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"Blitzkrieg of blame."


Repeal and go f*ck yourself fails, Trump blames everyone but himself, and learns how hard it will be to pass the rest of his agenda. Then, Former Obama adviser Yohannes Abraham joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy to talk about the power of just showing up.

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a friend from way back when me that I was in the pot, then you aren't, I learned, and not only when you write a word enemy number and opposition bashing. Inevitably Malaga you now you ve got hosted a wildly successful, show on Friday, loved or leave. It is a genuine out its juggernaut, so ever go subscribe. You can listen to frighten aid, show you can for the second of his every work out, some of the king's whenever you like you also gonna wanna, make sure to subscribe to preserve the world. Tommy vetoes juggernaut, yeah, this we retain a gale Psmith about South Sudan. It'll be a lot less funny than lovely data. We promise you that there is a horrible famine figel, those important he should lessen lower. Can you make a joke there? It's great related the range of options for me, the operative gazed and animal carcasses with friends like these. On Friday. She talked to a myth: busters guy item- seven Adam Savage myths, busted miss the miserable Facebook conspiracy theories to great timely episode. Go, listen, ok, guys! It's a good day it's a good day. I want to start a quote from our good friend, Paul Ryan,
Obama carries. The law of the land were going to be living with it for the foreseeable future. Who would a fuck the sound would be the court that we'd be here from Paul Ryan Trump CARE is dead, Obamacare is alive, it survive. Tea party, it survive to Supreme Court challenges, and now survived and attempts to kill it by republican president and a republican Congress. Why well take a stab at what happened. I have well a long time ago this group called heritage, has created they didn't do the work. I need it. It is still deal they. Neither workers anything was anything really possible here, in my view, is that the date they put themselves in a box because there were many republican politicians, most republican politicians lied, Voters about Obama care from the Inception
from the beginning. They told everyone there would be a government take over. It would kill all these jobs, it would include death panels grandparents were died, so that was the beginning ray and then what they decide to do. Not none of that stuff came true. Was they waited for every power, but with the law and then nature to tell people that by repealing the law that would they would take care of that problem. So, where they're pretty higher than that, they should have been yes, where their deductibles too high, with a co payments get into her? Yes, but the problem is Republican said. If you elect us, and we repeal this bill, then all that It will go away. That was a lie for the vast majority of the last seven years. The problem with the bomb, a health care bill, has been a bomb, not the healthcare, but right and there some exceptions that there's some problems with the legislation is written. The need to be updated, adjusted, but the proof point theirs they didn't develop. Alternative in seven years and then Paul Ryan,
by saying that Obama ran a secretive process that they pass. This thing the dead of night. They didn't committee hearings. He took like a couple weeks in heap. Scented them. A bill without any options without any process to have real debate a real amendments. He just said here. This is the thing he'd blindly vote for without a real sepia score that any sense of like what it would do or hurt in their district, and it was a total flop yeah. It's that what they ended up with was just a very, very shitty version. Vomica. We taught me that before, but that was actually a is a really uprising turn us right. After all, these years of seeing a care itself was a fundamentally flawed idea. He kind of reach I've got himself stuck his position of offering similar tax credits, but worse similar benefits but worse, while those that the this central challenge for the Republicans is what they are really believe is that governments should not guarantee the right to affordable medical care for people. That is the leave a most Republicans. There's some odd Republican still out there, who believe that governments should play just very small role in helping people afford Medicare, but the tea party.
So the republican conference right now doesnt work The government has a role: that's not what they argued, nor are they, ran on that's not what they fought for right, and so when it came time to put an altar or because they know that most Americans, if they have problems with Obamacare, it's because Obamacare, go far enough in helping be recorded and hats the key, and we should be a little bit more cynical about it here, because the whole though a lot of what the republican critique of Obamacare is actually critique of health insurance generally witches people. There's a real dis like between what people pay out of pocket. You know what people pay for, health care and health care they want to receive. Everybody wants the same thing. Everybody wants fantastic healthcare for a little money as possible and as a country, we're gonna pay all the health care bills right, whether it's the hospitals are gonna pay it or the taxpayers. Gonna pay to individuals, gonna paid or businesses are gonna, Pat we're all gonna pay fails or people just gonna die without the treatment that they need, which is It goes on anyway, Andrew, begins have been sort feeding this myth that there could be this free lunch that we can lower deductibles anger
good insurance and everybody could have insurance anti government debt will go down in the government, taxes will go down and it just was never. Simple. There is a fundamental like a heart of everything. They are promising. Yeah think that there's a so the thugs Herman is could any bill of past, and I too, I dont know that anything could have passed with only republican votes, whereas you have the freedom to carry the freedom cock, as is already saying, let's pull back what are called essential health benefits of mammograms things out when he got you have then their pushing delimited parts of the bill that required coverage for pre existing conditions. Kid staying on their cover show their twenty six, that that gets the place where moderates are just not going to be able to go along with this thing. So ok could trumpet pass something if you try to do it with democratic votes, maybe I dont know that you could have called that a full repeal you already would have been accused of breaking your big campaign promised your absolutely right. The only thing the Donald Trump could have passed with depths of first of all, the only way something made have gotten out of the house is probably with democratic roots. You might have been able to get there
