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The Democrats reach a tentative deal on DACA with Trump, and 16 Democratic Senators sign on to Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All plan. Then New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand joins Jon and Dan to talk about health care and the future of the Democratic Party, and Ana Marie Cox discusses Trump’s voter fraud commission. 

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representative will heard Republican from Texas. First, elect republican on the shaft on cricket media show, probably not wait for him in the long run is my guess for will. Hurd career was going well until he joined Turkey, media podcast and love it or leave it is on tomorrow. I actually don't even know who is guess are so sorry love. It didn't. Send me your guests. Ok. So where should we start today? Dan, let's start with. What do you think of Hillary Clinton interview you guys had great job, just when I'm just like. I I ask that is just fishing for compliments, really yeah yeah yeah. You have to do a great job. I knew your take it seriously when I saw the photo and you and Tommy both had colored shirts on it was not- As far as I can tell, wearing a logo t shirt, no, it was wearing his senator sweater, that's a yeah! He you look, Like actual Syria, you look like insurance on your first day at work, and I was great yeah. I know it was. I thought it was good. What have you read the book? Yet
and probably fifty pages in I started last night or yesterday I started it. There is a great I mean you guys are to hit on this and interview. Can see it and you hear it in her voice, and this is probably a microcosm of the entire Hillary Clinton. Experience in politics is There is a great divergent between the book itself. In the way the book is covered and talked about right. It may be the way people read. Read the coverage. You would think it was this theater diatribe of casting blame on other people and refusing to any responsibility for a loss, and it's pretty much the opposite of that It's not an easy read because it's like those are really dark times for everyone, and it's like reliving, elect,
in or Hillary Clinton speech, which I watched in a gift shop in Dulles Airport with crying all around me. Those are hard the about inauguration Day and putting yourself in their shoes. That's that's! It's an honest. The parts I've read are like an honest, very open, Rall, take on an absolutely brutal experience. Well, yeah, I mean it and she does plenty of taking responsibility for or own mistakes, but it makes you reading the book makes you realize again we all made mistake we're all responsible for this. And I don't know I thought it was interesting that you know basically the the book is or one use of the book is to learn from two thousand and sixteen so that we don't repeat two thousand and sixteen, and I think that is grappling with challenges, that
candidate, no one candidate or campaign control propaganda, whether that's Russia or Breitbart or Fox like you know, political media, that's obsessed with scandal. More than policy and sexism racism, voter suppression, all that and I think she does a great job of all that out some of we need to learn is obviously grappling with challenges that candidates and campaigns can control. And that's your message, your policy through, like the career, decisions you make prior to the campaign making sure your messages break through, and I think she's in the book. She really good job of acknowledging all those? I think she has less to say about how to change those things going forward. Because I think she honestly is not sure you know and neither are we clearly exactly anybody listens this podcast those those answers aren't clear an it's not clear how applicable
those lessons are to any? their situation other than Hillary Clinton V Donald Trump. Because you know like I was talking to someone this morning about the book, and I was saying how open and honest it felt in raw right as I, and in the early pages and the person read to Maine. If that Hillary Clinton had shown up in the campaign, would she have one. And your initial thought is yes, of course, which is the just the greatest trope of post election. If the Al Gore who gave his final press conference speech had shown up, then he would have wanted the thing about HALO Clinton, though, is it's impossible if she had in been sort of at casual and honest and human like on the campaign. It would have been covered in treated as if it was. A cynical political
to be in authentically more authentic, like it's like there are there because of the way Hillary Clinton is covered and treated in the political conversation is just fundamentally different than anyone I can think of in my time in politics, it's just You know you thought about this in the like, when the book was I got my initial take was I do not want to relive the twenty. Sixteen primary and and then there's this huge debate over? Should Hillary Clinton write a book? Why is she running a? But why is she distracted from twenty eighteen That conversation only happens about Hillary Clinton right. What else right, like Bernie Sanders, wrote a book. Yeah now, once I did Bernie Sanders right, so John Kerry stayed on the political stage after he lost no one complained about that and it's just
Is there something about Hillary Clinton, not herself, not the person, Hillary Clinton, the incorrectly wrongly unfairly vilified political persona, Taylor Clinton, automatically turns every political conversation stupid and- and I think that that you sort of can understand. We even you see the reaction to the book it helps? You understand why the task before her in running for president was not that she didn't make mistakes. You certainly did, but the task before There was more challenging in reality than it probably was on paper because of just the things that certain politicians have Labels are not available to her, because people do not give the political conversations. I gave her permission structure to actually do those things yeah, and I think the challenge was somewhat obscured by the fact that she leaves the state It was like a sixty something percent approval rating, very well liked higher
Bracco Barack Obama at the time you know, and so you think. Okay, maybe all the problems that we've had in the past are in the past and they certain we're not what you think think the Sanders stuff the Bernie Sanders stuff. That was another 'cause. I mean it's funny I said when I asked the question about Sanders. I specifically phrased it so that she wouldn't have to talk about burning attack Bernie. I wanted to know about this going forward as a party are we a party that needs fundamental reform and change in our policy in our message or are we? that almost one and need some tweaking. So I thought answer that and she used the occasion to go back and take a few shots at Bernie again yeah? I mean that was as aggressive as I have seen. Well I mean that's, not fair. I don't see it that way, but I'm even hazard to answer this question because scary: isn't it yeah we're. Just we're. Just I mean
scary, for whoever, whatever side of the debate is going to just go right up in arm yeah, but it but even beyond. That is just there. It is important and at this book, and Hillary in the interview in her larger press store, all of which is less consequential of an oppressive Merrick interview is a bit in some part about learning the lessons right in its lessons about specific democratic strategy. Is the lessons about that, America is not exactly in some ways what we thought it was coming out of the Obama era that Sexism is- and I want to get minute is more, is a bigger force, Impala x. Then I think a lot of people imagined Hillary Clinton is probably not one of those people who imagine that, given what she's been through in her life, a lot of women like Center Gilbert have experience, right, but so there's a whole host of things, but that's about it that are important for us to understand what happened because it is a set
little moment in american history and hopefully we recover from it, but the Bernie hard. I understand her raw feelings and I, as I said to you earlier, I can only imagine how we would have felt if we had gone through that long bitter primary Hillary Clinton and then lost the job, I can imagine that we would have had carried had a lot of grudges about that. So I am simply medic to the to the emotions behind that and I do believe that, may many of Sanders is a tax on Hillary Clinton were unfair and they were at their heart pretty deep sure sure tax, but that also that that was what he was not wrong. He had a case to make. He was running for president. He can make that they weren't out of balance. They were, but they
tough, but I am not sure that Clinton's assessment of centers is roll post primary it's fair. He I was in the convention when Hall, when he put her name in nomination, I, which, which is interesting, because she she mentions that in the book that's what she she's actually a bit more charitable to him in the book than she was during our interview and has been covered in the press, and she did not choose to emphasize those more charitable moments that you wrote about. You know, kids when she says he should have argued with his supporters. I think with that, I don't that doesn't mean I could be wrong, but I don't think that means like his prominent elected official endorsers are his former camp main staff like Jeff, Weaver or Tad Devine, or some of the people who became did on the campaign 'cause it recollection. They followed Bernie Sanders is
endorsement and did what they could to help Sanders get out there and campaign for her. I think she means the quote: unquote: Bernie Bros on Twitter, I'm just not sure I'm not sure how he would have achieved that goal another guy could have I think it's like yeah, I mean look me this. What matters is what matters more vans or the personal animosity that lingers between them is. You know the policy message implications going forward and it's interesting in the book, and this was as rare, Klein's first question to her check. I figured it would be. You know this at one point, but she talks about Democrats needing to be bolder on their policies and she starts talking about how they almost proposed universal basic income that was paid for with you know some tax on any company that makes money from natural resources.
