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“Are we infrastructure?”


The debate over Joe Biden’s jobs plan devolves into a fight over the definition of the word infrastructure, Republicans threaten their corporate donors and their grassroots donors, Matt Gaetz raises money off of his scandal, and transgender activist Raquel Willis joins Jon and Dan to talk about the horrific wave of anti-trans legislation sweeping the country.

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You may risk retrial, so there's nothing to lose that simply safe dot com site crooked. Go protect your own easy to use easy to set up very formal great system welcoming a America. I'm John Favour, I'm dyin Pfeiffer! On today's pod, the debate over Joe Biden, jobs plan has devolved into a fight over the definition of the word infrastructure, Republicans threaten their corporate donors and their grassroots donors and Transgender act foretell Willis, joins us to talk about the horrific wave of anti trans legislation sweeping the country before we start one. Could
housekeeping note on last week's hysteria, arrogant Alyssa were joined by and say you thought of the New Georgia project to discuss voting rights and today, Dan their joined by Hillary Clinton How about that I mean the bigger seriously there's a bigger Hillary Clinton on hysteria, so tuna check it out get the news. For the last several days, official Washington has been consumed. The question that struggling Americans everywhere are no doubt asking themselves. What is infrastructure is everything. Infrastructure is nothing infrastructure. Are we infrastructure, bats Republicans are attacking eurobonds, american jobs plan, because it doesn't just spend money on traditional infrastructure like roads and bridges, but things like high speed broadband and clean water and veterans, hospitals and here's? What's wrong
the upsetting them better care for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Marshall, Blackburn actually tweeted an attack specifically about the fact that job this plan gives four hundred billion dollars to care for seniors shoes? remount about their Deborah problem. Is our ally, tacking, democratic president for life panels. So response. Democrats, art for some reason, trying to that? Actually everything in the bill does counters infrastructure, one exam, or from Senator cursed. Angela bran, who tweeted yesterday quote paid leave is infrastructure. Child care is infrastructure. Caregiving is info structure. Didn't call me crazy, but one way to connect all the investments in the american jobs plan is by pointing out that they all come jobs. Which is even more popular with voters than infrastructure, or I suppose we could keep having a fight over the definition of the word infrastructure. What do you think you think we should do
I rarely guide and more worked up about something of lower stakes: than this conversation his eye. If anyone to see their tax chain from Alaska obeys, it's it's. It's you and I texting and all happy about how angry we are about this stupid fucking debate over the definition of the word infrastructure I mean I am I've been trying to figure out how we got to this place because it with that- and I think it began with the idea what our Well, but later that there was one more reconciliation. Also, there is probably one a piece of legislation that was going to leave the station in the first two years, thereby administration of these major legislation, and It had been signal, there would be an infrastructure, but that was recently by ran. I he had his build back better plan and then a bunch of advocates progresses in Congress in particular started making the case that all these other things that were Quantico infrastructure, child care paid family. We this was the family
structure agenda and we sort of gotten this place where the we had. we create this debate by word. This an infrastructure bill and we were gone, operate by the. In the way the press was gonna governing traditional political devotee of infrastructure, which is roads, bridges, airports, dams, things you build, and the advocates we're trying to expand the definition of that to include these other very worthy, important thinks. And now just because this is how politics in the twitter age works, is where there is an immediate homing beak into the dumbest possible argument so here, we are right and does it matter to voters now have some political consequences for health
this bill passes in and what credit someone gets him went blind people oppose it get actually think it does his little story. When I was a speech writer for Braga Bomber, we talked a lot about infrastructure, and one thing I would try to do is constantly look for a word. That was not the word infrastructure to put in Brok about Miss speeches, because I have a kind of a hunch that most Americans don't walk round hockin about infrastructure. I think about infrastructural that much so I would talk about investments in transportation. Since people know transportation attack about rebuilding roads and bridges, rebuilding highways spending money that will create jobs for people who are going to rebuild those roads and bridges. So all of us be traders, and I'm sure you guys want us to do this too. In the
occasions office would try everything we could to actually explain what he meant by infrastructure is opposed to using the fucking word infrastructure over and over again. I would also say that, like the entire frame of this debate is wrong, because even if people do know it infrastructure is I guarantee you without even looking at. It is not nearly as popular as creating jobs which, by the way, every single dollar almost every single dollar in the american jobs. what, though, whether its home care, it's just better home care for the elderly and people who have disabilities its paying people who have those jobs who care for the elderly and those with disabilities. So that's about creating jobs,
