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“Democracy dies with Dershowitz.”


Trump's defense team argues that the President can do anything to get elected, Republicans close in on the votes to block witnesses, and a SuperPAC makes the case that Bernie isn’t electable. Then Senator Amy Klobuchar joins to talk about impeachment and her closing argument, and Crooked Media Content Chief Tanya Somanader discusses the new and improved VoteSaveAmerica.com

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break down all the latest impeachment and twenty twenty news you'll also be here from crooked media's own chief content officer, Tanya, so Maneater about our brand new edition of Vote, save America for twenty twenty that lie today Vote save America dot com go there now, it's exciting put it put in your email address, sign up, and we will take you through this action every step of the way. We re very excited about it here, committee, a few quick notes before we get into it We are all heading two ILO for the final home stretch or getting on flights today. All four of us will have a bonus pod for you first thing Monday morning and then another pod Tuesday morning to talk about the results, also, the final two some of the wilderness are out. Please listen, Dan, you and and terror Mcgowan, and I talk about media strategy in the last pursued and then a whole bunch of smart people. Talk about what the democratic message should be
I would also highly encourage all of you to listen to Tommy's final episode of on the ground in Iowa before the Caucasus. You know I love doing pod save America every week and of of course, I'm one of the worst that news attics around on twitter, but I have like rarely been more inspired about politics than when I was either working on the wilderness or listening. Tommy theories about, I was so you know, do yourself a favor. Get out of the new cycle for low vat some organizers and activists and people who are actually doing the work on the ground. It'll make you feel a lot better. So I let me second that by saying that both of that lie wasn't about. It goes back to back yesterday, where I was sitting on a flight. Add it. It is incredibly important perspective to understand and what is happening in the selection and helps, I think, will help listeners breaks or the signal from the noise, the things that matter in the town, that you see that feel like they matter in the moment, and Tommy's series
is a just a reminder that there are that behind all of the noise in the tweets in this campaign- and there was a bunch of really amazing, mostly young people who are working their tails off for the candidate that they believe so passionately in and that's can ended. I am for sound and triumph for other but it is, makes you during two thousand for a previous life and very proud of the people who are who we will get to see in Iowa starting tomorrow. Speaking of things. That matter you have some business. I do We are two and a half weeks out from the waste of Untrussing America and have gotten latest promoter numbers and were feeling good, but we have a lot of work to do to get to win the battle. The publisher I would just say that, if, like fifteen percent of the people who are going to download this podcast bought the book, we would be done from juniors. Firstly, sales numbers wow, maybe people I love that There's a lot more about that
as well as their shift its hats. Anything else maybe but want to let Donald Trump Senor went. That's fine. I leave it to you, but they make to sit causing serious, might at least one we're hitting I'm heading the road after the book comes out to do seventeen stop tour for the book. And it's gonna start on February, nineteenth in New York City, and they were going to travel across the country in a row with appearances by many of the french of the extended from extend a cricket mean universe, we're going to be. Healthier, Philadelphia and Minnesota with Alyssa. I'm going in washing DC on the twentieth. With our former It has colleague, Jennifer Palmary going to be impossible. The power Harrisburg burn, the there I studied the various star started. Very special event the day after You were in LA with the four of us where you can get all of your takes on where the
not a primary races in person with a book which seems quite exciting, so all that information will be on our website untroubled come to me, Be a twitter threat in your future, with some graphics and some other things I can figure out how to use dropbox but I did what I just want to say one thing I know I have been a. Relatively annoying promoter of this book, and I will continue to be of the next two and a half weeks, and I I do it in jest in part, because I am naturally awkward emphatically that when it comes to the promotion of my own staff but less, but I do feel very passionately about this book and I have probably never felt as passionately about it as I have this week. As I've watchword companies are doing in the beyond trial sort of why the fear that led me to write this book are sort of manifest right now, we'll talk rather than a minute and so why I keep pushing it, and I- and I always encourage people to if they
our generous enough and kind enough to purchase a book of which an important process a fair fight, action, to share and on social media, that is that does make me feel much better. I have to tell you how much nicer is to open up twitter and see people say they about my book. Then yelling about terrible, but there's a rhythm is actually a reason for which is helps other people, see it, and I want people to read the book and home if they're going to do, and I would love her and the pre order it because that way it or at least doing it in a way that can make a contribution associations very important effort. Which is also fell, never more important than it does now, based on the things were about to talk about end of pitch. Now it's a great pitch, and I will say that I was thinking of your book as well over the last twenty four forty eight hours looking at this impeachment stuff. So it's it's a great place to just two just jump in you. I was running around New York yesterday, so I will do my best to follows thing on twitter and then I go back hotel and I started reading some of the
answers. The Donald Trump Defence Teen gave to the senators during their first day of their sixteen our question session. Here's Alan Dershowitz, quick if a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest. That cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment later White has deputy council to fill been argue that it would be legal for President Trump to accept opposition research on an opponent from a foreign government and honestly didn't like after seeing those com I was like having a hard time sleeping because I was also thinking how it's very likely that every single group Lookin senator is about to acquit the president based on the argument. That he essentially has the power to do anything he wants as long as you, according to have Ellen believe. It's in the national interest, he can get foreign governments
opium riggin election to investigate the lives of american citizens- He can pardon murderers and bank robbers and terrorists. He can give Fuckin Alaska Putin, which is something the Dershowitz had talked about, and look I guess it's, it's not necessarily that I'm surprised Is here ravens acquire surprise. We always knew trumpet like this. I get that, but it still feels pretty damn scary. To sort of the youth in action and watch all of these republican senators- not even really pause and think Do we really want to do this to be really wanna put our stamp of approval on this, which goes so far beyond party ideology, substantive agreement, all that bullshit a truly dangerous moment for democracy and they are just they can even be bothered to have more work This is in document on this item.