Oil companies in some telecom companies and it's this extremely progressive polisy. She talks about taxing net worth instead of income and all these things that you know I didn't even hear Bernie talk a lot about during the race and you can. Sort of imagine a race where she decided that she didn't want him to out flank her on the left and she's are proposing these policies. But then again you know, as she said to us, us she has this responsibility Jean, and she always expects that once you get into the general election, someone says: how do you pay for all this and she felt like she could make the numbers work, and you know that's just a very it's a very Clinton thank- and I think it is it's both. She has responsibility chain and I have no doubt having worked on campaigns and at the internal view was, we are probably going to win this primary
may tougher than we thought, but you look at the look at math, and they were in pretty good shape. Super Tuesday on just a question of when I'm to close it out and there was also I'm sure political fear about in the general and some of these left wing. These more progressive policies left with the wrong term I don't agree with that political analysis. I think the more progressive populist approach would have worked I understand that they are also missing her calculus in the prime He is, if, let's say she went to you, know x, tax rate on the wealthy. Sanders. There's no world in which she can outflank Sanders yeah. He can. Always go to the left of because he did not feel as compelled as she did to make the math work and she he was not running, at least until the he did not think he's going to be president. So he was not. He was
an issues based campaign to move the democratic agenda in the polarization to the left and he succeeded in that which we'll get to in a minute with the great success in that Hillary. And was worried that she was Bur account. We know that you're accountable for your came from campaign promises when you get there, so she gets elected. Like where, where is universal basic income plan? How you a past, what we know did, is it giving your first budget should in the city it like? She was thinking through governing and if you're thinking through governing it can be a limiting principle. And what you do. In the campaign and someone who does not feel limited by that reality can always get always off. Like you yeah I mean, I think, if there is One silver lining to twenty. Sixteen. It is that both the primary and
general showed us that we all need to rethink. What is what is electable me and what is politically feasible me and and sort of expand the boundaries of of what's possible and not be caught up in you know, being too cautious or or worrying about the politics, something you know try to go, the biggest boulders policy goal, but you can and then you know, don't make it too unreasonable and don't lie to people, but you know said a big goal. You know and don't worry so much about well, this isn't politically possible. Well, we will get into this two ways we get to our sing. Their conversation before we get to that, we should talk about what happened last night. So do I campaign. Donald Trump said that
young undocumented Americans, known as dreamers quote, have to go, and last week, Jeff sessions announced that Trump would be ending the Obama error program designed to protect these dreamers from deportation. A few weeks. For that Trump threatened to shut down the federal government unless Congress funded his border wall last, night at the White House over chinese food President Trump reached a tentative deal with Chuck, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to offer about eight hundred thousand young, undocumented Americans a pathway to citizenship in exchange, for more border security, but no border wall, art of the deal and of course, this morning he tweeted that no deal was made, but then he tweeted, the dreamers can be deported in the wall would come later, which is essentially the deal than what you think what is he said that he said no deal and then laid out all the provisions of the deal of the day. Tripper and policy an last night once again bring
his press secretary, who tweeted there was no deal looking like a fool and out in the world So what do you think change here? What do you make of this? I I think you asked me last week why Trump agreed to the debt ceiling deal with the Democrats, and my answer was he's that is also still my answer today and I like trump talk during the campaign in interview with Chuck Todd about the dreamers, and you read the answer that he gives its entire. We clear that he has no idea. Who the dreamers are. What docket is what a change in policy means he's just bring on the side of fewer brown people in America, which is like his default position, thinking about everything else and,
now, and so he goes. This is a pretty simple pavlovian response, I think which is Maybe, let's do all the pieces of this trump has enjoyed the press coverage that he has received from the world since fairly minor deal with the Democrats a week or so ago, Trump still remains mad at Paul Ryan and Mitch. Mcconnell yeah, screwing up healthcare and just being terrible at their jobs, and three. He was offered a way out of a problem. He took it without thinking about it would, when you really boils down down. Trump, is bad at deal making, which I get the irony that the guy who ran as a great deal maker and wrote had a book goes written from call the art of the deal is beheaded, deal making but he's
Keep you know this is like we said last week: it's he's buying his car that sticker price it is he's taking the first offer I'm not even using a negotiating tactic where in demand the wall and then you're going to trade the wall. For this other thing, the Democrats wouldn't otherwise give you so yeah. I say all that I will add that I think this is good for the world that I'm glad it's happening if it, if it proceeds on the path that we hope it does. I think is great. It is great all around. If I mean most Wharton. It is good for the world and it is good for these young, undocumented Americans. This is a win for actual people if it happens, we don't know, I mean we have a long way to go. We should say before this becomes law you know Paul Ryan has said before he's not doing any the gration measure in the house unless he gets a majority of Republicans on board an now
is also in the last couple days. You know he's spoken favorably about protecting dreamers, so you know if, unless there's a revolts in the house that sort of threatens Paul Ryan's job, you know you could see him trying to cobble together enough republican votes. Then you know you get. Of course, just about every Democrat in the house will vote for this, so you don't need a ton of Republicans, but he probably need a good chunk of his caucus in order to save face, so you can see this getting done, but we're not there yet, but it gets done. It is. You know, a huge policy when it's a win for the dreamers, Also the other thing that's a win is that Trump's base so angry right now. So media reaction last night I actually basically the mega media reaction to split here, bright a headline that just said Amnesty Don, which is awesome Ann Coulter said at this point, who doesn't want Trump impeached, Laura Ingram critical and Steve King.
