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Trump threatens to destroy North Korea at the UN, Cassidy keeps lying about his Obamacare repeal bill, and Mueller closes in on Manafort. Then NBC's Katy Tur talks to Jon about covering Donald Trump. 

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flying Cincinnati tonight, I don't get to go over leave it. Ok and this also tickets still available for the tour, the tourists come up Dan excited, I'm so excited that in south excited, I am actually very excited about it. I would say the two were planning all the different legs as we speak right now, so this tickets for the second show and Ann Arbor, the late show and then there's a few tickets left for the Philly, the second Felicia. And then Saint Aubert, finally selling so get in there before it sells at a cricket. Doubts whore you know, as I think, about the tour. You utterly leads into the idea that he was an audience but I'd be lying. If I said I hated it audience, either sovereign excited about it. It's fun. I've got a lot of We didn't know in San Francisco, so it'll be good to go, go other places at Seattle, gets in Seattle? I was a girl in those very long, ok before you everything else which pearly talk briefly about the EU.
Did Nations General Assembly that happened this week, trumps first speech: I didnt pay a ton of attention to it because I was free. At about Grand Cassidy all week, but You know he did threatened to totally destroyed North Korea, so that seems like a notable thing to bring up. What did you think about this? His will. I thought the thing entering as I listen to the Monday park yesterday and you gotta, exchange where it's like. Who really cares whether the rocket him tweeting rocket man is that a big deal ends Does it change your opinion that he used it in the speech on the nationals edge on what is put? What is the speeches probably most washed around the world of any speech the american President gives in any given year? You know if all he did was call him rocket man and there were no other notable portions of the speech that involved a threat to
strike country of twenty five million people did then I would say it was. It was a big deal, but it's just rocket man, one of those things that sort of designed for you know the press to pick up on it, and they should have, but I The substance of the speech of what he said was probably a little more alarming. I mean you know in the past if there is a workable dictator Like you know, Kim Jong on you know, with nuclear ambitions, and we wanted to show force and and threaten the country you threaten. The dictator you'd threaten the regime you could even say we're going to attack their military like to just say, you're gonna totally destroy a country with twenty five million people, which most of those are civilians, seems like the kind of thing you'd here from
a Kim Jong own or a catastrophe or Hugo Chavez, or one of those lunatics who usually speak at the United Nations. You don't think you'd here from the from the present added states- oh really any of the any of the countries that were allied with yeah, I hate it I guess you, but we now have one of those wanna takes. You speak at the United Nations at us, the New republic, so that if someone wrote, if you ve ever wondered what would you like to be represented by a wild eyed, megalomaniac minus the flowing, robes and abundant military metals? Take a look money and ideas that I had this other thought a few weeks ago. You guys it was after Three, I shot one of its multiple missiles across the balance, and add you, Tommy. Why Kim Jong the strategy was like. Why would he do that? What is is a goal? and the answer was we have no idea, but it.
I thought about that. I thought of others were listened the speech and I realise that if there is up God save Pyongyang. They would be having the same conversation about tromp. Why does he calling us rocket man like? Why did he is why, He criticised South Korea. What is this the he here? What's this round to the answer is he's just a crazy person? He is just crazy person and you think that we have some they? They might think. I may be s smart people working for him by he may they were smaller. They started. What do we do now is trot. Makes em wanted everything around him dumber. That's that's very true and more cowardly. What did you a lot of people on the right like the speech and even some conservatives have been critical of Trump. I am guessing that speed has. He was very warm Hungary agenda and they usually tend to like that. I think I, if you are a republic in who
republican because you believe in me why forgotten traditional ideals. The republican party you are grasping at straws to justify you're. You need membership in this clown car my party and trot. Standing on the world stage, reciting some rid each right lines that could have been recited by any republican president is like the last bastion of hope for you, so I think they it so hard for these there like, not exactly never trumped Republicans against, like sometimes trump Republicans and This is one of the rare moments for they can say. Look he did something that other Republicans would do in an all. Slightly more embarrassing fashion, yeah and then
someone said it was. It was like a pushes axis of evil speech just with the crazy turned up, and you know we didn't like bushes axis of evil speech or think it worked very well since its lead us into a prolonged convent. Ourselves out still trying to extricate ourselves. Out of so, you can see why they might like it for those reasons, the speech and there was raised in the speech and elsewhere this week was the array deal and has been this back and forth, is Trump going to pull out of the around ill. He seems to be or with many people in his own administration, who don't think that it's a good idea to pull out of the around ill and again, You know in the: U S speech: it's not like. He made some really thoughtful, detailed case about why IRAN wasn't isn't complying with the deal, because you know by all accounts. They are complex, the deal. So instead he just said it's a horrible deal, it's doors, one I've ever seen and you're gonna
you're about it again, believe me, I mean this ridiculous, there's two elements in us: wine I'll get Olenin Tommy's business for a second. This is actually incredibly counterproductive for the North Korea right since David therapies in the New York Times its outcome of that. If you to pass are completely destroy a country of twenty five million people. Or diplomatic solution that can be pretty her diplomatic solution is if, in the most analogous situation of a robe nation seeking a nuclear programme, a nuclear programme and you then arbitrarily the deal without cause. Why would this. Why? When North Korea do such a deal, but why, with the other nations like China, with their names on the deal? I can't trust the United States to stick with it. So you cutting off your back. Far more optimal solution to this problem. By doing this, the second thing is
I find it hard to imagine that he's if we ve learned it just from watching tromp over the last seven months, slash fifty years or how long expenses he took Thus, I think he is made up his mind here. It is just a question of. Either he's gonna, where his advisers down the ones who disagree with them or quit the India, it or whatever else or he'll, just tweet out, the policy one day Valea one early morning, we'll make up to it because When he teases things, I guess he normally does not back away, and then you know it was also very complicated because we're not the only it's not a deal just between us in IRAN. There's a whole bunch. Other countries involved as well so. I don't even know how that works, but we should check Tommy on to talk about this so and it was also by the way this is like a small, petty thing, but the right is horrible in that speech. If that's like, I know that some people are saying fucking having chrysalis said it was like more poetic than usual and like come on guys. It's.
It's, it's more Stephen Miller Garbage and it was just like some of the lines for just the absurd like when Trump tries to be rhetorical, on a prompter in some ways, it's more embarrassing that he's just going off at a rally because he's like doing a bad impression of what he thinks. A like tough republican president would soundly mean there's no way he has worked on the speech in their traditional politicians. Work on a stage like you know what we need is not under speeches, Ben Roads and Brac Obama would be like four in the morning the night before like perfecting them, you know job is not owner Redpath. He has not getting in there and making at its either. He probably at most reads it once on a car like on a car ride to the event, just it's not the first time he sing, and sometimes even I would advise me that's at best. That is Best case scenario, that is true
top preparation plan would be to reach skim it once in a car with Foxen friends on or something I don't know sometimes it's. He is its very Here he is. This would have an everyone's viable Obama on a pretty not on anything like on the Baltic. A rudimentary like we're due enforced stops a day posted the union. And he may not, for whatever reason his prep time got squashed. Didn't get a chance to look at it thoroughly and you can see we would see in his face when he is seeing something for the first time on the promoter and trumps like that every day, not ideal, so think about Graham Cassidy or has ran Paul is now calling it grew amnesty for Obamacare. Jesse, each Jack Juicy age there. That's right so Oh, where we add the schedule is the senators
homer is out of session right now is a lotta centres or home. They return on Monday a Monday is the big day here they could vote as early Wednesday: if they have the votes, it still unclear, if Mcconnell will call the vote even if they don't have it or not some confusion around that and, of course they have to do something by Friday at midnight if they want this to pass, that's the schedule. Vote count right now: here's where we stand. We need three, no votes to kill the bill. Three, no Republicans to kill a bill right now soon Collins and ran Paul are most likely no votes Dan. What's here thought on the ranch all of it all here, because I believed and still believe that he is a no vote, because every five minutes he tweets about how much he hates this bill. Others have told me he's going to flip at the end.
