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“Biden grieves, Trump tweets.”


The two candidates mark the pandemic death toll reaching 100,000 Americans in starkly different ways, a masked Biden emerges from his home, and both campaigns compete for black voters amid new incidents of racism and violence. Then Obama veteran Paul Tewes talks to Jon about recruiting an army of organizers to beat Trump in 2020.

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The presented sponsor POD save America Zipper Krueger. Covered. Nineteen has presented many challenges for candidates on the campaign trail, so they been forced. Creative ways to reach their audience, for instance, like accusing just Garbo of murder evade that's one way of where one way to get reach get to your honor audience. We gotTa Montana candidate was running for state aid office. Start, an online story time for children to give their parents break nice. In Michigan congressional candidate launch a programme to help deliver free groceries to western Michigan kind idea People in these rules have to find their own relevant resources to connect with voters. But what about the rest of us? job seeker who needs to connect with great care. But he that's hiring or a company that needs to connect with the right people. There's only one resource you need, and that is of course the procurator. If you're looking for a job,
zip recruiters apple, send you up to date. Job openings sea can be one of the first to apply and if you're actively hiring zipper credible invite candidates who apply to your most urgent roles, Ming, faster and easier to reach the people you need. Zip recruiter is working with all of us to help us keep moving forward. So, let's work together, visit zipper, girder, dot com, Slash together. I welcome the pod, save America. I'm John Favour. I'm dyin try for, is. I talk to one of the Obama campaigns, most legendary organizers, pile two's, but We twenty election and how you can make a difference
damn you should see Paul's beard, he looks like said it is. As before that pandemic related, or is he to heed? It happened to be happy to have the beard. Independent MC happened to happen. You know with two's could be either you dont know before that we'll talk about how the President marked one hundred thousand american deaths from corona virus with a dream. Twitter meltdown and Joe Biden First public appearance and interview outside of his home since the pandemic began, but first be check out positive the world this week, Tommy and Ben explain how China is trying to crush descent in Hong Kong and how they trump Administration is increasing the risk of nuclear war by walking away from. Aids old by partisan arms control agreements, also I go dance latest good and bad. Twenty twenty adds video. This Special Guess, David Bluff. This exciting there was great as usual, Papa Super smart. We broke down a
the by super pack in add from the trunk campaign and the much requested making per checked add morning in America, I say we go check that out on Youtube dot com, slashed crooked media. Finally, If you haven't adopted a swing state, what are you waiting for Dan Would you like to make a pitch for Europe? did state of North Carolina since Lovett Timing, I all did hours on Tuesdays POD and you ve had some complaints about that that North Carolina was not giving a fair hearing. Upon look my complaints about this date back before that podcast Do you may remember you out upon a little podcast called the wilderness I did, which was very focused on Arizona, Wisconsin Michigan, even with a floured, if I recall correctly yet you ignored DNA. We had money for four focus groups.
And I end with, and you may choices and those forces included, ignoring the state of North Carolina Not only have I adopted North Carolina, it is a Pfeiffer family project, because in two thousand and eight Halley Pfeiffer, was an organizer in North Carolina when Bronco Obama one the state and turned it look for the seven a very long time Here is why I think people should pick North Carolina look adopt any state we. What will we will take whatever she has got us do? Seventy, but here is one North Carolina is important. It's a three first day. It is it is a state where you can defeat Donald Trump, White Collar Cunningham and rip the gavel from Ms Mcdonald Ghoulish clause and for the state legislature towards the Democrats. Reason number two the Google North Carolina Republicans, the make the folks in Wisconsin. Look like the Lincoln Project they are. The of rigging democracy.
Stealing? Elections in these people should be nowhere near power. And so we have to do that and this the state that adding, maybe most importantly on Above all, the reasons except the how he used to work there is that This is a state, is entirely about mobilization There are more than enough unregistered democratic voters, in North Carolina when the election, so if there sufficient volunteers, sufficient activism, we can win this, That is the the path of armies in two thousand and eight we can win it again and so join teamwork. Jeremiah. You have me You have Eliza, you have unique where you have Yale. We have a core group of the best content creators and staff at crooked and It's gonna be, and I felt like we dont, get enough attention. Want to focus on Florida. Everyone loves Wisconsin in Arizona was hipster like four months ago now at Super mainstream, and so, if you want to be on the leading edge of the new, emerging democratically giants country going beyond the Timor through a letter.
But I think you made a lotta compelling arguments there, but none more so than join Team North Carolina because of the content creation. You know why we were. We live in a meme and video world ends. As you see, I have you seen the videos and why should I had yet? If you live on Twitter, you he's really been spending most of his work day, Mickey Making defeating Donnelly's, rob that's gonna die is bad. But also look. If you want to flip the state that once more Joe, our Pio sheriff. You know, come join team, Arizona. Look, I'm not against winning Arizona, don't know, but I would like people my team and in fact you know many. Let's just say many people are saying that many volunteers have signed up for team Arizona. Anyway, I have seen the Arizona, democratic establishment rushed to team
look cares. Cinema mark Kelly if you're out there, I'm pretty thirsty on twitter, I'm trying to get you guys to tweet about those haven't heard anything yet. So that's! Ok, that's! Ok! This is again roots as I had a marathon. Grassroots movement are anyway, gotta votes. If America Dotcom Slash Don pick a state and we will send you specific calls to action that you can do right from your couch between now and November. It is super important. This is what you can do to help when this election sketches. Is as of Wednesday just over three months into this pandemic. More than a hundred thousand Americans have died from Nineteen easily one of the worst tragedies our country has ever endured have already lost more people to cover than we did in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Studying many media outlets in elected officials from both parties marked the grim
I'll stone in some way. Yesterday, on Wednesday, here's a video clip from former vice president, Oh Biden, moments in our history, so groom so, heart rending. Therefore, fix in each of our hearts shared grief today. It's one of those moments. Hundred thousand lives have now been lost this virus. Thought you were so many. I'm so sorry. This nation, Greece, with you take some songs from the fact. We all everything we don't have a trump clip because, He didn't say a word on Wednesday about the fact that a hundred thousand Americans have died instead he play golf over the weekend- falsely accused Joe Scarborough of murder, falsely
is Barack Obama of spying on him. Falsely accused democrats of trying to steal the election falsely claim that vote by mail is fraudulent, falsely accused twitter of interfering in the election because they fact checked his claim about vote by mail. Tweeted, some truly vile insults about Nancy Policy, Stacy, Abrams and Hillary Clinton seller the news that the Atlantic is laying off twenty percent of its staff and that the DOW had twenty five thousand and this morning on Thursday, he shared between Republican County commissioner in New Mexico said, quote the old, Good Democrat is a dead Democrat. Sudan. Do you think that the president has struck the right tone for the moment I know we all alike were laughing own. Me ass. Thou say this to you right now, John The, Six are not. The objects are not good like
read that completely insane list of things in your choices are laughing and crying, and it is just stunning: in its, but there are two things that are studying at the same time, I think there's the scale of that the challenges are such that their harder actually grapple with a real way, which is one you went through. The numbers at a hundred thousand Americans have died in a few months. And at the exact same time that that national tragedy a preventable. National tragedy happened. The person as our president is someone who now for wine sector is seem to think the scale of the tragedy has tried to heal. The nation has rest old with the idea that the decisions he made or did not make contributed to that. He has only sought to allude blame for the problem,
