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Jon, Jon, and Tommy discuss Trump's semester abroad, the latest on the investigations, right-wing lies about a tragedy, and what's next for health care. With special guest: no one.

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worse, you can actually have the same conversation over and over again, I listen to on the plane home left yesterday what you think I fell asleep halfway through it was a long weekend. I woke up NOLA issue, not a episode credit to you for trying. I woke up during the right wheel. I laughed a lot and then we landed also listening with friends like these from Friday, honorees podcast and yeah, and that's it and then you have. If the world on Wednesday, I think you already recorded it right. Do I still do that? Oh yeah, I do I tell you our men from us. You know international correspondent she's based in is ten bowls. We talked a bunch about what's happening in Turkey. Then we talked about some reporting. She did behind the lines in Mosel, which is actually pin down for twenty eight hours by ISIS fighters when she was with iraqi security forces. She's incredible reporter fastening conversation, excellent check it out. So when, on Friday,
we're leaving for the bachelor party I treated please no one release the pee tape this weekend, I'm taking out for my bachelor party, believing that Big news would break. I thought we were going to except when we were hanging out Saturday during the day and one of my friends from high school, showed me his phone it was a New York Times headline that said Trump told Russians that firing Nutjob Comi eased pressure from investigation. I thought that was. I couldn't even believe what I was reading so apparently during his trump's meeting with the russian ambassador in Foreign Minister, the same meeting where he divulged highly classified intel uh, but an isis operation. He also said, according to a document that had been perrotin circulated about the meeting transcript of the meeting quote. I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's taken off, I mean my face,
part of this- is that he joked with KISS Liac that he was the only one who had met him, confirming the everything Trump says is projecting and self incriminating theory of the case. The worst part is that he played down his personal concern about fighting in the Ukraine, essentially telling them that do what you're going to do. Crimea, it's cool with me, and I didn't even hear all that part. Just the bad policy making is being kind of swamped by the fact that he's just reckless committing obstruction of justice in most of the meetings on a schedule, even those of us on related like tax for many hey guys. I just wanna pauses times for me to say that I fired him coming to stop because the kitchen- it is a wise every time. I Yeah pence kicks me out of the table pens with your problem, so they asked the White House about this Spicer did not dispute the account, so at least they've moved past the they start by saying this is fake news. Then they say they
Real problem is the leaking of the info. You know now they're just saying like no, no, it happened, but Spicer is now. The place was interesting. He said quote by and standing in politicizing. The investigation call me created pressure under ability to engage in negotiate with Russia yeah. So there think saying is the reason. The trump said this to the Russians: it was in a go. Sheeting tactic was hurting our ability to conduct foreign policy. That's why Jim coming out to go that is on the third or the fourth. Explanation for them at least not because it, let's count them its first, because Rosenstein said that Hillary had been treated unfairly. That. It was because he was showboating. Then it was because I'm abstract justice, Now is because this, but no no, but then it was because showboating was obstructed, was making it harder for him nope you're right well, for for, for I believe there was a subtle intermediary where showboating was a separate issue for making it harder for the president to do his job fair. I mean so. We now know that Trump one
Ask KO me not to investigate Flynn. Two Esco me for his loyalty, three fired Comey, four told lest Multi fired coming because of the Russia investigation. Five told the Russians that he fired Comey because of an investigation also made co me feel uncomfortable like he was on a bad first date or something by calling him in taxing and just check in and all the time. The whole thing is just couldn't be more. We are yeah. That was the story on Friday. I, the stuff we're coming, hid behind the blue curtain. Six, I got a trump, wouldn't call him out in a meeting he was wearing coming flush. Does your call locally that you could check out right now? I mean if it looks like a duck. You know we're at the point right now and the place is here to tell you just a theoretical instructor justice medically wrote this piece that thinking about this morning, basically saying that, like it's hard, because it's all it out in the open like. Basically, this is the stuff that supposed to come at the end of the investigation. After all, that work has been done and then you kind of put together this proof that he obstructed justice, but we kind of star
with that, so it feels quite strange. Like wait, we got to the end of the story at the very beginning, but he did so that that happened. And at the same time, the New York Times story comes out, of course, the competition between the New York Times and the Washington Post to see who can bring them bring down this administration, great athletes, making each other better. It's good, scrim and also doping. I don't know if that means Washington Post runs. Sorry, that a senior administration stration official is target is now a target of the probe up. Until now, most of that because of the investigation have been former trump officials or people that were on the campaign like Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, who's been fired, someone who's. Currently in the White House, someone quote very close to the President senior advisor. I frankly Jared Kushner. I was making a joke. You missed my job, you ok, I don't know you're making a joke yeah traffic before you get to the punch line yeah, you know what it's done. You should have said here comes a joke
