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Democratic leaders agree to a $3.5 trillion economic plan, President Biden delivers an impassioned speech on voting rights that still doesn’t mention the f-word, a new book reveals that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was actively planning to stop Trump’s attempted coup, and Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown joins to talk about how activists and organizers plan to win the fight against voter suppression.

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Hey have you listened to in the bubble with Andy Slab it? Yet it's been a source of comfort and insight for so many people by answering all of their big and little questions about the pandemic. Andy, the hosts has returned to the show after months serving as the White House Signor Advisor for covered response, this many season is called in the bubble are shot. It covers vaccination efforts and reflects a year and a half we just had an impact will evolve about equality, society and ourselves, this is our shot at building a better America, one that works for everyone knew episodes come out twice a week. Mondays and Wednesdays- listen to, in the bubble are shot with Andy Slab from women on a media. Wherever you get your podcast
Welcome to POD save America, I'm drunk every andean driver on today show democratic leaders agreed with three point: five trillion: dollar economic when President and delivers an impassioned speech on voting rights, but still doesnt mentioned the F word. A new book reveals that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs was actively planning to stop trumps attempted coup and I'd like to black voters, matter, cofounder Latasha Brown about how she and other grassroots organizers plan to win the fight against voters, suppression, but first check out this week's take line were Jason and Renee sat down with Dallas Maverick, shooting guard J J
Riddick and our PAL Tommy alter to talk about the NBA finals and player empowerment in the media and don't miss this week's America, dissected were Abdul, was joined by actor comedian in host Wayne Brady to discuss his journey with mental health and how toxic masculinity change the course of his career check out take line and America dissected wherever you get your podcast right in the headlines. I ve been a bit dark lately. I want to start with some rare good news. President Biden and democratic leaders in Congress have agreed to move a three point: five trillion
dollar economic plan that will reportedly include the following policies: eighty percent clean electricity by two thousand and thirty and expansion of Medicare Medicaid and Obamacare immigration reform, an extended child tax, credit, universal Community College, universal, preschool universal paid leave and hundreds of billions of dollars to make child care elder care, home care and housing. More affordable, all of this will be paid for by getting rid of tax cuts for the richest Americans and big corporations. Progressive, seem thrilled, but I'm sure you're all asking the question that we often scream into the void. What does Joe Manchin think? Well so far he said, he's open to the plan wants to see more details want it to be fully paid for support, including a gray.
reform, but is concerned about some of the climate provisions day and when you think about how all this came together and where it goes from here in a couple weeks ago, we talked about how that impression of voting rights, and I in particular argue that they had played a bad hand very poorly that situation. In this case, I think they play their hand privately to be the place where they are right. Now, where you have a bipartisan deal, that is on track. You have a three point: five trillion dollar package of Amerika of jobs and family policies. The Democrats have been pushing for four years, a place where Joe Mansion is on board with three point: five trillion dollars worth of spending where you have
the progressives in the house like privilege, I appalling others who are supportive of this, at least at the top lies now. Why did he tells me, worked out a lot of really for decisions from the parliament? Send a parliamentarian arena really focused on a lot the next few months. I guess, but right now, Joe Biden Centres, humor centres, Andrews and others put us in a position to do something incredibly transfer whenever the american account I kind of thought that there's no way they would have gone out with this number, and so they had an agreement unless they had got assurances from mansion. First, Mansion apparently said reporters know that, and they didn't really check with me not or no fees, if he's dancing around the truth. There, like maybe humor sort of floated, an estimate to him or something I can imagine that no one checked in with him. I do know that in terms of which Molly,
It's for negotiating this number, like it wasn't just Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders Mark Warner. You know the moderates enter from region was also very involved in this. I can't imagine that Warner didn't reach out and check with mansion on this now it seems very clear that there had been this discussion from or some comments from mansion and others said they would be robbed open to maybe two trillion dollars. Then you had Bernie pushing six try, and so, when you later three point five, that's a specific number that maybe it wasn't Schumann imagine or Sandridge dimensional border dimension, but it was somewhat on their staff to their staff and they knew that they. He would be ok with us in some way, shape or form how that exact telephone tree worked out a sort of a relevant, but the fact that he walked and he walked out and said nope not doing that, need it now. As of at least my last peering at the internet, we have not heard from Centre Cinema
who, I think, has actually a little more unpredictable on. This then mentioned because mission is very clear: set of things that he is for when it comes to direct investment in the economy must be of more populous policy. Cinemas. A little bit I think, harder to read on the situation. So I also imagine they talk to her staff and I would really like to hear of her say the words that this was a number. She was ok with before we went too far down this path, I'm not sure if it was stated from her from her staff, but I did see somewhere that they said it's not necessarily the number they are concerned about it. whether it's good for the people of Arizona, so they're gonna wasn't that that is not. That is basically just cut and paste from the scent oppressive, Tory Handbook of statements that mean nothing The translation of that is haven't talked to the Basi. I can't get her on the phone, but I think Its importance is now it's been you note, twenty four
more than twenty four hours since its come out. No one has drawn any red lines on this, which is good, but we should talk about what the most challenging parts of the plan will be in there all different challenging for a few different reasons. I do think you number one is this: is the plan to include all of the climate provisions? This is basically Joe binds entire climate agenda, at least any part of the climate agenda. We now
to spend money is going to be in this bill, and you know mentioned did have a sort of a weird answer about this. Yesterday said he had some concerns about the climate provisions and then he said you cannot be moving towards eliminating fossil fuels, even though he is in favour of more investment in clean energy. Now I was looking this up. It looks like in the past. Dimension has expressed support for a clean energy standard, but that he's also said well. It depends on how the clean energy standard is structured, and so everyone knows that is the biggest component of the climate provisions it in Joe Biden. Climate plan is a clean energy standard that would basically incentivize all companies to make sure that they reduce emissions by a certain amount by a certain date, and so it's pretty important. The other challenge with a clean energy standards, not just your mentioned, but is it something they can pass through the reconciliation process? Will the parliamentarian judge it S.
