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Trump tries and fails to clean up his Putin mess, but Republicans in Congress make it clear that they won’t be doing anything about it. Then Crooked Contributor Tim Miller joins Jon and Dan to talk about the state of the Republican Party, and why it’s become a Trump cult.

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We also talk about the White House, his attempt to clean up the mess. What Democrats should be saying about it what's going on this week before we begin the wilderness is out cremated. First Documentary Pike S theories about the history and future of the Democratic Party written erected by me and the first for episodes are out, having already listen, go check them out. You can do about missing it because it is not part of the new cycle. This podcast cast sort of a broader look at the democratic party. Every four The pot out there, please download, listen, tell me what you think would love every one to hear it. I've got some thoughts on this one. It's fabulous, its choice address adds, does very happy vague, a bigger happy. Its outvoting is a really important with forty two. I think this is a shot across the bows of the other John Favour that you ve, given yourself the title director
it's an interesting project because, as if you listen to it, it is very different than our usual cricket media pods very, like sit around the table. And we partner with the production company to up to create this, and they did such a great job. It's like music archive all sound and all kinds of interesting bells and whistles, that makes for an easy, listen so yeah I can say directed since they they put it all together, but I I sort of spent ten months writing a lot of it and then it was a lot of work, but it was fun. It's important, I'm yeah and end. The next episode is about race and politics. And that will be out on Monday, so check it out and catch up at the first four episodes over the weekend. Ok, let's talk about the the not walk back, the walk, not back,
Donald Trump has spent the last few days attempting to clarify, but mostly confirming the remarks he delivered at a press conference with Lattimer Putin where he stunned the world by siding with them, Madam president, over our own government, which has concluded that Putin sabotage the two sixteen election in order to install Trump as president on Tuesday Trump, as to believe that he misspoke that when he said he didn't any reason why it would be Russia that sabotage dura Lex, What he really meant was he didn't see. Any reason why it wouldn't be. Russia can see he'd make that very easy mistake: Dan shall we start to enumerate all the different ways that this explanation is a steaming pile of horse. Shit, I think it's very objective of you: ass thou, now, journalist Anna Director Censurable, seemingly as opposed to an actual pile of our
I read it. It is so absurd on so many levels and it is in bear a saying evaded. Basically, I think most of the things that trumps trumped eyes shows that he's an idiot, but this explanation shows they both he's an idiot, but he thinks it everyone else's awesome, and it is in particular his supporters and his fellow members in public and party that this is the figure he would give them to hang on to two. Not today would stop saying that tromp had siding with food and was a trader. The country put Putin's word of intelligence service everything else that had been happening for the last two days. Yeah, I mean just to go through its obvious, all of us that the walk back was pretty much bullshit, but just to go through why, in that same Helsinki,
Sir Trump also said the prudent offered an extremely strong and powerful denial of hacking asked whether- Billy Putin or his own intelligence. Director Trump said quote: I have company in both parties. Echoing many fine, go on both sides from Charlottesville. Also Trump didn't correct. His alleged miss mentoring, either of his earlier interviews with Johnny entity or Tucker Carlsson, and then the most important thing he's publicly I did that Russia was to blame for the hacking. Since the twenty sixteen campaign he's doubted it and tweets he's doubted it and interviews, he's doubted it everywhere. Right,
the idea that, like now he's a guy, I always believed it was the rush of the dead. The hacking, it is isn't hold up. Most of the press. I think treated this with the appropriate level of scepticism young out that he within one paragraph, said that he took the word of his intelligence community of his intelligence agencies, but then the next sentence said it could be. Anyone could be. China could be anyone else, and so, within one paragraph he both accepted he walked back. We did and then and walked back. We wanted forward Bacchus walk, walk forward either way we can. We can get tied up four months around this, but what it is, it is completely pitiful. Any does show it like you daddy. I think what I most revealing episodes into trumps mentality is that
He is so obsessed with, for whatever reason right and we use- we can talk about the reasons, but he so obsessed with casting doubt on Russia's involvement on his behalf that he can't even read the hostage statement without then undermining the hostage in the sense that he's even easing like he obviously understood. So they set the trunk. There's anything intellectual like, according to reports like Kelly and compare and pants audio, came to him and said you have to fix us trouble enough in this only happen a handful times in his presidency. He didn't do it on should help countries due to the fraudulent voted in doing around the wiretapping of Allama. He really did around verifying nazis are very fine people in and this statement where he will come out and basically do a corrective right here, I to clean up the mess? So we understood that intellectually, but in the moment he is so psychologically emotionally twisted about the city. Couldn't even do it and had to undermine the statement in them
which says so much about the psychology at play here that sprightly that Putin's taking advantage of left and right well so Foxen friends showed this on top this morning that supposedly shows all the times the Trump has acknowledged russian election sabotage, but even in front of course tweeted this But if you actually look at the montage, it actually shows Trump saying think it was Russia, but maybe China. Maybe it was others. A lot of people could have done this in every single clip. There is no time there's no time where he unequivocally says it was Vladimir Putin and Russia. The directive, this hacking full stop period. He always has to add a qualified, because he does. Really believe it or he doesn't want people to know. He believes that or he doesn't want his russian handler. Fulfil your prudent, but you know believing that he believes it
but there is also last night we start with the New York Times story. That was the came at last night. There revealed Donald Trump learned that it was Vladimir Putin himself that directed the hack two weeks before his inauguration and he learned it because our intelligence agencies found this out from a source close to Putin. That sourcing was incredible that for so I can improve the someday, you talk about. There's like something interesting or horrible must have happened, for the New York Times to publish that? U S intelligence agencies learned of the hacking from a source that was close to Vladimir Putin. Me that's pretty crazy, right yeah, it's crazy that that's how they learned its also crazy, that the narratives reported that now eat autonomy and banking Ben rights and speak to this with greater knowledge than I can. They had more experience dealing with the times and resources situations, but I'm sort
skeptical the times what are published it if that source was still in play right, that they would Beriah source that mean they have you. I was things we ask them not to do for various reasons, and sometimes maybe they were right. Sometimes we were right, but I think in this case it probably means that sources, no longer employment, be interested here. What Tommy and our other foreign policy nerd friends think about it, but it's very it is a very closely held source, waited that you would have thought for a nor more rational, human beings. That would be case closed for tromp, right right and he's known as all into all this time. That he's casts doubt on the investigation com get a witch hunt doubting russian hacking sucking up
the latter Putin. This whole time he had been told before even became president, that we knew with confidence that Putin himself directed this attack on the United States. One of the larger cyber attacks on our history give it give a theory on this is to do that. Like the existing go a couple ways, re could be helpful that he believed the intelligence manatee, but then does it want to say it publicly beak fur. What I think are two possible reasons. Wine saying it publicly to him admits that he did not win fairly or that or others. The idea that of the more investigation is legitimate, or he just does it believe or as out so he believes it is either legitimize smaller or angers Putin, which is afraid to do or refuses to believe that, because he has a paranoid, crazy uncle who thinks the? U S, intelligence agencies are out to get him. I mean you know, with trumpets always a mix of everything, but I do find many problems
with the legitimacy excuse, because if he was really worried that evidence of hacking were cast out and the legitimacy of his election, he would try to continually there was no hacking from anyone. Instead, he rise to say. Maybe it was China, or maybe it was others, or maybe it was the four hundred pound guy or maybe hacking any number of people out there and then really make much sense if his real concern is the legitimacy of the election, it also doesn't make sense why, during the election, he would suck up to Putin as much as he did and say such nice things about Vladimir Putin all through the twenty sixteen election because that was before the legitimacy of his election was India, so I'd ever. Like what is Russia have on him. Is it the p tape? Is it financial, whatever else ice, I'm thinking that way. Russia has on him is that they know