What do you think of my being too over dramatic here? No hate you, I do not think you're, be George eradicated, you're being appropriately dramatic It is easy to comfort arson all this by thinking, This is just a passing moment in time that All of these senators are acting this way because of the perverse incentives of being a politician of dollar trumps Republican Party yeah. I think that is a dangerously knife, This is not my job is catalyzed because It is unique terribleness, but catalyzed a anti democratic streak within the Republican Party that has been going on for decades, and it was the one that was, I think, brought to the fore. In accelerating by the election of Brok a bomb in two thousand and eight not to see the Republicans were greatly for that. Far from it. There is a long history of terribleness within their vote in parliament. I m racial issues, posts, civil rights, but the overwhelming nature, proclamations, victory,
and then his overwhelming reelection in the face of a pretty tough economy against the republic. The republic, in that all the Republicans thought was the most electable set aside. Was the wake up, call that the that political power in this country was shifting. It was shifting away from primarily a white male Christian Party to a more diverse party or more diverse majority in this country, and that is required them to take a series of steps that dilutes the power of the majority we are seeing that manifest here. This impeachment trot yeah, I think, other thing that worries me is you know we talk about impeachment all the time we pay attention to it all the time. I think when this first started and you know, reports would say well, most of the public doesn't care about this. What sort of make me mad cows, unlike while this is really important, so fuck that and then
I went out and did all those focus groups for the wilderness and sure enough people don't know much about what's going on when it comes to impeachment, and it's not something that they can see tangibly affect their lives like Republicans try to take people's health insurance aware when they give a tax cuts, are rich people or any number of things that they do that act, but that really affect people in the immediate sense tangibly, and I think because of that report weakens and Donald Trump. They realise that, and they have thus been. Able to get away with more right like yes, there are poles show you know a majority. The country wants to impeach and remove him from office, but they pretty much track with trumps overall. We're anyway. At this point right, and and yes, seventy five percent of the of the country believes that there should be witnesses and documents. Of course, It is still unknown what kind of punishment the public will exert on Republicans who vote against witnesses and documents, and I think that Donald Trump in their public
party have like almost figured out a hack in that you know if you're just try. Trample norms. Institutions get away with all kinds of bullshit be corrupt. You can basically hide it from people or you that we make sure that people are really care that much because they are they see it all is just like one big mess in Washington and they don't realize that like as well being re now, there's a bunch of the present defence lawyers, arguing that the present at this present aid states in future presidents. The United States can basically do whatever the fuck they want. And there's just no more congressional oversight whatsoever. You can obstruct Congress. You can target american city and for investigation. You can get foreign help and it's totally fine, totally fight. I think it's even more than they can just sort of the war people's eyes or distract that I mean in one ways they are surfing the inherent cynicism of the american people, They argue that you know it but trot, maybe uniquely
bad in this way, but all politicians are caught her bad, so right examining its it's more of a venal sin in a mortal Senecas is not that different than a generic other parties. We're doing its alternately. How Donald Trump got elected was. He was able to turn it into a competition of to corrupt people, which is, I think, a deeply unfair characterisation of Hillary Clinton, but he was able to commence and our people that, because of cynicism and cynicism, around the Clinton specifically born out of a three decade, caricature developed by the right wing media, others, but the other is something broader here which is the You know, we are people who pushed publicly for the Democrats to take this path to embark on a piece, but we did that before Ukraine we thought it was the right thing to do with. That was awesome and they do. Still believe that to be the case. I also believe that, if it wasn't the politically wise thing to do, it was the only option before Nancy
seen. Adam chef insured now learn every one else. Once particular once the Ukraine situation came to light, there is no other option. No, because to do nothing would be to basically excessive because without a fight riots, and you you see they were going to see a thousand infuriating takes about how this was a mistake for Democrats, because now that Europe has been impeached, including quote gotten away with it now, he will do it if you feel like you can do anything, but that is like people, who often mistakes have not thought for a period long It took them to tweet that sentence because too how to do that and not even open it, impeachment inquiry and hold them accountable. The one measure of accountability provided by constitution would be an even bigger green light. It would be a flashing green light this as go commit crimes, and so I think they did the right thing, but the there are many. This is the idea.
Hind it was no one believed the Republicans we're going to remove them. We know who they are. We knew where I was. We knew his temples before an election. Is it like it is. Not a thing that were happy. It could happen with this republican Party in this set of polarize politics, but their way This belief of the Democrats put on a straw a case if they brought forward strong witnesses and in compelling evidence in in the majority of Americans. That this was a serious endeavour. Worthy of least a serious trial from the Republicans than theirs. This would at least fewer public. Sure to put on trial did make the decision they wanted to make the end, but you would have witnesses, add impeachment it wouldn't be a sham and the thing that I think is scary. Here is the Democrats it exactly. There is most They made no mistakes. Now they convince almost three quarters of the country that there should be witnesses. They convinced the majority, the country that damage our should be apiece. They give its two thirds of the country that he broke. The law in the fact that the Republicans feel they can stick their finger in
I have three quarters the Americans and not suffer political consequences I hate that it is the scariest thing about the current state of our political system, because they are not this. Is there not politically stupid? Mcconnell was not dumb, they have did the situation realising all the structural advantages in american politics that are both inherent and then the exploited by the Republicans, give them the opportunity to ignore the will through course, the country and that's when politics becomes a huge dangerous situation. America yet you could see a scenario where most republican politicians serving in Congress go around saying it's outrageous would Donald Trump did it is dangerous what he did We have an election I months. I think it should be up to the voters to decide. You know I do not agree with anything it. I think it's bad.
We cannot have foreign powers investigate people. It was the wrong thing to do when overrun and sell these bad things about him and then said, but we're just gonna quit him. You know I would still be fury we'd still be yelling about. I would be the wrong decision, but it would at least reveal that they felt some sort of pressure, some sort of obligation to at least respond to where the public is and their past. In this impeachment hearing has shown that they give zero fox zero fucks about what the american people think they just don't care. What I mean they care about what their base thinks they care about. What the thirty five to forty percent trump fans. Think, and you know some of them need that base to get reelected in somebody swing, states who were up and twenty twenty but they certainly don't give a shit about what the majority of Americans think at all and they're, not even like do not even trying you know
Mitt Romney submitted some good questions. Yesterday, some tough questions of president trumps defence team, I guess Susan Collins, common Murkowski, he submitted a few good questions to the rest of them. Are fucking, jokes, jokes. They didn't take it seriously. So let s talk about the endgame on witnesses. You. As of this report, being Thursday morning. The latest reporting from the hell is that Republicans are suddenly feel confident that they have the votes to block Bolton and other witnesses from testifying This follows along meeting that Mitch. Mcconnell had with Macao Ski who people thought might be. One of the four votes Democrats need to get witnesses senators Romney We have said they want to hear from John Bolton in the other possible vote in favour of witnesses is retiring Senator, Lamar Alexander, who really no one has heard from it all so we don't know homer, Kuski and Alexander will vote, but we do know that three of the most vulnerable and a Republicans were up and twenty twenty will vote against hearing from any witnesses at all
or a gardener Colorado, Markham Excel in Arizona and Tom tell us of North Carolina. Somewhere around. As we said, seventy five percent of all Americans in a plurality of Republicans want witnesses. So why do you think these swing state? Senators are opposing public opinion and is it politically wise? I know I wrote The is a politically wise question the outlined, so I will take responsibility for their spire The only people have the answer to that question or the voters of Colorado Arizona, North Carolina. They are the ones you write the end of that story in November right. There bye, for organizing canvassing voting? They will decide likewise in aid its incredibly important, not just because we take the Senate, but you have to send a message that of politicians want to stand office. They actually have to care more about the verse put them there than the super superpower to fund them. They propagandists, who hold their fate on cable television, the presidency,
your account and that's an important message. I think the in that they are opposing witnesses, even though the overwhelming majority of the voters clear support, because if seventy five percent nationally- at least that in Colorado, Riah, which worry pretty pollution and similar in Arizona and probably pretty summer, North Carolina in so late, looked at it decided that they are more likely to succeed. If they are yield to the Ro Trump Supermax, you spend money. The truck campaign that is organizing there, the Sean Hannity Tucker crossing our anger, because if they buck tromp those people turn on them, and so it shows what about that, they decide that the balance of power is, is not in the voters, but it's in the outside structures and republican party. And that a set of other measures will help prevent them from suffering accountability for this and that that's where it gets dangerous. Yet I also think you know their calculation must be our democratic.