like changing. You know: retrofitting lead, pipes and people's homes, they have clean water and they don't have led the rudder. That's gonna take jobs, that's going to create jobs. Every single thing in this bill is going to create jobs which, by the way, is why the binding people named it the american jobs plan. So why are all of these Democrats trying to stretch, the definition of infrastructure to win some weird battle. With Republicans we're saying it's not infrastructure, I don't understand it settle understand for people with our experience in the above so she says it's a real thing because we obviously took office at a time of incredibly high unemployment. Therefore, the best and fastest way to get something on the president's schedule was to me about jobs, so every scheduling meeting everyone from all What's a government would twist their initiative into a pretzel in order to say it's gonna quit jobs
That kind of at least that kind of twisting, though, make sense dances guess what people of job he belonged: jobs, Islam, okay, this is like classic move of the National Security Council would be like we should do, is that with this foreign leader, because there are gonna buy for aeroplanes in aeroplanes are made by people with jobs, and so now you I've written by written plenty of those present. Now you as a Democrat, administration, pushing something called the american jobs Plan, that is incredibly popular and we are a fine everything against. As other term, that really means nothing because people, politics think of infrastructure in terms of the way we do our roads Brigitte center. But if you like, in every other contacts it as a very different meeting right people talk all the time in sports events organizations with great infrastructure right debate. When you ve seen Antonio spurs or you're doing it reads or whatever
organizations have already coaching great training, staffs great scouting development, that when players go there, they have the best chance exceed when they say that the spurs have great extortionate, only never great fucking rode to the stadium breakfast with itself I think it does it it's a we have so back the car into well this act of stupidity, the that it is mine, and I do think it matters at least like some of this is just like people like you and me, and people on twitter talking about this becomes this topic. Gin interventions on he's briefing, but I think in the case where it does matter is it gives the Republicans and out for opposing very popular initiatives, because when you say this is infrastructure when they can say like Marcia Blackburn someone who scores an own goal every time she was in the field, I can say I am not opposed to elder care. I am Owing to its this infrastructure building infrastructures. So I am not voting for re. We we are allowing
M to skirt opposing popular initiatives on the merit, by saying whether it should be inner out basin was vague definition that we have created browsers, You think people see it like that like if, if every republican votes against four hundred billion dollars in caring for seniors and people disabilities evening we wouldn't be like well. You know I it's ok that they voted against that very popular provision because it wasn't technically infrastructure and I'm a stickler for the rules that bill have been infrastructural. I made. Does that really matter? Kinda I mean it. Just is the key people are surfing the news here right and if what you from simply sorting and used by Scots going through Facebook, or whatever else is that democratic are play fast and loose and trainers jam a bunch of things into an infrastructure building infrastructure that creates a permission. Russian people to be ok with opposing any luck,
are you, I get it. I would say, though, is like if someone asked me, but why was doing that it be like you know: a Democrats are trying to do people elected us. They gave us power and now we're trying to pass all the things that we said we pass when we were on the campaign trail and asked for people's votes, because that's how it works. If we say I'm running on this, I'm running on, I'm gonna do X, Y Lindsey Benny vote for me. I'm in power now me to try to do ex wines, because that's what people ask me to do when I ran for off I'm going. We are going to do a bunch of things that we told you we were going to do that are good for the economy and they create more good, paying jobs. That's you, some of those things are infrastructure and some of for other things, whether all good for the economy so, of course, public, is a made it pretty clear that they're not seriously considering voting for a big jobs and infrastructure bell. Whatever me and yet others, some noise out there from Republicans
like oh yeah, I'll sit down with the bite administration and work on an interest in our transportation infrastructure. Only bill but I'll be shocked. That actually happens so binds real challenge is getting just about every democratic. Congress on Board, your mansion made that tougher this week with a real potpourri of unhealthy common use, these anyone's the corporate tax rate at twenty five percent, not twenty eight percent. He said he refuses to allow the belt capacity a reconciliation unless his vote is earned. What was the coat, and he said Six or seven. Other democratic centres have concerns too sure enough. Mark Warner documented said he once more input into the bill. Do you think, engine, and these other Senate Democrats want big changes. Small changes like how much of a headache do you think this is for the White House and how much is just normal negotiating with members of your own party in Congress? I think this is pretty normal negotiating. It's just. I think we everyone needs understand that the way the american Rescue plan past is the accept,
at the root of our presence pass legislation? Joe Biden set up a very specific one point: nine, try and other plant and then Congress past something there was one point: nine trillion dollars. It was pretty they close to what he said and here by buying released broad principles with price dogs attached. And Congress last you go about writing the bill and I, and then maybe Mark Warner wishes. He had gotten in earlier phone call or a more extensive briefing, but he still gets to write the bill. He has raw the input I thank the founders, for that. Does he gets the right the bill and You know this is you know it is like all mansion statements are treated as like these giant proclamations, and it's like. Oh my, Show me just making us again here only wants to raise the corporate tax rate of twenty five percent. Three pointing out what Biden does and you know I think this is operating normal, there's gonna be a lotta wranglers we wrangling on the left is our organ. We just about appeasing Joe Mansion. You can have a lot of people on that.
