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The U.S. confronts a madman with nuclear weapons as well as Kim Jong Un, and Trump picks a fight with McConnell. Then NARAL President Ilyse Hogue joins Jon and Dan to talk about litmus tests, and Ana Marie Cox discusses Sinclair Broadcasting's subtle propaganda. 

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imprudence number one enemy. It's a great episode upon the world, so check it out. Also, I will that letter leave it's gonna, be it outside lands up in Samara, Disco this weekend and Dan are you, are you can be a paneless? I will It can also breaks out about this. I've been careless category as its very, very, very tricky being a panel of some utterly with I now main lining lever to leave its argument, gone deposit, the rajah, accessible listening to like a backlog eleven or leave its recently to try to prepare for the scams yeah, I mean there's the rant wheel, you pretty good at you. Could you could gone quite a few ran that should be easy for the unhappy I'm hoping to get called under the rat. Well, Really the key is a lover leave. It is to just dumb just to speak up. Dont be afraid to speak up because otherwise level just talk. The whole time It's a lot like being on the Monday version of pod. Save America fix it again. It will be a good test to see if level listens to this ok. So, let's start with
then what you aptly titled on the outline, the song of fire and fury great game of drones, reference in triumph. So on Monday. We said that that Augustine was quiet until something crazy and unexpected happens, and here we are. Threatened by a madman with nukes and also Kim Jong on. Did you workshop that effective just does this morning, just on my drive over her eye, so this the current nuclear mishap again on Tuesday after the Washington Post reported, the North Korea has successfully miniaturized nuclear warhead so that its small enough to fit on it, ballistic missile very dangerous, I think some of this lay dead after the United States, the United Nations very stringent sanctions on North Korea. Additional sanctions pass the Security council fifteen O. So Now we are told by the New York Times at this news about the the miniaturized nuclear warhead. Put, our president trumpet. A confrontational mood was
description right before you, scheduled to deliver a statement on the opium crisis from his golf club in New Jersey. Instead of bearing with his national security team about wait. He should say in response to the story trumped decided to just wing at which you know totally makes it. When you're talking about a global nuclear crisis, and he said the following quote north a best not make any more thoughts, United States, they will be met. With fire in fury like the world, has never seen hoof. So, do let's start with what's the normal process for a statement like that, the musical things first, that please Wine is ever since, as happened, I've been nervous about two things: one dying and to have a real problem saying the word nuclear I say it wrong. I really don't know relish for at another they are in. Every time I do add are our. Is very helpfully remind me of that fact, and so I ve been practice
so I'm so gonna screw it up, and I may just use the term Intercontinental sickness or with plutonium, warships, incident of nuclear. Edward said that's what it is late. That's one too answer your question. The normal process for this would be the inner The agency would get the other. That means is that all the relevant now security agencies would be corner did by Russian. Enemy, HR, Mc Master, it would determined defence, the CIA, to unite the impact of the. U and the State Department may the darkroom national intelligence would get together decide what the appropriate responses it would be. In very specific careful language that would take you, do it all the various questions like what you know, what does it mean if we say this and then Kim Jong undoes this? What
text messages are sent to the Chinese. What did message send to the rest of the world to who are listening to this? How does it affect our various equities in the other thing we're doing. How does it affect our chance to get another? You and resolution and so would be a laborious annoying process, but a smart one in our world, but that would have meant probably would have started the the president never have gone out to take questions from the press without some process to screw too heavy recommended answer now. The president is that I was not a robot, he could change his mind, and so he could the rules on the different, but there will be a process to say this the consensus recommendation of your team of how to reproach us what you should say, and you would just be Wait you and be like, while get this scheduled event is basically a beard for my vacation so an amateur crushers amazing how I why'd you would talk about it in and think about part of a process and what I guess so
alarming about this is supposed to all feel better because trumpets higher general matters in general kelly- and maybe some with a better, more restless and I dont, but we have the people with experience, who are, we in this resolution the guard rules of government. They keep Trump from driving the bad car off the cliff and He doesn't even bother to listen to him in the single most important time you could possibly do that. And again we should say that the press, is that you just outlined is not some typical Obama over cautious type of Prague process right. This is a process that is it. You can ask people in the Bush administration what they would have done. I'm sure they would give it. The same answer is you just gave. The statement would be conceived same thing with the clinic illustration that the Reagan administration, that Carter Administration, indirectly every single president would go through. This kind of long process, in consultation with all of your national security officials, com
Relations with allies meetings, draft sign off all that kind of stuff. Every administration goes through this, except this one and this president, because he, I think fucking nuts. His. I think they probably we're in the middle of going through this process when they looked up from their nest and saw Trump on tv saying in and things and threatening nuclear. Armageddon against the world? like oh shit, I her here. We should put kiss that meeting happened in our debate The nice wishing you put on the airline is our real going to die, which, as you know, get we may Boucher STAR with Alan, but I think of me Fischer as a piece in New York Times where he sort of you know TAT, set down a little bit that the right now. So we read that if you want to be a little less scared also say that of course go. Listen the other item invented a good job on this. On yesterday's episode, but basically this point is couple things too Richard, whereas a little less one we