then that affects the budget or wool? The parliamentarian do what she did on the minimum wage and say no, no, it doesn't affect the budget else. I think that's probably a big one right. Getting a lot of this is gonna, be there's a whole set of things that are. That should make us very nervous, not parliamentarian, The programme is also in this bill. There are questions about whether the parliamentarian will centre that that is a piece of legislation that makes it easier for Labour Yunus organised collected with arguments massively important dimensions, a big supporter of it. There is questions about. Are they really have an immigration in this bill with it? They were the promoter and actually sign, often immigration. That is another question, but I think you put the parliamentarian aside so the two step process. Fifty Democrats were everything in the bill and then parliamentarian has two before on the fifty democrat side of that question, I think the bigger issue is going to be. about the language within the policies. Right is Joe Mansion, as he did in Oregon. Rescue planning on a watered down. Some of the policies are other
as you know, there's almost certainly going to happen in some way shape or form that private happens in some of the climate policy. That should be disappointing, but probably pretty predictable could happen with some of the sum of the other policies that help working class people. So those can be a real language issue and you can imagine it assesses habit, as other moderates do, of picking a few places to just like prove a point to like Kunak lost back or produce a number people helps, and so we should expect that to happen. But I just I think we have to put this in perspective, that, if Biden in the Margarets achieve even most of what they are talking about here, it'll be one of the most transformative piece of illustration. Making history will put the accomplishments of this present in this Congress on power with. If they are the new deal, how began a great society? It will do so much to with millions of people out of poverty, make the economy more fair in power. Workers change it so that our tax system focuses on
work, not while I'm just a huge massive deal and we're not going to get everything we want and that by even coming close is just to put in perspective, is there can be some really annoying things that fall out or get changed the whole bit? But if you look at it from the whole, it's just that it's demeaned into do the most trite Biden. Throw back is that the big fucking deal right. It is a big fucking. Do you right? That's your even It ends up being a two point: five trillion dollar plant just put it in perspective Brok, Obama's American Recovery ACT, american recovery and Reinvestment act. Sorry, it are that's the whole fuckin thing the stimulus bill was almost two trillion and then the affordable care act was about a trillion as well as two trillion. That's, basically, all we got to spend four for eight years, we Joe Biden, already spent two trillion on the american Rescue Plan now
about another three and a half trillion that is, it is the most like, you said, is the most significant government intervention into trying to improve people's lives since the new deal in the great society. For short, even if even if Joe Mansion, lopped off some of it, which he is sure to do. Nothing is gonna, sell this american people like government, Eventually, the alert, usually heads of government is gonna, be this isn't what I know is being too an echo chamber This can be big government, coming for, you then hit so that, while there is, there is a problem there. Some issues in the house to a moderate d in the house, I told Jake, Sermonic Punch ball quote given red hot, and legionnaires pressures and our strong desire to keep the house blue or gargantuan three point: five trillion dollar package with massive new taxes. is a non starter for many of us are predictable, go down in a blaze of glory early put in the dna DE. I why you get it for you
all coward. Put your name on your statement, these jobs What's his name of its teeth, I didn't forces think about measurements, undivided foresee any house issues, but I guess we only have a three or four vote margin in the house. Democrat so you really do need everyone in the house from a yo, see to the most conservative Democrat on board with this plan. In order for it to pass, we may have a couple bucks. But I am just very sceptical that there is something they can get jubilation occurs in cinemas vote, but cannot get just got timers yeah by just got here: I'm referring just got home or other measures. The anonymous democratic most likely gave. I quote, speckle with Josh dont reach out to me about this. That was then that I don't know it's coming. Now for the question and everyone's mine? What does all this mean for the beef Dan by partisan infrastructure framework, because some Publicans are like oh three point: five trillion dollars unionist
and after we're after we pass the bipartisan infrastructure deal fuck you, the deal's gonna die like that. You can tell us what some Republicans a thinking. Do you think it will still survive this thee within the first twenty four hours? The indications of in suppressing the positive yeah like like Bill Cassidy was Ike. Yet no, it's fine, who is one of the Republicans, are part of the the gang one of the gangs, but I still think people are throughout this process overly optimistic about the different under Lee optimistic or overly pessimistic about the butter reconciliation bill. Is you still need ten Republicans and your counting Lindsey Gram in that ten, a man not known for
His principles or stalwart ideological framework does a man whose legumes he's always one Gulf invitation, but Trump away from China position so yeah by any matter. It does matter, and I think it's important reason why some is look at this and say Yeah, roads bridges are great, but I care more about childcare, elder care, child tax, credit, climate change, but they interact in a really important way mean. There is an open question and you see a lot of commercial porter sense about if the beef were to just fucking kill us now. If the big were to fail for them,
I therefore that's a pencil. We ve come if you know if he were anyway we're using if it were to fail, I think then, what would happen is Democrats would have to take all of the substance of the beef and put it into the reconciliation package, and that means probably you'd have to cut more stuff out of the reconciliation package, because I would imagine that people like Joe Mansion are not going to increase the price from three point. Five trillion to add the substance of the policies in the by partisan interests. May I say: you're taking six hundred apart me, six hundred billion dollars of spending that's currently earmarked for Your expansion, childcare, tax, credit shoring up. You see all the stuff that we really care a lot about your now going to spend it on roads and bridges clean water, which is all important good and create jobs and good for the economy. But it's gonna come at the key
asked of the last chance we likely have, at least in this Congress, to put in place significant transformed, a progressive legislation and so does matter, but back to your original point about other democratic this hands. Well, so humor announced this morning that they're gonna basically have a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure framework next Wednesday that he wants to schedule. I lisa closer vote and he also wants to schedule a vote on the budget and I think by linking these two together, what it does is incentivize, as all of the Democrats in the house in the Senate to be on the same page re like everyone. Everyone who complained about the bipartisan infrastructure deal some progressives. You want that to pass so that you don't have to put that six in rebuilding dollars into your reconciliation plan.
so that you have more money to spend on all the things that you want to spend it on so like. I think everyone is a line now and the democratic progress on wanting both the bipartisan infrastructure deal to succeed and wanting the reconciliation package to succeed, which we're just gonna call Joe Biden economic plan. I was thinking about like the branding conversation we had last week and, like you know, one of my first memories and power, Dixon, like the early ninetys, was Bill Clinton trying to pass his economic plan. No one had a Finn the name for that. No one had a message that they just call it Bill Clinton economic Plan, any loss like forty seats in the following elections to be held,
you need to raise taxes and rich people in a healthy economy, so those why don't we just let the american jobs and family plan or the bill deck better plan? Or is there the Biden folks? I rather story by this. The by the folks are going back to build a better there com the whole thing build back better, which find great. Everyone knows what that means. I less about the politics around all this, our friends. It change research and unite the country, which is one of the big providing super packs recently conducted six focus groups. We get them focus groups to talk about an ice Tommy, listen to Our episode last Thursday and said to me you and day and talking about new polling, is like a couple of kids on Christmas. Eve think that's how you sounded, which felt I was really embarrassed, by that. But, while I M excited, do you listening If the world you gotta you and resolution organs. The G20 roads is targeted
third terrorism for six hours a day itself out another he he said that himself unless they the world this week anyway. So we get six focus groups, everyone from black women in Georgia who voted for Biden to Non College white men in Wisconsin who voted for trot so spans the game. It the only the voters they mostly excluded are people with strong opinions about either Biden or Trump he's my kind of focus groups? So these voters are all up for grabs and they heard a few common themes, one with the exception of the stimulus checks, most will have no idea, what's in any of Joe Biden, plans even information by voters to other people, especially Trump voters have been fed a lot of misinformation already about binds plans, particularly the tiny amount of foreign aid in the american rescue plan, which I didn't even know existed. That's like a new misinformation for me and then three when people heard from the focused grew moderators concrete, specific information
Britain's plans? They were overwhelmingly supportive. In fact, when a non college educated white woman who voted for Trump heard about the child tax credit, she said quote that would completely changed my life. If President Biden could get that done, he did get it done. Today is the day families, their first child tax credit in the mail president by an Invite President Harris just spoke today about it. What did or did not, surprise you in these focus groups, and was there anything else I jumped out to you that I did mention there. It we heard my stomach to read this- is such a memory of working in the White House, the you know have like a great period, a time bomb. I would give a great speech. We get a bunch of coverage or be oppress. Com Friends, maybe he'd sign a bill by all Traditional metrics, by which, like a communications operation, is judged. We would have all of our marks great headlines local press, national press, surrogates, etc.
