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“Bernie is my friend.” (Debate recap special!)


Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan talk about Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and the final Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses, hosted by CNN and the Des Moines Register in Des Moines. 

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I welcome the pod, save America, I'm John Fabric, I'm John mother and Tommy, the Andean Pfeiffer on part talk about some wild new evidence that has emerged just in time for Donald Trump Impeachment trial, which starts next week. We'll talk about last night's democratic debate, the first of twenty twenty and the last before the Iowa carcasses. First few housekeeping notes from Tommy. I believe there is a new pied save the world out there s. There is firstly, that the headline out of it was banned. Roads knows a lot about an exit which is
and mark on Harry leaving his royal watcher the UK, for, I guess Canada he's he's a real content corresponded, but we spent most of the conversation talking at the latest. Moran tragic shoot down of a civilian airliner, the protests in response and what it means with great ass Jason Resign, who is a former Tehran purity for the washing post, so domicile and something else scene and contribute, was any in prison in around four yeah views in prison for five and forty four days And what do you want to be defined by the worst thing that happened here? I wrote a book about I'm just getting about a book about, I showed up. We have wider than being defined by a ceiling of former seemingly democracy. It's like Corey Lewandowski, Jeffrey Lord, I'm, a former senior government are now and sometimes CNN contributors do feel pretty trap devastate chime, It was just right there you have it, and also, if you haven't yet subscribed to the world,
and you wasn't at issue, which is most of you Please do me and yourself a favor go subscribe right now. I promise you'll, like it. You'll learn something you'll beans you'll be energized for twenty twenty, so go subscribe. Look if you hate group think in conventional wisdom. Thank you for listening anyway, but the wilderness will break you out of that. You'll go to real focus groups that is for all across the country, but yet you'll be you'll, be uncomfortable, but you'll. Also, you also in amateur David. What might get a shady and write down? What's going on with Untrussing America as folks, they remember last week we announced a promotional give away where, if you prefer the book between now and this Friday, you can get a poster. Other cover that has not of did not have made. I thought not cannot yet that statement
It's a calendar get more ratios. We got that. That is exactly lovingly. Maybe he did not listen to the third. I didn't do it. I hate you, I don't exactly. I know you know what data providers do it, because your signing, every single one in they offered the opportunity to have an auto pan, knew that shit. Viper, like like Joe Biden on Iraq. I apologize hand this knowledge that issues like the warrant Sanders part of the debate, not in your aunt us, and so this is a reminder that if you promoter the book, controlling America. Come you upload your purchase? You can get a poster we, extending the divine midnight Friday to me night Monday, which is in part because of high demand and also because as a holiday weekend, I think no one am. I publisher, wanted to update the website of the weekend. So you not. Now have till Monday the poster says on November. Third, that's on America is a great thing up to annoy the mega. People in your life
to remind the people in your life or disengage from politics, they're fucking boat on November third, perfect, no one talks more shit about their publisher than Dan Pfeiffer you know it's really a test as to whether they listen to the pirates? Finally, some news from all of us. Pod save America's gone on tour for twenty twenty, the precept is live today from January fifty two January: seventeenth, uncrooked, dot, com, slush events with code, crooked, twenty twenty tickets. On sale to the public on Saturday January, eighteenth get those gets. Come, hang out cricket, dot, com, slash events, were everywhere, we're going everywhere, there's a lot of every time we announce this people complain that we're not come in their city, but you know what will be somewhere near by you and were excited reply. Before we get to the debate. We ve got quite a bit of news on imports judgment. The house's voting today to send articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial that may begin as early as next Tuesday Speaker Nancy Policy
now this morning that the impeachment managers from the house, the people who will act as prosecutors, Adam Shift Jerry. Now there her keen Jeffreys, though we laugh, Grenville Demagogues, Sylvia, Garcia and Jason Crow, the impeachment adventures, that's who it is What do you guys think of his crew? I think we all. That it might include former Republican just in a marsh does not, but you know what do you think any thoughts on the and the criminal may seem great to get things moving great. I think, Look you get Adam Chiffon, their team he's a fucking Ulster, no complaints, Thou demons is great. Everyone that governments is greater Zoe laughter and has been through we're just talk down in our documents. We worked on the Knicks. It impeachment through international red, stepped up there to impeach, but she didn't we additives. You ve been involved in two out of three so far. This is the fourth cotta wonder the Republicans they're gonna pick the worse people on the planet, yeah, which you know they have a big pool,
what one thing that unites all the Democrats that they all have backgrounds as litigators, which policy pointed it yeah. So that's it for the house has done now over the Senate White US officials told CBS News on Monday that they expect a group of at least for likely more republican senators, who will force a vote to call witnesses and vote for witnesses, a group that might include Mitt, Romney, Leeson Rakowski, Susan Cons, Corey Gardener and ran Paul Lamar Alexander President Trump has pressured republican senators to dismiss the charges entirely before the trial begins, but Missouri Roy Blunt told reporters on Monday that the Republicans don't have the votes to make that happen. So we are gonna get ourselves a trial, we're gonna get ourselves a vote on witnesses. I'd say this is a pretty big win for policy strategy of withholding the articles of impeachment to highlight Mcdonald's attempt at a cover
What are you guys? Think? Yes, unequivocal? Yes, absolutely no chrysalis, it doesn't think so, but I didn't know that nominal continues not know that any like that. The pulling suggested people the american people wanted here from were witnesses. There now seems like there's a good chance. We will hear from key witnesses. Never did I think we'd get on board and testify somehow Nancy plus he pulled a rap out of a hat hears. Is great, I disagree with Brussels. I think I think that that's it is. Was it in? I can't moves in this. I will say that I will believe that we are going to witnesses when John Bolton walks into the scent of war there's no one ever going to see the mustache. Yes, I want to see the mustache either. No one ever got
each betting on the good faith and patriotism of Senate Republicans. So let's see it happen. First yeah right I mean we don't know here's what we do now. We know that Nancy Pelosi holding the articles made it possible to have this very long and lengthy and difficult debate republicans about whether have witnesses. It seems that we have gone to a place where many, those republicans are open to witnesses. If we end up in a trial and they can homage Mitch Mcconnell some help manages to all back in, and there are no witnesses, it doesn't mean anti policies. Nancy was a mistake. It means was worth trying if we do end up with witnesses that its unequivocal at work yet at work, working backwards here from a highly likely acquittal right- and you know a couple- we so fuckin headlines. Donald Trump has acquitted die, are Democrats screwed now and twenty twenty, or ought it's gonna, be a horrible couple weeks to get ready for that?