in Pakistan. The moderates forget something if it wasn't quite as missing. You spend a long time, but pay will you need a democratic votes to get it out because those freedom cock the only people were true to their beliefs they were the freedom carcass, because their belief is not government involvement in healthcare whatsoever. We don't want it, so they monitor only I downloaded it just to be fair to them to you like, and certainly the answer is not going to be some bastardize half government involvement that kind of crazy he's crazy, right walls like their nose like so you can with subsidizing shitty unsure whether they're not gonna, be further reasonable. So that said, so, therefore, you lost thirty or forty votes, because you are going to do that. To get democratic votes, you'd have had to increase the subsidy he's you'd have to give people more help for healthcare and regular publicans weren't gonna go along with that. So what really happened in this bill is every time try try to make a concession around her to make a concession to the freedom caucus. It pissed off more moderate Republicans and here's the big thing why worthy Republican. We call the moderates, the really not moderate, but why were these other Republicans, not okay with that
because they lived there was too many applicants who live in blue districts or action who are now just afraid of primaries, for once they were afraid of getting beat in a general election and the reason they were afraid of, didn't beaten in a general election is because the town halls and because the activism and his people showed up and people call Yet I went to his tomahawk. Has no right of the shadow of the building pulled at seventeen percent mean that they re I'll, be there but there, but the real Then he jam with that bill is for all the reasons we just sat like because they did. They tried to take away people's health care. Let me also, which is not what people voted for people did vote for Donald Trump to get Paul Ryan's agenda. That is the truth and at the router, write this bill was a giant tax caught right for the rich that then forced them to cut subsidies for everybody down the line and but nobody wanted at first, but also it's crazy as they created this process where they decided the only way they could you Healthcare was to do it in like a month because they had to get to tax warm and I I was actually thinking back to how every one was a hope. There's been this. There was this recrimination, especially when it looked like Obamacare minutes
that oh did Obama make a mistake in pursuing this right touch him or her said that and ah ah, but you go back and look we passed the stimulus first, did a big important piece of legislation that was really important for the economy before we started this very long. Healthcare process pudding healthcare at the every front of what they were doing and then say it has to happen incredibly fast ribaut unit for revamping. Fifthly, the american economy has to happen in a to expand, was crying it is madness yeah. What can we make? One important point, which is that the new talking point zero bomber cares exploding and that's just factually not tree. Once again the ceo, the ceo, said, the robot care markets will remain stable over the long run if they're no significant changes. So this was a tough here thing is I'm significantly in some areas ensures pulled out of some areas, but that is a far cry from what Cobb Debts borrower premiums go up to. The point that only the sick people by them in a market just employ ok, I think that is a key point, because we This point. The Republicans reach this point of failure because they told eyes to their voters about Obamacare. They continued
Those lies. Paul Ryan is saying that its in spiral, Donald Trump says it's, loading and exploiting, which is. I didn't know that something that is physically impossible, like like out like a supernova supernova erratic gets a small and big, but would you like some cosmus as well? People show, Is that it's not exactly what you said to me: it's not the debt spiral now can Donna. On his own do damage to of amateur. Yes, cannot guys over one one other little thought experiment. Imagining Trump said the depart of homeland security. Is a disaster. It's in a death spiral out, but I'm just gonna. Let it blow up the Democrats right like that is insane its insides? You things going to pass the buck for that to get people going die, what my god we're Democrats, it's there our problems with Obamacare like there are problems with the poor, there are problems with areas that only have one ensure at best but those are really solvable. Those are solving problems and an die. It's non secretaries, hey it's like it's
they're gonna, say you're, like the plumbing in my house, is broken. So let's burn this ass to the ground. Was it lets those? I got a few things that Trump can do to fuck up Obamacare and a few things that can be done to further solidify the programme to, get up bacon. The administration has leeway to say, or reduce payments that help lower deductibles for low income people. These are called crushing payments that they give to insurance companies that the about that the administration has white led it to do. They can stop doing those payments that were hurt. People number two they can stop enforcing the mandate, meaning they can stay in a phase of they don't get enough people enough healthy young people to buy into the programme that starts making the pool sick. That are the people who do turn securing our cost more money for everyone, so they can stop doing that and we already southern Prodi this at the beginning of the year, they can hurt in Rome efforts right when you more people times they can stop advertisements. If I bet so, there are three things they can do to hurt the programme themselves. What can be done to help them help the broker? Well- basically the opposite of what I just said that you can
can guarantee those payments continue the larger ones oh and also states, can decide to expand Medicaid and take that the last some states and they have expanded medicated, just announced. Today they are going to start expanding. Then, let's get, but also I mean oh bomber, that did it a secretary. There are times when they called insurers and coaxed or begged or force them to stain markets are new the right thing price, do that Tom Price ages, a segregated that drives them trump brag about doing that. Every other data keeping jobs here. How about yelling it ensures that poles pretty well everyone hates insurers, the green negotiator make an avatar to the deal negative about insurance. I don't think so. That's right! So we have here is a windows. One says: there's nothing: you can do to help Obamacare cause. It's pudding, he is lying he's a fucking lying and so is Paul. Ryan again introduces the yeah, it's frustrating demagoguery. That aid is annoying to watch. These factual inaccuracies get repeated ad nauseam and once again it just becomes a conventional was right
becomes like oh Democrats and Republicans just can't meet on this will now they're lying they been lying for eight years. Let's call it out so anyone have some fit. There's a lot of recrimination stories about this. Does anyone have any favorite tidbits from So how could I wanna leave with all the drama, because so often we think like it's all? the personalities and rinds negotiating skills and trumps negotiating skills and, like I think, we'd we there's lots. Therefore it is the play here, but there are still some really fun stories there is. There is a political story that kind of walks you're all the different people, blaming all the other different people and actually be read. That story like some of the people that are getting blame rains. Previous Paul, Ryan, Steve, Bannon Jar cushions the White House communications to the wider political team, Donald Trump, maybe down from Junior slipped in their the unheard of butter. That's funny about that.
