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Joe Biden announces vaccines for all by May 1st and Donald Trump wants credit, Tan Suit journalism returns as some political reporters work hard to generate Biden controversies, Andrew Cuomo faces more calls to resign, and progressives are concerned about some of the President’s foreign policy decisions during his first fifty days in office.

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is in office before we start love. It tell us about this. We can show great lover or leave. It very funny represent a great conversation that Marquis IRA joined to play. Pepperleigh pew went very well James Idomene, doing Bernie into my pillow guy, I basically left and let him talk to himself for a while so funny that was the best Bernie Sanders impression. I've ever heard from one is laughing so hard and gratifying is very, very good to take it up. Also don't we at crickets, new sports podcast take line premiers this Tuesday? It smart funny thoughtful. So it has to buy Emmy winner, Jason, Concepcion and W and be a champion turn team owner, Renee Montgomery, who talk through all the ways that sports culture and politics intersect on and off the court, take lines. First guest is Jeremy Lin, which is pretty cool I subscribe to take lying on Apple pie, Cast Spotify or wherever you get your podcast hungry
that Iceland say item that that is the perfect for them, for the first four first up said: sorry, expense. I can't wait final what better way, to make it clear that you support voting rights and abolishing the filibuster than by wearing it on your brand new crooked march. There our new tee shirts with phrases like organizing works, abolish the filibuster make them? accuracy easier and more definitely be wearing abolish the filibuster t shirt everywhere. You aren't, you are you are and abolish the filibuster benefits. These data to pervert for making you re entrance into the world expects about now a cricket dotcom, Slash store. To get to the news so present I'd. Marty one year anniversary, the pandemic, with his first primetime address on Thursday evening. We had that there would be some pretty big news in the speech and the president certainly delivered tonight.
I'm announcing our direct all states tribes in territories to me all adults, people, eighteen of eligible be vaccinated. No later than May one president then followed up with this. Nice You guys that using the air one was overkill. There are no. I thought that was. I thought that was pretty red I think the problem is it spooked major in bit another, but it another enter That's pretty big may first, anyone who wants one can get when you did say that you, like everyone will get one, but the eligibility, the privatisation groups are now everyone, as of May first, which I think is, is pretty exciting. I think it's great. I think everybody should get vaccinated as soon as possible so that
when I go to a LAS Vegas parfait, unlike waits late June, ah is cool. Well said yes, he also said there was a a good chance that by July Fourth will be able to have small gatherings, he's doesn't mean large events with lots of people together, but small groups considering that we just passed a hundred million. We are used as a hundred million shots twice. as fast as the weight. I said, we would do you see this like another example of them sort of under promising over delivering cause. If I'm get, if people in vaccinated may then in July. Fourth, everyone else vaccinated, I'm hanging out with looking at close quarters online. I love you. Thank you for all the work you ve done to speed up this vaccination roll out, get the fuck out of here. We are small outdoor barbecues on July. Fourth, nonsense: we are doing whatever we want once were once were vaccinated like you, I've had a small out or barbecue last July. Fourth, rarely outdoor activity is safe we had. I really I get the like
Cash in? I get why the CDC is warning against certain non essential travel at this point you in for vaccinated people, but at some point I think need to paint a little bit more of a picture of normal sea and not try to set a bar that weaken leap over. Yeah, but I don't I don't you think. That's true like Did they done that along the way? But I think that you, start doing the math and like ok. If everyone is eligible by May first and lets say it took you no six to eight weeks, get everybody there first and then another three before we get a second shot for people that are getting Pfizer, Madonna and then a two week window in which it takes have the immunity that the CDC says you need in order to do all these things. You start to see that July. Fourth, for huge parts of the country is, is, is pushing that deadline which I think is all there really getting. I don't think they're saying you can't barbecue with everybody in August, and it is being realistic about what July means, if you, care about following the guidance he's out even saying it's a diktat he's just saying you would be.