Go home on a Wednesday night, maybe eight to watch the. monthly Dnc Obama campaign focus curbside cracker. a beer baby at an age when, apart and just what may well be worth of Christmas, poor people it has been able to you will suffer, screw moderator would say to this a scoop of assembled Americans much like the groups in this change, focus group and say what it you heard about would present a bomb has been doing lately and it just like blank. Fucking stairs and so ambitious. like. It makes me want to scream because your your message is being covered, but people are hearing in the. For that you need to reach most. The ones who are the least engaged in politics are not hearing, and so what was We hardly doesn't nicely with working to possible twenty twenty one back to those in nine facebook. What sort of like a place where we will push for she was there Dogs is opposed to aim to stay, says
who of white supremacist, authoritarian agitprop for aid, radicalizing left and right if It's like it's. It's really really fighting hard to get your message out at it speaks to that challenges that the by What else faces right now to sell this bill to somebody has to sell the bills are trying to pass to run in twenty? on twenty four, and it is the link is really informed about. This is two things one. These focus groups are not an indictment of the White House messaging operation. Obviously everyone can do things better, that's not insult them. I think it's perfect. It is an indictment of our media ecosystem and it's not aces and in what think what it is. A huge there's, a lot of discussion about this when these focus groups report on political. That's like: why isn't their message better? Why don't they, that's. Why censure? By not there anymore, and we confuse constantly.
This conversation message in megaphone and this right here is not a message from its megaphone problem. Now that the challenge that is its it's very difficult, if not impossible, to fix the media ecosystem, particularly in the short term- and you can see this play out just a small example on Twitter this morning, right like I think the way has done a really good job, pushing every one. Every Democrat out there every group out there to talk about the child tax credit today right. This is a big day on this that the Czechs are being delivered to people today, re their seen them in their bank accounts, but tweets about that are no contest between two,
but the child tax credit and tweets about what we can talk about a second which is general Milly, the chairman of the Joint chiefs like preparing for a coup when trumpets president after the election right cause. It's like now. I think that an important story to a dangerous but like there are just there are certain things that don't garner the same kind of media attention and economic issues and like it and and policies passing that improve people's lives are one of those issues and that's been the case for a long time, and I don't know how you change that if you the Bite administration except, like you said you know, you can't get another megaphone to deliver. Your message create your own megaphone and I guess you do that through
advertising paid avatar and there are others a story. The other day about how the political opposition that was set up at coming. Other Biden campaign ask as a ten million dollar at campaign. The super pack or nonprofit associated with House Democrats is doing a similar thing like there to adding to the great credit of the larger progressive political circles. These days are investing real money in off here early advertising, but it just goes to show how much we in how hard it is The other thing is we all have a role to play here. Right wing depict what we target people We get the picture Sweden about our post about. We all We talk a lot but every person, but you can complain about the media can complain about whether the White House has the right message that or you can do something about yourself. If you have a phone, you have on average a couple hundred contacts between Facebook Instagram Twitter. Does your phone contacts themselves in you can spread the word you can share apposite
things are you dont have to just tweet back at TED crews or share the complain about. Authoritarianism, although its find to do that, but you can also make sure that people in your life get the information that you have and share with your force multiplier for that for the democratic and White House messaging operation. If you choose to do that, and we should all choose to do it, but there are few other things in the focus groups are worth mentioning. Voters see the pandemic in the economy, improving, but still have a lot of anxiety about the economy, particularly inflation, which a lot of them just mentioned on their own race relations. People have a lot of anxiety about, and particularly the political divisions in the country. A lot of people brought up. They credit Biden with trying to make all of that better and even the Trump voters didn't have any love for the Republican Party describing them, as device of obstructionist who only care about the rich. My favorite line in the whole focused report was Mitch. Mcconnell is
conversely recognised and was without a doubt, the most loathed political player brought up in every group Biden, an Trump voters alike, believe he is corrupt and called on him to retire. How great is that that, also recently in twenty twenty two, it probably would be beneficial for Democrats to have a message that has Mitch conall at its centre. I think that is the big question. When I was a little later when we get to voting rights, spied yeah there Still, we don't know the right answer. We and I think the right answer is knowable this early. This far out, but that there are some choices is about how we frame republicans right. Are they corporatist or right, are they authoritarian are assholes like there are different ways to do it? This is you know what I a little bit de trouble see was color. Like was brain ads. Do you have a green? It was the parties here and I think some folks on Twitter is used. He will pay now as a way to talk about it. Is that the right way?
like dad got what we are doing with that, and I think that is a bad execution of what is over. a viable legitimate strategy be discussed, which is, do you pay them as radical out of the mainstream people who were unfit to govern? Because that's what they're really arguing for his give us control one third of government- and so you want to say they are not up to that task as if you bore fucking nuts or dude, you make Trump the face of it. And the upside of that is probably excites allotted Democrats who were they hate? You feel good that binds in place are served. Our checking out Does that help hold some of those Biden, Republicans abiden independence, who might vote Republican down bout the off here? We target those guys the other week. Do you make Mcconnell the face which, as that which may not do as much to excite Democrats but could actually disenchant Republicans like that is. That is one way in which
you could maybe convince summer trump. You know some real like die hard magazine, people who only came out in sixteen and twenty to stay home. Why the fuck? Would you come out to give this guy power? Rather there could be some argue, in that it has some out of that with that was actually somewhat relevant in the Georgia special when Mcconnell made himself the face of blocking checks for a long period of time. Or do you think it's interesting that the two themes that kept coming up about Republicans? Are there just they're doing everything they can to get Joe Biden to fail, and even the Trump voters were willing to believe that? they're doing it for their own for their rich friends right, which are too you know and an end, any message has to be pushing on an open door right, and so I think both of those things. But that's not the whole message and, like you said any of the options that you presented could be a more effective message in the end or just the right message, but it is definitely having those elements
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or more so. Let's talk voting rights, there's been quite you developments on the issue this week. On Monday, more than fifty democratic lawmakers in Texas blocked the passage of some of the worst voter suppression bills in the country by simply leaving the state since Texas Loss, as the two thirds of the hundred fifty member body, must be present to hold a vote. Lawmakers travel to Washington DC to put pressure on Congress and the White House to act on voting rights and on Tuesday present Bind delivered a speech on the subject where he argued. The Donald Trump big lie in the current republican assault on our elections is the biggest threat to democracy since the civil war. Here's a clip in America. If you lose, you accept the result. You follow the constitution, You try again, you don't call facts, faith and then try to bring down the american experiment just because you're unhappy
21st, first century, Jim, Crow, salt, real, it's unrelenting and we're going to challenge it, an assault on democracy. an assault on liberty, assault Who we are, who we are ass, Americans but make no mistake. emerges affair. Travellers of wise are threatening very foundation of our country. I want to start with what's going on in Texas before we talk about Biden. This is the second time Democrats blocked a vote on these bills walked off the floor in late may as well. The last time they tried to block of it by actually leaving the state was in two thousand and three, when republicans are trying to pass a bill to gerrymander the state, this tactic has never ultimately succeeded. Do you think I can succeed now, it's hard to see how this is sustainable forever they just now.