he allowed to happen, then for everything else, we talk about the selection and health care and taxes and civil rights and all the other important, on the ballot but also comes down to is president. Are the head of state of this country. We are going to face tragedies again and we should just be very, very clear that it is highly likely based on the history of pandemics. Like and the peso vaccines are usually developed that the person he was sworn in. In January, twenty twenty one will be present a time which run a virus still exists, you can either have someone who had a message like the ones you bite and had who clearly in a heart, wrenching in raw way was dealing with what actually happening in this country, and you have someone who is opposed to trying to the problem is simply trying to distract us from the problem. Yeah I mean I I found binds video moving and powerful, not just because of the particular words or by
himself, but I guess I didn't realize how much I just as an American. I wanted a leader to talk to us during a difficult time and in the pass every time the countries been through a tragedy whether you agreed with the president and power or not you from the same party or not. You could want that person out of office immediately, but at the very least the president would step up and speak to the nation and comfort the nation,
offer some solace and remind us that we are one country and that we have more in common than than that which divides us, and it was you know. The first thing to be really sad about is obviously a hundred thousand Americans dying and serve a second order. Thing is just the fact that we ve lost this sort of sense of national leadership. This will bring us together as a country during these really difficult times, and you know it makes you pretty enraged that we have a president like this. Why do you think he seems even more unhinged than usual or organisations? I do you think he seems even more unhinge than usual line. Even some of his right wing media pals at the washing in Examiner the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board criticized the Scarborough thing,
The idea that, in the midst of all this he's been on this, like more, Hi day rampage spreading some The ranged conspiracy theory about cable news host that just has no basis in reality whatsoever- and he just won't give it up, is going on with it just to be so, people have the information they need. We should explain why the Scarborough conspiracy theory is false but the facts are which is there when Joe Scarborough was in Congress many years ago, he had a twenty eight year old. In turn, who died in the office from a head injury? the medical examiner determine that the woman passed out hid her head due to an undiagnosed heart condition. The law enforcement accepted that explanation The families of the explanation- and we ve moved on this- been a conspiracy theory that is its whirling and another reason to the internet for a long time and Donald,
because he saw his political interest or to deal with the grievance of being criticised for its performance. As president, to use the presidential boy pulpit to communicate this to millions of people without any regard for the family of the woman who passed away. I just I mean, I'm glad I'm got thank you, for you know providing other facts about that. So people now, but it's just like again it is, you know. On the day, the Donald Trump are running for president until may be the outbreak of a pandemic. We talk about these little these tangents, these crazy conspiracy theories of trumps you know, every time we have a pike has now is. Sitting here. Looking it the fact. A hundred thousand Americans have died in the last few months. It just seems even more bizarre and arrange that he continues
to talk about this shit while the nation is going through one of its worst crises in history. I do understand from the trunk campaigns just from a pure political perspective. They have decided We want to pretend the pandemic doesn't exist anymore. We want to talk about it because it's not helping Donald Trump, because people think that he fucked it up. We want to focus on reopening the economy and trumps gonna be the leader of the recovery Bobo, but they can't even they can and focus on that message, because every day he just goes off ten other tangents on Twitter, like I just you know like I just recited, and I guess he's just incapable of a message. Is you just extra angry? Like I don't understand it, you look. I think the behaviour is the same, but the backdrop has changed right right, because I like him in any way this crisis has literally not changed him a bit.
If we were to go back and read the outlines of positive save America, the last three and a half year, a large number of them begin with some period tromp insanity on twitter right, rainy weekend where you guys had to go through all the tweets that he sat when he wasn't golfing his flight. You know on a Monday, hide him going crazy and us talking like this happens all the time, but it feels differ when you have forty million Americans losing their job in hundred thousand Americans dead, then in normal times still even. Having said that, I see I think as a nation and a political culture and media culture. We are still way to ok with us like I've I tried to describe how we go about wife in America with a president like this, who is completely deranged deeply dangerous. Without a doubt, one of the worst people in America is a just
Horrible individual cares. What nothing other himself and we know it I tried it is the best I could come up just grab is that we are uncomfortably none But we all know this is bad. We know with put aside the Magyar right based the majority of the country, and we will support trump are uncomfortable with his behavior. At this. The short term danger of him being present a long term consequences of the fact that someone like Trump could become president or light you. For us, the rustle weird, so even in a pandemic- This is treated as a new story, but not sort of the cataclysms event that it would move people's opinions about who are present. It is, and what is I mean You know what, when I woke up and saw him share the tweet about that Bass hole into Mexico. So the only good Democrat is a Democrat who you know it and its course is all classic trump and Guy was like. Oh, I didn't mean that literally and then he goes on to say, oh, but I would give Gretchen Whittemore and and Ralph North em a choice either
hanging or firing squad UNESCO whatever, but like So am I owe this will be the thing that, like people will be talking about this, this is going to dominate twitter and, unlike scroll. I'm reading other news stories- and you know people here and there, but it's not a big deal. I'm thinking like you know we ve. We, we went through the tree, Judy in El Paso it right for the mid term and twenty eighteen sort of you know we saw- pipe bomb centre to democratic leaders, violence that was inspired by the perpetrators of violence. They were inspired by some of the things the Trump said aunt. We made a bigger deal van and now it's happening again or dislike well, just get a move on to the next thing? Also, you know he's signing an executive order too, because these mad about twitter and he's gonna try to like
after social media companies. Now we have to talk about that too. I mean, I guess. The question is like how what is the most effective message to voters about this kind of behaviour, because these people, like us, Miller people listening who pay attention to this? and get exercised about this every single day and there's a lot of Americans most Americans who are good about their lives, trying to make sure they are healthy and don't get covered, try to make sure that they keep their job or get another job if they ve lost. There's trying to put food on the table like how do we talk about this to people who are going to vote in November? We have to make trumps actions be about trump. We have to explain that he that it is a message of trump. First America last that at a time in which Americans are dying, people losing their job he's I focused on preventing the spread of the pandemic or fixin economy. He is
focused entirely on rewarding himself getting reelected pushing his enemies. The is is always from four always America last, which has to benefits one. It helps great motivation for the behaviors that he's demonstrating, because simply. Etiquette violations or not being a normal president or saying untoward things is not in and of itself a powerful reelection message. Well, you have to use. You have to demonstrate how it affects people's lives, and could be doing all these other things, except. We have at present wakes up everyday thinking about itself, nothing about because if he suddenly It becomes a little more disciplined or at least if his campaign becomes disciplined in the messages that they're putting out there through advertising. Do you think it's possible that they can achieve the strategic goal of changing the narrative from the pandemic to sort of this economic recovery, and there was a story in political about hasn't
Democrats are worried about. You know if we do have this vitiate recovery because you know we have massive job losses in the spring massive. You know contraction of the economy, but then as the economy reopens. You know, maybe we bounced back, and so you have GDP numbers and jobs numbers that seem like they are like the biggest job growth that we ve seen the biggest gdp growth that we ve seen, even if it doesn't bring us back anywhere close to where we were pandemic hit, but just the numbers themselves and trumps touting of those numbers would somehow boost his re election chances like What did you think of that story, and also, do you think the trumps going to be able to sort of change the narrative and change the focus people's focus over the next four five months.