and then I will let you go. You don't interrupt the maestro okay, yes he's conducting over there. I want you as you imagine that John and not ten Jericho, sure, and then I said I thought it was reckless at the Washington Post used to name the guy, but did say it round with Barrett Kushner. I thought about the writing. Thing nailed it, but I mean it could include current ministration officials who big knowledge. Contacts with russian officials include Jerrod, Kushner attorney General Jeff sessions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, so we're not talking about like bumble. And Carter Page Accidental E landing in Russia when he meant to fly to Kiev or something like that nice looking to make a mortgage payment by taking a trip to an rts done. Exactly surely, who writes for the New York New York magazine a daily beast soon after the post came out said he can confirm it was Jared. Kushner he'd come from with four different people close to the White House things you know about Jerrod he well. We know a lot of my tired, but very handsome, which is very annoying. He met with basilar kiss Liac. The russian ambassador in late November, he's already acknowledged that
he's already said he met with the head of a russian bank that has been under US sanctions since two thousand and fourteen and I that he omitted those contacts with foreign leaders on his national security Questionnaire, Posse Doopsy, Loopsy, Doopsie in other parts of the Washington Post story that are interesting. In addition to collusion, invest Leaders are now looking at whether possible financial crimes were committed by people close to the president. But we also know that this has gone from a counterintelligence investigation to an actual criminal investigation and a lot of people close to the White House or worry that investigators will now be taking more public steps, meaning that they will. They are using korean juries to get testimony from people. So a lot of this is going to get out in the open. Now
I believe, a conspiracy there is online did say that the Supreme Court release the impeachment Eagle it would have been applied for that capital. Could you what is with the picture? And it was a struggle yeah? Okay, I can. I can know which took anymore really reported by the other thing. To have this morning is Michael Flynn. Is, is pleading the fifth of which is a very smart legal strategy. I think pretty much every lawyer worth his or her salt would recommend you do that when you're a criminal is best to not talk about an open hearing, a Congress, non criminals plead the fifth too, but like it's a terrible pr strategy, but it just gets back to the point where, like literally, Everything this administration does hypocritical because they savaged the guy who set up Hillary Clinton's private server over taking the fifth, and you can find a tweet from every Eagle senior administration official, be like criminals. Don't plead the fifth about him, and now Michael Flynn is doing exactly that. Interesting Reuters story to that. The the administration is now trying to actively undermined Bob Miller via a little ethics rules. So
White House has been reviewing the code of federal regulations which restricts newly, higher government lawyers from investigating their prior law firm's clients for one year after their hiring molars firm, represented Jared Kushner. Any lawman afford I think that, what's at issue here, you wouldn't it logically, wouldn't it be that if your firm used to represent that individual, that you might be finding something in their favor or that's a pretty, I was reading them suitably designed it's designed because you're going to be too nice to them, not that you're going to be too hard on them. I thought it was a bit of a weird. It's so back ass words. It's just at once again seems like they're trying to obstruct something. Yeah could be justice. I also love the idea of a White House lawyer, like a truck White House like finally discovering the code of ethics and being like.
I don't know about this. We signed the hatching, like my goodness, so root of it up. We. We can end this little worry here, because the Department of Justice can provide a waiver allowing others to do this. So I can do you know the Department of Justice yeah. Well, so I sterling reputation but delighted or stand is if, if concessions has recused himself from the investigation, it wasn't clear to me whether the waiver would from sessions from the rosenstein, but he's now he's present time no possible witness to obstruction of. So he'll have to step aside. Eventually, it's going to be some junior associate with his first day at the Justice Department. Just you know, I came make a difference maker, I'm in charge of it all it does. I feel like if they try to use this backwards, affix attempt to get rid of Bob Miller that Congress would would be to come up I mean you got. You got this Congress today. I know I know, but like all of them have now lean so hard into this investigation is their way of ducking off future questions about this issue that, if suddenly they just up and do the thing
by saying there's an ethics problem from other files like that doesn't fly. I agree with that. Can we go back to something 'cause? I quite understand this. I don't know if you guys have any other information on this. What financial crimes could they be looking or like? I don't understand tax evasion, think we now, I don't even know if it's necessary related to the campaign right. It might be real two. It is really to Russia. We know right, I mean what we know: flan We had a financial will definitely have an interrelationship because he got paid by our tea, which is just being paid by Putin. Obviously, Carter page higher ed, we don't know which are financial dealings, are we don't? We just don't know we don't know and then very exciting, very exciting James Comey, our friend James Comey, will be testifying publicly after memorial day. Who is circle that date on the calendar? We, we might have a special part episode around the testimony and they said do they meet after Memorial, like Tuesday or after memorial like the day they haven't set a date. Yet I don't know, but I don't have a specific date. I've never been there, but
