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"CBO Brother, Where Art Thou?"


Tommy and Jon discuss the ongoing efforts to ram Trumpcare through the Senate, and whether Obama did enough to respond to and deter Russian interference in our election. Then they discuss the impact of Trumpcare on West Virginia with Senator Joe Manchin.

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The presenting sponsor a pod. Save America is blue. It choose tomorrow. I didn't recipes each week or let blue aprons culinary team. Surprise you recipes are not repeated within a years. You'll never get bored, your first three use free with a free shipping by going to apron, dotcom dot, slash crooked, blue apron. A better way to cook I welcome the POD save America. I'm John Lovett, mother or today we have a special gas West, Virginia Senator Joe Mansion. Bringing to talk to him about these Adele, his colleague senator Capital who has not announced whether not she is voting for this bill. But when you get the hell- here in a minute, let's start with some house He being so there's a new policy, the people to Morrow and also as a special episode of ANA Maria. Is show with friends like these.
She went to a Trump rally and talk to them. The I highly recommend you listen to me. I was never the weekend and she did a great job just going in listing the people in training about a fact based conversation, and I think it was remarked. You pull your hair out when you hear this, but it was useful exercises your people are coming from. It was also really started to see like how much Fox NEWS has been internalizing regard dictated by so many people, so many things, you're only see I'm like Tucker Cross and show our spouted back and these interviews. So it's worth listening check it up very goal there. So very clear shadow. Before we get to healthcare, some breaking news. This morning, the Supreme Court has agreed here he trump Muslim back. In case and the Supreme Court's stayed the law a court injunctions against the ban in a kind of convoluted way, basically saying that the ban can stand for now, with the exception: people who have, and this is the term they used a bone.
Fight a relationship with p in the United States. You might be ask yourself what does that mean? That is exactly what everybody else is asking. So there seems to be a lot of stuff going on here that people are just from parsing through this is partially about the active having new Gore such on the Supreme Court's witches and unfairness. We can barely star. But also their does to send a message to lower courts about injunctions and also I stay from the conservatives of the court, including corsage, Alito Thomas starting to speak to their belief that the on the merits trump will prevail. I mean this is us. Remember that this thing was sold to us is necessary because of some sort of urgent threat from refugees coming from overseas or from individuals in these countries it was sold as our one hundred twenty day ban run day like one or fifty five, so that threat that urgency hasn't pan out, despite the night circuits ruling and the other efforts to slow the sink down. So these guys are full of shit,
What I'm trying to say about this report's gonna hear amount. Yeah Much more to add on this. For now it's obviously deeply concerning that the Supreme Court seems to be hinting at a willingness to let them order stand and were about to see a crazy yesterday nightmare as people try to prove that they have a relationship with someone in the. U S in order to come here. These are the pits in your stomach. We're gonna feel fur the entirety of the first term of the trumpet ministries, because were reading about this news on the day. There's also rapid speculation about justice, Caddy, possibly stepping down, are announcing his retirement and that would meet trunk is to fill their sheets of that speculation. No one has any idea Just a reminder that we ve gotta get our asses in gear and win the mid terms, because this is serious business. Not allowing my stomach to experience The speculation of they Canada's carried on. I am Brito downstairs as a delicious breakfast breeder. Thank you. Tommy you're welcome, so were obviously
in a keep an eye on that situation, but obviously the biggest this week is health care. I have written in a much worse, Darth, much worse. I have written in my outline because Johns on a charge of the alignment is gone C B. O brother Warehouse Arthur had like that. We are waiting for the sepia score. It is likely to come out today by all it will show that millions, if not tens of millions will lose coverage. There was a the historian Yahoo breaking this down Gary Claxton, the director of the health care marketplace program at that, or family Foundation said gene or more million will likely coverage. Also, a conservative analyse said I'd expect coverage to be. Eighteen to twenty million fewer. Than under Obamacare. He then went on to say why he doesn't agree with that number, but of course he doesn't. He believes in the magic of ah well hell, trickled healthcare economics, so it Participation of the CBS score coming out. The administration, as allies went out to defend the bill
weekend and they told a series of lies that were so loosely garb smacking. So here you're them and amazingly Kelly and Conway, told George monopolise, that there aren't Medicaid cuts in this bill, and that is the least egregious why that was told this weekend right because they claim. Oh, it's not a cut it just spending less than we otherwise would have meant it's bullshit. If Europe, directing money do come next year and then you find out less money is coming. I think, you'd feel as though your seller had been caught. You are also assuming that no more people get sick and that prices won't go up and all the things were paying for exactly Thompson to HIV. Just Secretary told Dana bash. We wouldn't have individuals lose coverage, that's a lie. Path, to me, told John Dickerson. The Senate bill will codify and make permit the Medicaid expansion, which is exactly the opposite of what it would do. It ends the medicate expansion and he said no one loses coverage again, Alai shot
spider in a briefing on Friday. That was not on camera because they beyond tape lying and the White House. Correspondence Association is unable muster a response to what this administration is doing, but I died, A spice or said Trump is quote: committed to making sure that no one who currently is inadequate in the medical programme is affected in any way, which is reflected in the Senate bill and he's pleased with that. So every part of that is a lie so is why they're lying a pull by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that medical not only as an eighty four percent approval ring among Democrats it as a seventy six percent approval rating among independence and a six one percent approval rating among Republicans and an exact Paul. We discover that only three The eight percent of people are aware that the GEO P Healthcare plans cut Medicaid has a baby about it, be places like news are in telling the truth or simply not covering the facts and see Mitch Mcconnell play.