Sonance in the Senate, races, they're gonna, run against us on health care. They're gonna run us against us on tax cuts. A whole bunch of other issues. They're not going to be talking about impeachment and our votes on it cement from now until November, at least I'm guessing that's what they think or failing that. If, if they are making those arguments about impeachment, they think that they won't, don't really resonate with a lot of voters. I do wonder, as we come out of this trial, to me. It seems, after all the danger we just talked about. It seems absurd to never bring up the consequences of what's gonna happen from being acquitted for this between. Now and in November, but I Do wonder how to talk about it in a way that does actually resonate with most people in this country, and I'm not sure I can go be a good project for the Democratic Party, because I do think
easy way out that you can see Democrats taking as like? Ok impeachment is behind us or moving on healthcare care onto it. That really that affect people's lives. And let's put this whole thing behind us for good, and I do think that would be a mistake I dont I think we should make the whole campaign about impeachment between November at all, not saying that. But I am, wondering is theirs. I'm kind of argument you can. We then to the larger democratic argument as we had towards November. That includes what we have seen over the last couple months. I think there are a couple different ways to do it: and one way is that you don't want of be sir. The competing theories, of what the democratic message should be, which is articulated in last episode. Will there, Did you referenced earlier? I call it for all of the castle corruption message: different David Axelrod, reverse it as such are the exhaustion. The national exertion message right add like this is data point, which is
because China is so you uniquely obsessed with himself and unable to control himself. We are where we are unable to deal with the things are affecting people's lives. We are, in this fixing because of Donald these outrageous. The things were stead of today in the last six months healing worth raising wages are fixing healthcare and all these other things were dealing with this, and that is trumps vault. So there is a way to fit it into that. In the other elements of it is. I think that there is an important, populist economic message that can be derived from the anti democratic instincts of the Republican Party, which is in. This fits with because I'm just gonna she'll for the wilderness. Arthritis fits for. Someone needs to the class narrative in that has talked about in the midwestern episode of the wilderness, that from a project that has been done in Minnesota, where why don't they
because I want you to have a say right: why are they train? You take your vote, why they charge you gerrymander Euro out of existence wire, Why do they went billionaires going to fund our elections? It is because they want to keep power in the hands of powerful interests. The corporations that fund the party and they care so much about helping these powerful interests your expense, that there, the president is willing to break the law. Problems are going to stand by this corruption, because that is in the interests of the of the people who have gotten rich. The companies like Amazon who are paying zero, infernal taxes under trap. The companies who have got huge tax breaks, the billionaires, have gotten tax breaks. Those people have an inch as in maintaining the system, even though the overwhelming majority of Americans disagree with this approach to our economy, I do, I do think gum one other messages, one that you ve talked about before you and I talked about it. You with each other. I think
and ass I was track of. Is that our text chain? Is it a podcast who knows, but the trump is focused on himself he's not focused on you and it sort of fits with wait. What you ve been saying, which like, while you're premiums are going up? What's Donald Trump doing he's trying to cheat to win the election, he's he's working with you to take down Joe Biden. That's what he's been busy doing for the last year. While you know all kinds of problems in this country pile up, because all Who gives a shit about is himself and book when you try to figure out of what is it that people believe about Donald Trump? What is it? What is it that the most Americans believe about Donald Trump right, not just us, but like some trump what are some Republicans and independence- and I do think we're you, like him or not. Most people get that this is guy who's, whose a little narcissistic and sort of in it for himself and you some of them say like well, but you know the account
he's looking ok, you know that that you'll hear that from some Obama, Trump voters and other people, but they will admit that Donald Trump is only in this or not only, may be, but is certainly in this for himself and his and is very self absorbed, and I think that what he did to lead to his impeachment certainly make that point that this is going to sound, strange by last night. I was watching below deck ads. You know who was on the yacht this week for her bachelorette party one time: Piazza CO host Gmail Hill. Really, yet wild funny, there's some does my life that the first person to be on below deck, who is posted up, yes, Eliza was not made, but that's fine, whereby I totally forgotten. That, all around Gmail Hills, departure from the SBA was the fact that Donald Trump woke up one morning inserted tweeting about her right Yeah adds that I saw some of the tweets about Donald Trump funny with Don Lemon and Rick Wilson.
Go out something that was said on diamond show, and it's like it is true like what, if you had a present who woke up every morning and instead of funny with Gmail Hill in Don Lemon Endeavour messing, they fought for you like that but if the opportunity cost of trumps narcissism, I guess what we within argued would be. An ethic do think impeachment fits into that you- and I know, You know some of you into this. That's not the kind of argument like we're already persuaded. We think the guy's a fuckin monster right. So it's it's like. That's the arguments, gonna get us all going. Most of us into this pact has probably, but I guess, to you, that for people who were on the fence, for people who are not paying close attention to the news all the time, which is most voters. I do think that argument carries lighter residence because they do no when they turn their tv on once in a while that what they see is this guy. Just fucking fighting with someone else and not doing shit. Let's talk about the final days of the IRA, the rapid.
The approaching, in addition to the slew of ILO Appalling, that shows Bernie Sanders in the lead. We did our. Paul with change research that time and I talk about on his final episode of on the ground in Iowa. It found the same result as other poles. So after we surveyed seven hundred and four likely caucus goers between January twenty. Second, twenty six we found Bernie Sanders in the lead at twenty seven percent. Joe Biden in people to judge tied at nineteen percent was before at fifteen percent and aims. Closer at ten percent and also the final domain. Registrar pull from an seltzer is coming this weekend, Sir, ray night will be into mine. I here there's a guy a scene and lives, were they announced the results which is just right? up our rally, aid away, It is it is it and that we could have the adults are for turning her pulling international like I saw a somewhat
through what a crazy Newsweek we have coming up and they really working backwards from Tuesday. So chooses a steady. You did Monday Is there a carcass Sunday, a suitable and Saturday? Is it more register pull in the east It is a very consequential event and I added ass day to see what it says. Do you have any take away from our people from our changeable and they did it. There is a very clear fact from our pole and all the other polls that Bernie Sanders has very real momentum heading into Pakistan that it is that is clear There is going to be an intense battle for second place, and I think second is going to be of great value heading out of here before as I was looking at these five thirty eight model of the election and. They have an interesting thing, which is they, as I understand it, silver correctly, the more Spected the result, the less of a bounce the candidate will get from winning Iowa.