I mean, as we know, things get flashed on the memory whole very quickly to now. This is a much much bigger deal than anything that we ve ever put to the test before this is not a brief governments are down. This is not even impeachment, and it is a national crisis. Unlike anything we ve seen in a century and so but you know, if we are in a situation where you have a resurgence of the virus in the fall economy, get shot down again, that all that, obviously, is gonna dictate the terms of this. What I think I read that story and I went into a thinking. I should panic, but I am here to our adage of worrying about panicking and so a couple things about it. One we know from having worked in the White House for a prison, one may two thousand and nine two thousand and ten, where we had some months with large job increases the because of the recovery ACT and
also happened. If all the time in which the commerce farmers hurry census workers, which is a temporary inflation, the job lovers and those numbers- unnatural fuels, impressions of the economy, all because they're looking at it from their personal perspective, fright. Despite what you know that the stock market or some jobs number says you're living the reality of it and use the fear and anxiety. You have for your family and your job certainly outweigh some have I'd. You may or may not say, and it certainly in this meeting of arms we harder to see them now, My colleague out too, that the reason why do worry is we know and as we talk about last week, that the only thing that is propping trumped up is his economic performance. That voters give him credit on the economy that we do not believe he deserves in any way shape or form, because I do not think that we should not rush more for not fucking outbreak Obama's economy until he did fuck it up
I think the way to eat like we can't. We don't know, what's going to happen in the fall, we don't know what the number is going to look like, but the way to limit whatever games you can have is to define right now. What economic recovery means to chop like who he's trying to help right than he celebrating, as is Idiot Son adopted yesterday and the day under those people died, celebrated the DOW Jones get twenty five thousand right right. So what This is about him, helping big business, corporations the wealthy and not average everyday people, and so the you can define, who trumpets fighting foreign who binds fighting for then you all fare better in an environment where tromp has some. Headlines or information that he can weapon eyes to make a case that he is sort of reading some sort come back. Even if we know that's bullshit, uniting the central question of election has to be what kind of recovery do you want? You want a recovery that benefits trump and his friends and Mitch Mcconnell and his friends,
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Check up. Let's talk about what trumps opponent has been up to. Joe Biden made his first public appearance in two months when he visited a veterans part in Delaware from Memorial Day Biden has Jill and his staff all wear masks to the reflex ceremony, the former vice president late son, both served in the military told reporters quote: never forget the sacrifices that Men and women made never ever forget later that day, Trumpery tweeted Fox pundit, brick mocking Biden for wearing a mask and then said to reporter quote He was standing outside with his wife, perfect conditions. Perfect weather, and so I thought is very unusual that he had one on. He also shooter sweet this morning. That said, the image of binding them ass quote: endorses culture of silence, slavery and social death. The FUCK Biden in his first in person interviews since the pandemic began told CNN and Abash the trunk is an quote, absolute fool and it is
opposition to masks is macho stuff. That's costing people's lives before we get to the mask, what are you of binds decision to leave his home and do memorial. They event should do more things like this. Maybe it was. It was great to see him out there. I think a tremendous amount of attention. It seems like the fact that he had been in this house over the djinn narrative around him being in this house and that he went out and didn't an warm ask right. All of that created serious conversation. I think This is where the campaign is headed, which is to try to find things to do that are consistent with the guidelines in Delaware whereby lives and the safety of not just candidates by the secret service, the staff and everyone who has to travel with a presidential nominee and I do not think we will not have a specific question. I think we will begin to see some more things
yeah, but it's gonna be limited, given the constraints and which is under, but it obviously will ramp up over time. Yet we look and in Delaware they're starting to relax some of the social distancing regulations that they put in place, some of the restrictions and and and so has every state. At this point you know now, I think all fifty states have some tentative plans for reopening the in Delaware, Governor Carney, announced on Tuesday outdoor gatherings of up to two hundred and fifty people. Are allowed with precautions face covering social, distant, saying, etc. So. I do think it's important that you know. I am sure that the binding is working on this but like to figure out. You know public events that are not in his house that our creative, in the sense that they show Biden out on the campaign trail but also make sure to protect it and the people around him. Like you said I must talk about the masks, so
The latest navigator tracking poll shows that nearly seventy five percent of Americans are in favour of wearing masks, including more than half of Republicans, two thirds of Americans disapprove of trumps refusal to wear a mask and the vast majority of people in both parties want their elected officials to wear masks inside why is drunk trying so hard to make it some kind of polarized culture war, is there a strategy here? Is he just being an soul like what. What do you think They probably does so, I think, on me asshole front. I think I see. He just, as is natural instinct, for trying to find wedge issues I he knows he does better. In a period of time the division. My he succeeds through polarization answer he's trying to create this wedge between people
you don't want the virus and scientists and local officials and his voters is not really clear. Now I'm not a political expert on any level by I'm pretty sure that on a SEC, the five eighteen percent issue. You do not want to choose eighty, since I, but that's where he is, think to be said that there is a strategy, and, I think, are women. Trance decisions are more institutional than a logical voting, patently obvious insane institutional may be giving him too much credit but is like if you are trying to pretend like the virus There never happened or is not here. Right is that we, like if you believe you need to return to normal, to be able to get the economy going and return to you're really comfortable forty four per average of providing then having people wear masks is a car,
set reminder of your potentially your failure to prevent the virus from spreading. And so, like. I think, that's what he naturally does not want people to be wary mass around him, because it reminds perhaps himself of this failure, but also reminds the public at this guy. I thought I was looking for some Trump ally official to actually give an explanation of why he keeps shooting unmask wearing and why this become a fucking thing on Fox NEWS and all the rest of it wackos on the right Eric Beach, who is the co chairman of one of trumpets. Super packs said this to the Washington Post quote. There is this capitulation? That Biden seems to have believed the science don't question. Anything and dont show any leadership worse Trump. Stands that we should question science had should question data. I mean That's it that's it by we, criticising buying because he