probably that's going to be very interesting. So here's some questions like what do we do about this in the mean we're sort of waiting around for either the New York Times and Washington Post. Continue breaking incredibly crazy news at about five hundred pm eastern every day or we're just waiting for Jim Comi to testify after Memorial Day like what, Do we do? Do we keep up the pressure until then? Do we keep talking about this? Do we just wait and let it sit? I mean. I just think that you know the hundred twenty three four days of this administration of felt take a lifetime, but we're going to have to prepare ourselves that independent or special counsels take a very long time. The average length investigation is eleven thousand one hundred and fifty four days whitewater was three thousand days. Around content was two thousand five hundred these things they have to set up. You know entities to pay for these investigations to hire all these lawyers to get a thing ramped up to interview people, so
it's not gonna happen quickly. When you do not forget about all the other stuff going on, I mean I. I do think, though, if, if Jeff call me gets up there and testifies publicly, that Trump did indeed tell him to lay off Michael Flynn. The Trump did try to obstruct justice in some way I mean like there he's going, we ask those questions, but then what I mean he's already set it in a memo that was contemporaneous. We know about it, but I'll sort it's not like Congress found a backbone there's still just well speaking about guns is Marco Rubio said recently he's like well so far all we've seen is news reports of these memos and stuff like that, which is true, I mean once you have an FBI director from a predator under oath saying it publicly. It seems like that's obstruction down. Just that's brands for impeachment, but I got you know and you're right. They might not Congress. This Congress won't act, but it seems like it's we're pretty close to in a I mean the other I was I thinking about. Is that look we've been beating, Russia drum for money,
the months and months, but what's actually driven the russian story has been non political events released. Nonpartisan events right Democrats saying that this Russia story is a big deal didn't matter at all. Until there was the coma Now, out to the reports of, what's going on inside the meeting with Russia, so happening on the russian front. That turned it into real scandal on the that that's making people talk about impeachment in the twenty five and all that had absolutely nothing to do with anything. Democrats did right. You know, member that two read where we had shift. After newness, the newness going to the White House like that drove the story, but it didn't allocated to this level of you know what Trump actually did we'll call me actually did go over to that. Awesome. I'm really starting to come around to the argument that we need to be talking about health care. We need to be talking about All straight could be talking about the actual economic issues, people care about, not because the Russia story isn't important because that's it's going to kind of take care of itself and meanwhile thirteen due to writing their public health care bill. Yeah it's beyond our control, yeah, it's basically a
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Is a sixty eight trial. So if you don't love it just send it back. No questions asked again: that's parachute dot com, Slash Krooked for free shipping and returns. Let's talk about Trump's foreign trip adventures. Broad his big reset. Can he regain his momentum? Axios thanks uh he's he's got traction guys, I'm try. I really am, but this morning was It was. He didn't fall down the stairs and you manage to stay awake during a speech in which he didn't call Islam our enemy, I'm glad things went well when he landed in an absolute monarchy that allows no dissent or press access or women to attend the old men to the all male Toby Keith concert is just such a trite framing. It's like he leaves his legal troubles at home,
now he's in Saudi Arabia yeah where he can't be asked about legal truck like what are you talking about? Not heavy strips work. Every trip I ever went on for four years in the White House. The entire focus of the press stories coming out of it were about something else, something back home, some gap, some bullshit yeah, so so the big. So he gives a speech in Saudi Arabia about Islam. The headline there really is that he just completely reversed himself. On all of his campaign rhetoric I mean he got to a good place. He said you know. This is not a battle between different faiths or civilizations. He called his, one of the world's great faiths, which is different than in the campaign when he said Islam hates us direct quote. Interestingly, in the speech, the draft of the avoided using the phrase radical islamic terrorism, it islamist instead, but Trump screwed up and used his radical lammack terrorism anyway. Instead just saying he misspoke senior official said he did it because he was exhausted his exhausted guy public desire boy
the flight. He also had to do several hours of instruction of justice on the plane right there. I was a working flight lots of reaction. It's just good shows like yes, Trump as the incompetent one and like it isn't too much blaming of his staff. Sometimes they can't fix a lot of the issues that are but like what a stupid thing for official over it's the administration officials say he was exhausted. Yeah I mean but like also, let's let our leaders be exhausted when they take overnight flights to foreign countries that have to get up and give speeches it. This is always the thing the Hillary was always attack: people, low energy, Hillarys people. You were so sensitive to any suggest doing that she might get tired out there flying like one hundred and seventy nine countries, it's silly, but the thing that drives me crazy here is islamist Islam. Discussion is like it may be so frustrated for so long that I could hardly mustered the rage anymore, but when we killed Bin Laden, we found documents in his compound where he talked about re branding. Al Qaeda in Part B,
