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Trump looks for any kind of win before the 100-day mark, pushes Trumpcare 3.0, and proposes big tax cuts. Then, Pod Save the People host DeRay McKesson joins Jon and Dan to talk about his new podcast and the future of the Resistance.

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Blue apron better way. Amerika Welcome Deposit America, John Bathroom Andean Pfeiffer, in the studio, piracy is looking for. Is the first thing we ve done is in the positive area here, as we did at once during the Cuban. Sixteen hundred, that's right so nice to have you here in LOS Angeles D. I think the real test of this is we'll find out. If normally, when I interrupt you, it's because the cellphone delay, or that I'm just rude I say I never noticed the euro to me, I'm probably just talking over you on the positive way we're gonna be calling the host of cricket meat is newest, podcast pod save the people during the crescent I'm gonna be joining us yet so, if you haven't subscribed, raise podcast gone. I do Do it now
the first episode will drop Tuesday so we're very excited, but that we intend to do about the pod a little bit later. Also, of course, subscribed parts of the World with friends like these, love it or leave it. You know the drill, but the and, of course, Passive America just listen subscribe that helps. Ok, then So we are here. We have one day, two days left until the hundred days mark and possibly an impending government shut down, but maybe not so much anymore. I don't know what do you think This morning, I woke up and keep track of all those here. There's no way the garments of shut down which means the government's going shut down its hard to figure out it's happening here. It seems like the what was going to make it passed, for the government to shut down was a fight over the wall which Tromp has surrendered, that is why, in culture and in the base will allow the
upset lot lot. Rush Limbaugh was very upset about those Ali property best, but we service on this coming right, like what a cock look he's cocked. He gave in and Nancy Policy a meal said those on Monday, which is, I thought that he would, he's going to try to say that we got some border security money in the funding bell and then call that a win but just sort of point on the wall. Do you the walls ever gonna get built? Now, though, I was never going to be built, it won't be built, it won't be paid by Mexico will be paid for by any one year. Then there will be no wall. It just doesn't seem like the Republicans in Congress or Enough Republicans in Congress or supporting note, knowing arms. It probably would get built unless Democrats, this filibustered wherever, but it doesn't seem like they're they're. All that are too like he's an idiot. You know like, oh when he says the wall. The wall is just sort of a symbol for border such a rush hour task for just a native eschew are so they were gonna
over the wall that didn't happen and then Democrats we're gonna, try to get subsidy fun. Hang Obamacare subsidy funding into the bill to so that Trump couldn't so that the insurance markets, instant melt down it doesn't seem like gonna get that the democratic to get that into the funding bill. But yesterday the truck ministration said that they would continue to pay those cities. For now, which me it seems like they just want to continue to hold the insurance markets hostage. For some future leverage internet. It, sir. Whether a couple thankfulness wine cocked once again? real rocky weak, Legato drawn up and the same, it is their basely grain to just do what the law says: XO kudos to them, it's real when yeah, but also anthem one of the largest insurers came out and said: if we did not get this money, we would pull out and at which, we too made rejected premiums up. Twenty percent off
a problem so which trumpet then myself they They think think they have literature, they do not use it. Tweet this morning, now he's I so many. So many he's trying to frame this as democratic shut down the government, unless I pay, their insurance companies, who were there, donors and bail them out like such a weird tortured kind of explanation here, yet you know who are not big democratic support, each fritz comfort me. Yes, that is correct. And it also using or in the fact that making these payments is actually what allows people to have a choice of insurance companies or to have any insurance whatsoever. Because, like we said, if he doesn't hey this money No one will have choices for no one on the market and the exchange market will have a choice of insurers available at the south, so that that I mean there's so much going on with. Like did, I think them? We understand what's happening now with Trump and the White House as they approach this hundred days. The stupid art
shall hundred days marker is they have done in themselves is important, and so they trying to be a they're trying to get some kind of win out of this so that when Saturday arrives they can say? Look we negotiated some deal or we stop the government across from shutting down the government which do not really trying to do or ITALY they just on a wine here, and it is a matter what the winners they just like. They do not care at. This point mean David audience of one right: it s, Donald Trump. There isn't there, and unlike whoever's, watching flags in France, the ass which is probably what they want. They want. Facts are furthest EVA Windsor Donald Trouble, TAT, he had a win and he won't fire. Everyone here, in two thousand and nine, when we were facing down the barrel of a hundred days right eye member telling a reporter. That hundred days was a hallmark holiday to totally fake fake, and, despite that, we you, you can't
boarded the press will cover. It was really stupid. The public does not care. Can we give some economic speech somewhere yeah we did. What we did in barracks, vomitings, but of the stimulus was divided into three parts was set on a hundred say that your endorsed our university distortions views. I think we are probably still tugged struggling to sell the stimulus. I think we need to have prime time press conference did. We might have done that, but ages to show. I can barely remember right what we do on our around the hundred days. Mark I mean it is an artificial, the difference for us, as we had so many accomplishments at the time it was just like. How do you sort that? How do you rank them? How do you get them all covers? It's it's a bit of difference scenario. If it's true, that's too, you know had passed a giant recovery. Bela Financial Rescue package. We are well on the way to pass in Wall Street reform. We started in the motor industry saving the honorary lighted at right back a regulation as don't tell never there now later that was later like in
the recovery ACT there's like massive investments in education, renewable energy. So there is a lot. There is a lot that this is the point we did so much conditions have here. That's right. We needed a better message now according to according to brag about so. Yes, there I mean I thought: politico had the story again: the education of Donald Trump, quite a long story, but quite good about down. Transfer hundred days an office and sort of how he sees the presidency and one point they had made for small. First of all, it had been a story like Donald Trump OWN Aids or hiring their own pr people to get there stories out because they're all fighting each other, and so there, like the press, people hiring press people themselves, he meets with drudge. Sometimes meet with dredging the oval office matters, which is just really comforting. One point: the stew the industry has other than winning. What does Trump really want? That? Did that sort of To his whole, I mean a lot of questions like who he'd be when he got into office like? Is he some?
