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Tommy and Lovett discuss Trump's closing argument of lies and why the media needs to stop repeating them, they inexplicably have to explain why nationalism is bad, offer a health care policy update and the latest on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Then, Jon Favreau interviews Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for governor in Florida.

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What about save America? I'm time he tore on John Love. It today is Wednesday October twenty fourth, and there are less than two weeks before the mid term elections holy love. It. Go to vote in America, dot com, you have a check on the voter guide to fill out a sample ballot and use our new make up plan feature to pick a time and a place in a date that works for you to vote calendar reminder, be a voter feels good. You better fucking vote. Alright, I'm paying attention in the news like this. You people are going to vote. Get your friends to vote, get your enemies to
no, not your enemies, love it. I recording this from New York City, where we're slowly seeping into the establishment, but then we had Philadelphia to record the third episode of POD, save America on HBO. You know what I mean. What I realized, something all you had to do to become part of the establishment is stop resisting it uh, the indomitable Simone Sanders. Will co host in Philly in our guests will be Chrissy Houlihan, the democratic candidate for Pennsylvania's sixth district? So check it out we're getting better at this each week. I promise we really worked out the kinks in Austin yeah, real, quick, big, thank you to Guy Branum and Erin Ryan, who are guest hosting love it or leave it yeah we had an awesome episode with Guy that posted this weekend? Aaron Ryan is going to be co hosting for the next two weeks, while we're on the road and they've been great, shows yeah. They really, I really feel superfluous. And Ben Rhodes is Co. Hosting pod save the world. He had an awesome
interview with David Lammy official over in the UK and then a couple candidates today, great episode. Thank you, then, to We want to talk about our liar in chief, we're going to give you a quick reminder of why nationalism is bad. Apparently, we need to do that. These days, health care policy update and a quick update on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Then you'll hear Jon Favreau's interview with the next governor from the great state of Florida, Andrew Gillum, I'm pumped here then finally got Gillum. It's cool. It's not cutting brush shouldn't, get him on what impact of real quick. There are reports of bombs being sent to Obama. Hillary George Soros CNN. We can confirm any these. We have no idea who did it or why, but it is scary I again, I don't know the motive of whoever did this, but as a general matter, it might be good not to dehumanize our political opponents and a thought yep Ok, the big story this week are lies the liars who tell them in the fools who repeat them.
Media editor in chief Brian Beutler wrote a fantastic piece about how Trump and the Republicans are just flooding the zone with Give us lies from accusing democrats of paying hondurans to come to America to vote, and join ISIS. Totally made up tax cut Often the media seems to once again be handling trump, the microphone and letting him freestyle. Bullshit. So we don't want to exacerbate the problem, but I think we need to call out this crap, because this is obviously a strategy I mean we're talking about a caravan. It's not that important. It's a group of people in desperate need of come together to protect themselves on their way to seeking refuge in Mexico. At the US border along the way, and it's happened before it is an issue it's happening in the world. It is humanitarian issue yeah. You know the
We had a reporter down there talking to people who are joining his caravan. It's people looking for work, it's people looking for safety. There are gay and trans people escaping persecution, trying to find place where they can feel safe you. This is a humanitarian problem. It is not a mid term cudgel. It's certainly not a national security emergency and it is pretty clear that a lot of the institutions that refused to do some reflection after the twenty sixteen election you're making a lot of the same mistakes is the point that Brian makes a lot of points. A lot of people are making we're seeing pictures of caravan everywhere and yes, a lot of the reporting is debunking the it's, but a lot of it is also simply elevate, story and saying will this work for Donald Trump this caravan get him over. Finish line. Meanwhile, what's on the screen, it is photos of the caravan. Now you would be confused. You were expecting news to actually inform you about what's at stake in this election, which is Matt, I mean what is this
government exists to take in tax revenue and use it to spend on the defense department, Social Security, Medicare and other entitlements and benefits. That is what it is. That is what is it say this election and we know the fundamental choice. The people We have to make, and it has absolutely nothing to do with what is going on with a few one thousand people it just. Central America, some facts about the cabin it was by officials in Honduras fleeing violence, not Nancy Pelosi these caravans have happened since the late 90s, or a way for people to travel in groups and stay safe without paying a smuggler. There are not record numbers of migrants at the border. The numbers were more. Double what they are now in the 90s and two thousand people are fleeing violence and poverty, not seeking George Soros money. The last time the media flipped out about a so called caravan, a tiny fraction of those individuals.
