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The end of the pandemic may finally be in sight, the House passes historic voting rights legislation, and Joe Biden offers his support to unionizing workers at Amazon. Then Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick talks to Jon Favreau about his new proposal that's been called the most radical reimagining of policing in the post-George Floyd era.

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What would apply to America. I'm John forever Dan Pfeiffer, Big showed today will be talking about how both parties are handling. What is hopefully the final stretch of the pandemic. The fight for voting rights in the states in Congress and President Biden Support frame? ass. If union effort in Alabama Ben If a mare, savant, aim Eirik about his new proposal, that's been called the most radical re, imagining of policing in the post, George Floyd era, but first one very exciting piece of news many of you know and love Jason Concepcion from binge mode and NBA desktop, he's now part of the crooked team, and we can finally, what he's been up to Jason will be hosting,
A brand new sport show called take line with food, we're W Nba all star in the new corner of the Atlantic, Dream Renee Montgomery, it's all about sports culture, politics and the intersection of all three. It is fun. Pay, spiteful, Jason, Renee or a fantastic do. Oh, the trailer is out now subscribed today, so you won't miss the serious premier on March sixteenth, you can find take line on apple pods, Spotify or wherever you listened new podcast cool, so awesome, I'm so excited for it subscribes. Hot, takes cover for all of these products. I get ready, perfect, perfect caraway, let's get news. One year later, the end of a pandemic
may finally be in sight, and the Bite administration has to do three big things to get us. There first pass a covert relief bill that will help fight the virus fixed the economy. Second, vaccinate every American as quickly as possible. Third avoid another surge of cases. While we wait for everyone to get vaccinated, let's are Dan with the american rescue plan. Which is now move to the Senate. Where republicans are just contend, opposing the bill they wanted the relief as long as possible. Ron Johnson was confines biggest dipshit plans to force the Senate clerks. To read the entire bill out loud, which would add another full data, the schedule and do nothing else. Basically, Can you detect a strategy there or anywhere in the larger republican opposition to this extremely popular piece of legislation I mean to
sent out of its strategy, it seems most like performative asshole lorry is just to show to just be it's big insurance as you possibly can be too no end. It is This is interesting like we're, not surprised that Republicans are opposing what binds wants to do. This is sort of how they have been for very long term, so they did when Obama was president. It is interesting that they have picked here to be the place where they were going to demonstrate their opposition. The american rescue plan is shockingly popular. It is supported by, seventy five percent of the american people the more they have learnt about the more they like it. It's you know in this book. You know it's when you think about it: the is getting fifty said around ravage. Retentive trump voters like the american rescue plan and seventy percent of Trump voters think binds and legitimate president. So the fact that this many that people who now,
like your by they think he stole the election. Still like his plan. Republicans are picking this plan to sort of signal. Their opposition is also getting more power. Below them. The longer we go in the more that people know what's in it. So are our friends at data, for progress ran an experiment where split, the sample also have the sample of of pulling respondents were told. I simply that there are two pandemic relief plans, one that's one point: nine trillion and the other that six hundred billion, that's the one that the Senate Republicans countered with they were then asked which plan are they agree with more? The other half of the sample was at the same question, but this time they were shown a chart that outline the details of both plan. So you showed how much they're spending on vaccination school, reopening direct payments, state and local governments in.
Like a charter to compare both plans that chart was even more effective than the control on net. Voters are fourteen points, more supportive of the american rescue plan when their shown the chart compared to the baseline. Among Republicans, thirty four points more approval when they actually saw the charts what's in both plant, even knowing that there was a Hundred billion dollar plan verses, one point: nine trillion so again and again and again, no matter how you do this, no matter how what details you explain! Ron Johnson can read the whole fuckin thing if he wants on the floor, but it is more people learn about it, even Republicans, and maybe even especially Republicans, the more they like it I guess it extent if you're trying to him to understand why they're doing what they're doing it is pretty typical for party when they lose an election, to try to find a moment of unity and the Republicans are quite divided their divided on the question, whether trumpets a criminal divided on the question of whether and when my can should be hung, and so there this is,
so they can all get together. Every republican and I voted against it. Miss Connell, jumped interpretation. Every public in the Senate will vote against it, including Notable moderate clinical, moderate success in Council museum Rakowski answer: there They ve they're, pretty. This is their place. It demonstrate unity. I think that this and I believe they think they're, so ass. We re running the play that works so offer them in two thousand and nine by opposing the recovery plan, and I think there are a lot of reasons to think this is a very, very different situation in the results could be very different than that. This is a much better better than the one they made in two thousand and nine. I wonder what Mercosur he's gonna end up doing as she has not ruled out. Yet she seems she seems. American rescue plan carry a lot of effort and a lot of it. What state that sort of her stick always is to be person who may not vote. No for they generally vote. Now.
You know, I remember working in the Senate Fur Centre, timed actual after we lost the majority in two thousand and two and people were to be part of the team, and there is real efforts to come together to oppose certain things said the Bush administration is doing, and I imagine they may be. She won't buck the party, but she to what end right. It's according to what end right. So you know, with Republicans, oppose the only negotiations left her among Democrats, Senate Moderates told the president that they wanted the relief in the bill to be more targeted, which means stingier. They asked for a smaller expansion of unemployment benefits, which binds had no two, and then they ask for lower income cap for the fourteen under dollar checks which, by an agreed to so basically individuals making between eighty and a hundred thousand dollars, will no longer get a check in couples making between a hundred and sixty two hundred thousand.