authoritarian is, he has hidden fascist? Is he gonna be more democratic, more republican? And I don't think the truth is Trump really does have any believes he hasn't believe anything except winning once winning anyone's like short term. Wins too. You know, which is, I strikes me that it was so it's so opposite of the style of Barack Obama right- who was I dont, want to TV. I dont want to read the press too much because I dont want to be focused on whose up whose down short, term wins. The new cycle I wanna be focused on the long game and, if I get Ding right now because I did something then like so be it we can't just be. We can't be reactive, every single that this is the complete opposite of that Look I'm in their turn a multitude of differences between Barack Obama, Trump, obviously programme oh really likes wedding and he hates losing further additive. What's nay, I don't wanna give anyone that present right. I once saw him get super competitive over a game of north basketball me out of also he he's a very serious matter, but there
difference and motivating factor right trump. Wants to win because he wants the praise that comes from will from winning to filled the deep whole with insecurity in his life rock about in some ways competing with himself right. He doesn't really like he. Praise doesn't like criticism like any normal human being, but eighteen, didn't need the praise to continue functioning in the way that trumped us. I think that's true it's also a question of short term versus linoleum right. The rag Obama sat there in thought. I may take a lot of you right now, but what history, going to say five years from now about the decisions I making right now. Trump is low They just trying to get to the next morning slots and friends and CNN and MSNBC and figure out. If he can, he is letting the media basically setting agenda for him, which the difference and they like one of his senior administration, official, seven, a story quote on healthcare trump. Just why
design a bill. He didn't necessarily care what it said and he would never a word. He wouldn't care at anyone have read it. He would have had no idea. I mean you, ve said this several times some were porter. Just ass, Tromp Palace Healthcare plan works or how is taxed brain works? He would he would. Drool himself into a pile of spittle like Zella give if, if a bunch of liberal snuck into the white house- and I took over the roles that like Steve, Bannon and Jared Kushner have liked interim to know it and presented him with like single pair healthcare bill. He probably wouldn't know and he'd sign it negligently as rapporteur. He has no principles, you know, and so he's just he doesn't. He is no care in the world. Was in this healthcare bore it now, which brings us to the healthcare boldness Trump care. Three point: zero. At this point you know zombie trump care, wealth, I saw your fuckin wealth Karen Hashtag on Twitter yesterday, despite all of our best efforts. This is sub. How sticking with some
Small segment of the population is very active on social media Sullivan Fun anymore. To do it when love it's not here is it just gets him, and so the new bill is basically just the old bill. With an amendment on it that allows states. To let insurance companies discriminate against people with pre existing conditions, which means they can charge whatever they want. If you have anything from cancer has meant a diabetes to being pregnant. Right now the affordable, correct says. Insurance companies cannot treat people with these conditions differently. You cannot charge them differently. This amendment would says. States can do that if they want I'd. Also states can eliminate essential health benefits, hospitalizations doktor visits of that kind of stuff. So that's all So what are you looking at one over about Eighty percent of the Freedom caucus who were the right wing Republicans whose scuttled the bill s time, why It seems like having a hard time getting moderates. Yes, it seems that way
But, as you always say, never ever underestimate the of the ability of Russia what I do sell everything they believe in yeah? Although that is what I mean I was twitter on the way in here and who knows how much things will change, but the time we finish recording but does seem like. At least a few republicans who were leaning yes last time, her now leading now, and then the moderate group just to say, everyone should again call them This man just deluge, office with calls due to view can, because this is its real in other, trying to pass it because, like he just wants a went, he had every everyone needs to make their voice heard. I mean that we have recently couple weeks get out their town halls call em. We just raise wholly. How is the only way to keep these people from giving in to the pressure of the moment just this morning, American
position American Medical Association came out against the bill. They both said it would make a dramatically worse from the last bill. I let me quote from catholic hospitals, which just came out against them. It is not in any way healthcare bill. It is legislation whose aim is to take significant funding allocated by Congress for health care, for very low income people and use. It is money for tax cuts for some of our wealthier citizens is pretty it's that Britain ITALY, nails it basically, hospitals, doctors, patience seniors. Everyone in the end, values in any way shape or form does not like this bell was. We'll get him to me at least also who was the bright, person who decided to exempt members of Congress and their staff from the