I do not have a couple years put what what are the winds here? Where cuts the wind for Democrats, I think it's a win if we get witnesses, it's a win. If John Bolton is one of those witnesses and testifying is a witness, if some Republicans break to vote for those witnesses and to vote for our two here from John Bolton, also by the way think because policy withheld the articles, they now think that it's it's likely that Donald Trump will have to give his state of the. On February. Fourth, while the trial is happening, we don't know that for sure yet. But ah, if that happens, if he is not able to give the state of the union after he's acquitted, I also think that is a very big when, because that sucker here's my take Democrats have already one hour. Let's hear that why? Why do you think that? Because the period by which Donald Trump had the best chance to strengthen his hand for the twenty twenty election was the period between Labour day of last year and now any spent all of that time having a twitter
tantrum about impeachment. Instead of talking about the economy like time is the only non renewable resource in politics, and so every interview statement tweet about impeachment is an interview statement. Tweet not about the economy are making argument about promises kept or any of the other things we will see, who super bowl it was just flailing and he what he entered this year, no stronger than he was before impeachment keep messing up and maybe not weaker bedeviling us stronger and we was pretty weak. Are we talked about this before Obama is Obama's numbers on Labor day, two thousand and eleven were very similar to Trump's on Labor Day two thousand and eleven Obama spent the fought the rest of that year, making case on the economy talking about in a quality rolling on a jobs package staring on Republicans on a budget vote in the exit of that year in both external internal polling. He went from forty one percent to forty nine percent. His approval on a
today in two thousand and twelve was forty. Nine percent and Trump is right. Now it like forty two plus aims same where he was that I'm so heat. So there is an opportunity cost years over all the predictions about the politics. We don't know with what what's gonna happen. We know how to play out people how we flush it down the memorable between now and then, but we do know what has happened to date and there is a massive opportunity cost for Trump and, most importantly, Democrats did the
I think what about em Mcconnell made a promise yesterday, Tommy that if I Democrats do, if we do call witnesses, there's a vertical witnesses that your promise to call witnesses the Democrats, don't like you know, I think that would maybe be challenging for the Biden campaign and there's a chance that we will care a lot about bad stories for the vine campaign. If Joe Biden is the nominee, but I do think it's worth it, I mean look at calls. Hunter Biden in press is a private citizen who happens to be the son of the? U S senator on his business activities. I think that a hell of a lot less significant than Donald Trump using the power of the presidency. You get a foreign government to go after his political opponents, its himself evident to me yeah, I think you can adjust. You gotta show up at that point just deal with it as we sort of know the story right now, like they're gonna, try to do their best to test smear under Biden into smear Joe Biden using Hunter Biden, but I think it's wit, the story pretty clear. What happened we shouldn't be afraid of it. Is that you,
make a trade for yeah, I dont think of their try to call Joe Biden which is fucking absurd. Then I would make that trade, but I don't think the roads are therefore that I think the I think if they call Hunter Biden, then you have to go with me that it had on Bolton fifty vote per witness situation. They say oh yeah, so yet another reason the policy strategy to wait with Smart is that new whence came to light on Tuesday by way of live harness one of the goons is indicted for the work he apparently did on behalf of ready Giuliani to dig up dirt on the buttons in Ukraine. It includes damaging notes and text messages. Including a crazy note that partners wrote on writs, chrome stationary at the roots carbon in Vienna. That said quote gets Wednesday to announce the Biden case will be investigated. It also who did a set of texts to harness from a failed republican congressional candidate named Robert Hide, who said he'd been cracking ambassador. Marie Ivanovitch is movements in Ukraine new
her phone and computer off and wrote quote, they are willing to help. If we, you would like a price guess you can do anything in the Ukraine with money. If you want her out, they need to make contact with security forces what enough fuck is going on here, It does seem as though the Pine Barons episode of Sopranos was laying out Jenny Wren. And they were following this woman needs worth in to it's scary. It sounds as bad as it sounds, and it sounds incredibly nefarious. It is also worth noting that these texts, the most damage accede, is read were the last week of March in twenty nineteen within weeks, Ivanovitch is recalled and told she needs to come back and perhaps because threats against her in Ukraine, so we don't know how those things fit together, but merely amount of its yourself has now said that Josh funds is disturbing and it should be investigated and
the scale of it. We were so used to trump scandals. The president of the United States, His personal lawyer may have deployed goons and henchmen to trail who s ambassador, possibly threatened, then ambassador with violence God smacked that's what I am rejecting Tony. I just look we'll figure out what this guy, Mr Hide seems like he's got, few sandwiches short of a combination. Platter. You know the life he is, but if it's true like the kinds of people who would track an ambassador in Ukraine or the kinds of people, you should really worried about. You know these are like mafia, maybe KGB, or you know russian intelligence connected types of people. I mean that's a big scary, I am sure this is a coincidence, but number the very ominous thing that Trump said Zalewski she's gonna go through some thing. What were those thanks? Pal I mean there's also
other connection here we learned is there were text messages where the former corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine that by got fired, Yuri, let's Anko, tells partners that there's a quid pro quo if trump fires evolving true, he hates he'll, make allegations about button which is in which is just connecting given of it to all of the other quit protest of Kosovo is a questionable how she related to this other than they wanted to get her out of the way, because they that she was non corrupt. Well, it turns out that would Sancho wanted her out and make out make allegations to fuckin John Solomon about Joe Biden that are fake homage standing prosecutor. Yet exactly I mean it is worth noting that live harness and all the other people involved have never seen the wire because they took copious notes on a motherfucking criminal conspiracy literally, like just he's, he's he's he's good is on the phone at the Ritz. He picks up the package's John
down on that position, everything was get rid of Wendy David is at nice like a leather, some bad news, Lady Davis, does not take social care, but also like let punishes the forest Gump of corruption. Yeah, there's photos of him with Rudy. There's photos of him with my cock, be theirs photos of him in the White House with tromp mean he withdrew with Mccarthy the leader in the house, this guy it is actually everywhere and didn't Jaime's right now to cooperate and is ready to talk, didn't hind, show up at Marilla, go and make a scene yesterday, ral or direction. I'll drop anyway. He shut up and he's like dummies eddies, not out of the kitchen yeah me mean it's also like the quality of people that Donald Trump hazard abroad, into american politics. Yeah. Well, next mix in in a visit
to hide, will be the Secretary of state so much? But I fear that, as you know, I gotta say I'm not sure if this had been good further its common Vienna fake it out of you know no one I mean I was he's, not the most important reason. I share the view of a place. It doesn't want, be associated oriental nonsense. Elliot Spitzer has a hotel been so defiled by a politician now the Ritz Carlton has been involved in multiple impeachment, oh yeah, also romantic, unless we was questioned by can start that's right at that at the Paragon City, mauled, EVA Fuckin scare. The however their asshole. It is a great man let's talk about last night's debate, I'm standing over them all. If you don't worry, I'm all no one fights for the and blossom the mall and other like someone like me, pots of Amerika. Brought by the new Yorker the New Yorkers concern,
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subscribe to the new Yorker, the candle in the dark, let's talk last night's debate, which was hosted by CNN's him to Mine Register Drake University in DES Moines. It was the final debate before the ILO Cogs in the smallest one. Yet Biden, Bernie, worn Buddha Judge Club which are in style so organs, but some of the most notable moments in this debate. But what are you guys think? Overall, it seemed
me that they were all trying to balance the need to draw contrasts with their opponents, with the need to avoid seeming nasty which doesn't usually help you with islands, who don't like Canada, be nasty and also who are thinking about with their second choices. Well, but when you think some debates make me feel great and Sundays, make you feel terrible this one left me emotionless, motionless Dan was emotionless lover. Would you think yeah me other than Sanders, drawing a very stark contrast on the Iraq vote with Biden there weren't that many true, Contrast drawn throughout the debates, I do think that's right, yeah. I have the same sort of dull feeling that damned at honestly to thoughts one if you want to understand why being nice in the ILO Cox's important and why second choices matterless.