to do this safely, which I think is true, I think people will, as they have it throughout this year. Long crisis not listen. yeah. Also, I realise July. Fourth is a time for outdoor barbecues by me in a bunch, my family and friends are vaccinated, indoor, hangs only my indoor happen, then the mother, that's fair, like you know, there is weird annoying thing with most these vaccines and attacks like forty six weeks until your fully back say it. I just think that out activities have been safe from like day one barbie You have been relatively safe unless you have thirty people from different households. They already rallies in this tongues in your like close talking or whatever, and it felt like a bit of an under playing of where we could all be by July. Fourth, I hope, but basically A brain has decided that I
now just going to be angry at negative news that I dont like, because there's so much covert, fear porn online and overemphasize all the good things that I'm excited about yeah I mean I do think it sucks that, like Joe Biden, to take on the role of responsible parent whose, like don't climb that fence solely wash your hands and then, like Fox NEWS, is like weekend uncle. That's letting everybody try a beer. You know, and I think that that sucks Adela, but I dont know a way out of it. Yeah, Look the cdc when they put the guidelines. I think they did a pretty good job, because that either there is some concern. If there's vaccinated people mingling with unboxing native people, especially on vaccinated people who are very vulnerable, you still we're not positive about, cutting transmission and what, if you please listen again chipping away, I don't want to go yelled out. I want your listeners, I'm not I'm not suggesting that anyone do anything irresponsible, I'm not saying go to spring break. Unlike start
your banging with your on vaccinated friends. I'm just saying that, like I think people are smart and they know how to be responsible. They know when there with high risk people they know and therewith vaccinated people like we all can just kind of bee Tom I will- and I will be back- I will be beer binding with you and Holly Sharia about you was an exit. Tommy lives is values like like. I don't get it, but I know that the sex party email he set out did say you during your vaccinated yet it about drop your card and your keys in the ball invite for me this time, but you don't do great. Have my last year for the last few days, a leather listeners lobbyists during speech by didn't mention the name of his predecessor, Donald Trump, though he did criticized the federal government's response and twenty twenty
and he also talked about the steps he's taken over the last fifty days in office to speed up the National vaccination programme. This was enough to send Republicans and right wing media into a fit of rage because they think that binding should have given trump credit for that. since they even got some real reporters to play along, let's take a listener somebody's clips We don't need to go over the five or two thousand dead we had that moment. Let's talk about the future. Moving forward. Tell me as a chance to praise the previous administration. He not only does in praise he kicks in the growing needs the pig The phone I suggest call marrow logo and yeah bring you. teach you the country's. He says he so desperately wants, and thank president,
on tromp on the development of that seems it was operating. Work was invented, executed, initiated under the former president, some spirit by partisan ship and unity. Last night, the first conference we spoke about the denials and the first days, weeks and months. Why don't you say with credit to the previous administration of the former president for putting us in this position? We are glad that we have been able to move forward. That is an excellent recommendation as speechwriter largesse. Should we shall we be Making Donald Trump preserving our lives would either of you liked to read aloud the statement that our embassies, Peter Alexander, read to Jan Saki as an official. Thank you to MR trumpet God save America. No thanks yeah our! like Peter Alexander. A lot like I personally is a really good reports over the guy. I do think that the thing- this Washington debate in so many other Washington debated. Who gives a shit like what politician blots around thanking
is: is former rival the one he just beaten election, especially one is terrible. Ozanna tromp, I didn't like President's get blame in credit for things that on their watch, and so yes, I am glad that Trumpery purchased a bunch of vaccines. It seems like the obvious move, even then at the time but I had a good on them right, but that, but they didn't invent the science that lead the vaccines being created right day, the dear wise to pre purchase vaccines and that with to the rapid deployment of the vaccination once you are ready, but that actually didn't happen. If you look back on the at the at the dead means that were set by the Trump White House in September When twenty twenty mark meadows said, the White House is aiming to have a hundred million vaccine doses ready by the end of October of last year, in up to
hundred million doses ready in January. They missed that goal by the mile that they miss a later goal of twenty million shots in December. So like it's great that they helped get the vaccines development, but the most important part of that was the distribution, in the trunk team utterly failed on that, and meanwhile, the Biden folks, done some really smart, creative things to increase production. They got mark to work with you it's an Johnson's to ramp up the production of the J J vaccine. They ve just been competent. They got it out faster, they ve got into people's arm. So, like you, don't get credit for doing half your work. Also Joe Biden gave credit for the work that they did. There is that, back in December, back in January, whenever was of the winter, he said yeah, I gotta give them some credit for helping to speed the development of the vaccine. That is what they did. Came to distribution. Rightly they basically just gave some vaccinations to states and said I. Four you're on your own. You can do whatever you want. Now they dropped it off. They wanted
Drop it often parking lots in any really have right. A plan for how to distribute beyond giving it to the states and created a bunch of bottlenecks by demonstration to come in and fix, it also say to what is has been the greatest contributor one of the greatest contributors to the fact that we have this incredible vaccine ready, in less than a year, investments in basic science and research? That Democrats have fought tooth and nail to protect against antagonism from Republicans, including many, the Republicans demanding fealty to Donald Trump right now for decades we are very, very fortunate that that basic research was can under Brac Obama. The federal funded a start up. They wanted to create an m rna vaccine. That start up is key, Madonna Brok, Obama, they're, makin thing demanding his work and thank you comfort from the village. It's funny. It's like it really is that there is this. I am obviously there
this whole in our politics that this other person used to fill up and one of pieces of coverage We just lack for now is like the ongoing psychological needs of this one person and Israel a bit of a return to that like, of course, you should thank the previous president. Dont render and his psychological need. He has a great me. To be thanked. What's also like is another example of the collective amnesia of all of us, and especially the press, sometimes like some of the very outlets that have been asking the white ass. These questions, why don't you give trump headline from these are headlines from December in January, New York Times trumpet straight and pass on the chance to secure more Pfizer vaccine. Remember that NBC. Administration is stopped all transition activities and funding that will slow, if not completely, halt vaccinate vaccination efforts. We forget about that too there was like a late transition, because the president was trying to stage occurs bad.