To keep the bill under wraps has been pretty effective, so Tommy were waiting for the sea, be escorted, arrogant, keep an eye on it. If it happens during the show. I do think that the sea YO score in the bill becoming public will get people more focused on us. I think it will but I think you know our window so small that it it's it's gonna take a herculean efforts to push back. I mean we're. We're place now aware relying on a couple senators and were relying on public pressure from the grass roots to swamp. Like you had the cobra you're talking about spending three hundred million dollars in the mid term elections next year, so the donor class. Let me I read a statistic today that four hundred visuals, who will get a tax cuts under this bill are the equivalent of medicate mansion and like four five states, including Lithuania, including West Virginia, so that those the stakes of what we're talking about. We need these guys to to. You now take a fairly politically courageous vote when it comes to political pressure from economies from their big owners and listen their constituents and like shit, I wish I thought
that I knew how this is gonna go, but I don't I don't know anymore now near I mean the the judge, corn and today said that they are their clothes. The door, delay in the vote now that is worrying because it if it were, you is worrying because there's a chance, it means they think they have the votes. It also may just mean they understand that if a bunch of their members with much of these centres go home for the July fourth recess, they who come back, I decided to vote for this bill in part, because it would everybody's going to put the pressure on the people. So let's about where we are with the politics and with the vote remember we need three. They need fifty need to get a fifty. Fifty in the Senate, so that might pence could break the Thai. So we need to pray off three Republicans, because we ve had unanimity among the Democrats for conservatives, mightily, TED, crews RON Johnson and ran Paul said they were not ready to support the bill. My glee, on Friday
said something very interesting in a medium post, and he said this far. Short of repeal the Senate bill, keeps the Democrats broken system intact, just with spending on the poor to pay for corporate bailouts and tax cuts. A cynic might the Senate. Bill is less a republican healthcare bill than a caricature of a republican healthcare bill and yet He does go on to say, after all, that, for all that I have close, the door on voting for some version of it in the end Jonathan Swan and exiles, who has really been running the story to ground reported yesterday that a widely held view in Mcconnell World is that he doesn't start with fifty two Republicans he starts with fifty One many view ran Paul as a lost cause and someone who was never get a now that could be posturing That could be sending a signal that could be trying to kind of make the bill Seymour endangered. Then it is, but regardless Tommy, how quickly, you think, be right. Wingers are going to fold, I mean I did so These are scary because I worried they will well beyond the complacency, gets a lot of John Oliver
A good piece of Miss Ashton. I'd, like all the reporting thank the bill, is unlike support, think well lay they introduce something that they know can get changed slightly and allow. This guy to take a win through their already talking about carving out a special he'll for Alaska. That would change the way certain pricing occurred as a given play to those senators and get their votes. This happen in Europe I'm a Ben Nelson cut a deal. Those called the corn has her kickback ultimately took weeks and months of political pressure to turn that from an asset to a liability for him, but that time, just exist here, and that is what scares me. It should scare everyone out there. We have basically for days towards is to revamp one sixth of their economy and the point little, I think, a lot of yet look. There's coming here and it's. This is gonna happen on any big piece of legislation, but look what we're we're trying to paint a picture of just how damaging this bill would would would be, and we are backed by the fact we are backed by the evidence. We're gonna be backed by CBS Score, but another import thing to remember is this: we complicated issue and it's a really complicated bill, and it was
written in secret and is just now hit the light of day. The reason we have a big process. The reason we have politics is: is it We does matter that everybody gets a look at this because they may not a thought of everything thing. I know the unintended consequences comes under this huge mistake: drafting errors for economic area to end up in the spring drafting airs. Look that the Democrats. That process for passing Obamacare was incredibly intensive and public and scrutinise and all the rest, but even still because the because of the way the bill had to be passed because of the death of TAT Kennedy to get into it. There were drafting mistakes that made it all the way to the Supreme Court. It is very likely that there are huge unintended consequences that would have effects on poor benefits, on premiums on medicate and all the rest that we just don't even yet understand and was just hammer home the intended consequences, which are that Medicaid cover seventy four million Americans four out of ten american children are covered by medical. Ten million Americans with disabilities receive medicating. This is going to go after the most vulnerable