Others will no longer going to check so that seventeen million people who got a cheque from Trump that won't get one from Biden. Four grand savings of twelve billion dollars out of a one point: nine trillion dollar package do have the idea like what the moderate Democrats who demanded this got out of the deal, feel better about themselves it's so stupid. It is so stupid editors we talk a lot about? Wasn't such a thousand lied and etc? By the one that I think is the most important lesson for all Democrats recognizes air on the side of the strongest economy, possible, you're, not gonna, get round. Points for these symbolic display. Es fiscal responsibility and the idea the very me. Seventy million people that Donald Trump sent a check to that Joe Biden is insane that is in an insane think it is so stupid. This is not what the binding ministration wanted to do. This is clearly it must have been there. I think, there's relatively well.
Report on us, but it's pretty clear that this was what it talk to Gatt I assume your mansion and a cup, maybe a couple others to be the fiftieth vote for this bill. It is incredibly stupid. It isn't The overall bill was stone incredibly progressive, important piece of legislation because of your mansion and others. It will not be as good as it could be. No fifty dollar minimum wage no you know the checks being stingier, they should make the general rule and an economic crisis is err on the side of helping more people rather than fewer, and they made the wrong decision here. While I ve also it's one thing: if you want to say we don't want, we want target. This doesn't go to the vote rich like you, gonna go back. Gonna, go back to your back to your state and say I really stuck it to people making eighty five thousand dollars a year fixed, that's
You know I don't. I don't really understand even from that, the modern democratic, effective what you get out of this. I do understand why the by an administration agreed to it, because, as we keep saying with everything else, you need every single sent a Democrat. You don't you lose your mansion, you is scarce and cinema, you lose the whole entire bell, so they are held hostage a little bit too or, to a great extent actually to buy these by these Senate moderate. So they had to give end. But I I don't understand why they asked for it or why they wanted in the first place, or nobody gets them. It's done so that the status of the covered relief bill- second big The Bush administration needs to vaccinate every American as fast as possible. Great use on that front president has done You say that he now expects the: U S to have enough vaccines for everyone who wants one by the end of may moving up
his previous end of July Timeline by two months? The shift is being driven by the agreement that the by an administration brokered between pharmaceutical giants, Johnson and Johnson and Mark who will now collaborate on vaccine production together. So then it does seem like within a month or two at most, the coverage is gonna ship from stories about a lack of supply vaccine to a story about a lack of demand has been a lot of discussion about vaccine hesitancy among communities of color, but a bunch of new polling indicates a vaccine. Hesitancy is even more strongly correlated with party affiliation. Civics found that forty one percent of Republicans do not intend to get the vaccine. So He has found that only forty two percent of Republicans would definitely get or have already gotten the vaccine. Would you think that's all about and in what can we do about it? Given that we need seventy to eighty percent of all Americans to be vaccinated? Actually reach heard immunity and crush this virus? Will back a few months ago when we had the and Wagner Foods the head of civil
so democratic down a firm on to talk about the pulling error international election he's. He said to me, There is a high correlation between the trumpet, those who were less likely to take public opinion surveys and people who subscribe to anti actually conspiracy theories in what it is. It's a question of low social trusts thats where that sort of Ben Diagram is, and part of that is that this is true of the population of Rob, particularly of republican voters as they live in hermetically sealed, ideologically homogenous information rules and the the typical messengers who hope you know to do. Things like get vaccines are have no capacity to influence the conversation there and so The like this. This is actually not super surprising, given what we know about the prevalence of conspiracy of other conspiracy theories in large portions of the republican base made to this day of work to do there's an doubly brok mama
America and a bunch of other things. The question is: can you find people who are trusted in this loads community entail. About the value and importance of taking the vaccine. Yet I think you know to that end. We found out the other day that Donald Trump and Maloney a Trump actually did get the vaccine before they left. The White House in just stir decided not to tell anyone that would have been pretty helpful for Donald from to publicly get the vaccine and incur everyone else too? There was a good line in his see pack speech slipped in re, told everyone to go, get their shots, but you couldn't really pick it out, because he was just screaming out the names of Republicans who impeached hems. They met a miss that lied about for fixing Asia. But it does seem like it because it we ve had we start out with supply issues. It seems like we dont yet have so. Did the full force of a public service announcement campaign from the White House or from solar
These are athlete. Sir musicians are everyone everyone. You might think what sort of participate in that kind of campaign? And I think it is important for us that we we just need that four people, you know who we're Democrats Herbault for Joe Biden, but we need that for Trump voters to, and we do need people in that and that community to em too, to talk about the talk about the benefits of getting the vaccine. I just heard like anecdotally, in a lot of even in a lot of red counties in California, there are tons of that seen appointments open because, like the rehder, the place that the more hesitant people are to go get the vaccine we. This is like there's a commercial that runs with every time. You turn on a game I and daily pass. That is, though, Russell Celtics Legend. Getting the vaccine, anyone striking about that is its the same commercial. Every time you switch from in between games to use. You know you can see like ten times and I buy Is there so little of that happening elsewhere in media right? There are you're, not seeing.