Renowned racist from Iowa said quote: Trump has Trump base? Is blown up destroyed it separable and disillusioned beyond. Repair is just I couldn't get enough of these tweets last night. It was so enjoyable to read these the only people, or with him, of course, are the biggest fucking lackeys in the whole universe is the on Fox and friends, and Sean Hannity is the only people that stuck by him Sean Hannity, said: Mcconnell fail. So miserably with health care. Then now Potis has to so with dem leaders. So he went with the liquid made him do line of attack. I mean he's not wrong. Redmayne sort yeah it first and last time. I'll say that about Sean Hannity was this around. Like Donald Trump makes a deal with Democrats and some of his support. The fox team were basically just white House. Employees were getting paid by the federal government. I like
not a it's, not his problem. He made a deal to this this amnesty deal. It's it's Mitch, Mcconnell's fault, because he didn't pass healthcare. It is a little bit of a bank shot there. He he, he yeah, they are twisted dissolves into a pretzel to to stick with trump hate. Look. I do not like it when Trump gets good headlines like that makes me unhappy in, but if Donald Trump is going to do the exact same thing that President Hillary Clinton was going to do I'm cool with that this is the exact deal that Hillary Clinton would have struck with Paul Ryan and Mitch. Mcconnell. It presuming they stated the mint and Robbins to retain control of Congress to pass. The dream act. Yeah, it's been sitting there. This is the deal has been out there for a long time. Republicans did not want to do it with Obama,
because they don't like to do things because they were, they were hoping that they would win election and get to do something about it and the program, and now Trump is going to do. Hillarys bidding, which is fucking, wonderful, yeah I mean look. Trump is a clear and present danger to the globe, we need to elect him out of office or get him out of office as soon as we can. But while we're waiting for that moment, it's great if he will do things We agree with it's very simple to me. It's not like this is something that needs to like twist Democrats in a not you know like. Should we be happy for Trump or not it's not about Trump right, like you're right that he's going to, he will get some good head. Ines from traditional media and all the people in DC and the DC pundits and stuff like that and I'll drive some of us crazy because it'll be like you know, Trump. The bipartisan independent deal maker, blah blah blah, but, like I said it's
substantively. This is good, but also politically, I think you know thing we missed. A lot of during the campaign is how much if, if media sort of drives that bass and I'll say something else, pretty crazy, Steve Bannon was Steve. Bannon said on. Sixty minutes is right in that this Daca decision. If it goes word in a in Doc into law, it will cause a civil war in the Republican Party, you're, seeing it already like bright Barton, Coulter and some folks lining up on one side very much against this decision and then the fox and friends entities of the world still favoring trump. I mean this is going to cause a huge political problem in their party, which is also good for us. So I think this is excellent. In the last seven minutes or so we have applied it, something down from stock agreed agreed with Sean Hannity and our firm statement of Steve Bannon
since rankings are about to go in the toilet, what is happening today anyway, so we'll see, I mean look The other question, is you know how long does this new Trump last? Do we trust him? You know, I don't know yeah approximately seven minutes, because immediately after the deal was announced true run point on a tweet storm against Hillary Clinton. Her for. Her book plan ahead the independent bipartisan, new freshly pivot. Trump, is bullshit. We will take this deal presuming it comes to conclusion any day of the week and twice on Sundays. But let's now, ten, we have a new president. We will, I will say one thing after having, listening to you guys on Monday, As you know, I shared your outrage about all of the ridiculous coverage.
Overselling, a simple moving of a debt ceiling vote as some sort of Reagan, TIP O'Neill style, tax reform. Deal, but this is, and the argument was he gave there was no progressive principle. Conservative. But he sacrificed in order to do that. Deal. This is actually one where you can say he gave Democrats something they even if he also somewhat agreed with it in exchange for almost nothing- but we will say, but this there is an actual substance. This is an actual substantive bipartisan deal if it comes together at the other thing yeah, I just don't wanna Kratz but Stupid you don't want to separate intention from result here, like the result, is that he stumbled ask backwards into a person deal. It's certainly was not some strategy Your intention, not you know he just he everything is impulse. He, like you, said he likes coverage when it's good for him,
like it when it's bad for him, he makes decisions about life and death in the country based on you know, Fox and friends versus morning Joe, and also he has some personal grudge with Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell now so he thought he'd pissed them off by having Chuck over for Chinese and suddenly we have a deal so it's that is the best. Part of the whole thing. Did someone reported that Trump do that the policy issue on which he and Senator Schumer are closest, is chinese trade so they serve chinese food is problematic so many levels, So many well, it's just it's so simplistic that it is just mind like. I would like to know what they serve for dinner. F, like Medicare reform. Why is there because this issue- or maybe just it's so good? It is just so it's pretty
Ok, let's talk about health care, speaking of healthcare. Two bills introduced yesterday it's actually start with the last ditch attempt by the Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare. This is a piece of legislation from Graham Bill Cassidy, Dean, Heller, dirty Dean, Heller and RON Johnson. In some ways, actually the worst of all the republican Healthcare plans, this last one standing. It hasn't gotten a lot of attention, but basically this plan cuts, the affordable care, by twenty billion dollars, and then it gives rest of the money to the states to spend on whatever healthcare programs they want. But twenty states mostly large populated states, also blue states Uh will lose anywhere from thirty five to sixty percent of the funding they currently get from the affordable care act because,
a formula in the bill that gives sparsely populated red states. More money states could also get waivers that let insurers charge sick patients higher premiums and stop covering essential benefits like maternity care drugs? The estimate here is about thirty, two million people lose their coverage within ten years. Including eleven million on Medicaid and premium spiking. Twenty percent So no one thinks they have. The good news is, I don't think they have the votes right now, Mcconnell didn't promise to bring it up. He told him to go, find fifty votes on their own corn and who's the whip. The vote counter. He said he didn't see the votes, TED Cruz I have about four thousand four hundred and forty five votes right now we got Rand Paul as a no and then the big thing is they're dead on this is September 30th. Once we pass September 30th, they go back to needing sixty votes to pass any kind of Obamacare repeal and replace, and they can't do the reconciliation that only allows the
The only gives them fifty votes. What do you think of this standard and how worried should we be? Because I am not worried, we should probably be, like. I think we should the heads long for them and there doesn't seem to be a ton of appetite for it, but we thought the same thing. First time, the house took it up without thought this thought, same thing when Dean, Heller and others killed healthcare, that healthcare came back and it was killed again and then became finally killed like up until the Clich. Clock strikes midnight on September 30th. We should maintain a healthy level of paranoia about the Republicans desire inability to snatch healthcare away from people, so they can give tax cuts to Niners like that's not going to go away, yeah we're favored by the calendar year and it seems like from Trump to Mcconnell Ryan's all the rest of the Republicans except the ones who introduced this bill
more of them are focused on tax reform and getting that done, and they are on one more attempt at Obamacare at repealing Obamacare. But you know once you get to a deadline, suddenly all kinds of deal making starts happening, so you know everyone should be on the look lookout yeah, I would say a not encouraging sign for the Republicans on this is when they had their press conference. They invited Rick Santorum, who why did they do that? A deck a decade ago? No id and I think they're. Like short, a senator there like this guy, was once a senator. Let's bring him along and maybe people forgot he got he has asked. Casey in two thousand and six yeah here we with former Senator Rick Santorum he's going to really he's going to juice. This proposal, how about single payer so Bernie Sanders introduced his Medicare for all bill yesterday. Just is cosponsored by sixteen democratic senators. It's a third of the caucus, Elizabeth Warren Cory, Booker Kamala Harris, Al Franken and our guest for today Kirsten Gillibrand.