for our population are email did an interview with a mother and her son, who was on this building insurance. It allowed her to care for him in homes on Medicaid government Watch it I'd that people have an anti slathered used to run the import healthcare per so the about Miss to the sodomy in there are human stories here that need to be highlighted and lifted up. As we talk about this because, like this is gonna, be devastating for people that have a voice. They have no lobbyists, they have no money, they have nothing but debt from healthcare problem and a point that ran pomade, which it is that he can support this has it's too much like Obamacare Lighted leave, so many the regulations, and it's not what he came to the Senate to do in Ernest around Paul, there is some truth that in in that this bill does too, is far more than it reforms the healthcare system. In far more than reforms Obamacare, it is a tax bill entered into medicate cut bill. The the exchanges and all the rest they fuck with them. They make them worse than to make seniors pay a ton more money, they're getting insurance,
beneath the ability it at TAT, put back and caps and all the rest. But ultimately the biggest part of this bill is the cut to Medicaid and the tax got. So that's what fighting so when one other point on that is just like it as much as its native the medicate cuts wanting. Everyone listening. If your young and you're not SEC. Now you will be some day. That's what happens in life, so you should try it for the individuals who are currently second word about this. But this is going you harm covered from employers, is something called Association, plans which mean dear those plant or comply with any rules. Often oh, no. You have in your plan because states can wave protection are certain guidelines of what has to be in healthcare plan. So, basically, if you have cancer, you can say you're health insurance company can offer you a policy, but it doesn't have to offer chemo or radiation. So what we could see is a slow widdle down of insurance to something that's not at all useful to people get me some increase has talked about a lot is that a lot of what this bill seems to want to do is create a sub prime insurance market. You know
These concern a song about how oh these regulations that require certain benefits there. What are raising premiums- and there is some truth that, because a lot of people had really low premiums and healthcare that did it cover anything. It had a yearly cap at a lifetime cap I mean: do we really when I go back to a situation where a child is born. And goes into, NEO, care and hits their lifetime limit on their health insurance before they left the hospital for the very first time- and that is what we are talking about. So let's talk about the senators that we do believe are reachable Dean Heller of Nevada, has already come out against the bull and he did so pretty strongly stood next. You, Governor Brown, San of all Republican and said this bill would mean a loss of coverage for millions of Americans and many Nevadas. I'm telling you right now. I cannot support of peace. Legislation that takes insurance away from tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Nevada and it is pretty impressive Eddie, I'm out there and said that it seems like a guy. That's trying to lash himself to them
so it doesn't have the ability to change his mind. Susan College of Maiden said she is waiting for the CBS score, LISA Husky of Alaska, said she's gonna crunch the numbers. Ok, you do that you needed, as well as through the both Collins and Collins. Caskey have talked about their commitment to plan parenthood, Collins more strongly on that, then were working Senator Mansion about centre a capital given how hard this bill hits? Where Virginia Junior Tommy, Does that mean you were? You were ready, about this morning. A jolly Hugh Hewett hasn't up ad that base. Equally says: Republicans, half the beef or something that they need to be for base we any compromise and they must vote for some kind of repeal, no matter what it is you I mean it sickness. I think in the Trump era Republican Party, which is he says they called it. Critical insanity and beyond irresponsible to vote against a bill that we don't even know what the be a squirrel b. We don't even know the impact of it and again
There was a NBC pull out this morning. This had by three two one margin: the american Pub called a negative view of the age. The aid house bill, sick, percent of adults believed that it's a good idea. Forty eight percent set its bad, even republican bonnets are lukewarm about it. Thirty four percent view positively I think he's wrong period on the politics, but like the long period on the politics, but like the idea that he, that Hugh he in these sort of like establishment? Trump peons want to push the party off a cliff to vote for something before they even know what it is absurd to me and meanwhile in Heller, has a million dollars being spent against him on tv adds by a trump Super pack where the hell is our superpower. What the fuck are we doing here, whereas priorities that we spend fifty million summer dollars on John Joseph Race, I'd love to see two or three million getting Huntington, Nevada, bees, batch scare him in move voters, yeah the money, these people are putting behind. Repeal is pretty incredible, lobbied, actually read the coat brothers are put
money behind and their said, Isabel doesn't go far enough. That's that's amazing that those pricks those guys are disappointed because it doesn't do enough to dismantle Obamacare. They are opposed to it they're still subsidies for poor to purchase insurance and because it doesn't do not to get rid of insurance, copies of coverage requirements. I mean these guys are as deed is an awful as you could ever imagine so subbing back there there. I was talking about this over the weekend. It's like there's been a lot of like all. These centres are under so much pressure. They're gonna have to offer, they can vote for it and centre and shouts of Hawaii made. This point, which is producing one happy, this week is a false era. Nobody knows just light up the funds and social media. Just do everything you can, I think, that's really employ I think something to remember to is that, for these centres, their human beings- and this is the big This decision will have made a long time for someone like Capital, West Virginia has just gone to the Senate. This may be the guess decision she's ever made in her life and to say that you know what this person is going to do. I think is a failure to understand how people work, so I