weaken pre existing conditions protects loudly. We wouldn't want our members to have two with previous injudicious innocuous average. As just an easy. I got what a politically stupid thing matters if nothing else like what what are you moron? Sometimes I think the Republican Party in democratic, add makers or in collusion with each other, but it is bad. So I don't know I mean I guess it's it's. It's not impartial for this to pass the house, which is why everyone should keep calling It seems that would have a tough time in the Senate right. You would think I mean that the original house. Build trump care to point out Europe will never be the last one was not going to pass the Senate. This one is worse than that, one all the things it upset Some number centre republicans it. This is worse on bread, so this is the trouble in their public finances. The republican Party is working. As the house give us the Senate, can I say this is again
this is the most important, dynamic and legislative politics in this country, and it has been unchanged between the Obama, Trump administrations wishes every time You need to get something through the house, wherever the speaker is be it John Vainer, Paul Ryan. The only way we do the houses they have to make the legislation more. And more conservative and right wing as they do that they lose more him more, both mater. What happens in the house and regular but looking in the Senate, who aren't, is right wing As most these Yahoo the Yahoo Carcass the effort focus, which is why nothing can ever get down in Washington like that is the source of the problem, and so many different things. So you know we get a change. The Congress can change the house, this pod save America stick around more great show coming away plots I brought you buy movement watches movement watches was founded, believe that style shouldn't break the bank, the watchmakers guy,
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I've had a miracle listeners get twenty dollars off. Therefore, seeking purchase to stamp of this, he could get an Inter promo code cricket today from a good crooked. For twenty hours off your first seek purchase. So an addition to trying to pass from care. Three point: oh yeah, today the Trump Administration also came out with their principles for tax reform. What did you think of that in his it begs the life everything happened was they held up like they passed out the tax reform plan and it was a sheet of paper with somebody points, they're like seven different fonts on their with, details, and they did When doing there is a message and victory here that most of the press referred to. This is a tax reform plan right. This is either a plan nor form its in giant tax cut mostly for corporations paid for by no one. It's just adds deficit, which is ironic on so many ignoring levels. I mean it's
It is in many ways worse than what George W Bush did in two thousand and one who passed a huge tax cuts skewed to the wealthy. That was at least at a time where we had a very large surplus and so he was saying all the surplus. You deserve the surplus, let's not spending on government right which we can agree with, but whatever it's an argument, we have a huge deficit, unlike piling on debt left right and in their just gonna like passing the v. The committee for responsible federal budget. These are like the boring deficit hawks in Washington. They estimated This would cause anywhere between three and seven trillion dollars he's lying, they have five point: five trillion, that's great and its attacks cut that would go. I mean overwhelmingly, let's they didn't, an analysis of campaign tax plan, which is very similar. The point one top per cent would get a million dollars in savings appointment, the top one
that would get to seventeen thousand dollars and savings and the lowest fifth, the poorest fifth gets. A hundred bucks and noted populist and Goldman Sachs Exact, Steve Menuhin was on one of the morning: this morning and asked him: can you daring, t, the middle class, won't pay more under this plan. Neighbours like no. I can guarantee that the whole thing about this trouble covered as this working class populist fight for working people Anna on day. Ninety seven tumultuous reign over this country either proposes massive corporate tax cut their benefit the one percent the point, one percent at the expense of the working party without a form This is a man rolled out rolled out by two Women sacks employ globalists. Gary gone.
Stephen, you, yes, Chief Cox, sheriff cutbacks happened that the thing It is worth remembering that, at the end of the campaign, the last add that the job, campaign. Ran was in here it featured. The ceo Goldman Sachs, Boyd, fine in a not super sought all as I semitic ad and there and then turned around hired all of local. Finds deputies and then beside them to develop economic policy from the country it is, I don't think it's gonna go well now. You do the big loser in this other than the american public debt curse. Anyone is Nazi bridge Paul Ryan, not super rich further, now and his death Again it is life when he wasn't doing kick stands talking about an rand. Getting ready is two goals right, one take up your weapon for people, the other is reformed.
That's gonna, wait. It benefits the ridge and he's been steamroller here cut out of it. His real passion, really, MRS somehow, the border adjustment tax, oh yeah, we're not gonna Lazo, also demanded passion to the save on it. Over that it wishes, swears, they're, just texting back and forth. It basically like a way to do some kind of a tariff like a protectionist sort of move. Look if you being super protection. Is that if you want to know about it illegal and listen to the weeds, that's what they're, therefore, as inadequate as usual, walk you through the border adjustment tat we promise much better than we were very late, so that's gone and so parents. Find it also. The whole thing is so fucking crazy. You cannot cut them rate of fifty everyone said every smart person says: that's impossible, But it's a negotiating ploy. But he's a with his own party is democratic.