helped him when the election, and they also may know that members of his inner circle helped them help him when the election and potentially trump himself know something about this. So the compromise that Putin has on him is the fact He helped him when the election. That's my theory and trumped doesn't an and that's why Trump sucking up the boon I buy that theory. I just think that the whole like- oh, I don't want to acknowledge this because I'm right like ice, I sort of day that theory legitimacy to, but the more the more he's been acting the way he has an especially after the press conference. I just don't think it's about legitimacy. I mean the fact the fact that the best case scenario like when you hear Wyatt the tromp apologists in staff read out to Jonathan Swine, which is the closest thing. I think we get to what the truck the truck,
team once you do know about Trump right. Is that he in his mind, can't separate cool the idea of election hacking from the idea that he illegally colluded and therefore he sort of seas, weakness in it and like that is their best case in their best case, is that he is dangerously unfit repressing I'd states, but not a trader like that, like he, intellectually, is incapable of the new ones to understand, to separate things or to put his put hit the hidden cut. The safety of the country over his own fragile ego That is their best argument, which shows just how fucked up the situation is also keep in mind of the inner circle, but people who are leading to out of one now was none of them were there during the campaign and soberly? None of them know that there was wrote the print, probably not
know for sure that there was collusion like Jared, an avant our boat there. In the campaign there are members of the inner circle, but the rest of the inner circle is gone so it very well may be that these awful people in the Trump Administration and weather- No, but clear are not there still offal from everything else. They ve done. But it very well may be that the people leading to report of dynamic- oh he didn't really collude he's not really a trader that kind of stuff. They just don't know- and I mean think about everything, Steve Ban and said to Michael Wolf and has since then about how yeah that June fifth meeting, that was fucking, treasonous Rambert Steve Ban and called it treasonous, so you know now did I was surprised that Tromp was even attempting to walk back. That was my
that. He would just sort of plough ahead. Why do you think he walked this? One back, like you, walk tried to walk back a few other awful incidents in his presidency. I think he tromp judges, everything base on tv coverage and even fox right, not Hannity and Tucker Karlsson, who were broadcasting bitter, basically from inside trumps, ego thee, but just like during the day he was seeing more negative, more republicans say negative things about him that seed and probably since since since then the Nazi comment- and so I think that as part of a Ip Darwin Mcconnell and Ryan, and these others for the first time real, like put out statements that were specifically critical of Trump, like even Paul Ryan Nazi statement was a statement against Nazi fascism, not against the press. It who endorsed Nazis, and so I think he felt some pressure to try
fix it. I'm sure in his own mind, because he like, like facts, arduous valuable aspects of his own narrative that he did not think he did he by he thought he probably was tough on Russia and therefore he wanted to make it clear that he was in the statement, as are the he probably felt some measure book oppression. I think the combination of pence in pale was probably more carry more weight than the normal cast of cloud to ask him to do things. I think tents very rarely goes a drop in says, fences, basically set right, he's just doing just go into the apples called schemes for five minutes at a time serve racial rhythm it. So I think he'd like him asking trumpeted you, so they may have carried some weight that doesn't normally. It may seem like a bigger deal I also love gave Sherman Vanity Fair points out that John Kelly was encouraged encouraging republicanism,
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really amazing things. Trumped didn't just stop at the attempted walked back, as is so often, as is so often the case when you try to do these things, he basically fucked up like ten more times over the last couple days as he was giving interviews to try to walk this back, just want to go through a few. The big ones first. This is from the Associated press. Trump was ass at the end of a cabinet meeting Wednesday if Russia were still targeting the, U S, hand no without elaborating this is after his own door. Or intelligence. Just said last week that the threat of russian election Interference and twenty eighteen is a quote red blinking, light What did you think about our well regional AUS concern, but then Sarah, how could be Sanders told me later on the day that would he was saying no repeatedly by staring at the if, at the reporter asked the question he was merely say. No, I dont want to take questions is so now. I feel much better. You know with, silly Vargas me
Multiple other reporters were in the room. All say that Huckabee explanation was complete. Bullshit. All of them said that he was looking right through right at the reporter and said no to that question question is in horse. Of course that's what he bad, because it's just like nor Korea we're seeing the same thing play out, which is if the answer to the question is yes, which it is actually yes, we're see this happen every day, then tribe has to admit failure and criticise Putin at the same time, two things he can't do. We went to this big Monica on a super, successful meeting, he said he had and Putin is actively attacking America at this moment, then he failed in the summit, and so of course he would say it's so obvious and at some point we should we should, I guess, stopping insulted that they giving us this bullshit. But this is also another piece of evidence that his cosiness with Putin and his weakness with regard to Putin has nothing to do
his concern about the legitimacy of his own election. He could, easily not talk much about what happened and twenty sixteen or try to cast doubt on what Russians did and twenty sixteen and still say, but we're doing everything we can to make sure that nothing happens and twenty eighteen, and we believe there targeting us and twenty eighteen and we're trying to stop it and in this governments, doing everything you possibly can but he's not doing. That is not doing it now, because wants to help he wants to help. Yes, Lastly, we have we had with islamic contacts off when they when he was losing the hurricane he specifically and publicly asked the volume are prudent to go hacker emails which then they tried to do later. That day
it. So it is obvious he wanted what they wanted. Russia's help in twenty sixteen day, we got it from his son. We know from the meeting that his son, his son in law campaign manager, had with russian promising turn Hillary Clinton. We know that from multiple contacts that Roger Stone has top political adviser had with goose over two point, no turn out to be a Russians agent, and we know that from multiple political operatives who are in contact with Russians all over the place, trumps team was meeting with Russians asking for help, so it seems to ipso facto. Just that. He once help this time as well, and he is not can do anything to stop it. Yak again he did Ass CBS Interview last night and, even in that interview when he finally said oh yeah, I told them there shouldn't be meddling,
for he now calls it meddling, which is like the? U know, serve lightest word that you can use to describe an effort to hack and steal documents from an opposing party by a foreign government nor Election He can't bring himself to be really strong about he's again. You know, I said no more meddling, but what can a statement do right is just his heart. In it, even when he is forced to read these hostage statements prepared by his own government to really say that he doesn't want meddling in their couple other instances that should make us think. There's What s going on here. It is interview with Tucker Karlsson, his safe space on Fox NEWS from complain. Tromp complained about the very purpose of NATO, which is a mutual defence pact, complained about having to defend tiny Montenegro and called the people of Montenegro, aggressive people who might start a war with Russia. Montenegro,
goin, NATO and twenty seventeen after Russia plotted a coup to overthrow its government. Now, look again, some people say: ok, Tucker asked him the question: why should our kids go defend? Montenegro there's an attack, so he was ok. What Tucker led him to talk about Montenegro, but no one led trump too, We then say you know those people, Montenegro, there there stop their aggressive PETE They might start a war themselves and then suddenly were in world war. Three they might go attack Russia, no one told him too. That no one led him to that sentence. That's just him. Talking about Montenegro, possibly attacking Russia. We is what Vladimir Putin says. Do you also know where the very strong people of Montenegro our right now are they in Afghanistan, hell you're in Algeria to stand healthy, defend the United States, which was attacks on nine eleven from Afghanistan? I mean like it is obvious, he's parroting, something that either
Putin said to him or someone who is advocate, who is speaking Putin, giving Putin's talking points about NATO it. It is fucking in saying that the new and this has been got. You see some of this forms members Congress, some republican pundits is the new republic. Isolationist republican message is: why should we defend Montenegro right lay the it I mean when if we just won't take a trip down memory lane when France did not go to war in Iraq with us, the entire republican party. Shame the Dixie Chicks! the business and renamed french Fries Freedom, fries, and so now that down You know how. Many years later, we are in a world where we are trying to dismantle NATO, make it put. It argues against ETA, which just happens to be the top farm policy priority of the people who want to help their publicans when the election.