I don't know I don't know I mean he says no matter, which means we need other. We need to know what we get, so we should just we. If we no assume he's gonna flip than we can assume that then go get our go, get more, no votes in the attic in July trusts, ran pause. Amanda principle no Am I encouraged by the fact that he is rename the bill? Graham, the state which is which is a huge is much better than GC, H, J or bicker up or are all the other clever naming that have happened for these four, these bills so yeah. That's encouraging bite. Until there is a vote or not avowed or the clock expires. We should go for two other votes beyond Susan colonies and who I do that a person, a principle shit, that's that's how you hear me knocking on and go from there don't count on ran Paul. But don't panic about ran Paul yeah yeah. I would just tell people: go
and look at everything ran Paul said around skinny repeal which he voted for. It's not like he was out there for three weeks attacking any repeal saying horrible things about it, saying it should never pass saying it was bad and then he flipped and voted for What he wanted was a vote on a clean repeal and then he said a lot of good things about skinny repeal in the days leading up to him voting for it so he's someone who's flipped on the substance of a bill in the past that much he was he was. He was pretty happy with the substance of skinny repeal when he decided to vote, for it was just a fairly new version of IE the bill before skinny pill, which I fucking forget at this point, what it's called BC area, whatever it was at school got bigger difference in family, cultural, ok, so.
We think where we have knows from Susan COM, then ran Paul, so where's, the other no or both knows if one of them isn't with us, it's more cowskin Mccain. Those to that we really care about. Those are the two that arms likely a vote now. What are they Mccain yesterday was asked whether he is for this again. He said he's not there yet he wants regular order at one point he was just yelling at her reporter. I why regular order. I want regular order so I don't know. I guess I mean I think he's he's caught between his concern for the press, thus in the Senate and bi partisanship and his concern for his good policy gram, it is Concerning that he doesn't seem to be as worried about the actual substance of the bill and what we will do and what it will mean for people in the healthcare. It seemed like he's caught between You know his sense of institutional ISM for the Senate and his sense of friendship for Lindsey Gram, which is not a great place to be, but that's where he is. This is also complex,
by the fact that the governor of Arizona who was very critical, it is opposition to skinny, repeal, has come out for. Our Cassidy with no explanation of why, even though not all the principles that he had put it that way he had put forward and why he opposed the previous does. It is terrible Arizona There are, it would lose to nineteen billion dollars between now and and twenty twenty seven. Nineteen billion dollars. It is one of the big losers. I would love to know the pitch. They got do see You jump on this Bell governor dizzy. I just I can't understand it to their post story by Paul came this morning that basically trying to answer the question of why a Republican so enthusiastically going for a policy that they know is bad or don't understand and what they think likely not to succeed like why.
By doing that in the short version of that is they all got yell that by owners. Activists were over the August Break, which Huron by trot. Basically tromp is telling everyone the Senate Visa, his twitter account is selling everyone that centre. Republicans are too herbal failure. And wimps and cowards, and then there voters are repeating that back to them, and so there very afraid too, be seen is doing nothing so, even though they no this is terrible policy and is poor. We terrible politics in the medium in the long run they are doing because they do not want to get the elder so that I make you feel a lot better. If you have your cancer patients- child or have a pre existing condition is that Republicans entities are doing something they don't believe in
and they know, is about idiom, her people because they're getting yelled at yeah, it's sort of the opposite effect of what happens when a bill like this, a garbage but like this is on the floor which is right now, where ramping up and their hearing from all the activists and organizations and every on who is opposed to this bill and so you know it pushes them back to know. I don't want to do anything, but then, when we start celebrating, when the vote goes down, they start hearing from all the activists and donors, and people on the far right wanted them to pass it. So it's not that is, the pressure is ever off these senator either way and this battle, you know it's it for us. It might seem like. Oh once we win fight, everything's quiet. These people can go on their business, but they dont think they get. They get pressure from either side, which is why our job is never done on this. It's so exhausting
lasting solution, so Mccain is, if we don't know what we are hearing is generally conflicted about this, so Mccluskey recur, giving is more likely to vote against this shit burger. Then John Mccain. She said again, yes, they are the day before she still not supporting this bill are supports. Not there but she's talking over the numbers is it just hung over the numbers with h, age, ass. Well, get me a little worried because its trumps health and Human Services department, and so probably a bunch of other political people in that health, inhuman, serves department or all products. Bunch of trump hacks, anxious jargon over the numbers with her state, which is better her govern Governor Walker is against this, unlike governor, do scene of Arizona which is great it and governor walkers statement about this bill was not just like. Let's see
the math I'm worried the math, isn't gonna work for Alaska Robot, like he basically said any change to Medicaid like this, that block grants Medicaid would mean deep cuts to our state. And any restructuring team of Medicaid goes far beyond repealing the affordable care act. As a pretty strong statement, which I think is important has any day now, probably by the time releasing this package, Graham and capacity, will probably come back with more money for Alaska because it is cheap to try to buy off Alaska. So I think we should prepare for the fact that their how to try to throw more money at the problem in Alaska and what we're going to have to hope is that Walker doesn't flip and that Murkowski, you know, stands by her principles what what are your thoughts on that one undervoice, yes this at least we're Caskey is a person, a principle I believe them. I'm not saying that the guarantee she's gonna vote now by. I think
on the relative scale of principles within republican Party? She his on the high end of principled in but you did before had courage and she has been courageous against she. Not someone that Mitch Mcconnell has been able to bully or bribe in the past, No, I might say that the only thing you need to know about this, because is she lost primary challenge from the right. Her state she D, to run as an independent right in candidate. We'll have to write in the name and spell correctly Macao ski and she still want, ended candidate. So she owes nothing to anyone. She does not o the Republican Party shoes oh Donald Trump or Mitch Mcconnell. She is her own person, an She voted against this bill last time landed in anchorage when
at home and was cheered and applauded at the airport and people hugged her and said. Thank you for doing this. So, like you know again You just said it's not a guarantee that she votes against this thing, but you know she has proven herself in the past to withstand political. I from the right, it's gonna be interesting to see whether Mcconnell actually cause a vote on this like playing a game of chicken. Here, yes, If a clock coming, Another dramatic loss, like an eleven fifty aid or hit home in the most my possible be much worse. Republicans than just going home without doing it I am most people, but no one wants to say there are no because they don't want to be there's two reasons for that. One is no one wants to be the poorest, who killed Obamacare repeal if they don't have to be their safety.