You know I mean I CNBC operation Warp speed at a crawl. Vaccinating Americans will take ten years at current pace, so like a couple months ago, was complaining about the Trump administrations vaccination. strategy getting actual shots in arms. No cup months later like. Why in Trump, getting a whole bunch of credit like fuckin wrong with people One argument in favour of Biden giving trumped some credit. The vaccines which, of course he has done in the past, is Some people argue that it might help persuade more vaccine, hesitant trump supporters to take the shot. I loved, you think that's worth of dimensions from button: why it's quite a bank shot about. I let you know we have to figure out how to get. You know resent reluctant Republicans to get vaccinate
over time is important. I think the way think there's a number of ways to do that, and I actually interviewed Adam brandishes psychologist about this, and there is actually a lot of research about a. U turn people who are against vaccines into people that are willing to get back scenes. It's very little of its very haranguing doesn't work you telling people that their doesn't work but actually talking through their concerns and speaking to them under the presumption that they want what's best for themselves in a community. Is the way you get there, there's actually a lot of like date on the best way to do this? I don't know how that data. is reflected in whether not Joe Biden needs to pretend to like. You know that that Donald Trump is the greatest vaccine president to get it done. I do think wanting that would have certainly helped his if Donald Trump sent a fuckin picture with him getting the vaccine. He decided to get it in secret. In fairness to you know, we are very far the Donald Trump one of the many positions, could be taking right. Now is anything the vaccine is a hoax. It's pure lock thing and his own ego that's running that from happening here.
Told the country that he got vaccinated when he did that You know to our thing at tat when he recalled dicey back, he won't release a picture, I actually just think this is going to come to to a lot of republicans talking to each other. I dont think Joe Biden is the best messenger for these people ABC. This is free. Once focus group. He actually convened a group of vaccine, hesitant trump voters. and they had convene the mind zoom in many had somewhat we can politicians delivering messages to them about why they should get vaccines. Kevin Mccarthy couple others at any time freedom who ran the CDC for O bomber. Who just didn't even talk about us about Malaysian. He just said: I'm a medical experts. Here's five facts. You know the number of doctors have chosen to get vaccinated is upwards of ninety plus percent over and they were all can
by freedom, and none of them were convinced by their public and politicians and aid. They don't even think that they wanted to be convinced by Trump, because they thought that, like all politicians, a sort of playing politics with the with the vaccine on both sides of the oil, which is a problem on its own, but where there was interesting that just like straight science mess This may help persuade these people. Yet it does seem like that government involvement in the vaccination effort. It is one of the biggest impediments to people wanting to get it and if you just speak to them respectfully, if you provide information, if they hear about lots of there, and getting the vaccine and not having problems. I think hopefully, this problem will start to work itself out began. I think Biden politicizing it or you know, people hectoring other. for not wanting to get the vaccine like that. That seems like the worst case scenario to me,. Yeah. I do also think one a visit one piece of this as important,
it's not just about republican politicians, telling people to get the vaccine part of it is them is the fact that republican politicians have spent the last your downplaying the virus itself raises simply here having Republicans out there saying this is serious and vaccination is what allows us to open up society, I think, is actually important, maybe even one of the most important things they can do though it was interesting to one politician that was somewhat effective with the focus group was Chris christening because he said I was sceptical, I got sick, I was died. I had couple people I know died, and I realized that. Sometimes you don't want to trust the government. People play politics, but because of all these personal experiences have had, because some of the science that I've heard I've changed my mind and, like him being persuaded sort of help let's get. The answer is interested parties. Work has brought by keeps more than fifty million men in the? U s ever for male pattern baldness, but keeps can help, keeps offers a simple stress
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That's one more and the president has travel back to Wilmington a couple of times and taking office to see. The sea does still urge people not to travel for personal reasons. Obviously, for the little travel is very differently. Partial travel by should the President be doing more to set an example about personal. You promised, House cat what went onto that, whereas the cat today is a good day for the cat that's a haven for adults, immigration and then got another dogs. Question ok, go ahead of all adjusted for clear picture and on adults. Can you confirm that it was a secret service number who has bitten, and can you also reassure the public debt major biting lobby that arise as a result of this, like it if you really the breathing is in your only chance to ask Jen Saki or the press office, a question if you desperately need to know whether a dog is getting euthanize, you can send an email man, that's a crazy thing to ask life? What is wrong with you?
Excuse me to be duly whether with what the president can you confirm that the president will not be killing his own death is like the first of all the we Beethoven came out a long time ago are Coda, our feelings about anyway, but the villains striking that declaration. This very silly but, like I said, The question was that must be from some kind of right wing outlet and it day was from the post. Trying to drum up this more serious than it, then it than at the New York Post on Europe. Those here Posada walking a bus at rightwing rag bag. But the butt of it's a right wing reporter trying to stir that up, but like poor It is not a democratic poor made. Don't you know the meaning ran kids. The key that just a weird weird thing to ask live on tv, but it's not I mean so you know has has
Why are you guys think that tansu journalism has returned here? This is not just the dog. You know. We talked about meat to fucking questions, The APC baby has now ran NEWS stories a couple months, apart about Joe Biden going back Delaware over the weekend and they catch by saying, oh, you know the way houses on the defence about this, because the president has told people to not travel on necessarily during a pandemic, but Joe Biden by the way, vaccinated and travels unflagging air force. One is somehow a risk or not following his own example, by going back to Nowhere does they ve nothing better to do together. is baffling ways to bed and I die find it inexplicable to be totally honest with you. It's so I'd be like it's two things ones. Old and one is based on how they covered trump. I think the part that space covering Trump is we
stories about Trump travelling all the time. So now we need to do the same stories for Biden even on the context is very different: ices, I have performative performative objectivity like performative non partisanship to kind of cover there This is, and I think one of the challenges you know if you want to attack Joe Biden as frequently as you tact, Donald Trump. You have to be after really real really raise the bar. That is the question is, why do they feel like they have to attack Joe Biden as much as they attacked Donald Trump? Why is that journalism that you must strike a balance above all else I'll? I dont think but that's what they feel. I think look I think the adversarial journalism is good. They should be heartened by the nation asked have questions when I think we're turning to see is the fact that Donald Trump was good for the media, business and Joe Biden so far, maybe as rights a lesser with the Sunday, shows question of the weekend.
