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Trump offers the Democrats a deal they can’t accept, Buzzfeed defends its story about Trump suborning perjury, and Kamala Harris announces her candidacy for president. Then Senator Kirsten Gillibrand talks to Jon Favreau about why she’s running for president, and what she’ll do if she wins. Also – Pod Save America is going on tour! Get your tickets now: crooked.com/events.

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raided number one by employers in the: U S, that's based on hiring sites, Untruss pilot with over one thousand review and enjoying get this. Those corporations then support politicians, they'll, put all the pain and all the consequence on the very undocumented people exploited by the system. These corporations help build what good the smartest way to hire friends of the pie, Contriver, frigates, hypocritical, complex cricket, that's it procured a complex crooked will more time zipper, critter, dot, flesh cricket, what an Ipod save America, I'm don't ever, I'm John Mother, untimely death or later in the day
my interview with democratic presidential candidate Tierce Angela Brand, who stopped by cricket headquarters. Earlier this morning, an old chap first first candidate, first declared candidate to come into the headquarters to darken these doorways. Hopefully not the last, but first we got a lot of news to get through, including Trump's proposal to end the longest government shutdown in history, the fallout from Buzzfeed story about Trump and Michael. And come or Harris's entry into the presidential race. Tommy tell us what's on, what's in store for Pierre to tell me this week well, ban and I are gonna talk to a member of parliament named David Lamy about Briggs. It treats amazed feature in what the hell are. Good friends across the pond are gonna dubious. This isn't going disaster. Yanks geeks love it. I hear your big returned to the stage happens. This Friday we'll have it or leave. It is back. Finally, this after a new show comes out, will be twenty fourth at the improv and there,
You know that we show week after week, like you're used to yeah we're going back on the road, you sure come see us on tour. Pod, save America dates coming up in February in Charleston New Orleans and Durham love it or leave. It is coming to deceive Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee and more to re and the positive, the people, crew or heading two Philly Brooklyn, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and allay tie your ticket tickets are going tickets are going for. You can still get some cricket outcomes. Lash events go they'll be the one who couldn't get them go, get em did adding DC lever, leave it had sold out there will then, then don't the dump its outer sand and does not want the pitch. I'm just saying that says a warning to you. If you live in a different setting shot across about the news, We are now thirty one days into the Trump shut down which has become the longest. Governments are down in the history of the United States over the weekend from throughout a new offered that he had negotiated with Miss Mcconnell, my pension Jared Kirshner toughen a ghost,
in partnership. That is the insistence. Look! Ok, that's our words! You drive a hard bargain measure, so here's the deal of Democrats agree to five point: seven billion dollars and steal slats trump ill temper, We agree not to deport seven hundred thousand immigrants who are protected by Dhaka and the hundreds of thousands of immigrants with temporary protected status, but only for three years the close interaction, were immediately rejected the offer, but Mitch Mcconnell is holding a vote on it anyway, guys what you say about the deal you know. Wasn't it contemplative mood this week and as I watch out everyone I watched in the Hall of Twitter taken ugly interaction on Capitol Hill as a symbol for everything. That's gone wrong in this country, as Republicans put forward a completely bad faith proposal and then pundits
it up, because that's their job and they live under the like luxurious protection of a system. They always assume will work just fine. If a government, though they via the media, just selfless leading over what is the future of media if Buzzfeed possibly may be got one fifth effect where to go in there is. There is a lot of garbage this week and I just sort of its I'm going to put my phone down and dumb. I now can't find it. I'm unreal three there, but the deal's army. It's it's ridiculous offer right, so I mean that the care at their offing. Democrats is member that Trump cancelled the dock programme, yellow he's the one who screwed over all the dreamers from this country for no fault of their own and it came Here- is kids and he also cancel Tp S protections for a bunch of people from coming from countries that were suffering from natural disasters or wars or horrible's.
We wish you call them shit, hole countries, ITALY actually, so, should house country he's took these things away another offering to give it back so essentially what Donald Trump did, so he he try. He took Chuck Nancy out to lunch, they went to Wendy's and they got Berger and they got some chicken tenders and some fries and drink, and he grabbed their tenders and their fries, and he said, if you give me half your burger I'll, give these back to you and that's how do you know that almost that he said I'll give the chicken back to you, but then after you have a bite, I'm gonna take it back again, that's right. Only three years later, the temporary taking the tender path and and listen. If you look at the woman, I kicked his brown person, the fucking nuts, that's also what it made as part of this deal. The only five point: seven billion dollars, the the deeper you dig into the deal, the worse. It gets Originally, you know they said it was like this. This thing called the Bridges act that was introduced in Congress, but it's not like that, because Stephen Miller-
and there, and originally the plan was to protect anyone all dreamers who are eligible for Doc. I, which is like one point, five million and then Miller said no, no, no, no, we're only doings, the seven hundred thousand, who actually are protected by doc right now, so he already took it down and then they have this crazy asylum policy and their that says that central american minors, children from Central America can only apply for asylum from their home countries, so they have to and in an application which is also not how it works it they slotted in a paragraph that would just radically change away. The asylum process works point of asylum is you are you have to leave where you are, because you are at risk and they're saying that,
just Chillun and apply in your own country. Yet nothing worked out and the other thing we should point out is the reason the Trump has not successfully eliminated Dhaka and the teepees protections is because people sued this is now held up in court. The Supreme Court has so far decided not to take up the doktor case, which means that all those protections by the way for people who are protected by teepee s end aka are still there, so he is basically extending the status quo for the short term right now. It is worth remembering that you know you there's been the meta at a toils calling on Democrats to make this deal and there's been pundits on television looking for an opportunity to hit both sides in its what always kept it in this, is like what what's the lever cheer? Why is it that the government being shut down is leverage for Republicans and not for Democrats was also something during the Obama years when they would threaten to default on the national debt? Why is it that? Why is it that damn
grants it is understood and accepted by our political culture. That one party simply can a cap simply accepts and is in, is comfortable with vastly more cruelty and chaos, and that is their lead Why is that an acceptable way to govern and why do require do pundits? Who think Democrats should accept this kind of a deal want to embrace that kind of governance? Why is it that they think right now, at a time in which we have? unhinged person who shut the government down in a fit of peak. Why is it that the way they think we should govern is Republicans put forward? A republican proposal and Democrats accepted because Democrats are the only people who care about the vague about the federal workers? That's us! It accepted part of this debate, one of the biggest they were I received all over and over again, is it whew Republicans about twelve Billy dollars and sweeteners for disaster relief. Sweeteners, like just think about, like
no. Those were below those Democrats, the only people who care about the disaster victims while at a sweetener, that is, for us, a sweetener fuck, you Sweden. Firstly, when fifty six percent of voters blame Trump, and the Republicans mean that their data makes clear that they have no lever chain. I dont want awhile and it's an unpopular piece of legislation they don't want along and the only republican member of Congress in a border district will herd has been talking about how a wall is useless, spoke as equals a basically a glorified. But because the while only works. If it contemporaries people down when you send out human beings to get them yet, but it takes the response time for the border patrol is ours. Today's so was not gonna do much real and love it. To your question, I mean I thought that Eric limits at New York magazine put this very well which, as the president has made a decision to deliberately inflict suffering on the american people as a means of coursing, a Co Eagle branch of government into doing his bidding. That is what is happening here.