get a return home by it. Does it just because the? as a successful one doesn't mean, if not the right thing to do why this is extraordinary situation and as an opportunity to shine a light on what is happening there that is much greater and gets more attention than simply everyone voting no right. This is bigger. They ve been Oliver TV. They ve been on factors of anonymous and we see they been making the case, and I think that this is how we can actually by the speeches. This is a huge problem and it is a problem that, even for all of the coverage in discussion, it's gotten the republican efforts to suppress. the vote. In subvert elections is thee with exceptional families, the single biggest most alarming thing happening in America. Right now and it's it was not getting an official people are not alarmed enough about it. So when people take extraordinary actions like this to read Is that alarm it is important. What impact will have either in Texas or in the Senate, is caution. That does not mean you do now
do it and you do extraordinary situations, the extraordinary actions and that that is what is happening here yeah. I E. U all soon hear my interview with without her brown from a black letters matter. I interviewed her Wednesday night before she was about to fly to d C for a rally today, Thursday of voting rights and m. She said the same thing as I asked about taxes in, and she said that part of her job and part of the job of organizers and activists is to shape and change public opinion right. That's it's not just policy outcomes. It's not just getting the bill pass. It's shaping the public opinion, that's necessary to win these fights. So. I think that's really important signal Biden speech. It was impassioned. It was very tough. It raised the stakes and created urgency around the issue of voting rights, but nowhere in the entire speech did he mentioned the filibuster, which is the
I marry impediment surpassing voting rights legislation, as we all know. Why do you think he did mention it? I think there are three reasons that are The sewing mutually exclusive one is binding is still at least somewhat supportive of the idea of the You think he really is just in his heart of hearts, because either and a guy sort of favourable towards the idea of US I I think he wants to believe in a world in which they sent it function this in a way that the filibuster plays an important role like, I fundamentally disagree with that anomaly. That world is attainable,
I think he works at what is happening with the bipartisan infrastructure framework and feels very possible that, and also we know that he believes, because he started before the that, not just the traumas, an aberration, although he use language earliness campaign, but that this is a period in which we can get through that we have to navigate this and therewith. There is a chance to return to normal c in the long run, to a better functioning thing He is not ready to be the purse in leading the charge to take down the filibuster right. So that's one and die does not mean that I dont think that he would be supportive of getting rid of it or a carve out our those things, but I know that he wants to be at the front of the line: again is: were he to talk about the filibuster? All of the coverage would have another told us. They give the inside the Deasey Bout way. Mindset which is not even wrong in this case because, like that is the most important
thing to actually get it done it if the present, that would be the most newsworthy thing, as opposed to the president to crying author, Darwinism in these four expression laws for one more time right, and the third is, I think, a sense it even if he were against the filibuster. Even if you did not concern the news coverage, it is not clear that by talking about it publicly helps in it may possibly hurt How might hurt, while senators where we went through this in two thousand and thirteen when their whence entered a red was, was working with his caucus to get fifties, Democrats to support getting rid of the hill buzzer for judicial nominations and presidential, once in a while, I was already fed up with the filibuster at this point. One of the thing to get out of here. I was driving him in saying that the drive an insane before and he is by the way he was counts by many. Many people that, because the next Regional powers? Senators have a real these like they get their back up at the idea that
the branch of government told them how to run their institution. They they got that's editors groups House- tells them what to do let alone the authorities of the same branch or in the same paragraph in the constitution when the present, like they re. Theoretically, they are supposed to be a Czech against presidential power when the president tells them how to write the rules. That is, that that is unhelpful. Things phobia unhelpful with some of the Institutionalists there and that the way you get it done as the waste and a red gotta done. It doesn't thirteen, which is senator work with senators to pave the way right to create the contacts into it. Maybe not a that matters right. I don't know saying that I even agree with that strategy, but that is why that may be one of the reasons why that was not mentioned. It so maybe they're Joe Biden. He Ears, and in our case he hears it reads: the things the geometric years it's and we keep saying it was like it's not gonna happen rights over that is right, but then fuck and throw them the hot potato.
don't you don't you shouldn't hold it? A breath like now be having here's? What I always say put myself in the shoes, of the people working in the White House, because I deeply believe they are all operating in good faith. I believe Joe Biden when he said it's the greatest threat to our democracy. Since the civil war, I'm was trying to imagine the downsides, the political downside. of saying it's the greatest threat to democracy since the civil war, and that's why a arcane Rule. That's already been changed a dozen times shouldn't stand in the way of protecting the most fundamental right to vote, and that's it worth myth magic if he just said it. So he says that you write the coverage is about the filibuster. and then what happens? Some of those who know Joe Mansion and says hey what you think about Joe Biden talk about the filibustering your by any damage civil that great that's where he is, I'm still where I am right like it. You write that we
make progress, but like does anything bad happened. Abiden you think the Joe mentions, as I can't believe Joe Biden Fuckin, said that I'm blown up the whole reconciliation package. Now I'm gonna change parties, if you, sir, but like I dont think change parties. I thank you, you need this man's vote for every single thing you want to get done. Every judge this bill reported ice bill, but he's a he doesn't have the collar? Didn't you met the collar Joe mentioning Pearson Cinnamon speech? You could have just talked about the filibuster by anyone. I e I understand if I understand why there will be hesitancy in doing something that you believe will have no positive impact and possibly one nor the one person you need for every single thing you want to do but this, I think about all the activists and organizers that you would have saying ok, Joe there's an cinnabar now gonna be number one. Joe Biden is on our side, these fightin heart, and even if you lose, you still fight, that's not bad If I was choosing between do, I know you ass. I feel like
if all this, what you re you're no light look, we know that you love the filibuster and always have and it's good to have someone on this is represent the viewpoint of the profile of plastic, I hope that this is only the habits to me as ever to me off. the time and you contacts in my life working Morocco, and being marriage in my wife or somehow I find myself arguing a point I complete Disagree where, for reasons, I do not understand about us like what. Why would you know Why would someone do this? I like this to be the reasons it would be like. Why doesn't make any sense? What about this? I got up because of this Allison, unlike thirty May, to do a conversation defending the New York Times Edward. Unlike what the fuck I e those people like what is evident. Look we should
had run cleaner, gents, accurate someone that we know on the shows that we can have them actually make that's instead of just play acting ourselves, but I'm glad you did it I'd say you were doing their work on island. There's one more thing to go back to the focus groups. They asked people to filibuster in these focus groups and they wrote the memo most voters in our groups, including some trumpeters, felt it was entirely reasonable to possible with fifty one votes. Instead of sixty, we expected to hear scepticism about setting aside the a buster from bind voters, particularly the more moderate ones. We are surprised at how quickly these voters dismiss those concerns, as many pointed out to us. Republicans have already done this task. we got, we got moderate voters and focus groups and they don't give a shit about the filibuster. I don't know man, I don't know so bad. You saw Ireland and NBC News tweeted. It's not going to produce two more votes for voting rights bill, but Biden planning to cast the next two elections politically is a critical defence again
an authoritarian movement led by his immediate predecessor, is kind of a big deal. I agree with that is a big deal. Do you think that's ineffective message? This is one of this. The ideas I've been wrestling with, as we have had many conversations already, now why the twenty twenty two message should be, which is in a world in which it is a mid term? It's about firing up, base. Obviously, while still holding to a set of voters at you think over to your side, because of tromp, another humming has acted under Trump that a message about what the Republicans would do in power, maybe more powerful than a message about what you did in power right, where I put it like the best political messages touch. notional court, and it may be that fear- is a better emotional cord to hit in this day and age, then gratitude where Look at all these things! We did. Let us do more, maybe less.