as we had been using more precise language and talking about a war against terrorists and not a war against, is Emma Religion or all Muslims. Republicans. For years demagogue, this their primary talking point against Obama's I wouldn't say radical Islam. He wouldn't name the problem, and now the fact that they're walking back is showing that these eight years of criticism were just posturing. It was just acting for Fox NEWS and for bright Bart, and it's infuriating I'm stupid can Rubio all of them. Every single Republican that ran for that nomination made that same criticism of radical islamic terrorism. Trump gets into office. Hr Mcma is the National Security Advisor an right away. He says that is a problematic phrase to use we should. Is it it's another to use, And- and I and I and of course we all knew that, of course, we know us before by the way it every expertise and time. Anyone intelligent, actually explain the issue to Donald Trump. First of all, yet the two
bring that into an actual substantive point that Republicans viewed as central to their argument is and uh other reminder of all the ways in which the Republican Party had kind of lost its way and become ugh, hinged long before Donald Trump showed up, it was a completely empty, completely stupid argument. It was without content. It was a way to call Democrats. We with no substance behind it whatsoever. They did it for years to the point where they convince themselves of it. It allows us to debate this silly little signing shiny object while making no effort to actually solve the problem of extremism in the roots of it and everything else. It's also true for, like this really silly Obama bowed to the Saudi leaders. He went on an apology, tour guess what Trump bowed a little bit before the Saudis. No one seems to care about that. But it's again it's just it's just a can
octave thing in the right wing apparatus. Despite all their complaints about the liberal media, they were able to create these narratives that stick for eight full years and just waste of our time, and you know if we were a bunch of real partisan hacks like the Assholes on Fox and the rest of them. We'd sit here today, credit using Trump for Boeing to the S, but I don't care. I don't care care bomber today. Doesn't matter who did you see that Donald Trump bowed is a broken bone bone to the saudi king today, yet again, giving up on his american First Pledge that who is that does rush? Limbaugh is pretty good at this time. I never tried to fill pill. I can comes up from inside the studio, valentine you're, both not in quick, Donald Trump Book, but, like me actually hard to do it hurts your stomach. I mean, while Trump goes on their angry and he's like we're not here to lecture you he's giving the Saudis a complete pass on human rights
and Bush in Obama and others. They push them on human rights and open up society and allowing freedom expression, because we actually think there's a link between oppressing people and Ult. Turning to extreme Roger Ailes is dead, did Eric Trump kill him? That's what they do, that the liberal rush lemma. Want to get back into the substance new character. What the shows about no look, I think here today time is it like, like the rush Limbaugh, we could never be perfect on pushing various countries on human rights, Sometimes you need to work with these countries on other things right so like we didn't go as hard as good, Saudi Arabia, on some of these issues. We don't do it with China as much as we could, because there's trade offs right but like at the same time trump, not even mentioning it trunks sort of went out of his way, not to criticize them on human rights right yeah. It will in fact he see it said to them. We're not here to lecture you or give you a pass on human rights, and I I just think it's in abandoning of the: U S, value
use a and what we thought were universal principles. That Obama talked about in the Cairo speech. He talked about throughout the year in spring that we we we should stand up for as a country in so it's like. Well, if you give a security cooperation and we're good to give me Toby, Keith Concert were but like what's got yeah I mean look, look both parties have been hypocritical. Saudi Arabia are Saudi Arabia. Looking the other way, Paulus has been despicable and there have been trade offs. I think liberals have been very critical of the way in which sorry Rabia Arabia and you know that's a reasonable debate to have right how hard should we push them? How far should we go, and I would say,
Bronco Bamma did more than most, but not enough, and now Donald Trump has abandoned it completely, but it's just holding a glowing orb, but he's a little. I mean I I don't play politics, but because like is it hypocritical or is it just that there's genuine difficult trade offs between human rights and armed security that you have to make when you do these things, you know I don't know. I I mean I think, look at eight there's more people, disagree, that's what I'm saying you make choices and you also have different leverage in different countries. You know: there's certain countries have to push on rhetorically there, certain countries you can do more by working internally quietly behind the scenes. I I reasonable people can disagree about whether we should put the Saudis heart of the certainly not good actors. The the wahhabi schools, extremist schools that have been feeding terrorism for decades are all from Saudi Arabia so all that money comes from there to use it by the way. It was a bizarre choice to give a big speech about Islam in Saudi Arabia and that to be there first up, it seems like an odd setting to do that. I mean, I think it was.