Like, and that is how you have to cover what's happening right like if as abundant you want to say, you know what Democrats should still do his bidding and be forced into doing whatever the person in a coequal branch of government says to do an that's more, important. Then you know then doing that and risking the incentives that gives trump to shut down the government. The future is still better than the suffering that's being inflicted on people right now in this country. You can say that, but at least set out that that's what's happening here, will re? That's what's happening, yeah, it's it! It's it's like you I come back to this because it really was well what I am one of the rare and we're ok in the sense that the country is not totally ground down to a halt. Is that a lot of federal, Workers are showing up in working without pay and there
going up in working without pay because they think it's the right thing to do, because they want to keep their jobs. When the government comes back, they want to earn their back pay their, not sure. What's writer, what's wrong, they're, not sure which legal rights, not there being told to show up, there's a lot of reasons why people can't right as a kind of child care they can afford the gas? What have you but we are costing? We are coasting on the credit that our institutions will work that that that government will generally function. That yeah, though passes he aren't. You ever go back and pay the employees, and yet is just a rocky spot on the road. But if we give in to this kind of governing, this is the future. This is it This is how it will look. There will be no normal times normal times will be over, and all these pundits than wealthy aloud and disconnected generally just assume assume that nor we'll see is something that happens by accident it doesn't it doesn't. It could be like this all the time for ever and if we don't draw a line, if we
Draw a line and fight for just bay a decent, seeing how we govern and push back against this? We will get that kind of government, and I will I will be very surprised if these pundits and turn around and realize it's their fault. You only looks at the Washington Post Toil border in a peace called make a deal, save the dreamers that tells Democrats quote to refuse to even talk until the government reopened. Does no favours to sideline federal workers and contractors. I mean funding it just its, I feel, like the press often default to this- both sides criticism because it so easy. It's easy to say it takes two to tango. Could you not to dig into the details of the policies? Are the proposals are the history of the contacts, but in this case the analysis is quite simple: present Trump said he would gladly shut,
the government to get Democrats to bend to his will right, and that is not in this case an acceptable way to govern. I mean the opposition. Is we're happy to have a border security funding bullets open the government first years, six bills that would do exactly that and by the way, guess who's position. That was over and over again said every single day. Last year, when there was a shut down over Dhaka Mitch Mcconnell, how many times did he say to Denmark? open the government will negotiate? Parents had opened, the government knew it will negotiate and an end. Now, like the idea that you negotiate before he opens the government. All that means, like you, said, love. It is next time don't from because they all this work last time. So this time say, let's got Medicare, but an automatic guys do I've got Medicare in this budget, I'm shutting down the government of the directive on farming, air and then I'm gonna have to negotiate with me. So maybe you won't get all of Medicare, but will make huge cuts to it and I'll ring that concession out of you, because I know the Democrats eventually will fold because they care about people getting fuck
over and I don't know. I know that I have now that I proposed food stamps are only for why people I've been shut down the governed right get until I get it in a normal and normal. She of the normal group of people normal President, you would would find way to meet in the middle, but we know thanks to the New York Times, that, when Nick Mulvaney, the chief staff try to find a middle between what the Democrats proposed and what people Trump screamed at him and told him he fucked it all up in front of a giant group like you. So of course it I have no faith in international negotiation as a teacher to other things. One this is done. Europe has been president fur over two years earlier. Exactly how far away and where I learned how to everybody but and he had republican control of both houses of Congress right businesses. You could have had at any moment. He goes to have it now. That's one that number two Democrats did come to the table and we they offer. Twenty five billion dollars as long as there will be a permanent protections for dreamers
None of the rich restrictions in legal immigration that Stephen Miller wanted there isn't that that deal didn't happen is because again and again when, when we get close to a deal to protect dreamers and give him borders secure by the way Democrats have been doing for a decade more more than a decade giving into border security demands right when you get close to deal the cultures of the war in the rush limbata the world in the Stephen Miller's, are the world throw a fit and insist on dress, reductions in legal immigration and all kinds of poison pills to scuttle the deal. This is the fight they want. They do not want the government
open and they do not want to win. So the washing of has reported that this latest deal was sort of made in consultation with Mitch Mcconnell. So you could tell there's some kind of dark evil strategy. Therefore mechanical that's what he does. It seems as though what Mcconnell wants to do now is put this not really compromise on the floor and vote and then be able to say, ok, look Republicans are trying to open the government to now. I dont think that Mcconnell has anywhere near the votes he needs to pay. There's gonna need sixty, which means he made seven Democrats to cross over which I don't think he has if he has any right now, but dimensions that using decided. So what is that? What is the strategy which, what's Mcconnell up to here, look. I don't think we now. I think one thing is clear: they were a really really bad situation right there than this does make their situation slightly better, because now they can say right. There was a house bill that pass through the son, a bill that past
It looks like governing it looks like let's just get and they just want to haul Democrats into a negotiation. Let's get him in the negotiations on something and then then they can be against a specific policy as opposed to being against the guy from being shut down over trumps fucking demands and the democratic opposition has been and continues to be open government and then we'll talk more open to any discussions after that, which is the right thing to do so, which is what you Democrats next movie me. I did this on the substance. They cannot accept this proposal right, so this thing is dead on arrival and I think we need to maintain our position and I guess they can go back to trumpet say offer something else, something different, but
stupid Saturday speech didn't work, didn't move anyone his oval office addressed, didn't work, it didn't move any one. A workers are about to miss another paycheck. On Friday I mean, I think, that we should be we. The citizens of this country who are worried about the government being closed, should be putting as much pressure as humanly possible on the White House and on Mcconnell to move. I also think it's look. It's with not hard to right now, it's hard to say what Democrats should do when the options are when there's this bad faith proposal. That is in a compromise that violates our basic principles of what we believe government should do, and it's part of this evil. Habit of governing by crisis, in shutting on the government and using human beings as leverage my question what what what would have happened if it out that tens negotiation between north Just his dumb son in law and deadlines.
What name? My pants came out with a troop compromise. Gossiping Democrats actually believed in what would our position be clever feeling actually that suddenly, all of our protestation about how this is no way to Govern- would kind of diminish. In the face of a legitimate I've option. I think you still have to say hold a vote to open the government fund, all the other departments, dont funding, Hs on everything else, and then we pledge to hold a vote on earlier to hold a debate, maybe not about quota for debate on this compromise you like, but you just and that's the bet: that's the only way this can go. I think that's right, adding that's right, because I think we have to mean it when we say we are not going with see to this kind of governing. We really have to mean at its important, because because what I want, the response to the Washington Post, the response to these Pandit has to be. Our goal is not just to end this shutdown. Our goal is to stop governing by shut down. It has to stop and think the fears that Trump historically in business and in politics has taken fights like this to such an extreme that he's going
harm himself in the long run, to win in the short term against fucking, Merv, Griffin or whoever, whatever weird person use competing for a casino for airtime. Sorry about this here that I read it so that scary now, naturally scary to Mitch Mcconnell, because Trump is very willing to drive the bustle and Republicans off the cliff interest, destroy the party and it looks like from their approval ratings that is starting to happen. Wife, Agora, adding thats, where the pressure needs to be on Mitch, Mcconnell and everyone's, like all that silly Mitch Mcconnell would never go against her ok. Well, maybe he but he's got vulnerable senators and he wants to be majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell he catheter flower on a purely Iceland's power, Miss Mcconnell, hates Donald Trump
right. You didn't devises, dominate this soon, Marmot Turtle, looking power hungry, none is built up an entire career by being smart in savvy in this gripping, asshole comes along and takes the president's inhalers. Gonna drive in railway without enlargement and its Mcconnell doesn't get to be majority leader if he doesn't have Susan Collins and Korea, gardener and Jody Ernst, and Tom tells us there and whatever other fuckin Republicans are up and twenty twenty. So I think that's what I am now. I saw them there are protest plan by federal and labour unions is on Wednesday. I do think we ve been saying is like I think the pressure has to get ratchet up here in our data runner bird apiece for the New York Times where he talked about like this. Is this? The shutdown is basically showing the limits of the resistance movement, and that- and we said this before- to everything else
you know, Muslim ban the woman's March, the rally Fer, you know family separations. There's this ground swell now and now there's a hundred thousand people without Jack's millions more who hurting this the New York Times its time but its hitting the poor homeless people. We ve talked about native Americans who aren't getting government services over this I mean There's a lot of people, barely fucking hang on right now, and people in this country. If you care about this, like people need to start get out into the streets are protests in, especially in DC. The capital should be swarmed all the time. Yeah, it's also one of the problems is that its own. There is no clear moment at which this became something I require like we're out short national protest. I would say that were about to hit the second page, a paycheck, miss you and I to me like. That is a big moment, a huge moment, because you know what they're all there are a lot of people. The lobby, but I couldn't go without one paycheck, but theres. Many
any more that can't, MRS Second and the ripple effect of that no need been not only places that need childcare, but are people who rely on places that provide childcare. There will crop that require kids from federal workers to show up to pay for the child care there. There are going to be huge, long term consequences for this, and I think the second period should be the moment where everybody Europe's the near time. Sorry, another the hut programmes that are not the people who can get money to like purchase a house that would allow there are special needs, kids to feel safe. I mean homeless veterans, elderly people missing. It is getting really bad for a lot of people as acute pain, and you know by the way, good for the New York Times. They did a story on Trump voters. Yes, but this time it was from voters who are fed up with Trump because the shut us
finally they. Finally, they wanted to some of those coffee shops, but finally, with some of those diners, they found some people who don't like this. You can guess some quick breaking news Mark Warner introduced. This stop stupidity, act, stupid, He stands for shutdowns, transferring unnecessary pain and inflicts pink damage in the coming years. Well then, I believe that it sat where all the government, except await us in Congress to stop further shut. Are we one great Quick for, as we know our words and set it, it's a real art, there's something certain staffers you just. They spend their time covered up at the names for the speed but away board. As someone said something to me, which is which were so smart, which is that see this, you think the smart move is to come up with an acronym. Actually, the smart move is TAT not come up with an acronym, because if the bill name is wearing. It gets called by the names of the senators who introduce them, which is why, like, if Dodd Frank, had, if Dodd Frank, A clever, namely, when called Dodd frankly call it that frank, so done
get their name all over. Our Chris darkened just sit around very like bad frank, billions ox. What is it you don't know, but their names are sharp etched in stone one. Last note: individuals leading national, coordinated action tomorrow, Wednesday January 23rd, excellence of a national called that you can join by calling eight hundred and forty four two hundred and thirty six, two thousand three hundred and seventy three tell your senators to pressure Mitch. Mcconnell to other excellent pots of America's brought you by seeking well getting tickets online can be far too complicated with honey. Sites in varying levels of reliability, it's hard to know who to trust, yeah thirty seat, nerd that they can trust them charlatans. In the in the market, seat, Thebes useless. Seeking is the way to go, pulls millions of tickets into one place. You can easily find this he's you want for price were willing to pay. You can go there to get tickets safer. I love utterly
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earning perjury Busby had a bonus of their own Robert. Well, let us out of others. Earthen Peter Car issued an extremely rare statement about the story in which he said quote: Buzzfeed description of specific statements to the special councils, office and characterisation of documents, and testimony obtained by this office regarding Michael Cohen's. Congressional testimony are not accurate. Buzzfeed, however, has set their sources are telling them to stand there ground that their reporting is going to be borne out to be accurate and that their saying that their sources are not wrong. Brien's delta asked Anthony Komio directly. What if your sources are wrong? They're, not wrong. He said guys. What's going, you're going to say this is this. Is the real mystery to me? I have no fucking idea fascinating. It is fascinating, it's really hard to understand what's going on and it is hard to understand for a few reasons, one a lot of the sources involved with all these stories are are famous liars right there. You know that
We are talking about people like Michael Cohen, and others who have made their careers lying. There their lawyers or lawyers, their lawyers. Lawyers are liars, so that makes it hard for the journalist us out. What's going on. Second thing is that the Mullah recitation self has been so tight, lipped and so hard to get information out of third thing. We don't really fully understand the equities involved and why they felt the need to put the statement out right so like it? We had were certainly get some. You know that that Rosen's time was involved and and and why they felt that, did you essentially Giuliani and tromp, or someone from the White House may have called yes and and then finally, the last pieces we dont actually know precisely what their disputing right. So all those things make this really tricky to sus out. What's happening Tommy, what was your react watching this unfold over the weekend. I was so funny guy. I took a few days off, so I saw the Thursday park him out and I read the story, and then I saw the bonus command before I had time to listen to the bonus episode they disavowed you they prevent.