Else, who are the press of carcass looking to include certain things in the bill to ramp up some of the climate spending cetera, and so this is going to be a super normal congressional process in every supernumerary original processes pretty messy by it. I think if you were we're not make predictions, but nothing that has happened yet suggested Joe Biden is not on track to pass a very significant jobs bill, but I think the corporate tax rates should be twenty percent. I think it should go back to being thirty five percent, which is what it was before Trump cut it, and I also thank by the way that raising corporate taxes is going to be broadly popular politically, but if Joe Mansion to get his vote once twenty vines at a twenty eight, I'm not gonna lose a ton of sleep over that, particularly since
where, where deficit spending these days suspect. It's not like that, like we needed the twenty eight percent to make sure that we could pay for the rest of the bill. If you wanted to twenty five percent and then adding more to the deficit on the back end, that's fine. I care more about making sure that the investments in the bill are stay robust. Then I probably do about that. tax thanks. That's that's good. There was some good news for buying and democratic this week when the Senate parliamentarian ruled that they have the option to use reconciliation a third time this year, as you mentioned, though, as he is wont to do Joe mention two big dump on that news? When he wrote in an up head today, that quote, I simply do not believe budget reconciliation should replace regular order in the Senate, and then he reiterated
quote. I will not vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster. In fact that was the title of the op. Add lovely that came after cures and cinema reiterated her opposition to filibuster form this week as well. Saying quote, I dont think the solution is to erode the rules. I think the solution is for senators to change their behaviour, yeah, well, what's easier, fuckin eroding the rules or changing the behaviour of Mitch Mcconnell and his gang of Bozos sits up. Where does this leave us both on the, third reconciliation bill and then on all the other things, the Democrats want to get done that require reforming the filibuster like HR. One the third reconciliation bill. I think is important, but perhaps not as important as everyone wants us to believe it is where I think it is useful is it is a sort of a break glass measure Reimer we're gonna ethics.
The right thing still do is try to get as many things as possible that our jobs and economic related into this infrastructure bell and have the third reconcile jobs, jobs? That's college idea of audio media braided hair words for the infrastructure to regulate the accident, have been everyone dented earthquake zone, but it's to have another bill right. you shouldn't assume that it's going to be really easy to pass and third really big bill. So it's nice to have hope. You don't need it, but it is,
I would say by the way, there's a few big ticket items that I would want to see in the third reconciliation velvet. I think they're planning that are super important. I think they are floating the idea of making permanent the child care tax credit that they passed an american rescue plan in a third reconciliation bill which would be legacy defining for Joe Biden and transformative in this country. To basically then have social security for kids as a legacy item that would last in perpetuity and so that every child in this country forevermore has a couple thousand dollars that their family. It's got a thousand dollars allowance for them. That would be enormous and all the healthcare changes or additional healthcare changes aside from was an american rescue plan would be enough for reconciliation bill as well, whether that's low
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and do you do nothing for next year and a half or do you take on the bigger challenge available, it would finally ripe it. But as long as you have this other legislative vehicle out, there are crazy way in which to avoid the very our question, because we ve talked about before there are a number of senators. You very much want to get rid of the cell buster. There was another group which is probably just as large, if not larger, that one get rid of the fell by separate, really hopes. The question is never, hot and the longer we can play around with passing things on a budget reconciliation that question may not get call them. What that means is no significant gun legislation, no voting rights, no fifty dollar minimum wage according to the current leanings of the parliamentarian, and so I worry about this and I think the mansion, Bed is bad, it's bad in adjusting. To sum up, I mean it like it has made me like a hidden in fairly.