go wrote a whole piece about how Joe Biden didn't put someone out on the Sunday shows and why would do that if you're trying to sell your covert relief plan out there, once was an era when the Sunday shows drove the new even on Monday. That is just not the case and you are right. The Sunday. Today or where you go, do asked. Questions like who is Barroso who Bill Haggerty, who is Patrick Sullivan. one of those names is a fake senator. Can you guess which one. Haggerty note: that's real Patrick Sullivan is made up. There's a dead, Sullivan I remember when I remember your browser shut up in the Senate is working at that time and I was like Roscoe but Russia does your better we gave we gave we gave
Obama joke about John Browser for the correspondence dinner reset who it was given. The joke was on the defect of whose John for right a twitter profile- I remember it so today, right than the Sunday shows today mostly exist to make daily, show producer, matinee gringo insane, because I'd pay such hard won. Ask a question about the fascist bomb attack on the capital right in twenty twenty one: thou like the reason, devices so dumb and dad is goes into Twenty one, not only are the Sunday shows not the best way to reach voters. They almost guarantee you that Joe Biden or a common heritage, or someone will get an unrelated political question that will then screw up their efforts to make the coverage about the vaccine raw knowledge things they want to talk about. Rights was just it's pure self interest, and I think the press conference question is very similar. You know it Tommy what gave that away? What you just said was the way the political road it up, because they said the binding administration didn't book and staff on the Sunday shows a horrible thing by
You know they have a they. Of course, political quota Sunday show producer, saying they're, leaving a vacuum. Its baffling like that's cells, adventure therewith, but then they put it. Read. This is actually Anthony she and Marcella Nunez Smith were the Sunday shows, but they dismissed them. Ass, quote medical staff, medical staff oh, by the way Junot yell it was onto because you know what, rural policy people who have substantive things to discuss baino cow, because there are political people that you can play gauchos, because that that's what they fucking. What it's you know there's also I've been. Away from society for years. So my my thoughts again, more more wild. I was thing about the way that report begins conservatives YO. They work the raft. They say that there is a bias in these outlets and I think that there is some sense in which that's true, which is that, like reporter from Chuck Todd to Hugh. He wouldn't recalls in their cosmopolitan elites right. They move in circles, they had. They are caught that that is real, but I do think that there is this other kind of cultural by us and how supposedly
non partisan entities treat Republicans verses, Democrat and, and I dont meanness in terms of gender just meanness in terms of what it feels like a in terms of they are treated, but like republican are treated as if their masculine and Democrats are treated as if their feminine and what I mean by that is is assumed that Republicans will be strong, intransigent, confident and that their needs. These need to be heard in a peace and as Democrats job to be nurturing supportive to listen and to take care of those needs. It is why the idea of someone asking Mitch Mcconnell. What are you doing to create unity today or asking TED crews? What are you doing to bring the Senate together or asking Tom Tom Con? Why? Why are you not doing more to address the fact that you are alienates so many urban Americans. It's why these questions are so much more unusual than the ones pointed at Democrats. There is like an assumption that Republican are who Republicans are and its Democrats job to kind of nurture and help and figure out how to work together for the benefit of the country, and I think that the issue
Ruction has called like that before there's a trump. Obviously, by closing with the insurrection, has called that out and made. It all seems all the more ridiculous and the two. since can't be like when you a situation in which non partisan and truth are not on the same side. These these shows had to choose, and I think they're really struggling to make that choice. I think that reporters know that report kids are more likely to lie and more likely to be shameless about it and Democrats, and they want a whole Democrats to a higher standard. I also do think they're trying to like more endowed wrote a comical weeks ago about how, like hey Democrats were not on your team, president, on your time, allies at all. In all these reporters shared at around two balsamy performer by like yes, where tough on both sides like I do think there is this attempt to try to be no both sides, everything to be tough on equally tough on both Biden and Trump, and I think that reason it's a problem. Just from the journalist per cent
Is there you know, adversarial journalism is important. Accountability is important. There's plenty of things that you can criticise. The by white has on this plenty of policy issues. We're gonna talk about the NBA sanctions. Pretty soon we can talk about the crisis at the border with Anna unaccompanied migrant children were about to talk about Andrew Cuomo, like there are plenty of things that you can talk about and criticised by. None when you're down to like die youth and eyes in an easy going home for a plan to fuckin Delaware, and why are we get in a press conference like you're? Just gonna cause people to take you less seriously when you have actual criticisms of the ministrations, thereby in substance, which they shut up. So here's an example, Peter Baker, tweeted. A link about Joe Biden hasn't done a press conference in the added the following text on tablet at this point in off tromp had given five news conferences. Obama had given to George W Bush three, including five guidance of has given zero now again,
reporters at every rights. You advocate for access interviews, press conferences whatever, but there are a bunch of problems with Peters Tweet great near times, reported by the way. First, it is deeply misleading. of the first news conferences, the trunk gave were right, your bilateral meetings with another head of state. Those are not full press conferences where they talk for an hour, and it's just the abide. Not there alone, it's called a one in one or two into or both leaders take a couple. Questions from the press. Obviously Joe Biden can't hold bilateral meetings right now because of covert, so those those aren't happening. Second, I think making that Trump your base. Line for access is absurd, because what valley You did we get out of trouble adding lies or the periphery from Fox NEWS and allay end or from like combat, would Emma Carstone CNN rightly trump, with literally scream over a helicopter engine, so that no one could ask him follow and so I realise that combat is for ratings, but it was not good for people who wanted factual information and that's why I feel like these critics. Sums of binding in the press conference seem
