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The U.S. launches the largest vaccination effort in history as the first doses of Pfizer’s vaccine are delivered, the Electoral College meets to formalize Joe Biden’s victory, and the Republican Party chooses Donald Trump over democracy.

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Slash cricket, welcomed, applies America, I'm John forever, on John of it and Tommy bitter on today's pod, its vaccine day, an electoral college Day, We're gonna walk through the challenges and opportunities presented by each of these milestones. Do I m wearing and takes it, I'm wearing a celebratory shirt. Is Michael O Neill put a picture of a cake I made on a shirt and send it to my house in honour of his, The very idea, friendship well, that's pretty cool, but first love it. How is the show this weekend? Great love it or leave it Sarah's over enjoined for the monologue which was hilarious? Then we were joined by the first woman to get.
the vaccine in the UK, but we do know there was Darcy. and and center. Brian shots join for an hour Ah negotiations in Congress so check Senator Branch co host of love or leave it at this point. Listen I just say I say get me: shots are right and they will move Heaven and earth make sure that it works for his schedule in memory as Tommy. You ve got a very big show. This week on positive, the world tell us all about. Oh yeah, we're talkin new President former present Obama later today about his memoir, but specifically done they're, going to focus on all the foreign policy parts of the book. His record we, as we have done a yet. I can't I've with any good or not. Yet I want allied you people check it out, you'll be out on Wednesday normal time. We also to give a shudder to Rachel Retina in the entire hull of shame team, for a fantastic season of that pod shame is a cricket. Media show filled with fascinating and hilarious scandals and sports from middle world peace to spy gate to great potential.
for the holiday season. Cigar check that out finally early voting in the January fifth. Georgia runoff has begun in your help, us It is now more than ever had over votes Marietta, Complex Georgia to adopt Georgia and find some you can do right now will also be sending new opportunities for you to donate and volunteer to support organizers on the ground in Georgia. Let's get to the news less than a year after the first documented corona, infection in the United States, the food and Drug Administration just authorized Pfizer's covered nineteen vaccine for emergency use. and the initial injections had begun today Mark the launch of the largest vaccination effort in american history, the doses be distributed based on each state's adult population, and the states themselves would decide who gets vaccinated first with frontline healthcare workers expected to be at the front why the fishermen of three million doses and after inoculate one point five million people were flown.
Of Grand Rapids Michigan on Sunday, after being transported from one of nearby facilities and here's a clip of the crowd gathered to The vaccine leave the warehouse, Isn't it stop the steel, a nice steel start, it is nice to see a group of people, cheering science and not trying to burn scientists at the stake. You know is a good earlier. Backlit wasn't anything special for listeners that could have been any crowd, but it's it's not often. We ve been able to talk about good news here, especially in twenty twenty on POD save America. So Are we play their clip love. It you any thoughts on the scope and speed of this scientific achievement and how it came to me
yeah, you know, there's a. I actually would really recommend. There is a deeply dive in Washington Post. That was, I think, pretty fair in looking at the achievement. Operation warp, speed, trumps impact, his negative impact and in I'd of that peace- and I dont want to just make it about Trump, but I do think that there is something important because inside of that, peace, which is about like this is The greatest achievements in the history of science really is in its born of any credible focus over last year. Its born of decades of investment in the public sector in basic research in in systems that try to prevent the influence of politics of corporate influence into it's on science, the building of public health infrastructure of trust in it, you should like all of that, but then there is this ten European Administration official in the peace and they are quoted as saying something along the lines of in twenty years time
won't remember bleach. They won't remember him, not wearing mass. They will remember this they'll just remember, operation, warp, speed and I saw that and I was like, oh okay, so you know what you wishing is not going to make that happen and what we breaking to me and seeing the trucks leaving. I was her. It was bitter sweet to me. I was watching the videos on repeat because let us make hands was thinking when I saw it is look Incredible achievement that, like these Scientists at an eye and government were able to do together, took everything that trumpet It took discipline, it took if in institutions it check not allowing political interference, took public valley, math, sire, mass science and all of this human ingenuity, human creativity, human discipline? It was enough to overcome the virus, that's extraordinary, but it wasn't. have to overcome drop it enough overcome the failure of leadership. The failure to give
more resources to survive the fair you have enough mask the failure to model best practices to failure, model, good behaviour, the fairy to celebrate the p will that we're doing the right thing: failure to help the people there were doing the right thing because there was no reason that this vaccine would come at a time in which the virus was completely. in his country, and that is trumps great failure and it is eight Butte to every single person who was involved in making this vaccine happen that they were able to overcome the absence of leadership that has been Basically, the only consistent thing trump has offered up and until him pretend to be a leader by Badger officials to make the vaccine roll out faster just before it is approved, so that he could claim some credit and get himself in the new cycle it ends is as it began, Tommy what do you think we're still remember the blatant twenty became? The idea of an illegal can predict what we well. I well remember: twenty I'm Ivy League. In twenty years our kids are going to be like so wait. You guys could have put clean excise.