I John, what do all of those people have in common? They may possibly be running for president in twenty twenty. I was going to say other than Bernie Sanders. They are have all been on the podcast, oh good, for us huh yeah by the way Bernie Sanders come, I guess it's love it. I think there is something wrong with my email to the Bernie Sanders people. I think it's my fault. I think in my attempt, a rapprochement. I think that I may have not been the best person to reach out did you send it to infoberniesanders dot com? Was that not right That's how people get us here, that's Michael Cullen reaches that Kremlin's: okay within four years under this plan, everyone it would. Transition to a universal health care plan run by the government, just like Medicare is now
extremely generous plan, more so than any single payer plan in the world. Right now than other countries more generous than Medicare itself, you would pay no premiums, no deductibles. No co pays no, nothing. It would cover hospital visits, primary medical devices, medical lab services, maternity care, prescription, drugs, vision, dental the whole shebang. Also importantly, it would aim to bring down costs the cost of healthcare overall. We know now that the Medicare program is currently cheaper than private insurance? The government helps hold costs down. We have the screwed up,
I'm in America, where we pay doctors and hospitals based on how much care they provide and not necessarily the quality of care they provide in the outcomes that we get that something that the affordable care ACT tried to change. Medicare obviously has a lot more power to change this because of their bargaining power. Because of how many people are insured there. The deal with Bernie's plan is everyone would get about four years to transition from their current insurance plan to this new plan? How much hugely expensive sanders did not lay out the details on that he did have a separate white paper that offered some possibilities for paying for it, including higher tax rates on high income people, a one percent federal wealth tax on the net worth of the wealthiest one of one percent. All of these tax options add up to about sixteen point: nine trillion dollars over a decade eh. And still not sure of that would be enough to have to pay for this? One thing I should say that's important is higher taxes more, you know,
they don't have to mean higher healthcare spending, since no one would be paying. Premiums are copays anymore, so Dan. What do you think about this? How big is this I mean it's hard to overstate how fast the politics of shift on this in two thousand and nine when we were trying to pass the affordable care act, two things one MAX Baucus, who is from Montana, who is in charge of Finance Committee, that was writing the bill refused to hold a single hearing on single pair, on the belief that it was too politically toxic in would endanger passage of the affordable care act in the affordable care act was a public option which is a bridge to something like Medicare for all. Are single player and conservative democrats they were not. Sixty votes in a timeless Democrats had sixty votes to include that in the bill, and it was stripped out to the objection of many people, including President Obama, and the people on this podcast
and to go from that to the world in which every Democrat who is thinking about running for president believes, that it is there? Are there willing to put their name on this build is a pretty stunning, stunningly quick change in the political firmament. What do you think of the politics of it? It's interesting. I think that the politics of it are good. I mean you can start with. You know something like six thousand four hundred and sixty five percent of Democrats now believe we should have a single payer plan. I think overall, the politics are pretty good. I think telling people that, instead of you know,
and in all this money in this country on you know, insurance companies and insurance, ceos and prescription drug companies, and it's been we're. Gonna cats been Kerr on people, and people are going to have to pay for care, we're going to hold down the cost of healthcare, and those are all good messages. I do think that, if you're an advocate of single payer, if you're an advocate of this bill- which I am you do need to think through how you're gonna pay for it and be honest with people about how you're going to pay for it and not take questions about how you're going to pay for it as oh, well you're against this, and you just must be in the pocket of insurance industry, and you know, you're a shell and Baba, but like we have a responsibility that, if we're going to put forward this plan to tell people we want this, this is the best way to go. This is the best way to have health care in America. This is the best way to ensure everyone
and here's the way we pay for it. We're not afraid to talk about that. So that's what I think so if you were running the campaign of a twenty twenty candidate, would you tell them but all the details out in the in the course of the campaign and that's enough to do it in the in the run up out, so your your they're going to give your mandatory speech, rolling out your healthcare plan. You think you got it do the pay for I go to give the US some options for paid like, I think we're Bernie did, which is a separate white paper that had a bunch of options for pay for is, is a good idea, I would probably like if I was running a campaign, those down pick some and go around, and and that would be the message you know I mean at least you want to get in the ballpark I think you have to have this fucking scored like the Cbo, would score it while you're running for president, but I do think you need, it's just part of the message, because you know it
One thing to have ads the talk about this: it's one thing to go out there on the stump at some point you're going to get in a debate, you're going to get an attack and someone's going to say. Well, how do you plan to pay for this, and you know you need to be able, get a reasonably good answer. That's believable and you need to have a follow up, when someone gives you a follow up, I think that's, that's all you need, and I think that's doable. Do you think you do that, even if you're running against Trump? Oh, I think you do that, especially if you're running against Trump. I think, that's I mean it's so funny. This is what we talked about with. Hillary and she had this big. I think it's mistaken to think that you need to have every detail worked out, but I think if you run against Trump It is an equally good message to say, going to pay for this by raising taxes, the richest people in this country, love it. I know he wasn't going to be able to function.