Like the answer is yes, I hear all responsible like this was a incredibly bungled operation. Right like it was a mistake, in theory was mistaken practice. It was poorly executed. Donald Trump did nothing. I love you. Don't became Johns by certain Friday, like five seconds before the whole thing fell. Apart was like the one thing we can say: is Tom Trumpet on feel pain? You did you get it all the field, he didn't do anything. It was like. It was two weeks heat and even give a single speech about it. He doesn't know. What's in the bill, he was in what you got ten times. The amount of cognitive dissonance at the press corps affords Donald Trump is, is one of my favorite thing overlaying. All this, for example, Trump says hey tune in to judge Janine Puros show tonight that has never happened in the history of judging pirogue. They want to fund judging probe moment, Google, Jim Pro and page ten, when she literally doesn't have a page of her nansen switching to live in Russia, rather greater moments, Billy his tune in that she is a six minute rant Saint Paul Ryan is at fault. He screw. Donald and he must resign, and then Trump staff is like now.
He had no idea, never talked her. Nobody heads up, it has happened to me. I think we ll a few things about Donald Trump from this whole episode, or some of us already knew this by. Thank everyone learned it now. He doesn't about policy. Here he doesn't care about health care. I mean I'm not yet learned anything. You know what I've learned. Some doesn't care about, keeping any of the promises he may cause. He said I want health insurance for everybody and I dont want to cut medicated. He didn't try to do either of those things he gets bored. Quit easily he's. Not what they got his own party now willing to be by partisan, basically believing he care about this whole time was winning something right. I wanna go back to the story, love it raised because it just amount of inviting in white asked me there's a quote at the end, it's like you couldn't even believed the nodded in fighting like it sounds like a road rules, real world challenge episode or something, but my favorite is like there's equity like the, New Goldman Sachs people. Gary Conan Dinah Power are hated by the old Goldman Sachs People, Steve Bannon and, like that's one power Centre Jared Cushion, who went to ask me
for two days in the midst of the biggest legislative priority being on the floor in caving? getting a lot of heat deservedly so by the way things are going up skiing in another, the only the only one who live like no eight hours between the rich and the raising of the thing I do feel bad about is like you have these people in the White House Press office. Getting all this blame and I've been in that seat where it's like all the palace these are disaster at every one is leaking there in fighting it. Everyone is like wealth. The press office could just clean this at the moment, time to press team is not responsible for bad week, for the same reason that janitors don't throw shit all over the ground right to your job is to clean it up. I will say this: I will. I am never want to give credit to these. People have never want to defend them, but the idea at the White House. Communications office is the reason the Trumpets Administration is in this mass is rift, but what are they supposed to deal like? You can't like, barring, better like our technology they could put over the heads of all Americans, like I'm, not really quite sure what the communications others could do, tat they have been, and I ve spent a month the defending the attack.
Little Bhamo illegally wiretapped, the guy who and what else we should also do came, dress up a horse shit. It's my grandfather owes you. I didn't you that I'm calling we should get some time in turn or assistant for the vain. That's popping out, o Sean's basis had to manage that guy's income. They were doing this in the middle of a briefing. It's probably gonna, be great breathing. Though there not great briefings anymore they're, just there there pointless, because it just it just gets up there
I actually think that great no that's walk like George you're being a giant Carl Carl Car Java Job, and I think that what you're saying is ridiculous, obviously could govern. Newness came yours coincidence. You just have the feds decent repay someone, as some of you have good up. If troubles gonna pull the bill, he goes, are you guys are so negative, literally five minutes later troubled about many of the Washington Favour story? Is a shake up in a staff were getting like our blamed or whenever I wonder who the first to go is gonna be rights? Could it be prove any like that Sunday, riotous around everything, guy or or shine its trump is going to happen, to make a move to reset his narrative and also half dozen other previous yeah. I do really look I said this during the campaign and I still My heart hope it is true that right previous want to leave.
Takes in the middle of the night with what he can carry. I always think about their work for an I just, never reader strike at at its and it's gonna longer than expected. Obviously, but I still, I still have hope. I still have hoped that that's what happens He left town really fast, word service. You think he would do. I think it might be a good idea per annum call Lefty Escalloped yeah. What were you know? That's good good, because safety is less number one priority. Every driver is fully vetted there. A ten point safety standard, including third party criminal, indian, be background, check, etc. They do at the White House and those that have so good to worry about being safe and comfortable during your left right, every corner, it s past and nineteen point B, a construction left, even as an industry leading insurance plant protecting the moment you left over, picked you up and left offers you better experience with. You can type in the, so you have happier drivers which means happier passengers. New Anti devices, the color coding system, so you can easily find the right car, no more saying your name to your driver through a cracked window. That's why nine out of ten lift rides getting perfect five star rating right now, lift as offering
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Republicans in east blue districts were scared. Friday was scared because you called- and you showed up and like we can't forget that going for it was no way for the White House to buy off the Freedom caucus because they knew they would lose too many of the scared, moderate members who are getting in that getting an acrobat pet peppered with questions at this time. That is a dynamic european, repeating the fights to come now, except possibly the corset fight which we will start with Gordon his violin. That's a tough one yeah! Then you learn. What are we learned about the sky from the hearings? It seemed like not much he's really good. I mean I gotta say enough is enough. That is the kind of the realm I mean he ever since the Borg nomination. You have been trained to say absolutely nothing but to say it in the most affable way possible, which means assess weeks, offering a base a compliment to whatever senators barking at that moment in and they feel great enough. So we learn is very good at that. Have you guys heard about the frozen trucker kiss? I saw that Frank and got Corsica endorse it such a work message. I guess not a learning can be around for forty five years
the surgery incredible too that is this guy. This is someone who's going to side with corporations that just about most of his decisions, so this truck drivers breaks freeze. He pulls over waits three hours, help keep calling his employer keeps cholera need help. I need help, it's really called the brakes or frozen. Nevertheless, he starts losing faith, things in his arms and legs. He then start getting this early symptoms of hypothermia right answer start now is calling like emergency like I need help, I'm stuck here, but I can't I don't want to abandon my truck it's my job but like I can't feel only finally Heath Only someone tells him like you, ve gotta go you gotta run, so we unhitch is the cat from the trailer and he drives away. He gets fired by his employer for managing the thing. So the majority in the court called the dismissal unjustified all that, if requested one person thought it was justified meal gorse.