By interfering against the Democrats yeah and by the way term, doesn't really have a lot of other strong opinions on foreign policy guys up there with the theory of the case. You know with some doctrine: but suddenly he has a ton of thoughts about NATO and about trade x and about all the other kind of things is just it's a lot. The most powerful special interest in Republican Party right now said the cook brothers. It's hot farmer it's big Russia yeah, and it's not even you used to think. Maybe it was the inner ear, but now we're learning that the energy was funded by russian interests during the tone he during the twenty sixteen campaign. But this want this. Well, maybe the worst of all this week. I think on Wednesday the russian prosecutor general's office, that it wanted to interview the? U S born bill, broader who expose tax fraud, Russia, Tommy's interviewed villain how did the world and friendship? MIKE Mc. Also former. U S ambassador to Russia
and when serious Anders was asked whether Donald Trump might be can during turning over a loyal american diplomats to hustle regime that murders, dissidents she admitted Trumpet potent talked it over during their meeting in Helsinki and then declined to rule it out, quote the press, is gonna meet with his team, and will You know when we have an announcement on that on. Turning over a with ambassador to russian prosecutors for questioning and bill broader. That was fucking disgraceful, so neat silver had a tweet yesterday, which basically my paraffin is longer than the way he manages the flow of Trump news. New full of news during this Trump era is to focus on the things that Trump is doing and not the things trumpets considering because most of the things he considers ends up not happening and better when you get out
drop. The things he's considering you miss a lot of very the actual things are happening, and I think there is some truth to that. We knew they say things like we're going to stop having White House briefings or we're going to ban this newspaper a lot of times that is just trolling to get the press worked up right or venting, or whatever else and then there are sometimes it S. Your Huckabee centres is so far the Lupin prepared. She doesn't know what to say so. She leaves things open. There aren't actually open, but I think this is different, because in the context of the two of the Russians who have been indicted, Trump said Putin at some interesting ideas, and so it is not crazy to think that tromp could be tricked into some trade right where Motherwit were like. We would question these Russians or the Russians gate the question making bill, and then he like Just so you can see it trumps, mind how like in it like in the world in which he thinks he is a good deal. More
when he is actually the guy peaceful price for a used car that he thinks he's doing there. Thing there and then also just in general Trump has been very, very pro Putin. So we should be very concerned about this because it sets a very developers not just because bill has been entirely Spock Ass to make it up is a friend of friend and former colleague of ours. This is, it is very. Oh alarming, that they have not clean this up as of the time of this Spock, because if this was something we're Sarah S, heart was anxious to know what to say and therefore she went your office and then someone who were for John Bolton came in and said that this is not actually true. You can take this at the table than they would have allowed a statement by way of this bed get Why a lot of fuel? The fire, so it suggests that at least as other, quoting this bud gas, which I'm just I'm chasing us that this is something that at least since in trumps, mind, if not in other corners of the government
is an open question. Yeah, aiming at the only comfort we can taken. This situation is the fact that the State Department spokesperson called the idea absolutely absurd. So at least the state department on a different page, but you know Trump also runs the entire government. Is the president state. So it's it's pretty scary and its also you right it's not just about MIKE and bill. Puts every other diplomat that sir, thing. The United states all around the world endanger the fact that you know diplomats. It must have diplomatic immunity wherever there are countries which must be protected in states disposed to stand up for them. You know it's just a fucking stand up for its own citizens and the idea that the present dates would entertain. Betraying a law abiding american citizen for some fucking deal with what Putin who's the dictator of hostile regime is. I don't even know what to say about it
I think it vigorous democratic member Congress was Ashleigh asked last night like. Would it be impeach able, if trumpeted that news, I gotta think, yeah, I would say so I would say so. The present I'd states turns over an american diplomats, Vladimir Putin, for questioning at the. I think that would add that would qualifies unimpeachable, it's crazy You see there is a clear gone round of Russia State TV talking about this whole week and this is a quote from russian State TV whose number one quote it. Very bizarre. You can't basher own country like that, especially when your president talking about Trump and russian state, behoves number two says Quote winter: says our relations are bad because of american foolishness and stupidity. He really smells like an agent of the Kremlin. I mean the Russians are very good at Troy, also that they went out and announced a bunch of verbal agreements that trunk and they said that we have a budget. We're
Therefore, to implementing the things the Trump Imprudent agreed on in knowing the government has any idea what those are, including specific things around, what's happening in Syria, yeah pretty pretty scary, eight one one of the questionable so like, yes, of course, Trump, would do handed IE and Tucker and Tucker Cross and righteous, because, like small children need their blanqui by it, he like you said he lay there he's done almost no interviews with nine Fox sink offence murmur almost a year now, just like I'm curious about the thinking that put that put him doing a bigs like post meeting CBS Interview like did they like, I got this answer, that's been on down the books before we need the clean anything up so where they thinking this is gonna, be so successful. That
just wanted to tell the world about it like or that's. What, I think is anyone who knows anything about Trump right. You spent anytime with him knows that this was likely to be one of the biggest disasters in history. And so are they just so that they drink so much orange flavor Kool aid. I just I just can't imagine a thinking human being thinking that this was the time that you would break out of your filter bubble. That's the only thing either to the eight was on the books before the press conference happened, and so they probably felt like they couldn't cancel it, but I wonder if they deluded themselves into thinking that this trip in the press conference was going to be, as quote unquote successful as his North Korea summit, which which they clearly thought, was a big, a big one for him and they thought maybe they do another. You know victory lap after the summit and have him talk. I dont know, though it's your right. Like one thing,
week has reminded us is that every time trump does will sit down interview? That's free wheeling, that's not with Tucker or shot Hannity, our foxen friends, he says, kinds of crazy shit that has pretty scary policy implications like we're not used to that anymore, because he's been wild off for so many months and all he does it sort of tweets and savings pull sprays once in awhile and go, and you know, do his crazy, stump speech. But when he's actually confronted with questions it just sort of highlights, his ignorance is narcissus. It's all that his racism all of his problems. It's it's pretty bad. He thicket. He can't, I have to say their survival, but here
We shouldn't be president like he, as though you put it put remotely policy aside, but he is just so dangerously emotionally, intellectually temporarily unfit for the job he is the like. I mean this is you would really have to stretch to find someone who would be worse at this drop him? It's just a hard job requires you to learn a lot of things to hold nuance thoughts.
