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“All that pizzazz.” (Debate recap special!)


Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan break down a week of pizzazz-filled impeachment hearings and the fifth Democratic primary debate in Atlanta, Georgia.

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ground an Iowa came out in the pods of Mericafeed this week sure dead, sure, DIS, Hummy, listen to it. It las up the stakes of the Eyle causees you wonder why we'll talk, but I Wald time how it's great it ederely anrest er say why who cares? Tell you Wik Kirse, listen to it! Mist gravrant! Oh feel free to listen to pod save the world this week. I know you people are focused on impeachment, but you cannot let world events past. You buy a lots happening at Hong Kong, Bolivia. We talked about impeachment as well We know Sus AR our bread is buttered it. Thar the only form Palsy a issue, writenothers importance: you Crant is Nelyor, it isn't what Alexandrer SHO Lipi did speaking of Iowa love it or leave it is goine. I was city on January thirtieth. I was city January thirtieth, get your tickets, Crookeda COM, Slachevas on sale Friday at ten, a m central? That's tomorrow, Morrow that Toarno know what day it is. T of his Friday. I wornin a courter this Thursday Friday to Morrow Friday is when loverly Wetakes Turunsai ain't go an ounce, your run! If you need get it, it heres Lummy, I
I know I'm trying to carbon humping who have joined to carve out a lane between where people to judge was three months ago, where he is that was the coonel if the Pnotlea Haiv TAT Ed been en another git o aer problem, why can't you Und do that on tha stage at debates es the people along to FID, the Daylole Judgeas SEN of Mageth, jokes, this week is the last episode of America dissected with Ebdul alsed, a delbray. N, the twenty twenty Democrat candidates, health car plans and then sits down with our friend, Activas ADI Bargin, SE, really great episode ye. I look ilasnall the bulls abserd that the great show Ah, every time I hear Outy speak, I am reminded, ah how much better a human being could be. And he inspiring it is Zaa. It's a much better discussion of the Canny Helte car plans. Have we seen any that o Dois, so good at explaining the basic, a Whatwh Whyi, a care for all is different than the a by and then some Yother Glanc a soo good. Finally, after seeing how fast
all raised a million dollars for fair fight. We doubled our goal because protecting the votes we need is the most important thing. We can do it head of twenty twenty, so please go devoted Marietta com, slush, fair fight, and I am pleased chip in or trying to raise another million dollars. So please do that where the jet, means they're here somewhere there on the corner, the alleged Elijah keeps them all in his pocket there on the highway between what helps he's. I was wearing cargo pants there on the way, the bathroom. So I think I'd watch, half the staffing about twenty grey areas. I haven't felt every tributes discussing. Did you see that that all the cat money comes out of Stacy Aprons pocket? Sorry, alot of candidates, Corey Booker at the emu, close our went to the fair fight office out their staff aunt has Erika. Well, please don't it. Everyone votes market outcomes. Re fight o Kaik, I'm just going to read a few very lar headlines from today's front pages. New York Times quote. We followed the president's orders.
Right across the top a Sonlin names top officials in Ukraine. Push Washington Post, quote, diplomat, acknowledges quid pro quo Wall Street Journal on by Rupert Murdoch, quote envoy says Trump directed effort, so yeah mega donor turned painting, union, ambassador, Gordon Samland, testified, Nsday, the Trump directed him and other government officials to carry out the Ukrainay bribery and extortion scheme, and that quote, everyone was in the loop about it, including the vice present at the Secretary state, the acting chief of staff and the national security adviser. I, how important of a witness is Gordon Samland to this whole deal, and why does his testimony matter so much Dan Lassd Arwith, you h fester. He mistake of looking at me
o ho ha OTA, was very, very seniously furting. His eyesi know I was looking at Dan. I heard if to enter Fiinna, doing the Ye Elizabeth Warren style of Teachey Aloge Oakly as she culfed out the candidate, a socratic medister are ater hard of it yet IED. Thank you. Thes significance of Gordon Sonlint is twofold. One. As you point out, he is some one who gave one million dollars to trump he's that a seat Sif operative. He is not of John Bren and Acelade. He is not a career foreign policy professional. He is someone he's always trumper he's it. We Y sort of Ud a islie is Jickomase and eggs never Trumber become very expensive, always trupper ef
as some of the data which are put into government and the second important piece of it is the Republicans, oven, yelling, hearsay about all the other witnesses, and we now have in Gordon someone someone who spoke directly to the president in in doing so told the Conventional committee in America that it was a quid pro quo, and that is so important is Republicans, said from the very beginning. This is ok as long as it's not a quid pro quo and we now have wanted a Trump appointed they trump donor, saying that the President asked him to do something. There was a quid pro quo and he revise closed any revised his earlier testimony to say that there is a quid pro quo because he didn't at first. In the reason he had,
is because every one else who was with Gordon Somelon testified that there is a quiod, Broquo and Squith. He really had no choice. Memorie's a funny thing, John Ye B, be at Iny ally, seen writes, is systematically shift ah calling witnesses that eliminate republican talking points one by one. By one. It's started with you Knonw. We need to hear from the whistle lower ad then of course eveing the whistle Grosas corroborated them. We hear that it's hearsay, then we get up testimony from people who The call for all Mccall write, something that they repeatedly went back to witness his like Ben Ben Ben and others that you heard the information. Yes with song. Let me know have somebody who was in the scheme directly in the scheme with the President saying he was following the president's orders to could they can no longer Ther had on this was Rudy, or this was other parts of the administration and tha. You know we talkh about on Monday, which is what can we expect from someone like somone and you know always trumper, never Trumper
and would have donated a million dollars to Jabbush to get an ambassadorors would have done Doni Emilian to Romney this, maybe H. Couldn't o kno it meybe he'll ry Glid Writ in an honestly private orderying, Anda fi of it like the horn, Int Sonland does isn't in this till for Ammaga Revolution. He was in this to hoset fancy, dinners and Brussels and see ambassador on placards when he gets his table at wedding and and in Hangeu with JE. I know apparently, and then, who wouldn't want t hang out hat's the Dreamin Jay Lett O check it out some fin o some older cars. You know what a dream, oh, I think it was interesting like heading into this hearing. Eran was like Wat's Gordon something and a do because he not he revised his first testimony because he had a refreshed, Reck, refreshed recollection. That was refresh because other witnesses testified something different than sothing and then, since that first revised testimony additional witnesses, like David Holmes, were hearing from to day heard additional
ryes about something talking to the president about the scheme. Yeah alisten is, I don't know what you guys. Think Ba Gordon Silene, but he's like Italye he's goen have a good time doing whatever he does so he was up there in the daiss. He was laughing, he was smiling and then giving us quots like we fallowd the president's orders. The president directed us to do so at the express direction: the Pres, the United States, the other thing Corto did that may ha ha ha ha. I made me smile as brightly as he smiled was. He threw his arms around very one in the White Howi, do you thinke Hav, VA on a munisye cause. He THA Gis they're trying to say that he went rogue right. This clown is not going rogue to manufacture a quid pro quo for military aid. The upside, therefore Gordon Sonlhat doesn't move rooms in a hotel. Pale was in on this Molvain
wzn on it. My pence was in on it, so that is a gift to Democrats, because I think the Republicans are clearly covering up and and forbidding to testify any one with absolute direct knowledge of a conversation with a quip pro Quol and now I think this gives us great ground to save those people have to testiphy me a hic kcens sense. Some someone to like it's clear that for ever was in the loop it's clear that some people in the loop were more willing participants in this scheme than others, but what silene triaends even though Bolton, is out there calling it a drug- and Van Hedn'T want this part of it and univolcus training himself out of it everyone. They know everyone knew that was gone. Ye Ding is 't more brichtiyr, because I think what you saw from vulgar and sonland is a a desperate attempt to preserve some semblance that they were unwilling participants or naive participants in the scheme right that was Whatig. One of the big, I think, friction p