in threatening Korea for a long time, murmur Bush call them made them part of the axis of evil right before we Iraq. Also, there's been a lot of words so far, but fewer actions from the Trump Administration you're saying you know, start start worrying a little bit more if Trump moves thousands of troops from Guam to South Korea right now, it's all bluster and words right. There's also I don't know neither side has the incentive to escalate great now, North Korea, Oh, that this is a conflict they would lose and the? U S nose. We want of what a conflict that would risk nuclear attack on a major, I consider the least you know, I hope I hope Trump. To avoid that have to be That he does so you know it's obvious its meaning, what city it gets off as part of a lot of popular vote problem, but it's true. That's to Jerusalem! Sure that's crossing is mine, so the north Korean responds to this in Response
with Korea. Military said quote: some dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason, and only absolute force can work on him. He went to bed strong for playing golf, while quote failing to grasp the ongoing grave situation. I have to say not attended, disagree with that statement. The Dnc should higher. That is a good deal more frightening response from North Korea is they said that they are drawing up plans to launch for intermediate range ballistic missiles into waters near Guam. That would be the Moses, demonstrate by North Korea on American close to american territory in risk We could try to shoot the missiles down whether in the air who knows that would but yet that's where we are right now. That is where we are pretty scary. Any of these the cable news coverage of like all the importers have gone a long and the reporting from glum I've got the people glamour. Cheerless, fuck that your chest, Latvia, there is going about their lives, the likely ever when I worry about it owed or through aid. Here there are states, everyone is, you know,
buying, an emergency back and building a fallout, shelter at our house right now, good for them again maybe they're, not watching cable. Maybe that's why I've nights. I have been a little calmer about this because I haven't turned on CNN or MSNBC or or fox or anything. So I've just been turned red twitter, which you know that's fucking healthy enough, which you all twitter is more like. Sardonic and people are like tweeting means and making bunker jugs, you know which is sort of dark, but It's it's still better than the you like Cairo, blasted across the screen and the maps and the explosions in the music that they all have on an unseen and in the other places. So I will. I will defend cable news here, and I will this close once again, my then you do you work better dividends by sometimes cable goes too far Questions NOS ethernet goes too far and that the present generally goes too far. The difference being able in the rest of the press is really not that big indifference, bite
the United States, the North Korea has made a major advancement in their ability to launch nuclear. What and against United States, and the press had stayed said if he threatens me again, I will watch fire fury like the world has ever seen. Paisley threatening a pre, Emptive Nick striking is worth ramp, I think it's ok to time ago be time to take it to ten. It's. Fine, like you like that, The only reason and not take it to ten is if we were to live in a world except our present as a complete buffoon. Doesn't nobody saying in North Africa to act on his orders, which is possible? But if you just take at face value the United States for the prisoners who said that I think it's ok to be pretty alarmist in your coverage and then, when you read the had story out its, I wish I were ass, often ass. I was sought on twitter by about, basically, there are no checks and balances on launching into clear strike. Like the presidential. Does it? No one can stop up its own.
Jump says that you read that you realise that he's pretty insane you know, I'm ok, I'm ok with with the world being alarmed for for a period here, point taken point taken. I hear you say they will accept what the in response to Jonathan and peace. York magazine that was pretty smart, which is like an also scary, does prison trump goes out and says others cast off and then base the glee, the rest of the administration, is left to tell the world. Like you know pay, much attention to him. He sordid nuts hook tell us and goes out and delivers, Damon sang can should rest easy in sleep well, and I have to worry about this matter. Specifically relates the statement that re the red line. That true, drew when he said the. If they threaten again. He will reign down fire and fury and Madison. No, no, gonna be like if they attack, or they do this so
and then you know, administration sources are telling the posed in the times. O trump is in a bad mood. He was a little le usable and it was in an angry move, not that kind of stuff which you know chase had basically amounts to them. Sank. The president, as a weird old man who wonders in front of microphones, dump any attention to him, which is a very add state of affairs in the world where it is it's dangerous number one but number to the vote. This is how the world is looking at. The United States now, which is the present, the leader of the country goes and says something, and then they have to wait for the rest, the government to sort of clean it up like that, images our credibility and standing in the world in a way that I think is going. Quite a while to recover from if we can survive Trump the government seems to have had two responses to the things. The crazy things Trump says one. Is Ben way out of their way to try to make the crazy think he said
true and like build policy around like Trump says. There are millions of illegal votes, and so we're gonna start this motor suppression. Commission too just go, prove him to beat prove his bullshit thing to be true and then the other one is. He said this crazy thing and we're just gonna not do it right we're going out and it mean I really this one is: I'm really talk about this in, like in this what term I'm glad add the trumps his truck tweets commander in chief to its. We are going to. There should not be transgender troops and the military basely sayings and kick them all out, and the military just like nope, not doing that I'm glad because that's my policy preference right, I'm glad did they chose the thing I want, but there is something alarming about the military, each ass. They were you do we want to do you don't care what you we're gonna call your bluff and I think also in the North Korea cases is, though, I'm glad
they are just saying there are trying to say trumps error, as opposed to deciding that, because he said, did they have to prepare the missiles just in case Kim Jong, pops off again, but if it were, this is a very it's easy to get lost in how crazy we know with everything happened, but how crazy it is that the but the present says, is not taken seriously by his own government, It is a very unique and alarming situation that wherein- and I think that a lot of these government officials are walking a tightrope the military in sort of reform sing to respond trumps tweet on kicking out and Americans from the military. You know if boy they basically said, was well if he is. A formal directive right, the it like the present are supposed to, and he goes through the process in a week. Will follow his order, but we're not gonna.