Sometimes put your own political needs and ambitions below of greater priority for the country to want to reach out to people who made out like you and may even hate you. Those are all the things you need. A new president and every we ve had presidency were good with the presence of that, but we have never had a precedent, this bad, that just the absolute wrong person at their at any time. For this job and a lot of people say, look we ve had other presidencies did more damage. You know George Bush, to took us into the wrong took as to warrant run country, but again I think that we ve been in a way lucky with trumpet that most of the crises that he's dealt with have been of his own making and again he has still not had to face a genuine outside threat and tried to make a decision that was life, our life or death decision for many people in this country
around the world and when you have with exceptional Puerto Rico, with the exception of porter, can. We saw how that turned out, and you know and like be created. The family separation crisis. He cried the Charlottesville crisis. He created this Putin crisis, but God forbid. You know there is some kind of foreign policy, national security emergency or some economic calamity that he has to deal with. Like again, we could be still that the worst days, from presidency could could still be yet to come, which I know is not a happy thought. No. Oh, let's talk about the republican reaction. Speaking of not happy thoughts. So there was bipartisan condemnation on Monday, even if it was mostly in a sad tweets and troubled statements from a Congress, but on Tuesday and Wednesday, as you noted, as is Trump tried to clean up the mess they all jumped right back on the trunk train raw pork.
In Centre from Ohio, said quote, he took the president at his word. Marker Rubio. Just you know, the pillar of courage said that he was glad Trump quote. Clare. I'd it Lindsey Graham said been reassured unequivocally by the White House legislative team, that the president's no response to shuddered questions was not intended to suggest that Trump doubts the Intel Communities assessment that Russia's continuing to attack our elections. Then, why are they doing this? Why are they sticking with him? Yet again? They I mean. That's, that's! Do the important stipulation that they are? They have been moral cowards who have been willing to cut all racism and misogyny in the search. Political power and wanting their pockets for long before Donald Trump ever showed up, and it is that exact cowardice and moral ineptitude that led them that led us to have Donald Trump is that of their public party, invention, I'd states to begin with, so
So that the very specific reason they are doing at this time is because they feel that they are hostile to transfer trumpeters and pulls out already show that people that Republicans overwhelmingly approve of Donald Trump Summit with Putin. They believe, but like three two one, that election interferences a distraction and that, even if they do you think Trump did not do a great job in the summit. It is inconsequential their support of him, and if these vacant I can enthusiasm on the Trump base up than they are going to lose the house and maybe even the Senate, and so they have to even even though they agree with us that he is dangerously unfit for the job that he is inviting reboots pocket for whatever reason, p tape, money laundering ego need for election assistance. They believe that they are going
widening their can people about it because they would rather win an election then help the country yeah. I mean just to dig into those pull numbers. You refer to survey monkey Axiom, pull on the way question on the way Trump handled his press conference with Putin, Good NEWS, a nap whole. Fifty eight percent disapprove. Forty percent approve, with independence that numbers sixty two percent disapprove thirty three percent approve, but then, as you referenced for Republicans, only eighteen percent disapprove of the way he handled the press conference. Eight. Percent, that it was a bad idea. Seventy nine percent approved there was a CBS pull out as well. Cbs poles or a little higher quality than survey monkey actually quite a bit higher quality than survey monkey, but even in that Paul, fifty five percent disapprove of trumps handling of the press conference. Thirty two percent approve and for Republicans in the sea, Bs Paul twice
percent disapprove. Sixty eight percent approve so a little better than the survey Monkey Paul, but not by much. I think the question I have done is is it. I mean it matters for the Republican Congress that Republicans approve of Trump, no matter what, because it means that they are going to do nothing to stop him or terrain him in or to hold him accountable, and it seems likely that they won't do anything. Even if Bob Mahler comes out with something even bigger or come, you know, sort of determines the Trump has committed a crime or the people close to her have committed a crime, but there is some kind of collision, but I wonder if Elect Twirly, how much it matters and in is there an issue with hissing only on republican voters and Trump voters in what they think when we see number, we see as numbers creating among independence We know that you know the number of people who
identify themselves, as republican voters has dropped since the twenty sixteen election. What you think about that? Yes, my answer that is yes, No, why most people in the press don't fully understand how to talk about pulse, there's only exceptions Dan Balls run Brownstone Jonathan Martin, who sort of Gatt Maggie hey remain people who get deeper into the numbers are given a lot of Molly bullocks at our. But most people talk about it in these headline fashioned and it is it does in the big headlines, Harris Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of how traumas handled Russia like that is they have my that should be what should be discussed if you wanted the way to talk about this is so I guess it, secondly, that this one, focusing only on trumps base being with tromp, is a dumb story, whether you do a
all or you choose the the issues in your times approach, which is to forget that modern opinion, research methods have been invented and just go to a bar and talked a random people wearing shorts and see if they still, I try either way he doesn't wish. We should stop. To talk about the New York Times story, just just to laugh about it, because I actually it was like a click hall, peace or an onion peace, because this is what this is. What the leader of the peace was Today, at a bar in Central Pennsylvania, voters wondered if election meddling was really so terrible The witch hunt says Carol living good of Indiana who says she owns enough mega hats insured too, where one every day of the week, why you talking to this person, what do you think the person who has enough mega hats to where every day of the week is going to say about this? Of course, they're going to support it. But they're all the same, that only one mega hat they're, all the same wasted her money, he rubbed. Maybe It's who in case one gets messy private dirty everyday. Why do you need so many Maggie? But
I mean it is so I try This is a conversation, is so hard to have with most reporters about why this is a derisory. It can be an interesting reading right like. Oh, we talk to some people in this one place a pennsylvanian, here's what they say, and that is fine, because basically anyone was anything on the internet in your title to do that they can do that as well. But what is it just? A fundamentally ignorant move is to try to draw larger political lesson from that. We know how to measure measure public opinion this country, we know how to track trends. We don't always do it the best way possible. These tools have been invented. I've been around for more than a half century. The equivalence with the near does over and over again would be if I'll Rocard gave the whether on the today show, based on how his knee felt it. We'd, like we know how to do these things. There are not perfect, but they are better than asking random people, so it is just I don't it's