And so Bernie walked centres. Hope I mean, don't get me wrong, winning I was, can be huge deal for him by because it is going to become the expected result There is a lot of room for the person who breaks out of that four person race for second. If there are, clear. Second, that person is going to have a chance to make a real claim to be the alternatives. The sand in New Hampshire and then going off, there's a that. That is what I'm really should say in the fact that that estate close and basically every pole over the last few months is, I think, really don't want interesting, does it by how this breakdown by age, in our pole and some of the other poles, because you know you seen in the national media, narrative Bernice doing quite with young people and binding. And quite well with older people in our pole, Bernie leads among all age groups, but those sixty five
us. So he even leads narrowly among people from fifty to sixty four, which I thought is that's a lot of strength across a lot of different age groups and to see what an seltzer has to say about this on Saturday. Could she is, as we said many times the best in the business it, actually estimating what the turnouts gonna look like, and I want which is very hard to do. Our pull estimates that eighteen percent of carcass growers will be under thirty five and thirty eight percent under fifty. It also says if these groups turnout at higher numbers, which is possible, since they are just about as enthusiastic as older voters and caucusing, which doesn't usually been Sanders could win by even more than the lead that he has re now, which I thought is something worth watching. There's a lot of two thousand and eight vibes from and I'm not completely won. Two Obama notice I'll denial is how it felt- and there is this question there was holding a lot of people back about Obama's. Would these first, I'm Cocker scholars turnout for a bomb
I was obviously young people, but was also a lot of independence and, frankly, Republicans who were drawn to Obama's message and the report does that action on their more readable, showed Obama, wedding and accurately trigger results with other polls. That did not account for that. The fact that, because they were sceptical that these people, who had not caucus before would caucus for a moment, then obviously they did at even higher inevitably will fight. Nay cone, has really we're just talk about all the other dates, but nay cone had a he talked about is poor Tell the biggest ever spent his point Poles was there is a huge number Bernie Centre. Supporters who said they're, gonna support centres did caucus in sixteen and did not vote in twenty eating. And so he includes him in his paw- because if someone says that he has a very open policy, whereas if you say you're, gonna caucus we're going to count, you and other poles will screen those people out that, if you say you did in voting, you won't be included the sample ad,
I would tend to in an in the first presidential action after Trump put myself in the camp of the that these people well for now and if that's the case, pretty seriously, we have reached our position is a possible because we live in the upside down worlds, that a completely unexpected result will happen and, like Andrey angle, when or something I won't be shut up, As you know, in these pearls I also like to go below just the horse, raise numbers and talk about why people are picking the candidate peck. I thought this was very interesting. Twenty nine percent pick their candidate because they thought that the candidate would have the best chance to beat Donald Trump verses. We gave the people the option of picking a candidate will bring me. You're change to Washington and how things work, which I thought was you know electrically, had been such a concern throughout most of the race, and you know this breaks down hired expect among the different candidate. So the
but our voters and the Biden voters overwhelmingly pick their candidate because they think they can be Trump. Sanders. Voters and the Warren voters overwhelmingly pick their candidate because they think they can bring major changed Washington. What's interesting, is the peat voters, people to judge voters by fifty eight to forty two are picking PETE, because they think he will bring major changes to the way things work and wash and which could be an interesting thing to watch. If PETE does well enough in Iowa too, to to continue a variant, didn't seeing Buddha judges performance, because like there has been a sense in the narrative that he is sort of lacking momentum. He has fallen and some national poles. He was obviously winning in these poles pre recently and is now second, third. Fourth, whatever you know, however, you want to look at it, but he's in that he's a distant second to cinders at best, but you have seen reports of these very large crowds in these very republic in parts of Iowa which
is a way in which he could end up, even if he loses, which I think is for a possible loose The overall vote that he doesn't very well delegates because he may have strengthened parts of the state than others not yet, I also was fascinated: we poor people are we pull the supporters of the candidates, have use twitter, and this We're not surprise you that the centre and worn voters use twitter. The most YA ad the percent of aiming club, which are supporters, never use twitter, which I think is today in good for her. I guess yeah so the Bernie is in the lead in both Iowa in New Hampshire, with quite a bit of momentum. The attacks have begun, which tends to happen when you become A front runner. On Wednesday, one came from a pro Israel. Super pack called the democratic majority for Israel, which is run
as an eye featuring our voters who say their concern that burns positions would hurt the parties chances of beating trumpet November. One voter even said, she's worried about his health and talks about the heart attack. He at last fall Mark Milman, the poster and the head of democratic majority for Israel, told New York Times at the ads were happened before as they were worried about any potential like ability and his body friends on the arab israeli peace conflict down. What you think the ad in terms of its fairness- and I guess its effectiveness It's hard to evaluate it, because I have a opposition to that fact of the attic. I think it is a terrible idea for the unified effort to defeat tromp for an outside, secretly funded Washington group to be running adds trying to put their thumb on the scale and favour one cannot another. I think that is a disaster
nothing it's just a terrible thing to do, because it will also distrust and make it harder unify if Bernie wins, it'll make it harder unify if Bernie doesn't went and so, the best way to ensure unity is the just. Let the voters decide and the decency to their credit, has state is at a very good job of staying. As far out of this is possible. There have been no accusations of meddling rigging, the alot of the ito, Supernova, Policies been changed to make a more open and more fair. And so was just what the voters aside to figure it out. I don't think the execution of the add, particularly good, automatically effective. I think I am somewhat shock that we are sitting here. The few days for the ILO, cautious in none of the other candidates, have made an elected, build a case against burning yeah I was going to say, like I agree with you on the outside groups, meddling. I think it's idle. I get, and I also think it is counterproductive and one piece of evidence It is counterproductive, as Bernice campaign raised
one point: three million dollars the day after the ad aired and so you know I don't. I don't think that that works very well, but if one of the candidates wanted to I'd like that or say something like that on the stump about Bernie. I think that's totally fair but you're right that it is at least in terms of you, like debility stuff, but very few of them have done that or you know they serve danced round it. We talked about this last episode. I think that you know Peter fund raising email. That said, Bernie can't be Trump closure has been talking about. Gear for all is sort of liability in the general election but Biden. HU, I thought, would probably lead the charge here has has been sort of quiet about it yet ETA, notably PETE campaign that a regime that he did not when asked about it back up that contention in writing. Right look. I Candidates have to be the ones to make the arguments against. Other candidates