Your bonus men. They are giving you the one day we finally see their own. We like partners no borders, they won't. You guys go battle. Digital Oak, ok, I'm news three hours after then I saw the demanded of our own is about what is known as Marcy Wheeler, who has been on the show before you can. We just have to empty wheeled that net has a smart theory. We basically she thinks that Buzzfeed sources are the southern district of New York, because hat parts of this case are getting spun off to two other folks, and she thinks that bus routes
are there, and she thinks that the southern district of New York was more aggressive in framing trumps role in the various cover up, specifically the hush money to Stormy Daniels and other. She thinks said that mothers folks are not going to be as aggressive in talking about the way Cohen was directed by Trump in terms of the cover up in this case because when is cooperating witness for them and they need to be able to back up with other sources anything they have Cohen, saying so long story short, and I probably just confuse you- she thinks it bothers folks. To make clear that they were not the source for this story. A in that Cohen, told Congress that he was not directed by Trump to specifically lie about the Trump Tower Deal, but that he was just trying to match trumps own rhetoric, doesn't want them. They don't want something out there. That makes it sound like he was unreal.
I will and that testing yes to the key here is Cohen sentencing them or another one that mauler rail, but the one that Cohen file councillors. While in that memo they admit, the Kohen lied to Congress quote in accordance with, or quote to support an advance, trumps agenda and then here's the actual quote from Cohen. I made these statements to be consistent with individual one's political messaging and out of loyalty to individual one that is relatively different from what Cohen set in the hush my case where he said I was directed by individual one to make these payments to? Do it interacts here's naughty over call or we're talking about. So is very interesting that, like an and Marty makes this point, mauler doesn't work,
Get out ahead of mother doesn't basement. Buller needs common to be as reliable as possible on the issues where he's focused on rights of you said, she'd marshy would say, mother doesn't need to prove that Trump had a role in Cohen's lies. He needs to prove the Kohen kept Trump and Don Junior in the loop on the Moscow deal itself ready to do that. He can't have Cohen's. Testimony looks like it with our or sensing memo. Look like it was fault or locked out the fact that that Trump actually directed Cohen to lie now. But the you'd think that, like so that portion that I just read Peter Car, apparently according to the Washington Post, sent that portion to Buzzfeed at one point as an f. Why I and Buzzfeed was like we thought that was just enough where I wouldn't think that was disputing anything. But it is interesting like if you read that
to a common said in your buzz and the other participants feed. You must think yourself like ok. Why would Cohen not say that he was directed to lie in this case, but was that we did say he was directed to lie in the city, and why is what so? But the thing is, I think, today's one, I think this again comes back to this problem, which is Michael Colin. I think it's hard to deny has been very far in over his head. Were quite some time, it's always are just us out why he's lying or if he's lying right so thing, that's the first thing in the second thing is. I also think a lot of this comes down to like what does it actually mean to be directed by someone to do something. What is that actually for tickly mean like if it was it was a game, a telephone, but it was in I'd, say to me like a lot of this comes down to a matter of degree. I think, maybe understand, ideally, will understand and in due time like what exactly Buzzfeed sources were to fighting being directed as
because I like there's a lot of version of that right of. If you know, if you ve done if there's some email worth between Don Junior and Michael Colony, where its clear that that Donald Trump knew about something does, is that being directed by Donald Trump, while someone say something now I just I think a lot of this is ultimately gonna be reduced to semantics, and we just don't have the underlying documents yet and just something to known. We mention this before about these Buzzfeed reporters Jason Leopold and Anthony Cornea. Not only were you know, they part of a puts, a prize winning team at Buzzfeed for reporting. In the past they they're the ones who broke open. The Trump Tower Moscow Deal story in the first place they broke. That story allowed people said what is the story: it's not corroborated by other outlets and then sure enough. It was corroborated by Robert Mahler in the filings that he in the Kohen sentencing them all right. So they're a parting with a hundred per cent
out in the Moscow Tower story rain, but notably in that story. Their sources were to FBI agents, who are familiar with the matter in the Storing the latest story about indirect and lie it was to federal agents. Four years on forty federal law enforcement agents that part, so it very maybe these same. So what are the reasons they might trust there be pressing their sources right now. It may be the same two FBI agents who are part of Sdn. Why who gave them the Trump Tower Moscow story? Yeah, I mean our way down to speculate. And have it all, but sure I mean they ve done a great job, although like stepping even further back Buzzfeed posted the dossier, whenever one told then Smith in the team there that there were the worst people in the world for firm, you know giving credence to steal and boy. It turns out that that was the right decision, so I think these guys are certainly,
They feel like their their body of reporting stands for itself. That said, you know, like I do think it. There were some process fowls in the process of tuna, get common from car and sectoral councils office on this that they probably could have tightened up to avoid this disaster, but here I wonder if they knew they were getting that statement if they would run the story anyway and that interesting because they they stand by yeah, maybe when russia- and I look at one of the must be just weighing on Buzzfeed- is that Rudy Giuliani has gone out there. Let's get a shark and just with all claret Eddie absolutely destroyed them. I mean I'd ever such a sharp legal mind at work. It's like take notes, Harvard LAW, students,
so a master, a master is before you on Sunday really told citizens Jake Tapir than the president was involved in discussions about a potential from tower project in Moscow up through the end of one sixteen election, a timetable that, contrary to what trumps team has previously acknowledged, though Rudy had said something similar to that to Georgia for novelists like a month ago, Giuliani has, since backtracked issuing a statement on Monday that has come to see an end were merely hypothetical and not based on conversations I have without president. This was after Eagle, seen at last week that he quote never said there was no collusion between trumps campaign and the Russians. Only that was never any collusion between the Russians and the president comments. He also walked back and a follow up statement, because some people say that Rudy purposes is crazy. Shouldn t be to soften the ground for some bad news that he knows is gonna break, but isn't it possible that he just crazy shit on tv. I actually I am one of those people. I Do you believe that amidst inside this word fog
but he unleashes there is. There is some desire to get. And bits of it out there. I didn't leave that that's been true. All true, stormy, Daniel gesture. That said, I do think you just is a very confused I don't know anymore that there's a method to the meadow, though the look on his face. The quotas, like you, I mean Bob Interview with New magazine reads like every other tapes I'm set, the rewards items are what tapes I wish in this No tapes knows that it is. It is while the things you just vomiting in mixing, you don't get to be told me that that body bury behind from towers important. What's on you, don't bother you behind TAT or who said Trump tower. He was ass at the end of that interview. What he thinks about his legacy, and everyone should read this really do any said. I am afraid it will be on my gravestone Rudy Giuliani. He lied for Trump. Somehow I don't think it will be, but if it is so, what do I care I'll be dead? I figure I can explain it to Saint Peter,
but I have some bad news as a bad news for you. I do not believe say. Peter is gonna have time in his scheduled. Lost in the weeds of all. This is just how much the story is change on the Trump Tower issue. First, first, they tried say that there were no real negotiations over a trump tower? The trump was barely involved was over for the republican primaries, and then we learn, They went to the middle of twenty. Sixteen we got all these emails from Felix you about how our boy can become president of the USA and weaken engineer it. We he was reaching out to russian military intelligence. Officials know that Michael Cohen was called emailing Dmitri. Pascal prudence press secretary than the actual gotta, call back and successfully reality, so you know, look Cohen Michael Code. Gonna go to Moscow until June. Fourteen twenty. Sixteen. In that day, he killed the trip, because the washing posts reported that the Russians have the decency so that everything about this as fish
buzz feed or no bus videos. In matter this is mass. I was a story and it has to be a huge part of mothers. Investigation We, we know it's one of the reasons that priorities they spoke up like the idea that Donald but Michael Common and all the rest of the fuckin goobers were talking directly. The russian government, about a deal that would envy. Sanction banks in June Are you officers right up until the election, the election, that approach ok, who, ultimately one was talk about doing a deal with the hostile foreign power that he knew because he got a briefing from our own telephones agencies that Russia was attacking our democracy. He knew that and he was still doing it so that it does not clear that the election is the India because at one point already said no them like November. You can just throw November out their regular big fuckin thing happens and middle of November, and, as these talks are ongoing, they were changing the republican platform to make it more favourable to Russia. They were, they were talking shit about NATO. They were talking about
rid of sanctions. His campaign manager was forwarding their internal pulling to some russian Intel assets? So the whole thing? The collusion is right there in Rio. It there- and I really like suborning Perjury- is like an easier crime for everyone to understand, and it puts like a neat little bonnet but seems like there's bigger things at stake here: yeah there's that you were worth remembering to like the Buzzfeed songwriting people watch aren't you rightly because it was such a clear cut case of other of a crime and a kind of crime presidents have been impeach for in the past, but in a way that, like a meadow crime You know it's a meadow crime and like but the, but what is not in dispute right now are all the underlying causes, for they need to lie to Congress, which oh come on, has been giving them copious information about right. Let's talk, twenty twenty
oh good, skin, from big topic to big lotion right around the corner of this problem. On Martin Luther King Day Centre, a common heritage of California declared her candidacy for the democratic presidential nomination. Twenty What did she made me? That's what I'm good morning, America and released a video and social media she'll be visiting South Carolina in the coming days, as well as hosting a kick off event in my hometown of Oakland California. Harris joined the Senate two years ago, after serving as both California's attorney general and the district attorney in San Francisco. Her campaign platform includes proposals for Medicare for all and bail reform. It also includes a two point: eight trillion dollar tax cut, designed to help middle and working class families and tax credit for low income renters guys. What did you think of her announcements and what our strengths, as Canada, I love everybody kind of scrambling scrambling the timing. You know like that, the the symbolism was cool, doing I'm under their king day and then forty seven years ago, Monday, Shirley Chisholm became the first woman to seek the Democratic Party nominee, the president's that there's a lot of
it was a weighty date to choose. I like a little bit longer video not to get too far into the weeds, but, like you're gonna, put out a video, you make it a big a two minute: some little, yourself in your buyer, yeah, that's cool, I'm interested that she's going to South Carolina first. I think it speaks to the fact that her team thinks that she might have a path to the nomination that doesn't necessarily include heavy investment in Iowa New Hampshire, and they can benefit from the California primaries getting moved up in the process. So talks about how things could be scrambled this time. I think she'll be formidable. You know she put out a very progressive platform. There's already people raising
she's about her work as a prosecutor, Social up the handle that, but you know, she's, can be a candidate. Anybody watching these hearings knows that cheese. I wouldn't want to debate centre hairs. No, I think I think it come on hairs in those hearings when she is questioning someone is, that is when she is in her element. That is when she seems like this is who she is that this is what she has been doing her most of her life she's, comfortable, sharp, she's, powerful and questioning like that that that that's a strange, F sessions folded like a cheap suit in those hearings when she asked him to questions in our own yeah. She also by the way she you know she is in africa- is a black woman running in the democratic primary who has embraced quite a few most progressive policy positions and that right there puts her in a very good position to win the democratic primary in twenty twenty. Just everything what is on paper?