The point is self parity. I don't really understand what has happened in this is like will this is you know, for the wilderness, four episode. Four, we wanted to talk to voters and we, you know I do this thing where I said: call and leave a voicemail what's wrong with democratic Party and how do we fix? and we want to do that, just because wanted everyone to participate, but I full well that the voice mail that came in we're not scientifically representative of the population- and so I didn't wanna- use them too much in the episode, because they don't want people to think that the opinions and those voicemails word necessarily representative of a broader spectrum of voters, which is why- I did. Focus groups and focus groups, have science and research behind them and we tried to talk to about, trump voters we try to do two Obama Non voters, like an political scientist, pollsters and both parties, public opinion research report. They all understand this. The New York Times could go talk to some of them, and then have them go, do a study for them. The trumps approval rating
has gone between. You know: it's been as low as like: thirty six, thirty, seven, thirty eight percent and as high as forty five forty six percent. In that range- are a bunch of voters, bunch of people who ve gone back and forth about Donald Trump, since he was elected or even since, before he was elected, figuring out what those people think about Donald Trump and others, people are reacting to various news. Events is actually very valuable. You like Trump one day you don't like Trump, the next day, why you could go talk to those people not talking to those people. Talking to a bunch of people who just wearing mega hats or people who are act republican operatives is just lazy and it actually skews people's perception of what's happening in politics in any. Given that yeah, it's that's my here's. The craziest thing is in your target was actually could do this. They actually might have that, like Michael, As you said, they have really smart political reporters who get that they have some like Maggie.
James ART and Alex Birds, like all those people get this very well and look I think we should. This story is ridiculous. The times are most famous for doing this and others do this all the time and is just it's stupid and they shouldn't do at and mean that we have evidence for ten days was it makes me so furious, because it's just is the worst? Is the Dutch not the worst? There is lots of really bad political journalism. Ah, that is nefarious and cynical. This is just deeply ignorant and in a downward look, the only reason the harp on it is because I think it does have an impact. It makes a difference because, when something happens in the world or Trump does something awful and we also are tweeting about it- This is this is what Democrats should focus on? This is how democratic fight this is. The kind of a Democrat should make this. The kind of message Democrats should use you whenever we get a whole bunch of people now who say lol, nothing, matters trump space is never going to desert him up. That's all I see and sew
We shouldn't bother doing anything because we're all screwed nothing matters anyway and he's never gonna in his supports. Never gonna drop- and that's not true maybe that nothing matters with it with a thirty five, thirty six percent of people, the call themselves trumps base. And that is very disturbing- and it's awful- that we have a population of people. I got in the country who have essentially been brainwashed by Fox NEWS and Donald Trump, but that is different from saying that of the majority. People in this country, or even the majority of people, that in states that add up to two hundred seventy electoral votes, Campi persuaded to vote against our trump next time. That's just not that there's! No, nothing in the research that says that. I would also point out that, like for twenty eighteen
This is our moves or red dumb, but it is an interesting conversation to track republic. Enthusiasm, democratic enthusiasm, because that is our huge. Determining factor in social matters. Right were your difference between winning twelve seats and thirty seats can depend on how fired up people on only Democrats, you don't normally and voted in terms- are undemocratic success in these special. Actions up and down the ballots establishment of acts. It has been a largely a measure of increased enthusiasm among Democrats decrease, enthusiasm Republican, so that is like measuring. That is important, but always with moments, a snapshot timeless and tell you what can happen
election day, but also noted, as relates to twenty twenty, every single human being who voted for tromp into? Doesn't sixteen could do it again and trumpet still lose by a pretty large electoral vote margin? If more Democrats turned out and the Democrat gets a good, a more than half of ads devotes that were allocated to jail Stein encouraged, so that, like drunken keep his base and still lose, he had his base and lost my million into get millions fewer votes. So it is not it from space were to abandon him, the bottom and fall out for him and the party, so we can look at periodically, but it is not a good predictor of how strong his chances. The presence of his base only tells you a little bit about what is true into those anti. What is more interesting is why the third Party voters voted for where independence are and where people who didn't voter, that is well tell you all about. Eighteen and twenty again,
All of this. None of this is to predict the outcome of the next election. It's too what you all know that the outcome that we hope for is possible so one more question before we get the TIM Dan. How do you think Democrats should respond to this? You know everyone's been fairly outraged over yes, we ve gone again it from you know, Democrats calling for hearings calling for Republicans do something. Some democrats have called this treasonous behavior. What do you think about I am not particularly concerned about the message or tweets from democratically aftermath. I think it is largely I'm sure they're very well thought out. Very written by very smart staffers edited by smarter bosses and buy it. I think they're lodge inconsequential, what's gonna happen in two thousand and eighteen, I think demo, What's she, like, I think, collusion in the rush investigators
some ways a rabbit hold ever casket get pull down because it is not. We ve been having this conversation for two years, almost two years now it his and the numbers on it have not moved and the people who are against Republicans and against tromp are pretty sure he colluded. People with knowledge of the facts probably concluded. Do people who, like tromp, either don't care if he clouded think, may be a good thing. He colluded because every source president or just a it's, not moving votes by It is the thing that everyone is gonna talk about between now and the election, so it's unavoidable, and so I would say two things on this. I think you know I have been in. We have been talking a lot about the message to democratic use. I have always, you know by arguments always been. The Democrats should run as being a check. I, the cats and corruption of trumps Washington, and I think she put you should put in the context of that- is that