That's or as an awful story it's just like it is. It is like going out of your way to write that assent. Like are right. Not that is another country. I live in, can't fire a guy for feeding a surprise to death when what is America not a place where we put the the property inside of a truck above the life truck driver without the America Ichor up. I don't think we'll go to that because you, like you, know hates truck drivers puppies like what look the law is the law. This is what the text of the law says, and so we must call balls and strikes and look at the text and you dont think about context, even though Supreme Court, as is a thought about that context around cases forever. You in that good forget but the context is exactly why oh bomb a vote against Roberts, that's where exactly rouses express concern about the nomination which you can you can you didn't? We might have an rang without when I kind of debt is the sound of agenda like ok. We can say that that was the reason, but it was a super political about. So let's stop pretending if you read his daily close blog from two thousand, and here I address the politics of others like I've, decide
that NEO Gore such is just not in the main stream. I, hold the whole would ever know I'd. Personally torn on this. I obviously the good politics. Is the Duma Conall Day. Just like rinse repeat that approach is oxidants about everything, but I just feel something about a few wronged me, I'm a weak kneed Democrat and just how am I started their Tommy and the more I like everything is played out. You know what streamers whole strategy, but we should not have a lifetime apartment appointment given to someone who streamers whole strategy that we should not have a lifetime. Important appointment given to someone who's under federal investigation right now. He's by that- I mean there- that's the all, analysing what we're tongue with this over the past couple days, that, like like these Supreme Court rights, are all road. It's like the demo It is out of the mainstream. A few them fear. The more moderate Democrats get picked up, picked off and vote with the Republicans too. To put him on the court same. What happened if it was, it was it product combination, but this the stolen Supreme courts, it Missus Merrick, Garland Seat, Macfarlane seek justice.
Is it you know we're not afforded here at its deeply unfair and its unsolvable, but the one thing we should do is capitulated to Mitch Recall strategy interest. We should just say no, but we should also should not do what Republicans due to their voters on the time which has promised a victory here. Because Democrats can Philip, to this. Mcconnell runs the Senate. They make rules and he will get rid of the filibuster for this nomination and Neil Gorse, which will probably sit on the Supreme Court at which everyone should just be where the and that's why you think it's that that have about hand, but the best way to play it is to tie it back to the investigation, because it reminds every about this insane situation, we are were Donald Trump is not Donald Trump or should not be present as nominating someone for a seat that should not be opened yet a tumor strategies, very smart credit. I thank God. I think they came up to a pretty good rationale for why this Mabel down the enabling the idea that we are going to preserve the filibuster for the next Supreme Court. Justice, like Ms Mcdonald, can regretted he isn't here
something is maybe even more immediate than garbage, which is the government will run out of money. April, twenty eight twenty nine became a thirty five hour days, so you would think since we have a president of one party and a Congress ruled by the same party, they would just be able to put it ass. What's known as a continuing resolution, which means say, motto: money is spent everywhere and we just keep going until we have a bigger debate: ok, but here's the catch the eye carcass willed, probably want to define plant parenthood in, Continue resolution thereon sixty votes in the Senate, to pay of continuing resolution that defends plant because Democrats will not buy that? Probably Susan Collins wouldn't go for that early summer Kuski. There already said that two Republicans self doubt about them. I would he caught women, women Thereas about women. If they can't settle this, if there that means that Ryan, in order to pass something in the house will need democratic votes, this just eight
fashionable shamelessly partisan base, pleasing thing they're doing but they know full well that most fund for plan parenthood have nothing to do with abortions. There's a very print, both pro life position out there that one can take in that. I fully respect. This is not that this is unconscionable its sexist. It should not happen either. The azure point that I've heard quite Booker make, which is good. When we talk about it, funding plan, parenthood or funding plan parent at its allowing plan. Parenthood to be plan. Parenthood are funding by. Apparently it's allowing plan parenthood to be a real like any other health organisation. So I think, like that, the important thing to come back to that like it's
treating them like any other provider, and they are just an important health care provider, thought that complicated as it does so in a month right about that. So it has Donald Trump. Do here to see that the deal you know he brings people together and he's a negotiates, and then he says, hey man. He says he comes up. The tabled goes: here's how you do it. You walk in the room and you say I'm not for this and you walk out of the room. That's how you start it and then come back in a steep annex a list. I think, like the there's some that makes me feel a little bit back to the petty grievances. Part of the talk like it is to see all these lazy criticism, Obama plank off with people who are coming in air force. One are proof to be a silly as we all knew they were at the time which is. Is it Congress doesn't work that way? They have real reasons that they vote for or against things that have a lot to do with. Politics are not allowed to determine how nice Barack Obama was to you, but it makes me fearful for trumps option to adopt as president from one month and the last thing he said for this bills, it I'm not talking other fuckin member there. Nobody, there that's
are there. In Congress, if they were the kind of people, people wanted to talk to you, they wouldn't to fill the whole in their hearts, with campaigns, while endless the trap me because it was silly when they said this about Obama and it's silly now all the things it says. Donald Trump needs to take them out on the golf course more and like hang with mark meadows more and be buddy buddy with Paul Ryan. This is all this don't shoot Washington report. This is like the same crap that we went for land all John failure, like each other on actually lot. Here's a here's. Our advice think about the vigour me out, maybe too much so low that dare not speak its name in the think about the larger policy dynamics. Think about the larger political dynamics. That's what that's! What does things? Not these little stupid stories, but people playing out to get out? That being said, I do think that has been damage done when we went a time in which members of Congress were in DC for most of the year to their here for three days