Other people who are within categories, either by age or by fresh in or prison conditions. That would get them Senor at seeing that in a normal rule with a normal former president, he would be being a public service, even if he would go to the White House in speak from the rose garden about the vaccine. Right you would save. All former presidents would get together do possess not happening because of Trump, and it's interesting because the development of vaccine is something the trump could take some credit for. He was president when average warp speed happened. He was president as it was developed, is also responsible for why spend so hard to distribute by it This problem is trump, isn't really a leader in the traditional sense like he, you know we talk of them is a leader amalgam movement, but he is a leader he serve ass, his followers where they're going in there. He just guess at the front line and because they are anti vaccine is not touting the vaccine that he
play some role in getting developed in got himself, and so is creating this. This feedback, where his matters are not getting the vaccine because he won't tell them, because his report is a negative effects. It also cause he doesn't give a shit about. A support is illegal that abortion right himself right, that's why gathering is additionally simulated attain a threat. It right like this,
the actual achievement, and I also think that my Biden has been in a very careful not to politicize the vaccine or criticise Trump too much, even when they talk about how there wasn't much of a vaccination campaign plan nationally when they got to the White House in the states for doing their thing, they ve been careful disorder criticise trumped directly on that, because I think they want to make sure that Trump supporters get the vaccine as well. I think that probably could go as far as you know. The bite administration giving Trump some credit for operation warp, speed, at least on the developments- are not necessarily the vaccination campaign. So, of course, you know, Republicans aren't just more likely to be anti backs, but anti mask this week. The governors of Mississippi in Texas made the bite administrations goal of avoiding another surgeon cases more difficult
by announcing their lifting all statewide mask mandates in allowing all businesses to operate at full capacity. Cdc guidance be damned here was binds responsiveness, we're on a practical level, fundamentally changed nature of this disease because in a way which vaccines and people he's been able to move that all the way up to the end of may to have enough for every American to get every day American get shot. Last last night forget it still mad. So Neanderthal was, of course, ending on on twitter all day yesterday, Republicans workers jumping on this. What else can president by actually do besides criticized governors for for lifting restricts,
very very little right. Maybe he can continue to use the bully pulpit to communicate with the people in that state right. Just because Governor Abbot takes them ass mandate away, doesn't mean that other taxes have to stop worrying amounts, great heat, and so is not just about criticising them. It is about public health messaging to the people in that state about what they are supposed to do, and but this is then the problem from the very beginning is presented by an is in some cases at the mercy of deeply irresponsible state, local officials who will do whatever they want because there are not walls built around Texas, perhaps to the chagrin of some in Texas people from taxes that both the spread could go up there than those people will go elsewhere visit places they will travel and bring that higher infection rates to other parts of the country
if it is a tough challenge for the Bite administration to, because we are in this, I think March especially will be like this- maybe some of April this in between time, where a critical mass of people aren't vaccinated just yet, but it's coming cases are cases of fallen. We sort of Platt TOAD a little bit at is still open.
High level, sixty thousand cases a day. It may seem like it's a lot better, which it is it's much better sense than it was in December and January, and it seems like the end is in sight because the vaccinations are coming. So you might have a lot of people who sell while taxes lifting the mandates, YAP vaccines coming soon, everything's great, what's left party and its tough, because we're not yet at that critical mass of Americans vaccinated that we can really breathe easy. I think it's not just how to deal with people like you know, Abbot in Texas or just lifting our mandate is how the Bite administration and their public health officials sort of communicate to the rest of the country that the end is in sight and that like there is a much better hopeful future out there if you go get vaccinated, but that, like you, still have to have some common sense precautions, when european public, at least for the time being, the data that is so important, because you here all the time, get the vaccine that here
that's where mass in your efforts to do this, you have to do that and it feels like life is now organ return to normal. We're, never gonna be able to go see. Our friends are apparent spats a huge problem because that's a problem for like if we really want everyone to get vaccinated, you need to give them a hopeful reason again accelerated. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and social stay on the train for a few more months, and then we are going to be in a much better place you don't think about it, you about Texas? Is, I didn't realize it, but when I was reading about why Abbot did this this year, the abbot, a sort of under assault in his state from the right for being true responsible. Now, as its Alan West to was the chair. The Republican Party there's another woman who was arrested for opening Beauty sublime be no end
intervention, let's so this is so much about modern public budgets is forgotten when the least responsible people on all of America is under attack for being too responsible of it. I mean you're, so you hear this all the time for public health officials, it's not just an honor off switch. You know I asked Doktor Grouchy when interviewing the other week. You know what did you think about California sort of lifting some of the restrictions a month ago. You know new summons and the local officials got criticized because they thought they were an open outdoor, dining again and we're gonna open some indoor stuff is this. You know lower capacity and now we're gonna have the surgeon. Well, they did that we didn't have the surge, in fact where it are lowest level ever right now we're on our way. Are those level ever and its interests it because a fancy said look you know, I don't think it is necessarily a bad idea to reopen outdoor dining as long as you don't open indoor dine there right so like there are, it doesn't have to be
one lockdown or everything open, and I do think that the Bite administration and biomass can it was like this too, was very effective at trying to sort of stake out that middle ground, where you tell people to take all kinds of precautions, but you also make sure that everyone knows that, like there are some things you can do, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Potsey America is right. You by a third agreed that most comprehensive, daily nutritional beverage on the planet. Tommy I saw that you brought some from your own athletic greens dotcom such cricket link. Definitely call that out. You did for me. Thank you Yeah asthmatic finds this morning clause trying to delay my breakfast, which is an appeal battle every day, but the athletic greens makes it a little easier wage earners.