Audience was like a bunch of like leaders and officials, and it was just like it was associated with the G c C conference, the Gulf Countries conference. I so in the room so in. I think so. Setting think the setting actually makes sense. It's interesting that he went to Israel he's there right now, Israel, this early in his term one, but other presidents have waited a lot longer. Did you see by the way this is right before we start recording he didn't Israel when he with Netanyahu what he said about the meeting itself. So he's, not picking something about the story about him story. Divulging classified info about the sources, Moblock Trump. I never mention the word Israel. I never said Israel, I never said Israel in the meeting, so Now, there's one or two, but I never said he said Israel so never said he said his voice is like when I devote She could israeli information. I did not say Israel by name. Oh shit, there's lots of beautiful little moment stripping out of this trip, like my favorite actor. Was he, looked up said: love your shoes, boy, those shoes, men and
of course, I cameras. I think it was LCC. You are amazing, Mr Trump, you achieve the impossible because you have a unique you. You have any unique personality which is funny give a unique person do will allow you to achieve the possible, even I agree, which I respect, but we were talking about this before that that that, if you were sing a how to deal with Donald Trump. You just say go up to him and tell him. Finally, somebody deal with a real smart guy, you know what you're doing my people know you're the guy here that can help us get these things done. Never been so impressed by american present before and that's what they're doing yeah they just have to suck up to him. You can't talk about specifics because he's dotty old racist and then you let we built. The realist. Work goes on behind the scenes. To shake his hand, you let him such a glowing orb, call Mcgrady's off to Israel and by the way, just just a PSA to Twitter, not one of your orb jokes has been I don't think I'll. Let you know what I saw a bunch or show. Last night I decided not to tell them. I don't know what happened with the order, but I don't care, I don't know the order it's quite silly. Let's
It is still an understanding, not secure. The jokes were bad hard to make a joke. It's becoming a hat and a half right now, as they say well. Well, we just mentioned earlier. We should be talking more about health care and stuff, like that. So there's a lot going on at home with both health care and the budget. The White House is releasing their if the budget this week to do tomorrow, but most of the details have leaked out. Actually, let's talk about the budget first and we'll get to health care, so the budget is going to recommend huge cuts to Medicaid, as if the House Health CARE bill wasn't enough. Their base confirming that they want eight hundred billion cut from Medicaid, which means that they are putting their stamp of approval. On the house, healthcare bill, eight hundred billion dollars cut from medic it would leave ten million people uninsured. They also want to make massive cuts to the food stamp program to children's health insurance, good kid
health insurance to disability insurance to pensions, for federal security does about disability insurance, which is our it's again one of his key problems as yep pensions for federal workers, refundable tax credits for the working poor is on the job luck and they want to save money by throwing in work requirements for welfare. So this I mean even Republicans in Congress, are saying this budget to crazy. I don't really know what the what? What is the White House doing? It's that someone popular to do that? I don't know it's like mulvaney, who is just a freedom caucus member that ended up now the OMB director for the White House. The budget director is now just decided to go nuts, because the dowdy old races in the oval office doesn't really no one's going known enough about what's going on. If you think about how time for the White House to cook up a budget plan that pulls at like two percent and handed off to a Congress. It's not going to want to touch that thing or do anything to it, either basically putting themselves on the record for something that's not even going to that ever Paco anyway,
right there so, and also has always that it claims to balance it within ten years. Of course, that's based on incredibly optimistic projections of growth, which will have no bearing on reality right, but that's a classic Republican. My that's what JEB Bush would do that's what Mark review. We do, but also keep in mind. It balances the budget in ten years and cut spending by one point: seven trillion dollars which is in part to make up for a new tax cuts that is already accounted for because their accounting for the spending in the h yet right so they're like we must balance the budget, but first let us deep in the hole by getting rid of the estate tax. Cutting all the taxes that were included as part of the Hca and then then we'll get to the children's health insurance Meanwhile, while the Senate is we'll talk with the Senate as their plan to write up a health care bill soon, but before that tremendous reach, basically trying to everything they can to screw up, the ACA America, the the Obamacare already by threatening to get rid of the subsidies, as we know,
the Trump Administration has to pay insurers subsidies in or for them to keep deductible somewhat low for working, poor and poor people who are buying health insurance, so Trump telling advisers. Now he wants to get rid of the subsidies. If you do get rid of subsidies, it will melt down the insurance markets. We know that, and so ready. There's a lot of uncertainty from insurance companies who have to plan their rates out ahead of time. They have to do that in the next couple weeks and drums basically holding the subsidy sausage yeah. I I think there's a this is really important, really dangerous to me. Did it just the way we talk about it? This isn't. The Trump is trying to undermine undermine Obamacare, trying to undermine the Us Healthcare's right. That's trying to drive up healthcare costs for like seven million for people to harm his political opponents, it as as cynical and disgusting a thing, as he's done in office period it also I mean at this point to if, if he does this, and he and the subsidies in the insurance market start melting down no one's going to blame
Nobody, no one's blaming Obama for this ride will definitely try yeah about. I mean every day from talk about this. He says: Obamacare is dead, it doesn't exist. It's a fact. It's a fallacy. No, it is a grill ill. Do an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro will be like yeah. I was undermining church because I loved it was great, and this is one of the leading starting just as in a Rangers market that might happen very busy yeah. It's one of these things, though, where this is something that's actually gonna affect people, it's not just some crazy thing. Trump says the conspiracy, it's not like a investigation thing. It's people are going to suddenly see their premiums, go up or lose their life, insurance and they're, going to see who's in office. Give me Donald Trump and Republicans for years for years, right Republicans have engaged in a kind of brinksmanship with the government that basically put ideology ahead of the country right, that's what they did on the debt ceiling. They the country. With the you know, they said it's pretty nice economy got there, be shame something to it. Basically, they put a gun to the head of the con. And First Barack Obama negotiated, associated with a gun to his head and decided,
there after. That was a mistake and they decided to realize then decided he was going to go. She ate over that, and that was the right decision and it went into the benefit of the negotiations there after this is the first time, this is now the next step of that process, which is Donald Trump, isn't going but it got into the head of health care system he's going to shoot. It he's got a gun in his mouth. Like I don't know what he's doing politically the dumbest thing he could possibly do it's almost as if he's too incompetent for the job of president. Donald Trump, sabotaging there. Is your system. This Salvatore strike again it slipped. First, the mod seven hundred and forty four in the morning, I'm just chop Suey opiates and I am ready to rumble Donald Trump- refused to grab Maloney's hand why I gotta get deeper. Oh, my God So pretty addition is going well, that's good! I think it's going, but it's been fun. I feel very sharp. Don't go anywhere; this is pots
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because they won't give you the cash app and you just hit a button. It feels like you're, not really paying that's the way. That's the one problem is just so easy. All of a sudden, like you know what what's the big deal, just pay all my money to your friend for about the party anyway download the cash out today. What do we know about the Senate bill so far? We know that Mcconnell has told people Mcconnell's lieutenants have said he does want to vote on this thing. They think that it won't be very soon, but it won't be later than July. The general out and the plan are, they are working to make the tax credits in the house more generous, so they're trying to make the host credits closer to what the current Obama their subsidies are, they're, trying to wind down Medicaid more slowly. We've heard rumors of not doing it until two thousand and twenty basically kicking this whole thing until the next presidential election and trying to keep the pre existing conditions protections in place. So basically they were to undo as much about the hosted as possible while still having something. That's, not quite Obamacare yeah. It's it's also look.