Numbers on that right. So it's like if LISA more Caskey comes out tomorrow, there like LISA, Mc Caskey, kills Obamacare repeal that's an unpleasant place today and you don't want the person or the peace, who kill it. Until the last minute, because now you're gonna there will be a seven day, massive pressure campaign from Trump my kind all right, our whatever their collection of trolls. You don't care about this too pressure on you and so the longer. You can stay in the undecided category this this for you are from at least sure from your own side, they for you are. This: is the game chicken here the safer? You are until my car besides he's gonna, kill, the vote, whether he has votes or not to put every when on record, because this is the danger that mark me, because I think Mercosur would probably rather and submit Mccain and coms as well. Just have this thing die before comes to a vote, because you know
If what you say, there's big drama is a Senate foreboding everyone's watching then there, even though more blame on them. Then, if you know, our from now the three of them put out a joint state into the other, didn't even go on camera themselves and just said we're not for this bill. We don't think it's good than the thing just dies, is no vote and everyone goes home and they move on to tax reform next week and pretend it never happened to me because I was Kuski advocate Collins And- and I was against this- I might do that. I might try to put put out some statement between now and Monday and just get this thing over worth, because think you'd rather do that then have a dramatic vote on the floor unless you felt good about your no and Novotny wanted to get a bunch of attention for it, but he has, I suspect, today, s time. Yet now I think Mccain also is I don't think he's probably genuine decided and he is quite unpredictable human being, but so they he wants to give ground. Sure Graham, has asked him to keep his mouth shut, Even if you are now, you don't say anything
give me time to work this, and maybe he grabbed thinks it can flip. Collins or can't buy, ran, pull off in some way, shape or form, but just meet high, because if you say no, then it's over and Gimme a shot and which set which- can potentially explain why the end There's that the very odd answers Mccain's been giving cause Mccain says all the words, but no right and you can see saying the grand like you're, my buddy. That doesn't mean that I'm gonna vote for your piece of shit bill, but I will have you this I'll, be quiet. While you work LISA Recovery and try to get her to tell there is complete I can't leave well, let's go ahead in this fucking situation, so the most maybe one of the most bizarre parts of this is that we are not going to have a school. Or from the non partisan congressional budget office that would tell us it's we're. Gonna have a seat, They tell us how much the same cause we're not gonna have us
the tells us how many people would lose their health insurance or what it would do to premiums which is beyond fucking compromise. Because the saviours not gonna to have time to do this. They say by the September 30th deadline, but of course they need the September thirty. Lines. They ran this thing through with fifty votes, so Fortunately, a number of independent, non partisan trusted organizations. Consulting firms have run a bunch of numbers on this, the latest Abolition of consulting firm, respected, independent vase, that in the next ten years a two hundred and fifteen billion dollar cut. Thirty four states, plus the Washington DC, would lose money in the next ten years. Twenty, twenty seven that four hundred and nine billion dollars. Twenty twenty, and beyond four trillion dollars. Alaska loses two billion. We set out was his nineteen billion Ohio nineteen billion Colorado, eleven billion? It's pretty odd, I mean this whole idea that the lie. Well, there's many lies, but maybe
biggest lie of this bill is oh just ex all the money that is spent on the affordable care. Right now and just diva's it up among the states, it doesn't do that. First, it takes two hundred fifteen billion dollars off the top and then it divides up what's left over among the states, unequally naked is this: is this shittiest establish at borders? It, which is, I know, just a fitting way for this? They like it They are pretty great metaphor for the Republican Party because, though, in a normal non tromp. Oh, school world politics the way this work. They would try to pass the word version first like this rate, repeal version Ray fail at that. So they say, while we're gonna come to step closer to the middle. Did they would try that one of that would feel that they come to such closer instead, every time they fail. The answer is to become more moderate, it's become more extreme and
this is the most extreme and the most nonsensical of all the bills. This is just policy nonsense it makes no sense, no one involved and we'll get to this, but security. Senator bill cast. He of Cassidy Gram has any fucking clue within this bill. All they know is it does. Something to Obama care in there for doing something to Obamacare. That's all matters I would encourage everyone to read: Jeff's dines peace, just Dinah Vocs. He went and found nine republican senators to ask them what was the bill the answers not be surprising butter. Certainly shocking they range from really really obvious lies to people. You can imagine our senators it despite the fact that their that there are two types of elected Republicans right now: people, Tuesday,
visit to understand the issues and people who stupid on tv, so they can appeal to trumps voters right a just lying, so That brings us to the e g he came over his bill, Cassidy Battle which it Their time period would seem absurd that a late night comic is going against day, United States Senator who also happen to be a doctor on health care and winning the fight. But you know Donald Trump as president, so here we are Jimmy Gemmill, which have you ever by now go check it out two nights ago, just talk, into Cassidy in this monologue about the bill talked about. The problems with it on one This day, Cassidy's response was, I am sorry he does not understand more people will have coverage and we protect those of pre existing conditions. I mean the extent to which That statement is not true is mind boggling with the first part.
More people have coverage, but you cannot find an expert anywhere. That would tell you that that is true and then, of course, you know the pre existing condition thing, which is There are now the Republicans are all very upset because they think everyone's lying about the pre existing condition thing right and Donald Trump tweeted, but this yes, all you have to do. Is red? The legislation is a very easy way to solve this solve this dispute, because when you read the legislator, is a very easy way to solve. This solve this dispute, because when you read the legislation, what it says that states are allowed to waive the pre existing condition protections under Obamacare under Obamacare. You cannot deny someone. Courage was a pre existing additions and, crucially,
you cannot charge someone who has a pre existing addition more than someone who does not have a praised. In addition, those are the rules under Obamacare under Cassidy. Grew it says. Yes, you cannot deny coverage to someone with the pre existing condition, but all you have to do is right. Right an explanation to Tom praises Health and Human Services department. It says how you are going to make The fate that someone with the previous condition still has access to affordable insurance. That's all you did used to write an explanation of how can it that's gonna happen? Then? Then, you're, ok, cool TAT is. Why did your appeal, the Obama CARE regulation, that, if that, what why are you doing that? What's what's the what's the motive of changing the law, if it's not going to let interns companies charge whatever the fuck they want, to someone who s cancer, this is so fucking simple
if you didn't want to get rid of the protection that brings existing conditions, you did not have explicitly in your own handwriting doktor Bo Cassidy put a loophole in the bill that loud insurance companies to do exactly that, you would leave the law, but you would leave it as it so easy, like it these people are bad criminal. Why have you were trying to be tricky? You You could write their ways. You could write it. That would create there would maybe creates a wiggle room there about people. Do then we begin a debate. Is this the right interpretation or is that our instead, the his machiavellian morons we recently wrote the languages, so the insurance companies would have no doubt that they fuck over people for existing conditions, just just in case some naive, well, meaning insurance company trades interpret the law and the most favourable way to helping actual people. They made it clear that
that was not their intact these people are bad. They also and offend me with their stupidity. I will then, when we tried to cover people are freezing additions and protect them. Insurance company said to us here is the problem with your proposal. You know if, if you If we protect people, a priest and condition what's gonna happen is no ones. The sign up for health care for health insurance until they get sick and if insurance companies have trade deal a whole bunch of people that are only going to sign up for health insurance once there already sick, it's gonna be really really costly, so we goodwill, that's why we have an individual mandate, because what we're going to tell people is everyone required to buy health insurance, sick people and healthy people, and that way when people get sick it makes like the insurance companies can take care of that, and the insurance company said that's a deal we can take. But that's do that Cassidy, groom repeals the individual mandate. So, like you can I mean it?
it's going to send the insurance individual insurance market into a debt spiral. So not only not only our people, existing conditions, gonna get screwed and have to pay more money, healthy people. Some point, you have to pay more money to because the whole individual markets going to unravel- and you know how we know this. The insurance companies themselves told us that yesterday Blue Cross Border- and the American Ahab witches economic sense were, but something amiss in some areas are concerned, their lands and yes, thank you. The people whose job it is to represent the profit making interests of the insurance companies really This thing is bad. That should be a hand. There are people. There are others. This going on online there, the People who are four grand Cassidy, our Grand and Cassidy. Enjoying their fellow roebuck. Guess, there's no theirs organization. They haven't even be able to invent a fake organization canna before this. Now
human last night's as those Kimmel goes back at Cassidy. Last night takes another mother run out, I'm in the monologue, which has just last night, It might have been better than the first one, and so he responds to Cassidy saying: oh, maybe he doesn't understand and chemicals, maybe I don't understand the part of your bill which federal funding disappears completely after twenty twenty six or maybe it was the power The plans are no longer required to pay from returning care a pediatric visits or the part where American Medical Association, the college physicians, the Academy of Pediatrics, the hospital says, in the cancer society. The diabetes is a theme you just goes on and on and on and lists all these organizations is like that they are all against it and then The conservatives are so angry today because the reigning all their fuckin thing pieces about how like a late night com, Is it a moral authority on this a late night? Comic should do not one of them. Not one of them has challenged the facts in either of Jimmy. Symbols, monologues because his facts are correct and Let it go had a headline Kimmel, not capacity.