It's a teacher who perhaps removing the studio within ten feet of his dad master of single payer over here. First of all, first of all, it's one thousand o'clock I'd be talking at the studio to wear in. This is how it goes. Isn't this one of the lessons, though, that Republicans have spent a long time separating politics from policy see you know. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney can run around talking about all the things they're going to do to cut taxes, but then, when it comes time to paying for it, they're extremely vague. Just lie about it, Trump's even worse. Is it one of the lessons of twenty sixteen that we should be extremely vague and lie about it? No, not that we should lie about it, but that that we can. We can simply go back to you know. As a country we spent acts on health care. We can make up for this cutting what we spend on healthcare and by by making people pay their their share and leave it at that. Do you have make that work. What I'm saying is
Hillary Clinton, told us is she was like. I was waiting for the point where somebody asked me: do you have the numbers to make that work in twenty? Sixteen, it didn't happen, but she wasn't afraid about putting out the numbers. She was afraid about the political consequence of we, the numbers would meet, but no I'm not because I'm missing here, I'm saying that she out all the numbers for her policies and she found that no one ever gave a shit. Well, if she didn't numbers they certainly wished. Don't you think would have been even tougher on her if she didn't have any numbers to back up. Well. I don't know. If we're going to advocate single payer, we have to be ready to defend the cost of it Let me ask him about this: one, the quest is do you want to just win and have no chance? single payer, or do you want to win and try to pass single pair If you want to win and try to pass here you have to put enough details out that it is a reasonable proposal if you were just going to run a vague notion of Medicare for all and
take the win and let the next president deal with it then the more Bernie in the primary trump in the general election approach makes sense. I think, on the larger. Politics of this. We should Pretend that these politics are easy because it you are, at the end of the day, going to move ninety percent of Americans off their current health insurance plan and onto another one. Convincing them, as we know from the affordable care act that Even if you don't love their health insurance, the fear of the unknown exceeds their or discomfort with that known. It's it's also true down that that they can't get. You know watching a cautionary tale. This right now, which is they spent eight years campaigning on a lie about healthcare, when it comes down to govern that's another matter, yeah! That's right! I also think
the I think, the politics of theirs on top, if you can't pass single payer in California, Vermont passing at nationals could be very challenging by Democrats. Are one her present right to do that. It's the right thing to do if we're ever going to get it done, people have to run on it and try to advance the nation that's right thing to do. No one has other than Bernie Sanders in the primary. No one is run on single payer in decades or made it the centerpiece of a presidential campaign, yeah, we were able to shift the the one reasons why Trump feels compelled it's just enjoying morning. Joe commentary to do this docket deal is that we ran on immigration, reform and two thousand and twelve and moved the political conversation from being largely anti immigrant to looking for a comprehensive solution, and if Democrats want to actually this problem they have to run on it and so there's risk to it. But
to the point you made earlier, trying to the the traditional ideas of what we think about electability and how Paula He plays a liked ability and how resume and biography finalist ability, I think, are out the window in so doing the right thing and being authentic and bold about it is as bad as as good an idea as there is to win election as we have out there yeah. I also think the, reason I like a pretty did is it is an opening bid and the opening bid is far to the left so that you can sort of move back and one of my lessons from Obama years is you know the stimulus package right. We started off with the stimulus package that we thought we could. That was not just the right policy, but what we thought we could pass, and we also thought because, with the you know, we need a third of it to be tax, cuts, because we thought that would get Republicans and blah blah if we had to do it over again. I wonder it's like if we put out the stimulus package that we wanted, that was the biggest boldest stimulus package,
Sybil, and then we negotiate it down to what we ended with that are opening bit like. If, If we end up with instead of, the extremely generous single payer plan that Bernie Sanders is laid out yesterday. If what we end up with is a robust public option. That, ultimately, so many will choose because it's much better than have insurance in the private insurance industry eventually just goes away, because the public option is so popular how can I sang when we get behind that? Well, what we? What we go behind yesterday, says we're going to limit the private insurance companies all together at once. So you know we got to be comfortable with the rhetoric here then you know, then that's pretty great right, like I think the import
here is the goal at the end of the day, is to get every single person covered, to bring down costs and to make sure that people can pay for health care in America, and we're saying this is the north star. This is where we want to get to an let's figure out how to get there. I think the sort of boil this down when you don't when the politics for the things you want to do or not good, go change. The politics right. The democratic Party in our press enter Kate, can, I said agency here they could make, a they can go to the country and convince him to do this, and so that is the better way to do it. Then it is decide what the right thing to do is to try to convince the country. If that then ask country what they want and then just give that to them right to dumb down your your proposals to do the most politically expedient thing. Current can, as you both a question about this, which so Chris Murphy has his version of a public option. It's a strong public option where companies individuals
buy into Medicare, do you I mean I I I wonder if that's not where we would ultimately land right, it's a kind of more it's more gives people. The option of people can stay in their current health care. If they want it, do you think they were sort of making these things too far apart rhetorically, let me sort of made Medicare for all one thing and the public option and but part of me wonders if we can just say we're for Medicare for whether it's a a burning plan where everybody has everybody's in it or Chris Murphy Plan, where every can buy into it or have access to it with a subsidy if they want, we did I'm just wondering if you've made these things too far apart. I don't even know if we have made them far apart when you dig into Bernie's plan yesterday, it's a four year transition. The first year just starts with the low the age to fifty five, which is like sure, Lieberman stopped, which is Jerry, shared Brown's plan, second year is, you know, raise the age for young people and it kind of goes and meet them in the middle of the final year was like thirty, five or forty five right, and so even
plan. Has this transition, so it is, I don't know exaggerate the differences as long as you're someone who's proposing. You know a robust public Medicare plan that more and more and more and more Americans can buy into right me the ultimate. So the ultimate solution here is probably a transition period right where it's like we're going to the public option and Medicare by and that will transition to Medicare for all, as opposed to it seems unlikely that we're going to pass a bill and we're going two years later, everyone's going to be on Medicare and private insurance will be illuminated in this country. You will need to transition into it and because of what we tried with public option and what we tried to do with Medicare buy in that Joe Lieberman killed wheat sort of know what the interim steps are in every one of those steps is a huge benefit.
To the individuals who would take part of that program and the overall and reducing costs and quality in improving quality of care across the healthcare system. Yeah. Ok, when we come back Talk with New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Budget of America is brought you by Square Space Square Space Square spaces. For well who are setting new goals, starting businesses, changing careers or launching a creative project. Squarespace gives people powerful and beautiful online platform for which words their next move to the world. With a soon with Squarespace, people can lock down their next move yeah with a unique domain and create a website to launch their idea or portfolio to get their project out there or an online store to officially open for business and more
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on the blood today, we are very lucky to have with us New York. Senator cures Gellibrand Center Gilbert and thanks for coming on the pod and welcome, I'm really excited to be on or glad to have you. So yesterday, you signed on to Bernie Sanders, here for all act and you've actually been a proponent of Medicare for all, since your first congressional race back in two thousand and six, so it seemed like there are two big challenges here. With this bill of this legislation, one is figuring out how to pay for it and
to which is something you know we all worried about during the affordable care act. Debate persuading the ninety percent of Americans have health insurance that we can transition them to a Medicare plan with you know little to no disruption in their lives. How do we meet these challenges? I think the most important thing is to give people the opportunity to buy into a not for profit public option. I think it's really important to recognize that so much of the cost in healthcare today is the fact that we have these middle man called insurance companies that are for the companies that have very high profit margins, fat, ceo salaries and quarterly obligations to their shareholders and their goal in life
to make money, as they should be. That's what they are there for private companies. We need someone who's running this. That actually cares about people and put people before profits, an puts the health and well being of Americans first, and so you need at least a not for profit public option and so over the next four years under our bill and the part that I worked on odd to write is let you buy into Medicare at a price you can afford, and I do it over four years, so people can be eligible on each year to buy in and it let people see how much what it costs, if you're not guaranteeing fat ceo, pay and and profits for these insurance companies over time. I think people will then begin to see if not only less expensive, but it's higher quality care, and so the reason why Medicare for all so important is because you have to move away from for proper system into a not for profit system. You cannot get in my opinion to universal coverage.