We made it to our border to seek asylum, so I am so frustrated by this because we are past the point where people can credibly argue well Trump? Is the of the United States. So if he says it, it's news, even he can see is one of his craziest lies that there must be middle easterners. Are terrorists in the caravan is based on nothing. He tried to get MIKE Pence to back up his claim that Democrats are some. Behind the kids. My pants in the vice president, United States, pens and do it in like by the way illegal immigration and crime is at near historic lows. This is not a crisis, it's a story, but it's not the story. An it is lopressor frustrating the story. The way this is being covered is a gift from the press to the Republican Party, A lot of Fec report file it as an in kind contribution, because these same people are in the daily beast today. Talk about how they know the story is bullshit, but they want to talk. This is how they want to close their the election
Yeah you also sees are of the Need zamboni's who come and clean up behind Trump right. This is a racist appeal. This is a appeal towards fear. It appeared appeal not based in truth, and they will wait. Wait wait once you know the The reason this is working is because we're Democrats worth to give Donald Trump is Waller. Because Democrats have said there for abolishing ice or whatever other kind of explanation or justification they can offer for which is ultimately a false racist appeal in the final days of the campaign, because they can actually campaign on their accomplishments, which is deregulation. Trying protections for pre existing conditions and cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy, which is partly why they're making up a tax cut for the middle class as their domestic message. Yes, last point, the caravan like it's a thousand miles away. To the argument. Well, we're debunking the lies were covering it as a lie. I mean it's, The only lie he tells all day. He lies all day long every day, so I don't know that we should focus on the caravan story, because it's a new life, all he wants you to do is show these images because, like I I like John said the
he described it as an army marching towards the border and that's what it looks like it's a racist appeal that scares his base don't fall into his trap and also yeah trump saying it's. A national emergency just be honest, you're putting it on television because it looks like television, it's big groups of people, Donald Trump, it's dramatic, it's security. It's fear it's exciting. There are lots of national and we never talk about right. We never talk about, you know Obama, calling the climate a crisis or that we're in danger doesn't get wall to in the days for an election, conservative biases built into the liberal media and, like I believe that there is a liberal bias in the mainstream media. It absolutely exists, but one of the blind spots is be cause. There is this effort to seem neutral because there isn't just seems so you understand what the other side cares about you blow these things up and we forget to do the basics of covering actually at stake in the election him in the part of the problem,
of two thousand? And eighteen, though, is it's not just? The media were also being countless Facebook post in viral pictures of like injured cops, who are reported to have been attacked by the but once again it's literal fake news, there's one it's been shared millions of times of a bloody cop whose the image says, though he tangle people in the caravan, but the photos from twenty twelve and is from CSI Miami, but that didn't stop Claire Thomas. Is wife from posting it facebook and calling it an invasion love. It is all our frustration with the press feudal. If Facebook and Twitter can't get their together and do something about fake news. Well yeah. I mean I feel like we. We but there's a lot of people right, you're listening to this year, somebody falls and is closely you feel savvy. Do you feel like following the news for you is trying to understand what other people are seeing too and that's totally reasonable? I think, sometime frustration. We don't stop. Even other back and ask ourselves this question, which is as this is, Heidi are we doing job of informing each other. What's going on in the world and is
information helping people make good decisions when they vote when they make consumer This is when they decide what policies to support, and sadly Answer is now no we are not a well informed country. We are not having the right kinds of conversations and it is destroying our politics everyday, it is largely caused by right wing propaganda apparatus that fans the flames of fall stories misleading stories, but it also is happening because of the mainstream media. Picking up that bhutan- and it's also happen- because companies like Twitter and Facebook still refuse to be what they are, which is disseminate information in which they have incredible amount of power because of the monopolies they've built in the control they have over formation. The vast majority I can see every day, I'd love to see a pivot to accuracy, Facebook and I'm sick of Facebook apologizing, I'm sick of it fix it. The other just
last night on the caravan trump is starting to cut off aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. So basically he wants to make conditions worse in the places where people are already fleeing. So good idea. You mentioned this fake tax cut the other so? It is rally in Texas on Monday night Trump claim that he's going to put in place a ten percent tax cut for middle income families next week, looking on the hill, where like what they know, it's by the White House is no detail about it. It's totally made up so there's like part of it, sees this and thinks. I guess maybe it's good that we're back to talking about taxes, because at least that's policy but then I wonder why even report on it? Why take it seriously with when anyone is taking a a high school government class knows this can't happen. So it's interesting right. Donald Trump is entirely impulsive and undisciplined right. So that was sort so he he he he clearly in the moment wishes. He had an answer. That was something like we're going to be going for a ten percent tax cut for the middle class. It's a bill.