right now. You know what she has done, which has proposed and as Tommy mentioned, I think she also has she's a good calendar right like if she can get through EU in Hampshire, whether whether win win any either one or whether she places well. You gotTa South Carolina heavily african american populations of Carolina. That's where Obama really start pulling away from Hilary and then you're right. You got California her home state in March, and you get a couple other states with heavy african Erika populations on that day, Virginia North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Yeah me, I guess you don't! I was struck by deserve because there was the gentlemen announcement heat retouch. Was actually the interview and the the Harrison announcement. What what is striking, I think right now is what makes these announcements similar right. There's a lot, there's a kind of threshold of progressive policy that we're seeing that kind of talk to your candidates in
and all of them are are, are feeling their way through like how do I? How does how does trump factor into this? How do I talk about myself? How do I demonstrate that? I understand the anger and the desire for big answeres that that are coming from the base. I think we see Warren also kind of trying to prove you know her bona fides on that same thing for Gillibrand, same thing for Hera, same thing for Castro and others, and I think what what I'm interested in now is. Okay, you know everybody's putting out their best wood for like this is. This is how I'm going to present myself at first. This is how I'm start journey and I'm just generally genuinely interested in what happens next like how do they start to differentiate into themselves from each other and not just a kind of branding and messaging way, but like starting to really get a feel for what they care about like what their priorities will be, what their staff represents? What proposals look like the thing they're gonna be pumped about and interested in talking
Every stop like what drives them would genuinely is driving their interest in being president beyond just the desire to be present, how do you do with adversity, where's horrible story, right pops up for the first bad interaction with a voter? Doesn't like you its inevitable, and an by just one other thing to that too. Tommy's white, like the first thing that cracks that cracks open they gets through this built apparatus right that kind of tears it apart and like reveals people, because I think that is the one, the one true that still that still applies, which is that
for all their faults. I campaigns in their exhaustion and their relentlessness get the truth out of people and what makes them tick, and that is so important right now for the primaries, because we are, we only get out two percent one person to them. It was a two and five notice of notices. Every time we ve seen her speaker talked her. She really does speak the language of activism. I mean her. Parents were activists and when you hear her talk about the civil rights movement, when you hear talk to work actively to talks about justice allowed me she's very well versed in that language, and that makes her, I think her public comments or speeches better. We mention adversity, so philosophies challenges particularly around her past. As a prosecutor, Harris calls himself a progressive prosecutor and talks about her work. Combating implicit police buys
First time, offenders out of jail prosecuting sexual assault, victims and banks who screwed over homeowners her by the for closure crisis, but a recent New York Times up Ed by law. Professor Leora Babylon, who d re recently interviewed on Hudson the people said Harris. Wasn't that progressive as a prosecutor and argued that she's fought to keep people are facing wrongful convictions in jail, didn't fully support certain sensing reforms defend to the death penalty, even though she's personally against it, and you know it in its Kamel Harris's people pushed back and said you know, that's archers and provide the right context. There's been arguments on both sides of this there's been some activists who, defender in the criminal justice world in their been some who criticized her. How much of an issue is this and how does she? How does she deal with US The good news is, I think, it's a real issue roaming, the Good NEWS for for the movement of the country on the issue of crime and ended that we're talking about understanding that mass incarceration is actually a bigger problem there
say being is hard to be possibly can on criminals. I mean, interestingly, just this weekend, I think Biden apologize for the nineteen eighty four crime bill, something that he used to champion his role in because it had draconian sentencing for crack conviction. So I think that this will be a big piece of the conversation. This cycle she's also out talking about reforming the cached bail system, so that also in me, a piece of this I mean I don't know how actual handle it. I dont know all the details of the criticism or the response, but I think like it's going to be something we hear about throughout the primary and that's a good yeah. I guess I got. I think it's a you know it's a serious challenge to her ability to win over progressives its
already getting traction, it's an important story to me. You know I think they're several candidates in this race are going to face questions about previous positions that either because they represented more conservative areas when they were first running or because the progressive movement has pulled. The center of the parties to the left are gonna have to answer for and to me, their sort of two there's too there's two versions of that conversation? One of them is. This is what I used to believe and I ve come to believe something else. I used to believe that being tough in this way was really important in that you know, I've come to learn that there were harms that I didn't fully appreciate whatever it is depending on the issue, but I think one of the challenges will be. How do you make that case when, what's also true, as I took these positions when they were politically more popular or in some way politically necessary to my success as a candidate, some race or into some job.
