of cut across our states are geography and are different constituencies and really return our vocabulary to a moral vocabulary. The focus was on the values that hold Democrats together, a values and, in my view we haven't talked about enough like freedom, which I think we're absolutely the parties, especially now a family as well as things that we ve always been look it's like fairness and ensure the future debate going on now about what the Democrats in the Senate should do both about trumps nominees and up generally nominee for the Supreme Court. Neo Gore such do you think Democrats should sort of wage an all out effort to block trumps nominees into block the Supreme Court nominee or how do you think? What would you do that situation when yet, when the other,
site is not acting in good faith. I think we have to be ready to be tactically ferocious. That doesn't mean that will do anything. That would be ashamed of we're, never going to break our relationship to the truth and to fax, but it does mean that we're going to fight fire with fire, and I think that we should show them exactly courtesy that they showed President Obama's nominees. So you surfer for seven months in Afghanistan is lieutenant in the. U S: Navy reserves would signal story that that's broke last night, that who s military officials and revealed that the Trump ordered military raid in Yemen was in patiently thought out how how worm. Extraordinary is that that that leak first all end and when what you think about that story, yummy,
Obviously we're still getting information about it. We got to find out more about what happened there, a couple things out right off the bat I'd like to know more about like. Why was this decision making happening over a meal? But look beyond the specific case? Does the thing? That's always on my mind, No everybody that I know of the military, and even people like me, who are still in the ready reserve our lives, depend on this person's judgment or lives, depend on him, making good decisions with the facts that are presented to him. Asking you a question and acting in good faith, and I think it's something that anybody who cares about a loved one or a friend in the military needs to be asking of their government and whether it's this situation as the fact come out about this first operation at all, or whether it's more broad the decisions and end and impulses. I mean how do you get a fight with Australia? The system of the chilean people never renounce any we're having a meltdown getting it in a fight with a couple.
Which, by the way, I'm in those guys we're side by side with us in Afghanistan and in their great ally. This is unquestionably endangering american lives and there's gotta be ability for that and in what do you think about the young the ban on immigration from from from muslim Majority nations. I mean. Is this like the Trump administration will say, while the Obama administration identified these countries spots anyway, so you know what
this trinity apathetic broke out? You know that this is a totally different thing. It's unconstitutional! It's embarrassing and again. I think back to my military experience. We at civilians who put their lives on the line in order to work with us, and we depended on for insight for information for translation and when I think about this guy throughout their with us, I mean I would have a hard time looking them in the eye, and I gotta tell you as mayor right now in south, then we have. We have families that are still trying to night is one case. Where are the mom finally got clearance to come over owes an iraqi family there, the refugees and her clearance was going to allow her to come home in February this month. I know what they're going to do now. People are are refugees specifically because they help them or the refugees, because ices is trying to kill them and, if I says, is trying to kill you. That's a pretty good sign that we are to have your back
all the protests happening and at the airports of the women's Marge. What we from people every day. What we know we were asking is: what should they do? What can do so. What would your message be to the two? These folks are showing at airports, are marching on them all or in town squares about what had happened they should channel their energy to have the biggest impact in funny back on some of the things that trump in this repulsive congress or doing yet so there
there's an energy that is waking up in our country. That is extraordinary and we got a harness it and recognise that it's a while before the next election. Although we ve got to keep that energy alive for political purposes, but others more to it than just going from election to election, we got a bill that energy and use it to do. Things like, for example, hold moderate Republicans accountable for the decisions there making every single day in Congress. They ve got a decide whether they're gonna, followed as president who is unpopular and evidently unhinged, followed him off. The cliff or are they gonna, do what's right and that accountability comes from us on really glad we're marching in it in the
in the streets and squares and in the airport I went to the airport. Protests in Houston is a beautiful thing same thing with women's March, but we oughta be marching on the offices of members of Congress who were enabling assorted and make sure that we recognise that it that it is ultimately connected back to elections in elected officials and edges. The last thing I would say on on the marches: is it the reason there so significant isn't just their scale and their scope? When I think back to the women's March, even South bends version of it that I was here for which had even in our small city, three or four thousand people, it was the character of it. It was fierce it was. I had a moral gravity to it, but is also fund and that's very important, because this week we There is concern in Asturias as we are. We can't be sour. This is the season for happy warriors and I think happy warriors are rising up around the country to take on the outrages of this administration, more people to judge
Think for joining us and and best of luck to you and me in the race ahead, backers, clutter, ticker, but hey, don't go anywhere! This is pod, save America and there's more on the way. Pods America is brought to you by movement, watches moving watches was founded on the belief that style shouldn't break the bank. Their goal, to change the way consumers think about fashion by offering high quality minimalist products at revolution Mary prices, with over five hundred thousand and watches sold to customers in a hundred and sixty plus countries around the world movement. Why His solidified itself as the world's fastest growing watch company, the company was started by two broke college kids, who want to wear stylish watches but couldn't afford them so they started their own watch company. Much like four former Obama. Hacks started their own podcasting network movement. Starts it. Just ninety five dollars in a department store you're. Looking at forty five two dollars for watch like this. Ninety five dollars a great deal and they do this because they