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DE as dot come forward. Such cricket receive fifteen dollars off your first order by let's discuss what to do about the republican assault on the right to vote. As a few weeks ago, the brain centre for justice counts two hundred and fifty three bills across forty three states that would restrict access to voting with Arizona in Georgia leading the way the two states Democrats look for the first time in decades in November. Republicans in these states are trying to prevent like automatic voter registration same day, voter registration early voting absentee voting in collecting absentee ballots for others. Among other measures,
the best of may be the only way to stop this. Voter suppression is Hr1 the for the people ACT, which of the house passed Wednesday night with no republican votes. The bill would require states offer automatic registration early. Voting and absentee voting would also prevent partisan gerrymandering through nonpartisan redistricting commissions, and it would institute new campaign, finance and ethics reforms. First question: how worried should people be about these voter suppression laws that are being pushed in the states right now like how much of an effect could these laws plus read disc have on the next election and future elections? People should be scared shitless about this. I regard the driving out a hopeful hopeful message, but that is the reality think about narrowed? The margins were in Georgia, Georgian Arizona now imagine if you made it.
Much much harder for black and brown and young voters, the core, the democratic basis of which is what these laws are designed to do. Do ass, a man who is an expert in relation to the point where his twitter, every district has said. The Republicans could get the seeds they need to take majority simply through redistricting, without even having to flip another sea, and so this is the ball game, and it's not just the buggy for twenty two, it's the ball game for the next decade. That is what is at stake here, if not longer in democratic politics at that important recognise too, that this is a problem at snowballs, so that, if because of partisan, redistricting republicans are able to take back the house then, now that there are in control of the house, and you get to twenty twenty four in May and alive. These state voting restrictions are in place and suddenly now
on the presidential level. The presidential race in these swing states. Now it's easier republicans to one in twenty twenty four. If they too control of all of the house, the Senate and the White House in twenty twenty four. Suddenly there are laws they can pass in Congress. That would basically make these state level voter restrict and national, and so then, even in blue states that have have more expanse of access to voting. You would have some of these laws as well and run brand scenes are points this out and in his call this week. Rick Scott has a couple bills to do this. So like you, if we don't stop this train now we have a very small window. While we have a majority in the Senate
ready in the house, in a democratic president, to not only expand voting rights, but just to protect the voting rights we have and if that window closes end, it will close before the twenty twenty two mid terms. It could be closed for a decade or even more, and that is not an exaggeration right remained. There is a reason for Cambodia cause it pass age, our one or more fact, because they just you, cannot overcome the consequences of this. It is a gigantic challenge in its not just to the Democratic Party which it is. It is true, democracy itself, because you have two forces having enormous country the overall american population is getting more progressive, more diverse, yet Political power is shifting towards a shrinking, mostly way, conservative minority, so that
democracies do not survive that level of tension between the population gets locked out of power. Despite having the votes to have that power, and that is what is happening and it is going to get. As you point out so much worse. This is not one election. This is not. Whether we can pass some builders your next year. This is the very fate of our democracy before us, and I know of David Shore, whose data analysed did along interview with some air gloves in New York magazine this week, and David is usually on the more pessimistic side about Democrats chances to hold the house in twenty twenty two, and he said that if we passed HR one and we do not change it to non partisan redistricting an added- you know- Dc Import Rico States. That alone would increase our chance of winning the house or keeping the house in TWAIN.