Face in not had three hundred thousand people died and you chose not to what was wrong with you. You know it's anyway, that India is an idiot on a personal level, I just feel like it has been like really for all of our mental health to wake up and read these stories and see these photos. Writing Hannah cancelled our plans Your family run Thanksgiving, we're staying and allay over Christmas. Instead of going to see my mom Sister, my brother and in it right, any holidays or big deal. Thus there everybody, but you have. Finally, there is, there is light at the end of the tunnel here and yeah? It's eleven point me in this vaccine is a miracle. Ninety five percent effect, having created in record time, I mean we are so so lucky That is so much faster than anything in history. It is way more effective than your standard flu vaccine. So this is a miracle and we should be like. The Pfizer vaccine was developed a german couple right, one of them born in Turkey and emigrated to Germany when he was for the other. Is the daughter of turkish immigrants to Germany, so frolic trumps cried?
grab. We have Germans and immigrants to thank for this Pfizer vaccine. The the operation warp speed folks deserves credit for buying a hundred million doses of the Pfizer vaccine. They deserve our eternal hatred and shame for passing on up to four hundred million doses at no cost to the. U S and he was just like paid when we got it right, but it's an extraordinary scientific feet. It's really interesting research about how, in the future, we might be able to speed up this process even more and we might be able to prepare vaccine. For almost all the major known viruses out there, we could may be created Maxine for fifty two hundred of the most you observe dangerous, prominent viruses for the cost of the F thirty five fighter jet programme, so that seems I got up. Good deal compared to a plane we may or may not eat you so lots. The news today feel really get about this, and you know it was nice to see people feeling less care. Basically, so I just remember in April when this started doktor fetch he said
twelve to eighteen months, for a vaccine hopefully, and there bunch of epidemiologists scientists and others saying that families timeline was way too optimistic for twelve to eighteen months, eleven months. That's what I've seen him in eleven months, the shortest timeline previously, for any vaccine ever was the mumps vaccine which shook for years. That was the wreck, and would govern for years to eleven months and, like you know time you just mentioned about the ninety five percent, effective FDA was ready, to approve a vaccine that was over fifty percent effective, note like, but that they never Will it expected ninety five percent? Effective? I mean this. Is it truly is a miracle there are there. have back in the spring thing like we may never get of access, So now I had the same kind of hope,
optimism. This section is John, basically being so mad it like a series of articles in the Atlantic. They were so annoying over the course of many. It was like the doom and gloom publication of choice for several months. I've I've been violent, hold a bag, and this waiting unrelated the Atlantic hasn't like these s, journalists in the world and right some of the best stuff in the world. But the number of dooms that you can just Google and the number of doomsday headlines that fucking publication about how we're gonna live forever with this and never go be. The same is ridiculous, but anyway, mathematical knows I was I was like. I was very hopeful and optimistic too. How are you say? Let it like it? It really speaks of the fact that you know our world is politics. We talk so much about politics or obsessive politics, and politics is really broken and the broken this of politics has contributed to the door. The disaster that has come from this pandemic, but other parts of society are not broken sciences. a programme like this was a feat of science and, just like me, a miracle that that we should
brave, even though you know politics failed us several other rightly entwined. Twenty and everywhere else in every other way, every other wet, but also to say too that like found, she said basically He was going to see this vaccine to the end and that the compromise as he was making being side of his administration in we talked a lot about people saying they were compromising you know telling the truth about tromp for their own political in failing to make any headway failing to actually stand up to trumpet of doing the morally reprehensible and easy thing, but like yours, this guy's algae, who I think, like will look back and say: like did next everything of serving his country, despite the the headway that were presented by his boss, despite the incredible obstacle set up by Donald Trump, to make sure that this. To an end and, like he's real he's, a Europe is so
trumped it publicly pressure the FDA to speed up the approval process from Saturday to Friday and his chief of staff reportedly frightened to fire FDA. Commissioner, Stephen Heart, if that didn't happen, you go see any problems with that Albania look for They talk about this issue of credit for a minute, because there are others, a debate going on to, but, like all my with the Pfizer vaccine. The? U S deserves credit for making advance purchase of that vaccine. In July they got a hundred million. Doses were already mentioned. How angry I am that they didn't advanced perch. Several hundred million more doses but whatever, but the thing is incredible again about the Madonna vaccine. Is it vaccine was designed January thirteenth, twenty twenty- we ve had this, back I'm formula in our hands for the entire year. Be? Is a very brave chinese doctor once the genome and publicized it in there. Advances in am rna technology that none of us actually understand, but it allowed us to pull this off so quickly enough