believes in science and Trump knows what real leadership is not believing in science. Do you think trunk and Eric Beach, whoever he may be questions gravel a real leader, says themselves. Is the world really round? yes grabbing at Rio, Irene President Cairo Irving up here, so I mean on apes, the broader culture worst sense, which The culture worthing by the way gets me annoyed because the way the media portrays it is that everyone is automatically polarized. Everyone is already divided by a culture where everything's left right. Red, blue Bubba body love this, but we're not divided over masks. Report can. Voters are the only ones divided over whether wear masks. Democrats are fully support of independence are fully support of half the Republican Party is voice. For you know they very, very conservative, governor of North Dakota. Maybe
an emotional plea for people to wear masks MIKE wine governor of our higher than making amply like the republican officials at the the only people that are divided about this right now are the Republican Party who, of course, Donald Trump will try to make this an issue where you know you're allegiance to the Republican Party is dependent on whether you approve disapprove of masks, but that's the whole point. He tries to pull As these things we are not naturally divided as a country. We are not naturally polarizes a country. We are polarize because we have a president that tries to polarizes. Recent all day, and there is another party that is not trying to do that, but is actively trying to make sure that we all do something that would protect us and the republican officials who are trying to do that as well the polarization thing, but you know actually you see other day where they said that this part of a larger strategy tromp is out and about masks, be damned watch. Plenty more mask free outings from Trump hyping. The
opening of the economy and avoiding discussions of social, distancing, deaf counts and watch for a visual contrast between the two party conventions in August two sources close to the presidency. They hope to have a boisterous live crowd. They want to have more people their physically than at the democratic convention. So you can see what Trump wants to set up for the far right. He is the guy, who is championing the opening of the economy. He's gonna go and have his rallies with his big crowds. He's strong and tough when he doesn't worry about any virus and he wants people to just live their lives and be normal of like that and theirs cowardly, Joe abiding and the Democrats, hiding in doors doing there virtual events not doing they want you to stay home. They don't want you to live their lives. That seems to be what heat the contrast he wants to set up for the fall. What do you think about that? What can it be? active greatest stipulate that even If you worked, if this ass trumped up through his pure self interest, which
presume is centred around getting reelected. There is no dispute, it the more people wear masks, the less spread of the virus is the spread of the virus? There is the more economic activity the market activity, fastened economy grows and the more jobs are created them. Economic growth and jobs, the better chance from visiting reluctant. Yet he is ass. I hate to say nope because I think either I looked funny in a mask or I'm gonna, be no be some sort of culture warrior, even though this complete miss use of the term cultural war media grid job that he's going to make it more likely that we have a resurgence in the fall, which makes it more likely that it will be defeated. The strategy could have used a little bit of scrutiny for me, the Trump campaign or the reporters writing about it, as it makes almost no sense by two said the like buried again. The absurdity that the documents before it is the idea that they are trying to say, Biden is old and frail and not up to the job.
I gather that, like that is a huge part of the messaging from tromp. His twitter account Fox NEWS, which is twitter county. Vague and the one way to do that is a contrast of images of Trump Info Fisheries are in front of crowds and bite in in a mask. This basement or whatever else like. I don't think that bind comments can allow that to be the exact contrast. They're trying to show they Trump is up to the task and that, even if you have questions about tromp by is definitely not up to the task of getting the country out of this and they're trying to which is not bad political strategy, I think it's. A tough task is to flip the crisis on its head and turn it into an asset for Trop, as opposed to a weakness. Yeah. Oh, I was, as you know, Republicans want the frame to be. You know Trump once everything
open Democrats want everything closed, and then they want to force Democrats to either say yes, thing should be closed because we want to keep people safe or nowhere opening some stuff, but we want a unit they want. They want the frame to be open closed and I think Democrats need to pull it out of that frame. And say that Trump wants to do nothing about the crisis except things that help is election? That's the only that he has no point. He has no plan for jobs. He has no plan to stop the spread of the virus. Has no plan to put you back to work is no plan to help you in any way. You have one plan and that plan is to get re. Elected Democrats want to keep you safe. Keep you healthy. Put you back to work, make sure you can pay your bills. We want to do something about this crisis. It is both a health crisis and an economic crisis. He doesn't want to do anything and he has proved that he hasn't done anything yet, which is why were stolen the mess that were so. I just think it's like about its. We can't let it be a frame of their open, we're closed, which, as you saw from the lazy reporting on this
The media is, very, you, know their willing to like, by into that frame, that its red, Blue America, culture, war, masks, no mass. You can see Media is gonna, eat this up and I think we're gonna have to work harder to sort of pull it out of that frame. I grew there. Everything you said is it out for one addendum, which I think we should give Trump two plants get reelected help as wealthy Frances russian speakers. Having pilot, I think the pub assumes, with some reason that every politician, once you get reelected, so that's all right at. Does it s only a deficit by if you can point out the plutocratic economic part of us haven't gotten While the threat posed by jack- but their pointed out, is that requires Democrats, you also have a plant the specific plan for redress. Just. I have no doubt that the binding campaigners working on somewhere but we're getting kit plan all beats no plan right in currently Renee no plan verse no plan world, and so we need a plan Yet in and when we say plan, we know we don't mean you're, like twenty page policy prescription. That's on your website somewhere, like a plan
and that every voter, or at least Every organizer can recite to every voter easily The trunk campaign is also attacking binding for comments he made at the end of an interview on the breakfast club last Friday with Charlemagne, the God he said quote. If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't, black by major apologizing to call with black business leaders and told them the he shouldn't have been so quote cavalier saying quote, I know that the comments, I'm off like I was taking the african American both for granted, but nothing could be further from the truth never ever done that and I've earned it every time. I've run, of course, Trump campaigns. Running digital ads and selling you ain't black, tee shirts, very subtle as usual, in what was your reaction to bind the comments. The euro is someone who is staffed, many many interviews for voting. Added its president's. I don't
I've ever seen. Someone make mistakes so close to the finish line. I want to know where I woke up and I heard about it on twitter and I watched eighty misery of you like wait, whereas this, whereas this and then like they're, leaving their end in the interview, it's I don't see, it did someone I have like a bear. It is there, it is at the very end Yet he had this was after said by. He made a mistake. It was very clearly mistake. It was the obvious at the wrong thing to say I did think is the day went on that you can only stand, the media ecosystem incentives that cause some politicians to never apologize, mostly we're both. Now I want a Politician at present a presidential candidate who is willing to it they were wrong and to apologise when they cause offence joining as it. But I'm sitting there, this happens in other trunk. Anybody you sure, as everyone is reacting to add, as a twitter, swirl.