He didn't say anything to new because he said that before, but the filibuster and he's complained about reconciliation. Before, though, I will say that he didn't draughty lines in the sand on reconciliation in that up ad, like he did on the filibuster. So you know I'm sure he doesn't prefer a second or third Reich. No one wants that could potentially no one wants that no one was up, but he could potentially get there on the filibustered. Though you know it won't, let me up any talks about democracy or former nature. One and tease like well. I think, there's plenty of by partisan provisions. I think, there's ways to improve voting access. Election security campaign. Finance reform is he's always been big on that again did mention nonpartisan redistricting, which is driving me not since its
the most popular thing in the bill and probably the most important thing that we get done. I would argue that dimension that, but he said so there's these bipartisan things. We get done around voting in democracy reforms and we should do it that way and it's like art man, then go find. You go find ten republican senators, so we have sixty votes. Who would pass your by partisan version of the for the people ACT show us the show us the version of for the people that gets ten republican centres. If you really want to go play, Prime Minister, which is what you do like, I kind of thing that, like someone's just gotta, call his bluff now? I was going to do that because there's this delicate dance right, we're like the White House humor, the Democrats, Yonah piss domain, not too much, because your whole agenda hinges on Fuckin Joe match it sire. I like. How do you deal with this? with great anger, I guess I'll rights
if this is the same thing at the end of my robot, yes, his is this area with a set of common. Like has you, people met your colleagues on the republican side. Do what you read the news? Do you listen to me speak to read their tweets. There is nothing that suggests anything is going to change on that's ideal, you're getting even once almost gone. They are getting worse, not better, so that is your choice as a United States. Senator the rear profession at which you have chosen and worked really hard to get too and keep and your choices. I am going to do very little like I care about things. My constituents care about things like me to do things, but I am choosing to not do them like. That. Is the choice they are making an I think it's very disingenuous Pearson. Cinema interment are not stupid. They are not ignorant they're, pretty indeed to be ignorant for the purpose of creed
this myth. Those about themselves is these bipartisan institutionalists. They are lying to create that impression, and I think that is very disingenuous and it is their constituents and everyone else suffers because of it. Its disingenuous, but it's also, I think, points to may be the only pathway for Biden and humor and the rest of the Democrats to deal with them, which is, I sort of that call their bluff into a more angrier way. But if I were a church humor, I would maybe it down with mansion, and maybe Biden should do this- do and say look if you really believe we should do it. Our one. Do democracy, reform in a bipartisan way show me the piece of legislation that you would want to pass and then and show me the ten republican centres that we could bring up and I'm willing to try that, unlike let him go
do his thing, because maybe what your mansion wants is just to be able to say. I really tried to get all these Republicans on board. I want to do something by parts and the support of white, as I just support my cock us and these Republican said no, and he wants the Republicans to be the ones to say. No, so it looks like their intransigent and not the Democrats. I don't know, I don't know, that's a great option about saying I love it, but it it seems to me like that best of all, went about options. At this point, I guess this is the. If you're looking for a dark lying in the silver cloud of that third reconciliation bill, is it delays proving the republic opposition. Because now you have another situation were Democrats can go do things and they don't have to worry about republican opposition, and so Here's the moment where we're going to bring up a guns bill that is going to be filibuster, Marina, bring up the fifteen dollars. Innovations before us are wearing that bring these things to prove that the only way to actually accomplish things is to change the rules or reform them in some way. Shape or form.
still. We are rare in April. I think whenever month, this is an obligation not really had to filibuster anything because of the way the we ve been in some ways? That's a fortunate thing. Had we been able to Joe Biden, undemocratic Tumblr com has a lot of things by weak. You still have to prove apparently to job hygiene measures in Russia? Be wasn't job out of a window to be reminded? The gravity exists, and so this is sort of what has to happen in the Senate, but that keeps getting delayed into wait and wait, and I worry we're gonna run out a runway before that happens, and if we do, we set a thousand times. Inverted America, so cleverly branded. If we don't pass each our wine, we are fucked up speaking a witch If you want to learn more about these issues, want to learn how to get in touch with you, a member of Congress to really push this course go to vote, safeamerica, dot, com for the people, and we have all the tools and information you will need they're. So one fund development over the last week, as the Republicans appear to be at war with their own donors. First there
the New York Times story by shame, gold, marker and Rachel story about the trunk campaign tricked their supporters into setting up recurring donations with small project boxes which lead, a huge number of those supporters to call their credit card companies and say they were victims of fraud. Is not just trump, though the inner c c, which is the Republican Campaign Committee in charge, have taken back. The house is correct. Sending out right now fundraising, appeals, but include a small yellow project box that reads: if you unchecked this box, we will have to tell Trump Europe defector and sided with the gems. Make this a monthly recurring donation resorted, it's already checked for you, you don't have to go check the box and probably probably didn't see that see the box when you signed up its essence, small fine print at the bottom of the eye, the email and less using republicans are only threatening their grass roots donors, Mitch Mcconnell lashed out a corporate amount.