If we end up with something. That's halfway between the House bill and Obamacare. That is still terrible, but we should just brace ourselves for the. Coverage there will be about how moderate it is and how how far along its come. Thanks to the work of people like Murkowski and Collins and all the rest, it's just so silly What would happen then is. We would just have a bill that was like Obamacare's basic. He still in existence with the Republicans did. Was they just some more people off their insurance and raising premiums on some old and six people, so people that was their replaced final? It is just like take a few more people off healthcare in this country, so we will know the effects of the house bill. It looks like this new Cbo score, finally of the better late than never got a member, but will come on Wednesday for the House bill, so that will that will rebound and provide a new round of a father, a work a week and go see store maker. So I guess the kind of things they blew their deadline and then it's like well, let's just chilling to read these stories on Mcconnell, though 'cause. It's not just a thirteen anymore. Thirteen senators he's allowing to being part of the process is bringing all twenty
kind of allowed a little bit of a reprieve, because this is off the front burner because everyone's talking about russia- and you just know that guy's gonna find something that he can pass. Then you can cook up and sent over to the house and it's the kind of smart. The process in the process. Files are just the most calling part of this, because none of it is public. You know, you're will be open and look hotter, Mcconnell and Ryan are equally cynical, but Mccall Mcconnell is as smart as Paul Ryan, thanks Paul Rinas yeah and look at. I think it's going to be a challenge, because all those things that you just said alright also this Russia stuff, will suck up a lot of the oxygen in terms of media coverage, and it's going to be hard for, like I think that all of us keep pressure on Congress as much as possible- and you write a lot of this- is going on behind closed doors, and so it's going to be like the cb the score on Wednesday is a big moment that will make headlines. That's uh to organize around, but Mcconnell is going to try to keep this process is quiet behind closed doors as possible, so
there's, not a lot of attention on this, and they see the same numbers that we do. They know that the house is in jeopardy. They see the hourglass running out on the Trump presidency and they know that if they going to be losing a lot of seats. If they're going to pay a big price, they got gorsuch through. They get this health care bill through. They get a couple more priorities through Look up the tax cuts for the rich clear through they'll have achieved something before you know. The timer runs out. One interesting thing is that a couple of stories that some of these democratic candidates and special elections across the country are not running on Trump or Russia, stuff there's something aren't even mentioning Trump but they're running on the House republican Healthcare bill, so Rob Quist. That special election in Montana is Thursday.
Everyone get ready for that, he's ending with spots on health care that do not mention Trump at all. He actually talks about how he has a pre existing condition. He had a botched surgery that has left him with a pre existing condition and he has closed to within single digits of his opponent. So most people, we should say this ahead of Thursday because we're going to one of those days on Thursdays, but there's a special election, and if he doesn't win it's going to be like failure for Democrats. Maybe Trump is all powerful and never going to lose. And all this thing is it's hard election. The Montana special election, is a very, very statewide election in Montana, which is a republican state, not the most complicated thing in the world, but I think I mean like the rating close, is amazing. Yeah In closing, we don't know when exactly we could still win and even if he doesn't It doesn't mean that you shouldn't fight as hard as possible in races like that, you know and he's running he seems to be running the right kind of campaign. It's populous focus on the issues. There's a lot of money in this race now yeah the triple c. When you've done everything he could next US finger.
Guitars in the ads beautiful settings, barbecue, that's what we're looking for is what part of America is looking for. Anything for strumming vistas, wins elections, so so, if you're in Montana, get out there and help Rob Quist make some phone calls. This is it. This is the home stretch. It would be nice, it would be a nice win but again seats like Montana and Georgia. This would be great for Democrats to win these there good special election opportunities for pickups, but there are, after we said this before. What are sex race there about eighty seats that are more democratic, leaning, Sanjana's house in Georgia, and we need twenty four to win the house bad at all, is that every single district in America is going to be a swing district, but you're not going to win some of those districts and the deal is to just fight like Hell, for them one more thing I want to talk about before we in today is this fuckin conspiracy theory that has been popping up now on the right with Seth.