Here's what the bill's going to do he's missing that Tom Brady savvy he's right. He knows that the tax that they already passes working he's. That's why he's trying to change the subject, Ms Thirteen and caravans in cabin on all the rest and civility, but he now if he he had the wherewithal to think ahead months ago he would have said. I think we're going to need a tie to talk about on the road. Let's get one out there like a proposal out there didn't have So we just made one up: that's what he's doing he's making one up now? It's a good sign right here, Places is that this is a problem for them they're going to want that this tax cut message at Denver have is really really effective, so you know what? Let's we can't let the perfect aiming to get down Trump is going to be lying about? Healthy are going to be lying about taxes going to be lying about caravans. We should be the lies. Talking telling on, we should be talking about the telling tax cuts cuz. Those are the two play we're going to win the election and, by the way, those substantive actual stakes of the election. Healthcare and taxes is
actually what we're going to be legislating on next year and is actually what the choices over. So I'm glad he's making up tax cuts. I'm glad he's lying about pre existing conditions, because then we can talk about it and and candidates. On the trail Kentucky I mean just on the substance that house is not going to be until after election, so there's literally zero chance that they're going to take this up. It would take six what's in the Senate or new budget, he said before November and after the election yeah, that's that's when we're gonna be dot having this tax debate, yeah and also this is a pretty contentious issue last time. So it's ridiculous, but generally speaking the thing that makes me so nervous is that we are not, with the exception of this taxing if we can get people focus on this. We're not closing out this election on firm ground for us before. Kavanaugh it was the anonymous op ed. It was Woodward's book, it was Muller Investigation, not saying. Those are the great issues of our time that we should be focused on, but it certainly was helpful ground for Democrats Cavanaugh, it's been Kavanaugh backlash, liberal mobs, the caravan in whatever the days lie is
I don't know how to change that national narrative, but this does not feel good. It feels very bad right now. Yeah it does and I mean part of the problem. Is there is no national leader of the Democratic Party who can be the person? That's on the other half of the screen when Donald Trump is talking now, the Good NEWS is locally right, every every single district in every state. As a candidate or leader who is going to represent that message, and I think Democrats have been pretty disciplined about keeping it focused on the issues where Democrats are strong, which is being against cutting taxes for rich people to cut Medicare and social security. Protecting people from pre existing conditions, you've seen places like Missouri, where Josh Hawley is on his heels, because he's claimed in favor of protecting people with pre existing conditions, while being one of the leads in a lawsuit designed to obliterate those protections. So you know we talked about this after Trump one we're going to talk about this for the next to you,
what do you do when you have someone like Donald Trump? Who is a savant in resting them microphone away from issues? That matter from other people. We are talking about a caravan because he tested it out and it fucking worked. He is a raptor testing offenses and when he bit the part of the fence that said caravan, he went outside the thing and pick, after their own. You learned about it on Fox and friends or Matt Guides is racist twitter feed and made it a global issue great. This is well the everyone, but, but that's that, but that's that's it that's! This is the this is the water is women? Trip is going to be lying about. Every single issue he's lying about Saudi Arabia's lying about prejudice he's lying about Medicare Medicare lying about the caravan. The question is: what can we talk about to make a difference? Difference we gotta fight it out in these districts got gotta when the the the ground. You mentioned before this is clearly a nick. The racist appeal: how do we because he probably told everyone. It is Houston rally to call him a nationalist love. It
is bad to be a nationalist. Well, you know he was asked later like did you mean this is a reference to White national me? So I've never heard that theory. He watch is cable news all day everyday He knows that when we're talking about nationalism, it is a faint ords, white nationalism. He knows. He's a literate about history but he's not a literate about what white nationalism in the word. National is a means in our politics right now and he's very excited about, and it is my eye and- and you know what he knows, that we He says the word nationalist is going to hit the soft spot for a lot of his base while not mattering to the Republicans, have already looked the other way to vote for him before so it's it's pretty gross, not great Yeah I mean get. Patriotism is good. Patriotism is loving. Your country, nationalism is forcing your values and and way of life. On someone else. The darkest example is not to Germany, but more recently you know trump all his ally talk about white nationalism, so it does feel like he's again. Cozy
to the people who are marching in Charlottesville, you have groups like the proud Boys- were a white extremist group beating people up in New York, marching. Inside the chairman of the Miami Republican Party in Florida, but like stepping back, it's not a new strategy. Nixon at the southern strategy Reagan would talk, welfare queens. Yet Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, using nasty training, racial ship, Trump, just screams, the quiet part from the rooftops. Every single time Also down Trump is not a nationalist even in the positive sense of the word right. He subverts american. Triste constantly for his own interests, are he went to Helsinki and you know cozied up to it to Putin who has been trying to over our country for years. He is now bending over backwards at the behest of the Saudis against american interests over and over again puts the interest of America. Second to his own, that is what he does. The other piece of this is, you know we kind of,
connect populism and nationalism, Donald Trump pains as a nationalist, populous someone who's going to defend America from foreign invaders going to defend American from America from foreign trade. He is done. Some things on trade, but for the most part, he campaigns as this populist auntie, but what are the actual accomplishments of his administration? They are the same. Judges that Mitt Romney or Marco Rubio would have appointed tax cuts record missions in the wealthy and the deregulation agenda of people like the Coke brothers. He campaigns as a populist nationalist he governs like Paul. And and Mitch Mcconnell. That has been the recipe beginning. That is what they are banking on in the midterms and the question as will it work and the honest answer is we don't know yeah, let's get about health care,