Two by a factor of three three times more likely to win and that's from a baseline, where he thinks we're like doom to their status. Exact work is due status. Alley describes it yeah He thinks that we owe you know if we don't passed as they did it it becomes. You know it of course depends on which are binding approval rating, as which, as you know, it to a large part determined by MID term elections go, but just because of again just because of redistricting and what Republicans will be able to do with register gang. If there is no eight hour one past they make up the number of seats they need to flip the house through redistricting alone. Before we get to any elections, it is extreme forget for
all about even the voter restrictions just that the districts it will. It will end up sticking house Democrats who are in competitive districts into districts that are like Trump plus ten. That's an example of what happens through drawing the maps again, and so yours, your democratic representative. We you thought we're safe. We didn't really have a competitor race. Suddenly is the Underduk just because it redistricting that's how important this is. So, let's talk about how to fix this age. Our one passes the house. Now it goes to the Senate this week reporter asked Joe Mansion if he would ever be consider his opposition to getting rid of the filibuster, and this was his quote: never Jesus Christ. What don't you understand about never say in January. This was our video. This did, he winked did it is, or is there a perceptible wink there? As you said that were so, What do we do here aware like? How does every day,
Caution about policy not end up in the fucking Joe Mansion called us like. How do we? How do we prevent democracy reforming Yes, democracy itself from from dying a slow death in the Senate. One of the challenges for this. Is it it's very easy to become defeatist because of dramatic and to say: well, it does it. He said. Never do you right. So you know I never means or whatever it is, then. So, why are we even bothering and that working backwards? I assume defeat is how change never happens. Like. There are some things we have to do for the first, and most important we live in is a little bit on a recent pod is even we did. Poor with change research. The mostly support us tat. The thing we found was democrats- Republicans and everyone loves the elements of HR one before the people act. Democrats liked it, but there is very little urgency behind. Step. One is simply we have to increase the urgency. We cannot
back senators to change their position on this bill, or I and traditions or norms. If the democratic voters do not express urges, invisibly does not become a high priority. That step one and you can worry, you know Adam generals and who is a former Senate aid in a very strong opponents filibuster. Said of the german version is an act three problem and were stolen act, one and act one is we have to build momentum for this bill, so let's do that right. Now there is time to do that the house. Pastor, descended is, has, is very slow and has some people barbecues RON Johnson must read every word of the bill before even get this bill, so there's one to do right now to change your majesty. I will just say for everyone who says there is no hope you I, Europe, two thousand and thirteen when every Democrat, colluding Harry Reed said they would never give it the filibuster for judicial nominations and presidential points, and then Mcconnell decided that he was going to block Brok Obama's EPA
the stranger adds labour secretary and woods basically shrink the second support court, the land to prevent Obama from getting any appointments on there, and we want change their mind voted for it. So there is precedent here for people say never and then, when it is no longer a theoretical disguise
should have norms and traditions. It is about the specific blocking of specific things, people's minds, change and so that we have to get to that point. So we can't quit now yet, and I think we have to make it clear that this is the most important piece of voting rights legislation since the Voting Rights ACT in nineteen sixty five. This is the civil rights issue of our generation, like. I think we that the first step here is to really amp up both the importance of the legislation and sort of the extent of the threat that we are facing in states like Arizona and Georgia and from a partisan, redistricting process, because I don't think a lot of people understand that yet everyone should go devoted America, Coms life for the people, to learn more about the bill what's in the bill and also gives you tools to connect with your representative. So you can start calling Congress, because what we need to avoid more than anything is I passes the has it gets to the Senate. You know Joe Mansion says something like. I don't think I'm into this and then it's not talked about again are covered again,
because people are just counting that we don't have enough focus of that's that, like Democrats, starting with Joe Biden, Rundown, need to make this the big fight after covert relief is past and talk about it all the time and then the last thing about this, I think, is important. Is we have to connect us to all the other sites if you care about climate, should we care about civil rights, reproductive rights, workers, rights, health care any of those things that depends on this cuz our opportunity to do those things to make progress on the things we care about that in many cases that are the american people support, it depends on have a functioning democracy. We will be locked out of power until the planet belts. If we do not pass this bill, that's right said: let's talk about a progressive and fairly historic action at the president took without your mansion and the rest of Congress. The way released a video on Sunday, in which Joe Biden offered his support for the right of workers at an Amazon facility in Alabama
You nice quote, without intimidation or threats by employers. This would be the first Amazon warehouse to be unionized anywhere in the United States? The voting period will run through March. Twenty ninth outlets was innocent by this video. I have long said America wasn't built by Wall Street was built by the middle class in unions built the middle class Use, put power in the hands of workers, they level the playing field. Give you a stronger voice for your health. Your safety, higher wages, protects us from racial discrimination and sexual harassment. These lift up workers, both Union and Non Union, and especially black and brown workers. I made it clear made clear when I was running my administrations policy. Would be to support unions, organism, organizing and the right to collectively bargain I'm keeping that promise. So let me be really clear: it's not up to me