Motivational two people, then holy fuck. Look! What's gonna happen if these people get in charge and so that it in others, this ever go over to my life? Is it do you put triumph in the sun, that's what are the consequences of that in terms of turn out on your side? There side. Does it look like you're fighting it the battle is, if you like, there are lots of various ways to do it. If you make from the centre Are you also, then, granting the party some of the populist credentials that pat at a time in which the parties about you ve, every single one of them vote against: asking Amazon Exxon Mobile in Facebook to pay one more dollar and taxes right. If, if you, moreover, the centre? You losing data's matters, a lot of questions about this, but I do think the thing that by the way, has been criticised by progressive activists, including accidents were not making the threat against democracy. Frightened centre enough right in that big,
asking comments about Jim Crow greatest solemn. Our sense of a war was not matched with action and urgency. So giving the speeches right thing to do in raising the stakes is incredibly important and I think it has to be part of the political conversation for going far right. Twenty wenzhou twenty twenty four like this like this- is the thing that is at the absolute corps, everything else. If you don't fix our democracy, nothing else. We care about is gonna matter after this bill back better bill, which. Terribly is going to be the Forbes he's Baby Bee Bee Bee nurse meat meal I'll, be there d be the
In the bigger the I gotta think this is going to sound like a cop out, but I do think it should be a little bit of both like. I think that it is sufficient to tell voters here is what we ve done for you. You ve ordered us into office. Here's what we deliberate right! That's the shots and checks message: shots in arms checks and pockets, but I do think that you can avoid the looming threat of authoritarianism, particularly if Donald Trump runs again and become sent her public phenomena like it's. It's going to be what the election is about right and if it looks like he's, making moves towards running even in twenty twenty two, that's gonna be a large part about the mid term is going to be about, and I dont think Democrats or Republicans who were running even change that that much because that's gonna be the media environment and to you know too that no, like one thing we know for sure, is that the message about authoritarianism, like certainly has the advantage of being true. There are some wild excerpts flying last night, from a new Trump book by Washington Post reporters Phil Rucker in Karolinska called I alone can fit
It apparently general Milly. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs, was so worried. The trump might attempt a coup that all the joint Chiefs discussed a plan to resign. Milly called trumps attempt to steal the election. His Reichstag moment and feared that the mega protest could be the quote: modern American, equivalent of brown shirts in the streets. Milly also said quote: they may try but they're not going to fucking succeed. You can't do this without the military. You can't do this without the CIA and the FBI, we're the guy, with guns. What do you think I'd story? Jesus Christ like all things, were tromp its shocking, but not surprising. Ride like, of course like. There was a lot of really weird sketchy shit happening at the Pentagon in the run up to and through through the day generous next and B Demille had already sort of publicly come out and say that he would do you know, make sure there was a fair election rates. I get some court they made it sort of. He was
before the election that he was not gonna be involved, or whatever trot may want to do. I think. It is This is one of those situations where, like we do not these books commanding these crazy things from companies. Of distract us from the real problem, which is in all of this. There is no actual indication of trunk putting a play, some sort of military coup. right so right, then you got a bunch of people. You know like sex, people, saying say, didn't happen, never gonna happen, something it has bought. It says it was gonna happen while ignoring the act. Ok, which tribe actually admitted in a statement today responding to the milky courts in this book. It's coming out saying I camera things happened. Sure everybody, but is like elections are my coup elections there that the other three studies that I'm not at first look like these that I'm not into coups with funding, many, that elections are micro, and if I was gonna do a coup, I wouldn't do with General Milly. He said it was a real.
real journey of a statement, but look I think, however close you believe we were to an actual coup. The fact that the chairman of the joint of staff was so worried that it might be possible that he put in place a plan for the all of the joint chiefs to resign. If Trump tried anything is pretty fuckin scary sites like, however- and in you know, Parker Malloy, made this point on untutored today that there's so much focus on one six in the insurrection in that day as the entirety of the attempted coup. But the attempted coup was basically from the day after the election through the day that Trump actually fuckin left office. Shortly after shortly after one six, it was the frivolous law suits work because he hoped the judges that he installed would overturned the election to him. It was the phone calls to the election. Officials in Georgia was the pressure he put on Republicans. It was the fact the Republicans refuse to call
find the winter like. This was a whole plot that started the day after the election. That stretched to the point. Where a bunch of fucking armed insurrection to storm the capital right and it is dangerous to memory hole it not because it's important to know our history, but because Donald Trump's going to run again I think, however, that this is as it is. An historic is a story about be front runner for the twenty twenty four republican emanation. That's what the story was about, and maybe the next speaker of the house, we don't know Kevin Cat- was a cabinet these having fucking dinner with him tonight. Why they like he's. Having lunch with, having their electorates, robberies, having dinner with bite and richest awkwardly luck. We ass the other three awkward, We haven't you set a standard or another bided just before anyone tweets a job I he is not why I pizza, whatever Mccarthy yeah he's alive I gotta give em a bunch of starboard. Now all the starboard, seen as by the hates the most.
With, he buys all yellows. How yellows am I missing? You hate moments: Ok, that's anywhere, you kids! Are you to you the power? I think the important point here is how ever close, you thought, tromp was to putting in place a coup in twenty twenty one or a hundred miles closer that twenty twenty four, because what has happened since January six is the Republican. but he has systematically in certainly gone about eroding the institutional barriers that prevent that from happening and twenty twenty and attack that these small them, people within their party who had the courage to stand in the way in twenty twenty by pushing them out the republican caucus by taking their power away like a jerk, like the George Republicans, did you Brad Reference Burger? primary them like with like what is happening with this Cheney it, but we are in a much much much more to win dangerous situation going for than we were there?
we didn't learn the lesson. I know the history what happened is as Republican saw, what stop them and are going about trying to ensure that they have the opportunity like they are putting it Wait like this is like advance placement of of military units. To do it again right, they did is like them. It is right I'm not saying it's going to happen. There are reasons why it cannot by where it is. Much greater danger and twenty twenty four than it is twenty, the obviously just its bakers. Might that be way to make sure it doesn't happen, is help Democrats keep the house of the said that that ensures that it cannot happen We went from says, elections are my coup, that's exactly fucking right because republicans are putting in place the power to make it passed. the ball to award the presidency to someone who loses the popular vote in electoral college and twenty four, that's what you mean through his lectures outbreak you I mean, and that's why you know
De the part of me, that's been a democratic strategies and looked at pulling for you know over a decade thanks. Ok, the message has to be about shots and checks and tangibly improving people's lives and making sure that you get the message about Joe binds economic agenda out to every single swing voter. There is right like I've. I firmly believe that be, I am in. You have looked at the data over many years in that's where it tells you, but you read stories like this. Anything but the situation wherein which is unprecedented in the country's history, probably as far back as the civil war and I just don't know how you avoid the elephant in the room, which is the fact that the Republican Party is in the thrall of a demagogue who tried to commit a coup.