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and and man now why you decided to do some cream, like run for dance each year or be resolved. Right here either one either. Both though you're no one in my family was ever involved in politics that I grew up in Rule South Carolina. My mom was a teenager when she hadn't you is actually about, Sixty years old on until my grandparents really helped a lot to reason, but my grandfather loved yet a fourth grade education but eat loved watching the nightly until growing up. I sat there and watch television with them in, and I just was fascinated with you, everything doing dealing with the president? I remember watching conventions with them. I remember the first time mention was Jesse Jackson spoken. It was just so
bring me. Your Jackson came from South Carolina, Gringo Falco on until from that moment it follows that the interest in politics I got an opportunity, Jim Kleiber, When I was a junior in high school, I was the president of my national honour society. He had just been elected for Congress me with the first african American and reconstruction to be elected for Congress from South Carolina until I invited him the common he noticed speech and after that evidence speech, I walked up to cars and I want to work in your off and he said well Jimmy. Let let's get you in the college person and then I will give you an internship and then we'll talk about you workin the off until I never forgot that and went on. I was fortunate enough to do the Yale University in
and you're my freshman year at my freshman year. I in turn for talent off and then the summer between my junior fifty years, I interviewed they in turn for congressmen clobbered in really got the Potomac Fiberglass in Washington DC was just in my blood, then went on AIDS taught high school. Then I was your for non profit here in Washington DC and then Download Mcclaren asked me to join? Is there when he had got elected by sheer the House Democratic Caucus, an eye within law school. In the midst of my long time, at your sound and started working on Capital Hill in the refrigerator became executor of the house. To my credit card that twenty I heard that the Americans do that, and then
thirty ran and whip operation for Democrats, when we took back the house, though, I had a very very fort, career as an opportunity. Do some amazing things, but I love politics and I loved because of the impact it could have on on the list. So now you are a chair of the Democratic Party in South Carolina it fair to say the Democrats Renee, the distinct minority in South Carolina. Yet what lessons have? What lessons have you learned from your your time, they're about how the party the party broaden its reach on a national level yeah One thing that I have learned goes: it is that there are so many feet, the room there more states like South Carolina, the mirror are not like alkaline, meaning that the parties in this country, the undemocratic parties of struggle
and they need a lot of attention in some investment in order to build a capacity in order to compete unfortunate because on many levels, because a mighty connections- people I know in DC and having congressman clobbered as my own number congress- that we have, we been able to to leverage thing and and bring resources into falconer honor. They help us build back here, but there are a lot of states who are not like us who are not as a fortunate yo. You can take a damsel just looking at our aim. Dinner's that we have here we ve, been able to get Mark Warner and campaign by spreading by the list goes on and on and there some states right now. Here you take, I Idaho, Idaho's of a world wide open to the world, better, just begging for national democratic to come to their state. Bacon. One feel that capacity raised money in the resources
in order to hire the appropriate step. So if we want our folks like like a think about an end lives where we went wrong in this election, but where we Wrong is when we started to abandon the city state strategy, because that was one of the most that the best thing said. The DMZ is ever gone in terms of its relationship with the state party that we have to go back to that. What do you think I'm really really concerned about? Is that we have all of this energy in all of this activism ETA there. But the problem is: we have three parties who barely have thirty thousand dollars
shown here in two years from now. They have a governor trees or defending one of the twenty five you a Senate races and if five hundred activists or volunteers walked into the earth their headquarters day. I dont know many of those three parties could do anything with them because they don't have the capacity to handle that, and that is something that a deal you really have to focus on is not sexy. It's not. The thing that people want to talk about is not about message for the mess It's about just the nuts and bolts of building an effective and efficient organisation, and right now we ve got, is fun mentally lacking in party with a lot of what you said about the need to better stay party capacity. What what do you think the democratic message should be right now, well. I think the message has to be about it that that we have to fight for, for all american and particularly for working working class
American, listen! I grew up. I know what it's like being y know what rights to use food stamps. I know what it's like to go to sleep in the light not be known in your house. Your parents can afford it. I know what it's like to be deleted your home. We ve lost their home twice while I was growing up, and so there are a lot of folks in this country that are struggling their working to three jobs. Or do you just can't find a job because there's no, no option in their neighbourhood to retain their community. So we will have a party needed start talking about ever, not even talking about showing no spoke, that we that we hear about them and that we are going to fight for the problem that we have had in the democratic parties that are you when I was a teacher, I always thought my kid that the most powerful waited you persuade somebody is when you show them.