And now that I'm in a democratic primary in which those positions are anathema to huge portions of the base. I have a different point of view and I think, being able to to deal with that political reality is really really challenging. My advice to every candidate who does this is just be honest beyond doubt about the past missions. Don't make apologise if you are truly sorry and truly believe something different now right. Jill Bran, who you'll hear from them united, even ask at this, because it is the only thing she's been asked for the last two weeks and she announced which is like you know she used to be further the right on immigration on guns. She had said she sorry, she says she's embarrassed by these position, she's a shame to these positions and if that's what she genuinely, leaves, then that is the right answer. If you are not embarrassed, if you are not ashamed, if you dont know, if you still believe that what you did was right back, then you should say that right away,
you know it like. I don't. I think the key is to stay away from anything that even as a whiff of political opportunism, either way right. So yesterday Harris responded to some of these criticisms. She said there are cases where there were folks that made a decision in my office. They had not consulted me. I wish they had. The bottom line, though, is the buck stops with me, and I take full responsibility for what my office did. So, in some cases she saying- maybe I should in this like- and I think, as she goes on, she's gonna- have to explain every one of these decisions that she made in some. She can say you know. Maybe she'll say that was someone else. My office, but still that's my responsibility, she might say look. This is why I did what I didn't. I stand by another. She might say you know what, if I had done that again today, I wouldn't do the same thing, because I believe something differently now, but the key is you have to be honest about why you made the decisions you did, even if it is politically outcomes will accept. I agree. But what is the answer in some cases is. I was from a concern the strict and- and this was the only wagon while I get wishes it. I am asking why I think that's one way to say
You cannot say the same thing as I'm, for I was from a conservative district. Those are the people hours representing and that's what I heard from my constituents and I was elected to represent my constituents. Thinking also beast. I think it's also fairer than in some instances. It will be that you were told a series of facts that were wrong. Like the Iraq war is a good and algae, I think, because although senators and members of Congress were handed Intel in saying that it was a slammed on case that Saddam in Al Qaeda were linked, that Iraq had WMD all that shit was wrong. Had to know somehow that the? U S, intelligence agencies were all like them, Rachel with respect. We'll just as one presented all this evidence that that crack was somehow worse. I mean I'm not excusing number that that was what Biden said as it has presented a set of tax that words completely wrong, and I think it's going to be hard to explain that Young people are able to complicate argument because you're right, like you, can you can hear people
You're talking about Iraq, we like how can you excuse? I know that I'm, like I'm, getting more cautious. As the word come out of my mouth. They know the people who attacked me, I'm just trying to explain that. Like Russia changes, remember we work for the guy who, gets the Iraq war. So we know that lets you can also look at that's hippy, religions and companies are good, but you're right. It's. I guess the point I think you're gonna make us like it's it's fucking caught. Some of these issues are complicated and you have to judge people like within the current so the time they were at now he's there may be other leaders who, in that same contacts in that same time period were much. Bolder were much more progressive, took the right position and, if their running than they should say that right back at heart of that's really appointed, because I think one of the other lessons to, as I think, a lot of times, candidates and up looking back and paying for politically older, politically expedient positions, because there were very sincere arguments, around Democrats being tough on crime in the nineties. But one of the reasons Democrats were tough on crime as they were trying to demonstrate something to voters. They are trying to prove that they warrants the
caricature? The Republicans under in the in the Reagan years had made Democrats out to be than that. Look, we're gonna, put cops on the streets. Are you can trust us we're law in order to and you now it's all these years later and weave of we ve changed and come to see things differently in and out of them and that worry, that political, uncertain led them to make bad policy decisions, and it is a lesson to people J. Do not let fucking consultants and pollsters and in Washington in general. Let you make decisions out of political expediency. Do what you think is right and if we were and if what's right is progressive great, if it's more centrist, that's fine too, but it We what you fucking believe you know yet amulet growth policies were wrong. They were racist, they were they needed
back and I'm glad they're worth having conversation about those like what you said at the beginning. This conversation, which is a credit to the activists on the grounds and who have made criminal justice reform an issue in this country because they ve raised awareness about it. That is the only reason we're talking about it right now. It's not politicians that brought it to the forefront its lips activists on the ground and here's. I think the really good news is. I do think that one thing that's making this primary already feel different. Is I don't you feel what you feel from a lot of from but these candidates is their desire to prove to democratic voters that they get it that they're on their side. There not trimming their sales, they're, not afraid of republican voters. There not out there trying to convince independence at their centrist. They are trying to prove that they that they have heard loud and clear that we are going to be for bold, progressive, liberal policy answers to the challenges we face and we are willing to stake,
our chances on making that case, rather than some mealy mouthed centre answer. What were more interested in is ok. You ve evolved you moved over the years and now you're proposing big ball policy ideas. Are you gonna stay there because the real test is you stay there and a general election when its tougher to do that, and then that even tougher tests is, do you stand there on that position and push those policies? When your present eight states, you ve, got competing priorities, you ve got a lot of political pressure. Is you ve got a bunch of conservative Democrats still in Congress that are going to back? You know you ve got Republicans. You dont want to work with you on anything right like we'll use, which positions will you stand by which we really fight for, and I think something that out from each candidate who's gonna be real when they get there is gonna, be the challenge in the
yeah, that's really important. That's really important to because policy positions are one thing, but the reason O bomber care became Obamacare is because there was a person in that job who took the chance and all the all the criticisms that get levelled against Obamacare now getting that done was the accomplish. Of a century and they were. There were many people around Brok, Brok, Obama saying to go first. Smaller bell when hold out longer. Well pull the bill. Go with a patient's bill of rights, a small expansion of men, expansion of medicate. You will lose if you keep pushing. This is what he was told by advisers Brok about miss it. I dont care of him a one term president. This is more important than a push this. You should elect a president who is going to do that when told by a bunch of advice there's that something that we all care about is very unpopular, which is why, for all the branding and all the messaging and all the kind of videos we're going to see now when push comes to shove, it
actually matter what these people say when they get the unexpected question when they're on their heels, when their exhausted, when there, when they face a setback when they face a problem. Because that's what president's face every single day, ok and we'll be talking to one of these potential president's right after the break with we'll be back with centre. Cheers Gingerbread POD save America has brought to you by Palatine. Looking for something different, the shoe to help you continue to be your goals, dont. Let a busy schedule keep you from getting into worker pellets out as a game changing indoors cycling bike that brings the energy of a life studio class right to your home. Anytime, you want no worrying about fitting classes, busy schedule or making into a studio or the Jim, with a crazy commute. It's always every time for political, let's say: you're having I d recurring dream. We need a comment, a bunch of people that you're not a murderer. And again then it's three in the morning to camp. Back to sleep but you're, always on trial in the dream. Sometimes it's a murderer. Robbery soprano, sometimes
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for common by, I am delighted to be here. Congrats on the announcement. Thank you congrats first trip to I'll. It was amazing, I'd more find that ain't you can possibly imagine yes, I was. I was so I'm always fascinated by the process of making a decision as momentous as running for president. When did you first seriously consider running, and why did you ultimately decide that this particular moment in history was the right moment for Europe well I've been feeling very called at this moment to do what is necessary to right, the ship. I really believe in right forces wrong and up until the last election, wrong was winning I have been feeling that I need to fight for this country for families, for children as hard as I would fight for my own
children and it's why I believe we have to fight for the causes that so many of us have been fighting for healthcare as a right, better public schools making people that are on their way to the middle class and live the american dream. But I think it's going to take a kind of conviction and a courage that understands we have to take on the the status quo in a way that perhaps we never have because wash is run on corruption and special interests. Every legislation it's written the dead of night and someone making sure that the broad interest in the corporate greed is constantly protected and that's all I feel I really have to challenge, because you're never gonna get any that stuff done. If your unwilling to and so with Alaska. Once I really want spent, I with my family to talk to them personally. Is this sacrifice you're willing to me Are we willing, as a family, to do everything we can
to change was happening, this country and restore in my mind, what's been lost and we just need a time together to really think it. An understanding of a ten year old Henry's gonna give a lot to this country in the next year or two keys used to mommy making breakfast every morning lunch dinner every night, picking up from school, feel that, as regards together He was a little concerned, but he also feels called to this moment in a way that I, I think any pair Listening to this will understand press trumps, create a lot of anxiety in the world and a lot of hate and division, and I think people are feeling that this is the moment they have to do whatever it takes. An even higher these ten feels no mom. You might be the only one who could beat him. You should do this. My fifteen year olds, your mom,
should do it he's terrible, is you know doing all these terrible things around the country in the world? And you should do this, and so I just need time with them. So of the last few months. I made the decision to actually do this and I just feel, like all of us, have to adjust use whatever time talent, courage, passion. We have to change what's happening so that shipping up to be a very crowded field. There's a lot of talent, there's a lot of diversity. There's a lot of experience tells us a lot of consensus around through very big, bold progressive policy agenda. What makes you different? How do you stand? out in the field of democratic candidates. While we all have our own stories, of course- and I am a mother with young kids, and what drives me to public service is that I do want to fight for other people's kids as hard. As I say,
for my own, and I have been working over the last twelve years and public service to bring people together to fight solutions for really hard problems, and I do that listening to all my constituents, whether in red parts, are blue parts or problem parts of my state. I serve. Of them and because I listen and then find common ground a bill for they are going to be done, ass an I love, unhelpful twice for first responders off across the country, people who ran up the towers on nine eleven when every was coming down and unfortunately be. They breathing and all these toxins for now the decades it it's it's there and so I had to lift up their voices, and carry their stories with an ILO responders, knocking on doors with me, although senators and got up I also was able to bring people together on. Don't ask, don't tell repeal even Denmark the time and advocates of the time we're saying you can't do this, and this
convenient time more of this in the right strategy, and I just was very clear that When is civil rights convenient you have to fight for it for the right reasons, because you have to fight for excess necessary. These are many women who will die for this country and there being denied the ability to service They love and transparent, accountability. I passed the stock actually members of Congress. They can't engagement our trading spice prize and doing things about transparency and accountability posting my schedule my way back when we have earmarked my taxes online, so I get things done. They bring people together and land I'd I fight. I do not backed up for a fight, especially if it's the right fight for the right reasons, and it doesn't matter if it's hard, I will fight especially its hard. And I ve shown that I could do that by taking on the generals in the Pentagon over sexual, the military being
willing to take on special interest son on all hosts of ideas. And making sure that we do the right thing. It's hard, and especially when it's hard to one of the most Decisions that are president makes is how to prioritize keeping all the different campaign promises right. So you remember, this Obama comes into office and spends much of the first two years so from China fix the financial crisis, passing affordable care act, and that meant that some big ticket priorities like immigration reform voting rights reforms took him, took a back seat. You proposed quite a few very big, bold, progressive policies, Medicare for all Universal parent family leave publicly funded elections, a federal job guarantee
which of those do you tackle. First, as president, ah one thing that I hear most about to be perfectly honest, a matter where have travelled over the last year for the candidates causes working really hard to for the House of Korea and hold our Senate seeds and in the way, treason, Nevada, Arizona, amazing. I talk to voters everywhere, and the number one thing still on their minds is healthcare. It. I can't explain to you why how important this is because if you have access to health care who can afford it or cause you're being denied cause of an you, you nothing survive to build, provide for your kids. You might think my child has a priest in condition and he'll die. If I can't get the Men are the medicine that he needs. So this is an issue of life or death. So I would really like to bring people together and focus on healthcare as a right, not a privilege. I think Medicare for