decide whether anyone should join the union, but let me be even more clear: it's not up to an employer to decide that either The choice to join the union is up to the workers full stop. Sudan, the president explicitly endorse the union, innovation effort itself or collar Amazon by name, but the labour movement is thrilled and historians are saying it was the most pro union message that comes from a president sense after Harry Truman, picker pick your president from a century ago. Why was binds videos such a big deal? It represents, I think, a changing of the politics is born of the changing of the economy. You say it's been since German or if the are add union membership has been a steady decline in recent decades, as power has been concentrated among Large corporations in the wealthy- and there is a real, can into both that decline in union
the ship in the overall political power and economic power of unions and a rising economic inequality. And that has been particularly true in the middle this pandemic, where workers are being exposed to, in many cases, life threatening situations, whether as if these poultry glance me back implants and sought the code in the upper middle. And so biden- stepping up here and speaking at this moment where, although he did, as you say not mentioned Amazon. Amazon is the biggest company in the world. It is the pre eminent sort of avatar for this level of corporate concentration in power and do speak up about this. So early in his presence is a gigantic deal. Why do you think he did it? What is it He chose to step in on this specific, organizing, Dr Ivy. He you know what I was really, I think encouraging sign is that labour issues and proposals to help
collective bargaining and the strength of workers and because you were kind of at the centre of our primary Bernie Sanders analysed with warned with its huge hooja progressive plants. All the candidates, endorsed and in some way shape or form, I believe, marched with the Mcdonald's workers fighting for fifteen dollar minimum wage. There's the disappearance, fifty on minimum, in some sort of bringing that into the White House to recognise that must be an important part of are not just a political judgement. Economic strategy is strengthening these union Is anyone following through on that is really important and it is, You- and I say this also Biden to his credit, has been very closely associated was often the liaison with a lot of the unions in the White House when we were there is if the law relationships here,
they are so its consistent with what he's down its recognition of the change in politics in the economy and following through our campaign promises. It's also. You know this. This specific drive with the specific company as well I mean Amazon is the nation second largest employer. They have not been unionized in the United States, yet the last attempt, I think, was twenty fourteen in Delaware and it failed. Very many Amazon. Warehouses in Europe are unionized, so in other parts of the world there are unions are an Amazon, but they have prevented unionization here in the United States. During this drive they have Amazon has been disparaging the union. They asked the National Labour Relations Board too where's workers to vote in person during the pandemic. This union, they have been, you know, putting up fires and break rooms, scheduling mandatory meetings where they talk about why the union's bad Amazon is certainly bring
to bear all of its power here, and I do think if the workers in Alabama win and they form a union not only will other Amazon employees all over the country. We know, as the second largest employer start looking around thinking. Okay, now we can. We can form a union too, but other industries. We know this is the retail wholesaling Department or union other workers in that industry will look and turnarounds. Ok, they didn't Alabama. We can do it here and by noted this in his video to most of us, I think something like eighty plus per cent of the workers are black at this summit. This Amazon facility, and most of them are women as well, so is also sort of changing the
of whose in a union and what unions look like. They, of course, become much more racially diverse over the years than they used to be. It is according to examples which are notably flawed, but Biden Wine Union members by sixteen points in the most recent election, and the decline in union membership and the power of unions is not some, it is just a after a fact of globalization. And call for concentration is also put a very specific political strategy of the Republicans. Much of the efforts to reduce collective bargaining rights and heard unions have been funded by the coax over the years. That's what happened in Wisconsin
and they do that because for decades, unions were the sort of ground troops for Democrats they were huge funding. Source of Democrats have organised forces for Democrats and it is absolutely critical that we fight back on
These issues, because strengthening unions is at the exact intersection of something that has great substantively and great, politically and they're. So there is, there is a double imperative to do this in it. I think I have said this already in this fuck escudos, but it s incredibly exciting. Then it is clear that by the administration recognizes that and is in his doing something about it, and we have such an important point, because, obviously, union organizing is good for workers for a whole bunch of reasons, higher wages and benefits. Better conditions, also protections against sexual harassment and racial discrimination unions can help at that, but also good for organizing for the democratic party. Rail argues that that what what used to happen is you know, unions would endorse a candidate, a democratic candidate, and then they would communicate all of their members.
That endorsement and then endorsement would carry a lot of weight with the members and, as unions have been on the decline that sort of organizing force in the Democratic Party, which also by the way, is an organizing force that builds the sort of multiracial working class coalition. That we know is most potent for Democrats, and so, if you have unions, organizing white and black and brown workers together on behalf of democratic candidates, that's a really powerful force in politics, and it has been on the decline in recent years and if we can sort of bill that up again it'll be both good for workers, and it will help us. You know, maintain political power what are some of the other steps. Biden can take to help strengthen unions above on his own and with Congress, he's already done some very for things, which is appointing a very pro labour secretary, labour and Marie Wash and a very pro organise labour head of the National Labour Relations Board,
I'm so that that is makes a huge difference. He's already signed a number of executive orders that are primarily undoing anti worker thinks that trumpeted, but are still very good. The most important thing also ends up in the geometric call. This by it is a piece of legislation, call the pro act, which would make it much easier for workers to organise and make it much harder for companies to penalize workers peddled penalize Wolverstone organised penalised. Strikers airports real teeth into corporate misdeeds when trying to stop a unique. DR that piece of legislation passed the house in the last congress. It will pass the house again It will face an uncertain fate in the Senate, but is yet another argument for getting filibuster, obviously in, could have fifty votes in the Senate.