I support this. Will they also there also getting rid of all deductions except charitable deductions and the mortgage reduction right so so state and local? You can deduct state and local taxes from federal taxes, in high tech states like California and New York and New Jersey, that's not going very popular, and there are quite a few Publican sitting in those states in sitting in districts they, Hillary Clinton one? Can we go a lot easier to feed them if there were four this tax reform, but they probably won't before that and then just now spacer. The briefing was asked well. Are they gonna? Keep deduction unable to give abduction round for one case, so you can deduct you put in to your time and account for new taxes. No, it's not gonna protect the following gated action, I'm gonna his nuts- that's not gonna, be there, but we are by the time this pod cast posts, some depth you have shown by Sir is gonna
out and said that that was wrong right yeah. Just yet can have another space. Spacer apology so I know I don't know what you're trying to do. This text from it seems like there is a path where they pay ass. A very temporary short term tax cut, aimed at reduce, in the corporate rate, somewhat reducing high income taxes somewhat, may make a temporary, so doesn't blood the deficit, meaning that they can pass it be reconciliation within due in votes and then but a win again. I just think like trumpet, for some sort of win if he can touch cut like one person's taxes a victory. He will probably go of that plan. I can't banana production vision no, but I find it very hard to imagine the vacant even pass? A temporary unpaid for tax? Got? U adjusts thee
more any. Who is the only director to for he was the only direct or helping Shepherd through a man the task of a lovely. They would add five point: five trillion dollars, that's it he was who believe in America's fiscal situation was in such dire straits that it was worth the fault potentially defaulting over to bring us in order to bring up our budget balance. Oh Jake Tapir asked him about this on some night this week and he basically just said words: it had no action to each other and like shrunk into his see about who's, gonna melt before our eyes and it's easy life. It's indefensible. Its indefensible, so let some of the hundred days here He lets lawsuits accomplishments. Here it was, you say, let's not as it based on One way to assess it in an objective like it is, country better off right, so he has increased the economy yet, but I don't think
improve. Don't he's made a tangible impact on a lot of people's lives? Just yet is the world safer it doesn't necessarily seem like it, but he has not started a warrior right. Ok, so that's what does he done with a country it too early to tell promises kept us another way to do it? so he had a contract for the first hundred days. On his website that he must attend pieces of legislation on that contract. Zero have passed, travel ban, is blocked by the courts Obama. For now remains in place. Whilst reform remains in place, he wanted to repeal that entropy Alabama care. Most carbon regulations that are by the past are still in place, even though he wants to get rid of them. Tax on the rich that Obama put in place are still in place and pulled out of the Paris climate deal. He hasn't lot of the therein nuclear deal said he would do both of those things hasn't reversed. The Cuba reforms promised you do that no wall,
no Mexico paying for the well know anyone paying for the well no infrastructure plan, no budget. So what what has he done? He's block? but thirteen out of twenty thousand Obama regulations by do. I get a lot of these from this but my grandchild of political wrote a great. What did he do an hundred days be some stealing from him? He didn't pull out of the teepee truth, and and I think, on immigration, for him. He's had success in that arrests of non criminal immigrants have more than doubled. Grant of here. He has expelled non criminal emigrants, undocumented immigrants The country has done a good job of that. Basically, but beyond and his appeal, you know he has revealed some Obama regulate here- and there is specifically around the environment, which is very troubling. But beyond that, I don't know what he's done.
Let me put on my street shooter had for a second yet still just as well that across the fry it it's a fedora, that's islamic! Look I want to give them the benefit of the day. We always do here and positive. He he's had a horrendous ethically shitty, first hundred days by every measure I know he's if my favorite, wherever they may be in our view, as I look we put together a hundred a plant that somebody is you are that somebody has talked about it every day and the campaign trail now. Does it mean that his presidency is doomed now they could your radically bounced back from us. Now there is one major impediment to that. He is Donald Trump, Oh, that's, gonna, really slow him down and we should say not into pulling, but on the other, signed a letter for Donald Trump? His base has remained his base, even though there's no, while yet and all the things they wanted have not come too
ass, except for the expelling immigrants you know he's got like be sitting. Forty, seven percent and ninety seven percent Republicans are with them. Most of his voters are still with him. His reach like numbers, you know between, like thirty, nine forty three percent- so that's not great, but here he stood at the base. He will have the big city as a conservative meat is a right wing, republican media and live com, the republican meat. In essence, you said that conservative media who are all for him not abandon him. Yet Drudge Hannity rush these people, millions and millions of people all across the country, and they are supporting Donald Trump every single day, and so are the people. He is the Russians. They are also having a bribe. He has many many russian Botz who have not abandon him right. He he's base will always be there. We should see, which is. I am so sick of these stories. I'll go out into the country, in our view, a trump voter in the trunk voters, as I'm still with them he's trying no shit yeah, he tweets too much, but I'm still with them didn't be either
perhaps more than any their candidate in recent memory being for tromp becomes part of someone's identity right and it's very hard to abandon that, because he, if you are for from you have made a decision against lot of people in the media. On. The internet may be in your life, making passionate arguments against you for doing it who may have caught. Racist or they are supporting a racist, or this is my monthly time to remind everyone that our current sitting present has been accused of sexual sought by more than a dozen women right a bit. Despite all that, you stayed with I'm, so it's gonna take something massive, the pull your part in any in that? That may never happen he he may lose God willing three years and for the authorities whenever it is with the