an end may again like. I don't know how you avoid that when you talk about any kind of message for both the mid terms and twenty twenty four in mate, like maybe it's a choice right, maybe it's like shots and checks. Verses, coups in insurrections fits has the short speech making. I don't know, but I think I think all of it has to be part of it. When we come back, I will talk to the co founder of Voters matter about voting rights and the fight to pass before the people act. Latasha, breadth, pod, save America is broadly by blinkers I have one of those ideas that you just don't know how to get started on making it into a reality. If you ve procrastinate,
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make sure you feel safe, love at your your home right now, I believe, is Chad there. When you bandy, you feel safe. I feel I guess he's your in spirit. You know then Assent Caesar and spare you that's all we wanted to know it's good. That's a good chicken to learn more about how simply safe can help protect you and your family visits simply safe dot com, such cricket today, to customize your system and get a free security camera. You also get a security risk free trial, so there's nothing to lose that simply safe dot com, cricket here to talk more about the fight for voting rights. The co founder of black voters matter, Latasha Brown, Natasha. Welcome back to pod. Save America, thank you, ever me. Thank you for having me we're tired a few hours before you had to Washington DC. Can you tell us about what's happening there tomorrow, I am a part of a group of black women who have been we from most apart. We have worked hours time.
Lastly, to make sure there were engaging people in this political process that we believe and a million democracy, the black man was round table their groups away with black women. That, fundamentally, we thought last twenty twenty election year the election and because there are many of us in our own organizational capacity as well as volunteers are some of us in multiple walls we were, we gave all. We had to really be able to stop fascism in this nation. We organise and non stop? You know and we were critical voting base and critical in moving black voters in his last election cycle. and fell back tat bad as happy non voting rights right now. We are extremely disappointed and angry about it, and what we ve decided is that you know we're going like all of freedom right freely. science is angle. Let nobody charming around. We are more you'll just focused more than ever that we have to help
federal legislation to protect voting rights in this country, and so we're going to do you. We ve been doing a week of actions, all week on Monday, we had a social media week of actions were called all day to day. Tomorrow were actually do us. Direct action were actually going to the meeting with the senators going to the capital. We ever rally happening at one o clock from one to three. The the focus for us is to keep people smile. I know what is happening around voting rights in this country, you on the attack on voting rights in this country and not let this story die, and let people get a sense of urgency, including our legislators, including President Biden, to really understand that we are in a particular state where we are in the state emergency around voting rights, particularly as a relates to what we feel the fact that is happening targeted at black and brown voters. So, speaking about the for the people act in the John Lewis, Voting Rights ACT, German,
an increase in cinema, have said over and over again now that they will not get rid of the filibuster they have so far seemed immune to public pressure. How do you change their minds? it's really interesting? Nothing that that's a question. Let me say is, I think, that's a course for president by and I went resonant body was running. You know he consistently say listen. I know the Senate in and out. I worked in this Thirty six years, you I know how to move senator is on the right side of alum left outside of the hell. I am the great Nego and another great convener of pulling people together and getting them to act on the actual he also shared around he was in the White House, really understand how policy works. Your we saw him be able to put this infrastructure build together and put the force behind that. What we are saying is that you also have to recognise that voting rights is a critical issue that the people who actually delivered not only deliver the White House to you will actually help. There were significant part of it.
The ring. The Senate to you that we expect you issue is like a baseball game. Is you is your? U have to bear that this is where we expect you to lean and to your experience as a senator for multiple decades. This is will weeks. We are each man. I expect you to lean on all the power that you have in office as president and and get it done, just as we got it in the midst of all of it. You are in the midst of people, say how you are going to organise what we got cold out here, how you gonna organise. We got all these things happening. We found a way we got it down, and so what we are saying is that we also have a faint expectation that the president will get it done, that it is. It is very disingenuous. There were in a space that what you had as you have people do everything we believe in, and we ve left everything on the feel so organised and make sure that we are actually getting that given the vote out so that in fact he would have the best possible circles
It is up to govern he and it was led bolder than bless, particularly about black women that actually right basically breathe life back into his campaign is out there like it was black boaters, prime, primarily black women, as well as other american boaters. Millions of other american voters were black. Voters were key and wing state, like Michigan, in Pennsylvania and in Georgia, and then on top of their in a state that is traditionally Aurettes day you don't, we were able to literally do work even after we had been in this hour this campaign to deliver two Senate seats, so we'd we did it. We don't make any excuses. You know we have all kinds of ah said said that we would not be able to see that this was done by a different. Appeal about, and so what we are saying that this point is that the people that actually gave everything on the feel better now be an attack, because we were literally what were seen as with impunity
measures because we actually deliver that all spoken out now we are vulnerable and be punished because we delivered. We expect that every tool that is available to the president we'll be use whether their car, however he needs to do to get merchant in cinema. Homeboy, however, needs to whip those votes. However, he needs to organise it. However, he needs to do whether that is making a carbon out, something with it with a fella, bust or ending filibuster. We expect that kind of commitment to really be able to deliver to perform, just as we did in and creating a pathway for this administration to be in office. So you hear from the warehouses, Univee told reporters on background that in private conversations with Joe Mansion, he basically tells President Biden. You know I'm not moving on this and he doesn't really seem afraid of president
find because Joe mansions going to be center for twenty till two thousand and twenty four, and he knows West Virginia pretty. Well, it's pretty conservative state. If you were working in the White House, if you Ear of Joe Biden and Joe Biden said a tough How do I move Joe Mansion and Cares and cinema? How do I get them to change their mind on the filibuster? What what advice would you give the president in the west there's a couple of things and a wine. I would say that there are ways that we move, we move votes and we will votes publicly ever that public. I dont know what what is it you can watch. I dont know what it is that Cinema wants. What I No, let me say this: What I do know is that of Job mansion was on the right. public inside and there was any with one vote that will stop the Republicans. He would have a parking space right now. would he be able to give him the capital
what I do know is that there are ways are really being able to put pressure on ral, making sure that you get your people in line. I dont know what those things are specifically what it means when I, what what what I would think is that in the foot I think he s a mega a make a decision. You are you going to let the beer term election and possibility of literally your path forward in terms of democratic control of other of the White House, and you know of the Us Congress? Is that all are you leave your magic is lot geometrical make that decision between Involve Joe Mansion. We voted for for backup, president by my point, is even We thought everything I'll say this for me. If I saw that the president was doing everything in his power and use every single to an end. At that point was not able to deliver. I would have to pay for their own health.