Is right. On health, analyse say which to me really sums up twenty seventeen, I have a lot of thoughts on this. First is the combination of bill. Cassidy and Ben Carson has made me go right. Actually question everything. Any doktor is ever told me We lived doctors up as these. All knowing experts on all things- and we have been the two of them in our politics and one of them, thinks the one of them doesn't understand their own bill in the other. One thinks the pyramids were used to store grain, so his I'm hoping we just got the to the two bad apples Erika the have on that and that you're a measure. Second, how did Bill Cassidy ever get elected The man has the charisma, a surgical sponge. Maybe he is terrible on television and Jimmy Kimmel. Like the battle between he and Jimmy Kimmel. Is
So one sided because usually in this situation, the late night com, Who would be the better performer the more charismatic person, of course, and These senator would be the expert on policy matters, in this case Jimmy Kimmel as the more charismatic person and expert on policy matters and book ass. They cannot explain what is in his own bill. No, but I'm really happy about what Kamal did is sometimes when so parties are Hollywood types are comics, go off in politics like they exaggerates thing or they get a fact wrong, or they just plain out lie and Jimmy Kimmel was so careful in putting this thing together. And he fact checked everything and he made sure that everything is right that because his facts are saleable, you know he wins Battle that way doesn't even matter about his charisma hours, moral authority or anything else. He just you just had the facts rightly made sure he got them right and he didn't. He major you and exaggerating anything. So it is
smart thing for him to do. If he's gonna go out there and do this, Do you remember when Obama roads take down of the Paul Ryan Budget at George, wash I do said it and some way so how we were. There was a mixed, then we invited Paul Ryan to sit in the front row. I wish I can take chronic as I'm so fuckin happy about that at the time. As we are very good like I would not have written the speech that harshly had I known that Paul Ryan would be sitting room. There because of the time of course, for trying to negotiate and be by partisan? Now I think it's hilarious, Cynthia, right. The hit history will judge that decision, while with the second part of that story is never Ababa, told you yeah, no Pinocchio was its role this had to be eggs will actually right when he said to me, as we do not need to put a bunch of spent on the ball. We
only to go out there and say like Paul, Ryan's gonna kill your grandmother. We just need to lay out the facts of why that will be the result of faith, No, you is that you have just put the facts: it just put the facts of the budget and make sure we independent analysis. The backs up mercury have all the numbers right, and I don't to go on this big thing about. You know how he is an awful person. I just want to know the facts set in to me is a lesson for our party. Standards, because our two ways you can look at the suffocation of objective truth that is sort of the core strategy of the Republican Party these days. One is. You can just lie to you. Listen could be we're all gonna lie. They can do what we're gonna to do it to the other. One is to swerve in the opposite direction, which is to nail your facts so hard that it is becomes very hard for your opponents to try to nullify them and Kimmel, and
we are operating in a different. A different more wonderful time back when that speech was written in twenty ten. I think twenty Levin and what a camel this right and I think there are lessons for progressives in making arguments against Trump ISM. Turning her some of our never trump republican friends, I'm sure they're rolling their eyes and saying, oh Obama, didn't personally attacked the motive public and friends, I'm sure they're rolling their eyes and saying. Oh Obama, didn't personally attack the motives of Paul Ryan. Of course he looked up, I definitely engaged in the usual kind of politics time to time and I'm sure, there's plenty of statements. You can say we're not just factually base, but they were also, you know. Attacking the opposition. But the point is really tried, and he really tried to make sure that we were just laying out facts and that, even if you disagreed with them facts. We had an argument for why we put them down on paper and all politicians from dying.
Time, get things wrong and get fat checked and get Pinocchio but there is so little truth to the club, It is being made about Cassidy Gram, it is, it may be unprecedented, unprecedented even for Republicans pushing repeal bills. I think this is We ve never seen lies this brazen before, Did you see when Bill Cassidy, responded on Twitter, responded and pr and be on a story about Cassidy Gram focused we're not on Twitter, saying false and trade in basically saying that what more people be covered and positions would be protected and then and PR went on a very obvious tweets are quoting Cassidy's on bill explaining why that was not the case. Vocation Navid heard from on Twitter since yeah. No, I his death gives him my gives him the twitter mission. And you can be for each of the russian people. Why? Either? Who probably fuels really are comfortable right now,
ever genius it? Well, yes, what he has exactly, but whatever genius in their capacity press office without you got. It came up with a Kimmel test. I mean the way ending level it sounds like came up. Legos like in his head, like you just sort of did it on the fly, so we should. Briefly about Tom Price trumps health, inhuman Service, secretary? Who, during his confirmation hearing, was getting in some sort of trouble for possible insider trading? We now find out Dan Diamond at politico reported that price has been, in private jets on five separate occasions to conduct official business, including a flight from Dallas, a charter private jet from Dallas in DC to Philadelphia for twenty five thousand dollars. Frizzle IMF, who the fuck flies from diesel Philadelphia, Nevermind Dulles. We ve delegated to drive like an hour to get two dollars to do a thirty minute flight. To fully
for twenty five thousand dollars heavily. We don't have enough money for medical them. Tina how long the train is from union station, which is basically a stone's throw from HIV S from Union station a fairly is two hours on the train. Yeah, I've done, that's it! very pleasant right. Have you know It's just really. I mean yes, we could go on and on about. Hypocrisy in the drain, the swamp and insight that. But I think this is part of the message for Democrats. Does this time price thing becomes important because is it fits so well in this large a story about what they're trying to do on health care is a Donald Trump. And his administration screw you so that Donald Trump and his pals, like Tom Price, can get all kinds of perks and get rich and therein it for themselves and their not fucking in it. For you, because, as they are trying to take away,
Your health insurance coverage, because they're saying that we don't have enough money for the government to help people afford health insurance, The government does have enough money to fly that fuckin asshole to Philadelphia, on twenty five thousand dollar jet, that's paid for by your tax dollars. Give me a fucking break its you're so stupid. They are just so dumb they the wrong things, and they don't I've been there. Ethos is don't give a fuck. They just do not give a fuck about anyone or anything but themselves, whether it's Tom Price, Steve Manoeuvre in Donald Trump himself. They just they want to do what is best for them at the expense of everyone else. So, if you want to help and use, I want to help to stop this fucking bill. Please go to trump care, ten dot, org slush crooked, that four calls again clear: congressman call your senator two hundred and two two hundred and twenty four three thousand one hundred and twenty one move on dot. Org is also holding an order
eyes nationwide protests on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday there, the Indies C. On Monday and Tuesday, there going to be all over the to Saturday you can go to move on dot org to find out where approach as might be near you, ably there's one gets, can be in Alaska Tuesday, which is great, but again, if you want to figure out how to call if you're in a blue state, you can Call someone in red state or in a state with one of these wavering senators and encourage them to call you gotTa Trump cards. Dot, org slush crooked. You can find all the end Patients need right there, that's an important point about, if you live in a blue state? I'm sure you get this question all the time in allay, as I do is just go What do we do if we live here centre Harrison, find sign our fine and you know people in May Ohio West Virginia. Wherever else call your friends and family and ask them to call their senators. Look at your friends on Facebook,
see we're all your high school in college, friends, even torture in twenty years of moved and reach out to them and try to encourage them to call, Yes, everyone make sure you make that call, and let's stop this thing. Ok, let's have a Russia by tomorrow while we are to begin without. A lot of stories are just times in the post or dropping, these stories and CNN and sort of gone under the radar year, but it's starting to add up to a lot, see, began unpack. It here I don't know where to begin. I guess the CNN story that FBI was why Your tapping manner for before he was trumps campaign manager, starting in twenty fourteen. Fbi begins investigating metaphor over his consulting work in Ukraine is part of investigation. Tend to a warrant wiretap manifold per se and end they did continued the wire tab at some point. Twenty sixteen