The good news is when you ask people what they really care about, they say about they, that's why it was kinda surprising that the Trump administration took another run at the affordable care act on Monday by announcing a new policy that would make it easier for states to circumvent coverage requirements in consumer protections in the bill into law. Under this new policy states, could use federal funds to subsidized these junk plans with terrible benefits that don't protect people with pre existing conditions. This would not just harm people, buy these plans potentially unravel the whole, work, it love it. Why is this such a big deal, and why would you do this right before the election? When you know this, is what Democrats want to run? I, I think they're banking, on the fact that it's a little bit complicated and it'll be seen to the base as trying to get rid of Obamacare and not really registered by the rest of the country. Jonathan Cahn wrote about this and having post, which is really worth reading, CARE said, health insurance has to cover certain things and it has to cover everybody, the yeah being that nobody, is when they are going to be the one that has a desperate healthcare emergency where they need quality, affordable care. Nobody,
when they're going to get hit with the bill that, if their insurance caps out or the insurance doesn't cover everything financially ruined, they'll, be digging out for a decade right part of the Obamacare was passed. Was because one common reasons. People were going bankrupt in America was because of medical bills. Now what they have tried, do, is say to states we're going to keep, I'm Mccarran place. But if you want you get a waiver and you get to give we'll ship, your plans. Well, what happens if you create two pools, one with the Obama CARE plans that give off that they give you all the protection you need if something goes wrong and the skin beer plans that have caps and don't cover certain things, but are cheaper. Well, healthy people take a chance and get the cheaper plans. What people with pre existing conditions who need care end up in the the main group which ends up being more expensive because the healthy people are no longer taking part. So what is the end result if it means more expensive care for pre existing conditions, which they claim they're against a bunch of healthy people, some of whom will be as of math and bodies breaking
because we're all made of the same fuckin' meats are going to are going to end up being bankrupted, had their lives room because they took a chance on a skimpier plan which they may not even have understood because of the fine print that is the world we lived in before so they're. Creating two systems are going to leave Obama care in place while creating little shunted off old system where people get fucked while raising the cost in the Obama CARE system. That's what they're trying to do while claiming they're going to protect your health care is very purposeful. Yeah, the ac allowed states to try to innovate and offer new policies, but you know that coverage had to be as comprehensive as what's offered under the affordable care act, so you could not for these junk plans, but some of the junk plans omit maternity care, prescription, drugs and mental illness treatment, drug abuse, treatment and exclude coverage for pre existing conditions. So terrible some good news is that states can take some positive steps to expand access to healthcare, their state legislatures can to expand Medicaid there are exciting measures on a range of important issues, love. It walk us through cool stuff that you can vote for in states.
Make me feel excited yeah, let's selection, let's start with health care, so thirty three states expanded Medicaid, Obamacare. Basically, the way Obamacare Structured is structured. Is there were new consumer protections for everybody? There was the marketplace. Subsidies for or who weren't in their employee plans. Then there was the Medicaid expansion would just sort of raise the level at which you still would become eligible for Medicaid. The assumption was, every single state would jump on them it's pretty, because the way it was structured is the federal government gave you uh one hundred percent and then reduced to ninety percent of the cost. So basically, if you did Medicaid. The federal would write you a check for every person you were expanding. Healthcare It's money coming into your state, to pay for nurses, to pay for doctors to pay for cares to pay for it to pay for jobs The assumption was all these states would expand it, but in one of the most cynical and vicious acts in modern political history, I do believe that a bunch Publican legislatures and governor's decided they would rather their people not get health care for free
federal government, even though they were already paying their taxes to show that coming here was bad, then admit that admit that Obamacare did some good for their state and it hurt a ton of people well in Nebraska and Utah states that refused to expand Medicaid under looking government now have it on the ballot, for the voters can do what their leaders wouldn't. Gate expansion is incredibly popular. It is an Idaho Proposition two is in Nebraska initiative. Four hundred and twenty seven is in Utah is Proposition three so in those states. These are. These are initial. Is that will actually really help people and you can get out the vote to make sure you support expanding Medicaid. Your states get money to give people healthcare. It will help children will help people in need. It's a really good thing. Can I tell you some other stuff ones? I like ok, ok, so amendment forward Florida would restore voting rights to ex felons. We talked about that. That's very cool voters in Arkansas in Missouri can vote to boost the minimum wage. Washington state could make it harder for cops to use deadly force, but
Deanna can improve a measure that would require a unanimous jury to convict people charged with felonies. It is crazy to me that that is not currently the law Weezy Anna and Oregon are the only two states in the country that don't require unanimous verdict for felonies. That means you can have a situation. You're in Louisiana two jurors. He didn't do it or think there's reasonable doubt and you can still go to jail for life, is Jim Crow era- yes, it is a lot with a racist history is along with the racist president, but also just hurts tons and tons of people Deanna and it's actually so crazy. The Louisiana Democratic Party and Republican Party agree in passing the change right. Look at that. Even to and and John Legend's for John Legend Democrats and Republicans went to those three things all happen at the same time is serendipity in Ohio. You can reduce drug possession offenses to misdemeanors a lot of good see it happening. Unfortunately, there's a bunch of bad things that are to be on ballots this year. If you want to take through the. That we can. I'm also fine, not being bummed out. Look there's a few.