annoying in self interested right so again like be tough on Joe Biden, but, like yes do now, spin. This, as you know, me being wanting the press being on my side, because I'm a Democrat blah blah blah that is now. The argument, the argument is that the press Corps times has priorities that are about themselves and are not necessarily about what voters want or their readers need from the people they cover. And that's what drives me crazy in these situations, The three of us started an entire media company, because we, believed the press is on our side or should be on our ceramic yeah. I think there are other means grad weak. The problem is that there have been. Is we ve come to accept that there are not on on president binds? I also say this one one part of of by a strategy for answering questions. That is not acknowledge in any of this coverage. I understand why is he also did on two tunnels. You did one right after the election,
and he did one quite recently and which it took a bunch of questions from regular people and one of the challenges that these reporters have been asking for a press conference is that regular people ass better questions than the professionals which bring to a segment. We call meet the people, Slash beat the press, we're do an impromptu quiz boys. Here's! How works! I mean. I read your question and it's going to be a question from a reporter asked of genes. Aki were a regular person who is not a journalist asked to go by I tried my best out. Making I tell you to one gives it and I mean I'm an alternate, Tommy I'll start with you, considering that hybrid and virtual school instruction has been in place for nearly a year now. What is the plan and recommendation to get students back into the bricks and mortar buildings was that I was that the people or is that the press sounds like a real person to me,
it John or WWW Mexico's present Oberdoffer says the people coming into the? U S right now see by President Biden as the migrant president. Do you take that as a compliment That's gonna be reporter. You got, Tommy. Do you have a plan to vaccinate those who are most vulnerable sooner to give them priority person correct John? you're, proposing a fifteen our minimum wage, given the lower cost of living and specifically in the MID west. Many business owners are concerned that this will put them out of business, forcing them to downside of cup benefits. How can you in no confidence in small businesses that this will benefit the MID West person, correct Tommy the administration is refused to call it a crisis instead, referring to it as a challenge and saying what you can does it make a difference or on how who are responding to it, but those the steps that you would take. If it was a crisis that you have on your hands, bats are classic reporter question. Must get wrapped around the house about the lexical definition of a word? I love it.
John, that's correct, John Overview Wobbly. do so that small mom and pop businesses will survive over large corporate entities. Beverly a is correct, next question for you Tommy. I was shaken by the attack on the capital and our piracy, more broadly by your predecessor and his followers. While I appreciate efforts being made to bring them to justice, I worry about ongoing threats to our country from american embrace white supremacy and conspiracies that aligned with it walk in Europe restoration due to address this complex and wide, ranging problem who person right, John over you with all the principles kind of Criss crossing the country next week is an interesting with states. I'm wondering how reporter wondering, even though these relief baggages no support. What have you been hearing, or what do you expect to hear from Republicans in his stay there so bad, but their questions? Your your questions are so bad guy right S, question that asked you predict to predict: ok, good God
dammit Tawny. Already, our nations experience with an through the covert nineteen and other recent tragedies have strengthened the foundation of division among Americans. What are your immediate and tangible plans to address how deeply divided we are as a nation I meant to say reporter. No now. That was that we protect our universe, hymns and I get the question. I find it a little ridiculous in an unrealistic, but ok therein this barbarity is that person could be await us, we're very dry, run out and could have a new job and finally, John Political. On a pole yesterday, I'm not sure finding that fifty three percent of Americans think there should be a ban on transgender athletes competing in women sports, including forty four, of democratic responded to agree that there should be a ban in forty nine percent of independence, but, looking at this through his call for unity lines, do you think these opinions are coming from a place of trying to protect women's rights or equity and athletics or just flat out bigoted opinions at the president shouldn't acknowledge at this point in time,
I mean you had me the political power which I know the millions of Americans wake up to every single day, but the the unity lenses it really extra touches halfway reporter Medina got out, I had to say only be Tommy was was tripped up by a unity question that very well could have come by rapporteur. This one goes to John today this one, the young lady, was a tough fight. Only one incorrect question great. Our boys modern meet the great. could meet the library. The press go crazy, all the time I mean great job of work before both Hooper very leave. The press conference question too one of the serious things about this whole episode is that the White House, promise that he will hold a press conference at the end of the month. Cans coming science allow these story. All these stories are just about the fact that it hasn't happened yet, but it is going to happen. Also Jen takes questions
almost every single day from the press. Biden has done Sudan's with sixty minutes good morning. America, which will air on Wednesday Rock radically, would seem more on twitter than almost anyone. I know the white ass. She was having there's plenty of access, yet you can show quite events taken, shouted questions before so the guy's talking planning shocking, play, I'm radicalized arm radicalized cancel everything with these be they'll learn. Used to be a pool John Patsy America is brought about stamps dot com. We must they have stuck up used it since the earliest days, a crooked media and our salad days salad days, that's right, What did you do with extra time and money that you save not going to the post office? The answer, as anything else, is the collect stamps just about anything. As you could collect stamps now you could collect them, failed on base it take trips to the post office. Probing Ohio