they re so, like I do think, there's consequences that didn't happen between two thousand and eight, and today that happen and like the eighties now I know that at its everything is not about Obama. Tommy looked at all for me, it looked EVA garden. You haven't got going, how silly narrow! I just think what are in fact I know about, but I throw Reagan. Money around? I use Google beer Super gun, Unfortunately, everyone according pundit leather pack, some butter, okay, so if a government, I don't know I mean I think rain has to get- will have either have to tell the freedom carcass lived a fight another day on this or get democratic votes for continue resolution which item of the Democrats will govern. I dont think I mean you of policy in the Euro Times today saying that were essentially were emboldened. We see no reason to work with its president, unlike back back to the basics of being pressed in terms of relationship building it in management of Congress. Trump has certainly done the bare minimum amount of work with Republicans he
done nothing to try to reach out to Democrats, not one thing period. You don't think calling trucks humor faked year. Humor is reaching out to demagogy of calling anti policy a loser on Friday, yeah. Well, I reach I did arrogant blaming them for a bill that his own party openly tank. Do you not think that our calling their favorite president a an impostor president, because he was born in Kenya and then accusing wiretapping, your phones, you other desperate to get the Democrats in ninety olive branch? We were hoping that the Irish have met them down with what it really move. Past is pretty fast, but it's actually worth remembering that Donald Trump in his twitter hasn't has already blamed every one. He blamed Democrats, the Freedom caucus Paul Ryan. He just running down his lest nanotech olive branch. He's gonna reach out to the house the whole thing about Donald Trump, rejected Democrats is set. The threat to the freedom carcass. It's not set as agenda. You know it's like he. Freedom Cox, if you keep for
with us, we're gonna some Democrats for help. Ok, good luck, doing that and by the way, who wants to be that back up prom date, yet the insane person I asked to the prom said no, and so you the person, I obviously don't like and made fun of in Homer Moliere. Will you go to the prom with me now? We will not go to the property Donald Trump Dear Point about how down from his blade arena twitter. It's also. Finally, everytime you pick up in your times you d story by Maggie Apron. The has like sources quoted Trump in the story Donald Trump with the source close to trouble just drawing his entire team staff, his son in law, the freedom Kok is everybody I mean he is. It is able blitzkrieg of blame platoon about screen lame we get inside out like I don't. I don't like the idea that we're gonna start doing the titles during unlike be really proud of, our work is viewed in today S, youth, we ve got a hundred per cent. Let's go to the next topic on the agenda because we haven't solve the sat down and we haven't Salvador sixteen, but let the other big one that they're all saying is: ok, we couldn't
healthcare done were moving on a tax reform. We all want to tax reform anyway, even during the healthcare fight tramples like I, just gotta get this healthcare thing. Otherwise I gotta tell ya: I mean it's funny to help the healthcare part of the healthcare bill was the part that they couldn't agree upon. The part they love the task for the wretch was another like what are we just did a bill. That's all that. So here's This concept quick context. We can talk about it. Here's the issue with tax reform. Now they pass tax reform through a reconciliation bill that was the same device. They wanted to use for Obamacare appeal, which means they would only need fifty votes in the Senate. Fifty one votes in the Senate instead of the sixty right in order to do that, the tax reform cannot increase the deficit, and so that means that they would have to get fine spending cuts or Its increases, other boys, Obamacare, cutting Obamacare, was gonna, be there spending cuts There are gonna try to lower some of the deficit. Will they can't do that now? So now,
wanna have a trillion dollars and tax cuts that they have to come up with money to pay for which means that they have to increase taxes on some other people, or they have and even more spending cuts, which I dont think that they got out and just as each day you can have a real problem doing tax reform. We should ensure that back to what is tax reform it right in what is tax from generally, what a tax reform to that. So the tax go to sleep. Complicated, it's filled with a bunch of junk. It means that you could, sensibly without increasing the deficit lower or The rates will getting rid of a bunch of deductions and things that kind of distort the market or in Austria, the economy, very mortgage deduction right well right, so their deduction, there's healthcare deductions. There's mortgage deductions, then there's also the on private jet deductions and all those things that are in there as well, and then also the way that we kind of reward investors over workers and all that stuff. And so there is a there is a kind of aversion of bipartisan tax reform. That would be popular and like a good thing to do, which would be either without agree, in the deficit lowering tax rates while getting rid of getting rid of a bunch of tax policies. That kind of
spend money through giving people tax breaks, but that's not what they want. What they want to do is cut taxes for which people kind of people a little tat, taste of a task for the middle class and the poor while drastically spending to pay for it. It just that These guys are so outwardly ideologically inconsistent with the whole idea behind Tea party rallies initially was that debt was a huge Gee, although your pay enough attention that we needed to stop this runaway spending. But then you mark meadows, who's, the chair of the Freedom Caucus said he's cool attack, US tax cuts are not offset, by spending or new revenue streams which will absolutely led to the deaths it being cut, Unless you still believe in supply side, economic, Laffer, colonel other things have been discarded by history, lower one idea: they have to raise tax revenue with this tax cuts, so they wanna have a giant. I've got for corporations to bring the corporate tax rate down twenty percent Donald Trump. Fifteen percent, which a sort of crazy, but in order to got the money. They want the banning, Paul Ryan have an idea for a border tax which the tax on