between Variys witnesses over the course of the Weg Wa Werl YE whatded. It mean when Donald trumps, Eid E Wone to investigate Berisma and a you have multiple witnesses saying every one knew exactly what Thit meant I heard bereavement. I googled it tomorrow until it or is it a and then I knew exactly what he was talking about. Also its undercut by the fact that don't jump himself was connecting bereavement bind, but none the less. You have people like Volker and, to some extent lesser extent salmon, but still claiming that you know they only later understood that it was a direct connection to Joe Biden because they are trying to describe the criminal conspiracy while acting as though they were not wholly participating in it. Do you think timorous, and is going to want to refresh recollection about the ferocity of Google results. Since it told us all, he was seven one Ther Wid a long. His light conversation about the Atic I lost seven inches, ah weso know, though, and this is Leawaterga comparison- that the discussions of this Quipro quo and in the shakkan of the of the Ecranians happened in the old office. He testified that
May twenty? Third, there was an ovloffas meeting where Trump told the ukranetine to work with Rudy. We all know what I means ye. I think so that so the republican defense of this, which came from the people in the committee Captain Mccarthie and then Donald Trump when he went out to the cameras and Rowe himself, sort of ab like a lat Ofbsom beat poetry like the tweenic cue card and a note to he. I yet the ize, where he was saying you know, said: Somomone a Testi in a call with trumpet early September Trump said I don't anything from Ukraine, I don't want a quid pro quo. Just want zolensky to do the right thing, and so tromp and their publicans are saying case closed Trump said that he didn't want a quid pro quo. What is the problem with that explanation, other of one big, Proh
it was after he was caught, ha ha ha ha ha ay, ony raisin the flick, Don'L Trump Itlot. He has noticed not a student of flatin. The only reason the worry, Wid Cuskannoer we're in his fucking head is because he'd just been caught in a quid brohau, so Gordon Sanland now naively claiming he was just confused about America's Polsy. No, he was getting on the pome with the present. Ecause was a bunchoc conflicting ship and he was not going to be the one to lead the Quipro Cose. We went back to Trumpatd. He said, oh going on here, Mr President, and of course tromp knowing as the exquisite boss that he is that he's not supposed to directly direct the crime goes no quid pro quo, no quid pro broko. I just wanted to do quote the right thing, which everyone knew. What, and Eano knew. Donald Trump has never ever told anyone to do the right thing ever when the Whatus had been notified about the whistibler complaint? Yes, Shus ate, let lets time mine for everyone here early September, the White House Council is told about the whistle lowrk
point then September. Ninth Donald Trump tell someone. I don't want a quid pro quo, but by the way, even aft, he's caught then says I don't want a quit pro quo, but I really want zolensky to do the investigations and Still the plan was again Donald And- and someone testified to this two down trump did not care much about the investigations themselves, as he did. The public announcement of the investigation buys Olenska on CNN because all he wanted to do was smear, his political opponent. He did not want the in us. John, a you van. U suggests to us right now on this potcast that he was not interested in ferreting out deep rooted corruption inside of you crane, but rather simply wanted Hom what to go to the cameras to attack jobine for the purposes of his o, his domestic politwhut and, again, like the matter, every single, whit s they all come from like different parts of the governments, whether it's like a a political
unlike some Lenore, these, not parts of health officials. They have all all of them testified to this fact that the embed any investigation into Joe Biden's actions towards Purisima is phony and not warranted that any investigation into this ridiculous conspiracy about the Ukrainians, two finger, two thousand and sixteen is ridiculous. They've all testify to them. Sanlin said he knows directly that the White House meeting was partof, a Quipro callright that he had direct evidence of that from Trump from everybody else. Ah, he assumed military. Aid was part of that quit broke call as well David homes as morning testified to how important that White House meeting was furs olenska in the ukrainian government, because it shows Putin that United States has Ukraine's back and that they shouldn't invade the rest of it, and it also backs up Zalewski who ran on anti corruption message now that meeting still hasn't happened. So I just thought it was a nice important moment that spoke to how much Donald Tranp's actions are actually harm
the government of Yeucrane and the people degrei? The other important thing here is either what the Republicans are also saying. While there's still no proof an some one said he presumed that the aid was tied to everything and this you still don't have a smoking go The aid was actually tied right to the investigations. Well seems like a few problems with that number one. The White House chief of staff, when on national television and said that he did with the aid for at least one of the investigations into the twenty sound teffeir that just said it. Gui ha ha di, be so like a week ago. So I ways was a dea with that he S. Li Evyoltin is the time in Wright. We know for a fact. The duldrum
spended the aid a week before the famous gall with Zowinski, and then he released the aid right after she got a haha RI, that's hat bats. Wi De Ma never be have brigked as it is after after that that the the dudilgence was done to make sure you know that it met corruption to standard so Thath the money should be released, ran all that has already done there still holding up the Apri on fifty five days. Still this day, we have no real coat an explanation for what the purpose of those fifty five days are. They tried to Exemclaim that Finally, Zalinski Pass muster with the corruption watchdog, Donald Trump, also not true right, so it passed muster long before. That is one of the challenges for Democrats, because, yes, the republican arguments about the fact that its hearsay have been have been completely a by the direct, the direct testimony, a bunch of witnesses, but they have prevented people like Movenne like Boltona and several others who very clearly know, and if we're asked under oath of what happened with the aide would have to say that there was a clear connection between Dontrum Secision,
ought to withhold the aid and the investigation of the bitons and they have prevented those witnesses from speaking because they know that it will remove the last read that they able to Cote of you anger to Tet Thow. It, though again, you know what one of the Democrats might say, but Molvani set it on t ve why the itd was withheld and which is why the white has ton had a complete, melta, over m who hate Thes remarks, oncedtered other Republican, but let's us do the hyp th Ould say, go back in time and the courts are still fair and not rigged in the courts insists that Mulvani and BOT testify in they go up there and they say yes and it was tied. The republic Arme just moves a which is then therefore, which is where this is always going, which is, is the president's power Ther authority to push their foreign pality. This was his foreign policy. They would just blur the lines between Brism and Biton, which we know is all bulchet but there is not some witness piece of Eb
Nse revelation that will cause he republican position to change. I claim Apport next, sioning for all of us to N to in the share with every onelse, because if we are waiting for some sort of movement, then that's thereis, nothing, Iu, Suggesthat's, going to happen ii, Griet Tyoue damn. But I do think that the messaging argument that there is a cover up happening is evidence of a crime to a lot of people, including the key swing. Poters were trying to educate- and I also think like if there is a John Bolton to Monywar says yes, Trump told me to do this. That would be blockbuster news that I agree with. You will never will Lindsey Mose, Lynto, Graham and probably won't lead to impeachment bes their shameless, but I do think yet for thinking about this is an educational opportunity for the Relike e would go up. Oh I bat, I'm very pro and Bolton Molvini. Testimony id like Y to start around. Oh in eastern if possible by it. I am in general from the afore the idea. So that brings me to my last question on this before we go to the whole debate. So
We ve all heard publicly and even on background from Republicans, like you said that none of this change their minds because pulls haven't changed, and this is all fine and are all just like bullshitting their way through this. How did democrats handle that posture, and, and what can we do to if not change minds, make this whole thing as politically uncomfortable for Republicans is poor, L. So I think, there's Anne you can look to the way the Republicans of handled the hearings themselves for ad Rection or Lese, an understanding of what of what of what's happening. Cone of politically cause. I dik you've seen I a at two two sets of arguments taking place. I in parallel. One is the noonez. Jim Jordan kind of right. Winged fan Fick, you crane was in kahoots with the clinch.