The problem becomes logistics, but I mean in terms of like threatening the FDA chief. I mean there is a huge problem with that. Even the term operation warp speed is high ably problematic. If you think about it from a medical point of view, we know Trump once credit for the vaccine being developed quickly, but this fast food like no one is really pump diabolical a rushed medical product like neurons, getting that the fastest did Tylenol ever Rome. It's a bad idea to talk about this in to talk about it as something had happened, quickly or in a rush manner, and so going even further. There are two politicized. The approval process is about idea when you ve got like you know, I was you, some subsets of the anti backs are community that are a kind of super aggressive and dangerous and spread misinformation. Then there's other peoples Lena black community who have read about that to ski syphilis study and have some understandable hesitation based on that history about
drug. So this is going to require a serious science based public awareness campaign and really important, because there's a lot of people in this country who desperately wanted vaccine but can't have it right, like you're. Getting chemotherapy you can get the vaccine if you're on sixteen as of right now you can't take the vaccine is not clear what it's gonna be approved for pregnant women. And so if the virus is swirling around the country B, as a bunch of vaccine eligible people just refused to take it, that'll put others at risk and so that's why you know that it's it's horrible, bad get to read these stories over and over again of trumps politicizing the process when, if you to shut up in stepped back and let the process work, things will be better. In fact, Pfizer didn't Hake Operation Warp Speed money because they were worried if the government made slow them down. Yet me like tat is the worst offender here, but it is going to be a major
challenge to get the public communication around this correct, you know, even for the Bite administration is going to approach it in good faith, YO even of the FDA approval process. Wasn't. It wasn't a unanimous decision in some people, like alighted some members of the panel vote against it. Well, it turns out the people have Against that we're just saying, oh, I don't think it's ready for sixteen seventeen year old age, those two specific ages, but it's like that's the kind of thing that you actually need to make sure you communicate clearly to people because it, you see a number of some people vote against that, you think it's dangerous. It's not it's. Just they had a problem with the ages. So far you know, so there is going to be like there's no such thing as too much public communication around this vaccination effort, and it really has to be consistent and done. well. What I mean look at their such aid to me with such like signal example of what Trump has done throughout this period because yeah he was complaining that oh, they held back the saying that the vaccine work, because they don't want to
help me in my election right that was used in the past couple weeks, but this was like the the approval was going to happen. It had nothing to do with him. He wasn't going to speed it up. He wasn't really going to slow it down. The vaccine was going to be delivered on Monday, so we like Hector and Hector and Hector to achieve some made up results so that he could look like a tv president The other piece of this too, is There's a lot of stuff that should have been happen. That hasn't happened. Right like there should be. A poem campaign going on right now that doesn't exist about how the vaccine to be distributed, where it's gonna go like there's all the aspects of presidential leadership that have just been completely missing. Right, like its wider on another. Ninety five mass right now! That's why there's there there may be supplied arms down the line with a vaccine and his white right now we don't know how people we'll get it. We don't know where Gonna go. We don't know the process because there's been no public education and some of this hasn't even fully thought up. Positive work, is broadly by helix. Some ideas for joy
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calm, slash, crooked, W H, o o p dot com. Slow c r, o o k e to check it out sleep, better, recover, faster in train, smarter, this season and beyond with whoop, Trot administration officials have said they hope to vaccinate up to twenty four million Americans by MID January and Joe Biden, The goal of a hundred million vaccinations within his first hundred days, which would bring us to the end of April, what are some of the your challenges and getting every American inoculated as quickly as possible. You know we already covered sort of the demands of it, which is making sure that enough people want it and trust it. But what are some of the other other issues involved in this town think it's. This is now just a massive logistical, and you know it when you think bout, a hundred million to utter million five hundred million doses if everybody needs to have them all of those. They need to be contained in a little vile and they all need to be manufactured and they all need to be shipped somewhere, and they all need to be doled out by states that really short on cash, and so it really is like thank God,
widening the steamer coming end user, really is just about competency in. That's where you know again. I feel a little more hopeful and then I feel hopeful in a lot of ways with Joe Biden and not trump, but it's something we should all feel hopeful about the maybe we can speed up to my mind's eye s sitting? I dont understand, and I look I'm totally out of my depth here- is why the this government is using the defence production act to maybe eight and manufacturing or distribution of the. vaccine. I'm not saying that they should do it. Trump seems to be attempting to do with his executive order, which is now use the GPA or use the government. The say: hey fight her all your doses are for us there not for other countries. I, like that's immoral, and it's not feasible because they and you ve actually allow these doses outside the country to but, like at a minimum? We could use a GPA to ramp up production of p p
or we could use military assets to to ship some of these vaccines, especially the ones that need to be stored at super cold temperatures. We could ramp up the availability and frequency of testing to do a better job of identifying outbreaks, and I do think, like the thing we were just talking about was the broken messaging and in clarity about what's going to happen and what's going to expect, and bind team will fix that along those lines I mean, I think, one of the best things that you know the media could do is commit do not reporting on or amplifying trumps covert relief did lies or misinformation starting the day he leaves office. You gonna meet him. He is like the biggest problem in terms of vaccine hesitation right now, and we should all agree that we are being on from this asshole. If you're, not, you know a Fox news host, I started get. The sense