And affordability. At the same time, and that's why states have one or two providers are struggling because they might have a low population, they might have an older population, they might have a sick population, and so those insurance companies can't make enough money and that's why they're not there. So while Obama CARE did a lot to get us in the right direction, it protected kids up to twenty six. It says you can't be dropped coverage just 'cause, they're pre existing it made it made all these changes matter really matter. It's still based on a for profit system, and so it's still too expensive, for the middle class families for a lot of small businesses. It's still too expensive and so to really get cost down. You need to be able to take the insurance companies out of the and you need to be able to negotiate in bulk for the lowest cost for drugs. You have to be able to take on the drug companies and say we deserve to be able to buy, bulk through Medicare or Medicaid, and get lower prices for people. So it's interesting
you mentioned adding a non profit and nonprofit public option. That was actually the plan that Hillary Clinton proposed in the twenty sixteen election, adding a public option and even though her and Bernie fought quite a bit over her plan versus his single payer plan, do you think those differences were over blown because you know you're talking about adding a public option then ultimately transitioning to Medicare for all single payer plan. Do you think this is just sort of a difference in how we transition how fast we transition? What do you think about that? Well, I think our goal has to be single payer. We have to get to a place where all Americans are covered, no matter wat and that health care is a right and not a privilege. So that has to be the goal for all of us, but I think the by and is the best way to transition because, honestly, if you give people a chance to have Medicare, I can't tell you how many people, when I traveled around the state who said to me you are fifty fifty
sold. I just got laid off. I don't know why you know I have to be in poverty to be eligible to Medicaid, it's not fair yeah. Why can't I be eligible now Medicare or Medicaid, and it's it's just it's what people want and it's not partisan. I mean, as you mentioned when I ran in two thousand and six I ran on Medicare for all. I said you need at least one, for private public option. I said people should be able to buy it and people liked it, and that was a very republican district, and so it makes sense. It's really common sense, and it's all about where the money ghost and the money should be going entirely towards health care, not to overhead, not to profit, not to ceo pay and to your question of paying for it. People are going to buy into this and it's going to be less than they're paying their insurance company, so people save money. An America is going to spend less money on health care and you're going to get to the fundamental costs. That's driving the fact that we spend so much more in health care in this country than other countries that have universal Healthcare,
Senator, like all things, this is a question of both policy and politics. What lessons or do you take or concerns? Do you have about the fact that two of our most progressive states, Vermont and California, were John and I live, I've tried to do single payer and run integrate struggles politically at what lessons you take from that? If you think about how to do this, naturally, and obviously a much different environment than California Vermont. I think people just have to understand what it is about when you really simplify and say: should money be going to insurance company ceos insurance company profits or should be money being spent directly on your health care? It's really obvious folders, and so, when you present it like that, they say, of course, I'd rather than money go to health care. I don't need to fund insurance company profits, and so it's it's simplifying the system and then it's making all health care available to all people and that's
I have a single payer? That's why? Having Medicare for all is really a very elegant solution that solves our greatest problem. That too many people are priced out of healthcare. Today, it's really in some circumstances for the most which among us and it's just not right, it's morally wrong. So I think if you talk got it in that way around the country they're going to support this. You know that the debate sometimes becomes very toxic and misleading, and so, if you really just speak truth to power, I think it's going to work and I think people want to have Medicare for all. I think they really. They know. Their grandparents are. Their parents are on Medicare. They know they generally, like things they'd like drug pipe prices to be cheaper. We need to deal with that as a cost measure and then you can begin to create a healthcare system. That's not focused on fee for service, but to actually focus on well being of patients. So we Hillary Clinton on monday- and you know, you've been a strong supporter of her anywhere in twenty sixteen. I asked her if she had any advice for women.
Who are interested in politics or running for politics now running for can't office now on how to grapple with the kind of sexism she faced in the campaign. What kind of advice would you give to women who are running for office for the very first time that the thousands who have signed up and took to run since since only sixteen well. The first thing I would tell them is to believe in themselves and to make sure they know that their voice will make a difference. I started off the side lies about six years ago to create a call to action, to ask women to do exactly that, to run for office if they didn't want to run for office, to support another woman who shared your values, to vote, to become advocates to be heard, and what we seen since this president was elected, isn't a resurgence of women who desperately want to be heard, and it was all started with those I mean I don't know if you participated in any the markets around the globe. Yeah right right here now, at the end of millions of
came out and said, I want to be heard and what was so brilliant about the march with its introduction. Now the the fact that it didn't matter what you march for you could certainly march for women's reproductive freedom, but you could also march for black lives matter or you can march for immigration, reform or clean air clean water. Lgbtq It didn't matter you just you. It was the first time for a lot of people to just put what they felt most strongly about and put a sign and carried the sign, and it was an action that I think really was processed in democratizing democracy in a way that was powerful, an certainly meaningful for me and really inspiring. So for all those limiters. About writing. Please try to. We need you and we need your voice. We need your perspective. You have a very different life experience that most people serving a As you know, we only have twenty percent of this in the in the Senate, eighteen percent in the house- and it's not enough- it's just it's not enough, and so it's that overwhelmingly impact women and family, sometimes don't even get on the top ten list. It's outrageous that we don't have national paid leave
in this day and age, when every other industrialized country has it, we don't even have equal pay for equal work yet and other things that you know, perhaps because women see the word differently having affordable, take care or universal pre K. These kinds of changes would make a difference. So I just I believe that we need women. We need the diversity of our country representing our country, and we just don't have it. We need more women of color. We need more african, american and hispanic. Not like peanuts. We need more people running who are different than what we have today, and so I'm hoping that women really feel as intensely that knowledge a qualified, but there are different to the life experience is what makes them even more effective, more powerful more relevant for some of the problems we need to face today. So I wanted to ask you about the deal or alleged feel that Senator Schumer and leader Palosi struck with Trump and not I guess I'm curious not is about the details of the deal, but how you think,
about Democrats working with Trump the same time, believing that He is an existential threat to a lot in this country. Is there a danger that it's normalized by this or we're helping him out Politically, in ways that Senator Mcconnell certainly was not willing to do for President Obama, I don't think some of President Trump Hateful, these will ever be normalized and can never be allowed to be formalized. So when he's objective, being and discriminate against transgender troops. You stand boldly against him and you say why that's immoral when he wants to say that kids, who are here under Doctor Kent State, you stand up against them, but if you want to do something good and his desire to actually help people, No reason why you shouldn't do it and in fact it would be immoral if you didn't do it. If he wants to make sure we pass the dream act tomorrow, I will be the first one to say: I will work with you to pass the dream act tomorrow, so we have to do both when he does.