To upset two of my eye were series on the ground on Monday render the, but that the jested it is if your candidate doesn't have a fifteen per cent support in a pricing location. Yet to go to your second choice, and so you don't want people to hate you. You won't be their second choice. That's why I was a nicer debate. I agree with you that the contrasts were relatively substantive, big picture. I was glad that foreign policy came up a lot in this debate because that's where the president actually has the most LEO Once we got into the odd that taped portion of the debate about Medicare for all apply when I was a less excited, but the beginning was exciting, the beginning was a world those delight. I honestly I wouldn't have an idea. Let's, let's start with the toughest and most uncomfortable exchange evening, which came when Bernie was asked about a twenty eighteen meeting, where he reportedly told Elizabeth warned that he did not believe a woman could when the presidency Sanders has denied the report while war and has stated that he did in fact say this. They were both pressed on at last night
got a little heated with political, suspended or Santer understand, or you want to be clear here, you're saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the election. Unscrewed Senator Warren What did you think when Senator Sandra Centres told you a woman could not when the are? I disagreed, Bernie is my friend- and I am not here to try to fight with Bernie, but look this clause- about whether or not a woman can be president has been used in it's time for us to attack it head on, and I think the best way to talk about who can win is by looking at people's winning record so kind of woman B. Donald Trump look at the men on this stage. Collectively they have lost ten elections, they all People on this stage, who have one every single election that they ve been in, are the women.
Amy person on this stage who has beaten and incumbent Republican any time in the past thirty years. Is me, and here s what I know the real danger that we ace? As Democrats is picking a candidate who can't pull our party together or someone who takes for granted big parts of the democratic constituency? We need a candidate who will excite parts of the Democratic Party brain everyone in and give everyone a democratic to believe it that's my plan, and that is why I'm gonna win Ok, so we heard warns response. What did you guys think of first, what Bernie, how Bernie respond to this and then and then warrants
First of all, does I'm worn said. I thought I was really smart about smart, because you know it take something that is really a debate about her. Abilities right about whether we know whether she has can win right, which is what would the core of this question, and she says aid that she can win and be. I think she makes her best fancy argument for her elect ability which, as you know, we talked a lot about that. Democratic nominee needing to be someone you can bring the various factions in the democratic prior to the table and she's some way implying. Like look, you have Bernie who appealed to the laugh from a struggle with moderate. You have Biden who appeals to moderate in a struggle with the left. Well,
I'm somebody here is certainly an end. It was an oblique shot at pee analytics taking, are gonna, marry extra merit and take for granted, and she sang. I am somebody who can bring all these different factions together and the person you can do that this is the best person imposition two went with it. That was very smart. You know that said. We have now have Bernie Sanders and with war anything to people that are both thought of as people with who are honest people who, who Paul integrity to their politics and away they conduct their campaigns, disagreeing about up just a fact about what took place in that meeting, and you know that disagreement. You know she can say no She is saying about Bernie. As my friend I want to dwell on this Bernie can say this would warrant is my friend I dont aren't wellness but they're, both basically saying that the other party
is not being honest. I do wonder if the truth is that these are two people honestly recounting what they believe took place and simply having a disagreement. As to the actual words Bernie used in that moment, and it is, Shame that it has led to such acrimony online, because again, these are two of these are the two most grass. If members of the United States Senate, who in the other race that they were in a part of it themselves, would be for for the other yeah I mean that there's a ton of science on the fact that one we have terrible memories. We think we have good memories. We do not even important moments and we all tend to interpret different events differently, so both can sincerely think they're telling the truth here. I'm really struck by the fact that there's a lot of people, including reporters who are just asserting as a fact that warns campaign, leaked this story about this conversation because they wanted to talk about this. That is,
a it's. I backed up by any sourcing that I've seen be. It is completely illogical to suggest that warned would want to have intellect ability, conversation that can only hurt her aunt Amy Club. In the end, the last weeks of so I think people need to stop sturdy that bullshit, especially its a conversation, she's, been studiously avoiding for your entire campaign as Rebecca traced. Her pointed out in her excellent piece about this that I and the cut that I suggest you, Hungary yesterday, it's just it may. If someone did we get from her campaign, that person did something pretty stupid and they're pretty smart. Can panes out. I don't know why you would like it right and ass. They like, I think that worn handle it masterfully. That answer where she wrote in clover char was, it seemed big. It was funny, it was poignant and also private upper gets him. Those a second choice. Voters
closure team if they are not viable Bernie in some ways, had the best talking point about how a woman can win cause. You just like Hitler, got three million more votes than Trump. Of course a woman could win us. Oh yeah, that's a rethink and point: I wish people admission that so like we almost got out of the woods on this and then Bernie kind of well actually war, about this statistic about you know who had won in the past thirty years and now was a little bit weird, but thirty years, inclusive or thirty years, not inclusive! Are you, including this year and the first year they get help? If I like, I think Bernie legitimately did not hear that part of warrants answer is that he wishes like yet I defeated and combat union the credit for that online. That transition to the difference between thirty years and twenty nine years and nine months to such honestly. I tried to avoid I accept this morning when you said Twitter is like an awful this.
And then I went and looked, but I try. I've tried to avoid at all last night, and I have muted so many of those people who, for the fats, must tell you my twitter experiences a lot better, but yea it was pretty Beth. I agree, certainly that I dont think was with horns camping week. This regardless of even if you think that its, even if its discordant with how she has run or campaign just for people who have leaked lots of by done things like this and campaigns we tried away out, attack or make a strategic move. I see in an online story is not the way in which you would, that right, you just isn't it, it has all the makings of a story that has been circulating for a long time and, finally, some very good reporters got enough people to confirm it to put it into play, and then we were off to the racist, Marietta Emily and maybe at a moment where there is a little bit attention between them and somebody was mad and the end of ammonia and totally unaware sat right. I think economics. I think it is time each be your point about how we will remember. Two things differently is exactly right, are also things very possible for a man to say something that would be
not understand how it could be interpreted by women. Yet I think that it is very clear it s very likely what happened in this situation. Neither point is, I don't know whether list with warm wanted this conversation or not, but I am glad we're having it because it has been the unspoken elephant in the room for this entire forking election. Where everywhere you go, you talk to people who, like they asked this question, people who are, and they listen. This is nodded. Did the people themselves do nothing? It won't be president. They think the mythological group of voters in Wisconsin who will decide the president, but then you won't be presidents, would therefore we have to reverse engineer, are now many from that process, and that has been hanging over warns. Campaign from the very beginning everything about warrants. Medicare for all elect ability. Issues was a proxy for this conversation, because Bernie Sanders has all the same, had a care for all potential political, viable vulnerability issues at warned us and we never talk about which are very serious about warrant and. So let us have the conversation, make the case against it. Every day
that we saw in two thousand and eighteen put aside, you doesn't sixty, which is very good point. The Bernie made two thousand and eighteen suggest that perhaps the best candidate to mobilise and electorate that wins in the post. Trumpery alignment of the Democratic Party would be a woman. You know they Wasser of who you talk to wilderness, has made What repeatedly that a moderate woman from the south of the or the Midwest would be the ideal, most electable democratic candidate, based on what he knows about the voters, you need for savings like stays. Abrams could be the most suitable candidate for that. For those reasons, no, I looked I agree with us all, and I think it reminds me a little bit of right. You don't want to have this conversation right like it like to Tommy's point. I think that could campaign wanted to leave this and have a conversation about kind of woman, be elected president, but your mind me a little of Obama and the RE speech and reverend right right, We want those tapes of reverend right to come. I am leaked than we think when we certainly did not, but after everything we