Ordered by tweet, so None of them have completely resisted the command chief just yet there trying to find that space where they can. The bounds of what legal in what and the bounds of what legal in what their job, but to be so it's the tough any like a tough balancing act for those people but they're trying to man, I'm not so They feel sorry for a lot of them like Madison till her son and and you know Gary Conan de Nepal on all these people who were constantly told or saving us, even though we can't see it they're choosing to do this, but the are trying to figure out where they can push him, where they can push back on Trump and where they have to follow orders and its can't be fun I assume you referring to that amazing in excess of marine pollution to save America. I just can't, it's really omelette
We should all be re. If all we should all be thankful for all the people in the White House who are strike. Try. We can't We don't know the extent of the bad decisions and the bad things stopping from happening, but we should be grateful that therein they are trying address its. It's really. I need to change my morning Reading order because it really gets me wait. You worked up for Santa Maria first thing. I raid it's the first thing that comes in appreciate in itself, because I appreciate the brevity and like the two coverage they do when most of us like really great- and the morning why an easing of Gary Cone, Indiana power. This is really too much for me. It reminds that it's not just trump, that's the problem, but Washington and the Washington culture in general. I always think about leave it this town when I read that
This is not just the trumpets like the the journalists politician, establishment vortex in Washington, that you know it tries to protect certain people. Let me say one more thing: an ax. Yes, there is a line and never says republic. Congressional leaders want when any profiles encourage receding after tromp, but almost all could move against the present. A special council bipolar finds crimes. The presence becomes comes a radical instincts, yet it could I yes, obeyed technically could, in the sense that they are sentient human beings, and that is an option bye, but I call bullshit on that. I we have our thinking, the facts to It suggests that they will roll over in Serbia, of tax cuts for the wealthy, and so I am very. Never to be politically irksome this morning. So we talk about the administration response, resides about the regular media, the traditional media response. Now it's like what the mega media response
Gorka was running around all those crazy networks calling the? U S, not just a superpower, but a hyper power, drawing all kinds of comparisons to the cuban missile crisis and said we to come together and support. The commander you ve, no matter what this line was repeated by people all over Fox John Hannity. He treated in of dangerous North Korea threat, I'm stopping all petty political disagreements, Farley's twat next twelve hours. Are we so lucky shown? How did we thank you for blessing us about? Well, and because he too, he attack Mr Cot. All five hours were trigger care to very shortly, give it you do it. You didn't law some version of this. We have to get behind that Mandarin chief and help him, as he is dealing with this, and so there shouldn't be any disagreements in any criticisms whatsoever again, a fight with therefore Bush betrayed her mark teeth on bitter who started like tacking Obama. Out of nowhere, I made some joke about Twitter on Twitter
Twitter is really useful in a nuclear crisis and he was like it was Obama's fault that wherein this north korean mess right now. What are you talkin about? Dude again, they first has, the nuclear weapon. When George Bush was president, like not blame him for that, but like what are you, what are you doing and then, of course, hero like how? But we all too great a united support, the president. While he deals with this crisis. Ok Murkison, when Obama was deciding to go into whether to attack Syria and deal with ices you're on Fox NEWS me in front of him for golfing. So, just off the mark, he's presence on the Washington post at it up at bay, This is proof that Jeff basis, is not infallible which is the second Bush betrayed her. The call more legal person should have a common wash unopposed Merkel. Dzierzon is a wonderful writer and a very reasonable person. Even though I disagree with a model, our things Martinez just move anyway,
Mark Michael Michael Garrison as they want of a writer, and here we agree with him more than the average Republican, but I would mark a decent. Has terrible opinions in he writes terribly is what I would do much happier like for as much as I dont, like George will, when he was that age he was at least an interesting writer adds up. It's in. I took me off, all of the caution I possibly could in self restraint to not jumping to know your twitter fight with them are workable I don't even know why bother, but it was a disease this is the basically the message coming out from the the mega media here that they're gonna were that, no matter what from does no matter what he says, what action he takes. They're gonna support em. Which is alarming because you know That means that most Look and voters Bobby over half a republican voters. If not more or also gonna support him- and you know-
This is in back to should we go into Iraq or not are their weapons of mass destruction are not working and about like first like a nuclear war is here like, I uses its it's so scary and so responsible on behalf of this meeting. There is an argument we made in times of national crisis that the country should come together right. Sometimes that argument is good. Sometimes it's bad. Why me? there was one of the weight reasons we ended up in Iraq. Was this view we had to it- was unpatriotic to question the present. I had states after nine eleven and Democrats, many of them rolled over in that in environment boy? If you're gonna make that argument? If, if the tromp is decided. I and his team is decided, I'm gonna be. Presidential. We a wartime presidential leader, and I want to try to rally the country to my side. You promise
we don't want to go go in the middle of it in who you prefer, don't want to wake up in the morning in retreat in internet pull that It suggested that you are a better present, President Obama. So what this is take which one you want to do like I am all for dissent in tabling this. We should we should have that, but if you're going take the path of calling for unity. You have to act like a unified. You can't be the norm. We'll everyday asshole that you are added. At the same time, myths gets right. That's correct, Thus I would the homefront a little bit. One piece of news? There was completely sort of age. Disappeared in all this North Korea, it with forward for good reason with all the North Korea crisis happening. Is there the washing oppose report yesterday that, a week ago, the FBI, rated parliament, affords house of course