Campaign. This is a conspiracy to undermine our elections on Trump was concerned about that corruption, Ahu Et Cetera, Terrasar, and you know we sawb, I a afion. To day. Jus sort of interopening statement explain why that is not just wrong, but a I harmful to you as Natial Scagerously, stupid dangerously stupid. Ah, but then I think beneath that I think sometimes in or cestimony in some of the punditrye around around the hearings, you see the more sophisticated republican arguments right that they haven't been able to establish, aid, was a quick pro quo. If all their describing is a single meeting, that's not a gun, Og grounds enough. It may be wrong, but its not impeachable conduct, ah, that I ah that, basically what they at that. This has not been Prue But what you have seen is some untoward conduct well within the bounds of what a present is allowed to do. There is a policy disagreement here, Donald Trump paved inappropriately. He may have said things he shouldn't have said, but ultimately the aid was released. This is not impeachable conduct. This is a
political manoeuvre by Democrats to her Trump for his RE election and we won't participate on that all the way of saying. I think what shif has done over the course of these hearings is systematically make it hard harder and harder for a publican to say anything other than I I don't care when Dol trump does something morally reprehensible, that all the rest of it that that that all their exit rams all their defences that the hearsay question, the whistle Blor qushion everything else gets stripped away and that all that is left is for Republicans to a Sead to Donald trumps are reprehensibley
if you boil down all of the conspersy theories, the Abseriat Ore saying what the republican position boils down to his trumps a criminal but he's our criminal ihave made Tou. Think that, in the Democrat AR moving toward his ecod unup Shet, you can hear Shifps closing statements every day which everyone should go, listen to as their fantastic ar sort of moving to this trumps of use of power did have to do with foreign policy and Eucrane I, but for voters for people here who really care about this. What it really has to do with his Donald Trump has decided, and if Republicans acquit him, they have decided that the president is allowed to use. Vast powers of his office, to destroy the lives of anyone who challenges him. And so, if Joe Biden challenges him for election and enjoy him and Donald Trump is worried about him, he can use the powers of the presidency, whether its military aid, whether it's meetings, whether it's diplomacy with there's anything else, to destroy Joe Biden,
utation and people should imagine that happening to every other opponent that he faces, and perhaps citizens in a second term right, like Boly, Irectd ivanovitch what what could? What could dout what powerso the presence he could Donald Trump Use to make sure that it was with warn as an under investigation that you know he can with federal aid to Harvard to make sure they say something about her ten year as a professor that he can do something to the self Ben Police departments, they could say think Bove, peep Pudo Judge like four pontcast I'm not saying. I really think that, as we get closer to the trial, the democratic to bring this home to the american people about what this could mean to have a president who uses his powers to destroy his upon. So your question is: what can the Democrats you to make? This is politically painful for their public as possible, and I don't think, there's much more. They can do in the context of the hearing. I think shift has been flawless. They have laid this out in the most compelling way possible. They have handled themselves with incredible to core
They have not got sucked into the absurdice. You can just with every passing hour, watch the life drain out of Nunyas and Jim Jorndan and the like a my Basically I'll give it up, and that is to the great credit of Schiff his staff members of the committee, Nancy Pelosi, all of them. The part where I am most concerned is this stuff is happening outside of the hearing room right. There's a storm in Buzzfeed this morning about how, in the free media Democrats, are crushing and on Facebook. Republicans are crushing Democrats and that the ass theories- the you know all this stuff- that Yes, he be fore saying that we laugh about because it's so absurd is gaining real traction and gain real engagement, Facebook and so Sothe ushion as what is the outside game right, because Republicans have a thirty eight per cent strategy. There ware gols to keep from s pace with him as long as thiy keep the Basewel trump there in the game in twenty twenty they Ste Basit's Oliver Democrats need a fifteen per cents ride. You write for what is that fifteen per cent group in the middle that
who may not consume this information organically, who may think generically the Trump his crept crime adjacent by ORD are concerned about the idea of am ing a president? This close TL lects are concerned about just the distraction, causes from the issues they care was. But what is our strategy for shaping the conversation for those people and Maybe things under four under way that we have not yet seen, but is that outside game? That makes me the most concerned about how this is a place of our or the next couple months. Pie. H, Americas brought you a quip quip makers of the Quipp Electro toothbrush. It wants you to know the one single discovery that matters most for your dental care. It is simply this that, if you have good habits, you are good with an what kind of commen is that Epicfi Ageliea we have good habits or good furiously. Then
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general impressions of the debate, I think the moderators made a very specific decision to pivot away from how think most these debates are concocted gen Lee they wanced her out with the bang. The first question is designed to pit two front munterstso each other for the most conflict possible, draw the audience and make it exciting? Reach The sufficient possasse meter required for things to matter and in I think, This is a tribute to the moderators, and that they did not do that right. They just try. They did not seek out conflict overtly right. They just ask questions. Let the cannons do what they may and I think it's that could feel as a television viewer not exciting or but I Thih, your voter trying to understand who these candidates are and what they care about what they would do. It was a very welcome change.
Yeat? First night I was a little worry. We were going back down the yah, the same health carer, a a pathe' gone through in every other devate, where we ENT up hearying a bunch of talking points that tsemi it had SEN me intellectally on his talking points about the public option wore his Medica for all, but quickly like they. We moved on too. I think substintive issues that had him een covered in previous debates: child care voting rights. Reply on Everry Octave Rights, Tiltgethered Cinner branch on Somerise at Wole when he tweated. This debate is dangerously close to being relvent to people thought that was a very succinct golet me. I I like that we covered AL ground it Wasnin a forty five minute called a sack about the public option, verses peremenica for all an Ayt was the was Intrin to bay us. This are the first debate with a mare PE brudge edge the front runner in Iowa A as expected. He was challenged a bit more by both the moderators and the other candidates ah hears his answer to Andrew M.