Choice: measures there are few of voter id measures that you should be aware of. There's across country there are so many ballot measures mantle many down. Those are tricky and you can go to votesaveamerica dot com to look up the ballot initiatives in your state. There will be information explaining what they do and who's for the man who's against them and whose for them his against them, is often very useful because it looks who's for it, the ACLU moms against death and then who's against and who's against it. Americans for prosperity. You know coke industries yeah. I think it's a very helpful yeah, the really important look. I I spent like an hour filling up my California ballot, because the stuff is confusing, so both save America, dot com walkie, alter it. I promise it'll be four: did you buy stamps dot com? These days you can get practically everything on demand like this podcast. Listen whenever you want whenever it's convenient for you, so why are you still taking
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I don't think the Saudis anticipated just how thoroughly turkish president to one was going couple shoot on their lies from the very beginning. The Turks have released video of Khashoggi entering the entering the consulate, but not exiting photos of fascination team. They big the existence of secret audio recordings from inside the facility reports of a Skype call that happened during destination itself, with the top minister back in Riyadh so you know, I think the big can I have is do we think, everything is going to go back to normal or will something change because I have so much money and so much influence that the cynic in me wonders that whether they will be little to no cost for this horrific. I don't know I you know, there's so many different facets what it would mean for Saudi Arabia to be treated differently. They marched out because of Sun let him do a photo op with Mbs disgraceful and
seeing that photo. I have to think that there are so many respectable people in Washington, for whom it was considered acceptable to interact with his government interact with this regime. Take rose with MBA, see him on the circuit. See the world who now will think otherwise, because man making the of someone. Your regime murder do a photo op with you who is not allowed to leave Saudi Arabia? It was banned from leaving Saudi Arabia. This is not a This is not an autocrat trying to move his country into the future. This is this. Is North Korea shit this is Saudi Arabia shed, and I think it's photo is going to be important. You know Adam. It's in who's done such great report writing about the Trump administration talks, a lot about moments where things change and his Erie has always been it's fascinating that that he believes you know, despite what's an excited by the pessimism, that at some point we will come to see Donald Trump in fall and the country will reject him. He
is that, and he pointed to what's happening right now in Saudi Arabia. As an example, nobody could have foreseen that the fact that they're waging Anus WAR in Yemen that there was this bipartisan backing for this regime. Right that goes from George W Bush to Obama to Trump would suddenly shift because of a murder of a journalist when they've already done so many other heinous things along the way. But things do change and you don't need to know exactly why this is the one that turned the knob, but it it may. I do not share that optimism. This big saudi investment conference is still happening. Mom had been Solomon have reportedly given a standing ovation. Steve in the Treasury secretary skip the conference but flew to Saudi Arabia to talk with him about stopping illicit terrorist financing. Still a big deal but come on Trump is still saying: I'm going to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Be any repeats. This ridiculous lie that we sold them. One hundred and ten billion weapons and the number of jobs he says that will create, goes up every other day and it's just nonsense. I just want to read one particularly disgusting quote from the New York Times:
that just blew my mind this morning when I read it, Henry Byner, who I don't know an executive at the Boston, Bates p E investment, said that MR to show he's killing was quote horrendous, but there were wars in atrocities occurring across the Middle EAST and then situation should not necessarily deter business ties quote one from now somebody somebody's going to ask where the revenue is. He said we're not going to put our relationship on the line for this holy shit man? well. I would say that if you're like leave the moral already, that will help shift the dynamic, United States and Arabia will not be coming from the Trump administration and will not be coming from Silicon Valley and private equity firms that have financial ties to Saudi Arabia. In a busy, pulse rate from seemed more focused on the cover up of this murder than the crime. He said it was quote