Understanding for that, but as long as there is still an attachment to have not heard the present yesterday in a speech that he gave, which I thought was a really good speed, the problem with the speech was wasn't. What he said is what he didn't say. I am twenty minutes. He never mentioned. The filibuster the filibuster was created, has a long history of a tool that has been a barrier for getting civil rights legislation passed manner that the president has actually said that he's down in favour of ending the filibuster, nor even if it has publicly said any consideration. Of how he would adjust the filibuster to move forward. My point is that there are ways politically sad and unsaid, that when we want to move things like an agenda that there's no way, I'm gonna believe that if you can make them, if you can get the Republicans
onto a a multitrillion dollar infrastructure, but real? It is hard for me to believe that you mentioned this just that difficult of a person. The question is: is it is it in the midst of Joe Manchin and Cinema, which we do have to put pressure on and yes, they are problematic. I am saying, though, everything has to be use. I would say to the President: I would go through the list just like, like I'm going with you. No one are you willing to actually have you? Have you notify both mansion and cinema, of how this is a critical priority issue for you number two: are you willing to use every single tool that is available? You, including the elimination, other filibuster right number? Three, are you really are you using up the power within actually been president with even pull our political policy to really figure out how you can get the fifty boats that you mean I'm saying that
it is hard for me to believe it is hard for me to do. I am that's it. Let me say that I have not seen the evidence that states that shows that literally every single too, that is available to the president. He is using on advancing volume If so, I may add that would finally bore down to one question: are you willing to end the filibuster you were right. You are in Austin Texas last week where one of the worst voters, oppression bills in the country is awaiting a final vote, a vote that cannot happen and right now, thanks to more than fifty Democrats who left the state denying the legislature the quorum, it needs to conduct business. Can you talk about what it felt like on the ground in Texas and also whether you think that Texas Democrats, who are trying to block this bill, can ultimately be successful? so let me say what it felt like in Texas, we organised a press conference and the delegation came. There were community organisations, there were over twenty community organization from all of the state that came with students.
Solidarity of what we call the suppression session because origin items that government abbot is offering. I'm in this particular session is all around suppressing, not just suppressing the vote with their other very problematic Beals as partners baggage you're. What was really interested in is when we talk to the Texas delegation. I was actually the kind of course they were very clear about. This was a very uncomfortable. This is uncomfortable for them. We need people to know. This is a very difficult moment for them right, but they feel that it is such a critical, targeted attacks that they had no choice. They have to really be able to lift up that. What what has happened. This taxes is now only just haven't detected, they happen and George is happening all over this nation and that, while they are being a target that this is an issue that we need better legislation. So what I heard- and I said it you know- I said it- that day, I'd like tat,
it is going to fight back your taxes, taxes, they're, not gonna. Take this just just laying down your sometimes there is. I think that their eyes that there's a polish fight in that there is a public opinion by right, and so what I do believe it's happening now. They dont that the bottom line is on pragmatic. They do now have eventually they're gonna have to go back, and if the governor calls another I'm, not sure they may step out of that session? I do I'm not sure, but bottom line. Is it to Farm, in which I think they ve been very expressive around this. You know. It would be hard for them to hold out. They simply do not have the bolts it. Just taxes is a very conservative state. They do not have this both in the legislature. However, what they do have is they do have the people, and what do I mean by that when you look at the shifting demographics taxes, will you look at where the growth is coming from? Will you look at the broth and brown and black communities that what you see is you see that the electorate is action?
coming round are and what you see it is, I think they are literally fighting for their constituents of aggressive. aggressive organizations that are completely against many of the items that are in the agenda. I mean are in this session and the fact that people are still upset about Texas, envies greed issue that they had in February. Here it is an opportunity where the people right now don't even have access to air conditioning the same way, because they're saying you big, rationing out of a power because a degree- and here it is an issue where over seven hundred people die just a few months ago, and you would have said, she'll session, there's not a single thing in the special session that actually deals with agree at the bottom line is this is political Peter? That abbot is used as a platform since he's running for office next year. They know that, and so I think, is extremely courageous for them to stand up even the people that we were talking to an organisations. They were literally cheering them. No saying yes, I'd for us what we
thought. We had thought hundreds of people to come out and actually test by a really sure they experience on that Saturday, around how this voting this voting bill. One suppression bill were impact them. The people are standing with them, but are frustrated, and so what I believe is, I think, what the taxes on the text as Democrats are showing us bear showing US demand, see an action. This is how democracy works. It was just not a matter of. We can reduce it to our numbers, gay or someone just abuse of power. We have two always aligned to. Why did he is that the people want and have the courage to stand up and fight for the best interests of democracy and the people in the station. So you were just talking about how Europe romantic which you know you ve always been. Obviously there are a lot of voter restriction laws in place right now in all like,
HU? There will be more by the time we get to elections and twenty twenty one or an especially in twenty twenty. Two and beyond. Have you started thinking about what the strategy is to sort of organised folks to get around? Some of these voter wrote a restriction laws so that you know that's that's be under the story. You know we ve always done that lemon. Let me say this that black, I am a black woman, from sell my Alabama, we can only we're on a role that seeing that was possible. I will never get anywhere my entire life. In the end, the whole legacy of Montgomery Emma people has been based on literally see and what is possible when other sea, What is not possible and show our strategy has always been in terms of organizing nonstop. Organised three hundred and sixty five days out of year, and we don't just wait and organise and work and when a presidential election is happening or federal, election
we're organizing around schoolboy level, races and city boy racism, local reaches, that's how you build out your infrastructure. Need your ecosystem, what we are saying is what I think the only foundation for democracy in America will not be the political parties. In many ways I beg pardon what has weakened democracy and that I think the political parties have become too powerful that ultimately, what we are now do it as we actually have a fight between what what what political party will have power with an when. I really believe that what it has to be a centred around what is going to be the best interests of people that the constitution, as we, the people, not with the party
but in order to do that, you can't bill there. If you have only half the population that are engaged in legends, and so will we have to have, as we had to literally be able to reap build a robust electorate by really being able to talk to people about what the issues are happening, but is really important and makes it difficult for me in his heart. He help when people do what they're supposed to do. Then, though, that we put in place should do what they are supposed to do too, because when they die What I mean at this point, I am thinking about what we are right now, so black bonus showed up just as other boat as nothing that were the only body, but we were suddenly an instrumental part of the world and let you know Biden being in place. So when we show up we're being attacked now we're being target right now, so we're going to be punished and we're going to have less access to the ballot because we delivered power right, and so I think that we have to really we haven't unpeel this part of our
she is going to be. The continue to build an organised on the ground are also part of our strategy. Is that we're gonna hold our leaders accountable, that this is not a moment to tell black fault that have been in this country four hundred years and now yet way that if there is always some peace, that our rights are always negotiable, that when it comes to the largest strategy, if we can recall back to gain a whole book around while we can't wait there's always been agendas the evil, with our allies that in some way we should wait, that I show up for you. I'm as for showing up for you and your team In a way is that the method now, we're gonna send the voters with that message: what organized around. How can I convinced voters who How, in the midst of covert that came out, in spite of that really be an excited about the political candidates, black folks say this country from shows up. The question is: are we going to
get a round as a nation and allow black boulders in particular to be targeted and for us to actually be partly because we showed up for this nation. There has been a history of blood People show enough for this nation, and this may not showing up for us we can allow. This would be another case because, while this is a target for black box, these vote allows don't just mpeg like people they under democracy for all of us whenever your restraining order, your barge analyzing access to the ballot, you're, actually weakening democracy, and so we have to also see it. In those terms, I feel like these voter restriction laws is. Voter suppression could have two different effects on the mindset of voters a particularly
black and brown voters, one is I'm so angry. This happened. I want to go to the polls to fight this. Are there could be a backlash? The could actually drive turn out and twenty twenty two and the other could be. You know what I showed up last time and then all these voter suppression laws passed, and I don't even think my votes, gonna, council, wife and bother what talking to people on the ground as you do. What would you get the sense of how this is going to affect the mindset of voters and sort of how do you? How do you see that, in terms of like your your strategy for organizing, so you know when you're organised around elections, this kind of two there's some kind of motivating factor as your either in election way? You're you're young people are voting against something on a voting for something that's how it works right, I as a political strategy as a liberal operative. It would be hard pressed for me to say unless there is some
amazingly, where we're taken over by aliens to even think that we would have the same kind of turn out and twenty twenty two that we would have in twenty twenty, but the whole political landscape in twenty twenty was very different from that there are people by boat. It literally that understood what we were up against. They saw tromp as it up as a threat democracy, they saw trot, had been aligned with white nationalism, a saw a different kind. There was a different kind of sense of urgency that existed in twenty twenty. In spite of all the other, things are going While we know that there's gonna be a drop off and performers we just now this right right, there's gonna, be a drop off in performance. The question is at on twenty two: what are we don't get people to vote, for? It is not going to be good enough to say I'll come on out to be right. It's not gonna be good,
toppling when you're telling white voters. We know you got about Libya hard are we know you gonna do about extra step, but you come on out. Entrust this right. Will we do is gonna, be there we ve got also be pragmatic. That just like when you are in it and working your negotiating within the political spectrum. You have to happen, negotiate me I'm saying, give me something to organise and negotiate with watched. What? What do you suggest that table was at this point can I jail, but where do I go back to my community? I know I know we worked really hard, just work harder. I know they made it a little tougher forth. What have we work hard and they're gonna help. Was this? What what? What assurances do I right right when we came out in extraordinary numbers? My point is that is really important for us to really recognize that in the make, if we are in a different political landscape and in this political landscape, even young voters, they voted.