In other words, kind of moves on a little bit listens to the online conversation about it, and then I'm here My phone in my hand- and I get nine news alerts- that's like buying apologize by an apology, bite apologize by departures into being and so you see that somehow we live in a world where Biden gets a hundred times more coverage than Trump for saying that one thing and apologizing Trump does for saying the wrong thing and never apologized and like it. I was right to apologize, it is the morally I think you obviously it in the medium and from the politically right thing to do, but like is not treated the same way or a fairly, and there is a real asymmetry. Now these are covered. Yet I mean it's back to the conversation we ve had a million times about like twenty sixteen and how they have been lessons learned from twenty. Sixteen at all- and I think it is a we weaken-
yell about it and about media coverage. But it's going to be a dynamic that we all have to deal with between now and now that any time by makes a mistake, it will be on somewhat of an equal plan as Trump mistakes that are a in times worse. But you know this goes to why Trump thinks he can benefit politically from us, like. I think the trump people know that he's one of must racist people to ever hold office. I mean he's he's, as raises things ten times a day, and yet they think this will benefit them politically. Why why? What white? What's their strategy here You know, there's a whole bunch of stories that lag behind the curtain stories about the Trump campaign effort to court african american voters. And they're very in depth and I think in fairness and reporters, pretty skeptical of both
efficacy and sincerity of these efforts. But there is the pudding real resources behind this, like they have a show on the Trump app that is called black voices of Katrine appears, and in others they have There's a lot of merge, their speed, other putting up signs and store fronts and african american communities as other putty resource. I think the question is- and this is true for the vast majority of republican Party efforts to court lacked voters, are they trying to get more afghan. As a vote for them or are they trying to convince white man? rights. You are uncomfortable with trumps racism that is not as racists as they might The question is in the strategy is what the target audience is, and, and so I think that is how to analyze. This necessarily
I also think they don't necessarily think they can get a lot of black voters to cast for about four trump, but they do think that they can get some small percentage of black voters, particularly young black voters, who do not have a long time attachment to the Democratic Party as older black voters due to stay home right, which is what they tried to do in twenty. Sixteen with some success, and if you look at the places where we need to win in Michigan around Detroit in in Pennsylvania, around Philadelphia and in a little less Ellen was content, I think, but there are places where they think if they can shave the margin just a little bit. That can make the difference, and I do you know my issue with binds comments when she was in. I am glad he he apologized for
is, I think, for a lot of. At least this is what the data shows. I think for a lot of older black voters. They probably care less about that. They do have a long time attachment to the Democratic Party, and they understand that you know, of course, we're not gonna go for tromp innate. They have an affection for Joe Biden, but I think there's a lot of young people of color, and this is true of young people in general, who don't really have an attachment to either party. In the reason they don't have a big. They could have very liberal, progressive values, but the reason that they don't have an attachment either party. If they don't see that anyone has done anything for them to make their life better over the last couple years and their there are worried about their job prospects. There worried about police brutality and and police violence. It we're gonna talk about the second there now worried about how they ve been dispelled. Finally impacted by this virus and again they look around and see. No one seems to care, and all these politicians say the same:
ring around the auction time. Yes, Trump's racist and I get that, but where are the Democrats? Where is Joe Biden? What are they done? And so, when you hear Joe Biden say you know you ain't black, they think well, you know Why- and this is what Charlemagne said to Germans like it. This isn't about Trump like Trump I'm wondering as President what Are you going to do for my community? How many times have politician shown up and black communities to ask for votes, and then after the election nothing happens and we can say that Democrats been fighting really hard to improve life and black community. The reason that it doesn't happen is because Republicans have obstructed us in Congress and they ve stopped us at every turn. Another in its all. True, but again we all uses a bunch of politicians talking and then you don't see improvement. Come your community overtime, you're gonna have less an attachment to that party and to me that it
it goes way beyond what I said and apologize. That's that's fine, but I think a big challenge in this election mean you know black turn out window between Obama, Hilary and that someone understand both the first by president in and already in impose you know Joe Biden. Is not receiving the same share of the workforce in polls that Hillary Clinton did, and particularly that's foot- that's concentrated in young voters and we website, this before in the in the universe of up for grabs voters, they are disproportionately young and disproportionately people of cholera, and you know The question is aside from this gaff aside from what the Trump campaigns doing, what would by not taking black voters for granted, actually look like I mean, I think, based on love people who had been hired by the campaign in all things, and I was that this
I have no reason to believe that they are have any plans to take african american voters forget, despite what Joe Biden set, that from a european perspective, is about organizing in there, unity with local people. Now right it is about, outreach now's, not waiting till the like the committee you always here is that democratic party politicians come in a month before the election and focus on GEO Tv. It is about doing real, organizing right now. That has begins with conversations about what needs to be done in the community, and I think it that has to be done now. That is much more challenging in a pan, dammit context where you can't go door to door, you can't Community meetings, it's much harder by it has to be done and
I think, you're exactly right, that the Trump Campaigns goal is not to get more black. Voters is to make sure that Joe Biden gets fewer by voters and it's not about the though not the margin is about the aggregate number of total butters and that in, if I wasn't it from campaign, if you look it always want to find sort of IE the inefficiency in the system. You can explain, and so, if you know that only have to move a group of voters to points to change change the outcome that is a very efficient way to spend. And so that is why that is why they are focused on, because, if you just you change that whereby two or three points in Wisconsin or Michigan Pennsylvania or or North North Carolina, for example, you're gonna wind as opposed to losing and do you know we have to be very wary of animal can, but you know not just your bind, but the entire party can take nothing for granted and we have to be and it is not enough to Jesse all that Donald Trump is