and then they renewed it after he left the Trump campaign, apparently wide they wiretap him. Well we're drawing up more and more of the possibly criminals, The parliamentary for did, and just she thinks that he did so the Washington Post or the brook yesterday, two weeks before Trump. The nomination metaphor offered to provide private briefings on the right. To a russian oligarchy close to Putin and he also wrote an email hoping that his new found fame as trumps campaign manager would help get some of the how they have some of his old clients in Eastern Europe repay the debt they owed him. How can we? my new position. To make us whole again is basically what is email set out for us. It's worth noting that in getting a fire of wine he's in the whole wiretapping If you were to tune in to that
festering abscess the on american journalism- that is Fox news. You had that, instead of seeing this there's, always look at the story, one would be a fair Old judge was presented evidence of probable cause that a crime was committed. Cause that judge you not once but twice give a war to survey I'll pump out of the other. Way. Think about that and the one you would find on fire is that It would be to say that trumps tat The wires in whatever quotes he used. Tweet is now right and job is proven. Cracked and we liberals in the media were all wrong, but, as I see it, that is not accurate Dan no, it is not. It is not accurate in particular, since the report show that parliament over it was not being wiretapped while he was on the campaign, it's so that a big, that's a big hole in that theory. But Father authorities that will happen right and also
Of course, it's you know relying people's ignorance of now how wiretapping works that it's not the president had states adores wiretaps. It is the FBI, and then it is approved by an independent court of judges. So it is not it's not like Donald Trump or Barack Obama or me Carter or George portray these people can just go ordering. You can wiretapped. This person at present just doesn't happen. That way, and usually the president does not know about these wiretaps, even if they do exist, because that is the standard of independence that you set from the day, O J, which Donald Trump of course has completely arrest. Am I telling? Is it bad news from other there? Is that other story? I think it was the New York Times about you know them when the F b I raided man affords us and they didn't as do a knock on the door. The FBI open up, they just busted into his house and started taking pictures of his hard drive, his suits
his data taking his documents. I mean this is not something you do when them you're just suspicious of somebody. Yes, de the legal experts around this talked about that they did his. They have reason to believe that in the time at which they knocked on the door and the time at which Paul for opened it or they were able to take a down payment of what would destroy evidence, so they ve that's why they didn't. He was asleep when this happened and they raided his home. Thus the soothing it's funny. Just because, as we know, from his grief by humorous tv appearances permit of dresses, like Polly Walnuts from the spread out they made. They made us be passing those around the F B. I just for its best for fun, though, is I don't exactly know what the crime is, but that parliament affords can we tried, with I don't you know. First of all, the criminal statutes around
collusion itself is our almost non existent. It seems like there could be money laundering charges. It seems like there could be conspiracy charges. It seems like there could be some key paid finance violations, foreign lobbying violations could be could be all of the above we don't know whether the things on good for manner for it and, of course, what they were and what mothers hoping is that man afford. You know then then turns on tromp if they have they got, effort, the odd, because they also apparently in that same story, threatened told Manifold than an indictment was coming. Yes, I'm sorry, those a bet, it's a big boy it's, a demon is probably coming now. The other part of the case important is Mahler is not just looking. Man affords not just looking at Russia inclusion. He is clearly investigating Donald Sharp for potential obstruction of justice, it is. It is the biggest thing sort of hanging out there right now
times detail this story this week, mothers ass, the White House. He wants emails, documents from the White House related to the firing of Michael Flynn, the firing of Jim Coney Jim call me and trumps meeting with russian officials, where he said that firing Jim Commie Head quote relieved great pressure on his yeah, so it's I'd to someone to a legal expert who said that, because dollar might be worried about Trump part hang manner for an flan and is using his pardon power for all these people. Or is speeding up the case on obstruction because he feels like he needs to nail trot You know he would need to nail trump on obstruction, because if he does that it makes it harder for trumped pardon every one else. If you start implicating Trump in a crime as well. That's in encouraging
yeah. No, I think the instruction thing is real, because also obstruction of justice is not it's not like one. This person also Tommy's Melick one law. Ah obstruction is like a series of laws and its also like about building a case. So it's not necessarily one single thing that Donald Trump did it's. You know what was his: what was his mindset while he was doing the firing we know, how do you prove corrupt intent? You prove it by a series of things he did, and that includes public statements like when he told Lester halt. I decide You know he was looking into that Russia thing too much or his conversation with the Russians where he said the firing relieved him with great pressure. Or the original letter he drafted about. Why he wanted to fire. Call me that Mahler now has possession of his well so there are a number of things in a number of interviewer interviews, mothers doing to try to prove obstruction and will see where to an why he instructed his staff to draft a
Why about Donald Trump Juniors meeting with Russia, promising opera research on Hillary Clinton yeah. That was that they want to be one person who now may be cut. And all of this is these starshine slicer. We, if we vote this morning and axes reported this morning that spices, ok, He said that he took copious notes in a ton of meetings about breathing. That's going on. There was a reports couple weeks ago that space, or maybe one of the people of former white as officials that smaller ones to interview best part of the space or story. Is my gallon email spice her about this today or yesterday and spice rights back to my gallon. MIKE. Please stop texting. Emailing me unsolicited any more might respond with a question. Mark Spacer responds sure what that means from legal stew standpoint. I want to be clear: do now,
email or text me again. Should you do again? I will report to the appropriate authority who are the authorities in this case jointly in a high level of social dumping, Threed about Banda High is that the national parks associated with those who were the authorities. It is, worth noting that there are many aggressive com, national borders, and it is a well worn reporting. Tat especially for investigative reporters. The reporters who you are you it scares you and when they show up on your Callest Michaelis, I'm one of those reporters raise one of the more genial human beings walking around Washington DC. So it's if you know like Alan, you know how, even more disproportionately absurd chance by hers responses. So just as a general rule
indications, professional work, Why would you write that like gets an insane thing to write your rapporteur on an issue Michelangelo imprinted exists sphere, is that chance by sir, is not he's having a tough guy off it. He's appearances and taxi locally, selfies from Sunday night aside, its agri four cents wiser father. It has brought by zip. Are you hiring Are you hiring we're Where do you know where to host your job to find the best candidate? I do now with zebra or you can post your job to a hundred plus job sites with just one click. Then their power. Well. Technology efficiently matches the right people to your job better than any one else call twice if recruiters different.
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You had a fancy german. This person's, I you're gonna, beat every obstacle. Like you know, it's. It's ten thirty on a Wednesday when you're. What am I worried about an obstacle, but I'm not working? I met this cycle again. You're, not you know, I don't have any out on your part of the problem. You actually more obstacles by home with power on applied today in studio here, in LOS Angeles we have be deter. This is so exciting. The earlier in you're, one of the first guess that we had in the studio and the new cricket media to the item. That's a good wages This is great and welcome home to essential they grew. So last time we spoke, it was on. A pike has called key Sixteen hundred yeah during the campaign, you were talking to dance for in me and in the middle of the pod, you were like I gotta go.