Bernie himself has made an elected Billy argument against by repeated right yeah. He has talked about in support of NAFTA and China Trade as not just wrong, policy wise, but would make it less effective candidate, because You draw a less sharp contrast against Trump in the Midwest, which I think there is a lot of truth to that its fair is fair, and I think you can someone that argument against Bernie, but has to be made by the candidates, and we are continually in this world where the candidates, I think, have been struggling to figure out Do contrast in Malta, candidate field in its work like weeds, so a thousand jokes about three dimensional in twenty seven dimensional chest, but the ILO Caucus sort. It is because, if you, The attack you diminishing that being the second choice to That supporters is that Canada, they don't make viability, and so it's. Hard, but we have these the stars of aligned where one can is running away with. That adds no one
seem to have a plan to stop that candidate much. I think, but is to Bernie Sanders its campaign, great credit put themselves in this position. Ya know I'm I'm very surprised. The Joe Biden and you look. We might see this if binding I do well- and I are the week between- in Hampshire. You could certainly see Biden giving a very robust illegibility case which best Bernie Sanders at that point because it is not that I don't I'm not quite sure what his plan is. No other people have started to make. The electability case here with a peace by New York magazine writer Jonathan Shape the got a lot of attention this week with the very click baby headline Running Bernie Sanders against Trump would be an act of insanity is this a twenty eighteen midterms provide a lot of points for Democrats about where they can be successful. The cycle, particularly from the
This is where more moderate candidates, flipped red districts and the one where aggressively progressive candidates lost in red districts. He wrote quote at this point. There is hardly any serious evidence to believe that the best strategy to defeat Trump is to mobilise voters with a radical economic agenda. Would you think of shades arguing I mean it- is a argument well made with a lot of compelling data points. There is one they just over arching point that I think, is more important, which is Congressional races are more often sort of generic, then present races represent, driven, and so it is a little by the apples. It's like an apples to Paris. So right, it's it's a little closer than to complete four things by they aren't the same, and I thought about this is like a thought exercise. Writing the. Why Democrats
should not Bernie Sanders. I'm not saying I am certain that the right thing to do. I actually have- de. I can convince myself, but at any moment that any one of the candidates the most elect born than I can have a different opinion by lunchtime yeah. I know I've done that myself and I think there is a very there is a compelling case for centres, and some people are out there making it David corn in Mother Jones has a peace today, which raises the which takes on some the series of Anti Bernie Sanders arguments, but his also click? Eighty habit is Bernie Sanders. George Mcgovern Early Donald Trump and he was very clear to point out that you Donald Trump and research to murder for people from It is the case grandma v. Can you scramble sort of electoral coalitions like trumpeted scrambling nor coalitions and an sort of up and the traditional ideology arguments, and
or do you suffer a terrible defeat by electing a Well, you know what you'd call a high variants candidate, somewhat high risk in high reward, and you lose mightily, like the Democrats did in nineteen seventy two with Mcgovern. I don't really know the answer to it. I think that there is, you can write the chain piece about by yeah you? Can you hurting twenty sixteen and say here is example: we ran a candidate against Trump who was a long time, member the political establishment who had even if they were unfair, vat, vague accusations of corruption around them that were then weapon eyes by Trump and Republicans in the propaganda machine, that. This candidate had limited enthusiasm among young people. Write like that, like that, like that is the Uk Vermin, shaven writer with longer may longer and better, but
you can do that casing us I'm too, and I have just come to the conclusion that. We didn't we also when I was. It is really important point. We have no idea what attributes in the candidate are going matter most ten months ago. It was seen as a detriment. To that Obama, Bhamo, was so calm and didn't have the passion of other key that's it when you get fired up as much as much as the media, one I'm too, but there when we had the worst integration since the great depression his. Thoughtfulness and in his dad, com was seen as a gigantic attribute. As someone who would be well suited. Mentally to take on this crisis right now, not true in January, but it was true in October and I think that could be true of all these candidates as well. If there in international incident Biden, experience on the world stage could be much more I told her that it is now. If there is a financial. MRS Bernie Sanders is opposition to bail
That's an historic progress. Rhetoric could be much more valuable than it is now, and so we just we don't really now, and it's that really gonna have to trust the voters who I do think generally pick. The most electable cannon you just don't know that because you're only left for you to be president. So if you win the election, you're the most flexible candidate and if you lose, you weren't, but you can't we do the hypothetical thought exercise of what if it was smart, normally or Bernie Sanders or how Regina Citizen Carryin. So you don't really know so we're gonna trust, even though our systems flawed, and this can have the way the candidate navigates system- is the one best able to take on Trump. I think we spend way too much time on ideology and policy positions as the way to figure out vote choice like how people are gonna vote,
and you know I know the lot of the political scientists will say well, there's a lot of there's a good amount of political research that says, if you are candidates were tend to be further towards the ideological left have a hard time winning elections and candidates that are closer to the centre left and that research is real, but, as you and I know, and as we have seen in multiple campaigns, the candidate real- and you said this- the candidate themselves really matters the campaign. They run matters and pony it matters I went into the wilderness with two races in my head, to try to sort of answer this question for the series, which was in Arizona state this training toward the Democrats, that is on our list for twenty twenty in tone Eighteen Kirsten Cinema wins there she's a very, very moderate candidate. Now people are talking right now that she might actually vote for acquittal. I hope not, but, as my
as they come she's like a new Joe Mansion and she wins- the Senate race in Arizona while the democratic candidate for governor who was much more progressive, in Arizona lost by double digits to thee. Combine governor of Arizona. Then you go up to its content and Tammy Baldwin, who is as progressive as come one of the most liberal members of the United States Senate for single pair, a lesbian winds Wisconsin by eleven point It's when the more moderate democratic candidate for Governor Tony Avars, barely squeaks by beating Scott. Now again, governors raises different that centre right is their opponents are different rights of a whole bunch of different factors. But those two races told me: it's really hard to map it. Candidates, ideology, neatly:
on vote, choice on and on how people vote, and I think we have with when it comes to bernie- sort of see this in a lot of poles have ass people over the course of the year, Do you think a woman can be elected president, a gay candidate, a democratic socialist someone over seventy and democratic socialist fares, very poorly it is very poorly, even in caught in comparison to all those other attributes, and yet, even though Democrat socialist as a label performs poorly Bernie Sanders. The candidate performs quite well, and I think, if it ends up their Bernie. Does when the nomination of the answer, like candy winners like who, who knows because it really. Depends on what kind of a campaign he runs and I think of Bernie Sanders runs a campaign. That's like the independence, from Vermont, who has taken on both parties at times and end,