and done in Obama gave that re speech. I think we all agreed. It was an important moment and he needed to have he needed to make that speech eventually if he was going to be the first by president, like the United States, he needed to take on the issue of race directly and I think, even though she has avoided through under the campaign which he did last night was very effective and making the case. That yes and like you, sent me Bernie to two. Yes, Hillary Clinton, one three million more votes than Donald Trump Elizabeth, worn saying. Yes, look at all the women that one in twenty a teen look at the only to people at this stage who have beaten, Republicans been republican incumbents and the men lost ten elections combined. You know, I think it's probably good, that she took it on the one thing I was curious about is we didn't, we never got to the bottom of what was actually said, which I thought the moderators would try to do the vacant Abbe, Philip one of the moderators after after Bernie denied. It then went to warn and said so. What did you
say when he said a woman couldn't win as opposed to asking Lisbeth Warren Bernie says he didn't say what did he say? That was a poorly worded question in Bernie, where others upset about that, and I actually understand rather upset about that at every Philip did not, should I think she handled out wrong as a moderate and bother me. Will she just likes except she basically said William Bernie you're, just lying she accepted. It's very it. Does we ended by saying that I guess I can use it will be one thing if, like just the Just the way I laid out would burns like I didn't say that she's like those with war and what is a response to the thing Bernie say because everyone laugh. While it was cheeky, it was what what I've seen cheeky to me, but that you know like the truth, is I don't think it really matters exactly what was said. You know what I was so good about what warns that into the traced, her peace, that is to talk about the fears of macedonian sexism, preventing a woman from winning, is to add to the perception that massage
in sexism, will prevent a woman from winning, and it is just to be Elizabeth Warren is to be trying to defeat the fears that a woman can't win while combating the latent ingrained deep, massage any that may it harder for a woman to win every day that to have moments in which you are seen as an intellectual leader, a brave, courageous, smart gritty to have like positive attributes given to you is the threshold, is re so much higher for women and to be embroiled in the sky. All about your authenticity and your ability to win in Europe to be a leader you know to be to be seen as flawed is so much lower and the difficulty navigating that has just been so central to her it incredibly smart and deft way of managing, not just this issue, but every issue throughout the camp. It really sucks that she both has to deal with sexism and now is getting attacked for mentioning what she thinks happened in this conversation. That is
well and its unfair. It was little notice by Thought Amy Club, which are actually had a very funny wine at the end of that segment, where she said every opponent she beat got out of politics after the election. So how about that precedent for Donald Trump? exposed, something that we talked about before in this democratic primary, which is the concept of liked ability, while real and important to a lot of voters, because down trumpets President is incredibly hard to measure in this field. Who we have left doesn't have a lot of people who can run around saying, oh well, I'm elected, but because look at all the elections that I want Doesn't have a lot of people who can run around saying, oh well, I'm elected, but because look at all the elections that I want, the Abbe meaning the let her knees Anders has been winning in Vermont and must Ehler Clinton. Joe Biden, one by being on the ticket with with Barack Obama and then being centre from Delaware for a long time, people to judge a couple Merrill elections in South Band, like that in the last debate.
I've never won anything Amy, Klobuchar, basically rip piece arms from his body and start attacking them with him, and basically it with the point that she was making is that if he was a woman, probably wouldn't be on that stage and just true so have the debate we talked about was very heavy on foreign policy right off the bat Joe Biden was once again pressed on his two thousand and three vote in favour of the Iraq war. But by the moderators and by Bernie? Let's hear it, when I understood rum right in terms of the war in Iraq the difference here but the war in Iraq turned out to be the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history. This country is Well knows we lost forty five hundred brave troops huh, rid of thousands of Iraqis died. We have spent trillions of dollars on that in war money which should go into health care and education and infrastructure
this country Joe, and I listened to what Dick Cheney and George Bush and Rumsfeld had to say. I thought they were lying. I didn't believe them for a moment. I took to the floor. I did everything I could to prevent that war shows. Or differently. Vice President Biden, I was asked to bring a hundred fifty six thousand troops home from that war, which I did. I lead that effort. It was a mistake to did they weren't going to go to war? They said they were not going to go to war, they said there just gonna get inspectors in the world in fact voted to send inspectors in and they still want to war from now point on. I was in the position of making a Instead, it was a big big mistake and from that point on I voted to,
move to bring those troops on. So I thought that this was binds best answer on the issue, because he acknowledged the mistake: try to talk about the lessons that he learned from it. What did you think coming so like big picture Bernie, clearly that, obviously, as the cleanest answer in Iraq WAR and its also fighting to think back to twenty succeed where foreign policy was seen as a weakness for him, because he sounds very fluent on these issues. He makes a compelling case in eastern real work in the Senate since on war powers, resolutions Yemen in IRAN. That is impressive and he deserves credit, for I agree that I thought Biden first answer in calling the Iraq WAR a mistake. It was good, it was crisp and then he pivoted too, is relevant experience since then, under Obama and his family experience of having a son who served, I just don't know how voters feel about this issue and have salient,
vote is all these years later. It was also interesting by the way to hear Bernie pressed on his vote for the war in Afghanistan and the fact that he recently said that was a mistake I didn't realize. He had said that and I thought it you know. Maybe voters will watch that and think well. This is a wash, I don't really know, but he had loved to see some research on the image of the other. It was binds essential unless he has struggled from the very beginning on this. As has everyone I voted for the wharf right, like we are forever right? We ve been through that we will do this with carry in two thousand for Hillary Clinton thousand NATO it twenty thousand sixteen buying up until this point because the answer just seem so obvious, but people are so torture over how they got that vote wrong and that, in the circumstances run, that vote seems so far and now to the people who there at the time the ether is like. I got it wrong. I learn lessons from it. Despite that, the most famous opponent
of the war. Bravo Boma picked me to be, as vice president and then I led the effort to get us out like that. It's like that, it's an obvious answer and he has struggled together, but he did it last night, like Tommy, I am just incredibly curious how much vote. I think the substantive fact that Bernie got this right in binding, got it wrong and other people got it wrong is very important because I work in the Senate when this was all happening and Bernice position was very, brave and we were like, because you have a member that America went fucking insane at that time. We scare and change the name of french fries has repeated the French. The Dixie checks were cancelled before ass, a culture if you spoke out in the slightest way a right wing propaganda, White House supporting mainstream media. Anvil fell on your head and burning did the right thing there and he should get credit for that. I do not know politically whether voters in Iowa how they think about that and
terms of whether they want if it was that it is these that really matter, they would prevent someone who might vote forbidden to vote for binding. It's an open question yeah I was watching for to see which candidates would try to move. The foreign policy debate forward from a vote interact I think you know, by did that a little bit eventually burn got there on IRAN that Peat did a pretty good job with that during the foreign policy section, but you know, I think, that's right. My overall, maybe a dance at his is is actually important. I do think, though, that we ve been having every democratic Canada who voted for the war has been struggling with it in any one of the reasons that have been struggling with it is that you think a big part of this conversation is to look at. Not just who was right and who was brave and who is wrong and who didn't you who went along with the decision, but also the context of the decision and in what happened to this country after nine eleven and the kind of fever that took hold and what it meant and what we ve learned from it, because you think that's a big part of what it means to learn from