to get a warrant do that. You need probable cause for crimes that for us and we seen probable cause, and metaphor was already handing over documents which is that the right, happened because he wasn't being cooperative or they think he's trying to hide stuff. And some people are saying that what their, what the affair I wanna do is do maybe they'll man afford on an unrelated case and hope that helps raid on the russian collusion case. Simply, big deal not every day that presents former campaign managers has gets rated by the FBI. I remember that happening to plug. It did not happen upon the Every there's some interesting things about this. I guess two things, one right after this happened. This could be coincidence could be coincidence, but who went on a tree storm against Andrew Mc Cave. Who was there by the time, it may still be the acting director. The FBI
accusing him a partisan, biases wife ran for Congress and raise money from Democrats, including term call a friend of the islands. But it was right after this rate happens, which some people for his question did trump know about this, and then this morning Fox NEWS, has an email that trumps attorney, not crazy, J Sokolow but John DOE, one of these new serious people that tromp his hired to handle. This shows the Trump note the EMA between the Wall Street Journal reporter who run about this and attorney suggests that trumps attorney knows a lot about the circumstances of this the circumstances the warrant everything so this trumpeted notches Lord about this, yet yesterday they before when the rest of us learn about it yet now for some time and the same thing we're getting little little over there, but it just goes to show that, like you know this, this is just some fishing expedition without some kind of,
larger goal or preserve or are evidence here, You know you need. You need probable cause to get a warrant like that, and so Mahler more thinks he's something so we shall see in speaking, from lashing out on twitter start little fight with Mitch Mcconnell yesterday? That is that has gone into today because of course, Trump Likes had dragged his own too many new cycles as possible as well started with Mcconnell was in Kentucky has given us, each and he and some ass about, but whether impasse health care is it. You know, I think Trump had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. So, as you noted earlier this let Hannity to tweet to Mcconnell Europe. Week, spineless leader, who does not keep his word and need to retire. Very subtle next day. Danske Aviano former caddy turned social media director in the White House.
On twitter more excuses must have needed another four years, in addition to seven to repeal in Place Obamacare Hash drain the swamp and then hours after school vena. We had Trump tweet, something which Mcconnell many tweed again today is true. Today was: can you believe that Mitch Mcconnell, who has screamed, repeal and replace for seven years, couldn't get it done? What do we think about those Dan whose whose right here whose ahead are we taking in this or let me quote, near town supporter and one time keeping sixteen hundred guest Glenn thrust One could argue that trumps strategy with Kim Jong IL is a lot more say in a strategy with much Mercato. That's great gun here's. What the that is perfectly set for one thing: the use of the term strategy There is no strategy here. This is just an angry man, Latvia, the others, no strategy, I have to say, like drop Trump, had a polite bow
Second, after seven years, you couldn't figure how to get it done yet, seven years to figure out how to replace, repeal replace Obamacare like either. You know that's right, that's right! Also, I don't feel beverage Mcconnell Mitch, Macao has been such a fucking enabler of this president for so long sword deserves it gonna. Let me very clear. I also do not feel bad for mature economies ever back from its gas. That is not, as not mine, said about look. The ring Tromp is right in some ways and wrong and others. The ways in which these right is mutual collar, Republicans spent seven years a hundred repeal and try to handle replace over lunch. So no wonder in the plan failed at but trot was also present in the United States with the presidential candidate, and he D could have had a healthcare plan. He could have done something as president to try to pass this because the exact same time it's Mcconnell, was engaged in a failed half ass strategy to read
to re. Imagine one sixth of the economy. Trump was picking a fight with his own attorney general on Twitter drop, never rally for this bill. He never stopped for it. He didn't go on give speeches he didn't meet with doctors and nurses and insurance executives and pharmaceuticals, like all the stakeholders, didn't do anything to do that. He just said it he's. Basically here This was involved in the Republican. To pass trump care as I was in the warriors championship run. I sat at home, I tweeted about it I was happy when they wanted mad when they loss, but that's it do. He confused health insurance for life insurance, he said he Health insurance was what he saw a commercial during Foxen friends, which was twelve dollars a month, and then you build up over time and you get lucky. He did. He didn't even know health insurance was that's like you have been helping, We didn't know how the jars and life insurance Medicare from
gave me it's so for accurate. Who is it who wrote the piece about tromp falling for all? It was a marriage, other jade, all the scene, scams on Fox NEWS commercials Next, we're gonna be the by gold You know he's not he's calling up he's column, the gold number in the middle of the night and he's he's he's fine, a bunch of buildings asking them to ship it to the White House. He wants to make. Sure you must make sure he's buying survival kits is he's getting out, you'd be he's he's ordering others Alex Jones Health supplements instance, it's crazy that shall not sure the eyes of advocates. His is a ilin foreign producers. That's true! That's true! We're gonna have workin of cricket media branded survival, cuts for this, so what sort of some of the consequences of Trump Whacking Conall here I mean fear quickly. He probably needs Mcconnell fur for tax reform. He wants to keep the Republicans together on that again. They need to do.