The pressure really works, ending the pressures really effective it already: Goddess Dean, Heller, strongly than anybody thought you'd see, might pay SK a speech over the weekend where he said we will reply Obamacare quote by summers end Sir Artie conceding that they may not be able to do it this week. Donald Trump is tweeting excuses, so you know his heads outside the way. How great was it that he called the house will mean in closed doors? Paul Ryan went on denied in cities misinterpreted than he was interviewed on fox and friend by one of the more on you might as well worked for him and use a gay. I called a means of promoting, as I get a fair use, confirmed that he was so excited. He he's so proud of his ability to name something that he shouldn't does a realised when it should analyse branding. So on Monday Senate Democrats are going to have an all night Talketh onto protects the bill on state as a rally at two p m at the capital that will kick off continuous process move on calling it. The people's filibuster of your in DC should go check it out, there's also local protests and especially important if you live in a state like Nevada, Alaska, Ohio, West Virginia, where there may be a deciding vote, and if you want to make
from home again involved as always remind you that we are working with indivisible, go to trump care. Ten dot, org slash crooked, and you can call your centre. You can email their legislative assistance and staffers that work on this issue. We gotta get keep it up. Yeah I just four years is a long time. It feels longer every day, but I sincerely But this will be the single most important vote and thing that we fight for during the Trump Administration and All of us should be calling our centres, members of Congress and everybody else. We can put pressure on, but also call your friends who live in these states and asked them because that all they can do. Percent can happen as they say no. But if we don't try, if we don't on this, we will ever win on anything else and the fact that they ve taken off the table the idea that this may extend to the research. It may be posturing, but it may be that thing that either they can pass it this week or they will pass it or not. So in that light note You know a logistic about
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a secret side, will punish rush ever hacking, our election, and it was the most comprehensive story written to date about not just what Russia did. To intervene in our election, but the Obama administration response so it starts August twenty! Sixteen with a white ass, his first briefed on this explosive intelligence and talks about how you like they didn't get emailed over. It was a courier over in an envelope that was for for individuals only that had to be returned that's when Obama started learning about what is going on, and at that point it was clear hackers penance. The democratic party networks in July. The I'd open investigation to contacts between russian officials and trap associates in over the next several Once the white us debated all these options for deterring or punishing Russia, they included for attacks on their infrastructure released. Materials to embarrass Putin and then December. Ultimately, Obama proven modest package expelled thirty five diplomats. Close and russian facilities in the? U S, There are some narrow economic sanctions and then there were apparently
and covered cyber measures that we just don't know much about, but no part the takeover. That this is a partisan. Ever from the start. The White House brief the house, in the Senate leadership September at that meeting Mcconnell voice doubts about the accuracy of the intelligence, because he's a CIA analysed, I guess, and he's Mitch Mcconnell the stealth Worst. Member of the roman minish I mean just We'll get you now. You're restores like a punch in the face of atomic you're gonna get Google, so they ultimately they wanted to put this big pipe Is the statement by water down turn into a non political de adjusted in whatever, in the article I'm as defender say that by August the damage was done. Wikileaks had the emails Obama confronted boot, in September and likely prevented them from escalating these attacks and that the partisanship that the gene p responds to efforts to brief this an end to get us respond as a nation constrained their options. Others disk three one senior administration official the peace said I sort of feel like we choked friend of the
Russia, expert Obama, former Obama aide MIKE far said the punishment didn't fit the crime? The Kremlin should have paid a much higher price from the attack to consider more action. So I used my question: if you love it, like one did: Obama YO, bomb industries and choke, or did they receive. As well as they could have given the nature of what happened in the time it takes to collect and confirm a deal with the sensitive stuff, yeah yeah for so first take them economies. Getting is actually important have what they were trying to do, so they were trying to muster a bipartisan response, not only because it would have been good politics, but because Managing our elections is a bipartisan affair that goes on all across the government on between Public is Democrats special at the local level Mitch Mcconnell holding the Gore such seed open, refusing to be part of this statement, just it put it by parties sheen on what was an attack on our democracy and then him right the Senate, healthcare bill and secret, I think, are the trifecta of these most a sort of Anti Denmark.