On Monday morning, companies like Delta and Coca COLA that there would be quote serious consequences if they kept speaking out on issues like the Georgia voter suppression bill. here's a clap, my warning, if you will to corporate Amerika, to stay out of politics, I'm not talking about political contributions, he's not he's talking about political contribution! he does want them out of politics. Are we will come back to that? I want to start with the incredible New York Times story about Republicans, just tricking and threatening their supporters into giving them money. Is there a kind of fund raising tactic typical? Is it even legal? Is it the sign of a the party that excels at persuading people to support it I think it is in many ways a giant tribute to the democratic, grassroots fundraising machine that the Republicans had been for
First, you lie cheat and steal to keep up and one of the most fascinating parts of this story. Is they got these people to check these boxes or to fail to unchecked, and I guess we're the right way to set and when the republican fundraising started to dry up? And you saw Joe Biden get a huge fundraising lead. They change withdrawals from monthly to weekly, so they could get even more money out of these people's pockets and it according to the story, not technically illegal, but it is definitely stealing. If you people's property without their knowledge. That's deftly stealing. That's definitely. Applicants are doing yeah, So if you re it's a great piece in the New York Times, and if you, if you go through it, there's a lot of stories, pre sad stories and as some people gazelle its Trump supporters has not that sad. But a lot of people just build like thousands of dollars of bills that they did know. Their credit card has been run up and it's just like it is on fucking believable that they did this and get away with that and that alone
of these republican committees are still doing it. The energies, you're doing it right now, and not only doing it the fact that their threatening their donors, which is just so in line with the Republican Party right now they have like long given up on persuading anyone. It's all threats and intimidation. Now they threatened voters. They threat democrats different journalists. They threaten corporations another even threatening their own supporters. If you dont donate, I will go tell Trump on you, the euro defector. If you don't a monthly recurring donation. You will be branded a defector, I mean I don't know how you get more, that that's! That's! That's pretty fascist, ready I mean it is its endemic of the whole problem Republicans have, which is the rolling unrighteously one giant, senior scam, yeah omitted it's in there. They lie about their agenda. socratic agenda, they throw a bunch of bullshit Red Herring issues out their distract from their agenda. They tricky went to donating immediate is all
a peace in it's how you end up with the head of Trump University as the republican President right in the party leader off like ITALY, just the Gryphus, the hall. Thing now, what did you think lavish Mcconnell telling corporations to shut up and stick to what their good at, which is writing checks to Republicans, is there ever been a less credible threat history than Mcconnell threatening to Miss corporations Yet I wasn't gets a bit point like would like it's going to invite serious consequences like what, where the consequences which you are currently in a fight with the Bible administration over making sure that there is not a corporate tax hike for corporations,
but that's what you're you're, making sure that sea owes the one b. The legislation you proposed is eliminating the inheritance tax, so rich ceo can pass down billions to their kids tax free, that's what you're fighting for, but oh consequences, watch out. If it's really ultimately Mitch Mcdonald's greatest passion in life, other than just appear accumulation of power is allowing corporate since to spend unlimited amounts of money and politics. He has been the play different Supreme court cases to allow this he has pushed for it. It is primary opposition to each hour. One is that it would stop dark money. Donations in two thousand and ten, when the administration was trying to pass the watery perform bill, which would put, even though the toughest Rosa watery since the great depression
we're Conall went to go meet with the Wall Street banks and he brought with them to that meeting to bring the ranking member of the finance Committee or in at subject matter, expert in regulations. No, he brought John Cournand, who was the head of the Republican Campaign Committee so that they can make the patient. If you give us money, we will make the world's easier for you right. If you, if you find us, you will have fewer rules, and you can take on more risk. And so the fact that he said this and people who were in attendance in laugh in his face is a really serve embarrassing for everyone who was there as well you, and your service, like unwittingly, made a great argument for passing hr, one which would also help keep money out of politics with like better disclosure rules and public financing of campaign. So, if, if Mitch really wants corporations to stay out of tax. He should jump on HR. One is a sponsor. I mean that there is good, story by Jade MER, the new Yorker, where she got the trends.