I was really a distracted or I don't know why out is this. I was kind of randomly. I didn't really make any sense of my mind was clearly somewhere else, and you just said you like, I can't when we were accordingly like. I can't really tell you guys right now, but there is a big breaking story and if I seem distracted its because of that, and then you, like suddenly had to go yeah and we finish the pod and it was the day of the access Hollywood tat. It was the day of the access Hollywood tape it. What has happened there had had the post broken the story and so the post Had you can, for you know the post had at the post called us and said we have this story. I this access Hollywood tape. We need a comment from NBC. Where I come into it is. I got a call from an executive Sang get down to my office right now. I'm like a conflict and she's
you're, not fight you're, not you not untroubled comes out of the office, and I and I did and she's on the phone and very serious looking conversation and she points your computer and says, listen press play and I see a access, Hollywood bus and like your voice, is breaking barely hear them. Some smashing my ear, the computer and then I hear down trumps voice. Emanate Noah's, wastes like? I know my own voice at that point? Your head, sadly, no make out yet still is, and not Sab That was your word not and it was We all ended up. I yeah. Two f her, but she was married. I moved on her like a badge you can rather than by the p it was. It is hard
and so we are now his president and we reference that moment like oh yeah. That was some crazy thing. That happened la it's. It's just beyond bizarre that the presided states said that and he's the present fifty states. Beyond bizarre that I tried to have a conversation with you all. This was what I was. I was writing an email to hope. Pigs, Jason Miller, glad to get a response from the campaign. How'd you get a response on that. Like was how do you phrase it? We have The tape Donald Trump says I moved on her. Like a b, I try. I did try to effort, but she was married and I like to or I can grab women by the p, because I'm a star I mean that's a week. Thirty mile to get when you're young occasions director for a presidential campaign. Let me follow up on the wall ass. You did you think at that moment that that this was it for him. I did you did. Of course I did Everybody did. I mean a lot of things, but that was those writing about sexual assault
big, big, big, big, big, big, big thing and everybody saw it as such. The campaign went totally dark, Kelly and Conway. Will you know of the television initiative was on tv she cancelled her appearances, the Trump Chow was silent. Ah, these senior staff was missing. People were not at Trump Tower and Republicans in mass word, defecting, fifteen Republican, lawmakers, former and current republican lawmakers either said they weren't gonna vote for him or called on him to drop out of the race. People said they couldn't look their kids in the eye and vote one of the people who call him to drop called on him. A drop out or told me drop out rates. Previous became mischievous that normal, so you have written this outstanding book called unbelievable about year you're crazy times covering this campaign. You rate early
and the book that you called Trump winning. What made you think he would, when everything that I saw in front of my face, I mean you know you guys saw this. President Obama saw this when he was running these massive devoted crowds early on right, but for a republican candidate this was unheard up. He got twenty thousand people to go to a rally in mobile Alabama six months before a primary in August of twenty fifteen. That is ridiculous. Nobody had ever seen anything like this and it was just a few weeks after her. When, after John Mccain, an american war hero, a vat appeal w and trashed him and this is a guy who has no military service, had five deferments for it like a bone spurn his heel, and I got a coffin, air and sea right after that saying he'll never make it. Americans will never tolerate this. Its discussed
because you know a lot of these guys either served in the military themselves or you know, groping in military families or military communities or or political communities are political families in this is just you know, it's taboo, you don't do it. I promise you, though not they won't stand for that. Two weeks later, he's got twenty thousand people chairing from you. Talk to a lot of these voters. Road react to them this voters. A lot of them were made so angry, because it seems like it's a little bit more then annoyed with the direction of the country if you're going to a Trump rally and yet- wearing you write about the Hilary sucks, but not like Monica Tee shirts, or the little old Ladys were screaming at you that you're, a liar hither border or the sum of the racist things have been said? What was your sense of what was making these people? You kids point to any one thing: this is what it was. It was,
convergence of a lot of things, and I would be lying to you if I said I knew exactly why he got elected or exactly why people thought he was the right person. I don't think anybody does a lot of them pieces out there about it and there will be a lot of things pieces to come, but it was a perfect storm of a lot of things. People did did feel frustrated. They did feel like they voted for. You have people who would have voted for a while again voting for Donald Trump right. You have peace among those of a that's the most convinced violet of people who voted for Obama twice, but then decided that they would vote for Donald Trump. They they saw. They wanted hope and change, and certainly some people got hoping change, but others didn't others guy,
the status quo, and there was a distaste for Hillary Clinton among a lot of Americans. There was a feeling that she was part of the system and that she was really out for herself more than anything else in this whole idea that that she was just very corrupt and only looking out for her own special interests. Her back pocket, rather than the interests of the american public, obviously should along career and political servant. And that helps are and that haunted her Donald Trump didn't have that, and you could argue that Donald Trump was much more interested in his own bottom line and his own personal brand. Then than Hillary Clinton wiser, but Donald Trump was also somebody that people didn't feel had had wronged them in any way or lied to them in any way, and there was a feeling about that with Hillary Clinton for wrongly, or rightly, that was just as the sense to citizens than he activated the anger
out of these folks all day or that may be right. Wing media had him in, What are you talking about this to examine these folks out? I the rally are these: like you know, Americans just go about their business, don't scream at each other in the streets or say bad things, and then they go into this rally and there's this atmosphere were suddenly. This is permissible. It's a mob mentality two degree and its also they fought like they were part of an act. Part of a show, Donald Trump came to town. You gonna go see a movie. Ninety gonna go see a concert that night you can go to the stand up, comedian that happens to be down that night or whatever it might be. Going on a Friday night, Donald Trump Woods, the hot ticket, and you walk in to the room, and you knew that there was going. He was in a play. His greatest heads he's gonna talk about the wall, and you say, build a wall who's gonna pay for it, Mexico's gonna pay for it. Hillary Clinton locker up there. These call and response mom, where you knew one went to say what you needed say and he would go up
media and everyone turned and pointed at the media in booed. It was part of the act part of the show, and you could just take off your mask take down all of your guards and just scream get it out. Let your frustration at it's. Ok here, Donald Trump says whatever he wants gets away with it. Doesn't apologize, doesn't back down, gonna take this moment to do it myself. What was it like being one of the reporters who he singled out and also that they that there's these crowds would yellow I mean you had security thy as extremely unusual for reporters to, be running right and have political will bring sets with armed guard. Our embeds did not have worked, get hurt, stirring Rio hate campaign, nor did John Mccain's nor to any one in twenty twenty twelve. What was what was that, like? It was weird It was I mean it was scary, be don't think about it. I mean moments were scared. Some moments was
than others. You try to put it on your head, you, you know you sure back, but Firstly, it was just weird: it was we going from town to town, wherever Donald Trump went at a certain point, then the right police would also go. Why do you think I d his critique or his attacks on the press? resonated with a lot of these people, all right wing media rent in general, but that's it seems like a big part not just seeding that idea that the media is out to get you seeding. This idea that they're all a bunch of liberals we totally from called but lest her whole to demagogy. Reginald, we're gonna. Let me it doesn't matter he could be registered Republican, but people with ignoble up works in the mornings. Gotta, be a Democrat so that the right wing wing media for years has been adding to this Democrats also went after the media to and said that we were complicit in spreading damaging headlines about who
ever and also. We know we tend to live in Washington and New York, LOS Angeles, not in the middle of the country. We to not do stories about hardships. People are facing in their day to day lives in favour of of other more attention grabbing headlines on all the time. But there is this perception and you couldn't bolt there is evidence to bolster that and theirs. There is an argument to be made that we just kind of we lost touch with the average American. So it was easy to demonize us here. What do you think the reporter should do about the risks? It seems like you're sure caught in this catch? Twenty two, where, when the present now continues to attack reporters has prevented states and citizens. Why has if you call this out as a reporter, you make it about. You, make a story about the press versus Trump and some people say well. If reporters do that and they're making it about themselves, Inachus riles up his supporters yeah. But if you don't say anything about it, you know you
He headed for the scary situation, where there's threats, or at least that he's forget about the physical threats, are that our people, the rallies, just clamping down on free speech, freedom of the press. You know from the White House, it's a difficult question. I don't have a perfect answer for you know and as yet you have to I bristle at making it too much about ourselves. Commitment personages wrote a book about it,
no, but I do and indeed a day when he has tweets going after the media. I think I personally like to avoid it when I can like to avoid that that argument about what this means for the state of the media, just because I think, if we do talk about ourselves too much people stop carrying their not listening, does it matter to them? I think the way that you knew we have just been back trust and we have to continue to do our job and an honest way and fairly, but also not backing down, not trying to color something more favourably, just because we're being intimidated to do it and then build relationships back, get back into the middle. The country do more stories, get to know people the book he gets about me, but it's also a good insight into the day to day life of a reporter, and I think people don't really understand what we do and if you get some no
reporter. I think you have a tendency to trust them more and finally, we should teach journalism in schools yeah, I think you're right about. I mean I was a campaign staffer as in the White House, and had plenty of ice with reporters course. But when you get to know reporters and you make a lot of people complain, Eau DE sees this club place in their porters and staffers now have drinks, but it's just about. If you get to know some one, and it is for that as amendment I stop fighting with them, I'm not gonna. Let complain when, as a story I don't like, but it just it doesn't go to that level you now there is somebody in that and is no longer in the White House that I had a conversation with before and the fourth Donald Trump assumed office and an we talked off the record, and I I said something to the effective. You know you now from here on out. It's not personal and and that person said the same thing back to me,
and it was a difficult relationship for a little while they're they're, not in the White House no longer and now I'm getting now we're we're starting to talk on a human level. Again, it's good, but that is that's important. I mean it's important to say that I may think you are a lovely decent human being, but that doesn't mean I'm and agree with what you do, I'm going to give you a pass for what you're doing and the White House, I'm not gonna. Give you a pass for telling us something that is not true. I'm not gonna give you a pass for talking, reversing yourself on a policy position. I'm not gonna. Give you a pass for saying something inflammatory I that's not my jaw. My job is to is to present the fat