A vicious on american behaviour. We ve ever seen from a leader of any party in our lifetime, in what is the rationale for someone handing you your that's. The head of the CIA is briefing you on intelligent jack, mad by I understand we should be skeptical of intelligence based news, reports that are uncertain, yadda yadda yadda, but if you're misreckoning you can see or hear or be briefed on whatever you want. Yes, they're. So we cannot miss Connell off the hook. I don't know whether the response was enough in the in the weeks seeing the election if they should have rang the alarm more, they did talk about it and it was immediately politicized in and made partisan. My overall feeling is everyone. President Obama, James CO, me the Clinton, pain. Everyone was behaving as though Hillary Clinton would win, but with this and This is something we could deal with after in a kind of measure response when the reins of power handed over and there would have been serious adult at the time,
to talk about how to deal with this on long term, how to prepare for the future, prevent future hacking our democracy. That's why I think it's so hard. To look at this in hindsight, because we were all in the mentality that Hillary Clinton, when I think it's they need silver made. This point that may be But I think it's really smart point, which is that as human, is we kind of only have two settings when it comes to odds that either something feels fifty fifty were. It feels like one in a million and we treat Trump winning like a one in a million when it really should have felt more like fifty fifty and everybody inside the government was behaving in that way to that what prudence is doing with despicable that it was helping the Republicans that it was wrong that it was an interference in our sacred democratic process, but at the end of the day, Hilary would win, and then we deal with it and then now we're living in me, the aftermath yep. Thoughts on this. So I think it's hard to forget this. Heard happening in real time, ray we're, gathering intelligence, real time and not just any old intention but if we had intelligence on Vladimir Putin's personal
Haldeman or signing off on whatever occurred. That's about it instead of as it gets, people could literally die if those sources or methods or burn who can they may be or have yet they could prevent us from having to do it again, so that something to be aware of cyber warfare relatively new. There aren't necessarily clear rules of the road we have public policies, but when will use nuclear weapons. When a rules of engaging the military, this stuff is being figured out so just a little more complicated. That said, I do think it's true at anything. The Obama administration did before the elections would be viewed as partisan period in politicized and would be me even not with pride would be unhelpful. I do think you're right, though, that ultimately you and a bunch of national security experts being influenced consciously or not, by political considerations in prediction that literally every one got wrong Anna, so that us I'm still remains prize, that more was not done to punish Russia after the election yeah,
and then, of course, we handed the reigns over dollar tromp, who has no interest in punishing Lattimer Putin for any? behaviour and the thing that I'm frightened thing that I can. Something about is Vladimir Putin interfered with our election unleashed a torrent of packing and assaults on our institutions when he. That there is administration that we care, yeah right in Western Pacific piece of families, european countries how they have devoted year to countering russian disinformation, hacking, trolling, setting up Sputnik and our tee in a country like this is not I think what new is the ability to use technology to exacerbate? it will allow them to reach into our country from so far away, but exports save the best way to deal with these influence campaigns as to make them visible and I worry We ve lost our best weapon against these attacks because we have a president and a partisan atmosphere that were uses to believe they ever occur, I
yeah. You have the Shanghai and world, saying I deep state, deep stages, parroting Russia's propaganda line. So yes, our times timing, UNAIDS dark out there. It won't it into your point about Putin doing this with a presently. He thought would would take a hard line against us the appeal reported today. The trap is pushing for a meeting with Putin next month in Germany in knots couple aside at a conference, but like all the trappings, bells and whistles of a full diplomatic meeting and I dont understand how anyone could think that that's good politics, let alone good policy. There is no explanation, four doll, trumps behaviour towards russia- that is not enough. Yes, in some way, there is no way to explain a man who has no principle whatsoever, no concern policy. You want anything He remained so steadfast in his view that he should never critic as Russia that they should possibly be, drawing up a sanctions bill, even though the sanctions bill that they're holding up is most for show any way that