Red Sox like wrong or moral. We have to stand strong and fight hard, and if you want to do something that helps people, that is our job to work with him to help people. That is why we are here. We are public servants first and if people let politics get in the way of helping people they're not doing their job, so you're, someone who used to have a more conservative position on immigration when he first ran for Congress. Now you know you're, one of the strongest advocates for a path to citizenship for undocumented Americans talk a little bit about your evolution on this issue and also how do you think Democrats should approach immigration policy going forward? Well, as update house number, I just didn't have enough experience understand getting the trauma that families face who are dealing with immigration in this country. I district was maybe nine percent white- and I didn't take the time to understand why this issue is so important at a how harmful anti
creation policies are, and so, when I was appointed to this in it and was given the job of representing the whole state. I spent time with families all across the state to hear from them about what their lives were, like and I have to say. I was horrified that I had been sensitive enough, that I hadn't understood how difficult and challenging some of these hateful policy it can be for a family, and I can't imagine what it's like to be a child whose parents could be shipped away at any moment like. I can't imagine the anxiety that they feel, and so I feel so strongly now that we have to work much much harder to protect these kids to protect these families and to really make the case about how
The history of immigration is in our country. We, we are our country founded by immigrants. Part of the strength of our democracy is because of our diversity. Part of the strength of our economy is because of our diversity and I've met with refugee populations with immigrant populations across our state who, when they come here, all they do is grow the economy. They start businesses start families they invest, and so we need comprehensive immigration. This country, we need pathways to citizenship. We have to protect the kids who are under Daca and who are dreamers, so I just feel like our country, it's not about tolerating diversity. It's about the strength to diversity called our country is,
longer because of our diversity. Senator I wanted to ask you about the amendment you're working on with Senator Collins about protecting transgender troops. What would that do to address the situation of the new Trump policy? And, and what are the prospects? Do you think processor, very strong that we can? Actually, disarmament. Senator Collins and I have worked on issues that affect military personnel, for many years now. She and I worked together on repealing, don't ask don't tell, and we you know nobody thought we could repeal Apolosi even the advocacy groups who are afraid to vote on that. But we did and we pushed it because it was the right thing to do and goodness prevailed on that day. I think the same is here we don't know how many votes we have, but we just convinced Senator Mccain to support our amendment, which is fantastic because he is seen by many Republicans as the leader at all things military, and so what are bill will do is protect
transgender troops who are serving today and make sure. Or that they cannot be discriminated against because of their gender identity center. I'm one thing we learned this week after interviewing Hillary on on Monday is in from some of the responses. There's still a lot of deep divisions within party between Bernie Supporters, Hillary supporters. What are your thoughts on a message and policies that might unite the Democratic Party in twenty eighteen, twenty, twenty and beyond? Well, certainly, policies that really affects people great, like Medicare, for all being willing to take on the drug companies and getting healthcare costs down is one of the biggest drivers are back in
security in this country. Today, I think focusing on rewarding work just listening to the challenges workers face across this country and then working so much harder to meet their needs so focusing on ways that reward work, such as obviously raising the minimum wage, but also investing in manufacturing, seeing made in America again making sure we had in the kind of training and education gets people right into the jobs that are available today. Having struck little changes like paid family leave. I can't tell you how many people are forced to leave the workforce because of an urgent family crisis if they can even afford to do so. So being bold, being aggressive speak about the vision for the party, I think free education is something we should absolutely fight for especially
for these worker training issues like if you get laid off and and your mid career, and you just need six month the trade to get that job at that that manufacture of five miles away. That should be available at any community college, any local state school for free and so the kinds of things we could do to level the playing field for workers and restructure the economy to reward work. Again I mean it's a long conversation, but you know we have had an economy that is overwhelmingly dominated by shareholder value, it's overwhelmingly dominated by who own things, and so, if we want to refocus it towards who works in the economy? Who who actually.
But people to build things, it's going to take some real structural challenges and I think, if you incentivize companies to do things like profit, sharing or employee ownership or creating a workplace policies that support workers, first, really investing in B corps and saying, if you're going to focus on sustainability and have pro worker workplace policies should get tax advantage if we're going to tax. If we're going to tax reform, let's increase tax benefits for companies that create their companies this way and then support our unions are unions are our greatest for our workplace fairness and to get higher pay for workers and really help communities understand that if they have someone to go shooting for them, they're going to be more powerful, who really renew our commitment,
to helping unions be strong 'cause, they put people first, and so it's just this question of what do you do? First, people are profits and we are capitalist country. We believe in capitalism, but we don't believe in greed, and that is the difference that has been the divergent for the last several decades, and so we have to reward good companies that want to create jobs, reinvest in the middle class, an reinvest in their workers, an make it are profitable for those kind of companies to succeed by investing in them awesome. Thank you. So much synergy burn for joining us and please come back again. Thank you guys much. I really appreciate you, including me, absolutely take care, take care brother America, brought you by parachute parachute? What do you think? I think parachute is just terrific
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It could be electronics whatever there is in stores around you. The post mate will bring it to you. I saw this option said: do you want your coke able on kelp noodles- and I said, let's give it a shot? What's the worse could happen one. I don't know what the worst that could and I and what is the worst that could happen. I don't know what the words that, because I had a great time, because you know what turns out lesson learned from post mates. I enjoy kelp, noodles, post mates, postman, let's say: you've got cricket, get a hundred dollars in free delivery credit and at on the park today, we have the host of crooked media's with friends like these ANA Marie Cox welcome hello, guys hi there you. Just an interview with our PAL Rembert Browne right. Ed and if I do say so, myself it's fantastic, it's good. For me. I hope it was good for him. I hope listeners appreciated as well. We did a deep dive into the piece that came out this week that he wrote. That is a profile of Colin Kaepernick with a
Sing piece, which is an actual interview with Colin Capper Nick. But in a way like just as magazine, nerd and as a as a writing nerd. I'm sure you guys appreciated this about the piece as well, which is that one of the things it's about is it is that it's not Colin Kaepernick's job to be a celebrity and being profiles and it's not his job to be interrogated. People about his beliefs, he has a job and he's doing it, which is that he's an activist now you know he's not Beck and call of reporters and or other people that that want to question him like he's doing what he needs to do. That's an interesting angle on it. I, like and it's just a great piece, and obviously it's really current right now, not just because we are in the middle of one of the most politically charged football. All seasons that we've seen in awhile, but obviously Jemele hill at PN tweeted, some truths about Donald Trump, including the fact he's a white supremacist,