can on corruption, Washington and sick of the establishment in just want to talk about you know. Taking on, power and helping people with healthcare and jobs are the kind of stuff. Then you know I think he has a pretty decent chance. The election becomes about Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist and it's the election about ideology in an extreme left ideology, birds, and right ideology, then I think he's gonna have real problems. Time hotel set the right pundits this time will tell, but no I mean time will tell and it s hard to predict obviously, but I do think, though, the one missing piece of all this and and and this goes for Joe Binds campaign and Elizabeth warns campaign and all of their campaigns it. A lot of this is within the control of the campaign in the candidate right, mean back to bind for second there's a million reasons. Why, like Joe Biden on paper, you can make an argument for is a good candidate for this moment, and shape sort of does that bothers apiece invokes the does that,
right? You can it and you look at the twenty Eightth MID term than you say. The same thing right like people are sick of the chaos and corruption from Trump. They were some normalcy. They know Joe Biden, they trust Joe Biden and the polls show that he can be Trump in some of these states, and so you know that that's the kind of can we want, and you could imagine a campaign where you know in the general Joe Biden, runs very proficient campaign, and he is the type of candidate that that we saw are eight years in the White House and he's a happy warrior and and that's the campaign, and then you can also see him where he doesn't you know, put in that kind of performance, and it goes very differently, which is the case that you just made But a lot of this is not baked rate like it. Entirely within the control of the campaigns in the candidates, and I think we would all do well to remember that, as as we go forward here, I would just I would make one more point is about by its elected bilious ethic. It is worth noting
we don't know. I do think in all the various data points or theories about areas cannot select abilities and I put to the test. Point ten months out into a corner of informative, fanatically instructive. I think it is notable that the House members whose job depends on strike performance at the top of the ticket in proper. Red states do of them do the job. I is their best option, whether that arise, the axe, nay Creasy, Houlihan or common all read, and I think that could they. Wrong a hundred percent, but I did that is a thing by campaign has how did and should continue to tell because is as vote making that evaluation. I think the opinion of those peoples worth more than the opinions of a thousand pundits and punk and the like yeah and again, I should end by saying, like we're talking about fine and Bernie like debility cases, because at this moment you know it seems likely that one of them could be the nominee, but
for this reason that it's like so tough to predict? This could mean that you know as the voting starts, and I were in New Hampshire and elsewhere. Voters are like. I dont think it either. Those guys are the most electable and you know then Elizabeth Warren and PETE booted edge and the closure, and even maybe my Bloomberg, will all have a chance to make their cases I write about it. I do not stand, I am area can I know I know I know and Andrea and everything I am like all the rest of the cancer as I do, I think that is the universe, though, who knows prove me wrong. Some one else running, but yes, oh, I think you know that the written. It there's a reason. This raises so unsettled. It is, as we have said many times there are. Each of these candidate has strength that you could see. Really work and I welcome the general and they have weaknesses that would not and that's why people have had a hard time deciding so ok when we come back, we'll I too quick and media is chief content officer tiny some later about the law.
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One stop shop right for all you voter registration and volunteering opportunities and Balin information needs right. So tell us about the the new programme right so votes, I've, America, twenty eighteen, was kind of an experiment right we you know, I think John you and I were basically like what is our registration date and we started going around. Being like what the hell there's. No one place where you can figure out what your registration data is pulling place like all of us. In France, the disappointed you'd, neither of you are registered I've written right. We were wondering where, like there has to be one website where you can both register devote check. Your decision in figure out how to volunteer ray and figure out what the hell's gonna be on your ballot in lower on Diana where you earlier, and that was not is not the case at all. I mean there's a lot of great websites out. There is a lot of information, so we worked with a lot of partners to pull together
and it was an experiment to see if people would use it. You know we knew people really cared about what the result was going to be, but how much did they want to do to help bring about the result? They wanted to see turns out a lot granted. We like totally you now bootstrap that site together, I think like I was coding at one point, which is not a good sign for any the man we were genuine Oscar right up some demanded, and so we were doing desperately trying to build this site while while the election was happening, but we saw that if people really dead care and really wanted to do more than just vote, they wanted to figure out what else they could do. And wanted to make sure they can help other people about other people like understand the stakes without election, which were high. While the stakes of this election are much higher, and that's not only the White House. It's the Senate is keeping the house it state. Legislatures I mean. Can you talk, protects us all the time that could
actually and setting the stage for what the next decade and beyond looks like for this. Tree so we this year, knowing that the stakes are so high, we wanted to put together a strategy that actually helped people have the impact where we all know it needs to be so this time Save America is not just a website. It's an initiative, it's a programme as a strategic programme and its a community where Annie he, who is super anxious about what gonna happen. We wanted to give you something to do with that and that man like putting together website that not only would you be able to make sure you weren't kicked off the roles that you could register that you can find your pulling place. I can understand. What's on your ballot, all the stuff that was in twenty eighteen will exist now, but you can also figure out where to donate so you're money has the biggest impact and at the right time it's not just about where you're putting your money, but it's like when you get me,
money because, if you think about it as these as the primary is going on and we're heading, you know, Taiwan and people are really focus on the candidates. The candidates are focused on the can they're trying to win the battle between each other. Meanwhile trumped The need to worry about that at all just got a huge work. Ass he's got nothing he's. Got literally like, doesn't have to do anything but engage with voters and like spend money on Facebook on tv ads and just talking to voters all the time our candidates are doing that yet or they can't really afford to spend that money there. Yet Oh when, where spending money early in this year, like you, should be donating to people who are doing that voter engagement, who are on the ground and was content and Pennsylvania in Arizona Florida, North Carolina Michigan, the states that are really this election is going to come down to, and we can help carry that load. And so you know when you come about safe. America. You can see the strategy behind where were asked.
You know donate. We will never ask you to donate to a place where we don't think you're dollars. Gonna have a huge impact on the outcome of the election, so the promise of votes America. Twenty twenty really is a programme that sleep. We talked her strategies, we touch of activists on the ground. We talk to state party leaders, we talked to campaign. Staff. We talk to everybody, but are to you guys everyone's in the loop of everybody's, in other words, if the american hero Gonzalez was also apparent, were we're working with everybody and, like all the good Do you know indivisible swing, laughed groups that you don't know so suppose, like people who are on the ground with their part of this programme and work and connect you to them. Throughout the year is so instead of like having a freak. The fucker about what you're supposed to do or where promising.