very bad original concept, it was carried out poorly and the cover up was one of the worst in the history of cover ups and then it should have a stop quote at the deal standpoint. What the a man who talks about the murder of a human being that way yeah it's well, you know he's to be critical without using certain words that would make it clear what he's alleging who said going to deal this deal the what a bad deal murdering and torturing in dismembering a human being. Is that a deal yeah, Nyc Southpaw said it was like he was judging a baking show, and that is what it's like. You know. It is Donald Trump who has the capacity to be during and direct and use the exact right words to make. His point loses those words when it become yes, Saudis when it's put in he's he all of a sudden. All the edges are gone and it's
reminder that he knows how to sand down the edges of what he says 'cause. He does it for autocrats and despots. Never Americans were not chanting, lock him up about Mbs. Now he's harder on Dianne, Feinstein and Megyn Kelly then he will ever be on the Saudis and Vladimir Putin put Bobby arts on this is I just don't get why all the smart people in DC keep saying well, the Saudis are close ally when it comes to checking IRAN, so we need to work with them on that. The Saudis hate the Iranians a long standing, cultural, religious, geopolitical. Place. They will hammer around, no matter what we do, because they don't like around we, they don't need us to do that. So we what I'd love to see happen, I'd love to see Trump work with Congress under the global magnets. Active sanction the people involved, including Mbs, fuse there. We should use this as a moment, an excuse to stop supply, Arms are fueling the disgraceful civil war in Yemen. There is a a a famine. Anything the world has ever seen happening there. It was a disaster
beginning we never should have supported it. That includes Obama. We should stop now. If you get back in the IRAN deal and to the world that our entire foreign policy doesn't run through Saudi Arabia and Jared Kushner Charity is a moron in the Saudis, are not good actors and it would be nice to make a change here. Yeah, that's what I got all right. Next, going to hear Jon Favreau's interview with the next governor of floor Andrew Gillum Sweet hi. There has brought you by frame bridge if you've been listening to the show. You've heard us talk about frame bridge all the time they make. It super easy to formal to frame your favorite things from art, prints and posters to the travel photos sitting on your phone. Here's how it works. He go to frame bridge dot com You upload your photo, my personal photo or just any photo in any photo that you have taken. Ok, 'cause. I don't like when websites make, you add a photo of yourself for no reason so yeah
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do it on the part today, we are very lucky to have Florida's democratic candidate for Governor Tallahassee, Mayor Andrew Gilham, Mary Gilham, welcome to the podcast age, John thanks. So much for having me man, I hope you're well, I am, I am, I hope, you're well to you, with good man win the final final stretch here how you feeling I feel great, but I really do I mean we've been on for twenty months and and be down to you know. Just a few days before decision uh. You know I'm I'm running slightly on fumes, but it completely. Energized by you know by people brother everywhere around the state. People are excited, I'm in palm beach. Today We had early voting start yesterday and then uh there's already on day? One were double those of day, one at last,
in a election on on on on on the first opening day of early voting. So if that is a sign, I think it's a good one more The voting we believe will result in a good election. I sure hope it's a good sign so help me figure out Florida politics here in in twenty. Sixteen, I remember looking at these early vote numbers and then Hillary basically hit her turn out numbers, but Trump won with this. Sir in a lot of exurban counties that surprised even the most. Observers of Florida politics. What did that tell you about Florida politics and what's your plan to sort avoid that outcome in these last few weeks. When I mean I think people vote when they feel connected to the candidate and when they feel inspired by that candidate- and you know, in spite of the fact that I didn't feel connected in It was certainly not inspired by Donald Trump. It didn't mean that others weren't and they showed up and they showed out- and you know that could not always necessarily be set for the
of our of our voters, I mean nationally, we had was six million fewer voters vote here in the state of Florida, I heard an encounter far too many people who just did not feel like they needed to participate in the process and that and this way and we're not go to any one of the reasons, John, that I have gone all over this state. I mean areas blue areas, purple areas I can't paint in the village is the most conservative voting precinct in the state of Florida. I've gone to Putnam County Trump, wanted by what thirty points Downey County nearly the same margin and we're going there in which going huge crowds of people there. Because folks, you know what want to be asked for their vote and a lot of people are not happy with the state of affairs right now. They feel left out and ignored and the promises that they felt were being made to them.