is the right solution. I campaigned on Medicare for all in two thousand sex in my two to one republican district, and I made it really simple for folks back them. They just said archers charges too much money copies are co, pays are too high keeps going up, is it will how'd? You feel it just by into carried a percentage of income, suddenly five percent I'll be something you're interested in, and this of course, because they knew number one- creates competition cause you're having a not for profit public option that will drive competition with the for profit, insurers and number two. They knew. Medicare good it covers most things, the things they want and even ass this last year, presidential action, I would talk to voters upstate new workin. The thing at here is an aim that might my neighbour and five thousand dollars less than me and he gets access to medication. I don't it's unfair, so folks want access basic health care. So I would really folks on that. I would focus on education, making sure a public school those are crumbling and people actually the chance to get a good education
have a hope for a future, and I would costs the economy, particularly jobs, making sure we Anyone who wants to work full time who wants to work hard, the training they need get a job and get this country to full employment. Those was, The common sense things I think you can bring people together on those issues, so they feel like this is, certainly about them in their community matter where they live. This is interesting in in you reference year, two thousand six campaign and you or for medical care by in there and Medicare is, is a public option. That was being let you buy Medicare. You recently signed onto Bernie Sanders Medicare for all bill, which is much more sweeping relatives are transition out of private insurance altogether. What made you decide that the bird his bill was a better bet than just a medic hereby in which some others editors are offering. Is so the party of Centre Sanders Belet, I got to write was the transition, which is the part that I think is really important for people to understand,
it's a four year transition where anybody can buy and at four percent of their income to create competition in the market and let people begin to choose what works for you. I promise you. If you have a choice, in your church, the endless amounts of money and not great coverage and actually buy automatic. Our people are going to choose that because it is fordable medicine, affordable health care called service, and I want people to look at this. Something that there's that they re out like an earned benefit, because what we have social security. It's really clear, you buy it the cross your lifetime at six percent of in come up to a certain amount. I would blow that cap by the way, as a way to have more people in vast into our social safety net through all incomes, and then let people wide for that said, you bought at a four percent and for your earned FED of health care. People can understand if you're you're coming ten percent of income overall, too sure that you have access to healthcare as a right, not a privilege, to make sure
that. You will not die and poverty that you'll have a safety net when you're, a senior, I think that's the kind that makes sense to peoples without the possible. I wrote that we like, and that's how you get to single payer. That's how you get to true Medicare fraud, because your letting people participate in a way that makes sense to them. Are you ordered all that, even with the transition period, you know, there's gonna be people who say that what we know there's a lot of people must country who, like the insurance, have they like getting thereby ensuring, I think you ve got a try you it's the only way we're gonna get their cause. If you just keep fixing the current system, the current systems built on for profit insurance industry like it, built on a for private industry that has obligation to their shareholders and they pay. Theo's millions of dollars, so Europe, putting all that far into another industry: it's not going directly the doctors and nurses in the hospitals that are doing the work, and so I our money, my money, your money, to go further, if we want to buy, which is better healthcare, and so
I dont want my money to go to an insurance company. They dont you do Meat have insurance to have health care in this let's just buy into healthcare, was it's an unnecessary layer of fat that I would like to remove and that's why? If you explained to the american people he's going to be your earned benefit benefit in the same way that social security, as I think, they're gonna Beaufort, I think they're actually get to say this is something and again when I ran in two thousand and six and a two to one republican district, this was my solution for healthcare people liked it. They felt comfortable with it and they voted for me. For those reasons, no I've talked to Obama from voters who but would like I love Medicare for all that you vote for Donald Trump while he ran on. If you remember, we need universal Healthcare is cheaper and better. Well, that's Medicare for all in really- and it's not going to happen because he didn't mean it, he never meant it. Do you support a green new deal? I do. I think there are the platform It's not bad at all eyes details yet behind the green new deal, but the platform of
is really exciting, because I'm here recognises and in the way I see a green economy. Is this think we need a moon shot. We need to tell you, America, people. We are going to have a green economy in the next ten years, not because it's easy, but because it's hard, because It's a measure of our innovation and effectiveness like that J F K moment where he says this is what we're gonna do in ten years, not because it's easy, but because it is hard and I Think of you lay out a large agenda that really transforms economy in a lot of places and explain the places where working for a long time, which are very much part of that platform, so the simple the jobs. We give concrete more economic growth. If you invest and entrepreneurial ism innovation, if you actually invest in wind turbines in solar panels, in geothermal, in hydro power in biofuels? If you use our ability to innovate and invent, you will see
the problem of moving into a green energy economy and by doing that, you're gonna create a lot of jobs. You all so can use the an investment of investing inefficiencies. So there's a school Upstate Newark, where they teach greed, and it's what they do, and so the kids learn how to build a home. That's l e decertify. They learn how to install solar panels and when and wind turbines, and They learned how to energy efficient appliances, everything what I was told. What I took that school they said. Ninety eight percent of our graduating seniors have three or more job offers before graduation. Now, that's a true statistic that pretty amazing, but that's what's that the green economy can look like you're, just actually creating the vision for how to create a faster grey economy, and we ve made a mistake in the last ten years because no Congress always hems at Hawes and doesn't provide these tax. If it's for innovation, we let the tax credits, elapse and expire. So industries that would normally be investing over and over again choose.
Not you- and you know it happened, all that innovation all that manufacturing went to China. So China is in a better position to innovate than America is because they took on the goal of making green energy a real part of their economy so make it a real at part of economy limited due to Martha. You know no such problems so begging others, laws that have been working for a long time is very complicated and the other part of the platform that that I've been working on for last ten years is clean. Air, clean water, because clean air and clean water should be a right and not a privilege. It should be a right for every community, and so you take any part of this country. They have brown field sites. They have dirty work, or from areas of pollution, by different manufacturers. New York state with the largest superfund site, the Hudson River, because a pc bees, the county I live in and rents or county has been polluted by
but he's that of manufacturing with plastics, and so now we have pdf away in our water. So you need to focus on clean air and clean water as a major goal for addressing global climate change and for addressing a green economy, because if you don't have it countries Yet thrivers arrive. It's really important. I think you should put a price on carbon if you re, We want to attack global climate change effectively. You should put a price on carbon. Because what you are doing is yours, devising good behaviour, you're saying you wanna, be a polluter fair enough, but you can pill out more cuz you're, harming the rest of us and we're and have to pay all those hospital bills. That's gonna come to the taxpayer eventually, so you don't get the benefit of being a big polluter. Unless you can pay for it you're gonna be the inventor and the innovator who's gonna, create the new Efficient processes, you get the benefit, and so I love putting that praise on carbon as well Do you worry that some folks communism functional have to set that our carbon tax is rigour
obviously Mccrone had some problems with that in France to say the least there You know a referendum in Washington state. The generally tried that a carbon tax in pass? Obviously, I think everyone agrees like upon the polluter. The cart, the polluter should pay about. It goes down to know it. Doesn't it doesn't have to be regressive? That's a different tack! That's like putting a price gasoline right. That's a different approach, putting a brake on carbon. Much more about incentivize in good behaviour and distant, and devising bad behaviour revise all you struck supermarket. Yes, it's a market and it works. It's worked in other places. There's the places where it didn't work because of fraud and corruption, but it is, it is using market dynamics to help you. So I think it's a good thing that we should be talking about as well, and I just believe that global climate change is one of the greatest, It's too. Humanity is a life or death threat that we have to face right now, and it's been a life or death threat for a long time ago,
his countrymen? We lost so many lives during Super storm sandy and tropical storms Irene only really I mean I met parents who lost their babies because when a mom, got out of a car to get her kids to safety, the water swell to ten. And literally took them out of her arms people die and Eve not turn a blind eye, and anybody who does, I dont think, should be in public service, because it's not they're not making the differences that need to be made juvenile boredom federal job guarantees should be part of a green new deal. It's in some of the drafts of the plan. I know you ve been for a federal job, guarantee separately so I believe in full employment, and I think you should get to a full employment and the way you do that in my mind, you make sure that anybody who wants to be working full time can get whatever
job training it takes to get a full time job and we've been doing that and you are going to help places effectively and the way I think you could do it as you partner with the community colleges and the state schools and the apprenticeship programmes and the not for profit to do this today, do the really good hands on job training to get the skills you need for the job that is available in eight New York, one of our local manufacturers, bombarded aid needed advanced welders so they said we couldn't find anybody in five hundred mile radius of our manufacturing plants, so they went to the community. Colleges that blew you off with his coursework will hire everyone at the seventy thousand dollars your job shirt it works perfectly, and now they have all the welders. They need a great not for profit ages toward in the Bronx cope Scola and it's a not for profit, its fully funded. It's it's free training for buddy who wants to learn something in cyber or computer technology, so they ve taught
young adults how to code, how to build computers, how to fix computers, how to do cyber security, and they ve already paired of eight hundred students directly into the employment market by giving the right job training for the jobs that are available. So my vision for full employment is making job training really accessible and funding that, because that's what our community colleges and state schools and these not for profit do so well there already doing it so amplify their work. Investing in that directly, so you know of your underemployed or unemployed- and you want you- want a better job or higher wages, have someplace. You can go and know that there's a path for you, but should government be an employer of last. His or sure candy, politically public service and others, other idea. I have so, I believe, public service is life changing for people. I believe that if you give someone a chance,
but others before themselves. It changes their hearts. It changes who they are changes, what they care about, and I think you ve told every young person in America. If you do a year of public service, we're gonna give you two years of community college free view do two years. A public service will give me for years, for a meeting called your state schools or any not more profit training programme and so I would combine that so with your full employment gone, so that young people can also get good training and then courage in them. In those public service jobs, you know, go and health care, for you A waste of candy strippers, upstate Margo of your had them where you are, but you could go work in a hospital just and in turn to help you. Create a not for profit training for people in Healthcare, because our we boomers are retiring we're gonna have an onslaught of Alzheimer's. Like you, ve never seen before, we don't have enough home health aids to meet that
aid and so really giving young people when Healthcare go into first responders. You know if you wanna, be a fire fighter. A police officer military edge can amplify already doing in teach for America extend that one of the things TAT Kennedy All right when I first part of the Senate was trying to create more for public service was. I was very excited about that bill. I think it was still only maybe fifty thousand, but imagine if any kid could say. I met a dedicate at least two of my life to public service. Before they decide what they want to be either you will change everything. I've combine those things together to get to full employment show at best. You as president, would have a democratic majority in the house and a narrow Senate majority. Certainly not sixty that's right after this election, so there are no centre Republicans in favour. Medicare for all pray
we're very few in favour of a big program like green new deal at my that as president, would you push Hopefully majority leader, Chuck tumor, to get rid of the filibusters. You can pass something like Medicare for all our green new deal, the Philip master is mostly gone, so it barely exists. Now they will. No doubt ass, worm sort of entering work could only exists abilities as this for pretty much a fifty one vote threshold now for everything right only part we had left him place was for sport. This is a middle way. So I think- but it's useful to bring people together, and I don't mind that you have to get sixty votes for cloture, because you're trying to get people to a point where and that's a festive term of art from your listeners? It just means that you're done with debate, and so you will urge people to cut. You have at least sixty votes to say we're done with debate. That's not an unreasonable
because if people don't feel like you're done with debate and that they haven't been heard enough, maybe should be lower and I think I meant only works when people who care deeply stand up and fight for what they believe in and I know how important their voices are and so if you are now able to get sixty votes on something, it just means. You have worked hard enough talk enough people and try to listen to their concerns and then coming up with a solution that they can support. So I'm not afraid of it, one way or the other, but you'd be you be open to getting rid of it for something vague like when I don't think we should have gotten rid of it. Further Supreme Court justices consider lifetime appointments and I do think it should certainly sixty votes, but now I think,
I I I can, I believe I can work well under either system, because if you dont have sixty votes, edges means you haven't done enough advocacy and you need to work a lot harder. So another potential impediment to your gender would be fairly conservative, fairly partisan Supreme court Folks on the left are saying you know. After what Mcdonald Darlin after ramming through Cavanaugh, who was openly partisan at his hearings, The next democratic president needs to consider reforming the Supreme Court, potentially adding seats, potentially instituting term limits. What do you think of those ideas?