we ve actually seen. Research shows that that is the one of these waste of arguments with african american voters who we need to get bring back into its In fact, it's more persuasive to white liberals than most ass american voters, They understand that, in spite of other subjects, the understand that racism is structural and is much bigger than just Donald Trump tweets will and on that note you know the other important thing to note here we're having this conversation, you know there have been a series of very hers instances of racist violence and discrimination over the last several weeks were now in the third day of protest in Minneapolis over the murder of George Floyd, a black man who die. After he was pinned down and suffocated by police while he begged for his life? I would highly recommend listening to a cue, a huge talk about this. On Wednesday's episode of what a day it's very powerful, the officers have been fired, but not charged with anything on Tuesday, by called for civil rights investigation into killing, which he said was quote part of
grain systemic cycle of injustice that still exists where black lives are under threat, every single day later trumped tweet, to call for an expedited investigation, but didn't mention systemic racism to me. The way by the handles this is far more important than how he deals with his breakfast club comments. What what do you think, I think that's right. I think this is a very important conversation to have and it's a very different one than we normally have other gases we wanted. Honest, which is most of the time in the context of party American. We talk about these things. We talk about them in terms of how winning the election will change thinks right where you know We are concerned about whether the Asia is around, whether more Americans we get access to health care or whether we're gonna stop destroying the plant Try something different in electing Joe Biden. Democrats send Democrats the house up another about all of that is. They a solution to the problems that we should
like no one should be naive, know why that bullshit suggested some are winning. This is collections going to fundamentally change the dynamics there at pleasure right between the racism we saw in central park there. Obviously, the police violence has played. Our communities are very long time. There were only paying more attention. Who now because a smartphone videos or showing it it's not going to change that, will bite and do a much better job of trying to address both the root causes and some of the behaviors that we do this one hundred percent, even that, the steps you know the steps were taken: the Obama administration around police violence against minority citizens were you know, I have no doubt not enough and wait.
Then they should have been, but even those debts were undone by just ashes and Donald Trump in the first few days, Joe Biden would enable put those in and go beyond anything he has to have a very specific plan, for I know, he's talked about a bunch of us stuffed or in the primary humble in should talk about it again now, but this is this is this? Is a country in the world in which we live in, and I think it's really, Orton for folks like us to listen to a killer, to read some things that Brittany and a lot of other people have said about this and try to understand the right way for white liberals to respond to this. That fully understands the the fear and despair in grief that comes from this from the american community and I think a lot that really needs to be thought of, as the sharing of these videos at Kyoto talked about
You would never share in any other contacts to add, we don't think about that enough, because it and then people share them- and I think you know, despite maybe so subconscious out of showing the world that they are woke. It's that we want the world to know this happens, but as a killer points out just so passionately and powerfully in her remarks. That's not what changing thanks Ryan you have to think about who is here and that their end, it's impossible to put ourselves in those shoes, but I think about the comments from Christian Cooper and they are time tree. You know he is the person who was in central park as a bird washer and gun in his altered. Then with the woman about her dog being off a leash, and he talked about how he had his passion is we're watching and that he has to think every day that he has done in a hobby that has in crawling through the bushes, with a mental object in his hands, and then
He comes out behind the Bush in the wrong way at the wrong time. His life is at risk, and that is something that is much bigger than this election or anything else, and it is like the route it is. It goes beyond any of these videos. It is the phenomena reality that a huge portion of Americans are living in and addressing that is bigger than tweet.
In spite of everything else, we're talking about here, will in any back to our earlier conversation about. You know certain up and needing a president who can help the country grieve during a time like this right. There is by now, of course, needs plans for those who have plans, and I don't doubt that he will and he'll say the right things and hill and you'll have the right kind of plans to address this, hopefully, but more important than that, maybe even more important that is speaking about it in an honest way and showing that he gets it that he gets at the core. What this is really about that he you know that I mean we now start seeing protests in Minneapolis over last couple days. Their protest here- and I lay about this. This could continue and as the country is sort of going through this turmoil, and especially the black community, is demanding rightfully that people understand what they have been going through, an fearing for sale
Long in this country. We need to have a president. We need to have leaders who showed that they understand that and that they can help heal the country and help find justice, and that is not like us at that is more than just plants. That is constantly talking about this. Making this part of your message making this part of the everyday discussions you have not siphoning off so that your only talking about it when something pops up in the news, but that you're talking about it through this whole campaign- and you know it like it's, it's just getting the message out there. It's you like what we ve been talking about with everything else, and so I do think. That's that's something that the bombing campaign needs to be focused on one last question on this: do you think any of this will impact vitamins. Vp selection should it I dont know I really none of us now and at all, with the always important stimulation and discussion about,
Rumours reporting around Vps is in almost every exists in every case. The people who talk don't now, and people who know don't talks, right now. You see where you to use your reporting about by that binds them. These two people are dispersed every effort, What no action has not actually frankly, think Joe Biden does not know. Right now is shortlist. Ask us he said last night it a fundraiser. He wrote make a similar on August, one right, and so, if you just based on schedule, is unlikely that the vetting and other processes- and certainly the interviews have happened, I don't know whether this will have an impact on it. We know pulling to the extent we ve seen. It shows that it's not really clear. You know some polling suggested some people may and more to the ticket. There's a story out today that some points in Green Bergamo cried pulsar. Dad says those with worn would be the best option. I've seen points as it doesn't make a huge difference. I think that the question
We'll be behind all of the you, the specifics of these individual things is like. Why does the impact of it Sort of a larger mega conversation in our politics about Joe Biden, specifically not picking a woman, a color right where you have very clearly qualified pull in those positions to do right like we always. It is not an abstract question. It is someone like Humble Harris or States Abrahams who are on the clinical rumoured shortlist rise of you're, picking someone other than that but even if right now pulling shows that people don't have on feelings when, where the other or ambivalent or at all, comes out on the wash in terms of food people pick, it is the impact of that matter. Converse. One and one that will certainly be weapon ized by the Trump camping right in and other just information outlets, to try to deal with the prompted.