happened and in the years since nine eleven that said, you know, P did try to pitch forward on farm policy. Talk about cyber threats, talk about the way the next president wool inherit a bunch of new and evolving challenges, but. Overall, I think one thing that was missing throughout the debate on this question in a bunch of other questions was taking cable news, questions that were either designed to elicit Conflict or they're, just simply on the access of what cable news talks about every day, often framed the way Republicans would frame it and go bigger. Talk about values, talk about principles, talk about what guy AIDS, a president in making a decision to to use force or not use force or on education, with the goals of education on health care. Why this issue is so important to pay. That people feel what have you, and so my feeling on this foreign policy
and I do think one reads. I felt certainly what kind of a kind of dull feeling after the debate is too often, questions were taken at face value, and I would just I was so longing for candidates to kind beyond that and have a greater sense of vision and heart and your of humanity and how they thought about these questions. That Bernie is usually pretty deft at doing that. A big picture values perspective, and then I think PETE, Warren and Club, which are sometimes are pretty definite, taking it to a more personal story or or personal stories to talk about people so. There was another more policy based issue that separated worn and centres. Last night, worn recently announced that should be supporting the: U S embassy a which the trade deal to replace NAFTA. This is one of the biggest Paul The difference is between her and Bernie. She defended her support or the deal and dirty took the opportunity to explain his opposition to it. Let's hear it Here I been in Congress long enough to have voted against NAFTA, but I led the fight against the trade,
with Asia and the trade deal with Europe, as it didn't think it was in the interests of the american people. The american war or environmental interests, but we have farmers here in Iowa who are hurting and they are heard because of Donald Trump initiated trade wars. We have workers who are hurting because agreements that have already been caught really don't have: enforcement on workers rights. This new trade deal is a modest improvement. Senator Sanders himself has said, so it will. If some relief to our farmers, it will give some relief to our workers. I believe we accept that relief. We try to help the people who need help and we get up the next day and fight for a better trade deal. We need a coherent trade policy, we a policy that actually helps our workers are farmers. We need them at the table, not just a trade policy written for big international,
companies I'm ready to have that fight. But let's help the people you senator hinders. Can you please respond a Senator Warren. It is not so easy to put together a new trade legislation. If this is I think it will set us back a number of years Senator Warren Worn is right and say we need to bring the stakeholders enable battles it is. And we farmers is here and I want an Vermont at around the country. That is environmental community- that is the workers, so Bernie is the only candidate to oppose the trade deal Dan at you also push
radio. Why do you think that everyone else, including Warren, came on support, for I believe that Warren substantively thinks of earth and because I do understand the politics for her, I think covert. Our things is, something we can do is probably on balance in the short term, at least better for the people in clover, our state than in probably better for people Iowa then status quo, but I think that's the wrong question. To have that. I think the question is not is this? Is the? U S embassy a better than NAFTA? You sure, monsieur grounds. For the sum of the if nothing else for it, other you so much some individual use may be against it, but is it better that sure? But that's not the right tested. My views, substance right politically. Therefore, question substance: the tests is, is the Eu S him see a better than a deal that a President Sanders Biden, worn club, which our british edge style we negotiate in a year a year from now, because we width.
With this in two thousand and seven with a bunch of Bush trade deals which were not. They were not the worst radios, but they were not good and we waited. The Democrats did not pass an actual the house in the Senate and waited for prisoners to renegotiate those on a better deal that was more favourable to workers in Burma and the fact that climate change is not agent in this deal. It sort of proves that point so Jonathan Comb, I have also had a smart piece about this. I thought which I agree with that this is also like VD. Since that there now is between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth worn on Medicare for all and that in both cases she is focused on. What can I do to deliver for people in the near term? Right now, as opposed to having an issue to fight about, and you know she brought up when she talked about healthcare last night, all the executive action she was gonna take to lower the cost prescription drugs. She is now going to
to get a robust public option. Pasture first year with fifty one votes, she's got a plan to eliminate student debt with an executive order, and I do think this is partly because, having talked at all these voters for the wilderness, to one of the reasons people are so cynical and disappointed with government is that they can remember any time that it's actually delivered for them and United States Abrams about this, and she said you know the low propensity voters, people don't vote, often in Georgia, where I come from their big problem as they come out. They vote once in a while and then nothing changes and no one delivers anything for them, and I dont of Elizabeth worn, is thinking about this or not. But one argument that I could see her making against Bernie Sanders as the primary continues
Bernie Sanders is very, has been very successful in moving. The debate has moved the debate on healthcare is move the debate on climate and and good for him for doing so. He hasn't done a lot over the many years. In Congress to actually deliver on this kind of stuff- and she has in June only a progressive, but she has a plan to actually make it maybe maybe she'll take that our unanimity wound, but I think that your point about delivering now, as opposed to winning and not the winning another front, to delay a policy or substantive benefit american people order when a political fight is very legit point, and I think if it wasn't live, let's say hypothetically somehow trump and the democratic negotiated some sort of public option or legislation to strengthen the Asia, even if you do what you have to do it the benefits of trade or more, more and more for much more downside order that I'm in love, I think both
Ernie and worn, though go into this bait, knowing that this is not like an easy win for either of them like the way they approached at. I mean this Bernie Sanders when he wants, you can be much tougher me what he said was well you're gonna make it harder to do the new trade deal, because this one as pass, which is a very partly because he admitted it is a modest yeah and, as she pointed out, and as you know, the debate as to whether you take a modest improvements now versus something better. You know she in the future is one of the central debates of politics over and
or an over again, but it does seem like everyone on that state recognised that the politics of this are pretty new, wants and difficult, and nobody is looking to really have a big fight about. I think the passage in the democratic primary are nuance. It difficult link the politics than general action are quite simple, and Bernice position is much stronger than everyone else's. Bernie may has made the point about Biden in organs. Binds like stability. Is that Trump can say fine Vodafone after he can't say that Bernie Vodafone after I think that is also true here because, as we know from our own polling, Trump support for a new NAFTA deal that is supported by the bigger companies, the Wall Street banks, other corporations is a big net negative for him and battleground, say it's like was Consonant Arizona. Bernie can make that case against them. The others can Bernie spoke pretty compellingly less several times about climate change is an existential threat and him framing is up
listen to usmca around climate was smart and believable and made it seem like this was a good faith policy disputes. I thought in this exchange. I was grateful that Amy Klobuchar brought it back to Trump and started highlighting the ways trump trade policies of hurt real people in Iowa and if her people she knew that was smart and important to his credit up. He did a good job of bringing it back to Trump several times during foreign policy discussion, you talked about Trump, sending more troops to the Middle EAST Trump Trump lying about opposing the Iraq war. You talked about the need to renew the new Start treaty, so I was just grateful the candidates. You remembered that we're gonna run against trumped someday would have been nice if there's a little bit more than if, even if there is a democratic trump it'll, be so clear what they will be doing, which is worse than NAFTA all the jobs are going to go away. They're gonna ruin the MID west because the results are diffuse and harnessing threat. POD save America is broadly by tax base.