put them in context and to allow the viewer the voter to take that in and make an informed decision themselves. If you look a lot of the self reflection among the media has to do with the failure to predict what happened and or, as you said, you know, how do we missed the big story? How do we we weren't talking to people in the middle of the country? It seems like there's, been less self reflection about something you also mentioned, which, as you know, did the media coverage do a good job of conveying the stakes in terms policy and you know a Harvard. Did this study on the media it after the election, and it said you know, the coverage of both candidates was overwhelmingly negative and also very, very late on policy acts trim. How do you fix that a minute? It seems too, like that's a particular issue with television coverage. It's hard with tv cover, yeah man,
thirty minute. Forty five to present with the former the format makes it very difficult. You can do more and cable news, and then you can do on the network. Broadcasts are, but this was across. All forms of media wasn't just tv, but part of the issue was I dont want and have any policy road. There was no policy too to speak of because he had very little of it and the campaign wasn't talking about policy when they did try to talk about policy. The candid himself stepped on it with some saying some inflammatory or outrageous thing I mean he would have these foreign policy speeches or terrorism speeches that he himself would just completely undercut by our no calling Elizabeth Warren Poker, harness roar, saying that Hillary Clinton Wash longed, Bio bomber or saying that TED Cruises Father may have had something to do with the assassination of J F K. I bet you forgot about that. One was an stokers is back on the news recently I remembered so
on his staff. I woke up. I woke up said the day that my book is released and I couldn't sleep. I woke up at four a m and I saw a tweet from somebody, the mediating Niles damage saying I just read this lining Katie's book thee. What if and now I feel I feel it with TED crews and porn ivory tattoos- hey Butt Head crews imported my book, but then I guess the thematic me a few minutes to figure out what was going on Twitter. What is I mean? It's turkey, because I actually think that the media did a very good job of covering
that little study that I must say that I mentioned will actually trumps issues in terms trumps policy got coverage, but they got coverage because there's this asymmetry in the media were bright, Bart and Fox were pushing his immigration policy there talking about the wall, they were talking about. The muslim bands of people knew where he stood on these issues, because the right wing media was pushing us for him. I think where it was tough was on Hilary coverage, right, like all of her covered, was about email scan when we spoke to her on monday- and you know, the criticism she gets is leading to an economic message and shall say why did this whole buster? I talked about the economy every day I talked about jobs every day and then
while it didn't break through, and I wonder how candidates of either party in the future and future campaigns can actually break through television coverage gap with policy idea is really in the midst of this circus and we were just talking about tankers important. No, I I you know what I think. That's and it's a really difficult question. It's part of our culture, and now we are so attuned to the entertainment of something twitter is very much like that. These hundred and forty characters, hot tags, people, wool, the headline to a story, but very in I know retweeted. But will you go back and read that entire story? It's very easy to take something out of context. Soon. I may be assume either the best for it or the worse for it and that's a problem we have to. We have to figure out how to tackle. I don't know yet. I know with the with the emails and with had it maybe go after somebody here or not go after, but a raw
again someone like Donald Trump, it's difficult, especially when you consider that he would bury one controversy with another controversy. Was a struggle mean the famous quote? The Orwell quote: it's a struggle. The constant struggle to see what's in front of your nose with Donald Trump. It was also a constant struggle to remember, recall, is what was, in the back of your mind, you'd a tendency to forget everything because they were so. There was a deluge of absurd headlines, and you couldn't just focus on one, because the next one came along and do not. How long do you spend on on him calling Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton, Z, okay, we ve done. We done a few days on that, but then the next thing breaks and a you feel like you. You can't not talk about him going you're crazy con nets he's going after a gold star family, a father who lost son and sing the mother didn't speak because that's their culture,
their women aren't allowed to speak, for you have two. You have to do that. You have to cover that. But then there was this. Russia thing, and then oh, my god, he's going after Judge Curio, is going after a federal judge and saying that he's biased, because he's Mexicans We have to cover that, No, I mean art. I think in addition to all these other challenges, the american public faces the challenge of attention, band yeah memory I mean, if the other she had been held a week after the access Hollywood tape. I dont think you would have one. I think once you get too then by the time. Call me send his letter and then were cancelled. Now, we're like three weeks have excess Hollywood and it feels like it might have been last year, maybe innocent their speed. There are people out there who think that maybe it was bad for Commie, commissioner just laid low and not even brought it up again, not even not even said that they closed the invest. Nation again the couple days before they left because it reinserting we inserted the email didn't storyline into
Voters, mines two days before the elections have I ever beef and be say about this I can remember seeing the last package the night before the election once the letter once the you know, he said there is nothing there and by Muslim Hillary Clinton and her emails you phone it was. The truth was, exonerating her, but it was still in the headlines which is just you know, it's a challenge that we face a jet. Hillary Clinton was- and this is my poor analogy, but I like it regardless. Hillary Clinton has a stain on her shirt. Emails, her email to understand her shirt and try to get out and she can't get it out and people are just focusing on the steam her shirt, they can't the Cancun past it that's all they can see is stain on her sharp because it's the only thing that's out of place on her shirt, Donald Trump Gonna stand short and then kept standing, a shirt,
over and over and over again to the point where you can tell where the first Spain was you couldn't tell, it was a stain short foolish is supposed to be that way and that's what made him so hard to cover. But it's also what made him so difficult to run against, not just for the Democrats, because they can't pick just one thing, but for the Republicans as well. If you go after because you think he's a xenophobe do go after him, because you think he's a racist, do you go after them because you think he's a sexist or because he's a. Sexual predatory. Do you go after him because you think he doesn't know a single thing about policy? Do you go after him because he is not as rich as he says he is he's not releasing his taxes he's not as intelligent, as he claims to be whatever it is. You immediately target argument. You can make an argument for any one of those things if you were running against him, but if you, Have all of those different story lines. To say that anyone of any one thing will resonate in the voters, mind so everyone now
trying to figure out what Donald Trump strategy is in trying to make a deal with shimmer and policy in you know, there's like as a playing chess or others my view is, he is driven by impulse and the need for a good headline, but you know him. You ve interviewed him. What what drives? I dont rise dying. A three dimensional get checks as he's playing a really good game of checkers, maybe protector that and I hope he is motivated by God. He believes what leads in the moment that he believes that he wants to quote unquote, make a deal. I dont know if he cares. What's in that deal, he just wants something to say and that's why you saw him celebrate with the House Republicans because, hey something up ass in the house. It will surely get through the Senate now in terms of health care, or even those in that bill later unequal. Mean
it doesn't make any sense to a level, but also don't want you to remember it do a bit of a psycho analysis into Donald Trump. I am not a licence, psychotherapist motions but I do know a little bit about how he came up in the world. He is A guy that was born in queens, he was told you can never cross, over the river into Manhattan and be a success. Just stand queens, but he did it anyways and he built up a accompany and a brand for himself in a name for himself a lot through just him talking about how wonderful he wasn't bragging about himself, but he never truly felt accepted by the New York society crowd. You never really felt like he was one them so part of it? Is this this feeling of resentment towards everybody else? This needs to be accepted. Maggie Haber men talks about that being one of the reasons why he talks to hers
much because she is the New York Times. She comes from this prominent New York family, getting the acceptance, the blessing of the times that you are a serious person just by virtue of them covering you Chuck and Nancy Chuck pose new humor Nancy Pelosi. You couldn't make an argument that that is an extension of a truck humor. Is the senator from New York don't discount that that means a lot to somebody who grew up his entire life lived in his entire life in New York. And now he gets to turn on morning, Jonesy them being nice to him which of sugar. So that means a lot. I'm sure does, but I think he's he's also somebody who rebels and a good fight that's true to let's do too
do you miss being on the trail and would you would you do your vision on the trials that weird I do miss by law? In the same way, I know I would cover it. I definitely would cover a campaign again, I'm not sure if it would be Donald Trump, because we have a crack white House team. Now they obviously get first Debs on that they're doing a great job, but I do it would be interesting to see how a court unquote normal campaign works. I missed him into people. I do I really miss you asked me when I walked in. Are you getting bored doing your show and I would have laughed- and I know I'm not getting bored I just I do Miss outside all the time and and getting to know regular Americans and also eating the great food we have around the country must, unless the campaign fruit in the South Carolina. Oh, barbecue Katy. Thank you for joining us ok, love it. Where is your John loves here, Johns mad at me, of course,
Katy. Thank you so much for joining us. I am glad that the access Hollywood taped and interrupt down like I interviewed the savage that's my favorite story so funny weird year, guys we're civil servants at our team building exercise has had a really weird your guy, a weird here in any such shooting a shot is based, gets hurt. You know a fifth The book is unbelievable and gone unbelievable. I read it read it I just crashes thing I did, I pretended to have a question under the huge hated her fan. I ads are all were that's where we want to draw my Johns. My two Jonathan Thank you for go ranks for having me buzzing. Eric has brought you abide. Spotify Spotify is great repeating you anymore. Do you love this podcast? You do you do well. Did you know you, it on Spotify, while still enjoying your favorite tunes. It's easy, just look for the podcast section:
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Who is a health care guy kind of wonky person that some people might recognize his name from a from another podcast that I don't know what the overlap between shop oh and POD save America is, but there is now officially one guessed. It lives involve universes and that's temper. To know where I live long, Aaron, Ryan, yeah, Aramis earned our overlap suddenly weapon. Yes, that's right! Where were we no we're putting an end to dominate politics. That's what we're doing and he's on to talk about just a really deep dive, birth into custody, ground and Bernice go and talking about something that he's the first person. I ever heard talk about health justice as opposed to health care, and we talk about that exley.