Question about his experience, because I have the right experience to take on Donald Trump. I get that it's not traditional establishment washingt. Experience, but I would argue we need some very different right now in ork to do defeat this president weed somebody who can go toad, a toe who actually comes from the kinds of communities that he's been appealing to oh a big game, Abouta Ping, the working class while helicoptering between to Courseis with my name on im I'll even golf is matter of fact: I never thought I'd be on a forb's magazine list, but I they did want of all the candidates by wealth, and I am literally the least wealthy person on this day. Howso WAR, the uniform of this country and know what is its stake in the decisions that are made in the oval office in the Situationrom, which tey think could answer the great answer, a Meig
Atrakan answer. He is always prepared only that was coming. He had a well prepared answer. He delivered it well, it reminded hit his answer in experience and and then later a clovercharge hallenges him on an experienced question. He talks about how Ahm you know every one in the stage has combine hundred years of total experience in Washington. I certainly don't have that didn't lind, quite as well, but it rom his his answer in general on his lack of traditional political and governmental experience does remind me of Haubama used to answer the question MES of a Hilary Clinton in two thousand, an naghte which is it's not the longevity of your experience and how much time you spent in government it's the kind of experience you have and he used the kind of experience that he has to make an electability argument, which we also know's incredibly important against Donald Trump. So I may not have the traditial kind
perience, but here the contrast between me and Donald Trump that make me a more poticl. What I think is really interesting, as he is not answering the question of will he have the experience to be President he's taken that question to Electivillia. It isn't tra, which she is the best way to beat an incumbent is to run the opposite things in his his emote. In his mind, and his case I don't know- this is not like the other candidates were cool with that, but because of his service, his age, where he's from he is the his background. He is the opposite of Trump and therefore draws the sharpest contrast and you sell by the way. You know we were all complimenting Kamala Harris's
Stoadd, that GE a put Aprec fore the debate. She did something similar in that ad where she said. Here's my back round his doll trumps background. I am the complete opposite of Dotletrop. I am the anti Trop and I do think in general. Making that kind of luctability argument is good. A me. I think where it is probably also want a comfort level with your experience as to be president as well, but in the short term, people are so focused on winning that the Electibility Argioa Probabey ink that is so secondary now because of Trump but proyaaza. It's a interesting to that. Like a murmer, you know, Obom would make that argument and then the Republicans were defends her a panbugle. She is the same level of experience, but one ofthe thing that's important is is Ijust KN is such UST the argument it's making it's, how he conveys it rite he he he is. He carries Seuf, with authority and with with a sense of poise the sense that that he is up to this challenge, and I think you would look at Obalma verses, Sir,
Halen. You know she claiming her two years of governing experience hit his two years in the Senate, but you look at Obama. You say this is somebody with the qualities I look for in a present and I think PETE is trying to demonstrate those qualities when making billiary. So a littlebuit later in the debate, there was an exchange between Comal Harris and people to judge over Harris's recent comments that the democratic nominee has got to be some one. It was the experience of connecting with all Americans, including Blackimer at leds play that exchange. The question has to be where ya been, What are you going to do and do you understand and I'm running for president, because I believe that we have have leadership in this country who has worked with and have the experience of working with all folks and we've got to recreate the Obama coalition. To win, and that means about women. That's people of color, that's oure, Elgibiticu Community! That's working people that ST our labor unions but TH
show. We are going to win the selection and I undertend to win Senator Harris Thankd. He mayehe Jengur Refonse. To that my response, as I completely agree- and I come the challenge of connecting with black voters in America, who don't yet know me before I share. What's in my plans, let me talk about what's in my heart and this is so important. As mayor of a city that is racially diverse and largely low income. For eight years I have lived and breathed, the successes and struggles of a community where too many people live with the consequences of racial inequity that is built up over centuries, but been compound. By Pollys's policies and the from within living memory. I tis, because my faith, teachers, the salvation has to do with how I Make myself useful to those who Wae excluded
marginalized and cast aside and oppressed in society di not care about this because well, I do not have thes in SOF ever having been discriminated against because of the color of my skin. I do have the experience of sometimes feeling like a stranger in my own country. Turning on the news and seeing my own rights come up for debate and seeing my rights expanded by a coalition of people. Like me, and people not at all. Like me, working S by side, shoulder to shoulder. Making a ossible for me to be standing here wearing this wedding ring in a way that couldn't have happened two elections ago. Let's me in Just how deep my obligation is to help those
Rights Arong the line every day, even if they are nothing like me in their experience. So let's start with Comell honest one. I thought that yo know she'd. There was a great answer and I thought to shod a pretty strong knight over all. I'm one reason is because she didn't she really have as many suscriptive lines she kind of just let loose a little bit and she seemed like jus more comfortable Ahm, and I thought she had some rose Dring moments, but what woatded? You is think of of Camola and n in the Debat. I think that was a strong moment from her I mean she's, going a something- that's been clearly identified as a weakness and they are pizzaport. But it's also electability argument. It's it's telling voters in Iowa that this guy can't reach the african american community and get them to turn out for us, and we shouldn't presume that they will. That was a huge failure, two thousand and sixteen, so I think I think it's an argument that we will probably see made
more and more and more as we got toward Ioa. I also thought PETE did necessarily help himself with his response and will get it that in a minute, but you know, come Ahr Fun Fun tv later that night. When talking about PETE's response, I thought made another very moving, compelling argument about why communities that have been depressed over time shouldn't compare pain and how that's a very dangerous road to go. So she was very sharp lastni. I agree. I thought this was one of this was actually probably her best debate performance. In the moment we thought that first debay performance against Biton was phenomenal, that I, as he didn't, have the impactor think we all, though I would have at the time UT this was. It was not canned. It was authentic. It was ow fall. It was, I think, the elements of Commaherrse 's kennency that we have seen so much potential and but have not manifested themselves in the poles recently I also really appreciate the fact that she expanded conversation about whacked to act. LUT. How do you motivate Base Democratic Fars, the odors of color? So it's not like
just as important as winning over you know, Obama, voters or the people in the middle. The country that unit like the the Democrats outside the pundits always talk about their there both important rights. We then say this should not turn into calmly. Harris's theory is motivated s and in people to judge is persuading gunners. If you have to do both and peat is made a vow D in argument that his worked with a lot of voters in Iowa. It appears that he would be very strong at persuading Obama, Trumfarters independence he is not demonstrated or talked much about how he would get base. Democrats thats on glad were a that conversation and it like it was clever in Howw it high lighted, PETE. Weakness in this area, which it also has the benefit of being self Perpetua,
Yes, all of it had even peat handled that response a mean where he serve. Is he beginning some criticism? Yah d' you know, it's interesting is so I you observed the straing of you. You see we peats dealing and he sang basically all right. You know I may I'm a Mayore from Southben Indiana that presents a risk to you. How do I answer for that risk and he's can have built theirs three pillars of it. One is I'm up to the job af present here os. My veriances and like Bito, don't not from Washington, but I can make compelling argument that um up for this task, then there is the electability argument in the way that he has handled. The electibility argument is by saying he's by by showing you the Contras he did at his eldey speech. Did it last night? It's very, very good, he's very, very good at this. This is the Third ce of it, which is, can I build the coalition? We need to win and it is clearly his. It is where he is the weakest Substangbly Dison the facts,