that same number. Voters with radius. Now, that's true and look. I think time is a factor. Here too I mean those of us who pay close attention to the media cycle. Thank you. Now. So much has happened since he took office right, but it has only been a hundred days and a lot of these voters. They voted for tramper sand. While you got it the guy some time to push them. These changes- and maybe you know maybe the jobs- are going to come back to our communities eventually, but I want to give him a couple years, so I do think that's another factor here too oh based gate, never left him. Right and many other delivered for the base in many different He bore he did, but in that first, if you look at the end of the first two years right. He delivered a lot of things possible legislation made good on promises, but the impact that legislation was necessarily felt by people at the time and
and look at our re election campaign was not based on look at all the things I've done for you vote for me was based on we ve made proper, but we have a long way to go and look bad Mitt Romney the economy was still in the sugar. It did not tipped over into Great depression and we had stem the job loss, but unemployment was still hovering around and for much of that first, two years and but people not leave on ad This is a little bit about the tribal nature of politics in this day and age. Is that poor view these things through their own partisan lens like it, They in two thousand and two thousand and ten when the economy was at its absolute worst. The voters in poles who said o bomber leave Obama the highest pervading economy, raft american, lieutenant voters who we're doing some of the worst You have any one in the economy, the people thought of almost all the worst were people who actually doing the best. That
people making two five hundred thousand hours, whatever the demographic economic break is, and they went one point next time those numbers completely flipped yet which says a lot about a policy area. However, even in the discussion that we had on Monday about the future, the Democratic Party is, I would love to hear your thoughts on US lots of listen. Love the conversation which is great want to keep having it at one point love. It said with kind of kick this, is loved said. He thought the Democrats were more out of touch with people, concerns and Republicans. Because there's that Paul, then I put it outline about Democrats. Out of time. Is this for after you, you'll love it. I would so I presume on what he meant by that some people to get to mean that I thought Democrats are doing grey or that we just need to.
Our policies are explained our policies better, unlike that, could not be further from the truth of what I actually believe like. I think the Democratic Party has huge problems. I also believe we need a better message like an. We need, a message that, like focused on people who are getting screwed by Washington, by the economy. I know that because I was a speechwriter, Brok, Obama and helped crap. I message for two presidential campaign spit. I am well aware of how our You can see him out of touch, and especially now, and especially after twenty sixteen, I guess I was just I mean I guess my point was It is one point as it is one thing to be self critical, should be self critical renown, Risa beat should be soul searching and we should be figuring out how to improve the message and speak more plainly like I've said and hit the economic message harder. I just don't want to veer into being self defeating or somehow think that Republican These are geniuses of cracked, the code and
Cooper in touch with people, because I don't think that's true either he hit. That is definitely This is a. There are no easy answers here and there a couple of things Think about one. Both parties are fact right. Now, with says: hold people both feel about politics right, the in some sense. The divide is not necessarily left right, establishment anti establishment time. That does not mean that Trump supporters and Bernie supporters, each other of anything in common that Bernie the trumpet laughed. He is not. That is it just as the fact that people are frustrated with poverty in by the way we saw that in two thousand and eight, when ikebana was starting to rob me it's worse now and twenty sixteen, which I think was possible because you know, David acts rod laid out the lay of the land back away. What people, How many times did he say the v me
the driving force right now and voters minds is how upset they are with the establishment, Washington. We knew that that so for a different projects, I was- I went back yesterday in Red, the island J Speech, you're. Just a speech that Brok Obama gave about two before the I will talk. Is that really is the reason why he won the ILO caucus it? was very well received. It launched him in a moment. At a she was doing. We were really struggling in the elevator. The change of directive, a campaign- and it's always been my favorite Obama political speech saying- and So I went back and read it right after I listen to give very heated, discussion of genuine love it and, if you could will tweet the speech out later, but people that speech could be given today The couple tweaks updated for time like five replaced Bush for tromp we're not you know, and we have passed so we pass out
care, but there's more to do, but There is a I hit on a message that is that what could be updated for the hour? situation but is very rich for the time because it was it. Aggressive message that that cross the device, between this. What I think is a somewhat false choice between what about identity. Politics and economic populism with a wrapped in a straw. Anti Washington aunt, I put six as usual, we message, which was an implicit attack who Clinton's campaign yeah away without without mentioning which, when we were very careful distributors, because he did not want it, there and say Hillary Clinton name at the deficit. Jackson dinner an attacker but by tackling the establishment in the way politics has played as usual, it was clearly telling people I am new and she is politics as euro when you read that speech in a current contacts after having spent a year so
hurricane is it doesnt seem super implicit parallel, and it also has the it's not as some of the argument Bernie using until her in not dissimilar in element. From the Trump argument above it did not make a case that Hilary was a crook or anything like that. There was It was more about yet serve hers, a representation of politics as usual, but I think for the It's a couple things for about the party in we This is not an use we should, when I went from. Another moral standpoint when a very bad place here and there Party up and down an enlightened was right like from from local state races right at the top in and the local states of his. The food for a while. Now that's fucking problem and you know Democrat. Walked around sort of powder themselves. On the back say: demography is destiny, we're gonna be fine. We got lazy. We are we at lazy but the other thing is GM. If he is also dust destiny and we're in Iraq.