those appealing to you while their interesting ideas that I would need to think more about, but I do think were present Trump has done with the judiciary, is, is shocking and is so destructive. I thought both Cavenaugh an courses were disqualified in my mind, because of their records because of their previous statements, because their belief that money is speech and that corporations have same free speech rates as you and I think that's outrage us. I think we need to get money out of politics. I think that the special interests, the moneyed interests, the the levers of power that exist in Washington, are so powerful. They don't need more power, they need far less and we to restore direct democracy. We need to actually put the power of this, we back in the hands of the people, and so you
to undermine those special interests, and these two justices they just want to glorify those special interest, so due to the Supreme Court, needs reforming its analyze it. While I can give you one example that I desperately believe the fact that a Supreme Court justice be wind and dined by a special interest. Have you no junkets paid for ah, where they can be lobbied incessantly by special interest by the wealthy special interests. I think we have to make that illegal. I think it is absolutely essential that we too the way, the ability for them to be wind and dined. We need transparency and accountable. That is something I've been working on. Since I was first elected in two thousand and six, we to make sure that the public knows why happening in how is happening. I don't think we should have a system where legislation is written in the dead of night by the most power people in a land. We really have to restore that to the people, so I be there
interested in looking at a very significant transparency agenda for the Supreme Court, because I I think they are held accountable and I I think it away when we used to say all their above the partisanship. Well, I I believe that since Bush, we Gore, where I saw extreme partisanship, come out of our jot justices and certainly with Judge Cavenaugh are now his cabinet in the way he spoke in his last hearing, creating it greed saying this was some conspiracy of the Clinton's and a screen against Democrats, and it was so inappropriate for a justice of the Supreme Court that I do believe. We need a full transparency agenda put in place for it, because they are no longer public servants in the way that we have always imagine them to be somewhat. Immigration, which is seemingly trumps, only put issue and one that where you're thinking has evolved over the Albright. But I will just say one thing that stuff that I just talked about her is why we're not taking corporate pack monies
hey? That's also, why we're not taking that lobbyist lobbyists money. It's also, why don't think individual should have super packs, because if have to start somewhere and if you, are unwilling to take on the special interests in a way that shows. I value your voice as an individual. More than a corporate interests or a billionaires interest or people who can manipulate politics with their money. You will never get to healthcare as a right, not a privilege, cause you can't than any to take out insurance. Companies. The drug manufacturers you will never get to at any of the issues, you will never end gun violence if you won't take on the energy. So this is the stuff that necessary in this moment were in. You really need a direct democracy and you need to restore that power back to the hands of the people, not the not the powerful interests that just control everything us so on immigration, you are in favour of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. You ve talked about so the ice immigration and costs
enforcement into two agencies, one handles crime. Terrorism, one that handles immigration? What would enforcement look like under agenda brand presidency? What would you do about immigrants who come across the border or overstay their visas right? So let me answer the forest fire hydrant first and the second protected so Democrats believe in border security Democrats believe in national security, and the initial mission of ice was to do anti terrorism that, with those found in two thousand three to do anti terrorism, so we need to fund anti terrorism and unfortunately, president these taken allow the money that would normally go for anti human trafficking, anti drug trafficking, anti gun trafficking and to it cross border terrorism and taken all that to put moms and babies and for peace. Prisons and pay for those for profit presence. So we so so I believe that we should be funding the anti terrorism work, keeping our country safe.
Sheriff people know that law enforcement have the tools they need and the sport they need to do hard. Work of resting criminals and finding terrorists and arresting terrorists that has to continue. Migration in our country has always been a strength. We thrive on our diversity. Our diversity has always been a strength. It helps to increase the economy, it helps to create entrepreneurial, isn't innovation! It's the american story, this of liberty stands in New York Harbor with, we can of light and hope saying to the world come. We will help you, you know anyone the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. We are here that beacon of light. We ve never been afraid of refugees. We ve never been afraid of immigration, we ve always seen as something that is part of our story ends We need to build that and it should be under the Department of Justice. It should be part of a a issue certainly for asylum seekers and as a humanitarian issues and
immigration as an issue of families, making sure families who desperate wanna be, reunited can be reunited in those communities can be strong and echo MAC and making sure that we also the right size, immigration, and so that's why you need a comprehensive immigration approach and gonna, do all of it. So you're not gonna, sacrifice national security ah and anti terrorism work that needs to be fully funded as part of homeland security. But immigration is so much more. It's not a criminal issue, it's not an actual security issue. It's about who we are ass, a nation and what makes a strong, an image. It's gonna be part of that, and so you gotta make it work. You have to have a pathway to citizens, yet for the eleven or twelve million folks it are here- have to let people who are hereby start buying into social security and buying into paying their access and making sure that investing in our schools, so you have to create a pathway for that. Happen you have to look at asylum very differently because we have
reasons why asylum seekers are coming here. You ve got things bidding in South America and Central America. The frankly were a blind eye to that. We should be action. Addressing a working with the international community with political sleep. And diplomatic solutions to try to the gun, violence, gang violence and terrorism. It's happening. These communities that are making mother send their young boys to travel by themselves to America, so they just don't get recruited into a gang. Think about the problem that these people We're facing how many women are are seeking refuge because of gang violence and rape and an end. Hang on we did so horribly that they can't survive so if you don't start with the human story, about what actually happening in these families you're not going to create the right solution? I promise you locking them up in a for profit, prison or sticking. Lots of young boys in a walmart with no windows is not the solution to the horror. Their lives are facing or our immigration challenges, and so I would do come.