We're going to take you step by step through the year like phase one you're gonna do this next, that you're gonna do that's next up. We suggest you do that and if you keep wanting to do more work in and give you options to do more, and anybody who wants to leave it on the line. Votes have America. Twenty twenty is gonna help you do that you're, the most common question. We get in as many variations of ask these questions, who, when there's there it whether where people. People know now not to ask that question, but when we're I've shows on twitter on lies dreams. It is What can I do to help restore its? I live in a super blue state, yet right and I don't think there's any competitive elections around me, which is also wrong, but what can I do to help? I live in a super red say. How can I do well and I'd like to go, Don't America come right, put in your email ray and we we'll tell you every step of the way, exactly what you can do to help a hundred percent in One example we can give for that because so many people tell us, as you know,
I live in California. You know I'm gonna to volunteer. Into conventional, real tough. And I like? What do I do? I you know I know Michigan manners. I know that was constant manners. For God's sakes, everybody's told me you guys have set a thousand times was council matters are what am I doing to I just have to like you sit here anyway, anxious ball and worry about it. Well, why thing that we're going to be rolling out pretty soon. In March is like and adopt a state programme where you can adopt a battleground state, and while you're like making sure your friends are registered while you're making sure you know your volunteering around your state, you can do one more thing and adopt with once again- and we will send you specific ass- that are driven by people on the ground like Ben Winkler and he'll, be like, I need this right now and we will deliver that to you and we will tell you. This is why you need to do it, and this is why you know you need a vote, save Wisconsin
and will give you feedback, will tell you what happened to your dollar. What happened? The volunteer opportunity that you helped make happened, and you know you'll hear messages from people on the ground about exactly what's going on, because I think that's super important to see that you're going to commit, and you really want to help in battleground states that you see exactly what's going on there. There's no reason to just not know, and so that's why, that will be real rolling out later the spring will the sounds pretty good. Some very grave ups are so final: ask everyone is just every single person. Listened to this end, we will we'll taken as it is. A personal offence, if you do not go to Save America, dot com and just you know, sat sign like plurality. There were not always right. Also, we sign up we're, not gonna like spam you with bullshit. No so this is. This is burn pornography ass, you like by all kinds of now- no longer certain book which regrets you got, you have ever been
no like this. This site is very much just about like we are. You know very it's not product we're not rocking, and if it is your money are not at all. Just want you to have the information that you want to have in the, and certainly the information that you need to have, and I just want to say, like you know, We're really you guys talk about all the time this election sits on a knife edge. I think everybody knows that everybody who feels anxiety about Trump getting reelected, that shouldn't breed a sense of pessimism, our sense of just depression that it's not changeable. It's actually really really so much in our hands. If you're looking for somebody to save you, if you're looking for
Candidate to swoop in and be like the candidate to be Donald Trump, that's not going to happen. What's going to be Donald Trump is what you do and what you bring to the table, because anybody who's listen to this you're, so much more persuasive than you think you were so you can convince people to believe that they can make a difference this year, and that is the most crucial thing that we can do and votes in America is just there to help. You convince people to at least register least Skype, formation that they need, at least like maybe come with you to volunteer about, or at least like find out, what's happening in Wisconsin and what they can do, because if you our job we just wanted to make. That is easy as humanly possible for you to do all the right things when you needed to do it. So that's what vote save America's about so Johnny Righteous. Come there check if your registered first than pledges start trademarked him give us your email, and I promise will just send you the information you need to feel like you left at all on the field
things when you needed to do it. So that's why vote save America's about so Johnny Righteous? Come there check if you're right assured first than pledges start trademarked him give us your email, and I promise, will just send you the information you need to feel like you left at all on the field, you did everything you could to win on November there working. If you don't believe that I think I'm gonna one person retrocession coming Marilla rattling air time eleven on such a high, no levity way. Rivets sure! That's your written over here, a higher loyalty Tanya! Thank you. So much Thank you for your joining us here. As a matter of American, I appreciate vote. Save America dot com go there now, ok, when we come back I'll talk to send Amy Closure, hey everyone, in America, love it or leave. It are going on tour for twenty twenty between the news,
is primary and the general election. That's right. We can have a lot to talk about to come, see us live or in your town, get those tickets at cricket, dot, com events and come hang out. That's crooked, come Flash events hi, I'm Aaron Ryan host of hysteria, uncrooked medium every week on the show I'm joined by former Whitehouse Deputy chief of staff, Alyssa Master Monaco, plus a bunch of funny opinionated women here and allay in New York City. We talk the political news of the weak and the topics, trends and cultural stories that affect women's lives for reproductive rights. It's too rom comes. We do at all. What results of hysteria drop every Thursday on Apple, podcast, stitches or wherever you get your pod gas On the pod, the senior senator from Minnesota and presidential candidate Amy closer, so you been sitting in this he's been trial, but for the last few weeks, president's defence team. Argue that he can do whatever he wants to get reelected as long as he believes that action is also the national interest they argued,
its legal to receive dirt on an opponent a foreign government, and it appears that just about all of your republican colleagues, already too, not only ratify this defence, but to do so while actively blocking witnesses and documents. I guess my question is like what is your outrage level? I mean like that. Doesn't this go far beyond substantive, ideological differences with your republic colleagues. Yes, I just I'm still
I met with seven other day. I am hoping at least you of them make the case for the truth, and I regard with other gonna vote on impeachment. They at least have to acknowledge that you can have no witnesses in impeachment. The question I have five night was that I had been part of the trial committee for the last impeachment, in that you have found it with a federal judge out of Louisiana. Among many things we had about a week long trial. We only trial in the history of America if you have sent it where the word lap dance with use ten times without beside the point, so that we had twenty six witnesses without trial. For my question was how come for a judicial impeachment of a federal judge,
finally the Anna. Would we have twenty six witnesses, seventeen of whom had not justified in the house or a presidential impeachment Rau we would have known- and I think that just puts it in a nutshell here, because they are basically denying just if I keep looking over them and thinking. Ok, did you just run for this office? Could you can buy your chair at the end and put it in your office? Women back, you can.
Did you just by that run through this offer? You can have a trophy on the wall and you can have a title for life. You know because I just don't understand they are supposed to be doing the job of the american people they're supposed to be upholding the constitution, and this is their moments where we see what they do. But the Dershowitz argument, as you know, is even separate from the witnesses. You know he is basically thing: oh, you can do anything you want, which some of them have a voice. Some discontent, whether because with our basically mean, I guess Nick think you do whatever you want that mean anyone could do whatever they want in Europe are becoming european colleagues, have voiced discontent with that to you
I haven't seen anyone do anything problem. There has been a few people that I bread and some news articles that have set things about it. I've just been over there trying to get them to do the witnesses. You no one in front of me. I can't control what Dershowitz up, but I can try to convey to them how bad the suit gonna look was by the way the truth isn't gonna come out in five years. The truth is gonna come out, and five weeks will see if they can stop that. Manuscript or not, but it's gonna week out, and they will, the ones with not just the history on their shoulders. They're gonna have the wrath of the voters on their shoulders, because seventy percent of the people in this country want to hear the troop, and, while whatever happened with it, impeachment hearing moving me into my efforts and my argument here for the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire about a South Carolina shipyard. Is it yeah? This is an economic check on this programme.