Between demography and geography and the years you saw this, as quote what would be cool democratic voters. Are young people arm amassing in urban areas, so work consolidating the democratic vote in Mercosur. These precincts in, or for seem just go. Work on two percent of the votes are for Democrats, being more spread out and they? geographic consolidation, as happened faster than the browning, country in a way that would help Democrats and you we're in, were in a river Therefore, it is not me, we haven't done a lot of things wrong and I think the party has been obviously divided in the Most of my time in politics, Brok Obama, by winning at a time of Democrats, desperately wanted to win and also by that, I think, he had a universal appeal that help their sort of
people over some of those differences and once he was gone, they sort of they emerged and will I just go back to. I remember, as on the carry campaign carry loses and not only to Bush when the white has again but who everyone thought it wouldn't happen, because Bush was so unbelievably unpopularity when the second term Republicans, when the House Republicans, when the Senate unified republican role of Washington. John Kerry loses and My credit party is seen is out of touch aloof, can't figure. But there's what they stand for and one that was reflection of John carries. Painted right fairly are unfairly and it looks we're in the wilderness radon. We need someone to reach out to working class white or else were never to be whenever a future is a part of over two thousand and five George Christ, privatized or security even though we don't have majorities neither house of Congress. We stop him from doing that. Two. Doesn't six Democrats take back the husband take back the Senate in two thousand and eight, they nominate a liberal black
I want term senator is the Brok Hussein Obama from Sunset Chicago and he wins a commanding victory and puts that against a war hero, Maverick Beloved people in both parties in the press The press you out like It was an easy and it took a lot of like soul, searching into a change in the press of a gap on saying as it is. We should not feel hopeless about this case. I think the it's if you would it sort of analyze how the demo? we ve done a hundred days for tromp. So let's do the first hour days for Democrats in the trumpet. If you look at Democrats in Washington, They haven't done a terrible job. Re have after tromp, they have his nominees. They have limited leverage where they have average they used it. They haven't. They have not put forth a positive, inspiring message and I would say that's a partner due to their is no one leader in the party, and so it is hard for anyone Democrat to break through on a given day with some kind of compelling message, but they haven't done indifferent
There are some weight. You know we had some fears of the base at some fears that the party word, Compromise with tromp is away disorder whenever his voters and they have set up so often Democrats have done. Ok, like not perfect, but they have been on the side of the angels in the battle against tromp right an. But let's talk about Democrats. The health of Democrats around the country is credibly strong. Do you look at the town halls them She is people are more motivated, more engaged, more active. There was a more political podcast everyone with the situation you know I saw and they ve been pushing Democrats of Nazism uses the bitter They have in some ways the people in the town halls are the ones who have been leading, not the people in D C and that's good. We new blood in the party, we need new voices and like that's where it needs to come from, and will you every time I turned around, I find another person announcing for office yeah
like people. We know people who are you now to us via Twitter, warps, eleven thousand women yet of Visa Emily's, lest verses nine hundred in the year before Hilary Benn, like that, is the seeds of victory in the future Yan so that I feel very good about where our public, yes, we're democratic voters are in their level of engagement in people who use your from water people who thought. Maybe the doesn't matter as much in tat they were turned off by maybe, but when Tina, they're, just tired, an important matter, and then they see trumpeting it's been a wake up call to people. I think that is very important and good. I worry about the Hilary Bernie Proxy fight. I think it's I don't really know exactly what to think about it, I don't think the differences are as great as people think yeah. It's tough because
I don't. I think I think he'll both Hilary, an Bernie Assertive, or standards for what each side with. To put forward as their best vision you didn't say, like I think of you, a more on the left and you wanna put forth someone who's gonna, be a leader of the party in the future who's gonna like move the Democratic Party to the left, so that, may I don't know the Bernie Sanders is your guy and if more towards the centre centre left. Her liberal and you want to show that the party isn't necessarily establishment and is in your brain new, but I dont think Hillary Clinton is the answer Nor do I think, a lot of other. Like I love Joe Biden, peace profanity. Neither like Joe Biden has always they desire. That is your job. We need. Young new voices. You know from diverse walks of life. Women, African Americans Latinos, like that. This needs to be the the party for short question for you, sure, do you think
Bernie Sanders should join the Democratic Party. I care about this topic than about anything else. I have been at times critical of Bernie the whole like Bernie Sanders speak out because he's not a Democrat. It is a party label don't care, I really don't he's got a set of values. He's trying to five If you want to talks with the Democrats, great he's been do That, though them if you want to still columns of an independent focused too much on labels. I just I don't care that much about the Arab and I've been critical of him on other things too. I just on that that one thing I don't, I don't agree with the agri with. I think it's not as long as he has Caucasus is, he really was the nearly the democratic nominee for president right here. He ran and all of our democratic farmers and Caucasus. He carcasses in the Senate. It just as it. I don't think that matters as much, and I find it there, may be had in the the argument that Bernie Sanders can't influence at Amber Credit Party. If he does not quote unquote, officially join it. His wrists