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Vice President Biden, the eventual Lumley will face President tromp, who has no problem mocking people using it. Halting nicknames slinging mud and telling lies the debate again, tat will make tonight's debate. Look like child's play. Are you prepared for that proposal look. I've been the object, is affection. Now, more than anybody else, I'd taken all the hit seeking deliver and I'm getting better in the polls my going up and by the way I have overwhelming support from Africa. Merit community overwhelm me more than everybody else in this operation number one number two working class people and where I can from Pennsylvania the places I come come in Delaware. I've great support. I have support across the board, and I'm not worried about taking on Donald Trump at all and with regard to the economy, I can hardly wait tethered debate within where I come from the neighbours. I come from. Third real trouble, working class people a middle class to one minute. Does well working class has way up in the world
They do well, but what's happening now, forbade clobber there being kill. They now have a situation where, if they vote majority Believer Chunnel never reach the stage that they read that they've. Recent economic security we and love that debate, because the american public is getting clobbered. The world the only ones doing well period. I'm lookin. For the economic debate. So it was it. I've got a very good response to a fairly weird question like what he knew and trumps mean to you, I like Eighty. But what did you think overall of of Joe binds INA debate performance answered of where he stands at the end of the debate? I think he came out of the debate reverie, one in which is still the front runner for the nomination and probably by significant amount, but the giant coffee out of what it's an. I awoke it change that huge and he eat all and he added its elements and he is lucky, but in debate after debate after debate
bull preview. What idea that they are going to go after buying they're gonna? Take him on his record. They're gonna. Take em on is like the Billy and it never and other, though bankruptcy hit, that worn, said sort of previewed no social security. Had the Bernie had sort of privileges that no one, except for the Iraq, then no one really challenged by now and that- and that is Biden that will benefit tremendous MAC. If that is the last debate between now and I were- I in that answer itself. We saw the binding that we have seen before people before this campaign, which is the happy warrior button, any one who is very, very passionate about middle and working class, even with countries like that answer is one that we have heard a thousand times in a wider economic meeting whenever someone's putting forward some medium, I'm sure well meaning, but egg headed policy and Biden would very passionate make the case like how does this help the people were, I'm from houses, health people Clementine were he grew up and that's the vine who is then it that is that Biden.
Carrying the elect ability, hopes of a lot of these primary buttresses far. Would you think of it? You know it was. I think I was a good debate for him. I think we see the strengths and weaknesses of button again and again strain or what he laid out in that answer. The weaknesses are, I think, in the way in which that answer is still not that's: move no anywhere. Where now I think accustomed degrading Biden on a curve and and and the curve is, did he get to the end of his answer? You know without anything making.
A truly uncomfortable are hard to follower, incoherent and he didn't he may deliver the answer I think reasonably well. That said, on the whole, you know there is a kind of absence of the joyful warrior throughout this debate. There is a kind of darkness to his presentation in the debates that I think is as evident in a campaign trailer in the turn of the the person that that hit that got him. The name recognition that we made him the person- that's at the top of the poles, but death is tolerated, but he's very good to one of the better performances and look at me. Mad like coming out of the thing is like did what did Warren in Bernie Talk
about their non handshake after the debate at sea to the store line is largely a fight about between Bernie and worn and that's a win for button yeah. But I think one of the other reasons that he was fortunate that no one came after him is that at these debates, by an is usually at his worst, when he is attacked because then he gets defensive and when he gets defensive and he can sort of go on and on and that's when he's made some of his mistakes in these debates and because he really wasn't that defensive or because, when Bernie challenge from on Iraqi, actually it is best answer he sort of made it through this time. I agree that the only thing with Biden is we were talking about this I remember him in a debates both in the primary and then when he was VP in his debates with Sarah Palin again in his debates with Paul Ryan and through the view that defining characteristic of Joe Biden in those debates was that he was the happy warrior
emphasis on happy right because he certainly was a warrior in this last question. When you talk about fighting for them no class, but I I I would love to see in future debates, Joe Biden look what he I'm sure he's not having a greater up there, who is frankly, is right but look into rehab, look like he's. Having a better time smile, a little more crack a joke, a little more you know like an enduring is pretty pretty good enough and I am doing good it do that for grumpy old man. You know I'm a Bernie Bernie can do that pretty well out. I just I know Biden has that Anna. I would just like to see the little but yeah there's that that you know he did, the at that that I was the algae speech, he did it had. So it's been is closing at a few of these, things and when he does it well, I do think it's his best argument, which is he had of ties, the soul of America, part of his argument to this a height speech. He sort of I tried a high
people up like come on. Let's get up, let's like like not, and I do think I do think that short of the the the water were swimming and throughout this campaign is a feeling of decline, a feeling of loss of feeling of pain, a feeling of not knowing your country a feeling of seeing a feeling kind of I mean for me, there's a lot of white liberal voters who, for the first time in their lives, are experiencing, what it's like to feel disenfranchised and they hate it and then off and that kind of get up Ngos. You're that he can bring when matched with him being a happy warriors, I think, by net, is best and helps him overcome some limitations. He hasn't again Ok, let's hear from Bernie Senator Sanders. You call yourself a democratic socialist, but more Two thirds of voters say they are not enthusiastic about voting for a socialist. Doesn't that put your chances of beating Donald Trump address nor moved and that is because the campaign
we are going to run, will expose the fraudulent sea of who Donald Trump is. Donald Trump is corrupt, here's a pathological liar and he is fraud. Now we're tromp talks about socialism when he talks about- giving hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks subsidies for fossil fuel industry, Donald Trump, business ban received a for a million dollars in tax breaks, subsidies to build logic, housing by Democrats, Socialism says Health care is a human right, we're gonna is the minimum wage. The fifteen bucks an hour we're gonna, make public colleges and universities to which it we're gonna, have a green new deal and create up to twenty million dollars, saving the planet for our children and grandchildren. We are going to take on the greed and corruption,
of the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance company? That is what democratic social abuses bout and that will win this election. Will it then lay as we have talked about in a way? Is it possible for an American when the way houses is the competition we just had about whether a woman can win. This is also an untested proposition right. This is a person who identifies the socialists, which is a term even if the pot, the policies that burning advocates, are quite popular across party lines and a lot of places in a lot of the people in your focus groups believe in and support I could easily be labelled democratic policies and progressive policies and not socialist policies, as Bernie himself tried to lay out in his speech a while back when he said that it's just like after and yet for some reason calls them democratic, Socialist Enzo leg. I think that I think that answer was fine. I think the he's definition democratic socialist approach, the best way you can deal with that
is critique of tromp that which, from actual engages in social in corporate socialism by bailing out corporations and all that, I think, is a good, argument? I doubt it see more of I would like to hear more from Bernie in escaping about how they are going navigate, sir a billion dollars and a right wing media machine that is going to try to otherwise him around this term. I think this was the beginning of our conversation. Electricity lay, as we said. We know enough to actually means. I wanna hear candidates, Delaware, that I can prosper interpret hearing can its plans for how they plan to navigate challenges they may have. We heard that from war and on that question- and I wanna hear more from money on it is interesting to me- was that you note Trump in two and sixteen he'll say now: there's a sort of quality where he is the version it is that yeah, I'm a greedy sleaze but I'll be a greedy sleaze for you and
Is the mirror image of that, which is to say Trump, is a socialist for corporations and the wealthy and people he knows and I'll be a social for you. It is the kind of mirror image of the Trump our men and in that way I found it interesting and compelling on that I you know, I have the same kind of uncertainty or on these questions that we all do, but I found it to be a fair and compelling argument rigid victim. It's a very untested proposition, its affair.