It's going to be any easier than healthcare reform, but maybe a little bit easier because all Republicans love giving tax cuts to rich people, but still a challenge here sort of needs Mcconnell on board, for if my decides to recommend impeachment charges to Paul Ryan image. Mcconnell, probably some on his side, though, pointed out. I'm sure I'm sure there be there because God knows that can stand up to whom it Jake Sherman from political, playback tweeted. It's tough to overstate how bad of an idea is for the present commission, Connell's bedside. Yeah, and I understand that argument. In theory it may, this work is smart and he's mean but it's not clear to me what he's going to do differently because too, tweeted him, then he otherwise, what? going to try to pass tax reform. Will you trump from kid use. Mitra Connell's, dad of killing J F K could attack the works.
Mcconnell's wife? He still gonna do that. There is no red line. That is gonna stop Mcconnell from trying to pass trumps it. Right now I dont inherited the Russia sanction. So it's good idea in the sense that its way did energy and time we hate like you drop. It has a is under criminal investigation most his family and a criminal investigation. The his White House staff is still in disarray and approval rating is swirl on the bottom of the toilet air. So it feel like this is just a wise thing to do it's. Would it be hit you like the Middle WAR war to the? U S, ticket invading the United States, big. Just makes no sense, but I don't know what the actual consequences are right. Just another thing for all of us to adjust smack our heads over ok. When we come back, we we talking too narrow Joe coming away POD save America,
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On the blood today we are very lucky to have the precedent of narrow. Pro choice, America's Elise Hoag we welcome the pod for having me most, we wanted, talk to you money the things about this abortion litmus test controversy. That's popped up over the last few weeks, so this ordered Wynn, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Representative Ben radio Hon said there is not a litmus test for democratic candidates. As we look at Kennedy across the country, you need to make sure you have candidates that fit the district that can win in these districts across Amerika. What do you think he meant by that? And what's your response well I mean, I think, you'd have to ask him what he meant by that, but I think that what we are been dealing with is a lot of straw. Men well need to be dispensed with gonna win this election cycle and why
Those is that Democrats are gonna win if they ran and high choice candidates. There is a very significant difference in the way people think about themselves as being pro life there sort of personal opinion about what they were doing their own personal life and being hi choice, which means that you're gonna legislate your own personal ideology on your constituents, the antennae choice, division always of moving wine and guess what profile people have no one will been welcome in the Democratic Party, but have been in the Democratic Party for ever and without a problem has nineteen eighty, which is the first year that abortion rights was part of the Democratic Party platform? So kind of much ado about nothing. There is adequately seven had Americans identify as being in support of legal access to abortion. It should read states its term blue states, its true, that a majority of Rincon Power, republican support, legal access to abortion and
reality, a pro life individual say they don't want to government making that decision. It out running candidates that match their district. This is not a challenge. Democrats to win the necessary consensus to put them over them Jenny victory and election and, in fact, You're gonna alienate more voters who actually are super. Armed about. What's going on in the country right now by telegraphing that they're giving ground on them, then they stand to gain It's an interesting distinction that you have between Someone who may be have a certain view in their personal life, but not want to impose on others and people who have who may not would vote in a certain way if they got to Congress. Wherever asked I guess the question I would have for you is in a hypothetical call situation where the voters of a district. You know Montana North Dakota, whatever you know one of these states that we have a shot of winning the demo
primary voters picked a candidate who Why is the sort of thing Now that you ve been concern about about that, each of us, the funding they did- and it was a choice, then, between a Republican or this Democrat your view that each of us should not support that person. You know I think that is also I hypothetical. That's not useful dealing with right now, right now, the Democrats should be focused on finding about candidates and every single district that reflect the core values of democratic and fling voters, of which this is why I think that, at the end of every single election cycle Dan, we see candid who fall short, undemocratic, pretty principles in every Irene. I happen to be talking to you from Colorado, Colorado, Eighty three percent pro choice, state Democrat: turning in Colorado, heavy heart or time defending the Democratic party position on gone right than they do on choice and yet were not actually talking about gun right and of Commerce,
Asia is far out of the twenty eighteen cycle, and so I think what we need to be focused on saying we're gonna find candidates that are the best and breathing or district every cycle Always gonna have a handful that fall short of our values, be it on climate change, gun safety and going out. Any one issue right now is not worth the message that it tends to the war constituency the base of the Democratic Party that are, we men who need to know that Democrats have our backs right now. Yet you said it was much ado about nothing and it got me thinking like part This controversy seems to be partly media driven and partly, and by like Sir Silly, not very sharp answers from the Detroit chairman on you know, like I dont know, because I kept reading his statement as like. I can't if he's saying like like I obviously