Not really come to pass in many of their lives in the state of Florida. Forty four percent of people say they can't make ends meet almost half the state. We got sixty seven counties in thirty. Six of those counties are economically worse off today than they were in two thousand and seven that's real yeah and which one to talk to that which one to speak to that, and so my election and and frankly, the way we're competing distress that was showing, I think, is a is a product of not that everybody. Greece with me on every single issue. It is that they are seeing themselves reflected on and they believe the regular working people deserve a seat at the table on which one of which one to provide that. So talk about your debate with RON Desantis last weekend. At the end, you made the best, closing statements. I've heard from a Democrat in a debate as long as I can remember and in statement you said in Trump's
Erika we've been led to believe that we've got to step on our neighbors shoulder and they're back in their face in order to get ahead. Well, I reject that and I found that fascinating, because you, this debate out there, but whether Democrat should take on trumpism by sounding like Trump and using Trump tactics, and you see to reject that. In that closing argument, why well I mean I can only. I could only be real and for me, I do feel like Trump is attempting to divide Americans by you know. Basically, you know this is the sort of bro man. You know, I don't know frat boy. Approach to you know, Stockam him kick 'em, you know he's a strong man, he body slammed it. You know it's just it's. It's elementary amateur devices really undeserving
kind of rhetoric undeserving of who we are as a country and as a people. An I've tried to make the calculation that I'm not going to be able to do what Donald Trump does an prevailed awake. He has for build. I've gotta, be me and was consistent with, who I am and who I have been. Is that almost tell the truth my grandmother always said. When you tell the truth, you don't have to worry about covering up for lies, I'm going to wear whatever the anointing is that my grandmother would place on me, I'm going to wear it, I'm going to wear it proudly in apologetically, and I'm also going to to speak the truth when it comes to even people like Donald Trump. He doesn't scare me I'm not intimidated by him. I think he gets his. You know he gets Yes, you know popped out when he when he, when he's basically bullying people- and I think the best way to find that is not by necessarily trying to outdo him, but to do you to do and so in my closing remarks, I basically just tried to reflect what the
we use our that I ascribe to and at the in time by letting him know that I'm not going to be a shrinking violet in the face of the kind of ad malady that he is put into the public discourse you said in the primary that you were up against decades muscle memory around what candidates are supposed look and sound like an even progressives can have. Muscle memory, what should Democrats learn from you about what elected really means or how much valuable, how much value we place in electability? Well, I mean try to show even in our primary right, I it'd not look like sound like didn't come from what people think the democratic nominee is supposed to look like, I come from. We raise six million dollars to my combined opponents over ninety million dollar. Raise spend there wasn't a single poll showing us lead
And yet we won that election in the after analysis, what we found and what I was feeling on the ground all along we had one hundred and fifty thousand people turned out to vote who either one were voting for the first time or two hadn't voted in the previous three elections. One hundred and fifty thousand the Democrat lost the race for governor the last two times by fewer than seventy thousand votes we are in changing the electric. If there was a message, I think that I would share with our party. It is one people are not looking for perfect they're. Looking for real and the more we try to you know perpetrate this? You know this image that we got it all together and we got it all right in our solutions of the bed
one. We have the monopoly on the right answer: it's not real and people since that day says that owl almost immediately. So you know I try to disarm people by letting them know. Look, I'm I have to come to you. I need you, I can't get there without you and when I get there, I need you to work with me and more than anything, I need you to hold me accountable in this thing. Together it- and I you know in all different parts of the state, I tried to basically leveled by being Kind some folks have asked me: why did you leave in the race so hard? You know when you said I was born black and that it listen. My opponent is leaning into what he's trying to shy away from it in public, but in every single way. Everything they're attempting to seat about me and suggest about me. It's playing only race stereo type? So if I let that sit in the recess of the people's minds, rather than calling it to the forefront, then what may happen is equals, may walk away and say: wow he's a smart guy but day
can we elect a black guy. I want them to know, look at yellow black, like that's not a thing of you You know it is what it is, but if nothing to me so now that we've established that, let's get to the fact that we need to pay teachers what they're worth unless get to the fact that if we expand Medicaid, we can pull down six billion dollars from the will government that right now, I'm governor is giving away to other states, because we philosophically disagree with Obama care with the ACA. It doesn't make sense the job of the governor's to do with in the best interest of the people of the state. That's what I intend on doing and and then not just remove it right is it takes a wall, and so you know, and- and that was I didn't study that I didn't hold- that I just instinctively felt. I don't want people walking away and sang- I really like this guy, but could that be possible? Can we do? that, and so you called it to the forefront, yeah well speaking of calling it to the forefront like how do you think Democrats should handle this very predictable late turn by Trump