That of electricity concerns about every single candidate. On that stage, make me quite nervous- and this is one that's gotten somehow the least discussion. I think that if Elizabeth Warren were really looking to throw a punch about electricity, she could have tried to drill him on this. She, notably did not. I think we are whistling pass the graveyard. If we don't that these issues out in the primary. I hope it is discussed in a bigger way, but in a burmese betting, on the fact that he can bring in new voters in young voters and build a big new coalition, and if he's in Amity, my god, I hope he is right and out everything I can to support him, but you cannot approve it by winning edict. I know that some folks and left will say well, don't jump and their publicans are gonna call them
That's all democrats socialist. They have called us all socialists for decades. That is true, but it's a little different when you say I'm, not a socialist and when you say yeah he's right, I am a socialist, but I'm a democratic socialist and that's better and we look I you know. I sent these four focus groups and there was mixed reviews here: in Wisconsin in Milwaukee, with the Obama, Trump voters and with some Democrats in Philadelphia, they did not care about democratic socialism is dead one of them actually said. I don't care what you call yourself like. I, like your policies like liquor policies, so that's good, in Florida in Miami when their group was primarily in his report of disaffected voters who sat home, they were primarily blackened latino. There are a number of immigrants and that group, and they were very, very concerned about socialism, partly because a couple them had come from socialist countries, and they said it was a. It was horrible in this country and you try to explain to them the democratic social care about all that they just socialism is a word that carries
quite a connotation in this country, because history and you can explain the differences for sure and a lot of college educated, rules will understand those differences for sure the question is what happens with as well as I do Amy in the Arizona group which was Romney Clinton voters. They were very upset with socialism. They d like it at all, so I think it somebody s navigating like it's like. You said the points we need. Other people have been dealing with their liability concerns and brings hinders, has not really it if this has been an unexamined question, because in two thousand sixteen the consensus of the media, the entire time has pony, was never gonna win So what was the point and in a lot of establishment folks thought Bernie was never gonna win. So why put the barrier right and then this time, Bernie up until very recently had been sort of unfairly inaccurately written off. As look he's pulling book blower, he was in two thousand sixteen
It's either can we buy nor Warner peed Bernie been then he had his health issues, but now he is surging here or has strengthened at the end and is a very, very, very legitimate contend earns. You could argue in some cases, maybe the favourite to navigate the next part, the calendar and be the nominee and adding that questions. Gonna come in his campaigns can have to do with it. Let's hear from Elizabeth Worn, Senator Warren, what do you say to voters who, like your policies, but their worried? They will scare away swing, voters you to win this race in November. So I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I have three older brothers: were all retired roll back there still anti, My three brothers are Republicans ensure their life. We disagree on and we can take our corners and do the Damn Democratic Republic and talking points is there's a whole lot. We agree on my their speeches furious over Chevron and Eli Lily and Amazon that our joint
corporations make billions of dollars in taxes at make billions of dollars in profits and pain nothing in taxes or rather get this. I have to pay more, taxes somebody has to keep the roads paved in the schools, open and pay for our defence they understand we haven't America right now, it's working great for those at the top. It's just not working for any one else. We chance to unite unite as Democrats, but also within the pin. In republicans are sick of living in a country. That's working group for the politicians that are taken the money, its work in great for the lobbyists, its work and great for the corpse executives? It's just not work for everyone else? I'm building the grass roots movement leading the fight, we're going make this America work for everyone else that is hell. We're gonna beat Donald Trump would you think about data illegibility argument from one I think its strong
look at all of them are untested, but she makes a compelling case for herself. It was very much the argument you gave me Unpause America couple episodes couple episodes ago she's been visit. Her argument on unlike village ducks, but her brothers experts are building a coalition of people against corruption in special interests, which I think is probably the
Way to go in argument. She used in the last debate. That's like puts us in a more finer point. Is the best person to take on a corrupt present as someone who is willing to fight corruption, and that, I think, is the shorthand version of that answer. That is her bit like. That's the why her part right everything else there are other than the brothers is something that certainly Bernie and some other folks onstage, who have been on stage, could make that case. I think the part that she can uniquely do because she's made it a bigger part of our campaign. Although it's gotten sort of washed away in the sea of medical for all discussion is, she is the most aggressive, anti corruption plan of anyone in this race. Initially that you remember, when you talk to her new doktor and when I meet our job in the majority was what is your first piece of legislation was well. Tax would have gonna, be
make your flowers we green new deal. Now. It was a crushing plan because she believed that would make all the subsequent pieces morning, and that is our theory of change, and it also can be or Theo collectively, let's hear from PETE Mare, vintage edge, you say you ve had several earning the support of black voters, because you're unknown, but even camp, for a year now and pulling shows you with next to no black support, so that you'll need in order to beat Donald Trump. Is it possible? The black voters have gotten to know you, and of simply decided to choose another candidate. Voters who know me best are supporting its. Why have the most support in south Bend it's why, among elected black officials in my community, who have gotten into this race by far most of them are supporting me and now nationally, I am proud that my campaign is co chaired by a member of the congressional black caucus into have support. Right here in Iowa from some of those ignoble black elected leaders may your heart of Waterloo, the former represent
the very in black hawk county. Now, the biggest mistake we could make is to take black votes for granted and I never will the reason I m support. I do is not because any voter thinks that I'm perfect is because of the work We have done facing some of the toughest issues that communities can not, from the luxury of a debate or tell vision panel or a committee room, but on the ground issues from poverty too. Justice in policing. I'm proud to. We ve been nationally recognised for our work as a race, informed city, on delivering greater economic justice that we have reduced so forced by leading the region in transparency around the use of force in policing. Of course, There is a much longer way to go in my community and around the country, but I will be a president whose personal commitment
is to continue doing this work, which an unpleasant things. The best answer is given on this question, and I did appreciate the way the question was asked, because there has been something a little bit patronising in the way. Peters answer them for that got haven't got to know me yet Ah initiative put him in a position to make more of a direct case. That said this, been dog him. It will continue to dog him in a both peat and Warren have sort of political challenges to their elect ability case, and so they tend to redound to an argument that has rhetorical. Let's run the case that they're going to make right. So peat has seen this is a huge liability for him. So when he makes an argument about elect ability, he makes a rhetorical arguing about his contrasts versus Trump Elizabeth Warren faces questions about her elect ability, and so she makes a rhetorical argument about how strong the cases,
don't you make against Trump Biden and Bernie opposite to that. Bind us flat out walks through the demographics and says here's how I'm doing these demographics, yours, I'm gonna, win and Bernie talks about bring in new voters and makes it more kind of on the ground political argument about how he's overcome some liabilities you're talking about, but on that that answer, I thought it was. New of a better answer than he's given up asked. Anyone else have thoughts on PETE overall performance women talked about that too much PETE speaks in paragraph.
You know I mean everything is. It is a well thought through complete thought. There are dependent clauses there're, emotional portions. Is there really like the risk with that, as it can sometimes sound, very practised? The benefit is that he gives great answers in makes important points that other people are forgetting to make. This is complete Lee a superficial. I thought he looked very young last night and I've never felt that way about a minute debate before may be was too much make up or something or the hair cut, but I don't know, and the like, Tom's dire, funnily kept turning jab PETE overran of things about his age trade. He might have dogged upon something, so maybe that highlighted it for me, I thought PETE Intellect ability case got back to first principles,
which is. He is the cannon who represents the biggest change from the status quo, that quality stop Trump, his life choices, his experience, his age as background where in the countries from in over the last summer months, the campaign had taken that Peat Elect ability. Argument transition did too the most talented, Moderate Kennedy. The field- and I am more like- will because I'm for public option I medicare for all the his best argument- is that he is the embodiment of change is different than the other people in the top, for because they are politicians in more typical sense who have longer records and that he is sort of a high variants. Kennedy Thee, replica versa, replacement theory where peat is Elise among this group, the biggest contrast a trump. I grew that- and I think he s too, in these nets. Twentysomething days, make that case quite a bit more since he got a demo enriched, although was in his grave.