Imagine has a lot of things you disagree with them on, but he has many pretty pro union member right late. Labour is a very big deal in West Virginia, be part of his political base, and I vetoed Jamelle Bouie has a good piece about this, and then you are times- and he listed some other executive action to buy him to take a fifteen dollars. Minimum wage for federal contract employees at you require federal contracts to go exclusively to employers who remain neutral and union elections are contracts for employers would legally impose organizing and then, of course, you mentioned going to be able to feel some vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board already fired the Trump guy, but with two more vacancies or two more slots that you can fill will have a troll a permit. On the other and I'll army, which is very, very important. Ok, when we come back my interview with the mayor of ethical New York's of Anti american about police reform in ethical, part time work
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You have recently proposed what was called Wes Laureate, cheek you, the most radical right maddening of policing in the post, George Floyd era, when replace, if it has police department with a department of community solutions and public safety, that's made up of both armed public safety workers and unarmed community solution workers. So our talk all about how it works. But first what made you come to the realisation that ethical needed to try something big and ambitious on police reform? That peasant really been done before yeah sure, and it is just the current state of affairs. I mean look. I've been having blessed to be an officer of the last fourteen years and in ten years is mayor, and so I've had a firmer seat and active farmers
I have often been in the in the driver's seat, watching our current police department struggle to meet the demands of the twenty first century city, and I see all of our police officers themselves working so hard and come out of the way being selfless being brave and still the system in the structure, setting us up for mistrust for failure and and for a lot of outrage nationally, and it happens, you're locally, inasmuch as we saw uprisings all summer and fallen into the winter. As you say. Well, if you got good,
People in the outcomes are still wrong, and this must be a structural problem that really came out, as we did a nine month long dead dive into data from our from our calls to our stops to arrest or tickets and our focus groups particular marginalize communities. It became clear that if we are going to deliver public safety in the twenty first century, we need more tools. Then what we had in our toolbox denounce the sang and when you have only a hammer, every problem of second now well screwdrivers, now and wrenches, and in both cutters we need more tools. So can you sort of walk through the process that led to this specific proposal? You mentioned you know, looking to data focus. Groups like who did
talk to. Where did you get the idea from what kind of meetings did you have a very difficult, very hot? I imagine yeah, it's not easy, and especially with our law enforcement officers and munitions there. This is a career, but is also an identity and to feel attack to feel under appreciated is really tough for them. But you have to remember that pleased. Urban is only as good as the trust the community has so politically if it comes to solving crimes right unless our offices are on the scene. I think folks watch CSI and thank while access, I'm all sorts of ways to solve crimes as officer on the scenes most crank itself, because people speak to us as people trust us, because they give us steps. They talk to us nobody's talking to you, it's impossible to get the guns off the street and keep the community safe,
So we did folks groups right. We let alone forcemeat officers have their own private focus groups where they can speak their truth. How that truth accorded made an optimist and presented to the decision makers? We did the same for the most vulnerable populations homeless, folks, memories of the back immunity that for generations we have been, we ve gotten in equitable treatment from the entire criminal justice system, beginning police officers and we found actually are big finding was on both sides. That equation, which was that there was deeps out its dissatisfaction because the officers felt they were asked to do too much and search for fairer than would have been called because his homeless person being called because somebody second radically and
there being blamed when something goes wrong. We ve been blamed for enforcing laws. I processing and then on a community side. We actually didn't hear that they wanted the police to go away. What we are saying that they wanted a different footprint. They wanted more for patrols. They wanted officers who were armed so didn't ask intentions when he saw them immediately. They wanted people that were from the community. They wanted the diversity in the department which we often think of as ethnic diversity for good reason and racial diversity, but they also want engender diversity. And there's no reason to turn out that the women in law enforcement or better the escalators, the better conflict resolution, saint law enforcement, exhaust, the dream in mice, every aspect of life all over and so those same people that we want to see our department become more diverse. Once more women, more people of color there.
Applying for these jobs right now that do not applying leave. If you go entered my neighborhood on this outside, and you say to a nineteen year old, how would you like to become a police officer to say now she well do you want a job and a Europe that works? Twenty four seven on the street, helping people solve problems responding to a non criminal emergencies? Maybe it's medical calls. Maybe it's missing people, maybe somebody is just broken down on the side of the road into right. That's how I suggest that you be interested in, and they said Yes, so once we had those two different findings, the opposite, distressed and need a new model, the community is, is fed up with the current situation. That's when it became clear. We need to build something from scratch. You can turn you John. They say that the systems give the results that are designed to go
and we build police departments and then have been nibbling around the edges ever since, and I try to turn out refrigerator into an air conditioner and you can do it, but it's not a does. It's not great, which I feel is build and air conditioning from the ground up, and we need to build the twenty first century department from the ground up. So what does that look like? How does this work this? If this proposal, to come to fruition yeah. Well, it would take a couple years of becoming council the city that go proves that this month we would enter to design phase were for a couple years, we would fill out the design of each type of job description. We would fund the positions and then press play switch over and you have a civilian had of the department and there's a few reasons why you want to be able to hire civilian, maybe that's going as a background and law enforcement by the few reasons that you wanted to dine at that, overseeing both units in those units working together, so a few
in the city of the girl. What you'll experiences you'll see more officers on foot? You seem offices, a new community you'll see them engaging in a different way, we'll see them being friendly. We mourn and knowing because we're starting from a fresh culture from the ground up that a big part of their job is community trust in connection and so an and some of them are in. Some of them are unarmed and what is so? What is the job of the and the role of the unarmed officers versus the ones who are still armed? Is the while the first place you can start to sort that out is by looking at the call types by any call type. We say cheese. Fifty percent of these calls, and resulting in arrests if we know we're going to the state the scene in the dispatcher sang somebody's, been that, if we're gonna scene and sailors there's a bank robbery, know for sure you're sending the armed people. But then you start to look at their call tapes that result in an arrest, five percent of it