And not only did ESPN discipline her in some unspecified way, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked yes to fire. From the podium of the White House. What's your guy take on that. As far as like using the White House podium to ask for people to get fired. I mean it's fucking absurd. You know when, when reality, television, STAR Donald Trump, ran around calling Barack Obama and others racist. We didn't call for him, firing from the White House Podium, but we could have yeah. Press we should have that you could have it really nip this in the, but I think that's actually the real right. This is this is the baby Hitler question as relates to Trump So that's Super ugly in you news this week. Is it an other stuff to
What do you? What do you guys want talk about where we had left and list what what we have left in the list? Is we didn't talk about the antics the Kris Kobach antics? This? We uh with Trump's voter fraud. Commission Kobak wrote a piece in bright Bart where he said that Hillary Clinton and Maggie Hassan one in New Hampshire because of illegal voting by out of state residents. This is, of course, a false. Most of these were out of state college students who had every legal right to vote in New Hampshire. What's the deal with this, dog and pony, show here. Well it in what, in a way it caps leads it's a microcosm of everything, that's wrong with the Trump administration, which is to say that it's a poorly formulated idea that was poorly executed. That will have very few real world ramifications beyond just Solidifying bad ideas like Kris Kobach himself, has said that he doesn't he's not sure if anything is going to come from this commission, but, as you guys know, propping up the id
that voter fraud is something that is a real thing that we need to do something about is itself a powerful idea. You know that's a powerful tool to broadcast to the nation, that there is such a thing as massive voter fraud and that it's all done on behalf of Democrats. The thing itself was like it almost literally a joke like at one point they brought out antique New Hampshire Voting machines to demonstrate like, like you would not ok and nickel, to go see in a museum. You know what do you think about? Some Democrats were calling on the democratic members of this commission to resign and they refused saying we need to be here to sort of watch Kobach's antics
What do you think about that? I torn. I think that the main reason I would say that they should be there is that one of the members of the commission hands slid Lasky, two guys how to pronounce his last name is just one of those. I asian issues, a strong european sounding inside and now he's more of the main architects of voter fraud fraud. He ask the Democrats not be part of the commission, so therefore, I think that they should be if one of the main perpetrators of this. Why doesn't when Democrats there that I think Democrats should be there, I mean I'm sure, is This is a question for a lot of people on the left. Right now is how much you should be working with the other, I'm sure you guys dived into the doctor thing you know, should Democrats at all work with Trump or work with Republicans I mean, I think it's probably a case by case basis,
yeah. I I think it's a case by case, I think, on Dhaka, it's our policy outcome, so yeah. Of course it's not yeah right. We we gave up almost nothing or it looks like we're. Gonna give up almost nothing yeah Do you think the Democrats being on Kovacs? Commission means that there's probably a little bit more transparency there, like they'll fight for people to be able to come and see. The commission's here things at least and see that there yeah well. This is I've been, critical of some of these folks who are in the Trump administration who are claiming there there till save America in, and you know they're they're serving. For that reason- and I think at this point they should absolutely resign and tell the country what's going on in Trump Administration and that would have a greater impact than them staying in there. Aside from some of those a national security, roles like Mcmaster, but on this one of the voting commission, I like that they're Democrats on the commission, because it's a public commission and I think that if you have Democrats there, they can speak out and call out Co Box live
in you know to the public, while it's going on and I would imagine that if this commission comes to a conclusion, that's sane and wrong. They will certainly not sign on to that and they can use that position to speak. And they will have some weight behind, not not signing on right, right, they'll be able to say- and this is why we're not signing on rather than speaking from the outside. I do when it and they're speaking out now and they're not waiting right right- and I know people listening to this show know this- that voter fraud is not a problem. It doesn't really exist. This is one of the most pernicious like urban legends that exists in America, my trump supporting in laws again are good example here, like they earnestly believe that there's some kind of conspiracy around this and they refused shaken from it. So, the more that we can do combat this in, like it just that you know popular narrative. I mean the better the best,
sweet to combat it, though I think it's just continuing to fight against the unfair gerrymandering and just continue to to register people to vote and do voter turn out. There's no unfortunately, like just make make the but it's put the evidence in the votes that makes sense, yeah and published Some of these battles on on the local and state level, which are our friend chasing candor, is, is doing so well. So I think, I think, that's an important thing to keep in mind. I think it's worth noting that HANS Van whatever he if say he was recess appointed because the junior senator from Illinois too much controversy, put a hold. Domination, so real missing. It moved there Barack Obama guys. Well, so everyone should tune in so with friends like these, your interview with Rembert Browne drops tomorrow. So everyone sure you download
little long, I'm just going to test it out there and people. Probably. I know some people don't like. We do this kind of bonus episode, length stuff, but I think it's, with it on a really good piece: hey, it's love it. I want to talk a little bit about salesmanship. I would say that there probably other qualities besides the length of it, that people might enjoy the interesting qualities of the conversation fascinating insights that member brought to the table. Perhaps perhaps The better thing because you'll be so engrossed in it, you won't want to stop. Listen. I think time will fly. I may be awarded in real life. I'm not even gonna say how long it's going to be, because people are going to know because they'll that there's sense of time will be warped by the investment that they have, while they're listening even been Mcdonald's recently, but Americans, like more
say what more more podcasts lesson same same price guys. I think I think we've blood right into the outro here we're in the AC trial or it's easier now. We are because this episode also got my aunt. Can I add two minutes this intro before we go so I was on a podcast last week called It's tricky Sanchez, which is in the premier, Philadelphia, 76Ers podcast, oh yeah, that's my favorite Philadelphia, 76Ers podcast. Good, because you came up in the podcast uh one of his attention. Uh yeah that was excited is a tv writer in Ella in Hollywood, and many years ago he interviewed to be your assistant on one thousand, six hundred Penn cool,
and now we got that hire him. He didn't hear it, but you did tell him the main part of the job was to get his ticket. You french fries, whenever you wanted them, no, no, that's exactly right, that's exactly backwards! Now, I'm glad I didn't hide large, and this is the clip that we want to use. You can use this football you want, because I vividly remember what I said, because I ended every interview by saying the same thing I am not kidding. If anyone brings me french fries their fires and I'm going to ask for that means like there was a lot of firing, forty people well of today, we still have to take it to pod, save America, which we and our Brianne Arbor was kind of where I'm gonna be there yeah, it's cricket, dot com, slash tore. Also in you know, Santa Barbara still in December, but that's a couple months away,
Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is going to be in October and we have a second show. So we still have tickets to the second show excellent. All your friends will be there come see guy well, here all right guys. We will talk to you on Monday. Take it easy, take it easy I got can I make mixing it up on the outro and that's the way. It is courage.
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