Because he knew he had a little bit of a slide therein and he was steady last night, but he's at the point where I think he needs to get some go in and that have have a moment or two in the next couple weeks, because in order to win the God who isn't it hasn't h himself bullets? Yes, that's what he's like we this is five witness that now turbine testified. Zyobite is there a month if you so voting, be put at a statement calling on Hunter by the other just working also just remote, you, like Peters, Oh smart, like he's on this, stage, is made it this far because he's very, very smart, I think to Tommy's point. Sometimes he has the right words. He has the right thing to say he has the right contrast, but sometimes it just feels a little bit. Amy Closure pitching yourself as a practical candidate. Who can get things done? and even tonight you ve dismiss some of the ideas that are offered in this primary as pipe dreams. How are you
to inspire democratic voters with a message of pragmatism? Our vote, worse. Actually, all Americans have seen now a number of years of a guy that has, I think, told over fifteen thousand eyes. I he is someone that literally has a rap sheet of divisive rhetoric and I think, What Americans want is something different. I am going be able to stand across. Him on that debate stage and say to me: friends in Iowa, the MID West is not fly over country for me. I live here I'm going to be able to look at him and say you ve treated these workers and farmers like poker chips. For me, these are my friend, and these are my neighbours, I'm gonna be able to look at him and say you know why you got four hundred thirteen million dollars over the course of your career? That's how you build your fortune. And what I am going to say is this my grandpa work, fifteen hundred
need underground in iron. Our minds, save money and a coffee can in the basement to send my dead to a two year: community College, that's my family trust and when you have been given an opportunity like that you go into the world not with a sense of entitlement, dal, Trust, Donald Trump, but with a sense of obligation which, guessing that its it was similar to peace case about about them. It was too she made the most like. I was specific case throughout the debate. I thought and in her elect ability point there. At the end, I may ethical bitter had a good debate. Last night she became changing debate. I think she probably needs. I was expecting her to do a little better in the most recent one register, pull them with seven percent, a kind of thought amiable jumped ten and she's gonna need to really double travellers. Support to actually get delegates out of the Kok is processes need of a big night last night. I dont know that that happened,
so to a couple random islands who thought that the constant talking over the moderators came off as rude. Nothing, a focus group as we do this. I Dan I got sources all over again pains outside Moran assessment is connected to the five one five, but the funny thing that is, but it's funny thing people take away from these events rather mean the big. The cable news, brouhaha last night was what happened in that little five. Second conversation after the debate, not what was discussed in the new Sartre couple islands and it's like the stylus dick things in such matters, talking about that because we forgot whistle, haven't we could anyone with Indonesia is, I think closure is perhaps the most strategic debate or of all of them. She comes up with a plan. She does not care what the quest generic she doesn't care what the dynamics are. She is going to execute her planned, he's gonna tell her story.
The contract should play a coach, his dream. She Emmi really like. I think I m like I grew Tommy. I think she had the game Genji moment that a candidate who was pulling so far behind the top group needed by just she's, very good in this format, its units for I actually club assure its action. One reason is quite useless here is: how do you think she is really these debates and she does have a plan as she does. She does execute any man in the last debate. You did even better, but the fact that it has resonate in the polls, I think just speaks to our hard. It's been for someone to be an alternative to Biden in the race and why so many people that were on that stage in the in three for debates ago. Aren't there anymore not by not for lack of talent or even for lack of a strategy, but because simply Joe Biden has held that moderate vote. So tightly for the entire campaign, no matter how well Amy showers perform lesson
always Tom Sire, Mr Sire, you spent more than a hundred million of your own dollars on television adds. How do you convey Voters that you're more than just your money We know how Donald Trump is going to run for president he's gonna run on the economy. He's already told Americans last month in Florida unit. Like me, and I don't like you but you're all going to vote for me because the demo rights are going to destroy the economy in fifteen minutes if they get and control. So, let's be clear, I Started a business by myself one room. I didn't inherit a penny for my parents. I spend thirty here's building that business into a multi billion dollar international business than I away from it and took the giving pledge and started organ. Eyes in coalitions of ordinary american to take on unchecked corporate power but who ever he's gonna take beat? Mr Trump is gonna have to beat him on the economy, and I have the
sperience and the expertise to show that he's a fake there and a frog look mayor it has three years as an analysed Mckinsey, I have thirty years of international business experience. I can Trump on the economy, we're going to have to beat him on the economy, and I look forward to taking him down in the fall on the debate stage. I was too distracting night by Tom's tyres, eyes, just boring into my fucking soul, who told him to stare at the camera that it's weird worst advice. But then I re watched the debate this morning and half watch mostly listened and actually thought he had like us. Some sneaky good points along the way he had some some moments that exposed him as a very new candidate. Like the one of the commander in chief questions, his response was like, I did a lot of business people and, like I don't know that hitting diamond on Delta is gonna, have a nuclear codes, but many are in. Our defence. Obama did argue about the point he lived in Indonesia, the small
I want to do similar hush said. Let us remember, staffing unit interviewers talked about like minor ring and foreign relations as a police and say that again, the doing travel on the role that is no less lame. Then I served x number of years on the Senate Committee, things out as the ideal lame. I think that I know where you are not like, I think, was we warrant being like we haul up these generals and repress them on. Why the afternoon I warn of Ghana centres and then look at it and I was like I was worn on these community questions- spent more time talking about her three brothers in what it meant for them to serve in what it meant for their families. I think that's more likely to resonate, but I mean that the the club you played of Tom sorry than captures. Why he's been surprisingly good as a candidate, but also because he paid us seven million dollars to Eric yeah. No, I I'm at an obviously we're going to talk about, but No, does a tight later. The mid role we get with these sums are fourteen times in this episode, the money, but no it's you see that
the strength, he hasn't. Why he's actually been? I think better than people even expect in these debates, given that he is someone who bought a ticket, but you also see that he is a new Canada me. He just just ran through in great detail. Trumps main arguments it just like walked is obviously quoted he hit he he launched as a hit on his fellow Democrats, and I do actually think what he said was true. This is what Europe is going to say about the economy, but I did notice that it was Donald Trump, quoting it on twitter to the debate, because Tom's our did a little bit transfer form look. It's always when the reason that everyone talking about you after the debate is because you couldn't tell people what Elizabeth and in Bernie Sanders forsake me to each other emphatic stood a one time you to make eye contact I'll fucking night. Every interview posed to like what did they say he's a wide, and here they said. Why Can you hear what they said? What's your fucking problem, your face? Look like you heard what they said. There was a journalist and read up seeing who we believe was joking. Who is like what does it say
shouldn't a president, be able to hear that conversation between worn in Bernie, which is kind of funny joke. Funny, though, is that an annoying way? So? Ok, that's it that's the debate. As So again, there will be no Thursday, but we will see you all again on Tuesday for Ipod, because Monday's Martin Luther King then, and we will be taking a day off into the pot, a hum Mommy's dancing on Tuesday, POD save America's a product of cricket media, the senior producers, Michael Martinez, arson producers, Jordan, Waller its mixed in edited by Andrew Chad, with Kyle settling as our sounded junior thanks to Carolyn Tom you so mediator and can involve production support into our digital team, Eliza CO, Normal Coney and Yell freed in my will camp who film and upload these episodes as a video every week.
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