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Obama and Bruce Springsteen Avenue, pilots top right now you can listen. Renegades, I'm a born in the USA exclusively on spot in the past long time. Friends, Obama, Springsteen. Oh I get it. You guys were so close. All the time sit down. Disgusting country, that's given them both so much call the stories of its people. Their own search for meaning truth and community with the larger story of Amerika doubting their friendship that illicit nominal listen citizens fascinating, but I also want to say get out of our land: men For that reason, I made this very clear. We're part guess, host your president you're a pretty about we're out of his job Bruce Sprain early in Iraq. But I wonder That is the kind of friendship where I because the other and says like I've had a hard day, do you gave red receipts so but there's I've. I've listened every episode. So far, it's fantastic! You should listen to. It that anyway, even if they weren't and add here, but I leave they do have
the kind of person That's none of your ally. It is my own. you talk to each other, like you know what You are telling me this the other day. They said they face a fight that I think they must ask where two, how do you think they text maybe tax? Couple times because I think it's really gonna cutting wearing out and go fallow for a long time, but then I can kind of pop up for a day and then that's our total pattern will continue for a couple days than if fade, again, the boss used languages, but of emerges lot of emerges listen free only on Spotify renegades born in the USA with President Barack Obama. This brings to one more thing over. Some reporters are also pushing a narrative that the next Joe Biden scandal could be Andrew, Cuomo scandal. It seems like just about every democratic politician in New York is now called for the governor to reside in the wake of allegations that he covered up we have covered nursing home debts in his state. actually harassed and groped employs uncultivated. A toxic work environment Biden has expressed.
support for the independent investigation into Cuomo being led by New York attorney General Tis James, but axis is Jonathan Swan rode over the weekend at the scandal is becoming a binding problem, because the President silence is quote increasingly conspicuous and his position we're already seems unsustainable, because supposedly Biden is the only Democrat who could get Cuomo to resign. What are you guys think of buttons position here? He did say I believe late last night, some and shared a question at him about this, and he basically told the White House line which sandwiches you know. What's, let's see where the negation goes right. Anything both tightening Jan have said that the allegations are troubling and that they want to see a swift and thorough investigation of the allegations that is being independent, but is being led by two shames attorney General did not seem like the right answer. I mean it Ok, I'm always innocent of these. This multitude nations, and I'm not suggesting that. I believe that the case, but I pathetic then, obviously, some due process is important
since Cuomo is trying to blame. All of these out. Nations on cancel culture which is Riddick Trompe and frankly, I think it actually helps is accusers and everyone involved who want justice to be served here, to be able to point to due process in. Evidence gathered and say those are facts. You are treated fairly. That is not cancel culture. That is what we learn from an investigation. I mean you know, that's editing dish into these such asmund allegations is the news that broke yesterday. The quorum, Vaccines tsar was calling around to try to gauge political support for him in that seems like just another outrage abuse of power that might be unimpeachable in its own right, but it does seem, like Biden, has taken the propria position here, and and certainly Seti's troubled by, the allegations. yeah, we look at you know: Shimmer Gilbert,
the entire New York congressional delegation. Obviously a ton of politicians in Europe have not waited for the investigation. They just call on him to resign. I think Cuomo is clearly incredibly stubborn. Here he's given multiple press efforts is now. Where is basically just like fuck you people, I'm not easy, going way funnels out. So I think the HIV, the idea that Biden can get him to resign, as is not real, I think I've a bizarre, that's important. That's based on nothing like the the idea that, like Biden, has some like special power here to get Andrew Pomona resign. I think, as it were, Do you believe that, what's the evidence for that like you almost decided is interests not to resign? No matter what happens unless, like I'll wide is biting change that calculus, I don't think there's any reasonably with us yeah. I think I think that what the White House is probably thinking as he's the prisoner had stated that you need to have some certain standards and processes in place. Before you Collins amateurs I might like, like I think, Andrew Commotion, resign great, that's cause free for me. Right he's in fact
asshole each should be governed anymore. I would like us, but like I think that for four Biden like they want to be able to say that and investigate, and we all believe in the investigation, Tis James is going to be very thorough, she's, an independent sore. She, his discoveries clash with Cuomo in the past, a friend of the kind we are having on right. We were really weird thing: her investigation would be somehow controlled by promotes can be very good, tough investigation in agenda this morning. The white us also wants the investigation to be to happen quickly. I think that, like a long drawn out, investigation Workwoman just gets to sit there, while their investigation happens is bad right. You want something quick, but I do think if you're the President states and in the white as you you, you want to be able to point to summits as there was a process followed. There wasn't investigation here was the findings, and now he should gotcha, because you know you did it, you need to have standards for,
when there's other claims that that happened out as they also that, like Andrew Como, is a massive prick awe and he has now been embroiled in multiple scandals that should undue administration, Joe Biden as the President of the United States and from the very beginning of his even his candidacy, he has made it a hallmark of how he, how he campaigns and how he governs to try his best not to be the central to a bunch of ongoing, even very important controversies, and I think that this behooved him at a number of key points. As a candidate as present, I think he is trying his best to not be the headlines in every story in the country and like I know that there is valued. I think, there's value that anything.