but the Dietrich to go round funding in primaries that are really funded primers anyway, like pro life candidates right, I was wondering if it was what Dan was saying witches say you get the point the general election, where you have you know an anti choice, Democrat an anti choice, republican, but the anti choice, Democrats, liberal and a whole bunch of other issues, and maybe even more liberal, on choice or more more pro choice, then the Republican then as Democrats. Don't we want to support that candidate make sure the Republican gets an. Even though that can it's not our best choice, yeah book, I think very We have a number of dynamic that play right here. I think I'm last weekend boy Waigel published a piece in Washington Post that basically would like I'm a reporter. You guys have media problem. There is no doubt that putting a little more thought and how these answered come out of the mouths of democratic leaders right now would go a very, very long way. I think that fact that they have an actually invested
the thing about ahead. I answer these questions strategically and do some basic media training that you know why, the thing pivot, guys pivot. You now that that something to pay attention to, especially at a time we're not only is base activated around women's rights, specifically, but also priorities. Usa, Paul poll showed that the drop off voters that we need to win and twenty eighteen for women two issues driving them to the polls in twenty eighteen or health care and abortion rate. So the Democrats, need these women. When and these women need to know the Democrats had their backs something you ve got a media training problem, but I also think that there is absent we no doubt that the job he loves story ran a real that they love the story. I mean they want to dampen the three story. Of course they do, but the reason they loved this story is because they know if they cleave women from or
not even leave women from the Democratic Party, but even dampen the enthusiasm of the largely female bees to make phone calls to knock on the door that that goes is proportionately, Giorgio P victory and twenty eight in further certainly stroking the fires. I didn't you know the challenge that I have is when people say No all that, so why don't you just type down rape? Women must be told to pipe down, and the answer to that is a job to do. I remember represent, an be will. Actually I can help the Democratic Party here Ray we're trying to have them. Take a real look at the data, the analysis and the messaging that is gonna, build the necessary coalition and the necessary enthuse. Them when, in twenty a tin- and I would love nothing more than to move pass this- Billy conversation as we move into the fall so that we can keep our eyes on the prize. I think
you hit on a very important point. Here is one of the things that we ve heard, from you know, either our listeners or people we know and our lives about. This is no one, went out and said, while we're gonna support programme candidates or anti immigration candidates or whatever else in that. Like Eu Guy, like your organization and some of your memory, understandable right to be angry, that this was the one issue that was singled out curious if you know experience. Does it really matter who the chair, the EU policy is because Nancy Pelosi runs that each people say, as the leaders tend to do have you heard anything from leader policy or that eatable see to try to contextual eyes. These remarks are put it in contacts in a way that makes you feel more comfortable where this is going anywhere and cut sink. Irritation whether all of leadership and I you know, I think that they appreciate not just that we have a drought job to do, but that we bring significant power to the table. I mean we are,
I mean we are one of the largest membership organization for actively growing. We mobilise really hard for the candidate, sets them values? And- and I you know I do your appreciation on not, I think that they are. They are working to others the concerns and get it right, and I think the sooner we can do that the more unity well have in terms of winning an atm. When, when candidates and in the determined people that get this question from a porters, you know their their organs get some version of the question. Ok, should there be a litmus test candidates on abortion. What other litmus test should there be? Should there be a litmus test on single pairs? They be litmus test on gun right right. Did it? with the right answer. Here is to say, look If you want to know what the Democratic Party stands for look of the Democratic Party platform right, we are unequivocally pro choice. We believe common sense right, like you, just go, go through the the platform itself and then say that's what we're hoping for. That's were fighting for. That's it. We
they're. All of our candidates who are running out when I really rare, I think, he's attacked herself into being the chair of the deed, triple see. John kind of way when I use your country is what even those who are assertive not wholly with within the carcass are moving in that direction. Right right, there is unanimity on not deepening clam parenthood. There was a unit Germany among the democratic carcass, I'm full scale, reproductive health services, including abortion, for victims of trafficking. Then the three is actually moving in. The direction of of the democratic on this, and what we don't want is the Democrats to move in the opposite direction of the country at a time where this issue is Three four, you don't seem like a very old debate ray I mean I I saw that even mature the pact pulling had fifth
six percent of white working class voters, pro choice and another twenty two percent are more pro choice than not only thirty. Three thirty four percent were pro life, so in you you pointed this out its This is it. This is an issue dividing the party or even really dividing America, like the vast majority of archives. In order for the consensus is clear on this and guess what any person out their voting solely to risk women from accessing and is never gonna vote democratic for tourism, one they ve, always gotta. Better choice on the GEO P cited the ballot and, to date on agree with us on most anything else, because really strict and high born adherence aren't about abortion at all. They would join hands without them safer contraception and the kind of policies that support working moms if they were, but they dont do any of them. Right. It's a clash of ideological worldview and the extreme right, you're, never gonna win on this issue. They have their own candidate.