Ports right, which mean that and then they would lower taxes on exports. Ideally, this would you know, may companies sort of time people and make goods in America right the problem, that is, you start taxing imports and his country. It is gone raise prices for consumers were buying goods places like Walmart everywhere, yet by the way countries will see that somebody like ok now will text yourself in that's how you got a trade war and then world or ones back, and we all love that whose and who does not want to go back to that. Not this guy, that's enough the thing that Paul Ryan is seemingly dreamed about, since he was hanging out by the keg with ritually I don't like. I took it, I dont get the things that he is passionate about. Why are you proud about a border adjustment tax? I was that your thing because it's a way to get rich people more money,
that's what they were in that love because really gets a Trojan horse for that, because it allows you to cut the corporate and cut individual rates for wealthy people, which is what he wants to do, but also this is you know that there is a long robber, Draper peace and in it was one of the one about one of the little fish conversations between Bannon right as they bondage over the fact that they both want to get rid of the estate tax, the yes like that story, man, how my God knows worse dinner ever that's your point on me: that's what he really wants, and the borders and in the border tax just one way to graze the money to do the other yeah. I guess I don't know that, but it is another thing he's a seemingly been dreaming about for a decade as a very strange while the place where there is this over right like this is this: it is is a theory that vat has that, like this economic nationalism, which is you create a incentives to create jobs in the? U S and one of the aid do, that is by taxing things that come in it's a dangerous game to play, but there is a theory behind it get over the estate. Taxes is limits its unconscionable, so
tax firms and be tricky they might even now they could end up with just a smaller tax cut. For you know the well The may be some middle class and some companies, and maybe not pave or add another- can increase the deficits of aid. They close some loopholes. They do some smaller than that. That is the key that has to be scaled down. Cut significant seems to me that were headed anything they on trade is gonna be tough because you need two thirds of both. Houses two to redo a trade agreement. That's gonna, be tough for them in full. Structure. They went the big infrastructure bill if the only get democratic votes is to do real spending which the Freedom Caucus and the Republicans and not going to want the it's tough. It turns out. A rhetorical president. Wasn't the right fit for these time. Spans complicated matters off outlets enjoy. Are you know by camel this later in three weeks,
of government in the constitution, protecting us from a demagogic away? Thank you found or, as you are, a bunch of vast slaveowners, but he got a couple things right. I mean moral of the story. Here is that Donald Trump selection did not fix, or even begin to fix the deep, deep problems within the report. And party right, which is that they have a law large wing of their party. That has been found, old by Steve, abandons bright, Bart and Fox and all the rest. With a bunch of lies about how governments evil and all this kind of stuff, and so these people are there's a big part of our party. That is very extreme. That is not good. Happy, unless there is no government spending tax cuts, no social programmes whatsoever and Paul Ryan cannot govern the house unless he pleases those people. The only other way to do that is to go with democratic votes into go democratic votes. That is a much more liberal agenda. The Paul Ryan is comfortable answer at this. He stuck we're still stuck in that dynamic. It's it's interesting right that Donald Trump selection the combination of a lot of forces with the Republican Party, but he is different than whatsoever
The kind of extremism is here in the house that the House, freedom, pockets and Donald Trump are different kinds of extremes. In them. And where they dont overlap, is where you have this kind of problem, because Donald Trump, care as not having Donald Trump is an ideal log on government spending and taxes and and regulation is he's an idea, dialogue on immigration and some of the more nationalist issues, the house, freedom. Hocker has a different set of a different set of beliefs. It went Listening to me, though, is is. There is a way in which Donald Trump could break this. This blog Jan that we have, but for some strange reason he's governing he's governing according to Paul Ryan, plant and Paul Ryan Paint doesn't work is deeply unpopular. There isn't a coalition behind it into his cup stuck yeah. A couple of thought: one getting your arms around what the freedom caucus types want is a very difficult from afar and apparently even for him, because he you in that report, I think they were real labrador marked by those whose, like waiting, you see, a vodka come out for fur paid family leave and you think that's what my party stands for connected with party stand for you, don't
families are able to be together in a time off. For me, it's it's. It bizarre and so yes, you're right that he's governing by Paul Ryan, but he's also governing by Steve banned, but that's a great would have on the internet you shouldn't have on. Has that that's a great example he was gonna, isn't rather know nobody like the pay fairly me like your debts. They will even paid family because they don't believe it. That's the role of government to combine forces kind of resentment. The trumpeters does that's a sincere belief on the part of the austrian Caucasus, the governess no business dictating to companies when people have to have time off. That's all the opposition. Take. I don't think it's the right one, but at a reasonable cost deposition, what they believe it just doesn't work with his White House wants right, like that's the divide, Donald Trump is not a free marketeers, not who, yet, as it were, with the way has one it doesn't work with what people want right, especially the people who voted for Trump. This was the case on health care. This readiness on the or any this social platforms they put forward that put government very much and your life at all times this this Ryan agenda. That government has no place people's lives right, is a completely legitimate argument to have its just now
what they run on. It's not what Donald Trump on and it's not what most of the coalition of the Republican Party wants or the park the Collision Democratic Party. This is the fundamental chow. At their office and we are lucky we are lucky as Democrats. The Donald Trump is not governing according to this sort of dead, the the nationalist, economically populist agenda, very promising easily happen boats. They would have the vote, and if you wanted to that's a question was of anything, it's actually need democratic growth for the it reminds me of of Georgia, be bushel of it, because in this sense, which is Georgia, Bush was constantly shocked by his inability to kind of bring people together once he was governing because he never accepted how harshly and how viciously he ran as a candidate and over and over again you know. Donald Trump has been above into this, which has done. Isn't gonna get a chance to bring Democrats together causes we talked about he's a birth, he campaigns, races, demagogue, there's no room for him to bring people together to govern the cause. Could the