And I do think the due process point that the time he had made before is important. I dont, then I don't think when allegations like this are raised. They necessarily even have to be law enforcement investigations. Right, like I think you need some official body, quasi official body who can look at allegations who get an independent body to look at them, whether its government, whether its law enforcement, whatever it may be, to give people some faith in the process that go in to sort of airing these allegations and answered of Anne and making sure that that their that their credible and investigated right- and I That sort of where he said, I think that so important for the accusers, because we live in a culture now or Donald Trump. Just calls everything fake news that he doesn't like denies the nice and eyes and if you have real process and gather evidence in U way at all out and make that case no matter what they say about this matter. Cuomo causa cancel culture or trump cards. It fake news. If it's late
in black and white, with clear evidence, then he's gonna have to go ok. So one last issue that we haven't talked much about yet on Party America is president binds early foreign policy moves so on most excited. I think a lot of progress have been pleasantly surprised by binding these first fifty days, especially with the american rescue plan. That is less true on foreign policy, in particular progress have criticised the administrations, failure to impose sanctions on saudi Crown Prince Mohammed. Solomon after they released report explicitly tying envy ass to the brutal murder of journalists. Germanicus yogi. They vote been criticised for the failure to get back to the negotiating table with IRAN over their nuclear programme and binds decision to carry out air strikes against around backs militias in Syria. Sparked concerns concerns about whether and is willing to rethink american foreign policy beyond just rolling back some of the worst moves administration. This was summed up in a daily these headline last week. That red is this. The weak
and returned to the blob, the blood for those of you don't know, is than road this term for the Washington establishments mindset on foreign policy Tommy? What do you think? How much of that he is warranted, and why do you think the divine folks made some of these decisions? ranging Paris getting rid of the muslim band. Those are important things. Raymie Paris was was largely symbolic. Getting rid of Muslim ban was obvious in easy to do to executive order, but really important, I do think now is when it gets complicated and you know like I am a little worried that the binding folks haven't yet re entered the Josie Pye away or the around the old. They seem to be stuck this dance with the IRAN and about will offer concessions first, and you know they're. There listening to attacks from Congress, suggesting that they need to expand. The IRAN deal that they need to make it about more than just the nuclear programme in and make it up overruns, malign activities in the region when I'm worried about is that
potentially missing the window to get back into this deal busy Iranians have a presidential election in June that might lead to the election of a hardliner right, then. The next big issue they have looming is the trumpet restoration, negotiate did a deal to get all U S: troops out of Afghanistan by May. First, there's like twenty five hundred to thirty five hundred troops there now Basically, everyone thinks that trying to pull those troops out in the next couple of months would lead to a disaster and GOSH nations. A peace talks aren't going that well so you could have a scenario whereby in delays that withdrawal and suddenly he is seen as more conservative and even Trump ending the war in Afghanistan? There's a there's a relief, conversation about counterterrorism in drone strikes both the efficacy in the legal authorities of those programmes. there's a big surge of asylum seekers on the southern border so, Biden, has the most leeway to just do stuff on foreign policy, but it also could be where he faces some of the most challenging
problems and is, is less willing or able to appease progressive so I do think is something we need to watch. The Iranian Your deal is the one in I most focused on, because I do think that is a choice It could get back in tomorrow just worried that the lobby people know the Tom cartons of world and even like centre bob and end as of New Jersey are gonna. Keep pressuring binds taken working, our budget line, but I want from the Democratic Party, is to be full throated in proud of diplomatic solutions to problems. Talk to IRAN talked North Korea. get the right folks, together to talk about Afghanistan and Syria in all these problems be proud, Lee in favour of a nuclear deal that that had worked Let's get past this absurd dynamic in DC words, much easier to be
for a war than a diplomatic agreement. It's crazy! I don't you guys talked about this on parts of the world, but on the cash yogi issue. Why did the bite administration not take more aggressive action? and do you think that some of the reasons they didn't were legitimate or like what were their reasons for not doing I mean that they made the point that Usually when you have diplomatic relations with the major country like Russia, like a China like a Saudi Arabia, even when you put sanctions on other elements of that country. For doing some bad thing, you don't end up sanctioning ahead state now Mohammedans, all men is not the head of state currently, but he is basically a de facto headaches, the next in line to the throne, so they basically didn't, want to rupture at the entire? U S: Sadie relationship by personally sanctioning I understand that, but I think it was a mistake here, because these murder, in the treatment of Journal
and dissidents by the saudi government and by countries like Russia and China has become a bigger and bigger issue, and candidate Biden was very clear that he would crack down on the Saudi your ship and then they created this all new set of sanctions. A cash yogi sanctions, those designed to target people who go after journalists, dissidents, but they gave the first one. Who did it a pass? And I think that just landed wrong. Yeah yeah didn t do right. There are their foreign policy decisions, ORF overall foreign policy directions from the bottom ministries. That. You think progressive should be happy about that. Your haven't you ve been happy about. I don't you guys are both agree that, like putting com I'm a change at the centre of everything, the? U S, government is doing, and all our diplomacy and naming John carried this major position. And you know super charging efforts to not just get back into the Paris climate accords, but arena though she had all set of deals. Thou