the deep yea is like its have to figure this out now, because we saw the Trump Administration here and we don't know what the bite administrations gonna do. But it's almost like a last resort thing that you use if all of the different private companies aren't cooperating in doing what you are them to do fast enough and, of course it's like there's a whole supply chain issue right to their supply, the vaccine, but this glass syringes, Niels Cooling systems, Ultra called freezers, gps thermal sensors, and if you read some of these stories about what they have to whilst accede around it's incredible and it's like so much more than just needing enough actual vaccine so the coup? Ordination and logistics are just like mind, boggling also delivering them right, like you need hot that, though they first batch of vaccines are going to hospitals that can handle alter cold storage, which is not every hospital trucks they can handle elder cold storage, which is certainly not every
and then you have the issue where it's like gotta be harder to reach rural and underserved areas that just don't have the right healthcare passively. How do you get it to them when you don't have the right trucks and hospitals there like it? Is it's a binding demonstration is quite a challenge. We need the Madonna approval to come through oak. Is that can be stored at more regular temperatures that? Why think help for sure? And I sort of wish Ashura, Seneca, hadn't, just told doctors to kind of you know, give give people two or three fingers worth having by appears a pensioners for most people, three fingers. If you're like easier, you know really Thursday for that exceed those you gotta get because not great. not gray. I wonder what's going on with Johnson and Johnson come on Johnson Johnson, but coming from you, this double times that we really should head on it like this fucking. The fact that the troll illustration could but four hundred million more doses from visor have
does the New York Times Erika boys have had the chance in July and that I didn't realize tat. I saw Scotland, the former FDA, commissioner, was on the NBC this morning, saying is as late as November this November, the Trump administration had another chance to buy and other four hundred million doses and didn't, and we still don't know why, like looking for my are, we just is this- Personally, I would like not nano, there's no explanation anywhere. As far as I can tell of why they passed up in November the chance to buy another foreign remind us I get it there, hedging their batson by for a bunch of companies, but again, like in a grand scheme of things. First of all, I think we have to make it upon receipt of the doses of we didn't get them from Pfizer, wouldn't pay the money, but in the grand scheme spending another eight billion dollars on vaccine doses? Is nothing nothing compared to the cost in lives in our economy and in everything else, it is baffling
is absolutely mind boggling, it is baffling. I dont get how this happened, that this is a fuck up of just epic proportions. and I don't make, hopefully will figure out who did it. I bet the email address like unopened Jared Inbox somewhere with one of his his college roommates You now told not to do it or something I've been looking to you. It's like there's really is you can find any plausible explanation, because it was not the money was no rest. There is no risk generate was like ink if it worked, and I think they are they were. They were they worried about getting the super cold version where they were also counting on Madonna, Asters, ethnic Johnson Johnson. Is there any explanations over there's been no explanation? What's mine crazy, you touched on But you know experts say that it's gonna cost about eight billion dollars for the states to distribute all this and it's not just its distribution, it storing the vaccine, hiring medical workers running public awareness campaigns, federal government picks up some of the tab, but a lot of this is on the states and of course say? You have any money left, because This recession and there have been begging for local and state aid for months that Mitch Mcconnell
holding up single handedly zone fact holding up the entire covered relief bill over this, because he doesn't want states to get a penny of additional money. Does he We like democratically just hammer this issue relentlessly, unlike turn the state local aid issue, into an issue, vaccine distribution, just it yeah mean just before we were recording it. Look like some of the negotiators were putting out of two versions right. They were gonna put out the version of the bed. that was just the relief portion and they were going to separate out these aid and a liability portion. They probably know that that's not going to pass and they are like. I will just fuckin- set Thou loose light. It does seem like if we if we really are separating out liability and stained local aid, it does seem to doom liability protections and state and local aid, because Mitch Mcconnell won't budge on state on state and local or Democrats. Obviously, don't want liability protections. I don't care what what negotiation, looks like it's. It's a maddening thing. You know I talked to shots about it in other, leave it and it really is its
it's worth remembering. This is taking a really important part of protecting people and helping people during this crisis and adding a completely unrelated thing of four of immune. In corporations, which are nothing to help us get out of this crisis, but it does seem as though separating those things out makes both income far less likely to happen. While making no direct payments may be Plausible, I just did what things it drives me. The most insane about Washington is that it's all about expectations, management when, in terms of press coverage rights like the worst as a human being the. Were terrible. You are consistently the less likely you are too like get hammered over an issue like this and in when it this image Mcconnell. You spend refusing to engage with Democrats over Covet relief period right like and now he wants to play states because their finances. Have been decimated by locked down that were made necessary by a federal response. That was absolutely