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last year, this election nearly drove me in saying that I downloaded had space up and it actually works, and it actually helps you feel a little more relaxed and comfortable and go to sleep. Well it s. A great army he's been idle, didn't have the height of no idea, not good. They have. Since folks and everything from dealing with stress, an anxiety to eating healthier sleeping better in being more creative. It's one none of your day. They can change the other. Ninety nine so download the heads paced up and train your mind for a happier, healthier life learn more heads based outcome, slash crooked! That's heads based outcome, Slash cricket! That's a great thing: try it yet ten days free. There is no doubt that perfect. Maybe I'm I take you showed we thought, maybe it's time for me to meditate on the plug the day we have with US friend of the pod, your highness, Abraham, you were the director of the Office of Public engagement in the Obama Whitehouse deputy. Now no political director in twenty twelve and just a
I'm organizer has gone in. Things are good and you get. Is it aware that I got Stop this now in a lively human loved in most of these our green suit, my rumour in most of our guess, where a student, I your highness, its Tommy, could it could hear your voice men, so we start work together, two thousand seven in Iowa back, then nobody thought Obama had a chance in hell of winning the state. It was improbable it's not that an african american good could come out of it. There was almost majority vast majority white, but we were and because his message, because of some grassroots organizing by field organizers, like you and our volunteers, what are they and about what a good organisation looks like in how you hardest grassroots energy. From that experience other than its always get, you run against Hillary Clinton, letting there's a couple think that one of the things it doesn't get
about enough, I think, is actually what we saw after Iowa when we started going in a state to state and the primary became protracted. The way we were really into spitting, which many states where we didn't have staff at on oftentimes staff would show up further set thither or other primaries, and they really do receive amazing, cruelly grass roots independently organised, independently operated sort of groups of of really committed activists, many of whom were not long time democratic volunteers but who were inspired by the present had to say- and most importantly- and this is this- is the big take away. I take
from watching that you know they just were showed up, and it sounds simple, but I remember shown up in Virginia for the primary, which is, however, it off, and you guys had been canvas before we had a single staff on the ground to provide any sort of direction. They became the sinking of the dawn, doing voter registration for months. They had been that free markets in other community gatherings four month in support of President Obama, and I think what we did something to the campaign to provide tools for them. Like my brok about common cetera the truth of the matter. Is they didn't wait for instruction rallied and organise locally and answered? but their shoulder behind the wheel and didn't wake or disorder the fallacy of a lot of r r r campaign at the end, and certainly in
state where we had a lot of time to organise, did have a top down element, but the overall movement around the country was truly bottom up and not corny way in a really substantive and railway? And I think one of the lessons for this moment. Both your folks, you want to get involved and for people who want to understand what's goin on is the best way to get involved just to show up and in others, there's a million different enlightened in different ways. There's something you care about to do so, but there's net, there's not really a just Atwater solution to grassroots movement. Done now to me the cool thing about the primary effort in it. What we denial with phenomenon, wanna bet, he's ever been a part of, but the sharp in a place where there was no paid staff, but they had it really committed in the wording and meticulously run organizations that that's what do you think did Just stopping Trump is enough to get people to show up
twenty thousand and eighteen and twenty twenty? Do you think you know how much of a moment of appeal of agenda. Democrats need how much Partners. Is it to have candidates that are really inspiring, or do you think situation like this. Maybe the antipathy to try and his agenda is enough to Sir build that movement. You, I think, there's definitely you know. I think that you know there's a simplicity. The opposition that makes it easier for disparate parts of a broader movement cannot be on the same thought. She and I think we got us with the recent Asia AY, a fight which is an over by any stretch, but the recent chapter,
Is he a fight? You know, I think, from talking to friends were on the ground and in states where there is a lot of activity. You didn't see any of the establishment. Verse newcomer left, First Centre, Bernie Artillery dynamically itself actors. The resort of unity in in purposes are definitely simplicity that that comes with opposition. You know, I think what is it this is. My dad, I think, we're going to see, is- and we thought I think we put we ve already seen this in the context of the immigration debate between the kind extra healthcare debate is that I think opposition the tramp in the first instance was gonna breed a new generation of people who understand the importance of specific policies and or sort of broad policy buckets in a way
That is more sustainable, then, and I mean I would argue More- is healthier for the progressive movement and waiting for a charismatic candidate or two or three, that is to take the hand off from our last president, John. I'm really excited because I think it would be one of the things to come out of fear I bet it. Gonna come out of this easier fight, is gonna entire generation of folks who become active not only in opposition to trumpet, maybe though the entry point, but they look back on on Fridays moment think that there were more invested in the actual underlying policy. In that that is sustainable because it's not specific to the personality on either side of the debate. So we see, kind of the surgeon activism special on things like Asia and then you know in a way we, you know Ella had hundreds of ass, the people cannot vote and then five hundred thousand people to come out to march them one of the lowest election turnouts with ever had. How do you make that kind?