Interest or listeners understand what the stakes are in this debate, how badly our approach was policies under attack today in this country really bad. I mean, I think, this election was a wake up call because then the sergeant enchieved joining forces with one of the most extreme anti choice. Politicians reversing my pants, but abortion access, specifically I'm from taxes, which is ground. Zero for these rights is, though, though, difficult, particularly, if you're not economically well off, that at polling, independent researcher, who will diving keeping Google analytics, came up with the conclusion that was actually an ancillary conclusion of primary conclusion was that America is more racism. We like to admit, based on Google,
certain events. Larry conclusion is that we are living in the middle of a crisis of self induced abortion and the scorched earth approach by the extreme anti choice. Movement has been very effective in electing their own people to date. Have this in Congress has led to things like happen under my parents were closed, women's reproductive healthcare clinics across the state, and what did we see into the number of abortions go down? We did see the number of self induced abortion God. We also saw spike in HIV. That's that it was like a pandemic in part for the states, and we also saw women able to access less prenatal care. Therefore, Bertha Outcomes and and maternal outcomes went down not about abortion.
It's just not about abortion. Like you said, that's an old debate and we can't be fooled by what this extreme minorities we'll agenda is in thinking that we're going to negotiate with them in some kind of common agreement. We don't need to. We are the majority, we have a consensus and we don't actually stand for anything may stand, for good to keep in mind as we look ahead to twenty eighteen and two and twenty twenty elite. Thank you so much for joining us. We really appreciate you taken the time. Thank you. Gonna ban at my pleasure argue the correct. Go anywhere, responsive America and there's more on the way. POD save America has brought it I me John good guys we Tommy John. We do their underwear, undershirts and socks. Her life changing, but we ve talking about them since we launched crooked media this week, I'm John wanted us to let our listeners do some of the talking
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go bags. I have. I have done that we're just gonna that we're Dynamo Cricket media branded survival cats leave. I would for that is that you should tell cricket anyone define Intrepidity terms, go back a fact that I am panicking entrap adjusted terms. So weird North Korea. We talked about the the mega media response to all this. Once I do there's a pole. There is reference in the Washington Post today done by two political scientists, they basic, at six point. Fifty people who identify or lean as Republicans astern bunch questions here, thee, startling results. Forty seven percent believe Trump. When the popular vote sixty percent said millions of illegal immigrants voted. Seventy percent said. The voter fraud happens somewhat are very often and fifty two percent that they would support. It I'm suggestion to pay pony, be twenty twenty election
a country can make sure that only eligible citizens can vote. I think it's really cute that used to find a startling yeah, I'm a mean yeah goods. What is the use of the term of our these days? Shocked, but not surprised. I have a couple thoughts about this One is that yes, it's its startling to hear, but another thing is that we oppose that is really raise a question about like what should people be pulling yeah? I don't know because I, I had the feeling and erase share this or not, but every time someone did in if, in the field of pole, about Obama being a, U S, citizen, they were making the problem. Worse as they were giving people to people that, even though that was an option right, there is some group of people out there, probably that have even heard Bertha conspiracies, but had feelings about Obama. So, if you ask them, is he
American Citys are not there like, oh wow. I guess I didn't realize that there is a conspiracy theory. I could be buying into how the pull the political nerd term, for this is push point. Its others, also there's like more aggressive push bowling, but this is like a kind of like Saddam, more subtle push bowling. I think, with this postponing the election thing you probably are running into some group of people who didn't even realise that was an option. You know you haven't even been thinking in those terms, but now you ve, given them the opportunity to accept trump? As a you know, authoritarian more literally, so the poorest embrace it and in the other news, is sort of like you know, Trump voters tromp right, I mean you like that are seen as headlines all the time, at some point, will be- will stop running them. A gas in Ireland, just innocent just about Trump too it's about report again, voters in general and in partisanship, You know these voters are just like that
people when they respond to some of these Paul's they just there. There is a knee jerk partisanship that you know, causes them to answer one way or another, and I know I have talked about this on the show before, but it's always worth it bears repeating. You know. Social science tells us that this tribalism is how people come to develop beliefs, its they pick a tribe first and then they accept the drew. The beliefs of that tribe, so of course you know we're gonna say that Trump, when the popular vote cause. That's like the republican position on some level right, not officially, not establishment, Republicans, not certain, seen Senate reply begins. But Is this since I ask because this Are you getting the same since I am? The republican party is just moving to backdrop. Lake there's like this in the republic kind of high and dry and away, and the party
establishment, like the actual, are in sea and rank and file. Voters are really leaving him right. Are you really leaving him yeah yeah? I know what I mean it's tough. I seen like conflicting poles and some poll that shows like that. There may be some base erosion. I that there's a pole New Hampshire, the other day that had cassock versus trumpeted twenty twenty primary had case at fifty two and trumpet forty, but then there is another new Hampshire Paul where you know more than most Rep, look were still supportive of tromp, even though he's sitting it thirty six percent evil overall state. Why me as part of it is that people who still call themselves republican are going to support trump. I mean, I think, that one of the things it's happening right is that people, like my husband people who considered himself a Republican until last summer tromp- was a reason. He no longer calls himself a republican, great people.