to start. Talking about. You know, scary caravan of immigrants and Middle EAST. All of his is bullshit that are to invade America. Like do you, because you know, there's school of thought. Okay Democrats can't take the bait. We gotta keep about healthcare, the economy, taxes all all stop and then but then you know, as you just mentioned, do you to just take it on first before then, pivoting to those other issues yeah, I mean in look, I am. I am I'm in no position to advise someone in Arizona or in get out quite only in border states, Texas and otherwise on how deal with what is probably going to be a pretty tricky political. You know dynamic for them. You know I I I'm in Florida and what I can say is what we said is that we have to live our values right. I mean
for us. We have an immigration problem. In this country million, twenty million people are living in uncertain and undocumented status. Our Congress has done nothing about that; they ought to do their jobs right, but what I have also said is in the state of Florida. We are not going to turn this. Into a show me, your papers state we're not going go into neighborhoods and communities based off the way somebody looks and tell them to produce their papers. We don't do that. That's not who we are and if well. We have over eight hundred thousand undocumented folds that that's that's not we're not about to terrorize communities and neighborhoods through stereo typing info filing, but I will say this: if you break the law, if you commit murder, if you are, you know a burglar look, you will pay the consequences of breaking the law, but to your personhood, you are not a quote. Unquote illegal legal there's
right now right uh, and we all that kind of language to be spoken. We sort of give us a quiet not to the fact that that's ok, it isn't it isn't. People use that language to dehumanize right, because if, if you can, if you can stop people from feeling sympathy with other humans without being able to see other people's human, then you can do anything and so I think look people will have to navigate it in a way that feels true and we'll send them to me. You know got to navigate in my state the fact that they think I'm. You know MR break the law and all this other stuff that they say. God knows I don't want to give life to it all the stuff that they
hey I've got to let him know and I hate how police no for police accountability, but law enforcement society cannot work and, quite frankly, law enforcement can't do with John if it does not have a trusting relationship with the community at the time that a law enforcement official has to go to a weapon to a gun, to a baton to a taser, then they have already have to go too far by their very presence, by the very trust that they inspire in community and society is supposed to be able to bring most situations the heel. So what I'm in favor of this repairing the breach making sure that there is a good community relationship but but but but these are you know that that the other side they go to culture, wars, because culture wars unfortunately have work, and what we've got to do is
not become timid about offering what our other vision in response to that easy yeah. Well, so you are twenty three years old, when you were first elected to the Tallahassee City, commission you've said that this younger generation of Americans aren't necessarily sing issue voters. Do you think people haven't turned out in bigger numbers in the past and and what do you think motivates them now? oh you mean you reference my running and winning. When I was twenty three, I would tell you. I camped out on the two colleges that let that exist at my city. People were like what are you doing wasting your time? Young people don't vote blah blah blah nine students voter on Fsu's campus the last election on the campus precinct right. They were all right about that, but my theory was listed, went because you ain't asking. If you don't ask you can't get it, and so,
You know what I've done. Even in this campaign, we were, we were campaigning in places where people did not expect us. I was hanging out in barber shop and had Little League games because they are the a mode well attended. Events that you can find in some cities, right talking to people and and and and folks appreciated me being willing to meet them where they were, a young people will vote when we go out and we have something to say to them when they feel compelled enough that building will actually make a difference in their lives in the import, quite frankly, such as young people, that there are a lot of communities who white male, you know what I have given up on the process because they seem to process failed and repeatedly.
They have watched and participated even in some elections, with a big convince and sold a bill of bands and then nothing changes for them, and so we really we really having to reshape people a belief in the system, a system that they believe no longer works for them. It isn't that they don't understand that voting is important to note that the problem is is that they both and then nothing changes yeah and in that field, the kind of resistance to the process into a policy that is that
the name of the Democratic Party, because we rely on those constituencies to help get us over what we got to rely on and not just to get a selected, but in the governing process in trust them enough to be honest with them right right a this is a hard thing that we're going to have to do, and I need you with me to get it done right. You have a role to play and I think we sometimes try to make. This thing sounds so sexy and simple, and if you elect me, I will, and if people live well, you didn't do it and now I'm not going hi, I'm not believing and I'm not voting against. So we've created this cycle. We've created this this and this, and so for filling in so many ways so you know. My tactic is to go there to be honest, the level with people and ask them for their vote and their partnership. Well, it's certainly refreshing and I yeah- and I really hope it works mayor Gillam. Thank you so How much for joining us and do me a favor in the last
we can bring it home. Okay, that's it man all the way, John thanks! So much man, big fan, keep it up. That's how we got Friday. Mereka, please tune in on Friday to HBO to see your show better mileage, be I will be in Philly we're getting word in Philly, we're the fun stuff look who worked out the kinks in my and the Austin show, was great we're excited for the Philly shows now now our stride tunein go back. We were on. We are on Colbert last night is like all you're doing, for get a job well deserved everyone should watch Call bear he's one of the good ones now playing thanks guys.
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