miserable and again, like love image is top priority. Is liability protection for businesses? What's like? Mr Connell has blood on his hands. Bore waiting for hours in food lines, because a Mitch Mcconnell rightly states I have to decide who gets this vaccine first have to distribute it. They have to do all these logistics and he's preventing them from getting that money right now Mitch, Mcconnell blocking a bipartisan bill to prevent patients who have insurance from getting surprise medical bills for unexpected out of network or emergency care. Why is. He cares more about private equity, backed insurance company profits than regular people Mcconnell is one of the worst people in political life in political Is disgusting? He's a corporate stooge, he's cynical and like the coverage of him in how he acts is is, talked about assertive, savvy or tough and impressive. The reality is he's a monster. You, the money,
There is a bad legislator. How does this blog shit everything they do as view some community? There are matters of yellow like h, it's so frustrating is an army. You gotta tell us what you think about it. It's like you get. You gave us not mincing you get weren't, you get punished for trying you know it. I mean it's like everyone's hammering policy on line for gauging or not engaging fuckin tweeting pictures of the amount of ice cream. She hasn't freezer, like Mitch, Mcconnell is the clear enemy has been all, but this this gives me not just like you- and you know, I miracles, get his way on this, and this deal is probably going to pass with all of the ship that he wants in it or doesn't want. It is because he's got the fucking numbers and he's got Donald Trump in the White House. I thought you Bernie Sanders said we that the deal is bad. We should support the deal and, like I Ruth them in the sense that the deal is fucking bad, the bipartisan compromises bad now they ve separated statement blade and lively protections was left over, is even more inadequate and the bypassing urbanize eats it shit for short, but like what's the what's the choice here like or you
you're not going to negotiate a better package. With these republicans who you gonna, get to vote for more money, you're gonna get Susan columns, Mitt Romney devote more run in midsummer Cascade know. They said this is as best they would do and if you don't take the deal and we don't win Georgia or Gonna get a better deal when Joe Biden, president and eurobonds not gonna, have a mechanism to force a better deal because Mitchell Carl's going to sit there and say fuck you I have numbers I don't have to pass a deal if they really do pull. State and local aid and they pay the liability reactions, which obviously none of us think should be part of this at all- makes no sense. and they have said from the beginning. They won't do a trillion dollars. Thank you. My Democrats, right. We ve come down from you. We reject literally entirely into naturally into one five now we're trying to get to wine? What I dont know is what happens if they placed the state and local aid, as it was drafted with direct payments, does not become something
gets people like Bernie back on border. Maybe maybe try that Urban Bernie is one thing but like like Josh Holly or some he's Republicans want direct payments yeah I will try to get as much in theirs. I could you know, and I will try to push more direct payments for sure, but like at the end of the day, I would also take whatever his last because of some words that are too nothing for people who are struggling, even though some other way we look at Congress, doesn't do anything well anymore what they do. Is they jam every bill there ever was to pass together and was called an omnibus and the deadline for that bill, which is currently, I think, one point. Four trillion with it: see dollars is Friday or else the guy, shuts down there and try to jam whatever like covert relief measures they can into that. That's kind of like the best in only shot. We're gonna have until February March what I say is yeah that that's exactly right and so, like this If there is going to be something closed, a trillion dollar relief, though it will be inadequate. It will be terribly
Inadequate and people will be suffering next year, and if, you're doing, is replacing state and local aid with direct payments to people you are, You are kind of changing where that an and where that pain will be felt and basically What you're saying as next year. You want some some localities to be put in incredibly difficult position. Right, as hopefully were emerging from this ticket transportation. Cut schools cut public health care, defined the police. Something Republicans seem to believe is something that they oppose: and every other local service. So it really is like because we are caught and tugging a completely inadequate stimulus? No matter what happens, we are really just talking about who who do we, to unnecessarily subject to paint you want adequate stimulus, vote for two Democrats in Georgia. That's already adequate staring out, see only hives our next year. The only hope us yeah sure that's. It
other big news today. Is that it's the day assigned by the? U S constitution for each state's electors to gather and cast their official balance for president based on the winner of the popular vote in that state as founders intended as it literally you gather and hide within these participation in exactly size eyes. I am, I am do unto her today. It is a day the day they usually passes without much fanfare, set for this year, when Donald Trump and most people What can politicians in Congress has so far refused to accept the result of a presidential election for the first time in american history, even though there calls conspiracies about voter fraud, have essentially been unanimously rejected by election officials and judges from across the political spectrum liberal and conservative Democrats and Republicans the latest unlikely last legal challenge to invalidate every ballot cast in four battleground states was rejected by the: U S Supreme Court, only to justice. Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito believe the court was obligated to hear such a case