for example, a listening on a straight. She called among cook, industries and take her is a bunch of people and in that call sort of acknowledged that the anti dark money, the limits on corporate, give were so in age or one were so popular. The Republicans couldn't even publicly oppose them. They would have to try to kill them in the dark of night in the Senate and which are to speak to the politics here. So before we move on, Mr Prodi mentioned the worst republican fund, raising story of the weak MAC Gates, is now trying to raise money off of the report that he's being investigated by the Department of Justice for sex trafficking. A story that has just gotten worse and weirder forget, since we talked about unless POD Cbs Report
Wednesday night, that federal investigators are looking into a Bahamas trip the gates made with a marijuana entrepreneur who allegedly paid for female escorts. This comes after the New York Times reported the gates asked Trump for a pre emptive pardon before he left the white us something that bill gates and Trump have denied with Trump, also pointing out in his first comments about gay, but he has quote totally denied the accusations against him. Did I the recent developments in the map gave story, are making him more specious, not less. What do you think that who would have guessed that when we talked about this investigation into Matt Gates on last week's part, that will be the high point of this month. it is only gotten, worse for him. The stories have gotten worse. We have more details about what has happened that are much more incriminating. We are learning more about his other abhorrent by that
illegal behaviour, about showing photos of nude women to other members of Congress These horrible stories about how we conduct himself in the legislature the more we know, the more we hate magnates, which I guess should be a surprise. Zig maggots, is grossly. You always thought he was yet nasal aggressor, but you probably should have always known. He was the eyes positive, is broadly by wonders. New many serious spy affair in TWAIN sixteen news of russian Interference in the american presidential elections shook the nation to its core spartan FBI, probe two years later, Maria Bettina an alleged russian operative, apparently Central America to influence you as politics, was arrested on charges of being a foreign agent, she quickly found herself in the around her embroiled in massive FBI, investigation, Maria, would be Porter
is a spy. A woman who struck the web of lies all focused on completing their primary mission. Influence government officials in positions of power to benefit her home country, Russia wonder issue many series. Spy affair is an inside. Look at the shocking, true story of a woman who said her time in America with the trips Disneyland and ended. It is convicted criminal. Remember story remembered the Maria boutique story. That was I just small chapter of the larger saga and I am having this fires, like, I believe, shoot? Patino is in the news like this week. I think she just popped out really, maybe working for our tee is that possible. His ass possible, the point is deployed is possible, the stories got at all. You know as what I remember us good. I think they are some mom. Doesn't as a result in here do museum some dalliances there could be some dalliances. Oh dalliances yields you get some some romance.
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come size cricket. Alright, let's talk about another front in they republican culture, wars where children are the collateral damage. This week, Arkansas became the first state to ban gender affirming healthcare for Trans Youth. After the legislature overload the governors veto in just the first three months of twenty twenty one republican legislatures have introduced over eighty bills, targeting Trans youth with twenty six of those bills focused on excluding train. Youth from sports that align with their gender identity. North Carolina Republicans just proposed the most extreme legislation. By far it would not We deny healthcare to Trans Youth, it would force state. Employees too, notify a child's parents if they believe that child has displayed gender nonconformity joining us to discuss the republic tack on Trans Youth is award, winning writer and activist Raquel Willis who's been the exam,
give editor of out magazine in an organised with a transgender lost centre. Raquel welcome the pod, save America, gas thankee sunlight for having Leah Einstein. So I think a lot of this republican attack is malevolence that praise on people's ignorance. I saw you tweet the other day about how hard it is to distil all the misinformation that conservatives push about. The Trans community saw, I won't make you try to do all of it. But could you talk about the most common and perhaps the most harmful misconceptions around some of these bills? Yes, so I e- and I think there has been a long kind of fire from the conservative side against transgender people in our community- The most recent kind of adoration of it has really about, in the aftermath, marriage, equality- and so we look the new kind of cultural scapegoat and a lot of ways in terms of
bear their fight against people who, We have different experiences, having a lot of the mess information has fuelled by these long standing. Myths about trans people that we are pretty Tori that we are not who we say. We are bad, gender and Saxon. All of these other distinction that we have in society are more ready then they actually are and so I think also meant people now that there have always been folks across the valley. We think you play spectrum right, but when we get to questioning the fact that we exist than they they kind of magically forget their light. Well know everyone kind of fits into this says a gender straight bogs on this Will you you know? That's not real right. You have met all types of people, so so