Says: Seth Rich was a Dnc staffer who was shot and killed late at night in Washington DC long time ago. Back in I think July of twenty. Sixteen right So no one knows why he was killed, but they pretty much think it was a robbery gone wrong right. So now it's popped up the right there. Some conspiracy right that rich might have leaked Dnc emails to Wikileaks. There's been the box now a million times yeah. I mean it's been floating around for a long time to the idea that maybe he was a source of Wikileaks which would absolve all the rush allegations he's if they didn't do it, then South Ridge, that then how could possibly be Abed colluded or interfere right, and so last week a local fox affiliate in DC ran a story about the sighting rod, Wheeler who's, a Lee of legal commentator for Fox saying he had evidence that rich might have like the dancing. Will Wikileaks Wheeler later said that Fox told him to say that he had no real evidence. No info among the story set for just poor grieving family has been like a sent a cease.
This letter said this is not the case said. Please stop talking about this and I'm fucking Hannity and now Gingrich had been floating that this new king, all it an assassination Sean Hannity, devoting like a segment on night to the ceiling. This is the first of all that's a day why all in the post wrote a great take out of all this and how ridiculous it is and how there's no evidence for any of this, but but even then point that Sean Hannity keys making which, as if Seth reach leagues, email. There was no collusion. They were multiple hacks across different prices. There's the Dnc. There was the triples the triple. There was John Podesta. There was a massive operation to hack these emails. That goes well beyond Seth Rich. So it's like, first of all, just on its face the conspiracy theory doesn't even make any sense. There's no evidence for whatsoever, and you know liberals, we have our nuts that are telling us things you want to hear, but they don't find private jets. You know they don't know
tens of millions of dollars. They don't even have the audience. They don't have the massive audience of Sean Hannity aren't the former speaker of the house. It is despicable it's it's will full lying to their audience and like what's so, frustrating like Fox news. Is patient zero here they're the source of the incorrect information and now they're blasting it all over humanity is disgusting lies despite the fact that set- which family send sent a cease and desist to this creep private investigator, who is not paid by them or hired by them, he's paid by some Random Texas businessman who believes in conspiracy theories and these guys are like Sean Hannity, they're they're getting in bed in their aided and abetted by Julian Assange, and all these creepy weird actors, r, the russian propaganda Network and they're. Absolutely fine with finding common cause with these people and spreading something they know to be alive because it will harm Democrats. Sean Hannity is a very bad person is an awful person. Why is Newt Gingrich doing this BC? I washed up piece of
garbage masturbating in DC in a human suit, trying to peddle a book and like he's, aided and abetted by reporters who cover the he says, well came on Fox NEWS Sunday, and I was going to say the thing about New Gingrich is yes, he is, he is part of. He is still part of the official Washington Club. He gets the fucking contracts to go on cables. He goes to the cocktail parties, Invite them to their institutes into different conferences, make his wife and ambassador. They can have a bipartisan conference with local look. Newt, Gingrich and some Democrat are getting along. No, no! No! This is not about someone who has like a different theory on fucking tax reform, her healthcare? This is some who's pedaling, a dark, awful conspiracy theory and he should not be part of polite society. You just it's just like stop it. You know, but it's it's not unlike Benghazi. You know, which was that was a a tragedy in the State Department's have had more security to protect those people period. It's also true that the intelligent picture change about why it happened over time
but fox in the right wing establishment, put years and years and years of effort and time and money into you exploiting the deaths of american citizens for political gain, but we humans employs a Pox fox's patients here. For this, like foxes patients here for all of this bullshit their patients here for Trump like this- is what I mean. I just keep thinking about this like, if, whatever percentage of the country that watches the get their news from Fox to get their news from rush Limbaugh just the pod this morning they get their news from Breit Bart and all these things like it's a critical segment of the population as long as they continue to watch these new sources and be fed these conspiracy theories. I don't know how this country gets past. What is happy trump and stuff like that, like I don't know how to reach those people, we can talk about. You know going to Midwest and Democrats holding their message and all this all that stuff is true. It has to do with globalization, economic inequality and stuff like that, but it's also true:
we have a large segment of our meeting this country, that is feeding poison to a large part of the population, and I don't know how to I don't know how to break that yeah. This is now the other, the the what the the the thing before the election there is. This feeling like that, the Fox NEWS Echo Chamber was actually hurting them a bit right because it forces their primary the right force them to adopt these crazy positions, they sound crazy. They sound, arrange, doesn't appeal to the majority, the country and had trouble at last. It would have in the, I believe, the fifth of six time better Demint Republican had lost the popular vote right. Well, he still did lose the popular vote in the era of Fox NEWS right. Fox news is good. At an inoculating millions of people against outside information, but it's not exactly a big tent, but here we are paying the price for the fact that it was a little too close for comfort and now they're kind of derangement has spread into the White House in this sort. I don't know it's just depressing thank, but that you also to watch. I mean it is also interesting question about Weather
Fox NEWS was a a personality driven organization with the bill O'Reilly's of the world, whether they can maintain their numbers after he's gone after Roger Ailes is gone after some of the the crusty old man's are getting booted from the place. So far, I think Tucker Carlson's lost a huge piece of the audience share thing. Cnn and MSNBC are doing better, so I mean hopefully there. Some hope, but we've also seen, is what we're past is new shows like the five and some of the other terrible programs. They have have gotten as bad as the Hannity's of the world. It is good news that Sean Hannity has slipped to third in the ratings. Sorry, Sean Sean Hannity can't do anymore Sean Hannity slipping to third in the ratings because he's a traitor to his country Sean, but you know it's interesting when you say love it though it is, it is hurting the Republican Party and it may not hurt them. Electoral This time around, they may have been able to hold on to power for all the various reasons that we talked about here, but it goes to show that it's her the Republican Party but a a damage republican.