last time. It wasn't that they were so engage or even interested in the system. We would have a lot of conversations where they were very intentional about we're voting, because they knew that there was a logic, bread. They knew that there was something greater that was at he. They they voted because of all what was happening with. Those set circumstances. I think we also know the devil lit. The political landscape has shifted and so been. The question becomes what it is like that we say the gender Jackson Principle. It is gonna, be the question: what have you done for me lightly, and so what is it that we telephone call it? Yes, that was great. Yes, I think that the president has done an my job, but the fact that a meeting which one of us who do you know that would actually literally work hard for somebody so that they can be in a position of power am, and then they have to their rooms. All we got a worker Libya harder run after they ve been punished for workers, and people do you know
right, why agents were forcibly you well. You know to your earlier point about President Biden. I think it's another reason why you fight as hard as you can for this present abide in every democratic office, and even if you lose you wanna show people that you are willing to go to the mat and fight with every last year. Everything you have to get this done because then, when you ask Chopin the next election desirable you fight pretty hard from, even though you lost that that's all we say That's all I'm saying at the end of the day, the work that I do do you know how many campaigns? I've lost, how many cabaret thy love. But why does my found your ring because when I on the ground? I leave it all on the feet. I dont have a lovely forget away from campaign, seven no, the eye of the monster. I bet that the box on my back, I leave it all on the right I'm gonna play his heart is a key and when people know that you are literally
coming to the table not only be an authentic into with beggared, literally doing everything. You came right. They have a different. They give grace in space. For that it has been disappointed or very disappointing for me- is that literally the tool that I think that is the greatest tool that a standing as a barrier which is buster. I have not heard the president say that he is willing to consider ending the filibuster. You don't give tax continue to serve as a barrier when this legislation- and I think you will serve as a back there. Legislation on because we know we're not going get. Sixty votes on their rightful for Gonna have to be a different kind of strategy Saturday marks the one year and over three of the of the passing of of Jean Louis one of the greatest organizers in the history of this country. Are their specific lessons you take from representative Louis that you still think about today and possibly lessons that can give people hope who were looking at the helm
right now and thinking I don't. I don't feel I gave in goods gonna happen, and I don't know why should bother absolutely. I think one of the lessons that get from him. Your eye to share his I'm a native or sell my Alabama and last year right before culvert are just a couple weeks right before covert. Ah, he was he was in sober. He came to the summit among garment.
large it was the anniversary came to summon the Montgomery Marge you'll win. We got to the top of the breeze, the Ebon pet is reared, it was like a sea opening up, he walked up and down, and we all do that. He was in stage, for he would of cancer that it was literally fact he was literally fighting for his life. He got off his back, he came had them a drive into silver, he walked up with assistance on the bridge and they put had a little step form and I could see it just as clear. I actually have a video that I took up my phone of it and it was standing on that any said. Don't fight don't give up and I'm thinking to myself exams very frustrated. Even at that point, I'm thinking to myself. He is a man
literally, is fighting for his life literally fighting for his life. That has happened back in the midst of all of that right. He is still that committed the voting right. You know that he would literally give a message for something about literally standing in that space. That would you just never give up. We cannot give up it. Doesn't matter what mansion and cinema like you. Do you think that all of the work I've done all the work enough sacrifice that we going to let mansion and some upstanding our way? No right we're not even going to let bother staying away. The bottom line is we're going to be relentless around we're not going to rest until I voting rights are protected. We are not going to accept second class citizenship. We're not going to accept participate in the process that we got to be punished
we participate in it. That is not going to happen, and so I think the first thing I get from from from John Lewis is me rest in peace. Is that the little league standing in the space of being resolved right? That was being resolved around knowing what your role is? Knowing that you ain't going to let nobody turn you around and that you're going to be really resilient in that the second piece that I, from now on is I think that we have to really operate out of a space of love that even the work that I do as an activist is always rooted in this notion of for the love of humanity, no matter what I do is always you don't even for me. If there were a bunch of Republicans that Lily had a complete differ,
in in policy than I had right and we were showed- showed up at the polls and some others trying deny them the right to vote. I would fight for, though I were fight feverish leave for them, as I would remind you that, because I fundamentally believe that every single person, every single human being has agency and should have a right to have employed on decisions that are being made by them in their lives, and so I think that's the other piece. I think what is very, disturbing and problematic to me around what has happened in this political paradigm. That we're existed in right now. Is that this loss of basic
decency around this value of humanity that we can actually disagree. We can actually create policy, but actually, when we're deny, is somebody their humanity? Why would you think? How dare you still believe that it is ok for you to have a right to vote and somebody else I've ever right about about their last? I don't care what they are. You can disagree with them, a policy but by fundamental principle, believe, I believe, a democracy, because I believe in humanity. You don't and the third thing. I think that I take an hour from Jean Louis is it always was about Bala Joy in people, new girl. You know he always had a space in the midst of he never this fight in bitter right. He never let this fight and get him to the space where he can see the joy and life of the joy of others and feel part of our work even like motors matter. That's why advertising you see, as he is not with the music, as others have done, with a bad thing, because we also recognize apart.
this process is very difficult. I can be very hard, but we also have to create joy, because sometimes that's the thing that reminds us of our humanity. That's what allows us to connect to other people, and so those are. The things are really take. Here in this process around literally having their path or the quality is about democracy. It really is really about our man, and how do we literally sprint, then, at this system, democracy that actually honours it did so important number that there is joy in the struggle Latasha every You come on this pod. You inspire me, you you give hope and new fire me up. So thank you for that. Thank you for all the work, you're doing and and good luck in DC tomorrow and let us know hook us I will thank you so much. Thank you for having me basal Latasha Brown for joining us today. Everyone have a great weaken, we'll talk in its weak by everyone POD save America is a crooked media production, the executive producer. Is
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