do we ve trumped just went out there, for whatever reason you can argue Peter, you can argue money laundering, you can argue, he's just a sucker. He is doing dangerous things and we need a congress that will check him and Republicans. Well, let him do it every once and cancer subservient Democrats will do that. So I would do it in that context. This was the other thing I would do is specificity is our friend and we should put out specific things that count a democratic Congress would do. I guess you get it S. I put out a list on Twitter the other day we read it on the PA. Repeating Read it. I applaud ads and Brian dealer, also some additions to that list? The yesterday I thank and but we should have specifics B, if it's just like Trump colluded, trumped included to dump conversational like here, the politically is doing the advantage. That is we're running mostly against comments, and so the and combat should be ass. Well, they do these things and there are obviously going to say no, and so that gives that, like it specify, we should be wishes,
the larger framework of being a Czech against Trump and because people are gonna want that and second, we should be specific, and I think if we do that, It could be better than just sort of howling at the wind like if you want to say reason is not allowed and are really care. People want to save drunk pepoon as leverage on em and are really care about that. Its fitting into a narrative tat. We can sort of voters over the next. Several months is important. An important part of the narrative, too, is Trump ran for President saying he was gonna put America First America versus his big slogan. In reality, he's put America last and he puts Trump first, and this goes right into the chaos and corruption message as well. I mean I do think. If you want it, you want to see a message that sort of incorporates both everything. That's happened with Russia potential collusion with trumps family separation policy, his response to Charlottesville everything
he's done around healthcare and taxes and just read Barack Obama's speech that he delivered in South Africa this week. And when he talks about the is basically closes, Obama has gotten to criticising trump without actually directly naming him, and yet he still makes a case for strong man. Politics, verses democracy and I think that sort of, like the larger theory of the case here, which is with Trump, where witnessing the rise of someone who only cares about himself. Who is only cares about power, who only cares about holding power and maintaining power for his rich friends and his rich in power? family members and the people on their Publican party that he knows, and the leaders of the party and other costs up like that, and it is why
giant story of sort of global corruption that Trump and the Republican Party are guilty of, and that is because of the rise of this demagogic strongman politics, and it's all about Trump everything he does. He puts his interest before America's interests on every single
fucking issue. That's good! That's you know, and I know that we have to get into like Mulder inclusion, and you know enough to be talking about the troll the time, but I do think that this is part of a larger story about who trumpets and who we looks out for since you brought up Brok Ababa. I think we would be remiss did not mention the news about the shallow Bobby yesterday, oh yeah, so Michelle Obama log with really a cast a grid Americans, Tom Hanks, Lindeman, Homer Andor, Chris Paul gentleman, a faith held him growl. I've got together to create a non partisan, voter registration effort cod when we all vote that. I think it's really great because in a sort of fits rapidly biased in every way, because we like a bomb as an we like voting by it like the it fits of AIDS, very much with white, the former present from a first rate, have wanted to do by focusing on citizenship in a foundation. Salaries want to give the shouted to them for doing that. Encourage people check them out here and a reminder to go help register people to vote because one way,
overcome the structural disadvantage, gerrymandering, all the other shit. The Democrats face heading into twenty thousand and and twenty twenty is to expand the elite do it by registering people to vote, especially young people who tend not about ok. When we come back, we'll talk to cook, contributor, similar parts work has brought by Harry's Harry's Woody love most budget with areas. Ah, what I love about it. That's the right answer stands behind the quality there blades, but they know that switching razors is in an easy decision. It is you say this every time, Harry's and it is an easy decision there plenty of hard decisions in his life. That is not one of them. He are dumb, throw them away by some areas: they created a trial, offer claim yours. Harry's dot com, such crooked harry's, is a close, comfortable shave at a fair price. There founders were fed up with overpaying for expensive razors with unnecessary features. They knew a great shave comes down. A great blades made with sharp d,
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Cricket contributor what zone resident TIM Miller TIM you do it under terrible I'm in a rather my blood pressure is really high this week, but before we forget about, I do feel obligated to express just how have said how was the day and not only would not support May for the Supreme Court last week on the pod, but he would not even put out a positive tweet or statement about me and, after all, I've done for you guys I was your first republican guest loaded for Hillary Clinton, who I loathe with a passion of ten thousand fiery sons. You know I've gotten, baby and upon save one see people Twitter make fun of me and tell me you guys, are my boss, because I'm a contributor- and I take that after a whole has like I don't even get. I would get enough being from you on my Supreme Court nomination. We at least I come around. They didn't hurt or asked why I listen to the Monday pod, more religiously
It will save you. If you keep coming to the left will will sit where you can revisit this years, maybe you'll become coming me. I think this statement could be glowing about your personal qualities, Europe, but perhaps like you, I mean whatever wherever we can get on the business, but I just I felt I felt I be remiss without expressing that that did sting timid not much trouble. We get an everyday for nor so, as I know, I've read the comments. I now ok, so first Grushenka, they know you. You have worked yourself up into leather. I wanted to come onto the pod. For that reason, we ve been texting all week about this house you feel as a republican watching the trumpet and press conference. Let's stay there or the clause if you didn't watch, you know I wash live, and fortunately I you know the thing I heard about as low expectations as possible for this press conference and for this meeting,
and you know I figured that at least in a trump be savvy enough to offer some token sway. Said Putin just to give the anti anti trumpeters some some fodder in that he had just have a minimum of pull of political instincts on that front, and- and I I just actually- I idle audibly gas when he sided with Putin over ten coats explicitly and and you know that was obviously the one thing that has tried to backtrack on this week. But it wasn't it wasn't this time he went on a series of insane conspiracy theories talking at the Dnc server you know and and struck in page it was. It was one of I was extremely alarming and when somebody is radicalized against the president as me, you can still be surprised by the deaths that which he could dive. I think that is true.