Still do like his parents are just, further and further into that in reality, it is being fortified by it alternate no media universe, that tells them this this act story that the pole, you no kind of bears out amount is only getting worse and story. This week There does Sinclair Broadcast group which is in their mega media outlets plans to by forty two local stations from Tribune media, which will allow it to reach seventy two percent of yours households. We ve done this for a while, but the news was that is double that double the legal cap of thirty nine percent, and the reason they can go over. That cap is thanks to the approval from the FCC chairman, the Trump elevated this year this to me is the story kind of flies under the radar? Is he a pop up every once in a while John Oliver did a piece on it. We read about developments, but
Claire reaching seventy two percent of the? U S violation yours households through law. Gold, television news which is the kind of news that people I not think is ideal logical one where the other they just expect to get their local news what's going on, and so too like suddenly have that, be, conservative or not even been slowed down by trying to terminate, I deserved it, but it's in information to like it out if they are to actively lying to peep model, I mean I don't. I don't mean that I am not exaggerating right there. Shown this Claire media when they send out these pre put together packages for their local new stations to show like their dino propaganda for the Trump Administration and they are not in a representative of reality. The child, or did did do this whole thing about and what's really sneaky, have been dimension, which is that it's not like
choosing this alternate reality like the people who watch Fox news, you know they ve chosen to get their information from what they already know too. As someone who they might not tickets they might think is still reality, but they know it's conservative right. They may that choice with Sinclair, like people are making choice to get their information from a conservative, biased point view there just think they're. Turning on a local news, like you, said, Andrea and they see Borscht Epstein, who I can just Labrador accepts that. That's all I can do look. I this this is very alarming at all, like, in a short term view its very alarming that people are going to oh no mainly as you put it point out, will be exposed to what is essentially state sponsored propaganda. So that's all It also to me said Jasper, a longer term.
Trend that sort of the way in which we think have thought about it. Goes on for a long time. This sort of coming to an end, and that is the idea that is all independent arbiters of facts. In news Is it always like going back to the old days of you know like the Hearst's? Am I partisan broadsheet newspapers and pamphlets Every everything has some sort of the exception to the rule will be the wedding. Your time to Washington Post are now and most, everything else will be a place where people gather for ideals news from it'll, be like tribal newsletters, basically to turn a torture, the tribal tried metaphor: The question is: will they be overt, or will they be subtle You know where they are not even subtle, but will they tried? A lot of people say that its objective? really it's a bunch of propaganda, which seems far more insidious right in because That's? Why I'm here,
That's insidious, indifferent, because it that people are making the choice. Right I mean that's p, at least when they choose right wing media outlets. Today, like they know their rejecting something earthward, they you can, you can aren't, you can actually get them did to admit their rejecting another world view right. They may not think that will do is valid, but there in acknowledging that it exists, whereas if it's subtle, you're out soaking in it kind of thing. I think it's harder to even find a point of entry for a conversation early
it's not great goes pod cast, though man. Those are gonna be. Oh and texture. Textures also really good thing to Romania's eons going about their border unless opposite, rather than the little shut up out of motorways, hooded who'd, you of honor who'd, you have on the show. I have over grant we're talking in this in these trying times that it may not seem like a super super in urgent thing, but we're talking about puncture and racism, I'm gonna be tough, to the woman that wrote the Big New York magazine story about toxic? adult novel, twitter kind of calling out in dragging it happens over insufficient willingness, which is interest of interest to me. Insufficient weakness is as definite thread in there with friends like these catalogue, then I get to talk to someone who are really trust
as matters which is IRA Madison. The third who, I think you guys know as well. We love our heads lovelier about you. I'm here I just gave its ten I'm here That is our mind. Our guys, we're gonna finish our work or fourteen year saw Minnetaki, but that article is fascinating and I'm excited about that conversation that I wanted to try and answer. Wonderful one. Other point: Irina, local news thing: it's not just worse Epstein. They also choose what we call where local news is away and conservative and waterways they know they depleted leads, but crime car grounds, the Astor. Well, what are they gonna cover? They gonna cover raids against children being deported. Are they going to cover crimes by undocumented people right so it's already happening and that'll get worse. Can I see your point on this too, which is that one thing that happens when you have seventy two percent of the stations in households reach by these people They also homogenous news to write and they nationalize everything,
that can mean that people have an experience in our own backyards that they based think is out of step with the rest of the world and for vase that maybe maybe just them? Things are bad in their their hometown bit but hey like things are happening or great elsewhere at a like. This is this decision. And resentment that I think just feed something like the trump phenomenon. So it's bad we greens, bad. We don't I get everybody. I guess that's everything for today we recover it all. You want, as being all very junior high Dan Dan is guy jogger we always reading. We did it. We want to talk about idea. Well, will now it's an armchair, the music going in Riga. So it's fine, a guy named ITALY's for joining US legs out of Mary Cox, Dan Pfeiffer, John loved, for coming in the whole family. There we'll see you guys you what, if we don't die, what's aren't you next week and I'll see you tomorrow, then.
If we don't die if everyone by us.
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