energy sustainable? When there isn't look, I mean the Asia right is pretty incredible and that it was a specific bad to save something? Really positive for lots of people that they were afraid to lose. What do you do when it's not as clear when it's not a stark? Yet what the first thing is it, and yet it is. This is hardly the cooperative agree not to go into to dive inter tactics but go on doing that we like tactic letter, we like tactics and we're not afraid of tactics, China, Cuba lose. You know I only to take up my you're, my sound like you're wearing a suit and Marilla go evermore laid back, maybe a robe and have a Roma what it grew my basket
repeat suit, the other one I've onto college, Google of love, but it's been greatly been great to see the sort, a number and assert the sheer math and you're gonna, be some natural attrition. Their overtime that I dont think is, is gonna, be illustrative abode Concerning waning of undue data, he's gonna be natural, Trish Netteke S. Presidency continues in every week something new organized around I think of groups are in every indication is a date they have been in it. They're gonna continued smart about this. You ve got one of the best way that sound, simple, the one of the best ways to try to capture then to the other two to actually be smart about your data and
part about trying to capture as much of years? Many of the people, the shop to one of those things in it, hard won its ten thousand at a given march, but how to capture is much data again as possible, because ultimately, a good organisation or a good organizer would look at that. Data is invaluable. Other folks can all up where you can tell her you're you're after them over time, but with Tommy you you bring up island, the things it was drilled into us from day one and the golden any good organizer. Is that in a back didn't happen? If you did capture peopled names, addresses phone numbers, emails and impede. The onus is pregnant worthwhile for the listeners. If you show up to an event a rally at local, regional, national and put on in there not badgering you to sign a sign in she used by assign adopted. We will run grassroots effort because it at the life blood of bookkeeping voting,
it has been able to communicate with them on either individually or mass basis, so as to give a again tried, my ovaries were attacked and not to give a technical answer to them. I think what the big picture problem, but network. That is, if I would help in order, has rallied any point out, be the very first thing I'd rather at half the people there and every single one of them kept. Yet a happy as ever say. Yes was the day after the upper turn on my own example: our cards. It was excluded. Duck swimming in money You did a lot o p work. You need a lot of engagement to business groups and others. I read a whole bunch of stories by jeered, cushions new Swat team today, where he's bringing in fresh new business thinking to Washington, with people like TIM Cook and Mark Benny off that some particularly new to you is that an idea you got
might have tried at one time or what the right, I think, a couple things one we we tried and tragic, firstly, a bunch of times to bring in private sector voices. If you look at the make up of the present Jobs council when we, came in and were were facing, an economic meltdown? the by large, were were big private sector names who offered a lot expertise, a lotta guidance as we get our strategies for dealing with, that met plus picture Zita plus pictures don't forget the hedgerows we took over the Jobs Council, which was very real, very real towns
We don't have to go on jobs can look at it. I didn't you do in admirable endeavour to try to any time you try to bring an outside thinking to guard rhetoric that there is something that we did. A lot is something we did to some good effect. You we did a regulatory review with a lot of private sector folks at the table, but I suspect it is a little bit more about a headline in a substantive, a substantive re, imagining how government work. I think, if working overseeing anything, it was well there's a lot elections take out of the past weeks and months, but a lot of those perspectives are not interchange wanting to do at a loved one. The present used to say at the end of its term pointing to differ from being present being ceo as managing get aboard, half of which wanted you to fail at up in an employee based,
which ten percent were actually at. Will employees to toy different endeavour? So imagine is more about a one time headline in the document. I doubt it well, I mean how surprised the lead any sort of substantive change in the functioning of their their administration, pride good because jars, but I gotta get back to off in the Middle EAST peace. It's gotta be too big to big tickets, perfecting a buckle course. Reckless lotta get added value. We know more about the problem of multiple lifetimes and restructure the entirety of the US government for pretty big corporate easy. He heat he did die. He did briefly work and real estate. So I think that that's an experience he can use and bring to bear so we we We as a lot by people. You know what can I do to get involved You know I'm not in a red state, I'm not in the swing district pretty much our answer is. I should but a rally or go to a town hall either? What other things can people act? Concrete steps? Can people take to be involved? two maybe have been in politics before, but therein
is that now and they want to help. What would you suggest It goes back to my arm. My observation that I mentioned earlier about when we're going to date to state on bombing campaign during the primary. What we saw enters a folks to show up the others up. There's a lot of talk good talking. I think accurate introspection and the party right now about, importance of winning at the state local level. Well, there's a lot of their sorted this. What I think can be really healthy. Natural selection of direct concern to things said that really helping natural selection, groups that are emerging to try to get people plugging the running troxler, but the truth is its employees shown up to almost
anybody listening has by ninety five percent has a functioning or so my functioning County Democratic Party, the core goal of which is to win at the state local level and to feel candidate for office at the local level, primarily, and you made up in a swing congressional district, but its almost unanimous. Nowhere in the country that has had a county level across the board, Blue elected officials- and, I would say, look at if you're looking for a hyper, specific, tangible thing to do our job to your county Democrat Party at Google. It not show up and there's almost invariably an appetite for committed free voluntarily.
In terms of helping identify, candid supporting a candid providing whatever your counter expertise are in service of the candidates, are running locally and look if you find- and this is what some vermonter shouted await- time- that Uk Democratic Party is not run by a group or somebody that that you see eye to eye whether you find that in other, not a great entry and then you can try to find another and let you can run for a seat on that that kind party in shaping the way that you wanted to do, but kept from a hyper specific political perspective, has nothing to do with the DMZ in all. The debates are against the dual Stay party. I would literally google your Cartier, steady party shorter than the budget, or the very Then I would involve as internet the county democratic opposite NASA County and the other have, as would you shop at a local county? Opposite you realize, like you, know, shops over them.
Format, you couldn't get a lot of it took over and note is running that you honey Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate you and will is it they got to get things, but it thanks, that's our show for today take you to your highness Abraham for joining us and will see again to what a week what a week could only Monday. They had.
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