Remember that as we move forward in the fight for liberation for everyone, then why do you think Republicans are doing this now sixty bills and twenty twenty eighty bill so far in twenty twenty one they're talking about how it's a concerted strategy? Why do you think it's happening? I think there are two reasons for one is. This is consistent with a long history of the Republican Party whenever they find themselves in any sort of political trouble. They go. Looking for another group to scapegoat did new bigotry to weapon eyes at his exact words having here. That is why Donald Trump they with immigrants, it's what George W Bush did with the gay community. It's what countless Republicans have done with black Americans this has been from Nixon on. This is consistent. Even if you look at a very analogous point, history for the in party in right after democratically elected the very first thing, the clinical new right did
was going and trying to weapon eyes these gay friendly laws that had passed in cities like Miami in sources, guard the country to turn them into a galvanizing issue route for developing. A second point that I think is related, which is as we talk about before on the show economic issues divide, the Republican Party conservative. Can cultural issues unite them, and so they are did they cannot have a conversation about binds infrastructure play. And fitting minimum wage because Fino forty fifty sixty seventy percent of republican support elements of those things, but they can try to find some unity on these cultural issues to try to find new ways to scare their base that the Americas changing faster than they are comfortable with recall. What do you think about that? Timing. I saw you say the other day that, as more transgender Americans become visible, sort of one of the effects of that is Republicans deciding that they're going to attack
Mark absolutely you! Now. I think visibility is in many ways. This double edged Do you know, I think bad? Obviously it can expand. Some arena of in terms of accessing. You know we see more trans people openly transferable than from before on television screens and then found then and now also running and political office, but of course, that also that's for attacks, and indeed I think I see your point Dan thinking about how how important the sixty them families, were in terms of this modern algae beats a cue rights movement. It only makes sense right than the in many ways this moment, as well as analogous in terms of trans with ability and what it means to now be, the number of wine enemy under attack. I think in some way it's for higher Republic ends
and I think the other people we also have to understand is why, when we look at history as well, some of the first humanity folks who words internet. come for me. I'm probably would have been considered trend by today's standards were criminal records. You know all of this is tat Many wave of wild Sue answer Cross dressing law bout that
a big part of the social fabric, some fifty or so years ago, so the New York Times had a piece. Last week that said all this legislation quote has been brought about by a coordinated and pull tested. Campaign by social conservative organizations were focusing on women sports out of quote an awareness that women, not men, could be more sympathetic advocates so sure enough. Most of the pulling on this issue shows broad support, even among republican voters for Trans rights. Eighty seven percent of swing state voters say transgender people should have equal access to medical care. Sixty percent of Trump voters say transgender people should be able to live freely and openly, but when a political morning console pull asked specifically about banning transgender athletes from women, sports voters supported the ban. Fifty three to thirty two percent, including plurality of women in millennials, while Democrats and even Genji were split on the issue recall. I know you wrote an open letter
with glad for transgender day visibility that specifically talks about this issue. How should we respond to what is obviously a very cynical strategy by Republicans to target women sports and make this issue somehow about women sports yeah? Why and I think the Republicans have long track record of not actually showing up for women and and and our fights, though, I think that we have to keep an consideration that track record, and you know when I think about the the blocking of access around reproductive rights. Reproductive justice right that is entirely connected to bodily autonomy and self determination and eat. I think we need to make more those comments. they are about. A lot of the conservative agenda is about policing communities on the marshlands. Sulphur me of a black transgender woman, the fight for reproductive justice, the fight
are more border. Protection than access is all, can That is why this fight for trans people should be protected as law under the law It also seems like they are inventing a problem that does not exist real here, that there is not in schools and colleges across Amerika transgender Americans trying to play him into them to compete and in women's sport through that's not like eight, a big issue that needs to be taken. It seems like more of a political issue that they want to invent out of nothing. Absolutely I mean, I think that this is the way that they can kind of answer themselves and to the identity conversation right, that they can say this is about identity, but truly, this is how they can weapon identity against, particularly the laughed. I think that we have to pay close attention here,
are because the ways that they are using, I think conservative women in particular, as a kind of chop away at some the laughed, I think, also using conservative folks, are coloured so kind, chip away at many on the five that the left is taken up in. play out in the mid term and the next presidential election as well. You know all this. That's a testing ground for them to see what kind of foothold?