Seldom lately in a democratic party, we ve been doing a lot of telling people that we are fighting for them, but we ve very little in terms of showing at or at the very least, promoting the fact that we we we are fighting for them. We gotta do a better job of that. Many that the messages I think Secretary Clinton had were good. The thing that I think would have been stronger it if she could have incorporated some of that. That hope and change the President Obama Head and, frankly that in our sanders sort of adopted There are a lot of folks want to feel like their part or something bigger than themselves and in its not just about being against something but being forced, and that's where the goal is a party so that people feel that there's a move that better that it building that they are part of it and that there is hope at the end
the day that their lives are doing better than they are today that the laws of their kids can be better than what they are right now and that what we need to focus on as a party, but the in future in the deep sea is, does not generate that message. Lot of that comes from our policy makers, but the DMZ anything in future mechanism by which we get that message out to the people in that the mechanism is broken, which is really the problem right. Now, I'm going back to this thing about the party, but if the state parties are broken, that mechanism, which you had a direct contact with voters lemmings regardless of how good your messages or how great your messenger years, it's not good to get it's not gonna have the desired result. You know, you're talking allotted Dnc members, how you
defied is the party to you right now. Would you still here strains of the Sanders Clinton primary people so bitter about that? We know what the sort which reveal the state of democratic unity renown yeah we regard yellow ways, go on that guy's. There are still a lot of in fighting. I think some of that focus, some of the sort of victory on the edge is being taken off other because of just Bible. Robots and craziness coming out of the trap administration, but there we also lingering, he argued use, ear tags, Earthen, NEO, liberal. This person does the man and woman I'm trying to tell my people, would listen guard in the end of the day, somebody will, when the Bell either Bernie I'm or your democratic Obama Democrat, but ultimately we all just gotta be democratic, but if we can't
Beard and ultimately, we all will lose the war because the war there is a war war right now for the heart and soul. This nation, against the efforts that Donald Trump these has taken, to take us back to some bygone era that he wants to go back to the make up here a great again. I guess we just can't allow that to happen. The people need. Put on their big boy and a girl pan get over the twenty six primary because gets what both Secretary Clinton and Bernie Sanders lost? The let's figure, How do we win in twenty three now do we went in twenty twenty and fight for the people that really need us to be their voices and so that that's what I'm pushing for ever and a day, we gotta be good Democrats and we got the fight to strengthen this party and these little division from primary and everything else are helping in area Jimmy you ve been
Obviously as well? Do you d think lobbies have too much influence in Washington DC? I mean, I think, that the date of all I mean at the energy. Listen. Lobbyists are sort of like lawyers in the courtroom right the folks who understand, if you don't need them, you don't need a lawyer. When you go to court, you don't you lobbyists to dawn capital. Here is the reason why a lot of people get them is because they all have a time or energy to get to understand. All the nuances of the court room or how you navigate Capitol Hill or or the exact, the brain, so their sort of experts in the field? My problem is that we ve done such focus. Most about energy on lobbyists, but we fail to realise that some people who probably give him a two thousand now it must retain a but really if you want to have a real
focus on some something that, for men, talk about the fields of the companies that are making twenty five million hours and with the golden parachute. That's where the real problem is, and so we sort of created this red herring raises sort of the symptom of the problem, rather than address the problem in and of itself. So again, it's not that the lobbyists is a small lobbyists in summer lobby firms that are getting smaller tinkered, it's the people and some of the corporations are doing things that we should curb, and at least make sure that we fight back Jamie Harrison. Thank you for joining the programme we gotta take off now. I'm sure you do too, but thanks again end and best of luck to you. Thank you I really appreciate it and good luck on the podcast thanks ticker. Thank you. Beg you to mere people to judge and Jamie Harrison for during the votes. Today, we back on Monday, make sure do are reduced
Itunes subscribed to parts of the world and and have a great. We can start everyone next week.
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