Point out the Joe Biden. His is doing less well as of right. Now in previous democratic nominees have done, and you know it is complicated. You know you mention the the political story about stained green birds, pulling which pointed to warn as the best option morning consulted a pull this week that found Warren would have the biggest net positive impact on violence candidacies. Among all voters, but particularly among black voters and young voters, more so than commonly Harris or Stacy Abrams, though its fairly close with black voters- and you know also that we have to recognise that Elizabeth warns name, I d name. Identification is greater than Comma Harris or Stacy Abrams, especially Stacy Abrams. But so you know first, you have to understand, like we don't know for sure that picking a woman of coal, in this scenario, when you have was with worn, would attract more rotors of color to the ticket. We just don't know that eyes were sitting here today, just be
pundits? I will say of all of the potential packs you know. Politico has a story, this recording black activists who don't want to see any closer, as as the pack and the washing imposed Jonathan Cape Heart points to a twenty nineteen headline from their paper that read as a prosecutor in heavily White Minnesota, Amy Clover, sharp decline to go after police involved and fatal encounters with black men. I do think, with this happening in Minneapolis right now. The fact that any closure was the head of the county attorney for a long time that is obviously going to raise some questions about her as a potential pick for or could raise a lot of questions whose potential peck among a lot of letters of color? So I think it unclear the effect it has on war and versus Harris Verses Abrams, but I do wonder if it does have some effect on enclosure. I mean I just this is MIKE.
Yes but it's an educated guess just based on having no network which are binding for long time is his first and foremost tests is going to be. Are they read, which I think everyone who was on the rumour shore less passes that test your easily right, that they could step is just even if you didn't have a presidential nominee who was nearing eighty in atomic Dammit? You need to have someone who can step into the room. And I think the second one close relatives who is the best governing partner, in that is gonna take precedence over the politics of it with him for just here. And vice president? He knows how important it is to have someone you can work with the relationship with Brok, Obama so critical to him and his experience there in the countries they were able to make.
The country and he's been around long enough to see how that works. When they get along Yemen, they don't get along right at by this is an election. It is the most important action history. The politics will matter: some are they gonna be secondary, but these are gonna, be close. Calls for people, All of these things and there we know obvious choice and you're gonna- have to make a got because it's a dynamic not a thing you can know in advance. Pulling is not going to tell you who the right path. Choices, it'll be how that choices received it'll be how that person performs a campaigner on how that person performs at the commission's and at the debate with my pants yeah hours it may make that is allowed to attend, into his guide. You just ask John Mccain right when we back, will have my conversation with Paul too. From organizing together twenty twenty Party, America's Dubai, simply safe. We the number one sign of a bad home security system.
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whose and world report either Twenty four for seven professional monitoring and emergency dispatch starts at fifty cents a day head to simply saved outcomes. Simplisafe cricketing get a free, hd camera just for our listeners. It simply save dot com, slash crooked and just you know, make sure tell them that I pod save America sent you. I am joined today by the man who ran Iowa for the Obama campaign in two thousand and eight and is now the head of organizing together twenty slash, twenty, the legendary Paul twos. Welcome to the well, I'm very excited to be with you. I I think I did this once before you guys back when Tommy was doing it I was serious and it seems about every four years unpopular for about two weeks when people start talking about. I was so scared to beat that, talking about Iowa. That's where we ve, we bring you back, we only pigeonhole you like. Thank you. Thank you. So much. I do appreciate
So I want to dig into organizing. But first I want at year perspective on the overall stated the race. Where do you think? So? things stand right now what binds biggest challenges and what trumps biggest challenges. Thirty thousand foot viewer, thirty thousand footwear. I listen. I am optimistic and I think you know about our chance as I do that people should be optimistic. You know, I think this is the coming election, that's obviously referendum on tromp and I think you're out from all the calling to see and unjust conversations conversations know: people aren't satisfied, they're, happy happy. There know they want to make it different choice. I saw it, I feel think you know. I do think you know it's just you upon an part of this conversation, and that people do their part. You know this, isn't it I think a lot of people.
Sit around say. Let's wait for this Biden campaign to get gone. Let's get moving binds actually probably further ahead than were. Obama was away. We didn't start really getting going until July August and the general site yeah. I think he's further had their it all, but I thought it's it's incumbent upon all of us in and what we can do to effect this election. You know that's really what organizing about now. That's where people come in a day to day basis talking to their neighbours talking. Their friends are not being afraid to have that conversation and not being afraid to have an opinion, and so here I feel I actually do feel optimistic. You know about our chances not only with fine, but for Democrats, law and a you know. It's just that function of working hard and working from the heart and getting out there in communicating with people and listening that people will listen.
You know lover, listeners are all signed up. Debray Organise adds by adding there some other people at its great blaming, there's a mother but there were thinking about, but you by one the primary with the smallest field organization of any one in the race. So maybe it doesn't make much of a difference. What do you say. Wise, feel wise, organizing so important. Well, I think you can ask Al Gore when he lost by what three and twenty votes you can ask. Now, Hillary Clinton, when she lost him, no, I think, was collect maybe thousand Watson three states, everybody matters it really does and organizing- is important because I've, I still believe- and I think most people should believe that politics is still about people. You know it's it's it's still about human interaction is still about how we treat rob, how we treat one another, and I
I guess you have to care about your community. If you care about your country, anyone can be involved in politics, and everyone should be involved yeah, no matter what your opinions are. You now This country needs that your community needs that, and that should be, motivation uniting most Americans do care about. What's goin on communities. What's goin on the neighborhoods what's going on in their country, and you're being involved in in political terms. Hands and volunteering, and you know it's a good feeling you and I, just have so many great memories of every campaign office ever walked in and you see in a voluntary is coming out, they feel good. If you go about their raw, they feel good about the effort we are making on behalf of the things I care about.