even they refused to hear this. Particular pile of steaming garbage there like Basically, these kind of cases that enough we can show them the other this case. Yet definitely this case so on one and we have a complete rejection by the Supreme Court. The comes after fifty nine other rejections by judges appointed by democratic and republican President's, including Trump on the other. We seventeen state attorneys general and a hundred and twenty six republican members of the House of Representatives that is more than half the republican caucus, including minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy wants to be fuckin speaker of the house in two years. All these people publicly supported an attempt to overturn the results of the election publicly supported and let them So what are you guys take away from that? Tommy I mean I take away that the Republican Party is no longer a party. It's a cult
the current leader, is about to be out of office, but he is still mixing up a big data, Kool aid and he has not loosened his grip on these people at all. Ramey doesn't matter how irrational the demand is. It doesn't matter that demands are illegal. The magua cult does not breathe in democracy. They believe in trump- and I just beloved to both sides. It in decry partisanship like we should just be clear this very new thing. Like the demo. party was supportive of Obama, but if It said Firstly, that the BP oil spill was fixed. Whenever one was watching oil gushing out of it on live tv, zero Democrats would have fallen and lie behind him right, but like trumps covered denial is worse than that. This. This elect Rural fiction, he's peddling, is worse than that, and so at its very scary thing I would like to believe that'll be destructive for the Republican Party and then maybe Democrats can win, but the odds are that two thousand and twenty two is going to be brutal because of redistricting so we shouldn't count on it, and I do I don't know.
the way around it like. I hope that people will get tired of his stick, but that was my hope in twenty fifteen in it sixteen and then the other republican prime happened and obviously that didn't happen. I hate guys. What one obvious thing that will be helpful is winning these Georgia run off, but then I hate to say it, but it would. It would also help, I think, if Brian Camp survived his primary challenge. That's gonna come anyway. We need some anti trump report the to start winning so that their all
living in fear of a primary challenge from a Trump backed candidate. Otherwise the guys are going to hold a grip on the party, a grip on Fox NEWS, a grip on new smacks and its for stock in the cycle. Think we have to beat him all I'm just like there's! No, I look. I know how hard the house is gonna, be in twenty twenty two I dont know if everyone realises this, but it's going to be hard, no matter what now, with redistricting, is going to be even harder, but, like I dont see an option. Besides winning the house are holding the house and twenty twenty two, because, if, like you know, I have been saying that a lot of the concern over Donald Trump successfully overturn this election is is a little over high, because we have Democrats in all the right position, because we control the House of Representatives because we control the governor ships and was constant, Michigan and Pennsylvania like that.
the only reason that I felt safe and in saying that Joe Biden is going to be president. If we have Republican House in twenty twenty four, not only do I think they'll have impeached Joe Biden by then they'll just make up some reason to do that. But then in the twenty four election if the republican candidate or if its trump pulls, what Trump pulled again, it goes to Congress. And now you have a republican house, and you really think the Republican House is going to play by the rules after what happened this time, I don't think so. I think we should not confuse the fact. This coup will fail and that its instigators are silly and buffoonery ash from how days this moment is I don't think. I think that that sort of trivial, I think we all get that then I do think than than theirs is promising? Okay? Well, what are we do? What we know, what we need to get me to win. Elections are right and the problem is, we just ran a national election in which we work
We won by four point five percent of the vote given the way where our voters are given. The Heron inherent anti democratic aspect. of the Senate. It was not enough to to win out when the Senate and we still managed to loosen how seats in those fundamental problems are not going anywhere. We're not abolishing the electoral college. The next four years. We're not getting rid of the Senate. We're we're we're gonna, have some really bad redistricting. That's gonna hurt us because we did so poorly in legislatures. In so to me, like I do think we have to put these things into a kind of two big difficult conversations. One is How do we win inside of democracy and the other is how do we preserve democracy and fight for it against a party that has abandoned it? I no longer interested in raise about how Republicans behind the scenes say they dont really mean it now. You do mean us this is it. I thought you know you're, not in private, saying that you don't support. Will you support? Actually, in private you're, pretending to hold the set of
We that nothing in your politics, nothing in your public statements. Is TAT, your pretending to not believe it. Why everything you do, Sir Democracy, you know, TED Cruz is not putting on a show. Ted Cruz is doing what he thinks is in his best interest. He's not doing it he's not going above and beyond he's not saying he wants to argue before the Supreme Court, because he's afraid of Trump he's he's chosen, he's seen where his people has go are going so that he can lead them. What they learn from Trump is that shame is not a useful attribute to have in politics, so they are all shame, but you cannot shame these people always say that these are publicly gonna, learn better we're just gonna put pressure on them when happening any pressure on them. They dont the pressure is