a mayor of a abassidi in Indiana he's only gotten what to ten thousand votes a his in the poles. He is at much lower. Ah amongst people of color, it is a huge liability that he has to answer for you know he very clearly in his answer. Basically, referring to being gay, as at he was very aware of the Wrisks and the inappropriateness of a direct comparison between Bing, gay and being a person of color. He have ies din say he, ah I'm gay. So I get what it's like to be black. He would never say that cueally doesn't think that he BES eat, he did say thee, aught Himin. He said I've never had the experience of being discriminated against because the colour of my skin, I have felt like a stranger in my own country, and- and I guess I think the challenge for peat is if you're going to say that right, I want a. I think the proberm is not that he introduced the idea of having felt Weis. I think it didn't feel that it felt like he was testing it out. It felt like even in the moment. I guess
Unor and not not alive, not a criticism of pea it. This is just doesn't seem like something he was particularly comfortable getting into it. Like new to his, and so I think, if he's going to talk about ah the way he has felt marginalized as a means of trying to relate to people who have felt marginalized for different reasons. I' may be it just as that. The debate stage is a really hard place to do that. Maybe at Somein heeds needs to expound on more deeply, because I think I would like to hear or of that from Mayr Peti. I will explain what you mean go further in the moment. I think it just just didn't land that all asked about why he gave an answer and seeing that after the debate in the context of there's, been some criticism of those comments already. Does it seem to compare the experience of game arrogance with that, the aftermath meaning, and he said he felt like he needed to go beyond just saying what he would do Ford the aftermarket puny, but why he cared in what
Ade, him tick, and I agree with you, though, that that didn't necessarily come through Andi think it wil could have Beeny. I think if he had just put a little bit more weight on. Ah, I have never had the experience of being discrimated against and I would never compare it because I know that a avrgamericans in this country have had hundreds of years now of oppression and from from slavery through civil rights through today, in a smaller way, I you know like he could. I could have sorted made, I little more yet DIS, use, Ofly. That, I also believe, is true. I think that fur you kno Pinar about the same age. I do think that perience of having been gay of having felt as though he was not welcome marginalized, that he didn't feel as though he was equal to other people that he was apart of conventional relationships, conventional standards,
masculinity. It's clear that, in a lot of the ways he's tried to build, his campaign is to answer for that right that that that yeah he's going to be at the first gay candidate, be look of this person. He's he's served to achieved
sthings and an and so much of what bout would bein gay, as is that is a liability he's answering for, but what he's doing for the very first time is saying actually being gay as a strength that allowed me to see the world through eyes that understood pain, ah in a ways that in Weiyhs that you might not expect, I just if he's going to do that if we's going to say that am I a I think he has to am maybe go a little bit further. I know and clearly I think, hi's his biggest challenge here is his very weak support in the Africa American Community, which is at zero n, o bunch of poles. You know, and I think that high light of that, the debates, I think that's a promp for him, I think over all you know he had some pretty strong moments as well and not 'll big anyone's. Like I don't know anyone seriously dented his status as I were from Onorbles Woll, be that's that's. The thing is that in the last debate, Elizbeth Warren was searching and all these cannons went into the debate with a very specific plan to
on Termamentum, and they did that to absolute, like the pole suggest that they had wanted her momentum. This debate- I think candidates- went into this with the idea that, in order to succeed, they're orgen a have to blunt peatsmoment and they did not do that and I think part of that was the moderators made it harder. You oad really want to do it, but you better swerve out of your lane to go after because they were not innocent like this was lat, but the debate was performed through the first question. Hav been
PETE. You said this. I was with warn what you thing about that to like spark the confrontation that did not happen here, and so I think he walked in the eye were front runner. He walks out the eye of a rirn of candidates. Want too change that fact they are going to have to do that aggressively and sooner rather the letter yea im look an in o five. Thirty eight Ipsos have there Veduhus panel, so vey and every people before the pol and after the pole is thirty. Seven hundred respondents, its Warren and PETE did the best in the debate. People thought PETE gained the most support of any candidate from people before a to they watched. Ah the debate so clearly that that pennal at least thought he did. He did quite well. Let's talk about Elizabeth Warren, ah the other isle or frontrunners. She came into this debate, having proposed a detailed plant of Hor on O medica for all, and maybe because of that was not challenge that much on her proposal. Uphears her defending or what doing a wealth tax is not about punishing any one it'
saying, had built something great in this country, good for you, but you using workers, all of us help paid to educate. You didn't music u're getting your guns to row on ruds and bridges. All of us help paid for it didn't protected by police and fire fighters. This help pay the salaries for so when you make a big when you make it really big, when you make up top one tenth of one per cent beg. Two cents so rybody else gets a chance to make it ANA Hearsome thing. That's something that Democrats care about independence, Carab and Republicans care about. That was a really smart answer, a for a couple reasons, one she framed the wealth acts in the least punitive way possible, which is one of the criticisms and two. She talked about the broad political support for it again, making an electability argument, which I thought s,
strong when it woutd you est think Warren over. All ic is good. It was sort of one o thos moments where every debate she speaks a lot at the top and then sort of seemd, disappear yetd by the end of the debate. I look at the actual numbers of who spoke the most and she's always at the very top, and am baffled as to how I don't get this right every single time. I thought she was good that well taxed moment like that, to win for her she's, not INA call to sack about medicaire for all ostupp with the Well Tacxs, which is popular among Republicans, was also oddly one of the only, d moments for Cory. Booker. In a debate that I thought was very good for him when he was seemingly arguing against the the wealth tax, but over all, I think she had a good night. That's said like there's uf some data out of iwaware, where they didn't just do another pull they actually re, interviewed people who had been their previous poll to see why they moved away from folks and the folks were most likely to move away from Warren Wer, those who had been following the race, the closest so clearly, these fights over Medicare for all the attack she's taking by electibility and actually really some
then, would you think Moren and they anny? That is Acter right? I thought she was very good. As always, she did not Hout, the centere of the discussion. I think she was more cut. She was not involved in any sort of of more viral moments or the conflict. I think let like this is a process right. This is one events on the path to Iowa and I think looking at. In that perspective, it says to me that her Medicare for all as of the last week, were successful. Ecause when I think they were trying to do, is get out of that Coldess ACT, Tommy, Sark, MOUT, stopping Tof, Thit have an answer to the questions and be able to move on to the issues where I think she is much stronger and actually where she gained mom. Gimme the begins race, which was bold he's on economic inequality like the well tax and student debt and anti corruption efforts, and so but she has been stocking. Mymedicare Fraw an nothing Medica for all for weeks, and I think the Facthathat was Noth. Discussion is that she that that move a successful it will not bear fruit,
fully in toll the next debate, where she will. I they hopfully be able to drive wore the issue around. Some of these am corruption and economic issue, but so that sense. I think it was strategically a good moment for her listened to the front runner in the National Poles, Joe Bidon. U here are two moments from Bitin one. Where he's answering the question TAN me two movement and another. Where he's talking about his support in the black community. No man has a right to raise a hand to woman in anger other than in self defense and that, u rarely ever occurs- and so we have to dischange the culture period and keep punching and punching out at tince enough. It will be a big Lavor me and a gigantic issue.