And you know that that watching it I gasped, I think that we should get into more is just how depressed and angry and mad, and I've been in in the fall out by the reaction from you know, my former colleagues in Palestine and the party, and they see while with let's do that now him. So it means were burning are very low bar here by Mcconnell Ryan. Others actually mentioned They are actually put out statements that are specific to tromp, unlike the previous statements like around the Charlottesville, were they just decried now, Cs it without ever mentioning the Nazi endorsing president. Do you what what do you think caused them to be more aggressive than their generally reticent selves here and aren't they more aggressive or what you want to see them. Do man you're more generous than me and being more aggressive. I don't make maybe Mitch named him critically, but it certainly mild
and they in that they have done this in our friend, Peter Handy wrote about this and vanity fair about how this cycle continues worth actually pretty somewhere to Charlottesville, maybe they are mildly, more critical, but you know mediately the pivot comes too. You know some random person was on Ali Velvety, show and compare this to nine eleven and are the hour crystal marked and how that's actually more outrageous or you know how, in a trump, backtracks and now take him at his word. I mean I was looking this morning, Graham, I've been reassured unequivocally Rob Portman. I take him at his word. That's a direct quote ruby I can't read his intentions and in an nearer within twenty, Hours from now will be all Kevin all the time and then- and you know pretty much everybody with a few exceptions at you know, I saw the loan at Cuc. I had heard left in Washington, maybe just a marsh. Firing at him last night at length, but they're just there is
Isn't anything really need these guys, arrayed move on and it's it's maddening to me and and so You know I don't. I made some calls before I came on this morning to two folks. I still talk to that are can either you know Trump friends. You're Trump adjacent, or at least, less radicalized against him. Then I am just to see what what folks for saying and unity. Overwhelming feedback God is that you know what what the consensus You among Republicans in Washington, is that he is basically a stupid, vainglorious child, his nice anybody, it's nice to him, you guys in and the media and the resistance are crazy, and you can't believe any of these claims as you know, even if it was real look at what happened to flacon corker, you can't beat this guy I mean that is that that is the consensus view, but but what what is interesting about that to me is that there is this under current andred under
those feelings of these nagging doubts and wonders that this week was even a little bit fucking weird for me. You know even people who have been with them and stood by. I am sure you do look out on the tv shows and see as much from the map slaps of the world like you usually do Nero. You do here the whispers turned to the play books into the reporters behind the scenes, and I had- and I heard these in a desert. Directly said to me that it was a little weird an end, and that is the part that at that really gets me. Is that that you can have these doubts you know. I mean why this is right, it really. Lathered up suggests just hang lived here, one second but like. Why, literally, why be a senator? What is the point of being Congress of being elected official, if you think there's in a tiny chance that something is grave as the president being a trader who is compromised, eyes by our enemy
happening and you're not even willing to hold a hearing on, united unwilling to two to speak out and say this is something that we need to look into. That needs to be investigated. This is something you're concerned about. It has been just the most disheartening thing about. This is just how quick it's been two, let's move on you, What about the dams? What about the media? Let's get our partly Pat Roberts. Let's move on to the farm bill, and this this is just it's. It's unbelievable that, even if you would think that there is a tiny chance that that that he was in bed with Putin, and there is, I think, really good reason to think that there is a tiny chance given his performance last week and his two, our private meeting in his serve I'll press conference, that they don't want to do anything, and I just it. It is baffling to me and enraged So you have been a republican political operative. You ve, given political, advised Republicans what You say to the Republican who
these with you, probably someone on Mcconnell staff like look I don't know which wants want to do about this. We hold a bunch of hearings, we start doing things. We start pushing the Cavanaugh nomination past. The election, which that mean there's a pass Nobody, we don't see Cavanaugh, that's a lifetime. Conservatives support appointment to the Supreme Court that we all care about and also Have you looked at these poles, the republican base? Seventy eighty percent of them think that it was fine He did China, when election in November trumps not going to be president forever. There's bigger things to think about what the party and our agenda you know, what is the good pilot? no argument for actually doing more than issuing a troubled statement or a sad, tweet leather. They're saying to me and that's why I like my blood pressure, is just rising up into my head right now, John, because, unlike in French,
yep losing level with some some of these people. I had to step away from twitter for a few hours for fear of losing friends. So Albiflora gave the question the two like this strategic answer. That medical. What anybody whose do running campaigns the cycle will tell you is There is no value in challenging him on this. It's not to make any difference. Anyway, we need to get have not through, we need to get reelected. We know it. Doesn't the second do any good to to put the dams in charge. And another- it's gonna happen and, and then may inevitably will point to Corcoran flake. You know who who'd only stepped out a little bit, and basically were completely neutered an end. Sports to that, which I think are written on your website is, is so you know so what I would like to take a swing.
You know I mean. I think that this is what public services about. This is why you ran for office. It isn't being in the Senate. Isn't that great right now they ve already passed their tax cuts. Besides Cavanaugh they're not going to do anything else, there's not sixty votes. The Democrats are not working with them on anything they're not going to pass anything else. So so why Nobody has given me a counter to the argument of. Why not do both there is no rule that says you can't hold hearings on Cavanaugh and old hearings into the president's. Finally, show dealings that you can't subpoena the translate, from the private meeting you trumpet pissed about it, but what's he gonna do what withdraw Cavenaugh? You know so having that there needs to be some creative thinking here I mean I get the response and I get when I when I make this offer as I will. You can't do that there is no precedent for theirs in there
no precedent for a reality. Tv show Idiot russian Stooge winning the presidential campaign either you know so like. Have a little creature that there's there's a lot of potential options here and and there is no reason why you can't subpoena his tax returns or are you can't you know, call Cohen before cars, a million other things and still and still push worth Kevin. I know that you know you you're in a listeners will probably think will now stop. Cavanaugh do he's not he's a legitimate president, so we shouldn't have Cavanaugh Oak. Ok, I mean they can have that argument, but but obviously not gonna win over any Republicans with that argument, but the butt, don't see why you can't win over the flakes and this this is in the calendar anymore, Caskeys of of what why
Can't we. Why can't we do little from column and a little from column, b and and and there's this group think in Washington. Among Republicans, that's that I've been body snatched by the left for even suggesting. That said, this is a ridiculous notion and- and I dont I can't I fathom, why that is, and I think that there's gonna going to be. You know if, if more laughter of the model report comes out. I don't know I've always been actually kind of bearish on the idea that there is a great secret russian conspiracy. I think that the kind of what we ve seen it is bad enough in hand. Has it. Maybe what what there is bad If there is, you know, I mean I don't, I don't know how you can live with yourself after that, and because this a very rare instance where there are people in Washington who who believe that there might be something believes that the present, is in the wrong in a grave way and are willing to do anything. I mean if you look back at recent mistakes and political history,
All of these at least been earnest mistakes, human mistakes, human error- and that's all it's happening here. These these are people who know better and are choosing not to do anything TIM behind. So there is obviously trump by it. There like some of the elements in Irish like I can't I don't agree with it. I agree with you on the politics of this. By, like I can hear a little all the same while we need from voters, we gotta stick with them or Trump put. Wakened Corker Bay, the Senate, so you know we gotta be careful, but what about but what is it he wasn't just one tromp was but before we knew how strong he wise people coddled to Hammond. Thousand and twelve your friend Mitt Romney begged him for his endorsement scene? Many we had many trumps like Steve King, who should scared? No one walking around them can conference for a long time and who is in a very White nationals, and everyone seems cool with that like what
this curious about what you think in hindsight about some of the things whether trump himself for people like Tromp, that the Republican Party written It has been tolerated of that led us to potentially having trump worth a big question. We can do a kind of a hope. Guess on that, but I mean I, I certainly have some recoup some regrets stood up to that regard. In that regard, and you don't look I think that for me, it kind of cross this threshold with Trump, because of a how extremely is an end, what an outlier he is just on so many levels and then now after he won. Obviously that green power. Yet you know, I think that going back when I get asked this question, I kind of look back at the republic in autopsy that I worked on with rights, and indeed others is on the right. People will say: oh