actually solve a problem like that's it. It's the yet it's the existential question we have to deal with after we get through the covert existential question rights like that, does make me there, hopeful and he didn't just do the bare minimum, like he's he's really so far like demonstrated that this is going to be one of the most important things they do period, Oh, I know I know one that I thought was promising. Is that day the White House has endorsed a new authorization for the use of military force, because, yes, they have. We still have the one with its sort of gives the administration, whatever administration, almost unlimited power to sort of conduct, conduct military strikes in in light of the middle everywhere end. Yet, look the in every with o bomber also came out in support of a young ass. Getting it actually repeals in getting a new one through Congress is much much stricter than its ounds, because Congress is cowardly and they don't want to tackle
problems a lot of the time, but its critical. After do that, whilst also I mean we ve now spend thirty years watching Congress seat its authority to the white US, and they don't want to be in charge of when we use force, and I don't want to be in charge of declaring when we don't, they want to complain in either direction. Yet Zagreb and I Think Biden did campaign on restoring some of those congressional prerogatives and it would be good to see that being yeah- but you are you in your men talk about. Is this all the time like the the opportunity in foreign policy is you're the president? You get a lot more power to do what you want without Congress and a lot of situations but the challenges there is a a mindset on foreign policy that is very conventional. That has been takes over both parties and is sort of resistant to sort of big change, and you know sees every problem is a problem that can be dealt with either militarily or or other ways that are not necessarily diplomatic and that that's a real yeah! I mean listen like you. We
just learned recently about huge hacks on you, as companies and government infrastructure by the Russians and the Chinese, there's gonna be a ton of pressure on Biden to respond in some way. we, the! U S, has pre ordered- Most of the vaccines in the world, but there is going to be a need to give some of that back and distribute other countries that that weren't able to sit you're. Those early doses aroused we're gonna, see variants rampaging through other parts of the world and coming back to us right to like there's big, complicated political questions ahead of these guys that I think they'll do the right thing on ice, but it you know they're going to be fighting against, not just Republicans, but this like blobby mindset in DC after by the way you look at some of this. We are sixty days into the administration. We are talking about decades old, implacable problems. After four years of horrific menstrual, like
Some of this is to be wicked. Total ya know these, like these are the battle over the beer use or mentioned earlier Donnie there, the the challenge of asylum seekers coming to the southern border at this time of year is a perennial one, and there is a lack of infrastructure in place to deal with that and there's also just a broken set of laws. Yeah no, I mean I was reading this. The swords on this this morning, like you, ve, got all these migrant children coming lot of them teenagers and by law. The United catches release them into country, even if it wasn't the law, their kids, where you were you gonna, go what you gonna do so they're trying to hold them while they try to fight match them with family in the country somewhere or put them into the foster care system. If they can't find families take them, but in the meantime, while they're holding them, some of the conditions are terrible. They shouldn't be at border facilities, but sometimes the h h s facilities are folds of they're trying to build new ones as fast as they can. But it doesn't it still
me that the conditions are awful. You know- and that's it is just some of these- are just tough problems of governing that are almost non ideological in many ways it just about active, getting government moving and dealing with these sort of intractable problems of migration, and then but I do anything. This is what ties back. You know we joke about the problems in the DC press, but I think this is where you come to, where you see over a long period of time, that there is a real erosion of our ability just to have really hard, Bates, because you look at what took place on a Sunday shows about this very difficult issue and alive The debate on these shows was about is Joe Biden responsible for the fact that there has been a surge of migrants at the border and you have centres like Chris Murphy and others doing heroic ordinary people like China just sort of like this is a bad situation. It must be addressed, but here's how it happened in the past. You spend so much time like debating bad faith. Arguments that you rarely get to this substantive difficult challenge, I beg pardon the policy debate, the question
we want. The question we want is the regiment interviews. What should we do about the crisis at the border? What should bind be doing? What is he doing wrong? What could he be doing right? Re like it doesn't mean you can't criticism or criticise the response, but trying to just be like his fault or not. His fault doesn't get you to the solution. Nor was it like Ethical considerations have in Florida specifically have led to terrible policy outcomes for decades right. I'm I'm very worthy Democrats are gonna. Look at us getting trounced in the Miami area in think a man. We can't go back to Obama's opening with Cuba, even though the Cuba embargo failed. AIDS ago, and it was obviously time to move past it. But you know I worry about the political considerations. I worry people saying Gal, we gotta be taken a super hard line of Venezuela get a sanction, the shit out of them every chance. We get even You have hospitals in Venezuela. Take that have two hours a power per day,
No guys no sailing, let alone the covert vaccines right like there's real world harm and impact on innocent people in other countries, They had driven through just broke in stagnant political considerations. I just I hope we can push through. It is simply not sometimes it takes a long time and it takes a more honest converse. Vision and one that is, you know not designed for spanish appearances, for example. So is so in conclusion, Joe Biden answer, the question is major going to survive their question. That's all. to work around and until you until you, if you want to come on the show, talk about it here, you're more than welcome, but we will be challenging you just as much as we challenge Republican. So we have little clog like it just basis. Has major. Now I gotta stop. I serve as may not do not know about no rope on everyone,
that's our ship for today and well. Targeted Pod save America is a crooked media production. The executive producer. is Michael Martinez, ourselves, producer. Is Jordan Waller its mixed in edited Andrew Chadwick, piles what is our sounded? Junior the tiniest terminator, Katy, long, roman puppet meat. Rio Caroline an injustice. How? For production support into our did multi, illogical, normal Conan, Yell Freed, and my look him who film and upload these are so is videos. Every week,
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