And I thought I think that's is healthy for democracy out before us is a country. One end, your citizens just feel great about their role and again every boat matters and every vote matters, and You know one volunteer our here to volunteer hours. There can be the difference and oftentimes it has been the different so for the sake of your heart go out, nor you know get involved and for the sake of your country and for the sake of talking a borders, get bald, I mean That certainly was the case in two thousand and eight. We always tell the story but you are running iowa- I was in chicago- and there were times in the summer of two thousand seven in the following two thousand and seven, where the national media narrative Obama's behind Hilary is gonna. Win. Obama has no chance and we were
pretty down and the Chicago headquarters, and they argued TAT. I owe you step and that it was right now and you ve step under that domain office or one of the offices are one of the field offices and, although all the different countries in Iowa and you'd, feel this energy and enthusiasm that was just electric and it makes you feel better about the race, because I think, when you're on the ground talking to people doing that work, it's such a different experience than sitting at a desk reading tweets reading the news. Looking at the polls all apple shit. It really is a sort of it does something to you yeah. No, I listen and that's the thing you know. I think you know I think, especially even MRS now, twelve years later, you no one I mean Why you see a new every five minutes? It seems you know that the people can affect change right in front of them, that you now obviously there's a bigger picture, but I think more
People want to know that what they are doing is making a difference and that's very local. You know all politics, our local and you know your ability to effect. Change happens neighbour by neighbour, friend by friend community by community, and I think that's the attitude people have to have in order to you know- or in order to satisfy their own hearts, and why they're doing this and to to effect change young worry about the end and think about it Work is on things that are at bringing Leszek about organizing together twenty twenty. You guys occur before the primer was over to make sure that Whoever one the nomination would have an organizing staff ready to hit the ground running. How is this informed by twenty excuse me, I saw it was created in organizing twenty. Twenty was really create a guy. You know a few,
national unions any I and you and ass man, they went through the strategic battery fun was it was kind of this idea that you know that the number one challenge of organizing is time? Always it unites its decide here. I think you know backed away. Whereupon I got good and nobody really talks about this. As you know, we had to run a campaign in fifty states before the general election we had to, I'm too now train volunteers work with volunteers people energize gay people organise so it's a function of time. So our whole mission here was we wanted to get organised early number one in this state yeah, I'll, get organizers, trained up goodbye, give volunteers home, give them something to do, and then third is,
a kind create a little unity out there. You know, I think we have organizers from thirteen different presidential campaigns- You know, as they now came off of their own bans in a we hired him up and and put him to work under debate. Continuity You know I saw listen, it's it's an idea that is borne out by these unions that you know a coup. Nor organizing better than anybody there We just got to get ready and get going and and the general election will happen. You know by dancing a good place or not. You know the price, out of the curve and behind, and we just one people will be ready and give them something to those that's what we're doing so.
Always been someone who you know less to send, organise it out to knock on doors, to make phone calls you believe in the team spirit of organizing doing its side by side with other people? How are you thinking about ways to capture that spirit? If we have to do much of this campaign from home because of the pandemic? Well, yeah, listen, I still think its community you know, it's still. Campaigns are community. You just have to be a little more creative things like zone and of virtual officers, and you know in and get people together is ass. They can in this situation. I think some other the you know it's interesting when I first started in politics in oh boy. That was a long time ago. John, you now five years ago, three years ago, now is back. Then you know,
the phone call with the former your weapon in a way we would set a phone banks. Now, as your way to communicate and boat or so, in a way while technologies advance so much. I still think there's a lot of ways to talk the borders? You know whether it be through a phone call, whether it be through text message, text messaging in a lot of people communicate through facebooking and where were you create kind? that and they go out and put their own person. Touch on it and it also a volunteer. There's still a lot of things you can do to effect change and so on got out tools and platforms round all those things, but it still about community has still not getting involved and along the way you made a few people and you and joy your time. It's it's a invigorating experience, as you know, if you can attested her hand
you know, we hear from a lot of people we're doing this adopt estate programme. Peoples are adopting one of the six battleground states, and you know a lot of people say there there concerned about volunteering outside of their communities and may be being perceived as an outsider. How do people avoid that, if you're sort of calling into or reaching into another stay. I think a couple I'd say one is always be respectful. You know always be respectful to the voter you're talking to even and respect, starts with listening now, just listen to people. I think we need more than our politics not less, and I think you know people across the country. They have different stories to tell you now but and there's a theme that run sure they care about allow the same things? Family and andor, you know, Mary and jobs and in all their answer
clarity, but he also star with start with the proposition of respect, listen and don't be afraid to tell your own story, you know, don't read from Fucking points tell your story: why do you care? Where are you taking time to do this? and if you said, and a respectful way, I think people listen. I do and that's important so every day, this matters. This is a country where not a collection of fifty states and thousands of communities going to world one country, and so I think people should feel empowered you know what they are from California, the New York reminder while being to make a difference, and they can so one mine's biggest challenges is getting young people are to vote, especially young people of color. The pandemic makes us even harder some college kids may not even be on campus. This fall huh
organised in a way that gets young people excited to actively participate in this election and not be bystanders. Less I'd starts with young people talking to young people, I think that you are sending me. Maybe you could do it sending me and talk to young people boy, that's what is it? It's that I'm on the age of clear I I think it is like. I think it's the idea that you know this next generation. Let them and leaders and their people that want to be leaders and their need to take it upon themselves to realize what is at stake and that selection to get their fellow. Citizens in our younger citizens engaged and active you're. Not, I think also. You know the others there's on assigned by two to speak to those issues
and I'm sorry well you know, so I think it starts with those two propositions. I think it's it's gotta be young people talking. The young people About what's at stake, and then you know Biden at some point And I'm noise already done this yeah, really speaking to what they care about, because that'll get them yeah yeah last question for you, but I've been asking people what's keeping you up at night about the selection, and you can't say everything I think participation is gonna, be the big this thing. You know what I think you're not organise until twenty twenty. What we're trying to do now is there? No across these states, Fortunately, in our states thereof, they're all have pretty good, both I'm ill rules.
But as giving you letting people know early in what their options are in voting guiding them through the process of looks like you and me, and probably most your listeners think about politics and camp in three and sixty five days a year normal normal American. Doesn't we're not normally at our American, because you know they may think about it three days before the election, and maybe it's too late, so I think these phone calls in this volunteering that you're doing is as important bit to educate people about their options and keep it in front of them. And about what are my boarding options so that that is what keeps me up at night. Is that young will our traditional folks Will there be confusion in the process and are we ready to handle that confusion
Part is organizing together, twenty twenty really looking forward to working with you gotta get out on this directive, and I give a shadow you shortly and you put the Sun year saw Ashley Williams is our training director She's, right, training, director, she's gonna, be guiding everybody through this she's, a big fan, via your guys, all the time so as to billions will be handling all the training and she's, probably one of the best in the country. So people can feel good that when they get trained through us They're gonna, be in good hands. Another reason to sign up, Ashley Williams will be leading the training she's one of the best in the business. You heard here, first two's you talking to man. Take care thanks. John stay out of the boys thanks to Paul twos for joining us today, and everyone have a great weekend, will talk to you next week by everyone.
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