you were out of touch with the base when you're pushing for a more leniency towards immigration and outreach to minorities. On the left, you note there and make argument you dismay Dan and in and went when what was in reality was. We knew exactly what the base wanted and We know exactly what you know without the right approach was both politically and an imprint philosophically and morally wrong in the political point, obviously as as evidenced by trumps win, but We were trying to offer. Was this? Was this kind of middle way right? Where you know you throw some bones to the more extreme elements of the base to keep them in the tent to advances. Other principle, right and then it's it's a moral continuum. You know where everybody has to come decide for themselves. Where that you know where that ended, where you allowed allowed to go to are in, I mean an annual,
I can't understand Dan. I think that there is a lot of this was an internal fight within the party him in there is often primaries that were held where Other people who were in power in Washington, the establishment so called establishment, were fighting for you no more enter or centre right candidates against the Steve King Kind of wing of the of the party, and so you know, I think that in a lot of ways the writing- was on the wall in that regard. You know, though, that you could see this this tension between kind of the base in the more extreme elements of the party and and what he had the job. The Keynes and Romney's wondered, who was obvious As you know, it was obvious when Mitt had no one to see is that I'm severely conservative right right? You know you can look back in retrospect and see the embers of this, but I just I don't think anybody expected then that you know we'd end up with a present
like this have separate in Paris when their children- and it is serve I'll suck up to Putin, so You know that you justify it to yourself and I think, obviously that justification was wrong, at least from my perspective, but now you fast forward and what we, what I've? What we found is that ninety- sent of my cohort does when I went to Hell along with this. It got worse, and so I think the questions better kind of you know. To them about whether whether there is any line on this stuff at all. So you worked for John Huntsmen of whose now the? U S ambassador to Russia, this? Is someone who's you no more pragmatic than most Republicans? He now not facing any kind of election because he's a diplomat like keeping about what happened this week, they are John huntsmen sitting there and it's like you know,
hometown newspaper owned by his brother- calls on him to resign. Other people come to join his daughter, Abbe huntsmen tweet, something out like no negotiation is worth throwing your own country under the bus wise. The sky so Ambassador in Russia. Where do things going on in John Huntsmen tat her boy? I feel that I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I I couldn't believe it when he took the, and I just I don't I don't get it now. I mean I. I think that there is this thing at play here, where a lot of these republicans have have. I built this alternate ray quality around Trump, where they kind of convince themselves, like the bad part through just to show that we can work with him on the good parts and we can now Jim and and that their protests. Since around them, and I think that a lot of these folks are justified That- and you know, I wonder, like I mean I asked and have asked over and over again how you I can
You serve a president when he advances insane conspiracy theories over the intelligence that, from our intelligence agencies about an attack on our country, while standing next to the perpetrator like hell, How can you you're standing next to the perpetrator in, siding with him deciding with insane conspiracy theories over what your intelligence tells you, if you're in the elegance of here and the State Department you continue serving and and the answer that I get back, is well it's better to have good people there it's better to contain and it's better to serve your country, and that is what John Huntsmen thanks. And that is what would all these other folks think put. But what I don't understand guys is like what
the evidence of the railways, we raise the good people that it's important of John Huntsmen in Russia, because it's important have somebody who's, rational, and you know who's whose smart and is making reasonable arguments in this role than than women. The ambassador to Russia be able to convince the president's not to advancement same conspiracy, theory about an attack perpetrated by Putin, what may be What is to convince the present at least give some tacit herbal acknowledgement to our actual allies like the United Kingdom, for what for whom has suffered attacks deadly tax it out just cyber attacks but deadly murders on their turf at the hands of prudent. And he was in an obviously no. So so, if John I can't do that if my promptly, I can't do that, Dan coats. Can't convince the president that the Intel is true. Then what good are the
and so you know that clear as day to me. I think, in Washington. If I'm like armchair psychologist or in Moscow and huntsmen sense. There surrounded by other people who are too, who are putting them on the back and telling them it's important. People in there, you never know who travel could put a next could be as it could be, a lunatic end. It some feel good about themselves and makes them feel like their serving the country are or doing this noble thing went well actually there just enabling a racist can spirit, conspirator and the White House. I mean last question: views were, what do you think happened. You say that you were in it. You ve always been a little barish on the idea that there has been some sort of grain conspiracy here. It seems like the two excuses you get four trumps behaviour, at least this week, One is this legitimacy argument he so scared that you know it. This is going to cost.
On the legitimacy of his election. So that's why he doesn't want to believe or that's why he seems to believe Putin or cast doubts on the and the intelligence conclusions. And the other- and you mentioned this earlier- is this obsequious nest? The trumps sucks up to every one, of course, is sucking up the prudent You know we talked about this in the public. It seems like there are problems with both of these theories on the legitimacy. It's you know he was summoned up to Putin all through the twenty sixteen election and he doesn't seem to cast doubt on just hacking, he seems to cast doubt on specifically russian hacking. He likes to say: maybe it was China. Maybe it was other people, so you do not with the hacking is prominent saying its russian hacking and on the secrecy. Is this thing he's not secrets to almost any one else in the world. So look, I don't know how good he called everyone a liar and a conspiracy, so yeah eggs, exec moxa. So I'm not. What do you think actually happen here? I also heard there is also the third set. What are the same? Stein theory. Is that if you
as a russian stooge, her wooden heap at least be faking. It also right that I dont know. I like. I think that the a doubts that I have are are more lean towards disregard. I've always been of the view that, It was obvious that Wikileaks was a two of Russian and that that, just by on trumped Junior saying he would accept that meeting and just by the president, cheering on the Russians, hacking, private citizens in this country. The aims to effect an election that small. Be treasonous for me and and he's guilty and there's there's really nothing, you know that that he can do that's. Why I reject the Republican to say, let's call balls and strikes, you know I don't give trailer. Is racist, prick backpacks for free? Like you know, cuz I threw one strike right cuz they did. One thing I like whether there is anything more than that I just have always you know- fell.
Like were or deepen investigate. This is not something that I have expertise on, but that It seems more likely that trunk is guilty of financial crimes. That's why hiding is tax returns and that this, like a grand conspiracy, just don't know, maybe maybe what seemed more likely was that in a sure, maybe be held a meeting with somebody, and they said: hey Jared, you know we're to do this thing and Jared said, that's cool and told the president, then they then they did at another. I go ship maybe that's that happened, but I've always had had some doubts, but I just I don't know after this week you know his performance. If you look at the debate stage, Trump was so confident he new to this, and there were eleven other politicians who had better as a maze, you know and trumped just bullied them and put them around. It was an and was very self confident, then Hilary, so
infinite, you're, standing inert inner space and- and he was just his body- language with putin- was just so obsequious. So, sir, and then the two, our private meeting. I don't know- maybe I'm going crazy now, but this week, what I've just I've been saying to think that maybe there is something more there and- and I think that the financial element is where it is the feed say it or the business work Eric tromp when he said that Russians disproportionately vested in our hotels? I think the financial is where it would be and that is bringing back full circle. Why? I just think it's such an abdication of responsibility that that nobody on the hill, no Republican, think it's even appropriate to do. Hearings on on this too, to try to learn more and dumb and were all in the hands of Balboa well and and a democratic Congress would do it. That's for sure so
item where we will. I will see what Mahler comes up with and then and then the real fun begins once once more comes up with something scary and Republicans continue to do nothing. That's when we get the real constitutional crisis things to look forward to all right well, I'm going to go to yoga to try to get balanced after this. After this conversation. Thank you, John play. Some video games go play some NBA, 2k, 2K eighteen sounds good. They said the Miller for joining us today. Everyone have a good weakened and we will talk to you next week by everyone
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