a change, their behaviour. Shame is not going to change their behaviour anymore. They have to be beaten, that's ok! I know it. We know we. We did when this time and he tried to steal it, but it was enough. It was a big enough margin that he was not able to steal it and which the only thing we can do in the future is to beat these people and, like you said, like we were not going to eliminate the electoral college before then before we beat them we're not gonna fix gerrymandering before we beat them. We're not gonna fix the Senate. Before we beat them all roads led back to beating them in elections. There is nothing else and- and I would say to like the next the caught the conversation we should have is obviously about shame, but I do think we should be talking. I did he's a much longer term challenge than even what will have to do electronically to keep the house and to keep the White House, and it is like All right, they're, shameless their mercenaries are doing what they think is in their interest. We need to talk about the fact that they view. Defending democracy is in their interests right that that propaganda has a thoroughly taken hold right, like you when you say
like they don't respond to shame. But what is that It means that, like virtue integrity, these qualities no longer matter and our politics being honest. Caring about the basic civic ideas that are the bedrock of our country. There are not important anymore, which This is something which is like, like it or not. Yet our institutions may have been just strong enough to get us through this right, but, like this fish, cystic way of thinking like it's taken hold of a lot of people, a signal of a lot of people in this country and its really really dangerous, and we have to talk about those incentives and those levers, because this will get worse unless we start looking up river, we start looking at, began to what Facebook is doing. What Fox NEWS is doing and actually having conversations about how we we combat it just lamented, but we actually combat it by the Americas broadly by door, dash between never ending laundry cycles and incoming emails. You ve got plenty on your to do is give yours one last thing to worry about my door dash take care of your next meal. Maybe
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rules. If a member of the house and the senator together both raise an objection to a slave electors, both houses of Congress have to vote on whether to reject or accept the objection. Of course, already. A few has Republicans no surprise they're, all fuckin Yahoo is, and if you senators like RON Johnson was content have said they may objects. Jacked like this is it's not gonna. Work because Democrats have a majority in the house and will vote down the objection, and there are now enough senators in the Senate who have said that your vice president for public centres that there's also a pro democracy majority in the Senate, so gonna work, but it is interesting. that is now going to put every single republic and member of the house in the Senate on record as whether you are for or against the coup attendance are the ones who are trying to hide like marker Rubio, by pursuing the hand way. Thing to be like forget about the coup: it's the it's the last we note rage. That's a problem for a level
I read about the coup, that's the real problems that are not of Margo story, I'm not taking this beyond twitter. I've said what I have to say on twitter: I'm not going to bring it to our podcast dinner dinner couple Democrats Subject and Bush we go and they couldn't find a democratic senator to do it in a kind of went by the way I am in two thousand, for they did it with carried Ohio to but like this is madness. I don't go, no it'll go nowhere and this time will have a senator, but it also go nor this drink, the cool it. This is their moment, all of them will be on record oaks. We call it that the coup lead with it with a p that work that can really get a crew like nice, Tommy nice guys, I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing to have all these guys on the record, as for or against the coup attempt. I'd like to think the good thing is: maybe we can hold it against them and elections. I don't know anymore, I don't have people, only it's gotta be so I think we're gonna be sad. I think it's gonna be a sad. Every trump thing starts as like zany, but then like you here you just goes all in on every maddening,
insane right wing, like it's Piercy theory that he did he watches onto Interior, it's like when you say something ironically, and then all of us as it's just something you say, you're scaring me mean on your type in l, a well, I think I think it's going to be really sad moment because, like one of the institutions that have stood up really well during the quartet is the judiciary and we ve seen you know: liberal judges, conservative judges, trumped judges, throughout these challenges, but at the end of the day, selecting a president comes down to Congress and you're right like we're. Gonna get a bunch of Republican, has members who object, Who cares about them? There met they may get RON. Johnson TED cruiser ran Paul or one of the five knots in the Senate to join them, and then both us is going to have to vote, which means that in the sure if they do this, it's not gonna matter what the courts do if the court so them out, because it will ultimately come down to the general six moment in Congress and what, if you
majority in Congress. One of these days is as yet we're gonna throw out some gonna, throw out some electorates and and and and overturn the results that olitic their bad. That's all it takes is just Congress doing a bit by bit. What's a good said, the damage that the coup attempt is already doing beyond our republican politicians, the Texas Report, in party responded to the Supreme Court decision by calling for secession that that's true that actually happen Alex Jones said the job I quote will be removed. One way or another Sidney power a former member of trumps legal team joined other Magda lunatics in calling on the president to suspend the electoral college instead of military tribunals. Many of these lunatics to send it on Washington over the weekend, where right wing, paramilitary groups like the proud boys attack police, counter protesters and deface to historic black churches, four people were stabbed in twenty three arrests. Like where do we go from here? I did these