he wants to meet with Vladimir Putin that he won't seem to ask a single question to any of the national security officials that come to him about what we're doing to prevent a future attack. I mean it is mine. In his stories all over the place River, while he denied it was a case- is that it could of a fact I in Jersey effect, I had a basement fat people anywhere in China, hacking election days. Then, let's I call that inconsistency. I think technically it is possible at the basement, was in very difficult for them. You know once he read the washing postmortem, he decided to tweet out these Chopin line and said wise. Never one blame you abandon never made a past shout he did not read them. That's all. He was really long, but I think that baffles me, as I think I don't It's unfair, decided, Donald Trump is deeply involved in the weeds of policy discussions- and these things are more about politics and optics pounding Russia in getting tough on them would probably pay significant political dividends for him right. I'm not sure what he's holding
four think about all the Republicans. That would be relieved and happy and gratified to see him turn on Russia. It would be the smartest thing he could do with our public baseless russia. There, there sort of baffled by That's right. I know one thing in fact the bird anyway, I think, whatever that gives you get me came back a grand back. You get all the whole band back, but Now it is almost as if this compromise in some way unbelievable unbelievable our guys, when we come back Joe Mansion of West Virginia. This is pod. Save America stick around more great show coming away positively. It has brought you by text her with a few, in conversation about culture but fake news, alternative facts in the news media it's important to know where your news is coming from Texas, features some of the most trustworthy, credible publication in the Like Time magazine the New Yorker Vanity, fair, Linda Winter Semele, trustworthy one's gonna be less data. My right, guy's name stream, media
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On the pod. Today we have West Virginia Senator Joe Man and centre. Imagine thank you for coming on. Pod save America. What thank you all for having me those happy. I proceeded so, let's jump into this of care fight, West Virginia onboard West Virginia, is among the states as most benefited from the medicate expansion. It's our fifty nine percent increase in enrollments. Just how badly. With this the hurt West Virginia, and what are you here? from your constituents about it. Well, there's not a grassy, not one demographic fadeaway redeem will be effective, not one. We have an older population and you know that, if not only paying flogged one and shortcomings in charge of almost five times a premium ever younger person for up to sixty four years of age, we have not a lot of elderly in nursing homes which can be effected with medicate ages, hitch.
We opiate first time we're getting getting. Treat me forget addiction to anything, and everything that we have ever done in every aspect of our economy is going to be effective. The role hospitals, role clinic all of these things- and I was governor- you know we had always sit down with the hospitals- can vary so much caraway. So much charity care. We call disproportionate sharing, we help them every here just to make ends meet now with the medical care and formal kara to tell him, have more stable finances and worked out very well formed, but it could be very difficult to I'm just begging him. I said you know what I want. You sit and talk won't you work with this. Wasn't here in two thousand and ten, when it was passed, an understanding that basically went to normal process went through the older, the hearings. It went through market. It went through amendments even republicanism.
Were adopted, but then still yet we couldn't get one Republican to fought back in two thousand and ten. The Republicans have There may be even worse to where they, even at, but even ass. The Democrats, having put the appearance of that they wanted to be by partisan. And I just think it's wrong- I'm hoping it doesnt class it. We can sit down and hopefully craft a good piece of legislation. Sir you, you talked about the stakes for West Virginia. You also talked about the process and how poor it has been in terms of bi partisanship. But when the merits are so clear about the harm this would do to West Virginia. Why do you think that the politics aren't I brainer for any one representing your state to vote against it. I've been thinking about it to both of you, John Tommy, toboggans. I've been thinking very hard about which driving this train have come to the conclusion that taxes rim, it's basically the tax rebate both,
bills? They have little different variations, I'm understanding of both bills. They try to make a movable smoother if you will but make no mistake about it. Both bills remove all the tax rip, the way we ve paid for it and it's the first time I think that some of the super wealthy you ve, never been able to shorten then yeah. I know I don't know I don't know which drive. I just never seen anything like this I have not heard a personal in dire need because of their income overturned. Fifty thousand thing three percent sounded at three percent are done. I haven't heard anyone can say that, but I guess some of the top in really one one tenth of one percent is really upset about it. So I guess that's the base the hard CORE Republican Party having there was a statistic that came out this morning. That said just the tax cuts for the four hundred wealthiest families in America would be enough to pay for the many Yet expansion in four states, including West Virginia Alaska, aren't we were one I was reading. Let me give you up.