or in the city of Africa. The closet resulting rest. One percent of the time, which is our mental health, calls only one percent of the time that we try to arrest the Tang here's. What we found there are nine different call types but taken together represent thirty. Five percent of everything are of Zeus: do during the day nine difficult, three five: seven, zero arrests, they never was. Last. So if it's a stranded motorist right, you sounded on our behalf, Sir. That's it that's about the stranger motorists. You knock it off the rest, her person and when that person shows up its here's the deal to national motorists, you never know what sort of promised occurring right. You never know what kind of things will be triggered by sea
a police officer, or it seems somebody was carrying a gun and avoiding nitrate is some of the sometimes that's just necessary. That's just a necessary part in a country with more guns than people, you're gonna have to have armed officers, but if you can avoid it, you showed so that's. Where will start with those thirty five percent of all the calls of the police do handled by those community solutions, workers and then other community buildings have shown up at events blocking our streets for festivals and parades. You don't you too,
can you do that stuff and in we feel like we could recruit and retain a more diverse were forced to do so. What are the next steps, and when will you think the prospects are for this passing through the city council? Yet it's it's tough, it's tough with its with big change and our council. As is rightly nervous, our police union has been very vociferous in opposition cuttings unfortunate. I think they know that there has to be a change in, but there there but afraid of it in an Irish than that and local governments. We know that the only thing people hate more than the status quo is change of any type in the so that you ve been opposing or council is really tough spot, but there
Deliberative, break group, they're gonna be working throughout this month and voting on March thirty, first and whether or not to approve it. So you mentioned that the police union opposite. You know that they don T like the biggest fans right now. They said it's extremely dangerous that it amounts to union by stating that it would make it more difficult to recruit officers. What would you say to police officers or city council members or or residents who might find some of those arguments compelling? I think, you do have to move carefully, because the right to organise is a sacred now, I believe in it. The reason I was I am even here got a chance to beers because my grandparents took assent a homeless, shelter, we're living off the street because they were union teachers me fair, wage and You know never enough to buy a second house but enough to put carpet in the basement and and to put literally to put clothes on her back, so we could go to school So we're not union passing the union of the office
we want the union to continue to exist in the new department. It can and well that's the legal right, but I would just ask them to do stuff back out of panic mode to think about the things that they ve told me over the last years, which is that it is already impossible, took a crew people right now. It is already feels is fraud? Is it ever has out there and if you ve ever done right along you know, the world looks different from behind a conqueror knows more stairs in your hand, waves, and that increases officers feeling of day, which is bad for the officers and back for the community side. Asked folks who are opposed to just ask yourself: is the status quo workin for you and if not it's time, to build something from the ground up to design it for a twenty four centuries city you
Utah Jake you that Dog Fox NEWS will probably lose their shit over this. I think that's a safe bet. You also raises the very rights is a very good reporter I'll get. You say it's a he's, an excellent rapporteur, but you you also pointed out that this proposal will likely result in more funding for public safety and more public safety officers. You know, even though this kind of reform has been described by active as often as defending the police or police abolition. What have you learned from this process about the most effective way to message: police reform to a community sure. I had I learned mostly by way where everything is by doing wrong. First, I haven't Let us do it, better later. Yes, they want you words like defined and abolition, but caught that become so waited with.
Meetings. There are no use for his words and they become labels, and labels are only good for sick and there, like what you have to do is describe what will actually change and what it will mean for people's families, and in this context, what it could mean is a safer community with less crimes. The crimes that happen more will have a better chance of being solved and everybody will feel comfortable. Calling the police, which we just also having very honest,
right now, not everybody feels comfortable calling the police is particularly my family. I were being a young black eye by two brothers, my sister, when we heard the sirens there are multiple tears of concern that you have when you hear the siren go buy. You hope that your family is safe from harm from star arm and hope it will be safe from the officers or rather the scene, and that is the kind of thing that no American should have to live with, so that on the message, side and organizing side, you know please reform legislation on a national level. May I end up getting stuck in the Senate like everything else, because the filibuster, what advice would you give to other mayors, city leaders, activists who want to see ambitious police reform come to their city? What will the first is that you you have to you, do have to take your time right
We can just come up with a plan in a weekend in an press, and it was nine months of hard deliberative work with data behind it. And you do have to work collaboratively. You have to get feedback from everybody in the community, but You cannot allow the police unions to have better power at the end of that process and for too long that's the way this has worked. I mean I've seen it with their had at least three cycles are. This is the concern of trademark so you do a big round of community meetings. You come up with all these ideas were going to rest, I'm in the city, the pleasing says,
if we don't like that, the council has ok, but they don't like its we're, not gonna do it. What that does is leave you stuck in a rut, but also further roads, people's trust in the system that the next time you ask them. Congo, city council, meeting, give your input we care about you. You have to work collaboratively, but then make a decision and stick to it and don't let the police unions veto what the community is put together. Merce about America, Africa. Thank you! So much for free many pod, save America and and and good luck to you on an and getting some real reform up there and you and and and blessing for every. I haven't I've, never missed enough. So so thank you for everything you do it's willing to thanks for being a good friend of the pod, we appreciate risk ticket thanks thanks to mere Myra for joining us today, and I hope everyone has gray weakened by everyone-
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