Andi. I'm Quir that E Mamma coalition. I come out of the black cenity inturn. With my support, if you noticed, I have more people supporting me, she' seen the black communnyted announs for me, because they know me that no, I am three former chairs of the black Cawkras. They only wet laugh of american woman had ever nelected to the United States. Senatee whole range of people, not Toili with my room, the Othersi wear o? I just I had this Expe last night, like I always do in these debates, where every time Jobine's about to speak, I hold my breath hoping that it will go well and not make me cringe. I really do I'm rooting for did not do that and then in those two clips it was just like what's going on man, so he gave I actually think the best answer he's given in any debate or really any statement he's made that ive seen or the
SOF this campaign with which was his answer on whether or not it's appropriate to talk about. I lock him up around Doltrom and I thought he was impassioned about the kind of it was the best moment for him because it was when it was about it was. It was about restoration, it was about the rule of law. It was about hearkening to the way things used to be in way that I actuall think its appropriate that we don't talk about prosecuting our political opponents, he cogent. He was precise. He just did he mad. He was the best. I have seen him and it was a reminder of how much he has struggled in these debates and ye me like the way that I have always that I feel now Se buy news s like watching some on land, a small plain in a storem men you just
it's Goit to be messy, it's goin, o bees. It's got a tilt back and forth. You just want to watch him, get it on the ground jot. I know the poles never change for him. I know that never seemed to impect him. I just always watch it and feel like something 's off and I'm not saying like mentally and sing like the debate. Practice is too complicated. The words arn't coming like it doesn't seem sharp. He doesn't like it doesn't lead me to believe that a debate withall tromp, would be and up in Trumpyiang beaten. Like a drum said, Te Corder, Byton Phrase, yeah LAT down WA, you think. Yet it was not Smith. How gets her to say, but a I think we have to at least acknowledging or try to like step back from our like in the moment, criticism I do. I think what like the feeling of anxiety that you talked about window and speaks is connected to our affection for him as a person.
Right lick. We don't want this to go poorly for Himr girls. If he you support. Yet I heel me he's a good person in you wanted to go well and not get Dunt on when are they gave me one yelling about it and making when any one and that stage making bunch a gas or any gas and read them all began free for the whole campaign. To matter who, I support its true, I mostly agree. Untrying to not be in my own head and two on line as well, but I just I just can't for ten- I don't see what I see, which is a performance that doesn't give me confidence in ha, general Lish and I'll, go further that you in that. Yet there are the performance issues, but, but even if he was delivering that the arguments he was trying to make flawlessly, there is also a real fensiveness and negativity that he brought to the debate. You know his final answer. It was also his best moment at the am at the algd in Iowa, where he talks about Igin,
This is an issue we are, you know, don't be pessimistic, get out. Everybody needs to get up when he does that. Well, I think it is the most successful version of Joe Biden. He tried to end his closing with that, with with that v, we are got to get up wiget a bee, positive, no, more! Woe as me, but for some strange reason he decided to preface that remark by taking something Elizabeth r and sad about corruption, which he aimed at the system generally as a kind of personal insult to Brocco Bama, in which he acted as It was. It was a broadside broadsided at at him personally, Rock Obama and that defensive will s me. Attitude went right into his big rousing, closing about not saying well Wis me and it just as a re, the whole thing in work was where Dan you were saying that we should step back from all of us. And it grearly have to look at the poles. I notice that it doesn't change Younge Ani. It definitely changes among call
educated white Democrats, which is why he has dropped in I New Hampshire, is Judge Warren and nurse have risen, doesn't have that demographic lock down, but he is still has a Domin. Binglead among african murkamers and a Non college, educated white voters and the Democrati Party, which still make up of a third to a four, an older, older voters of all Educ Nand demoraphic groups of a peats climbing with older voters and Aniy, Vere is frisher, and I think we have to least think about that in the context of what matters to the vast majority of Democrats how they think about the race, how they think of Biden's debate performance in the contacts of being Broclom's vice president, his years of service, the fact that he, even when
word stone sound right are come in the right order. They are delivered, it win a fairy onfinite way that I think it's familiar to people in this like tie like they bee hearing Joe Lamb and so Legga all the concerns about biding on that debate. Stage in THA election that we all do, but or judging this in a way that I think other voters aren't in it and like that matters, because if that holds where it stands right now by Mhn, o, be either number one or number two and probably number one because of howl delegates are alocated in the democratic primary in the incredibly important role that african merican voters haf, because
of majority minority congressional districts that have delegates- and I mean I think the big question has been- are Joe Biden Supporters, Joe Biden supporters, because they are not paying, is close attention to the race as we are, or is it because they have seen Joe Biden this campaign and just like him and support him, and I think that five thirty eight, if those panel gives a lot of evidence to the idea that in this panel a lot of people, said that they did not think he did that well on the debate, and yet his support rose a little bit yet incracingly it is it just isn't the case any more that you can say. Oh the reason, these debate moments that we take issue Ith are ar not impacting the pole numbers because his supporters are paying attention that just doesn't seem to be. The lace. Whit seems to be the case. Actually. Is that the voters paying a lot of attention? Ah.