We can save and I would try to solve each problem based on what is the actual problem, and and get out from the route I go, I guess my question is so save we do comprehensive right and we pride a path of sedition, citizenship for all the undocumented immigrants. We hear, and then we are Democrats, beef up border security, not like nothing, with the wall but made the border security. We have your slogan, have people who come ass, the border you're still gonna have alphabet men dealing attitude, ainly you! How to do you have? These are over stays, which happens all the time and those folks are coming from countries that we have. These as whether these are people we have coming as tourists, So I think you just have to have a more humane system created. So people know there's a real process, because if you don't feel like they have to go around the law, because the law is fair and just make you feel like they can work with the law, and that is possible. We ve done that. Many decades in this country had a proper immigration process that work for people. It's when it away,
what it lacks, compassionate when it lacks empathy and when it lacks asked us where the people feel they can't trust the system. So, let's build a system that they can trust and do it in the way that healthy for our economy, our country, the only our communities with the recognition that this only makes us stronger. So you spent your career, a senator working to reduce sexual assault in the workplace and the military in Congress. You ve been called the political face of the meat to movement. You tweeted about how the future female and intersection. All I saw that we ask that. That is a brave thing to tweet, just from a political perspective, someone's gonna for president, saying that I could also hear some you know cynical DC consultant, probably a guy, in my head, saying: ok, that's a great thing to tweet for a presidential, primary democratic primary. How do you you deliver that message. Can you deliver that message in some of these redder states, the truck
one that we know we need to back. I definitely Canada happen because in my state, most people look at New York Oh, it's blue state and re city they dont realises Upstate Newark is alot of of red. It's a lot It's a rural area. There's lot agriculture. There's a lot of manufacturing there is a lot of the rural challenges we have in other parts of the country, the manifest tradition is a lot like Michigan. It's a lot like Ohio. It's a lot like with Hudson Agriculture's lot like Wisconsin and Michigan too, so, there's a lot of similarities with the rest of the country are so herbs in Westchester and in long island are purple. It's a lot of those, no white middle. Ass, moms, who didn't but would Democrats last time they are in my state and I do well with all of them talking about what I believe in and not every as a silly knows what the tweet man, but I certainly can explain it to them. How would you what well when you say that people's knowing you say the futures female, I'm not saying the futures, only FEMA, I'm saying pleasing
the ladys of the future, because we have a lot to offer, which is why I increased. Off the sidelines. It was a political action committee. I created seven years ago called action asking what America's women to vote, to become advocates to participate to run, to find what we can do to support because we want fifty one percent of women the table. Why would you exclude half of our view s population from the decision making table and that's all? that's going to resonate any community because they know that their mom or their sister or their aunt or their daughter have important things to say that they listen to in their own families. And so, when you elevate men and women at the same table, you're going to have a diversity of opinion about what are the biggest problems. So what are the best solutions and the diversity of that rule? works I'll. Give you one example. So when I Scott election. Two thousand six, I was put on the ARM Services Committee and I'm sitting X, you gotta Giffords and a bunch of new freshmen women, and we are having a hearing on military readiness and
in a the men were talking about equipment. They wanted to know how many guns, how many ships, how many aircraft it was all about. You know that the function- a military read it s from adequate in perspective. You know from what we can buy and Oregon built, but the women instinctively we're looking at other data and saying will wise the divorce rate as high as it is right now. Why is the sewers rate as high as it is The violence rape as high as it is, and We realise that military readiness also has to do with the troops and that you and the service members did. You say, Each one of these service members there being put to the thinnest they're, not having rotations at home there diploma times are longer than they ve been in other conflicts and there's no. Time and no dwell time in their struggling, and so the military readiness that we're talking about is both equipment and personnel, and so, for America. That was a better answer for them, because the company some of our voices was strong and so what I, the features female! I'm talking about the fact that
are twenty women just refer cars and one and what allows the wind was all these women who came out and were activism, voted and and whether marching since President Trump Card elected to say we too agree with you. We don't agree with your vision this country. We don't agree with how you talk about people. We do agree with the hatred you see a different future, and so it's a call action saying we want to all be part of this discussion, and so that is what interests us. Let me finish now: go uses its alarm question so I've been talking about this for seven years in New York state about why I want more women's voices at the table. I have. This vote margin in the history of his estate, is seventy two percent vote margin and the reason why the highest but margin the history state against anyone who has ever run statewide included presidential outperforming present Obama, preferring Secretary Clinton because and I'm talking to folks in red and purple places I have two. I've to tell them what I'm for? Why and they can see my heart in the understand it, and they also know how important women a leadership is. So that's all
takes you just have to talk to people about their lives in what they care, but until then, why you care why you want more women, or female leadership. So I've never had that, and I talk for time, people argue that and they know, when I'm trying to get rid of sexual harassment, sexual assault on a college campuses in the military and Congress itself. I bring people together on those issues like MIKE who's, sponsoring working on sexual harassment. Congress was tat, crews, Michael Sponsor entering sexual harassment or sexual assault. The military was ran, Paul and TED crews Ruby, I worked with me on sexual assault on college campuses, and so you can come party lines, you could talk to people from red and purple places if you just care about. If you talk about what you care about, why and I've done it, so I know that I can talk to people in all parts of the country about what they care about, because they listen first, I find the common ground is, and then I build from there and that's how I bring people together, how I pass laws, it's how you get things done.
When it's how new Yorker see me so I'd like to introduce that everyone so intersection. Reality What that means to me is that if you are discriminated against in, more than one way it's intersection and for example, if you are a woman, you're gonna be discriminated against because a gender buys and sex em. If you're, a black woman, you might be described. It against because of racism and the burden on that black woman is so much harder because she has to deal with Ray seven sexism at the very same time, and if you wish not to someone who might not note that word means they're. Gonna say that's right, that that is right and then you'd give them a few facts. Like will you know if you're, a black woman in New York City and you want to go, baby, you are twelve times more We d dying chopper, if, because of institutional racism, view explained to someone law enforcement really is not fair. And if you are black or brown man in my in my city of New York City, and in the country
who are ten times more likely to be arrested than a white man in New York City four times more likely there s, the country offer marijuana possession So that's why I'm for decriminalization, because how it is people are treated- is unacceptable. It isn't it and what someone's been arrested and put in jail for possession of marijuana? We no other lives change. They might have missed work that day they might be fire, they might have just lost the one job it took them a really long time to get, Their mom lives in one of the using authorities and in New York City, and they wish what they want to go visit her on Thanksgiving the cat. If that how gets in the record and they go for a job interview in this place has ever been arrested and he has to say we'll go- and I was eighteen I the job interviews over and so cruel. Still has to be important and and economy like you see One of the issues you guys have talked about postal banking per cent of our country doesn't have access to a savings account. You know,
it's very expensive, to be poor in this country. It means that we have to wire some money to your Your mother was importer, Rico they're to charge you, maybe twenty percent, of what you just centre or if you I wanna, buy a couch for your house, while you're only options layaway in the predatory, lending aspect of that you're gonna pay. Five dollars for a council was tuna dollars because you had to you couldn't paid One so I think, as a white woman, it is my wrist its ability to take on these this. These issues of institutional racism, as if their my own, because that's my job and it is not, it should not be left as a burden black and brown people to fight these their own on their own, it should be me who can up, their voices can can make their voices are heard, and so that could end it, and so those are my responsibilities. As a woman who was seeks to serve so so I will talk about that in red purple em. Places, and I promise if I told any moment America, that of Europe,
lady and you gotta get to have a baby read more likely die. There can be as matters I am because it's not ok It's not ok, so you just have to take time will set, will somewhat relieved that I'm in you you know you ve talked about last question, talked about working with four people, ends and you obviously this rigour in the Senate, where you were able to reach out to the other side and get stuff Donnie to bring people together. You know there's, some people on the left, who and say like its naive to think we're. Gonna go after those trump voters. It's a waste of our time and energy. We should be only going after nine voters, because you know these trump voters, even if, even if they selves, art racist. They have supported right this man that You know you yourself have called a racist, a massage earnest. Are they wrong or those democrats wrong? Yes, I do. I think she ask everyone for their and I think you should ask Americans to put this country first and our values first
we, despite all our flaws, have always believed in a more perfect union. We have fought as a nation, to discrimination over and over again, whether through trying to abolish slavery or fighting for suffrage or fight basic civil rights for black Americans or fighting for eligibility. Your quality or clean air clean water, so that, if your poor, hopping poison to death. These are issues that we have chosen as a country to bring people together towards a more perfect union. Despite all our flaws, and we do it because we leave that we should care about one another. This country believes in the golden rule that we should treat the way we want to be treated, we should protect and fight for the least among us we have to remind America, that's who we are. We have to hear this the vision and this hatred in this darkness. The president Trump is created, I believe, The only light can defeat dark we just had em, ok, Dang were reminded of his amazing. Statements and amazing. Reaching can everything he's ever said. We celebrate,
legacy once year. For that reason and he's not wrong. So only like can drive out darkness that is what I call to do to be able to bring and fight for. What's right, what's good against what's bad and what's harmful in all forms, and so I wanted spiral voters and not enough what we know last lecture. We lost for a lot of reasons, but you need inspire all voters neat inspire folks, and read places blue places and purple places and your own to do that if your vision actually reaches the people who you intend to serve, and you should intend to serve everyone and you'll bring them with. You doesn't mean you're gonna, I dont triangle aiding and running. The conservative is the way to go run is the person you are run on the values that you want. You will bring people along when I started running my two to do two to one Look industries and upstate. I ran I'm getting out of Iraq, which would been perceived by some as a very liberal issue. But I-
plain to folks. Listen, we need feed terrorism and we are not do that effectively with troops in Iraq if the Iraqis themselves will put more push out terrorists. We there's not enough military might in the world to defeat terrorism. In a country that won't fight for it for themselves. I say we should redeploy out We should invest in other anti terrorism method but being in Iraq is the wrong way to keep us safe, election day from thirty percent it went to seventy percent were forgetting I've Iraq. So I will just urge Democrat speak your truth. Speak your value b for what your for, if everyone, agree with you on day, one you can bring them along, we don't have, except the racism and division and the hatred the present trump has created. I believe and call on people to be better than that to to We care about one another and speak better angels, not their worst demons. Kissinger brand, thank you
so much for joining us. Thank you and come back again and good luck on the campaign. Thank you. Thanks to Centre appears Angela Brand for joining us today, I'm sold even earlier. We will talk you guys again on Thursday, yeah.
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