These are fascist. These people are fascists and these are their brown shirts and their storming around through Washington, and it is incredibly scare and unsettling and Are we go from here feels uncertain to me? I hope we can get grew inauguration and, like Joe Biden will be in office, and maybe these people can receive the back? I do think it's gonna. It's gonna, take a conscious, choice for all of us, the media politicians to stop covering Donald Trump Lackeys. The national narrator of all. U S, events! We cannot send This man in our politics for food, or more years and rid ourselves of like the cancer of this magua fascist mindset, you know We have to try to move on from him. Somehow we have to get serious and actually focus on things that matter or otherwise,
we're gonna be back here and for years and he's gonna be the GNP nominee and God knows what happened. It was such a split screen moment for me over the weekend. This programme for today's pot is on one hand you have the vaccine, development and distribution, and it's this it's this example of the entire world. Working together. Scientists, healthcare workers, truckers politicians, got relic everyone coming together to do something good and try to get people vaccinated and then Have you fucking, assholes descending on Washington, just trying to burn everything down just trying to burn it all down like these people are off just awful yeah, and I do think we just. trying to convince ourselves that, because their silly because they write things on there, That's because Sidney Power,
all is is it is? It is a bad lawyer because, virtually on his face, melted like we need to start taking comfort in the fact that their silly, because, like every dangerous violent revenues, anti democratic movement is silly in some sense, if they weren't dumb, if they weren't buffoonery fish, they wouldn't support that movement and so We should just keep in mind that some of the most dangerous and reactionary forces that have had a huge impact on this country that have pulled this country backwards in our history. Were we where no weren't geniuses. They were no doubt that they didn't have to be because when employee violence when you introduce this DORA violence across our politics. It can work things and change things without having to be very sophisticated, and I just think that required
I don't want to do with that information. It's, but it's just something. We all should keep in mind like don't take comfort in their stupidity jet. We just can't it. Isn't it still an open question of how big their numbers are in an and part of this is making sure the numbers don't get bigger. You're gonna do anything about the assholes who descent Van DC, but there's other people who could falling that kind of trap. Anyone avoid that I mean like there's a new CBS pull out of the weekend. You know it's gives the usual numbers only eighteen percent of Trump voters thing by the legitimate wonder the election. Forty nine percent think Trump should refuse to concede, even if the electoral college votes for by which they will and seventy five percent Think Republic, in Congress, should try to keep and trumpet power, but then I saw the endless question was forty percent of Trump voters believes that if, by near the president, that Trump and his supporters should work together with by not making which is a private go like these same people who think that the elections are not legitimate. You know that sixty percent of them think never
goodbye, not anything so that stuff a majority, but that forty four That might be where you began in that field How can we have at this point? Why also just think it's interesting to its important, because what it does also show you is that these in some sense, performative reactions even to pollsters we're all pundits now we're all. a team and that's a good thing. In this and that people are saying things they dont totally mean it's a dangerous thing in which believes themselves are now how you demonstrate your fealty, which means nobody is gonna, be telling the truth, and you know like Simon out of it? I do it Vonnegut the quote. What I think about all the time these days is, you know you aren't you and to be so be careful what you pretend to be, it doesn't matter the difference between what people say and what they think is it doesn't really matter because what people say what they perform is. What becomes our politics almond aware, I'm going follow suit here, so I was reading about his book and
start reading, like an old Look Ivan College from a bottle of hovel, who is a playwright writer, thinker, political leader in the chicken public, and we talked about how every country, every culture relax. Society. Has these sort of poles right? There's always a fascistic camp and there's always a more hopeful camp and it is so the leaders to decide which one of those you awaken and trumpet spent six years awakening these scary fishes dick right wing camp and next Republican Ronald Reagan was awful. He did it in terrible damage to this country. But he didn't do that. And we barely survive that in the next set of republican leaders, better, be pretty goddamn careful whether or not they decide to reawaken those fishes dick forces, because, right now those people were and over the weekend saying chanting destroy the GOP cuz because they won't go along with a coup attempt so yeah that by
back there were I'm immunity does not feature Publican president's, but it's also. This is. This is part of Joe Biden message in the campaign to talking about what you wanna project to the country and what kind of country that you won't have. You know like an do. I have a lot of optimism that Joe Biden Mitch Mcconnell are going to sit down and hammer out some deal together. No, I don't, but I think the message was bigger than I'm going to work with Republicans in Congress. It it's about, you know, a battle for the soul of the country in the elimination and I think, projecting that image to the country. Not yet been matters, but it doesn't says it does and oh by the way, let's add to the list as he projects that vision of the country he also perhaps without a Senate, hopefully with the Senate. That's incredibly divided regardless he has to deliver and, unlike the single the important thing he can do you save the country out of deliver hundred percent? While that's all we have heard today and everyone a positive the world for the big about eighty view this week and we'll talk to you guys on Thursday by ready.
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