Another number out of all the tax, ok protection. Eleven thousand people would get a country made about five thousand dollars. So income earners incomers West Virginia eleven thousand over nine hundred thousand- wouldn't be affected by any tax rebate or any taxes whatsoever, but all nine hundred thousand will be affected because they have some family member. This benefiting from the plan it just unbelievable. Center, your colleague from West Virginia Senator Capita has not yet taken a position on the bill she is one of the Republicans that we believe whose vote is up for grabs Have you spoken to her about this bill? Does she understand just how harm this bill would be for West Virginia. We spoken about it. We should have not told her how difficult ass, my goodness, as they become of them, said to me I'm from knowing all dynamics of demographics. There's no way much leadership should be holding showing his.
Probably holding another working on it, but there might be something she believes it will just have a difference of opinion on it. We ve got along very good by partisan. We try to work and we try to show the rest of the senator as you well know, by parents and why they can be democratic public and try to work together. But this one here was pretty clear, from the Gatt GO, and I haven't done. She don't make up her mind, and I respect that, but I know she's happy I want to talk to her again. The fact was an. I know that she has been working on a very hard accomplished. Her decision. Doktor again this afternoon and hopefully I'll be on, I sense a downward together sooner than that sixteen presidential election was gross in almost every respect, but one good thing that came out of it was a bipartisan consensus to tackle the opium crisis. I read that the bill only in two billion dollars for twenty eighteen to fight the opium crisis centres, Portman Capital it requested for
five billion over ten years prior to the bill. Can you talk about what this would? for West Virginia S, ability to help people who are struggling with addiction. What am I gonna do at the time when I was governor, I just I was so so watching what I was going to my door, communicate them to the people most Virginia from abuse. Little towns and growing up or just devastating earn nothing but a shell themselves. So I started working on the very when I first got here. I can't believe, divided them and work out through the most prescribe opiates. We're still schedule free, I don't these were prescribing like it was eminence ninety days you just called it and got a refill, my goodness I just kept Roland till we get that reschedule to schedule to that, took a lot of them,
the market remark and with the FDA and everybody else, but you know unless a person realises and comes the realisation that addiction is an illness in an ailments, needs treatment like any other medical other people still in denial? They don't believe it is a criminal act and put everybody in Britain, but we tried for twenty years and never cured soul. Now the people that commit violent crime, sexual crimes because of drugs and those who are dealing should be put away, but those who are using get addicted because they at an injury and the doktor over prescribed and before you know it a larger upside down and run, we can maybe say them so utterly treatment centres in every area of West Virginia within and there I introduced a bill called lifeboat. Lifeboat would make in pharmaceutical manufacturers who are making all these drugs pay. One penny per million
one can promote a grander many manufacturers by pharmaceutical manufacturers for treatment centres. The country has one and a half to two billion dollars every year, but we need to start the money to get these things up and running. So I'm understanding that might be Sarah to take throw to Shelly and to rob Portman to get in the boat for it and then go home and say we got Much good. That's I devastating. I mean I'm fighting continued fight for the opium funding, we need and has to be done. They can't talk about it and they all say were, will want to fight this fighting open any money towards it, and so, when they kept saying with the budget so tight, I said well, here's a way to do it just sign up. Nobody had a problem sign up for alcohol taxes for tobacco tax, but they won't sign up for a while
backs and make the manufactures by. So I do believe that that is a can fig leaf onto this bill that might be able to get the votes of people like Centre capital because, ultimately, even if there is an increase in a fund for opium treatment, you're still talking about a bill, that's a massive cut to benefits and an eight hundred billion dollar taxes for the wealth,
well I'm I'm understanding that might I've heard that were rumour that that might be the bone they throw in order to get some boats were Shelley's, whether he robbed whoever's, but that doesn't have anything for the elderly doesn't know anything from personnel doesn't do anything for those working, poor, medicate, Anna and all the different things it would have done to bring people into the fold. Here's the one thing that I said, I'm warning you sit down. I note a private markets. Messed up, are you can't? You know you? Gotta have more products and products in the markets gotta match up to where the consumer will be able to handle the better choice? That's not working out and fellow twenty six year old, yet the spot the product. So we ve got to change that the private sector we'd better, take care of people preexisting condition in serious illnesses, which is using quite a lot of the medical dollars that we have,
and we think as a pathway Ford for that also with the expansion that we did in medicate ever gave one word of instructions how to use. I can tell you the people most Virginia. They never had healthcare before and we're not on medicate. There only form of delivery for healthcare was go to the emergency room. That's all they had emergency room. Those who are still working abbot didn't have insurance their workplace had to file. Workers cannot claim in order to get any better than the coverage and that's the most expensive form of delivery of healthcare. So I've said can't we just instruct and educate people how they can use their health care. Their newfound out there much more efficiently and effectively for them and for us would not be a little bit more humane