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get to be here today and I'm excited for the earth episode up on Tuesday so tell us about the protest. What's it can be about where you hope and people get out of it, I believe that I get her out and I'm what I'm hoping to do what the by catch in both away from the part of the world they were living in language which allow to be redundant also be really doubtful about giving people think that they can do whether that is understanding and issued a deeper level. They know where they can do more. Research are women, think about their own community or a conquering adviser, bilingual remunerate province. Where did you learn here, and I think the people there I'm hoping to talk to you. It is not only a political leader but its employees entertainer than article athlete in and importantly, perhaps, the most important talking activism. From around the country that we feel such incredible, organizing it activism of the past two years, the want to make sure that we captured in learning the bake in a form that, when people move forward,
how do you think we system? This is something we ve been talking about here a lot. But how do you think we sustain the energy? enthusiasm out there right now from now through the first hundred days of the Trump administration. How do we sustain it through November, two thousand and eighteen, when there's midterms November, two thousand and twenty, when there's a presidential election? How do we? How do we keep it? Going I think that you know one of the things that were always mop. Eleven we got to history and targeted at the very beginning Ray is that programme is not the end of protest, create space for the answer to that being industry, pushing structures to acknowledge thing that they would otherwise ignore, really meant an increase I have already made the necessary component, but it's not in and of itself and not right that we have to offer they build construct. A world that we want to think about how I'm profiting welcome, any like the mobility can be for dynamic, leaving me on everybody's nailed it to three years, and we ve done that. I think the neck.
One of the work of how do we had people imagine in really be doubtful about the solution, either devalued and you can imagine you can't fight for it and I think there people when you think about the struggle already it is always in opposition strategy, and will we have to be mindful array that the absence of police violence frightened mean that present a thief, even though they are not the same thing in a lot of people focusing on the app the breaking up of trumpets fairly mean the present coming better, though with trumpeting. Did that probably would be of any day by day I guiding that. Welcome that go. You know, I don't think we talk about some of the non sexy stuff enough in the public debate. Very like the quota. I wouldn't I want people find quota or you know like if you can get an American, the police, don't american and impotent and write about you. You aren't capture Mona Data that we almost don't capture any real official data, roughly found to just a wild
Those things like a limit, our ability to come up with concrete impact deletion, scale, evaporating Let us remember- and I believe that the answer- but I think that the true during I ask you a question which rightly ask a lot of our guests the first time around, so we're ninety eight days into the Trump administration. How do you feel You know the reality is that american has been amply for people color in across third near for so long winded, not shocking, I think, would it living the issue in any of the people who are shocked rate like their people. I think the color of the private way infirmity into many corner, the country to their people, who believe the agreement at the starting with the Muslim Ban and therefore we if I get a muslim ban, all the third in Amerika, great, amazingly for everybody and got up at your right, so we lit Mamma had included most enter thing that he's embody who followed through and everything. You say you gonna, do it. You were going to election, they were what they were like a man
again. He would never do that like he actually did ever did a deep country of retraining in doing whatever they want to do tat, marginalized people at every step of the way there shocked by that. If anything, I think what it fascinating right Now- is breathing three legged, like you're gonna before the door, you re, going to ruin a lot of you alive. You normally care you, ok, we're like the pressure turn the way out like a naming the wrong secretaries, you're like that, would have interesting reading luckily brave him, a man like wild to me. You think about how we start, building coalitions right leg. It seems like it's it's easy for a lot swaths of people across different background his beliefs raises to oppose. Tromp, but How do you build a coalition fur positive choice
trade me we ve been you ever the last episode and then I just liked. What of it too? Can talk him, sir. This rift on the progressive side, If the aisle re our democratic movement right like how the bird People versus the Hilary People- and you know- people the far left versus people on the left. And how do we? How do we sort of man? passed some of those divisions to order, or can we sort of enact positive change? Good question with anything having about that left or the Democratic Party have left I want on registration team but leaving the party gimme the much of it? It is a start. A viable option for people. I know that the only option for people is that would entail a delivery that we fight about. We haven't you
about what we would do it our we don't have rate of people like killing each other. I now in like don't actually have the power to do any of this stuff in as opposed to what would it mean to fight about like getting the power, and then we struggle with how you that later think back, I think from a strategy protector doesn't make them like the bahraini written area like them. True, let it be definitely requiem power and a meagre fight about the best way to do health care on the left, but we're like little. The killing each other economic don't actually have them the power luxury reviewed at the back. Struggle when I think about commission ensuring, although this idea that we agree on what the world to look like me,. We may not agree on how we get there, but we re here: division of White, Rita, more justice and equity We want to call it without looks like in. Therefore we bought a coalition knowing that the path to that goal might different, but the goal itself. I am in the back to your that. I've seen that increase. Are more like I've been out in the pot I m. All