We know how we have been kept promises and the job that we would have had if it wasn't for his trade war and the pharmaceutical prices are not helping people to get child care. Housing, we all know that a major part of the campaign, but it is more than that it is the decency check. It is a patriot prison check. It is the president that, when asked about russian interference standing next year, will ruthless dictator Vladimir Putin makes a joke about it when hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their lives on the battlefield, tanning up for democracy and poor little girl at the height of the civil rights movement, lost their lives in that church in Birmingham Alabama, because they were simply trying to be part of the democracy and other people are trying to push it away for them. If we miss that we're gonna screw this up, we have to see that the people that don't agree with everything that set on the debate state- I don't agree with everything on the moon stage, but we have to see it in the bigger way to bring in the
coalition. We need with independence, and modern public was so. It seems to me you know at most you might get three or four of your republican colleagues voting for witnesses in documents, which means that the rest have shown that they are willing to defy. You know seventy five percent of the public to cover up a very serious. Of power in order to stay in power themselves. It seems to me that with this republican Party, as it exists right now, the only way to pass any legislation of any significance is by death, seeing as many elected Republicans as possible. Am I wrong exactly my round here right now? So that's why we get to meet you can't win back. You know it will be sweet if we eat by victory at four in the morning. Don't get me wrong when it comes to the presidency that if that's how we do it, we will most likely not be sending matchmaker packing. We want when all the fancy,
and it is in our grasp when you look at those numbers in places like Arizona and in Colorado where candidates are doing quite well, the possibility of winning in states like main and in state flag, Texas or a state like North Carolina. Just what we are seeing work. We won the governors race in Kentucky John girl. He won the Governor Thracian Louisiana and guess who went down there to campaign the night before down from you about my one question is: where can we send it back at we it if we stick with the basics and they are not for liberty, candidate, I've had a lot of Europe of listeners. Can't even name that new governor with content. I hardly could ever neighbours that yet another he beat Scott locker. That's right so in our I will pull that we did in a bunch of others, your Canada's
it showing real momentum. According to our pull one out of every four respondents who made up their minds recently are supporting you. The data also shows and I'm sure your campaign knows this, that a big of islands are trying to decide between you and Joe Biden. What's your argument to someone who says I know the vice president I like what he did during his eight years with Obama. All the polls show that he beats trumpeting swing states. You know why Why should I support you in stone? While I would agree with the fact that he has done a lot for our country? I would start with that. But the second thing I would say is an area we need to end is the midway point and it is a quite over country for me. I actually lived there. And then the third thing I would say it. You know I'm in a new generation,
I like to keep the peace that fifty nine is the new thirty eight in this race and that I am in the next generation and I think that's going to be important, Deborah fresh faith and someone new and then the final thing is I've been governing in that Europe tromp and I get how to get things done. I get are angry but fired up democratic base and how important that is to our victory. But I also see how people have felt crewed by this president, because I've been living and I've been there and I think, all of those things possible but I passed over a hundred bills as the lead Democrat, and if you want one prove point the receipt, I'm the one that has won the only one and upstage, that's one: those congressional districts like Michel, back every single pie, whirl ones, Northern Minnesota, flipping forty two counties, Donald Trump,
has one- and I think a lot of that is getting how to bring people in not shouting them out, but it s also about. Can you be tromp? I'm certainly shown I'm tough enough in nimble went up at the debate stage, but I have also shown in the numbers, but one Poland, place. It knows me back my state where Hilary Almah was beaten by seventeen point two months ago, more with men, more than eight points more than the vice president. So speaking of beating Trump, you certainly the press. The Bernie Sanders shouldn't be leading the ticket. Obviously you wanna leave the ticket, but do you think that he's Anders can be trump sure I mean I think a lot of people can be trop depending on the circumstances, but it's more than that to me I don't think that he would in the way I do bring those independence and moderate Republicans with him so that we firmly keep those houses that we need to keep and also that
We did it in twenty eighteen. I've shown ability to do that. I personally get along with all the candidates up on the stage of leadership with burning Elizabeth, so I think that matters you come and you ve got to have someone. I can unite the party and unite the country, so I just want to give you the opportunity to comment on a store that I've been a single around or less couple days the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. The Dave uncovered new evidence that may exonerate a seventeen year old, who you prosecutes, I think that matters you come and you ve got to have someone. I can unite the party and unite the country, so I just want to give you the opportunity to comment on a story that I've been seeing go around or less couple days the Associated Press reported on Tuesday that if uncovered new evidence that may exonerate a seventeen year old, who you prosecuted as Hennepin County attorney mine barrel, is serving a life sentence after being tried and convicted twice.
Murdering Eleven Year Old Station Edwards. Obviously this is a story you ve told before, but the AP has found that some witnesses have recanted sense, saying that there were coached or coursed and that barrels co defendants actually confessed to the murder and say that bureau wasn't even at the scene. There was never any finger, grant or dna evidence. Your old, office by the hand, county attorney's office says evaluate no evidence and are working with the ape he, but they also said that their quote confident the correct person was convicted, as the person who first you know, was in charge of the office that first prosecutor. That case, are you confident that the correct person was convicted? I was not involved in a second trial, wrapped Eric firing kid because I wasn't there at the office at the time. I was in the U S and at that point, and I think some of this evidence I dont know the details on it- might have been considered
but all I know is this, and I really do appreciate the BP thoroughly worked at this case, because if there is new evidence in the case it should be immediately reviewed by the court and that's what must happen, and just so you know some contacts I have advocated for reforms, jerk criminal justice system. Throughout my career, I would could the innocent project we did a dna review of all of our cases in which there was dna at their urging. I actually gone around the country for them advocating for videotape interrogations as well as a new way to do. I witnessed unification, you out where you show one picture at a time. Instead of all the pictures I want, and obviously, in the Senate, I've been a very strong supporter of the poorest stepped back, a co sponsor and believe we need to go even further for that's my but to give you
some contact, you know, that's the very good contacts I mean. Have you read the AP story? The investigation? Yes, I get do, does it that stories, I didn't it it's just it's quite a story to read: did you did you It feeling worried that you know a young man whose potentially innocent is is serving the life sentences that someone who was originally part of the first case, love course, because you want to be someone that always does justice, but I want to make clear what matters are the facts. What matters is the case being brought forward so that a court can review it and seeing how the facts together and that's what I think have to happen. If those new evidence it should be immediately reviewed by the court and that
to come forward to the county, attorney's office and then to the court, because you're gonna be shaken a lotta hand. These last couple days talking a lot of voters. What is the what's the fifteen second pitch, the closing pitch as you try to wrap this thing up, I can win. I can lead our country and bring people together and crossed the river divide to a higher place in our politics, and if you are sick of the noise and the nonsense in our politics in the extreme, you have a home with me, and that means bringing together are fired. Democratic, fired up democratic base, independence, mater Republicans to beat this guy because heart of America is so much bigger than the heart of the guy in the White House. Right now arose centre, Amy Closure, thanks for joining us in good luck out there on the campaign trial. All right. Thank you.
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