Thirty, that is run by conspiracy, theorists and lunatics also hurts the Democratic Party and hurts the country overall, the entire. We actually need a healthy republican party in this country. Right You know it's actually hurt their ability to govern right. I mean one consequence of the fact that we would like I was listening to all the different kind of commentary this morning ponderous look interesting. We don't These positions seem to have changed once he's entered the White House fascinating the way he no longer, first of them as insane muslim murder, men, but now refers to them actually as a faith of peace. Interesting. I wonder why that well, it's happening because there's an entire apparatus designed to lie to people demagogue issues and make it impossible for these people to govern like adults once they reach office. I mean that is why Donald Trump was not able to pass a republican agenda is for Saturday's. He did not pass when they can repeal some.
Some regulations, he can write some executive orders when it came time to govern, there's just no there there. So this is ultimately in some ways a zero sum game right at a a an apparatus of communication that hurts republican Party is good for Democrats, but at a certain point like what they are just hurting the country yeah. I mean that with them is annoying thing is when everyone declares that the most recent thing Donald Trump did is a distraction for most some other thing. He did but Fox NEWS in these media organizations do create distractions. They create news stories out of nothing like Obama, bowing to Whomever or the apology tour, the Seth rich conspiracy, and they distract everyone who's watching their channel from actual news they might impact them personally. That speaks I'm sort of grievance, whether it's racial or economic or societal and ate it yeah. I do think it ferments. This split we see in in in the country in the device yeah, and there is a method to this madness too, because the reason they're trying to talk about the Seth rich conspiracy is there saying well if it was the Democrats that actually had some
of the one of their own assassinated, which is fucking crazy. Then it could there couldn't be collusion between Trump and Russia. So they're trying to like under my needs, to get you exactly. What are we doing with this silly story, but you know we'll get pulls out in a couple weeks from now that show a good, so many of the republican base believes that there was something to this conspiracy and again there's just no equivalent to this on the left. Does not exist: Rachel, Maddow and and Nancy Pelosi or not. You know, making up stories. I mean look, maybe there's a bit of wisdom to democratic rush Limbaugh, you know Maybe there's a little bit of a lesson there and I think, like this, does. I'll speak to the frustration the eh you want in the Clinton Orbit, has felt for literally decades, because that woman has been accused of killing Vince Foster and having a hit list in all these things. By these same apparatus is, and we almost got numb to it. Who was one of the people peddling the Vince Foster thing back then Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich is a horrible human. He is a disgusting
piece of garbage and no one should invite him to any event or listen to him. I don't want to see another graph same timing, change change, commercial, where he's sitting on a fucking. I know in like he's gross, you can't you don't come back from that you can have extreme policy views that we all disagree with one thing but like when your pet This kind of shit you're out I think with Justin Amash wants to do to the country would be terrible, but I believe he's an adult e sincere. He cares he's trying to duties he's using his position to put forward the policy agenda. He believes will help the country, you think it's just a vicious little creep, we're going to ship his ass to Rome, Deborah right right now. That was the point that I think I think I think actually Weikel made on Twitter, which is Calista, is going to have a nomination hearing to become. I guess, the a search of the Vatican because was qualified person, we could find to do that job. Whenever he cares that job, but I some is about surgeons- are not real jobs. It's during parties are priests whatever, but it's just what?
What exactly high flying policy making do things the Vatican ambassador is doing? Is it's a tiny little city full of this old man? I don't even want, I feel, like I'm, a twitter straw, men getting their crappy night, but the point is: I hope that she gets asked about her husband's absurd rhetoric during the because she's only nominated because she's married him so well that'll be fun. That's all the time we have today. That's it. You guys have anything else. You want to inject some other topics. I don't know alright guys well, will talk to you on Thursday.
Weather on the ones and that's all the time we have for today signing twos.
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