and just say I'm sorry, two or three years you're off or if you want you got to pay this well, so I could do that they've been paying for it. Since I want to come back to this opioid issue, because you talked a lot about treatment, I think you've been forward, leaning on this, given how how much West Virginia has been affected, but also the only democratic vote for Jeff sessions when he has nominated to be attorney? General and sessions is the most, de Gaulle Anti true, an anti reform person, drug issue that we had in the Senate. He is now outside of the mainstream on this issue at the Justice Department. Don't you believe. That vote has empowered somebody who is actively going to hurt your state well, first of all and undertook fifty one votes to get just confirmed because of corruption which very cold against my arm wishes, but anyway, so that wasn't the case. You think I've always said. I've been an executive myself
a lot of people I bought into my administration and show the people that normal didn't like him. I said if it meets all the criteria with a background check and they go through a robe and with your financial your honor. If a person passes there worthy Ike. If I fail they fell with me, so I was pretty indifference to President Trump and his team together. Unless a person just wasn't qualified in that profession, and I didn't think that you're the boss was, I thought Tom Price Breach and things I thought were an ethical and I thought MIC Mulvaney would destroy the budget which you know, but on Jeff I had their credentials in and I thought well. You know that, guy with that, let me tell you this is put in Vision but I can call Jack and I suggest listen. I've got political. I think what you're doing is wrong and I had on the planet. Astrogation is no way he should have been even contemplating monoplane investigation and he got off
And I'm the only democratic and make a phone call now and they can't pages political centre. Speaking of building your team Sean's by Sir said that there is a potential forgetting your votes. I guess my question is: why Did you hire Sean? Were you worried about his lack of credibility after line for all these months, or was that dino? Can you look pass out for his experience? What maybe you know I got excited when I heard that, because my condition revolting was repairing the bill we have, and maybe they finally saw the light came around and we were gonna put a bipartisan group of senators together and repair the affordable care. I dont think it may be sums going on here. They haven't told me about that's the only condition I can think of other than that. I think John might have
just a little optimistic and maybe look delusion on so I just I am hearing no chance in Hell. That's a sort of that. I want to walk away. Here's the thing they ve got me if they want to sit down and start recurring it tonight, look at the private market. Look at how we educate people use it more wisely. Looking at how we can get people help
you must look how we can change this economy get more than working. I don't have a good workforce and most reaching on down below fifty percent of the doubts working should be working at Arnwood net, it's the first time in my life, so I want to get people back on the road to recovery. I got another bill, two guys on this opiate, think speaking, that we ve got people that have felonies because most having common larceny get felonies, they can't get a job and they might have good skills and other than do so. I have this bill called second chance. If they go through one you're treatment, they go through one year of the mentoring that gives them the right to take the people, their sponsors go back to their resting officers and go back to their sentencing, judge
How can I get an expunged? Get that fell on the author back and go back into the workforce. There's gotta be some compassion somewhere Susan. It just to clarify this here. Obviously, there's a lot of things that we can do to make our health care system were better. There are things that we can do to fix. Obamacare present Obama says that all Democrats say that, but just to be clear here, this bill has to be taken off the table that this bill, eight hundred billion cuts to taxes and and massive cuts. Him medicate that this bill as an on start earn, and you think that we should start over those can be repaired. They don't want to repair. How in the world, I guess the difference between a Democrat and a Republican would say the first thing to do no matter what is your until six hundred billion dollars attacks and take away eight hundred billion dollars of services for the course that's the difference
who I am, and I guess who they are. I just can't do that there are just a lot of people going to be harmed and just thinking you expand put this offer three years men rather than a downwards gonna. Let you go on even do I entreat you, hit the cliff and will be put right off the cliff years, I'm just hoping it I'm just open synergy. Imagine thank you for joining us to call. No don't forget the call the men at home and let them know how you feel the eccentric, thank you guys, you're good at that two. Ok, They just thank you both that rigid. You join us happy beyond with you any time. Ok, they serve That's it for pod, save America. Thanks to our guests, Senator Mansion. I think it was a good conversation. Would you think Tommy so pretty right? Now phone calls their buddy list, God awful bill. Heed leave that centre. Capital is someone who
understand how bad this bill is. The question is whether notches it comes to the pressure from the other side to vote for it, two pretty sincerely believe that you are not If you live in West Virginia state that will be done. How to John will be back on Thursday, so no need to treat him anything positive or negative anymore. I think he'll be back and die. You know I love the ultra the music going we're having a good time trying to make out. Best of a bad situation. Politics was end of shop, but.
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