They can get wet, making transgender people escape gout and saying that they are trying to preserve the rights of women. I also think the point you made about the parallel to reproductive rights is really important. I mean even Governor ISA Hutchinson who vetoed the Arkansas Bill before he would. His veto is overrun by the legislature said. You know these are really tough and private decisions that are made between children and their doctors and their parents and for the state to interfere in a decision and a health care decision that's being made by children and their parents and their doctors is such an over reach of the state, and I do wonder if, if he also have framed the issue that way that that they hear these children parents trying to make decisions about their life about their health and the government's trying to step in that's, probably even more effective. Without with a lot of voters, I would imagine yeah. You know I've been, though,
The values kind of conversation around everyone having access to the health care they deserve? It spells over the world's having access to the education they that environment as well. How thing, and so much more in, like you, said this is completely out of step, where this long standing idea of wide conservative conservatism, as in the United States, That is about keeping their stay out of people's personal livin in personal. This isn't, then, and clearly- and people are not adhering to the right. This is not about that anymore. It's about whom we can may be the villain in this moment then you wrote in this week's message box about how Democrats should respond to the republican culture wars. What do you think about how you know democratic candidates should handle this issue? Obviously, there's gonna be some democratic candidates were running and purple and red districts
the appalling they might get spooked. You know. I know your argument is certainly my argument that, like you, we shouldn't an can't run away from from these issues we gotta take him had on. How do you think democratic talk about this. I think there's a lot of lessons to learn about what Democrats have done right and wrong in the past, and violence are brought these cultural issues. I think there is a real similarity to how George Bush and Republicans used the issue of marriage equality in the two thousand and four elections to what is happening here, which is they had to find a way to make. The issue affects you right? It wasn't that two men were and get married to him remarried. It was then that marriage was somehow gonna devalue. You're right and that's how they
To govern, find this issue of sports participation right leg. You may the polling shows because people are broadly accepting of the Trans Community, but they went found a place where this could affect your daughter yourself, adding that the first thing you do if you cannot buy into the premise of the art That's a mistake. Democrats made in two thousand and four we oppose the constitutional amendment around making marriage between a man and a woman by it. We all felt the need to at the beginning of every statement about it restate the premise of the Bush argument and we can't do that here. I think the first thing we have to educate voters made to what the issue is and what it is. And, second you know whether its these attacks, whether it's how tranches attacked immigrants or the weighted ready, the caravan in two thousand and eighteen is to you? Don't play the game?
I forgive you explain why they are bringing up this issue and say what they are trying to discharge from why they are trying to divide people. Why are they are victimizing in this case in Arkansas children, in order to push forward this special interest agenda? The you know that we give you make a million things right. Tax cuts for the wealthy cutting Medicare. This is all a smokescreen to to smuggle that through and which it's really colleagues may why their definable bathing. It begins with educating people about what is really at play here and why their arguments are complete and total bad faith. Bullshit Raquel, can you talk about both where the fight goes from here and what can people listening do who want to get involved in this fight? Where I mean, I think Sudan of credit. You know. A lot of this is about education and its about having more of these conversations about the complexity, identity of gender. All these different bang deny, I think, one of the things that are important to me is it make
you sure you know yes, trans people are You to fall in Berlin and fabulous than all of these amazing quality and we're all on agenda jar right as not just Trans people, and so when I think about the policing of origin. Their experience of this back. Then, sir, all the men and boys were told they can express them thousand third way. Have certain emotion right: there being locked out of humanity understands and all the women and girls who are so they can be strong, brilliant Intelligent capable leaders right being locked out of opportunity and for everyone billing, with all about him, between Ryan, largely trans people, By nature and people, and so much more so we're all kind of the method in a deeper way than I think most understand I think the other piece of it as well as we ve gotta, continue this fight so one in one of the reasons that the latter was so important and why
going on now open ladder with glad was, but I really wanted to see what our support actually looks like rain later, and there was the signal even for me personally. Could I now how many folks supported the Trans Community, but this was a good demonstration. We die feminine thought leader, then feminist, LAD organization sustain online, I mean now we got you know around, I mean Several thousand tiny is right and are signatories, so I think we ve gotta continue to find these ways to make those signals about said that there are people who stand and support the Trans Community, that trans people are human, so Trans children, I still children, they have parents, the love them guardian, love them? We have partner, as we have friends, we have so many people that care about us as well, where neither thumb imaginary concepts living over
somewhere else right where we're right here with you in this key human experience, Rico Willis, thank you. coming on America and and more importantly, thank you for all the work you're doing to up for transgender rights, repression of Christ. Thank you begs to regale Willis for joining us today. Everyone haven't would weaken, we'll talk you next week by everyone, hot save America is a crooked media production. The executive producer is Michael Martinez. Ourselves, Producers are Jordan, Waller Jazzy Marine in Bolivia, Martinez, its mixed in edited by Andrew Chadwick. I said: what is our sounded in here, the tiniest terminator Katy Long, roman puppet Dimitrios, Caroline resting and just how for production, support into our digital team, illogical, normal cognac, yell Freed and my local, who film and upload these episodes as videos every week
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