It actually are there behind by and they're behind Warren and they're, actually moving away from some of the other candidates. Yeah- and I think, but we said rightly, the people to judge has it as a problem and a challenge with winning over black voters, but so does Elizabeth Warren and so does Cory, Booker and so does Kamala Harris and so does Bernie, Nders Breds ing his pubbig in the best of that crowd and then odd there also to end. You know they all have some black support much more than PETE, but Jobitan is so far out ahead with black voters, where such an important part of the democratic parting of such an important considerancy and You've got back Consituency plus Non College white voters. That's enough! You know some one has to dent either one of those considerencies in order to be
when Greggshalls Pins, cam campaign manager on David Pauspargcas a few weeks ago, he talked very specifically about how Bien is built to last in this race, because he is at fifteen percent everywhere and which means he will be Cumily delegates in every single congressional district. In this country- and that is not true- the other candidates as as to Depeate like we say it's a problem- is an eggs etral fucking threat, because Warren has moved up yaht to where I needs to be, but as she has gained in the race, as she has gained name my identification she has gained after markan support in some of these poles. The morning consul pull this morning, som the sochcalanabales PETE has not moved
and his name ideas gone up he's become the frontrinners. That is not move which speaks to having a question about what it says about his campaign in terms of the outreach they've done. What is about his message and whether the narrative that Peoplue Ujes has a Afric american support is contributing to the fact that people s Getaso african american sport, which means, is cap to go the's only pretty dramatic two in goats or swarve out of their lane to aggressively address that cause. If they do not. This is not they bemile themselves, after a Bolma, Iowa or Getn, when I organ a Jhump there is, I think, some in timig to speak is better some real perils between the excitement for PETE and I, with the Rabom experienced but Obama Knewigs. We knew exactly what we were going to do. If we want Iwa, we bilk we knew that of Amr who had a hunter percent, nay my day, incredibly high upriver rings when african american democratic voters would move to us PETE if we're. If he does not change, that is not going to be a bummer he's coming
Cockaby Yere, any other publinants who went. I would have nowhere else to go because their support his spirit, specific to Iowa and Does'T. It is does not operatise a watching t there s a democratic premise. Today's episode, apposite Merk, has brought you by dark waters from focused features and participant who brought you best picture when a spotlight starring mark ruffle. Oh and halfway and TIM Robins directed by Todd Haines tickets on sale now basin, the explosive New York Times Expos a dark waters tells the shocking and heroic story of raw bill up an attorney who risks his career and family to uncover the truth about a dark secret that has been hidden for decades, but one of the world's largest corporation. But what corporate liberation? What's the secret tuna Gus tease us a little more justice must be brought to the small community that his face the fatal consequences. Oh, I think I saw the trailer for this film comment
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to night- and I will do as president- it's the town fossil fuel industry. That Ther, germ profits on more important than the Future Moplin's plate and by the way fuel industry is probably criminally liable. They am lied and lie and like when they the evidence that the a inproducts for destroying the platet it may be. We should think about prosecuting TE, his senators woill you theyr berntime. I mean, with the exception of the debate where it was right before he had the stants put in and but is camping said he didn't feel well, I think Burney has been the most consistent debater on the stage. He always delivers TE good performance ah to his credit and may be also to his debt, met be as I can at times feel like a great hits a em but may be overtime. You start to enjoy those greatest hits, even or when some of the new shipthads. That's on the radio start sounding less good to you, or maybe you get a little sick of it. I mean
fascinating that Bernie Sanders had a heart attack and is climbed in the polls. Poles. Something is going right for him. He's got the most solid basespport, the most enthusiastic supporters, they don't they don't play by the traditional rules of the campaign. They know they're, not like stacking the crowds at the big. You know I will party dinners but they're doing something right, and you know a few months ago, right after Bernie Sanders had that heart attack. I was very concerned about what it meant for his candidacy, but he has consistently delivered in. We didn't play the clip of this war, answer, but he's gotten really he's got really Goodin for possy matters. The onsent Palistinian writes, which you never hear it debates at these. Doing interesting things alisit, but another person who is a consistently good debater had another great debate. Last night, Quory Booker am who tried to correct by an Unforgetting Comal Harris is a woman Avricana
who's, been elected to the Senate and on stage next to him and was also pretty effectivd last night in challenging his opponents without being too harsh, which I think is a good skill to have I here he is talking to Bindn about Mary One Whiggle a blackhoated are pissed off and they're worry their pissed off because thely. Is you see Mhere really paid attention to my politicians as when people are looking for their bote and there were because a democratic party we don't want to see people misse this opportunity and will because we are nominating someone that doesn't isn't Ster does not want theptic, connecion and so axe. What's on the Balan issues do matter if I have a lot of respect of for for the vice president. He is swore me into my office as a hero. This week I hearim little we Sayth think we should legalize Marawana. I I thought that
I thought you might bet high when you said Pretty Fenny Hellove is great. You know I think Querybookers screwed up burling the bake as he connected AR. Eak of the well Taxedo Apoint. He was making about opportunity and small business which I sual. It was a really good point in a point that hasn't been mad enough in these debates. Ah, but that was his best moment a mean. It is pretty difficult it in this debate, especially as Dan points out that they weren't trying to drum up conflect. He was directing criticism at peate. He then turn into a criticism at Byden and a a. I thought he did it an a really smart and effective way. Thar it was on. It was a ficeinistiquory Booker that I think has been absent and a ah I just always
Appreciate I mean it again. You got great reviews and the scene and focus group of undecided voters picked him as the winner once again. Everyone Corvo issues of these debates gives a great performance and then up until so far we haven't seen him really gain in the polls at all. It's a mystery and they can import music contacts here is because you in the press on that day, who currently has no pathway to the Decemper debate, o Ye Hin. He met he Maye mention of that at the end, p, and his promise heat. He crossed the donatian threshold. I think in the hours after the bay was Reay closed up, but that was not the prot in the problem is. He has not come anywhere close too Theve atding its four points. You need I'm in a national pole or five points Oystay Pole in a very long time, and so that you could see it in that answer because he was alread, set because he had not been called on in the context of this, the Harris people judge Exchange about the af Chamerican community and he like You could see bat the sands of the hourglass leaving a.
Eber he's got. He has to make his move or is not ear. He's done young and I thought he'd a ic heeded everything he could to give himself a shot. The question will be: will voters respond him to another, yet another very good book or performance differently than they have in previous ones. Let's go through the other rest of the candids, really quickly a anmy clobershar, which the Wedy wo coma jar TIM. I think something is happening for a becometure. I really do I mean that I think she's seen some growth in the poles in Iy Wash she has strong to be ormises every time. Ah, I think that culturally in Iowa, a lot of people see Amy, Cloba Char and they see familiar it feels like someone. They know a colleague, a friend, Omama whatever, and if get some money she might be able to Rname Ideap deliver an electible argument about how she's been able to win in Minnesota and done all these things Wat a prosecutor that could be effective. I may look. I I'm not it's a incredibly difficult, I think, to break
tea or two and to tear one, and I oware right now and lit I wouldn't discount, just how difficult that is, but it does seem like somethings happening for she ALS hold by the best lines the night when she tacked about you. No one ever plays the game named your favorit woman president, when she was talking about the challenges and running for Presinent os, a woman m and I ventured a great performance now H, Andry Yeng angathots on endrying last night get a couplef funny good moments. I TE think that consistently the most human person on the stage yet genuinely funny. Genuinely nice connects with the audience talks about his family. His kids, like not to like about Injery Yang of your watching's TE bit and think is at his appeal, which is very real, like he is going to make that December debate he's up with a Illion dollar very good ad, and I are right now and like Likearsan Aldat, now thees an so a gonof. It can be Verd hard to get into that top Tere, but his appeal is, I think, is you can understand, hit we wash on Te Bate stat and see why he is built like a movement it he smaller, Roth men, but it is a movement of people and Kaus hes,