Totally fascinating. It's it's not long at all. In its just riveting. You know what it's getting it's going, so let us work together for a minute, so we just we just spoke the pursued about how Evelyn Unpopular Graham Cassidy is. We did update on Russia sort of the walls closing in on the Trump team and yet recent polls this week, political mornin consult, has drums approval at forty three versus thirty nine. A couple weeks ago, gal president? Thirty, eight versus thirty five a couple weeks ago and real clear PA takes average hazmat? Thirty, nine point: nine verses. Thirty, seven point four: now, as I all this out loud, it sounds sort of reality has high need. Those members are highly members, are really shitty before her first and is a month,
We never had those numbers. Remember how those members rightly do not, and I also went back- and I just looked up the margin of error for all- those poles where they had them morning, consoled exe a couple days but morning, council, which is the most positive pool. He has right now, It's an online pole number one and number two. They don't give their methodology really so it's kind of hard to judge, but for the other poles from those reputable pulling agencies, they margins of air between two point. Eight entry point one which means that all of those optics are within the margin of error. Like it it's not. Even it is totally the fact that he is supposedly more popular is a complete invention of people that want to have something interesting happen that doesn't have to do with the killer war. I get like. I think, there's plenty interesting happening, but you know narrative. I will give the coroner only because We were also thoroughly wrong about poles in the year. Twenty six New Eddie
think there's something to be said for like slight trends. The an explanation. I have is not the oh. He was. He was great in his response to the hurricanes and he struck a deal with truck Nancy, which you and NBC are Poltrot polls say. Seventy one percent of people support the deal he struck with Schuman Policy, which didn't really surprised me. They me I would say. I support that deal too, though, by the way little concern that maybe that deal that deal with is what now left open the Roma than other pass. Graham Gabby, should he we did it. We did you we should. We should did that ceiling. We sort of his was happening. We gave we were so happy in an opposite. Was my own of enjoying a night? Did you say that it would take me healthcare from thirty million people? I will say in defensive, shimmering policy. Not one person including all of us Here- cricket media, registered that objection when the deal happened, except for tougher, Spiro
who's been re about health care and I remember seeing his reaction when the deal's revenues like, why did they clear the decks for healthcare, like that? no one else that why did you say but he died, Trump would take it. No one thought it was a lot amid the point Republicans, a point was saying: where did we don't have the votes wearing them close to the votes were guided and is also its unlike solution, although, as you remember she broke imposing go into that room thing. We're gonna get a deal in this room is like a crazy thing, like trumpeters idle guys, also true over over egg rules right. I also think that you know the other thing to say, but these pull supposedly showing an Arctic is that what they're a week old, not even like that, doesn't mean anything. You guys know this, This does healthcare bill is once people find out about it. I mean the problem is that you know it was kind of a it happened so fast, and we thought we were done with this. So people work pay attention, but now every
No doubt yeah down we, these might be different. I mean this. Does healthcare bill is once people find out about it. I mean the problem is that you know it was kind of like it happened so fast and we thought we were done with this. So people work pay attention, but now Everyone is starting pay. Attention and Trump is saying bullshit about it, and I think that you know where he might start to suffer again Also he's gonna tweet stupid shit. To lay that's also going to happen sometime in the next hour. I think that's right is that its. The further away he is from the centre of the media universe, the probably the better it is for him in a way because then he wasn't it's not that he did good things of Alaska voices that he was he sort of risk. Needed from the spotlight, not too much, because all of us still live breathe trump every fucking day, but Just a little bit like he's been a little less in our faces. The tweets are still crazy.
He's doing crazy shit, but it hasn't sort of puncture. I mean there's been a lot of hurricane coverage on CNN in places like that he's a hot lips is happening, and so we ve forgotten about the meaning of the demon run. That's in our backyard. So, because you didn't guiding toddler. John Kerry streets, access to his Fuckin Ipad has shown I wonder like one of those like games for cats on it, like I have let you can just serve put it on, and it shows pretty colors like on the Ipad and not be bats at it. Like the cats too, then, what do you think? I think I think his version of that just shows pictures of himself right totally. Then Europe, Europe, while the guy. What would it what's your thumb either on the Pollack US or once or twice? I think if you look there's two things. I think you're exactly right, that tromp receding from the center of the discussion release at
x amount of energy in interest in any one time? And it is, almost entirely on Trump in all things things for nine months in because of for very good reasons, because the hurricanes there like in Mexico and everything else. It's been pulled. From him so that one- and that was true for Obama. Obama's numbers went up when he seated a little bit into the background during the republic in primary and twenty twelve and then during this only during the one sixteen election like that was very good from because you're, just not at the centre people are yelling about you all the time it makes Wes appealing and a people's aren't yelling as much than it does that. The second is trumps. Numbers are actually pretty steady- and this is probably close in the switchover Obama too. If you look at the numbers you can see, I have drawn a straight after the initial honeymoon comes to an end. Its pretty cool it just is either up three or four. Points are down three or four points from a media and, and
where we are right now give or take a point is probably what trumps natural state pulling state is an when he sighed white supremacists and everyone screams about it for weeks, I'll drop all bed and when people scream last article up a little bit, but this is so. We sought to know where he is right in its very low ceiling ends a moderately high floor he's living between thirty five and forty five forty five little high. Would you like? Thirty five and forty to forty three is the audits right, these numbers are historic. Lee. Bad. You know when we went, Obama was living and, like the forty five to fifty range, which heat he did for quite a while a very comfortable. We thought it was horrible that was really bad. You know in August twenty eleven. The Gallup poll drop below forty for two days and I almost at the window,
that was those debts healing tirade. That was the word I was rather debt seal, it was, it was away Where did ceiling was over the market went into the toilet in then we lost AAA credit rating and largely outer statistical fluctuation in August, was always Obama's worst pulling period because the world, implode unjustly People are aren't answer their phones lesson August. We deplore forty and I thought I was over right. I think it's over the auto guy. It's happening now, boy votre music, so we can take five minutes to do. It is that there is indeed a very exciting employee people over the age of Alaska. Look you now. I love it, but then story about the guy that new of emprise all the time was. That's not that's not what happened, a new, listen, listen bill, Cassidy Knowledge and no one Europe has Kamal test without bullshit like what's the more likely scenario, love it back in.
Is ordered somebody given French, whereas ordered someone not to give infringements that no other way. When we put it, I heard a good bit. You should do motor diploma. Corroborated probably did both. I'm guessing like he probably like in the space of like one afternoon that order people to get him fries antenna gave rise. I gay I gained roughly two pounds per episode of sixteen hundred pen. Fortunately, there we're has asked is sixty pounds knowledge when he sees this everything, but we did finale. How could you tat? How could you tell tat like him? I never eat by the end of the season. I was wearing different pants gives you a man. If you look at that Rachid you imagine how heavy the creator of phasing out and we would be right right of anyone else, goodbye in any way lived by this rule, like every tv show runner, should be four hundred to five pounds. Ok
Go download with friends like these had dropped. A lower limit is Friday. Night will drop, Saturnalia Great One, yeah grant and well I'll see you before the vote, I will see you in an arbiter in a couple weeks, TAT bats I will be at by guys back.
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