we are worried about people are willing to sacrifice real people live with hundreds of ideological purity. I think that we continue to see that happen rate where people were given I'll make air because they believed it? It like reinforced the logic, and they are a couple of immigrants. They don't believe in any market rate ethical. You would rather mill the people we healthcare moment simply because you don't believe in a market Ryan. I ask you for your time, we, like you, don't really add one, and I think that that is frustrating. We get anything that the hard part but in terms of how we dog, adding. Can we ve seen many people come together in the past? Definitely in Tibet. Hundred aid in about two years, who we now have a common vision for the safety look very grave and what it means to be in a whirl about prison like how can we have particles about president or the death penalty or those everything having restarting on it at around
market of identity rate of sexuality, that disability community Gender race, each heading Did you see good amount of cross. Over from some, the activism started, Post, Ferguson and loved aunt, I drop activism of the last hundred days or so that people are at the women's March of the March for science or showing up at these town halls hearing the cropper either. What progress is ideas coming through them public and that we use our body to tell the truth at my committee, and I am trying to be alive and the people taken so many an impressive packets italian and public, knowing that we're gonna forth a conversation. Otherwise, when I happen, I think that has been at the realignment of after you having to him in the context of trunk that we see that taking different forms of people are now telling measured the town hall then pointing a public confrontation with the fact that we all knew where we are going to table but we're making trade area in public spaces. I think that that is the true line. I think that a gimmick of that happening
in a firm and have understanding of what the future looks like rain like a healthier should look like they should be single payer and it should be the like. We can fight for that or at the local. Well, thanks for ITALY should be made that we show. You know one of the things that I think it is fascinating. You right We don't have enough detention centres for ambiguity. They wanted a Dane during our they are you renting out local prison, Andrea taken today? People in is important about that when you think about what it means at the local level, like local activists can actually leverage accountant mayor cannot enter into contracts, should be like an incredible way for you to local level that actually like to have a real impact, and having gone fino. That, after years of, we met the bursting of the idea that all topics is only local created the program and active in a huge impact on the way people in their day to day and the way that you can impact at federal level at the local. That's interesting to me
with regard to how we move forward into bad men through line the other line on the flip there already people were more interested in fighting and winning, and we can make sure that we know the different right that, like I didn't in the street, but then I could emissary forever industry so that we can live in a world where nobody ever demonstrate that important technology so there's this debate on the party now too, which is, I think, is a bit of a false choice, but it's you know, should we emphasise issues like justice and women's rights and gay rights and immigrant rights and integral of these cultural, social issues? Because on those issues through the coalition and the Democratic Party is, you know is, is looking more like you know it's it's browner it after its younger, it's more female We emphasise those issues more than a lot of economic issues right. Now I think, as a party, we obviously need to do both, but how do you think about
that and sort of the intersection between ratios she'll economic justice and inserted what we need to emphasise and how we go about fusing those things together and I think you're right. It is a false toy in empty wealthy that make life you, along at a party that they get dismissed by the party rate in the EU. Take it for granted commentator like this after you think about by quite a worthy Oliver welcoming the majority of importers and Retailers I like that. That is not an insignificant thing when you think about the democratic unity toward it happening right now, and the parties to get a copy of it. That like who were you talking to re but you're, not talking to them loyal partner donation that recruiting people might not communities that have the impression that people have of it that you are talking to you, my body, that you try to get back to the body. When I think about this story, you know I am mindful that, like it, it will be impossible for democratic people, Martha communities. I chose not to be important
party. We everything is people talk about the working class and almost always like that image to people exclude people Colorado. Data may mean they really want the white Working class and not knock your color nine women and problematic, because we know that mom. I guess it alone is not enough for a? U give every by pursuing a million dollars a dozen injury through an addiction and at an end, though wealth gap alone deadline in any other like education on his very that happened because like wrong doing it. Fish is simply not enough. Lynn Bracken think about this. Only in economic terms, though economic terms in important claim that we have to look at so do you have a give a guess for Tuesday it did you lock under heading one might be a bride.
Way Booker you are the first get on tv and then the excited attacked the glory of excellence and excited you talking about what it means to be a bad one. Can black people to serve in the Senate and how that reform understanding of the work ahead? and an impracticable for people one hour, profit awesome, but we are very, very excited Drake thanks for joining us and go subscribe now to positive. People and check out the first episode on Tuesday and I've got You are my bike. Outface answering the time taken by.
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