he's different et. He has a different approach, a different message and there's something very enduring about his self awareness about the I. Is Ot the rightword with the idea that he he knows that it is amazing, on that stage and that comes through he literally lerlys. As much as I when I identify these problems, I didn't immediately run for president because I'm not crazy. I went to washingt talk to lawmakers and now I'm here yet I'll. So think one thing about about yank too, as you know, a whatever you think about a universal basi in. What he is saying is hey, there's a Ming, very broken in our culture. In our economy, it is making life really hard for people, and it's making people feel that they ware dignity and choice and control in their lives and I'm the person on the stage, that's at least willing to say to to this big fundamental brokenness. We need a simple
solution and I believe that putting more money in people's pockets every month will have a bunch of anslery positive changes to address the systemic economic inequality and immiseration people are experiencing it an end for that. I think it's been a good contribution to the debate. It tells you Gabert, who spend our time on stage taking on commonly Harris people to judge Hillary Clinton and the whole democratic party I was just like. I was a pretty and it we all were pretty kind enough to tell he covered up until now. I was pretty sick of her last night. I am opposed to a regime change worse myself, not a lot of people in that stage. Supported them. That' is, as youe bind and support your rock war. You can pickifyt with Hillerclink she sporred the Rock WAR Hotily Legimimar Time Secretar say but like she is just attacking the cord Democrat Party, a mean she's, doing a lot of things that just
It's clearly. The strategy is not to win that nomination and it was interesting last night to see a couple democrats decide. I'm sick of your shit got to punch back really hard, and that includes Mayor PETE and includes Kamala Harris and like look bracabama Obama, famously said that he would meet with dictators without precondition right and people try to say. Oh the Democrats, Whoe that you should meet with those people then are now attacking her for me: with becharo aside, I have a less problem with her meeting with a sod, then what she said afterwards, which was to undercut the international c. These claims, the op c WS claims that he was one of the chemical weapons on his own people, they gas them with SAR and gas in ve exgas. She said that idiot was the opposition, maybe as Olkeida maybe's others. So you are easy well,
write to me with anyone. You want King Jongun, Bushar Alas'Ade Whover, the Fougk you want, but when you do it after he used chemical weapons on his own people and then Parrit his talking points when you get back. I have a problem with that and I think everyone stage has the opportunity to question your judgment. Then Ye Jussi get Peters one of his best moments, yes ya, when she a which he attacked him for and wanting to send trips to Mexico and than him saying this is a bullshid twisting of my words I sik. Yet it's is dislike. There's just this chaos agent on the debates. Dad Ah, there's doesn't there's, obviously no strategy to become the democratic nominee, its a strategy to pick obscure fights or even knot, obscure fights with candidates not based on who, you think will help you become Anominy, but will have generate the most conflict. It's just um a it's. I think why people see this person. I say I'm worry that this is can to be someone who runs THA Third Party, Candidat Becauses, so clear that she'
here, in the spirit that the rest of the candidates, I think genuinely are, which is we may disagree? Ah, we may not see thee race they way or who should be the nominee the same way but we're all ultimately here, because we want to pick a champion to face down Trump. Finally, Tom style, he's a got. He was used. Wh I was thinking of. He is one who always makes sure he points out. I think, to his great Gred give and he payd a lot of money to get there for the purposes of beating these other people to say any one. A person on Thi stage will be better than Donald Trop. His also that Great M, between Yang and Styre, Like a human moment of of Yang Zaing, I Thinkeat TOMS, o Hoocain Tom's LI, eight, the Wlis ENE, bide an fight and punch back pretty hard at Tom's Dyer saying, like I'm glad you care by climb a change now, but before that you're investing in coal plants, which was singly. I everyon I seek Sheem Uto have learned the lesson that you can't let any attack go: Unansweredn, Nudigious Punch pack, matter: how far down there on the pols, but there was no attack, go Os Te, Parther's trepision. I thought he couldn't mow me. He didn't
he was AED as the only one. He was the only one, Athe Reliah changed the anot that number one clear, Rist, Se Dai, Angery Di, say Bidon did not sail us with warned rice. I have no wone I's joined me in saying it and then Biden who cannot has to take bait on everything, because he is unbelievably defensive in this race it o just go Oka. I heard I think I heard something that might be critical of me, some thoing, to go after it as how peace Orof opera, it was not a proportion ofe response to I attaght at turn, Tammywudus YE as a haymaker look Eithet ye I'd Consire is you know, he's got good progressive credentials. He's done a lot of good work. He spent his money on a lot of very good causes that are are dear to us and I'm, I think, and he's got a message. I think the question is what your rational, why you he tried to di at the end, but he was basically like. No one else in the stage has run a business, and so when ye faced down a tromp I'll, be a business man, and I can talk about the economy better, which a
No, it's an argument. It's a little. It's a little weeks os, but you know he how made it Someos. I wonder watching all these debates, there's always in there's, always thee a there's. The public facing argument. The Candidat makes then there's the more private but Sto puble faing on background or cut of behind the scenes campaign argument that they make to reporters may be on background. The you kind of sea and there's the real argument, and I NOS wonder why, in our kin of saturated met environment, where every one's upon it, that gap hasn't closed more right? That that you know it follows him. It always closes Ays the time Frim yea it is, but it's like Tom's to tire seems to be saying you like Elizeth Warrn's message, but she can't win for a variety of reasons, but I can't write that Servem would have to be what his story would be, but ly he always dances around it. That there's a criticism to be made of Mayor PETE around. You know where he's gotten votes, but but even an me Cloveshar who was Surt of dancing around it, wasn't willing to Make that direct cut a political argument in it in a race to find by
this evening by the way for Joe Biden, there's just been a reluctance on the part of other candidates to kind of make the clear cut anti by an argument about illegibility based on his performance in these debates- and I Ah, I wonder why I wonder if that gap won't close more as we get closer to the moning. I think there's two things that this debate: Protentialy Previed one is a much more explicit discussion of each other's electibility, which Quory, Booker and Commo Harris hinted at it. Korybor recame the closes by talking about an authentic connection. I think Wis yet arm in a Ahm in colors, much more specific afterwards in Kolbachar hinted at it
calling a Molocal official contributis, a local official. We was that we had it a pretty. It was a proxy discussion around a well. It was with warrens that the Ginneth WR having about Metticare for all, but I think it's getting get more explicit than the second thing. I think DOW. That PETE, I think, is firmly in the front runner seat in the least the first race and in the tot en Thof, first state in the top heare on the second state, every candid hasnint TAS, to take him down, yet there are still heading harder in their post about any other than their own state, and I think for p, what happens as with brought up her ambassador, her position that she that you would not appoint donors to be. People has got asked about this morning. He refused. He was unwilling to adopt that pledge, but did say that he would only appoint qualified people and you that is where I thank thee. The conversation people his jezenote, that was with Warren, have to go head to head, because
They are, they yn't have to win. They are stand each other Wy Te Bos ETT when Aile I with that coming attraction ole without one last thought. Like agate this week we have been chain smoking, impeachment hearings to Quotalova phrase. The debate happened last night. Could you imagine trying to run for a cident not on that stage like there is no room for a third or fourth or fifth story. Maybe fifty billion dollars that's in, but I feel I think, but my godm, you saw no Dibalpatrick did a Tragegond Ovend at morhuskals. Yesterday, and only two people shot up. No, it is just a hot and AA, a smart of Blimberg top by Saana. Again now he should fug in Buy Fox NEWS. I thout you show that the elvow for all right. So I guess we'll see you all what in the slack chain tomorrow Ano the next week, they'll know know Dan and I are do Monday's, do Monday's pod
it's gone and then the three of us love it and Tommy, and I are doing a thanksgiving mail mailbag that will run over the break over things, giving break Ann DOT, and in will see you. I will see after thanksgiving for more impeach more primary that more Venwy ACT, the group threads off my bag, an I s, IAD everyone will feel letter by puts America is a product of crickedmetia, the senior producers, Michael Martinez, our system, Produ is George Waller. It's mixed in ded by Andrer Chat with Kile Segling, as our soundedgineer thanks to Caroll and Restend tiny seminator and Cate LAW of production support into our addiginal team lie co narmalconi an yelfried in my LE camp, who fill men uplowd these episodes as a Vidio every week.
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